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Jiminy Glick Live

Aired May 5, 2005 - 21:00   ET


LARRY KING, HOST, "LARRY KING LIVE": Larry King here. We got something really different for you here, tonight. You all know Martin Short, comic, actor, writer -- very, very funny man. Well, sometimes, Marty slips into the skin of a show business character, called Jiminy Glick, a legend in his own mind, an interviewer, par beyond interviewers. In fact, a wacko. He asks questions nobody wants to answer. He's the host with the most -- the most of what? You decide. Here's Jiminy Glick.

JIMINY GLICK, HOST: Tonight, Larry King answers some tough, hard-hitting questions, for a change, like, if he was interviewing me, Jiminy Glick, what would he want to ask?

KING: Do you think Larry Zeiger Live would work?

GLICK: No. I barely think LARRY KING LIVE works.

Plus, Larry's wife, the lovely and talented Shawn King. Ruff! Ruff, ruff! Larry said he pinches himself all the time. Does he ever pinch her?

KING: If he asks you anything personal about me...


L. KING: ...what do you say?

S. KING: OK, I say, Jiminy, my man, Larry, is the king.

GLICK: And then, Nancy Grace of CNN Headline Prime, she'll open up about her life with Elvis, inside her Graceland home.

NANCY GRACE, CNN HEADLINE PRIME: I'm doing anything until I can see Jiminy Glick!

GLICK: Also, Bill Maher, is it true, what they say, that politics is show business for ugly people?

Plus, renowned spiritual medium, James van Praagh. Do those dead people he talks to show up when he's in the bathroom alone, doing you- know-what?

JAMES VAN PRAAGH, SPIRITUAL MEDIUM: Who's going to be the best guest on the show tonight? Ouiji, Ouiji, let me know. GLICK: Along with them, it's fitness guru Denise Austin! Do buns of steel cause problems at the airport?

DENISE AUSTIN, FITNESS GURU: I'm going to get Jiminy Glick fit!

GLICK: And, Anderson Cooper of CNN's "ANDERSON COOPER 360." Why isn't it just 359? Who makes these stupid titles?

ANDERSON COOPER, HOST, "ANDERSON COOPER 360": That was the funniest thing I think I've ever heard.

GLICK: As I, Jiminy Glick, hosts a special edition of LARRY KING LIVE.


GLICK: I'm Jiminy Glick and this is my first guest of the show, and he's so excited because he claims to be someone of international renown, and his name is Larry King.

Larry, how are you?

L. KING: I am so glad to be here. What do you mean by "claims"?

GLICK: Well, because no one -- there some people who question really who you are and what you've done.

L. KING: Really?

GLICK: Not people I know, because I think you're wonderful, I really do.

L. KING: I didn't know that people did question that.

GLICK: People who have been interviewed by you, on the way out, they say, what just happened? Did I just -- did a sandbag hit me in the head? Don't tell that that's going to air. But I think that your gifts of an interviewer is that very much likely you don't listen and do no research. And in a way, that's your strength. What do you think of that, what I just said to you, Larry.

L. KING: You're wrong! Because I do listen.

GLICK: You do listen.

L. KING: I don't do a lot of research. I'm too busy writing books.

GLICK: Just discuss this. There are over -- look at this. There are over -- how many books here?

L. KING: Thirteen I've written, but you have doubles of some.

GLICK: And the secret to your writing, I believe, is that no one reads them, is that true? But, what exactly -- so again, you do what?

L. KING: I try to ask the best questions I can...

GLICK: And then when that doesn't happen, what do you then?

L. KING: I make good eye contact, I try to look right at them. And I just listen to their answers and then follow up off the answer. Of course, if I preplan, then I don't know what they're going to say.

GLICK: Because you're too busy looking at notes.

L. KING: I don't look at notes.

GLICK: Exactly. When people criticize you...

L. KING: I don't care.

GLICK: You don't care.

L. KING: Well, first, I'm 71 years old.

GLICK: But you look fantastic.

L. KING: Thank you. And what are they going to do to me?

GLICK: Some people like to take pot shots because they're bitter and they're jealous. And they don't like that we're on top of what we do. You're a multibillionaire. You don't -- do you give anything to charity? That's not important.

L. KING: No. I do. I give a lot and I'm not a multibillionaire.

GLICK: Oh, but you're loaded there.

L. KING: I make good money but I give a lot away. And I have my own cardiac foundation. I help people. I write books about taking on heart disease.

GLICK: And you live in a trailer or a big mansion?

L. KING: I live in a nice house.

GLICK: A big nice house?

L. KING: My wife doesn't think it's big enough.

GLICK: Wal-Mart furniture or antique?

L. KING: It's -- you'll talk to her later.

GLICK: More than one home?

L. KING: Yes.

GLICK: Well, we're really worried for you. Now your father was Don King...

L. KING: No!

GLICK: And how did you -- to grow up with all that lack of hygiene going on, what was that like?

L. KING: You're confused, again, Jiminy. My father was a man named Eddie. He passed away when I was...

GLICK: Eddie King.

L. KING: No, Eddie Zeiger was his name.

GLICK: Eddie Zeiger. You changed your name.

L. KING: I changed my name.

GLICK: Because you were ashamed.

L. KING: No! I wasn't ashamed. They...

GLICK: Why did you change your name? You didn't like Zeiger.

L. KING: No.

GLICK: Because it sounded too Presbyterian.

L. KING: The old -- Presbyterian?

GLICK: What are you?

L. KING: Jewish!

GLICK: You're a Jew? You should be proud.

L. KING: I am!

GLICK: Well, then, why did you change your name?

L. KING: Because the owner of the radio station said Zeiger is not going -- people won't remember it, they won't know how to spell it. It might be a little too ethnic. And he had an ad, ultimately...

