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Eagle Scout`s Flag Certificate Censored; Supreme Court to Hear Illegal Alien Murder Case; Teacher Fights for Right to Carry Concealed Handgun

Aired October 9, 2007 - 19:00:00   ET


GLENN BECK, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, censoring the religious inside the Capitol? A Boy Scout`s request to fly the flag deemed inappropriate because of the "G" word. One nation under God? Not if Congress can help it.

Plus, the latest in this Medellin case. An illegal alien convicted of raping and murdering two teenage girls. Why the Bush administration may be letting this monster walk away without death.

And Danny Bonaduce. Is his life spiraling out of control? He`ll be here, alcoholic to alcoholic, to explain this year`s most bizarre TV moment.

All this and more tonight.


BECK: Well, hello, America. If you`re tuning in for some political correctness, you might want to turn the channel right away.

We are one nation under God, right? No, huh-uh. At least as far as some of our Capitol Hill gang is concerned, we`re not. An Eagle Scout in Ohio found that out as he tried to honor his grandfather with a gift of a flag that had flown over the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

His grandfather was an Army veteran. Young man requested the inscription on the flag certificate mention his grandfather`s love of -- and I quote -- "God, country, and family." The Capitol office responded by eliminating the word "God", because they said it was a violation of the rules. So tonight here`s the point.

America is one nation under God, and the day we forget that, we are all in big trouble. And here`s how I got there.

You don`t have to take my word for it. Whether you look at the Pledge of Allegiance or the Declaration of Independence, you`ll see our Founding Fathers chose their words carefully. God was not included by accident.

But look. I am a member of a faith with a long history of persecution at the hands of the government. The Mormons -- I don`t know if you know this -- are actually the only faith in American history to have an extermination order leveled against them by the government. So I`m kind of a passionate believer in separation of church and state.

But at the same time, you can`t deny the -- the simple fact that America is largely a Christian nation. We were founded on the principles of God. In a recent ABC News poll, over 83 percent of Americans identify themselves as Christian.

God is on our money. An oath to him is part of our judicial process. You can guarantee that every presidential candidate debating tonight is going to mention God`s name at least once. Obama was "God this and God that" all weekend.

So tonight, America, here`s what you need to know.

This is what I believe. There exists a creator who made all things, and mankind should recognize him and worship him.

Two, the creator has revealed a moral code of happy behavior and happy living which distinguishes right from wrong.

Three, the creator holds mankind responsible for the way we treat each other.

Four, all mankind lives beyond this life.

And, five, in the next life, mankind is going to be judged for their conduct in this one.

And just for the record, those are not just my thoughts. In fact, they`re the fundamental points that Benjamin Franklin believed that should be taught in every single school in America to every single child in America.

So while you certainly don`t have to believe in Jesus Christ, that`s fine. I`m cool. I hope you understand our Founding Fathers believed in God. They also believed that liberty they fought for, for all of us to enjoy and squander, had been endowed on us by our creator.

I respect that faith is deeply personal. You don`t have to believe what I believe. But we, as a nation, better identify what our belief in God and all the love, the mercy, and the compassion that he embodies, as well as the responsibility and the restraint that he demands.

No matter what your religion, I believe there is something good in all of that for all of us to enjoy. End of sermon. Amen. Let`s move on.

Andrew Larochelle, he is the young man who was told by the Capitol that there is just no room for God in his flag certificate. And Representative Michael Turner is an Ohio Republican trying to change the Capitol`s mind.

Let me start with you, Andrew.

First of all, you`re an Eagle Scout. I mean, I know what that takes to become an Eagle Scout. Congratulations on that. When you first got this certificate back, did you think it was a mistake?

ANDREW LAROCHELLE, EAGLE SCOUT: Honestly, all in our family thought it was just an honest editing mistake.

BECK: And then how did you find out that it wasn`t?

LAROCHELLE: Well, we went back to Congressman Turner`s office. Let them know that we thought there was a mistake. And then he came back and let us know that it wasn`t a mistake and that it was edited out.

BECK: And -- and, Mike, was that you, Congressman Turner? Was that you?


BECK: And when you found out that it wasn`t a mistake, what did you think?

TURNER: Well, there`s a lot at risk here. And at this point, what was really important to us is that Andrew be able to have a certificate that acknowledged God and present it to his grandfather.

The fact that the architect unilaterally would decide that the word "God" was offensive and therefore needed to be censored is absolutely outrageous.

BECK: OK. Who is -- who is the architect? What does this architect do and...

TURNER: There`s an architect at the Capitol that`s appointed by the president, and he has charge of or custodial care of the Capitol and some of the functions of the Capitol.

