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Images of 2002

Aired December 30, 2002 - 13:53   ET


KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: As we near the end of 2002, we take a look back at some of the images that moved us, made us think, made us smile or made us cry. "Time" magazine is out with its pictures of the year issue.
Maryanne Golon edited the issue, joins us live from New York. Hi, Maryanne.

Let's get right to pictures. I don't want to miss any of these. The first one I guess we're going to look at is a dancing ceremony in cable.

MARYANNE GOLON, "TIME" MAGAZINE: Yes, that was taken by a French photographer, Alexander Brulad (ph), at the end of the war, when the women were starting to be a little more open. It was a joyous sort of wedding scene there, and we thought it was a beautiful image there, showing how things had changed for the Afghan women.

PHILLIPS: And so beautiful, too. You really get a chance to see that, and you didn't previously.

GOLON: No, we hadn't really seen too many pictures of the Afghan women, because obviously, under the Taliban, they had been pretty much behind wraps.

PHILLIPS: All right, here's a picture here, of course, Bono, always very patriotic. This is such a great shot.

GOLON: Oh, it's a fantastic image. It was a recreation of the moment in Sam Jones studio in California when Bono at the Super Bowl lifted his jacket similarly. And we were real excited about being able to re-create that and to celebrate his diplomatic missions that he had been on and the fact that he was so strong in supporting America.

PHILLIPS: Maryanne, I wonder if we could talk him into getting us this jacket. Isn't it cool?

GOLON: I'd like one.

PHILLIPS: All right, much more serious picture. This was, of course, in Jenin, the refugee camp. Boy, we can forget this story.

GOLON: Oh, a fantastic image by James Knockway (ph), who is a contract photographer for the magazine. He covered the Palestinian conflict pretty exclusively for us this past year, and it was just such an emotional scene. The women were weeping over a body after one of the Israeli incursions there.

PHILLIPS: Two members of the Al Aqsa Brigade. This picture is pretty chilling, the next image we're going to look at.

GOLON: Yes, it's sort of the flip side there of the Jenin situation, the fighters, and it's such a shadowy area, and the fact that they had to pose, the way it was composed and everything we found very, very beautiful.

PHILLIPS: From overseas to back here in the United States something that really impacted farmers this year, boy, that drought.

GOLON: Yes, the drought. That was in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska, taken by another contract photographer of the magazine, Steve Liff (ph), and the drought situation was the most severe it had been in years, and we thought that dust under his feet, and the expression on his face and his hunched body was indicative of the problems the farmers are facing.

PHILLIPS: Another picture that sure captures the human spirit, this next shot. What a great photo.

GOLON: This is the steam off the river?

PHILLIPS: Actually it says James Knockway (ph) took this one for "Time," holding the American flag.

GOLON: Fantastic picture.

PHILLIPS: This was after 9/11, right?

GOLON: Right, that was actually on the morning of the 9/11 anniversary here in New York. And a man from Murhphy's Boro (ph), Tennessee named Angel Bravo, and we love the image, because it had so much energy with the flapping flag and his expression and the fact that you could see the buildings of New York in the background, and it seemed to capture lot of the patriotism we had in the country during the year.

PHILLIPS: By the way, Maryanne, I forgot you didn't have a monitor there, I'm sorry. I got to let you know which pictures we're looking at. I know you know all about them. All right, this next one, of course, this one is terrific, our commander in chief. We remember this picture so well in front of...

GOLON: That's a great picture. Brooks Craft (ph), who covers the White House for us, went on a trip with the president. He was welcoming home troops who had just returned from Afghanistan in Ft. Drum, New York, and it was just a really magnificent scene of the commander in chief.

PHILLIPS: Then you see the little girl right there in the middle up on the shoulders. One gal got the best seat in the house there.

GOLON: She sure did.

PHILLIPS: Next photo, this one larger than life. It's the men working on the sculpture of Saddam Hussein.

GOLON: Yes, we wanted to take a look at Saddam Hussein. He's rarely seen, except for on television and in video. It just seemed so poignant to have that spooky, sort of shadowy picture of this giant statue with the little people and how important his influence has been in the region.

PHILLIPS: The final picture we're going to get a chance to look at, a father's legacy, a story we cannot forget, a man we cannot forget, and a beautiful moment when Daniel Pearl's son Adam was born. Such a great photograph.

GOLON: Fantastic. Joyce Tinason (ph) photographed Maryanne and her son Adon (ph) here in New York, and we thought it was just perfect for the human spirit for 2002 that, although horrible things happen, life goes on.

PHILLIPS: Yes, and it reminds you, souls do live on in those babies.

Maryanne, thank you so much, Golon, from "Time" magazine. Great photos. We appreciate it.

GOLON: Thank you.


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