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Interview With Medium James Van Praagh

Aired January 30, 2004 - 21:00   ET


LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, James Van Praagh, the renowned spiritual medium, says he can talk to heaven. He's here for the first time since his own father recently passed over to the other side. Anyone you want to reach up there, psychic medium James Van Praagh's here for the hour with your calls next on LARRY KING LIVE.
Always good to have him with us. We'll get to your calls in a little while. Want to touch some bases. Your father passed away. Was he long time ill?

JAMES VAN PRAAGH, SPIRITUAL MEDIUM: He was ill for about six years, and really, an invalid in a bed for six years also, had a nurse, full-time nurse.

KING: Did he believe in your power?

VAN PRAAGH: He used to watch me on the show, and he used to -- he was not sure about it. He was, in a way, like you, Larry. It's very interesting.

KING: No kidding.

VAN PRAAGH: Yes. Very much.

KING: Skeptical a bit, yes.

VAN PRAAGH: A little cynical, skeptical. But he knew who I was, as a person, so he knew that -- you know, who I was.

KING: He knew that you weren't a charlatan, right?

VAN PRAAGH: Yes. And he knew who I was.

KING: Have you heard from him?

VAN PRAAGH: Yes, the night after -- this was the weirdest experience I've ever had, and that's saying a lot. At his deathbed, we helped him over, I would say. And about an hour after that, I was driving back to the hotel in New York, in Long Island, and I heard, I'm free! I'm free! I'm off the machines. And I feel like a million bucks! And that was his favorite expression, I feel like a million bucks, and I hadn't heard that in 30 years. And he said, I'm OK. I'm OK. And that was it.

And the next day, I was walking around and also had a vision of his hair. And his hair -- it was very interesting. It was copper brown, and I could feel -- he had me feel the top of his head, and I felt the cowlicks in his hair. Like, wow. So he wanted to let me know he was young again. And he said, I've seen your mother, and she's young. And he said, And I have a brother I didn't know I had before, an older brother.

So I told my sister about this experience, and she said, Oh, yes. Don't you remember Grandma had a miscarriage back in England in 1920. And I didn't remember any of that, so it was pretty wild. So since then...

KING: What do you really -- he has -- James has a new book out. Let me mention it. It's called "Looking Beyond: A Teen's Guide to the Spiritual World." This is -- there's also -- there you see its cover. It is done in, like, trade paperback. He wrote "The New York Times" best-seller, of course, "Talking to Heaven." He has a new set of meditation CDs titled "Spirit Speaks," "Meditation Tools" "Divine Love," "Soul Discoveries." There you see the group of them. He had a hit CBS mini-series in 2002 based on his life, called "Living With the Dead," and CBS is planning another James Van Praagh movie, "Secrets of the Dead." We'll talk more about that before we wind things up.

Couple of other things. Have you been in touch with your mother?

VAN PRAAGH: I have, yes, not as -- not recently, but I have -- about three months ago, she came to me and she said, We're preparing for your dad. Don't worry about it. It's going to be OK.

KING: What happens when you die?

VAN PRAAGH: What happens when you die? Well, I think it's a very natural experience, and I think it's very much like going asleep but you're awake when it happens.

KING: No matter how you die, even if you're murdered or...


VAN PRAAGH: Doesn't matter how you leave your body. You leave the body. Leaving the body itself is not painful whatsoever. Going up to that point, the type of death might be painful, but actually leaving the physical body is not painful whatsoever.

KING: And then what?

VAN PRAAGH: We leave the body every night when we go to sleep. We just don't know it. We're unconscious of it.

KING: And then what?

VAN PRAAGH: And then -- well, it depends on the personal experience of each person because everybody is different. Some people talk about a light. Some people talk about seeing their loved ones right at the foot of the bed. It seems that most people have a sense of going to a very peaceful place, a tranquil place, and they see everybody they've ever loved in their lives there to greet them. And they feel very peaceful and joyful.

KING: Do they also see people they didn't love and people they didn't like and people they had conflict with?

VAN PRAAGH: Sure. Sure. It seems, though, that when you enter that dimension, there seems to be a difference in the way you look at people and the way you feel about people. And it seems that there's a whole -- you see the whole being, as a total wholesome parts of themselves that we, on the physical level, don't see. We only see a part of who we really are here. This is a part of ourselves.

KING: Is it a place?

VAN PRAAGH: It's a very physical place. We live in a three- dimensional world. The spirit world is of the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh dimensions. So of course, we're limited with our three- dimensional laws here, with our vision and our feeling. So -- and to describe it, it'd be hard because we'd have to use physical terms of the three-dimensional world, where it could be things that we don't understand on this level.

KING: And what are -- you say...

VAN PRAAGH: Well, let me -- for instance, in the spirit world, people describe houses and they describe the beautiful gardens over there, colors like we've never seen on this earth. They talk about things you've always wanted to do on the earth but you weren't able to, like perhaps playing the piano. Over there, you're able to do that. Or if you wanted to do a wonderful art work, you're able to do that there. Whatever your heart desires.

KING: So there are objects, there are pianos in the other world.

VAN PRAAGH: Sure. There are. If you want that, you can have that.

KING: Your father said he's young again.

VAN PRAAGH: He said that, yes.

KING: What does that mean?

VAN PRAAGH: Well, it was interesting because he said, I'm not that old man lying down there. And funny because he said to me at the funeral, at the viewing (UNINTELLIGIBLE) viewing -- this is so funny. He came to me. I was talking to some people and I felt someone behind me. And I looked, it was my dad sitting, looking very young. And he said, Thanks for putting my teeth in. I look better.

KING: Sometimes you see them?

VAN PRAAGH: I see them. Sometimes I feel them. Sometimes I hear them. Sometimes all three at once or sometimes just a vision or a sound.

KING: Are they wearing clothing?

VAN PRAAGH: When I see them, they're wearing clothing, or I just see their face, you know, or an article of clothing or a piece of jewelry, an identifying way...

KING: They don't age anymore, right? They don't eat? Do they eat?

VAN PRAAGH: No, they don't need to eat. They might have a memory of it when they pass over to that side. There's a memory. You see, there's this whole memory of the physical earth, of drinking and eating. And after a while, they feel like they don't need that anymore to sustain life.

KING: I can't get into any current cases, but have you ever...

VAN PRAAGH: I've worked on some current cases.

KING: OK. But have you touched into a murder victim who identified the murderer?

VAN PRAAGH: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

KING: So you could help police a lot.

VAN PRAAGH: I have. I certainly have. And some things I have, I don't do the public arena because I want to be protected. I also protect the families of victims, and so forth. But I've worked on many, many murder cases.