So what`s at risk here, with the architect unilaterally doing this, is even greater than flag certificates. As you know, inscribed over the speaker`s chair in the House are the words "in God we trust." In the Senate chamber, those words are inscribed in the rotunda. There is a monumental painting honoring the baptism of Pocahontas.

To have an architect that believes that God is offensive means that all of these things under his care and charge are at risk.

BECK: So are you saying that Bush appointed this guy?

TURNER: No, no, no, no. Actually, currently we have an acting architect. The prior architect in which this rule was promulgated was appointed by the Clinton administration. The Bush administration is currently in the process of appointing a new architect, and we hope they take this into consideration when they get a new one.

BECK: I hope -- I hope they do, as well. I`m trying to get the architect on, the guy who made this mistake, onto -- on tomorrow`s program.

Andrew, as an Eagle Scout, are you a little surprised that the architect at the Capitol might say that God does not play a role in -- in government?

LAROCHELLE: Extremely. As an Eagle Scout, through the entire scouting experience, we`ve had a strong sense of faith in God and country.

BECK: Right.

LAROCHELLE: Our Scout oath, right up front, says to do my duty to God and country.

BECK: I mean, I never made it to Eagle, but I remember my scouting days. Faith and God and country were -- were woven right into the very fabric, and they were woven together. Why did you want God, country, and family together on the certificate for your grandfather?

LAROCHELLE: Well, those three phrases, they depict my grandfather just perfectly. He`s a family man. He has served in the -- served in the armed forces. And God is the center of his life. His faith life is key to him.

BECK: Can we show the certificate? Do we have a copy of the certificate? I don`t know if we`ve shown it yet. Have you thought that -- I mean, there it is. And anybody can get this, right? Representative Turner?

TURNER: Right. Everyone can request a flag be flown over the Capitol, through either their congressional office or their senator`s office. And these flags usually carry an inscription that`s the choice of the persons requesting them, usually to honor an event or a person, just as this one was to honor the grandfather with the inscription, "God, family and country."

BECK: I have to tell you and I -- do we have a camera over here. I have to show you something. Andrew, this is -- and I`ve never -- most people don`t know I have this. But I have a tattoo on my ankle. There are my sexy legs, and up around it, it says, "Pro deo, pro familia, pro patria," which is Latin for God, for country, for family. I can certainly relate to your grandfather. It is exactly what this country used to be all about.

So Congressman, what happens next?

TURNER: Well, we have written a letter to the speaker requesting that she take action to overturn this rule.

We started a letter on Thursday when Congress was in session. In five hours, 135 members signed the letter, all shocked and outraged that the architect unilaterally would undertake this.

You know, it`s interesting that we currently, as a country, are litigating whether or not we can maintain the words "under God" in our Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. And while we`re rising to defend that, we have an architect that unilaterally has determined the word "God" offensive and has taken it out of certificates for the flag.

BECK: All right. You`re going to have to -- you`re going to have to erase Noses on the back wall. The Supreme Court justices sits there on their bench, and they look at the wall right in front of them, and it has Moses there.

TURNER: Absolutely. Our heritage is at risk if this gentleman is allowed to promulgate his own rule and thereby censor God from the inscriptions of private citizens.

BECK: Well, I`ll tell you what, Andrew, you`ve got yourself, hopefully, quite a collector`s piece. It will be remembered as the certificate that couldn`t include God and changed everything, I hope. Thank you so much for coming on.

LAROCHELLE: Thanks a lot.

BECK: Congressman, you let us know what we can to help.

TURNER: Thank you, Glenn.

BECK: So where am I wrong? America is one nation under God. It says so in our founding documents. That`s how our Founding Fathers wanted it. Agree or disagree? Go to right now and cast your vote.

Now, coming up, U.S. sovereignty is at stake as the Supreme Court prepares to hear the case of Jose Medellin. This is a brutal murderer sentenced to die. Why exactly is George Bush and the federal government standing in the way of justice? The answer will shoot blood out of your eyes.

And there is a new Clinton -- inevitably -- controversy. This time an old friend us stirring up old scandals.

Plus, fresh new scandals for an old friend of this program. Danny Bonaduce joins me. Don`t miss this as we talk a little debate and so much more with Danny.


BECK: All right. Coming up, the phrase "guilt by association." Yes. A little unofficial advice for Hillary Clinton in tonight`s "Real Story."

But first, I`ve been telling you recently about the DREAM Act, a shifty little piece of legislation that was originally snuck into the war spending bill. It is an attempt by some in Congress to allow illegal immigrants to access a cheaper college education than American citizens, and it allows illegal immigrant children to get a green card for themselves and their families.

