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"Slumdog" Kid for Sale?; Miss USA Talks About Pageant Controversy; Susan Versus Shaheen; Will Susan Make Money Off of Her Fame?; On Air TV Proposal

Aired April 22, 2009 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, CO-HOST: Now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, a "Slumdog" kid for sale shocker. Tonight, the unbelievable allegation that a child star from "Slumdog Millionaire" was put up for sale by her own father.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not only did they offer to sell me Rubina. The family also offered to sell me two other children.


HAMMER: Plus, the dramatic family fight over the accusations caught on tape.

Miss USA on the Miss USA gay marriage controversy. Tonight, the winner of the Miss USA pageant reveals what she thinks of Miss California and her controversial answer about same-sex marriage.

Plus, the shocking results of the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT poll - was it even appropriate to ask about gay marriage?

And Susan versus Shaheen. Tonight, Susan Boyle`s pint-sized rival speaks. Does he think he`s a big threat to Susan? Will Susan make any money off her instant worldwide fame?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: Hi there, everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you from Hollywood. And tonight the "Slumdog" kid for sale scandal.

HAMMER: Brooke, there are truly shocking and unbelievable allegations against the father of Rubina Ali. Nine-year-old Rubina played young Latika in the Oscar-winning movie.

ANDERSON: Yes, tonight, police in India are investigating the outrageous claim that her dad, her own father, tried to do the unthinkable - sell his superstar daughter. Now, he hasn`t been charged, but get this, the accusations even sparked an all-out, caught-on-tape family fight. This unbelievable "Slumdog" scandal is making big news right now.


(voice-over): She was the little girl who lit up the screen in the Oscar- winning best picture "Slumdog Millionaire." Now, she`s starring in a heart-breaking real-life drama that has her mother and stepmother fighting in the streets of Mumbai, India.

It all revolves around an unthinkable question - did the father Rubina Ali actually try to sell the nine-year-old movie star for $300,000? The dad tells CNN absolutely not.

RAFIQ QURESHI, FATHER OF RUBINA ALI (through translator): I can never give my child away.

ANDERSON: This British tabloid says the father did try to sell his daughter, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has obtained a video the paper says proves that claim.

MAZHER MAHMOOD, "NEWS OF THE WORLD": We stand by the story 100 percent.

ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT goes around the world to bring you the very latest details on the police investigation. A real-life drama that`s even more heart-breaking than anything we saw in "Slumdog Millionaire."

Despite "Slumdog Millionaire`s" success, Rubina still lives with her father in the slums of Mumbai. Enter the British tabloid newspaper, "News of the World."

MAHMOOD: I had three days, consecutive meetings with the father Rafiq and other members of his family.

ANDERSON: A "News of the World" editor told "LARRY KING LIVE" by phone it wasn`t the paper that initiated this story about Rubina`s desperately poor father, Rafiq.

MAHMOOD: I received information from somebody very close to Rafiq about a month ago that he was interested in selling his child.

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": "The News of the World" sent a couple posing as a very wealthy Arab couple saying that they want to adopt little Rubina.

ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has obtained what "News of the World" says is the video of its sting operation. The girl`s father is pictured on the right.

SERAFIN: Apparently, after some negotiation, the father said that only for money he would adopt her. He got it up to $300,000, reportedly.

ANDERSON: There`s no sound on the video, so CNN can`t verify what`s being said. But "The News of the World" editor told "LARRY KING LIVE" that he spoke with the father himself, and it`s crystal clear what the dad and some family members were offering.

MAHMOOD: Not only did they offer to sell me Rubina, who is the celebrity child, who had a higher price on her head because she`s won an Oscar. The family also offered to sell me two other children.

ANDERSON: The father insists he thought he was meeting with rich sheikhs who just wanted to help his daughter, and there`s no way he was trying to sell her.

QURESHI (through translator): They said the sheikh`s wife wanted to take Rubina, but I said no. I can never give my child away.

ANDERSON: And little Rubina is standing by her dad.

RUBINA ALI, CO-STARRED IN "SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE": My dad said I could meet people if I want to, "But I will never give my daughter away for any amount of money."

ANDERSON: But the girl`s mother, who has been separated from the father for some time, doesn`t believe her ex and she`s literally taking matters into her own hands. She got into a brutal street fight with her ex`s new wife, little Rubina`s stepmother.

Meanwhile, police now tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT they`re investigating "The News of the World`s" report, but so far, they have no evidence against the father and haven`t charged him.

And the really sad part, all this is going on despite the work the makers of "Slumdog Millionaire" are doing to help their young stars escape their lives of desperate poverty.

SERAFIN: They set up a trust for them, providing housing, education - a lot of other things these kids really needed.

ANDERSON: So no matter if this is a case of a foiled child selling plot, or a over-zealous tabloid going too far for a story, this whole sad scenario is something that no child, actor or not, should have to live.


