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Eye on the Tiger; Palin`s Hat Trick

Aired December 17, 2009 - 21:00:00   ET


JOY BEHAR, HOST: Tonight on THE JOY BEHAR SHOW, Jessica Simpson denies that she`s ever exchanged e-mails with Tiger Woods. And I believe her. Come on, everyone knows Tiger would rather text than e-mail.

Then the Guidos of MTV`s Jersey Shore put their massive intellects to the test on "The Jay Leno Show" and somehow managed to confuse Moammar Gadhafi with Lionel Richie -- this is painful to me both as an Italian-American and a former teacher.

And she`s perky, she`s adorable and she makes a chocolate (INAUDIBLE) to die for. I gained 3 pounds just talking to her. My good pal, Rachael Ray joins me.

All that and more starts now.

Well, we can`t get enough of Tiger Woods. But apparently both his wife and Accenture can. On the flip side a couple of celebrities who have been known to step out on their wives are stepping up to support Tiger. Oh, how nice.

Here to discuss are Marc Peyser, senior editor of "Newsweek", Jean Casarez, correspondent for "In Session" and Kate Coyne, senior editor of "People" Magazine.

Did I say your name right, dear?


BEHAR: I did.

Kate, we`re at the end of week three on the Tiger Woods` scandal. Is there any end in sight as far as you can see?

COYNE: Well, I do think some fatigue is beginning to set in with each day bringing another woman coming forward and the steady stream of women seems to be trickling down a little bit. So there may be an end to this current wave of stories of a woman and a woman and a woman all coming forward to tell their tawdry tales.

BEHAR: Put it in context, though, is this a typical length for a scandal or no?

COYNE: It`s the typical length of a scandal in which it`s been handled in a mysterious way. If you look at something like the David Letterman scandal where he really got out in front of it right away and within a week or two, everyone had moved on.

BEHAR: Right.

COYNE: Because there was so much secrecy in the beginning, because he didn`t just come right out and tell all and because it`s been bit by bit by bit, this has had a longer shelf life than the average scandal might have.

BEHAR: You think so?

MARC PEYSER, SENIOR EDITOR, "NEWSWEEK": Oh, yes. I mean he`s handled it terribly. It`s not going to go away at least until we see his face and he comes out and faces the cameras and then it all starts again when he gets on the golf course.

So exactly right. I mean, Letterman got out in front and made fun of himself; this is obviously much more serious in its way but he hasn`t really handled it nicely.

BEHAR: Jean, do you think there are certain points to this that are particular, like particularly salacious for all of us? You know, there`s a crash and a golf club attack, that was the first thing, which is kind of violent. That little ingredient?

JEAN CASAREZ, CORRESPONDENT, "IN SESSION": Exactly. There`s so many questions that are still unanswered because let`s take us back to the beginning. It all started with a golf cart and a crash right.

BEHAR: Right.

CASAREZ: And then it started multiplying. We still don`t really know the golf cart, the crash of the vehicle, the injuries to Tiger Woods. A lot of questions. And remember...

BEHAR: The mystery is what`s keeping it alive.

CASAREZ: Yes, and day by day, the facts come out. Now, for the legal network "In Session" this case may just be starting because if she files for divorce, then you`re actually going to a courtroom.

BEHAR: Is she going to file?

CASAREZ: The word is that she has. That she has hired a high profile attorney, premiere defense lawyer out of California, which is also interesting because they reside in Florida. But remember, Tiger was born in California. His foundation is in Florida. So that could take them to Florida.

BEHAR: And she`ll get half his money in California, won`t she? She won`t get all that money in Florida.

CASAREZ: That`s a good point. There`s a pre-nup, but also there could be some other issues here. There could be a civil case for fraud. It has been done before -- McGreevey, the former governor of New Jersey.

BEHAR: Yes, sure.

PEYSER: Well, that was a little different though. I mean, it`s hard to equate McGreevey with Tiger Woods, even in this case.

CASAREZ: Really I disagree because when they got married, if what he purported to be in the marriage was not what his intent was that could be a civil case for fraud.

BEHAR: You don`t agree?

PEYSER: I would be suspicious. I`m not a lawyer, but the McGreevey case was clearly a fraud in a completely different way.

BEHAR: Because he was gay and he never told?

PEYSER: Yes. Exactly.

BEHAR: Yes, that`s a whole different thing.

PEYSER: Right.

BEHAR: I mean, this guy is a heterosexual man and that`s it. And he was with women.

PEYSER: I mean, the fraud would be what ...


CASAREZ: But the issue with the fraud was the sex, not entirely ...

PEYSER: Like I said, I`m not a lawyer. It just seems like that would be something that every woman who gets divorced because their husband was cheating would file. And then we will see that happening...

CASAREZ: It`s creative.

BEHAR: Ok. It`s creative.

But there are other things. You know, there`s the texting and the e-mails between these women and him. That`s all that stuff. There`s rumors of prescription drug use, also which there is absolutely no proof yet of anything like that, it`s just a rumor. And then he had his squeaky clean image and all these endorsements, so it`s a big story.

CASAREZ: That`s right and...

BEHAR: It`s a big story. And you know men and women see the story differently.

We found -- the women say with such a beautiful wife and kids and life, how could he cheat? And the men say, we get bored with what we have, we`re primal.

You know, men. You can`t live with them and you can`t kill them.

COYNE: I actually find it funny that so many people are saying, she`s so beautiful, I can`t believe that would happen. I want to remind them have they ever heard of Halle Berry, whose husband quite famously, you know, cheated on her?

BEHAR: Exactly.

COYNE: It happens all the time.

BEHAR: Jennifer Aniston -- he dumped her for another beauty obviously. But that happens all the time.

