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Interview with Jermaine Jackson

Aired June 15, 2005 - 21:00   ET


LARRY KING, HOST "LARRY KING LIVE": Tonight, exclusive, Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine Jackson, his first sit-down interview since Michael was found not guilty of child molestation. He's here for the hour. We'll take your calls -- exclusive -- Jermaine Jackson, next, on LARRY KING LIVE.
Just a quick program reminder. Tomorrow night, Reverend Billy Graham, doing his last crusade in New York. Billy Graham will be our special guest tomorrow night.

Joining us now from his home in Encino, California, is Jermaine Jackson. He was with us on the phone right after the verdict. He's now with us live from his house on screen. We'll be taking your calls.

Jermaine, first, what is the latest update on Michael? How's he doing? What did he do today?

JERMAINE JACKSON, MICHAEL'S BROTHER: Michael's recovering. Michael's recovering, but it's a time for rejoice for the family, and we're very, very happy. As you can see, I'm smiling, and we always knew he was 1,000 percent innocent.

KING: Is he at Neverland? Or -- there were reports that he was spending time in a hotel.

JACKSON: I can't tell you. I can't tell you that, Larry, but he's at peace and we're very happy.

KING: Any reason that the location to secret?

JACKSON: Well, he just -- look what they put him through for so long and it's time for him to just get back into himself and just let the light come into him, and the peace. That's what this moment is all about. It's time to rejoice.

KING: How is his health?

JACKSON: Well, his health, he's been sort of not eating. But he's strong. Michael's very -- he's probably one of the strongest people I know, because to see him each day, and to sit there and hear these things said about you and to just -- can't say anything, because people just attacking you, and at the same time, just -- the media, and the outpour of just misinformation and things like that. I mean -- but he's strong. He got dressed every morning. He came to court. He was there and he was there for the verdict. So, I give him -- he's a strong, strong person. KING: Jermaine, you say he -- you said he was not eating much during the trial. Is he at least getting fed well now?

JACKSON: Well, he was eating sandwiches and things like that, but it's just very tough. It's just a tough time, and any human being, to go through that and to come out the way he did, they're very strong.

KING: But he's eating now?

JACKSON: Yes, he's eating.

KING: He did a -- there's a brief statement on his website. Naturally, people want to hear more. Do you expect Michael to do a major interview somewhere and to come out and do a press? What do you expect from him publicly?

JACKSON: I really don't know yet. I mean, the family is meeting. We're coming together and sort of just -- sort of trying to get all of this behind us, to move forward. And Michael has just been unbelievably strong through this whole ordeal, but he's -- I'm pretty sure he's just looking to rest. That's his most important -- to rest and get his mind back and just focus on just being a person. Nothing about doing this or doing that, but just resting. That's most important.

KING: You think he's wary of media now, a little wary of any kind of interviews after the Bashir thing? Do you think he'll hesitate to do anything? His lawyer last night appeared with us for an hour, and Tom said he'd recommend that he lay low for a while.

JACKSON: I recommend that, too, and that's what he's feeling as well but it's just very, very sad that the media and just certain people have hidden agendas. I mean, as you know, Larry, we've been beat up, we've been beat down, but still we stand, and we've stayed strong and it's because of the family unity that kept us strong through all of the adversities (ph) and the false accusations, and -- to accuse someone of something like this is just horrendous.

But at the same time, he has family and he has the love of his family and what kept him strong, and god, which is first, and the supporters from around the world. I always said, my brother is a 1,000 percent innocent.

KING: Do you -- Mesereau said it last night -- do you think that a lot of people in the media were unfair, were ganging up on Michael, convicted him before the trial started?

JACKSON: Absolutely. But even before the trial started, Larry, when you look at how many times, how many warrants they went into his property, how it was done, the bail, and just -- to take his passport, like he's a fugitive, like he's going to run. I mean, to treat a person like this, especially Michael Jackson, who's just the most wonderful person.

I mean, it saddens me deeply because it's 2005, but yet we haven't gone anywhere. I mean I call this, as you know, a modern-day lynching. And it was -- I really meant that, because people, they all just jumped on him.

