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Nancy Grace Investigates: The Quinn Gray Tapes

Aired November 26, 2009 - 20:00:00   ET


NANCY GRACE, HOST: Tonight, exclusive enclave, Ponte Vedra coast, Florida. A high-powered money man comes home to find his young wife with cover girl good looks, the mother of his two little girls, gone, vanished. Left behind, a handwritten ransom note demanding $50,000 in exchange for the life of the wife and mother, Quinn Gray. She allegedly suffers a horrific ordeal of kidnap, abuse, sex attack.

As $50,000 is paid in cold cash, cops close in. They nab the alleged kidnapper and accomplice. Kicker, it`s Mommy, Mommy herself, along with her brand-new boyfriend. That`s right, they faked it.

Tonight, that frantic 911 call and many more as the fake kidnapping unfolds, and multiple police interrogations, all caught on tape. Bye-bye, good times. Hello, hard time, Mommy.


911 OPERATOR: Jacksonville 911 (INAUDIBLE)

REID GRAY, HUSBAND: Hi. How are you. Police, please.

911 OPERATOR: All right. Yes, this is the sheriff`s office.

REID GRAY: I have a situation I need to talk to you about.


REID GRAY: My wife made a phone call to me a minute ago.

911 OPERATOR: Your wife. She`s not with you, then?



REID GRAY: This is the sheriff`s office I`m speaking to?

911 OPERATOR: Yes, sir.

REID GRAY: She`s not with me. She`s not with me. She called me (INAUDIBLE) she was held by gunpoint by three men...

911 OPERATOR: Did she tell you where she was at?

REID GRAY: No. She was in her car. She said -- our girls go to school at Jacksonville Country Day. They`re still there. I need to go pick them up, bring them home. There`s a note on the table with the gunmen`s demands. If I call the police, the will kill her. It sounds like a frickin` movie, but it`s not.


REID GRAY: I have to make a decision now as to whether I involve you guys or not on this. I`m not an expert at this, so -- but what she says is there`s GPS tracking of some sort -- I don`t know what`s going on -- on my car right now. There`s GPS tracking supposedly. And I head in any direction other than JCS and my house, they will shoot her and kill her.

911 OPERATOR: All right. Now, let me -- let me repeat this back to you so I know exactly what you`re saying to me. Your wife -- she text you or called you?

REID GRAY: Called me right now. And she called me twice and she told me I need to hurry.

911 OPERATOR: And said that she was kidnapped. By how many guys?


911 OPERATOR: Three guys, and they`re in her car?

REID GRAY: They`re in her white SUV Mercedes at this point.

911 OPERATOR: White SUV Mercedes.


911 OPERATOR: How old are your children?

REID GRAY: Eight and six. I`m going to go pick them up. They`re not in danger at this point...


REID GRAY: ... but they could be soon.

911 OPERATOR: Eight and six. And she says she left a note at the house for...

REID GRAY: She says there is a note on -- there`s a note on the house, at the house that I`m going to back to...

911 OPERATOR: Right.

REID GRAY: ... that will list their demands. It`s about money.

911 OPERATOR: And they told you if you involved the police department...

REID GRAY: They will kill her.

911 OPERATOR: OK, so let me -- let me take a moment and see who you need to speak with on this because we want to handle the situation correctly, OK?

REID GRAY: Absolutely.

911 OPERATOR: Just stay on the phone with me, Mr. Gray.

REID GRAY: Sure thing.

911 OPERATOR: What`s your address in Ponte Vedra, though?

REID GRAY: I`m not going to give you that until I know what`s going to happen.

911 OPERATOR: OK. OK. You don`t want to give...

REID GRAY: You got to understand that, man!

911 OPERATOR: I understand. I understand.

REID GRAY: I`m not going to just have you guys roll in there with your lights on or whatever you`re going to do...

911 OPERATOR: No, I...

REID GRAY: ... and hurt -- if this is real.

911 OPERATOR: I got you. I got you. I got you.

REID GRAY: It could be three (INAUDIBLE) punks, but a gun`s a gun, man! And if that`s really going down, then I need to know -- I need to talk to somebody who really knows what they`re talking about here.

911 OPERATOR: The note is in his home in Ponte Vedra.

REID GRAY: In my home -- in our home in Ponte Vedra, on the counter.

911 OPERATOR: Where was she taken from?

REID GRAY: We don`t know. She hasn`t told me. She was very -- was very brief on the two phone calls.

911 OPERATOR: So they`re riding around possibly in Duval County area?

REID GRAY: Potentially, yes.

911 OPERATOR: Are you reluctant to give the information because you think that she`s going to be harmed?

REID GRAY: She said she was. She said that they were going to shoot her the minute police were involved.


REID GRAY: Of course, that`s what they`re going to say, but if that`s even a reality, I want to make sure I handle it carefully.

911 OPERATOR: How exactly was it relayed that she would be harmed? Was talking...

REID GRAY: She said, Reid, they`ve told me that if you call the police, they will shoot me dead.