Now, "News of the World" tells "LARRY KING LIVE" they`ll be giving police their nearly-seven hours of footage of their meetings with little Rubina`s father. But the cops say so far, they haven`t seen anything that incriminates him.

HAMMER: Tonight, Mel Gibson`s family secrets. Just as Mel Gibson is dealing with the shocking divorce, we are learning brand-new details about his fiercely private family. Gibson`s wife filed for divorce last week after 28 years of marriage.

Now, the couple has seven kids together, but still, in all of these years in the spotlight, we know very little about the Gibson family until now.

Joining me tonight in New York is David Caplan, a senior editor for "People" magazine and who uncovered the secrets of Mel`s family. Also in New York is Katrina Szish, a celebrity journalist.

Mel Gibson, truly one of the most famous men on the planet. He has sparked major headlines over the years with his DUI arrests and his controversial films. But somehow Mel Gibson has been able to keep his family and kids out of the public eye. David Caplan, what is the biggest secret that "" learned?

DAVID CAPLAN, SENIOR EDITOR, "PEOPLE" MAGAZINE: Well, looking at his family, we really discovered, you know, this is a very - you know, they`re Hollywood royalty, basically, but his kids actually, even though they live in Malibu, they`re not spoiled. In fact, Robyn, his soon-to-be ex-wife has really instilled them with these values where they were never given money and thrown money. They always had to work.

Even though they have a bit of a rowdy past and some of his sons, actually - that they were never spoiled kids. These are guys and, you know, they have a daughter as well. They would always say, "Thank you, sir," "yes, please." They`re very well-mannered. They`re very well- behaved.

So they have a (INAUDIBLE) this very strong ethics and that surprised a lot of our readers, because you don`t really expect that typically when you think of Malibu kids from a Hollywood family.

HAMMER: No, not at all. What we`re looking at now is really some rare footage. There`s not a lot of that floating around, because we rarely saw Mel`s wife, Robyn Gibson, on the red carpet with her famous husband, let alone their kids. They never trotted them out like a lot of Hollywood stars do.

Katrina, off to you. How was this level of privacy even possible for such a huge global star?

KATRINA SZISH, CELEBRITY JOURNALIST: Mel Gibson made sure that it was really a way of life for his family. He and Robyn did that together, even to the point where they had a church that was private for family and friends. He really tried to keep his career and his family life separate, and he did a really good job.

But I think part of the way he did that was, as David mentioned, these were not the typical celebrity spoiled kids who are allowed to go - allowed to kind of cavort and go out and do whatever they want. So they were pretty much under the radar, and the life that they lived, even though it was larger than life more than anyone else can imagine, was still pretty normal as much one could expect it to be for a celebrity family.

HAMMER: But these kids weren`t isolated from some of the problems that we`ve seen in many kids of big Hollywood celebrities. In fact, one of the things that "" uncovered is that two of Gibson`s sons had a pretty rough time of it. David, really, in - what I`m talking about here is a case of like father, like son.

CAPLAN: Absolutely. His son, Christian, first of all, who is one of the twins - Christian, actually, in 2005 was busted for DUI, something Mel Gibson is very familiar with himself. Two years later, in 2007, the other twin, Edward - he reportedly was sent to rehab. So there`s definitely some trouble there with those two boys.

HAMMER: Well, it`s interesting, because when you look at other celebrities` kids, even the stars who are notoriously private in general, we know their kids` names. We know what the kids look like. We even know what brand of baby clothes their kids are wearing.

So Katrina, really, the fact that until now we`ve never truly known anything about Mel Gibson`s kids is really kind of shocking, isn`t it?

SZISH: It is a surprise. But I think you have to remember that six of Mel`s seven kids are adults. So Mel Gibson is a celebrity who was of a generation when people in the general public were not quite as obsessed with a celebrity`s family.

So his kids sort of grew up out of that scrutiny of media that a lot of celebrity kids deal with today. So I think they just sort of missed that spotlight thrust in their lives simply by virtue of being a little bit older.

HAMMER: Yes. And I`m sure when Mel Gibson looks around at what goes on now, he`s thanking his lucky stars that he is of the generation that he is, and that he was a little ahead of the curve.

And David, as I look at some of the things you guys uncovered, I was really surprised by this and I think a lot will be surprised to learn that his one daughter is actually married to a pretty well-known entertainer.

CAPLAN: Absolutely. You must be a blues fan, because she`s married to Kenny Wayne Shepherd who is a blues guitarist. So there`s definitely, you know, a music vibe there because Mel, himself, likes music. So something rubbed off on her, clearly.

HAMMER: You said that and a couple my crew members went really? It`s just not a known fact. Really, Katrina, it`s in Mel`s best interest to keep this divorce civil, because it`s got to be his worst nightmare to lift the veil of secrecy.

