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New Revelations in Anna Nicole Smith Saga; How to be a Tabloid Star

Aired April 2, 2007 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Meredith Vieira opens up about her struggle with anxiety. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.
BROOKE ANDERSON, HOST: And did Donald Trump have to shave off his comb-over over a bet? I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.

HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, shocking new information about the drug connection between Anna Nicole Smith and Howard K. Stern. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with dramatic new evidence about Stern`s possible role in all of those drugs Anna was taking. Plus, a stunning new development in the battle over the baby.

Tabloid frenzy, tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the secrets of being a tabloid star. From Britney Spears to Lindsay Lohan to Paris Hilton, what is the deal with the hook-ups, break-ups, getting wasted, or wasting away? Also, only SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, do stars deserve any privacy at all, or should they just quit their complaining? It`s a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report.

Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Get ready for D-Day in the Bahamas, D for DNA, an unexpected and dramatic development today in the battle over who is really the father of Anna Nicole Smith`s baby, coming up in just a few minutes.

HAMMER: But first tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dared to ask the question, did Howard K. Stern fail Anna Nicole Smith? And tonight, there is dramatic new evidence raising serious questions about what Stern knew about the drugs Anna Nicole took before her death, and when he knew it. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has obtained new information that reveals that some of the drugs found in Anna Nicole`s hotel room were actually prescribed to Stern.


HAMMER (voice-over): We now know what killed Anna Nicole Smith.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are convinced based on the extensive review of the evidence that this case is an accidental overdose with no other criminal element present.

HAMEMR: And Howard K. Stern`s lawyers have repeatedly insisted Howard K. Stern bears no responsibility for Anna Nicole`s death.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Let me repeat that. At no time was there any indication of wrong-doing whatsoever. Howard loved Anna completely.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What we found, however, were about nine prescription medications in blood.

HAMMER: Anna Nicole was a walking drugstore. But now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has confirmed dramatic and disturbing evidence that of the 11 drugs in the hotel room at the time of her death, not a single one was actually prescribed to Anna. Yes, you heard right, not a single one.

HARVEY LEVIN, MANAGING EDITOR, TMZ.COM: While the stunning thing about the drugs in her hotel room is none of them were prescribed to Anna Nicole Smith, eight of these drugs were prescribed to Howard K. Stern. Two were prescribed to somebody, we have no idea who that is. And then one was prescribed to Anna Nicole`s personal psychologist -- psychiatrist. And that is the person who prescribed all 11 drugs, by the way.

HAMMER: So with eight of those drugs prescribed to Howard K. Stern and all of them prescribed by her Anna`s psychiatrist friend, Khristine Eroshevich, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that the evidence that Stern could have done more to help Anna Nicole has never seemed more clear.

LEVIN: It really raises questions about prescribing habits and enabling in Anna Nicole`s life.

HAMMER: Questions that SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has asked before when we went straight to Ken Seely, lead interventionist on A&E`s hit show "Intervention" with the tough question, did Howard give Anna enough tough love to make her realize what she was doing to herself?

KEN SEELY, LEAD INTERVENTIONIST, "INTERVENTION": In this case, it happened to be Howard Stern. It was his responsibility at this point to step up to the plate and do something about this. And since he hasn`t, you know, he just says -- you know, like you said earlier, it`s not about him being responsible and doing jail time for this, but he is responsible.

HAMMER: In fact, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking our viewers the question, did Howard K. Stern fail Anna Nicole? And so far tonight, the response and the results are dramatic. An overwhelming 79 percent of you said yes. Only 21 percent said no.

Marilyn from Missouri e-mailed us: "I think Howard K. Stern failed Anna big time. So why is he still allowed to care for that baby? If he couldn`t keep a grown person alive, am I the only one who thinks he could be a less-than-suitable care-giver for a defenseless child?"

But Constance from Michigan disagrees, e-mailing SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: "He did not fail Anna. If you believe that he did, then you have to believe all of her family. You have to remember that Anna`s problems started in childhood. Ask her dear mother about that. I believe Howard was one of the few people on this Earth that truly cared for Anna and Daniel."

But would someone who cared so much about Anna Nicole be a part of this shocking videotape played in court during the battle over Anna Nicole`s body?

LEVIN: Howard K. Stern clearly knew she was taking drugs. The issue was, what did he do to stop her? And we weren`t there during that relationship, but we do have glimpses of it. And when you see Howard K. Stern pointing a video camera at her when she`s eight months pregnant, clearly whacked out of her mind and kind of joking, are you on mushrooms and then saying, we can make money off of this, it does not really make a good statement.

LARRY BIRKHEAD, FORMER BOYFRIEND OF ANNA NICOLE: Mr. Stern called the doctors and asked for the prescriptions.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But she could have replaced Mr. Stern with another individual, am I right?

BIRKHEAD: If he would have told her no on the drugs, she probably would have. And I said no and that`s where I`m here today.

