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Interview with Jermaine Jackson

Aired August 7, 2009 - 21:00   ET


LARRY KING, CNN ANCHOR: Tonight, Jermaine Jackson sharing his private pain about his brother Michael.


JERMAINE JACKSON, BROTHER OF MICHAEL JACKSON: I feel his presence all the time.


KING: Who does he blame for the pop star's death?

And if Jermaine had one last chance to talk to Michael brother to brother, what might he say?


J. JACKSON: I miss you.


KING: Jermaine Jackson setting the record straight on drugs, family drama and maybe who's the daddy, next on LARRY KING LIVE.

It's a great pleasure to welcome to Larry King Live -- one of the many visits he's made to this program -- Jermaine Jackson, one of Michael Jackson's older brothers, the former member of the Jackson Five. He sang co-lead with Michael for a number of years.

And, by the way, Jermaine has contributed a blog about Michael's humanitarian work. It's on our website at

And at the end of the program tonight, in the last segment, we're going to have very special announcement, which should be of interest to our interest to our viewers around the world.

Jermaine was last with us when we were on location at Neverland. At that time, you said you were still in deep shock.

Has it now all set in?

J. JACKSON: Pretty much, but it's still a shock. It will always be a shock.

KING: Are there ever moments -- I know you -- I how close you were -- where you feel his presence? J. JACKSON: I feel his presence all of the time, because there is a time in the morning when it's like just about, what, dawn, or -- and it's -- the lights are still on, this -- the lights in the city. And you can see the sun coming up over the mountains. And it's a special time for me to go out. And I just talk to the sky and I talk to (INAUDIBLE)...

KING: Do you talk to Michael?

J. JACKSON: I just say things to Michael, wherever you are, I'm trying to talk to you.

Do you hear me?

I mean, I miss you. And it's such a beautiful time in the morning, because it's quiet and very still.

KING: It's the best time of day.


KING: Yes, it is.

J. JACKSON: It goes fast, though.

KING: Smokey Robinson said the seemingly endless media coverage has made the mourning process harder for him.

What do you make of the fact that the story never ends?

J. JACKSON: Well, it's -- it's a great loss to the world and -- and especially to me and my family and -- and I guess people realize this was a great person, a great humanitarian, besides the entertainment part. He's just a wonderful person.

KING: So the fact that it's in the papers every day and on television every night, it becomes -- you're not upset by it?

J. JACKSON: Well, Larry...

KING: You understand it?

J. JACKSON: Yes, yes. Well, not that I understand a lot of things they say, because I hate that Jacko crap. They need to stop that. But it's just getting the facts. They need to know the facts, because everybody is saying things and they're selling papers and they're doing business, but there are facts. And that's the (INAUDIBLE).

KING: We'll get to some tonight.


KING: What about the plans -- any plans -- for laying Michael to rest?

Many people are interested in that.

J. JACKSON: I am very much, also.

KING: Who decides it?

J. JACKSON: My mother. And I guess I want him at Neverland. And there's a question -- there's a question, but still...

KING: And can't you -- she's your mother. So can't you say, hey mom, I want...

J. JACKSON: I'm not the only one, Larry. There's -- there's like so many.

KING: What does your mother say?

Does she give you any hint?

J. JACKSON: Well, she's -- she's thinking about -- see, I'm most concerned about security and him being secure in a peaceful setting.

KING: So if he had a public place...

J. JACKSON: And she has...

KING: would be like having a Presley, initially. They had to move Presley's body to Graceland.

J. JACKSON: Yes, yes. I'm most concerned about that. But at the end of the day, she'll make the final decision.

KING: Was it true that Michael was unhappy at the end about Neverland, he didn't want to go there anymore?

J. JACKSON: Well, during the trial -- what -- what they put him through with -- with the trial -- he wasn't happy with how they raided his home and this and that. And plus he had bitter feelings. But when -- you were there. You saw how peaceful it was and how beautiful...

KING: I can -- I cannot imagine someone not wanting to go there.

J. JACKSON: Yes, it's -- it's peaceful.

KING: Once he's buried -- we have a -- this came from an e-mail: "Once Michael is buried, how would you and your family feel about the many admirers visiting the grave to pay respects?"

Now, how do you draw that balance between making it a little obscene and still a good sense of mourning?

J. JACKSON: Well, the fans played a very important part in his life and I feel that they -- they should have a chance to go and sort of pay a visit to him without it being too crazy. But at the same time, they are the reason why he did what he did, his performance and on the level he was, because he was giving it all back to the fans. And I just felt during the memorial, it was wonderful, but it was so scaled down. And I feel that the fans were -- they still didn't get anything.

KING: Really?


KING: You were disappointed in the memorial?

