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Is Iran Our Enemy?; Pelosi Defends Controversial Appointment; Could Scientology Have Saved Anna Nicole?

Aired March 1, 2007 - 19:00:00   ET


GLENN BECK, HOST: Coming up for the first time in television history, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and former "Partridge Family" star Danny Bonaduce in a steel cage match. On the same program, Iran and Anna Nicole Smith, coming up next.

ANNOUNCER: Tonight`s episode is brought to you by the Iraq Security Summit, featuring our good pals, Iran and Syria. Come in peace, leave in pieces.


BECK: Well, Iraq`s friendly neighbors, including Iran and Syria, will join the U.S. and British representatives to discuss the Iraqi security crisis at a regional conference in March in Baghdad. You heard it right. Iran and Syria at the security summit.

I mean, maybe it`s just me. Isn`t that kind of like inviting Michael Jackson and Britney Spears to a child safety summit? Here`s the point tonight. Until Iran is officially removed from the axis of evil, the only thing we should be doing on the negotiating table is listening to them, keeping tabs on them and secretly preparing to topple the regime. Because believe me, that`s exactly what they`re doing with us.

Here`s how I got there. Yesterday on the radio program I talked to White House press secretary Tony Snow, and I asked him point-blank, is Iran our enemy? He replied, quote, "I`m not going to use that language," end quote. Didn`t the president say Iran was part of the axis of evil? I mean, you`re pretty much either evil or you`re not. And if you are, in fact, evil, you`re not -- you`re not my friend. You`re my enemy.

Now, I know what Tony meant. He said, you know, the people of Iran are not our enemy. And I get that. But the regime certainly is. So American diplomats are going to be heading now to Baghdad next week in an attempt to cobble together a coalition of like-minded nations to help stabilize Iraq.

My question is, how do we, with a straight face, say to the world that Iran is a like-minded country and we can work together to keep Baghdad secure, especially when all of the IEDs that we`ve been finding lately, you know, which are blowing up Iraqi children and our soldiers, practically have "made in Iran" stickers on the bottom of them.

Iran has no desire to stabilize Iraq. From a religious standpoint, they want the land for themselves. It is Babylon. The ayatollah of Iran as well as Osama bin Laden have both stated that the capital of their global Islamic state that is coming soon as they envision it will be located in ancient Babylon.

But Iran doesn`t just covet Iraq for religious reasons. Remember, there are non-nut jobs nut jobs in Iran, as well, who see Iran as a financial paradise. To some in Iran, Iraq is a cash cow. It will allow them to connect oil lines, gas lines, plus highways for trucking to Syria and Lebanon. They`ve been salivating over this for years. It would open Iran up to the rest of the Middle East.

And I read today in the "New York Times", on the front page there was a story that asked the question, has the Bush administration gone soft on its foes?

First of all, on its foes? Is Iran a foe only of this administration or is a country that has said that they will destroy Israel and America repeatedly a foe of all of us, yes, including you insane left-wingers who write at the "New York Times". Who, by the way, have been pushing for a dialogue with Iran.

Here`s what I know tonight. Americans really like to think the best of people despite overwhelming evidence. We`re optimists. You know, we did it about Hitler. Even as he was literally loading trains of Jews to death camps, there were people here in America who said, "Oh, come on. He`s not really doing that." Yes. Yes, he was.

Since those days, we can no longer take the chance and assume the best of people, like President Ahmadinejad, who is developing nuclear weapons. Even though the White House won`t say it, I will. The Iranian government is our enemy.

As we approach this summit, I hope we`re just following the advice of the Corleone family and keeping our friends close and our enemies closer.

Here`s what I don`t know. I`m not sure if there were enough politicians in our country who will actually call a spade a spade and who will view Iran as our enemy. You know, might they be thinking that they can actually broker a deal with Iran just because everybody is so desperate to get out of Iraq?

Former ambassador to the United Nations, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, John Bolton joins us now.

Mr. Ambassador, is Iran our enemy?

BOLTON: Well, it`s certainly behaving like an enemy. It`s contributing weapons, resources and personnel to try and kill Americans and other coalition soldiers in Iraq. It`s pursuing a nuclear weapons and ballistic missile capability that could be a direct threat to us and certainly would be an existential threat to the state of Israel.

