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Larry King Live

Psychic Sylvia Browne Talks About Life on the Other Side

Aired August 31, 2000 - 9:00 p.m. ET


LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, her new book on "The New York Times" best-seller list for six weeks, world renowned psychic Sylvia Browne is here to discuss life on the other side. She will take your calls next on LARRY KING LIVE.

She's one of our favorite people. It's always nice to welcome Sylvia Browne to LARRY KING LIVE. She's world renowned as a psychic. Her new book, "Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife" -- there you see its cover -- has been on "The New York Times" nonfiction bestseller list for six weeks, in fact, came on at number one now.

Now what are you, Sylvia, just so we understand? Are you communicating with those departed or are you a psychic of those now, or both?

BROWNE: Both. Both.

KING: Which came first?

BROWNE: I think the seeing people that were going to pass away was the first thing that I really...

KING: Seeing people that were going to pass. Meaning?


KING: You could you tell if someone was going to die, even at young ages.

BROWNE: Yes, at 5, I remember seeing my great grandmother's faces run, and within two weeks they died, and that was a very scary thing. The only thing I think that saved my sanity was that there are so many -- well, we can track our lineage back to 300 years, of psychics -- Russian, Israel.

KING: Your father, mother?

BROWNE: My grandmother, her mother, her mother's mother, great uncle, on and on, my son, my granddaughter.

KING: What's your definition? What is a psychic?

BROWNE: What I think a psychic is, unfortunately, I think in this day and age, it's taken on sort of a rancid sound. I think it really should be a spiritual -- you know I just got back from Kenya and they call it "liboni," which means wise women who is able to see the future, and I like that even better.

KING: Do you think that's what it is? You can see tomorrow?

BROWNE: I can see.

KING: If you can see tomorrow, that means it is all preordained, we can't change it.

BROWNE: Well, we write our own charts, yes. I know that you and I have had problems with that before, because you don't like the idea that you wrote your own chart, but you did write your own chart.

KING: Meaning?

BROWNE: Meaning that you wrote that you were going to be here, that you and I would even be here, that you were going to be a talk show host, that you were going to have your beautiful children, that you would be and do everything in your life.

KING: I made that decision.

BROWNE: You made that decision with God.

KING: But I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow.

BROWNE: No, but...

KING: You do.

BROWNE: I do. I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow, but I know what you are going to do tomorrow.

KING: Why can you do others and not you?

BROWNE: Because I don't think God meant it for me, because, you see, if I knew, then I would have had a happy marriage, I never would have gotten divorced, I would have had perfect children, you know.

KING: But this kind of thing, you could have stopped people -- you could have stopped passengers from getting on a plane that's going to be in trouble, right?

BROWNE: That's true, but you see, then you'd have to sit all the time and be calling on phones and everything, you know.

KING: Peter Herkos, the late Peter Herkos.

BROWNE: Oh yes, I remember.

KING: Psychic I knew very well, hated his power. He thought he had -- he was unbelievable.

BROWNE: He was. He was. KING: But he didn't like it.

BROWNE: Sometimes I don't, and the only times that I can tell you honestly that I don't is when children are in trouble. That's what hurts my heart. I try to keep myself removed, but...

KING: Does a psychic always tell the truth to the people?

BROWNE: They must.

KING: You have to.

BROWNE: They must. I made the contract with God years ago, that no matter what came through, I would say it, but if I ever hurt someone, I would stop.

KING: Dr. Rine, who invented ESP, I knew Dr. Rine, interviewed him, and he thought that it was still extrasensory perception. He named the term, was still at the infancy, and he used to do card tests.

BROWNE: Absolutely. I remember the box, the star.

KING: He challenged psychics to see. All he did was turn up a card, look at card, and tell the psychic to tell what card he's looking at, the simplest of all, and he said most people couldn't do it.

BROWNE: You know why, because he probably was the good sender. Do you see what I'm saying? In other words, telepathy is such a different thing than to be able to tell future. That's almost mind reading. That's like Kreskin can do, do you see what I mean? In other words, I have to pull it out of your mind. But if you're not a good sender, I can't pull it.

KING: This current wave of interest in communicating with the dead.

BROWNE: I think it's really a sign of the times, and I don't mean that religion isn't wonderful, but I think people are searching not only for spirituality, but what lies beyond this, because I think so many things in society has failed mankind. Religion has failed them. Economy has failed them. The belief systems that they have had. So they are searching.

KING: But isn't it also a sign of yearning, of wanting to know that there is something after this?

BROWNE: Absolutely. There has always been.

KING: So not to say you are charlatans in your field.

BROWNE: Oh my God.

KING: But the good person, knowing that the person wants to live on, you have a head start. BROWNE: Yes.

KING: Any person calling tonight wanting to communicate with someone departed wants you to be right. I want you to be right. The world, I will assume, wants to be your right.

BROWNE: Right. The thing about communicating with the loved ones is that are always around us. They always want. They always want us to know that they are right here on this topography with us. See heaven, is not someplace on a disc in the sky floating around, it's right here amongst us.

KING: And they're not in any kind of form?

BROWNE: Oh yes. See, my guide, my spirit guide told me when I was young girl in Kansas City, Missouri that she was more real than I was, and I said, how could that be? Now as I get older and my molecular structure is beginning to drag, I realize that she probably is more solid. Well, how far back can it go? Can you can get in touch with people from 400 years ago.


KING: I mean, they are still all around, right?

BROWNE: Everybody is still around.

KING: They're still around, unless they have incarnated. See, people can only be two places, either here or there. There is no, you know, they are not in...