J. JACKSON: No, not disappointed in -- in the memorial, just the fact that the fans weren't able to come.

KING: Touch him?

J. JACKSON: Yes, to touch and feel and be a part.

KING: Michael's daughter, Paris -- it's a scene we'll all remember -- touched hearts. She spoke about her dad at the memorial service.

Let's watch a little and get your thought.


PARIS JACKSON: I just want to say...


PARIS JACKSON: Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. And I just want to say I love him so much.


KING: I was there. You were, of course, standing right there.

What -- what did you feel -- that was not planned, right?

J. JACKSON: No. We...

KING: How did you feel during that moment?

J. JACKSON: Well, she said it all. All the names they called him, a lot of things they said about him for so many years and she steps up and says, daddy. He was a father. He was a wonderful father. And he was a great human being. And she said it all. It wasn't planned.

KING: How are they doing?

J. JACKSON: They're -- they're doing fine. They're -- they're slowly, but they're playing with my kids and they're -- they're coming back strong. But they're -- they're doing fine.

KING: Are they going in public?

They're not going out yet anywhere, are they?

J. JACKSON: A little bit. They go to the movies to see "Ice Age" and...

KING: Oh, they do get that...

J. JACKSON: ...and things like that...

KING: least.

J. JACKSON: Yes. And, yes.

KING: Well, that's good.

Do you -- before the -- the public service, there was a private memorial.

I know that's private, but can you tell us anything about what that was like?

J. JACKSON: Well, my family felt that us being raised Jehovah's Witnesses, it was very important to have something private for the family. And my cousin, Wendell Hawkins, Wendell, he -- he spoke. He's an elder. And he spoke very nicely. And -- so we had just a private moment. And it was Paris' request to play "Gone Too Soon." And so, then we left there and came over to the Staples.

KING: Were you able to see Michael after his death?

J. JACKSON: Yes. Yes, I did. I -- I raced across town. I first got the word from you guys that there was something going on with him being -- going to the -- the hospital. So I called my mother immediately. And then I -- she said yes, she was on her way.

I was in Azusa, on the other side of Pasadena. It had been 45 minutes went by and I spoke to my sister, Janet. I spoke to Joel Katz, out attorney. And the next thing I knew, I called my mother back and I heard this tone in her voice saying, he's dead. And she was crying.

And I just cried and drove across town very quickly. It didn't...

KING: But you got to see him?

J. JACKSON: Yes. I -- I came to UCLA and I saw all of those helicopters flying in the sky and everything. And first when I walked in -- into the hospital, I went straight to my mother, caressed her. And then I went to the room and saw him just lifeless. And it just tore my heart out.

KING: Jermaine, by the way, has something special to show us. It's from the memorial service.

And a special announcement at the end of the show tonight, too.

That's next.



KING: What's it like for you to look at that...

J. JACKSON: Wow! That's...

KING: ...recording?

J. JACKSON: That's touching, Larry, because that song, "With A Child's Heart," says a lot how just innocent children are. And that's what he was about. It's tough.

KING: The single gloves you and the others wore at the public memorial, whose idea was that?

We've got one here.

J. JACKSON: Yes. This was my idea to sort of -- this is what he was about. This was the glove. When he -- when he put this on, he was ready for the stage. He was ready to just kill 'em.

KING: How did he get that idea?

J. JACKSON: I have -- I have no idea. But this is -- this is -- it's been him for years. It's just the one glove and he was ready for battle, whatever you call it.

KING: Wow! They're beautiful gloves.

And it was only one glove, right?

He wouldn't -- he didn't wear two gloves?

J. JACKSON: One. One.

KING: Very effective.

The last time you said -- you were on the show, you -- you said his wishes would be carried out exactly, that you wanted your mother to get custody and did you -- were you happy with the way all this has apparently been resolved?

J. JACKSON: Yes, Larry, the -- there are -- well, Joel -- Joel Katz is the co-counsel and John Branca and also John MacLean (ph). These are people that we've known for many, many years. And they're doing an incredible job. They've raised a lot of money -- close to $100 million -- for the estate. They're following out Michael's wishes accordingly.

And I just said, and I'll say it again, anyone that's trying to contest the will is going against Michael's wishes.

KING: So they -- the judge said, though, that they -- they will have power for another 60 days.

And do you think it's all going to get together with your mother and them?

J. JACKSON: Yes. Well -- well, they're -- they're staying in close communication with my -- my mother. But -- but, again, I feel good because I've known Joel Katz for 30 years and he's a very standup guy. And he's doing a great job.

KING: And Branca, as well, now, as well?

J. JACKSON: Branca, yes. Yes.

KING: Your father filed a declaration that although he has a close relationship, he wants to visit the kids, he's not going to be involved in raising them.

