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Interview With Rosemary Altea

Aired December 13, 2002 - 21:00   ET


LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, she said she talks to dead people, and she'll talk to them for you. She's psychic medium Rosemary Altea. Is there someone you'd like to reach on the other side? Rosemary Altea is here for the hour, taking your calls, next on LARRY KING LIVE.
Before we talk to Rosie and go to the phone lines, just a reminder, we have some outstanding shows coming next week. Monday night, the governor of -- former governor of Texas, Ann Richards, will be with us. Tuesday night, the attorney general of the United States, John Ashcroft. Wednesday night, the secretary of defense, Don Rumsfeld. And Thursday night, Mariah Carey. That's all next week on LARRY KING LIVE.

We welcome a return visit with Rosemary Altea, spiritual healer and medium, author of "You Own the Power." Currently writing a new book. What is that one going to be about?

ROSEMARY ALTEA, PSYCHIC, MEDIUM: It's about soul signs, Larry. It's actually fascinating.

KING: Soul signs.

ALTEA: Soul signs.

KING: Meaning?

ALTEA: I was told many years ago by my spirit guide that I was a warrior soul. I'm thinking, if I'm a warrior soul, what kind other kinds of souls are there? Are there different, you know, different aspects, different things we should know about? Yes. There are 13 soul signs. There are five different energy forces, which influence us. Each one of us is created, or our soul is created into a particular energy force. That energy force is with us before we come to this earth, and after we leave this earth.

KING: No one has ever seen it?

ALTEA: Well, I've seen it.

KING: Have you seen a soul? Because you can't prove a soul.

ALTEA: Well, you can't prove a soul. What this book is going to do is make -- to help us to make that soul a real tangible and sort of the intangible, you know, whatever, who knows what exists.

KING: When the book comes out, we'll have you back.

We're going to devote a lot of the show tonight to your phone calls. You can ask questions, psychic questions or questions of the departed. What happens when you die?

ALTEA: Well, we leave this earth playing the spirit, the etheric body leaves the physical body and is able to travel through time and space to that place we call heaven. Whatever that place is.

KING: And so there are billions and billions of people wandering.

ALTEA: You would say so, right?

KING: ... as souls throughout. And you can tune into any one of them at any time.

ALTEA: I can tune in.

KING: You don't think that's bizarre?

ALTEA: I think it is really bizarre. I think I'm probably one of the strangest people you're ever going to meet, Larry.

KING: No kidding.

ALTEA: I think so. But you know, we talk about all those billions of souls, but when we look at the universe and the many universes that are out there, those billions of souls are just a little speck compared to...

KING: Let's accept that. Just a little speck. How can you when someone calls in and says I'm Phil in Bayone (ph), tell my about my grandfather. How can you on that immediate call pick up on Phil's grandfather in Bayone (ph) -- from Bayone (ph)?

ALTEA: If I could explain it to you, I would. It's kind of like telepathy. And if you can accept that there is telepathy that goes on between human beings, take that one step further and say that it's countertelepathy which happens between me and whatever is out there in the universe, or whoever is out there in the universe. Somehow there is a connection to an energy, which is a force, a soul, a spiritual being. And I'm able to somehow hone in or tune in.

They're doing the same thing -- as I'm reaching out there, those in the spirit world are reaching to me, too. And so we sort of come to that point, that wave length that we're able to connect with.

KING: What do you think of others doing this? What do you think of John Edward?

ALTEA: I think there are many people who do this kind of thing, and I think we all know there are some good and some not so good.

KING: Do you like John?

ALTEA: I don't know John. I don't...

KING: You've never seen him?

ALTEA: You're pinning me down here, right?

KING: Just asking. He was one of our guests. He is probably -- through the success of his television show, he's the best (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

ALTEA: I actually think that John and others do tremendous and fabulous work. And I think they help a lot of people.

KING: How come every time you contact -- whether it is you or John, you contact someone of the departed, they never say, "Phil, I didn't like you when I was alive and I don't like you now?"

ALTEA: Who told you that?

KING: I've never heard a negative from the dead.

ALTEA: Well, I...

KING: The dead person saying, you know, you're an idiot.

ALTEA: I once had a woman come to see me. And her uncle came through from the spirit world and she was so surprised that he had come through, because this day it was her funeral -- sorry, his funeral. So he is talking to her and he's giving her all this information. She realizes it is absolutely him. And she looks at me and she says, I don't understand why he's here. It's his funeral today. And I hear him laugh. He says, you know, I didn't have much time for them when I was here, I don't have much time for them now. I thought I would come here -- this is much more fun.

KING: Do they verbalize thoughts?

