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Golden Globe Awards: What They Wore

Aired January 20, 2003 - 09:40   ET


CAROL COSTELLO, CNN ANCHOR: Let's face it, unless you're nominated, award shows are all about one thing: fashion. On the morning after the Golden Globes, some stars might be recovering from a style hangover. So here's fashion Robert Verdi with the good, the bad and the ugly.
Is this hard for you to do?


COSTELLO: I should have known.

VERDI: Nobody looked as good last night as you do this morning.

COSTELLO: I love you, Robert, thank you.

Who looked the best last night, though?

VERDI: I think there were a handful of women who looked really good. Selma Hayek was classic in a beautiful red dress that was very form-fitting. And she looked spectacular. Her hair looked great. Her makeup looked great. I think there's a three-dimensional issue at hand. Does their hair look good? Does their makeup look good? Does their gown look good?

COSTELLO: Got you. Got you. Who else?

VERDI: Uma Thurman looked spectacular.

COSTELLO: Uma Thurman, I think we have a picture of her, but we'll put that up a little bit later. You know, Jennifer Aniston always looks good.

VERDI: She did. She actually looked great with Brad. They looked like a smart couple. I don't think it was a stellar look, in general. I think there was, no pun intended, there was a little handicap because she couldn't wear the appropriate shoe. She had the cane, and canes aren't the hottest accessory this season.

COSTELLO: That's true, but it could have been.

Hey, let's look at some of the, shall we say, less than perfect fashion ensembles.

VERDI: Yes, my favorite part.

COSTELLO: Edie Falco. VERDI: Edie Falco actually looked great. She goes on the a- list. There were a lot of women who were no longer in their 20s and 30s, and they were the ones who actually looked the best last night.

COSTELLO: They had a good education.

VERDI: Yes, and they're comfortable in their own skin, they know what looks good on them, and they're not victimized by the fashion community.

Edie Falco.

COSTELLO: Uma Thurman, who we've mentioned before.

VERDI: Diane Lane.

COSTELLO: Diane Lane's awesome, isn't she?

VERDI: Allison Janney. She also looked spectacular. She was wearing (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

And they all had their own unique, individual look. Diane Lane had these magnificent jade earrings on, and this very beautiful, like, sheer top of (UNINTELLIGIBLE) pleated -- spectacular dress.

COSTELLO: And it also helps that she, herself, is quite beautiful.

Let's take a look at Goldie Hawn.

VERDI: Goldie Hawn, the house of horrors. "Laugh-In" was canceled. She should return the wardrobe.


VERDI: I love her. She's a classic American beauty. We expect greater things of her with regards to fashion. But I think sometimes the information that they are getting from their friends and families is false. You know, you can't say, oh, you look great, you can wear anything. You can't wear anything.

COSTELLO: Was it just because it had the lace thing down the front?

VERDI: Yes, it was lace, it was ruffles. IT was too much going on. She -- I expect a simpler dress from her. She's got a magnificent figure. She's an absolute beautiful women. Her hair always looks great. Her skin always looks great. She should be dressed flawlessly.

COSTELLO: Sharon Stone, I'm surprised at this, because she always makes great choices.

VERDI: Yes, OK, so there's a first time for everything, right?

COSTELLO: Even Bill Hemmer mentioned this one. VERDI: Yes, it was not a great moment for Sharon Stone. I think she tried to push the envelope, which is always -- she has got a great relationship with the fashion community. She's always taking a step out and being a little more daring. It was a step too far. Her hair looked like Phyllis Diller's hair. Her outfit was a little too biker chick. It wasn't great. She's a magnificent beauty and super talented.

COSTELLO: Don't you think, though, that by overcriticizing ones dress at awards ceremonies like that actresses won't take chances and it won't be any fun, and everybody will wear that boring little black dress for the rest of their lives.

VERDI: No, there will always be a Lara Flynn Boyle.

COSTELLO: Bill mentioned that one, too.


COSTELLO: Oh, and she looks good in anything.

VERDI: She is so beautiful, and I absolutely love her. This is a little, twiggy, beautiful actress, who actually can look great in anything, but that.

COSTELLO: Maybe she got tired of wearing those boring suits on "The Practice" and she really wanted to go all out.

VERDI: That's a cry for help, that is.

COSTELLO: But you know, the interesting thing about that, is Sarah Jessica Parker wore a similar dress, but it was long on the bottom, and everybody thought that was beautiful. This looks very similar to that dress.

VERDI: Sarah Jessica Parker has a different -- she disseminates fashion in a very powerful way, because of the role she plays. We all look to her as the hallmark of style, and that's not what we look to miss -- what's her name, spinning ballerina?

COSTELLO: Who is that? Oh, I can't remember.

VERDI: Lara Flynn Boyle.

COSTELLO: Who are we going to next? Kim Catrall, talking about "Sex And The City."

VERDI: In Valentino, spectacular. This is a woman, again, she's in the 40-plus crowd, and she looked spectacular. She knows her body. She's confident. The dress was comfortable. Nicole Kidman's dress is an example. She tripped over it. She got encumbered by it. It got caught in the heel of her shoe. When it doesn't look effortless and it looks uncomfortable, it doesn't make them look otherworldly, and Hollywood and fantastic, and sort of part of a world that we're not a part of. They don't uphold the illusion for us.

COSTELLO: Got you. I'm going to keep all of those rules in mind. Thank you very much, Robert, for coming in this morning.


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