GRACE: The alleging kidnapping of a Florida wife and mother of two, Quinn Gray, miraculously comes to an end when her alleged abductors decide to release her. It`s all on the heels of phone calls instructing the husband where to make money drops in exchange of her life.

Then, frantic 911 calls of her own telling 911 dispatch about the horrific alleged kidnapping ordeal.



QUINN GRAY: Why aren`t you answering your phone faster? What the (EXPLETIVE DELETED)?

REID GRAY: What are you talking about?

QUINN GRAY: Yes, I`ve been tied up all night long, Reid! What the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) is wrong with you? You need to get in the car with the money and go down Butler Boulevard and take a left on South Drive...

REID GRAY: I`ve got to write this down. You can`t...

QUINN GRAY: No, just do it now! Please, Reid! Go to Butler Boulevard, take a left -- he`s got the cops! You`re going to get me killed!

REID GRAY: Butler what? Butler Boulevard. Hello?



QUINN GRAY: They know. She got really upset. She started screaming, saying, I`m tied up. And she goes, You got the cops. They know. They`re going to kill me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well (INAUDIBLE) still stay remaining calm. She`s probably going to call back again. Act like you don`t know what she`s talking...

REID GRAY: She said, Get in the car with the money and start heading down Butler Boulevard.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You don`t have any money.

REID GRAY: I know that. But she for the first time is screaming and crying, saying, They`ve got me tied up. Help.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She`s making this urgent, or they`re making this urgent.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Butler Boulevard? My God, Butler Boulevard is so -- so vague.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, I mean, Butler Boulevard is anywhere. You`re talking a whole...

REID GRAY: Can you rewind it? Maybe you can hear what it says. She gave directions where I need to go.



911 OPERATOR: 911 OPERATOR: Sheriff`s office, 911. What`s your emergency?

QUINN GRAY: My name is Quinn Gray, and I was kidnapped and I`m not sure where I am right now!

911 OPERATOR: What`s your name, honey?

QUINN GRAY: I`m Quinn Gray! I was kidnapped on Friday! I don`t know who did it and...

911 OPERATOR: Quinn?

QUINN GRAY: Yes! Gray!



911 OPERATOR: OK. Gray? OK. I need you to take a big breath, OK? OK?


911 OPERATOR: I need you to tell me what`s going on.

QUINN GRAY: QUINN GRAY: OK. I was kidnapped on Friday for money, for money that my husband owed. And he literally raped me! (INAUDIBLE) the police! I need the police to come pick me up, please!


QUINN GRAY: I was in a van. Can you please have them come and get me!



911 OPERATOR: Where do you need to be dropped off?

QUINN GRAY: What do you mean? Why are you asking me -- I was dropped out of a van! I have been strapped to a chair in the back of a van for three days! What day is it?



911 OPERATOR: It`s Monday.

QUINN GRAY: (INAUDIBLE) I just need someone to come (INAUDIBLE)

911 OPERATOR: OK, Quinn. You just need to take a deep breath, OK? We`ve got somebody on the way, OK?

QUINN GRAY: OK. Thank you. I just want to see my kids!

911 OPERATOR: OK. OK, what are you wearing, Quinn?

QUINN GRAY: I`m wearing a black top and white shorts.

911 OPERATOR: So I need a description of the van, honey.


911 OPERATOR: What kind of van was it?

QUINN GRAY: (INAUDIBLE) White! I don`t know! It was, like, a wagon (INAUDIBLE)

911 OPERATOR: Was it white?

QUINN GRAY: White! Yes, white! I don`t know anything else. They had (INAUDIBLE) over my eyes (INAUDIBLE)!

911 OPERATOR: OK, Quinn, take a deep breath.


911 OPERATOR: OK. It was a white van. Do you know which direction did they go?

QUINN GRAY: I have no -- I don`t know. There was a parking lot. I don`t know!


QUINN GRAY: I don`t know! I don`t know!

911 OPERATOR: OK. And so you`ve been missing for three days?

QUINN GRAY: Yes! You guys don`t know that?

911 OPERATOR: Well, I didn`t know that, OK? Do you know what telephone you`re calling me from?

QUINN GRAY: I`m calling from my phone. They always made me talk on this phone, and they gave it to me back because -- because -- I don`t know why they gave it (INAUDIBLE)

911 OPERATOR: Do you know where you were?


911 OPERATOR: Could you see anything from where you were?

QUINN GRAY: Where I was when?

911 OPERATOR: For the last three days.

QUINN GRAY: No. Yes, I was in a room. I don`t know, like, a warehouse or something. I could hear the door going up and down, like a...

911 OPERATOR: Like an elevator?

QUINN GRAY: No, like a (INAUDIBLE) garage door, like a storage garage door, you know? There was rooms. I was in a room and tied up to a chair with duct tape and these ties. There is nothing in there! It`s just duct tape and ties!

911 OPERATOR: Can you see the van now? You don`t see that van?

QUINN GRAY: What van?

