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Manslaughter Investigation on Michael Jackson`s Death; Jermaine Jackson`s Passionate Plea; How Ryan Seacrest Became King; Jon Gosselin`s Girlfriend Tells All; The Peephole Shocker

Aired July 22, 2009 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, a dramatic new plea from Michael Jackson`s brother, leave Michael alone.


JERMAINE JACKSON, MICHAEL JACKSON`S BROTHER: Leave him alone. Stop the crazy names that they call him. He was a human being. He was a person. He was a father. He was an uncle. He was a brother.


HAMMER: Tonight, Jermaine`s passionate plea.

Plus, is the doctor who was with Michael the day he died in danger? Why has he hired a bodyguard?

Goodbye, Kate. Tonight, the very first interview with Jon Gosselin`s girlfriend, the young daughter of Kate`s plastic surgeon. Is she really engaged to Jon? And what do her parents think about her dating an older, not-yet-divorced famous father of eight kids? .

Plus, the peephole shocker. A beautiful ESPN reporter secretly taped stark naked in her hotel room through a peephole. Who did it?

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

And tonight, a doctor shocker - an unbelievable development late today in the investigation into the death of Michael Jackson. Investigators raided the office of the doctor who was with Michael Jackson as he died.

And now, we are getting word that they were looking for evidence of manslaughter. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT bringing you the late-breaking developments. Investigators from Los Angeles went all the way to Houston to raid Dr.Conrad Murray`s office armed with search warrants.

And then, the bombshell today from Dr. Murray`s own lawyer who revealed they were looking for evidence of manslaughter. The startling news came not long after the attorney dropped another bombshell about Dr. Murray, claiming the doctor is getting threats and has now hired a bodyguard.

Also brand new tonight, the lost Michael Jackson movie about foster children. Wait until you hear why Michael actually felt like a foster child himself.

Joining me tonight from Hollywood, Lisa Bloom, who is a CNN legal analyst. Also from Hollywood tonight is Leslie Marshall, host of the talk radio show, "The Leslie Marshall Show."

Let`s begin with this raid on Dr. Murray`s office in Houston, Texas. And let`s remember Dr. Murray has been a central figure in this investigation. He was with Michael the day he died.

Dr. Murray`s lawyer, Ed Chernoff, confirms to CNN that a search warrant was executed today to search for and seize items including documents they believed constituted evidence of the offense of manslaughter.

Well, authorities didn`t ask Dr. Murray to hand over anything today. They just went over to the office to get it themselves with a warrant that was issued by a judge. Lisa Bloom, what does that tell you?

LISA BLOOM, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: Well, that tells me that law enforcement has gotten serious about this and that they know what they`re doing. Of course, you don`t tell the subject of a raid, "We`re coming over on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m.," so they can clear everything out beforehand.

You`ve got to get in there. You`ve got to do a surprise search and hopefully find what you`re looking for. I assume they were looking for documents, medications. And I wonder if they`re expanding from Michael Jackson to Dr. Murray`s other patients and taking a hard look at this guy because he`s under a lot of suspicion.

HAMMER: Well, a spokesman for Dr. Murray`s lawyer also told CNN that, "The raid was absolutely a surprise to us because we`ve had open lines of communication this whole time. It was a surprise to us and I`m sure it was a surprise to Dr. Murray."

Now, Leslie, given how much Dr. Murray is and has been the center of this investigation and the fact that they have apparently been cooperating all along, should they be surprised?

LESLIE MARSHALL, HOST, "THE LESLIE MARSHALL SHOW": Well, I understand they`re surprised because they`re cooperating. But at the same time, when you have, you know, the media and bloggers reporting, that legal analysts are saying possibly no arrests will be made, et cetera, and being that this is not only a celebrity but the level of celebrity of Michael Jackson, the family crying out possible foul play, all of the police and the lawyers involved, it`s necessary that they are meticulous.

It is necessary that they have every ounce of information that there`s absolutely no screw-up here. And I believe this is the best way to go about it. Just because someone`s cooperating doesn`t mean that they`re giving you everything, say you have something they haven`t asked for.

HAMMER: Well, they did pick up a bunch of stuff at Dr. Murray`s office. Murray`s attorney says that the police took 21 documents and a copy of a hard drive from Dr. Murray`s computer. Lisa, what could possibly be in those documents or perhaps on that computer that could amount to evidence of manslaughter?

BLOOM: One of the key drugs in this case is Propofol and some have alleged that Michael Jackson wanted that. It`s a very powerful sedative. It`s used to knock people out for surgery. And it`s been argued if Dr. Murray gave it to him, he could be guilty of negligence.

Now, I want to emphasize he`s presumed innocent and we don`t know what was in Michael Jackson`s body. But if there were strong medications that were counter indicated for him and the doctor gave it to him anyway, then he`s in a heap of trouble.