GLICK: Aha! The ethnic thing, you see, now we're getting to the truth. This is what I do, Larry King or Zeiger or whatever the name is today. I go to the key, you said you weren't ashamed and yet it said too ethnic.

See what I did! I trapped you, trapped you in your own -- you're caught!

L. KING: That's what the owner of the station said.

GLICK: Oh, so if the owner of the station says, put on a ball gown, you put on a ball gown?

L. KING: No!

GLICK: Then when he said change your name...

L. KING: That was first year on the air. I was scared, I was nervous. And he had an ad open in "The Miami Herald," and it was for King's Wholesale Liquors, and he said, how about Larry King? And that became my name.

GLICK: Now so you were born on the same day as Mama Cass. Are you a California dreamer?

L. KING: I love California. I did not know I was...

GLICK: And are you a dreamer? Do you hope and dream, or don't you?

L. KING: I don't dream much.

GLICK: You don't.

L. KING: No.

GLICK: Because you're sedated. You were also born on the same day as Twiggy, who Mama Cass tried to eat at the Monterey Pop Festival, which I think is very interesting. It's an interesting combination of facts.

GLICK: Now, you love Garlique.

L. KING: Garlique, yes, is the healthiest food in the world. Two of the healthiest foods in the world are Garlique, garlic, and blueberries.

GLICK: Really?

L. KING: And so I eat -- I consume -- I take my Garlique pill every night and I consumer a lot of blueberries every day at breakfast.

GLICK: I take Garlique too, but I've always wondered, can you ever take it orally?

L. KING: It's the only way to take it.

GLICK: No! Oh my, I've got to read that bottle again because I'm telling you, I've made a fool of myself, made a total fool of myself. Well, now, OK, you won talk show host of the year.

L. KING: Yes.

GLICK: And what was that for?

L. KING: I guess the people who voted concluded that that year I may have been the best radio talk show host.

GLICK: Really. So you're on radio. Since when?

L. KING: I was on radio. GLICK: Oh, you're no longer.

L. KING: I've been in the business 48 years.

GLICK: How has your business changed so much, Larry King, and how hasn't it changed?

L. KING: How has it changed and how hasn't it changed?

GLICK: Yes, whatever, you know...

L. KING: Well, there are still microphones, there are still cameras, right?

GLICK: Yes. But the people have changed.

L. KING: People have changed.

GLICK: And the attitude.

L. KING: There's a lot -- the attitudes have changed. There is a lot of tabloid stuff. There's a lot of pompous stuff on the air. There's a lot of people beating their own drums.

GLICK: Shhh! I'm sorry, I've run out of time. I don't -- I just don't have any more time. What I'd love --

L. KING: OK. All right. I'll go.

GLICK: No, no, no. I don't mean to be abrupt.

L. KING: You didn't mention one of my books. You didn't offer me any doughnuts.

GLICK: OK. Which of these books, if you had to read one, which one would you have...

L. KING: I would read "When You're from Brooklyn, Everything Else Is Tokyo." It's about growing up in Brooklyn.

GLICK: OK. I'll read it later. Again, I want to thank you.

L. KING: Thank you, Jiminy.

GLICK: I think you're one of the great spirits of this country we live in, the United States of America, because you are an example of a boy who started off, changed his name and identity out of shame and then became a household name by not doing any research and doing -- and sitting here and mainly writing his next book in his mind while he was talking to people. That's your strength, that's your wisdom, and I salute you, Larry King.

L. KING: My wife's coming on here soon.

GLICK: Ruff! She is a looker. I think she's so beautiful! L. KING: Her name is not Zeigler, either, it's King, and it's legally King. And treat her nice. Treat her a little better than I've been treated here.

GLICK: Oh, for God's sake, what have I done? Why is he having one of his hissy fits?

L. KING: I'm walking off my own show.

GLICK: Oh, for God's sake.

L. KING: Oh, yes?

GLICK: Get rid of the suspenders. It's gay.

L. KING: I'm out of here, out of here!

GLICK: Oh, for God's sake, just because I said something that everyone else has thought. You know what, there was an hour there once in the '80s where he was interesting, and then that was it.

When does (INAUDIBLE) come up? I want to see her. We'll be back after this word.


GLICK: I'm so ashamed!


GLICK: I had this dream where, I woke up and I was lying in bed Miranda Coolidge.



GLICK: If you like Mark Russell, but with the F-word, you're going to love my next guest, because he is outspoken. And he's on HBO no less! Late night. It's "Real Time with Mr. Bill Merr."


BILL MAHER, COMEDIAN: It's Maher. I told you that many time when I've been on your...

GLICK: Maher, Maher. Well then spell it.

MAHER: M-A-H-E-R. It's the Irish way so it is confusing.

GLICK: Oh, you're an Irish lug.

MAHER: Oh, I was going to say, did you get contacts? I haven't seen you in a while.

GLICK: I haven't seen you in a while. The last time we were together, you were abusive to me.


GLICK: Yes, you were, a little bit.

MAHER: I was just answering your questions.

GLICK: Yes, but not well.

Now, let me ask you something. You take a position. And you're so specific.

MAHER: Right.

GLICK: And people love you for it. How do you think America, how is it heading, in what direction, and who's to stop it?

MAHER: Well, I think America is heading for a big fight between the secular part of this country.

GLICK: And secular means?

MAHER: Not religious.

GLICK: Oh, yes. Because you always use big words so that people won't look at the records and find out...

MAHER: That's not a big word for people who have had schooling, but it is a big word in some circles.

GLICK: I understand.

MAHER: But there is a movement afoot to make this country into what some people are seeing as a theocracy, which means a country ruled by religious people.

GLICK: Oh, yes.

What is your religion position on the new pope, Ratzinger?

