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Brangelina-Aniston Effect at the Oscars; Sean Penn`s Fired-up Speech in Support of Gay Marriage; Octu-Daddy Mystery Solved?; Rihanna Breaks Her Silence; Will Rihanna and Chris Brown Get Back Together?

Aired February 23, 2009 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the Brangelina-Aniston effect at the Oscars. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie come face-to-face with Jennifer Aniston for the first time since the split heard around the world. Tonight, the awkward moments. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is there for Jen`s big coming out with John Mayer.

Plus Sean Penn`s fired-up rant about gay marriage.


SEAN PENN, ACTOR: It`s very sad in a way because it is a demonstration of such cowardice - emotional cowardice.

HAMMER: Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the over-the-top Oscar controversies.

Has the octu-dad mystery finally been solved? Tonight, the explosive caught-on-camera interview with the guy who claims he fathered some of the octuplet mom`s kids. His unbelievable claim that the octu-mom may have duped him. And his brand new and disturbing revelations about the octu- mom.

Plus, Rihanna breaks her silence. For the very first time since Chris Brown allegedly attacked her, Rihanna is speaking out. Plus, is it possible Rihanna would actually get back together with Brown?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, coming to you tonight from Hollywood.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: Hi there, everybody I`m Brooke Anderson.

Get ready to meet the man who claims he is the octu-daddy. That is coming up.

HAMMER: But first, on this night after the Oscars where, of course, Brooke and I spent our Sunday night, the unbelievable buzz over the Brangelina- Aniston effect.

I`ve got to tell you, in what may have been one of the most uncomfortable, cringe-worthy moments ever at the Oscars, Jennifer Aniston came face-to-face with Angelina Jolie for the very first time some four years after the breakup with Brad that still generates enough stories to fill the Library of Congress. And I do mean face-to-face.

But wait, there`s more. Aniston also used Oscar night to show that Brad and Angelina Jolie are not the only ones with romance in their lives. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you the biggest, best, and untold Oscar stories making big news right now.


(voice over): It`s Hollywood`s biggest night. It`s Tinseltown`s night in the spotlight. It`s - who cares? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you, at the Oscars and for almost an entire day later, all anyone wants to talk about is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and their very first red carpet encounter with Brad`s ex, Jennifer Aniston who showed up with her new BF, John Mayer.

JO PIAZZA, "NEW YORK DAILY NEWS": It is absolutely the first time we have seen all four of them in this big love quadrangle. This is a really big deal - the Jen versus Angelina battle.

HAMMER: Arriving on the red carpet, Pitt and Jolie, both nominees, provided an entire night`s worth of Academy Award star power by themselves. The couple didn`t talk to reporters except to ""

BRAD PITT, ACTOR: We have been planning on this for months.

ANGELINA JOLIE, ACTRESS: I`d like to think of it more as a date.

PIAZZA: It was as if there were no other celebrities in Hollywood except for Brad and Angelina.

HAMMER: Inside the Kodak Theater where Pitt and Jolie happened to be seated within shouting distance of Aniston and Mayer, host Hugh Jackman couldn`t help but make a little Brangelina quip.

HUGH JACKMAN, HOST OF THE 81ST ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS: I actually don`t have a joke for them. I am contractually obligated to mention them at least five times during the show. But it`s nice to see you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Please welcome Jennifer Aniston and Jack Black.

HAMMER: But the dramatic high point came when Aniston took the stage to present the animation Oscars with Jack Black. All eyes were on Pitt and Jolie who were sitting in the front row.

PIAZZA: I think they handled themselves really well. I mean, there was no sign of animosity. Everyone was smiling. It looked a little bit like Jen was grinding her teeth on stage. But you would, too, if Angelina were smiling up at you with the Cheshire cat grin.

HAMMER: And after the show, headlines were abuzz with news of the explosive Oscar night encounter.

PIAZZA: Everyone is so interested in Brangelina, Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer, as a group that it did take attention away from the actual Oscar winners.

HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you the actors who beat Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for best actor and actress made their own attempts to grab some headlines.

PENN: You commie, homo-loving sons of guns -

HAMMER: Accepting his Oscar for playing gay activist Harvey Milk in the film "Milk," Sean Penn blasted the anti-gay protestors who demonstrated outside the theater before the ceremony.

PENN: I think that it is a good time for those who voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit and reflect and anticipate their great shame and the shame in their grandchildren`s eyes if they continue that way of support. We have got to have equal rights for everyone.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And the Oscar goes to - Kate Winslet.

HAMMER: And while the Kodak Theater erupted at Kate Winslet`s Best Actress win for "The Reader," not everyone applauded the praise she got for her role as a Nazi guard in the movie.

PIAZZA: A lot of Holocaust survivors and Holocaust historians have said they didn`t appreciate the Academy nominating this film because it empathized with a woman who was essentially a mass murderer.

HAMMER: Winslet addressed the controversy backstage.