HAMMER: Well, here`s a wild bombshell that came today. Since Jackson`s death, Dr. Murray`s life has been turned upside down. Listen to this. Murray`s attorney also revealing today that the doctor has had to hire a bodyguard because, and this is a quote, "He can`t operate his practice. He can`t go to work because he is harassed no matter where he goes."

Leslie, I think this is wild. It really seems to me that - you know, obviously innocent until proven guilty. He`s being vilified here even though he hasn`t even been charged with anything yet.

MARSHALL: Certainly, in the court of public opinion, A.J. Michael Jackson was and still. even after death, is loved by millions throughout the world. And reports are that there were medications, heavy anesthetics like Propofol found in his home. Certainly, they can connect the dots. This is the doctor, this is the patient. How did the patient get these things without the help of this doctor? It`s terrible.

But I`m not that surprised being how much love for Michael Jackson and that they feel having been taken from them at 50 years of age, someone has to be blamed. And it seems they`re blaming the doctor in this.

HAMMER: Yes. Lisa, what do you think about that? As Leslie said, he was so beloved.


HAMMER: So given that, do you really believe that Dr. Murray could be in danger? There are actually people out there who want to get him?

BLOOM: Absolutely, A.J. I just came back from a couple of weeks in Morocco. I`m way up in the hills in this faraway land. And I said to my guide, "How are you doing?" He said, "Oh, I`m very sad because of Michael." I said Michael? He said, "Michael Jackson."

This was the biggest superstar in the world. A lot of people, unfortunately, want somebody to blame. And some of Michael Jackson`s family members have pointed the finger at Dr. Murray. That`s why I have to emphasize, the man is presumed innocent. He did cooperate with the police and everybody should just take a deep breath about this guy.

HAMMER: Yes. That gets lost in a lot of people when they`re so passionate about something. I have to move on to this brand-new lost Michael Jackson movie. In a brand-new interview with the ","

B-movie producer, Bryan Michael Stoller reveals footage of Michael Jackson talking about a film project that these guys were working on together. Now, according to Stoller, Jackson wanted to do a movie based on the book "They Caged the Animals at Night." This is a book about foster children, and is based on the real-life experiences of the author who was bounced around foster homes when he was a kid.

Well, Stoller released this startling video of Michael Jackson meeting the author for the very first time. You`ve got to see this.


MICHAEL JACKSON, KING OF POP: Can I ask you a question?


MICHAEL JACKSON: With all the pain and the stress and the pressure that you had to go through, did you ever, in your childhood, think about, "It`s not worth it." Did you ever try -

BURCH: Suicide?


BURCH: Definitely. Definitely. You know the feeling because I know you and Bryan are going to do a wonderful job. It`s going to be like -

MICHAEL JACKSON: I can relate to it, totally.

BURCH: It`s going to be like taken from the book right to the screen.

MICHAEL JACKSON: That`s beautiful. That`s beautiful. That is so beautiful.

BURCH: Will we always be friends? Will we always be friends?

MICHAEL JACKSON: Promise. Promise.

BURCH: Thank you so much.

MICHAEL JACKSON: We`re the same. I understand you. I understand you.

BURCH: Thank you so much.

MICHAEL JACKSON: Thank you. Gosh, what a beautiful story.


HAMMER: That`s a pretty touching moment there. Michael says he connected with this man who spent his life in foster homes in such a major way. Leslie, this was the biggest pop star in the world. Does this surprise you at all?

MARSHALL: You know, with the allegations that Michael has made about his father, his childhood, his abuse, with certainly a man that we have seen try to hold on to and regain his childhood for his entire adult life, even up until his death. And for somebody that actually, it would seem, needed a lot of help emotionally, if not other ways, it`s not surprising to see this particular individual embrace this other individual.

Both are adults who claim to have - and I`m not discrediting their claims - have suffered greatly, whether physically, emotionally, sexually or all of the above as children. So that`s not surprising. Michael loves children and Michael has always said he`s Peter Pan. And certainly he has empathy. And for this man, it`s not a surprise.

HAMMER: Well, shedding even more light on this, Stoller also revealed to the "" that Michael said he felt like a foster child himself as a kid because he was always - I mean, think about this. He was always bounced around from hotel room to hotel room.

He said he`d see kids playing outside the hotel. It would make him sad because he couldn`t be a part of that. As we learn more about Michael Jackson, do you think some people who have been critical of him in the past may see him in a new light now?

BLOOM: Well, again, I think it`s possible to have both sides. Everybody wants to paint Michael Jackson all one way or the other. It`s possible to be a person with great empathy. And also, as I think Michael Jackson lived his life, a person who was never able to overcome his difficult childhood.

I mean, from the ages of 18 to 50, when he passed away, he was constantly reliving his victimization. He was never able to get past it. I think, he took some criticism for that because for a guy with so many resources, you`d like to think he could have and he refused to do it.