Bottom line, the DREAM Act is more of an American scheme than an American dream. That`s exactly what we told Congress we didn`t want. It rewards illegals for breaking the law and not playing by the rules.

Now California has their own state version of the DREAM Act. And the weasels in Sacramento already have passed it.

Now it`s up to Arnold Schwarzenegger to veto it by October 14 or sit by and watch his state suffer even more at the hands of illegals. We`ll keep you posted. My guess is he lets it sit there.

Follow story. I told you yesterday about the case of Jose Medellin. This is an important story, and it`s just not getting enough coverage. He and five accomplices gang-raped and murdered two young girls. One was 16 and the other was 14.

They abandoned their bodies in the woods. Medellin bragged about the horrific crimes and even kept one of the girl`s Mickey Mouse watch as a souvenir and gave it to his girlfriend.

He was caught just a few days later, quickly confessed and, since he was in Texas -- no surprise -- this guy got the death penalty. Case closed, right? Yes, we all go home happy. Not so fast.

This monster is still breathing Death Row air 13 years later. And now there`s been an intervention on Medellin`s behalf. You`d never guess by whom. Yes. George W. Bush.

President Bush and the U.S. government have stepped in because they say the scum bags weren`t informed of their right to contact the Mexican consulate for legal assistance.

Yes, the U.S. Supreme Court is actually going to hear this case tomorrow, in which the Bush administration will actually seek to overturn the death penalty of this convicted raper -- killer, rapist in George W. Bush`s own home state. It makes no sense.

But maybe it does to Jerome Corsi. He is the author of "The Late Great USA: The Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada".

Jerry, let`s first start here. Just the implications of this case.

JEROME CORSI, AUTHOR, "THE LATE GREAT USA": They`re terrific. I mean, this was a horrible crime. It`s not -- these two girls, two teenage girls, they were at a -- a party at a pool. They`re trying to get home before their midnight curfew.

They went a back route by the -- these railroad tracks. And these Mexican gang members were there drinking beer. Medellin and one of his other accomplices performed -- they -- for over on hour, they raped, sodomized, beat these girls. They strangled them. They took their Mickey Mouse watches as souvenir, and they left the girls, their bodies there, decaying in these woods.

Anyone who is a -- a parent -- I`m a father. It`s a horrifying case.

BECK: OK. But let me go -- let me go back here, Jerry. I mean, Bush can`t make time for our border guards.

CORSI: Right. Exactly.

BECK: To help them. But he can make time here. Why? What is the implication of this?

CORSI: This is the same thing I`ve been arguing the Security and Prosperity Partnership. George Bush is determined to open our borders with Mexico. And now it`s an attempt to put international law, a decision for the International Court of Justice at The Hague.

The fact that the Mexican counsel says, wait a minute. You know, this Medellin, this rapist, sodomist, murderer, didn`t get to call the Mexican counsel and get Mexican legal assistance. Therefore, we`ve got to throw out his confession. We`ve got to say this guy has to be released.

I mean, are they going to demand a new trial? And George Bush is in the Supreme Court, arguing next to the lawyer of this killer, that USA laws don`t apply.

BECK: Right. So -- so would this affect -- for instance, if I`m arrested. I`m an illegal alien and I`ve been arrested for something else, not even this heinous, and I didn`t call the legal counsel in Mexico. Will this affect me? Will I then be able to say, "Hey, wait a minute. I need a new trial"?

CORSI: Well, that`s right. And there`s 51 murderers, Mexican murderers on Death Row right now. This -- this case will affect all of them.

And again, Glenn, the problem is we`ve got -- under these open borders, I mean, you`ve got to say, we`re six years into a war on terror. Why do we have a border open with Mexico and Canada?

There`s one-tenth of Mexico`s population living in the United States today. That`s by the government`s low-ball numbers. By 2010 there`s going to be one out of every five people born in Mexico, 20 percent of Mexico`s population, living in the United States.

There`s 47 Mexican counselor offices. They`re here to protect the civil rights of these Mexican nationals.

BECK: You know, Jerry...

CORSI: We`ve become a dual country already.

BECK: I`ll tell you, all you have to do is read history. Look at Rome. And this is exactly the same thing. We`ve opened our gates, and the enemies now are just -- they`re taking over without a fight. I mean, that`s what happened with this -- this vet last weekend in Reno.

CORSI: Precisely.

BECK: He said you have to fight me for this flag. I`m just not going to give it to you.

CORSI: And we`ve become a dual country. It`s headed toward the North American union.

