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Missing Girl`s Mother Defends Relationship With Sex Offender

Aired June 2, 2009 - 20:00:00   ET


NANCY GRACE, HOST: Breaking news tonight. A 5-year-old Michigan girl vanishes into thin air from a local playground, the tiny tyke all set to start kindergarten in the fall, riding her scooter along with a little friend. Moments later, she`s gone. Only clue, her scooter left behind.

Is Mommy`s connection to a registered sex offender linked? Just hours ago, Mommy takes to the airwaves to defend the sex offender! Yes, you heard me, to defend the sex offender. We have the audiotape. Investigators still on the lookout for two suspicious vans parked near the playground where the pre-schooler disappears. Nevaeh -- "heaven" spelled backwards. Tonight, where is 5-year-old Nevaeh?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The investigation continues into what happened to 5-year-old Nevaeh Buchanan, who police believe may be in extreme danger.

GRACE: Why was the mom dating a registered sex offender and allowing him around the child?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She said, basically, you know, she`s watching everything. She felt like she didn`t want to be judgmental.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s had contact with her. She knows who he is. I`ve never left her alone with him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Authorities are now looking for a silver van seen between 6:00 and 7:00 PM The day Nevaeh went missing, in the same area where she was last seen. Cops say a mother and two children were in the van, and investigators are looking to speak with them to see what they may know.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Police are remaining very tight-lipped, only saying they`re searching for the driver of a green mini-van and also the driver of a silver mini-van, both spotted at a nearby school playground around the time Nevaeh disappeared.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Investigators say they would like to talk to the occupants as witnesses only.

JENNIFER BUCHANAN, MOTHER OF MISSING CHILD: In 85 percent of the time, my daughter wouldn`t even be around.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I thought, though -- weren`t you quoted as saying that George Kennedy was -- served as a father figure?

BUCHANAN: Yes. Yes. But there`s also a lot of times that I knew that he wasn`t allowed to be around her and wouldn`t have her around. But there`s a few times that he has seen her, interacted with her. But I was there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So he was never alone with her, that you know of.

BUCHANAN: No, never alone.


GRACE: And tonight, an upscale gated California community outside LA lined with multi-million-dollar mansions reeling after a young mom and dad -- Mommy five months pregnant -- murdered in their beachfront home. The couple`s children, boy and girl ages 9 and 11, there in the home when the killer, hiding his face, wearing a motorcycle helmet, slips in, attacks Mommy, a former beauty queen. When dad runs to save his wife, he also stabbed to death, left there on the kitchen floor for the children to find.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The small children escaped from the house, went to a neighbor`s house to report to their neighbor that their parents had been stabbed.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A man walked into husband Brock and five-month pregnant wife Davina Husted`s house and stabbed the couple to death. Their 9-year-old son, watching "American Idol," saw the killer enter and ran into his sister`s room.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Investigators believe the suspect entered and exited through an unlocked door, but they don`t know if it was a random attack or if the couple was targeted. A vague description of the suspect.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A black motorcycle helmet, and, like, a dark- colored jumpsuit.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ... very possibly randomly attacked while sitting in their home at night. It`s a safe community, but there`s no -- no answers as to why this happened.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A manhunt in high gear, police scouring nearby campgrounds for potential suspects.


GRACE: Good evening. I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us. A 5-year-old Michigan girl vanishes into thin air from the playground, only clue, her scooter left behind.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There are some new developments we want to share with you in the case of this missing 5-year-old, Nevaeh Buchanan. Police say she vanished from the parking lot of her mother`s apartment complex, where she was riding a scooter. Local media report her mother was on probation for a home invasion. The mother was also reportedly involved with a sex offender, who`s been questioned by police.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mommy was on probation for a home invasion conviction from 2006. At the probation office, she apparently met a friend who turned into a boyfriend, George Kennedy, who is now a person of interest in this case.

GRACE: Did the boyfriend take a polygraph?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. And he failed, as well.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The boyfriend, George Kennedy, is a registered sex offender, and he was not allowed to have any contact with children at all.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: George Kennedy is pretty close -- at one time was a boyfriend of Nevaeh`s mother, but now is described as a pretty close family friend, sort of a stand-in father for Nevaeh.

