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Britney Spears` Shocking Release From the Psych Ward; DEA`s Investigation on Heath Ledger`s Death; Angelina Jolie`s Dangerous Mission to Iraq

Aired February 7, 2008 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: An Angelina Jolie exclusive. She opens up about the dangerous mission to Iraq. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.
BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: Madonna`s shocking admission. Does she want to adopt more kids? I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.

HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Britney Spears` startling unexpected release from a psych ward. Tonight, brand new breaking developments and the burning Britney questions. Why in the world was she let out so soon and where the heck were the cops when she was released? Also, is Britney a danger to herself and others? And we got to ask - should we be feeling sorry for Britney?

Plus why "Designing Women" star Delta Burke checked herself into a psychiatric hospital.


DELTA BURKE, ACTRESS: I came in because I was on so many medications and they just weren`t working.


HAMMER: Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the disturbing details of Delta`s overwhelming mental health battle.

A shocking Heath Ledger twist. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can now tell you the feds are stepping in. Heath`s death ruled an accidental overdose. So how come federal investigators are now saying this case is not closed yet? And does this mean Mary-Kate Olsen will finally get grilled about the day Heath died?


Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson coming you from Hollywood. And, hey, if the disturbing news about Britney, Heath and Delta Burke in a psych hospital weren`t enough, today, we`ve also got this shocking news. "Spiderman" star Kirsten Dunst has reportedly checked into rehab. And "" reports she is not doing well. This is really scary stuff, and we`ve got the late-breaking developments coming up.

And speaking of scary, tonight, we are wondering what everybody else seems to be wondering. Why in the world was Britney Spears let out of a psychiatric ward? Today, even Britney`s own parents were absolutely beside themselves saying they fear that Britney`s life is in danger.

ANDERSON: We are tackling all the burning Britney questions as the dramatic developments just keep on coming. And I can tell you that no one is covering this like SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


(voice over): The Britney Spears circus is back on. Her surprise early release from the UCLA Medical Center psych ward after less than a week out of the public eye came as a shocking surprise. The Britney star paparazzi couldn`t believe their luck. And everybody else couldn`t believe their eyes.

JO PIAZZA, "NEW YORK DAILY NEWS": It was a collective, oh no way that they let her out.

ANDERSON: It certainly was. And now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you why this pop star with all of her obvious problems -


ANDERSON: Was let out of the psych ward earlier than expected. And we bring you the tough battle she may face with her worried parents and everyone else who believes they know what`s best for her. Welcome back, Britney.

PIAZZA: This is absolutely way too much for a sane person to deal with, much less someone who is most likely bipolar.

ANDERSON: Jo Piazza of the "New York Daily News" tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT doctors at UCLA wanted to keep Britney for longer.

PIAZZA: Her psychiatrist said she absolutely needs more in-hospital treatment or she is not going to get better.

ANDERSON: But "" is now reporting that the psychiatrist who wanted to keep her was overruled by an L.A. Court representative who found there was, quote, "no just cause for holding Britney." So Britney was let out. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you her parents aren`t happy about it. While Britney was locked up, a court named her father Jamie a conservator of Britney and her estate.

PIAZZA: He controls not only her finances, but he can really control her livelihood. He can change the locks on her house, he can control whether or not she leaves Los Angeles, whether or not she leaves the country.

ANDERSON: After her release, Britney`s parents, Jamie and his ex-wife Lynne Spears, released a statement saying, quote, "We are deeply concerned about her safety and vulnerability and we believe her life is presently at risk." The go on to say, "There are conservatorship orders in place created to protect our daughter that are being blatantly disregarded. We ask only that the court`s orders be enforced so that a tragedy may be averted."

But does Britney want to be protected? Within minutes of her release, she was up to her old tricks, driving around like paparazzi bait.


ANDERSON: Checking into ritzy California hotels and hanging out again with her paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib.

PIAZZA: The girl should have stayed home. She just had to go out and be seen.

ANDERSON: And now, Britney may be trying to take control back from her parents. According to TMZ, soon after her release, Britney met with this man, Attorney Adam Streisand.

PIAZZA: Adam Streisand?

ANDERSON: OK. Before you ask, yes, he reportedly is related to Barbra, second cousin, to be exact. Anyway, he`s siding with Britney`s so-called manager, Sam Lutfi whom Britney`s parents are trying to freeze out of Britney`s life.

Streisand went to court to get Britney`s dad removed as her conservator, but "" is reporting that Britney`s not allowed to hire Streisand or any other attorney under the conservatorship, which runs out on Valentine`s Day. But the fact that Britney even met with Streisand may indicate she`s gearing up for a fight with her own family.

