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Ohio Flooding; Powerball Jackpot Up to $300 Million; IPhone Expands Beyond AT&T; Celebrity Justice

Aired August 25, 2007 - 17:00   ET


GRIFFIN: Some had to jump from as high as 25 feet. All 11 survivors were injured, some seriously. The cause is under investigation. We're going to continue to try to reach survivors. It's in Surrey, British Columbia. We'll pass along their stories as soon as we get them.
The upper Midwest struggling to recover from a string of powerful storms devastating the region this entire week. In the Chicago area, 120,000 people still without electricity after being battered by a storm that packed these winds 70 miles per hour.

In southern Michigan, rain today. That just added more insult to injury for people. They're still trying to clean up from a ferocious storm on Friday.

A tornado touched down in the town of Fenton. It destroyed several homes and barns. And homes under water in north and central Ohio. Weekend rain could keep waters above flood stage until tomorrow. That's discouraging news for hundreds of evacuated residents. They were hoping to get back to their homes today.

A similar scene in parts of Illinois. Water damaged homes everywhere you look.

Joining us now from the hard-hit town of Antioch CNN's Jim Acosta.

Jim, you've been up to your knees in water just about all day there along the fox river.


We're standing right in the middle of the Fox River, the swollen fox river as it stands now. Just to paint a picture of how things have been going out here today, I mean, this neighborhood that we're standing in the middle of, you normally should be able to walk on what I'm walking on right now, which is the front lawn of somebody's house to the docks here on the river.

I'm going walk very carefully onto these docks here, taking folks to their boats that are parked right on this river. It's terrific here in the summertime. Not so terrific this weekend.

They've been dealing with five days of rains and floodwaters moving down from southern Wisconsin. And what the big worry was, was that in the last 24 hours that this area was going to get hit with another inch or so of rain. That did not materialize.

From what we're hearing from emergency management officials, the river, the Fox River that we're standing in now, crested sometime around 3:00 in the morning. And those two elements together are combining for some good news out here, and it couldn't have come soon enough.

When you look across the river at these mobile homes that are perched so precariously on the side of the Fox River on the other side from where we're standing, those mobile homes, some of them, the backs of those homes are in the water. And if this river had risen any further, those mobile homes would have become houseboats and would have floated down river.

So, some good news for those folks. We'll have to wait and see how things materialize. But it looks like at this point the water is starting to recede here.

We've been checking in from time to time with this neighbor right here. This is Jan Todd, and she's been living here for about 20 years. She says she's never seen floodwaters this serious here in Antioch, Illinois.

But she earlier in the day was telling us that she was considering raising the white flag, because she was concerned that this water was about to start entering her house. She had held it off all this time.

As it stands now, she does not have the white flag out at this point, just the stars and stripes - Drew.

GRIFFIN: All right, Jim. It looked like she's making the white flag on the porch there. Thanks a lot for that.

You know, the weather pattern there just seems to be continuing, Jacqui Jeras, one after another. Those storm patterns come up through Oklahoma and then swing over to the upper Midwest. Is there any change happening?

JACQUI JERAS, CNN METEOROLOGIST, CNN WEATHER CENTER: Well, the frontal system that was stalled out there that caused all the flooding has now picked up some forward speed, and it's responsible for the severe storms that we saw in Michigan and some severe weather right now in Ohio and into the northeastern corridor.

The jet stream is very active in the northern tier of the country, and storm systems tend to follow within the jet stream. But we're seeing a little bit of a change in the pattern here. There is a new storm that's coming on in. That's going to be bringing potentially some more rain across the flooded rivers in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin Monday night and into Tuesday.

That said, we're expecting minimal rain amounts across much of the Ohio river valley, but it takes a long time for these rivers to get back within their banks, so the flood warnings are extensive across the region. It could take as much as a week before they're back in their banks.

A tornado warning still in effect at this hour for Franklin and Madison counties. This includes the city of Columbus. Doppler radar indicating strong rotation right now. You need to seek shelter right now.


GRIFFIN: Thanks a lot, Jacqui. We'll be back with you later on.

Choking smoke, flames in Greece. These ferocious fires, they have Greek officials pleading now for help. Blazes have killed dozens - killed dozens of people and destroyed entire villages there.

Now an arrest announced today in connection with one fire amid fears of an organized arson campaign. There are fears that some of the fires may have been deliberately set to spark turmoil ahead of next month's elections in Greece.

The deadliest fire blamed for dozens of deaths near the southern coastal village, Zaharo.

