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Eddie Murphy Single Again; Scientology Videotape; More Trouble for Britney; "In Bruges" Frist Look

Aired January 17, 2008 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds kaput after two weeks. Are you kidding me? And Eva Longoria opens up to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about the cheating rumors and whether she is pregnant. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.
On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, is Britney Spears pregnant? Tonight, what Britney did that has everyone asking, is she going to have another kid?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Did it come out positive on that pregnancy test?


HAMMER: Tonight, you are never going to believe what Britney is saying about her pregnancy test shopping trip. Plus, the dramatic new video revealing she may have finally done something right and dumped her paparazzo boyfriend. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the soap opera twists and turns.

Explosive new fallout from Tom Cruise`s Scientology video shocker. It`s the secret Scientology video of Cruise that has everyone talking. Tonight, why the Church of Scientology is now making threats left and right. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the big battle over Tom caught on tape.


Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City. And tonight, the marriage that wasn`t. The startling news that Eddie Murphy`s so-called marriage is over some two weeks after it supposedly began. What the heck happened here? That is coming up.

But first tonight, could Britney Spears really be pregnant? Again? We have a really good reason to ask that very scary question because of something Britney that did. And now, for the very first time, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that Britney is trying to set the record straight.


(voice over): Over her years in the public eye, Britney Spears has done some pretty scary things but few have been scarier than the sight we saw. Britney Spears and her new boyfriend apparently shopping for home pregnancy tests. You think all those ads for the new movie "Cloverfield" are scary? The new Britney news was what really sent people running into the streets screaming.

JULIA ALLISON, "STAR" MAGAZINE: The only scarier than Britney Spears having a kid is possibly Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan somehow having a kid together and I don`t know how they would do that.

HAMMER: Could the notorious train wreck whose misadventures of mothering have caused her to lose custody of her kids actually be pregnant again?

KATIE DARYL, "TMZ.TV": We are used to being shocked by Britney Spears. But another baby, are you kidding me?

HAMMER: But before you go all crazy over the Brit news, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has for you the real story behind the stories of a Britney pregnancy scare. And the troubling new light it puts on her relationship with the paparazzi photographer Adnan Ghalib.

DARYL: There`s a lot of speculation as to is this guy using Britney Spears?

HAMMER: In this video by "," Brit and Adnan Ghalib head into an L.A. drugstore.

DARYL: Britney and her paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan, went into a Rite-Aid and the store pretty much was shut down. No one was allowed in except for somehow one set of photographers.

HAMMER: That one group of photographers just happened to work for FinalPixx; oh, yes, the agency that Adnan just happens to work for. And before you bat an eye, eye-catching photos of the couple looking at pregnancy tests started showing up on Web sites like "" and "Perez Hilton." Photos supplied by, you guessed it, FinalPixx.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Did it come out positive on that pregnancy test?

HAMMER: caught Britney out the night after the pregnancy test photos were beamed around the world. Listen to Britney`s response when the paparazzi asked her about the pregnancy tests.

BRITNEY SPEARS, POP STAR: I never had a pregnancy test. It was for my friend.

HAMMER: And the next morning, on Ryan Seacrest`s radio show, Britney`s friend and self-described manager, Sam Lutfi, also threw cold water on Britney and Adnan`s pregnancy test adventure.

RYAN SEACREST, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Where`s the box. Where`s the EPT test now?

SAM LUTFI, BRINTEY`S FRIEND: It`s not here. I don`t even know if they actually even bought one. I think they were just (EXPLETIVE DELETED) around.

DARYL: It seems like such a hoax. It seems so set up.

HAMMER: Katie Daryl of "TMZ TV" tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT the whole pregnancy test doesn`t pass the smell test.

DARYL: Isn`t it convenient that they went to a Rite-Aid and only one photography agency got the winning shots of them looking at pregnancy tests? You know, if everyone got that shot, then it wouldn`t be worth any money. But if only one person gets it, boy, you can sell it for high dollars, right?

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you ever since Adnan Ghalib went from photographing Britney Spears to being photographed with Britney Spears, his photo agency`s Web site has been filled with exclusive photos of the two, pictures available to media outlets for a price. And there may be more photos for sale.

JO PIAZZA, "NEW YORK DAILY NEWS": We have it on pretty good authority from several editors that is he has been shopping these exclusively photos of him and Britney.

HAMMER: And now, the pregnancy test photos have sprouted up at the exact same time interest in Britney`s mothering skills is at an all-time high. It all has some wondering - is Britney being used?

ALLISON: Adnan is absolutely in this relationship for all of the wrong reasons and it`s readily apparent.

HAMMER: So Britney is in a questionable relationship. She`s lost custody of her kids. And some people are wondering about her mental health. What does she do?

