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Judge Awards David Hasselhoff Sole Custody Of Teen Girls In Bitter Divorce Battle; Music Video Spoofs "Paris In Jail"

Aired June 15, 2007 - 23:00:00   ET


BROOKE ANDERSON, CNNHN ANCHOR, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: A shocking decision in the David Hasselhoff custody battle. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood .
A.J. HAMMER, CNNHN ANCHOR, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: Angelina Jolie tells me her advice for the bad girls of Hollywood.

I`m A.J. Hammer New York. TV`s most provocative entertainment new show starts right now.

(Voice over): On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, mirror, mirror on the wall, who`s the worst role model of them all? Now that`s a tough one. Britney, Paris, Lindsay, Nicole -- which one of the Britpack is setting the absolute worst example? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask who is the worst role model in Hollywood?

Tonight, inside the rehab of the rich and famous. It`s where the stars go to dry out and clean up. But what really goes on inside? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT takes you behind closed doors and reveals the secrets of the exclusive rehab places the stars run away to when they go over the edge.

(On camera): Friday night is on. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: Welcome to the weekend. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

And tonight, we`ve not only got the Paris Hilton video that is so funny, you will be laughing your head off. We`ve also got the guys that created it. That`s coming up.

HAMMER: But first tonight, I guess it`s true, don`t hassle the Hoff. In a decision so startling, there were audible gasps in the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom. A judge today gave David Hasselhoff custody of his two children, including one of his kids who shot this now-infamous video of Hasselhoff, obtained by "Extra," drunk out of his mind -- a video that led to him losing visitation rights to the children.

ANDERSON: That`s right. And today`s decision follows an incredibly ugly fight with his ex-wife that some have called the nastiest divorce battle in Hollywood.


DAVID HASSELHOFF, ACTOR: Today the judge ordered sole, physical custody to me and primary physical custody to me, until further notice.

ANDERSON (voice over): David Hasselhoff `s custody battle with his ex-wife, Pamela Bach, goes down as one of the most bitter custody battles in Hollywood history, and that`s saying something. The fight for the couple`s two teen daughters, Hailey and Taylor, came complete with allegations and denials of drug use, allegations and denials of spousal abuse.

DEBRA OPRI, PAMELA BACH`S ATTORNEY: Are there allegations of abuse in terms of alcoholism? And the daughters seeing it? Yes, there are.

ANDERSON: And, of course, one hard-to-forget home video obtained by "extra" of a drunken Hasselhoff being chided by his older daughter.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Tell me you`re going to stop.

HASSELHOFF: I`m going to stop.

ANDERSON: Now SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you David Hasselhoff says he won primary physical custody and sole legal custody of his daughters.

HASSELHOFF: The judge said enough. Enough is enough. These children have been through enough.

ANDERSON: A stunning loss for Bach, who recently hired high-powered attorney Debra Opri to fight the custody battle against Hasselhoff. Opri recently came to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT to throw down the gauntlet.

OPRI: Mr. Hasselhoff better duck, because he`s not going to get away with those antics anymore.

ANDERSON: Hasselhoff and Bach were married in 1989. He filed for divorce last year, and she filed a day later. They both cited irreconcilable differences. That was about the last thing they agreed on. She accused him of abuse, a charge he denied. Check out his harsh response on CNN`s AMERICAN MORNING.

SOLEDAD O`BRIEN, CNN ANCHOR, AMERICAN MORNING: Your wife claims, Pamela Bach, you physically abused her.

HASSELHOFF: Oh, you know --

O`BRIEN: She says you broke her nose.

HASSELHOFF: The only person who broke my wife`s nose was a plastic surgeon, darling.

ANDERSON: And as the two fought for custody of their daughters, accusations of substance abuse flew back and forth, reaching a fever pitch with the shocking Hasselhoff video.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why do you like doing this to yourself?

HASSELHOFF: Because I lonely and I have trouble in my life.

ANDERSON: The tape caused Hasselhoff to temporarily lose his visitation rights and it was believed would give his ex-wife ammunition in the custody battle.

PAMELA BACH: The disease of alcoholism is cunning, it is a baffling disease.

ANDERSON: And yet, despite the tape, it`s Hasselhoff who says he`s emerged victorious.

HASSELHOFF: The way that this press has come into our private life has been pretty devastating to our family.

ANDERSON: But as is all too often the case in these Hollywood splits, resolution comes only after the reputations of a one-time husband and wife were publicly dragged through the mud.


HAMMER: The big question tonight, did anyone see this coming? Joining me tonight, in New York, celebrity divorce attorney Raoul Felder and Susan Moss, attorney with the firm Chemtob, Moss, Forman & Talbert.

