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Encore - Power to the Women

Aired December 27, 2007 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: The first wife. The starter wife. How do these Hollywood ladies deal with seeing their ex-husbands start new lives with new wives?
And a revealing look at the older women who are ditching movies and getting big TV roles. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. A special edition of TV`s most provocative entertainment news show, "Power to the Women," starts right now.

On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the secrets of moms who rock. From Gwen Stefani, to Madonna, to Melissa Etheridge. How do the hottest women in music do it all? Juggling life on the road with raising children.


MELISSA ETHERIDGE, SINGER: You have to put family first, period.


HAMMER: Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the no-nonsense and surprising revelations of moms who rock.

The power of curves. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the Hollywood stars who are embracing their curves, from terrific Tyra, to America the beautiful. And we say, way to go, ladies. The amazing stars who are proving that scary skinny is out. And curvaceous is cool. Tonight, a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Power to the Women."


Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City. Tonight, a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Power to the Women." You know, there are so many smart, beautiful, powerful women in Hollywood that don`t get the credit that they deserve, as far as I`m concerned. From older actresses to who are reinventing their careers to curvy stars saying no to that size zero standard. Tonight, we`re devoting a blockbuster, an entire hour to these stars who are proving the power of women.

And first up, it`s moms who rock. You know, there are so many rocker moms out there who are juggling an amazing amount of responsibility - their music careers, their family, their sanity. But how do they do it? Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson investigates moms who know how to rock `n roll.


BROOKE ANDERSON, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CO-HOST: There`s no doubt about it, the ladies of rock know how to work it. They are sexy, talented, driven, and now for a growing number of them, they are moms.

ALEX WAGNER, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, "FADER MAGAZINE": There are a number of women in rock today that have been really aggressive about their music careers and with the same kind of passion they are taking up families.

ANDERSON: These women bring new meaning to the phrase "Hot Mama" - Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Gloria Estefan, Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, Bjork, Macy Gray, the list goes on and on. Let`s face it, most women struggle to balance motherhood and work. But it`s even more extreme for female rockers. They have to tour the world for their job, and they have to look like this.

WAGNER: I think if you have been really aggressive about your career and you`ve really been out there in the public eye, taking time off is a really difficult thing to do. There`s always these questions like, will I have the energy, will I be able to balance family and home, will I be able to go on the road? I think Madonna has been completely uncompromising.

ANDERSON: Madonna is the proud mother of three beautiful children, daughter Lourdes, son Rocco, and a new addition to their family, little David Banda, whom she recently adopted from Malawi.

WAGNER: She`s made very, very distinct decisions about what she wants to do and how she wants to do it.

ANDERSON: Another female musician who has been a trailblazer in motherhood, Melissa Etheridge.


WAGNER: Melissa Etheridge has been, you know, a pioneer with the music she makes, then deciding that she was going to come out of the closet, having a female partner. And then, you know, when she decided she wanted to adopt kids, she just shattered the idea of sort of the nuclear family and she did it with aplomb.

ANDERSON: Etheridge tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT being a mom is her number one job.

MELISSA ETHERIDGE, ROCKER: Whatever comes across, whatever is great for your career, whatever - you have to consider your family first.

ANDERSON: Etheridge has four kids, ranging from 10 years old to just one year old.

ETHERIDGE: It`s a balance, and you have to make the choices and you have to love those choices.

ANDERSON: Someone who strikes that balance beautifully is style icon and chart topping rocker Gwen Stefani.

WAGNER: Of all the pop stars that have kind of decided to jump on board the motherhood ship, I think Gwen Stefani has really done it the most successfully.

ANDERSON: She`s got her music career, fashion line and now a beautiful little boy, Kingston.

STEFANI: He`s the most spectacular, most delicious and most beautiful baby in the universe.

WAGNER: Gwen Stefani made the decision to be a mother. And it was like right after that; she turned right around and went back on the road.

ANDERSON: Right back on the road. Really, how in the world does a new mom go on tour with a new baby boy? Well, she told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT her secret.

STEFANI: He`s 16 months. He`s been with me everywhere. He`s already been on 30 flights around the world. We just toured the world together.

ANDERSON: What a lucky baby. And Gwen isn`t the only one who thinks it`s A-OK to take the kids along on the road. Platinum singing sensation Gloria Estefan tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT it`s actually the secret to her tight knit family.

GLORIA ESTEFAN, SINGER: My family is with me wherever I go on the road. I`ve taken my kids to work with me. They have always been with me. I think separation is the problem. Whenever you are separated from your spouse or from your kids, that`s when things, you know, can happen and mayhem can ensue.

ANDERSON: And mayhem can be an unfortunate reality for some rocker moms. Rock and roller Courtney Love has had a rough go as a mom to teenage daughter, Frances Bean, whom she had with music icon Kurt Cobain.

