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New Details About Anna Nicole Smith`s Infamous Video; Hollywood`s Divorces That Ended Right

Aired October 25, 2007 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Shocking new details about that infamous video of Anna Nicole Smith pregnant, wearing a clown make-up and seemingly bummed out of her mind. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.
BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: And Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, are they a couple or not? I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.

HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Britney`s judgment day. Tonight, the latest breaking news on today`s showdown in the courtroom on Britney Spears hit and run charge. What did Britney plea? Can she beat the wrap? Plus, the high stakes show down tomorrow in her nasty, ugly child custody battle with K-Fed. Can Britney pull it all together to come out on top? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with judgment days for Britney.

The power of curves. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the top Hollywood stars who are embracing their curves. From terrific Tyra to America, the beautiful. And we say, way to go, girls.


JESSICA WEINER, SELF ESTEEM EXPERT: When you can really love and accept your own body, that really resonates for your audience.


Tonight, the amazing stars who are proving that scary skinny is out and curvaceous is cool. It`s a showbiz special report, "The Power of Curves."

HAMMER: Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: Hi there, everybody. I`m Brooke Anderson coming to you tonight from Hollywood, where tonight there is a startling new development involving this video of Anna Nicole Smith dressed up as a clown looking stoned out of her mind while eight months pregnant. The late-breaking details coming up.

HAMMER: But first, tonight, Britney`s hit-and-run. Britney Spears finally got a break today when the judge made a sudden and unexpected decision about the hit-and-run charges that she was facing. And let me tell you, it`s about time Britney got some good news, right?


HAMMER: Hold on just one second, don`t get too excited. Because tomorrow, yet another big judgment day for Britney. Life these days seems to resolve around courtrooms. So, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT calls this session of Britney in court to order.


(voice over): History has shown that even the most bitter enemies in the most bitter disputes can find common ground and come together in a new era of peace. Now it looks like Britney Spears is trying to do just that, and taking the first steps towards putting her most bitter conflicts behind her.

MIKE FLEEMAN, WEST COAST EDITOR, "PEPOLE.COM": Maybe she has finally turned the corner.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you Spears has finally made peace with the City of Los Angeles, which has dismissed her hit-and-run case. And as Brit prepares to go back to court in her custody dispute, she`s taking classes with ex-hubby Kevin Federline so they can be better, more peaceful parents.

FLEEMAN: This is where they are trying to teach them basically how to raise these kids without killing each other.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, the woman who sings "Gimme More" is now singing a new tune, "Give Peace a Chance." The City of Los Angeles has dismissed the hit-and-run case against Britney Spears, where Spears was caught on tape dinging a woman`s car in a Los Angeles parking lot last summer, and walking off without leaving a note.

JULIA ALLISON, EDITOR AT LARGE, "STAR MAGAZINE": I`m guessing that Britney decided to get this over with because the woman stalked her.

HAMMER: The owner of the other car definitely did stalk Britney over the matter, but not in a fatal attraction kind of way.

GLENN CLOSE, ACTRESS: I was wondering why is it that all the interesting guys are always married.

HAMMER: Kim Robard-Rifkin spent weeks blasting Britney on "" over unpaid damages to her car.

KIM ROBARD-RIFKIN, CAR WAS HIT BY BRITNEY: You`re rich but I don`t want your money. But at least replace my car the way it was before.

HAMMER: Now that Britney has finally paid up, the court decided to let her off the hook on the misdemeanor hit-and-run charge. The driving without a license charge remains in effect. Star magazine`s Julia Allison tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she`s not surprised it took Britney this long to put the hit-and-run matter behind her.

ALLISON: She has a busy schedule of not wearing panties. It`s not really on her agenda to settle things like court cases, or hit and run accidents, or anything having to do with custody.

HAMMER: But now SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you Britney may finally be trying to bring peace to her custody fight with ex-husband Kevin Federline over their two children.

FLEEMAN: She did go to a "Parenting without Conflict" class with Kevin.

HAMMER: No, this peace summit wasn`t at the United Nations, but at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This video from "" shows Britney arriving at the hotel for the first ever court-ordered co-parenting sessions with K- Fed.

ALLISON: This is only the third time that she`s been in the same room with K-Fed since they got divorced, and the first two times were with lawyers. So this is a really emotional event for her. It`s a big step.

HAMMER: The title of the course, "Parenting without Conflict."

ALLISON: I guess what they teach her is she`s supposed to say to K-Fed, when you do A, I feel B, so why don`t you do C. Can the rest of the nation participate in these parenting classes, please? When you take paparazzi pictures of your children, we think you`re exploiting them. So why don`t you keep them at home?

HAMMER: K-Fed and Britney are about to meet again.

FLEEMAN: On Friday, the judge has called both Britney and Kevin into the courtroom. He is going to ask them for a progress report on the classes, on the counseling. He may reconsider custody. Probably not. He just wants to make sure that people are doing what he has told them to do.