KING: When you go around the country speaking, you speak to groups? What -- how does...

VAN PRAAGH: I speak to groups. I have a Web site,, that people log in to, and they see my calendar of the tours and cities I'll be touring. And there it's -- it's really about anywhere from 500 to 1,000 to 2,000 people. And I read as many people as I can. I meditate with the people. I show them how to meditate, how to become more aware of their intuition because I'm not the only one that can do this.

KING: OK. Other than giving them the comfort of knowing there's something else, how does it help people?

VAN PRAAGH: I think it's a way of living life. If you understand that you are responsible for your thoughts, your words and your deeds, as it says in the Bible, that when you pass over, you have to relive every single thought you had, or the way you treated someone, I think someone becomes more mindful on their life on this earth.

KING: What do you mean relive it? If you do something bad, you pay for it?

VAN PRAAGH: When you pass over, one of the first things that happens is you have a life review and you see every single thing you've ever experienced and every situation, every thought you had about someone. For instance, if you go to the store and you're in a bad mood and you scream at that person, when you pass over, you'll relive that. And you'll relive how that person felt when you yelled at them. And you are your judge...

KING: This is like Albert Brooks's movie "Defending Your Life."

VAN PRAAGH: It's exactly like "Defending Your Life." Very similar. Very, very similar. So you're responsible, and you're your judge and jury. And you know, I don't believe that there's a God that says, You go there, you go there, you go there. I believe you judge yourself.

KING: No heaven and hell...

VAN PRAAGH: One of the hardest things on this earth we have is to judge ourselves here. You know, people will get guilty and they have horrible times. Imagine if you're in the spirit world, where there is no time, and you have to relive over and over again things.

KING: Could be terrible.

VAN PRAAGH: Could be hell.

KING: Are there religions? Are there people praying to God? Are there beliefs?

VAN PRAAGH: Yes. I believe that there are. I believe there are many belief systems over there, and I believe that...

KING: Same as here?

VAN PRAAGH: Yes. I believe you take your belief system over there. And if you feel comfortable as a Muslim or a born-again Christian, you have that society, you have that way of thinking over there, that mindset, if you will. In the Bible, it says, "My father has a house of many mansions.' And what I believe that means is the very spiritual levels which exist, the various belief systems, if you will. And you will have judgments and prejudice and you'll have religions and belief, you know, systems very much like here over there.

KING: What happens to evil people?

VAN PRAAGH: You know, I think it's people who don't see the light or are unaware or are not being mindful, living mindful lives. I think that they -- I think this is our schoolroom. You know, this is our schoolroom down here. There are some people that graduate really well. There are some people that need to learn over again and come back and take more classes.

KING: And where is -- are there other planes after that?

VAN PRAAGH: Oh, yes. I don't put limits on it. I believe there are many solar systems, many planets, many levels of life and existence.

KING: Now, when people call in -- just briefly, we're going to break and then take calls -- what happens?


KING: What happens?

VAN PRAAGH: Well, you know, people have been thinking about people. Thoughts are real things. So they've (UNINTELLIGIBLE) thoughts to that loved one. And if the loved one wants to, they will try to come by and line up around me and try to get through me. And sometimes, when I talk to some people (UNINTELLIGIBLE) and sometimes they don't come through, but someone else comes through.

KING: And what's particular about teens, the teen's guide?

VAN PRAAGH: Teens? You know, we have nothing to support teens right now, as far as spirituality, as far as nurturing them. We have nothing.

KING: Well, their parents are probably alive, and they...

VAN PRAAGH: Well, we need someone that kids really can, you know, get -- delve into, as far as nurturing their souls, their own belief systems, their own spirituality. And this teaches kids to believe in themselves, their own intuition. They feel out -- there are parts of the book you can fill things out. It's perception. It's the way you look at something.

KING: Oh, I see. There's a lot more to do than just -- with the timing...

VAN PRAAGH: Yes. It's learning not to feel guilty. It's learning about, you know, empowering yourself. You know, I grew up as a small, short kid, and I was always made fun of. I know what it feels like. And of course, now, still, I'm being (UNINTELLIGIBLE)

KING: Terrific illustrations, too.

VAN PRAAGH: Thanks. It's a good book, yes.

KING: Aimed right at children, at teenagers.

VAN PRAAGH: Teenagers. And you know, adults can read it, too, because it'll help them with (UNINTELLIGIBLE)

KING: We got a key question before we go to break, the obvious. Who's going to win Sunday?

VAN PRAAGH: I knew you were going to ask me that. I don't know even now. I don't (UNINTELLIGIBLE)

KING: Come on, James!

VAN PRAAGH: I don't know. What inning is it that we...


VAN PRAAGH: It's football.

KING: Twenty-to-ten New England. That's my prediction, folks.

VAN PRAAGH: Write that down.

KING: Write it down, 20-10 New England.


KING: Go the under and lay the points.

Anyway, we'll be right back with James Van Praagh and your calls. Don't go away.


KING: The Web site again is, and it'll give you the dates as he tours. The book is "Looking Beyond: The Teen's Guide to the Spiritual World." It's published in trade paperback by Fireside. That's a division of Simon & Shuster, I think.

VAN PRAAGH: You can see that's a spiral going to the tunnel, the cover.

KING: Yes. Good cover. All right, let's go to your calls, and we start with Phoenix. Hello. Phoenix, hello?

CALLER: Hello?

KING: Yes. Go ahead.

CALLER: Hi, Larry.


CALLER: James, I'm so tickled to be on your show. I miss your noon -- I came home for lunch every day and watched your show, and I just loved it.

VAN PRAAGH: Thank you.

CALLER: I'm so sorry that it's gone.

VAN PRAAGH: Oh, thank you. It's OK. It'll be replaced with other things.

CALLER: OK. I lost -- I've lost both of my parents.


CALLER: But my father passed away September of 2000.

VAN PRAAGH: I was getting your father before I even -- you know, when I first heard your voice. And I want to talk about his leg or his legs, OK?

CALLER: His legs?

VAN PRAAGH: There's something with his leg, OK, before he passes over?


VAN PRAAGH: You understand about that.


VAN PRAAGH: Because he's telling me to tell you his leg is fine. It's more like one leg than two legs, OK? And (UNINTELLIGIBLE) he said (UNINTELLIGIBLE) walk, he doesn't have pain in that leg anymore. There was going to be an operation before he passed over they were talking about, and also going into a hospital? OK?


VAN PRAAGH: And I wanted to ask you, were there any tests taken for him before he passed?


VAN PRAAGH: OK. Because he's talking about tests that were taken, and he said, No more tests. I don't have to deal with that anymore. And he said he wants you to be relieved. There's a lady over there. I'm not sure if it's a sister of his.

