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The Baffling Tiger Woods Mystery; The White House Gatecrashers; Two Hasselhoffs, Two Dramas; J. Lo`s Sex Tape Nightmare

Aired November 30, 2009 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Right now, on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the absolutely baffling Tiger Woods mystery. The brand-new puzzling questions today about his car crash as SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals the dramatic 911 call after the crash.


911 OPERATOR: Is he unconscious?



HAMMER: And the burning questions. Why won`t Tiger say what really happened? Could Tiger be facing criminal charges? And the fired-up debate - is Tiger mishandling this whole thing?

Tonight, are the outrageous White House gatecrashers trying to cash in? Tonight, what the reality show wannabes are seeing about reports they are looking for big-time money to sell their story. And could they be arrested for what they did? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with today`s fast-moving and late breaking developments.

Tonight, two Hasselhoffs, two startling new dramas. David Hasselhoff mysteriously rushed to a hospital and his ex-wife, Pamela, arrested for allegedly driving under the influence.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

Tonight, the absolutely baffling Tiger Woods mystery. Why in the world did one of the most beloved clean-cut highest-paid athletes and stars in the world crash his car right outside his house in the dead of the night, his wife swinging, of all things, a golf club?

I can tell you that today, there were an amazing number of fast-moving developments that made for big news breaking.

For the very first time, Tiger Woods has made a statement about the crash, but it only raised only more disturbing questions. And he did something late today that just added to the mystery.

The brand-new burning questions today included what`s the deal with the mysterious other woman who has become a part of this whole mess? Why won`t Tiger speak with the cops and could he be facing criminal charges?

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT will reveal and will play for you the disturbing 911 call made soon after the crash. You have got to hear this.

Joining me tonight, in New York is Midwin Charles who is an "In Session" legal contributor. In Hollywood tonight, Carlos Diaz who is a correspondent for "Extra."

All right. Late breaking today, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT learned that Tiger had canceled yet another interview with investigators, the third time now that he has done this.

Midwin, I do understand that under Florida law, Tiger doesn`t have to talk to police. But I`m thinking why not just talk with the police and put all these rumors to rest already?

MIDWIN CHARLES, LEGAL CONTRIBUTOR, "IN SESSION": Well, also under the Fifth Amendment, he has the right against self incrimination. But from a legal perspective, I think he doesn`t want to speak because there are probably some embarrassing stories behind this that he doesn`t want to discuss. And who can blame him? But from a PR perspective, I think it`s a horrific move.

HAMMER: Yes. And there has been no confirmation of these alleged embarrassing stories. But there is speculation out there as we all know. And I want you to take a look at what I think is a really cryptic statement that Tiger posted on his Web site.

This is what he said, "This situation is my fault, and it`s obviously embarrassing to my family and me. I`m human and I`m not perfect. I will certainly make sure this doesn`t happen again."

Carlos, what do you think? Wouldn`t it make sense for Tiger and his wife to just come forward, talk to the cops instead of, you know, communicating through his Web site?

CARLOS DIAZ, CORRESPONDENT, "EXTRA": well, I mean I think that Tiger is trying to control what is out there like he has done his entire career. And keep one thing in mind - if Tiger Woods goes on camera right now at this very moment to have a press conference, to do a one-on-one interview with, say, ESPN, he sits down and his face is not the face that we are used to seeing.

We are used to seeing that smiling face in the golf course, one that`s up 10 strokes in the competition, one that`s confident. And the one thing that is irrefutable in this entire case - there are a lot of questions but the one thing we do know is his face is cut up.

You know, his face is - we don`t know whether it was from the crash or other methods, but we do know his face does not look good right now. So, that`s a Tiger that maybe Tiger doesn`t want us to see.

HAMMER: Yes. No, he is, if nothing else, one of the most notoriously private celebrities out there. I think the name of his yacht is privacy.

And there were witnesses. There were other people who saw this thing go down. It was 2:35 in the morning. They saw Tiger smashed his car into a fire hydrant and then a tree. It was just a few feet from his front door.

Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT today obtained the chilling 911 call that his neighbor made just moments later. You`ve got to listen to this. It`s incredible.


911 OPERATOR: What happened? What`s wrong?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have a neighbor. He hit the tree. We came out here just to see what was going on. I see him and he`s laying down.

911 OPERATOR: He hit a tree - you mean there was an auto accident?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. There was an auto accident. Yes.

911 OPERATOR: OK. Is he outside or inside his car? Is he unconscious?


911 OPERATOR: Are you able to tell if he`s breathing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I can`t tell right now.


HAMMER: I mean, it was just wild hearing that knowing the guy is talking about Tiger Woods. And that is just a small part of what is a very, very dramatic call. In just a few minutes, I`m going to play the rest of that entire call for you.

And the very next day after that call was made, Florida cops used the language that charges are still pending in this incident. Midwin, lay it on us from a lawyerly perspective. What does that mean? Can Tiger perhaps be facing criminal charges here?