HAMMER: So will Britney`s latest efforts to bring peace to her custody fight smooth over her questionable relationships with K-Fed and the court that yanked her kids away from her? Some are skeptical.

ALLISON: She just started yesterday. I really don`t think that she`s in the running for parent of the year, no matter how many baby steps she takes.

HAMMER: That may be true, but if Britney really is starting to give peace a chance, maybe we should start giving Britney a chance.


HAMMER (on camera): So now it`s on to Britney`s next big challenge, the showdown tomorrow in court with K-Fed. They both have been ordered to be there. It`s better than professional wrestling.

Joining me tonight in New York, Ryan Smith, "BET" talk show host and entertainment attorney. Also in New York with us tonight, Alex Wagner, editor-in-chief of "Fader" magazine. Ryan and Alex, we know Britney has already lost visitation rights to her two kids for now. But we know that she has been taking those parenting classes, as we`ve reported. So Ryan, what do you think? Is it really going to even make an impression on this judge considering she`s basically doing what she was supposed to be doing in the first place?

RYAN SMITH, ENTERTAINMENT ATTORNEY: That`s a really good question. It`s going to make an impression because he wants her to comply. He wants to know that she`s going to the parenting classes. He wants to know that she`s taking the steps and not engaging in dangerous behavior that could potentially endanger the children if he gives her half and half custody again. But he fact of the matter is, there`s a sense here that just because she`s complying, that she should have her kids back, he`s not going to look at it that way. He`s going to say just keep complying and we`ll see where we go from here.

HAMMER: Yes, and to that point, even though she`s taken the class, it`s hard to ignore this report that we heard about earlier this week where her parenting coach said that apparently in this appointed coach`s presence, Britney ignored the kids. Britney wouldn`t listen to the coach. Alex, it seems to me that this suggests Britney occasionally does some things right, some things wrong. What she really needs to do is be consistent here, correct?

ALEX WAGNER, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, "FADER" MAGAZINE: Yes. I think consistency is kind of the name of the game here. I mean, just going and standing there and not participating in parental guidance classes doesn`t do anything for anybody. It`s good she went but you know, follow through, Britney. Someone needs to tell her to keep following through. She has sometimes good instincts and I think the key is getting her to follow those on the long term.

HAMMER: Yes. Getting her to listen to anybody. We`re starting to hear rumbles that maybe she`s actually starting to pay attention to her attorney. So, Ryan, as an attorney, I really want to know what you would say to her. I mean, let`s say Britney was your client. You had this little last minute huddle before the big hearing tomorrow. I have to believe you`d be telling her, "Do every single thing right. Don`t even blink incorrectly in court."

R. SMITH: Exactly. All she can do tomorrow is go in there and show contrite behavior, act like she wants the kids back. Now, this isn`t that hard. All you have to do is stand there, listen, and do the things you need to do to get the kids back. Judge asks you a question, answer him politely and go forward from there.

What she needs to do right now is focus on listening. This report that came out, that shows inconsistency. So you have to really just step up and say, "I`m going to participate. I believe these people know what`s right for me to get my custody rights back so that`s what I`m going to do." Instead of this attitude of, "Let me do what I think is right, and hopefully it will work out in the end."

HAMMER: Yes. It seems so simple, but for whatever reason and still eludes everybody, that hasn`t been the case thus far. She has not been able to do what seems to be the simplest thing to do.

We also reported that Brit did get a little break on her little Brit- and-run when the DA dropped the charges because she did pay the lady to get her car fixed, the car that she hit in the parking lot back in August, caught on tape. Alex, I have to believe that this could still possibly weigh on the judge`s mind in the custody battle because it really shows her erratic behavior.

WAGNER: Yes. I mean, certainly any other normal person, I think, would have said, "Look, I dented someone`s car. I am at fault here. I`m going to make life easy for myself and deal with the damages instead of trying to walk away."

When she was given an opportunity to kind of simplify herself, very often, Britney doesn`t take the baton and run with it. And in that way, it`s like - you know, here the court is offering her a way to sort of rehabilitate herself and maybe get control of her life again and get custody of her kids. She needs to take that opportunity and go with it, and work within the parameters of the justice system to sort of make peace with her family and her career.

HAMMER: Yes. Imagine having all this going on and then yet, to try to make peace with your career, she`s got this album coming up, "Blackout." It`s going to be out Tuesday. Fortunately for her, some of her early reviews are great. And I want to read what MTV is saying about it, quote, "`Blackout` is a back-to-basics high-energy album that suggests the sleek and sexy dance-pop hits of her heyday."

I absolutely love that they are saying that because that`s what we were hoping for. Ryan, you`re a music guy. You work with the BET. What do you think? If the album comes out and does great, can it save her career? Will the fans forgive her?