And I have, an 18-page thing of this ongoing charities and things he's done around the world in every corner of the globe, helping people, giving, giving so much. The world needs to see this. They need to know who he really is. When you look at the song "Childhood," and you listen to that song, you listen to what he's saying. We're not ready. We have so far to go, and we're in the year 2005. That's what saddens me, because we should be proud. America should be proud to have someone like a Michael Jackson.

KING: But yet, you'll agree, Jermaine, it was difficult for people for people to comprehend...

JACKSON: Excuse me?

KING: ...a grown men who has boys who sleep in his bed, right? I mean, that's -- it's just unusual to understand that.

JACKSON: Larry, let me stop you right there. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Larry, let me stop you right there. Michael does not sleep in the bed with children. Also, Michael's quarters, at his ranch, is the size of a 2,000 or more square foot condo, OK? And at same time, Michael does not sleep in the bed with children.

So, that was the misunderstanding that everywhere put out there. And the fact he love and care about children so much -- listen to the song "Childhood" and you'll find out who Michael Jackson is, and he's been trying to tell the world this since day -- they don't want to hear that, OK? And it's really crazy, that even the prosecution and even the authorities, and I say the authorities up in Santa Maria would just jump on him and not even care if their witnesses or their accusers were credible. It's a shame...

KING: Well, Tom Mesereau said last night that he might recommend a case, a suit on your part, of malicious prosecution. Do you think the prosecutors didn't think they had a case? You think they were just obsessed with your brother?

JACKSON: They were obsessed because Tom Sneddon had a personal vendetta. He spent the taxpayers' money up there, which they should really do an investigation on him and the whole organization up there.

I'll say it again. This is what I feel. It should be a thorough evaluation of people who are in authority, because people to have a personal vendetta against anyone and especially someone of status, and then put it before the press and the press jumps on it and they blow it up all out of proportion, is that fair? I mean, is this constitutional? Is this the time and age that we're living in?

I will say this, though -- the jurors and whole Santa Maria County has been wonderful, because this is what makes a smile. This is what make us smile.

KING: Let me get a break and we'll come back and we'll be taking calls for Jermaine...

JACKSON: No one believes this. No one believed that.

KING: Hold it, Jermaine. We've gotta take a break. We'll take calls for Jermaine Jackson. He mentioned the song. As we go to break, here is Michael Jackson's "Childhood."


KING: We're back with Jermaine Jackson. We'll be taking your calls in a while.

Let's -- I want to cover some areas that have being reported. Jermaine, there are reports that Michael may take part in Bob Geldof's Live 8 concert series. A British press is claiming he is keen to participate. It's planned to happen in advance of the G-8 summit out July 6. Do you know anything about that.

J. JACKSON: No, I don't. No, I don't.

KING: Speculation he might leave the United States? He doesn't feel comfortable here anymore.

J. JACKSON: Well, we've always had a love for other places outside the U.S. -- I don't know. But I do know that he needs to go and get some rest somewhere.

KING: You think he might want to leave the -- I mean, change residence?

J. JACKSON: I would. Yes, I'm pretty sure.

I mean Michael's an American. He's born African-American. He's born here. He's done so much for the world. So much for people. So much for America. And I say it again, we should be proud, the U.S. should be proud that he's been just a positive representation from America, for the world. And instead, they're the ones who's trying to put him under.

KING: So you wouldn't be surprised if he lives somewhere else?

J. JACKSON: I would be right with him, yes. I wouldn't be surprised.

KING: "The Hollywood Reporter" says that your family is pushing a reality television series. Any truth to that?

J. JACKSON: The family's pushing what?

KING: A reality television years.

J. JACKSON: I've have never heard anything like that, Larry. That's a surprise to me. That's something new.

KING: Do you hear a lot of strange reports? J. JACKSON: A lot goes on. And what's sad about it, when it gets to the media, they report and they inject their opinions instead of reporting the truth. It's just people talk. And then rumors spread that are not true. And things evolve into just a lot of horrendous lies. Lies, lies, lies.

