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Will O.J. Finally Be Put Away?; Students Arrested on Suspicion of Terrorism; Battle Over Oil?

Aired September 17, 2007 - 19:00:00   ET


GLENN BECK, HOST: Tonight, O.J. Simpson behind bars again. The Juice now facing multiple felony charges for allegedly taking part in an armed rob -- no, I`m sorry. A sting operation. Could this be the final straw that puts him away for good?

Plus, new details emerge in the case of the Egyptian students arrested in South Carolina for transporting explosives. Just how vulnerable are we to this kind of terror at home? And why is no one in the media talking about it but us?

And Rosie O`Donnell`s shocking childhood secrets revealed in a new book. Has Rosie finally been explained. I don`t think you`re going to believe your ears.

All this and more, tonight.


BECK: Well, hello, America. I don`t know about you, but this weekend I heard the news and I thought, O.J. Simpson in jail? That can`t be. Yes, hard to believe, but in Vegas. He`s in jail for allegedly busting into a hotel room with five armed accomplices and stealing sport memorabilia and a cell phone. Yes.

So tonight here`s the point. Lock the freak up. I don`t care if it`s for armed robbery or jaywalking. I don`t think O.J. Simpson should be any place but prison and here`s how I got there.

Most clear-thinking people, and believe it or not I include myself in that group, believe that O.J. Simpson killed his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend, Ron Goldman, and then literally got away with murder. That`s old news. I mean, come on, you do know that O.J.`s guilty, right?

The trouble are there a lot of people out there that are guilty these days, but common sense isn`t admissible as evidence.

John Mark Karr, you`re telling me that creepy freak hasn`t, you know, done some bad touching someplace or wanted to do some? Oh, it`s coming. The pedophile we had on last week, Jack McClellan, that guy`s the opposite of an innocent bystander. I think that guy should legally change his name to "the defendant."

Larry Craig, the Idaho senator looking for love in all the wrong places, like airport bathrooms. Methinks the lady doth protest too much. You know what I`m saying?

What about JonBenet Ramsey`s mom and the British couple whose kid who went missing in Portugal. Doesn`t your gut tell you they were involved?

And now there`s O.J. Simpson and his purported "Ocean`s 11"-style sting operation in Vegas. For 13 years, the Juice has been walking around like he`s above the law, because we`ve allowed him to. L.A. prosecutors blew it. And now Vegas has a chance to make it right.

If convicted, the robbery with a deadly weapon charge facing O.J. Simpson could get him 35 years. At the age of 60, that`s life. Good. It would be fine with me. You know, we put Al Capone away for income tax evasion. You know, what`s the problem? Get him off the streets.

If we don`t finally put O.J. Simpson away, if he didn`t get it this time, what will he do next?

Here`s, America, what you need to know tonight. Our justice -- our justice system, it sucks, doesn`t it? I mean, everybody I just mentioned, O.J. Simpson and everybody else, innocent until proven guilty, but now that we`ve got him on legitimate charges, we can`t afford to blow it. Please, Vegas, don`t blow it.

Take a listen to this little bit of audio of O.J. Simpson`s alleged sting operation, already in progress.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (expletive deleted) Mind your own business.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Look at this (expletive deleted).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get over there.

O.J. SIMPSON, CHARGED WITH ARMED ROBBERY: You think you can steal my (expletive deleted)?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Backs to the wall.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was trying to get past you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Walk your ass over there.

SIMPSON: Think you can steal my (expletive deleted).


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You, against the mother (expletive deleted) wall.

SIMPSON: I know (expletive deleted) Mike took it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And I know what Brian`s trying to prove.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get your mother (expletive deleted) asses up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Stand the (expletive deleted) up.


BECK: No, that doesn`t sound guilty to me. No, no.

Randy Zelin is a defense attorney.

Randy, tell me exactly what happened here.

RANDY ZELIN, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, I got to tell you.

BECK: Yes?

ZELIN: What didn`t happen here, it seems like, is very much evidence to establish that O.J. Simpson took the property of someone else. And the problem is, let`s all go after O.J., because we want to get it right, and that`s not what the law is about.

BECK: I get that, but isn`t this.

ZELIN: Listen to the tape.

BECK: Isn`t this at best -- by the way, counselor, that wasn`t the question. I didn`t ask you what he didn`t do. I asked you what he did, so I`m not going to ask you that question again.

ZELIN: Took his own stuff.

BECK: What is -- isn`t that vigilantism?

ZELIN: No, it`s called taking what`s yours. And the law...