PIAZZA: We do know that Britney has been increasingly agitated with her family, and is still trying to battle them and battle their control over her life. So I wouldn`t be surprised if she was trying to have this conservatorship removed.

ANDERSON: So now it looks like Britney may deal with an epic battle with her parents, that pesky custody dispute with K-Fed over their two kids, and of course, a paparazzi determined to capture every moment of her struggle with sanity. Really, how much can Britney take?

PIAZZA: This is enough to drive any normal person over the edge but a person with mental problems, I have no idea how she`s going to handle it.


ANDERSON: And as we said, Britney is under conservatorship until February 14th.

HAMMER: There are so many what-the-heck-is-going-on-here questions to ask tonight I hardly know where to begin. But we have got just the folks to help us figure it all out. Joining me tonight from Hollywood, investigative journalist and author of "Secrets Can Be Murder," the lovely Jane Velez-Mitchell. And criminal defense attorney the lovely Darren Kavinoky. I do appreciate you both being here.

You know, I keep saying I shouldn`t be stunned by anything that happens when Britney Spears is concerned. But I was stunned when I found this out, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was the first entertainment show with comprehensive coverage of Britney`s release from the hospital.

Jane, here we are 24 hours later. Are you still shaking your head in disbelief? Can you help us make any sense of what happened here?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: Well, A.J., it seems like sheer and utter lunacy to let somebody as loony tunes as Britney Spears out of the psych ward. But what I have learned is that some people, mentally ill people, are very good presenters. In other words, when they`re put in front of the person, the court referee who has to make the decision, they suddenly pull it together and they act very rational and they act very clear headed. And they describe all their plans for the future and this has been such a problem that the laws have actually been adjusted to encourage the authorities to look at the psychiatric history so they don`t get conned.

And who could better con than a woman who`s been a performer since she was a child? Britney Spears putting on an act convincing this guy or woman that she is sane, then getting out and acting completely insane the moment she is released.

HAMMER: Yes. No kidding. When a game plan if that`s indeed how it was hatched. Darren, what about you? Has the shock worn off for you?

DARREN KAVINOKY, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Hey, this is L.A. Nothing shocks us here especially in the world of high-profile celebrity meltdowns. I mean we`re used to this stuff. If anything, the only thing I`m mildly surprised about is how totally normal Ozzy Osbourne and Anna Nicole Smith look now in the wake of all of this and you know the parallels with Anna Nicole are really, really frightening.

And we`ll be talking a lot about that Friday on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Now, we mentioned Britney`s parents were among those who were shocked as we were when Britney left the psych ward. And because it`s so dramatic, I need to read to you again part of the statement that Britney`s folks, Lynne and Jamie released. Listen to this. They wrote, "We`re deeply concerned about our daughter`s safety and vulnerability and we believe her life is presently at risk." Then they went on to say, "We ask only that the court`s orders be enforced so that a tragedy may be averted." Jane, what do you think? Is this an exaggeration here or do you think her parents are right on the mark with the concerns?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Not at all, A.J. I mean they have every right to be concerned. This is a woman who is an absolute danger behind the wheel. Correct me if I was wrong but appeared she was driving herself at times after being released from the hospital.

I spoke to a psychologist who`s handled many conservatorships and she told me that often when a conservatorship is appointed, they strip the person of their driver`s license because if they`re too incompetent to care for themselves, they shouldn`t be behind the wheel. I`m wondering why that wasn`t done with Britney or if it was, is she driving without a license perhaps.

Then there`s the issue of medication. She could under-medicate or overmedicate and there`s also the issue of her history of addiction. So she could be combining pills with alcohol or illegal drugs. We don`t know. But she definitely poses a danger to herself and to anybody else who`s on the road next to her.

HAMMER: Sounds from everything you say the concerns are definitely warranted. One of the people by the way in Britney`s life that her parents is fearing is Britney`s manager Sam Lutfi. Now we know that a judge had issued a restraining order against Sam saying, "You`ve got to stay away from Britney." But we learned today that Sam is not actually been served that restraining order. So Darren, legal question for you. Should we concerned that he could still be in contact with Britney?

KAVINOKY: A.J., that`s a great legal question. Normally, we don`t enforce orders against people unless they have actually been served. But here, everybody in the world knows about this order. And if he has actual knowledge of the order and what he was restricted from doing and he acts in the face of that order, the judge is not going to let him off the hook that easily. If they can prove his actual knowledge, he can be bound by it.

HAMMER: So she could be back with some of her old friends. She`s back to her old habits. She went right to Beverly Hills Hotel, checked in there after she was released from the psych ward with none other than her paparazzo boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib. Jane Velez-Mitchell, it seems to me like nothing has changed. Here we go again.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: A.J., insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. And this just illustrates the frustration of trying to stop somebody who is an adult from exhibiting this horrible downward spiral. Basically, everybody is pretty much helpless and we come back to the question of why, why is Britney doing this? And I think it stems back to the fact she never had a real childhood. She was a child performer from a very early age. We`ve heard many performers express this frustration.

