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Dr. Phil Catches a Bigamist; Oprah Nabs Child Molester; New "King Kong" Reviewed; "Da Vinci Code" Preview

Aired December 14, 2005 - 19:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.
BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. TV`s only live entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER (voice-over): Tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, talk shows turn "Police Squad." Breaking news on Dr. Phil, how he helped catch a man wanted for bigamy. Oprah catching accused child molesters. Tonight, why wanted felons are finding that face-time could have them facing time. It`s the report you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

"Da Vinci," divulged. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT cracks "The Da Vinci Code." We have your very first look at the super-secret movie. Tonight, the sneak peek that may give you a Mona Lisa smile.

It`s a monster Kong-a line for the return of "King Kong." Tonight, we race across America to grab people just coming out of the movie theatre. Does "Kong" roar or is he just a snore? Only SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is live with the very first fan reviews.

JOHN SENA, WWE STAR: This is the WWE champ John Sena.

CARLITO, WWE STAR: And Carlito. And if it happened today.



HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer live in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson live in Hollywood.

Tonight, another astounding story of citizen crime solvers, all thanks to the shocking power of the media. The latest news today: because of "Dr. Phil," a man suspected of bigamy has been arrested.

Doctor Phil, following in Oprah`s footsteps: her show has helped catch three suspected child molesters. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the inside story of TV turning the tables on some of America`s most wanted.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I have reason to believe my husband is a bigamist.

ANDERSON (voice-over): A shocking revelation, and thanks to Dr. Phil, this man, wanted on bigamy charges, was just arrested.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I was disgusted when I found out I was (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

ANDERSON: The show featured two women who discovered they had both been married to the same man, but a viewer at home realized she was looking at the same man who was dating her sister.

Shortly after, he was arrested, another case where the media becomes a crime solver.

Ernie Allen, president of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, knows the power of the media.

ERNIE ALLEN, PRESIDENT, CENTER FOR MISSING AND EXPLOITED CHILDREN: Cleanly the media is more important than it`s ever been before, for example, what CNN did recently in helping us find missing and displaced children as a result of Hurricane Katrina. With programs like "America`s Most Wanted" and others have done.

ANDERSON: The "Dr. Phil" arrest is just one of an astounding number of recent cases solved.

OPRAH WINFREY, TALK SHOW HOST: I`m angry at the system and I`m angry at us.

ANDERSON: Oprah Winfrey made this plea to viewers to help her catch wanted child predators.

WINFREY: I asked you all of you to take note to study their faces on and to call your local FBI if you recognized any of them.

ANDERSON: It worked. Within 48 hours, two alleged child molesters were captured. And since then her audience has helped her catch another one.

ANNOUNCER: Where America fights back.

ANDERSON: "America`s Most Wanted" tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that to date it`s helped find 870 fugitives and has recovered 41 missing kids.

TOM MORRIS, "AMERICA`S MOST WANTED": I think that law enforcement has changed in the way it views the media. And as a result, the media has greater access to crime stories as they`re breaking. I think that the evolution of television coverage has meshed with law enforcement, and we`ve become sort of a partnership in this war on crime.

ANDERSON: Marc Klaas, father of Polly Klaas, a young girl who was abducted and murdered in California, told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that shows like "Oprah" getting involved is huge.

MARC KLAAS, DAUGHTER ABDUCTED AND KILLED: It`s a quantum leap forward and it certainly brings it to everybody`s attention. Hopefully more shows will follow suit.

ANDERSON: And he told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT more people should work with the media. It`s a better way to fight crime.

KLAAS: When Polly was kidnapped, we were told to sit by the phone and wait for the ransom call to come. What we found, though, very quickly was that parents going on TV can humanize their children in a way that gets people invested in it.

ANDERSON: And that`s just it. Humanizing the issue can make the difference.

MORRIS: You really do get a sense of a person`s pain when you sit down and watch them in a television interview. The words on paper in the paper don`t jump out at you the way someone`s actual tears and emotions do in that screen. It`s a powerful thing when people tell their stories, and the audience is out there listening and thinking, you know, "I`m just like that person; that could be me. They`re no different than I am."


ANDERSON: And it`s not just the small screen. Both "America`s Most Wanted" and Oprah Winfrey post information on their web sites. Go to or for more information.

HAMMER: Well, tonight, people are going Kong-crazy, coast to coast, and we are all over it, of course. This is "King Kong" week on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. "King Kong" finally opened up today, and our cameras and crews are everywhere. We`re getting the very first reviews from the most important critics, the people who are seeing the movie.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Adrianna Costa is live tonight at the Atlantic Station Theatre in Atlanta. I`m guessing seeing a lot of happy customers coming out?

