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Should U.S. Welcome Former Iranian President?; Texas Candidate for Governor Takes Different View; Rush Limbaugh Weighs in on Immigration

Aired September 7, 2006 - 19:00:00   ET


GLENN BECK, HOST: Straight ahead, the most dangerous man in the world is coming to our count in the next 30 days. We`ll tell you who.
Plus, I terrify actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Coming up now.


ANNOUNCER: Tonight`s episode is brought to you by Harvard University. Guest speakers this fall include Osama bin Laden, Satan and John Mark Karr. Harvard University: don`t you want your kids to come here?


BECK: No, not so much.

All right. Here`s something you`re not going to hear anyplace else. It`s tonight`s exclusive. This month the greatest enemy the world has ever seen will come right inside our very own gates. Here`s how he got there.

President Tom wants to come to the United Nations to address the general assembly on the 19th. Great, just in time for the high holidays. He doesn`t want to talk about his scary nuclear program. No, he`s off that. He wants to actually debate President Bush on which system the world should live under. Freedom or that friendly Islamic monotheocracy. That`s what President Tom thinks is the best option for the planet.

There is nothing more frightening than his own words, and we have some of them coming up for you a little later on in the program. President Tom`s potential visit will follow his predecessor, former President Khatami, who is scheduled to deliver a lecture this weekend at Harvard University on the topic of ethics of tolerance in the age of violence.

Well, I don`t know about you, but I can`t think of a more fitting way to honor the fifth anniversary of 9/11 than have the former Iranian president tell us about tolerance.

When it comes to evil, maybe it`s just me, I don`t think there`s really a lot of shades of gray there. I`m pretty clear on evil. I don`t need Harvard an open dialogue. You know what? I`m not going to invite Satan over to my house to have a free exchange of ideas about Jesus. I`m pretty clear where he stands.

This is a symptom of our moral relativist society. The "Oh, who`s to say our way is really best" bull crap. You know what? Grow a spine. We may not be perfect, but at least our justice system doesn`t involve random stonings of women.

So who`s way is the best way? This is the issue that President Tom wants to debate at the U.N.

Yesterday he gave us a preview of what`s to come. He said, and I quote, "Those who do not respond to the invitation to follow God`s will, will have no good fate." Thanks. Basically join us or die. Well, that sounds awfully tolerant, now, doesn`t it?

I think it`s great to have a dialogue with good Muslims. I`ll sit down with Muslims. I`ll sit down with Jews, Catholics, Scientologists. Tom Cruise can even come, as long as they`re all level-headed. I may have to take Tom Cruise back out of that category, but that`s a different story.

These guys are not kidding around. The way they interpret Islam, they will kill you. They will kill me. And then they will kill themselves in order to achieve their goal. That`s what makes Iran`s leadership so dangerous. You can`t have an open dialogue with pure evil.

So here`s what I know tonight. In one week the most dangerous enemy the world has ever seen could be inside our own gates.

Stalin was a monster, but he was kept in line with his own sense of self-preservation. Hitler, another absolute monster. He also really didn`t want to die.

President Tom and the nut jobs in Iran are different. Not only are they not afraid to die; they welcome it. His willingness to kill himself in order to create a world that Allah is telling him to build is what puts him into a different league of evil. That`s what makes him the most dangerous enemy we have ever faced, and he may be here next week.

I also know that the most dangerous weapon in our enemy`s arsenal is the media. And they are experts at using it. Their learning curve is almost straight up. President Tom and President Khatami, coming over here making nicey-nice reminds me just a wee bit of Hitler going over to meet Chamberlain.

Apparently, women are turning against the war. I read this poll earlier today. Here in America women say they don`t want to lose their sons; they`re afraid they`re going to send their sons off to war. I hear you. I understand. But please if you`re a mother, hear me. If we don`t finish this, if we don`t fight these people where they stand, you will not just lose your son. You will lose your daughters. You will lose your grandchildren. You will lose your whole way of life. We have to fight them now before it`s too late.

Here`s what I don`t know. I don`t know what the heck Harvard`s even thinking. No, actually, we need to have an open debate. Yes, right Harvard. That`s what Harvard`s thinking. But seriously, please, with the world teetering on the edge, why on earth would you invite the enemy here?