CHARLES: I`m not quite sure. I can`t understand why he would potentially be facing criminal charges. There has been no discussion as to whether or not he was on the other hand the influence from drugs or alcohol.

There has been no discussion whether his wife was potentially hurt in terms of the domestic violence situation. He didn`t hurt anyone else but himself and his fabulous Escalade. So I can`t understand what changes would be pending against him if any at all.

HAMMER: And can you clear - this is a semantic thing, but they are saying charges are pending. Does that mean they are inevitable or that just means they`re possible?

CHARLES: It means they are possible. It means that they are still investigating and they`re still looking into it. Look, he turned them down on three separate occasions. Now, A.J., you and I both know that we wouldn`t have that luxury if the police were knocking on our door.

But clearly, they can`t necessarily talk to him. He is not under arrest. And even if he were, he would have no obligation to talk to them. So.

HAMMER: Well, there`s certainly a lot of questions remaining about the circumstances that led to Tiger crashing his car. He had wounds on his face as we`ve been talking about. His wife told police that she bashed in his car window with a golf club in order to help him escape from the car.

Well, that`s obviously led to all kinds of speculation. On his Web site, Tiger did try to snuff some of that out. Here`s more of what he wrote, "The many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible. The only person responsible for the accident is me. My wife, Elin, acted courageously when she saw I was hurt and in trouble. She was the first person to help me. Any other assertion is absolutely false."

Carlos, he is obviously doing the right thing in his mind, trying to protect himself and his family from any negative reports that are out there. But what do you really think? Mission accomplished here? To me, this statement does generate more questions.

DIAZ: A.J., the key words that you just said are "in his mind." See, Tiger has never faced any kind of controversy off the golf course before. Sure, he says some curse words that got picked up by a microphone. He flew his driver down and it went into the crowd in Australia last week.

But he has not gotten into any kind of gambling things like Michael Jordan is alleged to be involved with. He has not gotten involved with steroids like Barry Bonds has allegedly been involved with.

Tiger has been clean off the course. So he thought, "Well, you know what? I`ll put out this press release. I`ll put this thing on my Web site. And all will be said and done." But we are finding out Tiger, not in this case.

HAMMER: Yes, I know this is entirely new territory for me, Carlos. CNN`s Gary Tuchman, by the way, was right on the scene there in Florida where Tiger smashed his car. And he spoke with Police Chief Daniel Saylor. And he asked him really the frank questions that we have all been wondering about. You`ve got to watch this.


GARY TUCHMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (on camera): The car was drivable, so why did his wife have to bash it in with a golf club?

DANIEL SAYLOR, POLICE CHIEF: From our understanding, she explained to my officers that the doors were locked and she could not gain entry. So she used the golf club to smash the windows and gain entry to unlock the door.

TUCHMAN: But she had a golf club with her at the time?

SAYLOR: I don`t know where the golf club came from.

TUCHMAN: I mean, she went back. She could have gotten the keys and opened the door.

SAYLOR: It sounds like that`s what you do.

TUCHMAN: I mean, this just sounds, you know - I certainly don`t want to put words in your mouth, but this sounds a little unusual and suspicious, this case?

SAYLOR: It sounds unusual, but like I said we are not investigating. So you know, we were first responders (UNINTELLIGIBLE) to help him out. And we didn`t know it was Tiger Woods. We just knew it was a male down.


HAMMER: I`m just going to say this. I`ve never been to Tiger Woods` house. I`m guessing there are more golf clubs lying around than extra car keys. That`s just me.

All right. But it seems to me that even the police are perhaps suggesting Tiger`s story may not be lining up. Midwin, you know, we have so many unanswered questions from a legal standpoint. Do you think that Tiger is going about this thing the whole right way?

CHARLES: From a legal perspective, he is going about it in the right way in the sense where he`s not answering questions. He doesn`t have to. Now, if you would ask me from a public relations standpoint, I would say bananas. I can`t believe he`s doing this.


CHARLES: You know, not speaking. Because as Carlos said, he has a reputation for having a clean image. I take it a step further and say it`s a perfect image. It`s the kind of image that allows you to bring home $100 million in endorsements deals per year.

HAMMER: Pretty unbelievable.


HAMMER: And fueling the mystery further, late breaking today, the Chevron World Challenge announced Tiger Woods has canceled a big press conference that everybody was anticipating and he will be not participating in their tournament. So the mystery continues. Midwin Charles, Carlos Diaz, thank you both.

And tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you the great debate. Does Tiger owe the public an explanation about his mysteries Friday night car crash? Or should people just leave Tiger alone? Is Tiger just plain mishandling this whole thing? All of that, coming up.

Now, over to you. Here`s our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day - "Tiger Woods Crash: Is he handling the controversy well?" What do you think? Well, let us know - You can always E-mail us more of your thoughts at

I still can`t believe that the White House party crashers were able to get through all that security and even shake hands with the president. Unbelievable.