ADRIANNA COSTA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: That`s absolutely right. And as you mentioned, "King Kong" is absolutely everywhere. It`s "King Kong" mania literally.

But you know, this is good news for Peter Jackson, because he`s getting rave reviews on the movie. It opened in 3,500 theaters nationwide today and also across the globe. Also, Peter Jackson received a Golden Globe nomination last night for best director in this movie. So we`ll look out for that, people at home.

The movie, got to keep in mind, three hours long. I think it`s like 3:07. It took $200 million to make, so really their goal right now is to bring in big-ticket sales and have a big opening weekend.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, of course, on their feet always, took it around America today, stopped at a couple cities, and found out what the fans had to say about it. We gave them a rating of -- using bananas, of course, because we`re very creative here, so they could choose between one banana and four bananas, one being the worst score, four being the best. Let`s take a listen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Out of four bananas, I give it four bananas, nice, ripe ones. The film was -- it was actually breathtaking. The special effects were the best that I`ve ever seen. It was riveting. And it`s amazing; for something to keep my attention, hold my attention for three hours as that did, that`s exceptional, because I`m not easily entertained.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Out of four bananas, I give it four bananas, because I thought it was top of the chart. Peter Jackson outdid himself once again, and I was really, really impressed throughout the whole movie. The whole three hours was worth three hours.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Out of four bananas, I give "King Kong" four bananas, because they managed to give King Kong a soul.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Out of four bananas, I give "King Kong" five, because Peter Jackson knows what he`s doing with this kind of material. They should always give him as much money as he wants to make whatever movies he wants.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I give "King Kong" four bananas, because it`s an awesome, action-packed movie.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Out of four bananas, I give "King Kong" two bananas and a peel. I thought they stretched it at the end. I loved being on the island with the dinosaurs, and climbing buildings in 2005 is just a bit much for me. How about that?


COSTA: Did I hear two bananas and a peel, A.J.? Because I didn`t think peels were involved here.

Anyway, the public spoke, and the critics have spoken, and they seem to agree pretty much. But also, the big question now is will it be the biggest movie of all time and knock "Titanic" from its top spot?

So tomorrow people will have to check in with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, because we`ll bring you the first box office ticket sales, let you know how the movie did. Also, A.J., I haven`t seen the flick yet, but guess what? I`m going. I`m walking in when we`re done.

HAMMER: Can you give us an early prediction of how many bananas you`ll be giving it?

COSTA: You know what? It seems big. The whole movie is colossal. Everything about it is colossal, so I`m going to give it a colossal number. I`ll give it, like, five bananas also. How about that?

HAMMER: All right. That`s a whole lot of bananas, Adrianna. Adrianna Costa, thank you very much.

COSTA: And a peel.

HAMMER: Make sure you watch Adrianna`s entertainment reports weekdays between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. on the "ROBIN & COMPANY" program here on CNN Headline News.

We`re going to have more "King Kong" for you when "People" magazine movie critic Leah Rozen gives us her review of the movie. That`s coming up later in the show.

ANDERSON: A lot of four banana ratings there. All right. And if you were not one of lucky ones to get to see "Kong" today, not to worry. Throughout "King Kong Week" here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, we are bringing you first looks at some of the most breathtaking scenes from the movie, and they are breathtaking. So buckle your seat belts for our "SHOWBIZ Showcase" as Kong leaps in to save Ann Darrow, played by Naomi Watts, only to have a T-Rex get in his face.





ANDERSON: Now we want to hear from you. Our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. King Kong: will it be bigger than "Titanic"? What do you think? Vote at And send us e-mail at We will read some of your thoughts later on in the show.

HAMMER: Coming up, Hollywood is crazy in love. From shocking breakups to surprise weddings, an in-depth look at this year`s star-crossed couples.

ANDERSON: And why is this woman smiling? She`ll never tell, but we will. A first look at "The Da Vinci Code." SHOWBIZ TONIGHT takes the wraps off the thriller that`s been shrouded in secrecy. It`s the sneak peek tonight that everyone will be buzzing about months from now.

From "The Da Vinci Code" to dress codes. The little black dress is considered a style staple of every well-dressed woman. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT offers a dress rehearsal to help you find the perfect holiday getup.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s only live entertainment new show. I`m A.J. Hammer.

2005 has certain been a year of bests and worsts. And nowhere is that really more apparent than in the celebrity romance department. "People" magazine`s annual "Best and Worst" issue is just out tonight, hot off the presses, and we`ve got your very first look at the break-ups and the hook- ups of Hollywood`s best known couples.

