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Larry King Live

Rosemary Altea Discusses `You Own the Power'

Aired March 15, 2000 - 9:00 p.m. ET


LARRY KING, HOST: This woman says she can predict your future. Do you believe that? We'll find out next on LARRY KING LIVE.

One thing you can never deny about LARRY KING LIVE, you can never say we do not run the gambit.

Tonight, we meet, once again, on this program Rosemary Altea. She's got a new book out called "You Own the Power: Stories and Exercises to Inspire and Unleash the Force Within." There you see its cover. She's a bestselling author and a spiritual medium. This book was just published by Eagle Brook. It's your first self-help book, right?

ROSEMARY ALTEA, AUTHOR, "YOU OWN THE POWER": Yes, is it is, first self-help book.

KING: And your purpose in writing this book is to help us all do what you do?

ALTEA: Well, something similar to what I do, Larry. It's not a book about how to be Rosemary Altea. It's a book about how to be yourself, how to find who you are spiritually, what you are spiritually, to own your power, and then to go out and use your power to be the best person you can possibly be, to be the most successful person you can possibly be.

KING: That sounds like a lot of self-help books, that say we can help you be the best you are. You can join the Army and be the best you can be.

ALTEA: This is true. And you know, a lot of these self-help books work.

KING: I know they do.

ALTEA: So let's not knock the self-help books, but this is different because this is about knowing yourself spiritually, and it's also about connecting with the spirit world. Every one of us has the ability to give healing. Every one of us has the ability, in a sense, to be aware in some way of the spirit world. This book tells us how we can do it, how we can, in our own way, connect with the spirit world, connect with our loved ones, who can, in fact, inspire us, help us, drive us forward. KING: How do you know that, Rosemary? You know you can do it, and you believe you can do it, and you have faith in your own ability to do it. How do you know I can do it?

ALTEA: Well, you're a great example. You have your own power. You know your own power. You're extremely successful in what you do.

KING: I don't know what you're thinking now, I don't know anything about your future, and I don't know anyone who died who I can...

ALTEA: Well, I am a teacher. I'm not just a writer. I'm not just a spiritual medium and a healer. I'm a teacher, and I've been teaching for nearly 20 years. I have a group of students. I have run a healing organization in England.

KING: You teach them to heal?

ALTEA: I teach them to devote their healing skills, but I also teach them to develop their skills in contacting, being aware of, sensing in some way the spirit world, and I teach them to know themselves, to know who they are and to dare to own their power. I've been teaching this for 20 years very successfully.

KING: And they go on and do?

ALTEA: And they go on and do, and it works. All of the exercises in the book, in "You Own the Power," have been tried and tested. This is not something that, you know, I pulled from the air thinking this is something commercial.

KING: And there are exercises you do at home?

ALTEA: There are exercises you do at home. You can do them with friends. We've already had people calling, writing, e-mailing, saying we run a group of such and such, and we're going to use these exercises to help our group.

KING: Let's discuss this whole concept. What, by the way, by definition is a spiritual medium?

ALTEA: A spiritual medium is someone who is a conduit between the spirit world and this Earth plain of ours.

KING: So the spirit world being those who are departed?

ALTEA: Those who are departed, yes.

KING: How does that also give you the ability to tell me the future.

ALTEA: Well, you know, I hate being dubbed a fortuneteller or a teller of the future, because I am really not, but in the spirit world when they see, as they see in any given situation that they have are able to give us help and advice, not just about what's going on with us right now, but they can see things that are going to happen, opportunities.

KING: So it's not you; it's these people doing it through you?

ALTEA: It's certainly not me. I -- you know, I am just one little human being. I'm...

KING: But that would mean, then, that we're preordained? Have to.

ALTEA: I can -- you know, I fought this for a long time, because I hate the idea of being a puppy on a string, but I -- the more I go through what I do, the more I experience, the more I see that so many things in our future are planned for us, I think that what isn't planned for us is our attitude, and it's our attitude that can change our lives.

KING: Can you help you?

ALTEA: Oh, I do. I help me all the time.

KING: Can you speak to people in your past who are gone?

ALTEA: Yes, I speak to my father quite often. My daughter speaks to my father quite often. I have a spirit guide. His name is Gray Eagle. This is why some people think I am a really crazy person, but he is the one who helps me and guide me. So I'm talking to the spirit world all the time.

KING: I remember the late Bishop James Pike, who tended to scoff at this until he had a medium contact his late son and became totally convinced that there was a life after death, but the scientific world, the practical scientific world, the medical school world, would call this sophistry, right? I mean, this is crazy.

ALTEA: Some scientists, part of the scientific world, part of the medical world. Many hospitals invite people like me to go in and help their patients. I've spoken myself personally at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and I've spoken to doctors and nurses there. I've given lectures there.

KING: But they might say it's a placebo, it can't hurt.

ALTEA: Well, you know, whatever works works. If it is -- you know, if laying your hands on someone and giving them healing makes them feel better, what does it hurt? It's a good thing.

I personally believe, though, that there's a greater power at work, something that is beyond this human life of ours.

KING: Do you know what it is? Do you call it God?

