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School Shooting: Several Students Wounded in Santee, California

Aired March 5, 2001 - 12:54 p.m. ET


LOU WATERS, CNN ANCHOR: It's a school shooting. We're just getting report from our affiliate KGTV Channel 10 in San Diego of a fight breaking out in a boy's restroom at Santana High School. And it led to a shooting. Several students wounded, we're told.

Let's join KGTV and see -- they are picking up the initial reports of what happened at Santana High School in Santee.


NICOLE, STUDENT: ... and all of a sudden we heard shots. And everybody started running, yelling that there's a gun shot. Everybody was running. And we're all scared, and there were teachers there with us. And...

BILL GRIFFITH, KGTV ANCHOR: Now, you were going -- you were going between periods, is that right? So there were a lot of kids in the hallway at this point or out in the -- in the -- on the campus?

NICOLE: Yes, like almost every single kid that goes to our school was in the hallways at that time.

LISA LAKE, KGTV ANCHOR: What period is this about, Nicole? At what day is this in the school day for you?

NICOLE: It was almost our second block class.

GRIFFITH: OK, so one of the second blocks. So you heard gunfire, or you just heard people screaming that there was gunfire?

NICOLE: I heard gunfire, and then I heard people screaming. And everybody was running in, like, big crowds.

GRIFFITH: So was anybody injured, could you tell, in the melee, in the running all over the place?

NICOLE: I haven't heard -- well, I didn't know for sure, but a student called me and said that there were seven students shot, and the kid is in custody. That's what I heard so far, but I'm not sure.

GRIFFITH: All right, so you heard a number of shots there anyway?


GRIFFITH: Yes, so anyway of getting (TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES)

WATERS: KGTV in San Diego. A little satellite trouble here.

NICOLE: I couldn't really hear very much.

LAKE: So you were in the hallway, obviously, when this was happening. We are hearing that the shooting occurred in the boy's bathroom, Nicole. Is that a -- is that what you are hearing?

NICOLE: I heard it was in the -- I thought it was in the hallway, because my class is right there, right to the left of that -- up the hallway. And I was walking, and that's where I heard it, though. But I was all scared, everybody was running. It's hard -- I just couldn't see anything.

GRIFFITH: Nicole, for those of us unfamiliar with Santana's campus, what rooms are in that area? Is it like the biology or the science section? Or what area of the campus are we talking about?

NICOLE: Social science.

GRIFFITH: Social science section, OK.


LAKE: Nicole, where are you calling us from?

NICOLE: I'm calling from my house.

LAKE: So you were able to make it home, and you're safe and you're sound.

NICOLE: Yes, I am.

LAKE: That's good. I know it must have been a terrible ordeal for you. We appreciate you taking the time to call us.

NICOLE: You're welcome.

GRIFFITH: And your folks -- your folks know you are OK?


GRIFFITH: All right, good. All right, good. We're going to -- we'll get your number there off the air, so we can contact you again if that's all right.

But we want to right now turn to Leonard Villarreal who has joined us back on the set again.

And thank you, Nicole, for following it.

And what do you know, Len? LEONARD VILLARREAL, KGTV ANCHOR: Incredible situation right now. Some possible sad news from the Scanner Traffic. As you know we monitor the Scanners -- the Scanners to listen to what's going on. And we are hearing from that there are two students in critical condition. Again, that is not confirmed, but that is what paramedics are reporting on the Scanner.

And just a few moments ago, I talked to Jason Stanley (ph) -- Justin Stanley who called us. He was also at school, telling us that they were going from block one to block two. So all of the students were in the hallway.

He says he believes he heard nine shots ring out. And then he heard another student yell "Gun." And at first, he thought that it was a cap pistol, he tells me. And then by the sheer panic of the students beginning to run out, he realized that it wasn't a joke.

He also left campus and made it home, and is safe and sound with some additional friends who would be supplying us with more information.

We also understand that one student may have walked home with a gunshot injury. And again, we are checking on that.

So there is a command post set up at the Albertson's at Magnolia and Mast. Parents are concerned or are being asked to go there and meet with their students.

And we continue to monitor the situation.

LAKE: All right, thanks.

You know, we're just learning that's a good point. A lot of these kids there, seniors in high school and juniors have their own cars. So a lot of those kids can get home on their own. It's probably the younger ninth and tenth graders who don't have driver's license or friends with cars.

GRIFFITH: Yes, if they had a chance to get to their cars...

LAKE: If they had a chance to get to their cars, exactly.

GRIFFITH: Our Salvador Rivera is near the campus now. And he's live by phone. And we'll establish a live picture in just a few minutes.

Sal, are you there?

LAKE: We'll get Salvador on the phone and get that situated.

Let us go back and recap for you. If you are just now joining us here at almost 10 o'clock this morning on a Monday, the 5th of March, there was a shooting this morning at Santana High School at 9:25.

First reports to us were that the shooting occurred in the restroom. But we are hearing now from at least one student who was there, who says she thinks it may have been in the hallway, in between the first and second block of school there.

What we know now, that there were five or six victims. We learned from Leonard Villarreal that there are possibly two students who are in critical condition. That is what we are hearing.

We also heard from Sergeant Berk (ph) from the El Cajon Police Department. They're assisting the sheriff's department for parents to go to the Del Taco at Magnolia and Mast in the parking there. And that is where you can pick up your students.

GRIFFITH: Again, the shooting was in the social sciences area of Santana High School. For those of you familiar there, we'll have students there. The shooting occurred near the social sciences building.

Leonard, you're back now with something different?

VILLARREAL: Right. I do understand that we have Beth Bowen on the line, the manager of Del Taco.

Beth, are you there, and can you hear us?

BETH BOWEN, MANAGER, DEL TACO: Yes, I am, and I can hear you just fine.

VILLARREAL: OK, Beth, tell me what's going on right now.

BOWEN: Right now, we just -- we've got a few parents in here that are responding, because it's out on the news that we are the place for the parents to come to. A lot of the kids have left and gone with parents, or to the Round Table Pizza. I guess they want the kids to go over to the Round Table Pizza. And the parents are here.

VILLARREAL: Beth, what are you hearing about injuries?

BOWEN: Right now, I hear there's seven to 10. They've got one suspect. And they believe there's another one at large.

