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Motley Crue goes on "America`s Most Wanted" to help in the effort to find a missing fan. "CSI`s" pathologists have state-of-the-art equipment that puts some real-life crime labs to shame. Jennifer Lopez tells how much she enjoyed working with veteran actress Jane Fonda in the new movie "Monster-in-Law." Wrestling star John Cena turns rapper, releasing a new CD called "You Can`t See Me."

Aired May 13, 2005 - 19:00   ET


KARYN BRYANT, CO-HOST: A Motley Crue mystery.
A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: And a "Crime Scene Investigation" investigation. I`m A.J. Hammer.

BRYANT: I`m Karyn Bryant. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: Tonight, a rock band and the mystery surrounding a missing woman. What Motley Crue is doing to find her.

BRYANT: Making a scene. A fascinating look inside "CSI: Miami." What`s fact...


KHANDI ALEXANDER, "CSI: MIAMI": This is a real autopsy table.


BRYANT: ... and what`s fiction in this super-hot show.

HAMMER: Also, man, can she tell a story. Why Aimee Mann`s new CD is a real page turner. She`s live.

BRYANT: MC Cena. John Cena rocks `em in the ring. Now he wants to rock he mike -- with Gary Coleman?


GARY COLEMAN, ACTOR: With the `80s held hostage, I`m history.


BRYANT: The WWE champion joins us live.

HAMMER: And tonight, it`s "The Final Trek." "Star Trek" signs off, and we`ll tell you what could be next with someone who`s captained the ship.


LEVAR BURTON, "STAR TREK": Hi. I`m Levar Burton. And if it happened today, it`s on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


BRYANT: Hello. I`m Karyn Bryant. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, and you are at the top of the show.

HAMMER: I`m A.J. Hammer. You are watching TV`s only live nightly entertainment news program.

BRYANT: Well, tonight, Motley Crue is on a mission to solve the mysterious and baffling disappearance of one of their fans.

HAMMER: The woman seemed to vanish into thin air as she was headed to one of their concerts. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s David Haffenreffer joins us now with the very latest.

DAVID HAFFENREFFER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: Karyn and A.J., Motley Crue is really trying to help find their missing fan now, and the band is taking that effort to primetime. Motley Crue and the case will be featured on "America`s Most Wanted" this weekend.


(voice-over): Motley Crue is taking time out of its successful Red, White and Crue tour to help in the search for a missing fan. The heavy metal band has teamed up with "America`s Most Wanted`s" John Walsh to help find this woman, Tracey Gardner-Tetso from Maryland. Walsh came straight to the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT studios to tell me the case has police baffled.

JOHN WALSH, "AMERICA`S MOST WANTED": They`ve hit a brick wall, the cops. They don`t know. They need that one tip. They need that break in this case to find out what happened to this woman.

HAFFENREFFER: Tracey was seen March 6, right before she was supposed to drive from her home near Baltimore to a Motley Crue concert in Washington, D.C., some 45 minutes away. She never made it to the show. Her father tells "America`s Most Wanted" that there`s no chance that she skipped the show.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, my God, her and that Motley Crue. For her to miss that, the world would have had to end.

HAFFENREFFER: Tracey`s husband reported her missing. There aren`t a lot of clues, but John Walsh told me what police do know.

WALSH: There is video of her going through a tunnel on the way from Baltimore to Washington, D.C., and police believe that when that video picks up, that it`s not her in the car. The car was found at a motel, and they believe that there was one person in that car, but it wasn`t her. So there`s lots of speculation. This is not the type of lady that would just disappear. This is not a runaway bride situation.

HAFFENREFFER: Motley Crue members Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee say they learned about their missing fan right before a concert in Portland, Maine.

NIKKI SIXX, MOTLEY CRUE: We were just actually getting ready to walk on stage, and it came on my Blackberry. You sent it to me, I believe.

TOMMY LEE, MOTLEY CRUE: I think I forwarded it to you.

SIXX: Yes, and we were, like -- we said to (INAUDIBLE) Look what`s happened...


SIXX: ... immediately, you know, the house -- the intro tape`s running, and we just looked at each other, goes, We got to do something.

WALSH: Nikki Six and Tommy Lee are fans of "America`s Most Wanted," and they said, Let`s go to that show. They have put up a reward of their own money of $10,000 and asked us to put this case on.

HAFFENREFFER: "America`s Most Wanted" will feature the case in Saturday`s episode. The show has helped find dozens of people over 18 years on the air. Everyone`s hoping for another happy ending in this case, but Walsh tells me there may not be one this time.

(on camera): What does your gut tell me?

WALSH: My gut tells me that she`s in big trouble. This is the typical case of a woman who went missing, and there is no information, which kind of indicates to me that she`s probably a victim of foul play, one way or the other. My gut tells me that something -- probably, something bad happened to this woman.


HAFFENREFFER: And Motley Crue is not giving up hope. The band has another concert in the Washington, D.C., area in August. Nikki Six tells "The Baltimore Sun" that the band is saving two tickets for Tracey in the front row, and they hope to see her there -- A.J.