ALTEA: I call ate god force, the god force, a force of power, a force of purity, force of truth. I know that it drives me forward. I have experienced this power, and I think the majority of your listeners have experienced this power in one way or another.

KING: And in truth, we want it. We want "The Sixth Sense" to be true? We want to know that our grandmothers are watching us.

ALTEA: We do. We do.

KING: So you start with a boost.

ALTEA: Although I do have to tell you that when I first came into this work, Larry, I didn't want it.

KING: Didn't want it?

ALTEA: I didn't want it. I was one of those -- remember the movie "The Sixth Sense," the boy who didn't want it.

KING: I just asked you about that.

ALTEA: I was that boy.

KING: You had that ability as a kid.

ALTEA: All the time since I can remember.

KING: You saw them?

ALTEA: I hated it. I saw them as I see them now. Imagine when you're a child, you're lying in bed, the room is dark, and suddenly some face comes looming over you and starts whispering, and then you see -- you might be desperate to go to the bathroom, but you don't go to the bathroom because you know that you're going to meet someone in the hallway, someone not of this Earth.

KING: But if they have left the body, what are you meeting?

ALTEA: I see them as physical beings, because we have what is known as the etheric body, the spirit body, which is the same shape and the same size as the physical body. So I am not seeing, you know, sort of wispy bits of nothing. I am not seeing just forms of energy...

KING: Not "Ghostbusters."

ALTEA: No, it isn't.

KING: Let me get a break, and we'll come back.

Rosemary Altea, her book "You Own the Power: Stories and Exercises to Unleash Inspire and Unleash the Force Within." We'll be taking your calls as well -- get a lot of calls in tonight.

Tomorrow night, we're going to look at the subject of adoption. We're going to talk with the first lady Hillary Clinton about it, and Marie Osmond and others. Tomorrow night, adoption is the topic.

Right back with Rosemary. Your calls coming in a little while. Don't go away.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) KING: With Rosemary Altea. Let's discuss some of the aspects of "Owning the Power."

"Fine tuning five senses to create a sixth-sense awareness." Fine tuning, how?

ALTEA: Well, there are many...

KING: We all have senses.

ALTEA: OK. There are many exercises, but what we -- you know, we see, we hear and so on. We all take our five senses for granted, those of us who are fortunate enough to have them. And what I try to do in the book is show you how to fine tune them.

There are certain exercises, listening to music. There's a certain way of listening to music.

KING: Making you hear better.

ALTEA: Making you hear better, because you've got to raise your level of consciousness, Larry, to the point where your sixth sense kicks in. Everyone thinks that the sixth sense is there and all you have to do is want it to happen but it won't happen. But we have six senses and we have to tune them all, finely tune them all so that the sixth sense can start to work.

KING: And what would you call the sixth sense?

ALTEA: The sixth sense. The sixth sense is that sense which takes us above and beyond this Earth.

KING: Color plays a big part in our lives too, right?

ALTEA: Yes. Well, we're all energy. We all have fields of energy around us.

KING: But I've never seen an aura.

ALTEA: You've never seen an aura? It's a most amazing thing.

KING: I've seen a rainbow but I've never seen a...

ALTEA: You know, there's a certain kind of photography now, Kirlian photography, which can actually photograph your aura. So whereas scientists before used to say, no such thing, now of course they have to agree that there is.

KING: So there's a color around you and that does -- what does it mean?

ALTEA: That aura is made up of many different colors, and each color is a certain type of energy. So if I'm looking at your aura, for instance, there's a lot of green in your aura and a little gold in your aura and some red on this side, which, you know, you have to temper down a little. That red is -- I guess it's your power, that energy. Too much red is...

KING: Bad?

ALTEA: ... is -- it's not good, because it means that you're too active. You're hyperactive, so you just want to tone down the red in your aura.

KING: But won't it increase in a hyper situation?

ALTEA: It will increase in a hyper situation, absolutely does.

KING: How does energy level affect spiritual sensitivity?

ALTEA: Well, we're all -- as I've said, we're all fields of energy, and we're connecting -- our energy is connecting with universal energy, that God energy.

The spirit world, each individual in the spirit world is an energy field, an energy source of its own. And so it's kind of like plugging in: You know, we have to plug into that energy.

KING: You write that death is not a punishment.

ALTEA: Death is not a punishment.

KING: What is it then?

ALTEA: Death is the continuing of life, the beginning of...

KING: Not the end of life?

ALTEA: ... the next part of our life. It's like walking through a door, you know? Walking through the door marked "Death": It's the beginning of a new part of our journey, like...

KING: Does how you die affect how you go through that door?

ALTEA: Sometimes. You know, people who have very tragic, you know...

KING: Suicide?

ALTEA: Suicide definitely will affect it, but you know, there's such a myth about suicide. And there are many people who say that if you commit suicide, then, you know, you're going to float around in limbo for the rest of your life. And that isn't true at all. I have spoken to many people in the spirit world who have committed suicide and have had wonderful experiences.

People who commit suicide are people who are sick and in need of help. And when you go to the spirit world, if you're sick and in need of help emotionally, spiritually, that's exactly what you're going to get.