KING: We spoke to your mom earlier, how is she doing? How's your mother doing?

J. JACKSON: Larry, I can't hear you, if you're talking.

KING: How's your mother doing?

J. JACKSON: My mother's doing wonderful. We are very, very happy. It's been a tremendous load off of her and the whole entire family. Like I said, we're rejoicing now. And she's been wonderful.

Because she's been in the courthouse everyday with her son. And she would have done it for any one of us. Because she knew in her heart she was a thousand percent innocent.

And at the same time, she was there. She's a mother who care for her child. And my father was there. And we were only allowed six seat, Larry. That's why we couldn't come in there, because we're a family of 11. And that's strength. That's unity. And the judge did not allow us us all to be in that courtroom at the same time. But we were there. So we took turns. And we all just sort of changed it up at times.

KING: Now, Tito happened to be in the courtroom. You were in the courthouse, but not in the courtroom. How did you hear the verdict? What was your first reaction?

J. JACKSON: OK, what had happened was, Janet and I went upstairs. And we were sort of pacing the floor. And we were just -- so we went -- so they put us in a room. A private room. And I hear all this -- I heard all of this screaming and fans cheering and screaming. So I walked over to the window. And I looked out of the window. And every time there was a scream, there was a dove released. I guess, they were releasing a dove for each count. And then I went back into the room, and all of a sudden, somebody ran upstairs and said, he was innocent on all ten counts. And we just screamed and jumped up.

It was just the most wonderful moment. God is real. We thank everyone around the world, especially the black community who has been there since day one. His fans who come from all around the world. And it's the positive energy and the prayers.

Michael's done a lot of good, Larry. A lot of good. And I wish the world could see, he's the No. 1 charitable supporter from any celebrity. It's in the world's Guinness Book Records. And people need to know this.

KING: Are you surprised then that Gallup --CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll says 48 percent of the people disagreed with the verdict, 27 percent were pleased. Is that one of the reasons you are thinking about living somewhere else?

J. LACKSON: Listen, listen. Larry, listen. This is my point. The media bashed my family and Michael all during this trial. They bashed him. They talked about him, even other legal people. And at the same time, they say, OK, let's go to the polls. Let's take a poll.

OK, we didn't want to talk. So you tell me if that's all they're hearing is negativity. And still the polls were favorable towards us. But you can't just talk about someone so much and say, let's go to the polls. That's the system in which we live. We know why they were doing that. And at the same time, we said, my brother's innocent. And he will come through all of this.

KING: Are you also angry at Court TV? Tom singled them out last night.

J. JACKSON: I don't even want to talk about them, because they're ignorant to even make statements like that. And I will not mention any names, because they don't deserve that.

But the fact that -- what happened to this country? What happened to just knowing the facts? Reporting the news, not injecting your own opinion, what happened to this? I mean, this is America. But what happened?

I mean, we're five kids that grew up in Gary, Indiana worked hard, worked hard. Had strong people behind us to launch our careers and the whole Motown thing in which set the foundation for all of the success you see. And we went on with our lives. And to be faced with something like this. We tried the system and justice was served.

KING: So you have come out of this bitter?

J. JACKSON: People out there, Larry, how many people out there tried the system and it doesn't work for them?

KING: Yes.

J. JACKSON: So, we're happy that Michael has been found not guilty, innocent. But at the same time, why did it have to come this far?

KING: Let me get a break, and come back. We'll take calls for Jermaine in a little while. He's with us for the full hour.

Billy Graham tomorrow night. Don't go away.



KING: Jermaine Jackson's our guest.

Michael has paid millions to settle previous allegations. Tom Mesereau said last night, that was -- he had bad advice. Michael shouldn't have paid anything. Do you agree?

JACKSON: Yes, I agree, but during the time, Michael was on tour. Janet was on tour. My mother was very ill, and it just -- he felt that it wasn't the time to fight. But this time he fought, and we were victorious.

KING: The impact on his future behavior -- do you think he's going to change some of the things he does just for public image?

