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More Croslin and Cummings Jailhouse Tapes Released

Aired February 12, 2010 - 20:00:00   ET


NANCY GRACE, HOST: Breaking news tonight. Satsuma, Florida, a 5- year-old girl tucked into bed, five hours later, she`s gone. Daddy comes home from the night shift to find not a trace of little Haleigh. The last person to see her alive, new stepmother 18-year-old Misty Croslin, who takes to the airwaves claiming she`s innocent. But even in one brief interview, she can`t keep her stories straight, including a 180 on a lie detector she flunked.

Bombshell tonight. After Haleigh`s own father, Ronald Cummings, and baby-sitter-turned-stepmother Misty Croslin both handcuffed, arrested, booked, Cummings talks first. Stepmother Croslin follows suit. As we go to air, we obtain even more jailhouse tapes, hours of Misty Croslin with Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, brother, you name it, Croslin vowing not to talk about the night Haleigh vanishes while sleeping just feet away, saying, They think I`m going to break. But now we see Croslin, a new Croslin, angry, cursing, swearing, even blaming it all on the 5-year-old little girl, making excuses for dealing dope and popping pills in lockdown.

Claims now surface from behind bars her drug deals are to blame for Haleigh`s disappearance. And tonight, we discover more of the Ronald Cummings jailhouse tapes, whose only focus seems to be finding Haleigh. Cummings reveals investigators convinced he can get Croslin to talk. At first, Croslin`s brother says he`ll lie to get out of jail, then says he`s willing to take a poly.

Tonight, at the one-year mark of Haleigh`s disappearance, what does Croslin do? Besides making more excuses, she gets her hair done behind bars, opens letters from a secret admirer, talks about how she is portrayed in the newspaper and claims she`s bored and wants to sue police. That`s right, she wants to sue police. Investigators combing the tapes for evidence that may help find Haleigh. Tonight, where is 5-year-old Haleigh?


MISTY CROSLIN, HALEIGH`S BABY-SITTER: When Haleigh`s found, I will be let out of jail because that`s the only thing they`re keeping me in here, the only reason they set me up, because of all that stuff. And that`s why my bond is so high. And it`s not right.

They`re treating our family like crap. They`re trying to put us all down in the ground. And you know what? They`re not going to put me down no more. I`m standing up for myself. I`m tired of being put down, put down, put down, put down. They think I`m this horrible person that I`m not because I`m not a horrible person, you know? I`m just tired of it. And I`m done with it. I`m not going to let them keep doing this to me. I`m going to do something. I`m going to stand up for myself. And that`s what you guys have got to do, got to stand up for ourselves, got to fight for our family.

RONALD CUMMINGS, HALEIGH`S FATHER: If they send me to prison and Crystal or Misty had anything to do with it, they`re going to find out because if Crystal had something to do with it, now that she had custody of Junior, Haleigh will be home. And if Misty had something to do with it, you know what she`s looking at -- 114 years.

And Josh -- what`s his name, Jason? This is the only thing. We`re not going in front of a Putnam County judge, we`re going over here. Judge Berger is a woman. Jason said she is going to give Misty the whole 114 years.

TIMMY CROSLIN, MISTY`S BROTHER: They`re just trying to put this is all because of Haleigh, and these (EXPLETIVE DELETED) need to quit playing around.


TIMMY CROSLIN: And me and Chelsea -- me and Chelsea was going to come up there, but (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Dad and everybody`s telling us, No, no, no, because they might try to get me on something.

LISA CROSLIN, MISTY`S MOTHER: I called the court, but they don`t have a court date for you.

MISTY CROSLIN: Not yet. Well, just -- I want you to keep calling. I want you to keep calling this jail, too, and ask -- tell them it`s not right that I`m in lockdown and stuff.

LISA CROSLIN: I will. I will. When did they get your phone...


LISA CROSLIN: I will. I promise.


GRACE: Good evening. I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us. As we go to air, we obtain even more secretly recorded jailhouse tapes, hours of baby-sitter-turned-stepmother Misty Croslin yakking to Mommy, Daddy, grandmother, brother, all on video.


MISTY CROSLIN: They can all put this on TV and kiss my (EXPLETIVE DELETED)!

LISA CROSLIN: That`s right. That`s the way I feel, too. Your dad feels so bad. He think it`s his fault that you got two more charges.


LISA CROSLIN: Because you all were talking about the drugs or whatever, and then...

MISTY CROSLIN: No, no, no, no. I was already getting them. It doesn`t matter. I`m pretty sure I`m not going to have all of them, that they`re going to drop some of them because I did not give -- I didn`t sell the whole time, OK?


MISTY CROSLIN: I`m being -- I`m being charged with everybody.

LISA CROSLIN: I know. That`s what I don`t understand. I mean, you told the truth. Why do they keep putting charges on you?