KING: Well, what happens when they incarnate? Then they're not here?

BROWNE: No, well then you can't get a hold of them, but you usually can get a hold of someone who is a relative that can tell you something, do you see what I mean? In other words, maybe you want to get a hold of Uncle Morshow or Uncle Morris, all right, but he is not there, but I can get a hold of Nate, do you see what I'm saying?

KING: Do you know how reincarnation occurs?

BROWNE: Reincarnation occurs because we decide that we haven't learned enough lessons.

KING: Was everybody who was born someone before?

BROWNE: Oh yes.

KING: We'll take a break with Sylvia Browne. We'll of course be including your phone calls. Her book is "Life on the Other Side."

Jerry Lewis tomorrow night. This is LARRY KING LIVE. Don't go away.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) KING: Sylvia Browne the guest.

You are Jewish, right?

BROWNE: Yes, Jewish.

KING: But you taught in a Catholic school, did you not?

BROWNE: Yes, I did.

KING: Did you have any problems with what you feel and with the church or the synagogue?

BROWNE: No. Isn't it amazing?

KING: They didn't give you any hassle.

BROWNE: I guess after a while, if my head didn't turn around, and I didn't spit out pea soup, they thought I was all right, you know.

KING: They just figured that, you know.

BROWNE: Both faiths would deny reincarnation.

BROWNE: Well, not the -- Kaballah doesn't. The mystical Kaballah doesn't. And Jesuits are very on the fence about it, they really are. See, the more you get into religion, the more you realize that God is an equal opportunity employer.

KING: You once said you are the most skeptical person you know.

BROWNE: Absolutely.

KING: So what makes you be in a field where so many skeptics question? I mean, you know.

BROWNE: I think that I probably was the most unlikely -- my grandmother used to say that. She used to say, you are the most unlikely one of the bunch, because I never took it for granted, because...

KING: You would have been one saying, if you are weren't a psychic, who are you kidding, right?

BROWNE: That's right. Absolutely. And I wanted to be a teacher, and then I took abnormal psychology and I fit into the first eight, and I said, oh great, I'm going to teach kids and I'm a nutcase, and I put myself through all kinds of testing and all the testing came back and said, you're very mature, you're very stable, but you've got this paranormal thing, we don't know.

KING: No offense, do you ever think you're nuts?

BROWNE: No. I don't think I'm nuts. I think -- I've seen a lot of -- I have a lot of referrals from doctors. You see, if you're nuts, you're happy.

KING: You're not happy?

BROWNE: Well, I don't I don't think any psychic is really happy. I think we see an awful lot. Yes, we see too many things.

KING: I remember when you on one during the movie "The Sixth Sense," which really caught on with a lot of people.

BROWNE: Yes. Yes.

KING: And you loved that movie, right?

BROWNE: I loved it.

KING: You felt it touched it.

BROWNE: Absolutely, because it reminded me of my childhood.

KING: And you thought there are boys and girls like that.

BROWNE: Absolutely. I was. And my granddaughter is.

KING: Do you know what happens when you die?

BROWNE: Oh, sure, you go through the tunnel, and...

KING: What tunnel?

BROWNE: And it's a tunnel that actually appears, strangely enough, out of your own etheric substance, out of your body. I mean, your body makes its own tunnel. I did it when I was 42.

KING: You died.

BROWNE: I died. And it's one thing because I had done a lot of death and dying up to that point, but it's so strange when you do it yourself. You know, I mean you think, oh my god, it really is true?

KING: Suicide is easier, too?

BROWNE: Suicide you have to come right back in, you do a horseshoe. You can't get out of this life like that. If you commit suicide, you have to come right back in and do the same damn thing over again. That's worse than hell.

KING: And then what happens? You have the tunnel, and then what?

BROWNE: Then you go to what they call the "hall of wisdom," and then you scan your life. You know, how people your say, God, my whole life passed in front of me, well, but do you -- you go there and you sit, and no -- from out of the -- you really were terrible, you sit and decide if you should come back or not. You scan your life and what you did and what you didn't do.

KING: You make decision.


KING: And you come back as a baby.

BROWNE: You come back as a baby.

KING: With no prior knowledge.

BROWNE: But do you have prior knowledge because if you've ever noticed, like people will say, like for instance, I'm not doing a travelogue here, but I just got back from Kenya, which I have been many times. The first time I set foot on Kenya, I said this not new soil for me. I just knew I had been there.

KING: Many people -- George Patten believed we was...

BROWNE: Oh, absolutely. He was in Hannibal's army.

KING: But it's hard for logical mind to say, all right, here's some man's sperm, here's some woman's egg, the sperm connects with the egg and that becomes a guy who lived 42 years ago in Persia.

BROWNE: Oh sure, but you have a biological factor for the soul to enter in, you have to have a biological factor.

KING: So the soul comes back in through family he's been before.

BROWNE: Not necessarily, no. You can, you can recycle, sure you can, but...

KING: How do you know this?

BROWNE: Well, 40-some-odd years of research, and doing -- you see, scientists on one hand will say that the death experience is a deprivation of oxygen, you've always -- you've heard that. I've seen people who through past-life regression, through astral projection, where the soul leaves the body and comes back in, has the exact same thing, whether their Muslim, Jew, Judaic, Episcopalian, have the same identical tunnel, hall of wisdom, hall of records. Now how could that be possible after 40-some-odd years of research that there is some big imagination ball up in the sky that everybody figures out? Can't be.

KING: Does it make you not believe Bibles?