Joining us live tonight from Hollywood, Julie Jordan, West Coast associate bureau chief for "People" magazine.

Julie, let`s get into it with arguably the biggest story of the year in entertainment couples, the triangle that really started it all: Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie.

JULIE JORDAN, WEST COAST ASSOCIATE BUREAU CHIEF, "PEOPLE" MAGAZINE: I know, they pretty much created the snowball effect. No one saw Brad and Jennifer breaking up. I think that was really what captured everyone`s attention. There wasn`t anyone out there that wasn`t talking about it, you know.

And then all of a sudden, it was focus on the relationship of these celebrities, you know, from make-ups to breakups to making babies. This year has been quite the sensation in terms of celebrity couples.

HAMMER: Well, speaking of making babies, there was certainly no shortage of news on Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, and now these rumors of a possible or imminent breakup persist.

JORDAN: I know, I know, and every week it`s kind of just you check in with them to see how they`re doing. As of right now things are good, they`re together. And now that a baby is involved, you really hope that they can work it out. Because you know, they got married young, obviously it`s Hollywood, but when a child`s involved, you really hope that, you know, two people can stay together.

HAMMER: We hope there`s happiness all around.

JORDAN: I know. We really hope so.

HAMMER: That`s our wish here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Well, let`s move to -- you know, I don`t really have any problem characterizing it as the strangest Hollywood relationship of the year...

JORDAN: Right.

HAMMER: ... Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

JORDAN: OK. You would say it`s a whirlwind. Right. I mean, they came out as a couple. Within months, you know, he`s proposing to her on the Eiffel Tower. Within months she`s pregnant, and now it`s a bump watch and a wedding watch pretty much every weekend. So there`s no telling with these two, plus of course, the public displays of affection and attention, and the couch jumping episode. He definitely kind of created his own sensation in terms of romance.

HAMMER: Was there a couch-jumping episode? I must have missed that.

JORDAN: Something like that, yes, I don`t know.

HAMMER: All right. Well, everybody always wonders if the Hollywood couples are going to stay together. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, they certainly, you know, both reshot to stardom by having a television show all about being newlyweds.


HAMMER: And now the rumors were going on all year long, will they break up, will they break up, will they break up? They broke up.

JORDAN: And now look what happened. I know. Well, ultimately they became famous because we got a glimpse into their relationship. So when the show was over, there was this void. That`s a lot of pressure. You know, people wanted intrigue; they wanted to know what was going on with these two.

Unfortunately, they decided to call it quits, but I`ve got to tell you, so many people really, really hope they`ll be able to get back together. Because we love Nick and Jessica. We can`t imagine life without them.

HAMMER: No, we can. Talk to me about the May/December relationship of 2005, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. They seem happy and in love.

JORDAN: Well, exactly. I love that they proved everyone wrong. When they got together, everyone was saying no way these two are going to make it. You know, and they got married. They pulled it off in a secret ceremony. You know, they both talked about they really want to expand their family and have kiddoes, so I think is going to be something that`s going to last. Let`s hope so, anyway.

HAMMER: Let`s hope so. And real quickly, one that didn`t last: Renee Zellweger, Kenny Chesney.

JORDAN: I know. It was just kind of too much too soon. Their careers took them in different directions. But you`ve got to hope they`re going to find love again someday.

HAMMER: All right, Julie. Well, thanks for putting it all under one big holiday bow for us tonight.

JORDAN: Absolutely.

HAMMER: Julie Jordan, joining us live from Hollywood.

And for more of "People`s" best and worst of 2005, you can grab your copy of "People" magazine. You`ll find it on newsstands Friday.

ANDERSON: Well, this is the big weekend for holiday parties. Ladies, do you have a dress? If not, don`t panic: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has some great ideas for the perfect little black dress. We recruited Stacy London from TLC`s "What Not to Wear" to help us find the right dress, and undergarments, for your body type.


STACY LONDON, TLC`S "WHAT NOT TO WEAR": We`re going to have to talk about the little black dress. There`s no getting away from it this season. We want to talk about that black dress in terms of body type and what goes underneath it to make it the most flattering for your body type.

Let`s start with this dress. It`s Maria Bianca Nero. And it`s, as you can see, a very deep plunge neckline. The bra that`s underneath it, which is super important here, is going to be the barely there comfortable curves underwire, which gives a smooth silhouette.

This is terrific if you don`t have lots of hips, or if you have a very thick waist that goes straight down into your hips. A bias cut in silk satin, which means that the fabric is cut on an angle, is going to give you extra curves.