KING: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross did a lot of studies about people in the moment of dying, and she believed that you do -- what do you think or what do you know from what you have been told happens at the moment of death? Obviously, the heart stops. The oxygen doesn't go through. The brain ceases.

ALTEA: You know, what happens is the spirit takes over.

KING: What is that?

ALTEA: What is the spirit? The spirit is -- it's rather like the flower bulb, you know. It's rather like the flower bulb, which, when we're here, it puts roots into the ground. It's flower. It's energy. It's our source of being, our total source of being, that part of us which never die. But like the flower bulb, it needs food. It needs water. It needs sustenance. But it needs sustenance of the spiritual kind.

And it's the spirit which drives us forward, takes us on through our lives.

We can kill the spirit if we want to. We can end it all, you know. But...

KING: How do you get through the maze? Let's say people will call and they'll tell you about something. How do you get through the maze of all the people who have ever died?


KING: Focusing into this room to talk to that one person about his uncle -- how does that -- I mean, that -- that's so implausible, Rosemary.

ALTEA: Well...

KING: There are billions of spirits around, and you're tuning into one that comes into talk to Irving.

ALTEA: Well, that one, to that particular one. But remember earlier on we talked about the future, Larry, and you said to me, do I -- can I see the future? And I do believe that, you know, our life is in many respects preordained.

Those in the spirit world, they already knew before we did that I was coming on this show. This is not an accident. This is not your decision or my decision.

KING: They buzzed about it this morning. There was big talk, big talk this morning.


ALTEA: There you are. So the spirit world is already prepared, and those callers who are calling in, their loved ones in the spirit world...

KING: Know they're calling in?

ALTEA: They will have been prepared.

My helpers in the spirit world will already have it organized. Just like you've organized this TV show tonight, and everybody -- the cameraman, the camera crew -- they all know what they're supposed to do, so it is in the spirit world. Everyone knows what they're supposed to be doing and everyone is waiting anxiously and excitedly.

KING: So death is definitely not you being punished because you die.

ALTEA: Death is not a punishment. Death is a joyful, and a wonderful, wonderful experience.

It feels as if it's a punishment to those of us who are left behind, especially to those who have children, who lose their children.

KING: Because it's selfish too.

ALTEA: Well, you know...

KING: You miss the person.

ALTEA: The human being is a totally selfish being, right?

KING: All right. We're going to ask about the benefits of owning the power and maybe if there's any demerits to owning this power. And we'll be taking your calls as well for Rosemary Altea. She's our guest for the full hour. Pro wrestling Friday night on LARRY KING LIVE: We'll be right back.


KING: This is Rosemary Altea's first self-help book, her fourth published book, and her priority, by the way, in her personal life is helping parents who have lost children. What's the benefit in owning this power? What do you get out of it?

ALTEA: Oh, OK. I'll give you an example. Somebody wants to diet -- everybody wants to diet -- and they've tried every diet under the sun, and it works for a while, and then they eat and so on and so forth. The problem is not the diet, the food. The problem is what's going on in here in their minds and also what's going on with them spiritually, emotionally.

This book -- this new book is a whole list of exercises that help you to own your power so that you can be anything you want to be, you can do anything you want to do.

You want to diet? This book will tell you how to do it. You want to talk to your loved ones in the spirit world? This book will show you how to do that.

You want to -- you're going for a job, you're going for a new jobs, and you're nervous about it. You need something that is going to help you to drive you forward. In this book, I teach you how to find your power symbol.

Everyone has a power symbol, Larry. Imagine that you...

KING: A power symbol?

ALTEA: A power symbol. I teach you how to find your power symbol so that if you're nervous or you're anxious about something, you visualize your power symbol. It gives you inspiration. It teaches you to dare to be yourself. It gives you courage, and it drives you forward.

KING: How did you discover that?

ALTEA: Well, I have wonderful teachers in the spirit world. I have my spirit guide, Gray Eagle, who has taught me...

KING: And told you about power symbol?

ALTEA: Yes, yes, yes. He teaches me. He shows me.

I'm an unusual kind of a person in so many ways, because...

KING: No kidding!


ALTEA: Because, you know, as a spiritual medium I have done trance work. I have done rescue work. I've rescued lost souls. I've been working as a spiritual medium for more than 20 years. I have gathered so much information. I have been teaching for almost 20 years. I have so much information that I have to impart. And every bit of it is wonderful and helpful to every one of us.

This isn't just about the spirit world being there and God being there and us being here. This is about connecting and uniting with the spirit world and with the energy that there is there.

KING: Concerning healing...


KING: You are not denying medicine?

ALTEA: Oh, no, you know I...

KING: Prescriptions.

ALTEA: I -- with all...

KING: Surgery?

ALTEA: No, no, no. With all of my patients -- no -- with all of my patients, I encourage them to seek medical help, and in fact, there are many times when I will not work with the patient unless that patient is working with a doctor.

KING: You call them patients?

ALTEA: I call them patients, yes. And I work with many hospitals and many doctors. I think that the medical profession is wonderful.

I personally would not be here if it weren't for the medical profession. I had -- years ago, I had two major surgeries, almost died. I know the value of -- of today's medicine, modern-day medicine. It's wonderful, but we can do something more than that. Why not do more than that?