BECK: This is where I want to bring you here. And we`ve only got 90 seconds. And I hope we`re going to spend more time on this on the radio tomorrow.

When you say -- or when I say that we are being merged with Canada and Mexico by big business and our sovereignty is being taken in the night, everyone will say you`re out of your mind.

Give me one thing that people can take back and go, "Wait a minute. That kind of makes sense."

CORSI: Why are we allowing the Mexican consulate to intervene? This is a murderer, a rapist. He`s been convicted. He confessed. And we`re going to apply Mexican law and international law?

BECK: They`ll say that we have a treaty, and Bush was just honoring this treaty. And since then, we have gotten rid of this...

CORSI: And it will be one time where we allow Mexican law and international law to supersede Texas law and the USA Supreme Court. We`re going to have to say we`re now under Mexican law.

And if we`re stepping now into being under Mexican law, that`s a decided move towards a regional North American union governmental structure.

BECK: Jerry, we will talk more about that North American structure on tomorrow`s radio program. Join us for that. Thank you very much, Jerry.

Now, the irony of this administration`s careful attention to this particular case is how much it`s pretty much ignored the fate of three men who were actually trying to protect this country and you and me.

Border agents Ramos, Compean and Gilmer Hernandez continue to serve their decade-long sentences, the excessiveness of which I believe makes them political prisoners.

And by the way, Char, who is one of our studio operators, is wearing right now, just coincidentally, when I walked into the studio. She`s wearing our "Protect and Serve Time" border T-shirt. All the proceeds at go to the legal defense fund of our three border agents. Get one now at

Coming up, you think that we would have learned our lesson after Columbia and Virginia Tech, and the guns in the hands of responsible adults would keep our kids safer. Why does one Oregon teacher have to go to court to prove it?

Plus, oh, our good friend Che. As many unite today to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his death -- I know I celebrate it that he`s dead -- we`ll have the "Real Story" behind the man more cruel and more T-shirt friendly than any other modern-day dictator.


BECK: You have a right in this country to own a gun. As long as you`re a sane and responsible citizen, and that`s not a right the government gave you. That`s a right God gave you.

It seems, though, that some anti-gun nuts don`t agree, even when the law isn`t on their side. Shirley Katz, she`s an English teacher in Oregon. She`s -- this is one of the few states that allows people with a permit to carry concealed weapons into public buildings.

Her school district disagrees. They say students and teachers are far safer without guns on campus. Really? Yes. Columbine and Virginia Tech come to mind. Maybe the parents in those schools might see things a different way.

John Lott is a senior research scientist at the University of Maryland at College Park.

I`ve got to tell you, John. I mean, I don`t even begin to understand how people can see this differently. Did -- did not teachers have the right to carry guns, concealed weapons, prior to 1995?

JOHN LOTT, SENIOR RESEARCH SCIENTIST, UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND AT COLLEGE PARK: Right. I mean, things changed with the Safe School Zone Act, which banned guns within 1,000 feet of a school unless the state legislature specifically allowed it.

BECK: OK. So -- so if you have a gun -- if you could have had -- prior to 1995, if you had teachers packing concealed weapons...

LOTT: Right.

BECK: Tell me all of the incidences where teachers went crazy or somebody grabbed their teacher`s gun and started killing people.

LOTT: Zero.

BECK: OK, that doesn`t work out.

LOTT: Right. I mean, it`s very easy for people to hypothesize about things that might go wrong, but here we don`t have to hypothesize. I mean, there are a few states, as you mentioned that do let teachers today carry concealed weapons. And we had other states that for decades allowed them to do it.

BECK: OK. Didn`t -- you studied Columbine. You studied all kinds of mass shootings. By saying like a drug-free zone, by saying a school is a - - a gun-free zone, doesn`t that make our children even more of sitting targets?

LOTT: Right. I mean, we all understand the desire just to try to make things safe by banning guns, but the problem is you have to ask who`s most likely to obey these laws?

And when you go and have something like Virginia Tech, where a faculty member who would carry a permitted legal concealed handgun anyplace else in the state, on the school property, he`d get fired. He would not be able to get a job at another university in the country. If a student did that, he`d get expelled. These are peal penalties for good, law-abiding people.

But for somebody that`s going to kill multiple people, somehow believing that expelling them from school, even assuming that the guy hadn`t committed suicide, would be the penalty that would stop him from committing the crime just isn`t very believable.

BECK: We`re teaching our kids all the time, and we won`t let them draw a picture of a gun. We say, you know, zero tolerance. And we`re teaching them that guns are bad. Guns are not bad. You know, our Founding Fathers got that in. It wasn`t for sportsmanship.