There are fast-moving developments in this incredible story today. Is this couple really trying to cash in? What are these two saying about reports that they are looking for big-time money to tell their story. And will they be arrested for what they did?

Also, just in today, why Jennifer Lopez` worst nightmare about her reported sex tape may be hours away from coming true. I`ve got to tell you, J-Lo may not be getting a whole lot of sleep tonight.

Also, is "Twilight" the new Viagra for older women?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: One woman said when she was reading one of the "Twilight" books, she and her husband were having more sex than they ever had before.


HAMMER: Try and get rid of those little blue pills. Tonight, why "New Moon" may actually be good for your sex life. And I am not just talking about the young folks here. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - these are more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Oprah to visit President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama for ABC Christmas show airing on December 13. Susan Boyle`s new album sets U.K. record for largest first week sales of debut CD.


HAMMER: All right. Let`s take a look. Oh, what a beautiful baby. Your first look now at the brand-new photos of Heidi Samuel, a.k.a. Heidi Klum`s new daughter. No, Heidi`s husband, Seal, the father of Lou Sulola, posted these beautiful pictures right there on his Web site. Heidi and Seal have been married for four years. They have three other children, Henry, Johan and Leni. Leni`s father is Heidi`s ex-boyfriend.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Tonight, hot and bothered for "Twilight." Final figures just released today show that "Twilight: New Moon" was number one at the box office for a second straight weekend.

But could the movie actually be good for your sex life? You know, it`s not just the younger folk who are obsessed with the "Twilight" series. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter can now reveal that a whole lot of older women are also obsessed and it`s getting them all worked up.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: But I can`t help myself. You are so mouth watering.

KAREEN WYNTER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Teens are not the only ones sinking their teeth into the second installment of the hit "Twilight" series, "New Moon."

There`s a new more mature fan base that`s also been swept away by the romantic storyline of vampires, werewolves and forbidden love.

CHRISTINA FIEDLER, STAY-AT-HOME MOM: My name is Christina Fiedler and I am a "Twilight" addict.

WYNTER: Stay-at-home moms like Christina Fiedler are coming clean about their addiction to the series of blockbuster films and bestselling books.

FIEDLER: I hate to say it, but I feel obsessed.

WYNTER: In between all the house work and stacks of laundry that continue to pile up in her bedroom and chasing after her 1-year-old son, Joseph, Fiedler still manages to spend hours each day wrapped up in the romance novels.

FIEDLER: And I was like, this is ridiculous, Christina. You need to share how embarrassed you are about this and come out of the closet about your obsession to "Twilight."

WYNTER: So she blogged about it and discovered a whole new online community of adult followers.

FIEDLER: So I wrote it to the other moms out there that might be hiding the book underneath their bed and reading it when nobody is looking.

WYNTER: This escapism allows moms, even grandmothers to tap into their sexuality, says clinical psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere.

DR. JEFF GARDERE, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: These women are saying, "You know what? We like looking at these young hunks." And what about it? They get to deal with this whole issue of forbidden love.

WYNTER: Gardere says this obsession can actually be healthy.

GARDERE: One woman said that when she was reading one of the "Twilight" books, she and her husband were having more sex than they ever had before.

WYNTER: "New Moon`s" screenwriter says women are also drawn to the fairytale about young love.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It really brings you back to a certain passion and romance that, you know, as adults, we don`t have in our lives.

WYNTER: And for those moms with busy lives, like Christina Fiedler, it`s about getting lost in a good read.

FIEDLER: I can let my mind go blank and feel the stress melt.

WYNTER: Melt away in a series of dramatic storylines this Twi-mom hopes will never end.

ROBERT PATTINSON, ACTOR (as Edward Cullen): This is the last time you will ever see me.


HAMMER: That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter. And so far, "New Moon" has sold more than $230 million in tickets in the U.S. alone. Well, those "Twilight" vampires and Adam Lambert definitely have one thing in common. They wear a whole lot of eyeliner.

And our "Showbiz on Call" phone lines have been ringing all weekend long. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT viewers still very fired up all about Adam`s shocking, sexually-charged AMA performance. We have Vicki calling in from Utah who says she and her daughter may no longer be fans.


CALLER: My 13-year-old daughter waited all night to see this performance because she followed him through "American Idol." During the performance, lots of questions were asked and I had no answers.

He really didn`t think about what he was doing. You know what? I don`t want him to be my babysitter, but I expected more from Adam. We liked him the whole time. And now, I`m not so sure if we like him anymore.


HAMMER: We appreciate your call. Mary, calling in from Texas, thinks that all of this has just been blown out of proportion.


CALLER: The whole controversy over Adam is really starting to get on my nerves. You know, yes, he was on "American Idol." But guess what? He`s not on "American Idol" anymore.