HAMMER: And without the right influences in her life now. I`m sorry I`m out of time. Jane Velez-Mitchell, Darren Kavinoky, I thank you both.

And now we`d like to hear from you. Our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day, "Britney Spears: Was it wrong to let her out of the hospital so soon?" is where you vote. Or E-mail us at

And you know, I have so many more questions here. So many people are saying, why in the world is Britney out of the hospital already? And I`ve never seen anything like it. What a wild scene. Look at this. When she was released, paparazzi everywhere. Where the heck were the cops? And I want everybody to remember, keep in mind, Britney is battling a serious mental illness here.

So a question which we should be asking is, should we feel sorry for her? Coming up, all of that and the shocking story of another star`s mental health battle.


BURKE: OK. Have you seen those shows where they don`t find the body for days and they go into clean up and it`s stacks of newspapers up to the ceiling? That`s hoarding and I hate it."


ANDERSON: "Designing Women`s" Delta Burke in her own dramatic words. Delta reveals her startling story of why she checked into a psychiatric hospital. That`s coming up.

HAMMER: Also tonight, a shocking Heath Ledger twist. Tonight, I can now tell you the feds, they`re stepping in and they`re investigating his death. So, does this mean Mary-Kate Olsen is finally going to get grilled about the day Heath died? Stick around and find out. That is coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


ANDERSON: Tonight, a brand new mystery surrounding Heath Ledger`s death. The toxicology report may be in but why are federal drug officials now investigating the case.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson. Tonight, one day after we learned how Heath Ledger died, there are disturbing revelations about a new investigation. A medical examiner just determined that Heath died from a lethal combination of six different painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs and sleeping medications.

But now this new development. The Federal Drug Enforcement Administration wants to know how he got his hands on these drugs. With us tonight in Hollywood, Dina Sansing, entertainment director for "Us Weekly." And in Atlanta, CNN law enforcement analyst Mike Brooks. Mike, Deanna, thank you both for being here.

And hey, we know the Drug Enforcement Administration requested a copy of Heath`s toxicology report, the prescription records and the police report filed the night he was found dead. Mike Brooks, what are they looking for here?

MIKE BROOKS, CNN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: Well, what they`re taking a look at, one thing I found very, very interesting, Brooke, was we heard yesterday that this was all part of an active investigation which says to me, "OK, who are they looking here?" They`re looking at possibly one of Heath Ledger`s doctors or, you know, someone else involved with Heath Ledger? We don`t know. I think that`s what we don`t know and need to get to the bottom exactly of who is part of this active investigation?

ANDERSON: Well, speaking of that and someone whose name has popped up since his death, we know that when Heath`s masseuse found his body, she called Mary-Kate Olsen before calling 911. And Mary-Kate called her own security guards. Now, there was a big controversy that police never questioned Mary-Kate then. Dina, it seems that`s highly likely that Mary- Kate is going to be questioned now, don`t you think?

DINA SANSING, ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR, "US WEEKLY": Yes. I mean the police had said at the time they didn`t think she was part of this and didn`t need to talk to her. Now that the DEA is involved, they probably will want to have a conversation with her. But it seems like the focus of their investigation is really where he got this prescription pills. It doesn`t seem to be - it`s something revolving Mary-Kate.

ANDERSON: Mike, should Mary-Kate Olsen now expect to be questioned by the DEA since this is an active investigation?

Well, you know, she probably didn`t write the prescriptions. What the DEA is looking for and what they regulate and enforce are the prescriptions and the doctors that write the prescriptions. Now, they may want to talk to her and say, "OK. What exactly did you tell this masseuse in the 26 minutes and the delay of calling 911?"

They may, as part of the investigation, ask her that because I`m sure NYPD has some of that in the report that they talked to her. Now, she apparently called some of her bodyguards who got to the scene. Some people were saying, well, did the bodyguards maybe try to get rid of some evidence? But apparently the bodyguards arrived about the same time as the New York City EMS and the firefighters did, the first ones to arrive and find Heath Ledger unconscious there.

ANDERSON: Yes. Police said that those bodyguards arrived at the same time that authorities arrived. So, yes, there was a question about a possible cleanup but then they put that to rest. Now, "The New York Post" is reporting that two of the six drugs that killed Heath Ledger, OxyContin and hydrocodone were not found in the apartment where he died. But Mike, I would have to imagine that would be a key question in this federal investigation.