JACKSON: Larry, there -- OK, Michael is not a weird person. Michael is not -- I mean, this is just a bunch of talk, calling him Wacko Jacko, all of these crazy names. He doesn't do anything. Have you ever heard of him throwing televisions out of the hotel windows and setting fires and doing this and that? I mean, that behavior goes on in our industry as we know that. But I guess it's because they pick on him because he is the largest, largest entertainer in the world, and they will find something to say.

KING: But will...

JACKSON: I mean, there are things that he's going to change.

KING: Right, like...

JACKSON: Excuse me?

KING: Like...

JACKSON: Well, not to let people get so close to him, and we're going to make sure of that as well.

KING: Nor -- he's not going to let anybody take advantage of him?

JACKSON: Well, people come around you and they smile, but they have a hidden agenda and we're faced with that everyday. Everybody who's patting you on your back is not your friend. But at the same time, it's up to us to know who's who. I do know that -- all my brothers, we will make sure that these type of people stay far away. Far away.

KING: Is he -- you think he'll ever write a book?

JACKSON: I really don't know, Larry. I really don't know.

KING: In his song about being a victim, about -- his song "Billie Jean," he described himself a victim. Do you think he's a victim? Is that a correct term to apply to him?

JACKSON: Well, when you're in an industry and you're out in the public, you're victims of all types of things. And his music influences, people take context of his lyrics the wrong way, and things happen. I fear sometimes when I'm out, and now since Michael's been vindicated, we all just -- we all have to be careful. I mean, we -- we love the fact that the family held up and there was a family support, but still at the same time you never know when someone's plotting and planning.

KING: Would you describe your brother as child-like?

JACKSON: I would describe my brother as a person who was in search a childhood that he never had, but at the same time, he was around adults, and when you're around adults all the time, you hear -- who wants to hear about all of the ugly things that are going on in the world? I mean, Michael's a person who loves peace. He's a very humble person. I call him St. Michael because he's the most wonderful person I know, and I mean that. He's a wonderful, wonderful person.

KING: When you get that big, though, does anyone say no to him?

JACKSON: Of course.

KING: Because sometimes you can get so big, you have power. Does he have people around him who say no?

JACKSON: Yes. My mother tells him no. Randy tells him no. We tell him no. But at the same time, when you've had so much success, you feel that your way is a positive way, is the way to go about things, and I'm referring to just the day-to-day things that he does with his music and making decisions and creative decisions and things like that.

KING: Will he entertain again?

JACKSON: I think so, but that's on him. He's -- it's in his blood, and I think he's just resting. He's resting. He's always got time or an ear for a melody or a nice beat, but it's been so much negative -- just the whole environment has been totally negative, what they've done to him, but at the same time, he's strong. He's not going to let it beat him down. He's going to stand and move forward with his life.

KING: He must miss applause. He must miss a stage.

JACKSON: You're probably right, but he has a stage at home! He has a stage at home. We can give him -- we're giving him all the applause he needs.


KING: We'll take a break, and come back, go to phone calls. We'll go to phone calls for Jermaine Jackson.

Couple of program notes -- Billy Graham, tomorrow night. Shania twain on Friday. Saturday night, Bob Costas, host Vanessa Redgrave, and on Sunday night on LARRY KING LIVE, you will met my children, on Father's Day night.

We'll be right back with Jermaine Jackson and your phone calls right after this.



KING: With Jermaine Jackson -- Columbus, Georgia -- as we go to calls. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Larry and Jermaine. Jermaine, you said just a few minutes ago that the jurors were wonderful. How do you feel about juror number one on numerous interviews saying that he truly believes that Michael has molested young boys and has the tendency to do so?

JACKSON: Well, that's just his opinion, but the bottom line is this: I know, Michael knows, god knows, in his heart that he's been a wonderful person. He's never done anything like that.

KING: Mobile, Alabama, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Larry, and thanks for your very fair and balanced show.

KING: Thank you.

CALLER: Hi, Jermaine. Will Michael consider filing...