Kaveh Afrasiabi is a specialist in Iran`s foreign affairs, having done research all over the world, including Harvard and the Center for Strategic Research in Tehran. He is also a friend of President Khatami.

Sir, you actually say that Mitt Romney should welcome President Khatami as a hero. Are you -- are you completely out of your mind, or is that a joke?

KAVEH AFRASIABI, POLITICAL ANALYST: I`m very serious about it. There`s a verse in the Koran that let not your hatred of others cause you to ask unjustly against them. OK?

BECK: I don`t hate them, sir. I don`t hate them at all.

AFRASIABI: You don`t sound like you do, Mr. Beck.

BECK: They`re trying to kill us, sir. And you`re living in a world of pipe dreams. Or -- or, sir, you are an accomplice.

AFRASIABI: On the contrary. You are the one that promoted the dialogue on to deaf ears. Listen to what Mr. Khatami has been saying. He`s promoting democracy, dialogue, openness.

BECK: Sure.

AFRASIABI: And he`s coming to Harvard to give a talk on the message (ph) of violence that provides the moral framework to make informed choices about international relations. What`s wrong with that?

BECK: You have turned me around. He is a man of sunshine and lollipops. You`re right. Wait. No, no...

AFRASIABI: He has promoted -- pioneered the idea among...


BECK: He does. When was he president, sir? When was he president?

AFRASIABI: Well, until, you know, last year.

BECK: Until last year. Then tell me the moratorium in 2002, the death by public stoning part of women, that resurfaced in 19 -- 2004. What -- sunshine and lollipops.

In 2004, sir, when your friend was president of Iran, 159 people were executed, including a 16-year-old girl that was hung. Police arrested and tortured several hundred Tehranian students that were protesting in 1999. Execution. Sounds like tolerance, doesn`t it?



AFRASIABI: Mr. Beck, Mr. Khatami would be the first one to acknowledge the various serious short comings of his presidency.

BECK: Sir -- sir...

AFRASIABI: With respect to society -- with respect to -- let me finish. Are you going to have a dialogue or a monologue?

BECK: I`m not going to let you say let you finish and say shortcomings of stoning women and calling them shortcomings.

AFRASIABI: How many women were stoned?

BECK: One is enough, sir. One is enough.

AFRASIABI: They ended the chain killings of dissidents. That was his main contribution, that he cleared the interior ministry of the people who were behind the chain killings. But of course, you`re not that informed about Iran`s domestic politics, and you go by the cliches. It`s nonsense.

BECK: Please don`t -- please don`t reduce the woman -- just even one woman being stoned to death -- do you know -- let me just inform our viewers because you, sir, I believe, are an accomplice.

They bury women to the shoulders. They leave the head and the shoulders out. Then they have -- the Islamic law has a measurement of stones. You can only have them a certain kind. Can`t be too small; can`t be too big. Too small won`t do any damage. Too big will kill the person too quickly.

Only one time, sir. Only one time does that have to happen to make you evil.


BECK: You have to look at things historically and put them in the context. What you said is abominable, and I...


BECK: ... your friend was president.

AFRASIABI: What`s the use of coming to your program if you`re doing all the talking?

BECK: OK. I agree with you. Thank you very much for being on the program.

Rush Limbaugh has some pretty powerful stuff to say about immigration.

Also, we have a candidate for governor of the border state of Texas, Kinky Friedman.

All of that is coming up next. Don`t miss it.


BECK: What are we even thinking about having President Khatami here in our own state?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s really extraordinary to me, particularly for Harvard University to invite him to address their students on the eve of September 11. It`s just too outrageous. And -- and the only thing I can do symbolically, I can`t refuse him admittance to our state, obviously.

But the only thing I can do symbolically is to say we`re not going to provide police escorts and waving you through traffic signals. You`re going to have to get that support from someone else, because frankly, the taxpayers in my state don`t want anything to do with someone who is a terrorist.

BECK: I mean, he was invited by the Presbyterians to speak at the National Cathedral. So many people say, well, he`s a kinder, gentler kind of guy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, he`s -- he`s a moderate terrorist.



BECK: Man, that guy riled me up.

In a few minutes we are going to hear from Mr. Rush Limbaugh, the radio legend, on why politicians from neither party want to seem to (sic) fix this immigration mess.

But first, I want to introduce you to a candidate who does want to fix it, and not in the typical way. Then again, there`s nothing conventional about Kinky Friedman, who`s running for governor of Texas as an independent.