Raoul, Susan, I got say, ever since that video of David Hasselhoff drunk out of his mind exposed by "Extra", a lot of people were saying they thought it was almost a given that he would lose custody of his kids.

Susan, are you surprised by this?

RAOUL FELDER, DIVORCE ATTORNEY: A.J., if I represented his wife I would say this is a gift from God. This is just a shoo-in and this is inexplicable.

The only thing I can suspect that happened is that the kids said they wanted to live with him and not her. Because they`re kind of older than the usual kids you see in custody cases. Other than that, totally inexplicable and poor Debra Opri had a bad two weeks, I`m referring to the lawsuit against her, in the Anna Nicole Smith`s case.

HAMMER: Susan, Raoul calls this a gift from God. Were you surprised by the decision today?

SUSAN MOSS, CHEMTOB, MOSS, FORMAN, TALBERT: You know, hamburgers for everybody. This isn`t a surprise at all. After the judge ordered that there be no visitation for dad, because of the release of the tape, it was the beginning of the end for mom. And that`s because these girls love their dad.

They want to see their dad. And I can only imagine when they were ordered not to have any contact with him, they took it out on mom. Thinking that mom was trying to alienate them from dad. And that probably prompted both girls to want to have custody with dad. And that pushed the decision of the judge that we saw today.

HAMMER: Certainly that is that led to a clearly ecstatic David Hasselhoff emerging from the courtroom today. Let`s take a look one more time at what he said when he came out of court.


HASSELHOFF: For me, my life is really about being a dad, and going to work. And going to the beach and enjoying my life. And the way that this press has kind of come into our private life has been pretty devastating to our family. So in the future, I`m hoping it can be over today, because the judge said today, enough. Enough is enough. These children have been through enough. And he said I`m going to make a ruling today. And it is over.


HAMMER: Well, we don`t know exactly what led to this decision, Susan. You raised a couple of theories. We do know that it is very rare for a mother to lose legal and physical custody.

Raoul, what are some of the factors that come into play in these kinds of decisions. Why do you think this happened?

FELDER: Well, the law says most parties come to court equal. There is no prima facie right. But the truth is that the ghost of every judge`s mother walks the courthouse corridors. Mothers really don`t lose custody, except for drugs, drinking, abuse, really terrible things.

Or these kinds of cases where you have two kids who are articulate say I don`t want to live with mom. This is what I suspect happened. But, A.J., it is not what David says, it`s the end of the ballgame. There are appellate courts that may step in here.

HAMMER: What do you think the reality is, Raoul, that this will go into the appellate courts? I guess they will appeal. What do you think the reality is based on the startling outcome of today`s ruling that this could actually be reversed?

FELDER: Custody cases usually not reversed because they rely on the judge or the testimony. But every once in a while you get a crazy decision, we had one in New York, the Marx (ph) case, it was totally reversed by the appellate courts. The appellate courts are going to see that record that none of us have been privy to.

HAMMER: Susan, let me ask you about how much the age of the kids play into all this, because we`re talking about a 14 and a 16-year-old here. I have to imagine it plays differently than when the kids are much younger, and maybe cannot articulate exactly that their feelings are.

MOSS: You`re exactly right. Judge is going to listen to their point of view. There were many allegations in this case that mom was abusive to these girls. And in the game of rock, paper, scissor, melancholy drunk beats allegedly abusive mom. So you`re absolutely right. These kids` point of view is absolutely -- was listened to, and will be listened to in the future.

HAMMER: Raoul, you think that had a lot to do with why things ended up the way they did today?

FELDER: Only sensible people can only think of this as a reason. Because given what has transpired here and given that really devastating videotape, there really could be no other sensible reason, except you have kids this age, a judge says, listen, my own kids, this age, don`t listen to me, why are they going to listen to me if I tell them who to live with and so forth? That`s probably that happened here.

HAMMER: I want to read to you guys what Pamela`s attorney, Debra Opri, told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT after this news broke. She said, quote, "Mr. Hasselhoff `s continual spin is something I cannot comment on. I will state that Pamela is taking one day at a time in raising her daughters and requests her privacy at this time."

Susan, we heard that Raoul is all but certain this is going to go into the appellate system, and we`ll see where it plays out from there. Do you think that Pamela has any realistic shot at getting her kids back anytime soon?

MOSS: Absolutely not. And we haven`t seen Hoff this happy since the first time you saw the "Baywatch" wardrobe. The appellate court is not going to overturn this decision. These children are only getting older. And that means their point of view is only going to hold stronger and more weight in this case. This case may be the divorce lawyer full employment act, but it is not going to change the outcome. Hoff wins.

