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Dennis Quaid`s Twins Ailing; Kanye West Pays Tribute to Mom; Britney Strikes Back

Aired November 20, 2007 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Shocking and disturbing news. Why Dennis Quaid`s newborn twins with fighting for their lives and it could all be a hospital`s fault.
And a touching tribute from Kanye West to his mother. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.

On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Britney strikes back. Tonight, digging up the dirt. Did Britney hire secret agents to try to find really dirty stuff about her ex Kevin Federline? Plus Britney`s startling new move to call in extra security for her kids. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the late- breaking dramatic developments as Britney strikes back.

Praying for Hollywood, including Britney Spears. Tonight, how a controversial prayer group is trying to save not only Britney ,but all the bad girls and boys of Hollywood.


KAREN COVELL, DIRECTOR, HOLLYWOOD PRAYER NETWORK: I believe there are a lot of people in Hollywood who are spiritually starving.


HAMMER: But do they have a prayer or should they be spending their time on more important things? Tonight, the fireworks fly on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the heated debate over "Praying for Hollywood."


Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City. And I have to share some really disturbing news tonight. Actor Dennis Quaid`s twins almost accidentally killed in the hospital where they were just born. We`ve got the chilling details coming up.

But first, tonight, Britney strikes back. Yes, tonight, we have new and startling new information about what Britney may be doing to get her kids back, including possibly seeking private investigators on her ex- husband Kevin Federline.

And what`s more, she`s actually calling in extra security. Yes, call in the guards. Britney needs help. Of course, we already knew that, didn`t we? Yes, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can now reveal that the churning plot of the Britney/K-Fed duel is now starting to read more and more like a cheap dime store novel.



HAMMER (voice over): She has been pursued by the paparazzi, crucified by K-Fed and hounded by just about everybody else. And up until now, Britney has taken it with a smile. Usually.


But now, instead of "Give Me More," Britney is singing a new tune.


No, Britney`s not doing Hall and Oates covers, unfortunately. is reporting that Britney is about to seek her own team of private investigators on her ex, Kevin Federline, to help her gain ground in the custody battle for their two small boys.

JULIA ALLISON, "STAR" MAGAZINE: Britney is really tired of being the bad guy here, so she`d like to shift the blame to Kevin.

HAMMER: Not only that, Britney`s now also going after the paparazzi with what she calls "security measures," whatever "security measures" mean.

UNIDENTIFIED PAPARAZZO: Britney? This way, Britney.

HAMMER: Yes, it`s no more Miss Nice Girl for this girl. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, Britney is now targeting her perceived tormenters, K-Fed and the paparazzi. Yes, Britney is striking back.

KATIE DARYL, "TMZ TV": I think the fight is getting dirty on this one. You know, she`s coming out swinging now.

HAMMER: Britney`s public partying, alleged past substance abuse and the horrible driving skills she`s demonstrated in countless paparazzi video have led to her custody rights being, uh, stripped, in Kevin`s favor. TMZ TV`s Katie Daryl tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Britney reportedly wants to hire investigators to prove that Kevin`s no saint.

DARYL: She is ready to turn the cameras and the video cameras on K-Fed and see what he`s up to and kind of bring that information into court.

HAMMER: And what`s K-Fed`s response to Britney`s reported PI threat?

ALLISON: Mark Vincent Kaplan, Kevin Federline`s attorney, basically in essence said, "Bring it on to Britney."

HAMMER: Federline`s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, tells "Us" magazine, quote, "I think if that is what they need to do or have to do, have at it."

ALLISON: Anything that she might find with a private investigator is something the paparazzi would have probably already caught.

HAMMER: Julia Allison of "Star" magazine tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that Kevin Federline has been playing the role of the responsible parent.


So unless making cheesy hip-hop music can be called dirt, it may be hard for Britney to dig up any on her ex.

ALLISON: The private investigator might get photographs of him putting up child safety railings outside his pool or keeping his kids away from the paparazzi. I really don`t think that`s going to make Britney look better.

HAMMER: Britney`s got something for the paparazzi, too. In a statement, her attorney says Britney`s going to start taking security measures to deal with aggressive actions from those who are following her ie, the army of photographers that swarms her wherever she goes.

UNIDENTIFIED PAPARAZZO: Hold on. One more shot.

HAMMER: Britney`s attorney says she`s taking those unspecified security measures, quote, "for the protection of her children." "Star" magazine`s Julia Allison says, there`s only been one constant danger to Britney`s kids and it is not the paparazzi.

ALLISON: It is just bizarre because she is the one putting her kids in danger. She is the one who was told by a court judge not to drive with her kids in the back seat because she clearly can`t do it in a safe manner.