KATE WINSLET, OSCAR-WINNING ACTRESS: I think going into it, I was very aware that if an audience did feel any level of sympathy for Hanna and that they felt morally compromised as a consequence that that would be an interesting emotion for them to then deal with. But it certainly wasn`t my intention to make people sympathize with an SS guard.

HAMMER: Yes, Oscar winners do get some attention. But at the end of the day, nothing gets talked about more than a good old-fashioned love quadrangle.

PIAZZA: It was lot of attention paid to a tabloid feud over the actual award show.


HAMMER: I just like saying "quadrangle." So why is all the attention on three who didn`t even win Oscars? And how did Jennifer Aniston handle her first face-to-face encounter with Brangelina?

Joining me tonight in Hollywood, celebrity journalist, Katrina Szish. And in New York tonight, it`s Ben Widdicombe who is a celebrity editor for

OK, Katrina. You were right there with Brooke and me last night at the Oscars. We watched as Jennifer was staring straight ahead the entire time she was up there on stage while Brad and Angelina were literally a few feet away from her.

I am thinking it had to take incredible concentration not to look down because that could have been very distracting.

KATRINA SZISH, CELEBRITY JOURNALIST: I`m sure it could have been distracting. I think this is probably the toughest role that Jen has ever had to play, that of ambivalent ex-wife. She was close enough to Brad and Angelina Jolie that she probably could have smelled Angelina`s perfume should she had been wearing any.

And I think the fact that they were in such close proximity for the first time in four years, and Jen still pulled it off, although she was a little nervous, says that she definitely is a pro through and through.

HAMMER: I`ve got to tell you, I am not exactly sure yet how I feel about the call made by either the director or producer of the show, because there was this audible gasp in the pressroom at the Oscars when the director cut away to a shot of Angelina looking up at Jennifer. She had a big smile on her face.

What do you think, Ben? Was that tacky or was it good television? Because it certainly felt awkward.

BEN WIDDICOMBE, CELEBRITY EDITOR, "STYLELIST.COM": Oh, you know I thought it was fantastic television, seeing Angelina Jolie sitting there with that rigor mortis grin as she watched the woman who called her uncool on the cover of "Vogue" magazine just a few feet away.

The reality is there was massive public interest in what would happen when those three people were in the same room together. And in the event, you can say really, well, not much happened. But I can guarantee you that moment was one people all around the world were waiting to watch.

HAMMER: Well, and you know, the producers and directors were planning on that moment, because keep in mind, at these award shows, it`s not like this was a shot that was taken randomly from a camera far away. The camera is positioned right there by Angelina Jolie to get that. So she knew she was going to be taken on camera.

Now, also last night on the red carpet, I`ve got to tell you, Brad and Angelina, when showed up - I mean, look at them. Hollywood royalty like none other.

Now, Jennifer Aniston, however, decided to save her big red carpet moment for the "Vanity Fair" after-party. Of course, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT cameras were there when she walked in arm in arm with boyfriend, John Mayer.

What do you think, Katrina? This was a big coming out in public. Do you think Jennifer was trying to send some sort of message? This is the first time these two were really out together like this.

SZISH: Jen, of course, was trying to send a message. And she really was sending a message that said, "I`ve moved on. I don`t care. I have my own life."

But it`s hard not think that by these ongoing kind of public displays of one-upmanship and games that there`s still a little bit of hard feelings there. And it seems like after four years, it`s time to really just move on and not sort of make this a public statement.

HAMMER: Katrina, is that really - you say one-upmanship and games - is that really what is going on? Or is everybody going out to a party they were invited to with a date? I mean, come on.

SZISH: Sure. I mean, I think that that makes sense and that`s straightforward. But because of all of the build up of the fact there have been so many efforts for Brad and Jen to avoid each other, not to be at the same place, Jen not wanting to walk the carpet with John Mayer. I mean, they have been so careful to avoid those situations that when they finally do have the situation it seems a little bit contrived.

HAMMER: It may have that appearance. Sure, I can see where you are coming from on that.

All right. I have to talk about another great moment last night. Big moment, too, when Sean Penn won for Best Actor for playing Harvey Milk. And he gave that passionate speech about gay rights.

Ben, obviously, Sean Penn could not have had a bigger platform than that. Do you think Sean Penn`s words will actually make a difference?

WIDDICOMBE: Well, I think it does some incremental good. On the one hand, people who aren`t inclined to support lesbian and gay rights probably aren`t going to be swayed by Sean Penn remarks. On the other hand, his very sincere remarks and also the very moving speech given by the "Milk" writer Dustin Lance Black, I think probably gives great comfort to young people who are maybe privately questioning their sexuality.

Also, I interested to see on the red carpet last night a lot of people were wearing the white knotted ribbon on their lapel ...

HAMMER: Right.

WIDDICOMBE: ... which is the symbol for supporting gay and lesbian marriage equality. So taken together, I think it does some good, yes.

