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Celebrity Campaign Wars; Sarah Palin Talks About Tina Fey and SNL; O`Neal Family Drama; The Frenzy Over Sarah Palin`s Glasses; Brad Pitt on Same-Sex Marriage; Eva Longoria is Well-Padded

Aired September 18, 2008 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the wild, crazy celebrity campaign wars. Tonight, Lindsay Lohan dragged into a bizarre and ridiculous war of words between Barack Obama and John McCain.
Plus, Sarah Palin speaking out for the first time about Tina Fey`s dead-on impersonation of her on "Saturday Night Live." And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with your fired-up phone calls about whether the "SNL" spoof was sexist. It`s "Showbiz On Call". Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the amazing brand- new star wars.

Tonight the startling new O`Neal family drama. Ryan O`Neal and his young son arrested in their house on drug charges. Tatum O`Neal speaking out about her father`s arrest as she still struggles with the fallout from her own drug arrest. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the breaking new developments in the tragic O`Neal family drama.

Plus, Brad Pitt throws himself smack into the middle of the battle over gay marriage. Tonight, Brad Pitt`s dramatic and controversial move. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you from Hollywood with "Star Wars: The Campaign Edition."

HAMMER: Or perhaps we should say star war. The SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ridiculous meter is in serious danger of exploding tonight after a brand-new round of stars caught in the middle of the battle between Barack Obama and John McCain. Lindsay Lohan, now smack in the middle of an Obama-McCain verbal fistfight. Yes, I did say Lindsay Lohan. And even Rocky is now in the fight. Sly Stallone just jumped into the ring. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the rock `em, sock `em, brand new developments making news right now.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE NEWS REPORTER: The bottom falls out on Wall Street.

HAMMER (voice over): The economy is in turmoil.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE NEWS ANCHOR: Our financial markets continue to deal with serious challenges.

HAMMER: Financial giants are collapsing one by one.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: The global sell-off triggered by Lehman Brothers` bankruptcy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE REPORTER: Now, AIG, the nation`s biggest insurer, is fighting for survival.

HAMMER: And amid the mess, the campaign of the two men who want to be president of the United States spent a day trading shots over the pressing issue of our time.

Lindsay Lohan? Yes, the starlet is the topic of the latest tug-of-war between Barack Obama and John McCain, whose campaigns can`t stop talking about celebrities.

KATIE DARYL, TMZ: It is surprising that Lindsay Lohan is now involved in the presidential race.

HAMMER: TMZ`s Katie Daryl tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT how these two campaigns started fighting over Lindsay.

DARYL: It all started with the "Chicago Sun Times" basically reporting that Lindsay Lohan had expressed that she wanted to support Barack Obama and wanted to host some celebrity-type bashes and parties and fundraisers for Obama. And then reports were coming back saying that Obama`s people weren`t that enthusiastic and thinking that Lindsay Lohan perhaps wasn`t the type of star that they wanted representing the campaign.

HAMMER: In response to the report that Obama snubbed Lindsay, a McCain spokesman told TMZ, quote, "Maybe Lilo is just too upstanding for Barack Obama. And Obama`s campaign fired back to TMZ, saying, quote, "Glad to see they`re focused on the important issues over in McCain HQ.

JO PIAZZA, "NEW YORK DAILY NEWS": I feel like we could always talk about Wall Street or maybe that hurricane, but what`s going on with Lilo?

HAMMER: Jo Piazza of the "New York Daily News" tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ever since the McCain ad called Obama the biggest celebrity in the world, those campaigns have been waging their own version of "Star Wars."

PIAZZA: It`s a total cat fight. "You`re the celebrity, no you`re a bigger celebrity. Well, you have celebrity fans. Well, so do you." It`s really dirty.

TINA FEY, ACTRESS, (as Sarah Palin): I can see Russia from my house.

HAMMER: Tina Fey`s Sarah Palin impression on "Saturday Night Live" reignited the "Star Wars" when a McCain adviser publicly blasted it as sexist. But Palin herself tells Fox News she liked Fey`s impression, what she saw anyway.

GOV. SARAH PALIN (R-AK), VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I watched with the volume all the way down. It was hilarious.

HAMMER: McCain made a campaign issue of Barack Obama`s recent Hollywood fundraiser headlined by Barbra Streisand.

SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R-AZ), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Talk about siding with the people just before he flew off to Hollywood for a fundraiser with Barbra Streisand and his celebrity friends.

VOICE OVER: For decades, he`s been Washington`s biggest celebrity.

HAMMER: A new Obama campaign ad called McCain a celebrity while featuring clips of McCain`s TV star turns.


HAMMER: And as we`re seeing with this new Lindsay Lohan squabble, "celebrity" continues to be a big-time dirty word in the campaign.

PIAZZA: Celebrities seem like this totally different class of people. They`re not real Americans, per se, and by saying, "Oh, look at you hanging out with your celebrity friends," you`re essentially saying, "Look at you, you`re out of touch with the American public."