CALLER: Oh, my God. Yes.

VAN PRAAGH: OK? Because he wants you to know he's met his sister, OK? There's also an initial "R" with someone. I'm not sure if it's a Ruth or a Robert, but the initial "R," is a person in the spirit world he's seeing.

CALLER: In the spirit world.

VAN PRAAGH: Yes. There's also...


VAN PRAAGH: ... another friend of his that passed over, like a childhood friend, not too far from the time your dad passed over.

CALLER: Oh, my gosh. I don't know who that is.


CALLER: Childhood friend? OK.

VAN PRAAGH: I also want to tell you -- was he -- did he ever live at one time when he was younger in the mountains of cold, like a snow mountains or...


VAN PRAAGH: OK. Because he talks about snow and (UNINTELLIGIBLE) the mountains. And I don't know if someone's thinking about going back to where he grew up. And there's some family that wanted to buy something there. But he's talking about that.


VAN PRAAGH: All right?

KING: Thank you. Good luck, ma'am. Off to a good start.

Glen Hedge, New York. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Hi, I love you both so much. Could you please tell me anything about my twin sister? She passed away three years ago.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, just -- just -- don't tell me -- just what's her name?

CALLER: My name is Ann.

VAN PRAAGH: And what's your sister's name?

CALLER: Grace.



VAN PRAAGH: OK. First of all, let me ask you something. I can only give you what I get, so that's -- I can't necessarily bring in who you want. It's just what I get. I want to talk about either buying a new car or there was (UNINTELLIGIBLE) about getting another car recently.


VAN PRAAGH: OK. And does she have a daughter?

CALLER: Yes, she does.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Would you please ask the daughter if she was getting a new car, got a new car just now? You understand that?


VAN PRAAGH: OK. Because this is what she's telling me. I want to tell you that her sister feels as if she was unexpected to die. She didn't expect this, she said.


VAN PRAAGH: And she said it came very quickly and very suddenly and very rapidly. She didn't expect it.


VAN PRAAGH: She said -- now, she's using a religious reference here, so she's saying she's in God's hands, OK? CALLER: OK. Yes.

VAN PRAAGH: I don't know what that means, but she's in God's hands. I want to ask you, is she buried at the cemetery?

CALLER: Yes. Well, she's in a -- what do you call those?

VAN PRAAGH: OK. OK, mausoleum or something?


VAN PRAAGH: But is there a religious -- something religious right near where she is in the mausoleum?

CALLER: Yes, I believe there is.

VAN PRAAGH: I know there is because there's something very religious, whether it's a cross or whether it's the Virgin Mary, there's something right outside the doorway there, she's telling me, OK?


VAN PRAAGH: She's all right -- I don't want you to feel like -- I want you to pay attention to your dreams because she says, I came to you in your dreams. Didn't you see me?

CALLER: Oh, gosh.

VAN PRAAGH: OK? And you didn't listen to her.

CALLER: Really? Is she giving me any other signs?

VAN PRAAGH: I want to go -- you know, I want to your bed there, the bedroom, because she keeps on saying, I'm in her dreams. I'm in her dreams. And I don't know if there was a light on a side table that something happened to, OK, like a lamp next to the bed?


VAN PRAAGH: But she's talking about being near this lamp near the bed and it's either not working or she tipped it over.

CALLER: No, that didn't happen.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Would you watch it, please, because she's talking about the lamp next to the bed.

KING: You could predict things, then.


VAN PRAAGH: I mean, I know what I'm hearing. So -- I know what I'm hearing.

KING: Denver. Hello. CALLER: Hi. Thank you both. This is a gift and an opportunity. James, I'm going to use a nickname here. Do you feel anything about Huggy (ph) being around me or with me?

VAN PRAAGH: Not right now, I don't, no. Not right now, I don't. Is this a guide of yours or...

CALLER: No, this is actually my mother.

VAN PRAAGH: Your mother. No, I don't get that, but I'm picking up something with sinus. Who had a lung, sinus problem, by the way.

CALLER: My mother had both lung and sinus problems.

VAN PRAAGH: Oh, OK. Because I keep on getting this condition of sinus and lung stuff, and I can't, like -- I have to...

KING: Not identifying as the mother?

VAN PRAAGH: I'm not picking up as the mother. Could be, but I'm not -- I'm picking up on the condition, first of all. I'm not -- I'm not hearing somebody say (UNINTELLIGIBLE) mother.

KING: So what are you hearing?

VAN PRAAGH: I'm picking up a...

KING: You're picking up a sinus?

VAN PRAAGH: A respiratory problem and...

CALLER: Yes, she passed...

VAN PRAAGH: ... I couldn't breathe before I passed over. Let me -- let me tell you...

CALLER: She passed away from emphysema.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Because I can't...

CALLER: And today...

VAN PRAAGH: Let me tell you...

CALLER: Today is her 85th birthday.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. I can't breathe before I pass over. That's what I was getting a sense of. I didn't get the sense, Hi, I'm her mother, but I got a sense of her death condition. Many times, the spirit comes in, the first thing they give you is the death condition. And the reason why they do that is because they have -- the last memory they have of this physical earth is their death condition. So many times, they come back to this level, the first thing they remember is the death. And I will feel that first many times.

KING: Are they coming back to the level a lot? VAN PRAAGH: It's more like they're aware of us, around our family and around the family, very much so.

KING: Do they know what's happening?

VAN PRAAGH: They know what's happening.

KING: If a child gets sick, they know...

VAN PRAAGH: They're very aware of that. And see, they see your aura, and your aura is an electromagnetic field which is around every living thing. And in your aura, your thoughts, words, your desires, they can see your health, they can see you emotional health, they can see your mental health all in your aura. So many times, they will try to push a healthy vibration of feeling energy into you.

KING: Trying to make you better. Dreams important?

VAN PRAAGH: Dreams are very important because it's the easiest way for the spirit to communicate with the physical person because we're in our conscious -- most of the day, we're in our conscious mind. In the sleeping state, we're not in the conscious mind, so we're able to accept things more readily, and we're closer to that spiritual vibration.

KING: Cambridge, Ontario. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, James.


CALLER: I'm hoping you can reach my grandfather, who passed away nine years ago.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. I also -- but before we start that, what's your first name?

CALLER: Samantha.

VAN PRAAGH: Samantha. Samantha, I want you to pay attention to a last name, by the name of Cook, C-O-O-K.


VAN PRAAGH: OK? And I'm not sure if it's Cook or C-O-O-K or C- O-O-K-E. Does that mean anything to you at all?