But it is a beautiful thing to see him reach out and say to that man, "We are the same." I`m sure that was a very moving moment for that man.

HAMMER: Yes. And I think we`ll continue to see some more sides of Michael Jackson that we haven`t seen before. Lisa Bloom, Leslie Marshall, thanks, guys. I appreciate it.

Well, tonight, Michael Jackson`s brother is saying, no matter what your opinion of Michael is, people just need to let him rest in peace.


JERMAINE JACKSON: Leave him alone. Stop the crazy names that they call him because what more do you have to do to make people realize he`s a human being?

HAMMER: Tonight, Jermaine Jackson`s dramatic on-camera plea, why he wants everyone to just leave Michael alone.

Also tonight, the very first interview with Jon Gosselin`s girlfriend, the 22-year-old daughter of his wife Kate`s plastic surgeon. Is she really engaged to Jon? And what do her parents think about her dating an older, not-yet-divorced famous father of eight kids?

Also, Paula`s big dance. Will Paula ditch "American Idol" for "So You Think You Can Dance?" This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

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HAMMER: Tonight, will Paula Abdul ditch "American Idol" for "So You Think You Can Dance?" Well, we told you that Paula is not happy because she claims that she hasn`t been offered a new "Idol" contract.

So Nigel Lythgoe, the guy who used to executive produce "Idol" and is now the executive producer and a judge on "So You Think You Can Dance," tells the "New York Daily News" he would love for Paula to be a guest judge on his show. You know, Paula got her start as a dancer, so really, not a crazy idea here.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. Now, one of the reasons Paula is probably so upset is that she just saw "idol" host Ryan Seacrest re-sign with the show for a reported $45 million.

Tonight, King Ryan`s empire. With this mega-buck deal, Ryan Seacrest is certainly reigning supreme and sitting pretty on his "American Idol" throne. But it isn`t just "Idol" that made Ryan the king.

It all started when Ryan was a teenager with an interest in radio. And he`s also had an ambition that drove him to build what is now a multimillion-dollar media empire.

Here`s CNN`s Ted Rowlands with the story about Ryan became king.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ryan Seacrest, right there.


TED ROWLANDS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): At 34, Ryan Seacrest has firmly cemented his career in Hollywood with gigs ranging from hosting to anchoring to producing a reality show. He`s now been nicknamed the $45 million man.

LACEY ROSE, "FORBES" MAGAZINE: Ryan Seacrest has just become the top- earning reality host on television. He just signed what is believed to be a $45 million three-year deal that will keep him with the top-running, top- rated reality show.

ROWLANDS: Seacrest just renewed his contract with "American Idol`s" parent company CKX, but it`s not the only deal he`s cashing in on.

ROSE: He is bringing in an estimated $14 million a year from his Clear Channel deal where he has radio shows. He also has a deal with Comcast Entertainment which includes his "E! News" deal where he`s the lead anchor.

He brings in another $2.5 million from endorsement deals. Another $1.5 million from producing shows like "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

ROWLANDS: The "Hollywood Reporter`s" Matthew Bellamy believes the secret to Seacrest`s success is focus and planning.

MATTHEW BELLAMY, "HOLLYWOOD REPORTER": He said from the beginning even back when he was just a radio host that he had big plans. He wanted to become a power in the business and he succeeded.

ROWLANDS: Seacrest`s former mentor and longtime friend, Tom Sullivan, watched the transformation.

TOM SULLIVAN, RYAN SEACREST`S MENTOR AND LONGTIME FRIEND: He packed up his red Honda Prelude and says, "I`m headed west, baby, and I want to pursue the Hollywood thing."

ROWLANDS: Sullivan met Seacrest when he was a teenager back in Atlanta. Seacrest asked Sullivan to show him the ropes at Star 94 Radio. Even then, he knew he had a big dream and lots of ambition.

SULLIVAN: I got a call from a guy. He goes, "Hey, my name is Ryan. And I do the announcements at Dunwoody High School. And I would like to kind of get more up-to-date on pop culture." He goes, "I`m a huge fan of radio and I practice being Casey Kasem in my house. Could I come up and see how the radio station works?

ROWLANDS: Shortly after working at Star 94 and dropping out of the University of Georgia, Seacrest moved to Los Angeles and became a household name.

SULLIVAN: I`ve watched him grow up and achieve all this magnificent success.

ROWLANDS: And now, the guy who once helped Seacrest get his foot in the door jokes he`d like a helping hand.

SULLIVAN: There is one thing Ryan could do. I just lost my job in TV here. So if Ryan, buddy, if you know of anybody out there in radio or TV - that`s what I would like. Yes, a job.


HAMMER: That was CNN`s Ted Rowlands for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Well, a lot of fired-up people are calling into the "Showbiz on Call" phone lines after we played Chris Brown`s dramatic video apology for beating Rihanna. We asked, should we forgive Brown?