Is that because of his age?

J. JACKSON: He's probably tired because he's raised us and he's had a tough job. No, but he's -- he's -- he has an aura about him that is really very respectful. I mean...

KING: Does he get a bad rap?

J. JACKSON: He gets a bad rap.

KING: Why?

J. JACKSON: I mean he gets a bad rap...

KING: He brings a little on himself, right?

I mean he sometimes...

J. JACKSON: But...

KING: ...gets carried away.

J. JACKSON: Yes, but -- but that's his way of expressing him -- himself. But we owe it all to him, because if he wasn't the way he was, Larry, we wouldn't be the way we were and turn out to...

KING: Was he a tough father?

J. JACKSON: No, he was just the way fathers were during -- during that time. They were very concerned about their kids growing up to be strong and straight. And there was so many bad influences out during that time, so...

KING: Yes.

J. JACKSON: No, my -- my father has been great.

KING: He's spoken of the possibility of Michael's kids going into show business. Do you think that could happen?

Do they have any tendencies that way?

I mean, who would know it better than you?

J. JACKSON: They love film. They love film and they love movies and they know a lot about animation. So there's a great possibility, yes.

KING: There's been a lot of speculation about whether Michael's dermatologist, as you know, Dr. Arnold Klein, might be the biological father. I asked him about that when he was a guest.

Watch this.


DR. ARNIE KLEIN, MICHAEL JACKSON'S DERMATOLOGIST: I think, to the best of my knowledge, I'm not the father. But I wanted to tell you that this discussion, however, is between Michael, his children and this person (INAUDIBLE)...

KING: So you don't feel you have to take a DNA test to prove anything here?

KLEIN: If they want me to take a DNA test, they can have my DNA. I don't care at this point.

KING: You would.


KING: He asked in court, through his lawyer, to be involved somehow in all of this and the court refused.

What do you make of the Klein factor?

J. JACKSON: Well, I really don't know that much about it. But you -- you can look at the kids and -- and tell that they're Michael's kids. And -- and -- and the fact that people come forth and they say things just -- just to get attention. But those are definitely Michael's children.

KING: Do you know Dr. Klein?

J. JACKSON: I really don't know him, but I've heard so many things. And I wouldn't like to say something that I really don't know that much about, because there's been so much speculation around this whole thing. And I don't want to be one to contribute to that.

KING: I understand.

Do you think it's a good idea that Deborah Rowe is going to get some visitation? J. JACKSON: Absolutely. She's -- she's -- I've spoken to her. But we talk about horses because she has a ranch and I've had a ranch before.

But, yes, I think it's perfect. It's wonderful.

KING: We'll be right back with more of Jermaine Jackson.

Don't go away.


MICHAEL JACKSON, MUSICIAN: Why don't you send that to Paris?




PARIS JACKSON: I have -- thank you for giving me ice cream. You're the best daddy in the whole world and I love you.

M. JACKSON: Come on.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A man with a golden heart, Michael Jackson.

J. JACKSON: Thank you very much.

This is a special moment for Michael, a special moment for his legacy. It's a special award.


KING: If you've been wondering about this gold piece on the set -- why don't we flash away -- it's obviously Rodin's "The Thinker." But it says "Save the World Awards. Jermaine Jackson on behalf of Michael Jackson."

What's the story of this?

J. JACKSON: Well, this was a -- a special award that was given to Michael from Vienna, Austria and it was put on by the World Award Media. And they did an incredible job of just honoring him and everybody (INAUDIBLE)...

KING: So he was going to get it and you went to get it for him?

J. JACKSON: Yes. They honored you, I think, in 2002.

KING: They did, yes.

J. JACKSON: Yes. And then they did Michael in 2003.

KING: And we'll have more to say about Vienna a little later.


KING: But this is beautiful.

Where do you keep this?

J. JACKSON: Well, this is so heavy, Larry, I -- I...


J. JACKSON: It's -- it's -- it's very heavy. We put it some place. But it -- it has to be a strong foundation.

KING: In the water it's a hernia.


KING: All right, we have some special home video from several years ago of Prince, Paris and their father.

Watch this.





KING: Do they talk about their father a lot?

J. JACKSON: Yes. Yes, because he was most concerned about them all the time. That -- that's why they traveled with him so much. I mean he...

KING: Yes, he took them everywhere, didn't he?

J. JACKSON: Yes. And it just...

KING: Well, we deny age in life. It's going to happen to you, Jermaine. It happens to all of us. Your mother is 79.

God forbid something happens, what would happen to the kids, do you think?