HAMMER: But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you as McCain and Obama bash celebrities, they`re benefiting from them as well. For every Hollywood action hero who slams Palin like "Bourne Identity" star Matt Damon recently did -

MATT DAMON, ACTOR: I think there`s a good chance that Sarah Palin could be president and I think that`s a really scary thing.

HAMMER: There`s another that praises her like Sylvester Stallone does in this TMZ video.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: What do you think of Sarah Palin?


HAMMER: And for every 20-something tabloid friendly starlet like Lindsay who backs Obama, there`s a Heidi Montag who is a McCain supporter.

PIAZZA: I think that`s an even trade for who has the trashiest celebrity backing them.

HAMMER: So it looks like the "Star Wars" will continue all the way until the election, proof that the candidates might like fighting over stars as much as they like fighting over issues.


HAMMER: What I`d like to do right now is recap some of the key players in the battle to elect the next leader of the free world, the president of the United States of America. We have Lindsay Lohan, Heidi Montag and Sly Stallone. Welcome, my friends, to the bizarre world.

Joining me tonight in New York, Ashleigh Banfield. She co-hosts "In Session`s" "Banfield and Ford Courtside." In Hollywood tonight, Carlos Diaz, correspondent for "Extra."

Ashleigh, Carlos, let us now take a look once again at what the McCain camp had to say about the reports that Obama refused Lindsay`s offer to campaign on his behalf. A McCain spokesperson telling TMZ, quote, "So let me get this straight - they turned away Lindsay Lohan, but Barack Obama has friends like unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and convicted felon Tony Rezko. Maybe Lilo is just too upstanding for Barack Obama."

Carlos Diaz, I want to begin with you. Isn`t it just absurd that not only did the McCain camp put out a statement, but they even called Lindsay by her tabloid nickname Lilo. It actually scares me that they know that.

CARLOS DIAZ, "EXTRA" CORRESPONDENT: Listen, J. Mac is down with the kids, all right? (UNINTELLIGIBLE) first and foremost. But, you know, Barack Obama can`t win, because first, they compare him to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, and now that he says, "You know, Lindsay, I don`t want any part of it." Then they`re like, "Oh, you don`t want any part of Lindsay Lohan?" That`s what he`s supposed to do according to the McCain camp. So I don`t know what McCain wants from Barack Obama in this situation.

HAMMER: But wait. There`s more. The Lindsay Lohan spokeswoman actually fired back and told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, quote, "I wouldn`t think that Obama`s camp would want to alienate anyone who could offer support and get people to vote."

Ashleigh Banfield, do you think Lindsay`s spokesperson has a good point? I mean, like it or not, Lindsay Lohan has a lot of fans. It is a dramatically close race as we know all too well, and every vote counts.

ASHLEIGH BANFIELD, HOST, "IN SESSION": Oops. A.J., I go by A. Ban now.

HAMMER: Thank you, A. Ban.

BANFIELD: Thank you. You know, honestly, the number of voters that Lilo could deliver to the Obama camp is probably nowhere near the amount of people who might be put off by her endorsement. So I don`t think it`s worth Obama`s time to spend a lot of attention or energy on this. And it`s probably a better move that he stayed away from someone who has such a rough ride lately and isn`t necessarily showing that she`s on the straight and narrow yet.

HAMMER: Yes. I think a lot of people are in agreement with you on that. I want to change the channel right now so we can all watch together Celebrity Apprentice: The Presidential Edition." A big announcement on "LARRY KING LIVE." Donald Trump went on the program to reveal he is supporting John McCain. Listen to the Donald.


LARRY KING, HOST, "LARRY KING LIVE": Have you formally endorsed the ticket?

DONALD TRUMP, BUSINESS TYCOON (on the phone): No, but I`m endorsing McCain. I am -

KING: What does that mean?

TRUMP: I am basically very strongly - you have to understand, I`ve known him. I like him. I respect him.

KING: So you`re endorsing him?

TRUMP: He`s a smart guy, and I think he`s going to be a great president.


HAMMER: All right. C. Diaz -

DIAZ: C-los D.

HAMMER: C-los D. OK.


BANFIELD: We have a monster.

HAMMER: Donald Trump right there with Larry King saying, while he`s not formally endorsing John McCain, he is supporting John McCain. What do you think? Could that actually have any kind of an impact, Carlos?

DIAZ: What does that mean? He`s not wearing a tie when he`s endorsing him? He`s being casual about - No, this actually could be a very big effect because Donald Trump can sell ice to an Eskimo. He`s one heck of a salesperson, and he`s got cash. So you`ve got a guy who`s got, you know, the salesperson tactics, a lot of money and three kids that if they don`t vote for McCain, they`re out in the street. So, you know, I mean, those are four votes right there.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, he`s also a rather polarizing figure. Not everybody likes Donald Trump, so perhaps he could force people to vote the other way. You know what I`m saying? There -

DIAZ: Good point. Yes.

HAMMER: All right. Whoever could have predicted that Tina Fey would be caught in the middle of the celebrity campaign wars? Thanks to her dead-on impression of Sarah Palin on "Saturday Night Live." Now, Palin has just revealed she actually watched Tina on "SNL" spoofing her, but watched it with the sound down, called it, quote, spot-on, she added it was "hilarious." A. Ban, if she had the sound up, would she have felt the same way?