VAN PRAAGH: OK, because I'm picking that up. I don't know what this means for you. But I'm picking this person up or this family member up, OK? Do you know people with the last name with that name?

CALLER: I do, yes.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. I want to tell you that there's a man here with that last name. And for some reason, he's telling me that you're the one that's going to get the message to his family. Don't know what it means, but this is what's coming in here, OK, with the last name Cook. There's also newspapers about his death or articles in the newspaper or a story about the death of this man in the newspaper. The family will have it, OK?


VAN PRAAGH: I got to tell you that.


VAN PRAAGH: All right. That's what I'm getting.

KING: What about her grandfather?

VAN PRAAGH: What's his first name?

CALLER: James.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. I was going say John. Funny. OK, got that. I'm going to ask you, was there talk about an eye condition in one of the eyes?


VAN PRAAGH: OK. Because I'm picking up with him, he says an eye condition in one of the eyes, and he wants you to know his eyes are better, and also, he's able to speak now because he wasn't able to speak before he passed over.

CALLER: That's right.

VAN PRAAGH: He's able to do it now.

KING: We're on a roll. Joliet, Illinois. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, James.


CALLER: I was wondering if you could hear anything from my brother?

VAN PRAAGH: What's his first name, please?



CALLER: Right.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. First, I -- and what's your name?

CALLER: Deena (ph).

VAN PRAAGH: Deena? OK, Deena. Let me ask you, is your father in the spirit world?


VAN PRAAGH: OK. I don't know what's going on with your dad, but your -- this Don person is around your father. I think your father, there's some health concerns around him, OK?


VAN PRAAGH: I also want to tell you there's some blood sugar problems.

CALLER: That's right.

VAN PRAAGH: Because I want to pay more attention to that, and this...

KING: So Don is telling you about his father?

VAN PRAAGH: About the father because he's around the father. And hold on. Don was also surprised when he passed over. He was not expecting his death.

CALLER: No, he wasn't.


CALLER: It was an auto accident.

VAN PRAAGH: Well, don't tell me. I was going to tell you there was an impact with it. And I'll tell you he was not -- his head was affected right away, like, he was hit in the head.

CALLER: Right.

VAN PRAAGH: His head banged into something. It wasn't another part of the body, it was his head. Do you understand that?

CALLER: No. And it was a tree.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Because it was -- the head is what's hitting, OK?

CALLER: Great.

VAN PRAAGH: Hold on. He has kids he's talking about. He wants (UNINTELLIGIBLE) at the kids, OK? I also want to tell you there's a dog over there, and he's saying he has the dog. There was a dog (UNINTELLIGIBLE)

CALLER: There's a couple over there.

VAN PRAAGH: There's a dog (UNINTELLIGIBLE) that he wants you to know, OK?

CALLER: OK. VAN PRAAGH: And one of the dogs had a problem with a leg also. There was an operation with one. OK?


VAN PRAAGH: Thank you.

KING: Thank you. We'll be back with more of James Van Praagh. His new book is "Looking Beyond: A Teen's Guide to the Spiritual World." And you can always check into We'll be right back.


KING: We're back with James Van Praagh. Victoria, British Columbia. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, there.


VAN PRAAGH: Hi, Victoria.

CALLER: Just curious about my grandfather, my grandpa.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. And what's his name?


VAN PRAAGH: Adam. OK. He died a long time ago, though, didn't he? Quite a bit ago.

CALLER: About five years.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. I was going to say six or seven years ago. I want to ask you -- what's your first name?

CALLER: Nancy.

VAN PRAAGH: Nancy. Nancy, would Adam know about fruit trees or having fruit trees?

CALLER: Not sure.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Did he grow up on a farm at all.

CALLER: Yes, in -- yes.

VAN PRAAGH: You understand that, please?

CALLER: In Saskatchewan, yes.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Because he comes and he talks about a farm or fruit trees, and he has memories of that, OK?

CALLER: OK. VAN PRAAGH: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) going to go back to his younger part of his life, but that's what he was talking about. There's a man with him, a brother feeling here I'm getting. I feel like they're very close together. And I'm going to tell you that now they're able to be closer than they were on the earth because they weren't close enough on the earth or one died earlier, but they're close now, OK?


VAN PRAAGH: OK? I want to watch someone getting new glasses. I don't know if you got new glasses recently, or there's talk about going to the eye doctor?

CALLER: Yes, I just went and got my eyes checked.

VAN PRAAGH: That's what he's telling me, OK?


VAN PRAAGH: All right? I want to get it checked again, all right? So get two opinions.


KING: Hastings, Nevada. Hello. Hello, Hastings. You're on. Turn your radio -- turn your TV down.

CALLER: Hi. I had a niece that...

KING: Turn your television down, ma'am. I'm going to have to move along.


KING: Go ahead.

CALLER: I had a niece that passed away in December of last year.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, before you go on, let me tell you, was there any drugs involved in this passing?

CALLER: Can't hear him.



KING: Is your television down?

CALLER: It is down.

KING: All right.

VAN PRAAGH: Was there any drugs involved in this passing with her.

CALLER: Not that I know of. She was only 8 years old.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Was she on medications of some sort, please?

CALLER: She had a heart condition she was born with.

VAN PRAAGH: Was she in...

CALLER: She was born with her heart...


VAN PRAAGH: Let me tell you -- was she receiving medication when she passed over?

CALLER: No. They took her off medicine.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. There's something about a reaction to drugs or medication this girl has.


VAN PRAAGH: OK? I got to tell you what I'm getting. I also see an initial "P," like "P" as in Phyllis or Phil, OK?


VAN PRAAGH: So I don't know what that is or who that means something to. Your I want to -- are you -- is your sister her mother?

CALLER: No, I'm her aunt and a Godparent.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Who's her mother.

CALLER: Her mother's named Cindy (ph).

VAN PRAAGH: OK. She's obviously related to you as a sister-in- law or something?

CALLER: Yes. She's my sister.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. I want to watch -- I don't know what this means about her getting headaches.


VAN PRAAGH: But she's talking about headaches that the mother gets.


VAN PRAAGH: Are you aware of this.


VAN PRAAGH: Would you please tell her about the headaches.



KING: So the medication -- you see medication involved, even though...

VAN PRAAGH: Yes. I feel there was something to do with medication with her death. And I would say sometimes it comes as drugs or medication, and there was some reaction of some of sort which I don't feel comfortable with. And you know, I wish I could say, Oh, it was done for this reason, but I got to tell you what I get.

KING: And how would a 6-year-old know?

VAN PRAAGH: I'm getting what I'm being told, what...


KING: Colorado Springs, Colorado. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, James?