R. SMITH: They will. And you know what? I`ve heard parts of this album. It is really great. There are some strong parts in it. It`s a great pop album that should restore her to being the top pop queen out there. And she`s got lots of tracks out there produced by Danger(ph), one of Timberland`s(ph) disciples. So she`s got people that have resurrected Nelly Furtado`s career.

This can really help her. And I think one of the key things here is if this album does well, she`s going to be busy touring, traveling, working on career. Maybe this is something that can bring her out of this bad behavior, can end this funk, because now she will be so busy on her career. When you doing that, you tend to focus on family as well. And you`re not as distracted.

HAMMER: I`ve got to stop you there. But also when you read good things about yourself in the press instead of all the bad reports, that can help too. Ryan Smith, Alex Wagner, I hope we`re back here with good news for Brit tomorrow night. Thanks.

R. SMITH: You`re welcome.

ANDERSON: Now we want to hear from you. It`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Britney`s new album: Will you buy it? Vote at and send us an e-mail at

HAMMER: All right, so Britney and K-Fed may not be having a story book divorce, if such a thing even exists. But you know, there are plenty of couples who are living happily never after. How do stars like Bruce and Demi, Tom and Nicole, Reese and Ryan all manage to stay civil after marriage comes to an end. It`s divorce done right. And that`s coming up at 30 past the hour.

ANDERSON: And ever since Reese and Ryan split up, there have been all sorts of rumblings about Reese and Jake Gyllenhaal. I think they are really cute together, but are they really together? Tonight, we have the answer once and for all. That`s coming up. Also this -


HOWARD K. STERN, ANNA NICOLE SMITH`S LOVER: Did you see my handcuffs?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you see my handcuffs?


HAMMER: I hadn`t seen that video for a while until today. It still gives me chills. Absolutely disturbing. Tonight, we have brand new information, brand new shocking details about parts of the video you didn`t see. Unbelievable. You don`t want to miss it. Coming up next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



STERN: This footage is worth money.



ANDERSON: Disturbing video of the late Anna Nicole Smith acting and looking stoned, out of her mind, and taken while she was eight months pregnant.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. You`re watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. OK. Tonight, dramatic and disturbing new details in the Anna Nicole Smith saga. First, the mystery man behind that controversial clown video comes forward with some surprising information.

Plus, Anna Nicole Smith`s lover, Howard K. Stern makes a big move to possibly get some of her money. And one of the doctors who allegedly prescribed the drugs found in Anna Nicole Smith`s room when she died goes to court.

OK. Joining me tonight in Hollywood editorial director for "," Ken Baker. From New York, "Court TV" anchor, Lisa Bloom. Lisa, Ken, I want to start with this clown video. You know, if it weren`t already shocking, we are now learning more about it. And the mystery man, whose name can be heard on camera - his name is Mark. Ken, "" spoke to Mark. Who is this guy? What`s the connection? What`s going on here?

KEN BAKER, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR, "USMAGAZINE.COM": Yes, we did speak to the mystery Mark yesterday. His name is Mark Shea(ph). Mark Shea(ph) owns a creative agency that helps post online videos for people. And he was a friend of Anna Nicole`s and worked with her professionally. And he told us that he used to always post videos for Anna and that he was the guy that was being ever referred to in the video.

Now, he says - this Mark says that he was not in the Bahamas. He was not there when this video was shot. Now, the implication is that we see Howard K. Stern talking to Mark saying, "Don`t use that, Mark. Don`t use this."

And the implication that Howard intended to somehow use this tape for - either to be edited or to be put online or something like that. So I think what that reveals is that possibly Howard never meant for this to be private, that this was meant to be some tape that might be disseminated at a later date.

ANDERSON: And Mark says Howard was giving him some sort of editing instruction. OK. There`s the connection there, I suppose. And I do want to go back to that tape. Anna Nicole, eight months pregnant, slurring her words, completely incomprehensible. Just listen to this.


STERN: Is this a methane trip?

A. SMITH: Huh?

STERN: Is this a methane trip?

A. SMITH: Huh?

STERN: Is this a methane trip?

A. SMITH: What do you mean?

STERN: I`m kidding.

A. SMITH: What do you mean?

STERN: I`m kidding.


ANDERSON: Just a small portion was played in court, but now more of that disturbing tape has surfaced showing a baby doll in a stroller. Smith acting as if the baby doll is alive. Smith acting as if she doesn`t know she`s pregnant. You heard Howard K. Stern`s voice there off camera. Lisa, from what we`ve seen, is there anything new that we are learning from this tape?

LISA BLOOM, ANCHOR, "COURT TV": Well, it just makes Howard K. Stern look all the worse in my view. We can also hear him on the video saying, "We could make a lot of money off of this." This is a woman eight months pregnant who seems to be stoned out of her mind. Doesn`t know if she`s on mushrooms or not. Doesn`t know if it`s a real baby or a doll.