LISA CROSLIN: It`s not right.

DONNA BROCK: A detective from Putnam County, and then some other guy, some investigator or something. What had happened was when I came through from Virginia, from my doctor`s appointment, I had all my meds or whatever. Misty was having problems. I gave her the meds. She sold them. Just as simple as that. I never sold them, but I gave them to her. I gave them away. And she sold them to that undercover guy, whoever was with her at the truck stop.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re not on these videotapes, they`re talking about selling these drugs to an undercover cop?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You got in the car while she was doing...

BROCK: Yes, I was in the car because it was cold outside. I got in the car with them both. Yes, I did. Yes, I did. I mean, I did. But I gave them to her. They were hers. But they were -- I still -- like I told the detectives, I did, I gave them to her. You know, I didn`t want them. I didn`t need them. She`s the one that was in pain, not me. Whatever. I mean, it wasn`t my business what she did afterwards. I admit, yes, I gave them to her.

TOMMY CROSLIN: Misty`s the one that told them about all that craziness anyway. You hear me?

About what?

About me supposedly doing some B and E`s. That`s exactly what they told me. They took me to the -- when they took me up to the -- when they first arrested me, they took me to Bunnell, to the state`s attorney`s building or the courthouse, whatever it is. They said, As soon as your sister got arrested, she started squealing, said you`ve been burglarizing houses in your neighborhood. I said, She`s out of her mind.


GRACE: Out to Art Harris at, investigative journalist. We are taking your calls. Art, I hear them say, Why do they keep putting charges on me? It`s like they forgot they`ve been dealing dope and forgotten -- Misty Croslin`s forgotten she has not come clean about the night Haleigh goes missing. In fact, police just released a press statement, where they say that her statement, sketchy as it is -- they say "sketchy" -- is completely contradicted by the physical evidence. And also -- They keep doing this to me. She`s the one on video selling dope.

ART HARRIS, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: That`s right, Nancy. This is someone -- this is a jailhouse full of deniers. They cannot -- they cannot accept the fact that they are caught red-handed on tape. They have been confessing to felonies on tape. The cops are just sitting back, listening. They don`t have to even go interview them. They are making their case against themselves for law enforcement as we watch.

GRACE: Rosie, let`s cue up more of the just obtained jailhouse recordings. Jean Casarez, what more can you tell me?

JEAN CASAREZ, IN SESSION: You know, Nancy, in a lot of these tapes, she keeps saying that the charges are going to be dismissed. She won`t have all of the charges. Let`s look at the law for a second. She was charged with eight felony counts of trafficking prescription drugs, and the law states any person who knowingly sells, purchases, manufactures, delivers or brings into the state or who is knowingly in actual or constructive possession. Nancy, on a tape, she says that she drove to Virginia. She got pills. She drove from Virginia to Georgia, back to Florida, and she sold them to an undercover officer.

GRACE: Of course, when you hear her on jailhouse tapes, she talks about how she just helped a friend out. Driving hundreds of miles to obtain illegal drugs and then selling them is a lot more than helping a friend out under the law.

Let`s take a listen to more secretly recorded jailhouse tapes.


MISTY CROSLIN: So what you guys been doing?

HANK CROSLIN, MISTY`S FATHER: Laying around, worrying about guys, watching that stupid Nancy Grace lady. I don`t even like watching her. I hate that lady because she`s...

MISTY CROSLIN: We don`t watch it in here, thank God.

HANK CROSLIN: She`s stupid. She don`t even know what she`s talking about half the time.

MISTY CROSLIN: She doesn`t.

HANK CROSLIN: Well, she says stuff and she don`t know what she`s talking about.

MISTY CROSLIN: She says we eat better than her.

HANK CROSLIN: Yes. She found three chicken McNuggets in her car (INAUDIBLE) found three chicken McNuggets in your car. You old lying lady! She`s supposed to be a Christian lady, too. She ain`t no Christian lady.

MISTY CROSLIN: Nancy Grace is silly. She don`t eat better than us.


MISTY CROSLIN: We don`t eat better than her.

HANK CROSLIN: She`s a stupid lady.



MISTY CROSLIN: See, this is going to be on TV, too.

HANK CROSLIN: Nancy Grace is retard. Put that on there.



MISTY CROSLIN: I don`t care.

HANK CROSLIN: They`re already trying to make you all look like a bad person.

MISTY CROSLIN: She won`t play that. Because I said that, she will not play that.

HANK CROSLIN: Just don`t let her get to us. I know.

MISTY CROSLIN: I ain`t letting her get to me. I don`t care what she has to say. I don`t care what anybody else has to say about me because I...

HANK CROSLIN: I do. I don`t want them to think that my family had anything to do with that because I know my family. Ain`t none of us that cold-hearted.

MISTY CROSLIN: Of course we`re not, Daddy.

HANK CROSLIN: We love children too much.