COURTNEY LOVE, SINGER: It was one of the worst things a mother could possibly go through.

ANDERSON: Love`s daughter was taken away from her twice because of her repeated drug use. But after some serious, real serious rehab, Love says she and her daughter are building a new life together.

LOVE: She is doing extremely well. She`s one of the most popular kids in school. She maintains a straight A average, never kissed a boy.

ANDERSON: That`s a welcome relief. We were worried. Another not so shining mom in the music business - you guessed it - the infamous Britney Spears. The Britney express is chugging full speed ahead to train wreck town. But her two young sons are not going along for the ride. Her ex- hubby, Kevin Federline, is fighting for full custody of those kids. He`s gone to court to say she`s unfit to be a mother.

WAGNER: In a lot of ways, when you see mothers who can`t do it all and who do have their problems, it is kind of relieving for the American mother who`s like I can`t deal with it either.

ANDERSON: And the beauty of it all, Britney may one day pull it together. Until then, we see plenty of other strong, beautiful songstresses who are rocking the mom thing big time.

WAGNER: When you have people like Madonna and Gwen Stefani devoting themselves really fundamentally to being a mother and then come back and are still the pop stars that they used to be, just striking punches harder than they ever did before, it`s incredibly inspiring.


HAMMER: And we can add two more rocking moms-to-be to that list - Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera. Well, those moms may rock hard core, but of course, they`re not the only ones. Our special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Power to the Women" continues now by recognizing a new, inspiring Hollywood trend, older women who are reinventing their careers.


HOLLY HUNTER, ACTRESS: Let`s see if there`s a bullet wound under all that crap you got on.

ANDERSON (voice over): Hollywood`s hottest most-talented older actresses are leaving the movie industry behind and kicking some major butt on television.

TIM STACK, "ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY": With these roles they actually are the stars, and they are really challenging roles.

ANDERSON: Challenging roles for actresses who are seasoned, sexy and pricey as hell.

KYRA SEDGEWICK, ACTRESS: I have a lot of questions about what happened here, and I don`t need this crowd trying to bully me.

EMMA ROSENBLUM, "NEW YORK" MAGAZINE: A lot of times, actresses can`t find meaty roles in Hollywood and they are a lot of times relegated to the role of the feisty grandmother.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Where`s the beef?

ANDERSON: You won`t find any grandma tendencies with these ladies. They`re taking a no-bull approach to their careers.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If were you a man I`d kick the living dog (EXPLETIVE DELETED) out of you.

GLENN CLOSE, ACTRESS: If you were a man, I`d be worried.

ANDERSON: Glenn Close`s character is just about as no bull as a woman can get. She plays the cut-throat attorney on FX`s new show, "Damages". And speaking of cut throat -

HUNTER: You`re going to lose this game.

ANDERSON: TNT`s "Saving Grace" star Holly Hunter takes on just about anyone who gets in her way.

HUNTER: Don`t you think we`re ever going to give up.

ANDERSON: She plays a tough alcoholic cop who`s grappling with some very personal demons. It`s one of the meatiest roles right now on TV.

STACK: What`s great is that there are all these roles available on television now; very challenging roles, interesting, complex women.

ANDERSON: And Kyra Sedgwick`s role on TNT`s "The Closer" is proof that it pays off. "The Closer" was the most watched season premiere on cable television.

SEDGWICK: I thought we agreed to keep snacks with processed sugar out of the murder room!

ANDERSON: She plays a sweet but no nonsense detective thriving in a man`s world.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are my nuts allowed in here?

SEDGWICK: Do they have sugar on them, Lieutenant?

ANDERSON: She tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she loves her role.

SEDGWICK: For me, I mean, it`s a great part that encompasses a lot of complexities and differences.

ANDERSON: And she won a Golden Globe for her efforts to boot.

SEDGWICK: What could be better than that?

ANDERSON: What could be better? Well, the fact that these trailblazing women are changing the face of television.

STACK: I think the fact that they`re going to TV just shows sort of that the shame of like moving the television is dissipating. It`s no longer this medium that`s like lesser than film. It`s equal if not, I think, better.

ANDERSON: Better for Sally Field for sure. She just won an Emmy for her role on ABC`s "Brothers and Sisters."

SALLY FIELD, ACTRESS: Isn`t this nice?

ANDERSON: It sure is, Sally. She tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT more women are getting roles on TV because that`s where the juicy parts are.

FIELD: They`re wonderful shows. With really complex, meaty characters, who are no longer young. They are actors. That`s what they do. They go where the roles are.

ANDERSON: "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that she couldn`t agree more with Sally Field.