BUCHANAN: I feel that it really doesn`t matter. Not all offenders reoffend. No one ever knows if a person is a sex offender or not unless they are labeled.


BUCHANAN: Anybody could be a sex offender.


GRACE: I`m stunned. You just heard audiotape of Nevaeh Buchanan, the 5-year-old girl`s mother, Jennifer Buchanan, on WCSX radio, not begging the public to help her find her daughter. Oh, no! I guess this wouldn`t be the appropriate time for that. She was taking to the airwaves to defend the sex offender friend of hers that she subjected her daughter to, proudly defending the fact that he was only with her about 85 percent of the time - - wait, wait -- not with her 15 percent of the time. So 15 percent of the time, 85 percent of the time, she`s got it narrowed down when a registered sex offender is around her 5-year-old girl. This little girl missing, vanishing off a local playground.

Out to Rob Davidek with WWJ Newsradio 950. Rob, please tell me there are developments in the search for Nevaeh.

ROB DAVIDEK, WWJ NEWSRADIO 950: Well, Nancy, nine days since she`s been missing, and the police today said that Jennifer Buchanan is cooperating in the investigation. They remain in contact with her, although part of that radio interview you heard, Buchanan says she feels like there`s a lot the cops aren`t telling her in this case.

And getting back to George Kennedy, who`s been a person of interest in this case -- you know, when asked about Kennedy, Jennifer Buchanan basically said, No comment, I want to talk about my daughter, but then she went on to say, you know, that she`s just friends with Kennedy. And she confirmed that -- you know, that Kennedy served as a father figure to Nevaeh.

And the biggest development today is that police again are looking for a silver mini-van that was at a playground near the apartment complex where Nevaeh Buchanan was last seen. They said -- the authorities saying there`s a mom and two small children who were in the silver mini-van. They`re looking for that. This is the second van now that they`re looking for people in. The second one was a green mini-van. Yesterday, they were looking for a green mini-van and they took numerous tips about green mini- vans, but they say so far, they haven`t been in contact with the person who were in those mini-vans.

GRACE: Police on the lookout for two mini-vans seen parked near that playground. The only clue left behind, the little girl`s scooter she had been riding. Take a look. They`re looking for a green and a silver van, a Windstar and an Astro. Don`t know the exact year, so we can`t show you the exact make and model. They are said to be boxy, which does date them to be an older model.

We are taking your calls live. Out to Jennifer in Michigan. Hi, Jennifer.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hi, Nancy. I`m so glad to be talking to you.

GRACE: Likewise.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I actually live in the community, in Monroe, Michigan, and I`m just really glad that this is making national headlines. But my question is, during the first week that this story came out, last week, local news stations had reported a letter that was found during the search in George Kennedy`s motel room. And they say that this letter was written to him from Jenny, the mother, and they commented that it was a very disturbing letter. But I`ve not heard anything on the local news about it since. I just wondered, do we know anything about this letter?

GRACE: Good question, Jennifer in Michigan. To Rob Davidek with 950 Newsradio. What can you tell me?

DAVIDEK: You know what? That`s a great good -- that`s a great question. And the police are not commenting on anything. And that`s what`s kind of frustrating in this case, is, you know, we ask them about, hey, The DNA samples that were taken, when are those lab results going to be back? What about, you know, the letter? A couple of other things. And all we get from the authorities and the sheriff is, No comment. And he`s not talking about the evidence. And you know, he doesn`t want to give the bad guys...

GRACE: Well, I completely understand, Rob Davidek, why police are not sharing with the little girl`s mother. A, she did not have custody of the little girl. According to our sources, her visits were supposed to be supervised. And let me tell you something. A mother practically has to be lying on the courthouse steps in a pair of hotpants, shooting up heroin, before her custody will be taken away. This mother did not have custody of the little girl.

Everybody, we are taking your calls live. And I want you to listen to what the mom, this little girl`s mother, had to say hours ago on the airwaves. Take a listen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One of the things that you were quoted in one of the papers, throughout this eight-day investigation, that you were getting irritated with anybody asking you about having known people like George and Roy, that they had been registered sex offenders. And you said that that really didn`t even matter at this point. Do you...