HAMMER: Katrina, on a broader Oscar question, a lot of people are saying the Academy is just out of touch. What do you think it says when a movie like "Slumdog" wins eight Oscars, including Best Picture and it beat out every big star and big movie in Hollywood?

SZISH: I think we are seeing a big change here. The independent film world has arrived front and center. And if you are a big studio, you`ve big bucks, you`ve got big actors, that doesn`t mean you are guaranteed to win an Oscar.

So I do think we are seeing the world of film changing and perhaps there`s more mass appeal for the film that wins the big award on the big night.

HAMMER: Well, it certainly was a deserved win. We can`t argue with that. Katrina Szish, Ben Widdicombe, I thank you both.

All right. Now, we would like to hear from you for our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Here`s what we need to know tonight - "Oscar Winners: Did they get it right?" You can vote at You can also E-mail us if you have more to say at

Now, Brooke, something that was clearly on the minds of a lot of people at the Oscars last night, all of the Chris Brown-Rihanna drama.

ANDERSON: Yes. A lot of stars told us they are concerned about Rihanna, A.J. And tonight, I can tell you that Rihanna is breaking her silence for the very first time since Chris Brown allegedly attacked her. Rihanna is speaking out. Get this - is it possible that Rihanna will get back together with him? Straight ahead.

HAMMER: Also, who is your octu-daddy? Tonight, the explosive caught-on- camera interview with the guy who claims he fathered some of the octuplet mom`s kids. You have got to hear his disturbing new revelations about her.

ANDERSON: And the brand new Sarah Palin smack-down. You have got to see the fireworks that exploded on the "Today" show over Palin. This makes the Matt Lauer-Tom Cruise fight look like Disneyland. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

(CAPTION READS: Nicole Richie and boyfriend Joel Madden expecting second child. Screen Actors Guild rejects "last, best, and final offer" from producers.)



MEL GIBSON, ACTOR: We use them as practical jokes some times because I do get a laugh out them. I mean, you often have meetings with writers, and directors, and producers, and stuff. And I invite them into the office. And I carefully stow them between the cushions and the couch. And then you just kind of sit down, and the damn things are everywhere.


ANDERSON: A very funny Mel Gibson on Jimmy Kimmel`s after-the-Oscars special on the practical jokes he likes to play with his two Oscars, both for "Braveheart."

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

All right. Did you see this? You`re probably wondering why Mel looked like this guy? Kentucky Fried Chicken`s Colonel Sanders. Well, there is a perfectly good explanation. Mel gave Jimmy a sneak peek at his new film. Take a look.


VOICE OVER: In a nation divided, when brother fought brother. One man had it all. Oh, Josephine. Josephine, God has smiled upon us today. I have been promoted to a Colonel. Josephine. No! Baby. Don`t do this to me, baby. Live.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s the original recipe. Go on with your life.

GIBSON: I will, and I shall not stop until every single one of them is dead. Finger-licking dead.

VOICE OVER: From the producers of "Braveheart" and "Step Up 2 the Streets."


GIBSON: You`re getting fried.

VOICE OVER: A story of war, betrayal -


GIBSON: Well, love him then in hell!

VOICE OVER: And redemption.

GIBSON: You entrusted him with ten herbs and spices. But I have added an 11th, my (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

VOICE OVER: Mel Gibson. Jimmy Kimmel. And introducing Captain Sully Sullenberger.

CAPTAIN SULLY SULLENBERGER, HERO PILOT: I am going to kill all you damn geese!

VOICE OVER: "The Colonel."

GIBSON: We`re going to need a bigger bucket.


ANDERSON: All right. Did that make anybody else kind of hungry? Now, because we here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT work so hard to make sure we get all of our facts straight, I did a little digging around KFC`s Web site. And Colonel Sanders wasn`t born until 1890. And the original recipe chicken didn`t even become a recipe until 1940. But Jimmy and Mel, we think you are pretty darn funny. Just feel free to send over a bucket or two of extra crispy.

HAMMER: You`re working pretty hard, Brooke - you know, the research.

All right. This is incredible. The "Showbiz on Call" phone lines are virtually fried like the chicken because of everybody calling in about the octu-mom. By the way, our operators - we have video. They worked through the weekend. We even had to order in some KFC for them.

ANDERSON: Very funny, A.J. Listen to this at home, we`ve got a call into "Showbiz on Call" from Gary in Tennessee.


GARY CALLER FROM TENNESSEE: This woman is the poster girl for the ultimate welfare queen. She`s just exploiting her children, and she is a parasite on society. I can`t believe how somebody can defend her.


ANDERSON: Thank you for that, Gary. We also heard from Tasha calling in to "Showbiz on Call" from Texas.


TASHA, CALLER FROM TEXAS: I think that everyone should leave the octuplet mom alone. She is having enough trouble as it is. She doesn`t need everyone riding down her back. You should be helping her instead of criticizing her.