HAMMER: And we saw that Hoff was extraordinarily happy walking out of that courtroom. And like you said, Susan, hamburgers for everybody -- whatever that means. Susan Moss and Raoul Felder, thanks so much for letting us know what you think about all of this tonight.

MOSS: Thank you.

HAMMER: Well, Brooke, today I sat down with the opportunity, the lovely opportunity to sit down with the oh-so-lovely and talented Angelina Jolie. She had a lot of great stuff to say. She had terrific advice for the bad girls of young Hollywood. She certainly has been in some tough places in her time. My revealing interview with Angelina is coming up at 31 minutes past the hour.

ANDERSON: Speaking of bad girls, who`s the baddest of them all? Between Paris, Lindsay, Nicole and Britney, there are so many bad role models in Hollywood. But who is the worst? Talk about a tough call. We`ll also have this.


FEMALE SINGER: I don`t mind being confined to L.A.`s prison --


HAMMER: I just love that. We showed you this hilarious parody video of Paris in jail. Tonight, the guys who made the video, right here. And they`re joining us, still ahead in the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Look at her go.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most-provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

Brace yourselves, because believe it or not, the train wrecks of Hollywood -- namely Britney, Lindsay, Paris and Nicole -- are role models. Yes, young girls across the country are watching the panty less partying, the DUI arrests and the multiple rehabs as something to aspire to. Scary thought, isn`t it?

But don`t despair, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is breaking down the stats and asking the tough question, which of them is the worst role model? With me tonight from Hollywood is Daphne Brogdon, host of "TV Guide`s" "The Fashion Team"; in New York, Steve Santagati, author of this book, "The Manual."

Good to see you both.



ANDERSON: All right. We know this is going to be tough because all of these ladies are in, my opinion, pretty terrible role models. But here we go no particular order. Britney Spears , 25 years old. Let`s look at her stats.

She`s gone pantiless partying, shaved her head during a very public breakdown, filed for divorce from Kevin Federline, went to rehab in January.

Daphne, why would young girls even consider her a role model? And they do.

BRODGON: You can say on the plus side for Britney, she worked hard as a young`en. She worked to build up her career, made a lot of money, pretty girl, that kind of thing. Obviously, the role model there really should stop. For anybody else in America who got married, didn`t go to college, got married young, had two kids and married a ne`er-do-well, this would be a recipe for food stamps. So she really is not somebody to copy. Most of us don`t have $30 million or whatever she has.

ANDERSON: Right. But to be nice, like you say, the girl does have determination. We have to hand that to her.

Steve, over to you now. And to 20-year-old Lindsay Lohan`s stellar stats.

She checked into rehab back in January, she partied after rehab. Was famously late it to work, or didn`t show up, while filming "Georgia Rule" and now she`s back in rehab again. Steve, I would say Britney has some stiff competition here.

SANTAGATI: She does because worst thing Lindsay did is show up late for work. That is just unacceptable. Some of the bad things they do aren`t that -- I know a lot about being bad, some is not that bad.

ANDERSON: Take a look at your t-shirt, Steve. I`m checking you out right now. Bad boys, huh?


They all stepped over the line into stupid. But Lindsay, you know, she`s drinking and partying and she`s setting an example to these younger girls. Basically all these women are like those Bratz dolls, if they came alive. And it is just not going to be setting an example, these younger women thinking, you know what, it`s OK, I can do these things -- and I`ll just go to rehab. No, it doesn`t end that way.

ANDERSON: No, it doesn`t. Daphne, what do you think about Lindsay?

BRODGON: Well, actually I kind of think she`s -- frankly, is somebody had been following me around with a camera when I was 20, it would be pretty embarrassing and I wouldn`t look as good as her.


So I think she still -- I`m still hoping Lindsay can pull it out.

ANDERSON: Yeah. A lot of people think she`s got a great deal of talent. But she`s just not living up to her potential yet.

I want to talk Nicole Richie now. She obviously, as we all can see, has lost a dramatic amount of weight, triggering rumors of eating disorders. She was arrested for heroin possession in 2003, arrested and charged with DUI, last year, 2006, and admitted to using drugs.

Daphne, not exactly great credits to be a role model, huh?

BROGDON: No. In fact, that`s one of the most important things that young girls should really be careful of is this eating disorder thing. That`s pretty serious, let alone the backwards driving. I would definitely vote Nicole Richie not in the role model category.

I think the only reason she is a role model is probably because she looks pretty and girls of a certain age, that`s what they`re looking to model, a certain style. But behavior is not good at all.