BUCHANAN: I feel that it really doesn`t matter. Not all offenders reoffend. No one ever knows if a person is a sex offender or not unless they are labeled.


BUCHANAN: Anybody could be a sex offender.


GRACE: But he was labeled, lady! You knew you were subjecting your daughter to a registered sex offender! That was little 5-year-old Nevaeh`s mother, Jennifer Buchanan, on WCSX radio.

Very quickly, Matt Zarrell, a neighbor burning trash at odd hours of the night -- what can you tell me?

MATTHEW ZARRELL, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Well, this is a guy named James Easter, and he has been called a person of interest in the case. He allegedly was outside, burning cardboard in his back yard, a few hours after Nevaeh went missing.

Now, what happened is, he was brought in for arraignment, and at the arraignment, the judge said he was informed by the state that he was no longer a person of interest. However, right after the hearing, the cops said, That`s not true, he`s still a person of interest, we`re waiting for evidence back from the crime lab.

GRACE: Yes, I don`t like burning trash in the middle of the night when this little girl has gone missing just hours before. Everybody, when we get back, in a primetime exclusive, Nevaeh`s father is joining us live.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Family members tell me they`re now at their lowest point. No answers about what happened, and now it appears, little support. Nevaeh`s mother, Jennifer, who didn`t want to talk on camera, told me that she`s still hopeful that someone will find her daughter but saddened to know that fewer people are searching.




BUCHANAN: Exactly 6:30 PM, the little girl came in that had stayed the night with me and my daughter. Her and her mother was -- her mother was inside my house. The little girl was outside playing with my daughter, along with a few other kids. The little girl came in, and she said, Nevaeh`s outside, riding her scooter in the road, but it`s a parking lot. And I went out there to tell her not to ride it in the road or parking lot, and she`s -- she was gone. I couldn`t find her. I yelled for her. I hadn`t seen the scooter, at that point. I was looking at least 30 to 45 minutes until I actually noticed the scooter.

GRACE: Why was the mom dating a registered sex offender and allowing him around the child?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She said, basically, you know, she`s watching everything. She felt like she didn`t want to be judgmental.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If anybody has her and she`s still alive, just bring her back to me! That`s all I ask of you. And I won`t ask no questions. I just want to hold her and keep her near to me. And if she`s not, then let me lay her down and let her be peaceful with the good Lord up above.


GRACE: The grandmother absolutely devastated. This 5-year-old little girl vanishes from a playground. Can I tell you how many times my twins play on a playground? Not, of course, unsupervised. Take a look at this 5-year-old little girl, all set to start kindergarten in the fall. The only clue left behind, her scooter.

Now take a listen to what Mommy has to say.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Even if George Kennedy never turns out to have had anything to do with this, you know, do you wish you had done things differently when you look back on this, as far as having a relationship with him?

BUCHANAN: I never really had a relationship with him.


BUCHANAN: It was just a friendship.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, even a friendship.

BUCHANAN: In 85 percent of the time, my daughter wouldn`t even be around.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I thought, though -- weren`t you quoted as saying that George Kennedy was -- served as a father figure?

BUCHANAN: Yes. Yes. But there`s also a lot of times that I knew that he wasn`t allowed to be around her. I wouldn`t have her around. But there`s a few times that he has seen her, interacted with her. But I was there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So he was never alone with her, that you know of.

BUCHANAN: No, never alone.


GRACE: That was Nevaeh`s mother, Jennifer Buchanan, on WCSX radio.

Joining me right now in a primetime exclusive, the little girl`s father is with us, Shane Hinojosa. Sir, thank you for being with us.


GRACE: Sir, what can you tell me about your daughter`s disappearance? What are police telling you, if anything?

HINOJOSA: Well, they ain`t really telling me anything. They`re trying to keep it on the down low just so it don`t leak out to the media and because they say it messes up their investigation.

GRACE: What can you tell me about your daughter being exposed by her mother to a registered sex offender? In fact, more than one.

HINOJOSA: Oh, I`m furious. You know, I had a talk with her, and the only -- I asked her, you know, Why are you, you know, letting her hang around this guy, George Kennedy? And the only response that she had is she looked down and shrugged her shoulders.