BROOKS: It will be, and about where and who wrote the prescriptions. Now, we heard that he`d been in Australia and also in Europe. Did one of the doctors there write the prescriptions for him? We know that there were some doctors, also, in New York who wrote the prescriptions. So they`re going to go back and take a look at these doctors` records to find out exactly who prescribed it and how much they prescribed them and when they prescribed them.

Now, you know, when I`ve heard from sources who arrived there at the scene from NYPD and also New York City EMS that it didn`t look - nothing was unusual. You know, there were three or four reports of drugs strewn all over the apartment. This apparently wasn`t true.

But as you know, many times, if there are this many drugs that someone has and they`re taking them even traveling, could dump them all into one pill bottle. But investigators as part of their investigation would have taken the bottles and given them to the medical examiner to make a comparison from the toxicology reports to exactly the drugs that were there in the apartment at the time of the death.

ANDERSON: And you know, there are a lot of people, I bet, who are saying, "You know what? Does all of this really matter? Can we close the book on this, let Heath rest in peace? Deanna, what do you think?

SANSING: Well, I think a lot of people are saying that. But at the end of the day, this is about a man who died and investigators want to see what happened. If it turns out that there was something improper, if there was something illegal, they want to know. They want to make sure this doesn`t happen again so they have the right interest at heart here.

ANDERSON: Mike, very quickly, if it turns out by some leap, all of these drugs were prescribed by a single doctor, very quickly, are we talking a possible criminal investigation?

BROOKS: There`s a possible criminal investigation by the DEA. They`ve already ruled the death accidental. So I don`t think we`re going to have anymore into death investigation, but possibly the DEA could have their own investigation that we heard, that active investigation that they`re talking about.

ANDERSON: Mike Brooks, Dina Sansing, thank you both for your insights.

BROOKS: Thank you, Brooke.

SANSING: Thank you.

HAMMER: The stunning questions that are surrounding Heath Ledger`s tragic death. And tonight, there are also startling new questions surrounding Britney Spears` surprising and unexpected release from the hospital.

You know, I have to say, I`m really concerned because just about everybody out there has said she needed more time and more help. Should she have been released so soon? And I want everybody to keep in mind, Britney is battling a serious mental illness here. So should we, in fact, feel sorry for her? We`ll get into that and the shocking story of another star`s mental health battle.


BURKE: I came in because I was on so many medications and they just weren`t working.


ANDERSON: "Designing Women" star Delta Burke checked into a psychiatric hospital. You have got to hear this. Absolutely unbelievable. Delta in her own words. Why she`s taken such a drastic step.

And more stars in trouble. "Spider Man" star Kirsten Dunst reportedly in rehab, the same place Lindsay Lohan was. It just seems to be never ending with these young stars. We`ve got the startling details coming up.

HAMMER: And now, you can watch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT any time you`d like by downloading our totally free podcast which you will find on the website, You can also download it by going to iTunes and typing "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" into the search box. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT coming straight back.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there at the United Nations in New York City on Wednesday night. Madonna hosting a star-packed event which raised more than $3.5 million for her charity, Raising Malawi, and for UNICEF. Drew Barrymore, Tom Cruise, Rihanna, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher and a very pregnant Jennifer Lopez all among the A-listers who showed up to raise cash for orphaned African children.

We asked Madonna why she has been so behind this cause and had to ask her daughter Lourdes if she`s proud of her mom`s work.


MADONNA, POP STAR: My long-term goal is that if we can raise Malawi then we can do that in a lot of other places for those other children in need.

LOURDES, MADONNA`S DAUGHTER: I`m pretty proud, yes. I think she`s done a really good job because she`s been stressed.

HAMMER: Lourdes all grown up. And yes, she`s got one hard working mama, raising money for Malawi. Obviously, very personal for Madonna. Remember, she is in the process of adopting a boy she found in an orphanage back in 2006. And by the way, she also tells us that she can handle adopting a few more, so she may just very well catch up to the whole Brangelina clan.

ANDERSON: Tonight, startling new questions after Britney Spears` surprising release from a psychiatric hospital. You know, I really hope Britney is on the path to getting better but is she still a danger to herself and to others? Plus we`ve got to remember, she reportedly has a serious mental illness so with the paparazzi right back in her face, should we feel sorry for her? Next.

Also, the unbelievable story of another star battling mental problems.


BURKE: OK. Have you seen those shows where they don`t find the body for days, and they go into clean up and it`s stacks of newspapers up to the ceiling? That`s hoarding and I hate it.


ANDERSON: "Designing Women" star Delta Burke really opens up about her shocking decision to check into a psychiatric hospital. That`s coming up. You don`t want to miss it.

HAMMER: And Brooke, wow. We have got an Angelina Jolie exclusive. I`ve got to tell you, I`ve always felt that Angelina is terrific with all the great charity work that she`s done, and you`ve just got to hear this, the absolutely amazing details of her dangerous mission to Iraq. I`ve got that exclusive interview coming up. You will not want to miss it. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT coming straight back.