Well, we`ve got a call in to "Showbiz on Call" from Dionne in California and she thinks we should forgive him because it`s time to move on.


DIONNE, CALLER FROM CALIFORNIA: I actually feel that we should forgive Chris Brown. I`m a huge Chris Brown fan and I support Chris Brown no matter what. Do I agree with the mistakes he made? No. But do I still consider him as a human being and a great person and very talented? Absolutely, yes. And I think what`s more important than the mistake is that you learn from your mistakes and that you don`t do it again.


HAMMER: Thanks a lot, Dionne. We also heard from Sonja calling in to "Showbiz on Call" from Alabama. And Sonja says we aren`t the ones who should decide whether or not to forgive Chris Brown.


SONJA, CALLER FROM ALABAMA: I`m wondering why we have to forgive Chris for anything. Chris Brown didn`t hit me. He hit Rihanna. And as far as I`m concerned, she`s the only one that needs to forgive him. But should we forgive him? It`s not our place to forgive or not to forgive. He didn`t wrong us.


HAMMER: Thank you, Sonja. You can call us at "Showbiz on Call" and let us know what you think about this or anything else. The "Showbiz on Call" phone lines are open all the time. Here`s the number - 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; 1- 888-728-2899. Leave us a voicemail; that way we can play some of your calls here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and post them, too, online on our homepage. Just surf on over to

Tonight, brand-new Michael Jackson developments. A dramatic new on- camera plea from Michael Jackson`s brother.


JERMAINE JACKSON: Leave him alone. Stop the crazy names that they call him. Because what more do you have to do to make people realize he was a human being?

HAMMER: Why Jermaine Jackson wants everyone to let Michael rest in peace. Jermaine begs everyone to just leave Michael alone.

Also tonight, breaking news - and this is big - police and the feds raid the offices of the doctor who was with Michael when he died as they look for evidence of manslaughter.

Also, the peephole shocker. A beautiful ESPN reporter secretly taped stark naked in her hotel room through a peephole. Who did this disgusting thing?

And the Whoopi Goldberg moon-landing controversy. Does Whoopi really think the 1969 moon-landing was a hoax? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

It`s time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

(CAPTION READS: Leona Lewis, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus to perform on VH1`s "Divas" special. Country stars Alison Krauss, Charley Pride, Brad Paisley play for the president.)



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. Tonight, the Whoopi Goldberg moon-landing controversy. I can`t even believe I`m saying that.

Well, "The View" co-host is defending herself after it seemed she was implying the 1969 "Apollo 11" landing on the moon was a hoax.

It is the 40th anniversary of the mission this week. And on "The View," Whoopi talked about how she`s a big fan of "Capricorn I" - that`s 1978 movie about a faked landing on Mars. Then, she asked some conspiracy theory-like questions about the Apollo mission. Watch.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": There are a couple of questions that I do have from time to time. Who shot the footage? Because you see the two astronauts, you never see the - yes, but you would think the third guy would - yes, but you would think he`d turn around and go on like this so we knew it was him.


HAMMER: All right. She was goofing around. But a lot of people were outraged over Whoopi`s comments. But on this morning`s show, she set the record straight.


GOLDBERG: Some folks, not everybody, were saying, "Oh, she doesn`t believe man landed on the moon." That`s not what I said. I said I liked "Capricorn I," which is a great movie that lends itself to a lot of questions about the moon landing and how much I love conspiracy theories. Hello? Yes, I do believe the moon-landing happened.



HAMMER: I can`t believe she even had to justify that. Whoopi also joked she believes in the Loch Ness monster. So there you go.

Tonight was a big night for Susan Boyle. She made her first appearance on "America`s Got Talent." Susan, of course, became an worldwide super-sensation after her amazing singing on "Britain`s Got Talent" was seen by millions on YouTube. She came in second on that show, but the pressure got to her and Susan spent five days at a mental health hospital for exhaustion.

Well, on this morning`s "Today" show, in her first interview since her hospital stay, Susan reveals to Meredith Vieira what finally pushed her into the clinic.


MEREDITH VIEIRA, CO-HOST, THE "TODAY" SHOW: Was that good to get away from the craziness?

SUSAN BOYLE, FORMER CONTESTANT, "BRITAIN`S GOT TALENT": That was necessary at the time. I needed to rest. My sister took care of me.


HAMMER: Her hair looks lovely there. Susan also opened up about how she`s dealing with her sudden fame.


BOYLE: It felt like a giant demolition ball.

VIEIRA: It felt like a demolition ball?

BOYLE: The impact. It was like a demolition ball. It was very hard to be thrown in the front. You`ve got an audience to please. You get over it. You have to.


HAMMER: Susan`s doing great. Now, she`s recording a new album with "American Idol" judge, Simon Cowell.