She goes clothes shopping at 1:00 a.m. As we see in this "" video. The store actually sent someone to open it up just for her. Nothing wrong with a little retail therapy. Her new boyfriend, nowhere to be seen. And Britney didn`t seem to be in the mood to talk about it.



SPEARS: You tell me.

HAMMER: And off Britney drove into the night, her retail therapy session over.

ALLISON: She already tried the whole convenience store therapy, Starbucks therapy and now retail therapy. Why doesn`t she try actual therapy? Real therapy with a therapist?

HAMMER: But in the new world of Britney and Adnan, first things first. There are more pictures to take.


(on camera): All right. Let`s all take a breath and a little reality check about all of this Britney pregnancy talk. Could it really be true and is that a scary thought, if it is?

Joining me tonight from Hollywood, investigative journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell, author of red hot book "Secrets Can Be Murder." Also tonight, from Hollywood, entertainment journalist Ken Baker.

All right Ken and Jane. I want to take a look one more time at what Britney said on Wednesday night when she was out and about on the town and one of the paparazzi naturally asked her about the pregnancy test. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Did you come out positive on that pregnancy test? Or negative?

SPEARS: I never had a pregnancy test.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: What about the pictures -

SPEARS: It was for my friend.


HAMMER: For her friend. Oh wait a second, you didn`t see me using air quotes. For her friend. Ken Baker, are you buying it?

KEN BAKER ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: Well, actually, I`m going to come out and say there`s no way she`s pregnant. Actually I had a source who was around Britney last night during her infamous shopping spree at Kitson and they said that they saw her changing and they say, you know what? She is not pregnant and the way she was talking and acting, she actually told people she wasn`t.

She`s having fun with it. She doesn`t want to answer the question. And like I`ve said before, if you noticed the only photo of her looking at the pregnancy test kit was from her boyfriend or possibly now ex- boyfriend`s photo agency.


BAKER: Come on.

HAMMER: We`ll get into that. But as far you know, if she`s that recently pregnant, I don`t know that seeing her changing, Ken, is going to be a telltale sign. However, there have always been reports that she`s been continuing to smoke cigarettes which we actually saw earlier this week. So hopefully, if she is pregnant, she wouldn`t be smoking. So, anyway, Jane, I`ve got to know if you`re convinced that she was shopping for a buddy, a friend.

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: I don`t think so. I think she was playing with the press. I think one of her right hand people even said as much. And I think she was trying to send a message. And you know, A.J., I hope I`m wrong, but the message I think she was trying to send at least consciously or unconsciously is, You take my kids away from me, you don`t let me visit them. Guess what? I can have more kids."

And that is really shocking. It sends a terrible message to the two children she has now. And it`s also truly bizarre given that there`s a pregnancy scandal surrounding her kid sister.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, bizarre behavior, nothing new to us here. Now, let`s get back to the point you were making, Ken. The only crystal clear picture of Britney looking through the pregnancy test collection was taken by the same photo agency that her paparazzo boyfriend, perhaps off-boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib works for. He was with her at the time. Now, that agency has been asking for a whole lot of money for that picture. So call me crazy, Ken, but it sounds like you`re feeling the same way. Something smells a little fishy here.

BAKER: Yes. Obviously very dubious they were able to sneak out, go to a Rite-Aid with no other paparazzi finding them and just perfectly have positioned themselves to be looking on the rack for the pregnancy test kits. And the only agency is her boyfriend`s photo agency.

Now, come on. We are not stupid. We can connect the dots. But you know what? To be serious about it, she is pregnant and she`s two weeks pregnant. Two weeks pregnant with the tragedy of not seeing her kids in two weeks. That is the pregnancy - that`s what she`s filled with and has to live with that.

And we`ve just recently learned that she`s been ordered by the court that she has to take many steps including possibly psychological help before she can even think of getting those kids back. And that is really, truly what the story is to me.

HAMMER: Ken Baker, I`m going to allow you the creative license with that particular metaphor there. I think we may have covered this but I took the time to go to "" And I even worked up a little graphic because I was thinking about the picture and I took a second to look up the word "staged" over there on the Internet. Here`s what I found; it says staged, quote, "contrived for a desired impression."

There. You see, I even took time back in the graphic department building that thing. So, Jane, contrived - is that pretty much what you would say here?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Of course, it`s contrived. Of course, it`s staged. And that`s what`s really pathetic about this whole thing. She goes down to court and says, "I can`t get out of court because the paparazzi is swarming me. I`m scared. I`m scared."

But yet, she continues to play games with the paparazzi and continues to continue this sort of romance, this sick interaction with the paparazzi. And then she gets upset when they chase her. Of course they`re chasing her. Look at her behavior. There are plenty of stars across Hollywood who go through their days never bothered by the paparazzo because they don`t do any of these things.