KING: Well, it's been shown -- the doctor who visited your home and touches you makes you feel better?

ALTEA: That's right. That's right.

KING: But you have no fear of death, obviously? You can't have a fear of death?

ALTEA: Well, I'll tell you when it happens, when I get to that moment. Right now, I have one fear of dying, and I think that I have the fear of dying that most mothers, most parents would have perhaps. My fear of dying is that I am going to leave my child by herself and all alone without me. And I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter, Samantha. So, that's my fear, leaving her...

KING: But that aside, you don't fear the act?

ALTEA: No, I don't, no.

KING: We'll take a break, come back. We'll start to include your phone calls. Rosemary Altea is the guest. "You Own the Power" is the book. This is LARRY KING LIVE.

And by the way, don't forget, tomorrow night a major show on adoption with Hillary Clinton and Marie Osmond and others. And Deepak Chopra on Saturday night. Don't go away.


KING: We're back with Rosemary Altea. We'll start to take your phone calls. Her book is "You Own the Power: Stories and Exercises to Inspire and Unleash the Force."

What do you make of it at those times when nothing comes up? No spirit appears. You can't say it's a hundred percent.

ALTEA: There's always someone. There is always someone there. There is always something to do. There is always something to say. It might not be the person you want. It might not be the person who, you know, someone might say, I'd like to speak to my mother, and instead of speaking to her mother I might be talking to my spirit guide, who has something else to impart. So there's always something there.

KING: Let's take some calls for Rosemary Altea. Fort Lee, New Jersey, hello?

CALLER: Hello?



KING: Go ahead.

CALLER: Rosemary?

ALTEA: Hello?

CALLER: Hello.

ALTEA: How are you?

CALLER: I'm fine.

KING: What's your question?

CALLER: My question is -- I was just wondering if -- I lost my daughter on Christmas day, and does she have a message for me, because my son is so devastated. We still can't get over it.

KING: How old was she?

CALLER: Fifty.

KING: Your daughter was 50?


ALTEA: I'm actually seeing a lady who is standing next to me, and I don't know if this is your daughter, darling, or not. But this lady tells me that she passed quite suddenly and quite quickly. She's talking about her breathing and having had some trouble with her breathing as she passed.

It's too obvious for me to say that she's talking about tears and about upset. What I can promise you is that she's there with you. She's safe with you and she's well. You just have to listen, and you have to watch for the signs -- watch for the signs that she will show to you, small signs, little signs. I'm sure you have already had some.

But please, please, understand she has survived death and she is with you. Trust in that.

KING: Dayton, Ohio for Rosemary Altea, hello?

CALLER: Hello?


CALLER: Hi. Thanks for taking my call.

KING: Sure.

CALLER: I just have a question in relation to Mrs. Altea's gifts in -- as far as in relation to the Bible, like when Christ said, "Lest that I won't leave you as orphans, I'll send the Holy Spirit to comfort and teach you." And in relation to -- as far as her gifts that she feels that -- how she feels as far as in faith and toward the Bible and gifts rather than -- quote -- "just divine energy."

KING: Are you in conflict with the Bible?

ALTEA: Not at all. Well, I'm not sure that I -- the Bible has so many things that are contradictory in it, and it depends which version of the Bible you're talking about, because there are at least a hundred versions. But I will address the issue of Christ, Larry.

I have known Christ since I was 2 years old, and I have worked with him. He works with me, I'm pleased to say. As a healer I trust him totally, and I work with him. I believe in God, and I believe in that God force, but I believe that Jesus Christ is with me, and I would not have it any other way.

KING: Staten Island, New York, hello?

CALLER: Hello, Larry. My question for Rosemary is, could she give me a message from my brother who passed on four years ago with colon cancer, and also from a dear friend of mine who committed suicide?

ALTEA: As I was -- as I was hearing your voice, sweetie, I have a gentleman here who -- I have two gentlemen, one on either side of me. And I have a gentleman here who is talking about his head and tells me that he had problems with his head prior to his passing.

I also have a young man standing to my left side here who died of cancer -- I don't know if this is your brother -- but he's nodding at me as I'm saying this to you.

What would the message be? The message of love, obviously. But from what he tells me, I understand that you're having some problems of your own, that you're in real conflict at the moment. There is some sort of relationship problems here, and he tells me to tell you, just please calm down, calm down, and don't do anything rash. Don't do anything in a hurry. Just take your time and make your decisions calmly. He...

KING: Is that correct, caller?

CALLER: I think so.

ALTEA: He wants you to know that he loves you very much, sweetie, and that he's always with you.

CALLER: Thank you, Rosemary. Could you tell me about my friend who committed suicide? ALTEA: No, I couldn't. As I said, the only thing that I can see right now is just these two gentlemen here, and there's nothing else that I can see right now. The man who died of cancer is the one who is tugging at my arm and is the one who wants to speak to you and is the one who's -- really has my concentration.

KING: Do spirits get unhappy?

ALTEA: Oh, yes, of course.

KING: Distressed at what might...

ALTEA: Very distressed, because you know, they see us. They love us. They care about us. They're watching us. They're watching everything that we do. They hear everything that we say. And when we're unhappy, of course they're unhappy.