BANFIELD: I`m going to go out on a limb here and call her out on not knowing what Tina Fey actually said or listening to it. There looking at it with the sound on. I really don`t think that happened, personally. This is important. "SNL" has shown that it is a driving force in an election before, and it`s important this time around, too. But I think the most important thing is you don`t want to be caught criticizing satirists, because then you`ll look like a real loser.

HAMMER: Yes, you`ve got to pick your battles in an election process. And you know, I think at times both candidates or their camps not doing a great job of that. All right. You know, we always come back to sticking with the issues.

Ashleigh Banfield, Carlos Diaz, I do appreciate you being here tonight.

BANFIELD: Thanks, A.J.

DIAZ: Thanks.

HAMMER: We`ve been getting a ton of phone calls about the role that celebrities are playing in this election. The voicemail - it`s filling up with your thoughts. I want to play one now, Brooke, from William in Alabama. William telling us that what the stars say doesn`t really matter.


WILLIAM, CALLER FROM ALABAMA: I could care less who they vote for, and I really don`t want to know. It doesn`t persuade me one way or the other.


ANDERSON: And, A.J., we also got a call from Linda in North Carolina. She believes Hollywood does have a role in politics.


LINDA, CALLER FROM NORTH CAROLINA: You guys get the word out. Hollywood does have a voice, and they speak for a lot of people other than just the words coming out of their own mouths. They speak for me.


ANDERSON: We want you to keep those calls coming. We want to hear what you have to say about this or anything else that`s on your mind.

HAMMER: Yes. Just call us at 1-888-SBT-BUZZ, that`s the number to dial. Put it in your speed dial - 1-888-728-2899. Leave Brooke and me a voicemail. We, as you heard, play some of your calls right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

ANDERSON: A.J., everybody is still talking about the Sarah Palin skit on "SNL."

HAMMER: Yes. And I for one thought Tina Fey`s impersonation was absolutely brilliant. There are some who are saying, Brooke, that the whole skit was incredibly sexist. I`m not sure about that, but we have a fired-up debate, coming up.

Also this -


KYUNG LAH, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It`s the Sarah Palin glasses and the mad rush to have a pair all your own that`s really caused a frenzy.


ANDERSON: It`s the guy behind the most famous frames in the world. We`re going to Japan to meet the man who designed Sarah Palin`s glasses.

HAMMER: Also, the O`Neal family tragedy. First, of course, Tatum gets arrested for drug possession. Well, now, her father, Ryan O`Neal, and her half-brother have both been arrested on similar charges. This is a crazy story. We have the latest, very tragic details on the family`s troubles, coming up.

ANDERSON: And Brad Pitt`s controversial move. He`s putting himself right in the middle of the gay marriage debate. I`ll tell you what he`s doing and what people are saying about it, still ahead.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Tonight, the startling drug arrest of Ryan O`Neal and his son. And now, Tatum O`Neal is speaking out. Tatum`s father and her half brother, Redmond, were arrested together after police reportedly found meth in their Malibu home. Ryan and his son are free tonight after posting $10,000 each. Their arrests come just months after Tatum was busted in New York City trying to buy crack cocaine. Tonight the disturbing O`Neal family drama.

In Hollywood tonight is Ken Baker, the executive news editor for "E!" Also in Hollywood, Kim Serafin, who is a senior editor at "In Touch Weekly."

Hey, guys. Kim, I want to begin with you. Tatum, Ryan, Redmond - the sad truth here is addiction is an obvious problem for this family, isn`t it?

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": Oh, sure. I mean, because Redmond - this is not the fist time he`s been involved with something. He had DUI arrests in the past. Then, plus, you have Tatum, as you mentioned, you know, getting caught on a New York city street corner trying to buy cocaine. Even Ryan in the past - there was that incident with a fireplace poker where he was under suspicion of assault trying to hit his other son, with a fireplace poker. So I think this is something that goes way beyond just a little drug problem, way beyond something that can be cured with, you know, a couple of thousand dollars in fines and a year of probation.

ANDERSON: Oh, what a mess.

SERAFIN: Yes, it`s tragic.

ANDERSON: And late today, Tatum O`Neal released a brand-new statement on the arrest of her father and half-brother telling "," "Addiction runs in families. It`s a disease. I`m praying for both of them. I`m praying for my whole family. I hope Red will get treatment. That`s what he needs. There is hope for Redmond."

Ken, this is an estranged family, actually, with issues. Do you think maybe that this could be a wake-up call for all of them, maybe bring them back together so that they can support one another through these challenges that they frequently have?

KEN BAKER, EXECUTIVE NEWS DIRECTOR, "E!": Well, let`s hope so, but Tatum was recently on "Oprah" and she said that one of the things that she wanted to do as part of her recovery was help other addicts, help them through what she`s been through. Well, here it is in her own family and this is a real test of that vow that she just made. But I think that it`s going to be difficult. It`s oftentimes a lot easier to help people that you don`t know that are total strangers.