If a man is going to cheat, he`s going to cheat, I don`t care what his wife looks like.

COYNE: Absolutely.

BEHAR: Am I right or wrong?

PEYSER: You know, I don`t have a wife so I can`t tell you. But obviously not high marks for Tiger though.

BEHAR: Let`s talk about "Newsweek". They did a cover story in defense of our love for celebrity culture. Am I right.


BEHAR: Is it because it`s more fun and less scary than health care reform?

PEYSER: Less boring than health care reform.

No, it`s because -- I mean, look at what`s happened here. It wasn`t really -- the story isn`t about Tiger, per se. It`s about how celebrity has taken over our lives and not necessarily in a bad way. It`s about how celebrity has been raised to an art form in some sense, replacing movies and books in the way it gives us narratives to follow, in the way it teaches us lessons and in the way that it unites us. Everybody watches a different TV show, watches a different movie, reads a different book -- if they even know how to read. Everybody is united by the Tiger Woods story.

BEHAR: It`s kind of like if this happened in your family, let`s say your parents or your uncle was cheating with somebody, the cousins would all talk about it. So he`s kind of like the family member that we can all gossip about.


BEHAR: It feels like that to me. I don`t know about your family.

PEYSER: I don`t know about your family. That`s what I was going to say.

COYNE: That`s also what celebrity has become now. With Twitter feeds and Facebook pages, you know, celebrities have become the sort of people who constantly update you on every little thing that is happening in their lives.

So it`s sort of live by the sword, die by the sword. If you`ve now created an atmosphere in which you`ve invited the public to know everything about you, when bad stuff goes down, they`re going to want to know every last part of it.

PEYSER: In Tiger`s case, it`s the exact opposite. It`s feeding off of his mania for privacy. He never did that kind of stuff.

BEHAR: Yes. That`s true.

CASAREZ: He purported to be honest. His values were of a realm that were honest and something that you respect. And now we know that he led his life allegedly with dishonesty to his wife, that his wife didn`t know any of that.

BEHAR: And to the other mistresses.


BEHAR: He kept telling this one he loved her. This one they were great. And he was lying to them also.

CASAREZ: So what the media created by the image that he purported has been destroyed.

BEHAR: What have we learned from this at all, do you think? What are the lessons from this.

PEYSER: Don`t let your husband go on the road for 25 or 50 weeks a year. That would be one lesson for Elin, I would say. I mean, if people get bored this easily, if men have this kind of problem, I wonder if she had followed him on the road, obviously because he`s just really famous but you know, it`s hard to believe...

BEHAR: But she has children. She couldn`t. You can`t have everything. Why do these guys get married? Why don`t they just -- they want to have children. Why can`t they just buy a kid like Brangelina and the rest of them? Just buy child.

COYNED: I think maybe what we have learned is that Elin did apparently sit down with Tiger before they got married and said to him, I know that you`ve been a partier in the past, I know that you`ve had some pretty wild ways. But that`s going to stop now. That has to stop and he said, "Yes, it will".

CASAREZ: That`s called fraud.


COYNE: You can subpoena me. I think that maybe what we`ve learned is that, you know, as Oprah is so fond of saying when somebody shows you who they are, believe them the first time. I mean, maybe if she knew he was a partier and she knew this was the kind of way that he behaved, this might not have been the guy to get married to.

CASAREZ: Here`s another thing we`ve learned. When the state trooper requests the blood test results because who do you want subpoenaed: blood test results; suspect: Tiger Woods, driving under the influence. This is a legal document.

State attorney`s office declined to get those blood test results from someone driving on a public street. The lesson learned is maybe we wouldn`t get that if we were the ones that were driving on a public street. You question the...

BEHAR: Is this fraud also, Jean.

COYNE: It almost feels quaint remembering this stuff. Remember when all we were worried about was that maybe he was drinking a little bit that night. I mean I just...

PEYSER: Or hurt, you know badly hurt.

COYNE: Or hurt or that maybe there had been an argument. Now in light of the 14 or however many women, oh, that was such a simpler time when...

BEHAR: Thank you very much. Thanks to my panel.

When we come back a blonde woman who actually denies a Tiger liaison; will wonders never cease? The story just goes on and on and on.

Thank you.


BEHAR: If you believe the most recent cover of "Star" magazine, the latest babe to be linked to Tiger Woods is none other than Jessica Simpson.

Wait a minute hold on. Joining me to discuss this and more are Cat Greenleaf, host of WNBC`s "Talk Stoop with Cat Greenleaf"; Roy Sekoff, founding editor of "Huffington"; and comedian Jessica Kirson.

Ok, now "Star" magazine implies that Simpson and Tiger had a fling after meeting at a celebrity golf event. Take a look at the cover. See the cover?


BEHAR: Ok, now look at one of the original photos from the event. Ok.

SEKOFF: What`s different about this picture?

BEHAR: That is -- that is Tony Romo...


BEHAR: Jessica Simpson`s boyfriend, on the left side of Tiger.


BEHAR: Now, if Photo Shop can do anything now, why should we believe anything that we see? In any -- I don`t even know if I should believe these mistresses now. I don`t know what to believe.

CAT GREENLEAF, "TALK STOOP WITH CAT GREENLEAF": But isn`t it fun believing it? Whether or not it`s true, we`re all having a ball with this.

BEHAR: I know, as long as nobody gets hurt.

SEKOFF: No, but I think with this, we`re not even scraping the bottom of the barrel, we`re scraping the bottom of the bottom of the barrel, the underside of it.

Yes, it`s at the point now where they`re even talking to his high school girlfriend saying that his dad used to cheat. That`s how bad it is.

BEHAR: Yes, that`s true.