GRACE: Straight back out to Art Harris, investigative journalist on the case. Art, aside from videotape of a pin videocamera inside an undercover police car, audiotape inside the undercover police car, and eyewitness testimony, along with crime lab evidence identifying the drugs, what other evidence is there against Misty Croslin?

HARRIS: Well, we`re listening to it right now, Nancy. We`re hearing evidence, admissions by her that she was along for the ride for at least eight of these transactions, and that she...

GRACE: Let`s don`t say "along for the ride" because that suggests she`s not steering the boat.

HARRIS: That`s her claim. She`s also claiming that the undercover officer solicited her and pressed her to sell to him. So we`re looking at someone who`s already constructing their defense. Too bad that these tapes are finger-pointing right back at her.


TIMMY CROSLIN: I know that`s what Misty said last night. She started crying. She was, like, I`m so (EXPLETIVE DELETED) hungry, man. I guess they are being mean to Misty over there. Not even -- they`re supposed to let you guys out, like, an hour a day?

TOMMY CROSLIN: I was out for, like, three hours at a time.

TIMMY CROSLIN: Well, they`re not even letting Misty out an hour. The only time she gets to get out is Bible study or if her lawyer comes.



RONALD CUMMINGS: They came and told me what to say. And I had to tell Misty that I really, really loved her and I`d stand behind her, no matter what, and (INAUDIBLE) you know, missing Haleigh and I lost Junior, speaking like this, you know?

I talked to the captain last night, and he said that he doesn`t see a problem with me going to general population. He has to talk to his boss, and I`ll to the lady who I talked to last Friday, who`s the one that got this started for me, the ball rolling. And he said that they have to call Putnam County and get permission to let me out of there. So Putnam County`s what`s keeping me (EXPLETIVE DELETED) up in that box.

TERESA NEVES, RONALD`S MOTHER: I know. I know. I talked to Terry Shoemaker, and he says they`re not going to let you out, either. He said they`re going to keep you in that box. He said they`re not going to let you in general population, period.



MISTY CROSLIN: Oh, DCF came over the other day.


MISTY CROSLIN: DCF come in here the other day to talk to me about Ronald.


MISTY CROSLIN: DCF. They asked me about Ronald`s drug habit and about my drug habit and a lot of stupid (EXPLETIVE DELETED).


MISTY CROSLIN: I said Ronald was a good father. He was a good father. I mean, just because he had a drug habit doesn`t mean he wasn`t a good father.

HANK CROSLIN: He did? You didn`t have -- you really didn`t have a drug problem.


HANK CROSLIN: You just did it every once in a while.

MISTY CROSLIN: Yes, and barely, and I didn`t -- it wasn`t even like that. I didn`t even like pills barely, you know? When I got my prescription, he got my whole prescription of pills because I didn`t take them.


GRACE: OK. Refresh our recollection, Art Harris. On the three full days before Haleigh goes missing...

HARRIS: Well, she...

GRACE: ... where was Misty Croslin?

HARRIS: Well, she didn`t like drugs, but she was on a binge with a friend. Naina Christina Prevatt (ph) picked her up, and they went off. They picked up another young man, and they were off taking Roxys, cocaine, drinking for a three-day party. It was a revenge romance against Ronald, who`d just kicked her out.

Three days later, Nancy, she shows back up at the trailer where she was living with Ronald and Haleigh and Junior, and they got back together for a night. And then Haleigh is missing the next day. So she was indulging.

GRACE: To Dr. Bethany Marshall, psychoanalyst and author of "Deal Breakers." We`re about to go to the lines. But Bethany, to hate our show so much, they sure are watching a lot. I think they`re thinking a whole lot more about us than we are about them.

But what I`m concerned about is how this is going to be used to find Haleigh. And it`s really showing me a window into their mind. They`re more concerned that I ate a Chick-Fil-A nugget, OK, that John David dropped, than they are about their 114-years sentence behind bars. It`s like they`re not getting what`s going on.

BETHANY MARSHALL, PSYCHOANALYST: Nancy, they`re angry at you because you`re holding them accountable for their actions. They don`t have cause- and-effect thinking. The whole family is in what I would call the paranoid position. Everything is happening to them, with no contribution of their own. They didn`t do anything wrong.

And let`s remember that Ron and Misty have probably detoxed. Now the drugs are out of their system, and they`re probably full of terrible cravings. And that`s why they`re becoming angrier -- angrier towards you, angry towards the system, manipulative, begging, pleading. Misty keeps hitting her parents up for money for the commissary. When you have cravings, there`s incredible sugar cravings. She probably wants sugar. And that accounts for some of this behavior.

GRACE: We are taking your calls. Out to Jennifer in California. Hi, Jennifer.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hi, Nancy. I love you so much! You`re one of my heroes. You`re an amazing person!