Yes, who can wear a dress like this? Well, somebody who`s got a nice chest, but who also has a smaller shoulder. Think somebody like Charlize Theron.

So here we have a very classic silhouette of a black dress. It is the strapless black dress. And the idea here is to do a real classic sense of elegance, something that you might see a Renee Zellweger in. OK?

Here we`ve got almost that corseted feeling that she`s sort of famous for, but what we have underneath as the foundational garment is the Wonder Bra strapless wonder. The idea here is to get great coverage again, but to lift the girls up. Because when you`ve got a strapless dress on, the last thing in the world you want is sagging.

So I can`t tell you how many times I`ve been asked, when is it OK for your bra to show? Well, the idea for holiday dressing is that if your bra strap is showing, you`re in big trouble. But in some looks a great bra just peeking through a little bit at the chest line is a terrific advantage to sort of highlighting a great neckline on a dress.

Here we`re talking about the Bali lace desire plunge, OK? So you can just see a bit of the lace peeking through. You are going to see deep V`s everywhere this holiday season. That is going to be one of the most important silhouettes in terms of your little black dress that you`re going to see.

This is terrific for a shorter woman, somebody who wants to look longer and leaner. I can see somebody like Eva Longoria wearing something like this.

This dress is kind of romantic in an of itself. I always think of something like Angelina Jolie in this, not only because she`s got a great set of girls, but because she doesn`t have a really defined waist or hip. This is going to be very romantic, float away, and should she happen to get pregnant by Brad Pitt, this will still be flattering up until her fourth or fifth month.

Historically I love the idea of women in black dresses. Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, I mean, you can think of really fantastic women. Every woman should feel like the little black dress makes them a princess for a day.


ANDERSON: Some good tips there. And all of those fancy bras Stacy London was showing us, they`re pretty easy to find. They`re all by Playtex.

HAMMER: Coming up, the question is, will "King Kong" be king of the world? We`ll have the review in "Picks and Pans."

ANDERSON: Also ahead, "Blazing Saddles" and the heartland. "Brokeback Mountain" is spurring awards buzz for its groundbreaking gay love story. Will conservatives -- conservatives shell out a fistful of dollars or leave these cowboys in the dust? We`ll look into it.

HAMMER: And meet the men who flip over a Broadway flop. "The Producers" stars Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane join us for a "SHOWBIZ Sitdown" and tell us why bad taste is so sweet.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I am A.J. Hammer.

It is "King Kong Week," and we`ve been taking you coast to coast for the big "King Kong" debut. In tonight`s "SHOWBIZ Guide," a King-size Kong edition of "People`s Picks and Pans." And here in New York, "People" magazine movie critic Leah Rozen.

Nice to see you on this momentous occasion.


HAMMER: Celebrating "Kong," Leah. Well, let`s get right to it. What about this movie impressed you the most?

ROZEN: That it`s really this quite moving love story between Kong and the Naomi Watts character. He is simply the most expressive ape I`ve ever seen on the screen. Peter Jackson may have just managed, by having Andy Serkis play him, he has these eyes that, you know, the most expressive golden brown eyes on the screen since the advent of Technicolor.

HAMMER: And Andy Serkis, the same guy who did Gollum for "Lord of the Rings," correct?

ROZEN: Yes, exactly.

HAMMER: Want to make sure I have my charaters.

ROZEN: His favorite actors to play somebody who`s not actually him on the screen.

HAMMER: Well, that brings us to the special effects, which everybody is buzzing about, saying the bar has just been raised that much more with this film.

ROZEN: The special effects are phenomenal. I mean, when the dinosaurs are rampaging and then basically sliding off a mountain like lemmings, I mean, you really think, now, dinosaurs, we have photos? They filmed them?

But at the heart of this movie is a really good story, terrific acting, and a whole lot of human emotion. And that goes so far beyond special effects.

HAMMER: And real quickly, does it hold your attention for the full three hours?

ROZEN: Yes, it absolutely does. And believe me, I was not looking forward to three hours, but this thing is movie magic. It makes you a 10- year-old in the theater again.

HAMMER: All right, Leah. Thanks very much. "People" magazine movie critic Leah Rozen.

And as always, for more "Picks and Pans," you can grab your copy of "People" magazine. It`s on news stands now.

ANDERSON: "A Little More Personal (Raw)" is the name of Lindsay Lohan`s new album, but she didn`t get too "personal" on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," even as Ellen got a little "raw" in her questioning about whether the starlet had a new boyfriend. Take a look in "Talk of the Day."