HAMMER: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, burning questions now that Britney Spears is out of the hospital. Was she released too soon? Is she a danger to herself and others? Plus, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with overwhelming response to the question, should we feel sorry for Britney?

Britney is out of the hospital but two other stars are in for treatment. Delta Burke at the psych ward for depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and hoarding. And wait, there`s another Hollywood shocker - Kirsten Dunst goes to rehab. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the celebrity treatment stories you do not want to miss.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson, coming you tonight from Hollywood. This is TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. Right now, the latest breaking Britney Spears` news. One day after Britney Spears was unexpectedly released from the psych ward, there`s a big mystery over why she was let out against the wishes of her psychiatrist.

Her parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears, have now released a statement saying they are outraged and fear for her life. And Britney`s lawyer has quit. Under court order, technically, she doesn`t have the power to choose her own counsel.

HAMMER: And all of this chaos has led to so many burning Britney questions. Right now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is getting to the bottom of it all with the best team in showbiz. The question, was Britney released too soon? You know, she was only in the psych ward for less than a week. Why was there no police escort? She was totally under siege on Wednesday, a stark difference from when she had first entered the hospital. And now that she is out, is she a danger to herself and others?

Joining us tonight from Hollywood, Atty. Darren Kavinoky. Also in Hollywood, "Extra" correspondent Carlos Diaz. And here in New York tonight, clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Kuriansky.

Gang, I`m still shaking my head. We were so hopeful a couple of days ago when we were talking about her being in the psych ward as being a really good thing. At the same time, we were talking about her possibly being in a padded room, leather restraints. And now she`s out after just six days. Now, Dr. Judy, right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, you have said even 14 days would not have been enough.

DR. JUDY KURIANSKY, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: And I stick with that. It`s really a shame, A.J., that she`s left the hospital. But really, the psychiatrist`s hands are tied. If the patient says, "I`m leaving," there`s so many patients` rights now that you`re like the one in the straight jacket that has to just let the person go.

It makes me suspect that likely Britney has some drug-induced psychosis. Remember she was getting one medication, an antipsychotic, for her thought disorder, another that was for manic and depressive episodes.

A drug-induced psychosis, when you get those medications, could lessen those symptoms which mimic all the behaviors that she`s shown, the driving recklessly, the showing of her private parts, and all of those could subside within several days so that when she`s asked the crucial questions, "Are you a danger to yourself? Would you kill yourself? Would you hurt somebody else?" She could say, "No, let me out of here," and you have to let her go.

HAMMER: Yes. She had the clarity of mind at last. You know, it`s no surprise that the price for the first pictures of Britney just out of the psych ward was worth a lot of money. We have to take a look at this. We`ve been looking at some of the videos, the remarkable scene when she got out, paparazzi crawling all over her like ants at a picnic.

Now, look at this. It is such a stark contrast here. You`re seeing the difference from when she was first taken to the psych ward, very orderly, escorted by the police escort that was like three football fields long. And this time around, the other scene you`re seeing on the right- side of your screen, not a cop in sight. Carlos Diaz, did somebody drop the ball here? I mean shouldn`t the hospital at least have given somebody a heads up? "Hey, Britney`s on the loose."

CARLOS DIAZ, CORRESPONDENT, "EXTRA": But what we understand is that she snuck out of the hospital because there were bandages on her face. It wasn`t a situation where everyone knew she was coming out. It was a surprise to everyone. The pictures that you`re seeing are pictures that were taken after Britney was long gone out of the hospital and she was spotted leaving her house in her brand new black Mercedes.

So it is not really somebody dropping the ball. There`s not really anyone to blame as far as an escort out of the hospital because she got out of the hospital relatively unnoticed.

HAMMER: Well, it`s shocking to see that even though she had been out for some time, police aren`t at least somewhere near that scene. I mean look at that -

DIAZ: But A.J. - what do you want, A.J.? Do you want police to follow her around 24/7?

HAMMER: Carlos -


DIAZ: Go ahead -

HAMMER: I don`t care who it was this is happening to. The fact that it was Britney is a big deal. But the truth is look at the scene. This was a danger to whoever was involved. Somebody definitely could have gotten hurt.

DIAZ: I agree.

HAMMER: What do you think, Darren? I mean should the police have been alerted at least at some point? You know, look out, Britney`s back out there. Because, really, when you see those people hanging out in traffic; it was just an accident waiting to happen.

KAVINOKY: Right. Well, A.J., remember, when we`re talking about her being a danger to herself and others, we are talking about Britney being directly a threat to herself or directly a threat to other people. I mean, look, if we can`t control ourselves, as a society, when we`re in Britney`s midst, it`s shame on us. Not shame on Britney.