SZISH: It would be any father`s worst nightmare to lift any veil of secrecy, especially when his kids are involved. But he`s done such a good job at keeping them out of the harsh spotlight of reality thus far.


SZISH: And so I don`t think this will be any different.

HAMMER: Despite all the money involved here, I have a feeling this one may remain quiet. Katrina Szish, David Caplan, thanks so much.

All right, Brooke. We have just been flooded with so many phone calls coming in and so many E-mails coming in about the whole Miss USA gay marriage question controversy.

ANDERSON: We really have, A.J. And people are super-divided. Was it appropriate for star blogger and judge, Perez Hilton, to ask about same-sex marriage?


PEREZ HILTON, CELEBRITY BLOGGER, MISS USA JUDGE: The next Miss USA should be able to answer anything at any time and do it gracefully.


ANDERSON: Now, that`s what Perez says, but how about the winner of the Miss USA pageant? What does she think of Miss California`s answer? For the first time, Miss USA speaks out about the controversy, coming up.

HAMMER: Billy Bob`s big blow-up. You remember that out-of-control rant by Billy Bob Thorton on that radio show? Well, tonight, I can tell you Billy Bob is blaming the Marines. Are you kidding me?

ANDERSON: What? Also, the YouTube singing sensation smack down - Susan versus Shaheen. Tonight, Susan`s big but small-sized competitor is speaking out. Will he take her down? And will Susan make any money off her instant fame? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

HAMMER: Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Jennifer Hudson`s rep denies reports singer is pregnant. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger may appear in new "Terminator" movie.


ANDERSON: Hey, welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson. And tonight, from the streets to the recording studio - it`s my amazing story of street musicians getting discovered by a big-time music producer. And now, they are huge, all over the Internet, going on television. There`s even a brand-new short film about them. But maybe most important, they are playing for change. Check this out.


ROGER RIDLEY, STREET PERFORMER: No matter where you go in your life, at some point you need somebody to stand by you.


ANDERSON (voice-over): Roger Ridley is a street performer in Santa Monica, California frequently belting out "Stand by Me" to passers-by.


But his husky baritone is now reaching much farther than a shopping promenade.


Grammy Award-winning producer, Mark Johnson, inspired by Roger`s talent, captured him performing.

MARK JOHNSON, GRAMMY AWARD-WINNING PRODUCER: I still remember being about three blocks away hearing that voice. There`s so much soul. For any kind of music, if there`s soul, it moves people, and that`s the whole point.

ANDERSON: But he didn`t stop there. Hoping to demonstrate the power music has to cross international boundaries, Johnson went around the world recording other street musicians performing the very same song.


He created a music video of the artist which became the centerpiece of the short documentary, "Playing for Change: Peace Through Music."


ANDERSON: It`s become so popular about 9 million people have watched the video on YouTube, and many of the musicians hit Jay Leno`s stage recently for "The Tonight Show."


JOHNSON: It was the first time I`ve heard of a band going on "The Tonight Show" where half the members had never heard of it before.


ANDERSON: This global play list has now expanded to include Bob Marley`s "One Love," "War No More Trouble," and "Don`t Worry," songs featuring an array of both non-professionals and stars like Bono. Johnson aims to demonstrate that music fosters understanding.

JOHNSON: People from all different cultures, with different religions, race, economics, politics, gender. They`re all going to overcome their differences and celebrate their connection through inspiration. We can start to overcome some of these things that have lasted for thousands of years.


ANDERSON: A lyrical sentiment these artists are striving to make a universal language.


The "Playing for Change" CD/DVD combo featuring all the music and short films comes out on April 28th. For information on tour dates, check out

HAMMER: You know, Brooke, the "Showbiz on Call" phone lines are still going nuts over YouTube singing sensation Susan Boyle and whether she should get a makeover. In fact, we may want to look into giving the "Showbiz on Call" phone system a makeover. We need an upgrade, Brooke.

ANDERSON: I think we do as well. We need to update that situation. We`ve got a call into "Showbiz on Call" from Lynn in Nevada, who says sure, give Susan a touch-up.


CALLER: I don`t think she should have any plastic surgery, but she should are a makeover and everything that could be undone just to see how beautiful she could be. And if she likes it, she can keep it. And if she doesn`t, she can go back to how she looks now. I think we`d all love to see how good she could look. It would be fun.


HAMMER: Thanks a lot, Lynn. We also heard from Michael who says Susan should not do a thing.


CALLER: I think she should stay the way she is. She`s sweet and has a fantastic voice. And to say that she`s never been kissed, if I wasn`t married I would be the first one to kiss her. But I think Simon Cowell should be the first to give her a kiss. She`s fantastic.


HAMMER: Great idea, Michael. Thanks for the call. You can call us at "Showbiz on Call" and let us know what you think about this or anything at all.