Ken Baker, very quickly - there are those who are saying that she maybe perhaps wants to get pregnant because she wants to thumb her nose at the court who obviously took her two kids away. You`ve got about ten seconds here.

BAKER: Now, I really, highly doubt that. I think that the last few years have been really traumatic for her and being a mom right now was just too overwhelming for her. And I really don`t think even in the state that she is in mentally, she doesn`t want that.

HAMMER: So best we can tell, Britney Spears not pregnant at least we can report that right now. Ken Baker, Jane Velez-Mitchell, thanks so much.

BAKER: Thanks.


HAMMER: All right now. Here`s a question I`ve been wondering as I`ve been sorting through the latest goings-on with Britney Spears - Has she finally made a good decision?



SPEARS: You tell me.


HAMMER: Could it possibly be true? Has Britney dumped her paparazzo boyfriend? I`ve got to tell you I thought it was a really bad idea when I heard these two got together. Not exactly what you would call Mr. Right for Britney`s situation. We`ve got all the late-breaking Britney news coming up.

Also, Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds call it quits. Yes, just two weeks ago, you remember, I was telling you about their marriage ceremony. Well, the plot thickens. It turns out, it wasn`t really a wedding and they`re not really a couple anymore anyway. Are you kidding me? That is still ahead.

HAMMER: And Eva Longoria unplugged. Eva opens up to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT like never before. There was nothing off limits here. She talked to us about everything, from the reports that her husband Tony Parker had an affair to whether or not she`s pregnant. Eva Longoria coming up in the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

First, let`s turn it over to you for our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day, "Tom Cruise: Does it bother you that he is a Scientologist?", or E-mail us at We are coming right back.


HAMMER: I do. I mean, I don`t. It`s over. The so-called marriage of Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds over even before it even began. A story that`s making us say, are you kidding me? Any chance to play that is a good moment in my life.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT wants to know, what went wrong between Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds? You know, just two weeks ago, they had what was called a wedding ceremony in the far reaches of the South Pacific on the beautiful island of Bora-Bora. But now, the I do`s have turned into we don`t.

Joining me tonight in New York, David Caplan, staff writer from "People" magazine. It was "People" magazine that first broke the news that Eddie and Tracey were calling it quits. Also in New York tonight, clinical psychologist Dr.Judy Kuriansky, the author of "The Complete Idiot`s Guide to a Healthy Relationship." perfect guest for tonight`s show. What booking that was.

All right, guys. The honeymoon is officially over. David, let me start with you. Your magazine broke this story. Is it true that, in fact, it never really was an official legal wedding?

DAVID CAPLAN, STAFF WRITER, "PEOPLE" MAGAZINE: Correct. In fact, they were married on an island off Bora-Bora and this was never a legal ceremony. It was really just a - in front of 25 friends and family members and they were planning come back to the U.S. to make it legal. But obviously that never happened, and in fact, their first week from the moment the honeymoon kicked off, they were fighting and squabbling. And they decided they did not to make it legal and they called it quits.

HAMMER: So what exactly led up to that, though? These guys were together for about a year. What do you think went wrong so fast?

CAPLAN: Well, I know the two of them. They were just - it`s been a very topsy-turvy year for Eddie Murphy. He had all these baby issues with Mel B. Then he also didn`t get the Oscar last year as well. And this relationship was really just at a different pace than, you know, what he could handle.

And it just really took its toll towards the end and we did see this bickering, this fighting. And there`s still a lot more to really come to really get an idea of what really called it quits with this. Because sources tell "People" that there`s no reconciliation in sight for these two. So it`s done.

HAMMER: It`s always sad to see any relationship end. And yes, you say it`s been a tough time for Eddie Murphy. First of all, he got divorced from his wife of 12 years back in 2006. Then he started dating Tracey while he was still going on with this paternity fight with Spice Girl, Scary Spice Melanie Brown. It turned out it was his baby and now this happened.

So Dr.Judy, what do you think, given his troubled past with relationships, are you really surprised at all that this even happened?

JUDY KURIANSKY, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: Well, I`m not really surprised because take a look, A.J. The both of them were married for a good dozen years. And he had five kids, she had two kids. It`s like a bust out for them to then get madly in love.

Go to - what could be one of the most romantic places is Bora-Bora, an island with one big mountain, circled by a cloud. You`ve got - looking down at fish from your lanai. Very romantic. You get swept away as both of them would being in the Hollywood world, with fantasy, with things not being totally real. With being someone impulsive about a spiritual union that isn`t really legal.