EVA LONGORIA, ACTRESS: Television is a great format for women. There`s way more roles on television for women than there are in movies.

ROSENBLUM: It`s nice they have this platform.

ANDERSON: And what`s even nicer? Television is breaking all kinds of stereotypes. That`s what "Ugly Betty" Judith Light tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

JUDITH LIGHT, ACTRESS: We`re alive. We do really good work. We look good.

ANDERSON: Oh, yes. The seasoned women of Hollywood look really good. Eat your hearts out, movie stars. The best part of all, the ladies of television are getting way more exposure.

STACK: They`re reaching audiences of, you know, millions each week, which, you know, with a film they might get that total.

ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is here to tell you just because a sexy star is getting a little older, her career is nowhere near over.

STACK: TV is no longer like the fallback. TV can be the career maker.


HAMMER: Absolutely, do not underestimate the power of older actresses. Also tonight, the power of curves. We`ve got stars that are proving that super skinny is out. And curves are in. I think this is a terrific message they`re sending. That`s at 30 minutes past the hour. We`ll also have this.


JILL DOBSON, "STAR" MAGAZINE: If you think being a first wife is hard, try being a first wife in Hollywood. Every time your man dates someone else or marries someone else, you have to see it on the cover of every magazine on every newsstand you walk by.


First wife, the starter wife - whatever you want to call them. I can only imagine how hard it has to be to see their ex-husbands starting new lives with new wives. I mean, really, how do they deal with that? I`ve got a revealing look at the first wives club. That`s coming up.

And just how do Hollywood marriages even work? You know, think about it, with the paparazzi and the non-stop pressure, you got to admit, it`s pretty amazing that anyone can stay together in Hollywood. Well, the biggest stars are revealing their shocking secrets to making a Hollywood marriage work. That`s coming up. This special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Power to the Women," continues right after this.


HAMMER: Welcome back to this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Power to the Women." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And all this hour, we are given a much-deserved shout-out to all the women who are making a big difference in Hollywood.

Now, we all know that Hollywood couples fall in love and get married, and then they get divorced in a New York minute, often leaving stunned and bitter exes behind. How does the first wives club, talking about the women who were the first to walk down the aisle with some of Hollywood`s leading men. How do they deal with seeing their exes with new women? Here`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson.


JILL DOBSON, "STAR" MAGAZINE: If you think being a first wife is hard, try being a first wife in Hollywood. Every time your man dates someone else or marries someone else, you have to see it on the cover of every magazine, of every newsstand you walk by.

ANDERSON: And Brad Pitt`s first wife, Jennifer Anniston, knows that tune all too well. After their divorce in January 2005, Brad wasted no time getting over Jen.

DOBSON: Jen famously said that Brad was missing a sensitivity chip when their relationship ended, and that was clear by how quickly he entered in full-fledge family with Angelina.

ANDERSON: In a matter of months, Brad was hot and heavy with "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" co-star Angelina Jolie. The Jolie-Pitt clan is hard to escape. No one will ever know how the first Mrs. Pitt really feels about her ex, but she let the world know that life would go on.

COOPER LAWRENCE, RELATIONSHIP EXPERT: Jennifer Aniston got herself on the cover of "Vanity Fair", immediately, to let us all know she is fine, she looks great and she is OK. Now, imagine having to do that.

ANDERSON: Hollywood is full of first wives. Ivana Trump is one of the more famous. Her status as the first Mrs. Donald Trump - Marla and Melania followed respectively - even scored Ivana a cameo in the comedy hit, "The First Wives Club."

IVANA TRUMP: Don`t get mad. Get everything.

ANDERSON: And actress Amy Irving took that advice to heart. Amy, first wife to director Steven Spielberg, walked away with a cool $100 million of Spielberg`s fortune. A payout that might have lessened the pain of seeing Steven remarry and live happily ever after with second wife, Kate Capshaw, and their six children.

Other first wives might take the "sweet revenge" approach, perhaps best portrayed in the Hollywood hit "The First Wives Club."

BETTE MIDLER, ACTRESS: I want him dumped - by little Miss Midriff, by that Stairmaster, Loreal, crotch jockey, in front of everyone in the Western Hemisphere, on the 6:00 news. OK?

ANDERSON: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has another first wife who may echo Bette Midler`s thoughts exactly. Mary Jo Eustace watched as Tori Spelling ran away with her husband, Dean McDermott.

DOBSON: Dean McDermott was married to his wife Mary Jo for more than a decade. He`s an actor and he met Tori Spelling on TV movie that he shot with her. And immediately, the fireworks flew. Tori and Dean`s relationship moved very quickly. They got engaged right away, got married right away, and just recently had their first baby.

DIANE KEATON, ACTRESS: Well, I gave Darren(ph) a home and I gave him a daughter. I washed his shorts. I ironed them and I starched them.