ANDERSON: Steve, jump in. What do you want to say?

SANTAGATI: It is a clothing and a lifestyle, because all these girls want to go shopping like this, and have these nice cars, and do silly things like what they saw on "The Simple Life".

But I`ll agree with you, because I think the worst thing she did is the eating disorder. The drugs are bad. The drinking -- for me, it is the drinking and driving. That`s just stupid. And that`s irresponsible. You kill someone, maim someone, do something like that. I`m being serious for a moment here.


SANTAGATI: I know. It is rare. It is a rare opportunity here. But I think you`re right. The thing is like, they can`t be doing this stuff. Those things can kill women. Women suffer from eating disorders every single day. And they die. I just -- I personally know someone that just died of a heart attack from a eating disorder.

The thing is women aspire to be like these girls because of their notoriety, because of the guys they get and the flashy lifestyle and the jewelry and all the material possessions. But what goes along with it, some people believe this and try to live the lifestyle.


SANTAGATI: It is not a good idea.

ANDERSON: And are truly happy on inside, too? You have to ask yourself that question.

Finally, the wild child of the moment, I have to move onto Paris Hilton. You know, take a look at her credits -- or discredits. Sex tapes sadly put her on the map in 2003. She was arrested for DUI in 2006. She proceeded to violate her probation for that arrest. And now she`s in jail. Could she be Hollywood`s worst role model ever?


BROGDON: You know what, Paris is doing her time now. When she went back kicking and screaming to jail, now I`m going to give her the benefit of the doubt. She might do a Martha and come out and shrug the orange suit off her and go back to doing a television show, or whatever. I`ll give her some credit.

SANTAGATI: No, Martha went in with class. Martha went to jail. She made jokes about her ankle bracelet. When Britney -- I mean, I`m sorry, when Paris, sorry, when Paris started making -- getting mad at Sarah Silverman for teasing her, that`s when we knew, hey, this chick doesn`t get it. You`re on the front lines now, you did something really stupid, something wrong, take the heat.

ANDERSON: So very quickly, guys -- Steve, you first, who is the worst role model of them all?

SANTAGATI: My choice of queen of bad role models is Britney Spears. She did it. Give her the sash.

ANDERSON: Drum roll.

Daphne, and you?

BROGDON: I got to agree, because not only is she being ridiculous, she`s being ridiculous with two young children.

SANTAGATI: That`s right. Da-ta-ta-da!

ANDERSON: Good point.

We`ll leave it there. Steve Santagati, Daphne Brogdon, thanks to you both.

HAMMER: And now we`d like to hear from you. For our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day: Young Hollywood, is Paris Hilton the worst role model of them all? Let us know what you think. Vote at Or e-mail us at

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Brooke, today I sat down with a great role model, the lovely Angelina Jolie who certainly has a lot to say, including some advice for those bad girls of young Hollywood. My revealing interview with Angelina coming up at 31 past the hour.

ANDERSON: Looking forward to that, A.J.

Also, inside the rehab of the rich and famous. It is where the stars go to dry out and clean up. But what really goes on there? My exclusive look behind closed doors straight ahead. We`ll also have this:


FEMALE SINGER: I don`t mind being confined to LA.`s state prison


HAMMER: We love this hilarious parody of Paris in jail. What a great video. Tonight, the guys who made it and made it so damn funny. They`re right here and they`ll be joining us in just a few, in the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. We`re coming right back for a Friday.


ANDERSON: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT this weekend, amazing celebrity disappearing acts. Some stars seem to be able to lose a lot of weight really quickly. But how in the world do they do it? Is it safe? Also does it send a bad message to the rest of us? That`s coming up tomorrow and Sunday on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT this weekend.

HAMMER: Princess Diana`s sons say they still think about their mother every single day and still don`t have the words to describe exactly how amazing she was.

Diana died in a car crash in Paris in August of 1997. On July 1st, which would have been her 46th birthday, Prince William and Prince Harry will honor their mother`s life with a concert at Wembley Stadium. Performers said to include Elton John, Duran Duran, Rod Stewart and Fergie. And in an interview with the BBC, Prince William said he wants it to be an event where everyone can remember his mother`s legacy.


PRINCE WILLIAM, UNITED KINGDOM: Hopefully it will be, you know, be one of those things that she would, you know, absolutely adore, because the whole point is this is for her. It is not for any other reason. We want this year to go by and people to go, yes, I remember all those good things as to what she did.

Because after 10 years, there has been sort of a rumbling -- of sort of people bringing up the bad and every time people seem to forget, or have forgotten, just about all the amazing things she did and what an amazing person she was. And we sort of felt this was the best way of bringing that back to life.