So it`s not actually the healthiest of relationships to then end up getting married, granted they were together for a year and they had enough time to make a wise decision. But in the end I think that Eddie Murphy himself has two faces and this could have been like a mid-life crisis for him.

HAMMER: Yes. I think people listening to you are saying, "Hey, I know exactly what she is talking about. Because you can get caught up in the fantasy of a situation. Particularly if you`re hanging out in a lanai. There is no question about that.

Now, Eddie and Tracey did release this very long statement. I`m going to spare you the depths of it but here`s the important part that caught my eye: "While the recent symbolic union in Bora-Bora was representative of our deep love, friendship and respect that we have for one another on," as Dr.Judy said, "a spiritual level, we have decided to remain friends."

Now, David Caplan, that is certainly a well-worded, well-crafted statement. You said there`s no reconciliation in sight. Is there anything to indicate from what you know about the relationship that they actually can remain friends?

CAPLAN: I don`t think, you know, we`re going to see them remain friends. This was a pretty - you know, the ending causing the split was this bickering, this fighting, really heated arguments. So we`re not going to see these two - I don`t think - remain friends. And I think, you know, with that statement, it`s so lengthy because it was sort of giving the press and their fans just enough to sort of not to stop speculations to what happened. It`s a little positive and it just gives people enough so they`re not wondering what happened and jump to all these sort of conclusions about it.

HAMMER: Yes, that gets like an A plus from the PR handbook. What do you think, Dr.Judy, do you see them staying friends?

KURIANSKY: Well, since they`re arguing, then that ends up not being friends. However, using that word spiritual is very indicative to me. That means there was something. Not using that word would mean there was no soul connection.

So I would suspect that somewhere down the road when the hurt goes away, there will be some reconnection and some attempt to get back that kind of soul connection if they really had it. Otherwise they would not have used that word.

HAMMER: It is going to be interesting to see what follows from here. Dr.Judy Kuriansky, David Caplan, thanks so much for being here tonight.

Remember, you can pick up a copy of "People" magazine. You`ll find it on newsstands this Friday.

Well, moving on, it is the video that everybody is talking about. Tom Cruise`s secret Scientology video revealed. I don`t know about you, I cannot get over what is on this tape. And now, the Church of Scientology is actually making threats left and right. The battle over Tom caught on tape, coming up.

Also, is Britney back on the market? Could it be? Has she already broken up with her paparazzo boyfriend? I`ve got say they didn`t seem like a match made in heaven anyway to me. We have the very latest breaking Britney news on the way.

We`ll also have this.


EVA LONGORIA-PARKER, ACTRESS: This particular incident was, like, a little too far and so false that Tony felt like, OK, that`s enough.


HAMMER: Yes. And we can understand that. Eva Longoria-Parker, opening up like never before about a whole bunch, the rumors that her husband, Tony Parker, cheated on her. She`s also telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT whether or not she is pregnant. Eva Longoria-Parker unplugged. That is coming up in the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Three big stories out of Hollywood right now. The clock ticking for "24" star Kiefer Sutherland. He is being released from jail on Monday after serving 48 days on DUI charges. A spokesman tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Sutherland is eager to get back to society, but was a model prisoner. He was on laundry duty and wanted to be treated like a regular inmate.

George Michael`s working on a memoir about his personal life and his career as a pop star. A publishing official says the deal is one of the biggest contracts ever. Listen to this, it`s worth at least $6 million and that is for the British rights alone. Michaels` manager says it will be a no-holds-barred account of his life.

And look out, ladies. Jack Nicholson, looking for love. The legendary ladies` man tells "AARP," the magazine, that at 70 years old, he can`t hit on a girl in public like he used to because it feels undignified. He says he`s been single for quite a long time and would like to fall in love again.

Well, speaking of falling in love or out of love, could it be true? Has Britney Spears finally made a good decision?



SPEARS: You tell me.


HAMMER: Has Britney dumped her paparazzo boyfriend? I`ve got to tell you I always thought it was a little beyond weird for her to be with this guy in the first place. We have the late-breaking Britney news coming up.

Plus Tom Cruise`s secret Scientology video revealed. I don`t know about you. I cannot get over what is on this tape. Everybody`s talking about it. And now, the Church of Scientology is making threats left and right. The battle of Tom caught on tape. Coming up.

And Eva Longoria-Parker like you`ve never heard her before. Eva, opening up to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about everything, from the report that is her husband, Tony Parker, had an affair to whether or not she`s pregnant. Is she? Or isn`t she? Eva Longoria is coming up in the interview you`ll see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, well, after all the bad moves, has Britney Spears finally made a good move?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE Where`s Adnan, Britney?


SPEARS: You tell me.

HAMMER: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I say, Britney may have dumped her paparazzo boyfriend.