MIDLER: You did?

KEATON: Yes. Well, I mean, I supervised.

LAWRENCE: We made the guy what he is. We put him together, we trained him, we cut his hair, we dressed him, and he`s fabulous. And now she gets him. She gets the benefit of our hard work.

ANDERSON: Heather Locklear and former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres are two more members of the first wives club who had to watch as their hubbies said bye-bye to them, and hello to the next Mrs. Right. Heather is wife number one to Bon Jovi`s Richie Sambora.

DOBSON: It appeared Richie left Heather for her best friend Denise Richards.

ANDERSON: Former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres feels that pain. She married Latin singing sensation Marc Anthony, not once, but twice.

DOBSON: Very quickly after his marriage ended with Dayanara, within months, he was with Jennifer Lopez and walking down the aisle, again.

ANDERSON: So SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has an idea for the first wives of Hollywood. Unite!

HAWN: I mean, if all the first wives in the world got together, what else do we need?

MIDLER: Just one amazing attorney.

DOBSON: First wives of Hollywood, here`s my advice to you. Follow Ivana`s motto - don`t get mad, get everything.

ANDERSON: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has your leader. Demi Moore, first wife to Bruce Willis and now first wife to Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 years her junior.

LAWRENCE: She didn`t wallow. She looks better than ever, and she is with this much younger, really hot guy, that anyone of us would be thrilled to be with. So she is a really good example of a first wife that just spun it on him.

KEATON: First wives club, come to order.


HAMMER: That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson. And here now, a little first wife trivia for you. Who was Tom Cruise` famous first wife? Well, it is actress Mimi Rogers. The couple got married in 1986; they divorced in 1990. Tom`s second wife, of course, was Nicole Kidman. Now he, of course, is hitched to Katie Holmes.

All right. So, just how do Hollywood marriages work, the ones that do? With the paparazzi, the nonstop pressure, it`s pretty amazing that anyone even stays together in Hollywood. Well, tonight, the big stars revealing their shocking secrets to making a Hollywood marriage work. That`s coming up. I`ve also got this -


JENNIFER HUDSON, SINGER AND ACTRESS: Sometimes I get asked, do you feel pressured to be a size zero or a size two? No, I feel pressured to hold on to my jelly.


HAMMER: Her jelly or whatever you want to call it. I got to tell you, I think Jennifer Hudson is absolutely beautiful. Tonight, "The Power Of Curves." We`ve got the stars who are proving that super skinny is out; curves are in. It`s a great message these ladies are sending. And we`ve got it, "The Power of Curves." Coming up.

And speaking of great messages, "Heroes" star, Hayden Panettiere, one of my absolute favorite young stars. She`s just 18 years old. But man, you`ve got to hear what she has to say. She has some really great advice for young Hollywood to stay out of trouble. That coming up next.

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HAMMER: Well, Hayden Panettiere certainly has a lot of power on one of my favorite TV shows, NBC`s "Heroes." She, of course, plays the cheerleader. She can instantly regenerate, just recover from any of her injuries.

I`ll tell you that in real life, Hayden, even though these only 18 years old, is a really empowering woman. Now that she`s a big star, the paparazzi have just been hounding her, watching her every move. But you know, out of control young Hollywood should listen up., because she told our Brooke Anderson some great advice for keeping her name out of the tabloids.


HAYDEN PANETTIERE, "HEROES" STAR: You try to find all the ways possible to keep your personal life personal, because, you know, I`m here to act. I`m here to do what I love to do. I`m here to create a show for people to enjoy. I`m not here to have my, you know, personal life everywhere.

If I wanted to do that, I`d be on a reality show called "Hayden" or something like that. But you just try to handle it. You know going into it, that that`s part of the job, that`s part of the deal. And you just try to go about your life and live it to the best you can. You come up with little ways to avoid it sometimes.


HAMMER: Hey, you know what they say on "Heroes," save the cheerleader -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Save the world!

HAMMER: Right. It seems like Hayden has saved herself, so there actually may be some hope for Lindsay, Paris and Britney.

Well, Hayden is also really comfortable with her body image. And tonight, I`m saluting the other actresses who are totally cool with their curves, "The Power of Curves." We`ve got the stars that are proving super skinny is out, curves are in. I think it`s a terrific message. That`s coming up next. Also this -

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) LEAH REMINI, ACTRESS: I think the thing you have to remember with the men is they just need to eat and have sex, and if you just do those things, you`ll be OK.


HAMMER: OK. So just how do Hollywood marriages work? You know, they have the paparazzi, all the nonstop pressure surrounding them. I think it`s amazing that anyone stays together in Hollywood. Well, tonight, the biggest stars are revealing their shocking secrets to making a Hollywood marriage work. That is coming up.