HAMMER: Thanks, Tasha. You can call us at "Showbiz on Call" and let us know what you think about this or anything else that is on your mind.

ANDERSON: That`s right. The "Showbiz on Call" phone lines are always open. Give us a ring - 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; 1-888-728-2899. Simply leave a voicemail. We will play some of your calls right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

And your calls to "Showbiz on Call" are also now online. That`s on our homepage,

A.J., I can tell you, there are brand new octu-mom developments tonight. In fact, the octu-dad mystery may have been solved.

HAMMER: An octu-dad?

ANDERSON: Yes. Can you believe it, A.J. Tonight, the explosive caught- on-camera interview with the guy who said he fathered some of the octuplet mom`s kids. And this unbelievable claim that the octu-mom may have duped him. Plus, his brand new and disturbing revelations about the octu-mom. Straight ahead.

HAMMER: Also, brand new, Chris Brown-Rihanna drama developments. For the first time since Chris Brown allegedly brutally attacked her, Rihanna is speaking out. But is there actually a chance she might get back together with him?

We`ve also got this -


HAMMER: I did her very first TV interview ever.

MILEY CYRUS, ACTRESS AND SINGER: How are you? Yes, you did. I was so nervous I felt I was -


HAMMER: That`s "Hannah Montana" star Miley Cyrus. You`ve got to hear what else she told me on the Oscar`s red carpet. She surprised me with something that blew me away. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

(CAPTION READS: "The Dark Knight" passes $1 billion at the box office. Tyler Perry`s "Madea Goes to Jail" opens at number one at the weekend box office.)


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m really, really grateful for it. I didn`t know it would happen this way. What I did know is that people in this country need a good laugh. They needed a very good laugh and so that`s what they got. That`s why they showed up.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Tonight, Heath Ledger`s family speaks out about his posthumous Oscar win. Heath won best supporting actor for his role as The Joker in "The Dark Knight."

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was there at the Governor`s Ball after the Oscars where we caught up with Heath`s mom Sally, father Kim, and sister Kate who accepted his award. So we just had to ask what they think Heath would have said on stage.


KIM LEDGER, FATHER OF HEATH LEDGER: I couldn`t put words in Heath`s mouth tonight because I have never been able to put words in his mouth ever. We just spoke from the heart the way we kind of saw it, and the way we feel as a family. And you know, times have been a little bit tough so we are not grumbling about it.

We just, as Sally has said and Kate has said earlier, we have just been supported by so many beautiful friends over here and so many beautiful friends in Australia that - it`s all just been amazing. And we just feel like - we are going along now to, although we didn`t know that we were going to pick the award up.

We kept talking ourselves out of it. We`re picking it up for everybody, everybody who has worked for, everybody here, all his customers, the people that bought his, you know, movie tickets and videos and everything.


KIM LEDGER: All his fans. All his fans.

KATE: That`s not the right word.

KIM LEDGER: Yes, not the right word.


ANDERSON: Really strong, amazing people. What a positive attitude they have.

HAMMER: Yes. Really inspiring. And Brooke, there were so many amazing moments. One of the biggest surprises for me came when I spoke with Miley Cyrus on the red carpet.

Now, when I interviewed Miley and her dad a few years back, it was not only their very first TV interview together since she was getting set to start up with "Hannah Montana." It was also her first time in New York City. So I gave them a little gift.


(on camera): We got you a little gift.

M. CYRUS: Thank you.

HAMMER: You can open up that - a little souvenir to take home from our town. This new show, "Hannah Montana" - we`ll talk as you`re opening it. Don`t want to take away from gift opening.

M. CYRUS: Thank you.

BILLY RAY CYRUS, FATHER OF MILEY CYRUS: Show everybody what you got. Oh, we love New York.

HAMMER: A little New York love.

M. CYRUS: Thank you.


HAMMER: Well, Miley totally had a surprise for me on the red carpet. You`ve got to listen to this.


HAMMER: Now, do you still have, I believe I gave you a New York City mug.

M. CYRUS: I know, a mug. I do still have it. And I believe there was a bear or something also, a tiny bear that I took.


HAMMER: Can you believe it? She still has both of the things that we gave her from SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I do hope she washed that mug though.

ANDERSON: Yes. Let`s hope. And now, the SHOWBIZ lineup. Here`s what`s coming up bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Who is your octu-daddy? Tonight, the explosive caught-on-camera interview with the guy who says he fathered some of the octuplet mom`s kids.

For the very first time since allegedly being attacked by Chris Brown, Rihanna speaks out.

And the hottest couple that we didn`t see on the Oscar red carpet. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

(CAPTION READS: British reality TV star Jade Goody, dying of cancer, marries. Ticketmaster changes online sales system after Springsteen complains.)



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would like to do a DNA test. You know whether or not it is or isn`t, you know, I still extend my hand in help.