JACKSON: How are you?

CALLER: Hi. Would Michael consider filing a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Tom Sneddon and entourage for the very unfair and horrific crime that they committed against him?

JACKSON: Well, I really don't know what he's going to do, but I would.

KING: Tom Mesereau said he would too. I other words, if it were up to you, you would take action?

JACKSON: Kick their butts, yep. They tried to bury him, Larry. They tried to bury him but they made him bigger.

KING: Santa Maria, California, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Mr. King, this is Diane.

I'm wondering, Jermaine, as a personal person who does know Mr. Sneddon and what he can do to families, I am wondering if Mr. Jackson, your brother, Michael, will be receiving or seeking counseling for the victimization he's received or endured at the hands of, quote, city hall, here in Santa Barbara County?

KING: I gather you're in the a fan of the prosecutor?

JACKSON: Well --

KING: Is Michael going to seek psychological help for just all that's happened to him?

JACKSON: I think Michael is going to rest and he's going to -- the psychological help Michael has is his family, and I would say it's just down home family love. But I do think there will be a time that the prosecutors and all of that will be dealt with. But right now, he's resting and we're rejoicing and my mother is very, very happy.

KING: What is his financial situation?

JACKSON: Well, I'll say this, Larry. Michael is no way, as they're saying, broke. When you have an incredible, incredible asset, instrument, like the catalog, and when you have other things. I mean, who's broke? I mean, look at major organizations, like AT&T and some of the major Fortune 500 companies out there. They tighten their belts at certain times. SO, this is a belt-tightening time. But Michael's no way broke, and he's still the number one superstar in the world, bigger than what he was before.

KING: Does he -- what does he own, the music rights to what, the Beatles and what else?

JACKSON: Probably everybody's music now, Larry. But it's so much. There's not enough time that we can go into that. But he's been very wise and very smart. The bottom line he's a person. Let's forget about money. Let's forget about all those things. Michael's a human being and that's what's wrong with this country now. They judge people on how much money they have. What about his -- the person he is? The love of a person? And the love that you give to others? What happened to that? What do we look for -- if a person walks around and say, I have all of this money. Everybody flocks to him.

That's not what life's supposed to be about. I mean, judge him as to who he is. Listen to his lyrics. Look at what he's done. Look at what he's done around the world, every corner of the globe -- charities, millions and millions and millions of dollars, hundreds of millions, given to people of all walks of life. He didn't deserve what happened to him.

KING: Wright City, Missouri. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Jermaine. I'm so happy that Michael was found innocent. My question is, will Michael continue helping cancer patients like he did before? I know he did an awful lot with kids when cancer and I think it would be a shame if he had to stop.

KING: Good question.

JACKSON: I'm pretty sure he will, because one apple didn't spoil the whole bunch. It's like something that's so beautiful, and godly- like to help and give to others. That's what we've been taught. That's how we've been raised, and that's the blessing that god has giving us, to have such talent and such international appeal to give back to others. So I'm pretty sure he will, because that's what he was -- blessed with all of this talent and all of this success is to give back to others and give other people a much brighter life and that's what Neverland is all about. I mean it's about giving children who are terminally ill and on their last days, that are last bit of joy. Not to do what they said. It's a beautiful place. It's a wonderful, wonderful beautiful place, Neverland. KING: Jermaine, siblings have always disagreements. What about your brother don't you like? What aspect through your life with him bothers you?

JACKSON: He's too nice, and they say I'm like that, too, but I see myself a little different than Michael. But at the same time, he's my brother. This is how we were raised. But he's very strong in business. But that would be the thing. He's just too nice.

KING: So you're saying he's not weak, he's nice?

JACKSON: No, he's not weak at all, please believe me, because it took a strong man to show up at that court, Larry, every day to hear this rubberish (ph) and all of this stupid stuff said about you. And then -- this whole thing was just a sling his name...

KING: But...