J. JACKSON: The kids will be in good hands because there's so many of us. And they...

KING: They'll be communally raised, do you think? J. JACKSON: Yes, well, we're -- well, we're going to surround them with this Jackson love, because there's so much love and -- and so many children. They're in -- they're in a wonderful setting now, because they're communicating with kids every day, which is our kids and Sheila's (ph) got kids and -- and there's so many. We -- the kids have got kids and there are just so many. And they're -- they feel so comfortable now.

KING: So you're saying that would really not be a problem?


KING: What about Janet?

We haven't seen her.

What's her involvement with the kids?

Is she close with them?

J. JACKSON: Well...

KING: How's Janet doing?

J. JACKSON: Janet's doing fine. She's -- she's busy doing her work right -- right now. And I was going through the market and saw "Janet wants the kids." And I don't think that's the case. That's just the sensationalism that's coming out there. But (INAUDIBLE) into that.

KING: Do you talk to Janet?

J. JACKSON: Yes. I -- I speak to her. She's busy doing her -- she's doing a film and she's doing her next C.D.

KING: Do you think you, the boys and her might get together for something?

Boy, would that pack them in.

J. JACKSON: On the field -- the Dodgers field. No. No. No, that could be very exciting, really.

KING: Dodgers Stadium, why not?

J. JACKSON: Yes, it could.

KING: All of you. Hey...


KING: The ball game around you. Hey, we'll book anything.

Jermaine has, by the way, written a blog exclusive for us on Michael's legacy. Go to to read it.

More with Jermaine after the break.






KING: Did you ever see something wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time?

By the way, I -- I didn't get it clear.

Are both sisters close with the kids -- Janet...

J. JACKSON: Both sisters. Yes. Yes.

KING: They're both?

J. JACKSON: Yes, very, very much.

KING: There's lots of buzz about whether a young man named Omer Bhatti might be Michael's biological son. And your father talked about it in a recent interview.

Let's watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Michael may have had another child. Omer is his name.

Do you know anything about that?

I know he was sitting right there next to -- next to Rebbie and everyone was trying to connect some dots.

Do you know that as -- as Michael's other son?

JOE JACKSON, FATHER OF MICHAEL JACKSON: Yes, I -- I knew he had another son. Yes, I did.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And he -- he looks like a Jackson.

JOE JACKSON: Oh, yes. He looks like a Jackson, he acts like a Jackson, he can dance like a Jackson.


KING: All right, let's hear it from Jermaine.

What do you make of Omer? He reportedly denies he is Michael's son. He was seated with the Jackson family during the Staples Center service and there are also photos from this weekend of Omer out with Prince and Blanket, as well as Jermaine's sons, Jermajesty and Jaffar.

Who is he?

J. JACKSON: I would say he's probably someone who Michael really endeared and he wanted to just -- just be a part of his life. And -- and I really don't know if he's his -- his son or not. But the fact that he's been around Michael so much -- because I've seen pictures of him dressed just like Michael with the hat and the red shirt and everything.

But if he's not his son, we're going to continue to give him love...

KING: You like him?

J. JACKSON: Yes. Yes. He


KING: Are you close to him?

J. JACKSON: Well, I've seen him at the house a few times. And he's very nice, very re -- respectful and that's all you can ask for, really.

KING: Were you surprised that your father seemed to think he might be?

J. JACKSON: No, be -- because I've been asked this question so much. But I really don't know. But, still, we're going to just take -- take care of him and give him the love and the support he needs.

KING: What about -- this is a Twitter question.

What about Grace, the nanny?

Is she going to be involved with the kids?

J. JACKSON: I really don't know, because right now my mother is in control of everything. And she's just making sure the children are being children and they -- they're just playing, having fun. And I think they've put all their school programs together for the coming year and stuff and are making sure that their studies are -- are right, because all that is the most important.

KING: Nannies are special people in children's lives.


KING: And she must have been terrific, right?

J. JACKSON: Yes, but she was always there. KING: That's what I mean.

J. JACKSON: Yes. But like I say, my -- my mother is in charge.

So who knows?

KING: Tell me about your mother. Is she -- everyone who comes on this program says she's one of the greatest people they've ever known.

J. JACKSON: Well, my mother is very, very special. And I'll say this, I think I'm the closest to her that looks like her. And she's probably laughing right now. But -- but, no, she's incredible. She gave us that -- just that loving, endearment and wanting to understand people and the sharing and the -- and the kind of -- sometimes I say to myself, I wish I wasn't like that, because sometimes there are people are out in the world and they take big advantage of that.

But we all have it in us and there's nothing we can do about it.

KING: Would she do well on this show or is she shy?

J. JACKSON: She would do well because you would probably make her feel very comfortable. And...

KING: But she is shy, right?

J. JACKSON: She's very shy.

KING: Did Michael get that from her?

J. JACKSON: We all got it from her, yes.

KING: You're saying all the Jackson's are shy?