ALTEA: Sometimes it is actually words that I'm hearing and they verbalize it. Sometime it's more of an image, a fast speed...

KING: When you do your readings and see people and your reportedly untold wealth, do you charge a lot of money?

ALTEA: My untold wealth?

KING: Do you charge a lot of money?

ALTEA: You know, I haven't -- I haven't charged for a consultation for at least five or six years.

KING: Your money is made from books and lectures.

ALTEA: My money is made from books and lectures. And I'm in a really fortunate position. I also have a priority list, which is for people who have lost their children, and that's where I'm at the most.

KING: What you to mean? ALTEA: I see people ...

KING: Someone lost a child and ...

ALTEA: Yeah, someone lost a child and they come to me. And, you know, I'm able to make that connection and bring them together. And today I was talking to someone whose nephew had committed suicide. And she was telling me that her sister and her husband were really, really devastated by this. And so I said, well, if I can help and so I...

KING: You're also a psychic, you can do forecasts?

ALTEA: I do.

KING: If you can forecast something, then we don't have free will.

ALTEA: Well, I think we have free will.

KING: How?

ALTEA: Well, I think ...

KING: If you can forecast something.

ALTEA: I think free will is in the attitude. I think we have a free will about how we handle things, our responses to things. I think there are so many things that we are -- that are inevitable that we're meant to go through, that is meant to happen to us, and is meant to happen to the world. And then there are things that, you know, we do have choice about. But I think mostly the more I learn about this, the more I realize how little we, you know, we have control over what happens, but we do have control of the way we handle things.

KING: It's not the event, it's how we react to the event.

ALTEA: Exactly.

KING: Rosemary Altea is our guest, the spiritual healer and medium. We're going to go to your phone calls and take a lot of them tonight on this edition of LARRY KING LIVE. And we'll do that following these words. Don't go away.


KING: We're back with Rosemary Altea. We're ready to go to your phone calls. Chicago, hello.


KING: Chicago, hello. I can't hear you clearly. Speak up.

CALLER: Hi, I'm calling from Chicago.

KING: Go ahead. CALLER: Yes, I'm wondering (UNINTELLIGIBLE) if Rosemary can ...

KING: Hold on, we are having a very bad connection. I'm going to put you on hold and try to clear it up. And let's go to Douglasville, Georgia. Hello.


KING: Hold on. All the calls are breaking up. Obviously we did not tech the phones before we started. We're going to take a break and come back right after these words.


KING: We apologize for that. They appear to be in working order now. Let's give it a try. Houston, Texas, for Rosemary Altea.

CALLER: Yes, Ms. Altea.


CALLER: My great, great grandmother died in 1847.

ALTEA: My goodness.

CALLER: And I'm sure that I have received telepathic messages from her. I wrote a book about her. And I was -- things were revealed to me that I had no way of knowing. Is that possible?

ALTEA: Very possible.

KING: You can go back generations?

ALTEA: Very, very possible. I once had the real pleasure of helping a friend of mine do her family tree. So, you know, if you feel particularly close to someone, if you feel that you have a connection with someone, no matter how -- no matter how many generations...

KING: It's real.

ALTEA: I would say listen to your instincts. I take it, caller, you've...

KING: No, I moved on to the next caller.

ALTEA: Oh, you did.

KING: One question and we move along. This is a move-along show.

ALTEA: I know that, Larry. I'm sorry about that.

KING: But you communicate back to 1840?

ALTEA: We can. KING: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, hello.

CALLER: Hello, Larry. Hello, Rosemary. My question is I would like to contact my mother and my brother.

KING: They both died?

CALLER: They did.

ALTEA: OK. All right. Actually, this -- when anybody asks me specifically about a person, I never know whether it's that person or...

KING: So what do you want them to ask you?

ALTEA: Nothing. Nothing. I'm just sort of playing this by ear here. And I'm actually -- I may well confuse this caller, but I'm just going to go with what I'm hearing here. I'm told about a crash of some kind, an accident. In fact, I'm going to say a road accident, so I think it's a car crash.

Caller, have I completely confused you here?

CALLER: Yes, you have.

ALTEA: OK. Can I just -- mind if I just keep going anyway?


ALTEA: There is something about a car crash, hospital, someone on life support. I wish I knew what I were doing here now. I'm confusing you completely, so it sounds like I really don't know what I'm doing, but that's what I'm hearing very, very clearly.

CALLER: For which one?

ALTEA: I'm really not sure what I'm doing, so this is what I'm hearing here. I'm seeing someone -- I'm being told about someone who is on life support. I'm seeing all the machines, I'm seeing the hospital. I'm seeing all that stuff.

KING: Any of that connect?