It contributes enormous resources to Hezbollah and Hamas terrorist groups against two Democratic governments in Lebanon and Israel, respectively. I don`t really know what more you have to do to prove your bad intentions.

BECK: Yes. I mean, I know they`re on the axis of evil and, you know, not the axis of not helpful.

I don`t know if you can tell me this. And you know, I don`t want to cross any lines. I know you`re smart enough to deal with adults like me and not tell me anything you shouldn`t say. But is it possible we view this as an intel operation, that we need to be face to face with them and learn what they`re doing?

BOLTON: I don`t think that would give us any information that we can`t find some other way. The Europeans have been face to face with them for years. And Ahmadinejad and his predecessors have played them like violins.

They have used three and a half years of negotiations with the Europeans to perfect many elements of the nuclear fuel cycle that they need to get a nuclear weapons capability. So I`m not sure what face-to-face negotiations would bring other than further legitimizing this rogue regime.

BECK: So then why -- why do people say, you know, look, we know they`re evil. You know you can`t trust them, but we should -- we should at least be engaging our enemies. Hour can you possibly make a case for that, then?

BOLTON: In a way, we are engaging our enemies through the Europeans. And we`ve sat down with the Iranians and had discussions with them several years ago in Afghanistan. We had said we`d sit down and talk to them about Iraq months and months and months ago.

The issue -- we shouldn`t be afraid to talk to our enemies. That`s not the point. The point is whether you think that there is a deal that`s acceptable to the United States that the Iranians would agree to.

And on the nuclear field, to believe that, you have to believe that Iran will voluntarily give up the nuclear weapons it`s been pursuing for 20 years. And I don`t believe it. I don`t think there`s anything that would make them voluntarily give up that pursuit.

BECK: But they`re saying now that, you know, we`re saying that we`re not going to talk to them about the nukes. That`s not even anything we`re talking about. We`re talking about just Iraqi security.

These people don`t want Iraq to be secure. I mean, I believe when you see the brigadier general that was -- that you know, that we captured over there with one of the main Shiite leaders in -- I believe it was in parliament in Iraq. The brigadier general was from Iran. What are the odds that the Iranians have already infiltrated this government?

BOLTON: Well, I think that there are any number of Iraqi leaders who currently talk to the Iranian leadership.

The purpose of this conference, at least as originally conceived, is to help bring some external economic support for the government of Iraq, external investment, trade and the like, to help stabilize the political situation.

I think that`s a good thing as in the case of Afghanistan. I don`t see anything wrong with acknowledging who`s on Iraq`s borders. That`s a fact of life.

I just think you have to be realistic about it. And the notion that we should expect much from the Iranians in this context is something we should do our best to keep under control.

BECK: Are we -- in your opinion, are we doing enough to empower the Iranian people? The Iranian people are our best friends over there. Are we doing enough?

BOLTON: I think there`s a lot more we can do. I think the Iranian population is well educated. It`s sophisticated. It knows what real life is like outside of that country.

There`s a lot of dissatisfaction. The population is very young. The economic situation is not good. I think we could do a lot to create conditions to overthrow this regime. And fundamentally, I think that`s the best -- the best and most likely way to get a future Iran to give up the pursuit of nuclear weapons. This regime is not going to give it up. That`s for sure.

BECK: Many Americans, not all Americans, but many Americans understand the threat. They understand what we`re doing in Iraq. They understand the threat of Iran, but they -- they ask the same thing all the time. I get it. Now what do I have to do? How can -- how can the average Joe help people like you get the job done in?

BOLTON: Well, I think it`s very important as we go forward here for all the controversy over Iraq, to keep in mind that the threat of states like Iran and North Korea over the long term is much greater than Iraq.

These are states that are pursuing nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. We have to tell our leadership, Congress and the executive branch to continue to pursue very vigorously their efforts to stop these countries from getting a nuclear weapons capability.

Because once they get them, the balance of power in their region and indeed around the world is going to change dramatically to our detriment and the detriment of our friends and allies.

BECK: All right. Ambassador, thank you very much.

BOLTON: Thank you.

BECK: Coming up, so much for Nancy Pelosi`s zero tolerance policy on corruption. You`ll never believe who she`s just appointed to ensure our national security.