And it is definitely one of the hottest trends in Hollywood. Older women - people call them cougars - getting younger guys. I want to know how do these couples make it work. That is coming up. This special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Power to the Women," coming back after this.



HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, who says you have to be a size zero to be number one? It`s just not true. Just ask Jennifer Hudson.


JENNIFER HUDSON, ACTRESS: Sometimes I get asked, do you feel pressured to be a size zero or a size two? No. I feel pressured to hold on to my jelly.


HAMMER: I just love her and all of the curvaceous, talented beautiful women of Hollywood who are proving that scary skinny is out and real is in. "The Power of Curves," coming up.

Making it work. Some of the most famous women out there have found a way to make their relationships work, balancing family and career, even while they`re in the spotlight. But how do they do it? Well, tonight, a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Power to the Women."

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And tonight, we`re paying special tribute to the beautiful, inspiring, powerful women of Hollywood, "Power to the Women."

We continue our tribute tonight with "The Power of Curves." Everybody is always talking about how the women of Hollywood have set the size zero standard. Well, guess what? That is simply not the case anymore.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is here to tell you, some of Hollywood`s most talented, sexiest stars are embracing their curves. Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson - these lovely ladies are setting a liberating standard for women everywhere. Here`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson.


ANDERSON (voice over): They are breaking the body image stereotypes of Hollywood. Curvaceous, voluptuous actresses working what God gave them with confidence, attitude and major sex appeal.

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": There are a lot of women in Hollywood - actresses, musician, TV personalities - that really embrace their curves.

ANDERSON: So just did who did SHOWBIZ TONIGHT choose as the women who proved the power of curves. We start with the queen of curvaceousness, Tyra Banks.

JESSICA WEINER, SELF ESTEEM EXPERT: Tara resonates with the every woman because of her attitude, energy and acceptance around her body.

ANDERSON: She doesn`t hide the fact that her 5` 10" frame weighs 160 pounds. Tyra is comfortable being for real, even in the face of big-time criticism.

WEINER: There was a picture floating around of her wearing a bathing suit that maybe wasn`t so flattering. I think every woman stood up and applauded when she walked out there in her bathing suit and took on the paparazzi photos head on.

TYRA BANKS, HOST, "THE TYRA BANKS SHOW": I thought like this picture was so outrageous that I wanted to do something equally outrageous as standing here extremely vulnerable in the same swim suit.

WEINER: I mean, every woman could appreciate the fact that she told the truth and she accepted what her body was like.

BANKS: I look at this picture and I think it is curvy. I think it`s beautiful. I think it is hot. I think it is sexy.


ANDERSON: The woman is proud of what she`s got. Tyra tells me she knows what the pressure to be skinny is all about.

BANKS: I was even told when I was 123 pounds to lose ten pounds and to go to 113 because at my height - at 5 ft. 10 - because I was so curvy, and they were like that`s just too much. We want less.

Hopefully things are changing, hopefully with Beyonce on the cover of "Sports Illustrated" looking so curvalicious in like - those hips and that waist -

ANDERSON: Like her song "Bootilicious."

BANKS: And she`s looking so bootilicious and very gorgeous.


ANDERSON: That brings us to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s next woman who is proving the power of curves, the bootilicious Beyonce.

SERAFIN: Ah Beyonce. She is curvy. She is beautiful. She is confident. She really embraces all the things that every woman, every young girl should look up to.

ANDERSON: And how can you not look up to a woman who is obviously secure in her beauty, even if she isn`t the standard size zero of Hollywood?

WEINER: Hands down, all of the teenagers that I worked with, Beyonce tops their list of celebrities they would like to aspire to be like.

ANDERSON: And the "Dream Girls" star tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she is A-OK with that role.

BEYONCE: I do know I am a role model for people that are not the perception of what beautiful is. Some people are naturally thin and it looks great. And some people are naturally thicker or heavier or curvier or whatever you want to call it.

ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT wants to call it beautiful. She isn`t the only fantastically curvy dream girl. The phenomenal, the stunning, Jennifer Hudson is also on "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s" list of woman proving the power of curves.

WEINER: Jennifer Hudson is a huge inspiration to many girls and women out there. And not just because she won the Academy Award, but because she won the Academy Award being exactly who she is.

ANDERSON: And Hudson knows exactly who she is. She tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT she won`t change for anyone.

HUDSON: Sometimes I get asked do you feel pressured to be a size zero or two? No, I feel pressured to hold on to my jelly because I love it and I want to stay the same. And this is who I have been my whole life. Why should I change?

ANDERSON: We`ve known and loved Hudson and her beautiful curves since her "American Idol" days. But she`s not the only idol to make SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s list of women proving the power of curves.