VAN PRAAGH: Yes, dear.

CALLER: It's a privilege to talk to you.

VAN PRAAGH: Thank you.

CALLER: I lost my husband...

VAN PRAAGH: I know. He's right...

CALLER: ... in 2001.

VAN PRAAGH: ... next to you. He's right next to you, sweetheart.

CALLER: Is he?

VAN PRAAGH: Let me just tell you something. You've been writing a letter to him after he died or there's talk about writing, OK? And was he writing before he died?

CALLER: No. Not that I know of.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Who was writing something? Did you write something about him?

CALLER: We wrote a beautiful eulogy that...

VAN PRAAGH: OK. I don't know if that's it. I want to talk about writing something about him, so I don't know if it's a biography about him or someone's still joking about doing that.

CALLER: I don't...

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Hold on. Hold on. What's his first name?

CALLER: Joseph.



VAN PRAAGH: OK. Is there an Ed somewhere, someone named Ed or Eddie? Because I want to keep it if you don't, because I get that.

CALLER: No. I don't know of an Ed.

VAN PRAAGH: Also, I want to ask you, is there a chair you're sitting next to you that's is empty right now?

CALLER: A chair next to me that's empty?

VAN PRAAGH: That's empty.

CALLER: No, I'm sitting in a chair that he always sat in.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. He's talking about sitting in an empty chair, so whatever that means. There's a chair across from you. There's something right across from the chair he's talking to me about.

CALLER: There's a chair across from me.

VAN PRAAGH: Hello, OK. And there's also a clock right near there on the wall, OK? And he's talking about a clock not working. So I want to pay attention to that, OK? I also want to tell you, did you hear him speak to you when you were sleeping?



CALLER: I never have.

VAN PRAAGH: Would you please open yourself up to it at night because I feel like he's going to there be speaking.

CALLER: OK. I talk to him every night.

VAN PRAAGH: Yes, but you don't hear him.


VAN PRAAGH: But you'll hear his voice.

KING: You got to listen. By the way, my father's name was Ed. Could he have collided in there?

VAN PRAAGH: Could, could, could, could, could, could, could.

KING: Just bringing it up.

VAN PRAAGH: Could. Remember, I said something about him with the factory, and I said...

KING: That's right.

VAN PRAAGH: And you said...

KING: You were right. He just told me my father died working in a factory, and he was, and that it was in New Jersey, and it was. And we'll be back. Don't go away.


KING: Country weekend this weekend. Tomorrow night, a repeat of Toby Keith. And Sunday night, Naomi Judd. Monday night, Angela Lansbury. Tuesday night, two shows, election night, on live at 9:00 and midnight, the special analyst, of course, are Bob Woodward and former Senator Bob Dole. Other guests next week, Ed Bradley and Kathie Lee Gifford.

James Van Praagh's book "Looking Beyond: The Teen's Guide to the Spiritual World." He's going to be on tour. He's going to be in New York, Miami, Chicago, Australia, England, Greece. Want more information,

Ontario, hello.

CALLER: My name is Amy. Was wondering if you had any messages.

KING: From?

CALLER: From my Aunt Barb.

VAN PRAAGH: Who had breast cancer.

CALLER: My sister.

VAN PRAAGH: She's still alive isn't she?

CALLER: Yes, she is.

VAN PRAAGH: Do you know if it's been reoccurring recently? Was there a concern about it? .

CALLER: She is always going -- she just passed her five-year mark. We're always going and checking.

VAN PRAAGH: I want you to know there is some condition in the family where it seems like you all got to check for that. It seems it is very readily there in the family, okay?

CALLER: Thank you.

VAN PRAAGH: So, I want your sister getting check and you also check. And your mom is still alive isn't she?

CALLER: Yes, she is. VAN PRAAGH: I love your mom. She has great, great energy, your mother. She has great energy. And your mother, by the way, has done a lot for your family. And she should be thanked. She should be appreciated. I don't know if Barb has a connection to your mother.


VAN PRAAGH: Because she wants to give love to her especially and she wants your mother to get the validation that she has done a good job as a mother.

CALLER: Thank you.

VAN PRAAGH: And even when dad wasn't working that period of time, mother worked extra hard, okay.

CALLER: Oh, gosh.

VAN PRAAGH: Understand that, don't you?


VAN PRAAGH: Because I'm being told to tell you this, but your mother needs the praise. Give it to her, because she's earned it.

CALLER: Wow, thank you.

KING: Cornville, Arizona, hello.

CALLER: Hi, James. I want to know if my friend Linda committed suicide and also if she's responsible for bringing my lover to me.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. What is your name?

CALLER: Naomi.

VAN PRAAGH: Naomi, was she in a different state than you.

CALLER: Yes, sir.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, because I feel like there is a different state involved. I feel she drank a lot.


VAN PRAAGH: Sorry. But I feel like she -- I think she died of her own -- I'm hearing in my head, died at my own hands, died at my own hands.

KING: Killed herself.

VAN PRAAGH: Died at my own hands. But she had a serious illness before that I feel like her chemical imbalance with this lady, too. Trying to lose weight, there was a diet issue with her weight. I also feel like she drank -- I feel drinking here with her. I feel there is not a good self-esteem at all whatsoever. CALLER: No.

VAN PRAAGH: I feel like there is a male figure, like a father figure was not there for her growing up and she needed that in her life. I want you to know -- I don't feel she was the one that brought you your lover but I feel there were a number of people involved in doing that for you. And I think you did also by sending out thoughts about that. You finally felt you earned it and deserved it.


VAN PRAAGH: Pray for Linda. Pray for Linda. Because I feel like she's still not fully accepted her death. I feel like she's still a little -- the word I say is dirty.

KING: What happens had you commit suicide?

VAN PRAAGH: You know, the soul survives death. So, people don't have to worry about that. The worst part is people living behind, the spirit that passed over, they feel the remorse and they feel the hurt and the grief from those left behind.

KING: So, they have guilt?

VAN PRAAGH: They have a lot of guilt.

KING: Baltimore, hello.

VAN PRAAGH: Our prayers help them, though.

KING: Baltimore, hello.

CALLER: Hello.

KING: Yes, go ahead.

CALLER: I'm inquiring -- my husband died and I would like to know exactly how he died.

VAN PRAAGH: What is your name, please?


VAN PRAAGH: What is his name.

CALLER: Billy Bob. Or William Robert, or Billy Bob.

VAN PRAAGH: Yes, I know. Okay. I want to talk about a little town. I know you're from Baltimore. But I don't know if you're outside of Baltimore, but I'm seeing a little town, okay? I'm also seeing like a bar or a -- a bar, okay. And a saloon there. That's not too far from your house, is it?