LOPEZ: We hope she makes it. Thanks very much, David Haffenreffer.

Well, tonight, "SHOWBIZ In Depth," the real "CSI" with CNN senior medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Ratings out today show that, as usual, "CSI" won its time slot last night on CBS with 26 million viewers. And the spin-offs, "CSI: New York" and "CSI: Miami," also going strong this season. But are these make-believe crime scene investigation shows anything like real life? CNN`s Sanjay Gupta takes us behind the scenes to separate fact from fiction.


DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CNN SENIOR MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Each week, another murder, another investigation. The bodies are brought here to the autopsy theater, where all the equipment is state-of-the-art, stuff you`d be hard pressed to find even in a well-equipped hospital. Khandi Alexander plays medical examiner Alex Woods on "CSI: Miami."

KHANDI ALEXANDER, "CSI: MIAMI": This is a real autopsy table. This is real. This is where the organs go. Up here is where students will come and watch an autopsy. And here, of course, you know, is where we keep our dead bodies. You know, all the stuff is real in here.

GUPTA (on camera): I hear the special effects are just incredible for you, even, when you`re standing right here. What`s that like?

ALEXANDER: It`s really wonderful because all of the organs are made out of silicone, so they`re the exact texture and weight of the real organ, so when you`re cutting with the scalpel or when you`re removing brain or matter, it`s feels real. So as an actor, that just lends to your performance. I love the blood.


GUPTA: We got that on tape? She loves the blood.

ALEXANDER: I love the blood! That`s my favorite!

GUPTA (voice-over): Liz Devine is the supervising producer. Before going Hollywood, she spent 15 years as a criminalist with the LA County`s Sheriff`s Department.

(on camera): And your role is to make sure everyone gets it right. But are you sort of -- you know, are you -- do you give leniency? Do you say, Oh, that`s OK, you can do it like this because it makes better television?

ELIZABETH DEVINE, SUPERVISING PRODUCER: In DNA, everybody has masks on, gloves on, lab coats. We forego the masks when we have our characters in here because it`s -- realistically, it`s very difficult to understand what someone is saying if you can`t see their lips. So -- and frankly, you know, people want to see Emily Proctor`s (ph) face.

GUPTA (voice-over): Devine works closely with an old friend, John Haynes, a former LA police detective, who was the model for Horatio Kane (ph), David Caruso`s character. Haynes`s police career ended after a bomb blew up in his hands. They drew on his bomb squad days for the episode "Freaks and Tweaks."

DEVINE: This is based on the case that John and I actually worked, where we were at a crime scene, and we were actually searching a vehicle and found a bomb and literally had to evacuate. And so we decided to make that the beginning of an episode of a murder in a methamphetamine lab. And anywhere you have methamphetamine, you have~ chemicals. And any place you have volatile chemicals, obviously, you can have an explosion or a fire.

GUPTA: For Liz Devine and John Haynes, brainstorming and mining memories together is proving to be a good second act.

(on camera): Ever think that you`d be doing this sort of work here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Never, never. Not in a million years.

GUPTA (voice-over): Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN, Atlanta.


LOPEZ: "CSI: Miami" airs Monday nights on CBS. And you can see how a real crime scene investigation turns out in Sanjay`s special, "Anatomy of Murder," this Sunday night at 10:00 Eastern on CNN.

BRYANT: Tonight: Lindsay Lohan says she does not have an eating disorder. She tells "Teen Vogue" she`s lost 20 pounds and can fit into more clothes. But recently, she`s looked quite skinny, honestly, prompting concern. The actress and pop star will host the season finale of "Saturday Night Live" on May 21.

LOPEZ: Tonight: "Fat Actress" star Kirstie Alley is thanking Oprah for her weight loss and for turning her life around. Alley appears on "Oprah" on Monday, six months after she first opened up to her about her struggle with weight. Alley tells Oprah, quote, "You sort of saved my life." In Alley`s recent "Fat Actress" show on Showtime, she played herself, an overweight one-time big-time actress who has trouble getting work because of her weight gain.

BRYANT: And that leads us to our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Hollywood: Is it too obsessed with weight? You can vote at, or if you want to tell us more, e-mail us at And we`ll share some of those e-mails later in the show.

LOPEZ: Well, tonight, for our first "SHOWBIZ Sitdown," Jennifer Lopez. She has a mother-in-law to be reckoned with in her new movie. It`s Jane Fonda. "Monster-in-Law" opens up today, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Sibila Vargas speaks with J. Lo about working with Fonda and how life out of the spotlight is going.


SIBILA VARGAS, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: You look like you had a lot of fun on this film.


VARGAS: What was it like working with Jane Fonda?