His campaign slogan is "Why the hell not?" He calls his program to raise money for schools, by legalizing gambling, "Slots for Tots." And instead of spending years writing legal briefs, Kinky wrote mystery novels and songs, including one of my personal favorites, "They Ain`t Making Jews like Jesus Anymore."

Instead of having stuffy political fundraisers. He also has a web store that sells T-shirts, and I mean, they`ve got the beer cozies, Kinky Friedman action figures also available online.

And now, with just 60 days left to go until the November elections, Kinky is not only tied for second place, but he has also --and I get to say this about a political person very often -- has just released a new CD called "The Last of the Jewish Cowboys: The Best of Kinky Friedman."

Kinky, welcome to the program, sir.


BECK: Thank you, sir. You`re -- you know, the thing I like about you is you just say it as it is, and there`s just not a lot of politicians that will do that. So let`s go through some of them.

Let`s try -- let`s try Houston. Crime rate`s up. Katrina evacuees with there. Your solution and your thoughts.

FRIEDMAN: Well, absolutely. The murder rate, 20 percent of the murder rate is attributable to the evacuees. My thoughts are $100 million for more cops on the street. That would give us 1,000 more cops in Houston. Because the artists and musicians are mostly going back to New Orleans now, but the crackheads and the thugs like Houston. They want to stay there. There are some good people there.

BECK: Right. They`re not all crackheads.


BECK: OK, good. On the radio program we -- we ask yes or no questions of politicians. Just a roll down just to get a feel for who they are. Do you want to -- do you want to play?

FRIEDMAN: I`ll try. I have a tough time making a decision. But go ahead.

BECK: Yes, I know. Here we go. Wiretaps, Patriot Act. We`re at world war. You`ve got to do what you have to do to win as long, as the Patriot Act or whatever would have a sunset to it, yes or no?


BECK: Islamic extremism. It`s the biggest threat the west has faced since World War II? Yes or no?


BECK: We`re in World War III now.


BECK: OK. If we don`t win this war it will be the end of the west as we know it?


BECK: We need to build a fence. What the hell? While we`re at it let`s build two on our borders. North and south. This is -- you`re in Texas, man.

FRIEDMAN: No, no. No, no, no. No, I don`t think.

BECK: No, you don`t say -- you don`t -- you wouldn`t build a fence in Texas?

FRIEDMAN: No, I think there`s other -- other means.

BECK: I`m almost afraid to ask you.

FRIEDMAN: I hope you`re almost at the end of the yes or no.

BECK: No, no. Give me -- give me your answer. What would you do?

FRIEDMAN: Glenn, we proposed a year ago the five Mexican generals plan, which I think you`re familiar with, which divides the border into five jurisdictions. We appoint a Mexican general in charge of each. We give each man $1 million which we hold for him, and then every time we catch an illegal coming through his section, we withdraw $10,000.

Now that would stop illegal immigration.

BECK: Are you -- are you serious? I mean, if you win because, I mean, people are just so sick and tired...

FRIEDMAN: They`re tired of politicians who, for political reasons, do things.

Right now, I want 10,000 Texas National Guardsmen on the border, and I want them now. I want to get them there now. And that takes care of the Mexican side of the border and our side of the border.

Then we print these Texas tax I.D. cards. And the illegals, after a background check, will have to buy these. And any employer who hires an illegal without one of these gets a $25,000 fine the first time and a $50,000 fine the next time.

And we`ve been waiting 153 years for the feds to help us, and they haven`t, so we`ve got our own army. Let`s use it now.

BECK: The governor that you`re running against, Rick Perry, he says that it`s pretty hard to run against a guy who tries to make people laugh for a living. You`re serious, though, aren`t you?

FRIEDMAN: I`m serious. But also a humorist. And I think Mark Twain and Will Rogers are kind of my heroes, and they`re better heroes to have, you know, than Tom DeLay or Jack Abramoff probably.

BECK: It`s good to talk to you, sir. Thank you very much.

Elections are going to be this November. They will hinge on a lot of important issues. Potentially none bigger in Texas than immigration. This morning on my radio program I was honored to have national radio personality and four-time Marconi winner Rush Limbaugh to talk about immigration.