BECK: The law -- hang on just a second. If I walk into a place, if somebody has -- has stolen my stuff and I know about it, I go grab five guys with guns, let`s just say, all allegedly. I go grab five guys with guns, and I go in their place and I take my stuff back, that`s what an officer of the court is saying is a good idea? Should we call the cops?

ZELIN: Well, the problem is the guns right now are very much in question. Listen to the tape. Nowhere on that tape is there any indication that guns were involved.

So, yes, throw the guns in, you`re right. Leave the guns out, you can take your own stuff back, and it`s an absolute defense to theft if the stuff is yours to begin with.

BECK: I`m not going to ask you that -- I`m not going to ask you that question again, because you didn`t answer my question. Focus. Listen carefully. Las Vegas P.D., please tell me they`re not complete nincompoops.

ZELIN: They may have reacted a little too quickly, because they want to get O.J. off the streets, and they want to get it right. If you want to get it right, follow the evidence, deal with the case, not because it`s O.J., and he may have gotten off on a double murder. Get him with the evidence.

BECK: Is there a possibility that O.J. Simpson -- I`m just thinking out of the box with me for a second, Randy. Is there a possibility that O.J. was just trying to go in there to flip the robbers, because he believes they know who Nicole`s real killer is? Because certainly, he would not worry about trophies and autographs over the real killer of his wife, would he?

ZELIN: That might be stretching the facts just a wee bit, even for me.

BECK: OK. Make a prediction here. Are we in for another clown show?

ZELIN: Yes, 100 percent, but I think at the end of the day, O.J. may very well end up getting released, because that, if the stuff was his -- and I got to tell you, look at what the witnesses have said.

The people in the room have even said, you know what? Hey, I think O.J. did believe that the stuff was his. I think O.J. had been lied to by somebody else. Somebody else ought to be getting locked up also.

BECK: Oh, jeez. OK, thanks, Randy, I appreciate it.

Now, the O.J. Simpson thing, I really think this guy thinks he`s bulletproof. You know, the people in Hollywood, they think they can get away with absolutely anything, if he gets away with this, as well.

James Hirsen is professor at Trinity Law School and author of "Hollywood Nation".

James, bulletproof, I said this on the air today. I made a prediction today that O.J. Simpson, if he gets away with it again, may die in just a rain of bullet fire, because he may actually think he`s bulletproof. How much -- how much more dangerous is he if he just keeps getting off?

HIRSEN: No, he is dangerous, and you hit on the singular point about O.J. He has this malady. It`s hits celebrities in Hollywood. It`s adult onset narcissism.

But in his case it`s so exaggerated that people around him have said that. He thinks he can do no wrong. He thinks he`s immune from the legal system. And even his friends have come forward to say, can you believe this guy, with the spotlight of the media on him, that he would actually engage in something like this?

He called it vigilantism. I mean, he`s an -- acting a Tony Soprano role, and for him to do that, it`s either stupidity or it`s a megalomania that borders on a toxic mental condition. I think you`re right.

BECK: It`s not just engaging in this stuff. It`s also -- I mean, he just wrote the book "If -- If I did it".


BECK: I mean, it`s almost like -- somebody called into my radio show today, and what did they say. They said it`s Edgar Allen Poe and "The Telltale Heart".


BECK: It`s almost like I ripped the floorboards up. I did it, I did it. He -- it`s almost like he`s begging us to -- or begging to finally come out and say, "OK, all right, I killed her."

HIRSEN: Yes. He`s an adrenaline junkie.

And you know, the part about the book that`s so tragic is that the guy would actually want to put this out, knowing that his own children would read about the death of their mom. I mean, it shows something about the darkness of his heart.

And you know, I disagree with Randy. I -- I actually think that the Vegas police are a really competent outfit. I think the D.A. there knows what he has to do, and I think they were very cautious the way they proceeded with their police work.

This guy, Walter Alexander, the fact that he was released indicates to me there`s a good chance he`s flipped already, he`s cooperating. There`s lots of witnesses...

BECK: Yes, but...

HIRSEN: ... that say the guns were there, and they confiscated guns. So if they find fingerprints on those guns that belong to O.J., this is going to be a very strong case.

BECK: Yes, well, if they don`t find them, then what does that mean?

HIRSEN: Well, that`s going to be a witness credibility match between a guy who was a murder defendant, found responsible in a civil case, and some unsavory witnesses.

BECK: But God -- but God forbid you don`t find fingerprints on the gun. That brings up the glove defense. I don`t want to go down that road a second time.


BECK: Thanks a lot, James.

Nancy Grace is going to be here at 8 and then again at 10 p.m. Eastern. She`ll have much more on the O.J. Simpson story. She has a special edition of her show in Vegas tonight. She`ll be covering the story as only she can, Lady justice, and in this corner the Juice. It doesn`t get any better than that.

