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Iran Standoff Continues; Emergency Spending Bill Loaded with Pork; Zsa Zsa`s Husband Claims to Have Fathered Anna Smith`s Baby

Aired March 29, 2007 - 19:00:00   ET


GLENN BECK, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, Iran hostage crisis day seven. Tensions reaching the boiling point.

TONY BLAIR, BRITISH PRIME MINISTER: It is now time to ratchet up the diplomatic and international pressure.

BECK: We`ll explore the evil that is Iran.

And showdown on Capitol Hill.

REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA), SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: Calm down with the threats. There`s a new Congress in town.

BECK: New Congress. Same old pork?

Plus I`ll talk to the actual father of Anna Nicole`s baby. No, seriously. That`s what he says.

All this and more tonight.


BECK: Twenty-four hours ago I stood right in this spot, and I told you that Iran said that they would be releasing one of the British sailors they`re detaining. Guess what? They didn`t do it.

Now they`re saying her release will be delayed, and in fact all of the British officers in custody now could face a show trial.

Listen to me. If you get your news anywhere else tonight, you will never understand the consequences, because nobody on television is willing to tell you the truth. Well, I will.

Here`s the point tonight. These guys that are running Iran, they are liars, they are warmongers and they are evil. Here`s how I got there.

I don`t know about you. I am sick and tired of everybody saying that it`s our fault. I really am. We`re provoking Iran. We want war. Bull crap. I don`t want a war. Do you want a war? Watch this clip of Iran`s supreme leader.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (speaking foreign language)

GRAPHIC: If they want to use the Security Council as a tool for ignoring Iran`s legal nuclear rights and if they take illegal actions, we too can take illegal actions and will do so.


BECK: OK. They`re going to take illegal action, and they will do so. Got it.

Why am I showing you that? What`s important about this? Well, that speech was given just a couple of days before the British soldiers were taken. Oh, but we`ve got to believe them.

Now the British say their officers were well within the Iraqi waters, not Iran`s waters, and they provided coordinates. "No, no," says Iran. "Oh, no, we have our own set of coordinates over here. Look. Here they are. Here are the coordinates." Still within the Iraqi border. "Oh, no. Those coordinates? I meant these coordinates." And then they produced another "corrected" set of numbers.

Why is it so difficult for people in America to see that these guys are lying weasels? They`re in the axis of evil for a reason.

It would be one thing if they were just shifty, but the Iranian government is evil. You know, America, we`ve got to start calling a spade a spade. Ronald Reagan called it evil, and it ended the Cold War.

For those of you in denial that these people are evil, here`s a few stories about Iranian justice so you can tell your kids these stories when you tuck them in tonight.

First one. It`s about the head of the bus driver`s union in Tehran. He wanted to go on strike for better wages for the people. That`s crazy, huh? Well, the government didn`t like that idea too much. They wanted to keep him quiet.

So some of the members of the pro-government militia went into his house one night just a couple of weeks ago to arrest him, and instead, because they could have just cut his tongue out, but instead of cutting his tongue out -- that would have been way too humane for these monsters -- instead, they sliced it off layer by layer.

Then there`s the story of that 16-year-old mentally challenged Iranian woman who was hanged in the town square for having sex with an unmarried man.

But Iran doesn`t do just public hangings. No, no, no. If you`re lucky enough to be sentenced to stoning, oh, here`s what you can look forward to. You can be wrapped head to toe in a shroud, and you`re buried to your waist. Stones then, specifically chosen stones, are then given to the crowd. And now, they`re not big enough to kill you, just cause pain. They don`t want them too big.

Plus, here`s the extra added benefit. Your children are forced to watch as you undergo a slow, horrible stoning death.

Oh, and by the way, I`m not talking about the third century here. Public stonings have happened in Iran as recently as December 2005. How the hell are we going to survive if we can`t call this evil?

Here`s what I know tonight. Islam is a religion of peace, but not the way it`s being practiced by those in power in Iran. According to some Muslim scholars, it`s permissible to lie as long as that lie is in the benefit of Islam. This is the principle that the Iranian government lives by.

Here`s what I don`t know. How does anyone expect us to negotiate with evil? Especially when we`ve lost all of our credibility? You can`t be taken seriously at the negotiating table or in the battlefield if everybody knows that you`ll fight with one of your hands tied behind your back or just simply give up altogether and put a time line down.