SEKOFF: You know...

BEHAR: We`re really stretching the story.

JESSICA KIRSON, COMEDIAN: Yes, they`re trying to get 18 people, because it`s a golf -- it`s a golf thing.

BEHAR: Is that...

KIRSON: I just want to announce right now that I too have slept with Tiger Woods.


BEHAR: Well, get in line. You`re his type.

GREENLEAF: Yes, well, he`s mine, I`ll tell you.

BEHAR: Is he?

GREENLEAF: He is, as a matter of fact.

BEHAR: Really.

GREENLEAF: But I love my husband very much, but yes he is my type.

BEHAR: Tiger`s your type. Why, because he`s rich?

GREENLEAF: Well, that can never hurt. But he`s good looking, he has a great figure, he`s gifted athletically and I read on some trashy tabloid that he`s gifted in other ways.

SEKOFF: There`s a mixed bag on that, I think but you know what I really love, I love that all the other adulterers are now joining in. Rudy Giuliani...

BEHAR: My favorite.

SEKOFF: Yes and he said hey, hang in there, guy. It`s like, listen, I slept with my mistress in Gracie Mansion and I still ran for president. It`s not over for you there`s life after adultery.

KIRSON: I disagree. I don`t find him good looking. I could not -- there`s no way he`s good in bed.

BEHAR: Well, how do you know?

KIRSON: There`s nothing sexy about him at all. Nothing.

BEHAR: I sort of agree with that. I don`t think he`s sexy.


BEHAR: But you know that`s what do I care?

GREENLEAF: The v-shaped back to the little narrow waist doesn`t do it for you?

BEHAR: No, it`s sounds like a woman`s body.


BEHAR: A V-shape back to the small waist, that`s your figure.

GREENLEAF: Well, thank you but he has the most beautiful (INAUDIBLE) about Tiger.

BEHAR: But I mean, people can just make up anything now, right?

SEKOFF: Yes, I mean, this is the thing because you know they`re not going to sue because as soon as they sue, the lawyers should start go, great, we get to depose Tiger Woods.


SEKOFF: That`s worth a million dollars, right?

BEHAR: Well, Jessica is pissed. She says, I can`t believe though, she Tweeted this.

KIRSON: I know that she even...

BEHAR: "I can`t believe that I`m on the cover of "Star" magazine with Tiger Woods, what a joke. The shocking inside story is (insert drumroll) a lie." She`s pissed. Could they get sued for this?

SEKOFF: Well yes, but they`re not going to. Because like I said, then you know Tiger gets deposed...


SEKOFF: ... and they get to ask him anything he wants. You know they`re going to avoid that no matter what.

But you know also, Tiger, he may be a bit randy but I think he`s stupid, do you think he`s going to hit on Jessica Simpson when an NFL football player is playing golf with him.

BEHAR: Exactly.

SEKOFF: I mean, what`s next, Mike Tyson`s girlfriend? You know he`s not done.

BEHAR: Right.

Ok, moving on to a group of people who make Jessica Simpson look like Albert Einstein, the cast of MTV`s "Jersey Shore" -- they were quizzed on Leno last night. Take a look.


JAY LENO, HOST, "THE JAY LENO SHOW": Now this should be an easy one. What year did we celebrate our independence, Mike?


LENO: 1767, no close. Are there any years in the 1700s that stand out more than other?


LENO: What happened in 1762?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

MIKE: What`s the next number?

LENO: It`s nine more than what you said originally.


LENO: You need some pens and pencils? Add nine to 1767.

MIKE: 1775.


BEHAR: Is this all an act?



BEHAR: I mean, is it really -- can they be that dumb?

KIRSON: No, I`m from Jersey. I just want it out there. I just love New Jersey. I really do. I defend it all the time. If people say it smells. It doesn`t smell.

BEHAR: Well, Elizabeth -- in Elizabeth, New Jersey...

KIRSON: Right.

BEHAR: ... it smells.


BEHAR: No, no, no Elizabeth, New Jersey.

KIRSON: Oh. Elizabeth smells.


BEHAR: People in the car...


BEHAR: ... people in the car smell and you say oh, what stinks and you go oh, it`s Elizabeth.

KIRSON: Right, I know that`s true.

BEHAR: Yes. It`s an excuse.

KIRSON: But you know, there`s beaches, there`s mountains, there`s all kinds of things. And these people are so stupid. They`re not even from New Jersey. One is from Albany.

SEKOFF: One`s from Rhode Island.

KIRSON: Yes. One is from Mars.

SEKOFF: Yes, but idiocy is their brand.


SEKOFF: You know so this is very good branding last night. Because this is where we are in our culture, right? If you are the skankiest girl, on "Flavor of Love", you get your own spin-off.

BEHAR: That`s right.

SEKOFF: Right? You`ve got to be the stupidest, you`ve got to be the most idiotic or whatever the game is.

BEHAR: But it annoys me that they`re -- I have to say, it`s an Italian-American woman it`s annoying to watch these morons. It`s like I have a Masters degree. I did that for what, so that people think that I`m like them?

GREENLEAF: It`s true.

SEKOFF: No one would think that though, Joy. I mean, when did Columbus sail the ocean blue?

BEHAR: Whatever.

Let`s take a poll. Who are the dumbest people ever to star on TV? Jessica Simpson, Spidey, the Jersey Shore or Glenn Beck? Who are the dumbest people?

SEKOFF: Well, you know if Paula Abdul is actually not on drugs like she claims, then she`s got to be right up there. Because you can`t say a coherent sentence and she left Idol. So...

BEHAR: I know.

KIRSON: She`s just -- whatever, she`s not stupid, she`s just popping pills. But this is the thing.