Plus, Paris Hilton is into trouble with the law, again.

And John Travolta claims Scientology could have saved Anna Nicole Smith`s life. Danny Bonaduce joins me to sort it all out. Isn`t that a freak train?

Also, the Bank of America has a new enemy. What one New York county is doing in response to the bank`s illegal alien credit card program. That`s tonight`s "Real Story", coming up.


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BECK: Well, in case you`ve forgotten, in May of last year federal agents allegedly found $90,000 worth of bribe money in the freezer of Democratic Congressman William Jefferson. How many times does that happen to you?

Now, let me be clear. I say allegedly, because they haven`t proved that that was bribe money. Now, there`s no disputing that they did find $90,000 worth of cold hard cash in the guy`s freezer.

But maybe it`s just me being really cynical. I mean, really, who doesn`t have thousands of dollars stacked right next to the fish sticks and the hot pockets?

As the scandal continues to play out, this guy actually was reelected. Side note, Louisiana, I don`t know what you people are eating, smoking or thinking down there, but stop it.

Jefferson has been kept off of the House Ways and Means Committee by Nancy Pelosi because, you know, she`s tough on corruption. So what job did she give him? Why don`t we let Nancy tell you herself?


REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA), SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: I removed him from the ways and means committee that had something to do with the accusations made against him. Homeland security does not.


BECK: Homeland -- Nancy, hello. Homeland security, you`re kidding me, right? You actually have the audacity to say you have a zero tolerance policy on corruption, and then you put the guy who I think most people would agree is at least ethically sketchy and give him a seat on homeland security? Where are we, New Jersey?

I say common sense is dead, and it`s corruption, money and power that has killed it.

Susan Ferrechio, she`s a reporter for "Congressional Quarterly". Jeff Crouere is also here. He`s the host of PBS show "Ringside Politics".

Susan, I want to start with you. I mean, please. You`re kidding me, right? Homeland security?

SUSAN FERRECHIO, "CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY": Mrs. Pelosi argues that homeland security is not related in any way to the investigation he`s involved in right now.

BECK: No. It just has everything to do with our security. I`d like ethically, you know, upstanding people to be -- or as close as we can get in Congress.

FERRECHIO: Well, and the Republicans are arguing that fact, that homeland security is one of three panels that has access to classified information.

BECK: Yes.

FERRECHIO: And, you know, it`s there to keep the nation secure. It`s overseeing the Department of Homeland Security. And Mrs. Pelosi is saying the reason he needs to be on this committee is a good one. He represents New Orleans and several parishes outside of New Orleans that have been devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

BECK: Let me -- let me ask you this. You know, the say the Republicans are fighting this. Are there any Democrats fighting this? I mean, what happened to the really good -- what happened to the new freshman Democrats that are there because we`re tired of corruption? Are they standing up against this as well?

FERRECHIO: They`re not standing up against it. But it`s possible if this resolution to put him on the homeland security committee comes to the floor for a vote there will be members of the freshman class who vote against it. Because a lot of them ran on anti-corruption platforms.

BECK: Yes, I would think so. One last thing. I mean, it seems almost like it`s a bad episode of "Scooby-Doo", you know, keeping the money in the freezer. Is it possible just to say to him, no committee jobs for you?

FERRECHIO: Sure. You might remember Jim Traficant who`s in jail now, corruption, serving on corruption charges. He was never allowed on a committee. So it`s possible. Members are not entitled to serve on committees, but it`s really the only way that can be effective in office.

So it`s really unusual for a member not to get a committee assignment. And he already is on the small business committee. He`s already serving on the small business committee.

BECK: OK. Let me go to Jeff.

Jeff, Louisiana, is it possible it`s the most corrupt state in the union?

JEFF CROUERE, HOST, "RINGSIDE POLITICS": Yes. In fact, you mentioned New Jersey earlier, but we give New Jersey a good run for its money

BECK: Really? Because you know what? I was sickened today when I heard the story. I thought, it`s got to be Louisiana or New Jersey. And I don`t know...

CROUERE: Louisiana...

BECK: Let me just say this.

CROUERE: It`s Louisiana.