He`s going to do his own thing. He`s going to be spontaneous and out there because that`s just the way he is. Everybody is making a big deal. They are making a big deal about the kids watching it. Guess what? If it`s 9:30, 10:00, 10:30 at night, your children should be in bed.


HAMMER: Yes. Thanks for speaking out, Marty. You can call us at "Showbiz on Call." That way, you can sound off on this or anything else at all. "Showbiz on Call" phone lines are open all the time. This is the number - 1-888-SBT-BUZZ; 1-888-728-2899. Just leave us a voicemail. We`ll play your calls us right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

All right. You have got to listen to this, the dramatic Tiger Woods 911 call just revealed today.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have a neighbor. He hit the tree. We came out here just to see what was going on. I see him and laying down.

911 OPERATOR: He hit a tree - you mean there was an auto accident?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, there was an auto accident. Yes.


HAMMER: Tonight, it`s the great debate. Does Tiger owe everyone an explanation? Or should everybody just back off and leave him alone? And I`ve got to ask this - is he totally blowing the way he is handling the whole thing?

Also, tonight, two Hasselhoffs, two startling new dramas. David Hasselhoff is mysteriously rushed to a hospital. His ex-wife, Pamela, arrested for driving under the influence.

And are the outrageous White House gatecrashers trying to cash in? What the reality show wannabes are saying about reports they are looking for big-time money to their story. And could they be arrested for what they did? This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Now, it`s time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Michael Jackson`s "This is It" movie will be available on DVD on January 26th. Best Bullock debut ever! Sandra Bullock`s "The Blind Side" makes $40 million in opening weekend.



SERENA WILLIAMS, TENNIS SUPERSTAR: I swear to God, I`m (EXPLETIVE DELETED) taking this ball and shoving it down your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) throat!


Serena Williams just went nuts on a lineswoman at the U.S. Open back in September. And tonight, I can tell you Serena has gotten served with a big bill for that tennis tirade.

I can tell you that Serena has been fined a record $82,500 for losing it at the U.S. Open. She is also now on tennis probation. That means if she does it again, the fine could actually double and could be banned from tournament play.

I`ve got to say I`m thinking this is a bit harsh. Yes, what Serena said - it was way out of line, but this is the first time that she has ever blown up like this. I mean, certainly, she`s never pulled a McEnroe before.


JOHN MCENROE, FORMER TENNIS CHAMPION: You can`t be serious, man. You cannot be serious. That ball was on the line! It flew up! It was clearly in! How can you possibly call that out?


HAMMER: That`s a classic. You remember John McEnroe used to do that - I don`t know - like every match.

And nothing like a good, old-fashioned controversy to help you sell your new album, right? I`m talking about Adam Lambert. It looks like his shocking, sexually-charged American Music Awards performance may have helped him in a big way.

Tonight, I can tell you sales of Adam`s album, "For Your Entertainment" are through the roof, I tell you. In fact, Adam is actually whooping the guy who won "American Idol" in his season Kris Allen. According to Billboard, Adam is on track to sell 225,000 copies in his first week out.

Now, Kris Allen only sold 80,000 copies of his self-titled debut, the weakest start by any "Idol" winner. And there is still a raging debate on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Facebook page all about Adam`s over-the-top AMA performance, complete with that same-sex kiss.

Take a look at this. I just checked our Facebook wall. Look at all these posts, still coming in fast and furious.

Here`s one. Deb C. writing, "Every female singer today has done worse than he does. I mean, look at what Lady Gaga wears."

But Teri L. says, "His performance is low-class and tacky. You can call me a former fan."

Kim S. saying this, PR stunt, "I think it was intentional. It got people talking and it got him in the news. Oh, wait. Doesn`t he have a new CD out?"

You can sign up for our Facebook and Twitter pages simply by going on to

Here`s the SHOWBIZ lineup. This is what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

It`s the great debate over the Tiger Woods car crash. So does Tiger owe us all an explanation? Or should everybody just back off and leave him alone?

Also tonight, what the White House party crashers are saying about reports they are looking for big-time money just to tell their story.

And have Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal broken up? Could it be? Is it true? The SHOWBIZ truth squad is on the case. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Here comes the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - these are more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: John Mayer`s new album, "Battle Studies," is number one on Billboard 200 album chart. New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is "Sports Illustrated" sportsman of the year.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have a neighbor. He hit the tree. We came out here just to see what was going on. I see him and he`s laying down.

911 OPERATOR: He hit a tree. Do you mean there was an auto accident?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, there was an auto accident. Yes.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, the 911 call from Tiger Woods`s mysterious accident. Plus, the great debate. Does Tiger owe the public an explanation? Or should everyone just back off and leave him alone? Is Tiger mishandling the whole situation?

The White House party crashers` brand-new details about the couple who crashed the White House state dinner. Are they trying to cash in on their story? And will the reality show wannabes get arrested?