MAHER: I loved him on cheers.

GLICK: Oh, that's not the same guy.

MAHER: Ah, I thought he was.

GLICK: This is a member. He is a 78-year-old cardinal. And he was a Hitler youth, but big deal.

MAHER: Yes, but he is German. the other day he said the other day three heil Maries. I'm joking, of course. I'm making a light remark.

GLICK: You're very good.

Well, I spoke to him the other day. And he sends his best to you and your two horns.

Now, here's my question to you though, at one point in career, you clearly decided, you said, I'm Bill Maher and I'm playing to the smart people. You said that at one point. How old were you when you said that? and how come you said that? You must have had some money saved.

MAHER: I think I was about the time my voice changed, much like yours.

GLICK: No, I mean, look, I'm looking over your credits. You played the role of Marty Lang on "Sara." I think you were playing -- you weren't playing to the hipster then.

MAHER: No. I certainly wasn't. That was a sitcom.

GLICK: And you were on "D.C. Cab" as a cop.

MAHER: No, I wasn't a cop, I was cab driver with a cab company.

GLICK: So sorry that I don't have your episode of "D.C. Cab" wrong. So, I'm asking one simple question to you. And maybe you're afraid of the honesty of it. Why? At what point did you, Bill Maher, say I am no longer going to play to the popular people, I'm going to play to the so-called thinkers? That's a good question. Admit it, that's a good question.

MAHER: It is a very good question.


MAHER: I think it's an evolution. I think I always wanted to -- by the way, one of my hobbies is health. Oh, my.

GLICK: Answer the question. I don't care what you're fascinated with.

MAHER: And that's a real donut, isn't it? Yes. What was the question?

GLICK: The question is...

MAHER: A little on the other side. On this side. No the other side. Yes. On the corner. There you go. More -- yes. More. It's so gross.

GLICK: There you go. Come on. Be a man. Wait a second, I want to give -- believe me we're editing.

When did you start peeking? When did you start saying I've nailed it, I'm on to something?

MAHER: Are you talking about stand-up comedy or with...

GLICK: Anything. MAHER: You know, I think we all like to think that we haven't hit our stride yet. I think we like to think the best days are ahead of us.

GLICK: Good. Well, this has been absolutely wonderful.


GLICK: I am a tremendous fan of yours.

MAHER: Wow. That happened during the course of the interview, because when we started, you didn't know my name.

GLICK: I didn't know who you were, and I haven't seen your stuff. And I was going -- thought that's an outfit you show up for an interview in? It's like one of my -- you're painting somewhere?


GLICK: And now I've decided you're a genius.

MAHER: You have schmutz (ph) all over your suit and your face. And you're criticizing my wardrobe?

GLICK: Yes. But I stand for something and I'm not against the Lord.

MAHER: I'm not against the Lord either. I'm against those who pretend to speak for him.

GLICK: Oh, that's good. That's good. See, I've done a reversal again.

Bill Maher, thank you.

MAHER: Thank you.

GLICK: You've got a great face. Are you married?

MAHER: No. Never have been.

GLICK: You're a single man?

MAHER: I consider it one of the great accomplishments of my life.

GLICK: Yes. Well, there's been lots of bachelors who have stuck by their guns. Richard Chamberlain comes to mind.

MAHER: I knew you were...

GLICK: No, we're out of time. We really are.

Thank you, Bill Maher. This has always been fun.

Coming up, the queen of the king house, Larry King's wife, Shawn. It's a completely candid interview you won't want to miss.


SHORT: Excuse me. Do you work for the hotel?

DAVID LYNCH, DIRECTOR: No. I'm David Lynch. I am a director.

SHORT: Well, who isn't, dear? And I bet you have a treatment.

LYNCH: As a matter of fact, I do.


GLICK: How lucky am I! First of all, because Larry is gone, but secondly, because the better half has arrived. And you are luscious! And you are just everything that's just beautiful.

S. KING: Oh, Jiminy.

GLICK: And it's Shawn King, Shawn Zeiger King. How wonderful to see you.

S. KING: It's so wonderful to see you, Jiminy.

GLICK: And you arrived on time, which is very unique.

S. KING: Hey, that is not unique. I was a half an hour early. Larry fibs about me being late.

GLICK: What, what, what...

S. KING: Thank you.

GLICK: Arriving late, is that like a power play? Is it like saying, I can be late, because what are going to do, fire me? You work here. (INAUDIBLE) a little bit.

S. KING: Yes, I do a little bit.

GLICK: Yes, and it's not something you're proud of, or is that something you wish you could change about yourself?

S. KING: I work very hard to change it about myself.

GLICK: Not that hard because you were late today.

S. KING: I was early, Jiminy. I was early.

CLICK: Well, you were late.

S. KING: I came in. I said, note the time when I came in. I walked in early, a half an hour early.

GLICK: Well, then, you know what, I take it back. Then why does Larry say things about you, say things that aren't true?

S. KING: He's vicious.

GLICK: He's vicious.

S. KING: He is.

GLICK: Is he jealous?

S. KING: Probably a little bit.

GLICK: About what?

S. KING: Oh, there are so many things.

GLICK: There's so many things.

S. KING: I don't know where to start.

GLICK: Listen, remember, it's Larry King, so not a lot of people are watching, so you can open up.

S. KING: All right. Well, he's jealous about my driving, for instance.

GLICK: He can't drive?

S. KING: He can't drive.

GLICK: I heard that it's just dangerous, that there should be a white cane in front of the (INAUDIBLE).

S. KING: Yes. He's Mr. Magoo.

GLICK: He's Mr. Magoo.

