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Tiger Opens Up?; Historic Health Care Vote; Sandra Bullock; OctoMom; Health Care Bill Passed; Donald Trump`s Views

Aired March 22, 2010 - 21:00:00   ET


JOY BEHAR, HLN HOST: Tonight on THE JOY BEHAR SHOW, did Tiger`s sex messages send Elin packing? I`ll talk to the woman behind the messages, former Tiger flame Joslyn James.

Then health care reform passed less than 24 years ago and so far the economy hasn`t collapsed, the government hasn`t taken away rights and Barack Obama is still called president, not comrade.

And before Jesse James was canoodling with the tattooed lady, he was a contestant on the "Celebrity Apprentice". It so happens the host of that show, The Donald, joins me.

That and more, right now.

Yesterday was the first day of spring. All the squirrels were out in the park reading racy text messages from Tiger Woods. Tiger in the meantime gave two television interviews to the ESPN and the Golf Channel. It`s the first time the golfer has granted interviews since before his Thanksgiving crash and the revelations of his sexual affairs. He gave five minutes to each network. Take a look.


TIGER WOODS, PROFESSIONAL GOLFER: I hurt a lot of people, not just my wife; my friends, my colleagues, the public, kids who looked up to me. There were a lot of people that thought I was a different person. And my actions were not according to that and that`s why I had to apologize. I was so sorry for what I`ve done.


BEHAR: So is Tiger truly sorry or is he really just sorry for getting caught? My next guest has an opinion on that question and many more. Joining me now is one of Tiger`s alleged mistresses, Joslyn James.

Hello, Joslyn.


BEHAR: I`m good.

He said he was sorry. Do you believe him?

JAMES: I really seriously, I still question the sincerity of his apology.

BEHAR: Why? What would you like to have heard from him?

JAMES: Well, he mentioned how he`s gone into treatment and how it`s very similar to a 12-step program. I know two of the steps in the 12-step program is listing the people that you hurt while you were under the influence of whatever you were under the influence of and apologizing to those people directly and I haven`t seen that.

BEHAR: You haven`t seen that. Would you like a direct apology to you?

JAMES: If that is a what he`s claiming that he`s in treatment and that it`s part of the 12 steps is part of the same thing he`s doing in his treatment, then yes, I would like that.

BEHAR: Now you release 100 text messages you say are from Tiger, pretty sexual stuff, very hot stuff. I read some of it. Why did you do that right now?

JAMES: I felt that it was time for the public to know the truth. There has been lots of speculation coming from non-very reputable sources as to my relationship with Tiger and I thought it was time for me to come forward and speak the truth.

BEHAR: How do we know they`re really from Tiger? How can you prove that?

JAMES: There`s proof that they came from Tiger, and I wouldn`t be speaking and would not have released them if it was not true.

BEHAR: I know but is there a way to prove -- there is proof, you say?

JAMES: There is proof, yes.

BEHAR: And also the other thing is I was reading them the other day, and there`s nothing on your side. Why don`t you put what you said back to him so that we can see the whole conversation?

JAMES: The reason why my responses are not on there was due to the type of phone that I had. That those messages were on and it automatically deleted sent messages. There was no way for me to save sent messages, only received messages.

BEHAR: I see. Too bad that he doesn`t have that on his end.

So I`m curious about it, Joslyn. What are you planning to get from this, from releasing these messages? What do you get out of this?

JAMES: Just that it`s one of my steps in healing and moving forward and letting the public know the truth so that there is no further speculation, that it really did happen and --

BEHAR: What is the truth? Tell us now.

JAMES: The truth is that Tiger and I had a three-year relationship and he lied to me. He lead me to believe things that were not true. And certain things happened.

BEHAR: Yes, do you think --

JAMES: I`m sorry -- go ahead.

BEHAR: I`m just going to ask you -- do you think you`re more of an injured party than his wife?

JAMES: No, not at all. Not at all. I`m just one of the many victims, you know, that he hurt. You know, foremost his wife. He lied to many people. He hurt a lot of people.

BEHAR: Now, when you look back on the whole sordid episode, do you think that you were naive to think you were Tiger`s only mistress? Now we know there were 14, maybe more we don`t even know who haven`t come out. Weren`t you a little bit naive to think that he was in love with you, Joslyn?