Also "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" comprehensive coverage at 11 p.m. Eastern.

Now, coming up, this is an unbelievable story. Two Egyptian students arrested in South Carolina with pipe bombs, bullets, fuses, a laptop full of terror related material. One of them has actually made bail. You won`t believe this story. It`s coming up next.

Plus Hillary Clinton unveils her new universal health care plan. And if universal health care is supposed to be free, why is it going to cost you over $100 billion? Oh, I forgot, it`s not you; it`s the government. It`s the cost to the government. That`s tonight`s "Real Story".


BECK: Coming up, a new plan to circumvent the law and grant illegal aliens amnesty. America, this is a slap across your face by Congress. It`s called the Dream Act. It`s a nightmare. Details in just a bit.

Now, after doing this show for over a year now, I know all too well you have to use those safety words like "allegedly" and "reportedly". That`s because I`m on a TV network owned by a corporation that really doesn`t want to get sued.

But when the police and prosecutors end up dancing around the facts of a story, it tries -- blood shoots out of my eyes. Listen to this, quote, "After weeks of silence, the U.S. attorney`s office finally released some details about its case against two Egyptian students facing explosives charges."

Back in August, the students, here in the United States, pulled over for speeding. The officer became suspicious, and he searched the car. What did he find in the car? Pipes stuffed with fertilizer, bullets and fuses, a laptop with Internet searches about martyrdom, Hamas, and Kassam rockets, a video instruction for turning a child`s toy into a detonator.

As agents dug deeper into these men`s background they found guns. They found welding and scuba equipment, which homeland security has been saying look out for men with scuba equipment. One suspect had multiple Egyptian passports with multiple names.

So how does the ordeal end? The judge said, "What do you think he was planning -- they were planning?"

The fed said, "Well, we don`t have specific evidence on what they were planning, you know, and a motive." As a result, bail has been set for one of these suspects.

This goes back to what I was talking about in the O.J. story at the beginning of the show, common sense, America, revive it! It`s dead in America. This case leaves two big questions unanswered: what else do you need to put these guys away? And why haven`t we heard more about this in the media?

For answers, let`s turn to R.P. Eddy. He is senior fellow of counterterrorism at the Manhattan Institute.

R.P., this story boggles my mind. This is exactly what homeland security says we should be looking for. The cop found them, and then the judge just lets them go and says, "Oh, well, let`s get bail. What else do we need?"

R.P. EDDY, SENIOR FELLOW, MANHATTAN INSTITUTE: This story is extraordinary in a lot of ways, the good news is this guy is released on bail, which looks like it`s going to happen, he`ll probably get put in protective custody by ICE anyway.

But it`s not a matter of what does it take to make the case. It`s a matter of let`s make sure we stop these guys. And the good news this terrorist attack was stopped, and it was stopped by a cop. And that`s what`s really interesting.

BECK: Why do you say that`s interesting?

EDDY: Well, think about it. This is a foreign-born national. He`s an Egyptian. One of these guys had an Egyptian -- he had a history of terrorism in Egypt. He made his way here. He wasn`t stopped by the CIA. He wasn`t stopped by the border police. He wasn`t stopped by the FBI.

He was stopped by a police officer doing a routine traffic stop. And that police officer had the wherewithal to ask the next question, as we say, and realized that there`s maybe something suspicious about these guys. He pops the trunk. He finds explosives. Next thing we know, we`ve got two very real terror suspects on our hands, and that`s great news.

We have to realize there`s 800,000 cops in this country, and they need to be a big part of our counterterrorism effort. And this is exactly why.

BECK: I got to tell you, I just looked up at the judge. He looks like the lion king sitting up there.

What -- what is the deal on the guy who actually got bail? He said, "I was only on a road trip with my friend here. I didn`t know anything about this." But isn`t -- isn`t there a tape?

EDDY: There`s a tape on YouTube of one of the suspects showing how to make a remote-controlled car into a bomb, so how you could actually detonate a bomb remotely. And he actually describes within the YouTube video, "Hey, even if you don`t want to be a martyr today, you could be one later." It`s sort of a wimping out of being a martyr.

BECK: No, no, no. From what I understand there`s also a tape involved where one of them says to the other...

EDDY: Right.

BECK: ... "What did you tell them about..."

EDDY: "... about the gas can?"

BECK: Yes.

EDDY: So there is some incriminating evidence, and the judge put them on bail.