BECK: It is Louisiana. Is it possible -- has anybody in Louisiana just thought about taking corrupt politicians and feeding them to the alligators? Nobody will miss them. There`s a lot of swamp land.

CROUERE: You know, Glenn, we`ve got so many politicians in jail. There`s a wing in the federal prison just for Louisiana politicians. I mean, it`s amazing how many have gone to jail. Jefferson should be going to jail.

BECK: Is it true that the FBI has actually set up a special unit for the school boards in Louisiana?

CROUERE: They set up an office in the school administration building with the administrators because there was so much corruption they needed to be close to it. You know, I don`t think there`s any precedent for that anywhere else in the nation.

BECK: No. Jeff, this is what -- this is what makes me so angry, and I got in trouble, I think it was, I don`t know, last week, two weeks ago when I said I have, in some ways, and really only this way, I have a hard time feeling bad for New Orleans for what`s going on currently, because they reelected the same corrupt people. And I know that sounds harsh, and I do have sympathy for people who survived, et cetera, et cetera.


BECK: But good God in heaven, it wasn`t Bush in SCUBA gear blowing the -- blowing the dikes up. It was corrupt politicians who did nothing.

CROUERE: Well, I mean, the sad thing is that we put the corrupt politicians back in office now. I mean, Mayor Nagin is incompetent. Bill Jefferson is corrupt. We had an Orleans Parish levee board that is partially responsible for the damage we received from Katrina, because they weren`t doing their jobs. I mean, it`s been going on, Glenn, since the days of Huey Long, which really has been a culture of corruption here for decades.

BECK: So what could change it?

CROUERE: This year there`s state-wide elections. So I really think the voters are finally fed up with these guy, and they`re going to bring a whole new -- a whole new...

BECK: Didn`t they just reelect this guy? They just reelected Jefferson.

CROUERE: Well, I`m talking about Governor Blanco, because we`ve got to get rid of her. Jefferson was just reelected because his opponent in the runoff, some thought, was worse than he was.

Good God in heaven.

CROUERE: It was the case of the lesser of two evils. I`m telling you, we`ve got some bad choices down here.

BECK: Louisiana, there are 49 other states. You don`t have to put up with this.

Thanks a lot. Susan, Jeff, thank you.

Now, John Travolta says Scientology would have saved Anna Nicole Smith. Really? Danny Bonaduce explains next.


ANNOUNCER: Why have Glenn read your e-mails when you can tell him yourself?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Listen, you sick, twisted (expletive deleted).

ANNOUNCER: Glenn Beck video mail. Turn on your camera and say it like you mean it.


BECK: You know, I`m not stupid. I get it. All the talk about the end of the world, it wears you down, you know. That`s why from time to time I like to do a little spoon full of sugar for the brain, tackle the really important questions like could Scientology really have saved Anna Nicole Smith? Will Lindsay Lohan ever wear underpants again? You know, stuff that really matters.

Joining me now for his take is Danny Bonaduce from 97.1 Free FM.

Danny, Scientology saving Anna Nicole Smith?

DANNY BONADUCE, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Yes, well, actually I heard that as a direct quote from John Travolta.

BECK: Right.

BONADUCE: And, you know, even though he`s a big Scientologist, his career is still dead. So...

BECK: No. It did actually save his career. You know, I met John Travolta years ago when -- what was he, like in "Amerika" with a "K", horrible movie. And -- and he was the nicest, kindest guy. And then his career took off again.

BONADUCE: He did "Pulp Fiction" and made a comeback, but I don`t think he`s had a hit since.

BECK: Well, let`s not -- your last hit, I believe, was in 1970...

BONADUCE: Your last hit`s coming in about 15 minutes, tough guy.

BECK: OK. So they say -- what he said was Anna Nicole Smith could have been saved, even though, strangely enough, we found out today -- I never would have believed this -- that she died of pneumonia, but she could have been saved by Scientology.

What is the deal in Hollywood with Scientologists? Why does it take off in Hollywood? Why are they attracted to this religion?

BONADUCE: Well, I`ll tell you my belief on this, my opinion on this. L. Ron Hubbard before he passed away and Scientology today own most of Hollywood Boulevard for several miles. And when you come out to L.A. to be an actor, you come out to Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood and Vine. And there`s all these Scientology places that say testing room, reading room, free I.Q. test.