HAMMER: Larry Birkhead, who is fighting Stern for custody of Anna Nicole`s baby, is not the only one who raised questions about Stern`s influence on Anna Nicole. So did her estranged mother.

VIRGIE ARTHUR, ANNA NICOLE`S MOTHER: Be very careful about who you hang around with, because you may be next.

HAMMER: And even Anna Nicole`s own son Daniel before he died went to Private Investigator Jack Harding with his own concerns. Listen to what Harding told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

JACK HARDING, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: He contacted me -- about four months now, it has been a little while, and he wanted to talk to me because he felt that Stern was giving his mother mind-bending drugs, and he was in control of her faculties.

SEELY: And that was Daniel before he died. He was trying to take action. Their mother trying to take action by saying on -- to the media, please do something. But the reality is, is nobody that was close enough to her did the right action.

HAMMER: So who was close enough to do the right thing? Ken Seely, who leads interventions for a living, says he has no doubt Howard K. Stern failed Anna Nicole Smith.

SEELY: Howard telling Anna, I love you, I`m mourning your death. Well, then, damn it, why didn`t you do something about this before now?


HAMMER: And now, on to that major development we mentioned. Howard K. Stern basically getting slapped down big time by a Bahamian court in the battle over who really is the father of Anna Nicole`s baby, Dannielynn.

The bottom line, we could find out the answer tomorrow. Could that even be possible. Well, with us, tonight in the Bahamas, Court TV correspondent Michel Bryant, and joining us from Hollywood, investigative journalist Pat Lalama.

Good to have you both here.


HAMMER: Hi. Now, we know that this is something that has made a lot of people pretty angry, the fact that Howard K. Stern had initially agreed -- or ultimately agreed to let the baby Dannielynn get that DNA test, saying it was the right thing to do. Then he goes ahead, quite predictably if I may add, to try to get those results sealed.

Michel, the court didn`t take too kindly to that today, did it?

MICHEL BRYANT, COURT TV CORRESPONDENT: Oh, no, not at all. In fact, to walk away not only the loser, but $10,000 poorer, because you have effectively been sanctioned by the court, that`s not a good day in court.

And the court very quickly disposed of the eight grounds in this appellate application and said what does that even matter because your client, Howard K. Stern, came to the court below and said, OK, have a paternity test? Larry Birkhead said, have a paternity test. You both are agreeing on what to do, why are you here bothering us? Leave.

And the application was actually withdrawn. So the appellate court did nothing but issue the sanctions and send them on their way.

HAMMER: I think for those who are keeping score, they`re going to be marking down a nice X in the box against Howard K. Stern and the fact that he had to pay $10,000 on top of that, wow.

Hey, Pat, you know, the whole thing about this whole delay tactic. Didn`t it seem like this was just another example of Howard K. Stern making it look like he has something to hide, which has pretty much been the case since the very beginning of this paternity battle, rather than just getting in there and getting it done with.

LALAMA: Bingo, A.J. I have said it all along. I mean, honest to goodness, this is a man -- and let`s not forget the lawyers who he has hired, of course he must have to borrow money from mommy and daddy to pay them.

But here is a guy who has basically tried to undermine the integrity of the justice system at every stop sign. He`s the one they are trying to -- and you know what, this -- I think what is happening now, A.J., is that he`s scared.

I think when he walked out of the courtroom today and said, uh-oh, I can`t fool them so much anymore because some court system had the onions to say, all right, enough of you and we`re going to fine you for delaying everyone`s time, I think he`s going to run scared. And I don`t think he`s going to try to play this game anymore.

HAMMER: Well, what about that, Michel? I mean, you know, even if he is running scared, here is a guy who has stopped at nothing really to delay this whole thing. Is he out of the delay tactics when the hearing gets underway tomorrow? Is there some other card that we can expect him to play before we will find out who the daddy is?

BRYANT: Well, you know, technically, there could be a reapplication, kind of fixing the problems that we heard about in today`s argument. It would be very risky though when you have been knocked down once like that to bring it back up to the same court. It is risky. Does that mean it won`t happen? No, of course not.

But I think if there is anything that suggests we might move forward in this matter, what happened today suggests tomorrow may actually be a big day, a day that we actually learn the results of the Larry Birkhead DNA test.

HAMMER: Well, I want to move on to something else that we were talking about a few moments ago in our story. Pat, as we just heard, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has confirmed that eight out of those 11 drugs that were found in Anna Nicole`s room when she died were prescribed by her psychiatrist, who was also her friend, nice friend, none of them were in Anna Nicole`s name.

Now that is not so crazy if you`re a celebrity, but eight of the 11 were prescribed in Howard K. Stern`s name. Once again, it would seem it just reinforces the idea that he clearly could have done more to help her.