JACKSON: ...through the mud, and I'll say this. Wait, wait, wait. This is really important. It's like there're conspirators out there who were behind this whole entire thing. It's almost like a magician. They throw this child molestation crap on you with the right hand, while the left hand is trying to do something else. So, this was the whole plan. But at the same time, we've always said Michael is a thousand percent innocent.

Now, the conspirators out there, yes, they are shaking in their boots, because they know we know. We knew from day one, and it's not going to work. They're not going to get away with this.

KING: Although not guilty doesn't mean innocent. You can't declare someone innocent. They declare him not guilty. But when you say too nice, you mean he's -- he gives to people too much? He's easily swayed?

JACKSON: No, he gives too much, and he wants to help everyone, and that's what his music's been about, that's what...

KING: He's a soft touch?

JACKSON: ...the building of Neverland. He's a soft touch, but he's strong when he needs to be, but this was a situation that he thought -- would -- that he could help, and it turned out to be they had a hidden agenda. They had a hidden agenda, and it's sad that Sneddon did not evaluate his accusers and his witnesses. They had no credibility, but to shame someone. That's why I said the authorities up there, they need to do a better evaluation of people, judges and D.A.'s, because you can't do this. This is not constitutional. This is not America.

KING: We'll be back with more of Jermaine Jackson right after this.


(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) TOM SNEDDON, DISTRICT ATTORNEY, SANTA BARBARA COUNTY: He was very down. He just didn't understand why people didn't believe him. A little cynical about the system. And I just encouraged him and told him what a hero he was and how courageous he was to come forward. And that he did the right thing and it was time for him to move on with his life and never look back, because he did the right thing. And how much we believed in him and supported him.


KING: That was Tom Sneddon talking about the accuser.

Any comment on that, Jermaine?

JACKSON: I don't believe anything that comes out of his mouth, because I'll tell you why: It doesn't take a hundred times of going to somebody's property for something like this, which was a lie in the first place -- and if you look at the family, that there was no credibility even from the mother.

From all of the things she -- I feel that this was all planed. We know this was all planned. And for Sneddon to go into his property so many times, as I said before, I wasn't worried about what they were going to take out, I was worried about what they were going to put in there -- some book they keep bringing up.

KING: How's Michael's kids doing? In the -- this is a wacky world. Do -- are they kind of normal-life? Do they go to school?

JACKSON: Yes. They -- my kids play with them and they're fine. Michael's a wonderful father. He's changed diapers. He does it all and he's very, very keen on making sure his kids are disciplined. And Michael's no wacky entertainer, out there, that doesn't care about his kids and this and that. I mean he's a wonderful father. He's had a lot of...

KING: Are they...

JACKSON: ... Brothers to learn from.

KING: Are they sheltered when they go to school? Are they watched?

JACKSON: No. No. They have -- they have private school, but at the same time, he wants them to be able to interact with the -- with children so we bring ours over. And they get a chance to do things, but you hear a lot of things, Larry, and it's up to, I guess, the public to know what the truth is.

It's very hard. It's very hard.

KING: Were you happy with Debbie Rowe on the stand?

Tom, last night, said he was very pleased with her even though she was a prosecution witness. JACKSON: I was very pleased. I was in the Middle East during the time, but I was very pleased because they tried everything. I felt that the judge worked with the prosecution. They didn't allow us anything. I -- Michael wasn't even allowed to use the bathroom half- of-the-time. We weren't allowed to -- even to sit there. There were empty seats there and we couldn't sit there. And this is -- what is --they tried to strip us of every bit of truth and strength that we portrayed as a family.

KING: The judge, too?

JACKSON: But still we prevailed. We prevailed.

KING: You include the judge.

JACKSON: Yes. Yes.

I did, yes.

KING: New York City -- hello.

CALLER: Yes, hello.

Hi, Larry.

Hi, Jermaine.


CALLER: My question to Jermaine is: Is Michael going to take Donald Trump up on his offer of doing a headline show Vegas, when he's better?

JACKSON: Sweetie, I don't know anything about that, but Donald Trump has been a friend in the past and if that's what he wants to do, that's what he'll do.

KING: Donald Trump has done nothing but praise your brother, but he doesn't have the hotel in Vegas, yet.