S. KING: He is -- we were in -- when we first started dating, we were in Washington, D.C., he has to run into the store and grab something. There's a very small parking spot. He's in his jumbo car. He starts to edge in, bumps the car in front of him, backs up, bumps the car behind him, is getting frustrated, bumps the car in front of him harder, bumps the car behind, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump.

And a cop finally comes up and pounds on the door, it's pouring rain, and Larry rolls the window down and the cop says, "Mr. King, what are you doing?" And Larry says, "they're bumpers, that's what they're for."

GLICK: But that's the action of a man who should be institutionalized.

S. KING: You're right.

GLICK: Absolutely. Now when he bumped it, if the cop hadn't arrived, would he have left a note for or sped away in a kind of a Halle Berry way?

S. KING: You know, Larry is actually a real honest guy. If he had done damage, if he had done damage, he would have left a note.

GLICK: And how did you first meet Larry?

S. KING: I met Larry in front of Tiffany's. Just -- actually, he grunted at me when we met. We didn't really meet. I was walking...

GLICK: He did that just walking in.

S. KING: I'm walking out, he's walking in. And he looks up at me and he goes, (GRUNTS). And I went (GRUNTS) back.

GLICK: Why did he grunt at you?

S. KING: I have no clue.

GLICK: And so then you looked at each other, and was there chemistry?

S. KING: Oh, immediately.


S. KING: Yes.

GLICK: And did he go in and buy you jewelry or something?

S. KING: Immediately. I made him.

GLICK: All in the first moment?

S. KING: No, no, no, no, no. It was a very long courtship.

GLICK: What's a long courtship?

S. KING: Truth be told, Jiminy, it was a long courtship.

GLICK: And is he fun to be with?

S. KING: He...

GLICK: Let's not talk about Larry. You know what?

S. KING: OK. Most of the time.

GLICK: Let's talk about you. I want to know about you. Your father was a musician?

S. KING: My father was in the record business.

GLICK: In the record business. That's right. And he was a backup singer as well?

S. KING: No. My mother was a backup singer.

GLICK: Your mother was in the record business? S. KING: My mother -- yes, my mother was in the record business as a backup singer.

GLICK: As a backup singer.

S. KING: And my father was head of A&R at Capitol.

GLICK: Head of A&R. So you grew up with money.

S. KING: Well...


S. KING: We weren't poor.

GLICK: You've always had riches.

S. KING: No.

GLICK: You have.

S. KING: It was a pretty normal upbringing.

GLICK: You exude them, and you exude class. You know, sometimes you meet these people, and it's jewels by duty-free, it's brand new money. And you get it off, it's like Taylor Park (ph) with a little bit of buffing. But you seem like Hollywood royalty.

S. KING: Oh, I do?

GLICK: You do. Oh, you exude in here.

S. KING: Oh, thank you so much, Jiminy, it's so kind of you.

GLICK: And also your publicist told me to say that. So it's a combination of facts.

S. KING: I have a very good publicist.

GLICK: Wonderful.

S. KING: It's Larry.

GLICK: And for years you were on the "Hollywood Insider."

S. KING: "Hollywood Insider," I did that on the USA Network.

GLICK: For six years.

S. KING: At USA Networks, yes.

GLICK: (INAUDIBLE) would you say that most times, that big stars are nice, or most times the big stars are rude?

S. KING: The real big stars are mostly nice.

GLICK: The real big names.

S. KING: The real big names.

GLICK: Isn't that a wonderful -- well, you know why, because you're nice.

S. KING: Aww.

GLICK: And you're kind.

S. KING: Don't.

GLICK: And you're just (BARKS). Oh my goodness!

S. KING: (BARKS) right back.

GLICK: I'm telling you, if I met you in front of Tiffany's and let that kind of grunt out that -- well, if I'd let that kind of grunt out that Larry did, obviously I would have had (INAUDIBLE) earlier and you would have been the result.

But if I had grunted at you, could you have possibly gone my way?

S. KING: Could have. You never know.

GLICK: I love it, oh, my fantasy. You are just -- we'll be back with more of my special edition of "LARRY KING/JIMINY GLICK LIVE." I think Larry's had his day.


GLICK: I am so excited because I'm talking to one of the great southern belles from Macon, Georgia, the wonderful Nancy Grace.

How are you, dear?

NANCY GRACE, HOST, "NANCY GRACE": And they say there are no good men left. Hello, Mr. Glick.

GLICK: Hello, Ms. Grace. Look at you. Oh my goodness, you're cute. How tall are you in person, dear?

GRACE: I'm 5'1" Mr. Glick. And I'm 90 pounds of tiger meat.

GLICK: Ninety pounds! I like that. I'd like you to feed yourself to my tiger as well, because I think you are just -- you are just absolutely -- you are -- people forget that you are a brainiac. Isn't that true? Wouldn't you say that you are a smart, smart cookie?

GRACE: Well, I'm very flattered that you think so.

GLICK: Oh, I don't think so. It's just in my notes. But I'm asking you if you think so.

GRACE: I would say fair to middling.

GLICK: Fair to middling. But didn't you try all these cases and you won every one?

GRACE: Well, knock on wood product. Yes, I was very lucky.

GLICK: Ah, the knock on wood product, that's wonderful, because that's wood product.

Is O.J. recastable in a kind of Travolta way with "Pulp Fiction"? I mean, can he make it back? If he's recast -- can he redo it?

GRACE: No, no, no.

GLICK: He can't.


GLICK: He's finished.

GRACE: He can never, ever make a comeback.

GLICK: And so, Michael Jackson case. What about all these cases where people like you -- if we hear your opinion, and you have the ability to sway people's opinion, should you state it before the jury has decided?

That's a good question. I prepared very long. I like what I just asked you.

GRACE: Actually, I'm saying it on the airwaves, I'm not saying it in the jury room. But long story short, that is the judge's duty to safeguard the jury from external forces, in other words, other opinions.