We just had, like, three more cop cars pull up. We are surrounded. You know, the whole perimeter is surrounded.

VILLARREAL: Beth, you said something that's important. You said that there may be another suspect. Is this secondhand information, or have you heard from others that there is, in fact, a real possibility?

BOWEN: The police officer was informing the parents. And he said there may be another suspect at large.

VILLARREAL: Incredible. Beth, are there any students there right now, who may have witnessed what happened?

BOWEN: All the students are basically standing out in the parking lot right now because the cops are giving them information.

VILLARREAL: OK, Beth, again if there's somebody with you, who might be able to go to the parking lot and retrieve a student, while we continue to talk, that would be helpful, so that we might be able to get a little better...

BOWEN: You know what? I did have a parent here that her guardian, she's the guardian of one of them that got shot.

Betty, can you find that lady? Channel 10 would like to talk to her if you can find her.

VILLARREAL: Now, Beth, I was being talked to -- this is a parent of an injured student?

BOWEN: Of an injured student, yes. And the police told her to just wait, and they'll direct her where to go.

VILLARREAL: OK, Beth, if I could get to you hold on the line, I'm being told that there is someone else on the telephone, and perhaps Bill and Lisa may want to pick that part up.


VILLARREAL: OK, wait a minute, now, I'm being that, Beth, we can continue to talk.


VILLARREAL: Have you have seen any injured students?

BOWEN: I have not seen any injured students. I have seen two paramedic leave.

VILLARREAL: OK, Beth, thank you very much -- appreciate your help.

GRIFFITH: All right, Leonard, Beth, thank you very much.

We're told a couple of new items since you began talking with Miss Bowen there. One among is that among the injured are believed to be a security guard for Santana and a counselor. And again, those are preliminary reports; we'll try to confirm those for you.

We're also told, Lisa, there's -- some of the parents are on the phone with us now from Del Taco.

LAKE: All right, let's go back to that now.

We understand that there's a student, Alicia, on the phone with us.

Alicia, can you can hear me?


LAKE: All right, this is Lisa Lake and Bill Griffith, here at Channel 10. Where were you when the shooting happened at your school?

ZIMMER: I was probably about 10 feet away from a couple of the victims. GRIFFITH: Where was it, and what happened, Alicia?

ZIMMER: It was, actually, in the middle of, like, the hall in the small quad. It happened kind of near -- there's a lunch cart, and I saw a victim -- a boy -- laying on the floor with his face downwards. And there was another girl standing there with blood all over her arm, and one of her friends standing there with blood on her hands.

I don't know if she was hurt or not, but we were walking towards there, and a lot of people were standing around in a circle, looking at the girl. And then all of a sudden, we heard more shots going off. It sounded more like cap gun than anything.

I myself got really scared, and I froze, and my boyfriend pushed me out of the way to run, and a lot of people just started running. And I just kept looking behind me. I dropped my stuff. I mean, it's still there, right in the middle of the hall.

It was really scary, everybody was running, people were crying, nobody knew what really happened.

GRIFFITH: Were -- I'm sorry -- were you able to see who was doing the shooting?

ZIMMER: No, unfortunately, they were on the side, and I didn't really want to take a look.

LAKE: You did the right thing, Alicia, you really did. Did you hear of any commotion before you heard the shots? Was there any arguing going on, or anything like that that maybe would have led up to something like this?

ZIMMER: You know, I didn't hear of any arguing. It was really strange because the bell rang and everybody was just getting their stuff. And I just saw the people standing around, the one girl that was bleeding, and then there was another girl, you know, with blood on her hands. She was crying and shaking, and nobody really knew what to...

LAKE: It looks like we lost our call with Alicia -- at least it sounds that way.

GRIFFITH: We sure do appreciate her talking to us.

LAKE: Alicia, we're -- thank you for calling...

GRIFFITH: Can only imagine the kind of terror that must have gone through hers and the other students' minds all this time this was going on, Len.

VILLARREAL: And of course, people want to flock to that area. And the Sheriffs' Department is asking residents to stay out of the area if you don't need to be there. If you're not looking for a student, please stay out of the area. That is coming from the Sheriff's Department. And they're also asking that -- not to use your cell phone unless you absolutely need to. Again, the cell lines are being tied up, which hampers communication.

So again, word from the Sheriff's Department is please stay out of the area unless you absolutely need to be there, and please stay off your cell phone so that investigators and rescue workers can utilize that form of communication.

GRIFFITH: Len, the SWAT team is still on the scene there at Santana High, are they not?

VILLARREAL: Exactly -- and more important now than ever, because there is talk of a possible second suspect. That may be idle talk, but again, one of the manager at the Del Taco there told us that she was told that there is possibly a second suspect.

You are now seeing a live picture at Santana High School. You can see, unfortunately, a lot of yellow tape.

And do we have a reporter on the scene right now that can talk to us?

GRIFFITH: Sal Rivera's going to be there. If he's now set up yet, he will be very shortly because -- and I understand Kim Edwards is also on her way to the scene.

But you're looking at the parking report from the parking lot across to street to -- now you're looking at the strip mall where everybody's gathering, where the Del Taco and (UNINTELLIGIBLE) is. To the right of that, where we first saw, that was where the campus is, kitty-corner from that strip mall where all the evacuees have been brought.

LAKE: Yes, you see a large number of -- well, here we have Salvador Rivera, who is live on the scene.

Sal, can you hear us now?


And we're in the southwest corner of Mast and Magnolia. This is where the strip mall is located, this is where the students are being asked to come over. The parents are also being asked to come here to pick up their kids. The students are being asked...

LAKE: I don't believe that we -- I think we may have lost -- this is all happening so fast. We're trying to get you live pictures and a live report from the scene as quickly as we can, and sometimes things like this happen -- we'll go back to him.

But what you are looking at is the Del Taco where parents have been instructed to come and pick up their students.

Again, if you are just joining us, here, now, at 10:05, at 9:25, less than an hour ago there was a shooting at Santana High School. We are told that there were five or six victims, two of them possibly in critical condition. The school has been evacuated. The SWAT team is on the scene, coming through that school to make sure that there are no other suspects and that the school is safe.

GRIFFITH: They have one suspect in custody -- was arrested fairly shortly after authorities got on scene there.