LALAMA: There is a sinister network going on. She surrounded herself with people who would bend every rule and do everything they can to get drugs into her system. Let`s not forget that there is yet another doctor named -- a Dr. Maurice Levy from here in Beverly Hills who admitted that yes, he had sent some sort of a prescription in Anna -- the mailing address was Anna Nicole`s name.

But he said, well, but I prescribed it to someone else, and I`m not going to say who. I mean, this is how they get away with it. And, A.J., this is why it is so hard to prove in a court of law. It`s what I call the Elvis syndrome. Elvis had like seven or eight different doctors and none of them knew what the other one was doing.

But he was getting his drugs. And that is how they circumvent any kind of conviction because he could say, well, I wasn`t really sure. I gave her this, but somebody else gave her that.

HAMMER: Well, we need to create the moral court for this particular case..

LALAMA: Yes, we do.

HAMMER: . because it is just a shame, shameful indeed. Pat Lalama, Michel Bryant, thanks, as always.

LALAMA: Thanks, A.J.

ANDERSON: A.J., there`s much more to talk about in the fight for Dannielynn Smith. Larry Birkhead may not get custody even if DNA shows that he`s the father. We`re going to explain coming up at 32 minutes past the hour. Also straight ahead, how to be a tabloid star.


DAVID CAPLAN, STAR MAGAZINE: It needs to be someone who, when you read about them or you see photos or video of them, your jaws drop. And you`re like, oh, my God. I can`t believe they did that.


HAMMER: From Britney to Lindsay to Paris, it seems like the same people keep ending up in the tabloids time and time again. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals the secrets of becoming a tabloid star. That is next.

ANDERSON: And why is Meredith Vieira sometimes afraid to cross bridges. Meredith opens up like never before about her struggles with anxiety. Coming up.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for Monday night, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show is on. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

So Britney Spears obviously has had quite a stretch. I mean, first, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT named her the most controversial celebrity of 2006. And now, she has yet another title to add to her resume, the most foolish American. Yes, this is a poll that has been going on for April Fools Day for eight years now, and in the poll, 76 percent voted Britney the most foolish. Now the guys who sponsor the survey says combining going commando, mutilating your own head, and baby-bobbling, well, that`s like a triple-axle on foolery.

I`ve got the list right here. Let us see who else made it. At number two, the lovely Paris Hilton. In at number three, Michael Jackson. Then we have President Bush, O.J. Simpson, and Vice President Dick Cheney. Mel Gibson made the list for his racial rant during a DUI arrest. And then we have former Astronaut Lisa Nowak and former Congressman Mark Foley. The 10th most foolish American, Michael Richards for his racial rant at a comedy club.

HAMMER: So we say congratulations to Britney and everyone else who made the list. Well done.

ANDERSON: Well, she may be the most foolish, but there`s one thing that Britney Spears is really great at, getting headlines. It seems Britney is always on the cover of the tabloids. And you know, she is not the only one. When was the last time you saw a tabloid that didn`t have a story on Anna Nicole Smith. Well, that got us thinking, what are the secrets to becoming a tabloid star?

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has your ultimate how-to guide.


ANDERSON (voice-over): Perhaps there is no would better who earned the title "tabloid star" than Anna Nicole Smith. In life, she wasn`t only on the outside covers week after week, she was on the inside.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT talked with Anna Nicole when she launched her own column for the National Enquirer.

ANNA NICOLE SMITH, FORMER PLAYBOY PLAYMATE: What better way to get my words out there and what better way, getting an education?

ANDERSON: Both her life and her career as a tabloid columnist were cut short when she died mysteriously in a Florida hotel room.

HAMMER: Breaking news, Anna Nicole Smith, dead.

ANDERSON: But in life, Anna Nicole lived on the edge, losing weight, gaining weight, making headlines. Always making headlines.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you there are still plenty of other tabloid stars who won`t let readers down. So let SHOWBIZ TONIGHT give you our secret checklist on what makes a good tabloid star.

First, get yourself into a magazine like Star Magazine whose readership has soared in the past year. The magazine`s deputy New York bureau chief, David Caplan, tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT it`s a certain something that keeps people reading the tabloids week after week.

CAPLAN: It needs to be someone who, when you read about them or you see photos or video of them, your jaws drop. And you`re like, oh, my God. I can`t believe they did that. There`s really that factor. And that really is the X-factor.

ANDERSON: Even "Sex and the City`s" Miranda couldn`t escape the lure of a juicy jaw-dropping headline once in a while.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Samantha, I don`t know how to tell you this, but I was reading my Tattle Tale and there`s a picture of Smith.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Miranda! What in the world are you doing reading something like that?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I love it. It`s my thing. Let it go.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, Smith is always in that rag.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. But this time, he`s gay.


ANDERSON: Next on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT secret list, hook up or break up. It`s always a great headline.

CAPLAN: When we have, say, Angelina and Brad hooking up, breaking up, readers like to feel like they`re a part of the story.