And believe you me, Mr. Glick, the jury is not paying attention to talking heads. They're listening to the evidence in the courtroom.

GLICK: Because that's something because they -- because you're mesmerizing. And at your height, what are they supposed to do? They can't -- they're looking -- and say how could someone that tiny be that powerful and that strong-spoken? And that's your gift.

GRACE: You know -- you know what's funny...


GRACE: You know what's funny?

GLICK: What?

GRACE: All the defense attorneys would always be so much bigger and taller than me, I would never let them get close to me in a courtroom because I didn't want the jury to see how outgunned I was, never. I would never let them get close. It was always, back off, buddy!

GLICK: And Scott Peterson, that was a case of -- right from the beginning you had an instinct about. Did you ever waver throughout that trial that he might be an innocent boy?

GRACE: Well, at the beginning, Mr. Glick, when both families were on the side of Scott Peterson, I was lucky enough to be on Larry King's show that night and get to interview both families, Laci's and Scott Peterson's. At that time they were both standing behind him and believing in him. So I thought, well, you know what, maybe I'm wrong if Laci's mother thinks he's innocent.

Well, quickly that changed. And once the body...

GLICK: When did it change!

GRACE: ...appeared in the same spot where he was fishing, it's over. Location, location, location.


GRACE: You're making me jealous. Is that a Krispy Kreme Doughnut?


GRACE: You've got a mean streak! How dare you. You know that's my favorite food in life, not necessarily in that condition, yum.

GLICK: But how can it be your favorite food if you're so tiny?

GRACE: Is that an original or is that a chocolate -- what are you beating?

GLICK: Can you tell...

GRACE: More food will help!

GLICK: Keep doing it. Keep doing it.

GRACE: Keep eating!

GLICK: More! More!

GRACE: Go Wendy! Go Wendy! Wendy, he needs mouth-to-mouth! Mouth-to-mouth, Wendy!

GLICK: And this is -- you know, you have such strong opinions and such specific opinions. And I do think that is what makes you a star.

Let me take a -- get another look at you. Wow! Oh my goodness, I wish you could -- I wish -- take off the jacket, just -- I'm not trying to be sexist, but take off the jacket and let's see what you got.

GRACE: You would never...

GLICK: Well, anyway.

GRACE: Well, I...

GLICK: Go ahead.

GRACE: Thank you, Mr. Glick.

GLICK: Well, thank you, Nancy Grace. You are a spirit and I am a fan.

Still ahead, fitness guru Denise Austin. She's got a luscious little bod, and I want to see it up close.




GLICK: Tell me about Elvis Presley.

RUSSELL: Elvis..

GLICK: How I love Elvis (ph)! Tell me about him.

RUSSELL: I was 10 years old, I guess, and he was coming down on to the set, in his car...

GLICK: Oh, that's wonderful. And then you end up playing Elvis. How does that feel? That's like a full journey, I suppose.



JIMINY GLICK, HOST: I'm sitting with a man I think you'd call a survival evidence medium, medium something, James Van Praagh. And some would call him a big, you know, phony and a shyster.

But not me, because I think that I believe in this, in lack of a -- I think hocus-pocus, whatever we call it.

"JAMES VAN PRAAGH, MEDIUM": Talking to dead people.

GLICK: Talking to dead people. Because you're a medium but you look like a large. You get it? Small, medium, and large.

Let me ask you something that's -- so, you were child, you were 8 years old, and someone reached from the ceiling.

"VAN PRAAGH": That is true.

GLICK: And so tell me about this story because I don't believe it.

"VAN PRAAGH": OK. Yes, it was a hand that came from the ceiling.

GLICK: A hand that came from the ceiling. Really?

"VAN PRAAGH": Yes, yes. And it was a hand that came through and this wonderful light was around us and said that...

GLICK: And you were able to get PCP at that time?

"VAN PRAAGH": Yes, at times get some (INAUDIBLE), yes. I heard of it, but no. LSD was more my...

GLICK: Let me see if I can sense -- I sense an aura around you.

"VAN PRAAGH": Your eyes are amazing.

GLICK: Thank you very much.

"VAN PRAAGH": Yes, you have third eye. You'll have fifth eye, sixth eye for gosh sakes.

GLICK: You know, I don't know if I get a sense of an aura. I guess what enters my mind immediately is, that's a -- not an expensive jacket, but it's a nice jacket.

"VAN PRAAGH": Actually, it's from Italy. It's pretty expensive, on sale though, so it was heaven, and that's heaven. Have no sale...

GLICK: I don't think it's that. But now you, let me ask you something. People obviously -- you are filled with doubt. It's your whole life. People don't -- people think that you're full of poo, as we'd say.

"VAN PRAAGH": So, you tell them to go to hell and that's it.

GLICK: So you actually defend yourself?

"VAN PRAAGH": No, I don't. I don't trouble people to think about me, why should I, they're not in my body.

GLICK: You're wonderful. But you have to remember, I have about 45 questions to hit.

"VAN PRAAGH": Please.

GLICK: And none of them I'm interested in.

"VAN PRAAGH": I know what you want to ask me, because I'm psychic. So I will answer them...

GLICK: Isn't that amazing. That is true. What do you get from me, what can you tell me about myself?

"VAN PRAAGH": I think that there is going to be a marriage for you. I think heaven is arranging a marriage.

GLICK: But you see, this is what makes me wonder, and again, I don't say this personally because I think -- I'm a tremendous fan, but it makes me think you're a big phony, because I've been married for about 25 years to the wonderful Dixie, my lady of love.

"VAN PRAAGH": I see.

GLICK: And we have four wonderful children.

"VAN PRAAGH": I see. I'm sorry about that. But you might see an extramarital affair.

GLICK: Now you're talking.