ANDERSON: Yes. The "Showbiz on Call" phone lines are open around the clock, 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; that`s 1-888-728-2899.

HAMMER: Brooke, tonight, I can tell you that Susan`s got some brand-new competition.

ANDERSON: She does, A.J. He`s a small kid, but he`s got a big voice. It`s the Susan versus Shaheen YouTube smack down. Tonight, Shaheen speaks out. Will he take Susan down? Plus, will Susan actually make money off her instant fame? It`s a fired-up debate, coming up.

Also brand-new developments in the Miss USA gay marriage controversy.


HILTON: The next Miss USA should be able to answer anything at any time and do it gracefully.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viewers fired up over judge Perez Hilton`s question to Miss California about same-sex marriage. Plus, the winner of the pageant, Miss USA, speaks out. What does she think about the controversy and Miss California?

ANDERSON: And the octomom reveals she`s adding to her house. Please, please, don`t tell me she`s going for kid number 15. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

HAMMER: Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: "Dog the Bounty Hunter" shot at in Colorado by a guy he was trying to capture. "Hannah Montana" soundtrack hits #1 on Billboard 200 album chart.

HAMMER: And now, it`s a SHOWBIZ birthday shout-out. Cedric the Entertainer is turning 45 this week. Here now, a birthday shout-out to Cedric from director Spike Lee.


SPIKE LEE, DIRECTOR: Cedric, what`s up, baby? This is Spike, your main man. I want to wish you many, many, many, many more happy birthdays to come.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson. And tonight, Vivica A. Fox sets the record straight. Does she have a thing for "High School Musical" star Zac Efron.

Vivica is the host is the host of this new TV Land dating show, "The Cougar" - younger men, one older woman. And it sounds like Vivica might be doing some "cougaring" of her own.

Check out what she tells, "Zac Efron is just so gorgeous to me. He`s a hot piece. I want to see `High School Musical` just to look at those beautiful blue eyes. They`re just - wow, muy caliente."

Zac Efron, 21; Vivica Fox, almost 45. Well, on this morning`s "Today" show, Kathie Lee Gifford didn`t let Viv get away with her zest for Zac.



VIVICA FOX, HOST, "THE COUGAR": Let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. Listen, I said - they said, "Out of all the actors out there, who do you find attractive?" I said Zac Efron.

KATHIE LEE GIFFORD: And you said something, "I could look into those blue eyes."

FOX: No, I didn`t. I just said he has gorgeous blue eyes.

GIFFORD: Yes, you did.

FOX: And now, they`re like, "Vivica is on the prowl."


One second - he has a girlfriend and I don`t do other people`s men.

GIFFORD: Who do you want? Who do you want?

FOX: I don`t say that on TV.

GIFFORD: Come on, say it.

FOX: Because then, you guys would run with that for a month.

GIFFORD: We won`t.


FOX: Flo Rida is one.


FOX: Ne-Yo`s one.

GIFFORD: We love Ne-Yo. Who else?

FOX: Look at you.

GIFFORD: Oh, we have a picture of Ne-Yo.

FOX: He`s a friend. No.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And Flo Rida is a friend?

GIFFORD: Flo Rida? Flo Rida then.


ANDERSON: OK. So Vivica says she`s not into Zac Efron but it sounds like she`s getting low, low, low with Flo Rida.

HAMMER: Look, I like that Flo Rida song.

ANDERSON: Yes. Me, too. It`s catchy.

HAMMER: All right. Moving on, octomom Nadya Suleman - there is going to be a brand-new addition to her house. No, she`s not going for kid number 15, thank goodness. Octomom tells Radar Online she`s going to get a pet, maybe a puppy, maybe even a pig. If she does go the doggy route, it will likely be something smallish like a Shitzu or a Pomeranian.

ANDERSON: Oh, boy. And now, the SHOWBIZ lineup. Here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. You don`t want to miss it.

For the first time, the winner of the Miss USA pageant speaks out about the gay marriage question controversy. What does she think of Miss California`s controversial answer?

The YouTube singing sensation smack-down - Susan and Shaheen. Tonight, Susan`s kid competitor speaks out. Will he take her down? Plus, will Susan ever make any money off her instant fame?

And news, weather, sports and a marriage proposal. You have got to see what happened during a 6:00 p.m. newscast. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

HAMMER: Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Mia Farrow to go on hunger strike to show support for people in Darfur. The Jonas Brothers to host Teen Choice Awards on Fox on August 10th.



HILTON: The next Miss USA should be able to answer anything at any time and do it gracefully.


HAMMER: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, for the first time, Miss USA speaks out about the gay marriage controversy. What the pageant winner thinks of Miss California and the coast-to-coast firestorm.

Susan`s singing showdown. Tonight, Susan Boyle`s pint-sized rival opens up. Does he really think he`s a big threat to Susan? Plus, will Susan make any money off of her instant worldwide fame?

