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Animal Trainer Roy Horn In Stable, But Critical Condition

Aired October 4, 2003 - 15:30   ET


ALAN FELDMAN, SPOKESMAN, MGM MIRAGE: OK? OK. I believe that the last time we spoke to most of you, was approximately 1:30 or 2:00 this morning. There is not an awful lot new to report. Roy remains stable, but in critical condition, and until or unless there is anything of substance to report, that's where we're going to leave the updates. We're not going to -- you know, constantly come out and give some of the minutia of what's going on. He's obviously under constant supervision by a team of doctors; they're keeping an eye on things quite literally every moment. But in the larger picture where we are, his condition has not changed -- stable, but critical.
I know that Siegfried & Roy and Bernie wanted also to express their sincere and deep appreciation for the enormous outpouring of concern that has come via telephone, via telegram, via fax, via email to their Web site. Flowers and cards that are coming into the hotel, and here at the hospital. It's really quite gratifying to know people are expressing the concern, and they asked that I give their thanks to people who have expressed their concern. I'm happy to try and take questions, but I really don't know there's going to be a lot we can answer.

Yes sir.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I'm Miguel Marquez from CNN. Has Mr. Horn gone back into surgery?

FELDMAN: As I say, we're not going to start getting into the details of his scare because the large picture remains the same, he is stable, but in extremely critical condition.

QUESTION: When was he last conscious?

FELDMAN: Excuse me?

QUESTION: When was he last conscious?

FELDMAN: I don't know.

QUESTION: Who is by his side at this hour?

FELDMAN: It would be the team of trauma surgeons and nurses who are here at UMC, who are monitoring his care.

QUESTION: What can you tell us about the tiger, Montecor (ph), he's seven-years-old. How many times has been in the show? Do you have any information on him?

FELDMAN: His name is Montecor he is seven years old and he's been in the show for several years.

QUESTION: And, where is he now, in quarantine?

FELDMAN: Montecor is in quarantine at the Mirage.

QUESTION: What's going to happen to Montecor, do we know at this time?

FELDMAN: Right now all of us are solely focused on Roy's outcome and concentrating on caring for him and Montecor, we can deal with a little bit later when we know where Roy is now? Anything else?

QUESTION: I understand that his situation is not particularly good, that it hadn't gotten better since last night.

FELDMAN: It has not changed. It was stable, but critical last night. It is stable, but critical today. It has not improved or deteriorated, it is what it is. It's a very serious situation, and we'll have see where things go. As we said earlier, the overwhelming likelihood is that it's going to be two to three days before we really understand the full extent of these injuries. Nothing has changed, in that regard, since last night.

QUESTION: Give us an idea of what exactly happened last night. We understand it was an artery, I understand also that maybe a carotid was affected. Can you give us a little more information on what exactly...

FELDMAN: I'm actually not able to, that's something the medical team will be able to do at such time they feel comfortable talking about that.

QUESTION: Will they talk to us?

FELDMAN: That's not my decision.

Is Mr. Fischbacher here as well, right now?

FELDMAN: Yeah, Siegfried has been here for several hours this morning, he was here, obviously, late into the night, early into the morning. Got a little bit of sleep and then came and he is here now.


FELDMAN: I don't -- he's a very, very strong man, these are very trying circumstances. I don't know that I'd want to try and qualify how he's doing beyond that.

QUESTION: Is it possible then, to talk to the hospital, to -- will you guys allow the hospital to talk to us?

FELDMAN: It doesn't -- you know, that's not quite the way it works these days, under the new federal guidelines. All the hospital is able to say is his condition, which is stable, but critical.

QUESTION: Alan, do we know anything more about what set this tiger off?


QUESTION: The hospital could release more information if you guys allowed it.

FELDMAN: There's nothing to release at this time, besides the fact he is in stable, but critical condition.

QUESTION: And you think three days before we'll know anything more, whether that will change at all?

FELDMAN: It could be two, it could be three, it could be a couple of hours, it could be longer. I mean, honestly right now, we just have to wait an see.

QUESTION: And, you'll remain dark all that time?

FELDMAN: At this point, the show is -- has been canceled indefinitely. I -- this is not going to be something that's going to be resolved in two or three days, as far as the show goes. I would have to double check, but to my understanding, we plan to cancel all shows through their Christmas break and are issuing refunds accordingly and will deal with anything beyond that down the road.

QUESTION: Have they ever missed a show before?

QUESTION: Sir, the tiger that was involved in that attack, was there ever in training; did they have problems with him?


QUESTION: Have they ever missed a show before, do you know that?

FELDMAN: Yes, they have missed shows in the past, Roy has had knee problems, he blew out his knee, during the -- the show is an extraordinary physical and physically demanding show, so they have missed shows in the past. Its -- it doesn't amount to much when you take a look at the longevity that they've had in Las Vegas. It's a handful of shows overtime. But they have missed a couple.

QUESTION: Do they have stand-ins at any time? Have they ever had a stand-in?

FELDMAN: Never, never, never.

QUESTION: Now, it's reported that Roy had mentioned that it was the first time the tiger had been on stage, is that correct?

FELDMAN: That's a line in the show, it was not -- it was perceived to be taken literally that this animal was make its debut, it is something Roy says in a joking manner and someone in the audience took it literally, that's all.

QUESTION: Is Danny Gans performing tonight? Are there any other shows that are black? FELDMAN: You know, Danny actually wasn't feeling well earlier this week, and I need to confirm that he's feeling better and ready to go back, so let me find out for you. That's a good question.

QUESTION: Were there any celebrities in the audience that night?

FELDMAN: Not that I'm aware of. Well, there were 1,503 celebrities, but I mean, none that you would know by name. OK?

QUESTION: May I ask who's been here this morning. I mean, just so we can get a better sense who's been here?

FELDMAN: I didn't hear you.

QUESTION: Who's been here any, family or just friends or...


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