Sir Edmund Burke said, quote, "All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Now, considering the half-hearted way we`ve handled things the last couple of years, it just might have been better for us to have done nothing at all.

Joining me now is Mario Loyola. He`s a former Pentagon consultant and now with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies; as well as a foreign affairs expert at the Heritage Foundation, senior fellow Peter Brooks.

Mario, let me start with you. Iran has taken a thousand hostages since 1979. Will you join me on the evil bandwagon or not?

MARIO LOYOLA, FOUNDATION FOR THE DEFENSE OF DEMOCRACIES: This is one of the most dangerous and criminal regimes on the face of the earth, no doubt about that.

BECK: And how is it possible to have any kind of relationship with them when they are this be at least criminal?

LOYOLA: Well, Ronald Reagan used to say about the Soviet Union trust but verify. With the Iranians, since we can`t trust them, we have to insist on verification, and that`s why the announcement last Sunday by the government of Iran that it was going to stop cooperating in certain respects with the IAEA is so serious.

BECK: Peter, is this an honor thing? Is this -- are they trying to build up credibility in the Middle East?

PETER BROOKS, HERITAGE FOUNDATION: I think -- I think they`re completely emboldened, Glenn, by a lot of things that we`ve seen. Oil prices, our lack of traction in Iraq recently, their ability to take people at will, such as this latest set of hostages.

They`re feeling -- they`re feeling their oats. They feel like they can do what they want with impunity, and it makes things much for difficult for us.

BECK: Right. But when it comes to the Middle East, but you`re an expert on this stuff and I`m not, obviously. But when it comes to the Middle East, the thing that we always forget is the Middle East operates on honor and humiliation, and this is them humiliating us. Or is it deeper than that?

BROOKS: Well, first of all, they`ve grabbed Brits in this case, but, yes, it is about us. These Brits are part of a coalition.

Remember, Glenn, Iran wants to be the leader of the Middle East and of the Islamic world. This is something we have to understand, and everything they do moves them in that direction.

In fact, the Arab Summit just the other day in Riyadh talked a lot about this issue on the sidelines. The Sunni world is very concerned about the rise of Iran, but once we realize that Iran wants to be the predominant power in that part of the world, talk about their use of terrorism, their involvement in Iraq, their nuclear weapons and everything else. Then we can start to understand what we`re dealing with.

BECK: You know, Mario, I did a show on Friday, and I had a Republican and a Democrat and Al Sharpton on, and I asked everybody at the table. Can -- will anybody name anybody here evil? Will you name the name of evil when it comes to the regime in Iran?

Nobody seems to want to do it anymore, even though it is in the axis of evil. You even say they`re criminal. Tell me who these people are.

LOYOLA: Well, these are -- these are representatives of a jihadi ideology that`s sort of the Shiite equivalent of Osama bin Laden`s Wahhabists. They seek to establish a caliphate according to the Sharia law, according to the most conservative tenets of Islam.

BECK: Explain caliphate because most people don`t have any idea what that means.

LOYOLA: In the Korean, really conservative interpretations of Koran, there is an absolute equality of political authority and religious authority.

For -- within the mindset of the Iranian mullahs, there can`t be any difference between political leadership and religious leadership. And all Muslims should be unified under a single leadership that is both religious and political.

BECK: Right. It`s...

LOYOLA: The entire world.

BECK: It`s a separation of church and state. This is like going to the Church of Nancy Pelosi and having to go, otherwise they kill you, right?

LOYOLA: Right.

BECK: But the key thing here is it wouldn`t matter what they think or what they say if it wasn`t for the fact that they support terrorism and are in the middle of developing nuclear weapons. They are getting really, really close, by the way, which is why the taking of these hostages is such a worrisome situation.

BECK: OK. By the way, I just want to make a quick side note. On tomorrow`s broadcast, we have an end of days special. We`re tying in the events that are happening all around the world to the Bible. Is there any correlation here on the end of days? Please, don`t miss tomorrow`s special.

Peter, let me go back to you on the nuke. How long do you think we have before, like Mario said, it gets really dangerous, when they have a nuke? We can`t do anything. How far away are we?

BROOKS: Well, it could be very soon. I mean, it could be a couple years. Our intelligence community thinks it might be five to seven years, but who wants to take a chance on that? Time is on their side.

You know, one of the things that people aren`t talking about that they should be, in terms of our national security, is the importance of missile defense. If Iran is able to get a nuke, how can we defend ourselves?