And Jennifer Lopez` worst sex tape nightmare may be about to come true. Why J. Lo may not be getting a whole lot of sleep tonight.

Plus, more stories breaking from the SHOWBIZ news ticker.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It is 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer, broadcasting tonight and every night from New York City.

Tonight, is Tiger Woods in trouble? There was an explosive brand-new debate today over how Tiger Woods is handling his early morning car crash. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is revealing the full dramatic 911 call after the crash.

Wait until you hear this. There are big questions tonight circling around Tiger`s mysterious car crash and whether Tiger is totally mishandling the situation. Today, he turned away the police wanting to talk to him for a third time.

So does Tiger owe the public more of an explanation about how wound up crashing into a fire hydrant and then a tree? Is Woods holding back something or should everyone just back off and leave him alone?

Joining me tonight in New York, Midwin Charles who is a legal contributor for "In Session." Also tonight in New York, Marvet Britto, who is a publicist and a brand strategist. From Hollywood tonight - there he is - Carlos Diaz, who is a correspondent with "Extra."

All right. I`ve got to begin with this dramatic 911 call that was placed by Tiger Woods` neighbor. And during the chilling call, the neighbor reveals he is not sure that Tiger Woods is even breathing. You`ve got to listen carefully to this. It will be as if you were right there. It`s amazing.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have this in (UNINTELLIGIBLE) our subdivision. I need an ambulance immediately. I have someone down in front of my house. They hit a pole. I came out to see -

911 OPERATOR: Is it a car accident sir? Sir, sorry. Is it a car accident? Hello? Sir? Hello? Is it a car accident, sir?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s a car accident. Yes. I need you - yes.

911 OPERATOR: OK. Now, are they trapped inside the vehicle?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, they`re laying on the ground.

911 OPERATOR: Stay on the line for medical. Don`t hang up, OK? And it`s in front of your house, correct?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Get some water.

911 OPERATOR: OK, sir. Medical is on the line, sir. OK?

911 OPERATOR 2: Fire/Rescue. What`s the address?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. Windermere, Florida in Isleworth Subdivision.

911 OPERATOR 2: What happened? What`s wrong?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I have a neighbor. He hit the tree. We came out here just see what was going on. I see him and he`s laying down.

911 OPERATOR 2: He hit a tree - you mean there was an auto accident?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, there was an auto accident. Yes.

911 OPERATOR 2: OK. Is he outside or inside his car? Is he unconscious?


911 OPERATOR 2: OK. Are you able to tell if he`s breathing?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I can`t tell right now.

911 OPERATOR: OK. All right. We do have help on the way. What color is his car, too?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s a black Escalade.


911 OPERATOR 2: Is anyone able to open the door?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re trying to figure out right now.

911 OPERATOR: Is he trapped inside of the vehicle or is he on the ground?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re trying to figure out what happened. We`re figuring that out right now. We don`t know what happened. We just figuring that out right now. We`re on the phone with the police right now.

911 OPERATOR: Your phone is breaking up. Can you hear me sir?


911 OPERATOR: OK. Well, I have paramedics on the way. But I`m just going to stay on the phone with you.


HAMMER: Wow. And despite the drama, that 911 call, Tiger is refusing to talk to police. Today, in fact, he turned them away for the third time. Carlos, do you think that Tiger perhaps doing himself a disservice by clamming up like this?

DIAZ: I`ve been a reporter for ESPN. And I`m a reporter for "Extra." So I have always said that the difference between Lebron James and Will Smith is Lebron James does not need the public to drop 50 points on the Knicks. While Will Smith does need the public to have a $50 million weekend.

That said, Tiger Woods is our first $1 billion athlete, yet $100 million of that - 10 percent of that - has come his earnings on the golf course. The other 90 percent of that has come from his endorsements.

So he does need the public. He does need the public and a good public perception to make that extra money. So yes, he does need us for a large part of his wealth.

HAMMER: So the question is, though, to have the public on his side, does he need to come forward and give more details?

DIAZ: Yes.

HAMMER: Marvet, I want to get your perspective on this. As a publicist, why not give out some more details about what happened? After all, if it was just an accident, then perhaps that would be the best thing. Do you think he is mishandling the whole thing?

MARVET BRITTO, CELEBRITY PUBLICIST AND BRAND STRATEGIST: I think Tiger Woods is handling the situation the way we would expect Tiger Woods to. Remember, this is a man whose brand has been masterfully crafted since he started.

So I`m not surprised that Tiger kept the authorities and everyone else at bay while team Tiger got themselves together, gather themselves up and organized a strategic, crafty statement. So I`m not surprised at all. Tiger is remaining (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

HAMMER: But Marvet, I`ve got to jump in. You say you`re not surprised by how he`s handling it. But is this the right way to handle it?

BRITTO: Absolutely. When you think about the way that Tiger had built his entire career - he has been very crafty and strategic. So why should he rush to address or give us an answer? He wanted to take time with his team which is smart.