GRACE: That was it?

HINOJOSA: That was it.

GRACE: Now, the mom says he was never alone with her. But the child was out playing on her scooter, completely unsupervised. So how do we know who she was with?

HINOJOSA: I asked the same questions, you know? And she tells me that, you know, when that happened, you know, she -- Nevaeh wanted to go upstairs and play with a friend of hers. Well, I asked Jenny, I said, Well, you should have went and knocked on the door and asked the parents, Is it OK if Nevaeh plays with your little boy? But she didn`t, and she just let her go on by herself.

And I told her, I said, Jenny, she`s 5 years old. Well, she has a mind of a 10-year-old. I said, I don`t care about the mind. She`s only 5. You`re not listening to me.

GRACE: With me tonight exclusively, the father of the little girl, Shane Hinojosa. Sir, where were you when the little girl went missing?

HINOJOSA: I was at home in Toledo. I live in Toledo.

GRACE: In Toledo. So you live in a different jurisdiction, correct?


GRACE: Who has custody, the grandmother?


GRACE: Why does the grandmother have custody of this little girl?

HINOJOSA: Well, in 2006, she went to prison for a home invasion. I...

GRACE: Home invasion? A lady being part of a home invasion? Did I just hear that?


GRACE: OK. Everybody, we are taking your calls live. The mother`s antics taking away from the search of the little girl. Take a look at 5- year-old Nevaeh, simply out on a playground with a scooter. She has not been seen in days. We`ll shortly be joined by Marc Klaas. With us, Nevaeh`s father. And we are taking your calls live.

But very quickly, to tonight`s "Case Alert." The California supreme court upholds the death sentence of Richard Allen Davis, convicted in the murder of a 12-year-old California girl, Polly Klaas -- her father, our friend, Marc Klaas, a victims` rights advocate who works tirelessly on behalf children. Polly, 12 years old, spirited from her own bedroom during a sleepover with friends, October `93. Davis already wanted on a parole violation at the time of Polly`s murder, the case and Davis`s mile-long rap sheet leading to California`s three strikes law, a mandatory 25 years to life for repeat offenders.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If not for this memorial filled with teddy bears and photos, you would never know a little Monroe girl was still missing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The crowds are just getting smaller and smaller and smaller, and it`s just like people are giving up. People are just, like, Well, we just don`t want to do it anymore. We`re done. We`re over.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know, Let`s move on with our life, and you know, the family don`t find her, they don`t find her. And it hurts.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If she`s out there and she`s alive, we`ll find her. But we need a lot of help from a lot of people. You know, a lot of volunteers have put a lot of time in here, but we need to keep doing it.


GRACE: With me right now in a primetime exclusive, Nevaeh`s father. No offense, Mr. Hinojosa, but why don`t you have custody?

HINOJOSA: Well, I tried. And you know, I thought I had a good case going, and I represented myself when the mom went to prison. And you know, I was working a job. I was making good money. My fiancee, she was making good money. We had a three-bedroom home. We had her own room set up. And I went to court, and the judge looked at me and said, Well, you have no rights to your daughter at all. And that`s when they gave custody to the grandmother.

GRACE: Now, how did you lose custody to start with? Was it over not paying child support?

HINOJOSA: No, not at all. I mean...

GRACE: How did you lose it?

HINOJOSA: I just don`t know why I didn`t get custody. I guess in the state of Michigan, it`s the grandmother, you know, after -- you know, if something went wrong.

GRACE: Very quickly, Matt Zarrell, explain to me why somebody`s back yard was dug up by cops.

ZARRELL: Well, this is the person of interest, James Easter. Apparently, they searched his home and they dug up in the back yard. They sent evidence to the crime lab. They`re waiting for the results back.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s rough. It`s rough for all of us. Still on a positive note, hoping for the best for al of us. That`s all we are wanting to think about at this time.