HAMMER: The concert should be an amazing event. Proceeds from it will got to the charities that Diana supported over the years.

ANDERSON: All right, so A.J., you got to talk to Angelina Jolie today.

HAMMER: Yes, that`s why I`m smiling. A very revealing chat, but I was particularly interested in advice she had for young Hollywood bad girls, having been through what she`s been through. My interview with Angelina Jolie is coming up next.

Also, we showed you this parody video of Paris in jail. Tonight, the guys who made it, they`re right here, still ahead in the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

We`ll also have this:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The new trend for young Hollywood seems to be going to rehab facilities that are more like spas.


ANDERSON: Inside the rehab of the rich and famous. You know it where the stars go to dry out and clean up. But what really goes on there? My exclusive look behind closed doors still ahead. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT for a Friday night coming right back.



HAMMER: Tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT your very first look at Paris Hilton behind bars.


FEMALE SINGING: Robert Blake and OJ Simpson, they both got off Scott free. I drive without a license they throw the book right at me. It sucks to the highest degree.


HAMMER: All right. It is not really Paris, she`s not really in prison. But it is a catchy tune, isn`t it? Remember Paris` little attempt at being a singer? The song was called "Stars Are Blind." Well, that song did not totally fall on deaf ears. Tonight, the creators of an absolutely hysterical spoof of that song. It`s called "Paris In Jail." They`re right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT as we motor into the weekend. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood . You`re watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

HAMMER: Well, today I had the opportunity to sit down with Angelina Jolie. I almost didn`t get out of my chair. We chatted about all kinds of stuff -- her new movie, "A Mighty Heart," which is amazing. She is amazing in it as she plays the wife of Daniel Pearl. Of course, he was "The Wall Street Journal" reporter murdered by radical Islamic terrorists.

She also had some really good and unique advice for Paris, Britney, Lindsay and all those out-of-control young Hollywood women. Listen to this.


ANGELINA JOLIE, ACTRESS: Get a backpack on and get out of town.

HAMMER: Go to India.

JOLIE: Go somewhere -- go somewhere where you can have some privacy and rediscover who you are, and find your favorite books, and meet some people and just be a regular person. And learn how to reconnect to who you are. And then maybe come back, if you want to. But that time is very important.


HAMMER: I think Angelina hatched a perfect plan for those young women.

Much more of my revealing interview with Angelina Jolie this Monday on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, including why this was one of her most personal and most emotional roles ever.

ANDERSON: Well, Paris Hilton kind of took Angelina`s advice. Let`s see -- she packed a bag, she does have books, and yup, she`s definitely doing something different. Not sure Angelina had jail in mind, though. Anyway, tonight I can also tell you that Paris` time behind bars is really taking a toll on her family, which I guess is no shock. is reporting that Paris` sister Nicky was, quote, Nicky "left in hysterics" when she visited this week. Their mom Kathy was apparently a mess, too. But check out what Nicky also said: "What`s annoying is all these people are going on television saying that she was drinking and driving. She`s not in jail for DUI. That`s a big misconception, she`s in jail for driving on a suspended license."

Yeah, Nicky, sweetie, the reason why your big sis` license was suspended in the first place is because of the drinking and driving charge.

HAMMER: While drinking and driving is obviously nothing to laugh at, we do have something tonight that will make you laugh loud and hard -- what may be the funniest Paris Hilton video ever. It is called "Paris In Jail." Joining us tonight from Hollywood, the guys who created it, Allan Murray and Sean Haines; they made this music video set to Paris Hilton`s song "Stars Are Blind."

Guys, nice to see you. Hang out there. We`ll get to you in a moment. First, Ellie Lazar (ph), roll the video.


FEMALE SINGER: I don`t mind being confined to L.A.`s state prison because I would drive with DUIs. I caused a collision. They tell me now that my appeal has been denied, and that the sentence is now bona fide.

How about a chill that won`t insult my civic pride, like somewhere on the Upper West Side with a water slide? Oh, no even though they say I`m shady I`m really so refined. I need a cleaning lady. I can`t do time.


I wish we could have taken the shot of my cameraman Duffy dancing. We love that video here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


Let`s bring in Allan Murray and Sean Haines. It`s good to see you guys. And just before coming on to do the show tonight, I checked YouTube. And on YouTube, alone, the hits for this video nearing the 5 million mark. This thing has only been up since June 6th.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, 1 million were for me.

HAMMER: That will get your numbers up. But, Allan, maybe you give us some insight as to why it is so popular this thing you created. Is it that people love to hate Paris Hilton?