We need this protection. We`re developing it towards North Korea. We need it in Europe for Iran, as well. It`s very critically important.

But the problem is, Glenn, that time may be fundamentally on their side.

BECK: All right.

Coming up, the Iraq war spending bill loaded with pork. God forbid we work on a missile defense. It`s not really about spending, however. It`s about taxes. I`ll explain how Congress is planning to raise your taxes.

And then the endless paternity battle for Anna Nicole Smith`s baby is continuing. I`m joined by one of the freakish contestants who`s running for the "who`s your daddy" contest.

Plus, "South Park" takes a shot at Hillary Clinton and her mysteriously changing accent. Tonight, we analyze the fist-clenching voice of Hillary with an expert and Danny Bondage. Don`t miss it.

First, this message from Exploitico.


ANNOUNCER: How many times have you accidentally sailed into hostile enemy waters just to end up being held hostage by some crazy ruthless dictator? Well, now your worries are over.

New from Exploitico, it`s the DaGama GPS 6000, now with 2000 more GPS than the DaGama GPS 4000.

Here`s someone who didn`t use the DaGama GPS 6000.

FAYE TURNEY, CAPTIVE BRITISH SAILOR: Obviously, we trespassed into their waters.

ANNOUNCER: Ignore the fact that she was coerced and quite possibly tortured. This never would have happened if she insisted on only the best. The DaGama GPS 6000.


BECK: Want to send out a big congratulations to Nancy Pelosi and her congressional colleagues, who have managed to pass their emergency war spending bill: 51-47.

Of course, hollow victory. Sorry, gang. Yesterday President Bush yet again promised that he would veto their bill because it`s so full of pork it actually oinks.

Now, more of their time, more of our tax dollars getting it spent on this beautiful, lovely democratic process of trying to override the president`s veto while our troops are forced to fight without the resources they so dearly need to stay safe.

Look, I get politics is dirty business. I get it. Politicians change positions on the issues, sure, mm-hmm. But the hypocrisy surrounding this spending bill is, I swear to you, too much to bear. Remember, bursting with $20 billion worth of pork.

You know what? The Democrats weren`t elected because they were all of a sudden, you know, so liberal and everybody wants to join the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. No. People were tired of the Republicans just screwing us when it came to our piggy banks.

Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, they were screaming, crying out, "Oh, earmark reform." It was just a short time ago. In fact, in case you don`t remember, when the Republicans were in charge, what were the Democrats saying about earmark reform? Go to the videotape.


REP. JIM MCGOVERN (D), MASSACHUSETTS: This measure before us is not earmark reform or any other kind of real reform. It is not accountability, and it is not transparency. It is at best a press release. There are so many loopholes in this measure that you could drive a Mack truck right through this.

REP. DAVID OBEY (D), WISCONSIN: This is a joke. This is a fraud. It plays trivial pursuit.

REP. CHRIS VAN HOLLEN (D), MARYLAND: We should get right at the root of the problem and eliminate the worst abuses outright. Now, Mr. Emanuel and I and others offered an amendment the other day in the rules committee to stop the inside dealing and to stop the sweetheart deals.


BECK: Yes. I bet they`re glad that didn`t pass now, huh? Now that Democrats have embraced the politics as usual of pork and spend, how long before they start singing their other favorite song, raising your taxes, you know, because it`s for the common good, you know. Children have to eat.

You can dress it up any way you like, but in my opinion nothing more than socialist redistribution of wealth. If the Democrats have their way, it`s going to hurt you a lot more than it`s going to hurt them.

Amity Shlaes, she is a syndicated columnist and she is a senior fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations.

You wrote a great article on the Democratic tax releases. I read it just the other day. Five tax increases that are coming our way. Tell us about them.

AMITY SHLAES, SYNDICATED COLUMNIST: Well, the way the process works is you make the spending promises now. And then later in the year, probably around September, will come the necessary compensatory tax increases.

And I think, No. 1 for the Democrats is to roll back the Bush commitment to keep lower taxes. So those would be income tax, dividend tax, cap gains, all likely to go back up.

BECK: So you`ve got this happening. I have read that they`re actually trying to revive something even from the 1990s that they couldn`t get through, and that is the 15 percent tax on your pension or your 401k. Have you heard that?

SHLAES: I haven`t heard that. But there were all sorts of bad tricks in the `90s involving taxing Social Security, for example, some of which were rolled back. They used to eliminate how much you could deduct on your income tax if you earned too much. That might come back. It`s a candidate.