CALLER: We have so many around here.

VAN PRAAGH: He did ever go to this place, once in a while. It is a corner, I'm seeing this. It is a bar. I feel like there are friends there or associates, it was fun...

CALLER: Neither one of us went to a bar.

VAN PRAAGH: I don't know -- there is a bar on a corner it is not far from where you are.

KING: She wants to know how he died. Why don't you know how he died, ma'am?

CALLER: The hospital -- he had gone hunting. The hospital in Rodney, West Virginia said he died of a heart attack. His death certificate say emphysema, respiratory failure.

VAN PRAAGH: It doesn't matter, really, it doesn't, because he's around you and he survived. It doesn't matter.

CALLER: Another question, I want to know if he's mad at me.

VAN PRAAGH: He's not mad at you at all. He's very relieved. I'm going to tell you something with this man, I feel. I feel like he's relieved he didn't have to suffer. He didn't want to suffer. And he's a very pragmatic man, black and white this guy. It's black and white to him. Okay?

And his funeral, his death -- I don't know if you buried him or something here. But I want to say thank you for doing this. Also there is another man around you. So he's either sent someone around to take care of you.

CALLER: I don't know. No.

VAN PRAAGH: So, I want you to be aware of that.


KING: Look for it.

Toronto, hello.

CALLER: Hello. I really appreciate you taking my call tonight. Hello?

KING: Go ahead.

CALLER: Are you there?

KING: Yes, go ahead.

CALLER: I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you very well. I really love your show, and Mr. Van Praagh's name has just come up to me in the last two days, twice. So I'm amazed I got through to your line.

VAN PRAAGH: You meant to come through here, yes.

CALLER: And I would like to ask you...

VAN PRAAGH: Your mother passed over?

CALLER: Yes, she did.

VAN PRAAGH: I get mother around you.

CALLER: Yes, yes.

VAN PRAAGH: I want to tell you that mother, loving roses and flowers. A big, big deal about that, okay? I also I want to talk about having flowers in your house, art work or print.


VAN PRAAGH: You understand that. Because she is talking about that print of the flowers.

KING: What question do you have?

CALLER: What question do you have?

VAN PRAAGH: She just wants to know if she's around.

CALLER: I would like to know if she's around. And I'd also like to know the night she passed.

VAN PRAAGH: She's talking to me too, so I'm hearing three things in my head. You have doilies on the table there? Like old doilies -- needle point work at all?


VAN PRAAGH: She's talking to me about that. And I don't know if you have her needle point work, too, but she's talking about that, things on a table or a doilie or something.


VAN PRAAGH: And that she's talking about this. And she likes to have a neat house. Make sure your house is very neat. She's making sure it is orderly.

When you went to her house -- I mean, when she went to your house, you had a footstool for her feet or she put her feet up, okay. She likes that. She is telling me also that her legs -- there was -- I don't know if there was a blood clot or at one point or problem with her veins in her legs. But she's telling me her legs are tired and there is clots she's talking about here. She want me to tell you also that when she passed out of the body, she passed very quickly. I mean, she was sick for a little bit but she said it was relief to her.

CALLER: I'm so glad.

VAN PRAAGH: And she heard you. She did hear you.

CALLER: She did hear me.

KING: That's nice. Mobile, Oklahoma, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Larry. Hi, James.

KING: Go ahead.

CALLER: Yes, I was just wanting to see if James could reach my cousin that had died a year ago.

VAN PRAAGH: Okay. Who was around you that had a car accident.

CALLER: My cousin Deedee.

VAN PRAAGH: She's still living or she passed over then?

CALLER: No, she's still living.

VAN PRAAGH: You've got to be careful with her. Her brother -- her brother, where is he?

CALLER: She has several brothers.

VAN PRAAGH: There is another brother there. I mean, there is a brother, very careful about a car accident coming up. It has to do with with Deedee. Somebody older than her. One older than her.


VAN PRAAGH: And there's also someone that just bought a new house or new place of living.


VAN PRAAGH: All right. And you wanted to get in contact with who, your cousin?

CALLER: My cousin or grandmother.

VAN PRAAGH: Okay. All I'm getting -- I keep getting -- sorry, I don't know who this is, your father's mother passed over?

CALLER: Yes, she has.

VAN PRAAGH: She's the one that wants to say hello to you.

CALLER: Well, that's wonderful.

VAN PRAAGH: She wants to say hello to you. Was she religious?

CALLER: Yes, she was.

VAN PRAAGH: I'm seeing a cross in front of me.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

VAN PRAAGH: She's saying, I wouldn't be doing this if I was alive. I didn't believe in this sort of thing. CALLER: No.

VAN PRAAGH: She's showing me a cross. She wants you to know she's safe with Jesus, that's what she's talking about, here.

CALLER: That's wonderful.

VAN PRAAGH: I don't know why if you have a religious item over your bed, or right near the bed, you understand that, a cross or something with a religious thing and she loves that. And she wants you to have some more religious things in that room.

KING: We'll be back James Van Praagh. The book is "Looking Beyond: A Teen's Guide to the Spiritual World." More information on his tour is Don't go away.


KING: How is the new CBS movie coming along?

VAN PRAAGH: We're writing it right now. "Secrets of the Dead" and it is an interesting story about a girl that becomes engaged. Her fiance gives her an antique ring. And as soon as she puts it on, she sees an old lady. And we find out that the old lady was murdered and she wants the girl to solve her murder.

KING: Are you in it?

VAN PRAAGH: No, I'm producing it.

KING: When will we expect to see it?

VAN PRAAGH: Probably in the fall.

KING: Toledo, Ohio, hello.

CALLER: Yes, I would like to know if he could get a message from my son or my husband?

VAN PRAAGH: How about son. I feel it beforehand. That's why. Was your son over there before your husband?


VAN PRAAGH: Because I feel like he wants me to tell you he helped him over, OK. He helped him over. With your son, by the way, I don't know if this was accidental, but I feel like he wasn't ready for this.


VAN PRAAGH: I also feel as if someone's hand that he passes over. I feel like -- I want to tell you that he's really an honorary kind of kid, your son.

CALLER: Really? VAN PRAAGH: Who is Mike?


VAN PRAAGH: Is there a friend named Mike he had?


VAN PRAAGH: Mike or Mikey. Mike, he's telling me. Mikey. He's telling me this. I also want to tell you that you know, he brings in trouble into his life, your son. OK. I've got to tell you that. Was he living a different place than your house?

CALLER: Pardon?

VAN PRAAGH: He was living in a different place than your house?