HAMMER: Has the octu-dad mystery finally been solved? Tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the explosive caught-on-camera interview with the guy who claims he fathered some of the octuplet mom`s kids. His unbelievable claim that the octu-mom may have duped him. And his brand new disturbing revelations about the infamous mother of 14.

Rihanna breaks her silence. For the very first time since Chris Brown allegedly attacked her, Rihanna is speaking out. Will Rihanna actually get back together with Brown?

Plus, more stories breaking from the Showbiz news ticker.

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, coming to you tonight from Hollywood.

ANDERSON: It is great to have you here, A.J. I`m Brooke Anderson. And tonight, has the octu-dad finally been revealed?

HAMMER: Quite possibly, Brooke. Tonight, for the very first time, the guy who claims he is the father of some of the octuplet mom`s kids. Since the world first learned about Nadya Suleman, who was already a mom to six kids before giving birth to octuplets, little was known about who the father was.

But now, in a brand new interview on ABC`s "Good Morning America," this man, Denis Beaudoin, says he may be the daddy to some, if not all, of Suleman`s kids.

And wait until you hear what Beaudoin has to say about his three-year relationship with Suleman and how he may have helped to get her pregnant.

Plus, what Beaudoin says he will do to find out if he is the father of any of Nadya`s kids. And we can tell you, he is into the taking no for an answer. Can this story get any more bizarre?

Joining me tonight is Jane Velez-Mitchell, host, of course, of "ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL" seen weekday nights right here on HLN at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. Also in New York, Ashleigh Banfield who is an anchor for Legal Network "In Session."

All right. Everybody has been wondering, who is the octu-daddy? Because this has been really one of the great mysteries of this whole story.

Let`s begin with Denis Beaudoin`s claim that he`s the guy who donated sperm to Nadya when they dated back in the `90s. Now, I want you to watch Beaudoin explain to "Good Morning America`s" Chris Cuomo how he claims Nadya asked him to donate. Take a look at this.


DENIS BEAUDOIN(ph), ALLEGED "OCTU-DADDY": She said we are going to go to the doctor`s appointment, which turns out to be - it wasn`t just a doctor`s appointment. It was a fertility clinic. After she came out and told me that she wanted to have kids and she had to have them now. She was told that she was going to - she had ovarian cancer.


HAMMER: OK, quite a revelation. Beaudoin also claims that he donated his sperm to Nadya at least three times when they were together.

Jane, I don`t know what you are feeling here, but I am thinking something doesn`t sound right at all?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST, "ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL": Well, it`s very possible that he is the father of one or all of these children.

But definitely, this case stinks. It reminds me of what happened in the Anna Nicole Smith case after her tragic death when all these men came out of the woodwork claiming that they were the father of her little child, including - remember, A.J. - Zsa Zsa Gabor`s husband.

So since there are 14 kids here, eight that were just born and then six, ages seven and under, it`s possible other men could come forward. Maybe even Zsa Zsa Gabor`s husband might come forward in this case and say, "I donated the sperm."

HAMMER: Just wait, we`re going to have Prinz von Anhalt chiming in saying, "I`m the dad." The difference in this story, of course, what the heck would the benefit really be of anybody claiming that they`re the dad?

Now, Ashleigh this does sound like everything else in this entire story, doesn`t it? Just completely whacked.

ASHLEIGH BANFIELD, ANCHOR, "IN SESSION": It`s odd. But someone has to be the father, and I think she`s - there are some reports anyway suggesting that she is acknowledging that he did have some part to play in a visit to the fertility clinic, but that his stuff didn`t work and that she moved on to somebody else.

In any case, it is odd though that she leaves the father blank on many of the children`s birth records and names David Solomon with all sorts of different birthdays on at least, I think, four of the other children.

HAMMER: But he can`t get in touch with her. The alleged octu-daddy Beaudoin also claims that he`s reached out to Nadya. She is not responding, not calling him back. He is, however, determined to find out what is going on. So watch what he said when he asked - when he was asked about, getting the proof that he wants and quite frankly that he needs here.


BEAUDOIN: I would like a DNA test, you know. And whether like I said - whether or not it is or isn`t, you know, I still, extend my hand in help.

CHRIS CUOMO, ANCHOR, "GOOD MORNING AMERICA": You will help even if they`re not your kids?

BEAUDOIN: Yes. Because she needs help. She needs help. I mean, it`s hard. It`s hard, nowadays, you know, to raise two kids, let alone 14 kids.


HAMMER: No question about that. Now, this guy is here offering his help whether or not he is the father of any of Nadya`s kids. And Nadya has said that she knows she is going to need some help.

So Jane, it seems to me, Nadya should be calling this guy back, putting him on the speed dial and say, "Hey, come on help me out. I will take you up on the offer."