If -- first of all, do you think they`re going to win or lose this case? And what would the ramifications be if this case is lost?

LOTT: Well, the only other case that`s been similar to this was in Utah where the law was clear, and students today are allowed to carry permitted concealed handguns on campus, and so are professors at the public universities there.

BECK: That`s Utah. This is Oregon.

LOTT: Right, I know. I`m saying it`s the only other case.

BECK: Yes.

LOTT: In this case, in Oregon the law seems very clear. I mean, none of the counties or cities, which are also prevented from passing their own restrictions, have tried to do it, and there`s no reason to believe the school districts would win either.

BECK: John, thanks a lot.

LOTT: Thank you.

BECK: We`ll continue to follow this story.

Coming up, why stuffing classified documents into your underpants qualifies you to be the confidant of a presidential candidate. The "Real Story" next.


BECK: Well, coming up, fresh from being cleared of felony battery, which I don`t say every day, Danny Bonaduce will be here. We`ll talk about his meltdown on that cable show a few weeks ago and also presidential politics. We`ll talk about Fred Thompson and the debate, coming up.

But first, welcome to "The Real Story." Tonight, I`ve got a very special "Real Story." It`s an edition of America`s favorite new game show: Name That Criminal! That`s right. Today`s category is presidential candidate advisers. And you can play at home because you might be a big loser.

Here we go. This presidential adviser to a current presidential candidate once paid a $23,000 conflict of interest civil penalty after he, quote, "forgot" to sell a stockholding prior to taking over a high-ranking White House position. Hint number two. This adviser once faced allegations that, as national security adviser, he withheld information from the president of the United States about the Chinese government stealing nuclear secrets from Los Alamos for over a year. Oh, that crazy adviser.

Now the last clue: This person once stuffed classified documents meant for the 9/11 Commission on, you know, what did you know and when did you know it, into his pants and socks. He snuck them out of the Archives, hid them under a construction trailer, destroyed them, lied about it to investigators, and was fined a whole whopping $50,000, stripped of his security clearance -- I think for two years when he was put on probation -- and now is a, quote, "unofficial adviser" to Hillary Clinton`s presidential campaign, but still an official friend.

Republican strategist Amy Holmes, you`re today`s lucky contestant. Can you name that criminal?

AMY HOLMES, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: For $5,000, I say Sandy Berger.

BECK: Yes, Sandy Berger! Amy, what is wrong with America? What is happening to us? When we got a guy going into our National Archives stealing documents, not for any hearing, not for any session of Congress, but for the 9/11 Commission, stealing documents, and nobody seems to care in America. Nobody seems to care.

HOLMES: Glenn, I wouldn`t blame America. I`d blame Hillary Clinton who, after all, took his telephone calls. And I`d say, why is she taking his phone calls? Not only did he have to plead guilty to these charges, but he didn`t even tell her husband about a matter of supreme national security interest about the documents stolen from Los Alamos.

BECK: But hang on, Amy. You know, I`d like to throw you a bone on this one, because here`s this guy, he`s a scum bag that has been in the Clinton administration, and he`s going to be moving into the next administration, God forbid, if she wins. But I can`t do it. I can`t give you this bone, because George Bush was president. And I never saw George Bush coming out and saying, "We need to lay the hammer down on people who are stealing documents, presidential documents from the National Archives." Where were the Republicans on this one?

HOLMES: Well, you know, I have to tell you, I ask myself the same question. Why weren`t they, you know, raising a clamor over this? Why did Sandy Berger seem to just sort of skate by on all of this? I really don`t -- I don`t have a good answer for that, other than perhaps they didn`t want to get down into the dirt with the Clintons.

BECK: Oh, come on. This thing stinks from high Heaven. I mean, Scooter Libby, everybody was screaming about Scooter Libby.


BECK: OK, even I -- I said that Scooter Libby should go to jail and he should pay the price for lying to prosecutors, but it was over a CIA name thing, which was -- which was nothing. Nobody was held responsible. He did nothing wrong on that. He lied to prosecutors. The guy went to jail.

HOLMES: Right.

BECK: This guy is stealing documents for the 9/11 Commission.

HOLMES: Documents that could have helped us understand what led up to 9/11.

BECK: Exactly right. So it leads you to believe that -- I mean, this is like somebody going in right before the Warren Commission and stealing documents on the mob.

HOLMES: You know, Glenn, I couldn`t agree with you more. And I also wondered, why didn`t the national press make more of a story of this? I mean, this was completely buried in the news press, in the television media. Sandy Berger, I mean, that name should be on every person`s lips synonymous with stuffing documents in your socks.