CALLER: No, he was at home.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. There is something about not being home at the right time with him. He's apologizing for not being home at the right time he was supposed to be. Whatever that means. I also want to ask did this happen at night when he died?


VAN PRAAGH: I also feel there's someone else that does this.


VAN PRAAGH: I also feel his head is involved also with this. I also feel that the detectives or police did not get the right answers. I want to tell you there is a memorial for him, a plaque with his name on it. That's made for him. He's very moved by that. I also want to tell you, there is sports, something about sports, I don't know if he liked to play sports. But who went fishing in the boat?


VAN PRAAGH: Where is his dad? Dad ever go fishing in a boat.

CALLER: No, he died in an auto accident.

VAN PRAAGH: That's not what I'm getting. Something about a fishing or on a boat with his son. I want to tell you who lives near water? Do you live near water? Let me tell you what I'm getting here. This man, your husband, he's with his son, his son helped him over.


VAN PRAAGH: There is -- and there is also something about a boat or being on a boat.

CALLER: We used to have a boat. VAN PRAAGH: There you go. There's a memory that they have of the boat and what I was getting was, the father was giving her -- trying to give her the memory of the three of them on the boat and to try to think of things that way.

KING: Staten Island, New York, hello.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call.

KING: Sure.

CALLER: James, I followed your career for a while. Thank you for doing what you do.

VAN PRAAGH: Come see me in New York in March. At Roseland.

CALLER: I wanted to ask you whether you have any message for me...

VAN PRAAGH: Your father passed over also.

CALLER: My father's passed over yes.

VAN PRAAGH: I feel father more than daughter with you. What is his first name?


VAN PRAAGH: OK. You know, I'm going to tell you something. With your father, I feel like there was some unresolved issues with him.


VAN PRAAGH: I want to say I'm sorry, from your dad.


VAN PRAAGH: He feels like he passed over without saying he was sorry.


VAN PRAAGH: Does that make sense to you?

CALLER: Somewhat.

VAN PRAAGH: Do you have a sister?

CALLER: No, I don't. But I have a very best friend.

VAN PRAAGH: Doesn't work for me. Did he have a sister?


VAN PRAAGH: He's talking about sister here. CALLER: OK.

VAN PRAAGH: Did she pass over or still around?

CALLER: She passed.

VAN PRAAGH: I made up with my sister. He made up with his sister.


VAN PRAAGH: I got to tell you that. There is an anniversary coming up, February, meaning something, OK.

CALLER: February, yes.

VAN PRAAGH: Significant? About an anniversary there he's talking about?

CALLER: Birthday.

VAN PRAAGH: Anniversary, birthday, coming up, thank you for that. And there's a girl with him. Is that your daughter that passed over?

CALLER: Yes, she was 21.

VAN PRAAGH: I want to tell you there is a girl here, do you have a necklace of hers, please.


VAN PRAAGH: Did you recently look at the gold necklace of hers?


VAN PRAAGH: I like that. She loves you had that in your hand. You were sitting with it in your hand.


VAN PRAAGH: Did you think of holding that before you called on the show today.

CALLER: Yes, I have.

VAN PRAAGH: She is just telling me that.


VAN PRAAGH: And she also talks about a tree that was planted for her.

CALLER: Yes, it was.

VAN PRAAGH: She wants to thanks for that tree. CALLER: Do you have anything about my girlfriend's husband, Lou?

VAN PRAAGH: I think your daughter knew him.

CALLER: Yes, she did.

VAN PRAAGH: She says he's fine, ma, he's here. I don't know if he liked racing cars...


VAN PRAAGH: Like racetrack, something. He's around there.

KING: Winnipeg, Manitoba, hello.

CALLER: Thank you for taking my call. And James.

VAN PRAAGH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: My brother-in-law passed away in -- last fall.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. And what is your name?

CALLER: Harry.

VAN PRAAGH: What is his name?


VAN PRAAGH: Did you just go to see a doctor, sir?


VAN PRAAGH: Just have a checkup.

CALLER: A little while ago. About a month ago.

VAN PRAAGH: Didn't he say you have to watch your diet or do something with your diet?


VAN PRAAGH: What about the blood?


VAN PRAAGH: And your heart?



CALLER: I'm on a cholesterol pill.

VAN PRAAGH: That helps.

KING: That's for the heart, Harry.

CALLER: I guess so but I've been on that for a while already.

VAN PRAAGH: I want you to be aware of your heart and to watch your diet, OK?


VAN PRAAGH: I want to tell you that. Did you and your brother- in-law ever share a car or a truck of some sort?


VAN PRAAGH: Who did business with a truck or a car?

CALLER: I used to take him on a lot of rides because he never had a car.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. He's showing me the two of you in some sort of car. He's talking about the memory of the two of you in that car. I thought for work or something, but talking about that memory. He's also talking to me about a whistle, some kind of a specific type of whistle or whistling, OK?


VAN PRAAGH: You understand that.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

VAN PRAAGH: Thought you would. He's all right, this man. He likes -- he's a very -- he likes to be quiet, you know?


VAN PRAAGH: There is a part of him that doesn't want to be bothered and doesn't like people knowing his business.

CALLER: Oh, yes.

VAN PRAAGH: You understand that? That's his personality, isn't it.


VAN PRAAGH: He's all right. But he's like, don't bother me. I'm all right. Don't bother me, this man.

KING: Kind of like him.

VAN PRAAGH: I kind of like him, too.

KING: We'll be back with some more moments and more calls for James Van Praagh. The book is "Looking Beyond." Don't go away.

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What are you doing with the notes? You never have notes.

VAN PRAAGH: Sometimes I do notes, sometimes I don't. And what it does is is it helps me tune in right away, because I have a lot of distractions here. This will help me, if I put their name down, helps me to tune right in.

KING: Focus.

VAN PRAAGH: Sometimes I need it. Focus. Sometimes I need it, sometimes I don't. But on this show, it's so fast and furious.

KING: You're kidding.

VAN PRAAGH: Oh, boy.

KING: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, hello.

CALLER: Yes, hello?

KING: Yeah, go ahead.

CALLER: Hi, James. I wanted to ask you about my father.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. What's his name, please?

CALLER: Excuse me?

VAN PRAAGH: What is his first name?

CALLER: His first name is Steve.


CALLER: And I just need to know, like, there was some trouble after he passed.

VAN PRAAGH: Yeah, I know. Let me tell you. And what is your name?

CALLER: My name is Kelly.

VAN PRAAGH: OK, Kelly, let me ask you this. Who just got married recently in the family, who's getting -- planning a marriage?

CALLER: Who is getting married? Let's see.

VAN PRAAGH: Calm down. You're kind of nervous.