911 OPERATOR: The van that dropped you off.


911 OPERATOR: How did they -- how did you get out of the van?

QUINN GRAY: They let me out.

911 OPERATOR: They let her out of the van.

QUINN GRAY: They let me out, and the rest of it I cannot speak to you about. I can tell you as much as I`ve told you, and that`s it or I`ll be dead. You need to understand that, OK?

911 OPERATOR: OK. I`m just trying to...

QUINN GRAY: OK. All right. I just want you to know I`m not telling you anything else about anything because my life and my kids` lives and my husband`s life depends on it! You have no idea what I`ve just been through!

911 OPERATOR: I can imagine, honey. I mean, I cannot even imagine what you`ve been through. I cannot imagine. And I`m so sorry for you.


911 OPERATOR: Take a deep breath. You`re doing good. OK, they`re coming. Just calm down. Take a deep breath, OK?


911 OPERATOR: I know. I just told them to tell him over the radio where you are, OK? She`s wearing a black top with white shorts.

QUINN GRAY: I`m waving a Coke can.

911 OPERATOR: She`s waving.

QUINN GRAY: A Coke can!


GRACE: When we come back, Quinn Gray sits down with investigators to tell her story, claiming she`s been kidnapped for ransom.


QUINN GRAY: It`s just been the most incredible ordeal to go through something like this, and then in a 24-hour period to be brainwashed so significantly that you actually believe that your husband is trying to kill you, or that he`s not trying to prohibit you from being killed, I should say.


QUINN GRAY: You know? And I -- I don`t know. It was just -- it was just the craziest situation I`ve ever been in my life, and I just want -- I just want to get all the facts out there.



GRACE: After she claims she`s set free by her alleged kidnappers, Florida wife and mother of two Quinn Gray tells police her story, how she was snatched at gunpoint from her $4 million home, the motive behind the kidnapping, the handwritten ransom note demanding $50,000 in exchange for her life. And it`s all caught on video.


QUINN GRAY: I went up to my closet to change my clothes, and that`s when he came in from -- I`m was standing in the corner. There`s my dresser inside the closet. I don`t know if you`ve been in my house...


QUINN GRAY: ... but he came in this way and said, Don`t do anything stupid. I`m not here for you. That`s what he was saying, I`m not here for you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And he`s got a gun?

QUINN GRAY: And he`s got a gun, and he`s got yellow rubber gloves on. And I was just completely horrified because it`s the same person that I had seen twice before when he was dropping off mail, and I thought something suspicious about it. I thought something unusual about it, but I kind of tried to blow it off.

So he`s -- has a gun to my head. I mean, I`m screaming bloody murder, screaming. I`m -- I`m actually really surprised that someone didn`t hear me. But unfortunately, I don`t have neighbors on either side of me.


QUINN GRAY: You know? I got these people, live in Georgia, and the people on the other side that`s just rental on occasion.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What kind of gun was it?

QUINN GRAY: It was a sliver -- he said it was a .45. It was a large silver .45.


QUINN GRAY: Yes, a handgun.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you remember if he was holding it with his left hand or his right hand?

QUINN GRAY: He had it like this.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So straight out like this? OK.

QUINN GRAY: He had it like this. Just the yellow gloves and the whole scene and the look on his face, and the evil in his yes, I was, like, I`m dead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The gloves -- would you describe those as what, like dish-washing gloves?

QUINN GRAY: Yes. They were yellow dish-washing gloves, which he took on and off several times during this whole period of time.


QUINN GRAY: Because I was, like -- every time he`d have -- every time the gun was pointed at me, I would start to break down. And so he was, like, Would you like me to put the gun aside? Would you like me to put the gun aside? Because he kept saying to me over and over, I`m just here for $50,000. Your husband owes $50,000. This isn`t about you. I don`t want you. I don`t want anything to do with you. This is just about the money. And this is when I`m, like, What money? What are you talking about? So this is the period of time where I`m trying to ascertain the truth.

He kept telling me, Your husband borrowed money from a loan shark. You`ve never heard of a loan shark? He was very sarcastic. He was constantly saying sarcastic comments and -- about rich people and stuff like that, and, Oh, your husband, you know -- I was, like, I don`t understand why he would borrow $50,000 from a loan shark. He makes plenty of money.

And at this point, we`re having this dialogue, and I was trying to figure out why my husband would borrow $50,000. He had three weeks` notice. That`s what he kept telling me. He had three weeks` notice to pay this money. You know, there`s just no way that in a three-week period of time, he wouldn`t have been able to come up with it. And I`m saying the same thing. I`m completely confused because I`m, like, No, he -- he has the money. There`s no way. I said, Did he know that there would be -- that there would be threats that something bad would happen?

My rings were on my finger, and he`s, like, Well, how much is that set worth? And I`m, like, Well, it`s a really good set. It could be worth close to $20,000. And I just -- I think at that point, I was, like, tearing up and crying. And he`s, like, Well, it seems sentimental to you, so I`m not going to take that from you. He had told me that. And I was, like -- the whole thing is just wacky!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bizarre, right.