KING: Selfishly...


KING: ... wouldn't the spirit of my -- let's say my grand -- let's say as an example my grandfather -- OK, I'll give you my wife. Her grandfather's gone. Her grandmother is old and in a nursing home. Wouldn't the grandfather want her to come?

ALTEA: Well, hopefully, you know, death is such a learning experience that...

KING: I mean, wouldn't he say...

ALTEA: The very act of death is a learning experience. And of course, he would want her to come but he also knows that she has her life to spend out and that she is here for her own reasons...

KING: So they don't interfere...

ALTEA: ... there are many lessons. They cannot interfere...

KING: They have all this power, but they cannot interfere.

ALTEA: We don't have the power of God. We're not God. None of us is God. None of us can say, OK, it's your turn today and your turn tomorrow. And none of us would do that. None of us would want to do that. Would you want to have that kind of power?

KING: No, but they might want it, right? They might want it.

ALTEA: No, I don't think so.


ALTEA: I never met anyone who did. I never met anyone who -- wanting that power.

KING: And no person in the spirit world said, I sure hope Emma comes to me?

ALTEA: Oh, I sure hope Emma comes to me when it's her time. I know she'll come to me. They know that she's coming.

KING: We'll be right back with Rosemary Altea. The book is "You Own the Power." We'll be including more phone calls.

This is LARRY KING LIVE. Don't go away.


KING: We're back on LARRY KING LIVE.

Our guest is Rosemary Altea. If you just joined us, this is her fourth book, it's the first self-help book she's written. It's called "You Own the Power: Stories and Exercises to Inspire and Unleash the Force Within," published by Eagle Brook. We're taking your phone calls.

And our caller is in Atlanta, hello?

CALLER: Hi, Rosemary?

ALTEA: Hi, how are you?

CALLER: Good. I wonder, in today's world of psychiatrists, how are you received by the psychiatric profession, and have you worked with any psychiatrists?

ALTEA: Well, that's a wonderful question, and yes I have. In fact, one of my clients is a very eminent psychiatrist actually in England. And the first time I had a session with him, I think I spent something like three hours with him, and afterwards he asked me, where did I train? I said, what do you mean where did I train? He said, which college did you go to? He said, I have been a psychiatrist for several years. He said, I have had thorough training, and he said, surely, you've had the same kind of training in order to do this? And I said, my training came to me from the spirit world. He's been with me ever since as a client, I am happy to tell you, and we have a good relationship. Whenever he has problems with patients, he comes to me.

KING: I think you write about a meeting with a frightened former soldier for Hitler on his death bed?

ALTEA: Yes, yes, a young man -- well actually, when I met him he was probably way into his -- maybe into his 60s, but as a young man...

KING: He fought for Germany?

ALTEA: He had -- well, he'd been taken prisoner himself. He was a prisoner, and then he was enlisted into the SS, of all places, and he was one of those people who had to do the flamethrowers, and burn the Jews and do terrible, terrible things. And when I met him, he was dying. No one knew why he was dying. He was in the hospital, and he was terrified, absolutely terrified, but no one knew why he was afraid. He'd never spoken of his experiences as a soldier in all of his life. He'd come to England and lived his life with his wife. She didn't know anything about it. And when I sat with him, the first time I sat with him, it was rather like, you know, almost like being a priest, you know, hearing someone's confession, and it was such a terrifying and horrifying story, because he carried the guilt with him all of these years of what he did as a young man in Hitler's army.

KING: Do they carry it into the spirit world?

ALTEA: Fortunately for him, he didn't. Fortunately for him, I was able to help him, Larry, but I am sure there are many people who have done terrible things, and on their death beds do carry that guilt.

KING: And what happens to Hitler in the spirit world?

ALTEA: Well, you know, there is a place of light and a place goodness, and then there is a place of darkness, yes there is.

KING: There is a kind of Heaven/Hell.

ALTEA: Yes there is. I wouldn't quite call it Hell. It's not the same, you know. It's not the devil with...

KING: Can you communicate there, too?

ALTEA: I wouldn't choose to, but I have been there, and in the new book, in "Your Own the Power," I do tell the story of how I did face a purely evil entity. It's almost as if I did go into the depths of Hell and face this evil entity. And the reason I did that was because, if I am going to do what I am doing, I have to have experiences from all sides. I can't talk to other people about Hell...

KING: Were you scared?

ALTEA: Was I scared? I was terrified. It was one of the most terrifying things I ever had to deal with, but I own my power, and it taught me that I own my power, that I could deal with this evil, that I could face it and deal with it. And I did do that.

KING: New Lenox, Illinois, for Rosemary Altea, hello?

CALLER: Hi. Thank you for taking my call.

KING: Sure.

CALLER: I -- my husband was killed about 14 months ago by a semi truck. He was on his way to work, and I had been totally devastated since that time -- unable to get out of bed, unable to rely on all the belief systems I had before -- and I feel lost, and...

ALTEA: Darling, can I...

KING: How old are you, ma'am?

CALLER: I am 50. KING: Do you have children?

CALLER: Been married 28 years.

KING: Do you have children?