ANDERSON: Jordin Sparks won last season`s American Idol with her incredible voice and unforgettable stage presence.


WEINER: Jordin Sparks is an amazing role model for girls and women out there. And I want to remind everybody, in Hollywood terms, we call her plus size. But in the real world, Jordin Sparks is nothing like that.


ANDERSON (on camera): You know, Jessica, bring up a great point. Can we just stop this story down for just a second. Let`s have a reality check here. Jordin Sparks is a size 12. That is not plus size. That`s the average size for a woman in America. OK. I`m done. Continue, Jessica.


WEINER: When you are a celebrity out there, whether you like it or not, you`re a role model. And when you can really love and accept your own body, that really resonates for your audience.

ANDERSON: And the bottom line is that these curvaceous women are shining examples that a woman doesn`t have to be a size zero to be beautiful. Look around in Hollywood, America Ferrera, Scarlett Johansson, Mariah Carey, Grey`s Anatomy`s Sara Ramirez, Catherine Zeta-Jones, the list goes on. It just goes to show curvaceous is in. It`s a revolution that`s gaining momentum, and Tyra Banks is at the helm.

BANKS: The people think that super skinny is better. It`s always going to be here. So I`m trying to empower women to be strong in that storm, to be able to look in the mirror and say oh, my gosh, I`m beautiful.

WEINER: Young girls and women see 600 to 700 media images a day. As an audience, we have to feel good in our own bodies, within our own lives. And when you can do that, you`re going to feel a lot better no matter what images are coming at you in magazines or on television.


HAMMER: So absolutely true, thanks to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson. And the list of curvy powerful women just wouldn`t be complete if we didn`t bring up the amazing Queen Latifah and of course, Oprah. Some of the most famous women in the world and in Hollywood are saying enough is enough. They`re teaming up for a peace treaty on the war on the way women feel badly about their bodies. I say it`s about time. That`s coming up next. We`ll also have this -


LEAH REMINI, ACTRESS: I think the thing you have to remember with the men is they just need to eat and have sex, and if you just do those things, you`ll be OK.


Is it really that simple? Well, it sounds like good advice. Coming up, making it work, Hollywood style. How do some of the biggest female stars make their marriages work in the spotlight. We`ve got that on the way.

And speaking of making it work, some women say younger men is the way it go. We`re not just talking Demi and Ashton here. A lot of stars have found love with younger men. So what is the allure, and can it really work out? That`s just ahead as this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Power to the Women," continues.


HAMMER: Welcome back to this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Power to the Women." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. OK, we always seem to be talking about shocking star breakup it`s and divorces. But you know, there are Hollywood couples that do work. Really, it`s true.

In fact, tonight, I`m getting some of Hollywood`s biggest leading ladies to really open up about their romances. Beyonce, Catherine Zeta- Jones, Kelly Preston, all spilling their explosive secrets only to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about how they are making their relationships work.


HAMMER: As the story goes, Michael Douglas took one look at the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones in "Zorro" and decided one day she would be his wife. Seven years of marriage and two children later, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, Catherine is definitely making it work with Michael. She told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson that respect and fun are the winning combination.

CATHERINE ZETA-JONES: We like each other a lot. And obviously, it`s always a start, right? But, I mean, we`re kind to each other. We never take each other for granted. We`re kind and nice and respectful to each other. And we have fun. And I think that`s the bottom line, just keep having fun.

HAMMER: Of course, Catherine Zeta-Jones isn`t the only Hollywood actress making it work with a famous husband and keeping it firm. Take Kelly Preston and John Travolta; these two make it look so easy.

Kelly and John have been married for, are you ready for this - 16 years! That`s a miracle by Hollywood standards, especially for a high- profile couple. So I asked Kelly Preston about her secrets for success in love.

KELLY PRESTON, ACTRESS: We`ve really got a lot - a very solid core. And we keep it fun. We have date nights. You know, you`ve just got to - The two of you got to check in regularly and keep it creative.

HAMMER: Is there any part of it that you guys find to be the biggest struggle?

PRESTON: I think, you know, everybody has ups and downs, but it`s been a pretty amazing 16 years, I`ve got to say.

HAMMER: Ups and downs are definitely nothing new for a country music singer, even one who happens to be married to on Oscar winner. Nicole Kidman and country music star Keith Urban had a bumpy first year following their marriage in June of 2006. Keith battled alcohol addiction and checked into rehab. But they`ve hung in there and Kidman quietly told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that the two of them follow one simple philosophy.

NICOLE KIDMAN, ACTRESS: Be kind to each other. Yes, be kind. I mean, he`s your best friend, you know. So, yes, we`re very protective and kind to each other.