BROWNE: I think the Bible is marvelous, especially the New Testament. The Old Testament gets to be a little bit worrisome, because I think -- but you've got to admit, Moses was a great salesman. I mean, he had to make our God the meanest God in the world. He was against all the Egyptian gods.

KING: TV psychics, psychic hotlines.

BROWNE: Oh, please, no. No. No. No.

KING: They look effective. You see the lady talking to the other lady and your boyfriend...

BROWNE: Sure, do you. Sure you do. I was offered it. I won't tell you which one, but I was offered it its tremendous. And it's a tremendous amount of money, but I said someday I have to go to God and stand there, and they told me I could write a script.

KING: How do you earn a living?

BROWNE: I earn a living by doing readings every day.

KING: Wait a minute, people contact you?

BROWNE: Oh sure.

KING: Where do they contact you?

BROWNE: On the phone, or come into my office.

KING: I mean, where are you located?

BROWNE: In Campbell, California, or in L.A.

KING: You're listed.

BROWNE: I'm listed.

KING: So you look up Sylvia Browne in the phonebook and you make an appointment.

BROWNE: Absolutely. Absolutely.

KING: What do you charge people?

BROWNE: My fee now I think is $400.

KING: For how long?

BROWNE: I never shut anybody off.

It could be 30, 40 minutes whatever. I mean, if you're in the middle of something, I don't say "ding-ding."

KING: OK, you just go. But you can make appointments.

BROWNE: Very much like I was telling your producers, I support an awful lot of people, too. I have 40 ministers. I have 13 on staff. I have a real superstition about that. I think that these hotline psychics that just take the money and run, I think that's a bad thing.

KING: So you have -- what do you mean ministers?

BROWNE: I have a church.

KING: You have a church? BROWNE: Oh yes. Novus Spiritus Society, which we are not the average dogmatic church. We go out help people. We do spiritual counseling, by e-mail. We go in, talk to convalescent people. We do death and dying.

KING: What do people mostly want to know?

BROWNE: You know the number-one question -- the world could be ending, and the number-one question from Kenya to India is where is Mr. or Mrs. Right? I don't care if you said, look, in five minutes, the world is going to end. They say, where is Mr. Right?

KING: Am I going to meet him or her?


KING: What are most married people asking? If you're going to say, same thing, we got a riot.

BROWNE: No. No. Most married people want to know about their finances.

KING: Questions of money.


KING: All right, speaking of questions, we are going to entertain your questions now. We are being flooded with calls. We'll get to as many people as we can for Sylvia Browne. Her new book is "Life on the Other Side." Your questions -- now you know we try reach as many people as possible, so limit them to short questions, please, either about someone who has died or about a question about yourself, or anything, right?

BROWNE: Anything.

KING: Anywhere you want to go, we're welcoming it.

Don't go away. We'll be right back.


KING: She is known the world over. She is based in Los Angeles. She's the world renowned psychic Sylvia Browne. Her new book is "Life on the Other Side." It's been on bestseller list for "The New York Times" ever since it came out. We're ready to include your phone calls, and we start with Peoria, Illinois. Hello.

CALLER: Good evening, Sylvia. I'm a big admirer of yours.

BROWNE: Oh, bless your heart.

CALLER: My father died when I was 2 1/2 years old. I'm now 28, and I never have had the feeling that he was there or around.

BROWNE: Oh, but he is. Was he dark haired with big huge eyes, a very prominent nose, high cheek bones.


BROWNE: Because he comes around you, and the way that you'll know that he comes around you is he comes round with a scent, you know, like a Old Spice whatever. Because he hasn't been reincarnated.

KING: So how would he have a smell?

BROWNE: She could walk in a room. You smell potpourri or whatever.

KING: But he is there and he is around.

BROWNE: Oh, absolutely.

KING: Now do you see him?


Park Falls, Wisconsin, hello.

CALLER: Hello?


CALLER: Larry, I have a question for Sylvia regarding my career.


KING: Sure.

CALLER: The past 15 years, I've had the same job full-time. This year, I was reduced to halftime. And this year, I'm kind of wondering in two years, will I be getting this other job in a different city, and I should in fact stay at this job one more year?

BROWNE: Stay at the job for one more year, but listen to me, you'll get into human resourcing work.


BROWNE: Yes, but I wouldn't jump the gun.

CALLER: OK, so you can see me getting a job in two years in this other city.

BROWNE: One year, in human resourcing.



KING: Now, when you see that, what do you see? Explain this to me.


KING: You have no idea what she does.

BROWNE: No, I don't know, Larry. I -- it's just been with me for 64 years, as long as my age.

KING: Do you see her?

BROWNE: Yes, I see her with an oval face, and sort of light brown hair, and sort of tilted up eyes. Yes, I see her.

KING: New Lenox, Illinois, hello.

CALLER: Hello, Larry. Hello, Sylvia.

I would like to know, my husband died a few years ago, is he around and trying to contact me?

BROWNE: Yes. Something about -- he keeps talking something about a picture that you have up that -- where he is three quarter face, smile on his -- a smirky smile on his face. What was wrong with his chest and head area?

CALLER: Well, he had lung cancer.

BROWNE: Yes, well, that's in the chest, honey.


BROWNE: But it looked like it spread everywhere.

CALLER: Right.

BROWNE: Yes, because he said toward the end he couldn't breath.

CALLER: That is true.

BROWNE: Yes. But he comes around you especially -- I don't know why they do this -- but about 3:30 in the morning.

CALLER: I see.