"VAN PRAAGH": A lady from Australia.

GLICK: I've only been unfaithful twice to Dixie. One was in a book tour in Hong Kong, but never panned out.

"VAN PRAAGH": Hold on. I see a hotel (ph) (INAUDIBLE). Yes, well, they say that you're going to meet this lady from Australia and that you're going to have an affair with her.

Madam Dame Edna, have you met her before?

GLICK: Madame Dame Edna is wonderful. I was hoping you were going to say Nicole Kidman, because she is a beauty. She is wonderful and she's single.

"VAN PRAAGH": You could hit it.

GLICK: She and Lenny Kravitz (ph) have broken up.

"VAN PRAAGH": Jiminy, you know, you're a hot man, and you've got to keep your options open.

GLICK: And why is it that so many people who -- they talk to people in the afterlife, whether it's the Ouija board, or whether it's you know, oooohhhheeeeeooowww, that thing. Why is that they...


GLICK: Thank you. Why is it that you only talk --


GLICK: Well, we can equalize it. Why is it that it's only famous people who show up? Why is it never the slave, why is it always Moses?

"VAN PRAAGH": I, actually -- hm, it's a good question.

GLICK: Damn good question. I'd kill for a good answer.

"VAN PRAAGH": I bet you would. I've brought through every ordinary day people as well, more than celebrities.

GLICK: You do?

"VAN PRAAGH": Oh, yes, I do. GLICK: But it tends to be Princess Diana.

"VAN PRAAGH": She's come through once or twice.

GLICK: Once or twice. I mean, she's very busy, you must admit.

"VAN PRAAGH": She is very busy.

GLICK: Everyone is talking to that royal highness.

"VAN PRAAGH": She was a wonderful, wonderful spirit, and a lovely, lovely girl.

I have one more message for you.


"VAN PRAAGH": Another Hollywood celebrity.

GLICK: Oh, who's that, sir?

"VAN PRAAGH": Lawrence Welk, and he wants his suit back.

GLICK: James Van Praagh has done some writing, not good writing, but writing all the same. And let's hear it for someone who, again, big phony.

GLICK: I love physical workouts. I really do. And I'm sitting with the guru, Miss Denise Austin. How are you?

AUSTIN: Hi, honey. I love you.

GLICK: She's just injured an ear drum and she's been on the air for literally, 10 seconds. You're just riveting. Too loud, too close. Tell me about what you're up to, my love.

AUSTIN: Well, I'm so excited. I love you and I just love your show and everything, and I wanted to help you get in shape, because you've really...

GLICK: Well, I have. I've lost a tremendous amount. I've had liposuction in many places.

AUSTIN: Let's work out naturally, so you can really help to lose some inches.

GLICK: Should I keep these nearby?

AUSTIN: Sure, honey.

GLICK: I guess we should abandon these. Argh...

AUSTIN: Give me a bite! Give me a bite! Please!

GLICK: She's on too much medication.


AUSTIN: Now, the first thing...


AUSTIN: Ooh! I want you to do, is a great ab exercise, because we all need to lose inches. OK, feel my tummy. Come on, feel my tummy, Jiminy.

GLICK: Oh my god!

AUSTIN: Pretty good, huh?

GLICK: It's like it's not even natural.

AUSTIN: Rock hard abs.

GLICK: Oh, my god.

AUSTIN: OK, here's what I do to get your tummy in shape. Roll back. We're going to do a sit-up on the ball, so slowly skooch your feet out a little more. Come on. Now place your hands behind your neck...

GLICK: This is scary.

AUSTIN: Just relax.

GLICK: Oh, this can't be good.

AUSTIN: OK, now place your hands behind your head like a sit-up and do a sit-up crunch. Come on.

GLICK: And crunch.

AUSTIN: And up. Come on, you can do it!

GLICK: And are we -- am I up?

AUSTIN: You're up. Come on, two more.

GLICK: Gee, we barely know each other.

AUSTIN: Last one.

GLICK: Aaaaahhhh -- one.

AUSTIN: There you go. And two. Stretch. Come on, you can do it, honey. It's worth it.

GLICK: You expect too much from people, Denise.

AUSTIN: I know.

GLICK: That's good.

AUSTIN: That was a good one.

GLICK: White powder.

AUSTIN: OK, now stand, up nice and tall. We're going to do a little something for the heart, some aerobics, something to get your heart rate up to burn fat.

Let's get those legs going. Get those knees going. Come on. That's it. You got some style, honey.

GLICK: Hello, Dolly.

AUSTIN: Now for the waistline. Try (INAUDIBLE)

GLICK: Carol Channing was a spirit.

AUSTIN: Come on, now, turn like this. Twist.

GLICK: Were you ever chubby?

AUSTIN: No, but I've had two babies. I did gain...

GILCK: You had two babies.

AUSTIN: Yes, I have.

GLICK: That's impossible to believe. Let me feel this again.

AUSTIN: Pretty good, huh? Oh!

GLICK: Oh, I'm sorry. I got carried away for just a second.

AUSTIN: Oh, that's okay. Good workout.

GLICK: Now, so far, this is what -- anyone can do.

AUSTIN: That's right.

GLICK: What makes you so unique?

AUSTIN: Well, I just love what I do. I try to motivate people. That's the key.

GLICK: That's two. I would love to hear three more.

AUSTIN: Motivation is everything.

Could you try a pushup for me...

GLICK: I sure can!

AUSTIN: strengthen those upper body muscles?

GLICK: I'd love you to help me down, though.

AUSTIN: OK. Ready? Go. Come on, baby. Try a pushup. GLICK: Look, we're both on the ground, Denise.