Also, why Dr.Phil might now be in some serious trouble for his visit to Britney in the hospital. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has all the latest breaking Britney news.

Startling new fallout from Tom Cruise`s wild Scientology video. Tonight, the Church of Scientology is furious. Why they`re now threatening people all over the place. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the big Tom Cruise battle. It`s the tape that everyone`s talking about.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show.

Tonight, from Britney Spears to Tom Cruise, big controversial stories that are new right now. The Church of Scientology is striking back. Explosive video was linked showing Tom Cruise passionately hailing Scientologists as the authorities on the mind and other things. And now, the Church is striking back.

Also, Britney Spears on a bewildering late-night shopping spree. What was she thinking? Plus, is this too much to hope for - are she and her boyfriend actually over?

And new developments with Dr. Phil. He could be in some deep doo-doo for visiting Britney at the hospital earlier this month just after her meltdown. Someone filed has actually filed a complaint with the California Board Of Psychology.

Joining me tonight in Hollywood, once again, investigative journalist and author of "Secrets Can Be Murder," Jane Velez-Mitchell; senior editor of "In Touch Weekly," Kim Serafin; and joining us one more time, entertainment journalist Ken Baker.

All right, gang. It is astounding to me, although not so surprising, there`s interest over million people bogged down the "" so they could check out the explosive Schiand people checking out the explosive Tom Cruise Scientology tape. Everybody has been talking about it.

Church of Scientology, no surprise - spitting mad. They even wrote a letter to this particular site telling them to get the video the heck off the site and they`re threatening legal action. "Gawker" basically told the Church of Scientology to stick it. Ken Baker, when do you think? Should "Gawker" be very afraid?

Well, first of all, I want to say we should start addressing each other like Tom does in the Scientology video. Right back at you there, A.J., big salute. No. You know what? Scientology does have a very litigious past. They do go after people historically who wronged them.

They`ve gone after who are former Scientologist and made threats against them. So I could see why someone would be concerned about it. But at the same time, we do live in this YouTube society where once things do get out in the public domain, there`s a very difficult argument to make - to basically make people take those things down.

And I think like right now it`s become such a public debate. It`s become almost part of the public domain basically. That`s a difficult argument but a lot of people are very paranoid about Scientology because they are very aggressive when it comes to litigation.

HAMMER: Well, I think we need to take a look at a clip of this Scientology tape. Why not? It was made back in 2004. Now, I should point out that the Church of Scientology did release a statement to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT saying it was edited down and pirated so it`s taken out of context.

This was when Tom Cruise receiving a big humanitarian award from them. I want you to look at part of the opening ceremony. Watch this.


MALE ANNOUNCER: Class IV, OT VII(ph), Platinum Meritorious and IAS Freedom Medal of Valor winner, Tom Cruise.

TOM CRUISE, ACTOR AND SCIENTOLOGIST: A Scientologist is someone who can look at the world and really see what it is the. Not look at it, see it, be able to go, and be effective and do something about it. Why ask permission? We are the authorities.


HAMMER: Jane Velez-Mitchell, is what we get to see on this tape and Tom Cruise showing off his passion for Scientology kind of making people saying, you know what? I don`t like this guy anymore and I`m not going to see his movies anymore?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, you know, we have to remind everyone that Tom Cruise is a very gifted actor. We can`t take that away from him. As an American, he has a right to free speech. That being said, this comes on the heels of other very bizarre behavior - the attacks on psychiatry; the dust-up with Brooke Shields; the dust-up with Matt Lauer; the couch jumping incident on Oprah. And all that combined hurts him as an actor because when you go to the movies, you want suspension of disbelief. You want to just get lost in the character. And it`s going to be harder and harder for us to get lost in the characters that Tom Cruise plays because we can`t stop thinking, this is that Tom Cruise, that couch jumper.

HAMMER: Yes. You know, it`s interesting. I have heard people say it gets in the way of their perception of him when they see him in the movies. What do you think, Kim Serafin? I mean, people say that about a lot of actors for lots of different reasons. Is this what could be happening to Tom right now?

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": Yes, I mean, again, this happens with any actor that becomes a huge A-list actor. But I do feel that we sort of saw the behavior before. We saw the Oprah couch-jumping. We saw the attack on Matt Lauer. And I feel like this is - not that it`s old news at this point, but we kind of know he`s a Scientologist. We know that there is this sort of mysterious side to him that might be well out there that don`t know much about.

So I don`t know how much more damage this does and what had happened in the past. We see he`s married to Katie Holmes. They`ve got their daughter. I don`t know. In comparison to, you know, Britney`s behavior, this doesn`t seem all that strange. In comparison a lot of other behavior out of there celebrities, he`s saying, "Hey, I`m Scientologist. I need to stop along the road if I see an accident and help somebody out." It doesn`t seem that strange in comparison.