ALLAN MURRAY, CREATED PARODY VIDEO: They love to hate her. And then a lot of people just love her. But what we`re finding is that whether you love her, or hate her, everyone is liking this video. So that`s a good thing.

But I think from a comedy perspective, when deflating the rich has been around forever, it`s an old comedy formula. Charlie Chaplin did it, the Marx Brothers did it. Seeing the rich get theirs and taking a fall, people love it. You can`t knock the low, they`re already low. But the high and mighty get into a situation like jail or something, it is just fascinating.

HAMMER: We get plenty of bang for our buck. Not only do you deflate Paris Hilton but Britney Spears, Nicole Richie are in here as well.

Ellie, let`s see more of this. I can`t resist.


FEMALE SINGER: Now I must make my jail escape. I miss by Chihuahua. My friend Nicole drove down the freeway the wrong way, she`ll probably get parole and float away, because she weighs zero. Even though I got the glamour, even though my clothes are fab they throw me in the slammer, Britney gets rehab.


HAMMER: You guys got to tell me, Sean, explain to me exactly who this Paris look-alike, sound-alike is, where did you find her? What planet did she come from?

SEAN HAINES, CREATED PARODY VIDEO: Well, A.J., the actress is Amber Hay, wonderful actress/model. She`s been on her own since she was 15 years old. And she`s amazing, really a funny girl. The singer is actually Elizabeth Insa, who is an amazing Paris sound-alike, an amazing vocalist. And we just have a really great ensemble that came together to make this piece fun.

HAMMER: Does this actress have any, I don`t know, personal relationship with Paris because she just had it down it is pretty unbelievable.

MURRAY: Right. She didn`t have it down at first, though.

HAINES: That`s true.

HAMMER: Tell me, how do you direct somebody to be like Paris? What exactly do you tell her or was it -- I don`t know, was it sort of a no- brainer?

MURRAY: Not really. Amber has a lot of energy. Her eyes are always open. She has a lot of energy and she`s excited. So we were directing this like a silent movie. Like Max Senate. I said dumb it down, be baggie eyed. Paris throws everything away. Paris doesn`t doesn`t care. She`s nonchalant, she`s always like this. Amber is like that. I kept saying, bring your eyes down, you don`t care, it is Paris, throw it way.

HAINES: Also, A.J., we told her to, you know, act like you just smoke a funny cigarette.

MURRAY: She got it.

HAINES: She got it.

MURRAY: It worked for her.

HAMMER: Yeah, I think there was something to that direction. Very good, guys. Sean, let me ask you this, besides Paris, we mentioned that Lindsay, Britney and Nicole also get lampooned in here. Which of them do you think is the easiest to make fun of or is it all just too easy?

HAINES: It is kind of hard to choose between those wonderful role models. But we love to give them all their own parody and maybe get around to it. But we get a lot of messages on the YouTube site. People type in do Britney next or do Akin or Lindsay.

But if you notice in our video, we have Paris driving her scooter down the street and the Lindsay Lohan driving school goes by. So maybe we have covered Lindsay already.

MURRAY: Everybody gets theirs.

HAINES: We have a great project in the works. We can`t talk with it too much now. But --

HAMMER: Well, I`ll tell you my favorite moment when she got the book thrown at her. I thought that was a clever moment of video genius.

Can we take one more look, Ellie? I`m sorry. It is Friday night. What the heck? Roll it.


FEMALE SINGER: I don`t mind being confined to L.A.`s state prison, I would drive with DUIs.


HAMMER: Ah, it just makes me want to cuddle up with somebody in a jail cell.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: With a Chihuahua.

HAMMER: Yeah. Exactly.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Little Chihuahua by your side.

HAMMER: I`m sure you`re getting plenty of reaction from the fans. What is the one thing that people are zeroing in on most in terms of how they are feeling about Paris Hilton right now?

MURRAY: They love it. They think it is great. The good thing is, we looked and saw other Paris parodies that were really, really mean. I think ours is kind of flattering to her. It`s like a Valentine. It is funny. She would like it. Amber knows her. And she said I know Paris. And she thought this was funny. We said, you`re hired!

HAMMER: Perfect. Perfect Paris knowledge. You can`t go wrong with a flying Chihuahua. Allan Murray, Sean Haines, again, we salute you. The creators of "Paris In Jail" music video.

HAINES: Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: My pleasure. You can watch the video on YouTube right now or their own website, which you should check out,

ANDERSON: So, what do you think? Britney, Lindsay, Nicole, Paris, it is our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Young Hollywood: Is Paris Hilton the worst role model of them all? Keep voting at Write to us, We`ll read some of your e-mails on Monday.