HAMMER: So it appears Britney`s new strategy in her ongoing custody and paparazzi fights is simple - the best defense is a good offense. But maybe she shouldn`t get her hopes up.

ALLISON: If anything, every single thing that she does turns out to be an enormous disaster.

HAMMER: We`ll see if that turns out to be the case with Britney`s new battle plan.


HAMMER (on camera): Yes. So what about this battle plan, private investigators, these new security measures? Whatever they may be. What could Britney possibly be thinking? Well, Joining me tonight from New York with insight, host of Court TV`s "Hollywood Heat," Ashleigh Banfield; and in Hollywood tonight, Jane Velez-Mitchell, investigative journalist and author of "Secrets Can Be Murder." Hi, Jane and Ashleigh.



HAMMER: All right. So, a point that was just well made in the story we just showed you. Doesn`t Britney realize that she`s the one who could have been putting her kids` lives in danger, basically, every time she takes them out in public? Jane, she knows she is going to be surrounded wherever she goes.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: A.J., you`re absolutely right. Let`s face it. She`s a menace to those who surround her. If I had a nickel for every toe she`s driven over in recent months, I`d be a rich woman. And this woman is such a menace that, as you heard in the reports, she`s not even allowed to drive with her kids in the car.

What she should do is not attack the paparazzi. It`s stay away from the paparazzi. Why does she feel the need to go to Starbucks and go to the pet store and go to Taco Bell? That`s not what stars do. They get assistants to pick up their coffee for them and bring them somewhere discreet.

She has to start acting like a star and staying out of the spotlight, staying off the public streets and staying in some area that stars stay in when they don`t want to be seen.

HAMMER: Amen. Ashleigh Banfield, let me toss it over to you. Doesn`t Britney just bring a lot of this on herself?

BANFIELD: I think the easy answer there is when you shave your head and get a tattoo all in the same night and take then take an umbrella to a car in front of a camera lens. Yes, a lot of the stuff does fall on Britney`s head, pardon the pun.

And you know what? She isn`t a kid. She is a 25-year-old mother of two. So she does have to take the responsibility here. That said, I don`t know a lot of people, A.J., who are under the kind of scrutiny that this young woman is under.

No excuse, though, because I think we all know Brad and Angelina have a lot of scrutiny and yet they keep their four kids out of the public eye. Tom and Katie, same thing. Julia Roberts, same thing. We barely see pictures of these stars` kids. And it`s not because they don`t get out and do things. They don`t live in caves. They`re extraordinarily cautious about their children.

And yet, there`s Britney driving around with the top down with two car seats in the back going through a throng of paparazzi. It is inexcusable.

HAMMER: Yes, it is. And all that said, of course, some of the stars you mentioned - Brad and Angelina, Tom Cruise - I mean, every big star does have security personnel that keeps them protected. But it`s really to keep them from getting hurt themselves.

So she has the security now. And now, TMZ is also reporting that Britney`s hired a private investigator, supposedly, to dig up dirt on K- Fed. Jane, what do you think the PI can possible be looking for here?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, of course, we know K-Fed is a party guy. He parties in Vegas and he`s probably not squeaky clean. Who in Hollywood is? But I think this is an extraordinarily bad idea.

You know, there`s a principle in the 12 steps that says don`t take someone else`s inventory. Keep your own side of the street clean. And that`s what Britney should be focussed on now, keeping her own side of the street clean.

Let`s face it. With the tabloid scrutiny on this ex-couple, anything that`s really awful is going to come out in the wash. And of course, the courts are scrutinizing both of them. So she shouldn`t be worried about what he is doing. She should be worried about what she`s doing. She`s got enough trouble of her own without snooping into his life.

HAMMER: Yes, I agree there. But she is doing it. And, you know, before he did run for world`s best dad, as you mentioned, Jane, or alluded to, he didn`t have the best reputation in the past. So Ashleigh, do you think K- Fed has anything to worry about here with the PI looking into his private life?

BANFIELD: Yes. I do. I really do. I totally agree with Jane and then I want to add to that, look, if K-Fed goes through a red light or two, and among us hasn`t? It is now going to be caught on tape. And just because he`s perhaps not as great a guy as he`s appeared to be so far, doesn`t make her a better parent.

You can dig up dirt but it doesn`t clean up dirt on your behalf. The only thing I think she can do is buy herself maybe a little bit of deflection. Maybe a little of the headlines for him instead of headline for her when it comes to these kids. But if she thinks for a minute that finding him a bad dad because he drives badly or maybe lights up now and again, she`s got another thing coming. Jane`s right. She has to clean up her own house.