BEHAR: Allegedly.

KIRSON: Or whatever. And I`m allegedly heavy. Anyway so the point is, I love how I call myself heavy. The point is that...

BEHAR: You`re round. You`re well proportioned.

KIRSON: Yes, like my grandma. Yes, Reubenesque (ph). Anyway, so the point is, is that these are the dumbest people I`ve ever seen in my whole - - I watched the show. It was torture for me. I mean, really it was horrible that -- whatever, whatever, she was like what, she was like what?

It was unbelievable. That`s all I heard. What? There was -- there was...

BEHAR: Coming up, wait, we have to go coming Sarah Palin plays with Sharpies. My panel will discuss. They are not going away.

First, here`s sneak peek from Sunday night`s premiere of HLN`s "All Due Respect." Charles Barkley shares his take on America`s most famous hockey mom. Stay there.


ROBIN MEADE, HLN HOST: Why are we so obsessed with Mrs. Palin?

CHARLES BARKLEY, TNT NBA ANALYST: Because she`s attractive.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Excellent answer, excellent answer.


BARKLEY: We are fascinated by Sarah Palin -- I wouldn`t vote for her -- but I think America`s fascinated because first of all she`s a hockey mom, she`s got 5 kids and she`s attractive. I mean that`s the real reason.

First of all -- and the reason you know it as true...


BARKLEY: Because a year ago we didn`t even know she was alive. And then within a swift thing -- of getting -- nominated to vice president by Mr. McCain, she has become a rock star.

MEADE: Our all-star panel takes on all of 2009. "WITH ALL DUE RESPECT" Sunday December 20th on HLN.



BEHAR: I`m back with my panel.

Ok. You guys will love this. Sarah Palin was spotted in Hawaii this week wearing a "McCain for President" visor, only she blacked out the letters. Now, what is she up to? Is this like some middle school thing? Where I don`t like the McCains anymore and I`m blacking out the letters.

GREENLEAF: First of all, who wears visors? Didn`t visors go out in the `80s.

BEHAR: No, you see them in the Hamptons. They`re quite hideous.

ROY SEKOFF, FOUNDING EDITOR, HUFFINGTONPOST.COM: The thing I love is that she used a magic marker, though. That takes some effort. It`s like when you`re watching "Law and Order" and they kill somebody with a knife, the D.A. always goes, "That means it`s personal."


SEKOFF: So the fact that she took the time to do that, very personal.

BEHAR: But I mean, can`t she just -- I don`t know -- buy another visor? Would that be out of the question.

SEKOFF: Yes, you`d think.

KIRSON: I know, she just made a million dollars on a book, she couldn`t find another hat?

BEHAR: Yes, exactly.

GREENLEAF: A full hat.

SEKOFF: Here`s the beautiful thing, Joy. Remember, she`s in Hawaii. Last week her father said that she went to school -- she went to college in Hawaii for one semester but she left because she wasn`t comfortable with all the Asians and Pacific islanders.

BEHAR: Really? Who said that? Her father?

SEKOFF: Her father. So now she`s back in Hawaii, so maybe she can -- maybe she feels more comfortable when they`re serving her at a luxury hotel. It`s a little different.


BEHAR: She says that she did it to be incognito. Do you buy that?

SEKOFF: Well, you know what? I don`t because her T-shirt said, you know, "This is America, if you don`t love it, get the hell out."

GREENLEAF: Plus she was holding a rifle.

SEKOFF: So that`s always a good way to be incognito.


SEKOFF: That does it. You`re on a beach.

BEHAR: A couple weeks ago some guy threw tomatoes at her at some event. And then I read that she went to Costco to do a book signing. Who does his book signing at Costco? And they hid all the tomatoes.

Have you ever been to Costco`s? They have big tomato cans. They could have killed the woman with a can. They`re hiding the tomatoes. What type of behavior is that?

SEKOFF: Don`t forget, she doesn`t mind when you show up at a presidential rally with a sidearm on your leg. That`s ok, she fights for your right to do that. But tomatoes, get them out of the place. Lock them all up.

BEHAR: This is like a trend. They`re throwing tomatoes at people. And throwing -- remember the shoe incident? This is like...

SEKOFF: But it`s better than the Italian Premier who they punched in the face.

BEHAR: Oh, Berlusconi. He says, why do they hate him. He`s done so much. Why?

SEKOFF: Which sounds like the guys from the Jersey Shore.

KIRSON: What are you talking about?

SEKOFF: Why did you punch me?

KIRSON: It would have been really funny if someone just took like a vat of mayo and threw it at her head. I would kill to see that, you have to know.

BEHAR: That would be good for her hair. Mayonnaise is excellent for your hair.

GREENLEAF: Or one of those whole roasted chickens that they have at Costco. They could just throw the stick at her.

BEHAR: Ok. Let`s talk about Chuck Schumer. Senator Schumer from New York had a little airline outburst Sunday. He reportedly called a flight attendant a "bitch" after she made him turn off his phone before take off. He has apologized.

Will this spark him to change the law in airplane cell phone policy? What do you think of this?

GREENLEAF: What`s funny about that is he`s a big supporter of the airline passenger`s bill of rights. As early as this summer he was saying we should pass that. I don`t know if that includes calling your stewardess a bitch. But as far as he`s concerned he definitely should.

BEHAR: What do you think?

KIRSON: I think who cares? I call stewardesses bitches all the time.

SEKOFF: That`s why you don`t get a good service. You don`t get the extra peanuts.

BEHAR: But you`re not a United States Senator. You`re not a Senator of the United States and he was on the phone with Harry Reid.

KIRSON: But he hung up and said it under his breath and some Republican saw him say it.