KING: But he is looking at her.

BROWNE: Looking at her and listening to her.

KING: To Newburgh, New York, hello.



CALLER: I'm a big fan of yours, Sylvia, I read all your books, and I really appreciate your insight.

My father died about five years ago, and wasn't a very religious man. I just want to know if he is there, if he has gone on, if he is OK?

BROWNE: Yes, but see, even though he wasn't religious, he says that he still was good to people.


BROWNE: You know, I don't think you have to be religionistic, let's say, to be good to people. He was honest, he had integrity, and that's really what counts.

CALLER: That is true.

BROWNE: You know, I have seen people who seemingly are religious, and they go out in the parking lot and knife everybody.

KING: Now, if you see him, that means he hasn't reincarnated?

BROWNE: That's right.

KING: You see him?

BROWNE: I see him.

KING: And he is looking at her?

BROWNE: Yes, and he is round faced, and he has got sort of -- a little bit jowly, marvelous smile.



KING: You see this?

BROWNE: I see this.

KING: Is he right -- is she right, ma'am?

CALLER: Yes, she is.

KING: OK, we'll take a break and come back with more.

West Covina, California, when we come back, on LARRY KING LIVE.

Don't go away.


KING: Monday is Labor Day, so Jerry Lewis makes his annual appearance on LARRY KING LIVE tomorrow night.

Back with calls for Sylvia Browne.

West Covina, California, hello.

CALLER: Hi. I'm just calling, I dream very often about my mother, and I dreamt about her last night, but I was woken up by the phone. I just wanted to know how she was doing?

BROWNE: Was your mother a very small, petite woman?

KING: She was small, but had, like, a stomach.

BROWNE: Well, yes -- no, but I mean small boned, short. You have to realize, honey, I'm tall, so short.

CALLER: Yes. Yes, she was short.

BROWNE: Yes. And she had a very nervous habit of rubbing her two fingers around her mouth when she got nervous.

CALLER: Yes, she did.

BROWNE: Yes, she used to play with her mouth.


BROWNE: Oh, yes, she comes around you I would say at least six times a day and for some reason she comes around you when you are in a vehicle.

CALLER: Oh, really?


CALLER: Is that good or bad?

BROWNE: Oh, that's good, honey.

KING: Now, wait a minute, if she is in spirit form...

BROWNE: Right.

KING: ... how do you see her doing this?

BROWNE: Because they are real.

KING: What do you mean?

BROWNE: They are solid to me.

KING: Oh, you see them in form?

BROWNE: Oh, yes.

KING: You don't see them as a spirit?

BROWNE: Oh, no, they are solid, they are just as solid as we are.

KING: North Bay, Ontario, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Sylvia.

My father died in December of '89 and I'm wondering if he is still around me trying to help guide my writing career?

BROWNE: He is. And you know, that is why you get that thing where you have written something and you will go back and read it and you don't really know how you got it, but you did.

CALLER: Right, that happens a lot.

BROWNE: That -- yes, that is what we call in my business, infused knowledge. What you are doing is you are channeling him.

CALLER: Oh, wow! Very cool.


KING: Thank you. So, so far tonight nobody has reincarnated?

BROWNE: No. And it takes a long time, a lot of times, unless a person has a traumatic death or something that they want to.

KING: Harrison Tennessee, hello.

CALLER: Hello. Yes, I have a question for Sylvia, my son died four years ago tomorrow.

KING: How old was he?

CALLER: He was 18. I would like to know if he is in heaven, and I would like to know if he knew just how much I really loved him.

BROWNE: Oh, of course.

KING: Sylvia said he was 18 before you said he was 18 -- all right, but go ahead.

BROWNE: But this looks like it was a trauma death.

CALLER: It was.

BROWNE: Yes. Now, what was wrong with the head and the whole frontal part?

CALLER: He was ran over by a pickup truck.

BROWNE: Right.

CALLER: And it almost decapitated him.

BROWNE: Yes, yes. But thank God that he didn't even know what hit him. He really didn't.

KING: All right, now what do you -- what can you see in an 18- year-old, what's -- where is he now?

BROWNE: Oh, 18-year-old -- we are all 30 over there -- he is over there helping people coming in and out, which would have been so much like him anyway, because he was so good to people. CALLER: He was very good to people. So he is in Heaven?

BROWNE: Oh, absolutely.

KING: Is there a Heaven?

BROWNE: Oh, absolutely. That is Heaven.

KING: And he sees his mother?

BROWNE: And he sees his mother, and he wants her to light a candle, because I do see candles.

KING: All right, ma'am -- Nashville, Tennessee, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Sylvia.

I would like to ask about my mom, she died in January, and I was wondering if she is around me and how she is doing?

BROWNE: She is doing fine. Let me tell you one thing about your mother, though, your mother really put up a big struggle to stay. You know that don't you?


BROWNE: She really fought like I don't know what -- stubborn. She said that she thought that she was going to beat it and then she didn't. But, yes, she didn't come around for quite a while, but what she does is she rings a phone.

KING: She what?

BROWNE: She rings a phone.

KING: She short rings her daughter?

BROWNE: No, she rings a phone and then her daughter picks up the phone and there is nobody on the phone.



KING: So they get a little humorous, huh? They play little games.

BROWNE: Oh, sure, but can you imagine what kind of bill that would be?


KING: Thank you.

To Truro, Nova Scotia, hello.



CALLER: My grandmother died four years ago.

KING: How old are you?

CALLER: Fourteen.


CALLER: And I was just wondering is she OK, and is she watching over me?