The judge obviously made a mistake here, and it`s not -- it`s not a trivial matter. When it becomes a national security issue like this, a counterterrorism case like this, it`s my opinion and the opinion of many experts. Bail should not be part of the discussion early on in the investigation. They should be held without bail.

BECK: Here`s -- here`s the great thing. These guys were USF students. This is where Sami el-Arian was. I mean, this is a hotbed of Islamic extremism down in Florida.

EDDY: Well, they actually were staying in Sami el-Arian`s former house. And that`s part of what`s amazing about these individuals.

This guy isn`t just a homegrown terrorist, or these two. It`s very likely, in my interpretation of this, that one of these gentleman, at least, if not both, came from Egypt, having already been radicalized as terrorists, and they came to this country and were planning on striking this country, through that PIJ (ph) network, through the el-Arian network.

BECK: Thank you very much. America, that is the state of America today.

I want to follow up here on a series that we did last week, the "Perfect Day" series, where we talked about the threat of a terrorist attack on our schools and school buses.

Last Friday a story came in while people were telling me, "Oh, Glenn, please, our schools aren`t that dangerous."

Really? Last Friday, a man forced his way onto a school bus carrying elementary children. This is in Washington state. He grabbed a fifth grader`s backpack and told her, quote, "Let`s see how much your parents love you."

Some of the children later admitted that they thought he was going to kill all of them, but fortunately, the man who did it, who had two knives on him, was just a drug addict and not a terrorist. When did drug addicts that have knives on them on the school bus do we go, whew?

The bad news is this incident has shown us once again our children are targets, and it is a soft target. We need to start taking this threat seriously and we need to do it now.

If you missed any part of our "perfect day" series, I`m begging you, go to right now, and sign up for my free e-mail newsletter. It`s free, in tomorrow`s edition. We`re going to feature best-selling author Brad Thor`s complete recap of last week.

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Coming up, getting the foreign oil monkey off our back. We are literally teetering on the edge of economic disaster and oil is the lynchpin. The frightening facts, coming up.

And speaking of scary, Rosie O`Donnell`s craziness didn`t go after -- didn`t go away after she bailed on "The View". She`s collected it all into a new book. And believe it or not, for the first time I feel sad for Rosie O`Donnell. Don`t miss it.


BECK: Well, you want to know the real reason we went to war in Iraq? According to former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, it`s simple. Three-letter answer. Not WMD. It`s O-I-L. My reaction is, yes!

Obviously, I believe that Saddam`s desire to obtain nukes was a primary factor. So was Iran. But so was stabilizing the region and turning oil-rich enemies maybe into friends or allies or just stable.

You might read from the ex-chairman of Shell, that said over the weekend that oil could get over $150 a barrel, as world production begins to peak. Not really good news for a country whose entire economy, not to mention its entire way of life, is based on cheap oil. It would be far better to have $150 barrel oil than none at all, wouldn`t it?

Craig Smith, author of "Black Gold Stranglehold", joins me now.

Greenspan says the oil is based on oil. I just want to ask you, Craig, shouldn`t it be?

CRAIG SMITH, AUTHOR, "BLACK GOLD STRANGLEHOLD": Well, to some extent it should. You make a good point, Glenn, that we do depend on free flows of oil to keep this economy going, and Mr. Greenspan understood that when he made the comments prior to the White House prior to the invasion in 2003.

BECK: Right, I mean, look, I`m all for not having war for oil. Then open up ANWR. Let us drill off the coast. Let us use coal to oil. Build a frickin` nuke, man.

SMITH: Let me tell you something, Glenn, you are preaching to the choir. I wrote a book in 2005 that outlined this. If we would have opened up the outer continental shelves, the ANWR.

Hey, we just hit the Jack 2 well in the Gulf of Mexico, 25,000-foot well that`s going to produce billions of barrels of oil. We could easily start to wean ourselves off Middle East oil. We could pick up the slack between Mexico and Canada, making up the shortfall. And while we embrace all these alternative fuel sources, we would have plenty of oil.

BECK: I have to -- I have to tell you, Craig, I am -- I`m a recovering alcoholic, so I know what it takes to hit rock bottom. And I feel like the doctor and everybody else around me that said, "Glenn, you better stop, you better stop. The end is coming, you better stop."

I don`t understand it. We all know we should get off foreign oil. We all know that oil is going to be the death of us soon. We all know what $150 a barrel gallon, or God forbid 200 barrel -- a barrel gallon -- $200 a barrel oil would cost us or do to our economy.

For the love of Pete, when are we going to do something about it? Why won`t people listen, Craig?

SMITH: Well, hopefully soon, Glenn. First off, I commend you how you`ve -- how you`ve handled your personal life. You know, anybody that`s had that problem realizes that you have to admit you have a problem, as you`re well aware of.