ANDERSON: And whose break-up story is getting the most press? As of late, Britney Spears. Oh, Britney, the tabloids loved it when you dropped your husband. They followed your hard-partying way, detailing how you look, even down to the shaved head and trips to rehab.

And while SHOWBIZ TONIGHT might beg you to change your ways, it`s another way to keep your name in print.

HOWARD BRAGMAN, FIFTEEN MINUTES P.R.: People whose looks change, be it extreme weight loss or gain, be it having a little surgical enhancement, dating somebody new every week, consuming too many libations, these are the things that make you a tabloid star.

ANDERSON: Oh, but the tabloid stars know how to take it a step further. Britney`s late night antics, Lindsay`s less than stellar public appearances, they`re working the cameras that follow their every moves. Public relations expert Howard Bragman tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT those candid moments, not so candid.

BRAGMAN: People like Britney and Lindsay and Nicole, these are not stupid people. They know that showing up at certain places, wearing certain outfits, they`re going to get people buzzing, and they`re sort of attracted to that buzz the way a moth is to the light.

ANDERSON: Ain`t that the truth. And we`ve got the proof. When Lindsay, Britney, and Paris got together, it was a tabloid dream. And so our next check-off on our list, join forces. The newest super hero tabloid stars joining forces, Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham, Hollywood`s new best friends know how to use the press to their advantage.

CAPLAN: The biggest joke in celebrity journalism is for celebrities to claim, oh, I don`t want to be covered by the press, I don`t want to be in magazines. And then you see them appear at restaurants like The Ivy, like Koi.

ANDERSON: And playing coy with the cameras in public places like so many stars do, it`s what will keep those tabloid stars on the covers for a long, long time to come.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Anna Nicole Smith left life the same way she lived it, and it was on the cover of a tabloid.


ANDERSON: And no doubt, Anna Nicole Smith`s mysterious death and the battle for baby Dannielynn will be on the covers of all of the tabloid magazines for months to come.

HAMMER: Brooke, dramatic new developments tonight for the fight for Dannielynn Smith. We may know those DNA results very soon. The latest on the battle over the baby is coming up at 32 past the hour.

We also have this.


DANNY BONADUCE, FORMER CHILD STAR: I`m entitled to a certain portion of your life. You gave it to me. You sold it to me. And I bought.


ANDERSON: You tell them, Danny. OK. It seems stars will do almost anything to get famous, right? Well, then they complain about all of the attention. What gives? A SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report, do stars deserve privacy? Coming up.

HAMMER: And why is Meredith Vieira sometimes afraid to cross bridges? It may look like a charmed life, but Meredith opening up like never before about her struggles with anxiety.


HAMMER: Tomorrow, when stars like Paris Hilton get arrested, do they get special treatment? What about Mel Gibson? Sure, his racial tirade got out, but do cops treat stars like him with kid gloves? A special SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigation, what really happens when stars get into trouble, that is tomorrow.

ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

All right. When you look at Meredith Vieira, you might think she has got the perfect life, right? A great, high profile job, a happy marriage, three beautiful kids. But tonight, Meredith is opening up about her struggle with anxiety, like never before. In the May issue of Ladies Home Journal, Meredith says she has insecurities just like anyone else.

In fact, she says she can`t even look at the mail from "Today Show" viewers, because even if there are 10 great letters and then one that says "I can`t stand you," that`s the one she`ll remember. She also says the hours of "The Today Show," she gets up at about 3:00 a.m., can lead to depression.

Meredith also says she has struggled with anxiety issues. She says sometimes she can`t cross bridges, but then there are other days when she`s fine. She says, quote: "What`s odd is I can`t identify what provoked the anxiety. I could be having a good day. I think sometimes maybe the magnitude of life just sort of seeps into my brain. I guess there`s a weight that comes on you. Pressure, self-inflicted pressure."

For more with Meredith Vieira, you can just pick up a copy of Ladies Home Journal. It is on newsstands April 10th.

HAMMER: Brooke, dramatic developments tonight in the fight for Dannielynn Smith, including a slap on the wrist for Howard K. Stern. And as a result, we may know the DNA results very soon. We`ll get you up to date on the battle for the baby at 32 past the hour.

ANDERSON: Could it be, A.J.? Let`s hope. Also, is Donald Trump`s comb-over over? He made a bet and he put his hair at steak. But did he lose and lose that trademark hair-don`t? Find out, still ahead.

HAMMER: And get ready for lucky 13. Yes. The gang is back for "Ocean`s 13." SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has your first look. That is coming. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for Monday night will be right back. Don`t go anywhere.

RICHELLE CAREY, CNN HEADLINE NEWS ANCHOR: Hi, everyone. I`m Richelle Carey with your Headline Prime news break.

Two big victories for environment groups from the Supreme Court. In a 5-4 ruling, the high court gave states the right to sue the Bush administration to force officials to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from new cars. It also ordered the EPA to rethink its conclusion that CO2 is not a pollutant under the Clean Air Act.