I actually asked him on, because I have a just -- look, I`m conservative, I`m not a Republican. I`m a conservative. And the Republicans -- I don`t even know why I should vote for you. I really don`t.

I wanted to know from Rush why does it seem like no one wants to listen to what the American people really want on the borders.


BECK: I wanted to ask you about the Republicans. I don`t understand why they can take an issue like immigration and back off. Why are they doing this?

RUSH LIMBAUGH, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: You know, it is -- it`s one of the mysteries of life. I`ve -- I`ve chalked it up to the fact that both parties are just obsessed with these potential new voters and not offending them.

The thing that amazes me about it is the pandering to future voters, legal or illegal, at the expense of the base and existing voters who got them elected. And I don`t understand the reasoning why there isn`t any concern about securing the border.

I don`t -- it`s -- none of it makes sense, Glenn.

BECK: Here`s what I would really like your help on. Convince me, sir, that the Republicans are not taking us to the same damn destination just on a steam train as opposed to the Concorde? Do you understood my question?

LIMBAUGH: What destination?

BECK: Hell. I mean it is -- they`re both not -- you know what I want to -- I want to send all of them a fiddle, because it feels like the whole world is on fire, and they`re just trying to get elected on both sides.

LIMBAUGH: That`s the strange thing. They`re ignoring the issue that would guarantee their reelection. That`s how out of whack this is.


BECK: Listen. You know everything is out of whack with politicians when we get the news that President Tom from Iran might want to swing by the U.N. in New York in a couple of weeks. Aren`t we considering sanctions? We have the real story on that coming up in a bit. Stick around.


BECK: You can listen to my radio program on stations all across the country, including 1200 WOAI in San Antonio, Texas; 610 WTVN in Columbus, Ohio. And we go now to get the buzz from a guy who does shows on two of my stations, Bob Lonsberry. He`s on KNRS in Salt Lake City and WHAM in Rochester, New York.

Hello, Bob.

BOB LONSBERRY, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Hey, stud, good to see you.

BECK: Tell me about the teacher that a couple weeks before school starts parents are informed, yes, remember the guy teacher. He`s coming in a dress this year.

LONSBERRY: Switched teams last June. School lets out in Batavia, New York, the high school. A ninth grade social studies teacher -- check that, earth studies teacher was Mr. So and So. And yesterday when school started it was Miss So and So. It turns out he`s got gender identity syndrome.

BECK: Right.

LONSBERRY: And he`s changing clothes, dressing up like a women.

BECK: Wait a minute. Is he just changing clothes or did he change...

LONSBERRY: Is he pre or postoperative? That`s the question you have.

BECK: Yes.

LONSBERRY: I haven`t personally checked in the knickers, but the best word we have is that thus far he`s not traded in parts.

BECK: Right. OK. So there`s -- OK. I don`t know about you, Bob. What age the kids that are...?

LONSBERRY: Nine graders. They`re just starting high school.

BECK: Right. I don`t know about you, but I wasn`t really confused or, you know, freaking out or had sexual things on my mind when I was a freshman. The last thing I`d think...

LONSBERRY: You know -- you know, Glenn, I`m a little bit older than you are, but I`d like to think that lady on "Bewitched" for straightening me out early on. I think by the time I was 4 or 5, I knew which team I was playing on.

BECK: No, I`m not saying that. Just I`m confused. I was confused -- I really would like to have sex with her. Is that wrong? You know what I mean? I had sexual things going on in my mind.


BECK: The last thing I needed to do was having a teacher be in front of me that was a guy and now is a chick. And that what did -- I mean...

LONSBERRY: I think the last thing any student needs in a public school is to have their family`s and their community`s values attacked by a teacher. In all honesty, that`s what this is.

In your private life you do what you want to do, but when you`re standing in front of a classroom in a public school, you`re sending a message. And I don`t think most people in Batavia, New York, or America feel very good about the message this sent.

Yesterday as part of a briefing on the first day of school, kids were told they had two weeks to adjust. If, after two weeks, you should call this teacher Mr. So and So, that will be considered sexual harassment.

BECK: Oh, my gosh.

LONSBERRY: And you`ll be -- you`ll be punished and it will go on your permanent record.

BECK: Oh, my gosh. What has happened to us?

LONSBERRY: The evil is called good, and good is called evil.