CNN's Emily Chang has the report.


EMILY CHANG, CNN CORRESPONDENT, LONDON (voice-over): Towering flames continue to march fiercely across Greece, fanned by strong winds in scorching summer heat.

Dozens of fires are burning in the suburbs of Athens, threatening to invade the nation's capital.

On the Peloponnese Peninsula, walls of fire have surrounded villages, some residents scrambling desperately for a way out.

On Greek TV, the prime minister declared a national state of emergency and suggested arson could be to blame.

Overnight the fires swept through this small village southeast of Athens.

This man says he can't find his wife and saw dead bodies along the road he couldn't recognize. This woman says she spent the whole night here alone.

It's believed many people burned to death in their cars trying to escape. So far, there are more than 40 dead, among them several children, three firefighters and two French tourists.

There are many more unaccounted for as police search the hillside for survivors, but instead stumble upon charred remains of those who didn't make it. For two straight days, residents have been calling into Greek TV stations begging for help, the fires moving so quickly Greek fire services are overstretched. This after more than 3,000 fires so far this summer - Greek's worst fire season in history.

Now, the country is relying on international support while new fires continue to erupt, leaving a desolate path behind.

Emily Chang, CNN, London.


GRIFFIN: Hackers all over the world were have trying since it was released. Now, one of them has broken the code - the iPhone hacked. We're going to talk to the young kid who did it.

KARA FINNSTROM, CNN CORRESPONDENT, CAVE CREEK, ARIZONA: I'm Kara Finnstrom in Arizona, where a rap artist is being investigated for possible cruelty to pit bulls. That story coming up - Drew.

GRIFFIN: Thanks, Kara.

Now, well, going gray and getting it on. Apparently, it's just too much for our own T.J. Holmes. Look, he just walks off the set. The whole story later on CNN NEWSROOM.

You're walking CNN, the most trusted name in news.


GRIFFIN: A Grammy-nominated recording artist has some explaining to do. This is the Arizona property belonging to rapper DMX.

Police acting on a tip moved in and found at least a dozen pit bulldogs. Reportedly, they were starving and dehydrated. They also found the bodies of several dead dogs and a variety of guns.

This is not good. It's still very early in the investigation. No charges filed, but it's close on the heels of another high profile animal treatment case.

CNN's Kara Finnstrom is in Cave Creek, Arizona today - Kara.

KARA FINNSTROM, CNN CORRESPONDENT, CAVE CREEK, ARIZONA: Well, the big question, obviously, in this community is: Was there dog betting taking place here at this home, which belongs to DMX.

And sheriff's deputies say at this point in their investigation, they cannot say that. It's very early on in their investigation. They say they will be out here throughout the coming week, continuing to collect evidence.

They also say, again, that at this point no charges filed against DMX, and they can't say what, if any, will be.

Here's what we do know. They went in on a search warrant on Friday. They found 12 dogs, which were a mixture of pit bull and English mastiff on this property. Those dogs dehydrated, they say poorly fed. They actually took those dogs into custody.

They also found the bodies of three other dogs buried on this property, and one of those bodies, they say, had been burned.

And they say they found weapons. They also found drugs and drug paraphernalia. Our crews spoke with some neighbors who say all of this comes as a surprise to them.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you know this guy who lived here?

STEPHEN PETITT, NEIGHBOR OF DMX: Yes, I did. Yes. I was aware of ...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) had been a problem before, a good neighbor?

PETITT: Yes, he's always been a good neighbor. I've never had a problem with him. I've seen him around, you know, riding around on (UNINTELLIGIBLE) quads (ph) and stuff. But everybody's been courteous to us and good people to us.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And so, no problem up until this?

PETITT: No. Yes, I've never had a problem, no.


FINNSTROM: And DMX has said through his attorney that he was not aware that his dogs were being maltreated, that someone else was supposed to be watching them.

We spoke with neighbors here who say that they haven't seen anyone coming or going from this home, which is obviously in a very remote area here, for several months - Drew.

GRIFFIN: Thanks, Kara.

You know, DMX and his dogs, and now Mike Vick and his dogs. Two case aren't directly related, but share a few common threads.

Vick's case much further along. In fact, he's expected in federal court Monday to answer conspiracy charges. And as far as his NFL career, that's not good news for Michael Vick, either - the quarterback suspended without pay indefinitely.

He admits running a dog-fighting ring, and worse, personally killing poor performing dogs.