LOPEZ: Working with Jane Fonda was everything you might think it was. It was -- it was so much fun to watch her and to be working with her, you know, to see her push kind of every scene and how she worked. It was -- it was great. And in this type of movie, where we had to do a lot of physical comedy and really take it over the top sometimes, you know, it was good to have me and her, who are kind of both fearless and kind of both tough, so we just would do crazy stuff and have a lot of fun.

VARGAS: Are you ever in awe of another celebrity? Like, when you know, Oh, I`m going to play with this person, and it`s, like -- do you ever get those butterflies?

LOPEZ: Well, yes, I definitely get butterflies. You know, you get anxious to meet people because, you know, you`ve watch them over the years, and you know their work and you admire their career. And she`s had such longevity, and she stopped by choice. I mean, she`s done a lot of brave things in her life. And I just feel like, you know, Gosh, I`m going to be in the same room with her and on the screen with her. And you think to yourself, Wow, this is really a lot for me, you know?


LOPEZ: But then you think to yourself, You know what? I got to hold my own. I got to do this. I got to be the daughter-in-law. She`s the monster-in-law. I got to be the daughter-in-law. So you just -- you just have -- you just try to have fun with it, you know?

And we -- again, two actresses just in there, doing their thing, trying to make the scene the best we can. And it was great to work with her because she pushed every scene as far as she could, and it made me do the same. So it was fun.

VARGAS: What did she teach you about celebrity?

LOPEZ: We didn`t talk too much about that. I think she was kind of, like, What is it with you and all the stuff that you`re doing, you know? But that`s just, you know, who I am, so -- I was kind of in awe of her as an inspiration and someone who`s been in the business for so long. And she`s kind of looking at me like I have a five-ring circus around me and how I`m doing that. So there was a real mutual respect there.

VARGAS: I know you`ve kind of stepped out of the limelight bit.


VARGAS: I know you wanted to do that.


VARGAS: How has your life changed because of that?

LOPEZ: Well, it`s just gotten -- it`s gotten a little bit better. You know, you go along learning -- you know, you -- you know, and I grew up in the Bronx, and for the first 20-whatever years of my life, you know, I wasn`t -- nobody knew who the hell I was. And then, all of a sudden, you`re in the public eye, and you`re doing what you love to do. And you figure it out as you go along. And with me, I realized at one point, you know, not too long ago, that I needed to step back from that, that it kind of gets really out of control. And to make my life better, to make my family`s life better and the people I love life`s better, that I needed to do something differently. And that`s what I`ve been trying to do, and it`s made it -- it`s made it more bearable, anyway.

VARGAS: What`s your dream role?

LOPEZ: My dream role? God! I think I would like to do something again that incorporates singing and dancing and acting, all of it, you know what I mean? I don`t think necessarily a musical, but maybe playing a musical person in a movie. Something to that effect would be very -- you know, very up my alley, something I`ve always wanted to do.


HAMMER: "Monster-in-Law" arrived in theaters today. But how is it? Well, coming up a bit later in the "SHOWBIZ Guide," we will have a review.

BRYANT: John Cena is a monster wrestling star, but can this champion become a monster music star, too? We`ll find out next when John Cena joins us live.

HAMMER: Where was destiny fulfilled? We`re going to tell you where Destiny`s Child performed for the very first time. That`s coming up.

BRYANT: And it`s a mission 40 years in the making. "Star Trek" signs off, but we have the last word with one of the brains behind "Star Trek," plus, a crew member from the bridge in the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT series, "The Final Trek."

HAMMER: Time now for tonight`s "Entertainment Weekly Great American Pop Culture Quiz." Who turned down the role on "Beverly Hills 90210" that eventually went to Tiffani Thiessen? Was it Claire Danes, Melissa Joan Hart, Keri Russell or Alicia Silverstone? Coming straight back with the answer.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Tonight`s "Entertainment Weekly Great American Pop Culture Quiz." Who turned down the role on "Beverly Hills 90210" that eventually went to Tiffani Thiessen, Claire Danes, Melissa Joan Hart, Keri Russell or Alicia Silverstone? The answer is D, "Clueless" star Alicia Silverstone.

BRYANT: Well, that is not the A-team. What you`re watching is a new video called "Bad Bad Man" from John Cena`s debut album, "You Can`t See Me." He`s playing Hannibal here in an "A-team" spoof, although he is better known as one of professional wrestling`s biggest stars. In fact, he is currently the champion of the WWE. So maybe you should think of him as The Rock meets Eminem.

John Cena joins us live tonight for a "SHOWBIZ Sitdown," maybe a "SHOWBIZ Smackdown" tonight, we`re calling it?

JOHN CENA, "YOU CAN`T SEE ME": A little bit of something.

BRYANT: Nice belt!

CENA: Thank you very much.

BRYANT: You won that. That`s -- that`s...

CENA: Well, I won another one. This is kind of my modification. I had this little watch thing going on and I had to get something to watch match the watch. So now I got (INAUDIBLE) matching pieces.

BRYANT: See, for me, I would get a purse to match the belt, but...

CENA: You have to do it.

BRYANT: ... that`s just me.