AUSTIN: You can go on your knees or your toes, whatever you feel comfortable. You have to start somewhere. That's the goal. Ready? Go, Jiminy. Come on. You can do it. One. And relax. OK. Take a breather. Ooh. Take a break.

GLICK: Oh, Denise Austin and she's a real exercise guru. And you have creams as well, dear? You want to smear something on me?

AUSTIN: Sure, honey bunny. Put some nice eye cream?

GLICK: OK, let's do it.

AUSTIN: Oh, I wanted a bite.

GLICK: And you do this 30 minutes a day!

AUSTIN: Exercise 30 minutes a day. That's all it takes to get fit.

GLICK: See, I eat 30 meals a day. I don't know how to balance this this. Oh, you're a good-looking woman, though.

AUSTIN: Oh, thank you.

GLICK: The Lord blessed you. He stamped your arrival with his blessed kiss of beauty. Rawr!

AUSTIN: Thank you, honey. Oh!

GLICK: Sorry. I'm just -- sorry. I get overly...

AUSTIN: That's OK, honey.

GLICK: It's just that you asked me to touch your stomach earlier. I don't think I've recovered. I think I've been traumatized ever since. Honest to God. And that color on you!

AUSTIN: Thank you, honey. Oh.

GLICK: Just a hint of (INAUDIBLE). What do we do now? All right, so what do you do now?

AUSTIN: OK, sweetie, well I was going to put some cream on your face.

GLICK: Go ahead. Where did she go?

AUSTIN: Yeah, here I am. My new skin care line, made with green tea.

GLICK: Oh, you are -- is there anything you don't have? It's like you're like a 19th century barker. Come on in, this will make you healthy. One of those people. It's really a gimmick. Anyway, well, I would like to thank you. AUSTIN: Thank you, and good luck in your movie, and we're going to get you fit. You're going to do these exercises every day, right?

GLICK: I am.

AUSTIN: And my new DVD?

GLICK: Yes, your -- she's got a DVD, she's got a book line, she's got a product, hosiery. Do you sell hosiery? Wigs, like Eva Gabor -- the late Eva Gabor used to have the same wigs. You're (INAUDIBLE) and you're just -- rawr!


GLICK: Stop looking.

AUSTIN: I can't breathe.

GLICK: We're going to commercial.


GLICK: I'm sitting with, here, a man who is not even close to me. He's so far away. Anderson Cooper. Where are you, sir?

COOPER: I'm in New York.

GLICK: In New York? Isn't that wonderful! And aren't you the spirit? Everyone loves you. What makes you so hip and hot? What's your secret, sir?

COOPER: Well, I don't know. I don't think I'm very hip.

GLICK: I don't either, because I've seen the tape. I'm a little confused. You do a show called 360. It's on for 360 minutes. Isn't that a long time to be in the air?

COOPER: Actually, it's -- the kids call it 360, but it's only on for an hour every night.

GLICK: And, what's it about? I have tapes, but I get so busy. You live with a family or something?

COOPER: It's a wide range -- no. It's sort of a wide ranging news program. You know, we cover the daily news and sort of take you beyond the headlines.

GLICK: And what is -- just -- and again, I mean this only with affection. What are your qualifications?

COOPER: Well, you know, I'm 37 now. I started when I was about 22 as a war correspondent traveling overseas going to wars.

GLICK: Now, your mother is one of the most beautiful women in the world, Gloria Vanderbilt.

COOPER: That's very kind. She'll be very thrilled that you said that.

GLICK: Oh, she is! I remember when she went into labor with you. It was at Studio 54, and I was having a white Russian with Halston and he said, look at that. I mean, it seems all so n-- such a short time ago.

COOPER: That's true. Liza was my wet nurse.

GLICK: Yes, she was. Liza is many people's wet nurse.

So, here's what I'm saying, Anderson. So, you go in there, and there -- they -- first of all, you have a degree in political science.


GLICK: Do you think you'll ever get to use it?

COOPER: No, I don't think so.

GLICK: Because I've seen the work.

And the young love you. You did rock the vote.

COOPER: I did. I moderated a "Rock the Vote," which was all the Democratic primary candidates.

GLICK: And that was very sexy. What'd you get -- seven rappers up, who'd just done some PCP. That was very good audience (ph).

But, you represent the next generation, don't you think? What -- how is it that you're affecting them?

COOPER: Well, you know, I don't know. I mean, I think people of any age respond...


Can you see me better now?

GLICK: Yes, I can. For the first time. Well, now that I see you, you're not as young as I thought. So your secret is that you can -- how do you relate to them? Because you don't talk down to them intellectually. That I know.

COOPER: I think you just try to be yourself, you know, and I just don't pretend to be something I'm not, and I guess some people respond to that, and I appreciate it.

GLICK: Gee, you know what, it's -- you know that moment, you must have had it when you asked someone something, and you're hoping that the answer will hold your interest just for a good 10 seconds, but there is -- I think that one of the strengths that you have is that there's a drone to your voice, and it's almost hypnotic. In a way, it's soothing. In a way, it's depressing, and I think that's your strength and that's your combination. I want to say this to you, Anderson Cooper, I think you're wonderful! And I think you're the wave of the future, and I think you're a genius. And I think -- oh, Jesus, one minute. One minute? Let me ask you, here is something I've always wanted to ask someone like you, do you think it's important for someone to now, let's say, Brian Williams, he does the news, should he then go to the Internet and answer questions? Should these newscasters think in terms of the Internet and the whole picture?

COOPER: You know, actually...

GLICK: What do you think of that question? What do you think of that question I just asked you?

COOPER: I have no idea what you're talking about. But I actually respond. I listen -- I'm on the Internet all during my program, and I think that's good. It's a little bit like crack, though, because once you start, you can't stop.