An Ohio inmate who escaped from a hospital is now back in custody. Police captured Billy Jack Fitzmorris after he holed up inside a suburban Columbus house. (INAUDIBLE) say the convicted bank robber overpowered an armed guard, then robbed two banks before he was caught.

And the FDA is blocking imports of the wheat gluten from a Chinese company that is suspect in that massive cat food recall. The wheat gluten was tainted with a toxic agent called melamine. Melamine is most commonly used to make fertilizers and plastic utensils.

That`s the news for now, do keep it right here on Headline News. I`m Richelle Carey.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for Monday night. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I am Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. And you are watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

You know, A.J., a lot of celebrities crave the spotlight. They love the photographers; the love the tabloid attention. But then other stars despise it, and the fight back (ph).

Well tonight, we`re going to ask, do they deserve their privacy, or is at all just part of the gig? Should - should they just shut their mouths?

HAMMER: Also, Brooke, coming up, you know that Donald Trump - he`s busy building buildings. But he`s still had time nonetheless to get involved with this bet with WWE honcho Vince McMahon. The loser of the bet had to shave their head. One of them lost; one of them shaved. Was it Donald Trump? Oh, we can only dream.

ANDERSON: It got pretty nasty. Yes.

HAMMER: Yes. We - we have the dramatic videotape, and we will show it you coming up in just a few minutes.

But first tonight, we have the latest dramatic developments in the Anna Nicole Smith saga. And there are plenty of them tonight. Perhaps the most dramatic, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has confirmed today that none of the 11 prescription drugs found in Anna Nicole`s hotel room where she died was prescribed to her. None of them.

Also, the Broward County medical examiner confirming to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that eight of the bottles were prescribed to her lover, Howard K. Stern. That includes the potent sedative chloral hydrate, which ultimately led to Anna Nicole`s death.

Bulldog attorney Debra Opri is asking her former client, Larry Birkhead, to pay up big time. Opri represented Birkhead in the battle over Anna Nicole`s baby from the beginning, until he reportedly fired her. And now says Opri sent Birkhead a bill for more than $620,000.

Also, a big setback for Howard K. Stern in his paternity battle. A Bahamian court today denied Stern`s appeal of the court-ordered DNA tests meant to determine who, of course, is the father of little Dannielynn. Results might now be revealed tomorrow.

ANDERSON: And with us tonight from Glendale, California, Harvey Levin, managing editor of the entertainment news Web site

Harvey, good to see you. Big day at court, and a huge setback for Howard K. Stern. You know, the court not only denied his request to block the release of the DNA results, but basically said, `Listen, buddy, you`re the one who agreed to this, took the baby for the DNA test, and now you`re trying to delay the results?`

What`s the deal? You know, a big kick in the head for Howard, right?

HARVEY LEVIN, TMZ.COM: Well, he was penalized $10,000 because of it. Basically, the court said this is frivolous that you`re trying to block this. And actually Stern knew he was losing. His lawyer tried to drop it in the middle of the hearing, but he got socked with $10,000 in legal fees.

And I think this battle may well be over at this point. I doubt Howard K. Stern is going to mount another appeal on this. And my guess is we will have the DNA results unveiled probably within the next week.

ANDERSON: Hopefully so.

And, you know, to that end, tomorrow, 2:30 Eastern, big showdown in the Bahamas. Both sides are going to be there. So you say probably within this week. So you`re thinking it is finally likely, Harvey, that nearly seven months after baby Dannielynn was born, we may know who the dad is.


And, you know - two things. One is, I doubt it`s going to happen tomorrow, just because of some procedural things, and certain people not in attendance. So I don`t think that`s going to happen tomorrow. But it will happen in the next - in the next week.

As for the figuring out who the dad is, yes, but that doesn`t necessarily end the battle. Because even if the DNA tests prove that Larry Birkhead is the father, that doesn`t automatically mean Larry Birkhead gets the baby. Then they`ll have to be a hearing, and the Bahamian law is by no means a slam dunk in that regard.

ANDERSON: No. Boy, this thing could drag on even longer, unfortunately, do to that.

And speaking of Larry - wow is all I have to say, Harvey. You know, got a copy of the bill that his former attorney, Debra Opri, sent him. I`m looking at the charges - more than $620,000.

You know, Harvey, Debra has been on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT frequently and has said to us, when she represented Larry, that, `Hey, I`m not doing this for money; I`m doing this for Larry, for the baby.`

Seems like quite a change of tune, doesn`t it?

LEVIN: Well, it - it ended kind of badly. You know, he fired her a couple of weeks ago. And, you know, she did do a lot of work, because this case was in multiple jurisdictions.