Tiger has remained in control throughout this entire ordeal, so much so the police, the authorities are coming to his house. They are at his beck and call. So essentially, he is still in control just the same way he has been from the beginning. He`s fiercely private man.


BRITTO: I am not surprised by the way that he`s handled this situation.

HAMMER: No. And to exemplify that, he is not talking to the authorities, but he is posting on his Web site ...

BRITTO: Absolutely.

HAMMER: ... what he wants us to know. It`s the only thing that we heard from Tiger. It`s a statement released on his Web site. He takes full responsibility for what happened.

Let`s put that up. He says, "The situation is my fault, and it`s obviously embarrassing to my family and me. I`m human and I`m not perfect. I will certainly make sure this doesn`t happen again. This is a private matter and I want to keep it that way. Although I understand there is curiosity, the many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible. The only person responsible for the accident is me."

"My wife Elin acted courageously when she saw I was hurt and in trouble. She was the first person to help me. Any other assertion is absolutely false."

Now, one of the unfounded rumors that Tiger seems to be addressing is the tabloid story that alleges Woods has been seeing a nightclub hostess and that woman arrived in L.A. on Sunday to meet with Atty. Gloria Allred. And she denied having an affair when she was contacted by the Associated Press.

So Midwin, do you think everybody needs to just back off of Tiger? Or do you think, you know what, he is a public figure here, so all bets are off?

CHARLES: Well, it would be great if people would back off. But we know, A.J., that they won`t. He is a public figure, and as Marvet said, he has a perfect image. And I think that`s one of the reasons why so many people want to know what`s going on and why curiosity is just killing everyone here.

Because he`s perfect. Tiger is not supposed to have accidents. He`s not supposed to crash into hydrants and trees. And so I think people want to know what`s going on.

HAMMER: Yes. There was such a high level of shock when news broke of this story. We are also surprised because, yes, none of this ever really happens to Tiger. We have certainly seen him deal with other things in his life.

The ladies of "The View" really got into it on their show this morning about whether or not Tiger and his wife need to tell more and have any responsibility. Let`s roll that.


SHERRI SHEPHERD, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": Hell, he shouldn`t have to explain anything. I mean, I just feel like he is married to his wife. Married people get into arguments. Nobody was hurt. He didn`t - I don`t think.

ELISABETH HASSELBECK, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": How do you know there was an argument?

BARBARA WALTERS, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER AND CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": I mean I heard in the audience and our audience doesn`t usually, when we said, you know, does he have to make public? One of you said no. My feeling is it`s true. It`s his business.


Now, I know that if you are in the public eye, supposedly, you know, you have to reveal things about yourself and some things you don`t. But in this case, it`s between him and his wife.


HAMMER: Now, Carlos, this is something that has long been debated about celebrities. But the truth is, has this just become perhaps too big to ignore and Tiger and his wife have to tell the whole story or it`s really going to blow up in their face?

DIAZ: I think they need to, you know, have the truth come out solely. Tiger, here we go. If you are watching right now - radio interview. Do a radio interview this week with a reporter that you trust or a host that you trust that you`ve trusted for the last 10 years of your career, someone that you can go on with and tell your side of the story and not be intrusive.

That way, we don`t have to see your face as far as if it`s cut up or things like that. Do a radio interview now and then, later on, maybe next week or the week after, maybe a sit-down and do a one-on-one.

But right now, it`s a dead season for golf. He doesn`t have to show his face if he doesn`t want to for months to come.

HAMMER: Exactly. That`s a great idea - radio interview. Midwin Charles, Marvet Britto, Carlos Diaz, thanks, guys. I appreciate it.

Now, onto our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Here`s what we`ve been asking. "Tiger Woods` Crash: Is he handling the controversy well?" Well, let us know what you think at or E-mail

Tonight, brand-new details about the White House party crashers. Are the couple who crashed the White House state dinner really trying to cash in on their story? And will the reality show wannabes actually get arrested?

Also, Jennifer Lopez` worst sex tape nightmare may be about to come true. Why J. Lo may not be getting a whole lot of sleep tonight.

And a tale of two, two, two Hasselhoffs. David Hasselhoff hospitalized; his ex-wife arrested on suspicion of DUI. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" - these are more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: ABC nixes Chris Brown`s "GMA" performance, "20/20" interview to air December 11th. Rihanna will be "SNL" musical guest December 5; Taylor Lautner to host "SNL" December 12.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Tonight, are the White House gatecrashers about to cash in big time?

Brand-new details just in today about the reality star wannabes. There`s brand-new outrage over the White House gatecrashers who are reportedly trying to sell their story for over $200,000. They even canceled their appearance on CNN`s "LARRY KING LIVE" just tonight.

Also just in today, J. Lo`s sex tape nightmare could be getting even worse. Brand-new reports that J. Lo`s ex-husband will make the tape public as soon as tomorrow. Is J. Lo`s worst nightmare about to become true?