SCOTT HUSTED, BROCK HUSTED BROTHER, BROTHER STABBED TO DEATH IN HOME INVASION: He had no enemies that I know of at all. He was just a great guy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Someone went inside his brother`s multimillion- dollar Faria beachfront home in a gated community, fatally stabbing 42- year-old Brock Husted and his pregnant wife, 42-year-old Davina.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just feet away, their 9-year-old son, watching "American Idol," saw the killer walk inside the house and ran to hide with his 11-year-old sister. The children making the gruesome discovery of their parents dead, each stabbed multiple times.

HUSTED: He was here that night with his family. When the sun rises, this is what we end up with.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Investigators searching for the killer. A man reportedly dressed in all black and wearing a motorcycle helmet.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was a tragic thing, and I think that the people are very concerned here until they find out just what it was.

HUSTED: No disputes at work. No disputes in his life. He`s not an individual that had any conflict. He just had his family that he loved.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The victims removed from their home. Around 10:30 someone went inside his multimillion-dollar Faria beachfront home in a gated community, fatally stabbing 42-year-old Brock Husted and his pregnant wife, 42-year-old Davina.

The tragedy witnessed by the couple`s 9-year-old son while their 11- year-old daughter slept nearby. Investigators believe the suspect entered and exit through an unlocked door, but they don`t know if it was a random attack or if the couple was targeted.

Police have questioned a number of people, even detaining one. But no arrests have been made in this case.


NANCY GRACE, HOST: I just don`t understand it. This beautiful family minding their own business. They`re in their home. The son`s watching "American Idol." It`s about 10:00 p.m. or so at night when a masked man wearing a motorcycle helmet slips into the home, has an argument with the mother, pregnant, there in the kitchen. When dad tries to save her life, they are both stabbed to death.

Out to John Ramey with KNX 1070. John, what happened?


JOHN RAMEY, REPORTER, KNX 1070, COVERING STORY: Well, it`s something right out of a horror movie, really. And police think that it was a targeted killing. They just can`t prove it. A stranger came into the house in a gated community, attacked the mom in the kitchen, stabbed her.

This was after the 9-year-old son saw what was happening and ran out of there with his 11-year-old sister. The father came to the wife`s aid, and he was stabbed to death, too.

GRACE: To Dan Simon, CNN correspondent, joining us from L.A. Dan, what more can you tell us?

DAN SIMON, CNN CORRESPONDENT, COVERING STORY, ON THE SCENE: Well, what I can tell you, Nancy, it is truly one of the most horrific cases I`ve ever covered. It`s also quite puzzling. What we know, as you just heard, is the killer comes in wearing all black. He`s wearing a helmet.

We know at some point the mother winds up with this man in the front of the house, actually in the master bedroom. At some point her husband comes into the room. And the next thing we know, you have two people dead and the couple was found by their 9-year-old son.

He actually found his parents dead, repeatedly stabbed, multiple times in the upper body. At this point, as you heard all along, they don`t know if this was a targeted murder or a random murder. And it`s just one of these things that has everybody in that community baffled.

GRACE: With me right now, Scott Husted. This is Brock Husted`s brother.

Sir, thank you for being with us. And first of all, our prayers and sympathy are with you and your family. Where are the children tonight?

HUSTED: The children are with family members tonight. They`re at a home that we expect them to spend some time in.

GRACE: How are they? It`s just -- I can`t even imagine.

HUSTED: Oh, Nancy, it`s -- it`s heart-wrenching, these kids, to see kids go through something like this. And it`s not something that anyone can easily just reach out and fix.


HUSTED: It just -- it is for them going to be a lifetime of difficult times. You know, both their parents are gone.

GRACE: For the rest of their lives the little boy and girl, just 9 and 11 years old. And it`s not, Scott, like you can say oh, mommy and daddy are gone away right now. You can`t ease them into this because they were there in the home when this happened. They know what happened.

HUSTED: They do know what happened. And the mere fact that their parents are gone. They ask for them every day. They know that they`re not expected to see them again. But they -- you know they do express the fact that they do miss them every day.

GRACE: Oh, Mr. Husted, just thinking about it, what their life, what they have to face in the future without a mommy and a daddy. And I know about you. I know about your family. I know you`re going to take care of them. But it`s never the same as your mom and dad. It will never be the same. I just -- sir, what are police telling you?