We have a problem. We are addicted to oil in America. We are in a stranglehold. Now we have to make some decisions on what we`re going to do to get out of that stranglehold, or else enemies like Iran that know how to use oil as a weapon -- they understand they control the Strait of Hormuz -- they know they can stop 15 million barrels of oil tomorrow -- are going to have the upper hand in this equation.

BECK: Thirty-five thousand troops from Saudi Arabia were just put surrounding their oil fields. It ain`t going to last.

SMITH: You`re right. Look, I wrote an article at back in April where I talked about the Persian Gulf stranglehold that we`re in right now.

And here`s the neat part about it, Glenn. We don`t have to be in it. We have a solution. There`s a solution. I mean, it would be a different story if you have no way out. We have a way out here, Glenn.

BECK: Oh, I have to tell you, you know what? Tomorrow I hope to be able to tell you, America, I`m looking for a candidate that will address this and give a moon shot, and I`ll explain more. Craig, we`ll have you back again.

Coming up, Hillary Clinton`s free universal health care plan will only cost you $110 billion a year. What a bargain. Coming up, the "Real story" next.


BECK: Coming up, if you watch this show, you know I think Rosie O`Donnell is a crazy woman, but actually there might be a little insight as to why. Her new book reveals some interesting things that, I have to tell you, actually will make you feel bad for her, coming up.

But first, welcome to the "Real Story." How do you feel about your taxes right? Are they high enough for you? Well, if you`re part of the majority that believes they`re just too darn low, then you`re in luck, because the "Real Story" is that the 20 percent or 30 percent or even 40 percent that you pay right now will feel like a dream in a few years.

Sure, we all know about the crippling deficits in everything from Social Security to Medicare to Medicaid, but paying for those just may double your taxes, yes, yes. If you really long for the days after World War II where the top marginal tax rate was 94 percent and you got to keep 6 percent of your money, well, all you need is a little universal health care to become reality. And who better to deliver on that New New Deal than Hillary Rodham -- rhymes with "bottom" -- Clinton, the woman who has never met a tax that she wouldn`t like to triple.

Hillary`s New American Health Choices would do two big things. It would mandate that everyone would have health insurance, which I think takes away the choice, and, b, it would offer -- wait for it -- federal subsidies to help some people pay. Oh, yes, oh, federal subsidies, Hillary, I can`t get enough. Tell me nice and slow how much is it going to cost? Oh, yeah!

One of the featured highlights, not so much of her plan, is the price tag: $110 billion a year. Now, while you`ll undoubtedly hear people compare that to what we`re spending in this war, a more relevant comparison might be to the budget of one of the largest federal agencies ever created, the Department of Homeland Security. Remember that massive thing? In 2008, they plan to spend $46 billion.

Wow, the health care thing, so it`s more than double the national homeland security thing? Wow. Yes, you also have to consider that $110 billion is just the starting point. After all, I wonder how much they told people that Social Security would cost when they first introduced that little brainchild.

Michael Tanner is the director of the Health and Welfare Studies at the CATO Institute. Michael, let me ask you this. I noticed that she used the world universal health care insurance this weekend, which made me immediately made me think of SSI, Social Security Insurance. It`s not insurance when it`s guaranteed to pay out, right?

MICHAEL TANNER, CATO INSTITUTE: Well, you`re absolutely right, and insurance is supposed to be the idea of spreading risk among people. This is simply a way of prepaying health care for a great many people. It`s going to be hugely expensive. It`s going to limit patient choice. It`s going to cost jobs, because of the huge mandate on business included in this. This is basically Hillarycare 1993 all over again.

BECK: Help me understand this one part. Why would a business -- because I am a small business owner -- if the government is just going to pay for the health care, if I don`t provide it, why would I provide it for my people?

TANNER: Well, under her plan, they`re actually going to make you. They`re going to require every business in America to provide health insurance or else pay an additional tax into a fund that the government will use to pay for that health insurance.

BECK: Sounds great. Sounds great. What a dream come true. Let me ask you this, Michael. How is it that the people who have been screaming about, "This deficit is out of control, and we`ve got to do this to save our children, and we can`t keep spending money like crazy," how is it these are the same people that won`t recognize that we don`t have a $6 trillion debt, we have a $56 trillion debt, with all the IOUs that we owe to ourselves, and that`s coming crashing down, how come they don`t understand what this little spending spree will really do to our economy?

TANNER: It`s amazing. Under her plan, she actually wants to put more people into Medicare. That`s a program already facing a $50 trillion deficit. That`s like cramming a few more passengers onto the "Titanic."