And a brand-new Billy Bob interview smack-down. You will not believe who he is lashing out at now.

Plus, more stories breaking from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker."

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson, coming to you tonight from Hollywood. And tonight, beauty and the outrage.

HAMMER: Yes, Brooke. The winner of the Miss USA pageant - I`m talking about Miss North Carolina who actually won the crown. Well, she is now speaking out about the gay marriage controversy. It was this guy, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who sparked a nationwide firestorm as a judge for the Miss USA pageant when he attacked Miss California on his blog after she answered a question about legalizing gay marriage during the competition.

Well, Miss California defended her answer saying she didn`t regret any part of it. And now, for the very first time, the actual winner of the Miss USA pageant is revealing what she thinks about all the controversy, which all started with this.


CARRIE PREJEAN, MISS USA CONTESTANT: I think it`s great that Americans are able to choose one or the other. We live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage.

And you know what? In my country and in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that`s how I was raised and that`s how I think that it should be, between a man and woman.


HAMMER: All right. Joining me tonight from Miami is Judge David Young who`s the host of "The Judge David Young Show." Here in New York, it`s Jane Velez-Mitchell, host of "ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL" seen every night, seven days a week, 7:00 p.m. Eastern right here on HLN.

So in a brand-new interview with the "Today" show, the newly crowned Miss USA, somebody we`re not hearing a lot about, Kristen Dalton, spoke out about the controversy over Miss California`s answer to the question she was asked about gay marriage. Watch this.


KRISTEN DALTON, MISS USA 2009: I respect her opinion. You know, as Americans - the beauty of America is that we all have a right to our own opinion. I`m proud of her for speaking from her heart, and she`s passionate about what she believes in.


HAMMER: All right. Jane, off to you first. Miss USA is right there saying what really a lot of people have been saying that, you know, whether or not you like Miss California`s answer about gay marriage or agree with her, how can you fault Miss California for speaking her mind and being true to herself?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL HOST, "ISSUES WITH JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL": Well, these platitudes, A.J., sound very nice, very comforting until you examine them. What if she had said something sexist or something racist or something anti-Semitic, would people still be saying, "Oh, well, she`s just expressing her opinion. It`s OK"?

It`s very easy for people to say when it`s not them being targeted, "Well, she`s just expressing her opinion." The fact is that, A, she expressed her opinion in a very inarticulate way, calling heterosexual marriage "opposite marriage," and misstating a fact saying, "In this land we can choose." The fact is, we can`t choose in this land. We all know that gay marriage is only legal in a small handful of states.

So she made mistakes. She wasn`t articulate. And I think she said something that was offensive to at least one of the judges and so she lost.

HAMMER: Jane, well said. You`re very good at this. Wow. I`ve got to tell you. No, seriously, on the question of, you know, isn`t it good enough that she just spoke the truth and how she really feels. Wow, you know, I think you really put that in perspective. I thank you for that.

Now, while the question itself, to many, was controversial, it was really Perez Hilton going off on Miss California on his blog that truly got everybody`s attention. Let`s watch that.


HILTON: She lost not because she doesn`t believe in gay marriage. Miss California lost because she`s a dumb (EXPLETIVE DELETED). She gave an awful, awful answer, which alienated so many people. And Miss California, Miss USA, she doesn`t alienate, she unites. She inspires.


HAMMER: All right. So while Perez claims that he wants compassion and inclusion from his Miss USA, really he was anything but compassionate in that rant towards Miss California.

Judge David, off to you. Do you think Perez actually hurt his cause and really shot himself in the foot by lashing out that way?

JUDGE DAVID YOUNG, HOST, "THE JUDGE DAVID YOUNG SHOW": Are you serious? Do you know how many hits Perez Hilton got on his blog because of that rant and rave? Are we forgetting this is entertainment, and who really cares about Miss USA? Only one person, Donald Trump, who owns Miss USA. Because of all of this controversy, he`s the winner in this whole thing, A.J. because people are talking about it.


HAMMER: Yes. But Judge, what about the idea that he may have hurt the cause by the fact that here he is, saying, "I want everybody to be compassionate. That`s what I want from Miss USA." And really, he was downright nasty to her?

YOUNG: Who cares?


YOUNG: Who really cares? Who cares what Perez Hilton says? He`s not a public policymaker. He is an entertainer. Do I think what (INAUDIBLE) says? I mean, he may be an idiot. But what do I care what he says? It`s much ado about nothing.

HAMMER: All right. Fair enough. A lot of people take these things very seriously. And of course, I had to ask Perez if he thought he was being hypocritical with his rant. Well, watch what he said. No big surprise here.


PEREZ HILTON: I`m not running for Miss USA. I`m Perez Hilton, A.J. I`m offensive. I`m not afraid of pushing people`s buttons and I don`t have to be politically correct.