We don`t take somebody`s liberty away because we can`t behave when she`s around which is essentially what happened yesterday and it`s just not fair that we`re going to what, keep her constrained because we don`t know how to act?

HAMMER: That`s true, Darren. I mean you`re making a terrific point. And that`s not exactly what we`re driving at. I` just astounded that the paparazzi were able to get away with what they were able to get away with.

It does seem, however, wherever she was traveling around, it is kind of back to her old habits. She was driving all over Hollywood, all hours of the day and night going to the regular haunts, to Starbucks, minimarts, gas stations. Dr. Judy, this leads to our next big burning Britney question with all the chaos that she does create. Do you consider herself, perhaps not in the psychological way, do you consider herself a danger to herself and others?

KURIANSKY: Absolutely. I would say so. There`s no question with the dangerous driving that she does, all the acting out behavior. It`s absolutely frightening for her and for people around her who could end up being involved in it. But you can`t really do much. This is the tragedy of what`s going on now.

We do lots of wonderful things now for patients` rights that didn`t happen years ago. You would have been able to control much more of this situation. But now, when a person has much more control over their own lives. Unfortunately, Britney doesn`t have control and there is no one now in her life who is able to watch over her, to make sure nothing happens. That`s the ultimate tragedy.

HAMMER: And it all makes it pretty clear that, you know, she is not going down a good road if she doesn`t heed the serious help she does need. That leads to the next big, burning question, should we be feeling sorry for Britney? We posted that question on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT - flooded with E- mails. I want to read a couple to you.

Pannyelle(ph) from Mississippi writing, "I feel sorry for Britney because she does not have any privacy. I would have a nervous breakdown as well."

And C.C. from Colorado sees things a little bit differently, "Until someone can beyond a doubt prove that most of the goings on with Britney are not of her own doing, I do not feel sorry for her."

Carlos Diaz, back to you. Do you agree with C.C.? Should we not feel not sorry for Britney?

DIAZ: I don`t feel sorry for Britney Spears at all. I`ll tell you why. I can boil it all down to one day for you. Yesterday, she got out of the hospital. She went home. No big deal. Stay at home. Get your head together.

Instead, she goes out to the Beverly Hills Hotel and that`s when the pandemonium ensued. I mean if you`re living in a fish bowl, then, you know, you might want to stay at home or maybe take a vacation.

She is always in L.A. She`s always going around and the paparazzi are always there. You might want to separate yourself from that maybe for just a few days. You don`t have to go to the Beverly Hills Hotel the second you get out of the clinic.

HAMMER: No question about it.

KURIANSKY: And that would be if she`s in her right mind.

HAMMER: We have been saying that all along. Dr. Judy, I want to jump in. Because very quickly - I`ve got 20 seconds. I want to throw this to Darren because we know that Britney`s father now has control of the state under that conservatorship until at least the 14th. Darren, what if Britney says, "You know, I want that back now?" She can`t even retain counsel?

KAVINOKY: Well, counsel will be appointed for her. And if she goes into court and gets rid of the conservatorship and it`s very likely that that could happen, frankly, then the whole restraining order thing with Lutfi is going to be off the table entirely.

HAMMER: And the saga will continue to unfold.


HAMMER: Unbelievable. Darren Kavinoky, Carlos Diaz, Dr. Judy Kuriansky, thank you all for being with us tonight.

Well, we have been asking you to vote on the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Sound off on this, "Britney Spears: Was it wrong to let her out of the hospital so soon?" Continue to vote at The E-mail address, if you have more to say,

ANDERSON: Britney may be out of the hospital but another Hollywood star has checked herself in to the psych ward. Delta Burke.


BURKE: I came in because I was on so many medications and they just weren`t working.


ANDERSON: I was just stunned to hear this. "Designing Women" star Delta Burke was hospitalized for depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and hoarding, something she says is ruining her life. Her shocking story next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: And I`ve got to tell you, it does not stop there. Kirsten Dunst has reportedly checked into rehab and yes, it`s the one we always hear about, the good old Cirque Lodge in Utah. That`s where Lindsay Lohan went for rehab. I have to ask, what`s going on lately? We`ve got a totally fired up panel ready to take on both shocking stories. That is next.

ANDERSON: And an Angelina Jolie exclusive. Angelina is in Iraq. She`s risking her own life going to a very dangerous place to try to help millions of displaced people. I give her so much credit. She`s incredibly dedicated to refugees. Coming up, we`ve got an exclusive. The only interview you will see of Angelina in Iraq. You don`t want to miss that. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is coming right back. Stay with us.