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HAMMER: Well, instead of Lindsay Lohan heading to a post-rehab birthday bash, she may actually be heading to court. I`ve got the shocking details. This is a new lawsuit against her, and tonight, there are more accusations of her driving drunk. Unbelievable. That`s next. Also this:


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The new trend for young Hollywood seems to be going to rehab facilities that are more like spas.


ANDERSON: Well, stars like Lindsay, like Britney, have the cash to go rehab -- rehab that looks like a five-star hotel. But what really goes on there? Tonight, I`ve got a very special look inside rehab for the rich and famous. That`s next.

And I know, sometimes it seems that all of Hollywood is breaking up, but yes, I can tell you, there are some couples that really do make it work. Coming up, I`ve got the secrets to star marriage success stories.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, for Friday night. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Well, tonight, more trouble for Lindsay Lohan. Yes, even as she sits in rehab. You remember, she checked in after crashing her car and got arrested for DUI last month. She`s being sued over a 2005 car crash. The guy suing her claims when Lindsay rammed into his van in Beverly Hills, she was drunk. And now he`s asking for more than $200,000 in damages.

And he`s also going after the restaurant Lindsay was hanging out before the crash, saying it served her booze, even though she was underage, just 19 at the time. Now Lohan`s rep tells us, and I`m not making this up, quote, "She was sober. This guy is nuts and reaching for the stars."

ANDERSON: Well, this time around, Lindsay Lohan is at the Promises rehab center in the sunny beach town of Malibu, California. Last time, it was Wonderland in L.A. And well, by the looks of these facilities, they could pass for luxury spa vacations! Get this -- the price tag for a $30- day stay can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Tonight, I`m taking you along for an inside look at rehab of the rich and famous.


ANNOUNCER: Welcome to "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous."

ANDERSON (voice over): You`ve heard of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," but lately, you`ve been hearing more about "Rehab of the Rich and Famous."

BRADLEY JACOBS, SR. EDITOR, "US" WEEKLY MAGAZINE: The new trend in young Hollywood seems to be going into rehab facilities that are more like spas.

ANDERSON: That`s right. Gone are the days of tough love. But when you`re rich and famous, rehab doesn`t sound all that bad.

JACOBS: It`s not like the old classic rehab days.

ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, when it comes to rehab, stars like Lindsay Lohan and Mike Tyson drop $40,000 a month -- $40,000 -- at treatment facilities like L.A.`s Wonderland Center, for amenities like - -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yoga. And you can go horseback riding in Runyon Canyon. And there are gourmet meals served, you can have Ahi (ph) tuna and lobster.

TARA FIELDS, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: You know there is nothing wrong whether you`re a star, or you`re a noncelebrity, when you go into treatment to have body work, you should have nutritionist, you should exercise, doing yoga, meditating.

ANDERSON: Mel Gibson meditated at Passages Malibu treatment center for close to $60,000 a month after his DUI arrest and anti-Semitic rant.

JACOBS: Passages, which is located in Malibu, offers a gym with personal trainers, a juice bar, and you can even get filet mignon cooked by a former chef at Spago.

ANDERSON: It has SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asking the tough question -- is all this high-end rehab nothing more than living it up instead of living a better life?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The focus has to be on getting better, not "ooh, who`s here? Is it Mel Gibson?"

ANDERSON: He wasn`t at Beau Monde, where Nicole Richie chose to get away from her not-so-simple life. She did it by taking a page from Courtney Love and checking in there for treatment, which left a hole in their wallets at the cost of $80,000 a month.

JACOBS: Beau Monde, where Nicole Richie and Courtney Love went, is fairly swank. They have no more than five people at a time there. You can get anti-aging treatments. There`s a concierge service. People in treatment there even go whale watching.

ANDERSON: Shamu, really? Is all this gratification necessary, or is it simply about making celebrities comfortable?

FIELDS: Being comfortable does not mean that you have your cell phone and you`re doing interviews, or you`re going out to a kickboxing class in Malibu.

ANDERSON: Not all rehab treatment facilities give celebrities the spa treatment.

JACOBS: The Betty Ford Center, where Keith Urban went, is one of the holdouts of the old treatment style.

ANDERSON: Not just Keith Urban, but stars like Drew Barrymore as well.

JACOBS: There is no cell phones allowed, everybody has a bunk mate, and the food is served cafeteria style.

ANDERSON: So what works best, pampering or tough love?


ANDERSON: We`re guessing that`s what promises alumnus Britney Spears was thinking when she checked into the $48,000-a-month treatment center.

JACOBS: Now that place boasts 500-thread count sheets, a beautician, tennis, massages, and even meals prepared by what they call "recovering nutritionists."