This is a pathetic scene. Who is giving her the drugs that are giving her that state of mind? She`s responsible for taking whatever she took. But what doctors are giving them to her? Was Howard K. Stern giving her those medications? Those are questions that are being investigated, and I think with increasing urgency, if he`s taking that video and thinking about posting it online or selling it.

ANDERSON: Yes. And you know, Howard K. Stern has responded to the tape and all of the questions that surround it. And said that the tape was actually stolen. Here`s what he told CNN`s Larry King.


STERN: It`s about an hour long video. And what they did is they cut it down into about 45 seconds to make it appear that Anna is on drugs when in reality, Anna is pretending to be a little girl. And she -- I think in the video she even says that her name is Lucy, which is a character that she played in her most movie called "Illegal Aliens." She`s clearly playing as a little girl and just edited it to make me look bad and to make Anna look bad.


ANDERSON: By the way, Ford Shelley(ph), a former friend of Anna, has the tape now and he says it wasn`t stolen. But concerning the content in regards to that Anna clearly pregnant, clearly incoherent, Stern clearly saying the tape is worth money. Ken, what do you think? Are we missing something here?

BAKER: Yes. I think that if Anna Nicole Smith was not totally wasted out of her mind when she filmed that video, she should have won an Oscar for the movie she made right before that where she played this character Lucy that he`s talking about. She clearly was incoherent and obviously to me was on something.

And I think an interesting point here is that he says that oh, it was edited to make them look bad. Oh, man. He`s lucky. I mean, imagine what this hour and a half shows. There`s probably stuff on there that would have made her look even worse.

BLOOM: And Brooke, she had over 11 drugs in her system when she died. She died from a drug overdose. Obviously, the woman was a drug addict. This was not acting.

ANDERSON: And that investigation is still ongoing as you mentioned earlier, Lisa. We have to end it there. Ken Baker, Lisa Bloom, thank you both for your insight.

BLOOM: Thank you.

BAKER: Thanks.

ANDERSON: OK. Now, you know, here`s a question, who says you have to be a size zero to be number one? Well, you don`t. It`s just not true. Ask Jennifer Hudson.


JENNIFER HUDSON, ACTRESS: Sometimes I get asked, do you feel pressured to be a size zero or a size two? No. I feel pressured to hold on to my jelly.


ANDERSON: I love her and all of the curvaceous talented beautiful women of Hollywood who are proving that scary skinny is out and real is in. That is coming up in my special showbiz report, "The Power of Curves."

HAMMER: And you`ve heard the rumors, Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. So, are they a couple or aren`t they? Well, tonight, the answer, once and for all. You`ll hear it next.

ANDERSON: And before Jake was in the picture, Reese and Ryan Phillippe managed to keep the dirty laundry of their divorce out of the headlines. And Bruce and Demi - they show up on red carpets with Demi`s new man. How do these star couples stay on the high road? It`s divorce done right. And that coming up at 30 minutes past the hour.

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ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson. Well, after all the whispering, the rumors, the speculation, now there is photographic evidence. Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal are more than just friends. Check out these pictures from "People" magazine.

The two stars were in Rome promoting their movie, "Rendition" and were caught in the act. They were kissing. They were hand holding. There was even a public piggyback ride. A source tells "People" magazine that the pair were - They were all smiles, giggles and kisses on the streets of Rome. And were spotted smooching at the airport when they landed back in L.A. on Monday.

Reese`s divorce from Ryan Phillippe was finalized earlier this month. A source says, with that behind her, Reese now has more time to devote to her relationship with Jake. Their official coming out, so to speak, was at a small party at Carrie Fisher`s house where a guest says they arrived and left together and were just adorable. Jake and Reese have not publicly confirmed that they are dating, but the proof is in the pictures. For more of these exclusive photographs, pick up a copy of "People" magazine.

Before jake was in the picture, it wasn`t lost on me that Reese and Ryan really managed to keep their dirty laundry to themselves during their divorce. It was sad they split up, but it wasn`t so out there like we see with so many couples. Britney and K-Fed, are you listening?

It just goes to show you there are some stars can split up and not knock each other down. Coming up next, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals divorce done right. We will also have this.


BEYONCE KNOWLES, POP STAR: Some people are naturally bigger, heavier, curvier, or whatever you want to call it, and it looks great.


ANDERSON: Well said, Beyonce. She is just one of the amazing, talented, lovely ladies of Hollywood who are embracing their curves. I think these women set a fantastic example that you don`t have to be the size of a pencil to have the right stuff. We are celebrating them all. Coming up in a showbiz special report, "The Power of Curves."

HAMMER: I am so fired up for this. Are you guys psyched?

CREW: Yes!