BECK: It is unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. Is it true that now the kids -- everybody is going to a unisex bathroom? Can you imagine?

LONSBERRY: The teachers...

BECK: Go ahead.

LONSBERRY: ... the unisex bathroom will be for the teachers. It was the teachers` lounge. It will now be whichever you want to pick.

BECK: OK. That`s a little better than I thought it was going to be, that you know, my daughter would now have to be in there with a guy wearing a dress.

LONSBERRY: If the girls are smoking in the girls` room, does this teacher go in to chase them out? Yes or no? You know? And if this teacher volunteers to coach for the boys` or the girls` soccer team, is it a factor going into the locker room? I don`t know.

BECK: Did they -- did they discuss the changes with the students or...

LONSBERRY: They had a seminar. They had medical experts come in and explain how this was normal. They had legal experts come in and explain how you have to accept this, and at no point were the students or the taxpayers or the parents asked what they thought.

BECK: I can`t do it anymore. I can`t do it anymore. Bob, thanks a lot. Appreciate it.

LONSBERRY: Hey, Glenn.

BECK: Yes.

LONSBERRY: God bless the troops and remember, buy American.


BECK: All right. Welcome to the "Real Story," this is where we cut through the media B.S. and try to figure out why a story is actually important to you and me.

And I want to start tonight with the developing story that Iran`s President Tom may be planning on visiting the UN in New York to address the General Assembly on September 19th, which, coincidentally, is the same day President Bush is supposed to speak there.

But the real story is a lot more complicated and is more about the bigger picture of how Iran has been posturing themselves in public lately. I want you to bear with me as I try to tie a couple of important things together for you.

First, have you noticed that nothing has happened since the big UN deadline of Iran`s nuclear program? That came and went a week ago? No, I was going to say nothing happened. But actually a lot of stuff has happened. Just none of it is good.

China, Russia and France have all decided that sanctions, whoa, whoa, whoa, they aren`t really necessary after all, and now I just read a poll this morning that more Germans actually believe that it would be better just to let Iran have an atomic bomb rather than support any military action there.

Thanks, Germany. No, seriously, have another beer, will you? Let`s just give them a nuke. What could possibly go wrong?

Now think about President Tom is seeing. He is sitting there and watching all of this happen, and he is seeing public opinion, worldwide public opinion turning in his favor.

These guys are amazing chess players. This guy is no dummy. He sees this as an opportunity. So now he becomes emboldened and starts making speeches that have nothing to do with the nukes any more. They`re not even in the discussion. We`re not talking about them getting nukes.

Now he`s made the debate which country has the right model of government and which country is following God`s true will. Yeah.

The point is that by stalling on Iran, the UN is not just not helping. They`re actually hurting. They`re making Iran more dangerous. They`re bolder now than they were just three weeks ago. And these guys were pretty brash three weeks ago.

And now, by possibly allowing President Tom the world stage to, quote, "debate" unquote, our president about the right style of government, they`re giving him more and more credibility throughout the Arab world and they are emboldening him further.

And finally, lest you get caught up in all the diversions and the rhetoric, let me leave you with something President Tom said just three months ago. Quote, "If America does not abandon the path of falsehood, your doomed destiny will be annihilation." End quote.

These people make promises, not threats. Sounds like the kind of guy we should welcome into open arms right here into the heart of New York City.

Next, you probably heard that President Bush yesterday acknowledged, for the very first time, the existence of secret CIA prisons, along with -- how ominous does this sound? -- the use of an "alternative set of procedures" when questioning suspected terrorists.

So the real story today is very simple, at least for me but for some reason, not too many people are saying it. At least nobody on television is saying this. Here it is. The real story. Thank God. It`s these types of things, the stuff that we usually never hear about, unless we read the "New York Times" that actually makes me feel the most secure.

I want a Jack Bauer out there. I love seeing cops doing bag checks on subway stations. Let`s be honest. It`s the tactics and the programs that we don`t know about that make me sleep well at night. Earlier this year - I should say, unless you`re a bad guy.

Earlier this year, Osama bin Laden said, quote, "Death is better than living on this earth with the unbelievers among us."

How do you possibly fight against that mentality with conventional tactics? The answer. You don`t.

How do you fight an enemy that violates the one rule of war, that life is better than death, that the rest of us live by every single day? You can`t, and so you`ve gotta do what we need to do to survive.