BECK: So, Michael, why are we -- this failed in `94. What has changed in America to where France is bailing out of this stuff? I mean, for once I want to say, "OK, I`ll listen to France. Let`s listen. They`re bailing on their socialism." What is it that has changed here in America that makes us want this now?

TANNER: Well, I think she`s gambling that we`ve just forgotten what was in the `93 health care plan, and that we`re so upset with our insurance companies right now, and all the hoops they make us jump through that we`ll say that anything is better. But the fact is, anything isn`t better. There are worse things than what she`s prescribing is really going to be bad for the average American.

BECK: OK, thanks, Michael.

Next, I want to talk about illegal immigration in terms that I understand. I don`t know if you will. I`m going to put it into the terms of the world of fast food. Oh, yes, yes, I know it. Let`s say, hypothetically, of course, that I`m not in great shape, that maybe hypothetically a doctor even once said to me, "Well, that can`t be right," when he looked at my cholesterol numbers. Let`s just say that I was ordered to never again order any McDonald`s extra value meals. Got it?

Now, next day, I`m driving home, make a wrong turn, all of a sudden I find myself sitting at a McDonald`s drive-thru. I don`t know how it happened, Doc, I really don`t, but I realize I`m not allowed to order extra value meals, so instead I just order a delicious double cheeseburger. Then I drive around and separately I order a large fry. Then I go inside and separately order a Coke. Technically, I followed my doctor`s orders, right?

No. The "Real Story" is that is exactly the same logic that our politicians are using on the illegal immigration debate. After the country overwhelmingly rejected the so-called "comprehensive plan" -- let`s just think of it this way, as the extra value combo meal -- some Democrats now have resorted to simply ordering each of the items individually, hoping that you`ll never notice.

The latest attempt is something called the DREAM act. Yes, nightmare. It essentially gives amnesty, creates a path of citizenship -- does any of this sound familiar -- for illegal aliens who came here prior to turning 16 years old. It doesn`t matter how old they are now. They could be 90, just as they initially came here before they were 16.

I`ll tell you about all the great side benefits in a second, but if the DREAM act passes, it could mean citizenship for at least a million illegals already here, and then their families. And while that may sound reasonable to some people, it`s exactly what the advocates want. They just get a few million here, then a few million from over here in some other act, and pretty soon, before you know it, we`re eating the whole damn value meal without even knowing it.

California Congressman Brian Bilbray is the chairman of the Immigration Reform Caucus. Congressman, what is the chance this thing gets through? It`s going in on the war bill again.

REP. BRIAN BILBRAY (R), CALIFORNIA: Well, first, there`s always a chance. And if the American people don`t start frying the phones in the Senate the way they did with the last amnesty proposal, you know, the elite in Washington could try to sell this amnesty again. And, you know, this is a concept of rewarding illegal immigration, which really shows you that the so-called comprehensive was about amnesty, it was about rewarding illegal immigration, and sadly there are people in this town of Washington that think there`s something in it for them to encourage more illegal immigration, as if there`s a political or economic benefit to a small elite while the rest of America is outraged.

BECK: Congressman, I have to ask you a frank question. I`ve asked this of almost everybody that serves in Washington. This is a slap -- and I mean right across the face of Americans. This is going in the back door. This is ethics that everybody is always talking about. Do you sense that your fellow colleagues in Washington have any clue how close you`re skating to the edge with the American people? We don`t trust any of you anymore; this kind of stuff is the death of you.

BILBRAY: If you remember, I was elected last year in a special election over this issue, that both Democrats, Republicans and independents are so fed up with the illegal immigration issue that it reinforces the perception, like you said, that Washington is being bought off, that this is a corruption issue, that when in America history have we not only allowed, but now encourage and want to reward illegal behavior? I mean, this thing is as scary as anything.

BECK: But it`s not just that. It is that the American people have spoken. You didn`t get the comprehensive act, and now you`re going in the back door, and you`re getting -- you`re breaking it up, you`re doing it in the middle of night. I`m telling you, Congressman, you`ve got to know this if you were, indeed, elected on this issue recently, you must know it, that the American people aren`t going to take this bull crap much longer.

BILBRAY: No, they`re not. I grew up on the border. I`ve seen this issue grow in the last 30 years. And the fact is, this is not something that`s just a border issue now. Every neighborhood in America is threatened by the illegal activity that Washington continues to pander to, and I think the America people are going to say, "I don`t care if you`re a Democrat or a Republican, you want to sell out to illegal immigration, don`t expect my vote or my support come election time."