VELEZ-MITCHELL: With all due respect, A.J., not necessarily. First of all, I think everybody in this case needs help in that manner of speaking. But I think he already has his hands full. He already has two children. Apparently, his wife - his current wife is not too thrilled about entire situation and you can certainly understand why.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: And apparently, he was involved in a custody battle in the past. She has gotten a much better offer from Angels in Waiting, an organization that is volunteered to provide around-the-clock care. And last we heard, she hasn`t even bothered to respond to that offer.

HAMMER: Which is - makes it all the more understandable that she is not responding to this guy if not responding to this group that I think has a terrific offer that you mentioned on the table, Jane.

Now, Ashleigh, if Beaudoin demands a DNA test, will Nadya, in any way, be legally responsible to make sure he is given the test? How does that work?

BANFIELD: It is quite possible, actually. First of all, there has to be factual basis. Just anybody can`t walk in off the street and demand someone give them a DNA test. If he can establish that there was a relationship and he had some part in it, then that`s step one.

Number two, did they sign any documents? Because if he waived all of his rights to any future children, it may have also absolved him of any financial duty as well. And he may not have the right to make any inquiry. So it just depends. If it was a verbal decision between the two of them, it is a little murkier and he may have some rights there.

HAMMER: Well, the octu-daddy says there is another emotional reason this has touched him personally. As Jane has mentioned, because he has been involved in a custody battle with his own son. Take a look at what he said about that.


BEAUDOIN: I would never want that for her or her kids because it`s rough.

CUOMO: You seem emotional about it. What are you going through here?

BEAUDOIN: I`m just thinking about my oldest son. Our relationship is really hurt to this day.

CUOMO: Because of the ugliness surrounding the custody battle?


CUOMO: And you are thinking about this new batch of babies - you don`t want that for them?


HAMMER: All right. No shortage of emotion there. If he does take a DNA test, Jane, and it proves that he is the dad, will Nadya have any choice but to have him be a part of the babies` lives if that`s what he wants?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I think she could put up a legal battle. And again, I hearken back to Anna Nicole Smith case and you remember those wild courtroom sessions where they were arguing about custody and there is the kooky judge down in Florida.

Certainly, he has some rights. But it is going to be a lot of billable hours by a lawyer to fight this one out. And it is going to be a very, very wild scenario in court. I don`t know if it is really worth it. I think - really, again, I think this man has his hands full and his heart may go out to these children. But he just may be muddying the waters at this point.

HAMMER: Yes. It does seem, of course, that everybody continues to have an opinion about who should help support the octuplets including, of course, the legions of people calling into the "Showbiz on Call" phone lines. I want to play a call from Kim in Idaho. She has some suggestions.


KIM, CALLER FROM IDAHO: I think the doctor who inseminated octu-mom should have to support the babies, take over all the care of the babies, financially and even physically and emotionally. Let`s get him all the way involved.


HAMMER: All right. Ashleigh, give me some legal reality here. Is it even conceivable that if it was discovered the doctor is somehow responsible for any wrongdoing here, he would have any financial responsibility to these octuplets?

BANFIELD: At first, a lot of legal analysts said no. And then the L.A. County Board of Supervisors started pushing for an investigation and even used the words - because we want to know about civil or criminal liability here. I`m not so sure about criminal liability here. I think he could definitely lose his license.

But the state has incurred a lot of cost because of these babies.

HAMMER: Right.

BANFIELD: So theoretically, A.J., the state could civilly sue him because of the costs they have incurred thus far.

HAMMER: Unbelievable. It`s going to be interesting to see how it continues to play out. This story is not over yet. Ashleigh Banfield, Jane Velez-Mitchell, I thank you both.

ANDERSON: A.J., something else that is far from over - the Rihanna drama.

HAMMER: Yes, Brooke. And I know you are digging into brand-new developments in that story tonight.

ANDERSON: I am. Rihanna is breaking her silence since the alleged attack by her boyfriend, R & B star, Chris Brown. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has Rihanna`s emotional message to her fans.

And is it possible that Rihanna would actually get back together with Brown?

HAMMER: Plus, singer John Legend jumps into a heated controversy over an ugly political cartoon that has sparked massive protest. Wait until you hear what Legend told me about the scandal and why he is planning to get all of young Hollywood to back him up.

ANDERSON: And if you thought the Matt Lauer`s smack-down with Tom Cruise was wild, wait until you see this showdown over Sarah Palin. Lauer gets caught up in the middle of a brand-new Sarah Palin controversy. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

(CAPTION READS: Restraining order extended for Britney Spears` former manager and ex-boyfriend. Judge says Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib still can`t contact Spears. Spice Girl Mel C. gives birth to daughter, Scarlet Starr.)


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Tonight, could Rihanna be going back to Chris Brown? The shocking new developments in the Rihanna drama making news right now.

Tonight, just as Rihanna reaches out to fans, brand-new reports that Chris Brown is reaching out to Rihanna with gifts and phone calls. But is it inconceivable she could go back to him.