CENA: I can`t carry around a purse. Maybe a backpack or something. But the purse I got to stay away from.

BRYANT: Yes, I hear you on that one. So here`s the thing. Wrestling is the number one and number two shows on cable television.

CENA: Of course.

BRYANT: So for those people who do not watch it, what are they missing?

CENA: The best show on the planet, bar none. We have a little bit of something for everybody. And like I say to anyone, I`m on "Smackdown." We have two shows. We`re all on "Smackdown." I tell anybody, anything can happen on any given "Smackdown." You never quite know what`s going on with WWE. It`s a very spur-of-the-moment, real exciting program, and a lot of what makes that excitement is the fans. The fans are as much a part of our show as we are. So it`s just -- it`s something you have to experience live to get the true spectrum of what we do, but it`s good TV either way.

BRYANT: All right. Now, that`s where you first rapped, is it not, on...

CENA: It is. It is. Well, I mean, I`ve been messing around with hip-hop music for a long time, and that`s why I actually got to rap on WWE television. They would see me rapping backstage, doing little things, and they said, Hey, you want to do this on TV? I said, Of course, no problem. And here we are, two years later, we got the CD coming out.

BRYANT: Well, this is the thing. You know, people are going to ask, John, are you for real?

CENA: Oh, my goodness! I`ve been trying to jump that hurdle for the past two-and-a-half years. But the proof is in the pudding. You know, the CD is already out. It`s pressed. There`s no faking it, 17 tracks, and it`s just me and my cousin Trademark (ph), pretty much. (INAUDIBLE) we have one feature emcee. His name is Freddy Fox Bumpy Knuckles (ph). So is John Cena real? You be the judge. The CD`s on the shelves. It`s in stores everywhere. Go buy it. Check it out. Everybody`s going to be surprised about this one. This is the sleeper album of the year.

BRYANT: All right. Well, I`m not going to fight with you about it because I...



BRYANT: I`m just saying, you`re a big guy. You can -- you know, you can crush anybody that says...

VARGAS: (INAUDIBLE) It`s all right.


BRYANT: So here`s the thing. We mentioned before, comparing you to, let`s say, The Rock meets Eminem, but you know, certainly, The Rock, certainly Hulk Hogan, have kind of paved the way for wrestlers to go more mainstream, would you say?

CENA: What they did to our business is, both Hulk Hogan and The Rock and names like Steve Austin...

BRYANT: Right.

VARGAS: ... they`ve elevated our business. Hogan, before those guys, Hogan took it to another level. Steve Austin, The Rock, took it even further. And they`ve made it completely mainstream. So I mean, they really kind of set the bar high. But like I said, the CD`s already in stores. We got the first feature film coming out in the fall. So I`m trying to follow in their footsteps. They`ve done so good, I`m just trying to steal a little bit of their shine.

BRYANT: Now, there you are. We`ve got some footage of you there. I know you`re going to be making this movie. It`s going to be, you know, interesting to see you try to make that transition. You got to tell me, what is this "You Can`t See Me" thing?

CENA: Well, it actually started out as a joke with my little brother. I can`t dance (INAUDIBLE) got no rhythm. And we was watching, you know, a video on TV, and at the end of the video, this dude going like this.

BRYANT: Right.

CENA: And that`s the only dance I could do. And I was, like, Dude, watch this. I`m going to put this on TV for you. And I just messed up and did it like this. And it looked -- when you put your hands in front of your face, you can`t see somebody. So I said, You can`t see me. It means you`re not on my level. It means, like, You can`t even see what I`m doing. But I mean, it caught on. I got two 3-year-old kids. You can`t see me!

BRYANT: Oh, that`s great! All right. Well, even if you can`t dance, we`ll see if you can rap. You`ve got your record out. It`s John Cena. Thank you for joining us here.

CENA: Thank you very much.

BRYANT: John`s debut album is called "You Can`t See Me," and it is out in stores now.

HAMMER: Well, don`t head to the movies this weekend without getting our picks. It`s the "SHOWBIZ Guide." That`s still to come.

And Aimee Mann`s new CD is one you might want to curl up with this weekend. The former `Til Tuesday lead singer is live from LA and will tell us why.


HAMMER: It is time now for "People" magazine`s movie "Picks and Pans." "Monster-in-Law," "Unleashed" and "Layer Cake" all opening up today, but which one should you go spend your money on? Well, joining us now from "People" magazine, movie critic Leah Rozen. Nice to see you, Leah.


HAMMER: And the first movie we`re going to start off involves a cake. Actually, it involves Jane Fonda`s face getting smashed into the cake, and they showed that in the trailer, and it was the funniest part of the movie, which always worries me.

ROZEN: Well, this is one of those movies where, really, the best stuff is already in the trailer. "Monster-in-Law`s" one of those films that you can enjoy while you`re watching it, but the whole time you know it`s not really a very good movie. What`s most notable about this film is Jane Fonda comes back to the screen after a 15-year absence. And you know, she`s got all the guns blazing. I mean, she`s really committed to this role, stupid though it may be, of this nasty, nasty mother-in-law, and she kind of outclasses and outacts Jennifer Lopez.