J. JACKSON: They're all shy until we hit the stage, yes.

KING: All right, explain that. I've been told that Michael would be sitting shy, not wanting to go on stage. Someone calls him up -- Bette Midler called him up, he came up, sheepishly gets up -- whack.

J. JACKSON: Well, it starts with my father saying all right, get up, this is the stage, when we were very little. So it's like rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. We feel more comfortable on stage.

And when we're in a small setting -- like if I was to come to your house and you had some guests tonight and then you asked me, Jermaine, come in and meet so and so, I'm very nervous. I'm very shy.

KING: Really?

J. JACKSON: Yes. Yes.

KING: By the way, another Twitter question -- are the children being raised as Jehovah's Witnesses? J. JACKSON: Well, they've been to the hall before and I don't know if they're going to be raised as Jehovah's Witnesses because they've had Christmases and they enjoy birth -- birthdays and stuff. So...

KING: It's not decided yet?

J. JACKSON: I don't think so. No.

KING: You don't think so?

J. JACKSON: I don't think so.

KING: The results of the autopsy have been delayed again indefinitely.

What effect is this having on Jermaine and the family?

We'll talk about it after the break.



KING: How do you and the kids, before we ask you about the -- the autopsy -- deal with all this paparazzi?

I must say, the -- we'll talk about it later, because there's a special announcement coming later. But Jermaine has been at my house a few times. I walk out to get the mail and there's 14 people across the street taking pictures. Now you've got to deal with that all day long -- and the kids.

How do you deal with that?

J. JACKSON: You just ignore them, because I said to you, "Larry, duck, duck, they're -- they're coming."

KING: He tells me duck. I don't know what -- duck from what?

But I mean how -- you just get used to it?

J. JACKSON: No, but your -- your answer was funny. You said, "Why do I have to change my life for them?"

KING: Yes, why am I going to change my life to...

J. JACKSON: Yes. No, they're -- Larry, they're there. And this is all going to quiet down but...

KING: You're sure.


What year?

J. JACKSON: Yes, you're right.

KING: Yes.

J. JACKSON: I don't know.

KING: All right. The rec -- the release of the official autopsy report delayed indefinitely.


KING: You don't know why? They don't tell you?

J. JACKSON: No, no.

KING: As a family member, couldn't you call the coroner and the others and say what's going on?

J. JACKSON: Yes, but I have to wait for my mother first.

KING: Boy, she really runs the show.

J. JACKSON: Yes. She's E.F. Hutton.

KING: Has she called?

J. JACKSON: Well, she's in touch very, very much. But I do know that once they're read to print the exam -- the facts, whatever they're going to be -- they're going to call her. Then they're going to come to the house.

KING: Didn't you get a family report -- autopsy for the family only?

J. JACKSON: I don't think so.

KING: No? You haven't seen an autopsy?

J. JACKSON: No, I have not seen one.

KING: Do you fear -- what about the foul play that your sister Latoya said, your father hinted at? Do you think there's a foul play as defined by doctors doing wrong?

J. JACKSON: It's hard to say because there's so much being said and I think to rush to judgment would be the wrong thing to do or say. I think there's an ongoing investigation and to say these things is not -- without knowing the facts. But if it ends up to foul play, then that will be dealt with accordingly. But at the same time, we really don't know, but we will know. We'll find out.

KING: Did you know or have knowledge of Michael being addicted to anything?

J. JACKSON: No, just like I said.

KING: You never discussed it. J. JACKSON: I've never seen him act abnormal around me or never known anything like that.

KING: Did you ever ask him about it?

J. JACKSON: No, because he would never --

KING: Why not?

J. JACKSON: That never came to my mind.

KING: So then all of this is a shock to you?

J. JACKSON: Yes. I heard during the Pepsi commercial there was some things that he was taking during that time because the --

KING: Hair.

J. JACKSON: -- the hair thing. But no, I never had any reason to ask him that.

KING: But now when you learn all this, and people report about medication found in the house, are you surprised?

J. JACKSON: I'm very surprised and very uneducated about all these pills and all these things. Like I told you before, I like it that way. But really not to have much knowledge about these type of things, but at the same time I'm hearing all this stuff and seeing where it's going.

But I'll tell you, if there was anything administered in my brother's body that was not in the proper setting, meaning a hospital, then that will be dealt with.

KING: But you never thought of -- I mean aren't you curious about it as a brother? Would it bug you if the doctor were giving him drugs indiscriminately?

J. JACKSON: Yes, absolutely. Absolutely, because I'm one that won't even take an aspirin. And to hear these things is just shocking to me as his death.

KING: Do you know his doctor?


KING: Never met the doctor?