So, it would be premature. But that's a possibility. He would work Vegas, wouldn't he? He was always big there.

JACKSON: Well, we started out in Vegas, as children. Well, we started at The Apollo, but we played Vegas and I'm -- he loves Las Vegas. So, you never know.

KING: Miami -- hello?

Caller: Hi, Jermaine. I have a question and a comment. I wanted to say that: I've loved Michael my whole life and have never doubted his innocence and what he said...

JACKSON: Thank you.

Caller: ... life runs sprints but the truth runs marathons, is true. I just wanted to know: How did you feel about the media coverage, especially Court TV and Nancy Grace, whom I thought was extremely unprofessional and --

KING: Well, I asked him about Court TV. He didn't want to name names, but you were very critical of the whole network, right?

JACKSON: Well, I'll just say this: My mother and father's attorney, Debra Opri, was banned from Court TV, but after she had really bashed, you know who -- which I don't even want to mention their names.

But the media has been very unfair because they have not reported the news, they've injected opinions. And that's not what a reporter is supposed to do. You're supposed to report.

KING: We'll take a break and be back with more of Jermaine Jackson, more of your phone calls.

Don't go away.



JACKSON: This is a very historic room here where we are right now. Because this is where the meeting took place for the Jackson Victory Tour: 1984 tour that broke all records of course.

We were sitting here on the couches and negotiating and talking and sort of getting our ideas together,creatively, of what we're going to do on stage live, real soon. So, we're very proud of this room.


KING: Speaking of that, Jermaine, how about a Jackson family reunion tour?

JACKSON: That sounds good, Larry.

KING: I mean, you would do that, right?

JACKSON: Sounds very good.

KING: Do you think Michael would do it?

JACKSON: We're ready. We're ready.

KING: By the way, in all honesty...

JACKSON: Victory two.

KING: Are you -- Victory two -- Are you, Jermaine, a bitter winner?

JACKSON: A bitter winner in what sense? Can you...

KING: That you have won, you are happy, but at the same time, very bitter at the whole turn of events.

JACKSON: I'm not bitter. I'm just disappointed in the system. Michael didn't get off because of money, because of his popularity. He got off because he was innocent and they never presented a case. But at the same time, I'm bitter because he's done so much -- we've done so much. We represent this country and for them to act as we were some -- from somewhere else, I mean, it's just...

KING: So, there's some bitterness.


JACKSON: Yes. Yes, but we move on. We have to be bigger than that. We have to be -- we have to move on, but it's hard to turn the other cheek.

KING: I'll bet.

JACKSON: They tried to bury us. They tried to bury us. You would be the same way, right?

KING: If I thought I was being buried, I would be mad, yes.

Big Rapids, Michigan, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Larry. Hi, Jermaine.


CALLER: I'm a huge fan of Michael's.


CALLER: He saved me life as a child, and I would love to let him know that. My question is...

JACKSON: Oh, thank you.

CALLER: ...will there be a victory party for the fans?

JACKSON: Well, Randy -- Randy is arranging things now. He's done a wonderful job of pulling the team together for Michael. And I guess that's in the plans. I spoke to him just before I came on.

KING: So, there might be a party put together for the people who supported him?

JACKSON: Absolutely. They came so far, Larry. The fans sent -- they put out so much positive energy in the prayers. One time I was leaving the gates and they were standing and holding hands in the circle and just that positive light, positive energy, and that's what it was, and I thank everyone from around from the globe and here and far and near, because they know who Michael is, and if you get past the media and get to the fans and to the public, they know who he is.

KING: Poughkeepsie, New York, hello. CALLER: Hi, Jermaine. Hi, Larry.


JACKSON: I would like to know, how has Michael been feeling? And if he has any plans on going on tour or to record a new CD?

KING: Ah, we have asked about touring. How about recording?

JACKSON: Well, I really don't know. Right now he's resting. He's just -- he doesn't have to wake up at 4:00 in the morning anymore. He was there everyday, Larry. He was there. They thought he would flee. They thought he would run.