HAMMER: Really?

ROZEN: Yes, she does!

HAMMER: Shocking!


HAMMER: Well, let`s move on, then, and see about "Unleashed," Jet Li and an all-time favorite, recent Academy Award winner, Morgan Freeman, together.

ROZEN: Yes. This is an action drama. Jet Li gets to do his terrific -- I mean, this guy is such a good martial arts fighter. But he also is showing his growing acting skills. This is a pretty good action drama. Jet Li plays a guy who is sort of -- he`s treated like a dog by this gangster, his master. He escapes and discovers, you know, that there`s warmth and nurturing in the world.

HAMMER: And I imagine Morgan Freeman flawless in it, as always.

ROZEN: Morgan Freeman is just always solid and lends gravitas to whatever he is. He plays a blind piano tuner here.

HAMMER: So worth checking out.

ROZEN: Worth checking out, absolutely.

HAMMER: OK. Well, then let`s move to "Layer Cake," Daniel Craig. Everybody`s been talking about the possibility of him as the next James Bond, but this is the film he`s got out right now. What`s this about?

ROZEN: Well, Daniel Craig is one sexy Englishman, and in this case, he plays a sexy gangster who`s going to make one last big score. He`s a drug dealer. He`s going to make one last big score, get out of the business. You kind of know where that plot goes. This film, though, directed by Matthew Vaughn, is one of these flashy, really stylish British gangster films. Complicated plot, you have to follow it, but a lot of fun.

HAMMER: OK. Great. Thanks very much. Have a good weekend, Leah.

ROZEN: Thank you.

HAMMER: And of course, for more "Picks and Pans," as always, you can check out this week`s "People" magazine. It`s on newsstands everywhere.

BRYANT: They`ve been talking all day, and we`ve been listening. Now, as we do every night on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the best from today`s talk shows. Well, Tony Danza is taking a licking, but he keeps on ticking. Earlier this week, he got bumped by NASCAR`s Rusty Wallace in a go-kart race. Today, "Crossing Jordan`s" Jerry O`Connell bumps him around.


TONY DANZA, HOST: What are you? Are you the hip-hop sumo guy?

JERRY O`CONNELL, "CROSSING JORDAN": I`m a hip-hop sumo guy!


DANZA: Wait a second!

O`CONNELL: (INAUDIBLE) at the club (INAUDIBLE) Tony, Tony, do I look fat?


O`CONNELL: Bing-bing!



BRYANT: On Monday, Jerry`s brother and star of "The Bachelor," Charlie O`Connell.

HAMMER: Well, "Star Trek" takes its final trek. Tonight, we`re going to find out what`s next for the franchise with someone who created more than 100 episodes of the series, live.



BRYANT: The final trek. The franchise is coming to the end of its voyage. Tonight, we`ll talk live to one of the men who has kept the warp drive going for years.

HAMMER: The music mann. What a concept! Singer-songwriter Aimee Mann is out with a concept album. She joins us live.


JENNIFER ASTON: I`m Jennifer Aston and if it happened today it`s on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, 31 minutes past the hour, Friday night. I`m AJ Hammer.

BRYANT: And I`m Karyn Bryant. Here are tonight`s "hot headlines."

HAMMER: Well, tonight, Motley Crue is helping in the search for a missing fan. Tracey Gardner-Testso was last seen March 6, right before she was supposed to go to a Motley Crue concert. Band members Nikki Six and Tommy Lee have posted a $10,000 reward. They also took the case to AMERICA`S MOST WANTED, which will air the story on Saturday.

BRYANT: Lindsay Lohan`s doctor is reportedly worried about her recent weight loss and asked if Lindsay`s got an eating disorder. Lohan says she doesn`t. But she tells "Teen Vogue" she has lost about 20 pounds. Lohan hosts the season finale of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE May 21st.

HAMMER: And that leads us to our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day, Hollywood ,is it to obsessed with weight? You can keep voting by going to the Web site, Got more to say? Send us your e-mail, is the address. We`ll share some of what you had to say at 55 past the hour.

BRYANT: They are bringing girl power to the middle east. Destiny`s Child performed live in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It was an unusual stop for their "Destiny Fulfilled" tour. The stadium was filled to capacity with screaming fans as the trio sang hits like "Independent Woman" and "Say My Name." The three wore charm necklaces with their names written in Arabic and said they were soaking in the colors and culture of Dubai. Their songs are known for being charged with themes of empowerment and determination. Beyonce Knowles says see hopes Dubai embraces their message.


BEYONCE KNOWLES, DESTINY`S CHILD: Well, I know this is our first time performing here, and hopefully people will be impressed and hopefully they`ll see that, for one, we`re artists and I guess the behind Destiny`s Child, we`ve been together since we were nine years old, so the group is based on a friendship and love and support. And I know there`s a misconception about women, that we`re catty and jealous and we can`t support each other. And Destiny`s Child is all about women being strong and businesswomen and loving each other and working together well.