And we see that a lot with celebrities. Look at Angelina Jolie. She`s saving the world, but she doesn`t even talk to her dad. And I think there`s a lot of bad blood in this family, and it`s really sad that all they share apparently this same issue. But let`s hope that they do get help, whether it`s from Tatum or whether it`s from some professional.

ANDERSON: Yes. Together or maybe separately. As we mentioned, all three of them have gotten into trouble because of drugs, clearly an ongoing problem. So Kim, maybe, on the other hand, would it be best for them to keep their distance from one another and deal with these issues independently?

SERAFIN: You know, maybe. Obviously there is some drama in the family and they probably do need to address that. That might be the root cause of some of their problems. But remember, they live in an industry in a town, in a culture here in Hollywood where while not accepting of drug use necessarily, it`s not something that is so odd to hear about. So, I mean, it`s something they`re surrounded with every day. And Tatum even mentioned, you know, growing up with fame. She`s never known what it`s like to not to be famous. So I mean, when you live in that sort of industry, that, you know, where it`s kind of common having these drug problems. I mean, that`s obviously one of the problems, too.

ANDERSON: It`s so sad. They clearly need some help, at least some guidance. And Ken, you know, there`s to doubt they`re a very talented family, but I cannot remember the last time they were in headlines for a good film. What - 10 seconds - what is it going to take for them to get their lives, their careers back on track?

BAKER: Well, obviously, serious rehab - that`s going to work, and that`s as far as their lives go. Career - that can always come back. Like Kim said, the town is very accepting and they love comebacks in Hollywood.

ANDERSON: Yes. Absolutely. And you know, Ryan and Redmond could actually be charged with felony drug possession. This is serious. Ken Baker, Kim Serafin. Thank you both.

And we`ve got a brand-new way for you to get in touch with us and be on TV.

HAMMER: Brooke speaks the truth. Now, you can give us a buzz and tell us exactly what you think, whether it be about the O`Neal family drama or really anything else that`s on your mind.

ANDERSON: Yes. Give us a call, 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; 1-888-728-2899. Leave us a voicemail. We will play some of your calls right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

HAMMER: Well, Brooke, we`ve got tons of calls from our viewers about that "Saturday Night Live" skit with Tina Fey and Sarah Palin.

ANDERSON: Yes, her impersonation dead-on. But A.J., some people are saying the skit was sexist. We will hear your calls and have a fired-up debate on that, coming up.

And also this -


LAH: It`s the Sarah Palin glasses and the mad rush to have a pair all your own that`s really caused a frenzy.


HAMMER: A huge frenzy. A guy who made Sarah Palin`s glasses is getting a lot of attention. We`re going to meet him, going all the way to Japan to meet the man who designed what perhaps are the most famous frames in the entire world.

ANDERSON: Also, Brad Pitt is throwing himself in the middle of the debate over gay marriage. I will tell you his controversial move, straight ahead.

HAMMER: And the new "90210" is raising controversy because of its ultra- skinny female stars. Is the show sending a scary and a dangerous message? We`ll be getting into that skinny debate, coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

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ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson. And here are some more stories that are new right now.

Hillary Swank is out of the hospital after going in for a minor procedure to have a benign growth removed. Swank`s manager tells "People" magazine that the problem has been resolved and Swank just needs a short period of rest and recuperation. Glad she`s doing OK.

HAMMER: Well, some good news for Jessica Simpson. Her new album has debuted at number one on the Billboard country chart. Now, some people were a little bit skeptical about her transition to country, but the album called "Do You Know" sold 65,000 copies in its first week out. And in addition to topping the country chart, it`s also number four on Billboard`s top 200 album chart.

ANDERSON: Cool. Not too bad. And if you wonder what Carrie Bradshaw was like in high school, you`re in luck. "Sex and the City" author Candace Bushnell is writing a pair of novels called "The Carrie Diary." This will take us back to Carrie`s formative years in high school, her friendships, her romances and how she became a writer. Bushnell says in high school, Carrie didn`t follow the crowd, she led it. The first book is set to come out in 2010.

HAMMER: And there will be a frenzy. Well, Brooke, everybody is still talking about the Sarah Palin skit on "Saturday Night Live."

ANDERSON: Yes. You know, I thought Tina Fey`s impersonation was terrific, but some are saying the whole skit was incredibly sexist. We`ve got a fired-up debate coming up.

And also this -


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s the Sarah Palin glasses and a mad rush to have a pair all your own that`s really caused a frenzy.


HAMMER: It`s the guy behind the most famous frames in the world. We are going to Japan to meet the man who designed Sarah Palin`s glasses.

ANDERSON: Also, Brad Pitt is putting himself right in the middle of the gay marriage debate. I`ll tell you what he`s doing and what people are saying about it. That is still ahead.

HAMMER: And the Eva Longoria great weight debate. Is she pregnant? Is she putting on some weight for "Desperate Housewives?" Well, now, one of her "Desperate Housewives" co-stars is setting the record straight, and that`s still to come on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

ANDERSON: But first, stay on top of the most provocative entertainment news and you can do that with our daily SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsletter. Just head on over to, click on the "sign up for the newsletter link" that is at the bottom of the page. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is coming right back after this. Stay with us.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s the Sarah Palin glasses and the mad rush to have a pair all your own that`s really caused a frenzy.