BEHAR: Senator Gillibrand, who was with him -- she`s the senator also from New York. Her office denied that it happened. But then he apologized. So obviously somebody is lying.


SEKOFF: You know, it`s the sense of entitlement. You know that is the guy on the plane next to you who they have to ask personally, everybody knows the rules. Get off the phone, senator. Give me a break. I want to get home, too.

GREENLEAF: How long is that flight, 38 minutes?

SEKOFF: Yes exactly.


BEHAR: Jessica, as we go out, just give me a little more of the Jersey kids.

KIRSON: And I got like why do you want to hear it, it`s so annoying. I was like, what are you talking about? I don`t understand. I was like, what are you talking about? What are you saying?

BEHAR: Thanks, everyone. More when we come back.


BEHAR: Okay, this is an upsetting story. Susan Powell, a 28 year old Utah mother of two young sons, has been missing since December 7th. And yesterday, her husband Josh was named a person of interest by the police. Here to discuss this disturbing case further is criminal profiler Pat Brown, the CEO of Pat Brown Criminal Profiling Agency. Hello, Pat.


BEHAR: Okay, the latest news is that the West Valley City Police named Susan Powell`s husband, Josh, a person of interest. Does that make him a suspect?

BROWN: He`s been a suspect from day one. It`s just nobody wants to say that in this day and age. They`re only looking at him. They`ve only ever looked at him. They`ve never gone to the community and said there`s a kidnapper out there, there`s a serial killer out there, look out for somebody dangerous. They`ve been looking at this man from day one. They`re just cautious how they make their statements. Yes, he`s been the one and only suspect.

BEHAR: Uh-huh. Well do you have to have a motive to be a person of interest or can they just suspect you?

BROWN: It`s really -- a person of interest is really a new terminology. Suspect was the original one and they said that`s pushing it too hard. We`re focusing on just one person; we`re making them look bad. Okay, we`ll just call them a person of interest. And even that they didn`t like to do sometimes. So they`ll just say we`re looking at everybody when clearly they`re not. It`s just a euphemism for a suspect. Basically it means we got nobody else and you`re the guy we really can`t get out of our sights.

BEHAR: Isn`t it usually the husband when the wife is missing? It usually is, isn`t it?

BROWN: Almost always the husband or boyfriend. If they went missing out of the house. Not that they`ve been, you know, not if the woman goes jogging, or she`s been at a bar, then you could say, maybe you can say it`s a stranger homicide or a stranger abduction.

But it`s a little unusual when a woman is at home with her children and then suddenly she just goes missing in the middle of the night. In that case, usually, it`s almost always the significant other in this particular instance the husband.

BEHAR: Right, right. It`s usually the wife goes missing, not the husband I noticed.

BROWN: We haven`t seen too many husbands go missing.

BEHAR: They`re usually off philandering.

BROWN: Right.

BEHAR: This is a different situation -

BROWN: Or they end up in the wood shed, you know. Something nasty in the wood shed and they`ve been found, you know. Some shot gun, but they did it to themselves. You know, it`s one of those situations.

BEHAR: Is your phone going off?

BROWN: It actually did.

BEHAR: Maybe there`s a break in the case.

BROWN: I`m hoping they`re calling me just to find out what`s going on.

BEHAR: Yes. Okay now, the police took DNA samples and they had a court order. Why did they have a court order? Did the guy, the husband, the alleged husband, whatever you want to call him, the suspect, did he not cooperate with the police?

BROWN: It would look that way, because if the guy is willing to give up that DNA, they don`t have to go through that. But they have to have probable cause to get that search warrant for that. So I`m thinking they got some good information there that they went to the judge and said we need to get this DNA from the guy.

BEHAR: Well the guy looks suspicious because he takes his kids camping at 12:00 a.m. in the morning in subzero weather. Who does that? I mean right away that arouses everyone`s suspicion, right?

BROWN: Well absolutely. When that story came out, everybody rolled their eyes and said you got to be kidding. This is the worst alibi. Nobody does this. No woman would let her husband take her little tiny toddlers off into the middle of the night into a snowstorm.

BEHAR: Right.

BROWN: So clearly he had to come up with some reason why he was out of the house when his wife --

BEHAR: What was the reason he came up with, what is the reason that he said Oh, I went camping at that hour, what kind of alibi did he have?

BROWN: Well apparently he`s just one of these sporty guys who love to take his children off and have a lot of fun with them. So at midnight, he got this great idea that wouldn`t it be great to take the children out and have them enjoy the snow. At least --

BEHAR: Not in the middle of the night. At the very least, that`s kind of abusive and neglectful in my opinion.

BROWN: Well we all think so and that`s why nobody is buying the story. And that`s why the police immediately had him in that back room and said look, we don`t buy this story.

BEHAR: Okay thank you very much, Pat, for weighing in on all this.

BROWN: All right.

BEHAR: My next guest hosts the Emmy Award winning syndicated show "The Rachael Ray Show" how do they come up with these titles? Joining me now is the lovely and talented Rachael Ray. Welcome to the show, Rachel.


BEHAR: I`m so happy to have you, and I`m on your show all the time. Now you`re on mine.

RAY: That`s right, I am thrilled.

BEHAR: Now before we go into your life and your loves, whatever they may be --

RAY: My loves?

BEHAR: The food, I`m thinking of food.

RAY: Yes, me too.

BEHAR: This Tiger Woods scandal, how do you cook for a crowd like that? I mean what would you make?

RAY: Well, for his bevy?

BEHAR: Yes, for his bevy.

RAY: His for his bevy of babes. Very little. They don`t look like they eat too much do they?

BEHAR: No, they can`t eat too much. They have to maintain their -

RAY: They look very trim.