HUSTED: Well, the Ventura County Sheriff`s Department, Bob Brooks, the sheriff, and lead detectives communicate with us on a daily basis. They`re working quite hard at trying to find a motive. The -- it`s been suggested that it might be a targeted hit. But I would say that that`s a pretty liberal interpretation of what targeted might be. They don`t have any motive.

GRACE: Was anything stolen from the home?

HUSTED: I`m not able to comment on what might have been taken from the home.


HUSTED: But the term "targeted." They may have been targeted as people who may have had a couple of bucks, where someone targeted them to steal money from them possibly. So I don`t want to hang too much on targeted versus a random.

GRACE: Got it. We are taking your calls live. Let`s unleash the lawyers. Joining me, former prosecutor Holly Hughes, Raymond Giudice, defense attorney out of Atlanta, and Mickey Sherman, high-profile defense attorney, author of "How Can You Defend Those People."

Raymond Giudice, he better run and hide.


GRACE: Because he is looking at the California death penalty. And let me tell you something, California is not afraid to hook you up to the needle.

GIUDICE: In looking at the California statute, there`s multiple ways that a defendant here can be convicted of first-degree murder and get the death penalty. Homicide during the commission of a crime which could have been a robbery. Multiple homicides. Homicide with premeditation. All of those will get you the death penalty in California.

GRACE: To you, Mickey Sherman, the word "targeted" has been used by cops. But if there`s not a sex assault and there`s not a theft, that means he went after them. And our reading of what the police have released, and there`s been precious little, it seems as if the killer actually got into an argument with the mommy, the pregnant mommy.

MICKEY SHERMAN, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY, AUTHOR OF "HOW CAN YOU DEFEND THOSE PEOPLE?": Could be. And a robbery that went bad. Although I have the feeling it may be something like tragically serendipity like the Manson killings where they went and killed Sharon Tate and their friends simply because they were living in the house that Doris Day`s son lived who wouldn`t give a record contract to Charles Manson.

I think it could be something strange, outside the box as to why this happened because it clearly is an unconventional burglary or home invasion. And why did they leave the kids? It isn`t like the -- in cold blood. They didn`t kill the kids.

GRACE: Well, Holly Hughes, this is a gated community. You`ve got to want to get in there. Hey, look, this guy is not just going in for the TV and the VCR. Do you understand what I`m telling you, Holly?

HOLLY HUGHES, PROSECUTOR: Exactly, Nancy. He went up the back way. He was familiar with how to get up those rocks, to get up the beach, up that stone staircases in the back of the house. He knew where he was going and he knew who what he was going after.

And I do agree with Mickey in that it might be something like she smiled at him, Nancy, in the supermarket and he thought she had a crush on him. It could be some nut job who followed her home and began stalking her. And targeted is a very -- you know, it`s a fluid word. And so absolutely, he knew what he was doing. He went after them specifically. But targeted? That could just mean he`s a nut.

GRACE: Out to Dr. Joshua Perper, renowned medical examiner out of Miami, author of "When to Call the Doctor." Dr. Perper, what would the unborn baby have gone through? What would that death to that unborn baby be like when mommy is murdered?

DR. JOSHUA PERPER, MEDICAL EXAMINER, AUTHOR OF "WHEN TO CALL THE DOCTOR": Well, the unborn baby is going to -- obviously, four months, he`s not still viable. So he died in the moment when the mother died, or very shortly thereafter.

GRACE: So does the child just die of -- of what?

PERPER: Well, in some places they.

GRACE: Their air is cut off?

PERPER: In some places if a pregnant woman is killed they may accuse the murderer also of killing the unborn child.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was a tragic thing, and I think that the people are very concerned here until they find out just what it was.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This sort of thing doesn`t happen in Faria Beach, California. Beautiful homes lie next to the ocean. Many rich and famous live nearby. But on Wednesday night.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Around 10:30 someone went inside a gated community, fatally stabbing 42-year-old Brock Husted and his pregnant wife, 42-year-old Davina. The tragedy witnessed by the couple`s 9-year-old son while their 11-year-old daughter slept nearby.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Investigators searching for the killer.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re hoping we get an anonymous tip, there`s forensic evidence, we find something. You know, we definitely want to solve this crime.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was just a regular night. These are regular folks. Just like most anyone watching this today. And their lives were taken.