BROWNE: Oh, yeah, but you know something, she told you she always would.

CALLER: Yes, she did.

BROWNE: Because she knew that she was going to go and she said she -- and you remember when she said she would never leave you?


BROWNE: Well, she meant that. And until the very day that you pass over to see her she will be with you.

KING: Thank you, dear.

We'll take a break and come back with more, got lots more to go and lots more phone calls for Sylvia Browne. Don't go away.


KING: We are back with Sylvia Browne.

You have a spirit guide called Francine.


KING: She's with you all the time?

BROWNE: All the time.

KING: She guides you threw these things.

BROWNE: No, she doesn't. The aggravating part about it is she has never helped me with this.

KING: What does she do?

BROWNE: She will come in and a talk. It's sort of like a trance thing. But, you know, when I'm doing readings, she's never come in to help me.

KING: You can't like what you have. BROWNE: It is hard. It is hard.

KING: You can't.

(CROSSTALK) BROWNE: I think that -- it is just like I was telling your producer today -- I think if I had been normal -- whatever that means -- and then one day had developed this, I might be really crazy. But I think I have always been this away, so I don't know any different.

KING: Hauppauge, New York, hello.

CALLER: Yes, hello.

Hi, Sylvia. I think you are wonderful.

BROWNE: Oh, thank you sweetheart.

CALLER: I'm just had a question about my husband's job. Should he take this new one? Should -- what do you see?

BROWNE: He has to got to take the new one. The other one -- he has not been appreciated.

CALLER: Right.

BROWNE: It is low pay. He works his tail off. Pardon the expression. He has got to. How could he do any worse? He will do better.

CALLER: Where do you see him?

BROWNE: In management.

CALLER: Management.


CALLER: OK. Will my grandmother be OK tomorrow. She is being operated on.

BROWNE: Yes, but that is corrective surgery, honey. She will be all right.

CALLER: Oh, thank you.

KING: Now, that wasn't about a dead person. That was about her husband and her job.

BROWNE: Right. Right.

KING: What do you see? What do you see? What do you see-see?

BROWNE: I don't know how I see. See, that's -- I know it is valid that you ask me that. Everybody is always asking me that. I don't know how I see what I see.

It just comes so fast that I don't even have a chance to see.

KING: Valdosta, Georgia, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Sylvia, I was wondering if you could tell me about my love life.

KING: Ah ha, a love-life question.

BROWNE: Well, it is non-existent, honey. But there is someone who is going to be about 5 feet, 11 inches, broad across the face, dark-complected, curly hair, deep-set brown eyes, heavy eyebrows. It's going to be very significant.

KING: When is she going to meet him?

BROWNE: November.

CALLER: Of this year.

BROWNE: Of this year.

CALLER: Thank you.



Assumption, Illinois, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Sylvia.

I was just wondering if my grandma was around watching out for me and my mom?

BROWNE: She comes in and out. But she keeps saying that she is showing up in dreams a lot, especially to the mother.


BROWNE: Yeah. But no. She's not as prevalent. That doesn't mean she doesn't love you. See, some just come around more than others.


KING: I don't mean this facetiously, but what do spirits do all day?

BROWNE: They have jobs. They do animal husbandry. They do gardening. They do...

KING: Oh, there are flowers where they are?

BROWNE: Oh, absolutely. It is real. KING: There is a planet. It's what?

BROWNE: It is this. It is right here, right on top of us at a higher vibration. They are all around us.

KING: They are around us right now?

BROWNE: Right around us now.

KING: So, even though you can't see them, your late relatives are around you?

BROWNE: Oh, yes, absolutely. And have you a very slender man around you: older, sort of thin face, fairly prominent nose, deep-set eyes, that comes around you very strong.

KING: Toronto, hello.



CALLER: I just wanted to know, a gentleman passed away a few years ago. And...

BROWNE: I'm sorry, honey, I didn't hear the first.

CALLER: A gentleman?

KING: Go ahead, what did you say? Repeat it?

CALLER: OK, a man passed away.

KING: Your aunt passed away.

CALLER: No, a man, a man.

BROWNE: A man.

CALLER: And I want to know if he was my father.

BROWNE: No, he wasn't.



KING: Are you touching him with this


CALLER: I don't know who my dad is. That is what is bothering me.

BROWNE: I know. Let's get into this a little bit. We don't have much time, but your father was not who you thought was your father, but it was a close relative or somebody that was close. But the man you thought was your father wasn't your father.

CALLER: And the other gentleman, is he alive?

BROWNE: Yes, he is alive.

CALLER: Who was my father?


CALLER: All right. Thank you.

BROWNE: And he is in -- your real father in Macon, Georgia.

KING: You know the city.


KING: Atlanta, hello.



CALLER: Is my dad my spiritual guide?

BROWNE: No, honey can't be. Your spirit guide is someone who is allotted or assigned to you from the very beginning. Although like my father, Larry's mother, whoever, they come around as protective spirits. Do you see what I mean? But they are not your guide.

CALLER: Where is my dad?

BROWNE: Your dad is on the other side.



CALLER: Is he watching over me and my family?

BROWNE: Yes, he watches over you and the family. And if you have ever noticed -- it was like I was talking to some of the people on the staff -- if you have watched animals or babies, they will steer over in the corner. Animals will react.

KING: Do spirits have bad days?


KING: They don't.

BROWNE: We do. They don't.

KING: Don't they have have bad days if they see bad things happening to their children?

BROWNE: No, because you see, they know that it is all in the program of our life, and that...