GRACE: You know, I`m not, but I appreciate that you said that. Thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, you so are. You`re really, truly (INAUDIBLE)

GRACE: I do have two little people that I need to convince of that. That would be John David and Lucy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, they are gorgeous!

GRACE: So I may be calling you in about 14 years.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Like their mommy.

GRACE: What`s your question, love?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, my question is, if Ronald and Misty are both in solitary, and according to Ronald`s recorded conversations, he says that she gets, like, a pack of cigarettes a day, and as we`ve all seen, she`s getting her hair done and spending a lot of time on the phone -- how are the police planning on breaking her? Because it just doesn`t seem to me like they`re really putting the hurts on her to get information about this little girl.

GRACE: What do you make of it, Pat Brown? Pat Brown, criminal profiler, author of "Killing for Sport."

PAT BROWN, CRIMINAL PROFILER: Well, Nancy, I think, for one, that both Misty and Ronald know they`re on a reality show. They know they`re being videotaped. They know this is going to go out to the public, onto this show, and they`re going to also hear back what each one said.

Misty`s a big attention seeker. She just loves everybody paying mind to poor little Misty. And she`s going to run her little game. And Ronald knows she`s listening and he says, I`m not going to rat you out because the police tried to get me to do it. I`m not going to do it, Misty.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If I write you there, do I have to, like, not cuss?

RONALD CUMMINGS: No, no, no, no. You can write whatever the hell you want to.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, your mom told me I couldn`t cuss in the ones to Flagler, like...

RONALD CUMMINGS: No, you can write whatever the hell you want to write, man.


RONALD CUMMINGS: Yes, she just -- she was trying to tell me I couldn`t cuss at my damn visit, too, but...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, because, yes, because she -- I wrote you, like -- it was -- it was, like, really ironic or something, like I`m psychic, because I wrote those three letters. It was, like, two letters, and one full of pictures and stuff. And it arrived, like, the day you got locked up or the day after. And your mom has them, and she said she was going to through them, making out the cuss words so she could send them to you.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I know she said she couldn`t send them to you. I was, like, Well, if you -- if you can`t cuss, then you know, can you -- maybe you can mark them out. And she`s, like, yes, that`s a good idea. So she said she was going to mark them out and send them to you.





TIMMY CROSLIN: What was you supposedly doing, selling pills to an undercover?

TOMMY CROSLIN: No, I was (EXPLETIVE DELETED). This is what happened. (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Misty brought this dude over to the house, all right, and wanted me to go get her some Roxys. So I (EXPLETIVE DELETED) went and got him some Roxys. I called someone I knew and got him some pills. Then a month later, the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) I was at Spinners, the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) jump my (EXPLETIVE DELETED), (EXPLETIVE DELETED) guns drawn, throw me up on the ground. And (EXPLETIVE DELETED), I didn`t know what the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) was going on.

TIMMY CROSLIN: Sucks, man.



GRACE: We taking your calls. I want to go back to Jennifer in California`s question. Art Harris, she made a good point. It doesn`t really seem like they`re in isolation, between all the wooing they`re getting, the phone calls, the visits, the hair stylists, you name it.

HARRIS: My sources tell me, Nancy, that this is making law enforcement very happy, to watch them just twist in the wind, visit away, talk away, and just let them stew and think about those 114 years that Misty may be facing and who may be ratting her out among her family. Is it Tommy? Is it Donna Brock, her confidante, who`s talking about the pills she gave Misty? You know, this is really making her paranoid.

GRACE: Let`s unleash the lawyers. Joining us tonight, special guest Mark Nejame -- he is attorney for Texas Equusearch founder Tim Miller and he is an expert in Florida law -- Eleanor Odom, felony prosecutor, Peter Odom, defense attorney out of Atlanta, and Randy Kessler, defense attorney also out of the Atlanta jurisdiction.

Mark Nejame, these tapes are damning. And what`s interesting to me, and I think it will be pointed out to a jury, is that no one except for Ronald Cummings ever talks about finding Haleigh. The one-year anniversary, the one-year mark of her going missing came and went this week. Not one person noted it. In all of their yakking, the only one that mentioned finding Haleigh was Ronald Cummings.

MARK NEJAME, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Yes. Well, you may remember that it was Misty who took a polygraph in my office. And I remain convinced to this day, I think Art does as well, that Ronald had nothing to do with the missing -- his daughter missing. And despite whatever else he`s done and he`s been accused of, I have no doubt that he had nothing to do. And whatever his means were to try to find out what happened to his daughter, as unorthodox as they might be, I don`t think had anything to do with it.

GRACE: Mark Nejame, how badly did she flunk that polygraph?

NEJAME: Miserably would be a compliment.



LISA CROSLIN: I miss your pretty face.

MISTY CROSLIN: Don`t cry. What do you think they are going to give me?