GRIFFIN (voice-over): Michael Vick, who months ago was throwing for touchdowns as the star quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, now has thrown himself before the mercy of a federal court, admitting in court papers to dog fighting.

The one-count plea to be entered by Vick in Richmond, Virginia, Monday charges Vick with conspiracy - a charge that could bring as much as a five-year prison term.

Responding to a possible plea deal earlier this week, one of Vick's defense attorneys indicated the agile quarterback couldn't run from his past.

DANIEL MEACHUM, MICHAEL VICK'S ATTORNEY: He's accepting responsibility for those charges. He's trying to put the pieces of his life back together and ask that you pray for him and forgive him for any wrongdoings that he may have been involved in.

GRIFFIN: Three co-defendants have already pleaded guilty, and all three gave graphic details about how Michael Vick's Virginia property was the headquarters of Bad News Kennels, that dogs were raised there to fight, that Vick not only financed the operation, but took part in gambling, and that Michael Vick personally killed underperforming dogs by drowning and electrocution.

In his plea agreement, Vick's lawyers appear to be trying to minimize the damage, specifically saying, while Vick financed the operation - even put up money for purses - he did not bet on the dogs.

He did admit, however, to agreeing to the killing of six to eight dogs that did not perform well in so-called "testing sessions." The dogs were killed by various methods including hanging and drowning.

And, the summary states, "Vick agrees and stipulates that these dogs all died as a result of the collective efforts" of his co- defendants Purnell Peace, Quanis Phillips and himself, Vick.

Neither Vick nor the prosecution had anything to say about the plea deal beyond the court filings. Once the plea is entered in court Monday, a federal judge will decide whether to accept it and then set a sentencing date.

A source familiar with details of the case says prosecutors will ask the judge to send the star quarterback to prison for no less than 18 months.


DREW (on camera): CNN will be live in Richmond on Monday for that.

But next, who wants to be an instant millionaire, like 300 times over? Coming up a live report. The Powerball fever burning across parts of the country.

Also, here's something you don't see every day. Our own T.J. Holmes walks off the set on live TV. Frank talk about sex and seniors apparently too much for our T.J. to handle.

Plus, the owner of a Seattle coffee shop crossed the line. The new dress code there that's got his workers steamed.


GRIFFIN: Breaking weather news coming into the NEWSROOM. Let's go to Jacqui Jeras tracking it - Jacqui.

JERAS: Well, Drew, we have an update now on the tornado warning in Columbus. Storm spotters are confirming a tornado on the ground in the City of Columbus near Lane Avenue. This is a very dangerous situation. It's pushing off to the east and some other areas being affected by this. Riverlea, Gahanna and Reynoldsburg. So, a tornado is on the ground. Here's Columbus. Here's Gahanna. This is where the storm is heading, pushing off to the east.

This is right along the I-70 corridor.

Again, Lane Avenue, a tornado was on the ground just eight minutes ago and pushing east. Everybody needs to be taking cover. If we do get any reports of damage, Drew, we'll bring those along to you.

GRIFFIN: Thanks, Jacqui. We'll be back to you.

Accessing stories across America now. The Carnival Cruise Line terminal in Jacksonville, Florida - it was evacuated while the sheriff's department and a bomb squad investigated a suspicious bag there. Two security dogs keyed in on a passenger's bag earlier today on a ship about to leave for the Bahamas and the Florida keys.

As you can imagine, dozens of people jammed emergency lines after the Minneapolis bridge collapse on August 1st. Well, yesterday the city released several dozen recordings, including this one.


911 OPERATOR: Nine one one. Do you have an emergency? Or can you hold?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bring everything you've got. The whole bridge over the river fell down. There are cars all over the place.

911 OPERATOR: OK. Where, sir?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want to say 35W over the Mississippi, down by the U. (UNINTELLIGIBLE) There's hundreds of cars down in the river. Bring everything you've got.

911 OPERATOR: OK, sir. We're getting them started, OK?



GRIFFIN: Just one of hundreds of calls they got that day.

Now to New York - outrage over Yankees baseball caps, and it's not from Mets fans. Critics say, these caps promote gang activity. Community activists say the caps use blue, red and gold colors associated with the Crips, the Bloods and the Latin Kings. Manufacturers have now pulled those caps from store shelves.

And now, dress code demands that some women in Monroe, Washington, just couldn't stomach. Their coffee house wanted to beef up sales by brewing up a new wardrobe. Here with the racy details, Rob Piercy from CNN affiliate, KING.