QUINN GRAY: It was bizarre. It was totally bizarre.

He`s just kind of telling me how much he knows about my family and how we were -- he`s, like, I can`t believe watching you guys shower out by the beach on Sunday that your husband, when he knows that this is on your head, that he would be -- just be out there with a smile on his face, like (EXPLETIVE DELETED) you know?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you still zip-tied at this point?

QUINN GRAY: I don`t think I was. I was cooperating fully, though.


QUINN GRAY: I had resigned in my mind that I`m going with this person and I`m going to get the money for him somehow, you know? And so I was pretty calm. He had put the gun on the side. He still had the gun, but he wasn`t pointing it at me. And he had me write the letter. He was telling me what to write, but I was writing some of my own, too.


QUINN GRAY: Because I knew what was happening and I knew what -- I mean, I`ve probably known this person for about a half hour now. I got the deal. There`s lots of dialogue going back and forth. So I`m writing, and you know, I`m saying some thoughts because -- you said not to say what the FBI investigation was.


QUINN GRAY: You know, what was my dialogue and what was his. And so, yes, I was writing some, too, but keep emphasizing the important stuff, like the no cops, because he would repeat it in my head -- in my, you know, ear. He`s, like, No cops, no cops, no cops.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you remember messing up in the beginning and crossing something out or whatever?

QUINN GRAY: You know, they kept asking me about that, and I don`t know.

911 OPERATOR: You don`t remember that at all?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did he say to write something and then get made at you and tell you to cross it out? Do you remember any of that?

QUINN GRAY: I think maybe I wrote it. I think maybe I wrote it. I mean, I don`t really -- I know just -- I know that -- that part of it is really cloudy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So when you`re done writing on it, do you just leave it there by the microwave on that bar? The pad.

QUINN GRAY: The pad?


QUINN GRAY: That I don`t remember.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. All right. But you don`t remember...

QUINN GRAY: No, I thought I left it upstairs in the office. I`m not sure.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. (INAUDIBLE) you tore a piece of paper off of it up here and brought it down...

QUINN GRAY: Yes, I think I tore two pieces off.


QUINN GRAY: I think.

Sometimes he alluded to the fact that I was the one targeted, and sometimes he didn`t. You know, sometimes he said that we were all supposed to be dead, that this job was supposed to be done three weeks ago. And sometimes he`d just say, you know, I don`t kill women. I don`t -- I only kill the people -- he`s say this a lot, I only kill people who deserve it. That`s what he always said to me. He said that a lot, too.

Other than that -- so there was a lot of conversation that night. He asked if I felt safe with him, and I said yes. He asked if I trusted him a lot, and I said yes. I asked if he trusted me, and he said yes.

GRACE: Next, more from the alleged kidnapping victim, Quinn Gray`s police interrogation, the stunning video.


QUINN GRAY: In hindsight, after all is said and done, I don`t know there is a boss.



GRACE: The wife of a multi-millionaire Florida businessman, mother of two Quinn Gray, sits down with police investigators after her alleged kidnapping hoax, her story becoming more convoluted, telling cops she was in fear of her life, thinking she would be sold off into the sex trade and her husband was trying to have her killed. But then in a stunning twist, she admits failing a polygraph miserably. It`s all caught on tape.


QUINN GRAY: I mean, I was 100 percent positive that this -- that it was all a lie about the money and that it was just about, like, a slave trade or something like that, like, a sex trade, something like that, you know? I figured we`re in Jacksonville. There`s a port. All they`d have to do is put me on a boat and I`m gone.

I`m very, very anxious at this point. I`m actually -- I`m just really confused. At this point, there`s, like, these moments of clarity that I`m, like, I want to be home with my family, even my husband. You know, at this point, I`m, like, I just miss my family. I just miss my husband. And you know, I`m thinking -- but then I would snap back into the, OK, this -- you know, my husband is trying to have me killed, you know, this (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

And we`re driving in the car far out of town, and I`m -- I just broke down. I was just a total lunatic. I was crying and screaming, and he kept begging me to calm down. Please calm down. You`ve got to get a grip. You were calm this morning. You were calm this morning, remember? It was working fine. Everything was fine. Just get back to that. And I couldn`t -- I couldn`t. I was just, like -- grabbed his gun, and I`m, like, I`m just going to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) shoot myself in the head.

And at that moment, I knew I was going to blow my brains out because I really didn`t want to die. But that`s how (EXPLETIVE DELETED) up I was in the head. I don`t know if I did it as an act. I just did it. And he grabbed it out of my hand and said, What are you (EXPLETIVE DELETED) crazy? You really going to blow your head off?

And I was crying and breaking down and saying, I don`t know what to believe. I don`t know if my husband really did this or if you`re just making this all up. I don`t know if -- if you`re right now -- I said, Right now, you could have the money, and you`re just bringing me out in the woods. You got your money now and you`re bringing me out in the woods and you`re just going to dump me.