LINDSAY LOHAN, ACTRESS/SINGER: I love you guys. Thank you.

ELLEN DEGENERES, TALK SHOW HOST: So you`re in New York a lot because you`re dating somebody we should know about?


DEGENERES: I don`t know. That was my segue to dating.

LOHAN: OK. Very smooth.

DEGENERES: Are you dating anybody?

LOHAN: No. No.

DEGENERES: No. That means yes.

LOHAN: No, no.

DEGENERES: Now, I`m good at body language and tonal -- and that "no" meant yes. It really did.

LOHAN: That`s scary. No, I`m truly not, no.

DEGENERES: Then you are.

LOHAN: Even though I was, I would say no, so you`re right.

DEGENERES: That`s why I`m saying I know for sure you are.

LOHAN: But no.

DEGENERES: All right. We have to take a commercial break. When we come back, I will let you know who it is. I`ll find out.


HAMMER: I`m not sure exactly who to believe there.

Well, coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Michael Jackson`s relatives may be hitting the airwaves in a new reality show. The story, just ahead in our "Hot Headlines."

ANDERSON: And "Brokeback Mountain" is lassoing in the critics, but it may have a rockier ride with conservatives. We`ll tell you why snubs from the heartland could make this movie a "Cold Mountain,"

HAMMER: And a date with Da Vinci. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you a first look at "The Da Vinci Code," the thriller that`s shaping up to be next year`s most controversial movie.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 31 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. And you are watching TV`s only live entertainment news show.

A.J., the film "Brokeback Mountain" about two gay cowboys is getting rave reviews from the critics. Some are saying it could break new ground in filmmaking. But there are some conservatives out there who don`t agree and say there`s an agenda here to market homosexuality. Coming up in about two minutes, we`re actually going to get a closer look at this controversy.

HAMMER: Well, there`s always controversy. And certainly, one movie that has not escaped controversy, "The Da Vinci Code," the most highly anticipated movie of next year. It won`t be out until May, but tonight we`ve got your first look at this film that has been absolutely shrouded in secrecy. That is coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

But first, let us get to tonight`s "Hot Headlines" with CNN`s J.J. Ramberg. She joins us live here in New York.

Hi, J.J.


Well, 20,000 police officers attended the funeral of a New York City police officer who was shot trying to stop a burglary. Actor Lillo Brancato, Jr., whose credits include "A Bronx Tale" and "The Sopranos," is a suspect in the officer`s murder.

Now, this is the weird part. Today, the "New York Post" reported an eerie twist in the case. A colleague of the slain officer says that just days before he was shot, he asked his nephew to tape "A Bronx Tale" for him, because he really liked the movie.

A new reality show is in the works about the Jackson family. The show would feature Michael Jackson`s brothers, Tito and Jermaine, and his sister, LaToya. The "Hollywood Reporter" says a pilot is being pitched to several cable networks, revolving around Tito`s sons looking for success in the music industry.

Now, after eight months on Broadway, "Sweet Charity" is closing on Broadway. Christina Applegate was nominated for her starring role in the musical revival. Today, it was announced that the final performance will be New Year`s Eve, December 31st.

And those are today`s "Hot Headlines."

HAMMER: Thanks very much, J.J.

It was certainly a struggle for Christina Applegate getting that show up and running. So at least, you know, she got almost a year out of it.


HAMMER: J.J. Ramberg, joining us in New York, thanks very much.

ANDERSON: And got a Tony nomination out of it.

All right. Tonight, the hot controversy over one of the hottest new movies of the year, "Brokeback Mountain." It`s just picked up seven Golden Globe nominations and been named best movie by several film critic groups. But tonight, other critics are fuming over the gay romance story of two cowboys. CNN`s Mary Snow is live tonight for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Hi, Mary.

MARY SNOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hi there, Brooke. And, you know, the storyline of two male lovers has played in selected theaters. It`s about to expand nationally. Already, there are questions about how it will play in the red states.


SNOW (voice-over): Unlike the legacy of John Wayne westerns, "Brokeback Mountain" breaks new ground in a love story between two cowboys. Some say it has the potential to leave a cultural mark, the way "Guess Who`s Coming to Dinner" did in the 1960s.

PAUL STEKLER, FILMMAKER: Sydney Poitier, when he starred in films in the `60s, you know, broke new ground in terms of African-American breaking into mainstream films as a romantic star. So, in that way, we may look back on "Brokeback Mountain" and say, yes, this broke new ground.

SNOW: And that is exactly the concern of some Christian conservatives.