GLICK: Well, I know, and I know, listen, I was -- for a long time, I once did mescaline at Roddy McDowall's, and the next I knew, I was buck naked on top of a Buick and I was driving along. And you know, I know that the pitfalls of such things. So please, get off the crack, Anderson Cooper! No one wants to see you on crack, no one. And that means...

COOPER: Crack is whack.

GLICK: Crack is whack, absolutely. This has been fun. I wanted to ask you about grooming products, I didn't have time. And I know you have a dog named Molly.

COOPER: I do have a dog named Molly, that's right.

GLICK: OK. You know what? No one cares. Anderson Cooper, thank you so much. This has been absolutely mediocre.

COOPER: Jiminy Glick, it's been a pleasure.

GLICK: God bless you. Off you go.

When we come back, Larry King is back in the guest seat, but this time he's got company!


GLICK: That's wonderful.

L. KING: What, what's wonderful?

GLICK: Nothing, it's just -- it's a fake moment I have before I throw to the introduction.

I'm here with Shawn and Larry now, and this is just -- it's so funny because you're a Mormon.

S. KING: I am.

GLICK: And you're a Jew.

L. KING: Right.

GLICK: It sounds like a sitcom on the WB, a Mormon and a Jew. Really, and I'd pick it up for six episodes based on the title.

What is it like -- what is it that bugs you about each other, because I can't imagine it wouldn't be a life of irritation?

S. KING: Oh, gosh, where do we start?

GLICK: Let's start with the tie, we'll go to the suspenders, and then go right down.

L. KING: Mine, you've discussed with her already, and that she is a person who is not on time...

S. KING: Larry, you know what, that is just so not true.

GLICK: But what do we call being tardy?

S. KING: Right. That's -- this is...

GLICK: Is it a 10-minute power play or is it 45 minutes?

L. KING: It's 45 minutes.

GLICK: Oh my goodness.

S. KING: Larry, you are -- that is just...


GLICK: If that's true, shame on you!

S. KING: Untruth, untruth, untruth.

GLICK: But do you think that couples -- do you think that this kind marital togetherness is enhanced by a little give-and-take and punching of argument-type reaction.

L. KING: Probably.

GLICK: I'm still talking. Disagreements? Or do you think it's better to try to work out the difficulty?

L. KING: It's probably better to try to work out the difficulty.

S. KING: I would think.

L. KING: What is that, a wink?

S. KING: That was, yes, let's go for it.

GLICK: Would you say on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the highest, where would rate your marriage?

L. KING: Nine.

S. KING: Nine?

L. KING: Nine, well, of course...

GLICK: I think that's fair. I think...

L. KING: Well, first of all, there is no 10.

S. KING: OK. All right, I'll give it a nine.

L. KING: Come on, a week ago you'd have given it a three.

S. KING: A week ago, we've come a long way in a week.

GLICK: Yes, you have. Is Larry generous?

S. KING: Larry is extremely generous.

GLICK: He is?

S. KING: Yes, he is.

GLICK: What's the greatest gift he's ever given you?

S. KING: On Valentine's Day, he took me to the window beneath our bedroom, and down below he had had the gardener put in a heart shape of flowers that were, you know, surrounded (INAUDIBLE).

GLICK: Oh my goodness.

S. KING: And I thought that was great.

GLICK: That is so -- for him to take that kind of time to say, Jorge, flowers! I mean, that is really -- that is really an unbelievably -- that's a mensch, as those people say.

S. KING: That's a more romantic scene.


L. KING: What do you mean by "those people"? I take offense at that.

GLICK: Well, I'm talking about the Zeigers and people like that. I mean...

L. KING: You mean the Jewish people!

GLICK: I didn't say that.

L. KING: That's what you meant! I hear it enough at home!

GLICK: Listen, first of all, I love -- it's -- the Jewish people are responsible for more wonderful things in this world.

L. KING: You're right.

GLICK: Absolutely. But the second, you know, a WASP says, I don't like your name, they change it, right, according to you.

So I think the strength of your marriage is...

S. KING: Yes.

GLICK: ... is you're both charmed by each other. That's what I get.

S. KING: You think?

GLICK: I get that there is a charming -- there is a part of you that's bored, but there's another part that's absolutely charmed by -- and I bet you laugh together. I bet you laugh together all the time.

L. KING: Yes, we do.

GLICK: Dixie and I have a good time, my wife Dixie.

L. KING: Did she?

GLICK: We're always laughing and having fun. We always are. And I think that's a secret, and we're sexually insatiable after 23 years.

L. KING: Really?

GLICK: Oh, we have to do the deed regularly. And that's our strength too. And I think that that is a strength, laughing and doing the deed. It's the name of my book.

L. KING: Doing the deed?

GLICK: Doing the deed.

L. KING: That's what you call it?

GLICK: What do you call it?

L. KING: You're making love.

GLICK: Making love. What year is this, 1977 or something?

This has been so much fun.

L. KING: What a night.

GLICK: What a night. What an amazing night.

L. KING: What an honor to have you...

GLICK: Thank you, Larry King. L. KING: And by the way, I will say something.


L. KING: Your movie opens tomorrow, Jiminy.

GLICK: It does.

L. KING: I saw it. It is terrific. It is funny. You are great. You are about to embark on a great movie career.

GLICK: Well, thank you so much.

L. KING: And you've been a great host here tonight. And I'm sure I speak for Quasimodo and myself, that's what I call her.

GLICK: Yes, I know, how charming.

S. KING: One of the nicknames that he gives me.

GLICK: We have had so much fun, Shawn King, thank you.

S. KING: Thank you so much.

GLICK: Please. And thank you for giving me the number and I'll call in about an hour.

Larry, off you go.

And now, haven't you been sweet. It's May 6th tomorrow, Jiminy Glick Day, but right now it's time for Aaron Brown. He's talented.


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