Now, the SHOWBIZ lineup - this is what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Jermaine Jackson`s dramatic plea. Tonight, why Michael`s brother wants everyone to leave his dead brother alone.

Also, breaking news, the offices of the doctor who was with Michael when he died are raided.

Jon`s girlfriend speaks. The 22-year-old daughter of Kate Gosselin`s plastic surgeon opens up about her relationship. And are she and Jon engaged?

And the peephole shocker. Who secretly taped an ESPN reporter naked in her hotel room? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

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JERMAINE JACKSON: Leave him alone. Stop the crazy names that they call him, because what more do you have to do to make people realize he`s a human being?


HAMMER: Now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Jermaine Jackson`s dramatic plea. Michael`s older brother in tears as he begs for everyone to leave Michael alone.

Plus, the late-breaking bombshell M.J. development. The office of the doctor who was with Michael Jackson when he died, raided by the feds. Why there`s now talk of possible manslaughter.

Jon Gosselin`s 22-year-old girlfriend speaks. Tonight, the daughter of Kate`s plastic surgeon opens up. Are she and Jon engaged? What do her parents think of her dating an older, not-yet-divorced father of eight?

And the ESPN peephole shocker. The female reporter secretly taped in the nude. Tonight, the mystery behind who did it.

Plus more stories breaking from the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker."

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

And there is explosive Michael Jackson news tonight, a dramatic raid in Houston today on the office of Dr. Conrad Murray who was with Michael the day he died. And late today, the bombshell from Dr. Murray`s attorney who revealed investigators were looking for evidence of manslaughter.

But first, we begin with Jermaine Jackson`s emotional, heartbreaking plea - leave Michael alone. In a startling, brand-new, caught-on-camera interview, Michael Jackson`s brother holds nothing back. Jermaine coming out swinging about everything, about Michael`s strange life before his death, about whether his mother should be raising Michael`s three kids.

And that is not all, which is why SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is here to tell you that what Jermaine has just said is making big news right now.


JERMAINE JACKSON: Leave him alone.

HAMMER (voice-over): It is Jermaine`s desperate plea. Michael Jackson`s older brother, appearing on French television, gives an unprecedented emotional plea to the world to stop slandering his brother`s name.

JERMAINE JACKSON: Stop the crazy names that they call him, because what more do you have to do to make people realize he`s a human being?

HAMMER: As the investigation into Michael Jackson`s tragic death rages on, the nonstop speculation about Jackson`s drug use has his family terrified that the King of Pop will be remembered as the king of pill-popping.

MICHAEL MALKIN, COLUMNIST, "E! ONLINE": We`re hearing a lot of stories about drug abuse. They don`t want that out there. They don`t want their brother to be remembered as someone who had a possible drug problem.

HAMMER: With tears streaming down his face, Jermaine begged the world to remember his brother, first and foremost, as a humanitarian.

JERMAINE: He`s the number one donor of charity around the globe. So this paint him to be this person that he`s not, it bothers me. It bothers my family. It bothers all of us.

HAMMER: And with today`s latest breaking developments that police have raided the office of Michael`s doctor, Conrad Murray, looking for evidence of manslaughter, the speculation about Jackson`s possible drug use only grows.

But in this brand-new interview, Jermaine denies his brother had any drug problem at all.

JERMAINE JACKSON: I`ve never seen my brother have any different abnormal behavior that would - any substance that would cause that. So to say these things, I don`t know. I`ve never seen it, so I would say, no.

HAMMER: But a CNN investigation revealed information that at one time, Jackson was taking 30 to 40 Xanax a night and using doctors all over the country to get his prescription meds. And with the investigation into Michael`s death possibly taking a very long time, Jackson`s reputation could take a serious hit.

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": While Jermaine was saying, there`s no evidence of substance abuse, obviously, you have to look at the facts. And we know what the police are finding. We know what reports are saying was found in Michael`s house. We know about needle marks on Michael`s body.

So ironically, while he`s trying to get people to stop talking about Michael and substance abuse, it kind of makes people talk more.

HAMMER: And people are still talking about the drama surrounding Jackson`s body. It`s being held at an undisclosed location while the family dukes it out over where he should be laid to rest, at Jackson`s infamous Neverland Ranch or a traditional cemetery. Jermaine makes it perfectly clear he wants his brother to be buried at Neverland.

JERMAINE JACKSON: I have fought to get him at Neverland. It`s his work. It`s his imagination. It is clear that`s where he needs to be.

SERAFIN: Of course, we know that Michael apparently did not want to ever go back to Neverland. His mother, Katherine, knew that, so she`s been kind on the other side of this. So clearly, there`s been some in-fighting within the family about this.

HAMMER: And even if Jermaine disagrees with his mother over the burial, Jermaine is revealing the one thing the entire Jackson family agrees on is that Michael`s three children belong with Jackson`s mom, Katherine.