HAMMER: Sadly, I`ve had that ringing in my head since I spoke with him, "I`m Perez Hilton, A.J." Jane Velez-Mitchell, does that argument hold any water? Hey, he`s just an offensive guy. It doesn`t matter what he says. He doesn`t care. And he doesn`t think it will hurt his cause.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I think everybody is attacking him and saying, "Oh, he was impolite." Well, guess what? If somebody went up to you - anybody at home in America and say, "Hey, you know what? In my opinion, you shouldn`t have the right to get married." Wouldn`t you be ticked off? Are you the one who has to remain completely polite in the face of that?

Let`s face it. Social justice movements are not one with politeness. We had to have a civil war to end slavery. Women got the right to vote after they became suffragettes chained themselves to lampposts and got arrested. They didn`t get forward, they didn`t get ahead by being polite. What you get when you`re polite is nowhere.

HAMMER: Yes. There`s a lot of truth to that. So maybe, you might take a step back while you`re taking several steps forward, I guess. The "Showbiz on Call" phone lines, no surprise, have just been lit up. A lot of calls coming in about Perez`s comments. Not everybody happy with what he had to say.

In fact, I want you to listen to why, as a gay man, a guy named Anthony calling in from Oklahoma says he`s now embarrassed to be gay.


CALLER: I am a gay man and I am very ashamed of Perez Hilton. Miss California answered the question tastefully, classy and totally appropriate. She congratulated that the United States is a place that people do have the right to choose. She absolutely clearly meant no offenses to anybody.

And Perez Hilton is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the gay community. I don`t even want to show my face out in my community because of the way he acts.


HAMMER: All right, Anthony. Thank you for your call. All right. Judge David, back to this point. Anthony has clearly been alienated by Perez Hilton. I`m sure he`s not the only one. And he`s one of the people Perez is trying to support. Can that be good for the cause really?

YOUNG: I don`t think it makes much difference. You know, it seems to me that he`s embarrassed to show himself as a gay man because of what a blogger said? Get a life.

HAMMER: All right. Good point. A lot of people have been outraged by the fact that the question was even asked at a beauty pageant. There`s been a lot of back-and-forth on that. Well, in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day, we asked on air and online this - "Miss USA Controversy: Was it appropriate to ask about gay marriage?" I`ve got to tell you, I was a little surprised. A whooping 62 percent said no, it was not an appropriate question. Jane, what do those results say to you?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I think that anytime you`re discussing an issue like this, which is a hot button issue, you`re going to put people in the discomfort zone. So they might want to just have entertainment and they don`t want to have to deal with real life.

I`m sure if you asked people way back in the 19th century whether they thought it was appropriate to ask whether women should be able to vote, the majority would say no, that`s not an appropriate question. Nobody wants to change.

Change requires going into the discomfort zone. It requires looking in the mirror. It requires growing. All of that is hard work, and I guess people don`t want to do that when they`re watching a beauty pageant.

HAMMER: Well, guess what? I think a lot of eyes have been opened in the past week since this controversy first broke. Judge David Young, Jane Velez-Mitchell, I thank you both for being here tonight.

ANDERSON: Hey, A.J., we have all been blown away by Susan Boyle`s voice.

HAMMER: Yes. She is so remarkable, Brooke. But is she about to the bumped off her singing throne by a 12-year-old?

ANDERSON: It is the YouTube singing sensation smack-down. Tonight, Susan`s pint-sized rival speaks out. Is he really a big threat to her? Plus, will Susan make big bucks off her instant worldwide fame?

HAMMER: And it`s the brand-new Billy Bob smack-down. You are not going to believe who Billy Bob Thornton is lashing out at now over his bizarre radio interview that, well, went totally viral. Plus, why Billy Bob says the Marines could have saved him.

We also will have this.


PETE THOMPSON, KARK REPORTER: Courtney, will you marry me?



ANDERSON: News, weather and wedding bells? The most amazing on-air marriage proposal - all the news that`s fit to kiss. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

HAMMER: Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Britney Spears deemed unfit to testify against former manager Sam Lutfi. Regis Philbin to return as host of primetime "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."



SHAHEEN JAFARGHOLI, CONTESTANT, "BRITAIN`S GOT TALENT": I think Susan Boyle is absolutely amazing. I mean, she`s a really good talent, and I do wish her all the best. And I hope she goes really far because I think she deserves it.


ANDERSON: Sweet words for Susan Boyle from her biggest competition, 12- year-old sensation Shaheen Jafargholi. But could Shaheen be Susan`s worst nightmare?

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood.

Tonight, the Susan Boyle smackdown. Could the YouTube singing sensation really be trumped by a 12-year-old? The boy wonder who charmed the world is speaking out for the first time about his newfound fame, but can he beat Boyle?