AMY KLATT, BARISTA: I make coffee. I don't sell my body, you know.

ROB PIERCY, REPORTER, KING5 TV NEWS, MONROE, WASHINGTON (voice- over): Those were the words barista Amy Klatt shared with her new boss last week when he told employees of Lola Bean Espresso there were changes on the way.

HEATHER CYRUS, BARISTA: He said he was going with a franchise called Cowgirls, and that the attire would be different, and that if we weren't on board, then he would find other people.

PIERCY: This is a Cowgirl (UNINTELLIGIBLE). Like a lot of similar stands through the northwest, people come for the coffee and the dress code.

CYRUS: Military Monday, Cowgirl Tuesday, bikini, Wednesday, school girl Thursday and fantasy Friday.

PIERCY: The girls at Lola Bean talked about it, and one by one they went to their new boss and told him they quit.

KLATT: Because I think it's demeaning to women, and you shouldn't have to wear that kind of clothing to make a living.

CYRUS: I'm not going wear lingerie or negligees to work. That's not how I represent myself.

KLATT: I don't think he was expecting every one of us to quit.

PIERCY: By the end of next week, everyone will be gone. For Amy, the decision was at once easy and painful.

KLATT: I have a mortgage to pay, and I'm not sure how I'm going to pay it now.

PIERCY: Amy and the others are counting on their regular customers to follow them now to other coffee stands.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Coffee's coffee. I'll go where she goes.

PIERCY: A place she can make coffee and wear what she wants.


GRIFFIN: Let's get right back to Jacqui Jeras tracking that tornado in Ohio - Jacqui.

JERAS: That's right, a tornado on the ground in the city of Columbus. This was spotted by trained storm spotters near Lane Avenue. It's moving near Riverlea. Also Gahanna are in the path of this storm.

We also have another possible tornado. This warning just issued of Licking County, and the sheriff's department reporting a possible touchdown has occurred in Chatham.

This storm also moving off to the east in Saint Louisville. You are in the line of this storm. We've got a tower cam to show you out of downtown Columbus. It looks like a very ominous scene here. You can see raindrops on the camera and very dark conditions.

Just glancing over the skyline here, I don't see any rotation in those kind of clouds, but you need to be seeking shelter immediately. This tornado, if you know the area, is right along the I-70 corridor, and everywhere pretty much north of there can also be expecting to see damaging winds up to 70 miles per hour and some large hail - Drew.

GRIFFIN: OK. All right, Jacqui, thanks a lot.

As it happens, one of our political editors, Steve Brusk, is landing - or trying to land - into Columbus, Ohio. Steve, you're on the phone with us now?

STEVE BRUSK, CNN PRODUCER, COLUMBUS, OHIO (by phone): Hi, Drew. How are you doing?

We're inside the terminal at Port Columbus International Airport, which is on the east side of Columbus.

I was on a Delta flight, actually, just about to take off, headed back to Atlanta. We were watching the lightning out the right side of the plane, when the pilot came on and said that there was a tornado warning in the area, and that they were keeping a close eye on it.

A few seconds later, they hustled us off the plane into the terminal, where we're all inside right now. They're making announcements to stay away from the windows. They're trying to keep the passengers kind of in the center part of the terminal, which is covered by glass right now.

The storm is just moving over the airport right now, and it's a very intense thunderstorm. The rain is blowing horizontally outside the window right now.

At the beginning of it, a really ominous sight. There was a dust devil that kicked up from the wind over the runway. And somebody for a second thought it might have been a touch-down. We don't think so. We think it was just the wind kicking up the dust from a construction project.

But it's a very, very intense storm right now. It looks like we're in the heart of it here at the airport right now. I have flown quite a bit. I have never been brought off a plane as we were taxing out to the gate, because of something like this.

GRIFFIN: Steve, thanks. We'll get back to you if we can.

Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie both busted for serious crimes. But does their punishment fit?

Coming up, a Hollywood insider weighs in, in the latest debate over celebrity justice.

Also, sex and senior citizens. It's the conversation that had one CNN anchor walking off the set. We'll tell you in the CNN NEWSROOM.


GRIFFIN: Horrific stories coming out of Peru after last week's devastating earthquake there, but hopeful stories, as well.

Today, CNN's hero left Peru when she was just four weeks old. And now, Ana Dodson is a remarkable teen, working to improve the lives of orphans. Her life could have easily been theirs.