And for the first time since Chris Brown`s arrest for allegedly attacking her, Rihanna is reaching out and sending a message to her fans.

Joining me tonight in Hollywood is Katrina Szish, who is a celebrity journalist. Also in Hollywood, Ken Baker who is the executive news editor for "E!"

Katrina, Ken, brand-new tonight, a shocking new report that says Chris Brown actually tried to contact Rihanna on Friday - that was her 21st birthday. The "New York Daily News" is reporting that Brown tried to call her and sent her gifts for her birthday and that he wants her back.

Ken, does it seem inconceivable to you and inconceivable to Rihanna`s fans that she would ever go back to him?

KEN BAKER, EXECUTIVE NEWS DIRECTOR, "E!": Well, the key here is that`s what is being reported. We don`t know if this is actually true and if it happened.

But look, she is only 20 years old. It`s very possible her heart - even though her head might tell her the wrong thing, her heart might say it is the right thing to do. But we have been told and it`s been out there that her family doesn`t want her to have contact.

And by the way, legally, probably not a good idea for her to have any contract whatsoever with Chris Brown right now.

ANDERSON: Well, speaking about how her family feels, Rihanna`s father, Ronald Fenty, told "," quote, "I don`t want her to go back to him. I don`t think anyone does.

Katrina, does he have that right? I think he does, being a protective father here?

SZISH: I completely agree with you, Brooke. He is being a concerned parent, a protective father. He is not making nasty accusations. He is not forbidding his daughter from doing anything. He is really just expressing concern and in a very public way. And I think that that is really what any concerned parent of a celebrity or non-celebrity would do in such a situation.

ANDERSON: Yes, it would be hard to be quiet and remain silent if a child is involved in something like this. And Rihanna has herself been silent until now, but she is finally speaking out to her fans.

Her spokesperson said, quote, "At the request of the authorities, Rihanna is not commenting about the incident involving Chris Brown. She wants to assure her fans that she remains strong, is doing well and deeply appreciates the outpouring of support she has received during this difficult time."

This past weekend, she did turn 21. She was seen in Hollywood after spending time with her family in Barbados. Ken, would it be a good idea for Rihanna to get out in public again? Or should she continue lying low?

BAKER: Well, it`s really good for her probably she is lying low. Look, all of us in the media would love to see her. We want to ask questions. We want to see how she is doing.

But frankly, is it really smart for her to walk out have paparazzi around her asking her uncomfortable questions that she may or may not and shouldn`t answer? I think that right now, it`s really a good time for her to heal. She`s canceled all of her public appearances, and that`s for a reason.

She has to get herself together before she can get back out there. And keep in mind, in the next couple of weeks, we may have charges filed against Chris Brown. She is obviously the key witness if those charges get filed. So that is really going to frame a lot of her public appearances. And also any interaction she is going to have with Chris Brown is going to be framed by this legal construct of what comes down the pipe from the DA.

ANDERSON: Yes. She should do whatever makes her feel most comfortable at this point. Chris Brown has been lying low himself. A lot of people are saying, you know what, his career, done.

We have been asking on air and online, in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - Rihanna Drama: Is the Chris Brown career over?"

The results? Surprisingly close - 57 percent said yes; 43 percent said no. Chris Brown`s career is not over.

Katrina, given the shocking photo that just got out of Rihanna apparently beaten, apparently bruised the night of the attack, can you really foresee Chris Brown being forgiven if indeed he did do it?

SZISH: Brooke, of course that photo is very difficult for all of us to see, even those of us who are not close to Rihanna or don`t even know Rihanna. It`s just a hard thing to look at.

And I think celebrities are notorious for being forgiven for various transgressions and crimes. But I think a domestic abuse charge, if that happens, is going to be very difficult to live down. But if he does go to counseling ...


SZISH: ... if he conquers, you know, his demons, it is possible fans will forgive him but they will not forget.

ANDERSON: Maybe - exactly. Maybe forgive, but not forget. It is all very disturbing. Katrina Szish, Ken Baker, thank you both.

HAMMER: Well, tonight, John Legend is refusing to back down in his fight against a New York City newspaper. The Grammy Award-winning artist is really fired up over a "New York Post" cartoon that compares the author of the federal stimulus bill to the chimp that brutally attacked a woman in Connecticut.

Now, Legend, like so many others, believes that this image evokes historically racist images comparing President Obama who, of course, just signed the bill, to the chimp. Legend has written an angry letter to "The Post" and is calling for stars to join him in a boycott.

Well, on the red carpet at the Oscars, Legend told me why he felt such a sense of duty to call the paper out, and why he wants to call young people to action.


JOHN LEGEND, SINGER: We often hear about these things from kind of more traditional civil rights organizations. And I wanted people to know that it wasn`t just kind of the old guard of the civil rights movement that was upset about this, that other people were upset as well.