BEHAR: Their thinness.

RAY: Yes.

BEHAR: But nobody is thinner than you right now because you lost a lot -- you`ve lot how much?

RAY: You know what? I got to tell you the truth, I`ve not been on a scale - I`ve been on a scale when I went to the hospital and stuff, but I haven`t looked at a scales since I was 12 years old. So I don`t really know. If I had to guess, probably 20. I don`t know.

BEHAR: How are you doing it, are you running? And --

RAY: I run every morning. And that`s one of the great things that came out of having the throat surgery that I did. I had to be quiet for literally three weeks and I was scribbling and scribbling and scribbling furiously and banging on counters trying to get all the words out that would normally come out of my mouth. And I just said, oh; look at me running on at the mouth. And I just got sick of scribbling. So I need something to take up that frustration.

BEHAR: So you started running?

RAY: I started running and I feel like I`m 41 now, I feel like I wasted a good 20 years of my life not thinking as clearly as I could have, and not feeling as good as I could have. It really changed everything about the way I work.

BEHAR: Wow. See whenever I run, I feel I`m wasting time doing that.

RAY: I use to feel the same way. I had the nasty little gym card that I would buy so I could say; sure, I go to the gym.

BEHAR: Right. Right.

RAY: And every time I opened my wallet, it would make fun of me and mock me, you know. And I would go to the gym a few times a year. I did like sit-ups and stuff at home, those Jane Fonda butt lifts from back in the day.

BEHAR: Oh yes. I love Fonda butt lifts.

RAY: But I never went to a gym in a meaningful way. And now I think of it as going to the play ground six days a week.

BEHAR: The playground, that`s cute.

RAY: It is its fun.

BEHAR: Hopefully this will last. You may decide not to do it anymore. And I would understand that.

RAY: Are you encouraging me to stop, Joy?

BEHAR: No. Let`s move on to something that was in the news about you recently.

RAY: Really?

BEHAR: Martha Stewart spoke about you during an interview. Let`s take a look at it.


MARTHA STEWART: She just did a new cook book, which is just a reedit of a lot of her old recipes. That`s not good enough for me. I really want to write a book that is a unique and lasting thing. Something that will really fulfill a need in someone`s library. So she`s different. She`s more of an entertainer than she is with her bubbly personality than she is a teacher like me.


BEHAR: Boy, the oven mitts were off, huh?

RAY: I don`t see what the fuss is. She just said the truth for her. That`s what she believes and she`s just being honest. My book right now is a compilation of a lot of different lists, it`s a fair criticism, I guess. It`s not for everybody. If you have an artist that you like, it`s like a compilation CD. You know, I think that for some people, that`s a good thing. They want to know what the top ten most requested meals are meals under 10 bucks. People ask me a lot what are John`s favorites or your family favorites and we`ve done a whole library now, about 15 books. So it was something, quite frankly that my publisher suggested and I though well sounds like a good idea.

BEHAR: So she was referring to that particular book.

RAY: So that particular book, but I have written 14 previous titles.

BEHAR: Yes, yes.

RAY: I thought each of them had a really unique take on them. And I`m working right now, I just finished my next title and I think it`s the most unusual idea in cookbooks yet. It`s a multimedia kind of thing --

BEHAR: What`s it called, "Burn, Baby Burn?"

RAY: Oh it`s called "Look and Cook" and then there`s a big long subtitle. But I`ll tell you more about it. I just finished it so I`m very excited about it.

BEHAR: Well you know the thing about it is she kind of aggrandized (ph) herself at your expense. You know, I`m a teacher, you know all that stuff. It was rude and she apologized.


RAY: Well Martha believes that a teacher should show you the best. The absolute closest thing to perfect example of whatever that thing is. And that is a school of thought and a legitimate one. I do teach and I teach from a different angle. My angle is I`ll show you all of the messes and successes equally. So you`ll feel that it`s an accessible thing.

BEHAR: Right.

RAY: Because it is can-do thing for you. But you can certainly do anything I do, or any place I travel to, or anything I talk about. Of course you could imagine yourself doing it. So there are just different schools of thought. I think you`ll have a balance

BEHAR: Well the two of you have such a different way of approaching what you do just on television. Yours is a sort of a fun, ebullient, very friendly and hers. I`ve been or her show many times. She`s right straight ahead. She focuses. I mean you can say I have six months to live. And she`ll say put more glue on the paper machete puppet. That`s where she`s at.

RAY: She`s very, very focused.

BEHAR: She`s focused.

RAY: But I think that that`s a very legitimate fantastic way of teaching. It is the opposite of you I teach. I like to go at it from, hey, if I can do it, anybody can. Because for me that`s my truth.

BEHAR: And hers is the opposite. Hers is, you can`t do this.

RAY: Hers is, this is perfect and come as close as you can -

BEHAR: Try it.

RAY: And come as close as you can, exactly. Which is legitimate.

BEHAR: Right. She has great recipes in all her books. I must give it to her.

RAY: She has beautiful food. I am very proud of my food too. I think my food smells great and looks great. And if anybody could reasonably do it in a reasonable amount of time. I, you know, I just don`t see what the fuss is about, and I have told Martha to her face and have always said in every interview that were it not for her and some of the people over at Food Network, I probably wouldn`t have a job or the success that I do and the people that came before me.

BEHAR: You`re a talented girl in your own right. Don`t put yourself in that position.

RAY: Well thank you.

BEHAR: You are. Are you going to have her on the show?

RAY: She did come on the show.

BEHAR: She came on?

RAY: I don`t know if she would come back, she certainly would always be welcomed. And she killed it. She was hysterical and fun.

BEHAR: She can be very funny. Yes.