CALLER: Four adult children.

ALTEA: Can I -- as I was listening to you, right in the beginning there, sweetie, I had an immediate impression of someone actually being crushed, something coming at him and being crushed, and I have this gentleman standing to my right side. I am asking him -- we only have a very brief time. If there is something that he could say to you, what would it be? And he tells me to tell you that he's always with you. He sees you when you go to bed at night, and you hold his photograph and you cry, you look at his photograph and you cry, and you've been asking why, why, all the time, why? And he tells me to tell you, it was my time, but that he hasn't left you, that he is with you. And in time -- and don't you hate it when people say "in time" -- you will never get over this, but in time, you will learn to live with this. What he wants for you, sweetheart, is that he wants for you to live your life in a good way. There is so much that you had together, a rich and a wonderful relationship, and you can take this, what you had, what you had from him, and you can take it and make something of your life. You're not old. You still have a life ahead of you. You have to live it. And he will stand by your side.

KING: Now if this lady red read your book, would that help her get in tune...

ALTEA: What I would say to her first is to read the book, my first book "The Eagle and the Rose," because it does talk very specifically about death and dying, to read how the spirit of course -- again -- and this book, doing some of the exercises -- I have to tell you, Larry, that the exercises in this book, they're not academic exercises; they're very basic, very simple, some people might say too simple, but tried and true exercises. And if people in these situations read the book, read the stories and try the exercises...

KING: Ma'am, are you still on the phone?


KING: OK. Tell me something, Rosemary.


KING: Why doesn't he, her husband, go right to her? Why doesn't he?

ALTEA: He does.

KING: And why does he need you?

ALTEA: He does go right to her, but she's so much in grief that she doesn't feel him, see him, sense him, except he tells me in her dreams you see him sometimes, but this is what this new book is all about. You see, the spirit world is all around us, Larry, and they want desperately to communicate with us. They want to be part of our lives, but we don't know how to connect with them.

KING: Thank you for calling, ma'am. I hope you feel better.

We'll be back with more right after this.


KING: We're back on LARRY KING LIVE with Rosemary Altea.

Tell me about this 4 1/2-year-old who was abducted and killed and you had to communicate with her.

ALTEA: Oh, that was very tragic. I was giving lecture, Larry, and as always, I see people in the spirit world, and there she was, this little thing, standing on stage with me, and she told me very clearly, my mommy and daddy are in the audience. So she showed me where they were, and I found them, and she was able to tell them exactly what happened. She'd been abducted outside of her home. She was playing. Her mom went in to make a drink for them both. When she came out, this little one had gone. And she was missing for many weeks. And eventually, they did find her, and, of course, she was dead. They never really knew what had happened to her, and you know, as with parents who have suffered this type of trauma, tragedy, they're imaginings were worse than what had actually happened. So the little girl was able, with my helpers in the spirit world, to describe the exact details of what had happened to her, and it was very hard. It was a very traumatic thing for the parents to have to listen to, but it helped them tremendously because...

KING: Closure?

ALTEA: Put it to closure. They also knew -- she told them how at the very end when she began to pass into the spirit world, she told her parents how her angels had come for her, how they had lifted her out of this body that was so severely now beaten...

KING: What's that like for you to do?

ALTEA: Oh, it's a heart-rending thing, you know. It's terrible for me to listen to it. You know, I was in Italy recently, and I had a similar experience, a woman whose daughter was abducted, although this -- the daughter was something like 23 years old. Now, I have daughter -- I have one daughter, so this was very, you know, hit home to me , and the -- this girl was abducted, and when the mother eventually went to identify her, she had had her feet amputated. She'd had her body mutilated, but I was able to see the young lady whole and well and was able to describe this to her mother so that the horror that she'd seen was somehow lessened.

KING: Do you tell people if the spirit world sees bad things happening to them, like...

ALTEA: It depends... KING: ... don't drive tomorrow?

ALTEA: It depends. Yes, in fact, a friend of mine a while ago -- I told him, don't go to work tomorrow, because you're going to have an accident. It's not going to be a major accident, but you know, I would steer clear of this and this, and of course, he completely ignored me -- went to work...

KING: By the way, if he didn't ignore you, then what you saw was wrong?

ALTEA: That's right.

KING: Explain that.

ALTEA: Well, no because...

KING: You saw an accident and he didn't go...

ALTEA: OK, I saw something once with actually the wife of this particular man I am talking about. I said to her -- she was going on a journey, and I said to her, just go very slowly and have the car checked out before you go, because I see the car sitting on the side of the road with a flat tire, and she drove, did her journey. It was a long journey. She drove very carefully. She drove slowly. When she arrived at her destination, nothing wrong. The tire was intact. She went in to have a cup of tea with her mother, came out to go for a walk. There was her car sitting at the side of the road with the tire flat.

KING: Blue Point, New York, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Larry.

My question for Rosemary some years back, I had two different experiences of the same thing. I had an overwhelming smell of roses. And I had read something afterwards, I was so overwhelmed, but I didn't know what it was. First I thought I was going crazy, because the first time it happened, I was alone in my car, and the second time I was at home. And my husband actually came home, and I said "Do you smell it? Do you smell it?" And he said "No." And I later read that it's someone sending you love, but I mean, I have no idea who it was from or what it meant.