CALLER: For one, yes.

ALTEA: And...

KING: Let me ask the caller, which one?

CALLER: For my brother.

ALTEA: Well, also, there is something about a head -- something about -- I don't know if it is a head injury or ...

KING: Anyway, what is he saying to her?

ALTEA: I'm not seeing anyone yet. I'm just being told this. And I'm seeing this hospital situation.

I also have a lady here, quite clearly. I'm going to try and describe her to you. She's much shorter than I am. A little bit on the round -- plump side. I'm told that she was very sick before she passed. She, too, is talking about hospital and I'm being very specific. She's telling me about cancer.

I want to come back to this person who -- and I don't see anyone -- all of these machines and a debate on whether to keep -- keeping somebody on the machine or not on the machine.

KING: You're describing the death rather than letting us hear from the dead person.

ALTEA: Well, somebody is telling me this, and I don't -- I usually I see someone.

KING: All right, does that jive, caller?

CALLER: Pardon me, I couldn't hear you?

KING: Does that jive?

CALLER: Yes. I think the one that she seems to be stuck on is -- it was a bit of limbo back and forth. So...

ALTEA: It was really ...

CALLER: He was on life support, yes.

ALTEA: It was not knowing whether he was going to survive or not survive.

CALLER: That's right.

ALTEA: I'm seeing all the machines and so on and so forth.

KING: Now, does he have any messages?

ALTEA: Now I am seeing someone. I'm going to say a young man. He was not old when he passed. He's nodding at me as I'm saying this. He's -- the message is that -- weird message. You've got to get your front door fixed. There is something about the door of your house. You've got to get your front door fixed, he keeps saying. Does that make any sense to you?

CALLER: Oh, yes.


KING: And was your brother young when he died?

CALLER: Yes, he was. He was 33.

ALTEA: You've also been doing some sort of renovation or decorating, we would call it in England. CALLER: Yes, I have.

ALTEA: And it's only partially done. I'm seeing inside of the house. You have something done but you haven't done all of it.

KING: I want to get some more calls in, Rosemary. But you started off on a flash here.


KING: Thank you, ma'am.


KING: So they communicate that way with you. I don't know how to hang up on the phone now.

Victoria, British Columbia, hello? Lost that one. San Francisco, hello.

CALLER: Hi. I'd like to ask a question. My mom lost her first baby in birth. She never got to hold the baby or see the child. We can't find a gravestone or even death records, and this has been a very painful event, of course, for my mom over the last 43 years. And I was wondering if maybe her baby might have something to say to me that I could share with my mom?

KING: A baby can speak?

ALTEA: Well, children grow. Children grow in the spirit world. And I'm actually not seeing a baby, I'm not being told anything about a baby. But I do see a young man who is standing, actually, Larry, just beyond that point there, who tells me that he passed.

Actually, it was -- it's hard to say whether he -- whether he had gone just prior to birth or just after birth, because it was very, very close. I'm going say stillborn. And I see this baby, a young man. He's nodding at me. And he's talking about -- can I ask you a question, caller? Have you moved or are you planning on a move? Something about moving, and completely changing your lifestyle? Does that make any sense to you, just say yes or no to me?

CALLER: Not for me, possibly for my mom.

ALTEA: Then -- OK. And there's something about changing a lifestyle, and she's been very anxious about whether she should move or not move?


ALTEA: And she -- you know, feeling the air, she can't...

KING: You're saying -- hold it -- you're saying a stillborn baby grows after dying...

ALTEA: Yes. KING: ... ages...


KING: Right?


KING: Comes of age, and then can communicate and see his or her mother today?

ALTEA: Yes. Yes. That's right.

KING: All right. Back to the last caller, the 33-year-old guy who died in the crash. He could be 64 now.

ALTEA: Well...

KING: How do you see him as 33?

ALTEA: I was only saying that he was a young man.

KING: I thought they grow.

ALTEA: Babies grow. Some babies grow. Some don't, actually. I've seen some children who passed maybe 20 years before...

KING: So this child sees his mother...

ALTEA: Yes, this young man.

KING: In her current state. Young man.

ALTEA: Yes, he has grown. And he's talking about -- I'm sorry, I don't know whether it was the caller, which would be his brother or if it was his mother, but he's talking about a move and a lot of angst and upset about the move, whether she's doing the right thing or not doing the right thing.

KING: He's upset in the next world?

ALTEA: No, he's just saying that he sees this. He knows what is going on. Basically he survived death and he's still with his mother and still knows what's going on, and he wants to reassure his mother. This is an inevitable move. For some reason, she has to move. She has to change her life.

KING: Portland, Oregon, hello.