And you end up in there, and pretty soon you`re involved with Scientology and then your career takes off. And now there`s a breed of Scientologists that make other young actors believe going to Scientology will make their careers take off.

It`s much like when I go to certain A.A. meetings in Hollywood. I think half the people there don`t really drink. They just come to see the movie stars.

BECK: Wow, that`s wild.

There was a statement from the A.P. In fact, I have it here. This is on Paris Hilton, to change the subject. This is from the A.P., February 13. "Next week, the print team is planning an unconventional experiment: we are NOT going to cover Paris Hilton. Barring any major, major news, we are not going to put a single word about Paris on the wire."

Well, now there`s this story that`s coming out from the A.P. that Paris Hilton had her Bentley impounded. And I`m wondering, Danny, why this is news.

BONADUCE: Well, first of all, for me it`s news because the Bentley was $190,000. But I think it`s very funny, because they`re saying we`re not printing anything about Paris Hilton unless it`s important. And as far as I`m concerned, the words Paris Hilton and important are oxymorons.

You know, what does that mean, she actually wore underwear today? Is that news? Paris Hilton would not be interesting to me unless she spontaneously burst into flames. I would go, now that was an interesting trick.

BECK: You know, you say that -- you say that the Bentley was $190,000, and that`s what was news to you. What`s news to me is the reason why they impounded it is apparently, she forgot to turn on her lights. And she was coming out of, she said, a very lit parking garage, yada yada, didn`t have her lights on.

I think you can get a Kia with automatic lights. Maybe it`s just me. Danny.

BONADUCE: Well, also, the fact that she had no driver`s license. Her driver`s license was suspended for a drunk driving arrest no more than 90 days ago.

BECK: Technicality. We`ll be right back with "The Real Story" next.


BECK: All right. Welcome to "The Real Story." This is where we try and cut through that media spin to figure out why a story is actually important to you.

I was listening to my walkman today coming in. No, I was. I was reminded of Phil Collins` timeless wisdom, it`s no fun being an illegal alien. And I thought, gee, well, maybe Phil should just head right down to Miami because State Democratic Senator Frederica Wilson, she`s sponsoring a bill that would outlaw the use of the phrase "illegal alien" on all state documents.

The real story? This is just yet another example of the political correct police in action. They learned years ago, when you control the language, you control the argument. According to Wilson, the use of the word alien, quote, "makes people think of beings from outer space."

Really? Aliens have landed and they`re posing as bus boys and day laborers? Gee, I better go put on my foil hat so they can`t read my thoughts. Snap out of it, crazy lady! When we call somebody an illegal alien, it doesn`t mean we think they`re from out outer space. No, we`re not four. It means they`re out of place. Yes, they don`t belong here.

See, like it or not, illegal aliens shouldn`t be in this country. It is still a federal crime, illegal. Or didn`t they teach that to you in state senator school?

See, Wilson, I believe, doesn`t have a problem with the word immigrant, because then she can play up that sympathy, that nostalgia, the sentiment, oh, aren`t we all immigrants? did all our ancestors come from some place else to leave the dream of American freedom? Yes. Some of them came from space, I hear.

Let me save you some time, Fredrica. My grandparents did come from someplace else. The majority of grandparents or parents did, as well. The majority of people that built this country, they were legal immigrants. If you can`t make the same sacrifices the last wave of immigrants did and come to this country legally, then I say don`t come at all.

Playing fast and loose with the language is a favorite dirty trick of lawyers and politicians. Garbagemen become sanitation engineers, secretaries, administrative assistants, and the handicapped reborn as "handicapable."

Look, calling somebody in a wheelchair handicapable doesn`t all of a sudden give them the power to climb stairs or the ability to grab Ho-Hos off the top shelf. As the father of a handicapped child, I fully understand names don`t change reality. That`s not being mean; that`s just being honest. And couldn`t we use a dose of honesty in this country from time to time?

We`re facing an immigration epidemic due to these illegal aliens, and using a thesaurus isn`t going to save us. We can call cancer uncontrolled cells, but they`re still going to kill the body, just like unchecked illegal immigration is killing our middle class.