HAMMER: No. And to be clear, this is just we`re seeing it in a much more focussed way than we`ve ever seen it before in one long stretch.

Well, you mentioned Britney Spears. Let`s move on to her latest antics which were, you know, part usual on Wednesday. She was shopping at an L.A. store. Normal, right? Well, not exactly.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has obtained this video from "," Britney shopping. There`s no clock to be seen there, but I can assure you, it was 1:30 in the morning. We`re seeing her in the store dressed up in some kind of men`s clothing outfit, her hair done in some bizarre style. You know, somebody asked her what the deal was with his paparazzo boyfriend and where he was. Watch how she responded.




SPEARS: You tell me.


HAMMER: I don`t know. Those few words say quite a bit, Ken Baker. Could it be Britney has finally done something right and dumped the paparazzo guy?

BAKER: Well, you know what? I`m going to be the first to propose that maybe he dumped her! I mean, come on, any guy in their right mind would be like you know what? Enough drama already. I can`t handle it.

But actually, guys, what is not being reported here is that she had dinner with him last night at about 7:00 in the valley at their favorite place in Studio City. And you know what? Her life is so hyperactive and it`s such a fast pace that she`s not with the guy for six hours and we capture it and we`re all speculating if she is like broken up with him. That`s just indicative of how crazy and how fast-paced her life is right now.

HAMMER: Yes. But, you know, with all that drama came a lot of dollar signs. What do you think, Jane? And that and the fact that, you know, she had the store open up for her at 1:30 in the morning. It clearly wasn`t to avoid the paparazzi.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I want to know, when does Britney sleep, first of all? Secondly, to me, this is all addict`s behavior and I say that as a recovering alcoholic myself. Everybody says, "Well maybe she`s not an addict. It`s mental illness." But addiction and mental illness go hand in hand. And the defining aspect of addiction is defiance. I will not play by the rules. So let`s open that store at 1:30 in the morning because I`m the star. I`m special.

They call it terminally unique. I have to do everything my way, damn it. I`m Britney Spears, damn it. That`s the mentality. And ironically, for the addict, actually complying with the rules feels terribly humiliating. So for her to show up on time at court, which she failed to do, would have felt very humiliating. This is the topsy-turvy upside down world of the addict.

HAMMER: Well, somebody who wanted to help her out of all of those things that you`re talking about. Dr. Phil went to visit her in the hospital just after that tragic meltdown a couple of weeks ago. The whole thing blowing up in his face. Somebody filed a petition with the California Board of Psychology to get Dr. Phil off the air.

The unnamed person saying he`s not a licensed person in California and has no right to counsel Britney or use the term doctor unless he`s licensed to do so. What do you think, should Dr. Phil be worried?

BAKER: Kim or ken?

HAMMER: Kim. Kim Serafin, please.

BAKER: Kim, take it away.

SERAFIN: Thanks, Ken. Well, you know, I don`t know if he should necessarily be worried. I mean you have the find out what did he do with Britney in the hospital? Was he legally practicing psychology with her? Did he take a fee? What sort of methods was he using?

So you would have to find out sort of the legality of it. And as we know, he is not a licensed psychologist here in California. And apparently, reports are saying the California Board of Psychology had already looked into his show a few years ago when it first went on the air and said he was practicing entertainment, not psychology.

HAMMER: I don`t think he`s shaking in his shoes just yet.


HAMMER: All right. Kim Serafin, Ken Baker, Jane Velez-Mitchell, thanks so much.

SERAFIN: Thank you.

HAMMER: We`ve been asking you to vote on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Tom Cruise: Does it bother you that he is a Scientologist." You can vote at The E-mail address is from your desktop, your blacktop - your laptop, whatever you`ve got, I don`t really care. Just tell us what`s on your mind. That`s what`s important.

Eva Longoria has a lot on her mind lately dealing with rumors about her husband having an affair.


LONGORIA-PARKER: This particular incident was, like, a little to far and so false that Tony felt like, OK, that`s enough.

HAMMER: Yes. And now, she`s fighting back about that nasty story that her husband had an affair with a woman that he met at their wedding. Tonight, Eva opening up like never before about this, the talk that she is preggers, yes, the interview to see only on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And you`ve have never seen Colin Farrell like this before, running all over the place, using bad language, picking up women. All right, maybe all that not too much of a stretch for Colin Farrell, right? But what about him shooting a priest? You`re not going to want to miss this. Your very first look at Colin Farrell`s new explosive movie. That is coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



LONGORIA-PARKER: I don`t need sleep. I can hound you every second of every day. You`re never going to know if what you hear is real.