Again, the shooting happened between the first and second periods -- or blocks, as they call them at Santana.

Sal, have we reestablished contact with you, sir?

RIVERA: I can hear you just fine. I hope you can you hear me too.

GRIFFITH: Yes. pick up where you -- pick up where you left off.

RIVERA: Well, behind me you can see there's some police officers watching members assembling here, getting a briefing, runner stand. They are going to go inside the school to make sure that there are no more gunmen in there. They're going to clear the school before anyone else will be allowed.

In the meantime, all the students -- as you've been talking about -- have been asked to come out to the parking lot across the street. We're at the -- actually, northwest corner of Mast and Magnolia. Students being asked to come here, parents being asked to come here to pick up their kids.

Now, with me is Daniel (ph), who was inside the school. Now, he didn't see it, but tell us what you heard when it was all happening.

Well, when I was in the -- right as the hallway ends, I was in the grass with my friends, and all I saw -- the bell ring, and I hadn't left yet, and everybody started running backwards, like something bad happened. And I looked in the hallway and there was a narc laying on the ground, you know, ducking. And all I heard was pop, pop, pop -- life three or four gunshots went off, and that's when everybody just took off.

And I was about 50 feet behind one of my friends, and we just went all the way back to the baseball fields and went under the fence and just stayed at the gas station for five or 15 minutes. And that was it.

RIVERA: So did you get any instruction from your school?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, in fact, me and most of my friends, we took off before anybody even really knew what happened. Now they got all the cops and teachers telling us where to go and what to do. I just took off.

RIVERA: You know any idea how many people might be injured?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I heard from my friends' mom that there may be 11 people injured, but I still don't know, so that's not for sure. But they definitely saw a girl get shot in the arm, and she was bleeding and everything. And -- but I don't know how many people were actually hurt. I'm still looking for my brother.

RIVERA: All right, Daniel, thank you very much -- hope your parents come by pretty soon, take you home.

Again, could be as many as 11. That is unconfirmed: 11 unconfirmed wounded people here. We saw Mercy Air fly in a little while ago, so obviously, this is -- there are some pretty serious injuries.

Lieutenant Morrisson (ph)?

Here's Ron Reno (ph) of the Sheriff's Department now briefing the media. We'll join this news conference in progress.

RON RENO: There are several people who have been shot. The extent of the injuries we don't know as yet. Sheriff's deputies are at the school, on the scene, and they're still evacuating students. So the school is not 100 percent evacuated as yet.

We don't have much more than that, just that they're checking the school to see if there's a possibility of there's more than one suspect. But we do have one suspect.

QUESTION: There are names making the rounds around: Andrews.

RENO: It means nothing to me. I don't know. I can't confirm any names.

QUESTION: That's not the name of the suspect you have?

RENO: I don't know. I don't have that yet.

QUESTION: Wounded, how many -- can you tell us?

RENO: Just several -- we were told several. We haven't been able to give you an accurate count yet, because we have not actively counted them.

QUESTION: Anybody in the hospital yet, or...

RENO: I don't think so, no. I don't think so, no. We have units on the scene from fire departments, and they're there.


QUESTION: ... any fatalities?

RENO: We have no reports of fatalities as yet, as of this hour.

QUESTION: What can you tell us about suspect?

RENO: I know nothing -- any kind of a profile or anything about the suspect as yet.

QUESTION: SWAT team still looking for...

RENO: SWAT team and other deputies are at the school, still evacuating the campus, trying to get students and faculty out of there.

QUESTION: Any warnings, suggestions for parents coming down here?

RENO: Tell the parents -- I really don't, let me get that information for you. I don't have that yet. I just a quick sketchy stuff.

QUESTION: Bill, we understand they're supposed to meet at Del Taco around...

RENO: I had heard that, yes -- let me confirm that, though, about coming to Del Taco, at the shopping center here.

QUESTION: Just one -- we don't know what kind of weapon it was?

RENO: No, I have no information on that yet.

QUESTION: How many down rounds? Do we know that yet?

RENO: Several, just several. We don't have an accurate count.


QUESTION: Students said there was some sort of talk yesterday that this might happen. Have you guys heard that at all?

RENO: I'll have to check with our deputies on that. I just got here a few minutes ago myself.


RIVERA: Still kind of chaos here, people trying to get organized, trying to get all the information for us. There are a number of agencies. Ron Reno is with the Sheriff's Department. We've seen California Highway Patrol out here, too. Police departments from just about every department are out here trying to keep the peace, keep people calm.

As we've mentioned there are -- I would say -- I'm looking behind Bill here, our cameraman. I can see thousands of students and parents walking around the parking lot, trying to find one another. It's pretty chaotic. I don't want to blame anyone. The situation is pretty, you know, unorganized, for lack of better word, just people are trying to leave Santana High School, which is across the street from where we are located.

This strip mall is right at Mast and Magnolia. And this is, again, where all the students were evacuated to. We heard as many as 11 students might be injured, but that is not confirmed.

Again, one person is in custody. And we will try and get a little more information for you. And so that's about all I have for now. And, again, there's -- we got several crews here. And we'll try to get all the latest for you as soon as we can.

GRIFFITHS: Sal, are there any other students in your immediate area? Can you see any students walking by close?

RIVERA: Sure, we can try and grab them.

GRIFFITHS: Grab some students.

RIVERA: Just follow me and put -- hi, are you waiting for daughters and...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm looking for my niece and I haven't seen her yet.

RIVERA: How did you get the word?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I was listening to the radio.

RIVERA: OK, thank you. Again, a lot of emotion out here. And who can blame these people? It's a pretty traumatic situation.

Hi, what's your name?


RIVERA: Looking for your...?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I found my daughter, but I'm looking for my buddy's kids.

RIVERA: What have you been told about what's going on?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My daughter said that one of her friends had went in there with a gun and shot a couple kids.

RIVERA: How did you get the word?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My daughter called me, thank God.

RIVERA: What went through your mind at that point?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was freaking because I'm involved in the community here and all these kids are like my own kids, you know. And it's just any one of them hurt drives me crazy.

RIVERA: Help me out: How would you describe the situation we see out in the parking lot?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's just a mass of humanity, massive. The police are handling it pretty well, actually.