And, of course, very important is increasing the cap on Social Security. Right now there are 10 million people who can expect that they will pay more taxes as their Social Security cap goes up.

BECK: Tell me who these people are. Tell me how this affects somebody who makes $60,000 a year.

SHLAES: Well, it affects -- some of the things will affect those people, but most of them will affect higher earners. And we should all care about that, no matter how we feel about them, because they are the ones who create the jobs.

BECK: OK. Tell me -- tell me who the rich people are in America.

SHLAES: Well, there are about two, three, four million of them who are all targeted by these rollbacks. They create jobs. They make America relatively competitive.

It`s important to recognize there`s a complacency in this country that we have growth, we`re always entitled to growth. Someone who was born 25 years ago has only seen the stock market more or less go up.

But U.S. relative competitiveness does matter which is why we need even higher earners to do OK and not to feel their taxis too high.

BECK: I`ve got to tell you, I`ve -- I`ve never worked for a poor guy. Never once have I worked for somebody who`s making $30,000 a year. And, you know, everybody that I -- that I know that is running a company and is hiring people -- I mean, sure, there are those schlubs out there that are, you know, screwing the little man.

But most people who are making, you know, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 a year are taking that money and they`re building it back in. It`s not the days of the Vanderbilts that most people who are rich today made that wealth themselves. They didn`t inherit it.

SHLAES: That is correct, and they do create the jobs. And when you go over to Europe, you will see that there`s fewer jobs and young people who are absolutely disillusioned because they cannot get a job: 10, 20, 30 percent youth unemployment on the continent.

So I don`t think it sounds absurd or a caricature to say that it`s important that these higher earners conserve those tax cuts, and they`re not likely to.

BECK: Great. Thank you very much.


BECK: Well, next week is shaping up to be, well, one awesome week if you`re an Anna Nicole Smith lover. Seriously, April 3, who doesn`t have this on their calendar? I can`t get enough of the paternity nonsense.

Howard K. Stern versus Larry Birkhead in a steel cage match. I just hope whoever the loser is has to shave their head.

Now, one of the more intriguing players in the Anna Nicole Smith saga is Prince Frederic Von Anhalt. I hope I have that right. He`s the husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor. He`s the guy that claims that he`s the real father of little Dannielynn.

Prince Frederic and his attorney, Edward Lee, join me now.

Hello. Do I call you Prince, or is that how you -- may I call you Mr. Von Anhalt?


BECK: All right, it`s Frederic and not Froderick?

VON ANHALT: Frederic.

BECK: Frederic, OK. Tell me about your romance with Anna Nicole.

VON ANHALT: Well, I`ve known Nicole for 10 years. And we met very often when she was in Los Angeles. We met and naturally we got together, you know. Sometimes, you know, we got into bed, you know, but it wasn`t -- it wasn`t a love affair. It was just an affair. That`s all.

BECK: It was just sex.

VON ANHALT: It was just sex, plain sex.

BECK: I can respect that.

VON ANHALT: She was a woman -- she was a woman you don`t kick out of bed. Let`s put it that way.

BECK: That`s an even classier thing. Now you were sleeping with her for how long?

VON ANHALT: Well, I was with her, you know, I would say about altogether over 10 years about 15 times. Not so much, is it?

BECK: How is your wife doing, by the way?

VON ANHALT: Well, my wife is doing bad in this situation. She doesn`t like to hear that. She doesn`t like it. I apologize to her, and I apologize and that`s it.

BECK: Sure.

VON ANHALT: She forgave me already.

BECK: Right. But you`re just coming on TV because?

VON ANHALT: Well, I`m coming on TV because I`m fighting for the girl. You know, I could be the father. This is why I`m on TV, and you asked me to come on TV.

BECK: No, no. I know. I`m fascinated by you.


BECK: I`m fascinated by you. Really, because you know, here`s the thing. May I call you Fred?

VON ANHALT: You can call me Fred, anything you want.

BECK: All right. The thing that I`m -- that I`m just so puzzled by, if I had an affair with someone and I, you know, was married and had, you know, a lovely wife, which I`m sure Zsa Zsa is. I certainly would, you know, I would step up and say, "OK, this might be my child," but I don`t think I`d be, you know, accepting the TV gigs.

VON ANHALT: Well, I`ll tell you one thing, you know. If Nicole would still be alive we wouldn`t talk about it, you understand it? We wouldn`t talk about it here.