KING: So they can see their daughter being hit by a car...

BROWNE: And they know she will come over.

KING: Toronto, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Larry, Sylvia.


CALLER: I would really like to be pharmacist. And I'm just wondering if it is going to be right for me.

BROWNE: Pharmacist, yes. But I would really like to see you be a physician's assistant. I think you would be better at that. You could try pharmacy, but I think it is going to be a little bit dull for you. See, you are a humanitarian. So you are very much hands on.

CALLER: I see. Yeah, that is -- I feel the same way.

BROWNE: Absolutely.

CALLER: Is there anyone around me, because sometimes I feel there is.

BROWNE: There is a short, round dark-haired woman that wore her hair back.

CALLER: I see.

BROWNE: There is a thick-built male who died of some kind of a blood disorder that also comes around you.


KING: Thank you.

Bradford, New Hampshire, hello.

CALLER: Hi. This is Seth.

I was wondering, if I'm going to have the career that I'm working for right now?

BROWNE: Well, you are going to go into performing arts.

CALLER: Yes. Oh, wow that is -- oh, wow, that is it.

BROWNE: I know honey. I'm psychic.

CALLER: I'm just so excited, because I enjoy doing so it much.

BROWNE: I know. You've got to get into media work.

CALLER: Media.

BROWNE: Yeah, which is performing arts.


BROWNE: All right.

KING: Thank you and good luck.

We will be right back with more of Sylvia Browne on this edition of LARRY KING LIVE.

Don't go away.


KING: By the way, right before we get our next call -- in "Life on the Other Side," you give us a tour of what it is like up there -- up there, around there.

BROWNE: Absolutely. Yes -- give you a tour just like a tour guide.

KING: To Crystal, Michigan, Hello.

CALLER: Hello.


CALLER: Sylvia, I have been trying reach you since November 12th of 1999 when my father disappeared. Can you tell me anything? Do you see anything? Do you see him?

KING: He just disappeared, ma'am?

CALLER: Yes. He left in his private aircraft from my home here and was going down state to his home. And he disappeared. We haven't been able to find him. Can you see anything, Sylvia?

BROWNE: Honey, he is not living. He is not alive, honey.

CALLER: No, I know that. I know that.

BROWNE: But it is something to the Northwest that is swamp-like land that he landed in, or...

KING: Crashed.

BROWNE: Crashed in.


KING: All right, now, do you see him?


CALLER: Is -- he was a religious man. He prayed to God twice a day. Is -- he OK?

BROWNE: Oh absolutely.

CALLER: Does he watch us?

BROWNE: Oh, of he course does, but he went down very fast. Something was wrong with the -- I don't know, with the fuel of some kind.

CALLER: Is that right? Yes, it's possible, it's possible. OK, I thank you so much.

BROWNE: All right, darling.

CALLER: Thank you. I am shaking. Thank you.

KING: Thank you.

Cincinnati, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Sylvia. It's very nice speak to you.


CALLER: Am I on the line?

BROWNE: Yes, you are.

KING: Yes you are -- go ahead.

CALLER: Sylvia, about 14 years ago, my mother died of a heart attack. I was -- something happened to me to give me reason to believe she might have been terrorized into having that attack. Could you please tell me if you see anything.

BROWNE: No, but I think she had an awful lot of stress in her life. But she also had some kind of upper-lung problem, too, honey.

KING: But you don't see any...

BROWNE: No. I don't see any trauma.

KING: No hanky-panky. I have to tell you, I'm going to be in Cleveland, though, in the end of the month, so come see me.

KING: Brea, California, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Sylvia.

We lost our father this -- last March, and I just want to know if he is happy and if he's around us.

BROWNE: Yes, here is the case of another person, not that everybody goes quietly into that, as they say, the dark night, but he really, really struggled to stay around, I mean, he really did. Now, here is an interesting thing, he said he heard you even though everybody thought he was gone. So I don't know whether he was in gone. So I don't know whether he was in coma or he seemed to be out of it, but he heard you.


BROWNE: All right?

CALLER: That's very a good. Thank you.

BROWNE: Manitowoc, Wisconsin, hello.

CALLER: Hi. I have a question.

My sister passed away about eight years ago, and she had down syndrome.


CALLER: I was just wondering, is she normal now?

BROWNE: Absolutely. We're all normal, and we're all 30.

KING: What happens?

BROWNE: I don't know why we're 30.

KING: Everybody is 30, and there's no disease?

BROWNE: No disease.

CALLER: So she does not have down syndrome anymore?

BROWNE: No, no down syndrome. No, and she also had something wrong with her heart.

CALLER: Yes, she does.

BROWNE: Yes, it was like a hole in her heart.

CALLER: You got it.

BROWNE: I know.

CALLER: Do you feel anything else around me?

BROWNE: Yes. There is a larger framed woman that passed over that comes around too.

CALLER: Yes, that was my mother. Is she OK? Is she happy?

BROWNE: So they're together?

BROWNE: They're together, absolutely.

CALLER: Do you find anyone else near her right now, or...

BROWNE: No, those two just came around the most prominently.

KING: Thank you.

Buffalo, New York, hello.

CALLER: Yes, Sylvia. I was wandering about my brother. He died about two years ago. We had to make a decision to take him off life support.

BROWNE: Honey, he was gone.

CALLER: Yes, I was just wondering, did he know -- did we do right thing?

BROWNE: Yes, but honey, if he hadn't of, and if they didn't tell you this, I'll tell you that he would have been a vegetable.