CALLER: Hello.


CALLER: Hi. Rosemary...

ALTEA: Hi. CALLER: I was just wondering if there was someone trying to reach me.

ALTEA: Do you have anyone specific in mind? We're really doing this really fast here?

CALLER: Well, there have been ...


KING: I'm sorry, go ahead, ma'am.

ALTEA: OK, sorry.

CALLER: There have been several people recently, and I've been having some -- wondering if someone is trying to reach me, because we had a pact that they would contact me.

ALTEA: OK. Well, I'm not sure if this is the person that you actually want, but I'm talking about -- I see -- I'm actually seeing a lady who passed. And I know from what she tells me, she's talking about when you were a young girl. She's not actually saying to me that you -- I don't know how old you were when she passed, but she's talking of when you were a young girl. She tells me that she had some problem with her head. And I think it is some sort of a brain hemorrhage or something like that, and she passed very suddenly, very quickly.

And I know that this person is a person who is watching you. And let's say she's your angel. Let's say she's the person who's taking care of you and watching what you're doing.

KING: OK. We thank you. We go to -- I'll try to figure out how this works. Sherborn, Massachusetts. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Good evening, Larry. Mrs. Altea...

ALTEA: You can call me Rosemary.

CALLER: Oh, Rosemary, thank you. I was calling, hoping to see if you could reach my mother.

ALTEA: OK. OK. I'm aware of a lady who is standing next to me, standing to my right side here. She is actually talking to me of a necklace. Some kind of a neck chain. I'm asking her, what does she want to say about it? And she tells me that she left behind some sort of a neck chain or a necklace.

She is describing having had some problems with her breathing before she passed. When she passed, it was very sudden, very quick, but I do know that she was sick for some time before she passed.

Again, she refers to the necklace. She's talking about the necklace. Someone in the family wears this necklace. She says it was hers and now -- I actually feel it was yours -- and I wonder if that makes any sense to you at all, but again she's talking about her breathing and having difficulty with her breathing, and tells me that her passing at the end was very quick and very easy. She tells me she just slipped away.

KING: OK. We'll take a break and we'll be back with more right after this.


KING: We're back with Rosemary Altea. We apparently have cleared up our little phone problems, for which we apologize. We'll try to reach as many callers as we can.

Anderson, South Carolina. Hello.

CALLER: Hello.


CALLER: Yes, I wanted to ask about my mother, and did she have any message for my brother?

ALTEA: OK. I'm going to ask you first of all a very strange question, because when I was talking to you, I have got a really very strong image of someone in a wheelchair. Someone who is sick and in a wheelchair. Can I just ask you, first of all, do you know of anyone who is sick and in a wheelchair?

CALLER: Yes, I do, my father.

ALTEA: Excuse me?

KING: Her father.

CALLER: My father.

ALTEA: OK. Because when you ask about your mother, I'd like to just -- I'm assuming your father is with us still?


ALTEA: OK, because I need to talk about him first. Is that OK?


ALTEA: Can I just say before I continue with this call, you know, we're going so fast and...


ALTEA: There are so many people out there who want to know more about this. So I'd just like to mention, if anybody wants to know anymore or some of the people that I've already spoken to, they can connect me on my Web site.

KING: Oh, what is it? ALTEA: It is And if you want to check me out on the Web site, we have an interactive Web site. I'll be there on Tuesday, actually, talking and...

KING: That's Back to the calls.

ALTEA: Because we're going so fast.

KING: Yeah, I know. So please call, take advantage of that.

ALTEA: OK. So I have a lady who is standing next to me -- and you asked to speak to your mother -- and I'm just going to just go with it. She's talking about the man in the wheelchair. She tells me there has been some concern about him and some concern about his health recently. And there have been some sort of -- there has been some problem, she tells me, with his medication. Does that make any sense to you?

CALLER: Yes, it does.

ALTEA: OK. She's really concerned about this. And the message for you is that she would really like it if you could -- I think you should -- have him see somebody, maybe somebody new or have a more thorough checkup with him, because his medication, whatever he's taking is -- it just needs to be checked out. If you could do that.

KING: You are having an extraordinary night. Hermantown, Minnesota, with Rosemary Altea. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Larry and Rosemary. I would like to know about my mother, who died when I was young, my brother and my father. I'd like to know if they're together, and I'd like to know if they're near me and my other siblings.

KING: Do families tend to stay together? Those that are departed.

ALTEA: Depends. Depends if they love each other and they care about each other.

KING: Assuming that.

ALTEA: Assuming that, yes, they do.

KING: Now we go back to the lady.