But because she is dead and there is a girl and nobody knows who is the father and some ass like Howard Stern is fighting to get that baby. I hate that. They have to fight for it. Because I think it`s only between me and Birkhead, and I could be easily the father. So I have to fight for it.

And being on TV, it`s you guys. You guys call me. You come, you want to hear it.

BECK: Right. So -- and -- but Zsa Zsa is behind you 100 percent. She`s saying go on TV and you fight this fight, because you`ve already swabbed the mouth, right?

VON ANHALT: No. She`s behind me because I told her it could be my baby. She was, of course, mad when I said it, but on the other side, she said if it is your baby you have to fight for it.

BECK: That`s right.

VON ANHALT: Naturally.

BECK: And you already swabbed. So your being on TV and accepting these offers to come on TV is...

VON ANHALT: And don`t forget we are married 20 years. Our life is out of showbiz. And in the 20 years she had about 10 scandals. So now I have a scandal, and she goes through with it. That`s it.

BECK: All right. God bless you and your wife. You`ve got a cute little relationship. We`ll be watching next week.

Coming up next, "The Real Story".


BECK: Well, welcome to day seven of the Iran hostage crisis. Yep, I said it: hostage. Hostage crisis. These guys aren`t detained sailors like most of the media would have you believe.

Earlier today, the Iranian government once again showed us what liars they were by reneging on their promise to release the female British sailor. That led to the U.K. to appeal to, where else, but the United Nations for a declaration condemning them. I`m sure that will be coming around any second now because they`re great at those things.

Then, Iran responded by announcing that Britain has, quote, "miscalculated" this issue, saying that, in this case, these sailors may now face, quote, "a legal path." Translation, oh, we`re going to have a good old-fashioned made-for-TV espionage trial.

But with all of this talk about the U.S., U.N. or U.K., what will we do? We`re all forgetting about the two little letters that seem to be missing from the discussion: E.U.

The real story is, the European Union should absolutely be ashamed of themselves. Where`s Spain speaking out on this? Where`s Italy or Germany? And dare I ask, why don`t I see Jacques Chirac and the Frenchy Frenchmen out there pounding their fists on the table and telling the world how unacceptable this is?

Oh, but, Glenn, the E.U. president, he did issue a piece of paper condemning this on behalf of the whole union. There, fixed. Oh, yes, well, I guess. I imagine if Canada was invaded and the U.S. decided to stay quiet because NATO was speaking for us, that would make quite a strong statement about our outrage and support for Canada now, wouldn`t it?

So why are all those European countries so quiet when one of their own is in trouble? Well, is it because they have a large Muslim population that they`d rather not incite? Maybe. That`s spooky, isn`t it? More likely, it`s what it`s always about: money.

The E.U. is responsible for 40 percent of Iran`s imports. That`s a whole lot of cash that will be lost if they actually man up for a second and stop exporting to the madmen in Iran. I guess President Bush`s assessment that money trumps peace has once again proven to be true.

And then, of course, we have our good friends in the Middle East. Oh, they are good, good friends. Unlike the E.U., they`ve been extremely busy and outspoken in the last few days. Here`s King Abdullah, our great ally, in Saudi Arabia.


KING ABDULLAH, SAUDI ARABIA (through translator): And in our beloved Iraq, the blood amongst brothers are shed in the shadow of the illegitimate foreign occupation and the repulsive sectarianism threatens civil war.


BECK: Isn`t this the guy who was holding hands in the garden with our president? I`m sorry, did he just say illegitimate foreign occupation? Yes, yes, he did. Isn`t that great?

While Iran was busy parading British hostages out for the cameras, Saudi Arabia was blasting us for the war in Iraq. Glad to see Saudi Arabia still has their priorities in order.

Well, all of this points to one indisputable fact: The U.S. and the U.K. pretty much alone in this fight. Political correctness and a fear of lost profits has made almost everybody afraid to take a stand in the face of clear and present danger. So where do we go from here?

Well, a Russian newspaper reported that military intelligence has detected a flurry of activity from the U.S. military near Iran`s border. But is that credible? Is that just us flexing our muscles, or are we planning something? Could we really be thinking about an attack?

And what about sanctions? These bogus U.N. sanctions, have we ever really tried actual sanctions? The answer to those questions, we`ve assembled a team tonight, a team of experts, including Michael Scheuer. He is the author of "Imperial Hubris." He is also the guy who headed up the CIA search for Osama bin Laden.