And a brand-new David Hasselhoff shocker. The Hoff checks into the hospital just as his ex-wife, Pamela Bach, is arrested on suspicion of DUI. So what really happened?

Joining me tonight in Hollywood, Ken Baker who is the executive news editor for "E!" Also tonight, in New York, it`s Wendy Walsh who is a doctor of psychology for ""

Let`s star out with the White House gate crashers. These guys are just fascinating to me. These reality show wannabes breach national security. They`re now under investigation by White House Secret Service.

And now, they reportedly want to get paid to tell their story. People are beyond outraged over this including, of course, the ladies of "The View" this morning. Take a look at what they had to say about it.


SHEPHERD: I`m really upset because I think that they should be charged with something.

JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": They should be.

SHEPHERD: I absolutely think they should be charged.


WALTERS: She actually wanted to be on "Real Housewives of D.C." or wherever. The thing is they were supposed to be.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": But she should be in the "Real Housewives in the Joint."



SHEPHERD: They got the balloon boy. They are trying to take - talking about trying to take away kids from the balloon boy people. And something (UNINTELLIGIBLE) about them.


HAMMER: Yes. This whole thing reeks of balloon boy. Now, Ken, you heard Whoopi say it there. They need to wind up in the joint. Would it surprise you if these White House gatecrashers, the Salahis, wind up getting arrested just like the balloon boy`s parents did?

KEN BAKER, EXECUTIVE NEWS EDITOR, E!: Well, it`s interesting, the first thing that I thought of when I heard about these party crashers were that, you know, people party crash out here in Hollywood every night. I mean, they are professional party crashers. It`s a way of life for a lot of people. Getting on the guest list is not a problem.

But then, I thought, wait, this is a little bit different. We are talking about the White House. The president of the United States, the vice president. It`s so beyond ridiculous that it`s actually kind of scary.

And I will say, by all means, I mean, if they did violate some sort of law by doing this, then, they must be taken to task on it because it is really unacceptable. And whoever is responsible for letting them in should definitely be canned. Let`s face it.

HAMMER: Well, it`s scary and really embarrassing for the people responsible in the Secret Service at the end of the day, responsible for our president`s security. Now, late today, a woman who claimed to be the publicist for the Salahis told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT the couple is not shopping their story around. They are not demanding money.

But look, you can`t ignore the fact that these two - they love the limelight. They`ve also been dealing with some serious financial problems. So Wendy, if it does turn out that they didn`t commit a crime here and they do wind up cashing in because they tell their story that has caught the nation`s attention, hey, is there anything wrong with that?

DR. WENDY WALSH, DOCTOR OF PSYCHOLOGY, "MOMLOGIC.COM": Well, I don`t know how we can say that they didn`t commit a crime. I mean, breaching White House security, I would think, might be doing the crime in some circles.

But, you know, the bigger message here is the falseness, the false pretenses. This woman may have had a history of pathological lying. I`ve heard reports that she claims she was a former Victoria`s Secret model, a former Dallas cheerleader, things that have not panned out.

So we need to look at this as a personality disorder as much as a security threat to our country. Because now, this is broadcast around the world, that all you have to do is bring a blond woman and you`re right next to the president.

HAMMER: Wear a pretty red dress and you`re all set. Now, Bravo did confirm today to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that the Salahis are still being considered for their reality show "The Real Housewives of D.C." I mean, this is insane to me. And Ken, if it turns out that the Salahis did breach national security, which appears they have, but if it turns out that`s what they call it, wouldn`t this just be outrageous to reward them with a role on that show?

BAKER: You might call it outrageous, but I`m sure Bravo looks at it as a ratings bonanza. I mean, by definition, if someone is pathological, that`s going to make them a great reality star, because you`re just going to want to watch the train wreck.

Let`s face it. And that`s probably what they are saying. They don`t know if they`re going to use her or not. But you certainly are not going to discount it. Because if someone is that crazy, you definitely want to get a camera on them at all times.

HAMMER: Yes. This is what makes up a lot of reality TV these days. All right. Let`s turn now to another big story just in today - J. Lo`s sex tape nightmare. Now, Jennifer Lopez` first husband, Ojani Noa, is striking back today against his superstar ex-wife. They are involved in this $10 million legal battle right now.

He`s going back to court tomorrow. And here`s what he`s going to do. He is threatening to take 11 hours of their secret honeymoon home videos and enter it into public evidence. That means these tapes could be made public, not being distributed or anything else, but right through the courts.

And the tapes are reportedly very racy, including J. Lo in lingerie and some other things. I mean, Wendy, you know, first of all, a pretty sneaky way for these tapes to get out there. And also, I have to imagine this is J. Lo`s worst nightmare.

WALSH: To use a clinical term, A.J., despicable, OK? What evidence could this really - why does this need to be put out there in a courtroom? That they were, in fact, married, that they, in fact, consummated their marriage?