That said, you look at this, and she billed him for attending the funeral, which she wasn`t really even supposed to attend. He didn`t want her there. She billed him for her husband`s dirty laundry. She billed him for a dinner that cost more than $200,000. She billed him for making dubs for her television appearances. And she billed him for her publicist. And those are not normal attorney`s fee charges, I can tell you that, Brooke.

ANDERSON: Yes, you`re an attorney, Harvey. Did she go overboard here?

And - and you know, you mentioned that she billed him for going to the funeral. That charge, nearly $10,000 for attending the funeral and for traveling back to L.A. And reportedly, Larry didn`t even want her there.

LEVIN: Right. I mean, it`s - it`s all true. And there was another trip to New York City where Larry was supposed to appear on "20/20"; Debra apparently got on there as well, and billed for 10 hours each way travel time for an appearance on "20/20." Again, not a typical charge a lawyer makes to a client.

ANDERSON: And you mentioned that dinner, more than $2,400. Another dinner, more than $1,100. Neither of these dinners did Larry attend.

Harvey, what`s going on here? Is this retaliation?

LEVIN: Well, apparently, there are receipts for these, that this is not just a - a - a bill, but there really are receipts showing that she spent this kind of money.

To me, in some ways, Brooke, the one that`s even more outrageous is a bill for a relatively paltry $110 for Outback Steakhouse. What makes that bill surprising is Debra Opri left a $50 tip, which is about 50 percent, and socked Larry with it.

ANDERSON: Yes. And another one, $25 billed to Birkhead for Opri`s husband`s laundry service. Oh, we could go on and on, Larry - Harvey rather, but we do have to leave it there. And time will tell if Opri actually sees this money.

Thank you so much for being here. We appreciate it.

Now Debra Opri says she won`t comment on what she calls "unauthenticated documents," but did - did SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - quote - "I can assure you however that all of the fees and expenses occurred on behalf of Mr. Birkhead were reasonable, necessary and appropriate given the complexity and magnitude of this very high-profile case that was litigated in two different states and a foreign country. Out of respect for Mr. Birkhead, I cannot comment further at this time."

HAMMER: You know, out of all the characters in this strange Anna Nicole story, perhaps none more memorable than the guy who became known as "Judge Larry." But would you want to see him on TV every single day?

Well, get ready for a possible "Judge Larry" show, or something like that. Judge Larry Seidlin has reportedly lined up meetings this week in Los Angeles. He`s taking meetings with various TV producers who are falling each other to give him his own show. Of course, when he presided over the Florida court hearings to determine who would get custody of Anna Nicole`s body for burial, Judge Seidlin seemed like a character right out of central casting. He had one of those one-liners, delivering them all with his heavy Brooklyn accent. And now "Broadcasting & Cable" magazine reports that at least three studios want to meet with Seidlin to see if he would be interested in having his own show. It was only a matter of time.

Now on to our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Question of the Day." Here`s what we want to know from you tonight: "Howard K. Stern: Did he fail Anna Nicole Smith?"

Let us know what you think:`s where you go to vote. But you can also write to us at Your e-mails tomorrow.

And remember, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is the only entertainment news show where you can express your opinion on video. So send us a video e-mail. Want to know how to do that? Go to the Web site,

ANDERSON: Well, we are all so excited here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. We were excited all day because, guess what we got and we kept on watching? A first look at "Oceans 13." Yep, George Clooney and the boys are back, and we can`t wait to show it to you, too. And we will in just a moment.

HAMMER: Also, why Donald Trump got all worked up. No, it wasn`t another fight with Rosie. This time, the Donald`s hair was at stake. Imagine Donald Trump bald. Well, maybe we shouldn`t do that.

Anyway, see what happened when Trump had to fight for the honor of his comb-over, coming up next.

We`ll also have this:


DANNY BONADUCE, ACTOR: I am entitled to a certain portion of your life. You gave it to me, you sold it to me, and I bought.


ANDERSON: Yeah, you tell them, Danny.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with a message for the stars: when you become famous, quit complaining that you`re being bothered in public. That`s what you once dreamed about, right?

The SHOWBIZ TONIGHT "Special Report" is next.

First, tonight`s "`Entertainment Weekly` Great American Pop Culture Quiz": "In what hotel does the Stephen King book `The Shining` take place?" The Overlook, the Winter, the Washburn or the Beachside?

Think about it. We`re coming right back.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Master, stand by to your break. Get A.J. to Track E (ph). Roll the break and effect black.


ANDERSON: So again, tonight`s "`Entertainment Weekly` Great American Pop Culture Quiz": "In what hotel does the Stephen King book `The Shining` take place?" The Overlook, the Winter, the Washburn or the Beachside?

Jack Torrance, famously played by Jack Nicholson in Stanley Kubrick`s movie, moved into The Overlook hotel. That answer is A.

HAMMER: The boys are back, and lots of people are excited. There are now 13 of them, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s got them.

Get ready for "Oceans 13." The third, of course, in the "Oceans" series.