I know that it`s a crapshoot whether people believe me or not, at this point in the game. And that`s really hard to deal with because of what I`ve been through, you know what I mean? So that`s kind of where I`m at right now. I mean, I was feeling awesome about the whole thing yesterday because I got the whole story out, every -- well, not every detail, but as much as you can get in that period of time. And then the polygraph today just went bad, you know?


QUINN GRAY: Because they said I felt it miserably.


GRACE: When we come back, Quinn Gray`s story of kidnap, abuse, sex attack. Alleged abductor? Cops reveal it`s her secret boyfriend, age 26, the lovers planning her fake kidnap and demanding $50,000 from her husband in exchange for Gray`s life.



QUINN GRAY, FAKED HER KIDNAPPING TO GET MONEY FROM HUSBAND: He started kissing on my ear and my neck.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: How did you react at that point?

GRAY: I just -- I kind of reacted just still at first, you know, a little bit still, and then I started to act like I enjoyed it a little bit, and he started to kiss me, and.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Now what was your frame of mind at that point? What was going through your mind when this is happening?

GRAY: My frame of mind was we`re going to have sex. And I`m going to have sex with him and that`s all.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: How does your clothes come off?


UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: And does all your clothes come off? I mean how does that transpire?

GRAY: Yes, all my clothes come off.


GRAY: Yes, he helps me, but I`m helping, too.


GRAY: And he is taking off his clothes.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: OK. So that happens pretty much mutual -- the same time -- you guys are taking your clothes off?

GRAY: Yes. I acted like I enjoyed it and I`m not going lie, sometimes I almost did. I knew I wasn`t going to fight. I knew I wasn`t going to resist him. So I tried to make it the best possible, you know, and he would just over and over and over and over and over again, and sometimes I would say what he wanted me to say, I did whatever he wanted me to do. And I just figured, the more he loves it, maybe I have a chance.


NANCY GRACE, HOST: A Florida wife with Cover Girl good looks, mother of two, Quinn Gray accused of staging her own kidnap all to trick $50,000 from her husband, telling cops she suffers a horrific ordeal, kidnapped, abused, sex attacked, but plays along with the kidnapper to save her own life.

More of Quinn Gray`s police interrogation caught on tape.


GRAY: That night we kind of were in bed a lot of the night, you know?

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Sleeping or more sex that night?

GRAY: A lot more sex that night.


GRAY: A lot of talking. I couldn`t sleep anyway. A lot of talking. We watched two shows. I remember like movies, Van -- was it Van Wilder? And it was funny. I remember it was like the first time I felt like, you know? Oh my god, it felt a little normal to watch some TV.


GRAY: And I was able to actually kind of watch it and just talking and having sex and watching TV mostly that night.

I don`t remember if there was sex or not Sunday morning. Most likely yes. There wasn`t much sleeping.


GRAY: So I don`t know, there was probably sex if I`m guessing right.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Now what was your -- during that whole night into Sunday morning, what was your frame of mind during sex? What were you thinking during sex?

GRAY: Sometimes I was grossed out, like completely horrified, you know what I mean? Like sometimes I was just like, what is going on, you know? And we`d have conversations like -- I was like this is totally crazy. Like if I wrote this down, no one would believe me if I said that this happened.

That was the night he was telling me that he loved me. He`s telling me he loved me, and my eyes are what saved my life, and that he looked at my eyes in the closet and when I was sitting on the bed at the house initially. And that`s what saved my life, something about my eyes. It reminded me of something but he never told me what it was. He told me that it reminded him of his family when I went and greeted my kids outside.


GRAY: He never said what my eyes reminded him of but he had said that that`s what saved my life. He had said that.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: And how did you respond to that when he told you that he loved you?

GRAY: Well, one time I told him I love you, too. I didn`t mean it. I had -- and he knew it. He would ask me things like does Reid (EXPLETIVE DELETED) like this? You like it like this? Call me dad, call me -- you know, stuff like that. How many times a week do you have sex with Reid? Ask me lots of personal questions like that.

He`s like well, I bet if we were together, you couldn`t -- we wouldn`t be having sex two times a week, I`ll tell you that, you know? And at this point in the game, mentally, I guess, I`m just I`m really like, I`m clinging on to him, you know? I didn`t like to look at him when he was having sex with me, but I did sometimes because I knew that he liked it.

There was a lot of sex. There was a lot, a lot of sex. At this point, I was getting more grossed out, you know? Not that I wasn`t grossed out before but it was just like, it was more -- I was working real hard to act, you know what I mean? I wanted to go home so bad at this point. I was done with the sex, I was done -- you know what I mean?

At first it felt like a survivor mechanism to do it. Then the second time it was just doing it. And then this time I was like, I want to go home so bad, I was exhausted. And I could see it getting further and further away.