HAMMER: Yes. It looks like it could be a little counterproductive. As you`ve mentioned, though, K-Fed`s been on Britney`s case for a while, pointing out all of her mistakes, running to court just about every time that she makes a mistake. So, Jane, why do you think it did take so long for Britney to go on this counterattack?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I think she`s been kind of shell shocked. I mean, if you see these videos of her leaving any kind of store, surrounded by a sea of paparazzi, how can you even think straight in the midst of all of that? And now she is kind of like, "OK. I`m going to go on the counter- offense. Here`s my strategy."

But this is such a bad idea, especially for the kids. Let`s face it. Little kids want more than anything else mommy and daddy to love each other. They may not be able to love each other ever again, but they can at least be civil. And declaring war on your ex and sending out private investigators to dig up dirt is probably going to come back to haunt her when those kids are teenagers and read about this.

HAMMER: Yes. Because the truth is, you know, if she does dig up dirt, we are going to hear about it. Jane Velez-Mitchell, Ashleigh Banfield, thanks a lot.


BANFIELD: Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: So, you know, Britney may actually have a prayer after all. Yes, a controversial prayer group is devoting its energy to Britney, and other Hollywood stars. Here`s my question, though. Should they be spending more of their time on more important things, you know, world peace, the end of world hunger, perhaps? Do the stars really need their prayers? We will have a heated debate over "Praying for Hollywood." That`s coming up at 30 minutes past the hour.

And shocking and disturbing news that Dennis Quaid`s newborn twins are fighting for their lives after reportedly getting a drug overdose in a hospital. This is such a scary story, what happened to them. That`s coming up. We`ll also have this.

That`s "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere just devastated after trying to save dolphins in Japan. But will she actually do jail time for it? Coming up next, we`ve got the part of the story you haven`t heard and you won`t want to miss from the man who was right there with Hayden on that day. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is coming right back.

And now, you can check out SHOWBIZ TONIGHT any time at all by down loading the podcast which happens to be absolutely free. You can find the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT podcast on our web site, You can also download it on the iTunes by typing "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" into the search box. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, coming right back.


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HAMMER: That is a devastated "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere after witnessing the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you dramatic new pictures of Hayden surrounded by police during her attempt to save the dolphins in Japan. Last month, the 18-year-old Hayden went with activists to try to block the slaughter of thousands of dolphins who fishermen insist are being killed for food. And police in Japan have since reportedly issued a warrant for Hayden`s arrest.

Joining me tonight from Hollywood, Jeff Pantukhoff. He was with Hayden back in October. He`s also the founder of the Whaleman Foundation. Jeff, I appreciate you being here tonight.


HAMMER: Absolutely. We saw Hayden and we just were watching her completely breaking down after watching these dolphins being killed in that bloody slaughter while she was in the water in Japan. And she then explained why it was so emotional. I`m going to watch this.


HAYDEN PANETTIERE, "HEROES" STAR: When they jumped out of the water, they just stick their head up out of the water and they can look around and see around them. And this baby stuck its head out and kind of looked at us. And the thought that the baby is no longer with us is very difficult.


HAMMER: Well, now, we have these photos that are showing Hayden and the group surrounded by police. Jeff, you were right there. Did you get a sense at the time that they wanted to make arrests?

PANTUKHOFF: Yes. At the time when we got pulled over, they had a roadblock set up about 30 police officers - a big paddy wagon. I just kind of looked around at everybody and said, "I think we are going to jail." So I was actually really surprised that we didn`t.

HAMMER: We talked to Hayden about this experience in going there. She`s obviously very passionate about this. This is something that is near and dear to her heart. Did she express any concern, though, she might have to go to jail and was she willing to do so if that was the case?

PANTUKHOFF: Yes. I basically told her before we went that there was a good chance that, you know, we could end up being arrested. And she was, you know, "I want to get this out to the world. I want the world to know how cruel and how horrible this hunt is. And I`m willing to take that risk."

HAMMER: Wow. That is total dedication to the cause and amazing to hear that she was willing to take that risk. The word is, as I reported, you guys are now wanted by the Japanese police and that there`s actually a criminal investigation under way. What have you heard? What more can you tell us about that?

PANTUKHOFF: Yes. Local sources within Taiji are telling us that exact same thing, that the police launched a full investigation. They plan on charging us for interfering with international commerce, which I can`t believe. I mean, you have seen the pictures. You look at it.

Here we are, peaceful protesters out in the water, and the fishermen are threatening us with - you know, threatening the group out there with propellers and hitting them with sticks and trying to knock them off the boards. I mean, if anybody should be charged, it should be the fishermen for assault.