HAMMER: Sarah Palin - a big star in Japan. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT heads to Tokyo where Palin is all the rage for her glasses.

Plus the "SNL" sexism controversy. Tonight, Palin speaks out for the first time about the "Saturday Night Live" skit that everyone is debating. We`ve got your fired-up calls. Was the spoof sexist?

Brad Pitt`s big gay marriage move. Tonight, Brad opens up his checkbook to stop a controversial ban on gay marriage, but will this backfire on him?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you tonight from Hollywood.

HAMMER: Tonight, the great Sarah Palin "Saturday Night Live" sexism debate is explode willing once again after Palin speaks out. And our "Showbiz On Call" phone lines - they are burning up. Tonight, Sarah Palin is speaking out for the very first time about Tina Fey`s dead on impersonation of her on "Saturday Night Live." And wait until you hear what she has to say about it.

And we are taking your fired-up phone calls about whether the "SNL" spoof was, in fact, sexist. I`ve got to tell you, you had plenty to say about that. It is "Showbiz On Call."

Joining me tonight - I hash out this incredible sexism debate from the Tru TV newsroom in New York, Ashleigh Banfield, Tru TV host and co-host of "Banfield and Ford: Courtside." And all fired-up in Hollywood - just look at him - Carlos Diaz, the correspondent for "Extra." He`s ready to go.

All right. Ashleigh, Carlos, we`ve all been wondering exactly what Sarah Palin thought about Tina Fey`s spoof of her on "Saturday Night Live." Well, now we know. Palin tells Fox News that she did watch it. Listen to this.


PALIN: I watched it with the volume down and I thought it was hilarious. I thought she was spot on!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Do you think you could play her one day?

PALIN: Absolutely! Yes, yes, it was hilarious. Again, I didn`t hear a word she said, but the visual spot on.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Did anyone ever say that before the similarity?

PALIN: They`ve been saying that for years up in Alaska. In fact, I dressed up as Tina Fey once for Halloween. So we`ve been doing that before Tina Fey was doing that.


HAMMER: All right. So, right there the beginning, Carlos, she said she saw it but with the sound turned down. I`m thinking and maybe agree - didn`t she miss the best part of what Tina Fey said as Sarah Palin?

DIAZ: This is a classic Bill Clinton "I smoked it but did not inhale it" defense, all right? Serious. Come on, people! How stupid are we, Sarah Palin? You watched it but didn`t hear it? That`s the easy way for her to say, "Oh, she was dead on." Now, I don`t know how she was making fun of me with her words, but she certainly looked like me." I mean, we`re not stupid. You watched it with the sound down? Stop it!

HAMMER: Yes. We were all kind of talking about that this morning in our big morning meeting. What do you think, Ashleigh? Perhaps, you know, if she did, in fact, turn the sound down, she did it to save herself from hearing anything negative. You know, "SNL" probably in her mind would go after her.

BANFIELD: I think she still doesn`t know what the Bush doctrine is, and I don`t think wants to have to discuss it any further. You know, far be it from me to be a journalist who calls her out for what I think is a little white lie. But if she did truly watch it with the sound down, A.J., someone has apprised her of what was on it because it wasn`t flattering.

HAMMER: Yes. You think? And by the way, Ashleigh, I love how every time we talk about Sarah Palin, you do slip into a little bit more of your Canadian accent. It`s very sweet.

BANFIELD: Oh, don`t you know?

HAMMER: All right. Well, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who played, of course, Hillary Clinton on the skit - they got rave reviews. We all loved it. The skit - we thought it was terrific. You know, the McCain camp, however, called the skit sexist. Let`s watch some more of this skit.


AMY POEHLER, ACTRESS (as Hillary Clinton): I believe global warming is caused by man.

TINA FEY, ACTRESS (as Sarah Palin): And I believe it`s just God hugging us closer.

POEHLER: I don`t agree with the Bush doctrine.

FEY: And I don`t know what that is.


HAMMER: All right. Well, the "Showbiz On Call" phone lines were burning up. I`m not kidding. Three communication satellites nearly fell from the sky after we asked viewers if they thought it was sexist. We heard from Maureen in California, and we`d like you to hear her opinion.


MAUREEN, CALLER FROM CALIFORNIA: "Saturday Night Live" is not sexist. And if she`s going to be vice president, she needs to learn how to take a joke.


HAMMER: Learn how to take a joke - what do you think, Carlos? Does Maureen have a point? Everybody needs to, you know, lighten up a bit. It was a skit. It was "SNL."

DIAZ: Well, if all McCain can say is that it was sexist - I mean, if McCain can (UNINTELLIGIBLE), "Oh my gosh, that was hilarious." I mean, he can`t say that so he has to come with something. So, obviously, you`re going to go with the sexist thing. I think it`s kind of a low blow. I mean, if they do a Barack Obama skit, is it racist? I don`t agree at all.