Later on, I don`t know. 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. I have no idea. I was just waiting for the morning to come because I knew at 8:00 that we were going to make contact with Reid and you know, schedule the drop. And he started kissing on my ear and my neck and.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: How did you react at that point?

GRAY: I just -- I kind of reacted, just still at first, you know? A little bit still and then I started to act like I enjoyed it a little bit. And he started to kiss me and.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Now what was your frame of mind at that point? What was going through your mind when this is happening?

GRAY: My frame of mind was we`re going to have sex. And I`m going to have sex with him and that`s all. You know? I still thought that the boss was going to kill my kids, you know what I mean? I mean, what -- I didn`t really feel like I had a choice in the matter. So we did.

It`s really embarrassing.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: I know, and let me.

GRAY: He taped everything. And I acted like I enjoyed it, and I`m not going to lie, sometimes I almost did.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Listen, it`s not -- it`s not unusual to have weird feeling and weird thoughts going through your head when you`re exposed to a massive amount of trauma. Especially mental trauma.

GRAY: Thank you for understanding. I just felt like this sinister evil person, you know what I mean? And I knew I wasn`t going to fight. I know I wasn`t going to resist him.

I tried to make it the best possible, you know, and he would just over and over and over and over and over again. And sometimes I would say what he wanted me to say, I did whatever he wanted me to do. And I just figured the more he loves it, maybe I have a chance. You know what I mean?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right. Which makes sense.

GRAY: I don`t know what was thinking but.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It makes sense. The train of thought makes sense.

GRAY: Sometimes he was really kind and then other times he was like, bitch, you bitch, you little birth. You know? And making me do it (EXPLETIVE DELETED) style all the time.

And I was saying ouch, he would do it harder, you know, he thought I liked it. I mean we just -- every position all night long, you know what I mean? But at least he let me sleep for a while without zip ties, you know?


GRAY: Like, I got an hour of rest without zip ties.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: So let`s make sure we follow the chain of events then. You guys come back to the room. He`s happy there`s a bed. You`re chilling out watching TV. Sex happens at some point again. Now how is that? Is it the same like marathon sex or like does it last a long time or.

GRAY: Yes. Pretty much.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: And is there any conversation about that? Does it start the same way? Or does he -- is there any point, I guess, when you`re like distraught and he just violently takes it from you? Is there any point.


UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: . where there`s a turn, I guess you could say, like that?

GRAY: No. Do you understand that he`s the smartest person that I`ve ever run across in my entire life?

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: I understand. I understand. And.

GRAY: And he has a way to get around anything. Anything. Anything. I spent four days with him. I know how -- you know what I mean? I know he`s the smartest man I`ve ever, he would take anything I would day and then later on he would in two hour increments build a story off of it to make me believe that my husband was cheating on me.

He would constantly do things like, say, "I`m really sorry about that," you know, like if I was in the closet. At the time that I was in the closet, he would say stuff like, "You should have seen the look on your face." I mean multiple times he said that to me. He was like, "I have never had a bitch scream like that before."

And then he`s say stuff like, I was positive you were one of those rich bitches that this was not going to be easy with." You know? Stuff like that. And then he would turn it around and say, "But you were cool. You actually were really, really cool." Like, " You were cool." Like, you know?

Just complimenting my personality and saying that he loved being with me, and can I see you after this sometime and, you know? Even then and even in that frame of mine, I had to interest in ever seeing him again, but he -- I said yes, you know, I said, "Yes," you know? I said, "Yes, yes."


GRACE: Tonight the NG Family Album. Here are photos of the twins, Lucy and John David. This is not long after their birth. And now photos from friends of the show, Arizona friends, Terry, Katherine and 5-year-old Dylan. They love the NG show especially our tributes to American heroes.

And Ohio friends, Susan and son Matthew who were my mommy every night, (INAUDIBLE) Nancy Grace. Thank you.



GRAY: He was at that point saying, you know I can take care of him for you. You know what I mean? And I was like, are you kidding me? I was like I would never do that. I don`t care, you know, about any of that. I said my husband -- how could I let my children grow up without their father? Why would I ever put them through that? That`s horrible, you know?

And he was like, well, if you change your mind, let me know. You know? That kind of thing.

A hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money.


GRAY: $50,000 is a lot of money, really. Now that I`m looking at it the way that -- what $50,000 is going to mean to me in the future, either that or you just blow his head off.

OSMANOVIC: Say what?

GRAY: Either that or you just blow his head off.


GRACE: Florida police closed in to nab the alleged kidnapper of a beautiful young mom of two, wife to a multi-millionaire, they got the surprise of a lifetime. Alleged kidnapper and accomplice? Mommy herself and her brainy boyfriend she met at a gas station.

That`s right. They faked it. But what mommy doesn`t know is while the lovers are planning the fake kidnap, her boyfriend is secretly recording the whole thing on tape. And when it`s his turn to sit down with investigators, he claimed he`s been set up from the get-go.


OSMANOVIC: Why don`t you fill me in, so I can fill you in? Can we do that?