HAMMER: We finally got it, the trailer for the new season of "24," one of my favorite shows on television. I watched a little bit more of it. You will not be disappointed when we show it to you. It is coming up on your showbiz first look. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, for Thursday night, coming right back.



HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Hollywood divorce done right. The stars who keep their mouths shut even after splitting up. We`re not hearing about the dirty details of their breakup, and that`s a good thing. Tonight, what couples everywhere can learn from Hollywood stars who did divorce right.


JENNIFER HUDSON, ACTRESS: Sometimes I get asked, do you feel pressured to be a size zero or a size two? No. I feel pressured to hold on to my jelly.


HAMMER: Hey, whatever she wants to call that, I think Jennifer Hudson is beautiful. Tonight, "The Power Of Curves." We`ve got the stars who proving that super skinny is out. Curves are in. And I think this is a great message. It`s a revealing showbiz special report "The Power of Curves."


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. it`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson coming to you tonight from Hollywood with TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

HAMMER: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can now reveal the not all Hollywood divorces have to be nasty and divorce can actually be done right. Now, there`s certainly no shortage of star couples who break up and then go to war in public. I mean, take Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, for example. They`ve got a big court showdown tomorrow as they fight for custody over their two kids.

And then there`s Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards with their back and forth allegations about everything from porn to prostitutes. I really could go on and on, but I don`t have all that much time. So SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is here to tell you divorce can be done right.

With us tonight from Hollywood, "In Touch Weekly`s" senior editor Kim Serafin. And joining us in New York, welcome back to "Black Entertainment Television (BET)" talk show host, Ryan Smith. All right, Kim and Ryan, let`s get into it with Reese Witherspoon because she just finalized her divorce with Ryan Phillippe just on October 5th. These guys have two small children. There were reports that Ryan had cheated on Reese, but instead of dragging their lives through the mud, neither one of them opened their mouths. Ryan, are you with me, this is divorce done right, isn`t it?

R. SMITH: This is absolutely divorce done right. There could be no better way to do this. And you know what? Everybody who`s ever been divorced will tell that you all divorces are nasty in some way. There are always some problems there.

But these two are young and so mature and doing this because they want to protect what`s going on with their kids. Because they know years from now when their kids can read, they are going to read about this kind of thing. They are trying to keep it between themselves and it just went perfectly.

HAMMER: It can always get a little messier when there`s a third party involved. And of course, when you are a star, there`s the prying eyes of the paparazzi, there were these reports floating around that Reese was dating Jake Gyllenhaal who is her co-star in the new movie, "Rendition."

And now we finally have seen for the first time pictures of them looking like a couple, but we didn`t see anything official until that divorce was finalized. So Kim, I don`t know. Should we be giving them some credit for waiting for them to go public with it? Seemed like a good move to me.

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": Well, sure. And you have to look at Reese and Ryan really as a whole. Even in their relationship, they were never the kind of people to parade out in front of the paparazzi all the time and really seek the extra press. And they never had their kids out on display. That`s why there was a lot of sympathy when that incident happened when Reese got attacked by a photographer over at Disney Land with her kids.

Because you really have to look at how they acted even before the divorce. I mean you look at someone like Britney Spears. We know not only kids` names but her kids` middle names. I think you have to ask a lot of people to find out if they knew who - Reese`s kids names were. So you really have to look at the whole picture. But yes, you know, Reese hasn`t really been appearing with Jake. They have been keeping it quiet. They still haven`t confirmed or denied that they are dating or not dating. So yes, they handled it really well.

And you`re right, you brought up earlier there was that incident. There were some talks, some reports, that Ryan maybe had an onset fling with someone else. But neither started putting that out there. You didn`t hear, oh friends of so and so say this. You know, it really was handled so well and I think that`s why it worked out well for both of them.

HAMMER: Well I want to talk about another couple that seems to be looking out for each other despite their split. In fact, just today, Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson`s divorce was finalized, just in time for our segment here. They have a young son named Ryder.

And Kate told "Harper`s Bazaar" magazine, quote - "I mean, divorce is really, really hard. And for both Chris and me, our main focus is, and was, Ryder. And happy parents, happy baby. And therefore, I love Chris to pieces. He`s my first huge love. I spent seven years with Chris. I was 20 when I met him. We still talk everyday. He still cracks me up. And Ryder feels that."

Ryan, let me go to you. I think Britney and Kevin Federline could really learn a thing or two from this ex-couple who really have done divorce right.

R. SMITH: I wish Kate and Chris would write a book on their divorce, because this is the perfect divorce. And you know what? These people are Hollywood stars. Kate`s a Hollywood star. And what do we like out of our Hollywood stars? Happy endings. This is the perfect happy ending.

They like each other. They talk. They are friendly. And like she said, divorce is a hard, hard thing. That`s why you got to have people who are mature when you are talking about a Hollywood divorce. We are going to find out every little thing that goes on. So the more mature they are, the more we will think, you know what, it`s a pleasant thing and they are going to be fine.