HAMMER: I`ve got to tell you, any time I have watched this video - we`re looking at it again right now - any time I see this, I just can`t possibly imagine, number one, why they`re doing it even though they say it`s justified and how they can get away with how they treated you and you guys are going to be arrested. It boggles my mind. But I`m curious as to why they would want to arrest you now because they didn`t, obviously, when you were still in Japan.

PANTUKHOFF: Yes. It`s very interesting. I mean, they detained us for over an hour and they asked lots of questions. They took pictures of all our passports. You know, we are calling for people for all consumers not to buy any Japanese products and I don`t know if that has them irate.

We`re not just discriminating against Japan. We`re also calling for a boycott against Iceland products and Norway products, any other whaling nations, until they stop killing dolphins and whales.

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, you know, I couldn`t help but think when I heard that there was this arrest warrant out reportedly that, you know, that the TV exposure that you guys have gotten as a result of Hayden`s participation might have had something to do with that.

Last time she was here, she told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that she is planning a return trip. I know you have spoken to Hayden about that. Now, with possible arrests hanging over your heads, are you, guys, still planning to go back there?

PANTUKHOFF: You know, we definitely want to do something that`s going to, you know, continue to raise awareness down there. The Japanese whaling fleet just left yesterday to go to the Antarctic whale sanctuary to kill over a thousand whales including 50 endangered humpbacks.

We`ve pretty much drawn the line in the sand here. So we are all willing to do what it takes to continue to keep this issue in the consciousness. It`s pretty ironic. Over 77 percent of Japanese people polled do not support high seas whaling.

HAMMER: Yes. That makes it all the more ridiculous if that continues. I`m sorry I`m out of time, Jeff. But my hat`s off to you and Hayden for the work that you guys are doing. Jeff Pantukhoff, thanks for being with us.

PANTUKHOFF: Thank you very much.

HAMMER: It`s a health scare for Mary Kate Olsen. She`s been hospitalized with a kidney infection. Her rep tells "People" magazine that Mary Kate was taken to the emergency room of a New York hospital on Monday. Her rep says she is resting comfortably and should be out in a few days.

This, of course, is not the first time Mary Kate has been in the news for health problems. In 2004, she checked into the Cirque Lodge in Utah for treatment for an eating disorder. Cirque Lodge happens to be where Lindsay Lohan went into rehab, too. Small world.

Mary Kate and her sister, Ashley, of course, rose to fame on "Full House." And Mary Kate recently returned to the small screen with an excellent recurring guest starring role on the Show Time series "Weeds." Well, there`s shocking and disturbing report tonight that Dennis Quaid`s newborn twins are fighting for their lives after reportedly getting a drug overdose in the hospital. This is a really scary story. I`ll tell you what happened coming up next.

Also, Kanye West - he is speaking out for the very first time about the tragic death of his mother. Coming up, we`re going to show you his touching tribute and a song that he dedicated to his mother onstage. We will also have this.


COVELL: I believe there are a lot of people in Hollywood who are spiritually starving, who are personally starving.


HAMMER: A controversial prayer group devoting its attention, not to world hunger or war, but to praying for some of the richest people in the world. Can these stars possibly be saved by power of prayer? And should this prayer group be focusing on bigger issues - I don`t know - like world peace? The heated debate over "Praying for Hollywood." That`s still to come on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

But first, we would love to hear from you for the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Here is what we`re asking tonight, Saving Britney Spears: Can the power of prayer make a difference? Vote at E-mail us at Of course, you can do it from your desktop, or your laptop, or your Blackberry, or your cellphone, whatever you got and whatever you want to tell us.


HAMMER: Wednesday, we are really getting into the thanksgiving swing of things and talking turkey, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT style. Oh, yes. We are picking the most outrageous things celebrities have done this year, the most shocking events that made us say, "What a turkey!" That`s Wednesday on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Some really sad and disturbing news tonight about actor Dennis Quaid`s newborn twins. The twins, named Thomas and Zo%, are reportedly in a neonatal intensive care unit after they were mistakenly given a massive overdose of a drug in a hospital. The report`s coming from TMZ and it says that nurses accidentally gave the twins 10,000 units of an anti-coagulant drug that is used to flush out IV lines and prevent blood clots.

Now, the usual dose for babies is 10 units. Sources tell TMZ that the technician stored the drug in the wrong place and when a nurse grabbed the medicine, it was the wrong dosage. As many as 13 patients in the hospital got the wrong dose. But the effects are more dangerous to the twins, obviously, because of their age and their weight. The twins were born to Quaid and his wife on the 8th of November by a surrogate and are said to be in stable condition now at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

A controversial prayer group is devoting its energy to, of all people, Britney Spears. You heard me right. They are praying for Britney and other big stars. Here`s my question, should they be spending their time on more important things? We have the heated debate over praying for Hollywood. You won`t want to miss it. Also this.