HAMMER: All right. A lot of people feel the same way because we asked it on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of day - "The Sarah Palin Skit: Was it sexist?" And look at how the voting went. It is nonscientific but still, we got a lot of votes. Eighty-nine percent said not sexist.

Ashleigh Banfield, what do you think? The sexism claims are based on in this skit? I mean, you saw the whole thing. We just played a clip of it.


HAMMER: What do you think people are driving at?

BANFIELD: You know, I think Carly Fiorina just made a big mistake. She was speaking for herself. I think the campaign is kind of trying to suggest now that, "Carly was speaking for herself and not for the campaign. And I think we`re OK with it." Truth of the matter is, some women are dumb and some women are smart. That skit had one of each, so there may be just some sour grapes that were floating around.

HAMMER: I think when a campaign spokesperson speaks, they`re speaking for the campaign regardless of what people want you to believe. Now, Ashleigh, you were once famously spoofed on "Saturday Night Live" yourself. Did you find it to be sexist?

BANFIELD: No, I was spoofed twice by Tina Fey. Actually, I thought it was awesome. It was like a highlight for me. I loved it.

HAMMER: See the glasses. They always work.

BANFIELD: Yes. We all look alike.

HAMMER: Very spoofable, I guess. Now, most of the viewers, as you just saw in our question of day, did think it was not sexist. But we did have a viewer, another Sarah, Sarah from Utah who called "Showbiz On Call" and had this to say.


SARAH, CALLER FROM UTAH: I don`t know what they said, because I was busy doing something. But I know they look alike and Hillary Clinton looked like a lesbian and Sarah Palin looked like a prissy lady. So sexist, yes.


HAMMER: All right. Carlos, let me throw this one to you. Sarah also watched it with the sound turned down. I know that you don`t think this skit was sexist, but do you see, based on what she said, where this Sarah is coming from?

DIAZ: I don`t see how she thinks that she`s a lesbian. But you know -

HAMMER: Referring to Hillary Clinton played by Amy Poehler.

DIAZ: Exactly. Yes. Yes, exactly. I don`t see that. But, I mean, that the caller needs to lighten up. These are all jokes, and I think that everyone is coming forward and saying that this is sexist and this is this and that. I mean, "SNL" has been doing this for the last, you know, 30 years. They`ve always been making fun of presidential and vice presidential candidates. It`s just because it`s a woman now that we have controversy.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, you know, everything is a lightning rod in this campaign, it seems.

BANFIELD: Hey, A.J., I know some lesbians who are very, very pretty. Hello!


DIAZ: Ashleigh Banfield, everybody, Ashleigh Banfield.

BANFIELD: On the record.

HAMMER: OK. Let me move on to my next call.

DIAZ: Please do. Please do.

HAMMER: This is one that I noticed myself, and I wanted to make sure I got it on the air. It`s a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viewer named Chuck. He called in to "Showbiz On Call." And I thought he had a pretty interesting spin on the whole sexist talk about this "SNL" skit.


CHUCK, CALLER: I think to get spoofed on "Saturday Night Live" is a badge of honor, and I think both Clinton and Palin should look at that as a badge of honor.


HAMMER: Yes. See, that`s what I think. It`s of like, you know, being on the Simpsons. What do you think, Ashleigh? Chuck said that being lampooned on "SNL" is like a badge of honor. I`m sure you felt that way. Do you think that`s how Palin should look at this?

BANFIELD: The old expression - any press is good press as long as they say and spell your name right.

HAMMER: Well, you know, there are some people would disagree with that statement. But actually, we`re in the publicity field. But in this case, you know, it certainly made the point that Sarah Palin is such a well-known figure, obviously, but somebody - you know, when you`re spoofed on "Saturday Night Live" - I mean, Carlos, come on.

DIAZ: It is. It`s very cool. I mean, my good friend is Stuart Scott from ESPN and he`s been spoofed a few times and he digs it. It`s just one of those things where you`re on you get spoofed. I myself have never seen Ashleigh Banfield and Tina Fey in the same room. So I believe there needs to be an investigation of some sort. So - I`m just saying.

HAMMER: We will be debating that, the heated discussion tomorrow night on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. But for now, I`m glad that we got to cover the sexism issue, and I think we know where at least our viewers stand. And I appreciate you both sounding off on it. Ashleigh Banfield, Carlos Diaz, thank you very much.

BANFIELD: Thanks, A.J.

DIAZ: Thank you.

ANDERSON: And we have been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of day - "`SNL` spoof of Sarah Palin: Was It Sexist?" Keep voting at Send us an E-mail - the address

HAMMER: You know, Brooke, some people say that all this talk about Sarah Palin`s clothes, her look - they think that`s very sexist.

ANDERSON: You know, I can certainly see why people would feel that way. People are talking and debating her hair, her glasses.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s the Sarah Palin glasses and the mad rush to have a pair all your own that`s really caused a frenzy.