Susan`s YouTube video is estimate to have gotten as many as 100 million hits, so she should get a cut at the profits? And "Susan Boyle, The Movie"? What Simon Cowell might have up his sleeves.

Joining me tonight in New York is Ben Widdicombe, celebrity editor for Also tonight, in New York, Janelle Snowden who is the host for VH1 News.

Ben, Janelle, great to see you both. And I do want to begin, of course, with the absolutely adorable Shaheen Jafargholi. He took the world by storm when he performed Michael Jackson`s "Who`s Loving You" on "Britain`s Got Talent." Watch.


ANDERSON: Whoo, just fantastic. Now, Susan Boyle has said to have called his performance "knockout, sensational," and like Susan, he has gotten worldwide attention on YouTube. Ben, should Susan be worried here?

BEN WIDDICOMBE, CELEBRITY EDITOR, STYLELIST.COM: Well, I think she might have to be. You know, having racked up 100 million YouTube hits, which is a record, in the first week since that clip went online, you might think she was thinking that she could rest on her laurels. And then, the very next week, along comes this sensational young singer. So clearly, there are two horses in this race and I think it`s going to be really interesting to see who wins.

ANDERSON: Yes, no resting on her laurels. And that clip of Boyle could become the most viewed Internet clip ever. It is well on its way. And you know, both of these singing phenoms turned into Internet sensations because - I want to look specifically at those numbers. Charles, Susan Boyle`s video has 40 to 100 million hits while Shaheen`s number is only about 2 million. Thank you, Charles, for bringing up those numbers.

Janell, Susan is crushing Shaheen on YouTube. But what do you think? Is her popularity already so powerful that little Shaheen doesn`t stand a chance?

JANELL SNOWDEN, HOST, "VH1 NEWS": I don`t know. He sure won me over. How can you not love him? He`s so cute. I just want to pinch his little cheek and hug him and not let go. He`s so adorable and so poised.

I love how they`re so supportive of one another, and that makes it even harder to pick who to choose. Because, you know, it would be one thing if one of them is like a jerk. Then it`s like, "You know what? She or he doesn`t deserve it." But now, they`re both so gracious. I don`t know them. I love him, though.

ANDERSON: Yes, they`re so polite about the competition. I want to show you what Shaheen said about his performance on the "Today" show this morning. Take a look.


JAFARGHOLI: I mean, yes. It was kind of nerve-wracking. But you know, as soon as I sung my song and I kind of got into it, I was just starting to sing from the heart. And I think the audience and the judges just disappeared and I was just basically - felt like I was singing for my life. I was singing there with so much passion. And then, as soon as the song was finish and audience were on their feet screaming, it was so indescribable. I couldn`t believe what I was seeing.


ANDERSON: I`m sorry. He`s just precious. But you know, it is the talented never-been-kissed homemaker here versus this equally talented and adorable 12-year-old boy. Ben, is this going to be a battle of talent or a personal stories?

WIDDICOMBE: Well, talent counts for an awful lot. But let`s not forget that this competition is decided by voters at home calling in. So I think stories will count for an awful lot. And that`s where Susan has an edge, because she is so much older, so she has a story.

Whereas, Shaheen is only 12 years old, and when he sings these yearning love songs like "Who`s Loving You," you have to wonder, who is he singing it to? His blanky?


ANDERSON: Oh, you`re terrible. And well, like you say, it is up to the British public. They will ultimately decide who wins the competition. And as we mentioned, Susan`s YouTube video has gotten as many as 100 million views. And a lot of people don`t realize, I think that production companies, record companies have a deal with YouTube. And there are people possibly getting rich off of her already but she hasn`t seen a cent. So Janell, is that completely unfair?

SNOWDEN: I think she needs to hook up with the real-life "Jerry Maguire" and find somebody that can show her the money. I think it is unfair. But you know, it wouldn`t be the first time that someone got completely exploited and got nothing from it.

But I think she`s such an amazing talent that now that we`ve discovered her, I sure if she doesn`t get the money now, she`ll surely get it later.

ANDERSON: And speaking of money, there`s a brand-new report that Simon Cowell is not only seeing dollar signs in terms of album sales for Susan Boyle, but that he may be shopping around a Susan Boyle movie. Her story has obviously captured people`s imaginations. Ben, would Simon Cowell really be sitting on box office gold if he can get this sort of film into theaters?

WIDDICOMBE: Oh, of course. I`m sure Nicole Kidman is looking at those eyebrows wondering if they`re her next Oscar. But you know, let`s not forget.

ANDERSON: That`s terrible.

WIDDICOMBE: Let`s not forget that Susan`s success hasn`t really arrived yet. She`s only been famous for a week. So we write the script, I think we have to at least - we can give her a chance to maybe get a Christmas album out and have a baby with Clay Aiken, you know, before we decide what her life (INAUDIBLE) for her.