BRYANT: Beyonce`s advice to young Arab women, find your inner strength. Their album, "Destiny Fulfilled," reached platinum status in the Middle East.

HAMMER: Time now for another "showbiz sit down," this time with singer-songwriter Aimee Mann. Right now we`re listening to the song "Beautiful." It`s a track from her latest CD. Mann`s career started back in the `1980s with the band `Til Tuesday. Since then, she has released five amazing solo records. Her very latest, "The Forgotten Arm," came out last week to rave reviews. Aimee Mann, you`ve got a lot of big fans here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. (INAUDIBLE) joining us now live from Hollywood. Thanks for being here.

AIMEE MANN: Thank you so much.

HAMMER: I have to immediately ask you about your necklace. I believe that says dude if I`m seeing that correctly.

MANN: It does. I say dude quite a lot.

HAMMER: All right. We`ll keep a count during the course of this interview. So, here we are, it`s a Friday, May 13th. I`m not sure if you`re aware of this, May 18th actually a fairly momentous day in your musical history. Do you have any idea what that day represents?

MANN: I have no idea what you`re talking about.

HAMMER: May 18th, 1985, 20 years ago, the song "Voices Carry" Till Tuesday with you up front on the lead vocals entered the top 40.

MANN: Oh my God.

HAMMER: So when May 18th rolls around, I just wanted you to know, maybe got out and have a piece of pie or something.

MANN: I`ll have a piece of pie and I`ll say dude a few times.

HAMMER: Much more recently, much more recently of course people really got to know your music through the work you did for the sound track of "Magnolia." You were nominated for an Oscar for the song "Save Me" and it was one of those musical moments in a movie that had such impact with the frogs raining down and your songs are playing. I went out and bought the CD the next day. How did that change your life? What net effect did getting an Oscar nod have on your career?

MANN: You know, I don`t -- it`s hard to say. I think that it brought me to the attention of a much bigger audience. And also, you know, the effect of having this very hip, new, young director, Paul Thomas Henderson kind of give you the nod of approval and say, basically tell the world that you`re, you know, that you`re cool and that you deserve attention is -- like I think it really affects people and just help people to take me more seriously when they -- you know, like maybe they had sort of but, you know, I think it`s very easy you know, there`s so many musicians out there to get lost in the shuffle.

HAMMER: So you felt it gave you a little bit more cred on the streets, so to speak.

MANN: Yeah, definitely, yeah.

HAMMER: I want to talk about the new CD. In fact, let`s throw up the album art from that right now if we can, the "Forgotten Arm." Can we see that graphic, because there`s something that struck me the moment I saw it. There it is. Obviously, some kind of a boxing theme going on. Tell me about this.

MANN: The -- it`s, you know, as you said before, it`s a concept album and it`s a sort of a love story of these two people who meet and run away together and take this road trip and the -- the male character is a boxer and he`s also got a drug problem so it`s kind of a story of the two of them trying to have a relationship dealing with drug addiction. So a boxing sort of a, you know, part of the theme of it.

HAMMER: Right. And as a concept album though, really meant to be - you sit down and you listen to it from end to end which sort of flies in the face of how music is being marketed to people these days. Last night, we were talking a lot about the online music services. So everybody is buying songs, single songs. Was it something you obviously went into this thinking, you know, what? Is this the right move perhaps?

MANN: You know, I release my own records here in the states so I have my own little record label, so I`m not so much bound by those ideas of like putting out a single. You know, I`m really more a part of the underground. You know, I think major labels have gotten so caught up in focusing on just one song per record and focusing on the single that they don`t realize people are starting to feel really ripped off having an album full of songs that aren`t so, you know, aren`t as good and just -- you know, it`s a bit of a bait and switch so, you know, it is like a totally different mind set really.

HAMMER: Must be nice to have that freedom. I have to ask you really real quickly, I`m sure you have a portable music player. What`s the one song on there that would surprise us? Do you have like a Barry Manilow tune on that or an Abba song, one song.

MANN: I tend to -- I would say probably the most surprising thing, I don`t know if it would be maybe Frank Sinatra.

HAMMER: OK. Not too surprising. He is a genius.

MANN: Yeah.

HAMMER: Thank you for spending some time with us, dude. Aimee Mann, we appreciate you being here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and "Forgotten Arm" is in stores now. Aimee`s going to be performing by the way at Virgin records here in New York City next Thursday.

BRYANT: It`s the end of the voyage for STAR TREK and also the finale of our week long series, the final trek, Tonight, one of the creative forces behind the franchise joins us live.

HAMMER: plus, Rob Thomas is jumping through hoops with his solo record so to speak. We`re going to speak - we`re going to explain it all in the showbiz showcase.