ALTEA: As I am listening to you we, sweetie, I can see a lovely lady. She's much shorter than I am. Truthfully, she looks like anyone's grandmother, so I am not going to bother too much to describe her, but she tells me that her heart failed her. She's talking of when you were a little girl. She tells me that she passed very easily and very peacefully, but she loved roses. She absolutely loved roses. And this was her gift to you, just to let you know that she was around. And this is why it's so important, Larry, for us to get...

KING: Ma'am, is that correct? Did you lose someone?

CALLER: Yes, my grandmother, and... ALTEA: She's nodding. But this is why it's so important for us to have our five senses tuned, because this lady has an obviously good sense of smell, but the spirit will come to us in so many ways so that we'll know they're there.

KING: So they can create a rose smell?

ALTEA: They can bring you roses. I bet so many of your viewers will have smelled a tobacco smell and thought, that's my father or that's -- I had an experience once, I was half asleep and smelled my father's Brylcreem. Do you remember Brylcreem, men used to use for their hair?

KING: Sure do.

ALTEA: He always used to use that. And I remember turning over in bed and thinking, oh, that's my dad, and going back to sleep again. So the spirit world do bring us their memories. They do bring us different things, a sense of -- even a sense of taste. I had one lady who adored mints and that story is in the book, so I mustn't tell it, but...

KING: Wouldn't it be nice if this were provable?

ALTEA: Oh, you don't have to prove it to me. I believe it. And you don't have to prove it to I would say I think 75 percent...

KING: I mean, there's no one over your shoulder, Rosemary.

ALTEA: Yes there is.

KING: No there isn't.

ALTEA: Yes there is, Larry. Yes there is. You just don't see him. But if you could see him, wouldn't that be wonderful? And that's what I am trying to do, to encourage people to develop their senses. Wouldn't you like to see those in the spirit world?

KING: Love to.

ALTEA: Do the exercises.

KING: I'll try. I'll do them.

Rosemary Altea is the guest. The book is "You Own the Power."

We'll be right back.


KING: She's known as the voice of the spirit world, Rosemary Altea.

The caller is from Boise, Idaho -- hello.

CALLER: Hi. Thanks for taking my call. KING: Sure.

CALLER: I was wondering if you could contact my grandfather. He was on a family hunting expedition a few years ago and was killed by one of the members of the party. It was an accidental shooting. And I was really close to him growing up.

ALTEA: As I am talking to you -- I don't know your name. What's your name?


ALTEA: Sorry?

KING: Saul.


ALTEA: Saul. As I am talking to you, Saul, I am actually -- I am only half-listening to you, but as I am hearing your voice, I am seeing very clearly -- you know, I could say this quite easily, I know, woods and trees and so on -- but what I am seeing in the background, which is sort of taking my attention is there seems to be some kind of mountain range in the background there, which is a whole lot different from the woods and trees where I am living at the moment. There's this big mountain range. There seem to be very high mountains, and I am also seeing dogs, but I am not quite sure what kind of dogs they are, going through the woods, and I...

KING: Why would you be seeing that if he died?

ALTEA: Well, I have a gentleman standing to my right side here, and as Saul is talking to me, he's tapping me on the shoulder and he's showing me this picture, and I am not sure, honestly, if it's the scene of where he was shot or if it's somewhere where Saul lives. Maybe it's both. I don't know. But I am seeing this mountain area, and he's tapping me on the shoulder, and he tells me -- he's smiling at me, Saul, and he tells me to tell you that there are no accidents, even though it was -- seemed to be an accident, there are no accidents, but only God's will, and he is smiling, and he is happy, and he is well, and he is exactly where he should be. And I am sure that you're missing him. I know that you're missing him.

CALLER: Right.

ALTEA: But there's no need, because he's right by your side. Anytime you need him, you just call out to him. He will be there for you. I think you already know this. I think you already know that he's there. "Listen to your instincts," he tells me.

You're thinking of moving or changing.


ALTEA: I don't know if this is a work situation or what's going on here. CALLER: Yes.

ALTEA: But he tells me you're very anxious about this, and you know, you've been wondering, are you making the right move or not? You can't make up your mind, is it going to be OK? But yet you have to do it. It's something that seems to be inevitable, and he says -- he's just smiling, and he says, you have to learn, Saul, to trust in yourself, darling, trust in yourself. Everything is going to be fine, and this is the right move. In fact, he seems to think you should have done it sooner, but this is a good time, and you'll be fine.

He loves you very, very much, and he's alive and well, and he's safe.

KING: Caller, do you live near a mountain or was he killed near a mountain?

CALLER: He was killed in a mountain range, yes.


CALLER: Yes. And you know, I've got pictures up in my room.

ALTEA: All right, OK. I wasn't sure quite if it was where he was shot or I wasn't quite sure.

KING: So they can -- thank you, Saul. They can produce the scene for you?


KING: They can show you not just them, but visuals.

ALTEA: Yes, you remember earlier you mentioned in the book -- I talk about this little girl who was killed very tragically.

KING: Abducted.