RIVERA: What -- so you found your daughter? She's OK?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She's all right. RIVERA: All right, thank you very much.

GRIFFITHS: Sal, wait. Before he goes, is his daughter there? Apparently she knows the person who did the shooting?

RIVERA: I'm being asked, do you know the person who might have done the shooting?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm not positive yet. I really haven't heard who actually did the shooting. I know one of the kids that said he knew it was going to happen, so I'm looking for him, too.

RIVERA: We have heard that there was a -- the scuttlebutt around the school yesterday was something like this was going to happen. So you've heard that too?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The guy that did the shooting evidently is quite the troublemaker around here. He's -- my daughter knows him well and she tries to avoid him as much as possible.

UNIDENTIFIED ANCHOR: What more can he tell us about this person?

RIVERA: Anything else you can tell us about this possible suspect here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't know anything about that yet. I just got here on the scene, actually, so I'll let you know as soon as I find out, though.

RIVERA: All right, thank you very much.

Hi, you a student at the school?


RIVERA: What happened? What can you tell us? What did you hear?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We saw the whole thing happen. We were in the small quad. I was in my room.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can somebody pull the cord (OFF-MIKE)?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was in the room right across from where the boy's bathroom was. We saw and heard -- when we heard the shots I thought it was fake. My teacher said it was real. I went outside. And I was taking pictures with my camera. And I saw one kid kneeling down in the small quad. The window of the lunch cart was shot out. We went -- we were inside and we were watching the whole thing unfold. The student who was shooting came back out, fired his weapon a couple more times and went back in.

There was multiple victims in the restroom. We saw one get carried out, another one that was -- the person who was laying down in the small quad, he was whisked away by campus security and put over into an alcove of the small quad. At the time, the students stayed in the restroom until the police came and they had guns drawn. It was quite a scene.

RIVERA: Tell us what you saw through the camera. What are your pictures going to show when you develop them?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Unfortunately they took my film. If they were developed, you would see the student who got shot kneeling down in the small quad, students running away while the shots were being fired. And we had the videotape as well, which was confiscated by the police. That would show the student being apprehended and taken away, and also victims being taken away as well.

RIVERA: We've heard a couple times already that there was word that this was coming? Did you hear that yesterday at all or the days before?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I have not heard anything. This was a complete shock. Nothing around campus would even hint to this. So...

RIVERA: Tell us about the student body at that point, the faculty. As soon as the shots rang out, what happened? Describe what was going on.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Complete chaos. Everyone scrambled. It was amazing to see how everyone just bolted towards anything they could get to to hide and cover. I did not see where the shots were coming from at first. And then you looked over and you see the kid smiling and shooting his weapon.

RIVERA: And you said you thought they were maybe firecrackers? Is that what you said?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I thought they were blanks, blank rounds, because it wasn't a very loud percussion sound. It wasn't anything that was a big bang.

RIVERA: Handgun? How would you describe the weapon?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was a handgun with a long barrel.

GRIFFITHS: Salvador, the young man said that the shooter was smiling as he was shooting?

RIVERA: The shooter was smiling? Is that what you said?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, he was -- he came back -- when he came back out of the bathroom, he was smiling. He was looking around and smiling with his weapon and he fired two more shots, went back in.

RIVERA: Does he have a history of being a little bit...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't know the student personally. I've seen him around campus before. I know he's a Santana student.

RIVERA: All right, what's your name? UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My name's John Shark.

RIVERA: John, thank you very much for your time.


RIVERA: I hope your friends are OK, everybody.

Again, lots of students around here.

What's your name, sir?




RIVERA: You waiting for a son or daughter?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A neighbor goes to school.

RIVERA: Really?


RIVERA: How did you hear about what was going on here at the school?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Channel 10 news, as a matter of fact. I heard there was a shooting over here at the Santana High School. I live down the street. I've got a neighbor who lives behind me, goes to school and I'm kind of worried about him. I knocked on his parents door and there was no answer. I'm sure he's OK, though, but still.

RIVERA: You had thoughts when you heard about what was going on? I know we've heard of Columbine. There's been other schools.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, it's just a lot of kids expressing their anger in the wrong way. You'd think there'd be a better way of doing it.

RIVERA: Well said, well said. Thank you very much.

Again, a lot of parents here behind me. You can see there are a number of parents on cell phones trying to reach their sons or daughters, trying to find where they're at, make sure that they're safe. We've heard several people have been shot, possibly as many as 11. We don't know that yet. That came from one of the students who thought he heard that number from somebody else. A lot of unconfirmed reports out here, rumors of what's going on.

We're going to try and approach a few more people, see if they're willing to talk to us. Let's get the cable. OK, here we go.

Excuse me, ma'am. I know it's a real bad time. What you can tell us about your son or daughter?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don't know anything. I don't know. I'm just waiting to see the kids is all.

RIVERA: How did you hear about what was going on?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, she's my neighbor and I didn't know if she was home so I came to get her kids.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I was watching the TV and the news flash came on and said there was a shooting, so I just dropped everything and ran.

RIVERA: There are tears in your eyes. Are things OK? Is it getting better emotionally for you?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We haven't seen them yet.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Not until I see my girls.

RIVERA: How many daughters are you hoping to see?


RIVERA: Have been able to reach them at all on the phone?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My husband reached -- my daughter called my husband and said they were in lockdown.

RIVERA: So they're apparently OK.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They're locked in the gym.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But it just doesn't make things better until you see them.

RIVERA: I understand. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

Again, more people on their cell phones right here, another two more ladies.

Hi, ma'am.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know, I'd rather not...

RIVERA: OK, I understand.

KIM EDWARDS, KGTV CORRESPONDENT: This is Barbara. She's the mother of the young man that you interviewed earlier. She has an interesting story.

RIVERA: Thank you, Kim. Kim Edwards also here. We have a number of crews on the scene and we hope to have a lot more for you when it's all said and done. For now we're going to stay here, of course, and bring you the latest.

What happened when your son called. Your reaction at that point?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, initially he called me right before it happened to have me drop off lunch for him at ten till 11:00 here today. And I said, OK. Not even five minutes later the phone rang again. It was him and he said, mom, there's been a shooting at the school. And I heard yelling and screaming in the background and he hung up.