BECK: It`s the corruption of our political system. Real quick, she says, "I have a ton of friends that are unofficial advisers." How stupid does she think Americans are?

HOLMES: Well, you know, this whole story, it just raises the question, you know, here we go again. Are we going to get this all over again?

BECK: Please. And then we can run Jeb Bush. And by that time, Chelsea will be old enough to run. Thanks, Amy.

Now, if you`re one of the few remaining people who aren`t yet convinced that our media is run by -- well, I was going to say liberals, but it`s more socialists -- then I invite you to pick up today`s or yesterday`s copy of the "Los Angeles Times." Maybe it was the patriotism of Columbus Day that got the best of them, but yesterday`s paper featured headlines like, quote, "Clinton Winning Over the Skeptics." That was right on the front page, of course. Then there was an editorial about President Bush titled "Heartless and Clueless."

But amid all the liberal propaganda was the title on the front page story that really got my attention. And it said, quote, "Che`s Legacy Looms Larger Than Ever: Forty Years after his Execution, the Iconic Revolutionary Embodied a Modern Leftist Spirit." Oh, those iconic revolutionaries. Oh, you know what? Perhaps it`s time for the working people of the world to unite and remember what a fun-loving guy that that guy on your t-shirts really was.

The "Real Story" is that Che was a Stalin wannabe. He was a cold- blooded killer. And he can and should be blamed for the deaths of thousands of people. Maybe your memory is a little clouded by all the brain-washed Hollywood celebrities walking around with their communist apparel. "Look, I`ve got a star on my hat." But Che was the driving force behind Fidel Castro`s rise to power. Yes, yes, the same Castro that has people, you know, strapping themselves to logs and driving little cars, 1,400 people on a log trying to reach the U.S. Yes, must be quite a paradise there.

Che then ran a Cuban prison where he acted as judge, jury, and, yes, executioner. That sounds almost heartless and clueless to me. Some estimates say that as many as 500 people were killed in the middle of the night, the firing squads that he personally oversaw during the first five months of his term. He was also the founder of the Cuban labor camps, you know, the ones that later were basically turned into prisons for anybody who didn`t disagree him, or didn`t agree with him, including, of course, homosexuals, which I can`t figure out, because what left-wing radical wants to lock up homosexuals today? But we could put him on a t-shirt.

All right, that`s who Che is. That, unfortunately, is the history. History has a unique way of turning atrocities into admiration. Look around. Che merchandise is everywhere. His image is trademarked. I`m not joking. Little ironic, isn`t it? The king of communism is now the ultimate capitalist. Cha-ching, Che.

And speaking of capitalism, who better than Hollywood to swoop in and milk this for cash? This is a lie. A new Che movie in the works. No word yet if the proceeds of the ticket sales are going to be funneled to Bolivian rebels or simply just given to the poor in the theater. After all, those rich Hollywood executives wouldn`t want to profit off the backs of the working class, now would they?

Humberto Fontova, he is the author of "Exposing the Real Che and Useful Idiots who Idolize Him." Boy, where do I even start on him? Tell me this: Che a good guy?

HUMBERTO FONTOVA, AUTHOR, "EXPOSING THE REAL CHE GUEVARA": No, it`s very interesting. In a nutshell, he was the chief executioner and chief jailer for a Stalinist regime. And it`s even more funny, because the people that went to those forced labor camps in Cuba during the mid-`60s were people who tried to listen to rock and roll music and grow long hair. You can`t make this stuff up, Glenn.

BECK: It`s absolutely incredible, Humberto. You`ve got Chavez. You have Castro. They say this guy is the greatest. Hollywood`s saying this guy is the greatest. You know, I can blame Hollywood for being dumb as a box of rocks and not knowing actual history. But you -- I mean, it should say something about the useful idiots in Hollywood and the evil that is Castro and Chavez that they seem to unite with each other.

FONTOVA: It`s amazing, because we hear about Che Guevara`s ideals. Oh, he was an idealist. Folks, those ideals are on full display 90 miles south of Florida, a Stalinist police state, a regime that incarcerated more people as a percentage of population than Joseph Stalin`s regime, a regime that executed more people in his first three years in power than Hitler`s executed in its first six. That`s idealism?

BECK: Robert Redford is making a new movie. You see all of these people idolizing him, really, t-shirts, purses, everything out with his image. How does this happen? How did this guy become so romantic?