ALTEA: OK. I'm connecting with a young man here, who had some problems with his blood. I'm tending to think it was cancer, but it might be something like leukemia or something like that. Some problems with his blood before he passed. And I'm not exactly sure what that problem would be.

I'm told -- I'm actually talking to my spirit guide as I'm talking to you, and I'm told that your family are together.

KING: You have a spirit guide, right? ALTEA: I do. His name is Gray Eagle. And he's, you know, helping me with this.

KING: He's your intermediary.

ALTEA: Yes, he helps those in the spirit world.

KING: Where is he?

ALTEA: He's right here on my side as I'm doing...

KING: How are you doing, Gray Eagle. Welcome to the show.

ALTEA: Thank you. I'll say thank you on his behalf. So he is talking to me about your family and tells me, yes, they are all together.

But as I'm talking, I'm connecting with this young man who was really quite sick before he passed. He is talking to me about you, or let's say someone in the family here, and unfortunately, what I'm going to say you can apply to anybody, but he's talking about a lot of tears and a lot of problems and upsets and sort of -- some sort of relationship, breakup in a relationship and a lot of emotional, real emotion traumas here. And just real confusion on a path. And I think this is connected to you. If it is not you, it is someone very close to you.

Does that make sense to you?

KING: I'm sorry -- Bricktown, New Jersey, hello.

CALLER: Good evening. Thank you for taking my call.

KING: Sure.

CALLER: Rosemary, I was wondering if you could reach my brother or tell me anything about him, please?

ALTEA: OK, I'm connecting with -- wow, I'm connecting with so much confusion here. That's the first thing I'm connecting with. Someone who passed connected to you who died in a really -- let's say strange and unusual circumstances.

I know there was a question -- something about an accident or suicide and nobody seems to know what that is. And I have a man here tapping me on the shoulder just saying, I'm OK, I'm OK. Everything is OK.

The confusion has not been cleared up. I'm probably confusing you even as I'm saying this, but I can see this confusion here and some sort of an investigation, whether it was a police investigation, I'm not really sure. But it is really, really...

KING: How he's doing now?

ALTEA: a big black cloud. He's fine. I feel that... KING: They're all fine, aren't they? I mean, you don't get sick...

ALTEA: You know, actually, they're not all fine actually. Many people in the spirit world, Larry, have really emotional traumas and difficulties having passed. Especially those who passed, let's say due to suicide, for instance.

KING: Does that connect with you, caller?

CALLER: Not at all.

ALTEA: This is --- it's really, really, really strong. Really, really strong. And I wish we had more time to go into this.

It's like this young man here is -- it's like I'm pretty sure there was some sort of a police investigation?

KING: Was there, caller?

CALLER: No, there was not.

KING: She says there was not.

CALLER: OK, well, the young man I have here is talking about this and talking about a whole lot of confusion as to whether it was an accident or whether it was...

KING: Now, when they say that makes absolutely no sense...


KING: you do you then explain that to yourself?

ALTEA: Well, she's looking for a particular person, OK? And she's looking for me to direct my attention to that particular person. I have no control over who comes through from the spirit world.

KING: So it could be someone, like a cousin?

ALTEA: It could have been a cousin. It could have been a friend. It could have been a husband's father. It could have been -- you know, and so I never worry when I hear that somebody doesn't understand because what I say is, Please go away and check it out, please.

KING: Lethbridge -- check it out. Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, hello.

CALLER: Hi there. I was just wondering if you could tell me about my career.

KING: A different question.

ALTEA: Oh, OK. OK. All right. So OK.

The path I'm seeing you on right now -- I feel like a fortune- teller doing this, but I'm having fun with this anyway.

The path I'm seeing you right now -- it looks as if you've been on a very narrow path and struggling somewhat. And wondering whether to make a move or whether to make a break.

I'm actually seeing your path widening and really expanding and I'm seeing some kind of a business venture or a business opportunity really looming, really, really big.

I'm also seeing somewhat of a nervousness about this. This means moving ,not necessarily moving location. It could just simply mean moving your job or moving your present position.

And it also means taking some kind of a gamble, a risk of some kind. There is a lot of emotional uncertainty about this. And should I or shouldn't I? But it seems to me it is inevitable that somehow this expansion, this growth that -- you know, like a really big opportunity.

KING: That make sense, ma'am?

CALLER: Well, in a way. I just -- you know what direction I would be going in?

ALTEA: Nope. I don't.

KING: But she is going somewhere?

ALTEA: Totally.

KING: London, Kentucky, hello.

CALLER: Hello. Thank you.

KING: Sure.

CALLER: Good evening to both of you.

I would like to know if my husband is trying to contact me. And then I would also like to know about my future.

KING: Double question. And by the way, do the spirits try to contact you?