CAMERON DIAZ, ACTRESS: They do. They come up to you. Everybody knows you. You know? But I don`t know who I really do know. It`s scary.


HAMMER: Well, think about that. It must be scary when strangers act like they know you and some people are now crossing the line from fan to fan addict. They`re your favorite stars, you follow their every move but when is it too much? And just what is it about celebrities that make us feel like we really know them? Tonight, we`re investigating fan addicts.

All right. Have you ever wondering who Caroline is Neil Diamond hit, "Sweet Caroline"? Well, that mystery has been solved. I`m here to tell you Neil himself spilling the beans. I`ve got to say it`s a great story. And you are familiar with this Caroline. Stay tuned. I`ll have that coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Praying for Hollywood." Tonight, a controversial prayer group is taking extraordinary steps to save the bad boys and girls of Hollywood.


COVELL: I believe there are a lot of people in Hollywood who are spiritually starving, who are personally starving.


HAMMER: But I`ve got to ask, does this plan have a prayer of working? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the fired up debate over praying for Hollywood.

Kanye West`s emotional tribute to his mom. Tonight, for the first time since his mom`s tragic death, the rapper speaks out at one of his concerts. You have just got to see this tape. Plus, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is right there as the stars come out for Donda West`s funeral.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City. Tonight, a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report. "Praying for Hollywood."

There`s big controversy tonight over a prayer group that`s trying to save Britney Spears and other troubled stars through the power of prayer. They actually think that prayer could save the bad girls and boys of Hollywood.

Joining me tonight in Hollywood, Karen Covell who is the director of the Hollywood Prayer Network. Also tonight in Hollywood, media expert and author Michael Levine. We`re going to get to both of them in just a moment. But first, a little background from CNN entertainment correspondent Corrine Winter for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


CORRINE WINTER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: The Dixie Chicks, DMX, Regis Philbin, Brad Pitt and even the cofounders of Google need prayer, or at least one Hollywood organization thinks so.

COVELL: I believe there are a lot of people in Hollywood who are spiritually starving, who are personally starving.

WINTER: Karen Covell runs the Hollywood Prayer Network, a group of 5,000 Christians who hand pick specific, rich and famous people to bow their heads for. The HPN co-sponsored a recent prayer breakfast where nearly 700 people showed up to eat, hear Christian singers and, of course, pray.

COVELL: We have two groups that we pray for. One is cultural influencers - the celebrities, the people that impacts everybody outside of Hollywood in some way. Then, we have the decision makers who are the ones really making the decisions in Hollywood. They`re the ones we pray for.

WINTER: At the breakfast, each person was given cards telling them who to pray for. And a daily calendar which lists the high profile person to pray for every day of the year. Today, it`s Sharon Stone and CBS Executive Nina Tassler.

MARILYN MCCOO: We are praying for those people have a major impact on the world. We`re praying for them that they would have a closer relationship with God because we feel like that will have a positive impact on everybody.

WINTER: Marilyn McCoo and her husband, Billy Davis, Jr., are probably best remembered as the `60s soul band The Fifth Dimension but as long-time Christians, they showed up singing a different tune.

MCCOO: The people who have so much are truly in need of prayer because they don`t think that they need God in their lives.

BILLY DAVIS, JR.: That`s right.

WINTER: Three celebs that come to mind are Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Their sometimes bizarre behavior has them being criticized almost daily by celebrity blogs and tabloids, and have been written off by many.

COVELL: I want to pray for them. I think they`re God`s children like anyone else and they`re in a really rough place in their life right now.

WINTER: HPN knows that for those outside of Hollywood, praying for A- listers who have so much when the rest of the world has so little may seem silly and sanctimonious.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The influence of Hollywood is incredible, so that`s why focus here because if you can focus on a place that has such an incredible and pervasive influence, you can really make change happen globally.

WINTER: A global impact that HPN believes can begin in the entertainment capital of the world, one star at a time.


HAMMER: So, can Britney Spears and other stars be saved with prayer? We`re back with Karen Covell, the director of the Hollywood Prayer Network. Also in Hollywood tonight, media expert and author Michael Levine. Karen and Michael, thank you for both being here.


HAMMER: Obviously, it is true. There are a lot of celebrities in Hollywood, that, well, quite frankly, need all the help that they can get. Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan - a few that we`ve mentioned. Karen, what do you think? Can your prayers really turn Britney Spears` life around?

COVELL: Well, we`re not praying just for Britney Spears or any just celebrity. But I believe prayer in general is powerful, and that`s why I do it. I think prayer can help anybody. And I hope it can encourage and lift up Britney.