This Florida state senator would prefer to call illegal aliens "undocumented citizens." Wow, well, if that isn`t a really slippery slope. Just want to remind you here, Fredrica, citizen not really a word we want to just carelessly toss around. It is a privilege to call yourself a citizen of this country, a privilege that has to be earned. It`s not bestowed upon you by some Miami do-gooder politician after you`ve slipped into the country in the cover of darkness.

Coming up with new terms for old problems doesn`t make them go away. It just helps politicians and special interest groups change the debate and control the argument. So as the Democrats in Congress continue their debate over what we should do with the estimated 12 million illegal aliens currently in the U.S., you have to remember this: A kiss is still a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh, and aliens are still illegal. That fundamental thing applies no matter how much time goes by.

No matter what you and I call illegal aliens, or what environmental sissies call the feline menace that is the murderous, predatory ocelot, the Bank of America wants to call illegal aliens customers. Remember, the banking giant started offering credit cards to people whether or not they were U.S. citizens or even in this country legally.

Well, an update for you. One legislator in Suffolk County, New York, is taking action now by trying to prevent Bank of America from doing official business with its county. The real story is, man, I give this guy a ton of credit. Amen, brother. Hats off to you. But is it going to make a difference?

Don`t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of fighting the good fight whenever and wherever you can. I truly believe that one man does make a difference. But here`s the thing: Bank of America has connections to the government of America that go a lot deeper than Suffolk County.

Did you know that Bank of America issued credit cards to a few government entities you might have heard of? For instance, there`s the Pentagon, the Department of Defense, all of the branches of the military. Gee, I wonder if you can use those Bank of America credit cards on military bases, you know, the ones that only have Citgo gas stations, that get their gas directly from Hugo Chavez down in Venezuela? That`s great. Yes, it`s all starting to come together for you now, isn`t it?

All right, back to Bank of America for a second. If Condi Rice were, let`s say, wanting to buy appetizers for the whole table while she`s caving in to U.N. pressure by meeting with Iran and Syria over the future of Iraq, she could put the jalapeno poppers and potato skins on her Bank of America credit card. Isn`t that great?

By the way, Condi, just a reminder. You`re in the Middle East. Get the skins without the bacon.

The Suffolk County story is an important reminder that Bank of America`s dangerous scheme could be exploited by criminals, create countless opportunities for identity theft and money laundering. It`s funny, though. That is the very warning that was issued by the Department of Homeland Security, who also gets Bank of America-issued credit cards.

I swear to you, I saw this story today and thought, "I can`t make this stuff up." Why do I even pay writers? You know, I should just come out and read the paper to you, because it`s a laugh riot every day, if it wasn`t so sad.

Joining me now is Suffolk County legislator Edward Romaine. This is the guy who doesn`t want to do banking with the Bank of America in his county.

Ed, do you really think this is going to make a difference to a global bank?

EDWARD ROMAINE, SUFFOLK COUNTY, NEW YORK LEGISLATOR: You know what, Glenn? It will make a difference, because it has to start somewhere. The county has over $100 million on deposit at the Bank of America. If my resolution passes, that money will be taken out and given to other banks in the county. And we will send a message that you cannot tacitly support illegal immigration in this nation.

BECK: OK, Ed, love you for this. Love you. Give me two pieces of information. One, is it going to pass?

ROMAINE: Yes. I think it will pass.

BECK: What are the odds? Are they really good or is it just...

ROMAINE: Pretty good.

BECK: ... unsure?

ROMAINE: Earlier this past year, the legislature adopted legislation not to do business with contractors who hire illegal aliens.

BECK: OK, good. All right, second piece of information. Have you heard from anybody else, any other county, any other town, anybody that says, "Hey, you know what, Ed, that`s a really good resolution"? Can you give me some information? How are you pulling this off?

ROMAINE: I will tell you this, while I haven`t heard from other counties, I`ve heard from a heck of a lot of constituents, not only mine in Suffolk County, but throughout the United States by e-mail, that many people are closing their accounts at the Bank of America.

BECK: Now, let me take you here and let me play devil`s advocate. I think what Bank of America is doing is just -- it`s hideous, quite honestly. But playing devil`s advocate, what they`re doing is completely legal.

ROMAINE: It is legal. But is it moral? Is it right? Is it the right thing for this country? I don`t think so.