CALLER: Oh, yes, yes, yes, my sister-in-law.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Because he's talking about this wedding or this marriage here. And there's been a lot of talk about this lately, and I feel like this is the right person, so don't worry about that. OK? I don't know what happened after he passed over, but who had the heart condition?

CALLER: He did.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Because I'm picking up a heart condition here. And I feel like he either tried different medicines, didn't work or something happened -- you understand?


VAN PRAAGH: OK. Some of these different medicines did not work for him. It worked for other people, but not for him. OK? I also want to tell you, I don't know if he was on liquids at one point. Something about liquids, having liquids.

CALLER: Yes, he was.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. He hated it.


VAN PRAAGH: Yeah, he hated it. And I also want to tell you, he doesn't want tubes anymore. Didn't want tubes. And he's telling me that -- he's a very nice person. I feel very even keeled with this man, OK. I don't like people fighting after he dies, OK? And I don't know if there are three kids in the family...

CALLER: Exactly.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. This is three kids...

CALLER: Is he angry with us?

VAN PRAAGH: He doesn't want anybody fighting.

KING: What are they fighting over? Money?

VAN PRAAGH: I don't know if it's the will or money or possessions or something...

CALLER: Basically, yeah.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. This belongs to someone, this doesn't belong to someone. Stop it. Life is too short.

CALLER: Can I ask you one more quick question?

KING: Quickly.

CALLER: A close family member of our died after my father passed away. We wanted to know if there's any connection.

VAN PRAAGH: He's seen him. He's seen him. No, I mean, they died separately, I mean, they're separate passings. CALLER: Right. Are they -- I mean, do they know each other now?


KING: Wellesley, Massachusetts, hello.

CALLER: Hello. Thank you for taking my call.

KING: Sure.

CALLER: I would like to ask Mr. Van Praagh about my friend Michael. He died two years ago of a suicide.

VAN PRAAGH: Very creative person, Michael. OK? I want to tell you that things are not finished with him. Obviously, a suicide -- but a very creative individual. I feel like I want to write things, too and I want to paint and do all these types of things, OK? I also want to tell you, was he thinking of living in a different place, like across a different state or somewhere else?


VAN PRAAGH: OK. There was also -- he's telling me there was an emotional problem here with someone else. Right? There is an emotional...


VAN PRAAGH: You understand that? I am not going to go into detail, but he had his heart broken. And this is what he's telling me, this stems for this. I want to tell you, thank you for lighting candles here, lighting candles. I want to thank you also for the prayers. OK? And I want to talk about Florida, who is going to Florida?


VAN PRAAGH: You understand that, please. Because he's bringing his Florida connection in here.


VAN PRAAGH: And it was a memory you have shared together?

CALLER: It's family.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. And I want to thank you for the memorial service. There were two...

CALLER: Oh, yes.

VAN PRAAGH: ... actually. You understand that. And he's talking about them, he knows about them. He loves it. He loved it, all right.

KING: Wow, so he gets to see the memorial service. VAN PRAAGH: Everybody goes to their funerals.

KING: I want a biggie. I want praise, I want them all to come.

VAN PRAAGH: And you'll get it. You'll get it, King.

KING: And I want you in the back, giving messages.

VAN PRAAGH: I'll be there. You got it.

KING: Giving them messages from me.

KING: New York City, hello.

CALLER: Hi. My mother died two years ago.

VAN PRAAGH: Yeah, what is her first name?

CALLER: Katie.

VAN PRAAGH: Katie. Are you on Long Island?

CALLER: No, I'm on Staten Island.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. She's grabbing the chest area, so I don't know what is going on with the chest with her.


VAN PRAAGH: OK. And I feel like she's having trouble breathing before she passes over, also. OK? There is a brother that's over there before her. I'm talking about a brother, she said brother connection, OK? Who is Paul?

CALLER: Excuse me.

VAN PRAAGH: Who is Paul?



CALLER: I don't know.

VAN PRAAGH: Would you keep the name Paul, because she's talking about seeing Paul or Pauley. OK?


VAN PRAAGH: I want to tell you, there is also a French poodle. What this means, like a little poodle dog there that she's talking about. You understand this?

CALLER: No. But I don't know. There could be a dog.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Where in your house are there all these picture frames together? One behind each other?

CALLER: One behind the other?

VAN PRAAGH: Yeah, picture frames.

CALLER: Well, my husband's mother, it sounds like more.

VAN PRAAGH: Well, there is a picture of this lady in one of those frames, all these pictures on a certain table, her picture is right in the center. Understand? This is what she's telling me. This is what I'm getting here.

CALLER: I understand that. Do you see Bobwhat (ph)?



VAN PRAAGH: I'm not picking up Bob.

KING: Well, let me get in. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, hello.

CALLER: Hello. How are you?

KING: Fine.

CALLER: Yes, sir, Larry, love your show. Mr. Pro (ph)...

VAN PRAAGH: Mr. Pro (ph)? Who's that?

KING: Mr. Praagh. Quickly, go ahead, we only got a minute.

CALLER: Yes, sir. I would like to ask you about my father, Larry.

VAN PRAAGH: Was he away from the house when he died?

CALLER: No, sir.

VAN PRAAGH: Where did he pass over?

CALLER: Well, more so -- he died a number of years back.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Want to ask you something...

CALLER: My grandfather, my grandfather, Anthony, passed away two and a half to three years ago.

VAN PRAAGH: Did Anthony raise you more or less?

CALLER: When I was a little girl, I was there quite a bit, yes, sir.

VAN PRAAGH: I just get a man who's standing here, I'm not sure who he is, but he said he raised you.

CALLER: Yes, sir, when I was a little girl, and he was with me through my entire adulthood and always guided me.

VAN PRAAGH: Was he a religious -- was he also very religious or Catholic?

CALLER: Oh, my Lord.

VAN PRAAGH: And don't you have something like a medal of his?

CALLER: He was a deacon.

VAN PRAAGH: OK. Because he says you have a medal of his, a religious medal of his that belonged to him.

KING: Sorry, we're out of time. James, always great seeing you.

VAN PRAAGH: Thanks, Larry. You too. Thank you.

KING: James Van Praagh, he's amazing. Author of -- he wrote the number one "New York Times" best-seller "Talking to Heaven." His new book is "Looking Beyond: A Teen's Guide to the Spiritual World." You can check into for information on his upcoming tour in March. Always great seeing him. And we'll be back and tell you about the weekend and what's coming next week, right after this. Don't go away.


KING: Toby Keith and Naomi Judd over the weekend. Angela Lansbury next week. Election night with two live shows. We'll also be talking with Kathie Lee Gifford, Ed Bradley and Sharon Osbourne.


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