HUSTED: He has a small business that he operates, yes.


HUSTED: No disputes at work. No disputes in his life. He`s not an individual that had any conflict. He just had his family that he loved. And he was here that night, last night, with his family. And this morning when the sun rises this is what we end up with.


GRACE: Out to Marc Klaas, founder of KlaasKids Foundation. His life was shattered by violent crime, as these children`s lives have been.

Marc, weigh in.

MARC KLAAS, PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER, KLAASKIDS FOUNDATION: Well, first of all, I`d like to offer my condolence to Mr. Husted and the family.

Nancy, there`s a couple of points I`d like to make. First of all, children are very resilient. With the right kind of attention, love, care, and nurturing, they should be able to put their lives back in order and become productive citizens.

Also, the little boy probably holds the key to this entire situation because he was a witness to, not necessarily the crime, but the individual that committed the crime. If he`s given the right kind of interrogation by somebody that has experience interrogating young children, he hopefully will be able to bring law enforcement closer to what happened here.

Secondly, I can understand why the community would be very edgy right now, not knowing exactly what this whole thing is about. And I would counsel them and other people that find themselves in a similar situation to get a hold of local law enforcement, bring them in, and have them help them organize a neighborhood watch program so that neighbors could proactively look out for each other`s children and for each other`s property.

I think that every sheriff and police chief in America will tell you that probably the best crime-fighting tool that exists is a well-run neighborhood watch program. And then thirdly, it`s about the death penalty. Although California does put a lot of people on death row, I think what happened to my daughter`s killer just yesterday is very instructive.

It`s been 13 years for him to get that primary hearing. So in California we have 650 people on death row in a state that`s only executed 13 people in the last 30 years. So getting a guy in the death chamber is certainly no guarantee that he will ever be executed.

GRACE: So there -- one of the leaders in the country sentencing to the death penalty. Implementing, not so much.

Out to the lines. Janet in Alabama. Hi, Janet.

JANET, CALLER FROM ALABAMA: Hi, Nancy, how are you?

GRACE: I`m good, dear. What`s your question?

JANET: Yes, sweetheart, I was curious about the timeline. They said that the young son was watching "American Idol." And then there was the report that the bodies are -- the family was not discovered until the next morning or whatever. I was just a little concerned about that and the children.

GRACE: Exactly. Clark Goldband, what can you tell me?

CLARK GOLDBAND, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER, COVERING STORY: Here`s the timeline as we understand it, Nancy. The son, 9, was watching "American Idol" at the time. It was around 10:30 at night. The intruder comes inside the house, and he apparently, according to law enforcement, is aware that the 9-year-old is there, ignores him, walks into the kitchen, attacks mom.

Dad hears from somewhere else inside the ranch home, comes and confronts the killer. That`s when both are stabbed. The 9-year-old is scared, runs to his sister to hide. Apparently, they hear the house is quiet, and that`s when they find the bodies.

GRACE: Out to former NYPD detective, now the founder of the Majeski Associates, Bill Majeski.

Bill, what do you think? What`s your analysis?

BILL MAJESKI, FMR. NYPD DETECTIVE, MAJESKI ASSOCIATES, INC.: Well, I think that the police at this point in time are creating timelines in terms of the type of people that were involved with this couple. I think we`re going to find out that this person that committed the murder knows or knew the victims.

He had a specific purpose in mind. Another issue is that he went in and he committed the murders with a knife. A knife is a very violent type of way of killing somebody. Usually it involves a lot of emotion on the part of the murderer. So there are a whole lot of issues that the police are dealing with at this point in time.

Another thing is it`s probably a lot of forensic evidence in and around the house. There was some movement. There was a lot of discussion. And as Marc Klaas pointed out, the 9-year-old boy is probably the key to this entire thing. He probably heard things, may have -- may be suppressing those at this point, but with the proper type of questioning that young boy should be able to come up with information that will be very beneficial to the investigation.

GRACE: To Dr. Leslie Austin, psychotherapist joining us out of New York. Such as Majeski was speaking I was writing the word "knife." The weapon, a knife. I find that extremely telling.