J. JACKSON: Never met him until he was in the hospital.

KING: Well in the past there's been a lot said about Dr. Murray, but you don't draw any conclusions, right?

J. JACKSON: I don't like to draw conclusions until you get the facts. KING: All right. By the way, we received a statement from Dr. Murray concerning all the mentions of him, not by Jermaine, and he says "we're not going to respond to any statements made by any family member or anyone else at this time. Dr. Murray continues to cooperate with Los Angeles investigators in their efforts to determine the cause of Michael Jackson's death."

And I guess you support them too -- I mean the investigators?


KING: You want to know. I mean, you don't want to go without answers.

J. JACKSON: Right, let them do their job.

KING: But at this point you don't blame anybody.

J. JACKSON: I'm not blaming anybody until the facts are there and how can I blame them. Once the facts are there and then probably I guess we'll go into what they call a trial or whatever and it would be what it is.

KING: You think, knowing Michael as you did, that he'd want someone punished, if that came out?

J. JACKSON: If this came out, it would be tough for anybody who had anything to do with Michael passing to walk this Earth really.

KING: So, you couldn't know if the family was planning anything because they didn't know if he had a problem, right? You didn't know if he had a problem?

J. JACKSON: No, no.

KING: What has surprised Jermaine most about all of this since the death? We'll ask that next.


(SINGING) KING: A great performance and a great song that Michael used to sing -- the great Charlie Chaplin song. How did you feel standing up there doing that?

J. JACKSON: Wow, that was a moment. That was very, very tough, but I wanted to do it for him because it was one of my favorite songs as well.

KING: A great song.


KING: What about the concert tour? Were you going to go on it, by the way?

J. JACKSON: Yes, yes. Well, the show -- you're talking about the show since the '02?

KING: Yes.

J. JACKSON: Yes, see there has been so much talk about that he was pressured by how many shows he was doing, and all this kind of stuff and, Larry, it's really just speculation and people talking. The facts are --

KING: What did he tell you?

J. JACKSON: Well, put it like this, it's not what he told me. AG, Randy Phillips and them did an incredible job at just making Michael's vision a reality. Michael creates and he wants this stage and he wants this and that. And they brought it to the forefront, where he was able to present to the world. It was the first time 3D was going to be worked into a concert and song.

And I feel that they did an incredible job at just working with him. It started out with 31 shows. They put ten up. They went so quickly that they went back to Michael and said these 31 are going to go so fast, do you want to add more. And Michael said yes, considering certain conditions.

Now, if those 50 shows were designed over nine months, two shows a week. So he can take off any time he wanted to.

KING: So people were talking like they were in seven shows a week.

J. JACKSON: No, it was two shows a week over a nine month period, but they did a great job, AG.

KING: What did you make of that final rehearsal? Last time you were here, it was reported there were hours of footage, there's other footage, concert rehearsals that's all going to be released. Is that true?

J. JACKSON: Yes, yes. That's all put into a sort of documentary film type of deal and that was --

KING: It's going to be shown in theaters, right?


KING: Not television, theaters.

J. JACKSON: Yes, theaters.

KING: We have a Twitter question. Did Michael embrace Islam before he died? Do you know if he became a Muslim?

J. JACKSON: Well, I'm one. But Michael -- I would bring him books and he did a lot of reading because he reads everything.

KING: But did you perform "Smile" at this Australian awards?

J. JACKSON: Yes. Yes, I did.


KING: You're going to start making that your song, huh?

J. JACKSON: No. No. But what it was, they asked me to sing it. If I'm going to accept the award, I have to sing that song. And so I think my kids were there holding the umbrella as it was raining --


J. JACKSON: -- so I would sing it.

KING: It was outdoors?


KING: Did -- in the months since the death, have you learned anything about your brother that surprised you?

J. JACKSON: I -- I learned how people really didn't realize the type of human being he was and -- and how they had a misunderstanding about him --

KING: All that conception about young boys seems to have gone away.

J. JACKSON: Because there was never no truth to -- to that --

KING: Did you ever think there was anything to --

J. JACKSON: I'll tell you something, we know the facts, because I know my brother. And they took something that was so wonderful. You've been to Neverland. That was designed for children who were less fortunate, with wheel chairs, or who were terminally ill. And so for them to take that -- meaning the media -- and make it just a horrible place -- I mean you were there.

KING: What did all that do to Michael, though, those stories?

J. JACKSON: It -- it hurts because he's a human being and -- and he -- he had to say, out -- how much more do I have to give?

I mean he's a great humanitarian and as well as just a great entertainer. He's a bigger humanitarian. He's done so much. I mean people who needed liver transplants, he would pay for them. He would do all sorts of things. I mean he was in the hospital in -- in Israel and he'd walk the floor and he'd find out well, who needs what. And he's paying for things.