HAMMER: That was Eva Longoria-Parker in her new movie "over her dead body." Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. ` And tonight, Eva is fighting back. The "Desperate Housewives" star is opening up to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about everything from speculation that she`s pregnant to those startling claims by a french model who says she had an affair with Eva`s husband, basketball star Tony Parker. They`re so mad that Tony`s actually filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Well, Eva sat down with SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Brooke Anderson.


BROOKE ANDERSON, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CO-HOST: You would hope, as a newly wed, people would respect your privacy.


ANDERSON: And everything that goes along with being a newly married couple. But you guys have had to deal with rumor control. How have you dealt with the fallout from the accusations?

LONGORIA-PARKER: Well, we don`t really deal so much with rumor control because every day there`s something written. You know? But this one was - this particular incident was, like, a little too far and so false that Tony felt like, "OK, that`s enough." And especially regarding the - that`s why we decided to sue and he really wanted to, you know, straighten the record and go, find this person.

Because there can`t be anybody not held accountable. And I feel like with the Internet, I mean with the blogging nowadays and with, you know, all the messages you can post, I mean, that - you know, is really, really - has consequences. And I think people don`t really realize that when they`re throwing junk on the wall to see what sticks.

ANDERSON: Does it amaze you how out of control these stories can get?

LONGORIA-PARKER: I`m still amazed at the Internet how fast it spreads. It can be in China in 30 seconds and all over the world. And that`s I feel like these Web sites have to be held accountable because even if they do a retraction or whatever, you know, the damage is done. It`s reached the world within a day and it`s, you know, a shame that nobody`s held accountable for it. And then real journalism is kind of, you know, ignored. Nobody wants the gossip and the juiciness and that like, no. Not true. Sorry to say.

ANDERSON: Sorry to say. Sorry to disappoint.

LONGORIA-PARKER: Our lives really aren`t that exciting.

ANDERSON: Well, how do you guys make it work? Because you do have to deal with the constant glare of the spotlight and the paparazzi hounding you go everywhere you go. How do you make it work.

LONGORIA-PARKER: Well, we live in San Antonio, so that helps. There`s no paparazzi there. But when Tony`s here in L.A., he hates it. He`s like, why do they want all these pictures? You know, we`re both really grounded in who we are and that`s just what we do. And that`s just part of the job. You know? But who we are and who we are as a couple is really what defines us.

ANDERSON: Do you want to start a family soon?

Oh, yes, yes. We want to start a family and, you know, stay in San Antonio and just live a normal life.

ANDERSON: Because you`re one of four.

LONGORIA-PARKER: He is one of three.

ANDERSON: OK. So you want a lot of -

LONGORIA: Yes. We both have big families and both want - as many children as God will give us.

ANDERSON: That`s great. Well, I know "Desperate Housewives" recently has been forced into hiatus due to the writers` strike. Let`s just take on what`s been going on and where do you hope to see it go?

LONGORIA-PARKER: It`s such a shame. I mean I`ve been home for two months which has been great. So just be home and married and cooking and cleaning. I`ve gained like ten pounds. I`m like if anything, the strike should end because I gained ten pounds. I need to get back to work. But, you know, they`re not talking and I totally support the writers. I think they`re being very reasonable and you can tell because other people are making their side deals because they`re - the demands aren`t crazy so -


LONGORIA-PARKER: I don`t think the studios will ever budge on it, though. So it`s going to be a shame.

ANDERSON: Maybe - you needed some meat on your bones because you look great.

LONGORIA-PARKER: Thank you. Now, there`s the pregnancy rumors. No. I`m just fat from the holidays. That`s all.

ANDERSON: All of us after the holidays. You know, it`s fine.

LONGORIA-PARKER: I`m just kind of - yes, bloated out.

ANDERSON: All right. Well, congratulations.


ANDERSON: Another big screen credit to your name.

LONGORIA-PARKER: Yes. This is a new name.

ANDERSON: That`s right. I saw in the credits Eva Longoria-Parker. Does it thrill you to see that new name?

LONGORIA-PARKER: Yes. Tony is so proud. We were at the movies the other day. And the trailer came up, he was like, yes.

ANDERSON: And you know what? A lot of professional women these days don`t change their names.


ANDERSON: That was important for you to do that?

LONGORIA-PARKER: I`m a total traditional person and I think it`s beautiful when you take the name.


LONGORIA-PARKER: I only kept Longoria because my dad had four girls and we`re the end of the Longoria line. I`ve got to keep it.

ANDERSON: Keep it going. Well, this movie is funny.


ANDERSON: And your character Kate is quite the bridezilla. Were there any similarities between yourself and Kate? Because you planned your own wedding.

LONGORIA-PARKER: No, I didn`t plan my own wedding. I had a wedding coordinator.