HAMMER: But you`re devoting a lot of your energy and the energy of your group specifically towards some of the celebrities I named, correct?

COVELL: No. We pray for everybody in Hollywood from the person who can`t pay their rent because they`re a struggling artist and can`t make it, up to the person in a place where they`re so visible they can`t even live their own private life. So it`s real span between the two.

HAMMER: Michael Levine, they`re praying for everybody in Hollywood. Do you have any kind of a problem with what they`re doing here?

LEVINE: Well, just from a public relations point of view, I think they appear very sanctimonious and even a bit creepy to be very honest with you. And if Karen believes that is this public relations stunt is going to make most Americans take themselves, God and Christ more seriously, I think she is very mistaken.

It is an obvious PR stunt that they`re doing that I think it has exactly the wrong impression where it creates a kind of self righteous, moral righteousness that I think is a turnoff to a vast number of people.

HAMMER: Karen, a big PR stunt here?

COVELL: I have no idea what you`re talking about, Michael. There is such a difference between a PR stunt and actually caring for people. And honestly, as a producer myself in this industry, I think artists have a really hard life. And I want to try to encourage them while they`re living that life here. I have no idea how a PR stunt can be a part of that.

LEVINE: Well, Karen, you just - it just appears that by doing this, that you`re taking a morally righteous position over people who you don`t know. And it certainly does seem motivated by the media attention you`re getting. Karen -

COVELL: Why, I`m so sorry -

LEVINE: Hold on one second, Karen. Look, I suspect you want the pray for me because I`m Jewish and you think I`m going to hell so I -


LEVINE: If you choose to want to do that, that`s your prerogative. I`m just telling you as a media expert how you come across to a vast number of Americans.

LEVINE: Well, I`m so sorry if it comes that way. Because you know, we don`t pray against anybody. We don`t pray for people to be a certain way. What we`re praying for is for people to find joy in their life if they don`t feel that, if they can find hope, if they don`t have that.

I lift up Owen Wilson when my son loves him and is so sad that he tried to commit suicide. I want him to find joy in his life again. There is no PR. There`s nothing attached to that except I`m in a community of artists who live a hard life and I want to see our lives be encouraged and enriched.

LEVINE: Again, Karen, I don`t question your motives for a minute. Your heart may be as pure as snow. But I am telling you that your tactics are very, very misguided. Because, again, a lot of Americans see this as very sanctimonious, and, again, the word creepy has come to mind.

It just seems odd that you would be spending your time, particularly in a time of such - of great challenge in the world, a war and many other things, that you would be taking your time, you know, basically praying for people like Britney Spears and others who you don`t know and who haven`t asked for your help.

HAMMER: Karen, I have to say, a lot of people - when the story came up, a lot of people have said, you know, people obviously - anybody can pray for who they want to pray for. But a lot of people have said, yes, you know, we have a war going on. There`s world hunger. All of these other things and praying - all of these people devoting all these energy to Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan?

COVELL: Well, I think that`s why it`s wrong is that not devoting everything to them. We pray for people in the entertainment industry because we believe that everybody`s got value. And we believe in the power of prayer.

I`m not here to convince anybody about whether they believe in prayer or not. I just do. I have an 8-year-old who had a tumor when he was 8. And he`s fine now and I believe the power of prayer helped to heal him.

HAMMER: Have you seen any evidence that the power of prayer that your group has put forward in Hollywood has helped anything going on in Hollywood or anybody?

COVELL: Oh, yes. I do. We pray for people with cancer and they`re OK now. We pray for people who are going through a terrible time financially and then something -


HAMMER: Any specific stars or Hollywood people we would know that you`re devoting the energy towards that this is helping?

COVELL: Well, we pray for anybody who needs it at any point. We pray for people who call us and ask for a prayer. If somebody is going through a tough time, we pray for -


HAMMER: All right. Guys, I`m sorry. I`m out of time here. It is all very interesting to contemplate, but I appreciate you both being here. Karen Covell, Michael Levine, thank you so much.

COVELL: Thanks.

LEVINE: Thank you.

HAMMER: And we`ve asking for you to sound off on this, too. It is our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - Saving Britney Spears: Can the power of prayer save make a difference? You can vote at The e-mail address From your desktop, or your laptop, whatever device you have, tell us whatever you`d like.

Well, tonight, as his mom is laid to rest, Kanye West is speaking out for the very first time since her shocking and tragic death. And he`s lashing out at his critics. Stars joined the rapper in Oklahoma City today for Donda West`s funeral. She died on November 10th after having cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles.