DR. LESLIE AUSTIN, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: Yes, it certainly is. If you shoot someone, it`s kind of clinical. It`s not up close and personal. But to stab someone you actually have to commit the act with your own hand. You`re in contact with them. Hopefully, they`ve left some DNA evidence. It`s a very violent, angry, personal, rageful way to kill someone.

GRACE: Often described as a sweetheart murder. The number of stabbings, wounds to the family, to the mom and dad, all goes into account to the police`s determination about what they think has happened.

Right now this gated community reeling after the death of a young mom and dad. Their children in the home watching "American Idol," the son was, when the attack occurred. He walks in wearing a motorcycle helmet to hide his face.

To Scott Husted, the brother. Sir, do you believe that this was someone the children could identify if they had seen his face? I mean, why else would you wear a motorcycle helmet into the home?

HUSTED: Well, just by virtue of your question, if they were able to see the person`s face, of course, they`d be able to identify at least physically what they looked like. However.

GRACE: Was it someone they knew?

HUSTED: I don`t know. I think that -- I don`t know if they could or could not because obviously I don`t know who did it. The police department`s spent a lot of time collecting forensic evidence. They spent almost 20 hours in this home so there`s a substantial amount of forensic evidence.

GRACE: Right.

HUSTED: . that takes a while to get through the lab and when that starts coming back we`ll see if that yields any sort of DNA.

GRACE: How many months pregnant was she?

HUSTED: Four months. She was very -- just starting to show. She had a little baby bump going.

GRACE: And they did not want to know the sex of the baby, right? They wanted it to be a surprise.

HUSTED: It was going to be a surprise. That`s right. And as it turns out it was a baby boy and the name they had chosen was Grant.

GRACE: Everyone, take a look, please. Won`t you help this family? A 9 and 11-year-old little boy left without their parents. This little girl and boy in the home when their mom and dad murdered.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s just the worst thing that could ever happen to a family. There`s nothing worse than this, losing your child in this way and the two little children left without their parents. It`s just unbelievable.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: People are concerned it could happen to anyone. As it laid out today and what we know today this could happen to anyone. And that`s why it becomes so personal for people that did or did not know Brock and Davina.


GRACE: Straight out to the lines to Theresa in Pennsylvania. Hi, dear.

THERESA, CALLER FROM PENNSYLVANIA: Hi, hon. How are you doing?

GRACE: I`m good. What`s your question?

THERESA: I have two questions. The first one is, the son said he saw a man and -- with a helmet on. Could it have possibly been a woman also? And the second question was either victim married before or did they have any relationship that might have went bad?

GRACE: Good question. I do not believe that a woman would be able to overpower both the mom and the dad.

To Scott Husted, the brother. Mr. Husted, had they been married before?

HUSTED: No. This was a first marriage for both of them. In fact.

GRACE: A very happily married, too.

HUSTED: Very happily married. I introduced them. She -- I knew Davina, and I knew Brock, of course, my brother, and I introduced them and this is the first marriage for both of them.

GRACE: Scott, police are being very close-lipped about this case. Are they encouraging at all to believe they have some leads?

HUSTED: Well, they are being close-lipped on this and I don`t know whether to read that that they are close on something or not, but I can tell you that we speak to them, as I mentioned earlier, every day.

GRACE: Right.

HUSTED: They have a lot of people that they`re interviewing. My brother just did not really have conflict in his life. I can tell you -- I spoke with him almost every day. He was hardworking. He had a nice business. He obviously had a nice place that he lived and.

GRACE: Let me give that tip line. With me, Scott Husted, Brock`s brother, 805-477-7000.

Let`s stop and remember Army Private 1st Class Daniel Allman II, 20, Canon, Georgia, killed Iraq. Dreamed of enlisting since a little boy. Awarded two Purple (INAUDIBLE) Hearts. Leaves behind grieving parents Amanda and Daniel, brother Michael, 2-year-old daughter Haleigh.

Daniel Allman, American hero.

Thanks to our guests but especially to you for being with us. And a special good night from New York and New Jersey friends of the show, Mary, Claudia and Serena.

Aren`t they beautiful?

Everyone, I`ll see you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp Eastern, and until then, good night, friend.