JERMAINE JACKSON: It`s very simple when it comes to the children. The will is what it is. My mother gets full custody of the children. The children will be fine.

PARIS KATHERINE JACKSON, MICHAEL JACKSON`S DAUGHTER: Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine.

HAMMER: Paris Jackson`s tearful tribute to her father at a star-studded memorial showed the world for the first time the man behind the eccentric clothing and plastic surgery.

PARIS JACKSON: And I just want to say, I love him so much.

HAMMER: It remains to be seen if Jackson`s reputation as dutiful father and the King of Pop will withstand the explosive investigation into his death. But the Jackson family is fighting hard to preserve his legacy.

JERMAINE: His daughter said it all - my daddy. He was a human being. He was a person. He was a father. He was an uncle. He was a brother. He was a son. And they need to leave him alone.


HAMMER: From Jermaine Jackson`s emotional plea to leave his brother alone to the breaking details about the raid on the office of Dr. Conrad Murray, we have tons of late-breaking Michael Jackson news tonight. Let`s get right to it.

Joining me tonight from Hollywood is Lisa Bloom who is a CNN legal analyst. Also joining me tonight in Hollywood, Leslie Marshall, host of the talk radio show, "The Leslie Marshall Show." So this new interview with Jermaine Jackson was so powerful, really emotional, as he pleaded for people to lay off Michael. Watch this.


JERMAINE JACKSON: Leave him alone. Stop the crazy names that they call him. Because what more do you have to do to make people realize he was a human being? His daughter said it all. My daddy - he was a human being. He was a person. He was a father. He was an uncle. He was a brother. He was a son. And they need to leave him alone.


HAMMER: Lisa Bloom, off to you first. Does Jermaine have a point? He was of course all of those things - Michael was all of those things Jermaine said. But do you think people are being too harsh on Michael?

BLOOM: Well, I think it can be both. Of course, Jermaine, as his brother, wants to protect Michael and preserve his legacy and his memory.

But there`s also a valid news story here. And when the toxicology results come out, we`ll find out the medications that were in Michael`s body. When the police conclude their investigation, we`ll find out if there was foul play or if there were too many drugs involved here.

And he can be both. He can be a wonderful entertainer and also a cautionary tale to other people who may be involved with drugs or prescription drug medications. It can be both. And I think that`s what Jermaine fails to see.

HAMMER: Yes. Leslie, I want to get your take. Because obviously, the story of Michael Jackson, while it has a great deal to do with his genius and his brilliance in music, it was so much more.

MARSHALL: Oh, absolutely. I mean, you know, Jermaine has to remember - and it`s obvious he`s hurting for the loss of his brother, as I`m sure the family is. But in order to have all the information and this investigation be thorough and the family suspects foul play, this is going to stay in the news.

It`s also going to stay in the news because of who his brother was. Whether some people thought he was odd or not, the bottom line is, the world loved him. And quite frankly, one of the reasons the Jackson family is not only so successful but so financially comfortable is because of that love and support.

You know, the world has shown even when there are accusations of child abuse molestation that have been brought against Michael, but there are millions that remained by his side and didn`t believe it.


MARSHALL: So I don`t think that the drug use and the names are going to turn away the masses and the millions throughout the world that loved his brother. And because of who he was, they are certainly going to continue to talk about him because he`s died at such a young age and certainly a questionable death at this point.

HAMMER: Yes. I agree with you absolutely. All right. Let`s move on to another huge development tonight in the Michael Jackson death investigation.

Just today, federal drug agents searched the Houston clinic of Michael Jackson`s doctor. This man, Conrad Murray, who was with Jackson the day he died. And then a bombshell from Dr. Murray`s lawyer who revealed the police were looking for evidence of manslaughter. Lisa Bloom, break that down for us - manslaughter. Wow.

BLOOM: Yes. That jumped out at me. And we had a report the other day this wasn`t a murder investigation. That`s right, because murder would be the intentional, premeditated killing of a human being. And no one`s accusing anyone of that.

But manslaughter is a lower-level homicide, which can be the negligent taking of a human life. For example, giving drugs to a known addict, giving very strong drugs like Propofol, which we`ve talked about, to somebody like Michael Jackson.

If that caused his death, that could result in a manslaughter or an unintentional killing charge. That`s what we`re learning today. It`s very significant.

HAMMER: Well, a spokeswoman for Dr. Murray`s lawyer told CNN late today that the raid caught everyone off-guard. She said the raid was, quote, "absolutely a surprise to us, because we`ve had open lines of communication the whole time."

Leslie, are you surprised that they didn`t tell Dr. Murray they were coming and just sprung this raid on them? I mean, what does that say to you because they have been cooperative all along?