We have former Lieutenant Commander Jack Liles, a military analyst and former top gun Navy pilot.

And Republican congressman and presidential candidate Duncan Hunter from California.

Let me start with Jack. Jack, are we preparing for attack, or is this just some sort of war game to scare the Iranians?

FMR. LT. COMMANDER JACK LILES, U.S. NAVY: I personally think we`re looking at a deterrence exercise here, particularly with the Navy exercises going on, the two carriers in the Gulf, probably a long pre-planned exercise designed to deter.

BECK: Then I have to ask you the question: Who would be afraid of us at this point?

LILES: Carrier diplomacy works in mysterious ways. And until you actually have that carrier sitting off your coast, simulating exercises against your country, it usually doesn`t strike home until that situation exists, and it definitely exists now for the Iranians.

We`re sort of flexing our muscles in the Gulf, showing what we can do when we beef up that strike power within that region, and they understand it. They see what`s going on. I`ve got to think it`s worked before. It will work again.

BECK: OK. Michael, do you agree with that?

MICHAEL SCHEUER, FORMER SENIOR CIA OFFICER: No, you`re not going to - - they used to say about General Grant, he doesn`t scare worth a damn, and that`s exactly with the Iranians. The Iranians see us losing two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. They know that air power wins nothing. We break up a lot of concrete and kill some people. It makes us feel good, and it makes us feel potent, but it`s just a sham, really.

BECK: OK. And, Michael, you said last night that we were intentionally losing two wars.

Duncan Hunter, congressman from California, I know you`re as upset about the way this war has been fought from the get-go. Let`s talk about sanctions. The Democrats actually introduced a bill, and I think it was meant to embarrass the president, but you signed on board because it`s the right thing to do.

REP. DUNCAN HUNTER (R), CALIFORNIA: Well, this is a Tom Lantos bill and actually a pretty bipartisan bill, which goes to pocketbook economics. It goes to the big companies that may have a subsidiary providing missile technology to the Iranians on one hand and another subsidiary that may be selling missile components to the United States military on the other hand.

And what this does is go right to their pocketbook. It cuts them off from the American market. If they are moving technology in terms of missiles, weapons of mass destruction, obviously the nuclear component.

And with respect to the operation and the British troops who have been held by the Iranians, the British have the lead on this. And if they need our help, we should give them every bit of support that we require. If we have to make a strike in Iran, we should definitely include those arrays of centrifuges that they have set up...

BECK: Right.

HUNTER: ... that could possibly enrich material that could be used in a nuclear system. Let`s do something meaningful, if we do something.

BECK: Congressman, you know, you bring up these sanctions on these companies. I mean, this goes to the corruption of our own government. They`ve been trying to do this since the 1990s. Hasn`t this been around since the `90s? And no party wants involved with these sanctions, because too many really big deep-pocketed companies are hurt by that here in the United States?

HUNTER: Listen, you always see this. You saw in the Clinton administration. You saw Hughes and Loral, and Loral was a big contributor to the Clinton administration, giving technology inadvertently to the Chinese on their missile programs.

But you`ve got to do it. You have to go after the money. I think we`ve got the spine to do this. I think we`ll pass this sanctions bill. You know, it`s tough medicine for these big companies.

On the other hand, you`ve got a lot of great people in American business who care about men and women in uniform. There`s still a lot of those great citizens out there.

BECK: All right.

HUNTER: This is much more valuable. The lives of our troops are much more valuable than these transactions.

BECK: Congressman, we`ll talk to you tomorrow on the radio.

Jack, let me go back to you. Great Britain, what are they doing? What`s happening, do you suppose, behind the scenes?

LILES: There`s probably a lot of diplomacy going on behind the scenes, because, you know, I think we all think and hope that this is going to resolve itself in some manner in the coming days, when Iran figures out a way to spin this in their favor and spin this as some type of a global solution that makes them look good.

And they`ll release these hostages, I`m confident. It`s just a little bit of a stalemate right now, a little bit of them flexing their muscles. We`re flexing ours. The Brits are working as hard as they can, but I`m confident this will probably resolve itself in the coming days, as disgusting as it may be in how Iran is handling it.

BECK: Yet another Chamberlain moment.