And I wanted to mobilize people in my community and the entertainment community and people, you know in my generation, to pay attention to this as well.


HAMMER: "The Post" has apologizes for the cartoon and says it did not intend any racism.

ANDERSON: OK. The cast of "Slumdog Millionaire" on such a high that I have to imagine they are still partying and celebrating their eight Oscar wins as we speak. It`s really been a remarkable year for everybody involved in that movie, especially the films youngest stars who actually grew up in the Mumbai slums.

And in India, thousands filled the streets to watch their hometown heroes nab Hollywood`s highest honor. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT went all the way to Mumbai to catch up with the parents of India`s newest national treasures. Here is CNN`s Malika Kapur for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


MALIKA KAPUR: Let me take you away from the glitz of Hollywood to a part of Mumbai that`s been celebrated. I`m in the Bandra slum in the northern part of the city. And this is where two of the child actors who star in "Slumdog Millionaire" live.

Nine-year-old Rubiana lived in this slum. She`s the one who plays young Latika in the film. And 10-year-old Azharuddin - he lives right here. This is his home. He is the child who plays young Salim in the movie.

The children aren`t here today. They have made their first airplane journey. They have been flown to Los Angeles to attend the Oscar Award ceremony. Friends and family here - they woke up early this morning, huddled around a couple of TV sets you will find in the slums to watch the children on TV.

We spoke to Rubiana`s father. He was delighted to see his young daughter in a pretty frock appear on television. She looks so beautiful, he said. It`s a dream come true. In a few days, though, she`ll be back here - back to reality.


ANDERSON: That was CNN`s Malika Kapur for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT from Mumbai.

And we`ve been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day, "Oscar Winners: Did they get it right?" Keep voting at E-mail at

HAMMER: All right. If you thought Matt Lauer`s smack-down with Tom Cruise was wild, wait until you see this showdown over Sarah Palin.

Lauer gets caught up in a brand-new Sarah Palin controversy. And I`ve got to tell you, things got a little ugly on the "Today" show. That story is coming up. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

(CAPTION READS: Razzie Award Winner: Worst Picture: "The Love Guru." Razzie Award Winner: Worst Actor: Mike Myers. Razzie Award Winner: Worst Actress: Paris Hilton.)

HAMMER: Well, the most glamorous couple wasn`t on the red carpet in Hollywood last night. They were in Washington. Did you see this? Barack and Michelle Obama hosting their first formal dinner at the White House. Wow, Michelle`s dress - just spectacular. I`ve got to say the president doesn`t look so bad himself.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in Hollywood tonight.

And tonight, the brand new Matt Lauer-Sarah Palin smack-down. Of course, we all remember when Tom Cruise went off on Lauer, calling him "glib" as they went at it over antidepressants.

Well, did you see this? Matt is now in the middle of a brand-new showdown - this time it`s over Sarah Palin. Filmmaker John Ziegler has made an explosive new documentary about the former VP candidate called "Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected," and Palin was targeted.

Well, Ziegler goes one-on-one with Palin to set the record straight about her historic campaign and claims to show how she got railroaded by the mainstream media to look like a, quote, "moron."

Well, this morning on the "Today" show, Ziegler went off Lauer calling him a liar to his face and blaming him and the rest of the media for ruining Sarah Palin`s political career. And I`ve got to tell you, things got very personal. Watch this.


PAUL ZIEGLER, FILMMAKER: The reality is, everything about Sarah Palin - we did a poll, which you can see at, scientific poll proving that voters knew all the bad information about Sarah Palin because people like you repeated it constantly over and over, even though you know, because you`ve been to her home, that it`s a lie, that she`s some sort of a moron.

You know that. Come clean. Be the A-Rod of the media. Come clean, Matt. You can do this right now in front of America.

MATT LAUER, CO-HOST, "TODAY" SHOW: Well, if I were the A-Rod of the media, I would give you half the truth. But I think that you`re making it personal with me is not going to work in this particular situation.


HAMMER: Well, after going toe-to-toe like that for nearly five minutes with Matt Lauer, Ziegler actually said that he thought Lauer`s interviews with Palin were among the best. So coming up Tuesday on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, we`re going to get to the bottom of it with filmmaker John Ziegler who will be right here to talk about his controversial new Palin documentary.

ANDERSON: On Friday, we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Rihanna Drama: Is Chris Brown`s career over?" 57 percent of you say yes; 43 percent say no.

Here are some of the E-mails we received. Amanda from Missouri, "Chris Brown`s career is definitely over. As a woman, I will never be able to look at him or admire his work the same again."

Johnson from Georgia, "I don`t feel that Chris Brown`s career is over. Celebrities are humans and we all make mistakes. The point is to learn from them."

We appreciate your E-mails.

HAMMER: And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. It`s been great hanging out with you, Brooke.

ANDERSON: It`s always a treat having you here, A.J. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Remember, you can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s - 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, and in the morning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern on HLN.