HAMMER: Yes. You want to talk maturity. I think this is the height of maturity. One of my favorite happy Hollywood divorces, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. They have three girls together. They even have - before Demi`s tied the knot with Ashton Kutcher, Bruce and Ashton were actually friends. Ryan, I mean this is like an extended family. Talk about making it work. Kim, actually, let me go to you on this.

SERAFIN: Yes. I mean this is the most ideal situation. I think everyone would love for their divorce to end this way. I mean not only are Bruce and Demi friendly, not only do they still spend time together, they all, including Ashton, go on vacations together, so they can all spend time together so the kids have both of their parents there. The kids get along with Ashton.

They like Ashton. Bruce Willis says nice things about Ashton Kutcher. I mean it seems too good to be true, but it really is true. It`s not a publicity stunt. They really enjoy spending time together. Can`t ask for anything better.

HAMMER: I think they set - yes. They set a great example and I believe couples everywhere who are going through this, do what you can to pay attention to some of these terrific examples. Ryan Smith, Kim Serafin, thanks for being with us .

R. SMITH: Thank you.

HAMMER: So when Amy Grant went through her divorce, she had it bad. She suffered from depression. But she didn`t really talk about it until now. You`re not going to believe what Amy Grant went through. She really opens up to me. It`s music star Amy Grant coming up on the interview you will se only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. We`ve also got this. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

KNOWLES: Some people are naturally thicker, heavier, curvier, or whatever you want to call it and it looks great.


ANDERSON: That`s right, Beyonce. You go, girl. I think she is beautiful. And tonight, she`s got a great message for women everywhere. Love your body. Love your curves. And she`s not the only star shouting it from the roof top. Tonight I`ve got a must-see showbiz special report, "The Power of Curves."

HAMMER: Stay with me, Brooke. I am channeling the power of Jack Bauer. Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Right here, tonight, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, your first look at the new season of "24." Man, if you think you have seen everything, I`m here to tell you, they have outdone themselves. You will not want to miss it. It`s coming up.


HAMMER: I`m A.J. Hammer. Tomorrow, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Britney versus K- Fed in court, a dramatic showdown in the battle over their kids. Late breaking details at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson. Tonight, a showbiz special report, "The Power Of Curves." Everybody is always talking about how the women of Hollywood have set the size zero standard. Well, guess what? That is just not the case anymore.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is here to tell you some of Hollywood`s most talented, sexiest stars are embracing their curves. Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson. These lovely ladies are setting a liberating standard for women everywhere.


(voice over): They are breaking the body image stereotypes of Hollywood. Curvaceous, voluptuous actresses working what god gave them with confidence, attitude and major sex appeal.

SERAFIN: There are a lot of women in Hollywood, actresses, musician, TV personalities that really embrace their curves.

ANDERSON: So just did who did SHOWBIZ TONIGHT choose as the women who the power of curves. We start with the queen of curvaceousness, Tyra Banks.

JESSICA WEINER, SELF ESTEEM EXPERT: Tara resonates with the every woman because of her attitude, energy and acceptance around her body.

ANDERSON: She doesn`t hide the fact that her 5` 10" frame weighs 160 pounds. Tyra is comfortable being for real, even in the face of big-time criticism.

WEINER: There was a picture floating around of her wearing a bathing suit that maybe wasn`t so flattering. I think every woman stood up and applauded when had she walked out there in her bathing suit and took on the paparazzi photos head on.

TYRA BANKS, HOST, "THE TYRA BANKS SHOW": I thought like this picture was so outrageous that I wanted to do something equally outrageous as standing here extremely vulnerable in the same swim suit.

WEINER: I mean, every woman could appreciate the fact that she told the truth and accepted what her body was like.

BANKS: I look at this picture and I think it is curvy. I think it`s beautiful. I think it is hot. It think it is sexy.


ANDERSON: The woman is proud of what she`s got. Tyra tells me she knows what the pressure to be skinny is all about.

BANKS: I was even told when I was 123 pounds to lose ten pounds and to go to 113 because at my height - at 5 ft. 10 - because I was so curvy, and they were like that`s just too much. We want less.

Hopefully things are changing, hopefully with Beyonce on the cover of "Sports Illustrated" looking so curvalicious in like - those hips and that waist -

ANDERSON: Like her song "Bootilicious."

BANKS: And she`s looking so bootilicious and very gorgeous.


ANDERSON: That brings us to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s next woman who is proving the power of curves, the bootilicious Beyonce.

SERAFIN: Ah Beyonce. She is curvy. She is beautiful. She is confident. She really embraces all the things that every woman, every young girl should look up to.

ANDERSON: And how can you not look up to a woman who is obviously secure in her beauty, even if she isn`t the standard size zero of Hollywood.