But he's -- he loves music. I'm pretty sure he's always going to sing, but right now, that's not important. What's important for him is just to get himself back and to -- just to be a human being, a person again.

KING: We'll be back with remaining moments with Jermaine Jackson. Don't go away.


KING: Jermaine, it's been no secret the family has feuded in the past. There've been public feuds and problems with your dad and growing up. Has this, in a sense, brought the family closer together?

JACKSON: Well, this has brought us closer, but at the same time, we're a family. We're no different than any other family who has feuds and problems. What is life without problems? I mean -- but at the same time, we're united, and we have united front that is very, very strong, and its supported by god. My mother and father did a great job in instilling the morals and principles in us from the very beginning. We feel that with that, with that, that's all you need to go through life.

KING: Your father was -- your father was tough, though, was he not? Have you forgiven some of the -- the way you were treated as a kid?

JACKSON: I was treated fine. There's nothing to forgive. I mean, any black family or any black child or just person out there listening, we grew up like any other black family. You did something, you got your butt tore up, and it wasn't tore up, it was just, you got a spanking. And so, making this more than what it is -- they're looking for problems.

But I will say this. He kept us off of the streets. He kept us away from drugs. He kept us away from gangs and we were able -- like I said, we're five kids from Gary, Indiana, house the size of a two- car garage, but at the same time, we've been able to project a talent out there and have the support of strong people to entertain the world. So that's a blessing from god, and so -- at the same time, having good parents.


KING: But, Michael never really had what could be called a normal childhood.

JACKSON: No, because he started so early.

KING: Yes.

JACKSON: And, like I said, people would approach him. That's why he doesn't feel comfortable -- and I feel the same way -- being around adults and talk to you about this and that and business. Who wants to be reminded of just -- the world should be a better place, and that's been the challenge of man to try to make it a better place.

KING: Do you still keep -- you ever keep in close touch with the Osmond boys? The two of you were so big together at one time.

JACKSON: Yes, well, I've been talking to Merrill a while back but we'll been so busy with what has just happened and -- but we stay in touch. We'll get a call from him and I speak to Donny on and off. And I'm pretty -- I mean we're in the same circle, so we run across each other or someone who is with him, we tell them we are looking for him.

KING: So, what are you going to be doing, Jermaine, now that this is over?

JACKSON: I'm going to be, just, probably just working on some music, starting a label, and just staying strong, staying by my family, staying by my brothers. My brothers are -- we're strong. We're ready for whatever. If there's a tour, fine. If not, we're going to continue to be a family, a united family. We came through this.

KING: If Michael leaves the country, would you?

JACKSON: I'll be right there.

KING: You would?

JACKSON: Right there with him. We love -- we love the people in America. It's been the media and we have nothing bad to say. I mean there's some wonderful places here, but at the same time, there are wonderful places all around the world and we need to just travel and see more.

KING: Yes. Well, that would be understandable if you -- feelings are that way, you known all over the world -- I guess he'd be taken in -- a lot of places would warmly accept the Jacksons.

JACKSON: Thank you, Larry.

KING: Jermaine, thank you very much for giving us this hour. We appreciate it. Thank you for taking phone calls, and we appreciate you're spending the time with us.

JACKSON: Thank you.

KING: Jermaine Jackson from his home in Encino, California.

Tomorrow night, Billy Graham will be our guest. He's 86-years- young. His health is failing. He's doing his last crusade here in New York. Billy Graham, an incredible figure in American history, special guest tomorrow night.

Shania Twain on Friday. Bob Costas interviews Vanessa Redgrave Saturday night, and then my children, Sunday night, Father's Day.

Speaking of great fathers, Aaron Brown. He is the father of a teenage girl. It shows in every line in his face, in every wrinkle -- when you ever notice in a little move (ph) in Aaron Brown, turning downward, it could be something caused by a girl with a car.


KING: Soon.

BROWN: She's working on it, though. I'll tell you that. Thank you Mr. King, and if you (INAUDIBLE), we can survive even autos and children. Thank you.


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