RAY: She was brilliant and a Joy on the show, honestly, hysterical.

BEHAR: All right, don`t go overboard.

RAY: All right, pull it back.

BEHAR: More with Rachael Ray when we come back.



RAY: I want to know, because it says part of the title is "America On Purpose." I want to know how difficult the citizenship test is.

It`s a little bit hard. When I did it, it was very easy. It was basically, do you like soda? Yes. Do you hate Al Qaeda? Yes. Come on in.


BEHAR: Well, that was a clip from "The Rachael Ray Show" and back with me is the lovely, beautiful and thin now Rachael Ray.

RAY: Thank you, Joy.

BEHAR: Let`s talk about Tiger for a minute.

RAY: All right.

BEHAR: I know I haven`t done it enough on this show. I feel more, more.

RAY: And we don`t see enough of it on television these days.

BEHAR: No, it`s just such a topic that no one -

RAY: It`s like, would you like a little bit of news with your Tiger?

BEHAR: Do you think his wife should leave him, what do you think?

RAY: You know what because it seems like because a lot of these young ladies are talking a lot, and it is impossible to avoid listening to the story.

BEHAR: Right.

RAY: It seems like this was his behavior for a long time now,


RAY: Since before they were married. So I can`t imagine that she didn`t have some idea that he was that kind of fellow.

BEHAR: You know there is this one woman, who is like close to 50 that we were talking about, this alleged mistress, I have to always say that, you get in trouble if you don`t say it. She was going with - doing, doing him, or whatever they say,

RAY: Yes.

BEHAR: Before the marriage, and then he got married and she continued doing him. Do you think she went to the wedding?

RAY: Well, I don`t know. But that`s what I`m saying. What I find interesting is why would you think -- it`s sort of like when somebody marries a fireman and police officer and they get upset with them because they`re doing these high-risk jobs and never home, right?

BEHAR: Oh you mean when you`re going with a married man --

RAY: When you`re going with someone that has many affairs going on at one time, do you realistically? I don`t know, do you realistically believe that that behavior will change

BEHAR: I don`t know.

RAY: Just because you get married?

BEHAR: But you know I have to say something against these women in a way. Because the sisterhood needs to be stronger.

RAY: Yes.

BEHAR: We can`t be finding people`s husbands and taking them over. It`s not work. It`s not working for the feminist movement

RAY: Yes.

BEHAR: And eventually a man who cheats on you will cheat with

RAY: Absolutely.

BEHAR: Cheats with someone else who will cheat on that person too. That`s what happens.

RAY: You know and I think it`s really sad for such a young family, too.

BEHAR: Well.

RAY: And you know hindsight is always 20/20. But I`m sure he`s like, oh my god, I can`t believe this is my life. How did I do this? But you know what else I really feel for? Or -- I really feel for all the families that are attached to that brand. I mean Tiger isn`t just Tiger.


BEHAR: That`s right. A lot of people could lose their jobs.

RAY: A lot of families make their living literally off that brand. I was watching the business news and that whole division of Nike didn`t exist prior to Tiger. And it`s like $800 million business. If that goes away, and it`s not, knock on wood, I don`t wish that on anyone, but that`s the thing that I find really frightening.

BEHAR: What about golf. No one watched golf before Tiger.

RAY: He really caused a revolution.

BEHAR: Men in beluga shorts and long socks.

RAY: Yes. I mean --

BEHAR: In plaid pants. Men in plaid pants with cigars were watching golf before Tiger.

RAY: Again, hind sight 20/20. It must be really emotionally devastating.

BEHAR: I`m sure it is. Let`s do some twitter questions. Ask her why she`s so damn perky.

RAY: Caffeine.

BEHAR: That`s a nice question.

RAY: It`s a lot of caffeine and if you love what you do, you get a little goofy about it.

BEHAR: You have a lot of energy.

RAY: I love what I do.

BEHAR: what do you want besides caffeine?

RAY: Caffeine and fistfuls of varieitamin vitamins.

BEHAR: Sweetheart I read they didn`t work.

RAY: Brimming over palmful in the morning.

BEHAR: There were studies on these things, they don`t work.

RAY: It makes me feel better.

BEHAR: Oh all right, fine.

RAY: I mean, I just -- it`s the placebo effect, you know.

BEHAR: Yes, all right.

RAY: I wake take it, wash it down with a gallon of ice coffee. And then I`m all -

BEHAR: The burps don`t bother you? They make me nauseous. All right.

RAY: Yes the burps are disgusting, Joy. But between the fish oil and coffee, you don`t want to be near me until it all kind of all calms down.

BEHAR: Oh my god. Beano. Here`s a question, what is Rachael planning to serve for her holiday meal? Everybody wants to know about that?

RAY: We always make the same stuff. On Christmas Eve, my mom are make a stuffed sole. Or will make a jifino, like nice fish stew

BEHAR: Oh yes.

RAY: And the next day we make Christmas pasta. Oh in the morning we have champagne.

BEHAR: In the morning?

RAY: Yes, Christmas morning we have gallons of champagne. My mother and my sister love champagne.

BEHAR: You come from an alcoholic family?

RAY: Well I hope not. The champagne gets flowing and you know we eat candy out of our socks.

BEHAR: And this continues all day.

RAY: And we have a huge thing called Christmas pasta. It`s like the whole barn yard in red sauce with pasta.

BEHAR: So you do the seven fishes on Christmas eve like the Italian?

RAY: My mom doesn`t like all seven. So we have the stuffed fish --

BEHAR: What you mean, there`s seven specific different fish?

RAY: Yes, there`s seven different fishes you`re suppose to have as part of that big feast. But my mom doesn`t like most of them. So we have the crab stuffed sole or we`ll have like a chapino with like cod. And

BEHAR: A lot of fish in it.