Well, I knew that he was OK, obviously. So that was the good news for me. I can't imagine the parents coming here not knowing if one of these kids were their kids. It was just -- I mean, I didn't know what to do other than get here and find him.

RIVERA: I've asked some people to describe the scene. I've been trying to do my best and tell people at home what's been going on. But how would you describe it? How would you tell people about the number of officers and CHP people, fire crews, helos up above?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Everything, yes. I work for Kaiser. I heard that all the hospitals are on alert, trauma centers and doctors and nurses. And that's real scary because you tend to believe that there's some real serious injuries with these kids. His dad's a police officer in San Francisco, and so I'm kind of familiar with this whole thing. But then just driving down here and to see it, you know, they're driving down the wrong way, parents driving down here like I were -- like I was, moms and dads in cars, we couldn't get here soon enough, you know.

I could tell this one mom was crying and she's trying to comfort the little kids in the car. And you just -- you know, you think about Columbine, but -- and that was pretty horrific. And now -- I mean, I can't believe it's happened, you know.

RIVERA: You just said that. Did you ever fathom anything like this happening in your own backyard?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, I never did. He came down here to live with me from the bay area -- excuse me -- and I had him in a private school. It doesn't matter where you go, where you are. There's no safe haven. My heart goes out to the parents of the children that were injured, and I hope everybody's OK. I'm just -- had I not heard from him, I'd have been an absolute basket case trying to get here, you know, just not knowing.

RIVERA: Does he have any other friends that you might be concerned about?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know what? I don't really know all of his friends. He -- you know, he said everybody's OK. I don't think that he knew any of the victims. He did say that the shooter, that he had -- his face was very familiar, and that yes, in fact he is a student here at Santana.

RIVERA: Have you heard from the school. Have they said anything to the parents?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No. I initially called the sheriff's department to get some details as to where they were staging. And I did know they were evacuating the kids. I -- when I tried calling the school, it was busy. So I knew that was going to be kind of a fruitless thing to do. And so I just called the authorities. And they had this together pretty quickly in terms of getting the kids out and having the staging area over here where we can find our kids.

So, if anything, if this is organized, I guess this is pretty organized.

RIVERA: A little while ago, you mentioned the traffic around the school. It's pretty heavy. How long did it take you to get into the area?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Actually, it didn't take me long. I came from Magnolia and Mission Gorge. It took about about maybe 12 or 13 minutes to make it from point a to point b. So they were moving us in pretty quickly.

WATERS: We're back here at CNN Center. We're hearing from KGTV in San Diego, doing wonderful work in covering the early moments of this story, which broke a little less than an hour ago, 9:25 a.m.. The San Diego County Sheriff's Department got a call reporting gunshots and people down. There have been several shots fired, according to subsequent information received from the sheriff's department -- no reports of fatalities, but we do have reports of several wounded.

Hospitals in the area are on alert, this parent just said she heard. We see all of the police and emergency vehicles gathered around the Santana High School. That's in Santee, which is about 10 miles northeast of San Diego. It's considered a suburb, but it's an area all unto itself -- several hundred students at this school. They have been or are being evacuated to a spot about 200 yards away.

That's where you have been seeing those interviews with the parents. The parents are being asked to come there to meet up with their children, some of whom have yet to do so. But we are hearing from the students who describe several shots being fired between the first and second period, students down in the hallways. A fight, apparently, broke out in a rest room.

There were students down, with blood on their arms, face down in the hallways. The San Diego Fire Department is reporting two of those wounded students were taken to a home nearby. So that is why we have precious little information about the total number of students hurt in this business. But we know several were. The evacuation is going on at the school. And the SWAT team -- San Diego County Sheriff's Department is operating a SWAT team inside the school, making sure it's safe.

One shooter in custody, we're told, but they suspect that there may be someone else involved in this. And that's why the SWAT team is making sure the student -- the school is secure. The students are across the street at the Del Taco. For any parents in the San Diego area who may be watching CNN on this business, it's at the corner of Magnolia and Mast Boulevard in the Albertson's (ph) parking lot, where you can meet up with your children, some of whom, after the shooting was reported, just headed for home. So they are already out of the area.

We also have a report that perhaps a security guard and a school counselor was injured in all of this. But that's where we are. And we're picking up live coverage of all of this from San Diego County in the Santee area, around Santana High School.

Let's rejoin KGTV, Channel 10.

LAKE: ... being taken into this Mercy Air. It appears to be an adult male. Not quite sure, but that's what it looks like from up here -- perhaps that security guard that we were all talking about a little bit earlier.

GRIFFITH: I know the student that Sal was interviewing referred to him as a narc -- n-a-r-c -- which is student shorthand for a young -- usually a young man who helps patrol the campus during break periods before and after school, and tries to keep order. They're usually connected with one another -- two or three of them on a campus -- via two-way radio. And very often, they're not much older than the students themselves.

But that's about all we know about this. Now, a security guard or a narc, as the students call him, and perhaps a counselor were among those who were shot, again, about 9:25, just about one hour ago, during passing between block one and two at Santana High School in the quad area outside the social sciences classrooms. The shooter apparently either shot inside or from the inside of the boys rest room into several people. And we're told by eyewitnesses he was smiling while he was firing his handgun.

LAKE: Lee Ann, from your vantage point there in Sky 10, do you see any other ambulances headed to this field where the Mercy Air is located?

LEE ANN KIM, KGTV REPORTER: No, this is the only air ambulance that we see right now. And I assume, since it's been taken to Mercy Air, that this particular victim is a serious injury. But we'll be standing up here -- staying up here for a while just to make sure and bring you any updates if we see any more ambulances arrive.

LAKE: All right, thank you, Lee Ann.

GRIFFITH: Let's go back to the ground. Kim Edwards, 10 News reporter, is live on scene.

Kim, I know you've been active, talking with a lot of folks around there near the evacuation center. What you can tell us?

EDWARDS: Well, it was a little bit crazy when we first got here, as you can imagine. But it seems to be somewhat under control, in that people are getting word as where they are to go. It is the corner across the street from Santana. But if you don't need to be here, police are asking that you please not come down. And if you can, stay off your cell phones, because it's clogging up the lines. It's really hard to get lines out for the folks that need to.

Joining me now is Andrew.

You were there not far from the shooting when it happened. Take me through what you saw and heard.