The president said these "alternative procedures" and secret prisons have saved American lives. He said they`ve stopped plots designed to occur inside the U.S. Things like downing airplanes, bombing office buildings and potential biological attacks. Things that we`ve never heard about before.

I don`t know about you, but proving that you`ve saved even one innocent American life by using these tactics against these slimeballs, good. The ends don`t always justify the means, but in war, sometimes they do.

And there`s probably nobody that knows this better than our next guess Walid Shoebat. He is a former PLO terrorist, the author of the book "Why I Left Jihad, the Root of Terrorism and the Rise of Islam."

Walid -- I can`t believe I`m talking to a former terrorist. You say, sir, that when - when September 11th first happened everybody came out and described Islam as a religion of peace, and you say that was a bad thing?

WALID SHOEBAT, AUTHOR, "WHY I LEFT JIHAD": Yes, it is, because we have to understand Islam within its context. Mohammed, the prophet of Islam clearly said I have been ordered to fight the people until they say there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger.

Islam as we understand it is not just a religion. It is also a form of government under sharia law. Sharia law has to be expanded throughout the whole word according to the jihadists and that`s the ideology that`s been taught from the time of the founders of Islam.

BECK: You say this, but you -- tell me your story. Were you really a terrorist? Were you with the belt and everything else?

SHOEBAT: Well, before the suicide bomber, we didn`t have these things. I planted a bomb in Bank Leumi Yisrael in Bethlehem. I nearly lynched an Israeli soldier with my friends if I can describe these things. It comes out .

BECK: How do you change? What happened to you?

SHOEBAT: Well, when I came to the States later on I joined the jihadist movement. It was much worse in the States as a matter of fact, and then I left it in the late `80s, and in 1993 were started to study the Bible.

I found out that the Jews had a connection to the holy places in Israel because the mentality of a jihadist is teaching mythical ideology that all these holy places in the West Bank belongs to the Islam. In fact the Wailing Wall is called Abarak Wall (ph) in the Palestinian Territories.

Even the place where Joseph`s tomb is places has converted to a mosque. They burned it in front of the whole world, and the world didn`t say anything.

BECK: It`s frightening, I went over to the holy city of Jerusalem. And it`s so clear when you walk down those streets, and you know this, it`s so clear there`s one religion trying to wipe the rest of the religions off the face of the earth. Others coexist but I went in the room of the Last Supper there`s nothing Christian in that room. It`s all about Islam. So you are -- are you an American citizen now?

SHOEBAT: Yes, sir, my mother is an American. She was held against her will 35 years in the territories over there and finally I rescued her in 1994.

BECK: So how do we stop or -- we have to have you come back because now I`m out of time. How do, quickly, we find the people who are the bad guys on Islam? Are you saying that all people that believe -- that are Muslims are bad? You`re not saying that, are you?

SHOEBAT: In the Middle East over 73 percent, al Arabiya network did a survey, 113,000 Arabs were surveyed with a question, "Who do you prefer to be the representation of the Palestinian people? And over 73 percent elected Hamas which is al Qaeda based-like government.

This speaks volumes yet we keep denying that the inculcation of jihad in order to convert thousands and hundreds of thousands of teenagers to become suicide killers and bombers is a thing of reality. We have to understand. So the way we fight it, we have to first establish where the root of the problem is. The root is Saudi Arabian money. By the billions of dollars .

BECK: Walid, I`m sorry -- May I have you back, sir? I`m sorry to stop you. We`re on a tight break.

And that is the real story tonight. Now if you`d like to read more about this please visit There you`ll find an archive of stories that we`ve covered along with a form to submit your own ideas directly to us. story.

All right let`s go straight to Hill. Erica Hill. The anchor of PRIME NEWS on Headline News. Erica, what is up with Paris Hilton?


There are really so many answers for that question, aren`t there?

BECK: There really are.

HILL: The latest with Paris Hilton, back in the headlines today after she was pulled over early this more than, apparently she`d been driving erratically. According to police. They pulled her over. She failed a field sobriety test. Now she`s facing a misdemeanor DUI charge.

Now her camp says she had one margarita, and she was driving a little erratically because she really needed a burger.

BECK: She was what?

HILL: She was driving a little erratically because apparently she was really hungry. She hadn`t eaten the day, she had been shooting a music video and so she was trying to go get a burger?