Now, Kanye has continued his world tour and some people haven`t really understood why he would do that. But tonight, we`ve got the emotional tape of Kanye explaining his controversial decision. Check out this heartfelt speech that he gave right in the middle of a Sunday concert in Brussels, Belgium.


KANYE WEST, MUSIC SUPERSTAR: There`s nothing that she loved more than to come to the shows and scream louder than any fan, because she was my first fan that was screaming before anybody else. My first manager ...


HAMMER: Then, during the concert, he also dedicated that journey song "Don`t Stop Believing" to his mother. I`ve got to say, pretty brave of Kanye to just keep on touring. Obviously, such a sad story, but Kanye, a very strong guy. I know he`s going to bounce back bigger than ever.

And coming up, tonight, why do we feel such a personal connection to stars? Can these intense feelings turn into dangerous obsessions?


DIAZ: They do. They come up to you. Everybody knows you. You know? So, I don`t know who I really do know. It`s scary.


HAMMER: Yes. I`ve got to say, I agree with Cameron Diaz. It can be scary. Tonight I`m investigating when fans turn into fan addicts.

And this story got me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. You heard that these Hannah Montana tickets are going for a fortune. Tonight, I`m going to tell you about a guy who gave his away for nothing to a very needy family. That is coming up.

If that doesn`t get you feeling so good, so good, how about this? Neil Diamond finally revealed exactly who his hit song "Sweet Caroline" is about. I literally am on the edge of my seat. Get ready. That is coming up, too.

And now, you can watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT any time at all by downloading the wonderful SHOWBIZ TONIGHT podcast. It`s absolutely free. You`ll find the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT podcast on the web site You can also download it on iTunes by typing "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" in the search box. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, coming right back.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Man, it`s a song I`ve heard so many times at all the bar mitzvahs I`ve ever been to, the weddings. Even the Boston Red Sox have adopted it as their unofficial anthem.

Tonight, I can hardly believe it. Forty years after it became a monster, massive hit, Neil Diamond finally revealing the inspiration behind "Sweet Caroline."


HAMMER: Oh, yes, Neil kept that secret so good, so good, until now. He says that the song was written for President John F. Kennedy`s daughter, Caroline, after he saw the young girl in a magazine article. The so-called Jewish Elvis - you`ve got to love the sparkly shirts - said he wrote the song in about an hour, but he never wanted to tell Caroline it was about her. That`s her on the right in this photo from 1967.

He didn`t want to tell her until he met her. Well, he got to do that last week when he sang "Sweet Caroline" via satellite for her 50th birthday party. And I`m thinking now that we solved that mystery, the biggest music mystery left is who`s Carly Simon really dissing in "You`re So Vain"? We have our theories, we have our ideas, but we`re not exactly sure. Was Carly singing about a star who`s into himself in that song?

Now, onto fans who are really into their favorite stars. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigating fans and their addictions. I mean, from TV shows to magazines, the gossip blogs, fans can now follow their every move. But tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is asking - when does star gazing go too far and why do they feel so personally connected? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates, fan addicts.


LISA KUDROW, ACTRESS: Oh, look. It`s Ross` hair cut.


HAMMER (voice over): They were friends for over a decade.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I`m just going to propose.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: It sounds perfect.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: You`re going to mess it up. Let me go.

HAMMER: It was as if Joey, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe(ph) were just down the street waiting for you to join them for a cup of Joe as Central Perk.

CARLIN FLORA, "PSYCHOLOGY TODAY": We`re built to view people we recognize as acquaintances so it`s almost on an unconscious level if you watch a lot of TV and you have all these characters in your head on a deep level, you think they`re also your friends. So you sort of feel more socially satisfied.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that this satisfaction deepens as the trials and tribulations of real life celebrities become more and more available to us. Whether knowingly, like the former newlyweds of reality TV -



SIMPSON: Our dumpling`s gooey a little.

HAMMER: Or unknowingly, like the magazine photos that prove celebrities put their pants on one leg at a time just like us. Right?

FLORA: The more detail that you know about someone, the more absorbed you become and the more emotionally attached you become. So now, you know, if you want to know everything about Jessica Simpson, you can go on the Internet. You can learn about her home or what she wears. You can read magazines, look at cable. The more details you amass, the more you want.

ZACH BRAFF, ACTOR: They sort of address you like their long-lost buddy.

HAMMER: Zach Braff is just one of the stars who has seen how friendly the public can be. And for celebrity involved, it can be overwhelming. Cameron Diaz tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT how she feels about fans playing the "I know you" role with her.

DIAZ: They do. They come up to you. Everybody knows you, you know. So I don`t know who I really do know. It is scary.