ANDERSON: I think she`s got staying power. We`ll leave it there, guys. Ben Widdicombe, Janell Snowden, thanks.

And we want to know what you think about it. It is our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Susan Boyle: Should the YouTube sensation profit from her fame?" - vote. And E-mail us,

HAMMER: Tonight, Billy Bob Thornton is slamming the media for covering his out-of-control radio rant. Here`s a recap. Earlier this month, Billy Bob was on a Canadian radio show with his band, the Boxmasters. And for some reason, Billy got all bent out of shape when the host mentioned his Oscar- winning acting career. Then, it all went downhill in a hurry.


JIAN GHOMESHI, RADIO HOST: Part of the attention that you`re getting is because of the great career you`ve had in other ways. What I`m explaining is - I`m not trying to be insulting to your musical -

BILLY BOB THORNTON, ACTOR: What I`m explaining is we said to not talk about (EXPLETIVE DELETED) like that. And we also said that we didn`t want to hear anything about how this is my first love. You wouldn`t say that to Tom Petty, would you? I understand music is your first love. My first love was a chick named Lisa Cone.


HAMMER: Well, now, Billy Bob is taking shots at the media for covering the story at all. Billy Bob telling Jimmy Kimmel he`s outraged, and he reveals his theory about what would have buried the story from the start.


THORNTON: The fact that was news was astounding to me. We`re focused on very important things.


I know, right? But it gave humpback geeks all over the world something to do for a couple of days. Plus the fact, like I said earlier - it`s news? I mean, if the captain from that pirate abduction ...


THORNTON: ... had been rescued that day, nobody would know anything about it. You know?

KIMMEL: So you`re blaming the Marines?



HAMMER: Billy Bob, I`m pretty sure not even pirates could have buried your ridiculous behavior there.

ANDERSON: All right. News, weather and wedding bells?


THOMPSON: Courtney, will you marry me?

COLLINS: Of course.


ANDERSON: Tonight, breaking news about the people that bring us the news. The most amazing on-air proposal, next.

HAMMER: Now, more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom that are making news right now. Angelina Jolie signs on to bring the crime-solving medical examiner in Patricia Cornwell`s book to the big screen. In the best-selling novel, Kay Scarpetta is a beautiful tough-as-nails forensic examiner with a messy love life and a penchant for opera.

And fans of "Project Runway" rejoice. The design show is back. It`s moving from Bravo to Lifetime after a messy legal battle and a nine-month delay. The new season starts August 20th. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Tonight, breaking news about the people who bring you the news. Viewers tuned into an Arkansas television station in its 6:00 p.m. newscast. And they were surprised with a live marriage proposal.

Here is CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Normally, they whisper sweet nothings like.

COLLINS: It`s our top story this evening.

MOOS: And.


MOOS: But this just in - the KARK, a marriage proposal.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE ANCHOR: Twister`s plane travels on the road.

THOMPSON: Breaking news.


MOOS (on camera): It happened at the end of the newscast. The anchor had just been told through her earpiece that the show was light, that she had to fill, that she had to stretch for 2 1/2 minutes. But the one who did the stretching was Courtney Collins` fellow reporter and boyfriend.

THOMPSON: Courtney?

COLLINS: Oh, my goodness.

THOMPSON: I just want to tell you how much I love you. Three months in I lost my dad and we both know that you have been such a rock for me to lean on.

MOOS (voice-over): Courtney arrived at the station a little over two years ago, and it was pretty much love at first sight.


MOOS: Now, Pete Thompson was getting the ring from the weatherman and was on the air on his knees.

THOMPSON: Courtney, will you marry me?

COLLINS: Of course. Oh, my gosh.

MOOS: And what would a TV news proposal be without the ultra obvious spelled out on the screen? Pete said later he couldn`t think of any way to get her to lose the unsightly Band-Aid in advance without arousing her suspicion. The last time something like this happened was at KAMC in Lubbock, Texas.

MATT LAUBHAN, KAMC REPORTER: I just want to know if you might want to marry me. How about that?


MOOS: Emily Leonard said she did two things she thought she`d never do on TV, cry and.

LEONARD: Squeal like a wild banshee.

MOOS: Ditto on the heartfelt hugging at KARK in Little Rock, Arkansas.

THOMPSON: I love you.

COLLINS: I love you, too. Well, I`m out.

MOOS: Not laughing were the grouchy news purists at the Web site "News Blues." Suggested there`s a special place in hell for lovesick morons who interrupt news programming.

THOMPSON: Do will you do a final wrap of weather?


MOOS: Courtney continued to sniffle through the forecast.


MOOS: Doppler radar must be picking up the happy tears.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A slight chance of rain to the north. For tomorrow, temperatures in the 60s.

MOOS: And what could be more romantic than the pulsating strains of news music?


HAMMER: That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

ANDERSON: And I`m Brooke Anderson in Hollywood. Take care.