LISA CROSLIN: I don`t know, baby. I don`t know.


LISA CROSLIN: I`m so scared.

MISTY CROSLIN: They can`t keep me forever, though. Really, mom, really, they can`t.

LISA CROSLIN: No they can`t baby.

MISTY CROSLIN: And when I get out, I`m like -- we`re moving up to Mass and you guys are coming. We`re leaving Florida.

LISA CROSLIN: Don`t worry, as soon as you get out we`re leaving, we`re going up there. You just keep your head up.

MISTY CROSLIN: I do. I just want them to hurry up and do whatever they are going to do so I can get it done and over with you know.



RONALD CUMMINGS: She -- he said she`s gonna prosecute to the fullest extent o the law.

TERESA NEVES: Yes, but you`re helping them.


NANCY GRACE, HLN HOST: We are taking your calls. Just obtained more secretly-recorded jailhouse tapes.

Stepmother, Misty Croslin, the last person to be with Haleigh alive seemingly just can`t stop talking.

Out to the lines. Lakisha, Indiana.

Hi, Lakisha.

LAKISHA, INDIANA RESIDENT (via telephone): Hi, Nancy. It`s nice to talk to you again.

GRACE: Likewise. What`s your question, dear?

LAKISHA: I have a question and I have a comment.


LAKISHA: OK. My question is, why do law enforcement think Misty Croslin will tell them now what happened to Haleigh when she is already facing 25 years in prison? That`s all of her young adult life.

GRACE: Well, I think that their reasoning is that in exchange for talking about the night Haleigh went missing, they could cut her a lesser deal. But it`s going to probably take her a while for it to sink in that she`s not going anywhere. She`s not moving to Massachusetts. She`s not leaving Florida. She`s staying in jail for a very long time.

Let`s go to the lawyers.

Peter Odom, Randy Kessler, Mark Nejame, Eleanor Odom.

What about it, Eleanor?

ELEANOR ODOM, ATTORNEY: Nancy, you`re right. And what people are forgetting to are the crimes that they are charged with. Now it`s trafficking. They face up to 114 years with minimum mandatory of 25 years. They`ve got them on tape as you said earlier. This is what we like to call a slam dunk case.

GRACE: You know, I never use that phrase if I can help it as a prosecutor, because I just thought it would snake bite you at the get-go to say you`ve got a slam dunk. They thought that in Simpson, too. Remember that little not guilty, the jury came to deal with.

ELEANOR ODOM: That`s true.

GRACE: What about it, Kessler?

RANDY KESSLER, ATTORNEY: Well, they just found their leverage. You know, she`s been tough, she stayed strong, but she just said she wants it over and done with. And she thinks it`s going to be over and done with. While sooner or later, she`s going to realize it ain`t going to be over and done with until she does something. And that`s what they`re waiting for. For her to say, what can I do to get this over and done with? They`re going to say, let us tell you. Talk. Tell us what you know.

GRACE: You know, you`re right, randy. It seems as if they believe they`re holding all the cards. But now, with them behind bars, looking at 125 years behind bars, they`re not holding the cards anymore.

Peter Odom, what do you think is going to be the state`s strategy? And do you think that the defense is going to file a demand for speedy trial?

PETER ODOM, ATTORNEY: The defense can file a motion for speedy trial all at once, Nancy. The prosecution is going to play a waiting game. Remember that Misty Croslin is not a long-term thinker. Ask Dr. Marshall about this. She is -- it might take her a while to crack. But once she realizes that she really is looking at spending her adulthood in prison, she will talk. And the police just have to be patient. And that`s what they`re doing.

GRACE: To Dr. Joshua Perper, chief medical examiner, joining us out of Broward County. In one of the jailhouse tapes, Croslin`s wife asks him if he is shaking. Does drug withdrawal lead to that type of shakes?

DR. JOSHUA PERPER, CHIEF MEDICAL EXAMINER: Yes. The drug withdrawal can lead to very serious convulsion and shaking. Sometimes in withdrawal, the convulsions are so strong that the entire bed in which the patient is lying is going to shake with them. So these are the very dramatic response to withdrawal. And it`s coming without calling a variety of other addictive drugs.

GRACE: And out to Leonard Padilla, bounty hunter, who has offered to bail Croslin out of jail if she will talk.

Leonard Padilla, any movement from the Misty Croslin camp regarding bail?

LEONARD PADILLA, BOUNTY HUNTER: No. We have not heard from the attorney at all, and obviously, that`s a key conversation I`d have to have before we go forward. Bob Fields has not contacted us at all. None.

GRACE: In your mind, what does she have to tell you before you will bail her out?

PADILLA: Well, I think she`d have to convince me, and we`d have to find Haleigh. We would not make a move like we did in the Casey Anthony case without finding Haleigh. We`re not going to do that.