HAMMER: So, is there a right way and a wrong way for the public to deal with this attachment to their celebrity friends?

DIAZ: Everybody knows me.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT picks the brain of "Psychology Today`s" Carlin Flora to see where the sense of friendship comes from.

FLORA: So our brain actually plays a trick on us. We are built to view anyone that we recognize as an acquaintance. So, on sort of a deep level, we think these people are in our tribe, right? And because of that, we want to gossip about them, the same way we want to gossip about our friends and our family.

HAMMER: It`s shocking but true. Our brain is to blame. But what about the media?

FLORA: The media feeds into these natural tendencies. We have, again, you know, to follow high status people, to copy them. To know what`s going on with people whom we think we know. So, you know, to blame it on the media is too simplistic. It`s really, you know, it`s certainly feeds into those tendencies, but it`s not the whole story.

HAMMER: Carlin tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that teenagers who are well versed in celebrity gossip are actually more popular with stronger social networking. Can it be? Does our friendship with celebrities actually bring us closer together as a society?

FLORA: No matter what social class you come from, no matter where you grew up, we can all talk about Britney Spears, we can all talk about what happened on "American Idol." And it sort of brings us together and helps us, you know, kind of talk about our own values and own beliefs through those common stories such as, you know, what happened with Britney`s marriage.

HAMMER: But before you go on boasting about your best friend Brit, remember, no one loves a bragger or a stalker.

FLORA: Understand that you`re kind of built to do this. But at the same time, you know, evaluate, am I spending too much time on this? You know, is my obsession with celebrities leading me to feel unsatisfied with the things that I have?

HAMMER: But as long as it`s doesn`t get to the point of obsession, have fun with your celebrity friends. And, hey, it could even help you make new friends.

FLORA: It is a way to get to know each other, at least as a jumping off point.


HAMMER: Well, Carlin also points out that looking up to a celebrity, somebody like Oprah Winfrey, for example, is actually a good thing, because she motivates us to do good. Unlike Paris Hilton who, of course, is famous for, well, being famous and doing time.

Well, I know there are plenty "Hannah Montana" fan addicts out there. And tonight, such a great story - a guy decided to give the "Hannah Montana tickets away for nothing.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I cannot think of two girls who are more deserving than you two to have two free tickets to "Hannah Montana."



HAMMER: Talk about an early holiday present. You`ve got to stick around. It`s an extraordinary story. It`s going to make you feel all warm and fuzzy, next.

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HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. I love this story, especially with the holidays just around the corner. Tonight, a Tampa, Florida, man made two little girls` dreams come true by giving them free "Hannah Montana" tickets.

It doesn`t get better than this. You probably have heard that these are the hottest tickets around. Scalpers have been charging hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a chance to see "Hannah Montana" live. "Hannah Montana" is a super huge Disney Channel show, and it stars Mily Cyrus. This guy was all set to take his daughter to see the sold-out show, but when she got sick, he decided to find a needy family to give them to for nothing.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, I tell you what. I cannot think of two girls who are more deserving than you two to have two free tickets to "Hanna Montana."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE CHILD: Thank you so much. We were just about to leave and this nice man over there gave me and my sister two free tickets and I`m very happy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When I saw her crying, I started to tear up a little bit. Man, I just felt so great. It means that much to the kids. Bring a little joy and maybe get a little joy in return one day.


HAMMER: Yes, I think her face said it all. It turns out, that the girls` mom is on disability. Couldn`t actually afford the tickets so she brought them to enjoy all the pre-show stuff that was going on outside the concert. But that guy got them inside.

Well, on Monday, we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - The troubled Osmonds: Do you feel sorry for them? Here`s how the voting went - 35 percent of you said yes, you do. Sixty-five percent of you said no, you don`t.

Among the e-mails we got, we heard from Heidi of Minnesota. Heidi writes, "I don`t feel sorry for the Osmonds. They are a normal family like the rest of us. We all have problems in our lives."

And Kathy from Wisconsin thinks, "On the contrary, I don`t feel sorry for them. I admire and respect them, more now than ever before."

It is time now to find out what is coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Well, Wednesday, I hope you`re ready, because we are really getting into the thanksgiving swing of things and talking turkey, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT style. Yes, we are picking the most outrageous things celebrities have done this year, the most shocking events that made us say, "What a turkey!" And we are going to get our money`s worth from that sound effect. That`s on Wednesday.

Also Wednesday, before you get stuffed, get your fill of some really provocative movies. Holiday movie season`s kicking off. We`ve got some really fired up reviews of the most controversial films and stars out there. Don`t spend your hard-earned movie bucks without checking that out on Wednesday.

That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. The latest from "CNN HEADLINE NEWS" is coming up next.