HAMMER: Tonight another "showbiz sit down, part of our week long final trek series. Tonight when STAR TREK ENTERPRISE signs off, it`s going to be the first time in 18 years that no new episodes of STAR TREK will be on television and as of right now, no new movies in the works either.

BRYANT: It`s a bummer. But all this week, we`ve been bringing you interviews with STAR TREK stars past and present spanning the last 40 years. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s David Haffenreffer is back on the bridge of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with tonight`s final trek.


BRYANT: Right.

HAFFENREFFER: Tonight we wrap up our "final trek" series with the co- creator of ENTERPRISE, Brannon Braga and later Dominic Keating. But before we get to that, let`s take a look at a clip from tonight`s final STAR TREK ENTERPRISE.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ...built this engine, trying to take care of it as long as I can. It`s been a hell of a run, Malcolm. I never thought it would come to an end.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All good things.


HAFFENREFFER: All good things, indeed. Joining us now live from Los Angeles is the co-creator and executive producer of STAR TREK ENTERPRISE. Brannon Braga, welcome to the program.

BRANNON BRAGA: Thank you for having me.

HAFFENREFFER: Tell me where your head is today. This is the final night tonight.

BRAGA: Well, to quote you guys, it`s a bit of a bummer. We`re sorry to see it come to an end, but as one of the actors just said on the show, all good things must come to an end or at least a pause. We kind of look at this as a pause in the franchise. There is no doubt that it will be back at some point or I think it will be.

HAFFENREFFER: Tell me a little bit now, since you`ve been with this franchise for 15 years, and all assortment of roles that you played with this particular franchise itself, have you got a memorable moment as you look back at your involvement?

BRAGA: Wow. It`s a great question. I look at this -- I think my first day and today as memorable moments. I never thought I would be involved with something this global and this huge for this long a time and I also never thought it would come to an end. When you`re involved with something for so long, you start to take it for granted after a while and we just had a great run and so today`s like, you know, a wake-up call. All TV shows at some point need to take a rest or go away for a while. And it seems to be that`s what`s happening with STAR TREK.

HAFFENREFFER: We`re going to put you on the spot now. Of all the captains from Captain Kirk to Captain Archer who is the greatest of them all?

BRAGA: Oh, please. It has to be Captain Kirk. He`s the original STAR TREK captain and there`s no doubt that he`s -- he is the best of the captains or at least the most memorable because he was the first. Though I`ve always been partial to Picard. Janeway wasn`t bad. Don`t do this to me. I know these actors.

HAFFENREFFER: All very well, I suspect.

BRAGA: Exactly.

HAFFENREFFER: All of the series with the exception of ENTERPRISE and the original series made it for seven seasons.


HAFFENREFFER: When you look back at ENTERPRISE, is there anything you might have done differently to maybe try to stoke the fires and keep it on the air longer?

BRAGA: It is very interesting because the most common question that I used to get in interviews for the longest time was, what makes STAR TREK so popular? What is so enduring about it? Now the most common question I`ve gotten over the past six months is, why STAR TREK coming an end? And I don`t have a facile answer for you on that note. It is Monday morning quarterbacking, really. What would we have done differently? We might have made some different creative decisions in the show early on in terms of -- we stand by the concept but it`s very - it`s tough to say at this point. Give me a few months.

HAFFENREFFER: Real quick, will the finale we see tonight leave the door open to future STAR TREK series?

BRAGA: No doubt about it. I mean this episode tonight is a hybrid of different TV shows. It`s a valentine to the various series and absolutely. We want to leave the audience with a feeling of wanting more.

HAFFENREFFER: We appreciate you coming on our program tonight. Thanks very much.

BRAGA: Thank you very much.

HAFFENREFFER: And Dominic Keating joins us now from London. Dominic Keating, welcome to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. You and your cast mates are all in London at the moment. What is going on over there?

DOMINIC KEATING: Well, we are helping with the launch of the DVD, the first box set for the first series. And, there is a big STAR TREK convention event here at the weekend, the docklands (ph), the expo. So, there are four of us coming in for this.

HAFFENREFFER: And you know, we just spoke with George Takai. Tell us what your first memory is of Mr. Sulu and the original television series.

KEATING: I was just amazed at the multi-coloredness of their shirts when it first came on this television, Spock`s in particular. I remember - I had no idea that it was blue. That one blew me away. I met George recently at one of these STAR TREK conventions. He`s a very lovely man and very well met. It was a great honor to meet him and just recently I met Leonard himself too at an event in Germany about three or four days ago and we stood on the same stage together. It was -- you know, one of those slightly twilight moments.

HAFFENREFFER: Leonard Nimoy you`re speaking of. Take us back to the first day that the ENTERPRISE cast was all gathered on the set for the first time. Was there a special feeling in the air that you were carrying on an important legacy?

KEATING: I would say. I was actually the first shot of the pilot film that we made to launch the show. And I remember taking that first step up on to the bridge and just checking myself ever such a small second and thinking, wow, you know? And on it goes. And it`s a shame it`s come to an end a little prematurely for us but nevertheless, four great years.