ALTEA: Always.

KING: Always?

ALTEA: They're always around us and they're always glad when we pay attention.

KING: So people say they have feelings, that's true?

ALTEA: Absolutely. Yes. We should also -- all of us take note of our instincts. All of us take notes of our feelings.

KING: Is he trying to reach her?

ALTEA: OK. I am seeing a man here standing next to me. I would say -- I'm not good on height. I'm going to say average height because it is easy.

He's a rather rotund, nice tummy and thinning on the top. He tells me that me had problem with his heart and the arteries around his heart before he passed. No idea if this is your husband or if this is -- I have no idea who it is.

He tells me that he passed suddenly and very, quickly. He is talking about the place that you're in right now, which seems very -- somehow constricting. You must have been thinking or talking of a move, should you move or shouldn't you move, what should you do? And I'm seeing a move which is inevitable. I feel like I'm talking to the last caller here, but anyway.

And I'm also seeing -- I don't know if you connect with water or if you live near water, caller, but I'm see some connection to water and a move somehow close to water.

KING: OK. Good luck.

We move along to Williamsburg, Kentucky, hello.

CALLER: Williamsburg, Kentucky.

KING: You're on sir. Go ahead.

CALLER: Yes, sir. I've got a question about me and my sister.

KING: Yes.

CALLER: I had a accident about three years go. We were fighting over a gun and the gun went off and she died. And I want to know if she's got anything to tell me and I want her to know that I love her.

KING: So you were both playing with a gun and she died accidentally.

CALLER: We were fighting over it.

KING: Fighting over it and she died?


KING: You weren't charged with anything?

CALLER: Yes, I went to jail. I heard the lady talking about jail a while ago and it just struck me...

KING: You did go to jail?

CALLER: Yes, I'm on parole right now.

KING: OK. Sister mad? ALTEA: As I'm talking to you and you were telling us that, you know, you and your sister were fighting. I'm hearing a lady standing next to me who tells me that you were always fighting. That this was something that you would -- you know, you were always scrapping and fighting since you were younger. Does that make sense to you, caller?

CALLER: Yes. Yes.

ALTEA: I'm seeing -- OK. She tells me that she did not die instantly which you would think with a gun, you know that would happen. That there were some moments before she passed and she tells me that in those moments, she knew they was passing. She knew that it was her time and she was going.

And I'm going to say something to you which may sound very strange to you if you don't understand this kind of thing, but she tells me in those moments, she heard the voices of angels calling and she knew it was her time to go. Now...

KING: What are her feelings toward him?

ALTEA: She's trying to reassure you. She's trying to reassure you that it was her time to go. That it was an accident and I don't feel that there is any, you know, any anger or angst.

In fact, as I'm saying that, I'm hearing her say, only sorrow. She only feels sorrow for all those years that you used to fight and she's talking about the family and it must have been the kind of family that was always fighting amongst each other.

So I think you grew up not knowing really how to connect and how to communicate with each other.

KING: Well that should certainly make him rest well tonight.

ALTEA: She's fine.

KING: We'll be right back with more of Rosemary Altea and more of your calls. Again, if you don't get through,

Next week, among the guests, Attorney General John Ashcroft, Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld. Don't go away.


KING: We're back. St. Louis for Rosemary Altea. Hello.

CALLER: Could you tell me something about my father? Especially in a relationship to his grandchildren?

ALTEA: OK. Immediately I heard you talking and again I never know whether -- this show is so fast, I never know quite who I'll talking to here. But...

KING: Are you mocking me? ALTEA: No. I'm actually enjoying myself. It is just sometimes frustrating that we don't have more time.

KING: It is OK.

ALTEA: I'm aware of a man standing as you just -- just opposite me, looking at me. He's fairly broad set, a little bit barrel chested, a little broad set, very straight, straight shoulders. He's -- what is that?

OK. He's describing to me -- first of all, he's describing to me, water, talking about a boat, a small boat. And I feel it is a small sailing boat. I'm seeing a dock on the water. And I'm seeing what he refers to as the -- as a family house.

I hope I'm not confusing you, caller, because I have no idea what I'm doing here.

KING: What about the children? Relation to the...

ALTEA: He's -- he's talking about a boy. And he's talking about this boy's teeth. And tells me that he's -- he's had some problems with his teeth and he's got to get his teeth fixed. He's laughing as he's saying this. He's talking about Christmas and apparently this child will not get his teeth fixed before Christmas but he needs to get his teeth fixed as soon as Christmas is over.

I feel that he -- he's -- he goes -- he goes back a way in your family. I'm really not sure this is your father. I think this might be someone else, maybe a grandfather. But he's talking about going way back, way back in the family, an old family house by the water.