ANA DODSON, CNN HERO: If my parents hadn't adopted me, I would have probably either been on the streets or in an orphanage.

I was born in the hells of Cuzco in Peru. My mom first got me when I was four weeks old.

I really wanted to go see an orphanage in Cuzco. I felt this great pull toward these girls, who had nothing. And I was, like, wow, I would have been one of these kids.

But there was this one girl, Gloria, who came up to me. And she said, Ana, I know that you'll never forget me. And I know that one day you'll help us.

That just really made me decide I need to do something.

My name is Ana Dodson. And I've started an organization called Peruvian Hearts that helps orphans in Peru.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (voice of translator): Hello, Ana. I want to tell you that you're a good friend with a big and generous heart. They have given us vitamins, and we are now in very good health.

DODSON: We have sent a stipend of money for food and for their education. Each day after school, a tutor comes over for three hours.

We've done renovations, painted the orphanage. There are 19 children right now. The change that I've seen in them is amazing. One girl said they're now getting fat, because of the vitamins.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (voice of translator): Anita, I will always carry you in my heart, no matter what happens in life.

DODSON: This orphanage, it is to the point where these girls can dream.


GRIFFIN: Well, you think one person can't make a difference, and along comes a person like Ana Dodson. You can read more about her and her organization at our Web site,

You can read about her, and also nominate a hero of your own. Winners are going to be honored right here during a live global broadcast on December 6th, hosted by our own Anderson Cooper.


DREW: Getting back to our breaking news. In Columbus, Ohio, a terrible storm there, including possible tornadoes, actually confirmed tornadoes.

Our Steve Brusk was on an airplane at Port Columbus Airport. They actually brought him off of that airplane. I think we have Steve back now.

Steve, we were last talking to you when that storm was passing over the airport.

STEVE BRUSK, CNN NATIONAL DESK EDITOR: The worst is over for the city of Columbus. The city has rolled off to the east. Things are beginning to get back to normal at the airport.

It's a surreal sight watching things come to a grinding halt at an airport. We were pulling away from the gate, headed to the runway when the pilot came on and told us about the tornado warning and we came back to the gate and they got us right off the plane. A little bit of urgency in the pilot's voice when he said "Leave your stuff, just get off the plane."

I am looking at the jet parked next to ours. They were in the middle of loading bags and they are all over the place. People went scurrying for cover and stopped everything. That plane has bags hanging off the back, as they sent everyone running inside the terminal. They made the announcement to stay away from the windows. A fierce storm came over the airport here. We watched the wind blowing horizontal.

A lot of people I'm talking to at the airport believe the funnel cloud came over the top. Several people told me they witnessed it and they saw the funnel cloud as it came over the airport.

What I saw was a surreal sight of a dust devil, of the winds whipping around in rotation out on the tarmac that kicked up a large cloud of dust that went over the top of the airport and came up to the terminal we were in. I can't tell you, Drew, whether I saw a funnel cloud or not. I don't think so. I may not have been looking at the right place. The worst of the storm came right over the airport. It was an intense couple of minutes here at the airport.

DREW: All right, Steve Brusk. Thank you very much.

Let's get right to Jacqui.

Jacqui, he says he saw this dust devil or perhaps a funnel cloud. Can you tell?

JACQUI JERAS, CNN METEOROLOGIST: My guess would be a thunderstorm outflow, strong winds that comes out of the down draft from the actual thunderstorm and kick up the dust and kick up the winds. I do know that the area of rotation was very near the airport.

If you want to go to our weather source in the control room, I have Google Earth, and it will show you where it is from the city. It was along the north side of town and along the I-70 corridor, near Galena (ph). And also just about five minutes ago we got a report from a trained storm spotter northwest of Reynoldsville. You can see Reynoldsburg, rather, right on the very corner. That was the most recent sighting of a funnel cloud.

The storm remains dangerous. Until 5:45 local time, the warning remains in effect. And there's a possible tornado in Lincoln County, which is just to the north and east of there, with a tornado potentially touching down in that area as well. A dangerous situation evolving.

Drew, it's a perfect example that sometimes severe weather can happen even when we don't have watches in place.

DREW: Interesting that we had a CNN producer there describing what must have been a scary scene to have everyone off that plane. Jacqui, thanks.

Steve Brusk in Columbus, Ohio, for us, as well.

It's half past the hour. Let's get you caught up. Southern Greece burning out of control. Fire everywhere you look. More than 170 fires sweeping across some of the most beautiful countryside in the world. At least 44 people are dead there. We're hearing there could be even more deaths. The entire nation under a state of emergency in Greece and the prime minister suggesting some of these fires were deliberately set.