ANDREW, WITNESS: We were walking to class and then heard the people started running towards the entrance of the school, running across the street. And then we heard gunshots. And so -- and I don't know.

EDWARDS: What ran through your mind? I'm wondering if -- did it shock you? I mean, we've seen this happen on other campuses. But this is your campus.

ANDREW: Yes, I didn't really know, like, what was going on. Like, I didn't know if it was serious or people were just playing around or...

EDWARDS: Yes. And I understand you were able to hook up with your dad.

ANDREW: Yes, I talked to him on the phone. My friend's parents picked us up and I called from a cell phone.

EDWARDS: OK. And what did your dad have to say? What was the experience like for him?

ANDREW: Well, they were here in Del Taco when it started to go on. So they have been here the whole time. And they didn't know where I was, because I didn't come over here with the rest of the people.

EDWARDS: OK, Andrew, we're glad you are safe. Thank you very much for talking to us.

We also -- Stan, if you want to go with me, we -- I'll get to the video in a second, Stan. Right now bring in Ms. Hansen (ph).

You told me earlier that you were awfully close to what was going on.

MS. HANSEN, WITNESS: Yes, I saw -- all right, what I saw -- we heard shots being fired. But we thought they were just, like, fireworks or just -- just someone playing around with, like, a paint- ball gun or something. And next thing I know I looked -- I was talking to my friend, telling her about the concert we were going to go to. And I looked over and there was a bunch of guys crowding around some guy on the ground.

And all of a sudden, the guys -- the guys were around it started running. And so did everyone else. All of sudden, I noticed the guy that they were crowding around wasn't getting up. And then he -- finally he got up and he had blood coming all down his face and everything. And he started running. And then one of the campus supervisors was laying on the ground, too. And I guess he was shot also. And all I know is everyone started running. And then there was a lot of people in panic.

And we finally gotten into a classroom. And they kept telling us: Oh, this is how many people.

And finally, I guess the final count was seven people were shot. One was critical.

EDWARDS: How did they handle the situation for you guys? Once you got away, what were you told to do?

HANSEN: We were told -- first of all, we were told to run. And we were told to get into the hallways so that if shots were fired, they couldn't get in the crossfire of it. And so then finally we had all the narcs that were yelling -- they were all yelling at us to get in a classroom. And we had to stay in the classroom.

And all the lines to the school were busy because everyone was trying to call their mom, trying to call their dad. And I think about 10 cell phones got pulled out. I have mine. And there was a couple of other people. They were just calling their moms, calling their dads. We had one girl almost throw up because she knew the guy who got shot.

And it was -- oh, my God, every time I think about it, I think of the Columbine incident and how stupid and pathetic it is for someone just to go through this and say: OK, I'm going to try and kill you -- because I went to something called Minitown. You know, I...


HANSEN: Yes. And they taught us -- they told us about Columbine and told us about racism. And I'm sitting here thinking: "I hope to God it's not an issue of race or an issue of creed or an issue of something else where it was a vengeance against the people." I'm just thankful no one has died yet -- at least not that I know of.

EDWARDS: As far as we know of. And, in fact, one will be airlifted to Mercy. Did you know any of the people that you saw?

HANSEN: One was a gentleman by Travis (UNINTELLIGIBLE). I've known him since about seventh grade. And another was a campus supervisor. And I don't really recall his name.

EDWARDS: You've had some time to think back on it now. But I'm wondering, in the heat of the moment, is there anything that you remember thinking? Did you think of Columbine while you were there -- or just thinking of taking care of yourself?

HANSEN: I'm -- I was -- at first, I was thinking, "Oh, this is just some stupid prank." And I was actually thinking I could find smoke if it was just a fireworks. And then all of a sudden I heard "Run." And I was like, "Oh, my God, I hope I got -- I hope I don't die." And that's the only thing I was thinking of, is, "I hope I don't don't die." And I just started running.

EDWARDS: OK. Well, thank you very much for your time. I really appreciate it. And I'm glad you are OK. It was nice of you to lend your time to us.

VILLARREAL: Kim, before you let her go...

EDWARDS: Yes, sorry.

VILLARREAL: ... we must address this issue. This is Leonard.

There has been reports, of course, of racism being a problem on the campus.


VILLARREAL: And some students were telling us on the phone that they are wondering about this. Can you ask her whether or not this was racially motivated in any way, shape, or form?


I think that's actually what one of my fellow reporters here just asked. Leonard, back in the studio, is wanting to know if you think this was race-related or vengeance-related at all. What have you heard?

HANSEN: All I know is that the guy that was shooting was shooting not -- I don't know if he was shooting to kill, but he was shooting -- and he would shoot about 10 or 20 shots and then stop, and then look around and then shoot a couple more shots. And that's all I know.

VILLARREAL: Kim? Kim? Was he...

HANSEN: I don't know who he was or what he was trying to get at.


EDWARDS: ... Mercy Air going over us right now, airlifting one of the people.



VILLARREAL: Kim, was he targeting anybody of any particular race or ethnicity?

EDWARDS: Do you think he was trying to target anyone?

VILLARREAL: I think he definitely had a vengeance of who he wanted to kill. I think, for being in the men's bathroom, he definitely had an intent to probably shoot the gentleman because there were mostly gentlemen in the bathroom -- I mean, not many girls.

EDWARDS: Shooting them because they're men or because why?

HANSEN: I don't know. The guy -- I'm sure we'll find out when we go back.


HANSEN: And they're letting everyone go home right now. I don't know if we're going to go back tomorrow or what -- what we're doing. I really don't feel safe. I'm so scared right now. I don't want to go back.

EDWARDS: Well, stay here. You're safe here. This is the place to be right now.


EDWARDS: I'm sorry. Claudine (ph), tell me what...

LAKE: Kim?


LAKE: It's Lisa.

You know, we heard one mother a little while ago tell us that she couldn't get to one of her daughters because she was on lockdown.


LAKE: Have you heard any more about that or what's going on with that?

EDWARDS: I haven't heard more about that.

But for two seconds here, we're going to jump in. Ron Reina is giving us an update.

QUESTION: Are we talking alive, then?

RON REINA, SAN DIEGO SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT: We have no reports of fatalities as yet, no. OK?

QUESTION: How severe are some of the wounds? Do you know that?