BECK: I think this is how stupid this woman is. She thinks we`re going to believe that. Oh, well I`m sorry.

HILL: Supposedly it might have been In and Out Burger. And I can understand the need for In and Out Burger. But you drive in a straight line.

BECK: I`m such a bad person, Erica, because I just don`t think you should use "In and Out Burger" when we`re talking about Paris Hilton. Let`s come back to this at some other .

HILL: In other news.

The assistant coach for the Detroit Lions, you`ll have a field day with this one, also in hot water.

BECK: Really? Why?

HILL: Police the Dearborn, Michigan say Joe Cullen arrested twice in as many weeks, once suspected while driving while intoxicated, the other, get this, for driving while indecent which pretty much means naked. His official citation was for indecent and obscene conduct. It was the guy at the drive at the drive through who reported a naked man in an SUV.

BECK: You`re giving me an In and Out Burger joke again.

HILL: No, I`m not. Because I think they don`t have In and Out Burger in Michigan. It`s a West Coast chain.

BECK: I`m not going to do it. Thank you very much, Erica.

HILL: See you tomorrow.


BECK: Well, in her long and distinguished film career, actress and children`s book author Jamie Lee Curtis has seen it all. Whether it`s being terrorized in "Halloween," she switched bodies with Lindsay Lohan in "Freaky Friday," she had to strip down to her underpants for Arnold Schwarzenegger in "True Lies," nothing`s ever fazed her. That is until she met me.


BECK: You are terrified of me.

JAMIE LEE CURTIS, ACTRESS: I`m terrified of you simply because you have a doom`s day clock behind your head that the guests .

BECK: We`re four minutes away.

CURTIS: I understand.

BECK: This is a four-minute interview. This is the way you`re going to spend the last minutes of your life.

CURTIS: And then I can call home.

BECK: May not if it runs long.

CURTIS: I`ll leave before then.

BECK: So the new book you have is "Is There Really a Human Race?"

CURTIS: Which according to you there isn`t.

BECK: Not much longer.

CURTIS: Not much longer.

BECK: Tell me the reason for this or the point of this.

CURTIS: The reason for this is as simple as every book I`ve ever written which is the need of a child. My son asked me that question, that exact question. "Is there really a human race?" And he asked it with tears in his eyes. I don`t remember what happened. Somebody made fun of him at school. Somebody said something maybe he didn`t need fast enough.

BECK: What did he mean by that?

CURTIS: He meant is it a freakin` race, mom? Am I in a race and you didn`t tell me? I have a number on my back that I`m doing that no one bothered to mentioned that I`m in a race? And hearing the term the human race .

BECK: I`ll read the book, but what was the answer? Don`t -- spoiler it.

CURTIS: It`s not a spoiler. I was so moved by the question, and that it made what popped in my head right away was what I suggested as the marketing line for the book which is if you don`t ever ask the question you can never find the answer.

To me it was like he opened a door to something that I`d been dealing with my whole life which is competition. I`m insanely competitive.

BECK: I know. I have to tell you I`ve read a little bit about your life, and some pivot points in your live, and I`m in recovery as well.

CURTIS: Are you?

BECK: I have profound.


BECK: Don`t use dude on my or I`ll snap. Doomsday.

CURTIS: Can I ask you a question about Mel?

BECK: About who?

CURTIS: Mel Gibson?

BECK: Yes.

CURTIS: Because for someone who`s in recovery and I`m in recovery ..

BECK: Don`t even have to ask the question. Bull crap. There is no - - were you going to say does that make you -- do you think -- the guy is clearly -- that`s not booze related? You think so?

CURTIS: I think we need to be compassionate.

BECK: I am compassionate.

CURTIS: We need to be compassionate to the disease and understand that. I was shocked at how many people would be so quick to just - to .

BECK: Come on. When you were at your wildest out of control .

CURTIS: I was never, I was the most controlled addict you ever met. Which is why it went on so long. No one new. No one knew. One friend of mine knew. One friend of mine called me on it. But my husband didn`t know. I was hidden. I would never, ever .

BECK: I think alcohol is just makes you more free to be who you already are. You know what I mean. It accentuates everything. If you have dark spaces, you pour alcohol and drugs, it just makes you more .

CURTIS: I felt like we missed a big point which was alcoholism. I think out of all of it what we forget is alcoholism.