To the upper Midwest, residents dealing with some of the worst flooding in almost 100 years. Tonight, Illinois is bracing for an overflow from the rain-swollen Fox River. Repair crews say it will be days before everyone's power is restored in and around the Chicago area.

A horrifying scene plays out in the skies over South Surry, British Columbia. A hot air balloon bursting into flames. Two passengers were killed, as their families helplessly watch from the ground. Others passengers were seriously hurt as they jumped -- 11 of them, jumping from that gondola. Pay attention to this next story. Your bank account might just thank you. All of these highlighted states play the Powerball lottery game, and tonight's jackpot, an outrageous fortune, at least $300 million. Ticket sales are brisk.

Joining us from the nation's capital of Washington, D.C., CNN's Gary Nurenberg -- Gary?

GARY NURENBERG, CNN NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Good afternoon, Drew. We are at what D.C. lottery officials say is the busiest lottery location in town. They have been cranking it out here all day long for this $300 million jackpot.

We want to give you an idea of what you can buy if you actually win. For $300 million, you can buy 1,395 Ferraris, five Gulf Stream G 500 jets, 1,644 four-year Harvard educations and $1,851 bonuses for each of the 162,000 U.S. troops who are now in Iraq.

Odds of winning this thing are very small but they have been lined up here all day. It's been a very busy place.


NURENBERG (voice-over): In Washington, D.C. alone, on Saturday alone, nearly a quarter of a million Powerball tickets have been sold by 1:00 in the afternoon. Between 1:05 and 1:06, customers scooped up 181 tickets.

JEANETTE A. MICHAEL, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, D.C. LOTTERY: It generates excitement and that's what the lottery is all about. People love to get in line and dream about what they will do with $300 million.

NURENBERG: You want to hear a careful Powerball investment strategy, someone knowing how much to spend?

I had 20 bucks in my pocket. I got me $17 worth of Powerballs. And I needed $3 to get on the metro to get home.

NURENBERG: Perspective. It's all perspective.

My cigarette money since I don't smoke. I do it. Everybody has a vice. And somebody hits it so it might as well be me.

NURENBERG: You think everyone wants to win? You think fair play is dead?

UNIDENTIFIED NUN: I'm not going to buy one because it wouldn't be fair. I have too much help. Good-bye. Have a good day.


NURENBERG: Isn't she great? With the odds this bad, we try to find something less likely than winning the Powerball lottery.

The chances of winning are one in 146 million. The odds of Drew Griffin likely to pick up the tab for lunch, too small to measure. In other words, fat chance.

DREW: Oh, Gary. I'll take you and the nun out to lunch. Just come on down.

NURENBERG: You've got a deal.

DREW: All right. Thanks, Gary. Hope somebody wins.

How did you spend your summer vacation? One teen decided to hack the Apple of many people's eye, iPhone that is. How about them apples. We'll talk to him in a few minutes.


DREW: In our "Fit Nation" segment today, are schools doing enough to fight childhood obesity? Kids across America are headed back to class. Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta checks to see if schools are making the grade.


DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CNN CHIEF MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It's been a year since Congress required school districts to commit to wellness programs to combat childhood obesity. Has anything changed in three of the biggest problem areas?

In cities like Oakland, California, and New York City, junk- filled vending machines are a thing of the past. Policies vary across states and district but in schools where the machines remain, healthy alternatives like Granola bars, sugar-free drinks and baked snacks are now sold.

KEN STANTON, UNIVERSITY OF BALTIMORE: Now it's still not exactly what your mother would prefer you eat.

GUPTA: Loaded with calories and fat, most school cafeterias aren't much better than fast food restaurants. A recent study by the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine finds school lunches are falling short of providing students with healthy alternatives. That's because the government spends more money on high fat foods for school programs.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In 2005, they spent $750 million on meat and dairy products and a mere $10 million on fresh fruits and vegetables.

GUPTA: But the report says progress is being made. States like California, Florida, Hawaii, and New York, are allocating more money to add fruits, vegetables and grains to their lunch program this year.

As for physical education, educators are realizing that P.E. may be the only time a child gets exercise. But many schools will have to cut funds somewhere else to bring physical education back.

STANTON: That's been a bit more of a tough battle even though we are very convinced that it's one of the important pieces of what we need to do.