CALLER: Right. Does he come around me? And my mother passed away just recently, and I just want to know if he knows I'm thinking of him.

BROWNE: Oh, absolutely.

See, the thing I keep telling people is please don't quit talking to them, please don't quit thinking about them, because they're there. They hear you, they feel you, they sense you. He's even sat on the bed one night.

CALLER: Well, he's not reincarnated then. My grandson that's been born, everybody connects my brother with him.

BROWNE: No, but I think they have such eyes alike.

CALLER: I see. OK, thank you.

KING: So that means when you die, you see your loved ones. You watch them all the time.

BROWNE: Oh, all of them. It's a party. It's a party. See, you know, the old expression of the Irish -- I think they have a great idea -- is to celebrate, you know, death and to mourn it at birth, and in many ways it is a form of death, is coming into life, is a form of death, and going back is life. That's eternal.

KING: So obviously, you have no fear of dying.

BROWNE: Oh, God no, I have more fear of living.


KING: You have no fear at all of dying.

BROWNE: None at all.

KING: You might fear a method of dying. You don't want to die in pain. BROWNE: Yes. I don't think anybody wants to suffer, you know what I mean? I think that's a human thing. You don't want to be writhing around suffering, but as far as going through that tunnel, and going to see my loved ones and having a party, hell no. This is where Hell is.

KING: Sylvia Browne is the guest. This is LARRY KING LIVE. Back with more calls after this.


KING: We're back with Sylvia Browne. Her book is "Life on the Other Side," and we go to Burlington, Wisconsin. Hello.



CALLER: I was wondering if Sylvia could tell me if I'm going to have any children, and when?

BROWNE: You're going to have a girl, but you've got to pay particular attention to your thyroid gland. Your thyroid is off. Until you get your thyroid taken care of and something with the right ovary and a little bit of a tipped uterus, but all of that is correctable.

CALLER: OK. OK, thank you.

KING: Thank you.

KING: Yucca Valley, California, hello.


KING: Hi, go ahead.

CALLER: I'm connected to Sylvia Browne.

LARRY: Yes, you're on. Turn your television down, because you've got a delay, and it's going to drive you nuts -- and me too. Go ahead.

CALLER: Hi, Sylvia.


CALLER: I just needed to know who my spirit guide is.

BROWNE: You have a very, very strong female guide by the name of Veronique.

CALLER: Veronique.

BROWNE: Veronique. I guess she'd be Veronica, but she goes by Veronique. KING: Why do you want to know that, ma'am, since you don't know the guide? Why do you need to know the name?

BROWNE: I think wants to say, rather than hey you.

CALLER: Right. Well, I want to be in touch with her. I want to be able to communicate with her.

BROWNE: Yes, instead of hey you, you want to know.

KING: Yes, it's better. I mean, they like that better.

BROWNE: They do. That's right, more familiar.


KING: Be a little more personal.

BROWNE: Exactly.

KING: Beaverton, Oregon, hello.

CALLER: Hello, Sylvia. My question for you is, I have a very strong connection with my best friend, Mona, and I was wondering...

BROWNE: You used to be sisters in England together.

CALLER: I just knew we had a connection. Will we live closer than we do now?

BROWNE: Yes, things have just separated you for a while. But in about seven months, you'll live closer, then you won't be burning up lines all the time.

KING: Wow. You're on a roll tonight.

To Roscoe, Illinois -- hello.

CALLER: Yes. Sylvia, I have a question. My 20-year-old daughter died nine years ago after a 10-year illness, and I want to know if she's OK. Also a niece of mine was murdered five years ago. They were three years apart in age, and I just want to know if they're OK.

BROWNE: Yes, they're together. Who was lightest one of the two?

CALLER: My daughter.

BROWNE: OK, because she's the one comes around the strongest, because she looks like she has something in her own system that turned on her.


BROWNE: You know, like syptosis (ph) or cancer, something wrong with blood. It was within her own system. KING: How about the violent death?

BROWNE: The violent death, yes, and the darker one is with her, the darker, the rounder one. They're both together, but in the violent death, it looks two people were involved.

CALLER: OK. The murderer's never been found.

BROWNE: But God will take care of that, honey.

CALLER: OK. Thank you.

KING: There is a God.

BROWNE: Oh, absolutely.

KING: Do people on the other side see him or her.

BROWNE: Both. It is a him and a her.

KING: It's non...

BROWNE: Well, it's a him and a her. See, I mean, you know, I can't just believe that I was made out of Adam's Rib, I would have been thinner.

Tom's River, New Jersey, hello.

CALLER: Hello, Larry. Hello, Sylvia.



CALLER: I thank you for your book, I'm not afraid of dying anymore.

My question is, who was standing at the end of my bed in a shocking pink dress?

BROWNE: You had what is called a spirit that wandered through. See, we not only have spirit guides, but we also have spirits. Shocking pink, but it looks like it was a long one, sort of filmy looking. This is what we call just a spirit that wanders through. I get them in my bedroom, they wander through.

KING: You see spirits?

BROWNE: Oh, yes, I have to keep a night light on. I really do.

KING: What do they look like?

BROWNE: Us. I mean, they are real.

KING: I mean, are they filmy, ghost-like?

BROWNE: No, no, not to me. No.

KING: They look like people?

BROWNE: People. And it's very disconcerting at night for me to have a whole room full.

KING: Yes, I would -- you have parties?

BROWNE: Yes, I see them walking back and forth.

KING: We'll be back with our remaining moments with Sylvia Browne, the white wagon is waiting to take her way.

BROWNE: That's right.