GRACE: You know, another issue regarding finding Haleigh, to Marlaina Schiavo, our producer on the story. In one of these jailhouse tapes I was reviewing later, she says -- and, Marlaina, see if you can pull this up for -- she says she goes over it in her mind every day about Haleigh.


GRACE: She certainly doesn`t talk about it. She certainly doesn`t talk about that night with her family. She doesn`t talk about finding Haleigh. They don`t even hypothesize or speculate or try to cobble together the facts of that night. They never talk about it.

SCHIAVO: They never talk about it, but in this tape, yes, she tells her father that she keeps going back over it and over it and nothing. She gets nothing. But, Nancy, that`s only after she realizes that everyone is saying how she`s not talking about Haleigh. So now she`s finding a way to bring it up in these jailhouse tapes because she knows it`s going to air. And this is -- this is going to be her excuse, there`s nothing there. I have nothing left to say.

GRACE: To Sheryl McCollum. Is it a cold case?

SHERYL MCCOLLUM, CRIME ANALYST, DIR. OF COLD CASE SQUAD AT PINE LAKE P.D.: Nancy, in calendar months, yes, it`s a cold case. The good news is this case is still very active. These tapes could lead to a deal, and the deal could lead to a conviction. I think that Tommy is the key here. And I`ve said that repeatedly. When Tommy was arrested before, he`s the first one that talked. He`s the first one that cracked. I would go back to Tommy.

GRACE: You`re referring to when he finally divulged that he had gone to the home that evening.

MCCOLLUM: Correct.

GRACE: During the time Misty Croslin said she was there asleep, that he banged, banged, banged on the door and nobody came to the door.

MCCOLLUM: Exactly right. He puts himself there the night that it occurred. He`s the best witness that she was not truthful.

GRACE: Speaking of that particular jailhouse secretly-recorded tape, take a listen.


MISTY CROSLIN: You know, we didn`t deserve this!

HANK CROSLIN, MISTY`S FATHER: Well, I know it. We just need to find Haleigh.


HANK CROSLIN: That`s what we need to do.


HANK CROSLIN: If we could find Haleigh, we`d all -- it`d be better for everybody.

MISTY CROSLIN: I know. I`ve been -- I`ve been -- I sit and wonder every day, thinking, just trying to go back and just think if I missed anything. I do, every day! And it`s just -- it`s not, Dad. There`s nothing! I`m telling you, it`s hard.



FEMALE FRIEND: Have you been getting any letters from anybody?

RONALD CUMMINGS: I haven`t got anything yet. I got two pieces of mail. One was a letter from some girl in Texas, and it was like four sentences long, said she`s sorry about Haleigh and she`s been following the case. And then I got something from an attorney today, an advertisement that he wanted me to come hire him to go to work for me or whatever.

FEMALE FRIEND: So that`s it.

RONALD CUMMINGS: And that`s all I`ve got since I`ve been here.




RONALD CUMMINGS: Maybe I`m a mistake you wish you had never made, huh?

TERESA NEVES: Hahaha. That`s the craziest thing I`ve ever heard. You`re one of my proudest moments, and your sister is the other. I love the two of you more than life.

RONALD CUMMINGS: I love you, too.

TERESA NEVES: And I`ll tell you right now, I never loved her more than I loved you from the day you were born. No matter what you thought or what anybody said, I`m proud of you. It`s not your proudest moment, but I`m still proud of you.

You`ve been a dam good daddy for five year. You took very good care of your kids. You got that dang witch in that cell over there, things nobody else would do.



TIMMY CROSLIN, MISTY`S AND TOMMY`S BROTHER: What was you guys supposed to be doing, selling pills to an undercover?

TOMMY CROSLIN, MISTY`S BROTHER: No, I was (EXPLETIVE DELETED) this is what happened. (EXPLETIVE DELETED) Misty brought this dude over to the house, all right, and wanted me to go get us some Roxys. So I (EXPLETIVE DELETED) went and got him some Roxys. I called someone I knew and got him some pills. Then a month later, the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) I was at Spinners, the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) jump my (EXPLETIVE DELETED), (EXPLETIVE DELETED) guns drawn, throw me up on the ground. And (EXPLETIVE DELETED), I didn`t know what the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) was going on.

TIMMY CROSLIN: Sucks, man.




RONALD CUMMINGS: Well, maybe these (EXPLETIVE DELETED) won`t lock me up for the rest of my life anyway.

TERESA NEVES: They ought to let you out for helping them (EXPLETIVE DELETED), I mean, shoot.

RONALD CUMMINGS: I`m innocent. I tell you, I`m innocent.

TERESA NEVES: You are? Yes. I believe you are. I know you wouldn`t do nothing like that.

RONALD CUMMINGS: Well, you never know what they can prove, though.