ALTEA: And I actually -- it's as if I was taken back to that time, to that moment. I was with her in that place. I watched her. I saw everything that happened to her.

There's another story in the book, Larry, about the concentration camps, and I was actually in the concentration camps. I was actually in a gas chamber. I know that sounds really weird but that's...

KING: The famous late psychic medium Peter Hercoss (ph), who I knew very well, said that he felt the pain sometimes.


KING: Someone had pain, he felt physical pain.

ALTEA: That's exactly -- I do. But I have learned, because I own my power, I have learned to remove that pain. Sometimes what happens in the spirit world somebody comes through and they're so enthusiastic and they're telling you exactly what happened to them, because they want you to get it, but they want you to get it so much that they impress upon you what happened to them.

So I remember a lady who died of cancer of the throat -- I thought -- I tell, I thought I was going to die.

KING: We'll be back with our remaining moments with Rosemary Altea, the author of "You Own the Power," from Eagle Brook. Don't go away.

This week on LARRY KING LIVE, tomorrow night a special show about adoption with first lady Hillary Clinton, Wendy's founder Dave Thomas, Marie Osmond, Donna Mills, Nell Carter and Valerie Harper.

Friday night: Has professional wrestling gone too far? We'll meet top wrestlers, including Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper. And Saturday night, Deepak Chopra's the guest for the hour.

It's all ahead on LARRY KING LIVE, 9:00 Eastern on CNN.


KING: By the way, coming up on CNN "NEWSSTAND," a feature on one of the most enigmatic figures in the history of sport, Coach Bobby Knight of Indiana. Stay tuned for that.

Rosemary Altea, you mentioned that you can see your own departed. Can you see your own future?

ALTEA: Yes. I do. There are certain things about my future which are kept from me which I -- which for one reason or another I don't know. Maybe I will know as we -- as I go along in life. But there are many things about my own future that I do know.

KING: What are some things you do know?

ALTEA: Well, what I try to do before I'm going to do a book is I sit down with my agent, with my publisher, with my editor, and I sketch out a plan, and that plan has to do with what the spirit world tells me. For instance, I know if I am going to be on a TV show, and I know if I'm going to -- if I should go to do a lecture here or whenever. I know if my book is going to make the bestseller list, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

KING: Have you ever not driven somewhere for some reason?

ALTEA: Many times, many times. I've -- I've seen myself in a particular place and then found myself there, you know, maybe six months from now.

KING: And you really like having all of this?

ALTEA: I do. It's the -- it's the most precious gift, a gift from God, and it's the most precious gift that could be bestowed on anyone, although I wouldn't wish it on anyone, because it's very hard, it's very tough. You do feel other people's pain. You are involved all the time with people's tragedies, dealing with people who are sick and dying. It's a tough job, but it's the best.

KING: Isn't the biggest joy, one would guess, healing? You make people feel good, obviously. You helped callers tonight. Probably helping a lot of viewers, too...

ALTEA: Well, even those -- even those callers -- even people who are watching and getting something from it, it's a healing process, Larry. This is all a healing process. Everything I do has something to do with healing, whether it's the laying on of hands or speaking to people about their loved ones.

You know, the biggest joy, the greatest joy for me is when I see those in the spirit world and I hear them, and I hear them say, we are with God, we are safe, we are well.

I talked to a boy who committed suicide and he looks at me, and he's a little nervous about talking to me perhaps, talking to his family, but he wants to do it. And he's there, and he's telling his parents, I'm safe, I'm well.

My greatest joy is reuniting parents with their children. That's my greatest joy.

KING: But all day long in your travels, you run into people who must come running up to you. Tell me about Uncle Ezra.

ALTEA: You have no idea. I have so many airport stories, airplane stories.

KING: That's what I mean.

ALTEA: The last trip -- the last trip I took to Europe, I had three air hostesses sitting on the aisle -- sitting on the floor in the aisle crying their eyes out because they were talking to me and I was talking to their loved ones in the spirit world.

Yes, wherever I go, people ask me, can you see someone for me? And I try to do my best to do that, because my gift is not just for me. My gift is to share with others. This is why I write my books. My gift is to share.

KING: One other thing, do you ever tell someone they're going to die?

ALTEA: It depends. If someone is sick and they're dying, and they ask me if they're going to die, then I would tell them the truth. I would tell them what I believe, yes.

KING: As seen to you...

ALTEA: Gently. I would do it gently, and only with -- you know, when somebody asks you that question, they already know the answer anyway. So I am only confirming to them what they already know.

KING: Great seeing you, as always.

ALTEA: Thank you, Larry.

KING: Rosemary Altea. The book is "You Own the Power: Stories and Exercises to Inspire and Unleash the Force Within" from Eagle Brook.

Tomorrow night a major show on adoption, including Dave Thomas of Wendy's, Hillary Clinton, the first lady of the United States, Marie Osmond, and lots of others. That's tomorrow night.

Friday night, a major show on professional wrestling with some of the top stars in the game.

Saturday night, Deepak Chopra.

Stay tuned for CNN "NEWSSTAND," a big feature on Bobby Knight.

I'm Larry King. Thanks for joining us and good night.



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