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: I`d rather just you fill me in before I fill you in on anything.

OSMANOVIC: Sir, just tell me what -- what the scenario is and everything, and I`ll tell you what I know.


OSMANOVIC: How about that?

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: That sounds fair.

OSMANOVIC: I mean, I just want this nightmare to be over.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: So you understand your Miranda rights, right? Anytime I talk.

OSMANOVIC: Sir, like I said.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: You have nothing to hide you said.

OSMANOVIC: I don`t have nothing to hide. I didn`t do anything. This affidavit is not going to do nothing because it`s basically saying the same -- it`s saying the opposite thing that she`s saying.


OSMANOVIC: So we`re not getting nowhere with that.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: So you don`t want to tell me exactly what happened?

OSMANOVIC: Sir, we -- the same thing that she`s telling you, my story is the opposite. The only part that she`s not telling you is all the places that we`ve been and everything else. Is she?

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: You`re saying it`s the opposite. It`s actually the same.


UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Except for the fact that she`s against her will.


UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: You follow what I`m saying? You admit that.

OSMANOVIC: Well, I mean, against her will? You know, like I said, once you hear the whole thing, you know, right now you got two stories. And you don`t know which one is which.


OSMANOVIC: Because you`re just doing your job.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Absolutely. I`m glad you see that.

OSMANOVIC: Both stories add up to something.


OSMANOVIC: OK? And both stories are basically -- she`s telling -- what did she tell you? I kill people?

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Yes. In the past, yes.

OSMANOVIC: Really? Well, did you check my record?

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Yes. I didn`t see anything.

OSMANOVIC: How did she spell my name?

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: She didn`t. She just said it, but she said that was your first name.

OSMANOVIC: Can you ask her how she spelled it?


OSMANOVIC: Because if you`re (EXPLETIVE DELETED) somebody for a month plus, you should by then know their (EXPLETIVE DELETED) name.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Spell the last name. O-S-M?



OSMANOVIC: And you know what -- you know what makes zero sense whatsoever? If I took her, why would I be driving her in my own (EXPLETIVE DELETED) car? I mean I would be like the dumbest criminal ever.


OSMANOVIC: I mean, don`t you agree?


OSMANOVIC: I still have those undies, I told you.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: OK. We`re going to get it.

OSMANOVIC: She was at my shop and should be in my (EXPLETIVE DELETED) car. Not the undies are not in my car, I know that.


OSMANOVIC: But we had sex in my (EXPLETIVE DELETED) car on the passenger side.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: You got that in there.

OSMANOVIC: No, no, I`m saying I still have that (EXPLETIVE DELETED) underwear.


OSMANOVIC: When she was going through all this (EXPLETIVE DELETED) with Reid, god, what (EXPLETIVE DELETED) did I get myself into?

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: That`s what I`m saying, dawg. We got to get this (EXPLETIVE DELETED) straight. If I didn`t care about your side of the story we wouldn`t be talking. I`m telling you.

OSMANOVIC: I understand.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: I`m begging for that piece.

OSMANOVIC: I understand, but at the same time, just like I told you, I have my insurance policy.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: But when you want to put it out? Do you want wait until after you`ve already caught a charge or do you want to.

OSMANOVIC: Sir, when my charges are off the table, I`m going to give you everything else, but the main evidence. I`m telling you that right now.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: So you`re not going to give me the.

OSMANOVIC: The main part that is not anywhere in my property or possession, that at this side, you`re going to get when she drops the charges against me, and I want it written.


OSMANOVIC: And whenever she does that, I`m going to eat her alive.


OSMANOVIC: You understand that?

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: So you`re keeping that? You`re going to just trust that you`re going to -- your information provided thus far is not going to.

OSMANOVIC: Sir, I`m going to provide you with everything basically that I did not abduct her or none of that, OK?


OSMANOVIC: So I think we should be good on that. And whenever we`re done with that, I guess you`re going to have your suspect which is your victim. (EXPLETIVE DELETED) bitch was setting me up from minute one.


OSMANOVIC: Before this even ever started, I was already set up.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Well, I can tell you from the minute she got released, she was crafting this. I can tell you that.

OSMANOVIC: I didn`t extort nobody nor did I get anything out of it.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Right. But you don`t have to get anything out of it.

OSMANOVIC: No, no, no.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: It`s endeavoring into, it`s assisting, facilitating.

OSMANOVIC: That`s fine. Like I said, if that`s what they want to give me, a parole.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Don`t be upset with me, but.

OSMANOVIC: I`m not upset.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: It`s not parole. It`s not parole.

OSMANOVIC: if they want to give me time, whatever. I`m really, I`m not, I feel that I didn`t do. She made it look to me like she was in (EXPLETIVE DELETED) danger. She was in no (EXPLETIVE DELETED) danger.