ANDERSON: That`s right. I can tell you, people are really focused on her glasses. There`s a mad rush to get them. It`s even spread to Japan where her stylish specks are made. Tonight, we`re taking a trip to Tokyo where there is a frenzy over them.

And also, it is great how Brad Pitt puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to causes that he believes in. Tonight, Brad is opening up his checkbook to fight a ban on gay marriage, but will this backfire?

HAMMER: Is Eva Longoria pregnant or not? Well, one of her "Desperate Housewives" co-stars sort of calls her fat. Tonight, another setting the record straight, and that is coming up.

And Brooke, I do want to remind everybody there is this great, brand- new way for our viewers to tell us anything on that happens to be on their mind.

ANDERSON: That`s right, A.J. It is "Showbiz On Call." Just give us a ring at 1-888-SBT-BUZZ. That`s 1-888-728-2899. Leave us a voice mail, and we will play some of your calls right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And now, the frenzy over Sarah Palin`s fashion frames. You know, she has got people all fired-up over her eyeglasses. And even those who don`t see eye to eye with Palin think her eye glasses are out of sight and they`re just fighting to get a pair.

I can now reveal the frenzy has reached all the way to Japan, because that`s where the glasses are made. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is taking you all the way to Tokyo with the remarkable story of the rush to snag a pair of Palin`s specks. Here`s CNN`s Kyung Lah for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


PALIN: Hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest part of the glass ceiling in America.

KYUNG LAH, CNN CORRESPONDENT: That`s not the glass that`s grabbing headlines in the fashion world. It`s the glasses Gov. Sarah Palin wears. There`s a run on the rimless pair, so a part of her image.

FEY: Lipstick.


LAH: They`re a must have for any Palin parody - this one on "Saturday Night Live." The new fashion craze, the latest style hit means a two-month wait if you live in the U.S. And overdrive for the Japanese company that makes them, trying to keep up with worldwide demand.

"We can`t keep up, says Sakura Matanaka(ph) from the company that sells the Kawasaki 704s. They`ve sold more in two weeks than in the entire year. Even the Japanese are getting in on the craze. "I saw Palin`s glasses and came to buy them," says Yudeo Karuyama (ph). And on first try, he was sold, though he has to get in line, everything back ordered.

This is the man behind the design, Kazuo Kawasaki, a PhD in medical science. He designs robots, artificial hearts, his own titanium wheelchair and glasses, blending medicine with a flair for fashion.

(on camera): Other political heavyweights have worn Kawasaki`s designs before. Colin Powell actually wore this rimless design. But it`s the Sarah Palin glasses and the mad rush to have a pair all your own that`s really caused a frenzy. Kawasaki says he just didn`t expect it.

"I am so surprised," says Kawasaki, "But her wearing them is good for business." But he does hope his spectacles are limited to a fashion spectacle. "I hope American voters will be smart, pay attention to her position on the issues and not vote on image or my glasses." Maybe the fashion appeal of a pair of glasses is an issue which voters can agree.


HAMMER: That was CNN`s Kyung Lah with what was an eye-opening look at the Sarah Palin glasses craze for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

ANDERSON: Tonight, one of Hollywood`s biggest stars and one of this fall`s biggest shows at the center of two white-hot controversies new right now. First up, Brad Pitt has thrown himself smack in the middle of the battle over gay marriage and he`s putting his money where his mouth is. Wait until you hear what Pitt is doing.

Also new right now, there is outrage tonight over how scary skinny some of the teen stars of the new "90210" have become.

With me tonight in Hollywood is Kim Serafin who is the senior editor for "In Touch Weekly." Also in Hollywood, Ken Baker. He`s the executive news editor for "E!"

Kim, Ken, let`s start with Brad Pitt right now. We have just learned that he`s giving $100,000 to a California group that is fighting the proposed ban on gay marriage. Now, Pitt released a statement saying, quote, "Because no one has the right to deny another their life, even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesn`t harm another and because discrimination has no place in America, my vote will be for equality and against Proposition 8."

Ken, Brad Pitt jumping into this. This is a pretty big deal, isn`t it?

BAKER: Well, I would say that it would be a really big deal if he released a statement about Barack Obama stating his support for the candidate, but not because he`s supporting this issue. And I`ll tell you why.

I was in Denver a couple weeks back at the Democratic National Convention with all the celebrities there. And you could not pay a celebrity enough to talk about Barack Obama and why they were supporting him because they were distancing themselves from the politics.

But guess what? You could get them to talk about their issue, their passion, their pet issues that they have, and that`s really not surprising that Brad Pitt has done this. He has historically been very supportive of gay and lesbian rights.


BAKER: So I would be surprised if it were some sort of political candidate he was supporting and not a cause.

ANDERSON: Well, Brad has said before that he and Angelina would not get married until everybody else in the country who wanted to do was legally able to do that. Kim, what do you think? Can this be a signal from Brad that maybe he`s getting a little impatient?

SERAFIN: Well, yes. I mean, it make sense. You know, after six kids together, he`s just unsure if Angelina really likes him or not, so he wants that concrete proof. No. You know - yes, that might be part of it. But no, I think Ken definitely has a point. I think that if he came out there and started really talking up Barack Obama or saying things about John McCain, saying things against John McCain, that would be much more controversial.