ANDERSON: With such big stars going into rehab, we also question whether the rich and famous are really getting help, or simply hiding from media scrutiny and the paparazzi.

JACOBS: In some ways I do think it is a way to hide out for the young celebrities. They`re tired, they`re exhausted, they have been partying too much. So they just go into a rehab center where they`re treated like kings and queens, and every need of theirs is catered to. It is really like checking into the Four Seasons.

ANDERSON: It may be posh, but it serves a purpose. It gets a star much need help.

FIELDS: When I really am close to getting the addict or alcoholic to say yes, I start telling them about you`ll have private piloties, you`ll have a nutritionist, there will be yoga, you`ll be in your own condo. I start thinking can I go there, too?


ANDERSON: Lindsay Lohan is expected to get out of rehab within the next couple of weeks. We also want to let you know that in previous reporting on the Betty Ford clinic, we said that patients at Betty Ford have to clean toilets. That information was not accurate, and we do regret the error.

HAMMER: Yesterday, we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Here`s what we were asking, Lindsay Lohan turns 21 soon. Should she cancel a Las Vegas birthday bash?

Not many people think it is a good idea to throw the party; 84 percent of you say yes, she should cancel it. And 16 percent of you said no, why not? Have the party. E-mails: Samantha from New Mexico, writing, "Lindsay Lohan has partied enough. She`s in rehab and she needs to stay there for a while."

Also got an e-mail from Christie, in Hawaii, she says, party on, Lindsay. "I think that Lindsay`s birthday bash in Vegas should take place. How many times do you turn 21?" They just shouldn`t serve alcohol.

ANDERSON: OK, so Hollywood hookups, Hollywood breaks-up. It is something we have all wondered. Did celebrities have relationships that last?


SANDRA BULLOCK, ACTRESS: Once you try to make it look like something that it is not, you try to be the perfect couple, no one is a perfect couple.


ANDERSON: Oh, yeah? Well, it turns out star relationships don`t always have to be star-crossed. Up next, I`ve got the secrets to how successful Hollywood couples make it work. Stay with us.


ANDERSON: Now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continuing coverage of couples who are making their relationships work, in Hollywood and beyond. It seems like we are always telling you about big star breakups. So here`s what we wanted to know -- there`s got to be another side, right? What about all the success stories? Well, I found out it`s not all divorce court out there.


ANDERSON (voice over): The year was 1988, and there must have been something in the air for lasting love in Hollywood. It`s when Kevin Bacon married Kyra Sedgwick, Michael J. Fox wed actress Tracy Pollan, and Tom Hanks tied the knot with Rita Wilson. And after 18 years, all of them are still going strong. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, it ain`t easy staying married in Hollywood.

JULIE JORDAN, "PEOPLE" MAGAZINE: If these couples can manage to stay together, then that`s a feat in itself.

ANDERSON: And it is a feat accomplished by country music stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, who got married more than 10 years ago. They have three daughters and tell CNN`s Larry King their secret, strong southern values.

FAITH HILL, COUNTRY SINGER: The cards are stacked against us in that way. But that fear all went away when I got to know Tim, and his desire for a family, and a foundation like we grew -- that both of us grew up with.

ROB LOWE, ACTOR: Marriage is tough.

ANDERSON: Rob Lowe tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that you have to work at marriage. He married makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff 15 years ago, just after recovering from a very public sex tape scandal.

LOWE: And if I had an answer, I would bottle it and sell it, and I would retire.

ANDERSON: Sandra Bullock has her own ideas. She`s only been married about a year now to "Monster Garage" host Jesse James. She tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT her secret is doing what`s feels right.

SANDRA BULLOCK, ACTRESS: Once you try to make it something that it`s not, and you try to be the perfect couple -- no one`s the perfect couple. The world`s not perfect. It`s not going to work. I think people forget we`re supposed to enjoy this lifetime.

ANDERSON: The answer to long-lasting relationships is not always marriage. Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins have never married, but they`ve made it work for some 18 years. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have been together for 23 years. They never tied the knot either.

GOLDIE HAWN, ACTRESS: I like being his girlfriend. I like that notion. I think it is sexy. And I do think that it is a way of saying, you know what, I don`t own you.


ANDERSON: Sometimes leaving Hollywood helps keep relationships strong. Paul Newman is a great example of that. He and wife, Joanne Woodward, live in Westport, Connecticut, about 50 miles northeast of New York City. They`ve been married since 1958.

HAMMER: That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Have a totally festive weekend. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. "Glenn Beck" is next, right after the latest headlines from CNN "Headline news."


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