This time around, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and the crew all team up with bad guy Andy Garcia to pull off their biggest robbery yet.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has your first look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a night people will talk about as long as they`re in Las Vegas.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I got the hottest new hotel on the Strip.


UNDENTIFIED MALE: Where`s the (INAUDIBLE) going to be?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are no (INAUDIBLE). You`re out!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are you going to do? Throw me off the roof?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I don`t want to.

GEORGE CLOONEY, ACTOR: He heard Reuben (ph). I know what that makes me want to do.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don`t care if it gets messy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`ll drive you. You`re leaving this bar room (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Then I`ll inject him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Then I`ll find a spot to get rid of the body.

CLOONEY: All valid ideas. Great initiative. But.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Doesn`t matter if we win. As long as the casino loses.

CLOONEY: Which means that we have to rig craps, blackjack, slots and roulette all in our favor.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can you make it any more complicated?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It can`t be done.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We don`t have the manpower.



CLOONEY: Now who`s going to be super-high roller?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Try building something larger than three stories in the Tiajen (ph) Province. See is his name comes up your database then.

CLOONEY: All right. Time for the starters (INAUDIBLE)

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let me tell you what you don`t want. Your hotels are in a twisted heap of steel and glass. That`s what you don`t want.


CLOONEY: This is great.


CLOONEY: Great stuff.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If any of you try to break our deal, you`ll be dead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Pay me my money!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All you need to do is (INAUDIBLE)

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There are a couple of characters here I`m not too sure about.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know people who really know how to hurt.

CLOONEY: Well, I know all the guys that you`d hire to come after me. They like me better than you.


CLOONEY: Yes, no. I just bit into a pepper.

Is that - are you - are you watching Oprah?


HAMMER: That`s bound to be one of the big hits this summer. "Oceans 13" opens in theaters on June 8.

ANDERSON: Tonight, do stars really deserve privacy, or does all that attention just come with the job? You know, some stars insist that they shouldn`t be bothered at all when they`re out. But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking, `Hey, if you didn`t want to deal with fame and everything that goes along with it, then why`d you get into this business in the first place?`


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Back up. Back up. Back up.


BRITNEY SPEARS, SINGER: Literally we can`t see - see.

ANDERSON (voice-over): Paris and Britney coming home from the clubs, swarmed by the paparazzi - all of them looking for the money shot of two of Hollywood`s hottest commodities.

HILTON: We are nice. We did one.


ANDERSON: Paris and Britney are playing coy. But they know just as well as any other star, that in Hollywood, anything goes, especially your privacy.

Just ask Jennifer Love Hewitt, who tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT fame and photographers go hand in hand.

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT, ACTRESS: And without the paparazzi and without the magazines that remind people what time your show is on and what`s happening, then the whole sort of business doesn`t really work.

E.L. WOODY, PHOTOGRAPHER: There`s not a star in the world that wants to get out of their car and not be recognized by the crowd. Even though they`re not going to pose.

ANDERSON: E.L. Woody is the so-called king of the paparazzi. He`s been in the business for 30 years, and knows that if a person wants to become famous and stay famous, they need to give up their right to anonymity.

WOODY: Hello gorgeous!

They need us more than we need them.

ANDERSON: Danny Bonaduce couldn`t agree more. He tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that he has no sympathy for stars who demand privacy.

BONADUCE: I am entitled to a certain portion of your life. You gave it to me. You sold it to me. And I bought.

ANDERSON: Angelina Jolie understands that. She and boyfriend Brad Pitt are arguably the most stalked couple in the world.

She tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that she can handle the press, but when she`s out with her kids, she`s entitled to her privacy.

ANGELINA JOLIE, ACTRESS: You know, there are a lot of long lenses now. There`s no reason that somebody has to be, you know, this - this close to - to a kid`s face. Because it scares kids, and - and it psychologically affects them.

Like, I personally would just - I`d like to be able to take my kids out. I`m not walking them down a red carpet; we`re just going out. So we`re not asking for - for press.

And - and as I said, you know, we`re not saying you`re not allowed to take pictures of them. We understand. Whatever. You see, we`re - they`re - we`re public, they`re public. But - but I think a distance - a distance would be good.

ANDERSON: Justin Timberlake probably wouldn`t mind some distance when it comes to the paparazzi. He had a run-in with a photographer back in 2004 with his girlfriend, Cameron Diaz. Still, he tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that if you`re famous and you`re out on the town, you have to expect that when you`re in public, there`s nothing private about it.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, SINGER: If you live in Los Angeles and you - and you - and you`re - and you`re traveling around Hollywood, you can expect to have your picture taken at some point.

But my thing is, when things are - are - are muttered or - or yelled at or - you feel like your - your space is encroached upon for the sake of getting a picture of you looking uncomfortable, that`s when I feel like it`s overstepped the lines.