BECK: OK. Let me play devil`s advocate again. If we live in a capitalistic system, aren`t they being irresponsible to their shareholders if they don`t tap a legal market?

ROMAINE: They can tap that legal market. All I`m saying is, I`m not going to use Suffolk County taxpayer`s dollars to help them tap an illegal market to promote illegal immigration.

BECK: OK. The thing that bothers me -- and I keep seeing this over and over again with these stories -- everything that is happening, like with Bank of America -- we talked the other day about the trucking that is being opened up now to Mexican truckers. And it always says, "This is a pilot program." If I may translate, bull crap to English, pilot program means -- help me out with this, Ed.

ROMAINE: Foot in the door, so I can jar it open a little larger each and every day.

BECK: Exactly right, or the program that we`ll do and see if we can get away with it.

ROMAINE: No question about it, Glenn.

BECK: OK. So this is really about entrenching illegal aliens here, the Bank of America program.

ROMAINE: Well, I think it`s definitely going to have that result.

BECK: OK, and $100 million probably not a -- you know, just anything more than a drop in a bucket to Bank of America.

ROMAINE: But, you know, one county starting this process, other counties are going to pay a lot of attention throughout the United States. And I dare say, while we may be the first, we will not be the last.

BECK: Good for you. Ed, thank you very much. Appreciate it. And keep up the good fight. And when is the vote, sir?

ROMAINE: It`s going to be March 20th. And thank you, Glenn, and God bless.

BECK: OK. We will follow up on you after the vote. Ed, thanks.

That`s the "Real Story" tonight. If you`d like to read more about this or if you found a real story of your own, tell us about it, please. Visit and click on the "Real Story" button.



BECK: John McCain, weakness. This, again, just common sense, strength and weakness. John McCain, weakness. He was born when Hitler was an up-and-coming politician. His policies have a nasty way of becoming punch lines. See: McCain-Feingold.

I think his biggest weakness is there are times that I`m afraid that he might bite someone. Could you see that happening, that he could just be at a press conference and somebody could be pushing him around and he`d just go...


BECK: Teens now for decades have been giving each other wedgies, blowing stuff up in the microwave, but now, thanks to YouTube, the rebellious actions that used to get kids grounded are making them worldwide stars. Today`s teens are living a double life, one in the real world and one on the Internet.

But even though you`re, you know, acting like a putz on YouTube, it now may make you famous. Could that hurt you in the future? Frank Farley, he`s a psychologist, Temple University.

Frank, are kids getting worse or is it just now they have a giant stage?

FRANK FARLEY, PSYCHOLOGIST: Well, I think the stage is the key ingredient. It`s an opportunity that we`ve never had before. So all those American thrill-seekers are coming out of the woodwork.

BECK: OK, so not really an answer here. Listen carefully to the question. Are they getting worse, or are we just seeing it more now?

FARLEY: Oh, I`m not certain they`re getting worse, but we`re seeing it more now, for sure.

BECK: OK. Now, see, because I -- in some ways, kids are kids. We`ve always been -- I mean, I was this way. However, now it`s the reward. Now you`ve got a reward at the end of your bad actions. You`re famous. Doesn`t that influence more to do more bad things?

FARLEY: Well, again, you know, because the opportunities are there, we`re going to see more of it, yes. And, you know, the big task is to get it to be positive and not negative.

BECK: Are you seeing that kids no longer can separate truth from fiction, that if it`s happening, you know, on YouTube, it`s just not real?

FARLEY: Well, there is some of that, definitely, and that should worry all of us, because they don`t see the long-term consequences of it. They tend to emphasize more the benefits of the thrill value and the excitement and all of that...

BECK: Yes.

FARLEY: ... instead of the costs.

BECK: You know, I don`t know if you saw in the paper today, there was a story about some bank robbers. I don`t know remember where they were. But they looked like teenage girls. Did you see that?

FARLEY: I did.

BECK: And they had the Paris Hilton glasses on. And I thought, what is this? Is this really a crime spree or is this, hey, man, I`m going to be famous?

FARLEY: I would guess both of them, but I certainly would emphasize the thrill value, the excitement, fame. I think that is driving most of this behavior.

BECK: You know what? I don`t think what anybody really even understands, adults, kids, anybody, yet is what is now being known as the digital footprint. You leave a digital footprint. That stuff never goes away.