REINA: I don't have any medical reports, unfortunately. And many of those have been taken to hospitals in the area.

EDWARDS: Do you have any idea if anyone was targeting anyone? Some of the students feel like that might be...

REINA: That could be. We don't have any direct information as yet on that. And parents are being urged to come over to this shopping center by the Del Taco and being latched up with their with students, yes -- I mean, with their sons or daughters.

EDWARDS: Do you mind taking us from the top and giving us a recap on where we were and where we are now?

REINA: Well, just that we -- we got a report at 9:22 this morning of a shooting on the campus at Santana High School in Santee. And when our deputies arrived on the scene, there was deputies in the area and got in here in, like, two, three minutes, and found victims running away, students running.

There were some victims who had been shot. We don't know -- all we know is that is -- so far, a male student who did the shooting. We don't know what kind of weapon it was. We have no reports of fatalities. And we do know there's several injuries. We don't know the exact number yet, because some of the students who were injured fled and ran because our deputies found two of them in homes. So there are...

EDWARDS: How about the one that was airlifted?

REINA: We are urging parents to come to this shopping center by the Roundtable Pizza. And their sons and daughters are there. And they can then see them, catch up with them, get an update and take them home.

EDWARDS: Do we know the extent of the most severe injuries -- for example, the one airlifted?

REINA: No. Unfortunately, we don't have nay information on that because it was so quick and people are being taken away to various hospitals in the area. By the same token, we have SWAT team deputies on the campus right now. And they've been doing a complete sweep of the campus. They are about 80 percent complete as of this time. We also have staged our bomb unit.

They're getting ready to go in the campus just as a precaution -- we didn't want to scare anybody -- but just to go a complete sweep of the campus, see if there's anything else in there. We don't know if there's more than one suspect. But one suspect we do have. And he has been taken away.

EDWARDS: Has he said anything as to why he did this?

REINA: I don't -- I don't have any information on that. He's taken by our detectives.

EDWARDS: Thank you very much. I appreciate your time.

Just so you parents know, it is Santana Village is the shopping center that we're standing at. You can't miss it. A lot of the students are here -- and a lot of successful reunions. As Mr. Reina said, we do know that there are more than just a couple of victims. But it sounds like, from talking to the students, that a lot of it was near-misses, abrasions. So we will find out more about that as we go on. And we do have a crew on the way to the hospital to find out the most -- the extent of the most severe injuries.

For the most part, on our end, where we are standing in the parking lot, it is all students and parents meeting up -- obviously the media involved as well. But it's been relatively calm -- I think surprisingly calm: people just walking around, looking for the person that they want to match up with. And for the most part, it seems to be working. So if you have a student that you're wondering about, we're on the corner of Mast and Magnolia at Santana Village Shopping Center. And that would be the place to hook up with your students.

Now, let's go to Lee Ann Kim in Sky 10 for an update from her perspective.

KIM: Well, from our perspective up here, we were looking down at that Santana Village. And I couldn't believe the number of people down there, Kim -- as you said, mostly students and parents meeting up with one another, and I'm sure so shocked that they just want to see which other friends are out there, which other parents are out there, just to make sure that everybody is OK.

We do see a lot of media -- and outside the school, as Ron Reina from the sheriff's department said, still some SWAT teams out there finishing up their sweep. He said that they're about 80 percent done, which means we expect probably by noon that they will be done. Most of these students -- in fact, all of them -- will be headed home sometime soon. But, again, they're probably just meeting up with one another, sharing their stories and sharing the shock of what had happened.

Again, we have not -- excuse me? We -- OK, our pilot here is telling us that we have two more ambulances that are arriving on scene from the southwest end. That makes three ambulances that we've seen so far. One victim has already been airlifted through Mercy Air. But that is the only victim that we have seen that's been airlifted. As you said, we don't know the extent or the number of victims in this particular case, because some of them actually went home after the shooting.

So we will find out once police get all their investigation put together. But that is what we are looking at here from Sky 10.

GRIFFITH: All right, Lee Ann, thank you.

We have Maya Nishikawa also on the ground.

Maya, are you there, and what can you tell us? (OFF-MIKE) been talking to parents and students as well, and also saw one of the evac -- or have video of one of the evacuations.

MAYA NISHIKAWA, KGTV REPORTER: Well, Kim, photojournalist Tim Gong (ph) just came back a few minutes ago from the campus. And he counted six individuals that he said were mostly looked like they were walking wounded. They were walking around -- looked like the one adult and the rest were male student victims. But those are the six that he counted while he was on the campus.

We should have some of that video for you. Also, we see that there are still parents showing up here at the parking lot near the Del Taco and the Roundtable Pizza. And we're told that parents should be -- go directly to the Roundtable Pizza. He said that's where most of the students are being held -- or watched over by the authorities here. But, as you can probably imagine, it is a big mess here, with several emergency vehicles continuing to come to the scene.

The road at Magnolia and Mast is blocked off right now. Traffic can only turn one direction: towards the shopping center. So you may have to park some ways away and walk up. And we are seeing, continually, parents walking up here even people off the campus. Some students told me that when they first got here, they said it was a total chaos, coming onto the campus and seeing people running away screaming. They also told me that they thought the shooting happened in the small quad area, which is a small area towards the front of the campus and where a lot of people were walking just at the second block was about to start.

So, again, parents are encouraged to come to Roundtable Pizza area here at Mast and Magnolia. And we will keep you updated with more information.

GRIFFITH: And Maya, do you know if there are authorities there who are directing the parents of the injured where to go? Or it is just a sort catch-as-catch-can?

NISHIKAWA: I'm sorry, I don't have audio, so...

EDWARDS: He wants to know -- and I don't know the answer to this -- where they are they directing the parents of the injured. I have not asked anyone that question yet.

NISHIKAWA: I haven't heard that information yet, but we will find that out and bring that to you as soon as possible.

LAKE: Kim, it's Lisa. Again, we had heard earlier that there were some students still on lockdown. And what we were hearing is that were -- from our assignment desk -- that the lockdown was happening on the campus.

EDWARDS: Right. There was a lockdown. We spoke to a mother. In fact, Stan, while I talk, if you can cue up the original video I gave you of that mom. Just let me know if you can get to it. If not, no problem.