Michael, final question to you, the E.U. ain`t doing jack. They`re all afraid. The E.U. itself has come out and issued a statement, but you don`t see France, you don`t see Italy, you don`t see any of these countries coming out and taking a stand. Why?

SCHEUER: The E.U. is kind of a feckless organization, in terms of foreign policy. But I think you have to remember that the French and the Germans especially are responsible for Iran being as close to being a nuclear power as they are today. Throughout the `90s, they were selling that kind of technology to the Iranians.

BECK: Michael, what is it going to take for these people to wake up?

SCHEUER: You know, I don`t know. I think Europe is a dying demographic, demographically speaking is a dying continent. It will be an Islamic continent by 2050. I`m not sure there`s much we can do. The Europeans don`t want to help themselves; we can`t certainly help them.

BECK: OK, Congressman, Michael, Jack, thanks.

That`s "The Real Story" tonight. If you`d like to read more, visit and click on the "Real Story" button.

Now, up next, Hillary sets her tone, but is it a good one? First, an update on the men that I believe are America`s first political prisoners. They are Gilmer Hernandez, Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos, former border guards who are now victims of our government`s decision to put Mexican interests above our own laws, and it`s about time we get justice for them, back in a minute.



BECK: Hillary Clinton cannot be elected president, because there`s something about her vocal range. She`s that stereotypical, nagging...

SEN. HILLARY CLINTON (D), NEW YORK: If you were a stranger -- if you were a stranger -- if you were a stranger...

BECK: After four years, don`t you think every man in America will go insane? She could be saying, "Glenn Beck could be the greatest guy in the world."

CLINTON: I`m so proud of you.

BECK: Glenn Beck, and I would be just like, "I can`t take it."


BECK: It can`t be just me. I know it`s not. I mean, if there`s somebody in your life whose voice just sticks in your ear like an ice pick, somebody who makes every part of you just clench every time they speak. Yes, the senator and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has a voice like that. It makes me envy the deaf. It does.

She could be saying, "All right, Glenn, I want to give Glenn Beck $1 million," and all I`d hear is, "Take out the garbage." Even the TV show "South Park" took a swing at her last night with her dreadful southern drawl. Take a look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It is so nice to be back in a small town like the one I came from.


BECK: Oh, I swear to you. I think Hillary`s voice makes angels cry. They do. They`re up there. I wanted to get independent professional verification.

Joined now by two guests. One is a voice specialist. Her name is Nancy Daniels. And Danny Bondage, who, in the next few minutes, may say really mean things. I don`t know.

But, first, let me fuel the fire here with just an example of what I`m talking about. Here`s some classic Clinton.


CLINTON: Our soldiers matter. Our standing in the world matters. Our future matters. And it is up to us to take it back, put it into our hands, start marching toward a better tomorrow.


BECK: Oh, my good god. Danny, will you kill yourself of four years of that? I agreed with everything she just said, but I just want to kill myself.

DANNY BONADUCE, RADIO HOST: Well, I agree with everything in the "National Anthem," but I almost blew my brains out when Roseanne Barr sang it. And I think it says something right off the bat, that you call a person that sounds like me to qualify on somebody with an annoying voice. It`s like asking Tony Soprano, what do you think of Neighborhood Watch?

BECK: OK, all right.

BONADUCE: I think four years with Hillary Clinton in the White House would be like an eternity in Hell with Fran Drescher.

BECK: Now, listen, you`re exactly right. Fran Drescher is the same kind of person. Nancy...


BECK: Right? There`s a certain thing. And I`m not talking about politics. I`m not talking about the content of what she says or her character or anything else, but there is a certain -- to her voice, isn`t there?

DANIELS: Yes, and she`s bringing that voice up through here into her cheek bones, and through her nose, and it`s very annoying.

BECK: Oh, my gosh, that`s it. You`re doing it.


BECK: Now, how do you correct that? Do you work with people to correct that?

DANIELS: Absolutely. I teach them how to, first, breathe with the support of the diaphragm, and then allow the chest to become that major amplifier. The voice is warmer. It`s richer. It sounds authoritative without being overbearing.

BECK: So let me give you another piece of Clinton here. Here`s another. Brace yourself, men of America.


CLINTON: They have a right to organize, and they have a right to fight for and bargain for a decent wage, and health benefits, and pension, and everything else that makes it possible to be part of the American dream.


BECK: OK. So why hasn`t she fixed that? I mean, if you can fix it for her, why isn`t she calling you up?

