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Interview With Dayna Devon

Aired June 9, 2003 - 20:50   ET


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Now when you think about it, award show smooches aren't that unusual these days. In fact, there's been a quite a lot of them lately. Have you noticed?
One person who has is Dayna Devon, a host of "Extra!". She joins us from Los Angeles.

Dayna, thanks for being with us. I guess I didn't see the awards last night. How was the response inside the Radio City where that big smooch took place?

DAYNA DEVON, ANCHOR, "EXTRA": Well, you know, it was actually very good and not only did they get the original round of applause, but later Hugh Jackman actually brought it up again during a commercial break and they had more applause. So it seemed to go over very well there.

COOPER: There is, I guess, something of a rash of kisses. like, is this the first time two men have kissed at an award show?

DEVON: You know, that's a good question and not, you know, an answer I know readily. But if so, it was the first probably serious kiss i think that we've seen on an award show. And we've seen a lot of spoofs lately. You know, MTV is kind of famous for that.

COOPER: Yes, in fact...

DEVON: And we saw that with Queen Latifah and Adrien Brody.

COOPER: Yes, in fact -- I mean, I spent the entire weekend watching and rewatching those MTV awards because they play them now, like, every hour on the hour. And they actually have the best kiss award, which i think was the one from Superman this year.

But there was a big kiss between Adrien that you just mentioned. We're going to show that and then we'll talk about it on the end of it. Let's show the clip.


QUEEN LATIFAH, ENTERTAINER: First of all, I saw what you did to Halle Berry at the Oscars. I was sitting right there. So don't even think you can pull that kind of stuff with me.

I mean, even if you tried to kiss me, like, right now, I wouldn't totally not be expecting it. I wouldn't be happy. ADRIEN BRODY, ACTOR: You got nothing to worry about, all right? Trust me.



COOPER: Now, that was a kiss. And, obviously...

DEVON: That was a kiss, and obviously the audience...

COOPER: Yes. Go ahead.

DEVON: The audience liked that one.

COOPER: Yes, and of course, that was...


COOPER: ...spoofing Adrien Brody kissing Halle Berry. What was the story behind that?

DEVON: You know, it was the most famous, most public, probably sexiest kiss we've seen in a long time and MTV is famous for spoofing these things and they're very irreverent about it and they love doing it. And so this was their take on it -- and, you know, Queen Latifah said, Halle, this one's for you. So it was a real fun way to kind of, you know, point fun at one -- poke fun at one of the most, you know, really, you know, important events and fun events of the year, which was the Oscars and Adrien Brody and Halle Berry.

COOPER: Well, I should also say that I misspoke. Of course, it was not Superman which won the best kiss, it was Spiderman. Superman, of course, came out years ago. I don't know what I was thinking.

But -- and that was, of course, no less was an upside down kiss, which is difficult, which is why, I guess, it got the award.

There have been some kisses at award shows that have not gone quite so well. There was one when Angelina Jolie kissed her brother, wasn't it?

DEVON: Yes, that was a pretty infamous one, left a lot of -- a bad taste in a lot people's mouth, if you'll excuse the pun there.

But yet she won -- Angelina -- Angelina won for best supporting actress and she went over to her brother, Jamie, and planted a kiss right, you know, on the mouth and then went up and said a lot, you know -- a lot about her brother including - quote -- unquote -- "I'm in love with my brother." And I think that was a really weird thing for a lot of people because I have a brother, I love my brother, but I'm not in love with my brother. And I don't kiss my brother like that. And so a lot of people talked about that for a long time.

But you know, Angelina Jolie is no stranger to different behavior. Actually, after the 1999 Golden Globes, she and her brother, Jamie, the one, you know, she kissed on the mouth, actually went out into the Beverly Hilton Fountain and they both got on in their evening clothes. And, you know, she's also that wore blood around her neck in a vile...

COOPER: Oh, those kooky kids, I tell you.

DEVON: So she definitely likes to push people's buttons.

COOPER: Yes, all right. Let's talk about the infamous kiss, Michael Jackson and his then betrothed, Lisa Marie Presley.

DEVON: Yes, you know, she says that she feels like a victim in that situation. She was very much in love, she says, with Michael Jackson and she said this was something orchestrated by Michael Jackson's manager to help illustrate that he wasn't gay and he wasn't guilty of the child molestation charges that were kind of swirling around him at the time.

And so, you know, she said that they did this to make people believe they were really, you know, in love and it was a real relationship. Now she says she really regrets doing that and she kind of looks back now and watches that moment and realized why people questioned that relationship.

COOPER: Dayna, I'm stunned that that was a setup, orchestrated kiss. I'm just -- you've just shattered my illusions.

Dayna Devon from "Extra!," thanks very much. Appreciate you joining us tonight.

All right.

DEVON: You're welcome.


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