TERESA NEVES: Oh I know they don`t got it all out there. They got it on audio and video and pictures, and so I mean, they`re --


GRACE: To you, Eleanor Odom, do you foresee a scenario where the police would use Ronald Cummings, cut him a light deal, to roll over? They don`t really need him in the drug case because it`s all on video.

ELEANOR ODOM: They don`t need him, Nancy. And why would they do that? They might cut a deal if they could try in any hope of finding Haleigh at all. Then maybe there`s a deal to be cut. But, you know, when you deal with a devil, you`ve got to go to hell to get your witnesses, Nancy.

GRACE: Art Harris, in these tapes, the videotapes of them selling dope, do they have Ronald Cummings actually making sales, or is he tagging along with Misty Croslin?

ART HARRIS: He`s there three times, Nancy. One tape. Don`t know the specifics, but he has been charged with three very serious trafficking counts. And he is -- he`s a star in these undercover tapes, too.

GRACE: What do you mean by that?

HARRIS: He is visibly on camera in, you know, in operation as part of this drug, you know, these drug deals. And so, you know, he`s not going anywhere and they`re very confident they have a very good case against him as well. So they are now using him to try to go undercover against Misty by pulling her heartstrings to try to get her to reveal what she knows about Haleigh.

GRACE: Jean Casarez, what more do you know?

JEAN CASAREZ: I think one of the next things we`re going to see is attorneys go to court to try to have a bail reduction hearing. But, Nancy, you showed some tape a little bit ago where Misty says that when she gets out, they`re going to Massachusetts. Well, that`s going to be prime evidence for the prosecution in a bail reduction hearing because you`re talking about risk of flight. That`s one way to not have the bail reduced. And I think reality may hit when that bail reduction does not happen and they`re in there for the long term.

GRACE: Out to the lines. Carol in Ohio. Hi, carol.

CAROL, OHIO RESIDENT (via telephone): Hi, Nancy. I have a comment and a question.


CAROL: First of all, I don`t think Misty will ever tell the truth about that night unless she knows Ron is going to be in jail a long time, himself. Because I think she believes he will kill her. I also think Ron suspects she and the kids left. That`s why there was no sign of her and no response when Tommy knocked.

So here`s my question. Did Tommy report back to Ron that nobody appeared to be at home, and did anybody ask Junior where everybody was that night?

GRACE: Back to you, Jean Casarez. What do you know?

JEAN CASAREZ: As far as Junior, we`ve heard some things that he`s said. I`m sure authorities talked to him as much as they could. But it`s something that really hasn`t come forward and obviously it doesn`t look like it`s helped the case at all. In regard to what was the other part of the question?

GRACE: Well, she wanted to know, first about Junior, and about Misty Croslin talking about the likelihood that Ronald Cummings will be behind bars for a very long time.

JEAN CASAREZ: Well, she`s avoiding the reality. She`s talking everything that she can think of except the reality. And will he be behind? He`s got five felony counts now. They upgraded him two more counts. There is 25 mandatory minimum counts and they are felonies.

GRACE: To Pat Brown, you are the profiler. How would you profile Misty Croslin?

PAT BROWN, PROFILER: Well, I`m going to talk about whether she`s going to talk or not. To me, she`s got her story straight. She went to sleep, she woke up, child`s gone, door was open. That`s her story. She has to remember three things. There`s no reason for her to go any further than that if she were involved in someway unless she really wasn`t the major person involved because she`s going to get more time than she get for the drugs. So unless she can rat somebody else out, she`s not going to open her mouth. And so I think that`s the problem.

GRACE: Sheryl McCollum?

MCCOLLUM: She`s not going to talk. I`ve said that a thousand times. She`d rather go to prison as a drug dealer than a baby killer.

GRACE: Well, I don`t know about that -- I agree with that. But Mark Nejame, when reality finally sets in, such as when they are sentenced or that bond reduction is denied, and they sit there, it may not be this week or next week, this month or next month, it might be six months, eight months, a year from now. Two years from now when they realize they are behind bars and they`re not going anywhere that finally someone remembers something about that night.

MARK NEJAME, ATTORNEY: Yes. The news has to tighten. She`s got to realize that she`s not getting out on a bond. She`s got to realize that 25 years mandatory minimum means that. And she knows more than that`s been coming out. I`m not convinced, though. I`ve heard theories that she was in a drug-induced stupor or something that night and has these hazy dreams about four people and all that.

If we think about it, the first responders, the telephone calls, Ron`s statement, none of those statements suggested that she was under any type of haziness, any type of drug inducement. She was pretty clear. She was pretty calm and she was pretty focused. So I`m not as convinced as I`ve heard some theories come out that she was drug-induced that night. I think the answer is between her and Tommy. Somebody knows where Haleigh is.

GRACE: And very quickly, Marlaina Schiavo, was there evidence that she had been up doing laundry that night?