KING: But first these words.

BROWNE: And drop the net.



KING: We're back.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, hello.

CALLER: Yes. Good evening, Larry. Hello, Sylvia. God bless you.


BROWNE: God bless you, too, hon.

CALLER: I just recently lost my mom a couple -- a few months ago.

BROWNE: I'm sorry.

CALLER: Thank you. And it was rather unexpected, and...

BROWNE: No. Your mother had been sick for a year, but your mother was so closed mouthed she wouldn't have told anybody.

CALLER: You think so?

BROWNE: Oh, yes.

CALLER: She sounded so healthy and well.

BROWNE: Yes, but your mother was very closed, you know what I mean? She wanted everybody -- no one to worry about her.

CALLER: Really?

BROWNE: Yes. KING: And how is she doing now?

BROWNE: She is doing great.

CALLER: Is she with my dad?

KING: They're all doing great, right?

BROWNE: They're all doing great.

KING: Is she...

CALLER: Are they?

KING: ... with her husband?

BROWNE: She is with an older man, sort of steel gray hair, somewhat balding, piercing blue eyes, she is with him.

KING: I hope that's your father, ma'am?

CALLER: Thank you. It is.



KING: Saved us a little scandal there.

BROWNE: That is right.

KING: Los Angeles, hello.

CALLER: Hello there.


CALLER: Sylvia, I have a question for you.

BROWNE: Yes, go ahead, dear.

CALLER: My 18-year-old son was killed in an automobile accident three years ago, there was no other car involved. Can you tell me what made the accident happen, and if he is all right now?

BROWNE: Yes, I'll tell you exactly what happened in the accident, he -- there was another car involved, he veered off from an oncoming car.

CALLER: OK, highway patrol said that there wasn't another car.

BROWNE: I don't give a damn what the highway patrol said. He veered off, he wasn't a stupid driver.

CALLER: No, he wasn't at all.

BROWNE: And you know that.

CALLER: I know.

BROWNE: So rather than hit somebody he veered off.

CALLER: OK, is he all right now?

BROWNE: Oh, yes, he is perfect.

KING: Got a weird question, if people are in a menage a trois...

BROWNE: Right.

KING: A married man, his wife, another person...

BROWNE: Right.

KING: They all die.

BROWNE: Right.

KING: Are they together?

BROWNE: Sure. Over there...

KING: Don't know relatives, huh?

BROWNE: No, I mean...

KING: Because everyone communicating here tonight is a relative. I asked because that woman asked, is my mother with the father...


BROWNE: That's right, but you know...

KING: What if it wasn't him?

BROWNE: Yes. But it would be OK because everybody loves everybody over there, it is only here that we have this.

KING: I see. There is no family set up there.


KING: Longview, Texas, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Larry.


CALLER: Hi, Sylvia.


CALLER: I'm wondering, me and boyfriend are recently -- decided to consider a move to Colorado, I'm just wondering if this is going to take place.

BROWNE: Yes, but it looks like it's going to be around Boulder.



CALLER: Is it going to be in our current job field?

BROWNE: Yes, but it looks like you are going to also open up your own business.



CALLER: And my mother is deceased about five years ago, is she happy about this for me?

BROWNE: Oh, yes, she wants you to.


BROWNE: Because you are not going anywhere where you are.

CALLER: Thanks.

KING: You have a Web site?




KING: All right,

And the book...

BROWNE: And they can find out about my Egyptian trip.

KING: What are you going to Egypt for?

BROWNE: I'm going to take a group -- they can sign up -- and we're going to go beneath the Sphinx, because my spirit guide had said there is a lot of things beneath the Sphinx, that nobody has ever been able to get beneath the Sphinx.

KING: How do you know you are going to get there?

BROWNE: Because Abas (ph), the one that -- he knows, the one is that taking us on this trip.

KING: So if you tune in -- if you tap into that Web site, you can find out information on your trip?

BROWNE: Sure, on everything.

KING: When are you going?

BROWNE: October.

KING: Tucson, Arizona, last call for Sylvia Browne, hello.

CALLER: Hi. I was just wondering if I was ever going to become financially out from underneath the thumb of my father?

BROWNE: The only way you are ever going to come out from beneath the thumb of your father -- and you don't need a psychic to tell you this -- is to get out from underneath the thumb of your father. He is using that as a blackmail.


BROWNE: And you have always been like that all your life, trying to please people. You've got to stop that.

CALLER: OK, and what about my anxiety?

BROWNE: Yes, but see, that's part of the anxiety, you are being controlled, manipulated.

CALLER: OK. And is my mother OK?

BROWNE: Yes, your mother is fine.

CALLER: OK, I just wanted to check on her.


KING: Now let's go over some things. People who want to reach you, you're in the phone book in Los Angeles, they can contact You are traveling all the time, trips to Egypt, you have consultations. And your new book on "The New York Times" best- seller list since it came out is "Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife."


KING: I can only think of closing this with a Woody Allen line, Woody said once that he had this strange occurrence -- he was on an airplane, the airplane started to go down, a whole life passed in front of him and it wasn't his.


KING: Deal with that one, Sylvia, on the next edition.

Thank you so much.

BROWNE: God bless you.

KING: Stay tuned for CNN "NEWSSTAND." Now, tomorrow night, he is here every year, this is the show he does before his telethon, Jerry Lewis, we'll check up on his latest health conditions, he's had problems himself, and the big M.D. telethon coming Monday. Jerry Lewis tomorrow. Thanks for joining us. CNN "NEWSSTAND" is next. Good night.



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