WEINER: Hands down, all of the teenagers that I worked with, Beyonce tops their list of celebrities they would like to aspire to be like.

ANDERSON: And the "Dream Girls" star tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she is A-OK with that role.

BEYONCE: I do know I am a role model for people that are not the perception of what beautiful is. Some people are naturally thin and it looks great. And some people are naturally thicker or heavier or curvier or whatever you want to call it.

ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT wants to call it beautiful. She isn`t the only fantastically curvy dream girl. The phenomenal, the stunning, Jennifer Hudson is also on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s" list of woman proving the power of curves.

WEINER: Jennifer Hudson is a huge inspiration to many girls and women out there. And not just because she won the Academy Award, but because she won the Academy Award being exactly who she is.

ANDERSON: And Hudson knows exactly who she is. She tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she won`t change for anyone.

HUDSON: Sometimes I get asked do you feel pressured to be a size zero or two? No, I feel pressured to hold on to my jelly because I love it and I want to stay the same. And this is who I have been my whole life. Why should I change?

ANDERSON: We`ve known and loved Hudson and her beautiful curves since her "American Idol" days. But she`s not the only idol to make SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s list of women proving the power of curves.


ANDERSON: Jordin Sparks won last season`s American Idol with her incredible voice and unforgettable stage presence.


WEINER: Jordin Sparks is an amazing role model for girls and women out there. And I want to remind everybody, in Hollywood terms, we call her plus size. But in the real world, Jordin Sparks is nothing like that.


ANDERSON: You know, Jessica, bring up a great point. Can we just stop this story down for just a second. Let`s have a reality check here. Jordin Sparks is a size 12. That is not plus size. That`s the average size for a woman in America. OK. I`m done. Continue, Jessica.


WEINER: When you are a celebrity out there, whether you like it or not, you`re a role model. And when you can really love and accept your own body, that really resonates for your audience.

ANDERSON: And the bottom line is that these curvaceous women are shining examples that a woman doesn`t have to be a size zero to be beautiful. Look around in Hollywood, America Ferrera, Scarlett Johansson, Mariah Carey, Grey`s Anatomy`s Sara Ramirez, Catherine Zeta-Jones, the list goes. It just goes to show curvaceous is in. It`s a revolution that`s gaining momentum, and Tyra Banks is at the helm.

BANKS: The people think that super skinny is better. It`s always going to be here. So I`m trying to empower women to be strong in that storm, to be able to look in the mirror and say oh, my gosh, I`m beautiful.

WEINER: Young girls and women see 600 to 700 media images a say. As an audience, we have to feel good in our own bodies, within our own lives. And when you can do that, you`re going to feel a lot better no matter what images are coming at you in magazines or on television.


ANDERSON: So true. And the list of curvy, powerful women wouldn`t be complete if we didn`t bring up the fabulous Queen Latifah and also Oprah.

HAMMER: Well, tonight, Amy Grant is opening up like never before about her painful battle with depression. You know Amy`s hit like "Baby, Baby." She`s also a big star in the religious music world. The thing is, from the outside, you never would have guessed what she`s been through. Well, I just sat down with the Grammy-winning singer. And we talked about the powerful life lessons which guide her decisions every day.


AMY GRANT, SINGER: Winston Churchill called it the black dog. I knew that from the time I was in college. I go, OK, black dog is at the door again. But, you know, I had a great uncle, my grandmother`s brother, who long before anybody was talking endorphins would say if you are born into this family, you need to take a brisk walk every day. Just that to me a very practical way of looking at something that is surely hereditary.

OK, great. I will get off my rear and go take a walk. I will feel better. But it`s just really fun to even talk about that in the light of other things. Because life is not all of one thing. It`s not all good. It`s not all bad. I think hopefully what people will find about this book is, when it was all said and done, I think the things that have made my life really beautiful had nothing to do with a record contract.

Somethings you look at somebody`s life in a public eye and think, well, sure I`d ride off into the sunset too if I could sing on stage in front of 20,000 people in a night. That`s not what makes life beautiful.

HAMMER: Let me read this one particular quote that really jumped at me. "That high school kid or for that matter this 46-year-old woman never had any aspirations for fame or success, but because of the people in my life who dreamed for me and stood beside me and enabled me, I have an amazing life." Obviously you are giving a lot of credit to people who have been with you and supported you throughout your career.

You look at the young out of control stars right now, what`s going on, whether it be Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan and the things they`re dealing with, do you kind of think that perhaps at least a component of why things have gone so wrong is because maybe they don`t have the right support system. They don`t have the right people in their corner giving them that sort of tough love that they need as opposed to, yes, ma`am, yes, ma`am, do this, do this.

GRANT: I just think that we live in a country that celebrates celebrity to the extreme that people will sacrifice personal integrity to be a part of it. And this can be a person on the perimeter. And so if everybody is trying to swim to the middle of the circle, I mean, who can you trust around you, really?