This guy was incredible. He was --

KING: If Jermaine could speak to Michael one last time, what do you think he would say?

We'll ask him in 60 seconds. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

KING: You described earlier, Jermaine, how you get up in the morning and go out and kind of commune, in a sense, think things. And we have a Twitter question that says: "Do you feel Michael's presence in spirit?"

J. JACKSON: I feel his presence in -- in the spirit all the time. We -- we're all given a certain time on this Earth and -- and it's our duty to try to be the best human beings we can be to ourselves and to others. And I feel that Michael did all of that. I feel that he's has a lot of good deeds, incredible deeds.

And that's all you -- you can do, is when you're going to take these deeds with you. I know my brother is in a very wonderful, peaceful place because of his actions. He took advantage of a -- of what God wanted him to do, make people happy. Take your success and give to those who didn't have.

KING: You believe in God?

J. JACKSON: Yes, I do.

KING: Do you get a little angry at him for taking Michael so young?

J. JACKSON: I don't get angry at God because God put him here, and God has his time to say when he wants him back. And Michael did what he needed to do here during the time that he was on Earth.

True, he didn't have to go so soon, because there was so much more to do. But I do know he took a lot of good deeds with -- with him. And he's in heaven.

KING: Speaking of that, Michael Jackson did so many things for others; Jermaine wants to see that good work continue. Read about it on our blog only at

One more section with Jermaine and then a surprise will join us in the last segment with a special announcement.

Don't go away.




KING: We've got a lot of questions in this one area -- Twitters, voice-mails, anything.

What's your favorite Michael Jackson song?

J. JACKSON: My favorite Michael Jackson song is "Earth Song."


J. JACKSON: Because it's him acknowledging how our world is deteriorating and that's what he was most concerned about. We've got to save the planet, we've got to save the Earth. And he just didn't say it, he put it in a song. He put it in actions way before the Al Gore's of global warming and way before all of this.

And he was most concerned about --

KING: He was ahead of his time?

J. JACKSON: Yes, he was -- he -- he was a voice for those who could not be heard.

KING: They tell stories how Sinatra -- Frank Sinatra would see a sad story on television and send money to the victims of that sad story.

Is he -- was he -- did he do things like that?

J. JACKSON: Michael would go.


J. JACKSON: -- and be there and touch and feel, besides giving money and paying for the operations. If there was a child who was all green from just a liver -- she needed a liver transplant and Michael stepped up and took care of it. I hear so many stories like this. And that makes me feel good.

You know why?

Because he was raised the right way and he took his success and he just didn't care about material things, because none of that is with him right now. He took all the good deeds with him.

KING: There's been a buzz about a possible Jackson family reunion. We touched on it earlier. You, Janet, your brothers, a musical tribute. What's the word? Are you all going to get together?

J. JACKSON: It's -- there's been some talk. But right now, we're just making sure that things are fine with the estate and making sure that we finish just getting things back in perspective, because it's very tough.

KING: Somebody wants to know if you've heard from Elizabeth Taylor.

J. JACKSON: I haven't, but I'm pretty sure my parents have, yes.

KING: What's your best memory of having fun with Michael?

By the way, did he have a sense of humor?

J. JACKSON: Oh, yes. Michael and I and I guess all -- all the brothers, when we were back stage on the Victory Tour, we would just be so hyped, because we couldn't wait to get out there. Remember, we played Dodgers Stadium. We did like seven nights. And before we would go out on the stage, we would be just back stage throwing candy and having food fights and other kind of stuff.

And then when we'd walk out there, we would just be ready to just kill them.

KING: When you were kids and you'd look at him -- he was the youngest -- did you realize then what an amazing talent he was?

J. JACKSON: I knew he was special because he started off playing bongos, and then he just got into this James Brown thing, and started dancing and singing and -- but he was most concerned on being -- concerned about being the best at what was -- what he did. He did a lot of practice, a lot of rehearsing.

KING: He never had dance lessons, right?


KING: What would you say to him if you could speak to him, one last -- if you had another moment with him?

J. JACKSON: I -- I would just -- if he was here in the flesh --

KING: Yes.

J. JACKSON: I'd -- I would just joke with him like we always did. The last time I saw him, we were singing a song together and so I said, "Michael, I love the way you did that, that song we were singing."


J. JACKSON: The song was so nice. And he was -- he was singing the harmony. And so we started singing harmony together. And I said, "Michael, I loved what you did on that song."

He said, "Thank you. That means a lot coming from you."

KING: So you would sing together?


KING: OK. Jermaine Jackson has been our guest throughout this.

Jermaine and a special announcement is next.

My wife Shawn will be here, too. Stick around.