OSMANOVIC: And that`s how she got me (EXPLETIVE DELETED) wrapped into this (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Sunday bull (EXPLETIVE DELETED). My part was she said I was supposed to go pick up something from her mom. She didn`t want to -- she said she did not want to see Reid there, so she said just go over there. If she`s there by herself, she`s going to give you something and that`s it.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: So you didn`t know what it was going to be?

OSMANOVIC: I should have (EXPLETIVE DELETED) thought it was (EXPLETIVE DELETED) money.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: So is it your position you didn`t know that you were going to get money?

OSMANOVIC: I did not know it was a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) ransom.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: I`m not asking you that.

OSMANOVIC: No, no, no, no, I`m saying.



UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: It`s not a ransom because she wasn`t kidnapped. Do you follow what I`m saying?

OSMANOVIC: I mean, I never.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: You know the money part is the one thing that you can get hammed up on and you know what? You`re right.

OSMANOVIC: And you know what? I didn`t go after the money, I didn`t go after none of this.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: But you let her draw you into it, brother.

OSMANOVIC: I didn`t.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Any way you want to put it.

OSMANOVIC: I didn`t know about it until the last (EXPLETIVE DELETED) moment. OK? And that`s the bottom line. OK?

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: When -- and the last moment is what? Sunday? Monday?

OSMANOVIC: Basically Sunday, yes.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Yes? You should have cut bait right there, brother. You should have been gone. You shouldn`t have done these two. I can tell you that right now. Because that took a bad situation and made it worse.

OSMANOVIC: OK, well, like I said. If that`s what`s on the table, that`s fine.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: That`s it. That`s it.

OSMANOVIC: I didn`t do anything to hurt anybody.


OSMANOVIC: I didn`t do anything to screw anybody over. If that`s what the state attorney wants me on, that`s fine. I`ll prove my way out of it.

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: OK. That`s what the court is for, brother.

OSMANOVIC: And like I said, I did not -- all the stuff that she said I did, I didn`t do it.

Wow, you know, what crafted it, you know, the more I think about, she crafted this (EXPLETIVE DELETED) before it ever even started.


GRACE: Next, inside secret police files in the alleged fake kidnapping of a stunning Florida woman, wife and mother, Quinn Gray.


UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: when you look at this guy, what`s the one word that pops out at you?

GRAY: Power?

UNIDENTIFIED POLICE: Power. Is that because at the time he had power over you, is that what you felt like?

GRAY: Yes.



GRACE: Tonight the alleged fake kidnap plot between Florida wife and mother of two, Quinn Gray, and her secret boyfriend. Frantic 911 calls, police interrogation videos, sex audio tapes from inside the investigative files.


OSMANOVIC: So are you comfortable with the plan?

GRAY: I`m comfortable with the plan. I want to go over it a couple more times.


UNIDENTIFIED 911 OPERATOR: Sheriff`s office, 911, what`s your emergency?

GRAY: My name is Quinn Gray, and I was kidnapped and I`m not sure where I am right now.

REID GRAY, QUINN GRAY`S HUSBAND: She called me and said (INAUDIBLE) that she was held by gunpoint by three men who -- there is a note on the table with the gunman`s demands. If I call the police, they will kill her. It sounds like a freaking move but it`s not.

GRAY: There was a lot of sex. There was a lot, a lot of sex. At this point, I was getting more grossed out, you know? Not that I wasn`t grossed out before but it was just like, it was more -- I was working real hard to act, you know what I mean? I wanted to go home so bad at this point. I was done with the sex, I was done -- you know what I mean?

At first it felt like a survivor mechanism to do it. Then the second time it was just doing it. And then this time I was like, I want to go home so bad, I was exhausted. And I could see it getting further and further away.

I`m just going to lie and lie and lie and lie. How am I going to prove that I`m telling the truth?

OSMANOVIC: What do you mean how are you going to prove?

GRAY: Well, I guess people just believe me. Yes, they`ll believe me.

OK. I was kidnapped on Friday for money, for money that my husband owed and (INAUDIBLE) I don`t (INAUDIBLE). I need the police to come pick me up. Please.


GRAY: I was in a van. Can you please have them come get me.


GRAY: Please.

I was crazy then, I mean, I was completely -- I was just doing what I was told to do. You have to understand that. I was doing what I was told to do. I was following instructions about what to do because we practiced it over and over and over in the car, driving around and around and around, him telling me what to say, and I was rehearsing it.


GRACE: On this Thanksgiving, let`s stop to remember, Army Private 1st Class Pablo Manzano, Jr. Just 19, Heber, California, killed Iraq. Lost his life just 30 minutes after his last call to his mother.

A softball field back home named in his honor. Had a smile that lit up a room, loved basketball, guitar. Leaves behind parents Carmen and Pablo Sr., sister Carmen.

Pablo Manzano, Jr., American hero.

Thank you for being with us tonight with the special NANCY GRACE INVESTIGATES, and to everyone, we have so much to be thankful for. I`ll see you tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp Eastern. Let`s all and give God our thanks. And until tomorrow night, good night, friend, and happy Thanksgiving.