And I look at - especially young women who have a lot of potential success and already have been successful, and I always just think for them, put people around you with integrity. Just surround yourself with people of integrity. It will al level out.

The good opportunities will come, because everybody is an idiot in their 20s. I was. I`ve done all kinds of stupid stuff. I just didn`t have YouTube around. I had protective sisters. You know, snap out of it, doing all kinds of stuff. Maybe I didn`t do exactly what they did, but I did things that were equally offensive in the world that I was in.

So I guess I feel a certain amount of compassion, and, you know, we continually throw gas on that fire because we are so obsessed with it. That`s been talked about ad nauseam. But I tend to look at young women like that and think this is just a small piece of your life journey, just a small piece.

And when you are 80, you`re not going to be dealing with what you`re dealing with right now. And so just keep putting one foot in front of the other. You`re going to learn as you go. Unfortunately, you`re going to have to do it in front of the whole world, but you just keep going.

HAMMER: Hard to believe it`s been like 20 years since we were first hearing her hits on the radio. Amy`s book is called "Mosaic: Pieces Of My Life So Far." You`ll find that in the stores now.

And to relive all of her greatest hits, you can pick up a copy of this CD, also in stores.

ANDERSON: Hey, I`m a big "24" fan and I am hearing this could be the best season yet.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: What do you want me to do?

KIEFER SUTHERLAND: This is your call.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: Do whatever it takes. Torture him if you have to.


ANDERSON: Well, we`re not going to torture you. We`ve got the very first look at the action packed new season of "24." You don`t want to miss this. It`s coming up next.

HAMMER: But first, a look at what`s new at the movies this week, brought to you by Bisquick Heart Smart. The fourth installment of the scary slasher "Saw" flicks, "Saw 4." It stars Tobien(ph) Bell and apparently Jig Saw, played by Bell, is back to wreak havoc. By the way, this one is directed by the guy doing Paris Hilton`s new movie, "Repo! The Genetic Opera."

Well, there`s a great cast in the limited release of "Before the Devil Knows You`re Dead." Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Marisa Tomei. It`s directed by Sydney Lumet(ph). "Devil" is about two brothers who rob their parents. One of my faves, the opposite, Steve Carell (ph). In "Dan in Real Life," he`s a widower who falls for the girlfriend of his younger brother. This definitely looks to be a good one. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT coming right back. Stay with us.


ANDERSON: Oh, Baby. I`m psyched for this one. Tonight, I`ve got your first look at the new season of "24." I want to get right into it. So check this out.


KIEFER SUTHERLAND, STAR OF "24": Hi, I`m Kiefer Sutherland, and I want to thank you again for making "24" one of the most watched shows on television. You are the reason we make "24." And for this season, we have pulled out all the stops. And I hope you are thrilled with what we have come up with. So to all our fans throughout the globe, here is the world premiere trailer of our biggest season yet, this, the seventh season of "24.".

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Will the witness please state his name.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Mr. Bauer, did you torture Mr. Hadad.

SUTHERLAND: Senator, Ibraham Hadad(ph) had targeted a bus carrying 45 people, 10 of which were children. I stopped that attack from happening. Don`t expect me to regret the decisions that I have made, because, Sir, the truth is, I don`t.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: Mr. Bauer, we have a national security matter that has gone critical.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: You say the wrong thing, he can go off.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: The CIP`s(ph) fire wall protects every major infrastructure system. If it were breached, telecommunication, transportation, power grids - they would all be vulnerable. One of the men behind this threat is someone you know.

SUTHERLAND: It`s impossible. Tell me how (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

MALE VOICE OVER: This January -

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: What do you, people, want?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: You`ll find out soon enough.

MALE VOICE OVER: Kiefer Sutherland returns with the most thrilling season of "24" yet.

SUTHERLAND: Tell your man they have got a shooter on the roof.


MALE VOICE OVER: And this promises -

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Someone inside the FBI had to tick him off.

MALE VOICE OVER: To be a day unlike anything you have seen.

SUTHERLAND: What do you want me to do? This is your call.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: Do whatever it takes. Torture him if you have to.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Are we this system?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: All those screens were locked.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: U.S.A. 117, This is North East 3, maintaining 1500.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: We have a 767 on approach no longer under our control.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Put me through the White House.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: Do you think you can find these people before they do any real damage?


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Nothing you or the FBI can do about this.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Oh, my god they are on a collision course.


MALE VOICE OVER: "24" the two-hour premiere event Sunday, January 13th on Fox.

ANDERSON: I`m definitely marking my calendar on January 13th.

HAMMER: I want now! I don`t want to wait. Now, Brooke. Make it happen.

ANDERSON: You`ve got to be patient.

HAMMER: That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`ll try. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Glenn Beck is coming up next right after the latest headlines from CNN HEADLINE NEWS.