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Reporting From Red Carpet Of Grammy Awards

Aired February 8, 2004 - 16:41   ET


FREDERICKA WHITFIELD, CNN ANCHOR: Well the Grammy Awards are just a few hours away and it's unclear whether Janet Jackson will actually attend after her R-rated Super Bowl halftime show her presence there will be all the buzz. Here is Miguel Marquez.

JOHN MAYER, SINGER/SONGWRITER: I know, the world wants to know what I think. You've all been very patient in waiting. But I'm here to tell what you I feel about it.

MIQUEL MARQUEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Grammy winning musician John Mayer we do want to know what you think about your musical colleagues Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake and the now infamous halftime overexposure. Why do we want to know, because we keep asking?

MAYER: Showing the boob National Geographic style on the Super Bowl, that is ten years ahead of its time.

MARQUEZ: Ten years though will get the Grammies seen five minutes delayed. CBS is increasing the delay from five seconds to five minutes too long. Allowing time to blur the video if necessary. One guy who knows breast intimately that is five minutes to long.

HUGH HEFNER, PLAYBOY FOUNDER: I understand there's a five-minute delay on the show tonight, which I think is crazy. I mean -- what do they think we're going to get? The other breast?

MARQUEZ: Music godfather Clive Davis says Jackson's stunt may have been too much, but other professional artists shouldn't have to pay for it.

CLIVE DAVIS, MUSICIAN: I'm all for responsibility but also for protecting others at the cutting edge and one's got to be a little cautious here.

MARQUEZ: But one Grammy performer says he didn't think a second about a five-minute delay.

DAVE GROHL, FOO FIGHTERS: I think people trusted us enough to know that we weren't going to, you know, pull our [ bleep ] down in front of the Grammies, pull our whammies out at the Grammies! Get some press! We'll wait to release another record to do that.

MARQUIZ: And Foo Fighter Dave Grohl still had some opinion in him. GROHI: Let's listen to some music, lets play some music, sing songs and make some records. Go home and show your boobs to your family. The Jackson's!

MARQUEZ: Miguel Marquez, CNN, Los Angeles.


WHITFIELD: With or without Janet Jackson, plenty of other music makers are gathering to honor their best, everybody from Haycee to Shania Twain, will stroll the red carpet and that is where we find our Kendis Gibson who has got a preview of it all and we know Kendis, that if Janet Jackson shows up, she's upstaging everybody on the red carpet.

KENDIS GIBSON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well you know what the good thing for all those artists who have worked hard over the last year to get these nominations is that we just got word that Janet will not appear. So that, hopefully, for many of those artists will end the controversy as of now. That came from the Associated Press just within the last few minutes. And she released a statement, saying that or that a statement was released said that she is not going to appear.

Of course, this all comes one week after the big peek-a-boo controversy at the Super Bowl. After that, Janet Jackson said she was on the fence. She told Jimmy Jan her producer for many years saying that she was on the fence whether or not she would show up. Of course, you realize she was supposed to be here to introduce a tribute to Luther Vandross, who has been recovering from a stroke since last April.

Now, there are others who are expected to be here to take part in that tribute, including Celine Dion and we are told that Patti Labelle is also expected to take Janet Jackson's place. But who is going to be here also is Janet's culprit in the peek-a-boo controversy, Justin Timberlake.

He is expected to take the stage along with the Black Eyed Peas, performing that song that was a big hit "Where is the Love" and he is also expected to perform "Setorita." So the controversy has not stopped him from appearing here. We do have awards to talk about. Didn't we?

Yes, Outcast up for six, possibly a very big night for the boys. And of course, you know Beyonce (ph) also up for six along with her boyfriend Jaycee. So it will be a big night all along for those folks. But, you know, now that we have the word, maybe, all of this controversy, over whether she'll be here or not is over. I doubt it, though. Fredricka.

WHITFIELD: All right Kendis and of course we're looking at video of Outcast they are for quite a few categories as well. And sometimes you know they're known to do shocking, in case the Grammies get boring.

GIBSON: Yes, they can be a little bit shocking. And it is going to be interesting to see whether or not what actually happens during the broadcast and what actually does get broadcast with this five- minute delay. But you know, Outkast, are all-American boys, and wholesome boys. I can't imagine they're going to show a boob.

WHITFIELD: Yes, I don't think they'll get --

GIBSON: Not that would be a bad thing.

WHITFIELD: I don't think anybody wants to, not after last weekend. All right, thanks a lot. Kendis.

GIBSON: All right.

WHITFIELD: Have fun.

Well of course, you can find out all about the Grammy winners and losers by pointing your browser to There you'll find information on Outkast, Beyonce and other Grammy nominees as well as an article about the Grammies' curse. Again, that's


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