STEPHEN BENNETT, STRAIGHT TALK RADIO: Listen: Parents, beware of "Brokeback Mountain." Adults, beware, as well.

SNOW: Stephen Bennett is a radio talk show host who says he was gay before he married his wife.

BENNETT: "Brokeback Mountain" has taken the level of marketing homosexuality to America another step further. Basically what they`re trying to do is trying to sell it, and that`s what we believe. They`re basically trying to normalize it.

SNOW: Other conservatives predict the movie will fail when it opens nationally, particularly in politically red states, but it`s getting praise in the cities where it`s opened. And with seven Golden Globe nominations, there`s talk of Oscars.

Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee says it`s gotten more support than he thought. He says his aim is to reach people`s hearts.

ANG LEE, DIRECTOR, "BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN": We try to reach the depth and complexity of life. We fill the gap of social codes and political issues.

SNOW: And some historians say this new twist on a western tale may not be so new; it just wasn`t depicted in movies and books.

T.V. REED, WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY: The story (INAUDIBLE) there`s a lot of what we would now call gay cowboys out there, partly because they were only men in many situations, but also because, as in every other occupation, there were lots of folks who were gay.


SNOW: "Brokeback Mountain" is now playing in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. It opens in more cities this Friday -- Brooke?

ANDERSON: Mary, thank you so much. CNN`s Mary Snow for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: Well, it`s one of the hottest Broadway productions, and now the Tony-award winning musical, "The Producers," is finally hitting the big screen. Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick play a pair of schemers who hope to get rich by making the worst play in the history of theater.

David Haffenreffer sat down with the dynamic duo to get the inside dish on bringing Broadway to Hollywood.



MATTHEW BRODERICK, ACTOR: Let`s assume for a moment that you are a dishonest man.

NATHAN LANE, ACTOR: Assume away.


HAFFENREFFER: When you first heard about the movie was going to be made, did you both immediately know that this was something you really wanted to do?

BRODERICK: The movie? Yes, sure.

LANE: Yes. What else am I doing?


LANE: See it, smell it, touch it, kiss it. Kiss it. It`s the mother lode.

BRODERICK: What is it? You found the flop?

LANE: The flop? That`s putting it mildly. This is a catastrophe.


LANE: Who wouldn`t want to do this? They`re great parts. And we had played them before. So it`s rare that, you know, the guy that does it on stage gets to do the movie. So it was all good.


BRODERICK: Springtime for Hitler, a gay romp with Eva and Adolph at Berchtesgaden. Oh, my god.


HAFFENREFFER: You guys have been credited with helping to bring Broadway back to life with your portrayals in these roles for this particular play. Do you hope this does the same thing for the not-so-great box office?

BRODERICK: Yes, I`m hoping to revive the motion picture industry.


HAFFENREFFER: I mean, Harry Potter is doing it to some degree, but we`re still down year over year, essentially, in ticket sales.

BRODERICK: Really? Well, don`t ask me to help that. You know, I hope it`s a good movie and, yes, I would love it if people went to see it. I mean, I don`t hope it`s a good movie; I love the movie, and I hope people like it.

And I hope it not only helps the movie industry do better, but I would like the whole economy to be boosted by the release of this picture.

HAFFENREFFER: Will you both take an interest in how this movie does? Will you run out Monday morning to see how the performances after the opening weekend?

BRODERICK: I`ll hide in terror and he`ll get it...


LANE: And I hope it brings an end to the war in Iraq.

BRODERICK: Yes, that, too.

HAFFENREFFER: I loved seeing Uma Thurman in the role of Ulla.

BRODERICK: Ulla. Ulla Inga Hansen Bensen Yansen Tallen Hallen Spaden Spasen (ph).


LANE: Wowee.

BRODERICK: I never could do it on stage. I had to read it.


BRODERICK: We might have a position for you.

LANE: As a matter of fact, we might have several positions for you.


BRODERICK: I got to rehears with her for weeks on the dances, you know, because some of them she hadn`t done before had to be taught. And I had to learn them with her. And that was a great pleasure to show up and just work on this dancing with her. She was a total joy to work with.


LANE: I want you to know, my dear, that even though we`re sitting down, we`re giving you a standing ovation.


HAFFENREFFER: Who`s the better dancer?

LANE: He is.


LANE: She is, he said. She is.

BRODERICK: You could have said that, too. I didn`t mean it like that.

LANE: You said "she is." Oh, god.

BRODERICK: I meant, you listen to her. You know that joke that he sometimes makes?

LANE: Listen to her. I hope this is in a blue state.