SCHIAVO: No, there was no evidence. She said she was, but then they had found laundry on the floor. The things that she said she washed were not washed, and there was no detergent in the home, Nancy.

GRACE: Everyone, quick break, but as we go to break, "CNN HEROES."


EVANS WADONGO, CNN HERO: I have problems with my eyesight due to prolonged exposure to smoke. And I had to use firewood to study during my childhood.

I grew up in a small village in the western part of Kenya. These families are so poor, they don`t have electricity. It`s only kerosene and firewood that they use for lighting, cooking.

It`s very, very frustrating. I couldn`t compete effectively with other kids who have access to lighting.

A lot of other kids just drop out of school. So they remain poor for the rest of their life.

My name is Evans Wadongo.

When I made the first lantern, I thought I must find a way of using solar light to light up the homes. I was so overwhelmed. I knew the impact that the lantern would have in the rural communities.

The amount of money that every household uses to buy kerosene every day, if they can just save that money, they can be able to buy food.

Good morning.

All along I`ve been skipping at least two meals a day so that I can construct the lamps, but I want to do more. It gives me satisfaction that I`m lifting people out of poverty. I just feel like it`s right.



JOY BEHAR, HOST, THE JOY BEHAR SHOW: Tonight on "The Joy Behar Show," is Rielle Hunter cheating on John Edwards? Well, there`s one sure way to tell. Let`s go to the videotape.

Also, she was born in England, grew up in Hollywood and lived on "The New York Times" best seller list. Joining me in the studio, the fabulous Jackie Collins.

And can love survive when you`re at home and your better half is doing 10 to 20? Maybe. We`ll hear what prison husbands and wives have to say. That and more coming up after Nancy.

GRACE: What a week in America`s courtrooms. Take a look at the stories and more important, the people who touched our lives.



UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Breaking news, the Michael Jackson homicide case. Has Dr. Conrad Murray arrived at court in Los Angeles.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Los Angeles district attorney, after six months of investigating this, has come up with the strategy of charging Dr. Murray with just this one count of involuntary manslaughter. And he just pleaded not guilty. If Dr. Murray is convicted of that charge, he`s facing a maximum sentence of four years in jail.

MISTY CROSLIN: As soon as they found out what happened to Haleigh, everything will be different.

It`s ridiculous. They got my bond set so high just because of that. And that`s unfair. This has nothing to do with it.

LISA CROSLIN: I know, but that`s exactly what it is.

MISTY CROSLIN: What do they think? That I`m going to break? There`s nothing to break me on. So they need to leave me alone.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Will the Holloway case be reopened? Now that Joran Van Der Sloot`s dad is dead?

DAVE HOLLOWAY: Paulus Van Der Sloot should have been a man. He should have stepped forward in the beginning. He should have talked to Joran that night. They should have admitted that something went wrong.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Could this be a major breakthrough? Finding out what happened to Natalee?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He said Dave, I can understand your position, but you got to understand mine. Joran is my son, and I`ll do everything I can to protect him. And I believe it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Today, we officially opened up a murder case.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I knew it was coming.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why you`re searching the land fills as a missing person case.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She refuses to cooperate.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She doesn`t consider herself normal.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: The disappearance of 9-month-old baby Gabriel Scott Johnson is now being investigated as a kidnapping and a homicide.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: San Antonio police are searching a land fill in the city today.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: During the course of the investigation, we received several follow-ups on leads. One of those leads has led us to this land fill.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There`s two possibilities, either she killed Gabriel or that she did not.

GRACE: Telling the biological father that you smothered the baby, conceals his body in a diaper bag and threw him away in the trash is reason to suspect the child is dead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Whether the child is in the home.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She did not want to be a mother.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Whether the child has been taken across the border in Mexico.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It didn`t seem like she really wanted him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Whether the child is at the bottom of a land fill.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Everything that she says is so completely false.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have to try to find the information the best we can to try to recover Gabriel, whether he`s dead or alive.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m still not going to believe it until they prove me wrong. Gabriel was out there, and he`s out there somewhere and we`re hoping to find him.


GRACE: Let`s stop and remember Army Staff Sergeant Darren Hubbell, 38, Tifton, Georgia, killed in Iraq on a fourth tour. Awarded the bronze star and purple heart. Lost his life five months after getting married. A true army man, served 13 years, a history buff, loved U.S. gators, singing, playing tuba, drums, guitar, computer games. His passion -- his family. Leaves behind grieving parents Darlene and Gary, brothers Jared and Chad, both serving the navy. Widow, Dana. Three sons, one serving Iraq. Daughter, Marina. Darren Hubbell, American hero.

Thanks to our guests but our biggest thank you is to you for being with us. And tonight, a special good night from the New York control room. Good night, Brett, Eva (ph). There`s the man, Dean Suckelly (ph), Norm.

Everyone, I`ll see you tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp Eastern. And until then, good night, friend.