We ran into a mother when we first got here who was on the cell phone -- again, cell phones coming into play.

She was on the cell phone with her daughter who was on lockdown in the campus. As of yet -- as of right now, I think those students have been let out, because she did eventually meet up with her daughter -- but on the phone, talking to her daughter. Let's go ahead and take a listen to what mom had to say.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you hear any more gunfire? What? Are you -- what? Look Mary Ann Brunt (ph). Do you guys know who Mary Ann Brunt is? It's Amra's (ph) little sister. They can't find her.

EDWARDS: Is your daughter OK?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My daughter is OK. She is in Ms. Sheehan's classroom, which is behind where the shooting took place.


EDWARDS: OK. That was just a sample of what things have been like over here: moms, dads getting in touch with their kids on the cell phone. Her daughter was later reunited with her, as far as we know. I saw them walking through the parking lot together.

Right now, I'm going to turn over to my colleague Bob Lawrence.

BOB LAWRENCE, KGTV REPORTER: We were out in the neighborhoods. And one of their were -- we understand there have been 10 injuries as far as this shooting here. I'm going to try to get in here with Lieutenant Glen Revelle (ph).

Glen, give us update of the situation here. We're live here on Channel 10. What went down earlier today and what's the status now?

LIEUTENANT GLEN REVELLE: Well, Bob, earlier today, we had -- as far as we know at this, a lone shooter on the campus of Santa High School. At this point, we believe we have 10 injured, and one critically. That would include a campus supervisor.

And so far, we're trying to assess where the injured have been taken. None of the injured students was left without medical care. We have a secured scene at this time. And our tactical teams are evacuating the school.

LAWRENCE: We notice here in the parking lot of this shopping center here, there looks very chaotic in the back as parents, obviously worried about their students, are trying to rush to the scene and find out what's going on. If they're watching, or if they're listening to this, as maybe we simulcast or whatever, where should they go, what should they do?

REVELLE: It's really critical to us that the parents, who are concerned their child may have been injured, report to the Del Taco at Magnolia and Mast. If their child was evacuated to the Round Table Pizza in the same complex, they can sign their child out with school officials and go on home. And if their child was witness, we need them across the street at the church.

LAWRENCE: And that's kind of the big, hard part now, too, is to try to marry up those students with the proper parents.

REVELLE: As you can imagine, the anxiety level of parents has to be off the scale. And that's -- that's our biggest concern right now, is if your child was injured, getting you reunited; and if your child was not injured, getting you reunited with your child.

LAWRENCE: Lieutenant Glen Revelle, with the sheriff's department, another question. Do you any more information on the shooting, what may have transpired, where it took place? REVELLE: I'm sorry, Bob. We don't have any of that information right now.

LAWRENCE: A little preliminary now. You've got a lot of things also on your hand. Lieutenant Glen Revelle...

GRIFFITH: Bob, Bob, does Lieutenant Revelle have any idea what may have motivated the shooting?

LAWRENCE: Again, Bill, I asked him that. And very preliminary at this point. Right now, they're just trying to take care of the injured.

In fact, we are in the neighborhood, about four blocks from here, where one of the injured was actually walked to home over there by a friend of hers. We got video of that. And she's OK, knock wood. She's got some injuries. But you can clearly see gunshot wounds to the knees. She was transported to the hospital.

Other ambulances are trying to scramble through here. As you might imagine, it's very chaotic out here.

Reporter Mark Matthews is standing up with another truck. We will bring you that story shortly.

We were also in the neighborhood as frantic parents got word over the radio, and just heard that they were coming home. And they were frantic as well, trying to marry up with their sons and daughters.

GRIFFITH: All right.

EDWARDS: I have a quick answer to one of your previous questions, Lisa and Bill. To the best of Glen Revelle's knowledge, he says there are some students still in lockdown on the campus. And they will be evacuated as soon as the tactical teams can get them out. So yes, students still on campus.

LAWRENCE: You may have seen that big armored-looking van that the sheriff's tactical team used. It just rolled through Mast and Magnolia. So they're setting up a command post, which is in the athletic field behind me.

And Mike, if you pan over, that athletic field is being used now as a command post.

That's the Del Taco, Mike, if you want to pan over, right here on Mast and Magnolia, that Lieutenant Revelle was talking about, where students with information about what's going on should report there.

And as you imagine, too, information just hard to come by as to what may have triggered this event on the campus earlier this morning.

Right now, it is very chaotic in the back as a number of parents. Obviously, your heart is in your throat, don't know if your student was involved. And Mike can get a shot there through the trees. That's how many students have all been evacuated. Not all, as Kim just mentioned. But most have been evacuated over to the shopping center, as worried parents are trying to come over and marry up with their child.

Now, of course, the other problem is, how do you know whose child is whom and whose parents? So it's going to take a little while for that all to get sorted out.

But what an event out here, along Mast and Magnolia, here at Santa High School.

NATALIE ALLEN, CNN ANCHOR: And this is Natalie Allen at CNN Center. If you're just joining us, we want to bring you the latest on what you are seeing and hearing.

A school shooting in Santee, California. That's a suburb of San Diego. This happened at Santana High School. There's about 2,000 students that go to this school.

We just heard from a sheriff's official that 10 people were injured in this shooting. A lone gunman, a student is in custody. No word yet on what triggered the shooting, or how they got the gunman. One of the students, or at least more than one of the students told reporters there on the scene that racism may have been involved. That there may have even a warning yesterday that this was going to happen.

Many of the students, as you could have imagined, thinking there was some kind of joke or fireworks going off. They found it so hard to believe that there was a shooting going on.

In the hallway, we do also know that, of the 10 injured, one is critically injured. We've been seeing the helicopter taking one of the victims to the hospital.

And not just students shot at this school today. One campus supervisor shot as well.

But many students there being interviewed, as they get out of harm's way and wait to join up with their parents. And that's where this story stands right now.

They've talked with many of the students who said they heard shots going off. One said it sounded like a cap gun; I froze, I was pushed out of the way. Another said the kids were in hallways at the time. There was gunfire and screaming. Some people at first thought it was a joke.

So again, gunman in custody, 10 injured, one in critical condition, and another school in this country in shock, after a mass shooting there today.

We'll take a break. Our coverage resumes in just a moment.



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