ANDERSON: But in the end, it all comes down to this: if you`re famous, you`re going to be noticed. It simply comes with the territory.

And as Danny Bonaduce tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, it`s part of your job.

BONDACUE: Every body has every right to any part of me or them that they want, because I sold myself to you. I do it on purpose. If you want to come up to me and ask me anything, say anything you want, you have that right, because I sold myself to you and you bought and I`m grateful.

ANDERSON: And stars who disagree with Danny might want to ask themselves how they`d feel if suddenly no one was interested in them anymore, and the flashbulbs stopped popping.


ANDERSON: Stars should be warned: the business of following celebrities just keeps growing and growing. E.L. Woody, the paparazzo we showed you in the piece, says he`ll now find 40 or 50 photographers where there used to be only four or five.

HAMMER: Well, one star that the tabloids certainly can`t get enough of certainly has to be Beyonce. She`s a movie star; she`s a music star; dating mogul and rap start Jay-Z. So it`s really no wonder everybody`s always curious about her.

When Beyonce stopped by the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT studios, we talked about how she deals with the tabloids, and the stories that just aren`t true.


HAMMER: Do you sometimes - either whether you read it yourself or hear about something that`s written about you, kind of throw your hands up in the air and say, `Where in the world did they come up with that, and that is just not right?`



BEYONCE: But really, for the most part, it`s funny. Because, you know, you`ll see one magazine, and it`ll say, you know, something crazy. And the next magazine will have the opposite of what the other magazine said or.


BEYONCE: .about getting married.


HAMMER: Yes, anything in particular that`s really insane.

BEYONCE: .broken up.


HAMMER: .thing you heard about yourself?

BEYONCE: Then the next week I`m back married. It`s like, which one is it? How are you married, broken up at the same time?

HAMMER: Is there one thing that you ever heard about or saw written about yourself that you`re like, `Are you kidding me?`

BEYONCE: There are so many things. I mean, it`s just a part of being a celebrity.

And - and one thing that I learned at a young age was that it`s not personal. They don`t just go around trying to attack - attack me.

HAMMER: But that being said, do you get concerned sometimes that even if it`s not true, there are misconceptions being put out there about yourself?


HAMMER: Because that`s tough. That`s - it`s tough to read stuff that are outright lies. And.

BEYONCE: Absolutely. But there`s nothing I can do about it. I - I can`t go to millions of people that - I`ll never meet them. Or even if they put a retraction or whatever, then no one ever believes that. So once a person reads something, they - they believe it. And all I can do is pray that people can really see who I am.


HAMMER: We`re going to have much more of my chat with Beyonce tomorrow, including how she has avoided the common pitfalls of being a young star.

ANDERSON: So I have to ask: what do you think would really happen if Donald Trump had to shave his head and lose that comb-over? Up next, the dare to the Donald. A wrestling grudge match. And the stakes: Donald losing his head. I meant his hair. Which I guess would be the same thing, right?

See what happened when SHOWBIZ TONIGHT comes right back.

Stay with us. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for a Monday is headed straight back.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Go 3. Let`s get A.J. to - back to desk with tracking (ph) for the F Block.

Master, stand by to your break. Roll your break now and effect black.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

All right. Tonight, the wrestling world and barbers across the country - well, they`re stunned. Because guess what? Donald Trump still has all his hair.





ANDERSON: You`re watching "Apprentice" head honcho Donald Trump shave the head of World Wrestling Entertainment Vince McMahon after winning a hair throwdown - a throwdown in which Trump actually got to keep his hair. McMahon challenged Trump in a Wrestlemania showdown dubbed "The Battle of the Billionaires." The loser agreed to have his head shaved.

It was a fight where neither billionaire actually got into the ring, but instead pitted their respective wrestlers against each other. In Trump`s corner, Bobby Lashley (ph). And fighting for McMahon, the Samoan Bulldozer (ph). In the end, Lashley triumphed, and Trump kept his infamous comb-over. Trump even managed to get in a few punches himself.

But in the end, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is suggesting that perhaps he should have lost on purpose, and shaved the famous do that`s an obvious don`t.

HAMMER: Yes, he should have lost on purpose. Brooke, he`s too building - busy building buildings to be bald.

Let`s find out now what`s coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Tomorrow, Beyonce, unplugged. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT goes one-on-one with one of the biggest stars in the world. Now you heard just a few minutes ago talking about dealing with the tabloids. But wait till you hear what she told me about her weight, Hollywood`s obsession with being skinny, and why she is proud of her curves. That is tomorrow on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Also tomorrow, when stars like Paris Hilton get arrested, do they get special treatment? Mel Gibson - sure, his racial tirade got out, but the cops treat stars like him with kid gloves. A SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special investigation: what really happens when stars get into trouble? Tomorrow.

That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Have a happy Passover, if you celebrate. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

"GLENN BECK" is next, right after the latest headlines from CNN Headline News.


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