BRODERICK: He`s a wonderful dancer.

LANE: I`m the lord of the dance. I don`t know if you`ve heard. Michael Flatley is no longer the lord; I am the lord of the dance.

HAFFENREFFER: But you did a good job, and obviously you have to get it right for the take that`s used in the film, because it`s going to live on for eternity.

BRODERICK: Yes, and you really wanted to get it right, because there were sometimes 20 dancers behind you. And if I would make a mistake, we would have to do it again. And then you see all these people doing it perfectly around you. You really want to get it right.


BRODERICK (singing): I want to be a producer.



HAMMER: That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s David Haffenreffer. "The Producers" will open in limited release first, up against "King Kong." And it hits theaters everywhere on December 25th, Christmas Day.

ANDERSON: "King Kong" week continues. Tonight, the movie is finally out. And coming up next, we`re live outside theaters for more audience reviews.

HAMMER: Plus, cracking the code. It is one of the most highly anticipated movies on the horizon. Well, stick around, because coming up in the "Showbiz Showcase," we have your first look at "The Da Vinci Code" trailer. And according to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT executive producer Dave Levine, it rocks.

ANDERSON: And why is Billy Joel trying to ruin the song "Just the Way You Are" for his fans? That and other secrets revealed, coming up in "Laughter Dark."


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s only live entertainment news show. And the only one with "King Kong" hanging off the Empire State Building tonight, too. I`m A.J. Hammer.

Our coverage of "King Kong" week continues now. Across the country tonight, movie theatres are just packed with "King Kong" craziness. It is the most anticipated movie of the year. It opened p today, and we have been bringing you the very first reviews from the people who are leaving the theaters coast to coast.

Speaking of which, let`s go back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Adrianna Costa. She is live tonight at the Regal Cinemas Atlantic Station 16 Theatre, monkeying around in Atlanta -- Adrianna?

ADRIANNA COSTA, CNN HEADLINE NEWS CORRESPONDENT: That`s right. I was like, "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ah, ah, ah." That`s my attempt at being a monkey, there you go.

Oh, you know, there`s been so much hype around "King Kong." The real question is: Can it live up to the expectations? Well, we`ve taken it across America today, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has, stopped at different theaters in different cities, and talked with people who left -- the people who just saw the movies, left theaters, and heard what they had to say.

Now, the overwhelming response was phenomenal. They said the movie was great. But then we asked them to take it a step farther and rate the movie between one and four using bananas, of course, one being the worst score, four being the highest score. And here is what they had to say.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Out of four bananas, I give "King Kong" six, because it was absolutely fabulous. Every scene was artistically driven. And I just loved the plot. It was great. It was a classic.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I give four bananas to "King Kong," because I thought the cinematography was fantastic. There was a real story behind it, a love story. And, you know, it was a bad ending for King Kong, but I thought love conquered in the end.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Out of four bananas, I give "King Kong" four bananas. I`ve just wiped off my mascara; it`s a real tearjerker.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Out of four bananas, I`d give "King Kong" four, because it was a human story. The love story was there, and you really felt for King Kong. And the effects were just amazing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Out of four bananas, I give it four bananas. It`s an excellent movie. I suggest everybody go out and see it. You`ll really enjoy it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Out of four bananas, I give it four bananas. It`s a great love story, you know? And just as him, you`re going to cry. And get out here to see it.


COSTA: OK, you guys, you heard it from the fans themselves. Great ratings there.

Now, Peter Jackson, the director, must be thrilled to hear these reviews, because he told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that he wanted to make this movie -- he had this vision since he was 9 years old. Also good news for him last night, or yesterday morning, actually, he was nominated with a Golden Globe for best director on this movie. So we`ll see how that turns out.

Also, I wanted to mention, tune in. I want us to say stay peeled, keep your eyes peeled, no pun intended, A.J., to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT tomorrow so we will bring you box numbers from "King Kong," tell you how it did, and see if it can stomp or step on the competition, which was "Titanic," the biggest grossing movie of all time. See if "King Kong" can take over.

Also, they`re on their way there. "King Kong" is doing a pretty good job. Because check this out: They gave me some candy, "King Kong" candy, capitalizing pretty well off of it. Oh, it`s upside-down. There you go. And I`ve been eating a lot of it.

A.J., it`s good.

HAMMER: Huh. And we`ll keep our eyes peeled, but that pun -- I just want to make note -- was absolutely intended. Don`t try to tell me it wasn`t, Adrianna. Thanks very much.

COSTA: I just need a date to the movie now.