But this is something that has been close to his heart. It sort of just goes into the bigger picture of equality. I mean, he`s always been out there on the front of humanitarian causes.


SERAFIN: And plus, the gay marriage amendment issue is not so controversial these days. I mean, it`s not what everyone is talking about especially when, you know, Ellen, for example, got married and announced it on her show.


SERAFIN: I don`t want to say it has become more mainstream, but it`s not quite a controversial as yet.

ANDERSON: You`re right. And the bottom line is they have been very charitable and do stand up for what they believe it in.

I want to move to another story new right now. Outrage over the incredibly thin stars of the new "Beverly Hills 90210." The Internet buzzing about reports that some of these girls may have eating disorders. Ken, whether or not that is true, they`re frighteningly skinny. Don`t the producers of the show have a responsibility to not put these scary thin stars on a pedestal?

BAKER: Well, I think that it really - what it really comes down to is responsibility of the actor, OK? And these girls, first of all, are under an enormous amount of pressure. I think that, you know, being fat in Hollywood or being perceived as not being thin enough is sort of a black mark on a lot of actresses. That`s just a reality, a sad reality for a lot of these stars. And of course, they take it to an extreme, and it is very difficult to watch this. We just saw Nicole Richie go through it recently. And you know, it`s interesting that this isn`t the first time. You look back 10 years ago, "Ally McBeal," when Callista Flockhart was out there. Everybody was talking about that.

ANDERSON: But that was an adult show with adult viewers. This, young impressionable girls are watching. I think it sends a dangerous message. We`re going to leave it there for now. Kim Serafin, Ken Baker, thank you both.

HAMMER: Well, Brooke as everyone debates these superskinny weight controversy on "90210," I can tell you there`s a weight battle over on "Desperate Housewives," all this talk about Eva Longoria putting on weight. Is she pregnant? What`s the deal? Tonight, one of her co-stars finally setting the record straight. I`ve got that coming up next.

ANDERSON: But first, a look at what`s new at the movies this week brought to you by Fiber One Yogurt from YoPlait - "Cardboard, no. Delicious, yes."

No one is sleepless in "Battle in Seattle." It`s about the 1999 protest of the World Trade Organization which turned a full-blown riot.

Samuel L. Jackson is a not-so-nice LAPD officer who doesn`t approve of his next-door neighbors` interracial relationship in "Lakeview Terrace."

And Kate Hudson, Dane Cook and Jason Biggs live out the Cars` song in "My Best Friend`s Girl." And Kate dumps Jason. Jason hires his buddy Dane to get back Kate. And Kate and Dane end up liking each other. Whoo!

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is back after this.


HAMMER: Hey, did you see this? I, for one, am flushed with excitement. Check out this guy - he`s breaking the Guinness World Record for passing through a toilet seat three times. He wiggled through the ring three times in a record one minute and 28 seconds. I mean come on, Daniel Browning Smith just must be a bowl full of laughs at his family reunion. Way to go, Daniel. If we had any say, not only would he get into the 2009 Guinness Book, we`d send you a lifetime supply of Charmin. How about that?

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Tonight, one of Eva Longoria`s "Desperate Housewives" co-stars is setting the record straight. Is Eva pregnant? Is she putting on weight? What is the deal here?

Well, we first told you that when another one of Eva`s co-stars, Felicity Huffman was asked whether Eva was pregnant, she told "People" magazine, "No. You know, Eva is just fat." But Felicity was joking around. But you know, everyone still wants to know why there has been a little extra on Eva. Well today, Dana Delaney, who`s also on the show settled this Wisteria Lane weight battle once and for all.


DANA DELANEY, "DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES" STAR: The only one that I can see a real difference is Eva Longoria-Parker, because she is now married. No, she wasn`t married, but now, she is a mom, and they`re padding her. You know, all these stories about, you know, "She`s gained weight. She`s pregnant." No, they are padding her.

KELLY RIPA, CO-HOST, "LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY": They`re padding her in costumes.


RIPA: Oh, that`s so funny.

DELANEY: But she loves it. She absolutely loves it.


HAMMER: Thank you, Dana Delaney, for setting the record straight. There you go, no pregnancy. It`s all the property department`s fault because of padding.

ANDERSON: We have been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "`SNL` Spoof of Sarah Palin: Was it sexist?" Well, nearly nine out of ten of you say no it wasn`t sexist.

Here are some of the E-mails we got. Lisa in California is all fired- up. She writes, "`SNL` skit sexist? Please - if we want equal rights, then stop complaining about a spoof with women in it. For years, we have enjoyed humor spoofing men. I completely enjoyed Tina and Amy as Sarah and Hillary! Keep it up, ladies!"

But Peggy Jo, also from California, argues otherwise, "It was sexist. I haven`t seen any spoofing of Democratic VP pick Joe Biden yet."

HAMMER: Well, just wait. And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Remember, you can always catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s - 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, and in the morning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern. The latest from "CNN HEADLINE NEWS" is next.