BECK: I have to tell you, Congressman, I think that`s even limiting there. I don`t think it`s just on the border. I think it`s on prescription drugs, the Republicans feel -- conservatives feel the Republicans, I mean, what`s the difference? You didn`t stand up for smaller government. You`re not fighting a war to win it, or at least hadn`t been until, I think, recently. The America people, by the left and the right, feel completely disenfranchised on a myriad of topics to the point that we`re saying here saying, "What happened to our government? What happened to our country? Where did it go?"

BILBRAY: Well, I think one of the problems is always trying to pander to one special interest group over the other, as if the American people aren`t watching. Now let`s face it. The one thing that`s happened, this uproar over the amnesty proposal, for somebody to try to claim in Washington that the talk show hosts created this uproar is so naive. You know that all that`s happened is that some people in the media were able to tap into this resentment that`s been growing over the last 20 years, and now it`s outrage. And anybody that thinks that somebody in the media created this outrage is obviously in a delusionary state. This is American outrage because they`ve been feeling this for a long time.

BECK: You keep fighting the good fight, Congressman. I wish you the best. And you should pass that message on to the rest of those clowns up on Capitol Hill, man, because you`re in trouble.

That`s the "Real Story" tonight. Now, coming up, Rosie O`Donnell is quite possibly the most annoying woman I`ve ever seen. She now has a book that is offering some new insight on what exactly makes her so angry. You`ll feed sad for her, you really will, next.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are we skipping the fact that someone invited O.J. to a wedding?

BECK: Did you hear this? The guy came out in a press conference and said, "I can`t believe this. I know O.J. He`s a friend of mine, and this has wrecked my wedding." It`s wrecked his wedding because his fiancee said, "We`re not going to have that dirt bag at our wedding. You`re going to have him at our wedding?" "He`s a good guy, I`m telling you." And then he`s arrested, and then the wedding night was it. (INAUDIBLE) This is the incredible thing. O.J. apparently has friends. I don`t understand it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Need someone to break into hotel rooms with.


BECK: Well, she may have left TV back in May, but just a quick reminder, take a quick stroll down Memory Lane with me on Rosie O`Donnell.


ROSIE O`DONNELL, FORMER HOST, "THE VIEW": I asked you if you believed what the Republican pundits were saying --


O`DONNELL: You said nothing, and that`s cowardly. Nothing, Elisabeth.

HASSELBECK: No, you will not -- you will not call me a coward, because, number one, I sit here every single day, open my heart, and tell people exactly what I believe.



BECK: I miss her so. I do, three-ring circus "The View." Now Rosie O`Donnell left ABC with angry confrontations with guests, the co-hosts. It`s been quiet, you know, and not just for Donald Trump. A lot of people have enjoyed the peace and quiet. Her replacement, Whoopi Goldberg, not really funny or interesting, but maybe that`s just me, but at least she doesn`t blame the government for 9/11 every other show. And, yes, we have finally gotten back to our lives and away from Rosie`s half-baked ideas and convoluted conspiracy theories until now.

Rosie has a brand-new book coming out called "Celebrity Detox," and I have to tell you, I think it answers some of the questions that I`ve always had from her. Where does the angry come from, the crazy theories, the mistrust of the government, the hatred apparently of men? From what I`ve read about this book so far, I honestly think it could be the saddest tell- all celebrity book I have ever seen, with chapters about breaking her own bones just to get attention, to using the cast as a weapon against unnamed strangers in the middle of the night, it is clear that Rosie O`Donnell lives with a great deal of pain. She`s been working through it, I guess, by bashing our society, the one that we hold dear.

Robert Butterworth is a clinical psychologist. You`ve read a lot of this book, Robert. I actually feel bad for Rosie O`Donnell. I mean, I still don`t like her, but I pity her. I know she doesn`t want it, but...

ROBERT BUTTERWORTH, PHD, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: So didn`t I. I mean, when the "Post" sent me the advance copy of the book, I was ready to just go in, all guns blazing, but, you know, the more I read, the sadder I got, because here`s somebody that really is functioning in life with a lot of demons on her back.

BECK: The breaking of her own bones, is that common?

BUTTERWORTH: Well, you know, when you`re your own worst enemy, when you`re abused as a child, when you feel that your self-esteem is terrible, for some people, the only way that they can feel good about themselves is when they feel pain.

BECK: OK. So she`s breaking her own bones, and she says -- and it`s like the only mention that I have seen in the book, she says, but the cast was -- "I could use as a weapon when the terrors began at night." She doesn`t -- I mean, she`s clearly intimating some sort of sexual abuse, isn`t she?