GUPTA: That's why the face of physical education is changing. For example, West Virginia schools are incorporating active video games into their curriculum. The videos are relatively inexpensive and get the kids moving without having to hire special physical education teachers.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN, reporting.



DREW: Live in the CNN "NEWSROOM." Nicole Richie serves 82 minutes of a four-day jail term and goes home. Lindsay Lohan gets one day in jail after pleading guilty to cocaine and drunk driving charges. Not the treatment we might expect. Some legal experts disagree with that.

Tom O'Neil of "In Touch Weekly" just keeps hammering out the headlines as everyone seems to have an opinion about celebrities avoiding hard time.

Tom, what is this? Is this just an L.A. thing where we have star-struck jailers out there?

TOM O'NEIL, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": It's a mystery. ABC News canvassed a lot of DUI attorneys in the state of California and asked, do these girls get off easy. And attorneys said yes, but that's in direct contradiction to a report out today from the "Los Angeles Times" that says they looked at 140 cases, similar to Nicole's, and all of those people got reduced sentences. It doesn't say they got just 82 minutes. It says this. This is significant. That of the women sent to jail in the state of California, guilty of nonviolent offenses, most of them are released immediately.

DREW: So maybe the joke is on the system. Maybe L.A. is the place you can go drinking and drive, and no big deal.

O'NEIL: I think that's really the case. Take the jail where Paris Hilton was at. Lynnwood. That has capacity of 2,000 inmates. Right now, there are 2,100 inmates there. They can't keep sending people into these jails.

The other problems are the laws in the state of California. You can have three DUIs and it's not a felony charge. If you get a felony, there is mandatory jail time.

If thee gals violate their probation, both Nicole and Lindsey, and their probation is between two and three years, they will go back -- they will go to jail. There will be definite jail time in that case.

DREW: Let's talk about the celebrity play for just a second, Tom. They are getting headlines left and right. Any of them bad? Are they getting hurt at all? O'NEIL: That used to not matter, but suddenly it is. Look at what just happened to Lindsay Lohan's latest movie, "I Know Who Killed Me." It bombed. It made less than $2 million. It's starting to have a negative impact on their careers, on the fan side. And it's really going hurt on the business side because whenever do you a movie and whenever you have to do a concert or big, big thing, there's insurance and completion bonds. And these companies won't give you insurance to do a movie with Lindsay Lohan with these issues.

DREW: All right, Tom, thanks a lot from L.A. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date out there.

We have George Hotz. This is the Apple-hacker guy. He is coming up next, live. I think he's coming up live. There he is. Wave to us, babe. All right, back in a minute.


DREW: When the iPhone was released back on June 29, it became the hottest item for the would-be gadget hacker to crack. It just took two months. Mission accomplished. IPhone owners no longer bound to just the AT&T service that was provided, thanks in part, to a New Jersey teenager.

Jersey teenager George Hotz joins us live from his hometown of Glenrock.

You broke the code. The question is, why?

GEORGE HOTZ, COMPUTER HACKER: Well, my friend and I went to the mall on June 29 and both bought iPhone. He had AT&T so he went home, popped his sim in and made some phone calls. I put it in and looked at my T-Mobile sim and put it in and it said invalid sim. Ever since then, I've been trying to make my iPhone work with T-Mobile.

DREW: You have posted this information to just about everybody. You have probably ticked off AT&T, and Apple as well. Are you getting calls from around the world now who are they saying congrats or are they saying, hey, why did you do this?

HOTZ: There are some of both. Some are, wow, you did you great job. Others say you're another kid. I can't use this unlock. I mean, it is what it is.

DREW: Is it over for you? Are you trying to make money off this?

HOTZ: Everything I know about the iPhone I posted on the blog. I hope people will follow my instructions and unlock their iPhone. I am selling the world's second unlocked iPhone to Terry Diadoni (ph), the founder of Certicell (ph).

DREW: I don't know who Terry is. I never heard of him. I know about the...

HOTZ: He'll be getting the world's second unlocked iPhone.

DREW: Any calls from AT&T?

HOTZ: No. I haven't heard from them or Apple.

DREW: So you just wanted to do this because you wanted to keep your service with T-Mobile. I think most people didn't know that you had to have AT&T if you wanted it use this iPhone. Do you think that's just unfair?

HOTZ: Well, I mean, it's legal. Whether it's unfair is another question entirely. I mean, if the carriers want to release the phones locked, they can. It's actually totally legal, as of November 2006, for people like me to reverse engineer the phones and unlock them.