KING: Any comment, ma'am?

CALLER: The teeth ring a bell yes. My nephew has problems with his teeth. But the old family house, I would have to think about that.

ALTEA: That's OK.

CALLER: I'm not sure.

ALTEA: He has to get the teeth fixed. I think it is going to end up with some reconstruction.

KING: Do you fear sometimes you'll do a reading and sometimes they'll research and...

ALTEA: Always they learn more.

KING: Winchester, Tennessee, hello.

CALLER: Hello.

KING: Yes, go ahead.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call.

KING: Sure.

CALLER: I was wondering if you could contact, Rosemary, my father, if he has anything to say to me.

ALTEA: OK. I don't actually see anyone at the moment. I'm talking to Gray Eagle (ph). He's talking about the family. I'm assuming it is your family. He's talking about problems and a major split in family. And I think we're going back a few years.

I would say -- I would say some kind of a dysfunctional family situation. And a major split. And arguments over property. I think it is arguments over land. And actually I feel that this -- there is some issue with land even as we're talking now.

He's talking about life being too short. Life being too short for I know that he himself has many regrets and many regrets about his behavior when he was here on earth.

I know whoever this man is, he's really close to you and wants you to know that life is too short for regrets. And he wishes he lived his life better and had less regrets.

KING: Hope that helps. To Rucklidge (ph), Florida, hello.


KING: Go ahead.

CALLER: Hi. I want to know about my dad. He passed away October 19.

KING: It is only fathers. Men go, women stay.

ALTEA: We last longer, don't we?

KING: Yes, you do.

ALTEA: All right. I have a man here who is first of all describing many me a hospital bed. And as he's describing a hospital situation, a hospital bed, he's talking about hating every minute of it. Apparently he was not a good patient and I wouldn't be a good patient either, I would think.

He would have -- he tells me he would give anything to get out of there but he knew it was not possible. Whatever was wrong with him, he's talking about this coming on really -- the last -- the last moments coming on very, very fast, very, very quick.

And he's apologizing for being difficult. He tells me the hospital situation doesn't bother him anymore so if you're worried about what you had to do to get him in there or how you had to make him stay in there, please don't worry about it anymore because he's fine now. He tells me he's fine now. He's much more concerned about you and you finding your happiness. And I really feel he's going to help you find your happiness.

KING: San Antonio, hello.

CALLER: Yes, my mother passed away December 1999 and my father just passed away two weeks ago. I want to know many my mother ran into my father already?

ALTEA: I would say your mother was there waiting for your father. And...

KING: You believe that?

ALTEA: I do. I totally do.

I know these two people, your mother and father, had their problems and upsets and had their arguments. But I feel from what I'm seeing and what I'm hearing, that she was there and she was waiting for him.

You know, when we pass, Larry, there are so many people in the spirit world, some we never knew, some who passed before we ever were born. And it is kind of like a party. It is really unfair because those of us left behind, we're grieving so much. We really miss these people, we really wish it didn't happen.

On the other hand, they're there. They're meeting all these people that they haven't seen for a long time. Imagine if you saw your grandmother and what a joyful thing -- imagine when you meet your father who is going to be, by the way, one of the first ones to be there for you. I'm talking to the caller.

I know your mother was there and holding out her hand and helping your father to come over. I'm sure of it.

KING: We'll be back with more and don't forget, we're going to obviously only can get to a few people. You can contact Rosemary direct at Back with our remaining moments after this.


KING: Crest View, Florida, for Rosemary Altea. Hello.

CALLER: Yes. Thank you for taking my call. A year ago, I woke up and I found my husband lying on the floor. He was gone. I didn't get to say goodbye. So I need a message to go the other way. Can you help me?

KING: How do you ever do that?

ALTEA: I'm going to try. I'm really going to try. I'm looking as I'm talking to you. I'm looking to see who connects with me. I'm aware of two men, actually. One on either side of me. I'm pretty sure one is your husband. It's too easy for me to say that he died of a heart attack -- because we know that he did -- well, actually, I'm not sure he died of a heart attack. I know that he had problems with his breathing.

But I have two men. And the one on this side of me, I feel I have your husband on the right, and on left side of me I have a man who passed with cancer a few years earlier. They have both come to say hello to you and to let you know that they're OK.

You told me that you didn't have a chance to say goodbye, and your husband is saying that there are no goodbyes, that you mustn't ever, ever want to say goodbye to him, because he's there with you every day and every time you need him, he's always there with you.