ANGELINA JOLIE, ACTRESS AND PHILANTHROPIST: I don`t see borders and I see lives and I see children. And this is, you know, an environment where there`s a war but there`s also humanitarian crisis.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with an exclusive Angelina Jolie interview. Angelina going to Iraq on a mission to help millions of displaced people. This is the only TV interview you will see of Angelina in Iraq and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has it for you in just a moment.

ANDERSON: That`s right. Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Tonight, two shocking meltdowns involving two big stars.

All right. Let`s get right to it. "Spiderman" star Kirsten Dunst has reportedly checked into rehab. A source confirms to "People" magazine that she is being treated at the exclusive Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah, the same facility where Lindsay Lohan spent nearly two months.

And you will not believe your ears when you hear this one. "Designing Women" star Delta Burke called TMZ to talk about why she checked herself into the psychiatric hospital. We have the tapes. And Delta makes truly stunning admissions about what she is suffering from.

Joining us now from New York, clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Kuriansky. And in Hollywood, "In Touch Weekly" senior editor Kim Serafin. Ladies, I`ve got to tell you. I could not believe my ears when I heard the phone call "Designing Women" star Delta Burke made to TMZ TV. So before we even discuss it, I need you to listen to it first.


BURKE: See, I`ve been here a week. I came in because I was on so many medications and many just weren`t working. And I knew I needed to get my meds worked out and that`s a very long, tedious procedure even if you`re just on one or two. I was on five.

We were thinking that maybe I hadn`t been properly diagnosed because some of these meds didn`t seem like they were working. You know, like antidepressants and stuff.

Because I have, you know, severe depression. I knew I had generalized anxiety and I knew I had problems with obsessive compulsive and the hoarding which I really want to work on.

OK. Have you seen those shows where they don`t find the body for days and they go into clean up and it`s stacks of newspapers up to the ceiling? That`s hoarding and I hate it.


ANDERSON: She sounds so distraught. I feel terrible for her. Dr. Judy, obsessive compulsive, severe depression. Delta Burke is going to need some serious help, isn`t she?

KURIANSKY: Yes. And she`s going to get it and she`s asking for it which is fantastic, which is so different from the Britney situation and crisis. Bless you, Delta. You are such a good example.

You can hear the pain in her voice. You can hear slight slurring. You can hear all that difficulty breathing. And you can hear her really admit everything that is going on. And you can also hear all the confusion in the diagnosis.

We know this with Britney, too. She`s got this or that, figure out personality disorders. Delta`s saying anxiety, depression, OCD, five medications. Many times, these disorders all mix in together and what really bothers her is the hording. Everybody who`s listening knows, you might be a pack rat or knows someone who`s a pack rat who saves a lot of things. But when things stack up and when it gets to the point like what Delta is saying when it interferes with her life and her happiness and she is motivated to go get help, this is great news. If she stays in the hospital, it can get sorted out.

ANDERSON: Absolutely. And Kim, you know, what is shocking here is that we always had the impression of Delta Burke, especially from the role on "Designing Women," as a strong, assertive woman in control. That makes this even more stunning, doesn`t it?

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": Sure. I mean, it`s as we have learned recently, even, with someone like Heath Ledger, it`s always kind of the last person you expect and especially with someone like Delta Burke.

We`re so used to hearing about the Britneys and the Lindsays and all the younger actresses who are having problems. So when something like this happens, it is certainly shocking. You know, there had been some reports back, you know, ten years ago. She had some weight fluctuations and that made some headlines but I think that this is definitely stunning to a lot of people.

ANDERSON: Yes. But we have to applaud her for her courage.

SERAFIN: Absolutely.

ANDERSON: Very brave, speaking out like that. I do want to move now to another really heartbreaking Hollywood meltdown. "" reporting that Kirsten Dunst just checked her herself into rehab. "People" quotes their sources saying she`s not doing well and that people were pushing her to go in there, but there was no intervention. Kirsten, just 25 years old. Dr. Judy, this seems to be a story similar to Lindsay and Britney, doesn`t it?

KURIANSKY: Yes. The good part about it, though, is that there`s an event that has happened and she doesn`t show up for a party. That says this is the signal you need to get help. And then she goes for it. Hopefully, unlike Britney, she`ll stay there until the whole thing is sorted out until she gets over whatever her addiction is and really doesn`t go back into the same scenario, the same setting with the same people and the same partying that will ruin her life.

ANDERSON: Right. And Kim, this could send a message to other people who are having problems. It`s OK to get yourself help. There is a silver ling here. Very quickly.

SERAFIN: Absolutely. I mean yes. If there is any silver lining to all of the other people who have been through rehab who have been having problems is that maybe they identify that, you know, you have a problem, too. That some of the other stars are recognizing that they have a problem and it`s forcing them to get some help and address the issue.