BUTTERWORTH: The impression is that somebody is visiting her at night, and it`s not a fantasy. And the other thing is, the impression is that she feels betrayed because Mom didn`t do anything.

BECK: Well, and Mom -- she feels abandoned because, at one point, Mom died, right?

BUTTERWORTH: Yes. And so what happens is somebody like this, everyone is paying for the punishments of her early life. All the women have to be moms, and if they disappoint her, she goes after them. All the fathers are most likely evil, so she definitely goes after them. All this...

BECK: So are you saying that she`s so distrustful of the people in our government -- well, no, that can`t be true, because, you know, Al Gore, she loves Al Gore and people like that. I mean, what about those men? Why is it just Dick Cheney and George Bush and people like that?

BUTTERWORTH: Because psychologically, you know, the father of our country, they`re in power. They`re the authority figures. The people that are battering against the door, in her estimation, Al Gore, you know, Hillary Clinton would be the saviors, because they`re kind of trying to overturn things.

But the problem with this all is, is, sadly, I feel for her, but, you know, if you`re going to be on national TV, and if you`re going to be followed by hundreds of thousands of people, know yourself, understand why you do things, because these spouting off of these things, whatever the reason, it can influence other people`s opinion. So in a sense, an ordinary person I would say, you know, you have to know yourself, but when you`re in the public eye, please understand why you do things.

BECK: You know, I have to tell you, Robert, I thought of this, this weekend, on a different unrelated topic, and that is a lot of people will cut her slack because of her childhood and because of the things she went through. But as I was playing out in the yard with my kid this weekend and I saw the flowers, I had just come back from visiting by home state of Washington state, which the flowers are just incredible, and I thought to myself, "You know what? It might be nice to not have rain like they do in Arizona, but unless you have an awful lot of rain, you don`t get those lush greens and the lush flowers in the garden."

You can feel bad for her all you want, but that doesn`t excuse her behavior at all. If she would just deal with the rain that she`s had in her life, it would allow some beauty to come forth. But she hasn`t found it yet, apparently.

BUTTERWORTH: And not only that, Glenn, but by reading the book, you get the sense that she knows that this is occurring, that she knows that she makes Barbara Walters into a surrogate mother, or that what she does -- but that doesn`t stop her from doing it. So, so much for knowledge.

BECK: All right, Robert, thank you very much.

Coming up, Sally Field now gets censored at the -- what, at the Emmys? How does that happen? What did she say that made FOX hit the mute button? Stick around and find out.


BECK: Well, the Emmys took place last night. That`s why I looked so piqued. They were the greenest awards ceremony in the history of awards show. They promised it, and it was true. The red carpet was made from 100 percent recycled plastic water bottles, programs printed on recycled paper, using a linseed-based ink, which as you know is much more ozone-friendly than the standard petroleum-based ink that they use on all the other awards.

These people are freaks! The stretch limousines -- well, OK, they were just as big, and they used as much gas, but I did hear a rumor that Charlie Sheen actually rode the entire way there in his stretch Hummer without turning on the air conditioning even once, and it is about making the big sacrifices, isn`t it?

Oh, and if the evening wasn`t green enough, they also gave an award to Al Gore. So if you`re keeping track at home, he just needs a Grammy and a Tony to become only the second vice president to win all four major awards. The other VP I`m pretty sure was Spiro T. Agnew, but I could be wrong.

Now, the most controversial moment of the night, Sally Field`s acceptance speech, which was censored by FOX, those hatemongers.


SALLY FIELD, ACTRESS: Quiet! I have to finish talking. To those of you -- to war -- oh, god, I forgot what I was going to say.


BECK: Well, said, yes, oh, yes, come on.


FIELD: And to war, I am proud -- I am proud to be one of those women. And let`s face it. If the mothers ruled the world, there would be no...


BECK: Would be no grape juice? What? Why did they cut her off?


FIELD: Thank you so much.


BECK: No idea what they bleeped, but it must have been pretty offensive. Luckily, we do have the raw footage. I`ve been told rough language here. If you have kids in the room, you may ask them to leave for a minute or just put your hands over their ears. Here goes.


FIELD: If the mothers ruled the world, there had be no god (bleep) wars in the first place.


BECK: Oh, now that the nun, the flying nun told me, now I`m finding myself against the war. It`s so good to hear it from somebody like Sally Field, someone I trust about my bladder problem -- oh, no, I`m sorry. Did I say that on national TV?

Don`t forget, if you want to know what`s on tomorrow`s show, or if you`d like a more in-depth commentary of the news of the day, you can sign up for my free daily e-mail newsletter at From New York, goodnight. You really like me, you do. You really like me. Thank you. It means so much. Thank you.