HAMMER: The best friend`s idea has done another country star a wealth of good in her love life. LeAnn Rimes is just 25, but has already been married to husband Dean Sheremet for five years. She tells me, whether they`re at home or on the road, balance and laughter keep their marriage on the go.

LEANN RIMES: We work together but our lives don`t depend on it. I adore him. We laugh a lot. He`s hysterical and he keeps me on my toes. We`re a good balance, where we both leave off, the other one picks up.

HAMMER: Another music maven who keeps work and play separate in her relationship is Miss Beyonce Knowles. The 26-year-old Grammy winner swears it`s deja vu between her and boyfriend Jay-Z. But Beyonce revealed to me her secret for making her relationship work, and that`s to keep it secret.

KNOWLES: Well, mystery is important, because I`ve never spoken about certain things, and people don`t really ask about certain things. I still feel like I have a life and have something that`s for me.

HAMMER: Beyonce is right, mystery is important, unless you`re Leah Remini. She and her husband, Angelo, have been married for four years.

KEVIN JAMES: You know, I can`t have pancakes. They`re full of carbs.

REMINI: Are they?

HAMMER: On the TV sitcom "King of Queens," her hilariously dysfunctional marriage to Kevin James made us laugh every week. But off-camera, she`s got one simple philosophy to keeping the ties that bind. And it sounds like at home, she is the queen of kings.

REMINI: The thing you have to remember with men is they just need to eat and have sex. And if you just do those things, you`ll be OK. You know, give them sex once in a while, when they`re cranky, you know that`s the time to give it up for a minute, you know? Or two.

HAMMER: Right. So whether it`s balance, privacy or secrets behind closed doors, these leading women can teach us all a lesson in makes it work in Hollywood and beyond.


HAMMER: I can say, without question, Hollywood is in a body battle. Some of the biggest stars have teamed up with "Seventeen" magazine to call a cease fire in the war that they`re having with their bodies. They`re calling this a ""Body Peace Treaty"."

I spoke with "Seventeen" magazine`s editor-in-chief, Ann Shoket, and self-esteem expert and author of "Do I Look Fat In This," Jessica Weiner.


HAMMER: I looked at the article and I just saw some of the staggering numbers. And I want the read a couple of the stats that absolutely jumped off the page at me. Ninety-one percent of teen girls feel anxiety or stress about some parts of their looks when they`re getting ready in the morning. Ninety-one, that`s amazing. Fifty-one percent say they know they should feel better about their body but the pressure to look perfect is too intense. Ann, how much of this pressure comes from the images that they`re constantly being bombarded with out of the Hollywood?

ANNE SHOKET, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, "SEVENTEEN" MAGAZINE: You know, Hollywood is a very powerful force. But we have 14 of the country`s biggest celebrities who have signed the "Body Peace Treaty" and vowed to make peace with themselves. They have vowed to say, my body - I`m OK with my body you should be OK with your body.

It`s a very powerful message for teenage girls. When they see the celebrities they look up to say, I`m just like you. I have the same insecurities. And we should all feel better about our bodies together. .

HAMMER: And there is no question when they speak out, it can make a difference. Jessica, I know you talk to teenage girls all the time. They`re flipping through these magazines. They`re watching TV. It just pours the pressure on, doesn`t it?

JESSICA WEINER, SELF ESTEEM EXPERT: It does pour the pressure on, but what I love about the campaign in particular is that it`s a yearlong, A.J. So it`s not just a bump out there, two pages and it`s done. It is a consistent 12-month program to get these girls to really embrace the steps towards accepting their body, which is we talk about all the time. We can talk about the problem, but where is the solution? And I think this is the beginning.

HAMMER: Well, among the big stars you have speaking out is Fergie, of course, lead singer for the Black Eyed Peas. I want to read something that she gave you a quote that stuck out to me, "I had a stick think body in my mid-twenties, and it was a very unhealthy phase of my life. I`d rather be a couple of pounds heavier than have my life in shambles." I mean, that really is the whole point, Ann, just to show that even the biggest stars can struggle with the same sort of issues, isn`t it?

SHOKET: And it`s a really important message for teenage girls. These celebrities did something very important by signing the "Body Peace Treaty". Our goal is to get one million girls to sign this "Body Peace Treaty" and to say they are going to stop obsessing about the way their body looks, and to appreciate it for what it can do. I mean, our goal is really to change the minds, the lives of teenage girls.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, I said it so many times on this show. Jessica, you and I have had this conversation. It has to change. And I hope, you know, this is at least another component, a piece of the puzzle that can help the change.

One of the biggest stars on television right now, the lovely Hayden Panettiere from "Heroes," of course. She is 18 years old. She`s beautiful. She`s thin. But yes, she struggles with her own body image issues. I want you to watch what she told our own Brooke Anderson.