HAFFENREFFER: We have been asking various members of the STAR TREK cast, various series over the years, the same sets of questions here all week. Today I want to throw a couple of them at you. Who`s your favorite STAR TREK character beside yourself?

KEATING: Oh, it must be one of Kirk`s chiffon clad ladies, surely from the original series, my first foray, probably Kirk himself, the captain. I think, you know, as a young, you know, boy I must have modeled myself on his heroic escapades and his chiffon clad ladies.

HAFFENREFFER: So many people did.

KEATING: If not him, then it must be Spock.

HAFFENREFFER: Do you believe that there`s intelligent life elsewhere in the universe?

KEATING: Well, I`ve heard it said that it`s a very, very vast place and it would be an awful waste of space if it wasn`t, so I probably go along with that.

HAFFENREFFER: And if time travel were possible, where would you go and what would you do?

KEATING: I would probably go back to the -- I studied at school a lot the 16th century and I rather liked all that heraldic time, the kings and queens of England, Henry the 8th in particular. I might take a trip back to that.

HAFFENREFFER: Dominic Keating, thank you for being with us today. We appreciate you coming on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

KEATING: My pleasure.

HAFFENREFFER: All this week, we`ve had a great time on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT salute to all of the STAR TREK TV series, past and present and while ENTERPRISE goes off the air tonight, it is clear that the love for STAR TREK series carries on. That final episode of Star Trek ENTERPRISE airs tonight on UPN with a special two-hour finale and I expect Karyn, reruns will live on forever.

BRYANT: Absolutely David. Thanks for that report.

Well, Rob Thomas is shooting for a new audience. Find out about the full court press he has in the works. It is coming up in the "showbiz showcase."

HAMMER: And still some time for you to vote on today`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Hollywood, is it too obsessed with weight? Vote at E-mail us at

BRYANT: But first, the "Entertainment Weekly" must list. EW says check out psycho-knots, the video game about a trippy little character who can enter the minds of others. Another EW must, saying good-bye to EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND. The series finale airs Monday. Next, Bruce Springsteen, "Devils and Dust." EW says its plain spoken sad lyrics have glimmers of hope worth listening to. "Entertainment Weekly" also says you should catch Jeremy Irons` noble performance in "Kingdom of Heaven" and finally they say, pick up the book "Wilt 1962" by Gary M. Pomerance (ph). It`s about one of the biggest nights in sports that was never televised. For more of the must list, pick up "Entertainment Weekly" on news stands now.


HAMMER: Time now to get your laugh on in laughter dark. As we do every night, we bring you the late night laughs you might have missed.

BRYANT: Billy Crystal is getting rave reviews for his Broadway show "700 Sundays," but on the LATE SHOW, he tells David Letterman live theater does have its frustrations.


BILLY CRYSTAL: I said ladies and gentlemen, you`re been a great audience except for -- we had 12 cell phones go off. For the 12 of you who may have ruined it for these other people, the next time you go into a theater, if you are allowed to go into a theater, don`t put on your cell phone. I was very kind. Turn it off or don`t take them or simply shove them up your [bleep].

I said, but -- I said, and put them on vibrate so at least you could enjoy it. Huge evasion. That was the story of the cell phone.


BRYANT: Tonight on the LATE SHOW, Samuel L. Jackson.

HAMMER: Throughout the show tonight, we`ve been asking you to vote online on our showbiz tonight question of the day. Hollywood, too obsessed with weight? Here`s how the vote`s been going so far. 96 percent of you say, yes. Hollywood --

BRYANT: Surprise, surprise.

HAMMER: Only 4 percent said, no. We`ve also gotten a couple of e- mails on the subject. David from Pittsburgh wrote us to say, Hollywood is not obsessed with weight. It`s (INAUDIBLE). It is the nature of the business, a business of image and money. And Jessica from Starkville, Mississippi, writes, the youth of today look to the stars as role models. When we see them starving themselves, we should assume we should too.

You can keep voting by going to the Web site

BRYANT: It is time to see what`s playing on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT next week.

HAMMER: Let`s take a look at the showbiz marquee, marquee guy, take us into the weekend.

ANNOUNCER: Get ready for TV secrets. The stars, the salaries, the reality shows. It`s especially delicious SHOWBIZ TONIGHT series, secrets of the new TV session, all next week on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Also, bye-bye, Ray. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is with the cast of EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND on Monday. Yep, right there with them as close as I am to this microphone on the very day their very last show goes on the air and off. This is the marquee getting ready to curl up with my TV all weekend long. Me and my TV, we`re like this and don`t even ask about the remote.

BRYANT: That`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Karyn Bryant.

HAMMER: I`m AJ Hammer. Stay tuned for the latest from CNN headline news, but first we have the "showbiz showcase," your very first look at the new opening for ABC`s NBA coverage featuring Rob Thomas` show "This is How a Heart Breaks."

BRYANT: Have a great weekend.



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