I was really interested to have a conversation with Chertoff, Department of Homeland Security chief, and he said to me, if people knew how those things just never go away, you`d never write an e-mail. My gosh, look how much stuff about you can be dumped online, and it never goes away.

FARLEY: Never goes away. And employers are already beginning to, you know, to mine the Internet concerning possible new employees.

BECK: Yes.

FARLEY: So stuff that you put out there can live with you forever and can come back to bite you big time.

BECK: I know we do. And it was a surprise to me. One of the guys who runs my company, he said, "I`ve done a digital check." And I said, "What are you talking about?" Oh, I check everything now. We check YouTube. We do a search for you.

Which might have come in handy with "American Idol," they had that one contestant who was on last night, and I think, again, talking about the reward, here`s a girl who has pictures of her on the Internet, she`s dressed provocatively, half-naked, blah, blah, blah. She says she just did them for a calendar as her boyfriend. She`s not a slut. And I think this helps her.

FARLEY: Oh, I don`t think in the long run that it will, because some of those things...

BECK: Vanessa Williams? Vanessa Williams? How did that hurt her, really?

FARLEY: Well, she didn`t do what -- what`s her name?

BECK: Antonella Barba, I think.

FARLEY: Barba, yes. Vanessa Williams didn`t go anywhere near where Barba did.

BECK: What do you mean? They were full-fledged lesbian, you know, lovemaking things going on there.

FARLEY: Well, what Barba did was clearly salacious sex. And what worries me is that anybody can see. Little kids can see that.

BECK: Yes.

FARLEY: And, you know, we`ve sort of -- lots of people revere "American Idol." You know, and it`s a great show. So the fact that they`re continuing to have her on that show should be worrying all of us.

BECK: So what as parents can you do? Because, again, I mean, you just said it, "American Idol." It`s a family show. Well, now you`ve got that influence. What do you do?

FARLEY: Job one, you`ve got to know what your kids are seeing on the Internet. That`s becoming a motto of parenting these days. And so you`ve got to know what they`re seeing, and you`ve got to perform some censoring function. You just can`t let your kids see everything and anything.

BECK: OK, Frank, thanks a lot. If you`re one of those people who can`t help themselves, you`ve got to post every stupid thing you do on YouTube, pay attention to our public service announcement, please.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: While some people might find the footage you see here to be entertaining, or provocative, or slightly funny, in reality these are highly dangerous stunts that can actually do great bodily harm and cause serious injury. Oh, that`s got to hurt.

So the next time you consider doing something stupid -- oh, man, that was painful -- think twice. Oh, that made my crotch tingle. I really don`t find it all that funny.



BECK: All right, let`s start with an agonizing e-mail from Sean in Idaho. He says, "Glenn, watching your show tonight, I feel as though somehow you think you`re better than others because you`re an American. You`re no better. No human is illegal. These people are not expendable. Your lousy corporate government is."

Wow, no human is illegal? Wow, thanks very much for the lovely bumper sticker. I can`t wait to get out my magic markers and write it in big block letters on my construction paper protest sign I`m making, and I can write it all in Spanish.

Humans might not be illegal, but some human activity is, Sean. They`re not called illegal for being people; they`re called illegal for breaking laws. And did you notice how he called it my government? Sean, if you`re in the same Idaho I think you`re in, then it would be your government, too, wouldn`t it?

You know, I want legal immigrants here. And we can work to get the door streamlined so people can get in faster, but not until we stop the bleeding at the border. But that solution isn`t the only one. No.

Scott in Indiana writes in, "I think we should decriminalize marijuana and take the money fighting natural herbs and spend it on homeland security. Maybe they could, you know, hire border crossing officers and stop harmful drugs and people that are coming across the harm us."

Remember, you heard it here first, Scott in Indiana, legalize drugs to fight drugs. You know, it`s not money that`s the problem; it`s enforcing the border laws we already have. It`s actually building the fence. Seventy-one percent of America has said the 700-mile fence we already approved of isn`t enough. The average Joe gets that. Why don`t those in Washington?

Maybe we should build another fence. We should build a round one, just around the Capitol. No, it`s just a suggestion. You know what I`m saying, really?


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