DANIELS: Well, I think one of the questions you have to ask yourself is, do you really want me to fix that?

BONADUCE: No, I really want you to fix that.

BECK: No, wait a minute. Danny, Danny, well, wait a minute, you like Clinton, don`t you?

BONADUCE: Yes. I thought -- and the reason I would even consider voting for Hillary Clinton is for -- I think she might not be afraid in a jam to turn to her husband and say, "What should I do?" And I thought Bill Clinton was a very good president.


BONADUCE: But I can see why he was driven around a little bit.

BECK: Yes, well, there you go, America, a guy who lived in a dumpster.

BONADUCE: But my fear is, my biggest fear is that I agree with a lot of the things she says. Those little speeches right now were wonderful. The problem is, when Voltaire said, "I may not agree with what you say, but I`ll defend to the death your right to say it," if he had met Hillary Clinton, he`d say, "I`ll defend to the death your right to jot it down somewhere."

BECK: Just write it down somewhere.

BONADUCE: Just give me a note.

BECK: So, Nancy, would it be better for her just to never -- because when she really gets into trouble is when she is like, "And I want you" -- when she`s really going after it. Would it be better for her? And then how is a woman with that kind of grating voice, do you express passion if she would just calm down, speak down here? I mean, how does she really get her point across of passion?

DANIELS: Well, it`s really not difficult to get the point across with passion if she actually has the passion in the right direction, and I don`t know that she does. But what I mean is, she`s not using her voice to complement anything that she is saying.

And, in fact, you had mentioned earlier, when she went and spoke in that southern drawl, that was truly humiliating. That was embarrassing. She never should have done that. We don`t want -- she`s almost offending the southerners.

BECK: OK, Danny.

BONADUCE: Yes, sir.

BECK: You`ve gone through the DTs.

BONADUCE: I have indeed.

BECK: Yes.

BONADUCE: I`d do it again not to hear another clip from her.

BECK: I was going to say, purple monkeys crawling all over your body, and they`re covered in spiders, or this.

BONADUCE: I`ve got to go with the monkeys.

BECK: Wait, wait, wait, I`ve got to play the sound.


CLINTON: That is not a record that New York needs in the United States Senate.


BECK: Danny?

BONADUCE: I`m thinking monkeys with spiders on it is actually too good. It`s too fair of an offer.

BECK: I think so, too. Thank you, Nancy, Danny, I appreciate it. We`ll be back in just a bit.


BECK: Tonight I want to leave you with a story that started back in 1981. America had just inaugurated a new president named Reagan. We were celebrating the release of 52 hostages that had been held in Iran for 444 days. It was right around that time, across the ocean in the U.K., there was a much smaller celebration going on.

It was a celebration that wasn`t national in its scope. It was confined to the friends and the family. It was the birth of a little girl. She was the youngest of five children. She was born of very proud parents in Shrewsbury. Growing up, she had dreamt about serving her country.

When she was finally old enough, she joined the navy. She trained in Cornwall as a sea-survival specialist. Now, in 2002, another celebration. She married a fellow soldier named Adam. Ceremony was held in her family`s local church right there in Shrewsbury.

A couple years later, another celebration. She was able to celebrate the birth of her own beautiful, little girl named Molly, who was christened at the same church where she and Adam had been married just a couple of years before. Since Molly`s birth, they`ve been planning to move out into the country so that Molly would have a big yard, a place to play.

Well, earlier this year, this brave woman was called up to active duty to serve in the navy on a mission in Iraq. She told reporters, you know what? Sometimes you may be called upon, and when you do, you`ve just got to deal with it and get on with it.

Then last Friday, Faye Turney, this little girl from 1981, was serving her country aboard the HMS Cornwall, operating off the coast of Iraq, when the crew noticed a boat that they suspected was smuggling cars into the region. They decided to launch two boards to board the suspect vessel.

After inspection, Faye and her team were headed back towards the Cornwall when they were surrounded by six warships from Iran. It was the Revolutionary Guard.

As you know, they detained Faye and 14 other soldiers and escorted them at gunpoint to an Iranian naval facility. Tonight, Faye Turney remains one of the 15 British soldiers who are still being held hostage in Iran for committing no crime other than doing their jobs.

And while Iran is playing politics with innocent lives, Molly and Adam are left to try to survive the agonizing suspense together. Please, keep Faye, Adam, all of the hostages, and especially little Molly, in your thoughts and prayers tonight.

From New York, good night.


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