FONTOVA: He happened to run across a guy who I consider the top press and publicity agent of the 20th century, a fellow who has had the Western media eating out of his hand like trained pigeons for half a century. That man is Fidel Castro. Only he could have created this legend around a blood-thirsty imbecile like Che Guevara.

BECK: I know, but, I mean, the merchandising. Are you telling me that Cuba is printing up the t-shirts? I mean, for instance, who owns the image of Che?

FONTOVA: Oh, no, no, no. Oh, no, no, no. It was the Western media who bought into Castro`s legend of the man that he deliberately sent to his death, by the way. But what you`ve got to realize is that this legend only started after Che Guevara was safety sleeping with the fishes, exactly 40 years ago today.

BECK: How do you -- how do you combat this? I mean, you`ve got kids walking around with Che shirts. They have no idea. I mean, it`s -- honestly, it`s walking around with a Hitler shirt. Nobody would do it. How do you combat this?

FONTOVA: Right, right. Well, by coming on the GLENN BECK show, for one thing. But, no, let`s be charitable. You`re willing to bet 70 percent -- I would be willing to bet a definite majority of those kids don`t have any idea who the guy is. They think he`s the drummer for the Smashing Pumpkins, you know? They think he`s somebody who`s going to take you to Lollapalooza. On the other hand, Robert Redford, Steven Soderbergh, and those college professors know exactly who he is.

BECK: Humberto, thank you very much. That`s tonight`s "Real Story."

Up next, the return of a rebel without a clue? Old friend of the program, Danny Bonaduce.



BECK: I don`t change who I am. I might turn up who I am on radio or television. There was an article out about me recently that said I`m a lot more quiet and thoughtful off-air. Well, can you imagine being like this all the time? Can you imagine in real life being, "Ah! Hello, comrades! It is I!" I can`t imagine being like that. Do I feel like that? Yes. Do I stand in my office and do that? Of course not.


BECK: But I bet a guy who does is Danny Bonaduce. And Bonaduce is here with us. No stranger to controversy, Danny Bonaduce, welcome to the program, sir.

DANNY BONADUCE, RADIO HOST: Hey, buddy. Thanks for having me back.

BECK: All right, "Thanks for having me back"? You don`t call. You don`t write. Your life starts to spiral out of control. You drop off the face of the earth. And, quite honestly, come on, alcoholics don`t talk to alcoholics. Recovering alcoholics talk to recovering alcoholics.

BONADUCE: I understand completely, but I`ve got to say my life has not spiraled out of control. Actually, my life has gotten extraordinarily busy and confined, and that`s kind of odd for me. That`s kind of a spiral out of control that nothing is out of control. The oddity of my life -- the oddity of my life is that there`s nothing odd going on.

BECK: Danny, nothing odd going on?


BECK: You had a guy onstage -- I`m actually with you on this one -- you had a guy onstage jump on you. Do we have the video of this? This is good. This is good. What a putz. And then you -- yes. And this is -- I mean, this is...

BONADUCE: A little too much swagger on my part.

BECK: Yes. OK, so there`s nothing odd going on in your life?

BONADUCE: No. Well, I guess...

BECK: Just normal?

BONADUCE: I would say, if the man jumped on me and made those moves, and I allowed him to stay there and continue...

BECK: Yes.

BONADUCE: ... that would have been odd.

BECK: Can I tell you something, Danny? This is exactly -- somebody said to me, "Did you see what Danny Bonaduce did?" And I said, "I don`t think I would let a guy do that to me, either."


BONADUCE: ... one person who would have allowed that to be done to them.

BECK: Right, I would have collapsed, but you seem to be in better shape than I am. But that`s a whole different story. Everybody is in better shape than I am. OK, so you`re saying that you`re totally cool and you`re doing well?

BONADUCE: Yes, I am doing extraordinarily well. The radio show is doing really well. "The Adam Corolla Show" is doing great. My new television show starts in March, and we`ve already finished that. So I`m going down to Primo Productions to do the voice-overs to my new show, "So You Think Your Kid`s a Star," which will be on VH1 in March.

I think I have two other television shows that I`m producing at the moment, so I`m just really busy. I mean, I am, in fact -- I`ll give you this. I am, in fact, in the final stages of getting a divorce from a woman I love very much.

But her life is actually spiraling out of control. This is the most dignified, decent woman I`ve ever known, and I love her with every fiber of my being, and I don`t want a divorce, and I would come crawling back home the second she would let me.

BECK: What happened?

BONADUCE: But she`s got going to let me.

BECK: Why? What happened?