ANDERSON: Maybe with her, you made decisions.

LONGORIA-PARKER: Yes, but I left everything up to her. I was like, this is what I want. I would love this, this, this. But I made sure I wasn`t responsible for anything on the day. I`m like, I don`t want to know if the steak burned. I don`t want to know anything. And I was totally calm and I enjoyed the moment. It was so fun.


HAMMER: Eva`s new movie "Over Her Dead Body" coming to theaters on February 1st.

Well, Demi Moore opening up about her two-year marriage to Ashton Kutcher. And tonight, she tells "V Magazine" getting everyone to get along - her ex-husband Bruce Willis and the three kids with him and Ashton, well, it wasn`t all smiles and hugs.

"It wasn`t a piece of cake. It wasn`t automatic or easy. It took diligence and effort and even enduring awkwardness and a lot of general giving on my part and Bruce`s part and really tremendously on Ashton`s part. Coming into my life, Ashton wasn`t just meeting someone that had baggage. You know, I had trunks."

Demi also feels badly for Britney Spears. I mean, she knows a thing or two object hounded by the paparazzi. When she first started dating Ashton, who`s 16 years younger than she is, they were always up in her face.

She said, "No one has seen it worse than Britney Spears. How can anyone see that and think that`s an OK way to expect anybody to live, no matter where they`re at in their lives."

I`ve got to tell you, Demi Moore is looking terrific at 45. Can you believe it? She`s 45 years old. You can read more in the spring issue of "V Magazine." It will be on newsstands, Monday.

Well, a lot of ladies think Colin Farrell is very easy on the eyes. I think that bad boy thing doesn`t hurt him either. Colin doing plenty of bad things in his new movie. Hanging out with hookers, even shooting priests. A Disney movie this isn`t. Your first look at "In Bruges." Coming up next.

But first, a look at what`s new at the movies this week brought to you by Bisquick Shake and Pour. Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes all together in "Mad Money." It`s Katie`s first since getting married to Tom Cruise. Go find out if Diane`s going to say the F-word again like she did on "Good Morning, America" the other day.

New York is destroyed again. Hey, guys, in Hollywood. Give us a break, won`t you? Very big, very scary monster lays waste to the Big Apple in "Cloverfield." This one is from the creator ABC`s "Lost," J.J. Abrams who needed the same monster from the show. Who knows?

And "27 dresses." "Grey`s Anatomy`s" Katherine Heigl, always a bridesmaid, never a bride, 27 times. Until now. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT coming straight back.


HAMMER: All right. Bad boy Colin Farrell is a really bad boy in "In Bruges." It`s about two hitmen trying to hide out in a pretty straitlaced town. But they end up hanging out with prostitutes, playing with guns and shooting a priest. Here now is your SHOWBIZ first look.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: What have you done?

COLIN FARRELL, ACTOR: Murder, father.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Why did you murder someone, Raymond?

FARRELL: For money.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: How did you murder for money, Raymond?

FARRELL: You, father. After I killed him, I walked home to await instructions. Get to Bruges.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: Bruges - where is that?

FARRELL: It`s in Belgium. For two weeks, in Bruges? In a room like this with you? No way.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Are you going to the top of the tower? Guide book says it`s a must see.

FARRELL: I ain`t going up there.


FARRELL: It`s all winding stairs. I am not being funny.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: What exactly are you trying to say?

FARRELL: You`re a bunch of elephants.



UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: You have a message.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Number one, why aren`t you in when I told you to be in? You better be in when I call you and I`m telling you.

FARRELL: He swears a lot, doesn`t he?


FARRELL: Go out where?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: The pub. Yes. Hurry.

FARRELL: I`ve got an idea. Going back to the room, jump into the canal, see if I could escape. If you go outside and around the corner, you can shoot at me from there and try to get me.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I`ll go outside. Which way, right or left?

FARRELL: You go right, don`t you?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: OK. I`m going to count, one, two, three, go.

FARRELL: Who says it?


UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: You guys are crazy.

FARRELL: One, two, three, go.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Ray, you`re about the worst terrorist in the whole world.

FARRELL: If I grew up on a farm and was retarded, Bruges might impress me. But I didn`t so it doesn`t.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: She ain`t my girlfriend. She`s a prostitute.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: And where are the prostitutes in Bruges?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: You have to look in the right places. Brothels are good.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: An uzi? I`m not from south central Los Angeles. I want a normal gun for a normal person.

FARRELL: Maybe that`s what hell is. The entire rest of eternity spent in Bruges. Back off, shorty. You don`t know karate.


HAMMER: "In Bruges" opening in limited release this February. And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks a lot for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. The latest from "CNN HEADLINE NEWS" is coming up next.