MARSHALL: Well, I think that`s why it`s called a raid, A.J. They spring it. It is the element of surprised, first principle in the art of war. And I say that because - I mean, quite frankly - and I`m giving my own personal judgment here - a doctor that allegedly says, "Look, I`ll be your personal physician for $1 million a month. There are doctors out there, human beings out there, that will cover their tracks if there is anything possibly illegal."

So I think the raid being secretive was certainly intentional. So there would be no medication, paperwork, et cetera, shredded, missing, lost accidentally, that kind of thing.

HAMMER: Yes. You would think that with all the time that`s passed since Michael`s death, anything incriminating - it would be gone by now. Lisa Bloom, Leslie Marshall, thank you so much.

And we`ve been asking you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Michael Jackson: Has your opinion changed of him since he died?" Keep voting at or E-mail

Tonight, the disturbing and mysterious naked peephole shocker. This is wild. A female ESPN reporter secretly taped in the nude in her hotel room. And then, the tape is plastered all over the Internet. We have got the shocking details.

Jon Gosselin`s new girlfriend reveals all. For the very first time, the 22-year-old daughter of his wife Kate`s plastic surgeon shares intimate details of their love life. So are they engaged? This is the story you haven`t heard until now.

We also have this -


HAMMER: Yes. We`re getting to the bottom of this story, New York`s iconic naked cowboy running for mayor. And this is no joke. The unbelievable story of why he`s letting it all hang out to get the city`s top job. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

(CAPTION READS: "I`m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here" star Stephen Baldwin files for bankruptcy. "American Idol" finalists join Twitter page to keep Paula Abdul as a judge on show.)


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Tonight, goodbye, Kate. For the very first time, Jon Gosselin`s new girlfriend reveals all about their blossoming relationship. But is she engaged to Jon?

Well, in a brand-new interview, Jon`s new 22-year-old girlfriend, who`s the daughter of Kate`s plastic surgeon, gushes over her new relationship with Jon. But is this just a big slap in Kate`s face?

Also brand-new tonight, the peephole shocker. Who secretly spied on an ESPN reporter while she was naked in her own hotel room shooting through a peephole?

Joining me tonight in New York is David Caplan, senior editor of "People Magazine." Also joining me tonight in New York is Lisa Bernhard, who`s an entertainment journalist.

And I`ve got to start with this brand-new interview with "People" magazine. They got this with Hailey Glassman. She`s spilling the beans on her romance with Jon which, they claim, began after he and Kate announced their divorce.

Listen to what she tells "People" magazine, "I love Jon and he loves me. Going out now is stressful. To say he has baggage is an understatement, but if we can make it through this, we can make it through anything."

Baggage - yes, it is an understatement, meaning Jon has eight kids, a divorce that`s not even close to being finalized. But she does say they love each other. David, there have been reports these two are now engaged. What do you know?

DAVID CAPLAN, SENIOR EDITOR, "PEOPLE" MAGAZINE: They`re not engaged. She tells "People" that, right now, they`re just enjoying spending time with each other. They love doing all sorts of things together. They play pool together. They play ping-pong together. But there is no engagement.

HAMMER: Well, we know a lot about Jon and Kate from watching them on "Jon & Kate Plus 8." And we all saw that Kate had a tendency of, you know, kind of bossing Jon around.

Listen to what Hailey tells "People" about what Jon says he likes about her. She says, quote, "I`m a huge believer in not controlling someone. I`ll give my opinion but tell him to do what he wants to do. He said, `I`m just not used to having an option.` I told him life is about options."

I`m sorry. This is great wisdom about life is about options coming from a 22-year-old to a 32-year-old father of eight getting a divorce. Lisa, what do you make of that?

LISA BERNHARD, CELEBRITY JOURNALIST: Well, one of life`s options right now is that you can become a celebrity having not accomplished anything and not really showing anybody that you have any real talent.

And this is an option that Hailey has clearly chosen to seize upon and make a name for herself. And whether or not this relationship succeeds, we all now know who she is and she`ll likely get invitations to parties and start out on a career for herself as a celebrity as part of pop culture.

So in that regard, I guess you could say that she was smart. And who knows if they will grow old together? I don`t necessarily think that to your point that his being a newly single guy who`s just moved to the big city and is followed by the paparazzi and has eight kids will necessarily be a recipe for long-term success with her.

HAMMER: Yes. And given all that, one of the first things that jumped into my mind, also considering Hailey is just 22 years old, you`ve got to wonder what her parents are thinking, right, especially her dad who happens to be Kate`s former plastic surgeon.

Well, here`s what Hailey tells "People" about that, "They love him. They think of him as part of the family. They think things happen for a reason. The most important thing is if someone fits in with my family, this is perfect. It just fits."

Perfect. OK. Well, she clearly recognizes that Jon has baggage. David, I`ve got to ask you, is Hailey`s dad maybe gaining a son-in-law and perhaps losing a plastic surgery client here?