KING: We're back with Jermaine Jackson and our special guest to close it out, with a surprise announcement. She is Shawn King, my wife, who is also chairman of the Larry King Cardiac Foundation. My son, Larry, Jr. is its president. She's a singer. She's worked with Jermaine.

Jermaine, you want to open with what have you got to tell us?

J. JACKSON: Well, we -- well, it started with a song first. We did "Will You Be There?," with Shawn and Damon in the studio. They did a track. And I heard her voice. It was just incredible.

So I -- they wanted me to do a verse and I just did a verse. So I asked them to be a part of an event that we were doing in Vienna, Austria in a -- in a few months, some time in September, where we're going to pay a tribute to my brother. Some of the world's greatest entertainers are going to be there.

KING: It was going to be a birthday event, right, on August 29th, but --


L. KING: But you need more planning, right?

S. KING: We wanted to be able to make sure that everyone that wanted to be there could be there.

J. JACKSON: Exactly.

L. KING: So it's in September?

We'll announce the date. Now, let me get this straight. If you want more information about this -- and we're being seen all over the world -- the -- the charities that will benefit from this are Earth Cares and the Larry King Cardiac Foundation.

L. KING: For more information --

J. JACKSON: Larry Jones Feed the children, too.

L. KING: And what?

J. JACKSON: Larry Jones Feed The Children.

KING: And Larry Jones Feed The Children -- Feed The Children.

S. KING: Right.


L. KING: You can check it out on the Web site called Tribute2009. That's one word --, right?

J. JACKSON: And -- and one last point. We have a platform that we just put together that we can stream to Blackberries and iPhones and any hookup that you can have with the Internet. We'll be able to stream it.

L. KING: Now what are you going to have at the concert? S. KING: A lot of surprises. A lot of -- we'll even have party favors for the -- for the guests.

KING: Why Vienna?

S. KING: A very special party favor.

J. JACKSON: Well, why Vienna?

Because that was a very dear place for Michael. And he -- he loved castles. And we're going to have this huge celebration in front of a castle. We're expecting hundreds of thousands of people. And we feel that that --

L. KING: Hundreds of thousands of people?


S. KING: Hundreds. That's plural, Larry.

J. JACKSON: And we fill that this would be the proper setting. And this is something that -- and I felt all along that the fans need something, because they weren't -- they shut L.A. down, Larry. And so they -- they only let 20 some thousand into the -- the Staples.

L. KING: Now, we know about the Larry King Cardiac Foundation.

What's the Earth Care Foundation?

J. JACKSON: Earth Care is a foundation that I founded and it's basically to focus toward the alleviation of the suffering of children and just people anyplace in the world. We've worked with Larry Jones Feed The Children. We -- we have an abandoned baby center outside Nairobi.

So we do good work. And Larry Jones is for real. He's the best.

S. KING: Yes. And this is -- and because Michael cared so much about children.

J. JACKSON: Exactly.

S. KING: This is -- we felt that these were the perfect charities.

L. KING: That's a great idea.

Now, you've got a special CD coming. It includes a duet with Jermaine and Shawn. That CD will come out. The donations among those charities is the Larry King Live Cardiac Foundation.

S. KING: The Larry King Live Cardiac Foundation --

S. KING: Yes, oh, Jermaine. Oh my gosh, he did such a great job and just --

L. KING: Why --

J. JACKSON: She did --


L. KING: I don't get a chance to talk to you lately, so why are you doing --

S. KING: Torture me.

L. KING: Why are you doing this?

S. KING: I'm doing it --

L. KING: You, why --

S. KING: -- because I love music. I love Jermaine. I love the Jackson family. And it's just -- it -- everything has come together so beautifully, and so perfectly it -- I know it's meant to be. There's no question in my mind.

L. KING: And you'll help a lot of people, too.

S. KING: We'll help a lot of people.

J. JACKSON: Exactly.

S. KING: And we've had some mischief in the studio, too. Jermaine's vocal was erased accidentally and he thinks it was his little brother.

L. KING: You think Michael did this?

S. KING: It could have been.

L. KING: Well, you never know, because he fooled around a lot, right? He was a kidder.

L. Well, let -- let me get it straight, for more information about the concerts coming in September, they will give you the date when you contact them. It's -- it will be picked within a week.

You can check it out on the website, Among the beneficiaries are the Feed The Children, Earth Cares and the Larry King Cardiac Foundation. And you look for that CD when it comes out, as well.

S. KING: Right.

L. KING: Congratulations to you.

Thanks for coming. You were great tonight.

J. JACKSON: Thank you.

L. KING: Shawn, nice seeing you. I'll see you around. Keep in touch, OK, yes?


S. KING: I'll do that.

KING: All right, that's it for tonight's LARRY KING LIVE.

"AC 360" starts right now.