ANDERSON: Sure thing. All right. Kim Serafin, Dr. Judy Kuriansky, thanks for joining us.

HAMMER: Now an absolutely amazing Angelina Jolie exclusive. Tonight, Jolie isn`t on the red carpet somewhere with other glamorous Hollywood A- listers. She` in Baghdad on a mission to help millions of displaced people. She says there doesn`t seem to be a coherent plan to help them and she is talking with some top U.S. officials trying to get some answers.

In an exclusive interview with CNN`s Arwa Damon, Angelina says the decision to go to a war-torn place and a very dangerous one at that like Iraq was not a difficult decision.


JOLIE: It was an easy choice to make. I felt I had to come here because it is very difficult to get answers about especially the internally displaced people. It`s as I said even U.N.H.C.R. who I traditionally work with - they are not able to be inside at the moment and so I was very frustrated and just getting a bunch of ideas and papers but not knowing what`s really going on. And so today, I`m able to talk to all different people from our government and their government and really get some answers as to what is holding up the processes to really, really assist these people properly.

There are over four million people displaced and of the two million internally displaced, it`s estimated that 58 percent are under 12 years old. So it`s a very high number of people in a very, very vulnerable situation and a lot of young kids.


JOLIE: Well as I said, if it is not stable it can affect the entire Middle East and that will effect our entire world. If you don`t simply want to look at it as of course it`s important because there are human beings living here - I don`t see borders and I see lives and I see children and this is you know an environment where there is a war but there is a humanitarian crisis. And they have to be addressed simultaneously. We can`t wait for one to end to then finally take the time to address the other, it has to start right now.


HAMMER: She said it perfectly. Angelina works as a goodwill ambassador for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees. Her first visit to Iraq and Syria was back in August when she heard stories from refugees and displaced people.

ANDERSON: Lindsay Lohan is speaking out like never before about her partying and her time in rehab. I just couldn`t believe it when I saw this today. It is something that I never thought I`d hear Lindsay. Stay right where you are. I`ll fill you in on that next on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. You don`t want to miss it.

HAMMER: First, it`s a look at what`s new at the movies brought to you by Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. Opening Friday, the romantic comedy "Fool`s Gold" starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. Also Friday, Colin Farrell`s new movie, "In Bruges." Colin plays a hit man who goes to the medieval Belgian city in this comedic action adventure. And finally, clear your weekend calendar, look out Oscars, Paris Hilton stars in "The Hottie and the Nottie," in theaters, Friday. And that is what`s new at the movies brought to you by Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT coming right back.


ANDERSON: All right. Here is something I never thought that I might get the chance to say right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It sounds like Lindsay Lohan really has her act together. It seems like only yesterday we were all following her antics, the arrest, the rehab, the constant partying and saying, where is her head? Well, guess who has joined that camp? Lindsay herself.

In an interview with "Harper`s Bazaar" Lindsay says she looks back on the last year, and says to herself, "What was I thinking?" And she says rehab really helped her get her head on straight. She says, quote, "I`ve learned so much, though, like learning to love my life in a different way. And I wasn`t taking the time to feel my feelings. Being away and going to a place where I could learn about that and take the time with a clear mind to get back on the right track was nice."

For more with the new and improved Lindsay Lohan, pick up a copy of "Harper`s Bazaar." It`s on newsstands February 19th. And hey, Lindsay`s new attitude didn`t escape the notice of the co-host of "The View" Thursday. Take a listen to what Whoopi Goldberg had to say.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": We often talk about these young stars who are out of control. I just wanted to mention that finally, one of them is finally taking a look at going, "Maybe that wasn`t the best thing for me to have done." There`s a little reflection going on. And I just want to say, Lindsay, well done.


ANDERSON: All right. I am with you, Whoopi. Way to go, Lindsay. And Lindsay also tells "Harper`s Bazaar" that she`s very social and loves music and being around people. But she also loves her quiet time at home.

HAMMER: On Wednesday, we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day, "Britney Spears: Do you feel sorry for her?" An overwhelming response came in. It`s a really close vote with 54 percent of you saying, yes; 46 percent of you said no.

Some of the E-mails we got included one from Kimberly in Colorado. Kimberly writes, "I feel bad for her and really bad for her kids. They can`t help what is going on but still suffer because of it!"

We also heard from Karen in Illinois. Karen writes, "A part of me does feel sorry for her, but when you look at the whole picture, she brought this on herself." A lot of people sharing that sentiment.

Well that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. By the way, Brooke, did you know you were on ladder(ph) seven tonight?

ANDERSON: I did. I learned that from our director Charles.

HAMMER: Yes. I just wanted to let you know. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Thanks for watching.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. The latest from "CNN HEADLINE NEWS" is coming up next. Take care.