CAPLAN: You know, that`s what it looks like. It could happen in the future. Of course, (UNINTELLIGIBLE) to say it would be a little awkward for the guy who did Kate`s tummy tuck to also be the father-in-law of Jon. So it`s going to be a little bit bizarre.

HAMMER: Yes, awkward - capital A. I mean, it`s just very, very strange to me.

All right. We have to move on to another absolutely unbelievable story. And this one I just find pretty sad. Erin Andrews is a reporter for ESPN and she got videotaped naked in her hotel room. The video was shot through a peephole.

This is obviously an unbelievable invasion of privacy. It was plastered all over the Internet - six videos from two different hotel rooms. Lisa, does this not just make you sick?

BERNHARD: Yes, this is one of the oh-so-wonderful things that technology has brought us. You can be videotaped at any point in time and not know it, from a cell phone to any other small device. And you can have it plastered all over the Internet.

Everybody has access to these things. It`s one of the huge downsides of being a celebrity in this day and age. I mean, I guess, if you`re going to look at the upside or the silver lining, is many more people now know who Erin Andrews is.

She`s clearly a victim in this situation. So she`s got public sentiment on her side. And hey, if a few people out there say, "Wow, she`s really hot," that`s not going to hurt her career either.

HAMMER: Yes. I don`t know. I don`t know. I don`t think she would trade this publicity or the publicity she`s getting for what actually happened. We know she`s ready to sue whoever did this. And ESPN is apparently also getting involved.

David, given the precision of this, you know, the fact it was shot through a peephole, it was pretty a decent video. Does it smell like an inside job? I mean, it had to be somebody who knew her every move.

CAPLAN: Yes. There are a lot of thoughts that this is an inside job, that someone who knew not only her travel schedule, but where she was staying, and not even which hotel but where in the hotel she was staying.


CAPLAN: So right now, it is looking - you know, the suspicion that it could be someone in the production with her.

HAMMER: Yes. I feel terrible for her. David Caplan, Lisa Bernhard, I do appreciate you both being here. And you can pick up a copy of the new issue of "People" magazine featuring the Jon and Kate family saga on the cover on newsstands, Friday.

Well, in New York, the saying goes there are eight million stories in the naked city. But is the naked city about to get a naked mayor?


Everybody sing along. The naked cowboy gearing up for a new gig, and we have got the naked truth from the man himself. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

It`s time now for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

(CAPTION READS: Mischa Barton to return to work on CW`s "The Beautiful Life" later this month. Barton rushed to hospital by cops last week for "undisclosed medical problems." Shaq and Jeremy Piven to host upcoming taping of WWE`s Monday night raw.)



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yo quiero Taco Bell.


HAMMER: Yes. She won our hearts with those four little words, "Yo quiero Taco Bell." And now the Taco Bell Chihuahua has gone to doggie heaven.

The Taco Bell Chihuahua who, despite her manly voice, was named Gidget, has died. She was 15 years old. And I bet you didn`t know this, she also played the mom of Reese Witherspoon`s dog in "Legally Blond 2." Adios, Gidget.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Tonight, New York`s new naked mayor? Well, that`s what the naked cowboy has up his sleeve. He actually wore a shirt.


Well, if you`ve ever been to the heart of New York City, you`ve seen this guy. He`s a tighty-whitey wearing, guitar-playing performer who all but stops traffic in Times Square.

And now, the naked cowboy is baring all in a new plan to run for mayor. Hey, Robert Burke may not have name recognition just yet, but his assets are world renowned. And his campaign promises are transparency in government and doing more with less. Oh, boy. Watch this.


ROBERT BURKE, THE NAKED COWBOY: Folks we need to tighten our belts. And of course, that`s just an expression because I don`t even wear a belt. That`s my point - I don`t need a belt. I don`t need the whole suit and tie thing either.

You`re not going to see me buying a whole new suit and outfit just because I`m running for mayor, not on this city`s dime. The fact is, no one`s done more with less than me.


HAMMER: Aimed at the truth. I don`t even know where to begin with this or, quite frankly, where he keeps his notes for that speech. I`m guessing the campaign might be brief, considering that Mike Bloomberg is a lock for third term as mayor.

Well, Tuesday, we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Chris Brown`s Video Apology: Should he be forgiven for beating Rihanna." Look at how this went. Only 24 percent of you said yes; 76 percent of you said no.

Here are some of the E-mails we got. We heard from Elizabeth in Ohio who writes, "I know that once a man abuses you, the abuse only gets worse. No man should ever be forgiven for abusing a woman.

We also heard from Peanut writing in from New Jersey, "I personally think that Chris Brown should be forgiven and this matter be forgotten. I am not condoning what he did, but his public apology brought me to tears and it sounded truly sincere."

Well, that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you so much for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. And you can always catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s - 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, and in the morning at 11:00 a.m. Eastern on HLN.