HAMMER: Go eat your candy. Adrianna Costa, thanks for joining us. And make sure you watch Adrianna`s entertainment reports, Monday through Friday, between 6:00 and 10:00 a.m. She`s on "ROBIN & COMPANY," here on CNN Headline News.

ANDERSON: Were those Sour Patch Gorillas she was eating?

All right. "King Kong" has taken over the Universal Studios theme park in Hollywood literally. To promote today`s opening, the 6,000-pound, 20-foot King Kong that was in Times Square for the premiere arrived at the park today. Kong was welcomed by a marching band and more than 100 children.

HAMMER: And that, once again, ties us into our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day." We`re asking: "King Kong": Will it be bigger than "Titanic"? You can keep voting at You can also write to us with more of what you have to say at We`re going to read some of your e-mails in about eight minutes.

ANDERSON: And it`s time now for another "Showbiz Showcase." This time, we have your first look at the full-length trailer for one of the most anticipated movies of 2006, "The Da Vinci Code." The film doesn`t hit theaters for five months, but the controversy and anticipation are already steadily building. Here`s your first look.


IAN MCKELLEN, ACTOR, "THE DA VINCI CODE": You and I, Robert, we have observed history. We are in history now. We are in the middle of a war, one that`s been going on forever, to protect the secret so powerful that, if revealed, it would devastate the very foundations of mankind.

TOM HANKS, ACTOR, "THE DA VINCI CODE": I`m into something here I can`t understand.

MCKELLEN: Witness the biggest cover-up in human history.


ANDERSON: That`s intense. "The Da Vinci Code" opens May 19th.

HAMMER: "Late Night with Conan O`Brien" is best known for comedy, of course, but who knew they had the inside scoop on so many secrets of the world of entertainment. Take a look at what we`re talking about in this clip from "Laughter Dark."


CONAN O`BRIEN, HOST, "LATE NIGHT": Well, tonight, we have someone from the music world who is willing to spill his guts for us on camera. Some of this is pretty dark, disturbing stuff. Take a look.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (voice-over): Billy Joel secrets.

BILLY JOEL, MUSICIAN: I write a new verse of "We Didn`t Start the Fire" every few years. Right now I`m up to, "A-rod, iPod, Jacko`s free, there`s no God."


JOEL: When people tell me they love the song "Just the Way You Are," I tell them I wrote it about a transvestite hooker I picked up one night in the village. Sure, it`s not true, but it never fails to ruin the song for them.


JOEL: 1982, I was riding my motorcycle when a car ran into me. It really opened my eyes. I realized, "Of course! Car accidents."


JOEL: Doing it together, Elton John and I became really good friends. I don`t mean good friends in that sense. I just mean we slept together.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Billy Joel secrets.


ANDERSON: Billy Joel playing along with -- go ahead, sorry.

HAMMER: No, I always wanted to know what that relationship was really all about.

ANDERSON: Now we know, right? Playing along with Conan there.

OK. There is still time for you to sound off in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day." "King Kong": Will it be bigger than "Titanic"? Vote at or write us at We are going to read some of your e-mails live, coming up next.



Throughout the show, we have been asking you to vote online on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day." "King Kong": Will it be bigger than "Titanic"?

Let`s take a look at how the vote is going so far: 30 percent of you say yes; 70 percent of you say, no, it won`t be.

Here are some of the e-mails we`ve received. Sar from Toronto writes, "I just watched "King Kong" and must say that it is one of the greatest movies I have seen."

Joanne from Tennessee says, "I don`t think that "King Kong" will attract the audience that "Titanic" did. I would rather see two young lovers."

You can keep voting at

HAMMER: Fay Wray and King Kong are young lovers, no? All right.

Time now to see what`s playing on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT tomorrow. We do that with our Marquee Guy. So, Marquee Guy, please take it away.

MARQUEE GUY: Tomorrow, more "King Kong" week. Will it be gorilla warfare at the box office? Can the king dethrone "Titanic" as the biggest movie of all time? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the first box office numbers, when "King Kong" week continues tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, say howdy to Howie. Comedian Howie Mandel is a big deal these days, real big, because, because, well, he`s going to come on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and tell us why he`s so big. Oh, and Howie brings himself and all of his phobias, live tomorrow.

This is the Marquee Guy. And I`ve got marquee phobia. That`s the fear that one day I will lose my voice and not be able to say "tomorrow."

HAMMER: That would be a shame, wouldn`t it?

ANDERSON: Wouldn`t it? Yes, it would.

HAMMER: Well, that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson. Thanks for watching. And please stay tuned for the latest from CNN Headline News.


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