Really, why does this evidence need to be there when there was a marriage certificate? So that`s the first thing. The second thing is, you know, in our culture, the more beautiful the woman is, and the more powerful she is and the brighter her star, the more someone is going to try to bring them down especially when they want to get money out of them.

HAMMER: That`s so sad.

WALSH: So I hope this will not hurt J. Lo as much as it will hurt him.

HAMMER: Yes. It`s going to see how this plays out in court if those tapes really do get out there. The clock is ticking. J. Lo, get some rest. I think it might work out OK.

Let`s move on to another outrageous story just today. David Hasselhoff checked in and out of the hospital just as his ex-wife, Pamela Bach, gets arrested for suspicion of DUI.

There have been wild reports as to why Hasselhoff was in the hospital. Nothing confirmed, but Bach tells TMZ, "I am remorseful and mortified. I am going through a really difficult time between David being in the hospital and dealing with the divorce."

Ken, let`s back up here. Dealing with the divorce? The marriage ended two years ago.

BAKER: Yes. Well, you know, if they realized that they had this much in common, then maybe they would have stayed together. But the thing is a set. No, seriously though it is really sad. David Hasselhoff - he`s as cheesy as you want to brand him and just make fun of him - whatever. He is a very talented, charismatic guy and, by the way, very likable.

The problem is, he is apparently dealing with a lot of demons, a lot of personal issues. This isn`t the first time that he has had to be rushed to the hospital with some sort of emergency, and it is very sad.


BAKER: But at the heart of it is, I`m just glad his kids are finally growing up a little bit. They`re a little bit older because when this was all playing out a few years ago, it was even sadder to see their two daughters having to endure all this.

HAMMER: Yes. I`ve got to end it there. Ken Baker, Wendy Walsh, thanks so much, guys. I appreciate it.

All right. You may have heard the rumors that Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have broken up? Is it true? Are they splitsville"? The SHOWBIZ truth squad is on the case and I have the answer for you. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Let`s roll out the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker." These are more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news right now.

TEXT: Tom Arnold has gotten married for the fourth time. Jay Leno is reportedly losing his audience to DVR playback of other shows.


HAMMER: It`s time now for the SHOWBIZ truth squad. Tonight, are Reese and Jake splitsville? You know, there are all kinds of rumors swirling about that Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have called it quits. But is it true?

Not at all, according to their reps. Spokespeople for both Reese and Jake tell "People" magazine, quote, "They are still together."

Well, also still together, Chelsea Clinton and her boyfriend. As a matter of fact, they`re engaged. Of course, Chelsea is daughter of former President Bill Clinton and our Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. There are all sorts of rumors over the summer that Chelsea and long-time boyfriend Marc Mezvinsky were engaged. They had even gotten married.

But tonight, the SHOWBIZ truth squad can tell you now, it`s official. Chelsea is 29. Here fiance is 31 and a fellow Stanford alum. They got engaged over Thanksgiving weekend. And they announced the news to friends and family with a mass E-mail.

Somehow, I wish I`m on that chain. The E-mail said they`re planning a wedding for next summer. Congratulations to the two of them.

All right. Tonight, big-time tennis star Roger Federer gets the giggles. This is great. CNN Pedro Pinto was interviewing Roger for CNN Latin America. And they both had trouble keeping it together. You`ve got to see this.


PEDRO PINTO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Ustedes un hombre - since this is for Latin America, maybe I can undo one more button.


ROGER FEDERER, TENNIS CHAMPION: All right. Do I need to be in the shot? I guess not.

PINTO: You are in the shot, that`s why. Shut your eyes, Roger. Just kidding.


FEDERER: I can`t shut my eyes.

PINTO: I can`t believe he`s closing his eyes. This is hilarious.


HAMMER: They were able to stop laughing long enough for Roger to tell CNN International that he is still motivated to win more tennis titles. Even though he`s had a pretty hectic year, he got married and he became the father to twin baby girls. I`m thinking maybe sleep deprivation gave him the giggles.

All right. Last week we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Just moments ago, we got the final results. I bring them to you right now. "Adam Lambert`s racy performance at the American Music Awards: Best career move ever?" Well, you don`t really seem to think so. Twenty-nine percent of you saying yes; 71 percent of you saying no.

And we are still getting tons of E-mails on this. Here are a few. Andrea from Florida writing, "The guy has to sell albums, and sex and shock are what sell albums in today`s word."

Daniel from Connecticut writing, "Adam Lambert is a self-seeking person who cared nothing about the young minds that he forced that racy performance on."

We also heard from Starla in Washington writing, "Adam`s performance made me a former fan. I saw no talent, just a screeching, lousy attempt to get noticed."

Well, I thank you for your E-mails and I thank you for watching. That`s it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Remember, you can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on the 11:00s - at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, and in the morning, 11:00 a.m. Eastern here on HLN.