BECK: My daughters, I look at the culture and society that we`re in, and I see how difficult it is for them to remain confident in just being a human being. Because society is just jamming down their throat you`ve got to look a certain way.


BECK: No. I know.

CURTIS: No, you don`t have to wear a little mini skirt and thigh highs to be popular today? And sing songs about oral sex?

On a daily, hourly, however many times if I hear those songs on the radio another time? And I`m a liberal. You know.

I mean I can`t imagine what our little 10-year-old girls, and our 10 year old girls are getting their period now because they`re so over sexualized and over stimulated by the media, by music and what they`re hearing. And we`re talking about free radio. We`re talking about free radio. What`s happening?

BECK: I know. See, this is great. I`m conservative, you`re a flaming liberal .

CURTIS: You`re a conservative, and I came on your TV show? Where`s my press agent?

BECK: It`s hard to believe it, I know.

You`re tremendous.

CURTIS: You know why? Because you`re at least honest with who you are, and you have every right to believe what you believe. God bless you.

BECK: Good luck with your book.

CURTIS: I`ve got a smile on my face now.

BECK: I think she likes me now. All I had to say was I`m a drunk and she likes me.

CURTIS: You know why? It`s such a badge of honor to say that you have a problem and you`re willing to deal with it. I only wish our government could do it.

BECK: Oh, jeez.

CURTIS: I`m sorry. OK, go.


BECK: Spending some time with Jamie Lee Curtis who I liked from the beginning and in the end she liked me as well. It got me thinking. First of all it boggles the mind how many Hollywood types are actually afraid of people like me because I`m an evil conservative. In fact, I`m actually convinced that Jessica Alba continues to turn down repeated invitations to come on this show. Jessica, the door is always open for you.

But you know what? Through this interview were discovered a surefire way to make Hollywood starlets like you. Who knew it would be this easy?

ANNOUNCER: Are you having problems scoring with the chicks? Then why not pick up a copy of the "Glenn Beck Guide to Scoring with the Chicks." Chapter one. Tell her you`re a drunk.


BECK: I`m in recovery as well.

CURTIS: Are you? Dude.




BECK: A couple of days ago I talked about the death of Steve Irwin, and I don`t think I`ve ever seen more hate mail from anything I`ve ever done on TV or radio. In fact, our statisticians worked with up a little graph, and as you can see here, we have received more e-mail than any assassin, genocidal dictator, annoying dog of a drunk socialite, in world history.

Just look at a sample of some of my e-mails over the past couple of days and you get a clue.

Here they are.

"You are a repressed, bitter, angry, frightened little white man."

How about this one. "Please dive into a tank of stingrays."

"There`s a special place in hell for people like you."

"You are so hateful I hope you get fired and your family suffers."

"Mr. Irwin was killed by a stingray but your career has been killed today by your reckless remarks."

"The stingray did not kill Steve Irwin, the Universe did."

I don`t even know what that last one means, but you get the point. I don`t think I said anything disrespectful about Steve Irwin, and I definitely didn`t say anything negative about him. I liked Steve Irwin. He seemed like a great guy who really believed in his work. Let me summarize what I did say.

"Everyone says `that`s the way he`d want to go.` I doubt it. I think he probably wanted to go at 100 years old with his family, but maybe that`s just me."

"He wasn`t a stupid man. He knew the risks he was taking. He was determined that the positives were worth more than the risk."

That`s not a negative comment or a positive one. It`s something that you just don`t seem to hear anymore called the truth.

Steve Irwin will be looked back as a man who loved to entertain and teach. But since nobody seems to hear that when I say it. Let me speak slowly to America. Steve Irwin, I liked. President Tom from Iran I don`t like. Steve Irwin I like. Captain Highpants. Not like. Steve Irwin I like. Pretty much anyone named Adolf, not so much.

Do we understand each other? I mean let`s not start fighting after only three months together. Let`s remember the good times when we used to laugh and cuddle together until the sun came up or at least until Nancy Grace came up which is just about to start.

All right. Coming up on Monday, governor of New York George Pataki, he`s going to be on the show on the five-year anniversary of 9/11. I have some tough questions for you and I don`t know he can answer about the hole in the ground as Ray Nagin called it. That`s on Monday`s show. We`ll see you then.


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