HAYDEN PANETTIERE, ACTRESS: I have the same feelings as any other girl. It is completely normal. Sometimes I have those days where you wake up and I`m like oh my god, I look so horrible. I can`t take it. I look fat in everything. You know? You have it. And I absolutely - there`s no exception.


HAMMER: Jessica, Hayden really does speak for millions of young girls who have those exact same struggles, doesn`t she?

WEINER: Yes, she does. And think what we`re going to get to address now is sort of where do we go from here? Hollywood does put on the pressure. We buy the pressure when we keep buying into the myth and the misconceptions. So when girls see somebody like Hayden being honest, I think that gives them the opportunity to be honest.

As we talk about it all the time, it`s small steps of change. This is one beginning to do that. They can go online. I`m going to be answering advice questions for them online at "" I`m writing a column for them monthly. So we`re going to really delve into this. Everything we`ve been talking about here, we`re going to see on the pages of "Seventeen."

HAMMER: We wish there were more stars like Jennifer Hudson, because I`ve spoken with her about body image and she is so candid about how she feels about her own body. I want you to watch what she told us.


JENNIFER HUDSON, ACTRESS: Sometimes I get asked, do you feel pressured to be a size zero or a size two? No. I feel pressured to hold on to my jelly. Because I love it and I want to stay the same. And this is who I`ve been my whole life. Why should I change?


HAMMER: That is kind of the whole point of the "Body Peace Treaty", so women will take Jennifer`s example and hopefully feel the same way.

SHOKET: Yes, absolutely. There really needs to be more of that kind of positivity. And we want to make sure that every single page of the magazine is just brimming with body positivity.

HAMMER: Well, I appreciate what you guys are doing. Hopefully it will get the change rolling faster than it already is. I think we are making some progress, though. Ann Shoket, Jessica Weiner, I appreciate you being with us tonight.

SHOKET: Thanks.

WEINER: Thank you.


And for more information on the "Body Peace Treaty," just point your web browser over to

Well, they call it robbing the cradle. Let`s face it, men have been doing it for years. So, in Hollywood and beyond - a turnabout is just fair play, right? It isn`t just Demi Moore who has snagged herself a younger guy. So what is the allure? And the question is, can these May-December romances really work? That is coming up next as the special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Power to the Women," continues.


HAMMER: Welcome back to this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Power to the Women." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York, and you are watching TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. Well, one of the hottest trends in Hollywood right now is older women, younger men. From Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, to Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, we want to know how do these couples make their relationships work. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson had the chance to speak with Daphne Brogdon host of TV Guide Channel`s "The Fashion Team, and got some answers.


ANDERSON: Daphne, good to see you.


ANDERSON: You know, I want to start with Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon. Now these two have been together since they met on the set of "Bull Durham" nearly 20 years ago. She`s 60; he`s 48. They have two sons together. What is about these two that just works?

BROGDON: Well, if anybody saw "Bull Durham," you know it`s s-e-x. I mean, my God, they had the steamiest love scenes. You know, and obviously, there was a great connection there.

And I think Tim Robbins is a smart guy, and he knows - which a - some of these guys do know, which is older women have great libido, and they are very - more self-confident. You know, they`re fun to be with. They`re not like the 24-year-old girl, like, "Oh, I`m needy, take care of me." You know, they`re more like, "Look, I got my stuff together; you got your stuff together, great."

And clearly, their politics is a great bond. They`re both very strongly liberal. You know, they got their convictions very deeply. So that`s a huge bond.

ANDERSON: On the same page there. And I love how you started that one with "s-e-x."


ANDERSON: Now, you know, you can`t talk about older women with younger men without talking about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Now, Demi was 42; Ashton 27, a 15-year age difference when they got married a couple of years ago. A lot of people thought this would never last. But it`s lasting so far. How do they make it work?

BROGDON: Aren`t they adorable? I mean, they look so cute together, really. I think - you know, obviously, a big help has been that excellent ex- husband relationship they have, you know?


BROGDON: I mean, that Bruce Willis has been like, "Hey, be a second father of my kids. That`s great." And, you know, I come from - I`m in a blended family situation, and it makes a big difference if you`ve got that warmth and that support because you never really do get rid of an ex-spouse. So I think that`s a big factor.

And also just that they seem to be in kind of on a similar energy level, a similar style level. You know, they kind of go together. They - and also, Ashton Kutcher is very successful in his own right. It`s not like Cher and the bagel boy, you know? They`re on par.

ANDERSON: OK, we`re going to have to end it there. Daphne Brogdon from TV Guide, thanks so much.


HAMMER: Well, that is it for this special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, "Power to the Women." I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Thank you so much for watching. The latest from "CNN HEADLINE NEWS" coming up next.