RAY: And the shrimp. Yes.

BEHAR: I never knew that.

RAY: But only the ones that she liked.

BEHAR: They want to know, before we go, one more question. Did you watch the movie "Julie And Julia." What did you think of it?

RAY: Loved it, loved it. I loved it. I went to the premiere with my sister and we giggled and cried and I just -- Meryl Streep --

BEHAR: Wasn`t she unbelievable?

RAY: Miraculous.

BEHAR: Meryl Streep is a magician. She`s more than an actress. I mean she does anything.

RAY: It`s unbelievable and the relationship especially between her and Stanley. I mean I love the whole movie but that relationship between her and Stanley, you really got the romance and the other side of Julia that you didn`t notice.

BEHAR: Well the whole idea that Julia Childs was having sex, just that alone.

RAY: Yes. And that she was -

BEHAR: It`s like.

RAY: She was having him at noon time.

BEHAR: Superb.

RAY: And she was having him at lunch time.

BEHAR: And they were happy together, those two.

RAY: I know. It was fantastic. I loved it.

BEHAR: People always think that the only people that have good sex are good looking people. No, not true.

RAY: Or the young.

BEHAR: Or young people.

RAY: The people that has the market cornered on everything.

BEHAR: Yes, not true.

RAY: I loved that movie. I already have it preordered for the video.

BEHAR: Ok, I have more questions when we come back, so -

RAY: Ok.

BEHAR: Stay tuned. We`ll have more with Rachel Ray.


BEHAR: We are back with best selling cook book author, Food Network star and host of The Rachael Ray Show, Rachael Ray. Now you know in 2003, you posed for the men`s magazine FHM.

RAY: Yes, I sure did.

BEHAR: We have pictures.

RAY: I represented.

BEHAR: Look at this thing, the thing in your mouth.

RAY: You know they called and said --

BEHAR: Look at you. What is that that you have in your mouth.

RAY: Are you serious. I couldn`t believe that I was asked. And I`m still proud to this day that I did it because I wanted to represent real people. I was over 35 years old. I certainly was not a zero.

BEHAR: You look gorgeous.

RAY: I was psyched and my husband liked it, too.

BEHAR: I bet he did.

RAY: It was fun. I was thrilled just to be asked and I was so nervous. That was the most nervous I have ever been other than doing iron chef. I was literally, my hands were shaking when I got out of the car. It`s not my thing obviously. I mean I don`t even look down when I`m in the shower.

BEHAR: You were amazed to do that.

RAY: Oh god no, please.

BEHAR: It was like this girl, Rihanna. Have you seen the cover ever GQ magazine where she is --

RAY: I haven`t see -- the last cover I saw was Nicole Kidman. Tall, my gosh she looked ten feet tall.

BEHAR: She was naked? Nicole.

RAY: No, she wasn`t even naked.

BEHAR: Oh well.

RAY: She was in a little - you know, from the movie "Nine."

BEHAR: Oh yes. But I haven`t seen that one yet.

RAY: But I was psyched. I was thrilled to do it.

BEHAR: To do it

RAY: I was happy to make it to the end of the day because it was so nerve racking, but I was proud that there was a woman over 35 even asked to be in a publication like that.

BEHAR: Well now that you`ve been really taking care of yourself and getting slimmer, maybe you`ll be in the middle of the playboy of magazine, maybe.

RAY: I don`t think I would take it all off.

BEHAR: Well you could do like a Levi -

RAY: Never say never. You never know.

BEHAR: Well you could do like a Levi Johnston - you do a Levi Johnston you have a hockey stick in front of you.

RAY: Where exactly would I put that, Joy? Where would I - you have two --


BEHAR: You can have to hockey sticks and then another one I guess and a puck.


BEHAR: All right now, let`s get back to food for a second because you have a show called $40 a day.

RAY: I used to have a show called $40 a day. We have taped new episodes of $40 a day, it became Rachael`s Vacation


RAY: And you know all these other titles with the same group of people but it`s amazing how many people are like -- really still talking to me about that show.

BEHAR: Do you think with inflation that you could still do it with $40 --

RAY: No way.

BEHAR: Oh you couldn`t now -

RAY; No way.

BEHAR: What would it be up to? Like $70 a day now?

RAY: I would say probably up to 80.

BEHAR: And this is to eat out at the restaurants three meals a day -- for one person.

RAY: Three meals for one person and we only gave 15 percent tip. Yes, we always went back and overtipped but built into the budget you have to make the four dollars cover the gratuity.

BEHAR: That`s not enough.

RAY: No it isn`t.

BEHAR: Did you drink?

RAY: On occasion, yes. So we tried to really represent it -- it was more -- you know, it`s sort of like the 30-minute meal. I don`t want to you set a timer in your kitchen and beat the clock. $40 a day was, hey, don`t save up and wait until you`re 65 and retire to travel. You know, try and sneak in a little adventure in life. Even if you`re on a budget and can`t spend that much. You can come see these great cities and don`t save it all for a rainy day. Have a little adventure along the way.

BEHAR: Very good. You know you`re full of wonderful ideas and tips and -

RAY: Thank you.

BEHAR: I`m so happy for your success because you`re a darling girl.

RAY: Thank you, thank you, Joy.

BEHAR: And thank you for being on the show.

RAY: Are you kidding me? I love you.

BEHAR: You and I come on to your show, we are pals now.

RAY: Joy to the world

BEHAR: Ok, and check out the December issue of every day with Rachael Ray on newsstands now.

RAY: Wooo-

BEHAR: And thanks to all my guests for joining me. Good night everybody.

RAY: Thank you.