DREW: All right. George, 17 years old, up or down, any good job prospects out of this, quickly?

HOTZ: Google emailed me -- internship next summer.

DREW: All right. Very good. Thanks a lot. See you. Thanks for joining us, George.

HOTZ: Thank you.

DREW: Space exploration is not just for astronauts anymore. Next, in the "NEWSROOM," the new software that let's you do star gazing. You can do it from your computer, with George there.


DREW: Googling the final frontier. CNN'S Phil Black shows us how you can go spatial right from your own desk top.


PHIL BLACK, CNN NEWS CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): First, there was Google Earth. Pick a destination, say Buckingham Palace, and it takes you on a ride around the globe, zooming in from space for a close up aerial view of the queen's house.

Now, Google has taken the same idea and turned it upside-down.

ED PARSONS, GEOSPATIAL TECHNOLOGIST: We can use that same basic technology but in reverse and look outwards and use the imagery that the astronomy community has created and produce a really exciting new tool.

BLACK: That new tool is Google Sky. It's designed to explore what lies beyond earth starting with the backyard view of space from anywhere on the planet, the stars and the constellations as you would see them above.

PARSONS: From that point, you can then start to zoom. As you zoom out, we'll bring in imagery that may have been produced from NASA from the space telescope, from terrestrial telescopes, and show you pictures of nebulae, show you pictures of distant galaxies and planets as they move throughout the year.

BLACK: The images and information are all available elsewhere but Google says this is the only way you can navigate humankind's collective knowledge of space in one location.

(on camera): Scientists say this is exciting because, throughout human history, people have stared into space and wondered. Now they hope, having all this information available so easily in one place, it will inspire a new generation to look up and study what lies beyond.

DR. FRANCIS DIEGO, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON: There are no limits. And when you put this in the hands of millions of people to the great public in a way that has never gone before, this is probably coverage for science in a way that will be very revolutionary.

BLACK (voice-over): Like Google Earth, the software delivers a different view of existence to your desk top, but without the potential for voyeurism.

Phil Black, CNN, London.


DREW: Our favorite category tonight entitled "Too Much Information." We'll find the topics of seniors having sex. According to a new survey, grandma and grandma are pretty frisky.

CNN asked a certified sex therapist radio talk show host, Judy Kurianski, or Dr. Judy, to do a live interview about it. It was such a shot interview that our own anchor, T.J. Holmes, had to get out of that proverbial kitchen.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE, CNN NEWS ANCHOR: For people who are getting up there in age, say 80 something, is there anything they should worry about in terms of health concerns if they're continuing to have sex?

DR. JUDY: As we say, be careful of your positions because in fact you could have some pains and lean on something that could end up hurting. And we do have to give a concern because there's been an increase in sexually transmitted diseases in older people because of more sexual activity.

But if you don't have a partner, you can be sexual with yourself even when you're 80. Find a comfortable spot and enjoy yourself.


This is great news. This study gives people reassurance that they're not the only one and takes away the taboo. That's why I love that this research has been done and that the federal government has even supported it.

(LAUGHING) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE ANCHOR: Dr. Judy, our crew is dying over there, OK? Thank you for bringing us all of this on our Saturday morning as we wake up and have our coffee.

T.J. HOLMES, CNN NEWS ANCHOR: I was waiting on you to ask. Dr. Judy, you said they need to be careful of their positions. And, I mean, the natural question was, well, what would you recommend?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE ANCHOR: Do you have to go there?

DR. JUDY: I would recommend pillows to soften the spots. That's what -- that would really help them a lot of this visual and the pleasurable.


DREW: My God, he's left the set. He's left the set, Judy. T.J. has left the set.

DR. JUDY: T.J., anytime we can talk about it.


DREW: You know, T.J., ask and thou shall receive. I know you didn't want to know this, but we looked up the facts of this survey. It involved two-hour face-to-face interviews with more than 3,000 men and women. Maybe they'll do the survey next year and T.J. can sign up.

We want to leave you with our image of the day. The new video that we got right at the top of the show. It was the balloon accident, it was the tragic accident in Surry, British Columbia. A balloon that caught fire. Two people dead, a mother and a child. Eleven people jumped from that balloon. Just getting that information in during this hour.

I'm Drew Griffin in for Rick Sanchez tonight. "Lou Dobbs This Week" starting right now.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE, CNN HOST: Tonight, another huge recall of contaminated toys from, you guessed it, Communist China. A serious new threat to our children.