Moving on is really difficult. I think maybe you're expecting too much of yourself. It takes time. Take your time. I know you had a great relationship with him, and I know you love him very much and he loves you, too. Just understand he's there with you every day. So talk to him. He'll help you to move on with your life.

KING: Be well and good luck. Toronto, hello.

CALLER: Hello. Hi. Good evening. I just want to know if my husband is -- if my husband is here with me, or my parents because I'm so worried? Like when he passed away, I wasn't with him, and one time I went to the casino and instead of my name that came up, it's his name, and it's so weird. My poppy, he loves my poppy so much. And even at night, he just wakes up and then just barks at somebody and nobody is with me. I just want to know if he's here or it's my parents who is telling me something?

KING: OK, we'll try to focus this in, because we only have four minutes left.

ALTEA: OK. All right.

KING: And two more calls.

ALTEA: First of all, animals know much more than we do and they sense much more than we do. So if your animal is barking and you say that nobody is there, I think it's pretty sure that somebody is there. Yes, your husband is with you, absolutely. And I feel that your parents are with you too.

What you have to do is listen to your instincts. And also, I have a man here who is saying, pay attention to your dreams. I come to you in your dreams. So just understand he's there with you.

KING: Dogs have a sense?

ALTEA: Animals have a sense, very much so.

KING: North Kingston, Rhode Island, hello.

CALLER: Hello. KING: Yes, go ahead.

CALLER: Yes, I -- this concerns my husband. And he did something that was very unlike him to do this, and he's left me with a lot of questions and very troubled by them.

KING: Is this recent?

CALLER: No, it happened five -- five years ago.

ALTEA: We need more time for this one. OK. I'm asking my spirit guide to help me with this. And what I'm seeing here is all kinds of papers. I'm seeing there is papers -- first of all, in complete disarray and then I'm seeing them all put into order, into absolute order. Your husband knew, I feel, before he passed. We often know, Larry. We have that sense...

KING: Knew he was going to die?

ALTEA: Yes. We often have that sense, that instinct.

KING: And?

ALTEA: And we often do things or we prepare even in a subconscious way.

KING: But he left her in a surprising way?

ALTEA: No, I don't think so. I think from my sense of things is that he prepared -- let's say he prepared for his death before he passed. Let's say that.

KING: But you were surprised, right, ma'am?

CALLER: Yes, this concerns a lot of money.

KING: He had a lot of money that you didn't know he had?

CALLER: He took some money and gave them to someone.

ALTEA: He moved it. He moved it.


ALTEA: He moved it. What I'm seeing is, as I say, we don't have the time we need, but papers and in disarray, and then everything organized.

KING: But is he seeing her now?


KING: He is sorry?


KING: She sounds ticked.

ALTEA: Well, I feel that he knew that he was going to pass and I think he prepared for that and did things that he wouldn't normally do.

KING: I think you should contact her on the Web site, ma'am.

ALTEA: Yeah. Do that. Do that.

KING: One more quick call. Westchester, New York, hello.

CALLER: Hello.

KING: Hi, quickly.

CALLER: Hello. Hello. Is that Larry?

KING: Yeah, go ahead.

CALLER: This is -- this is a mother who wants to connect with her daughter. Can you please connect me with her, please, Rosemary?

KING: You lost your daughter. Rosemary, we only have a minute.

ALTEA: All right, we only have a minute. So I don't know who you are. Leave your name with the producer here.

KING: We'll get her name. I'll put you on hold, ma'am. We'll get the name. OK. And...

ALTEA: And if you go to my Web site, leave a message in there. I will get to you. I will help you. Just call me and I'll do the very best I can to help you. Just call me.

KING: You see people on all sorts of things? Psychic readings, communicating with the dead?

ALTEA: I don't do a lot of that anymore, Larry. I'm really fortunate in that I'm able to earn my money making -- selling my books and so on. What I do is I try to have a priority list, and that priority list has to do with parents who've lost their children.

KING: And you deal with pain management.

ALTEA: And I deal with pain management. I'm also a healer.

KING: That's right. I forgot.

Rosemary Altea. She'll be back.

ALTEA: Thank you, Larry.

KING: Her book on souls coming. Rosemary Altea. Her current book is "You Own the Power." And we'll come back and tell you about the weekend and next week and what's ahead. Don't go away.


KING: Two brand new editions of news weekends over the weekend, with great guests. And then Monday night, former Governor Ann Richards of Texas. Tuesday night, John Ashcroft, the attorney general. Wednesday night, Don Rumsfeld, secretary of defense. And Thursday night, Mariah Carey.

"NEWSNIGHT" tonight will be hosted by an old friend of dear lady and a great journalist, who passed the baton -- does she look great or what -- Judy Woodruff. Judy, carry on.


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