BONADUCE: She called me yesterday on the radio show, and she said, "Danny, we have a very serious problem here. I`d like to go out on a date, and no one will come near your ex-wife. They`re all afraid. Would you mind going on the radio and saying, `It`s OK for me to date`?" And I did. I went on the radio, and now I`ll say it on the GLENN BECK show, "Ladies and gentlemen, I`m not going to get the woman of my dreams back. So the next best thing would be to get her off my payroll. She costs me $16,000 a month."

BECK: This is really...

BONADUCE: Please date her, then hurry and marry her. If you`re the guy that marries her, I will pay for your honeymoon.

BECK: That is quite the offer. All right, Danny, last time you were in the studio with me, you had a cross, and you didn`t even show it. I don`t think you even showed it on air. But you talked to me about that you were a changed man and everything else. I see you`re still wearing the cross. Religion still playing a role in your life?

BONADUCE: Yes, it is. It`s not playing the constant role that it was, to be quite honest with you. It happened quite accidentally. As I mentioned, I really don`t want a divorce from my wife. I love her very dearly. I must confess, I caused this divorce. It was my behavior.

BECK: Does it make you feel better to admit that? Does that kind of -- does that kind of clear your conscience?

BONADUCE: No. No. What it does is it lets people know that the fact that I am sitting here complimenting a woman who is divorcing me does not make her the evildoer in any way.



BECK: I mean, Danny, no offense, but you don`t think anybody was thinking that it was her that caused the problems?

BONADUCE: Well, I mean, there is the problem -- I saw on your show that you were saying, "Can you imagine living like this 24 hours a day?" I live like this 24 hours a day. Can you imagine living with me?

BECK: No, no...


BECK: I really can`t. OK, real quick, let me just change gears with you. Tonight is the presidential debate. Fred Thompson, is he your man, or is it Huckabee?

BONADUCE: You know what? I think Fred Thompson is a good actor. I think he`s a fine actor, which actually really may help in a debate. You know, if you`ll remember, he`s not as handsome as a Kennedy.

BECK: Yes.

BONADUCE: But when Nixon started sweating, Kennedy started winning. And I don`t think Thompson is going to sweat a drop.

BECK: Danny Bonaduce, thanks, man. And stay well.

BONADUCE: Thank you.

BECK: Coming up next, after the colossal disaster that was her MTV Video Music Awards performance, what is this, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT"? It`s coming up, and so is Britney Spears. She`s decided to get a day job. You won`t believe what she wants to do.


BECK: Well, thank goodness Britney Spears is in the news again. Oh, I can`t get enough of her! As you recall, last we heard from Britney, a judge was awarding full custody of her two kids to her ex-husband, K-Fed, after she failed to take a court-ordered alcohol and drug test. Well, now, in what must surely be considered a bold ploy to get herself back into the good graces of the judge and regain custody of her children, Britney has decided to apply for a job as -- wait for it -- a bartender.

Yeah. According to the Web site TMZ, Britney recently filled out a job application at the Cameo Bar. This is a trendy Santa Monica night spot, so I guess Britney`s future is now in the hands of human resources. And, Britney, if you need to use me as a reference, go ahead. Call me.

Now, I may be crazy, but I think becoming a bartender might be the perfect career move for Britney, and here`s how I got there. First, Britney has never before worked in the public sector. And the field of bartending, well, I mean, it would offer her a perfectly seamless transition from what she`s been doing for the past several years, you know what I`m saying, right into this. And it will provide her with some much- needed real-life skills like, for instance, pouring shots of Cuevo down a strange man`s throat, although something tells me she probably has some experience doing that already.

Two, bartender, believe it or not, has resuscitated the careers of many, many stars. Most famous case, of course, being that of Tom Cruise. As you probably remember, for years, nobody in Hollywood would take this seriously. "All the Right Moves," right? "Risky Business," "Top Gun"? All flops. Then Cruise had the courage to go against the grain and take a serious role playing, yes, the bartender in the film classic "Cocktail." And I think the rest is history. (INAUDIBLE) tag line really says it all, "When he pours, he rains." And the rest is history.

And, last, if Britney is truly serious about getting sober and regaining custody of her kids, becoming a bartender may actually be a smart move. Between the teenagers with the fake IDs throwing up all over themselves and the married men, you know, "My wife doesn`t understand me," I think the experience might actually scare her straight.

That`s all for tonight. Don`t forget my free e-mail newsletter. Tomorrow, we`ll feature all of the fall-out from the Ron Paul "Real Story." Oh, it got ugly today on the radio show. All the phone calls coming in from Ron Paul supporters, and I issued them a serious challenge. Read about it in tomorrow`s free e-mail newsletter. Don`t miss it. Sign up right now at From New York, good night, America.