JAMES: No, I was told, you know, certain things over a three-year period. You know, over time, I grew to love him and he told me that I was the only one, other than his wife. And I believed him because I loved him and cared about him.

BEHAR: The sex texting that I read -- only on his end, obviously =-- did he really believe he was going to do all those things to you or was this some kind of fantasy in his head or some way to get you all excited for him? I couldn`t figure it out. If he was actually intending to hit you and everything else, I don`t want to go into the sordid details, it`s a family program.

JAMES: Those things actually did occur. And those are some things that he wanted to try in the bedroom, you know, different kinds of role- playing.

BEHAR: That`s interesting. Do you think he`s a sex addict?

JAMES: I don`t think he`s a sex addict.

BEHAR: You don`t?


BEHAR: You just think he`s a dog?

JAMES: I think he needs counseling, but I don`t know about it being sexually-related.

BEHAR: Ok. All right. Thank you very much for coming on the show. Good luck to you.

JAMES: Thank you so much Joy.


I want to bring in two of my faves: nationally syndicated radio talk show host Stephen A. Smith and Marvet Britto, publicist, brand strategist and CEO of the Britto Agency.

You`re laughing already Marvet. What are you laughing at?

MARVET BRITTO, CEO, BRITTO AGENCY: She just -- there are just really no words. How can you claim to care about someone you fail to protect? How? Her rationalization just makes no sense.

All I can say to this is that next time, if there is a next time for Tiger or anyone else, you should really date people that have as much to lose as you do because she clearly has an agenda. She clearly has no motivation to really help anyone but herself. And just her solemn look, she needs an Oscar more than Tiger does. I just --

BEHAR: I think what she`s saying -- I think she`s in a vengeful mood to release those tapes, not that he --

BRITTO: No. She`s in a delusional mood to think that he was only in a relationship with her when he was married. So nothing a married man can say to you -- you can`t take really -- you can`t really be serious about anything a married man says to you when he`s a married man and he`s telling you you`re the only one.

BEHAR: Even when you`re married to him.


BEHAR: Stephen, let me ask you. What do you think these women are looking for from Tiger? What do they want?

STEPHEN A. SMITH, NATIONALLY SYNDICATED RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Well, first, Joy, don`t rob me of the pleasure of getting the obvious out of the way. She`s trifling, she`s scandalous, she`s no good --

BEHAR: Oh, my God.

SMITH: -- she`s phony. You know what -- and there`s a couple of other things I can`t repeat because you did inform us, like you told her, this is a family program. She`s flat out pathetic in every way, shape, form and fashion.

And for her to be crying in a press conference with Gloria Allred, how she`s the victim. Excuse me. The only victim here is Elin, Tiger Woods` wife. There is -- and of course, the children, please don`t get me wrong.


SMITH: But definitely Elin. There is no other woman that Tiger Woods was involved with that could claim legitimately that they were a victim in all of this, because they knew at the very least that they were the other woman. They gave no consideration to the wife whatsoever, because they saw something in it for them.

Now, what is her motivation? It`s clear what her motivation is, probably something monetarily. And this highlights more than anything else the biggest mistake that Tiger Woods made. You`re a billionaire athlete, excuse me, you got to pay the paper.

My father told me this a long time ago. You`re going to pay a little, you might pay a lot.


SMITH: But you`re going to pay.

BEHAR: You`re going to pay.

SMITH: And he should have made sure that he paid her something so it would be in her best interest to keep her mouth shut.

BEHAR: That`s true. That`s a good point. I`m surprised he didn`t pay her off.


BEHAR: I mean the releasing of these sexting, they`re just incredible. Did you read them? They are so vile.

When Tiger was asked about what he was in treatment for, he said it was private but added this --


WOODS: It was tough. It was really tough. To look at yourself in a light that you never want to look at yourself, that`s pretty brutal.

TIM RINALDI, ESPN: What did you see?

WOODS: I saw a person that I never thought I would ever become.

RINALDI: Who was that?

WOODS: Well, I had gotten away from my core values, as I said earlier. I got away from my Buddhism. And I quit meditating, I quit doing all the things that my mom and dad had taught me.


BEHAR: Meditating prevents infidelity, who knew. And -- what else -- Buddhism. I mean what kind of a rap is that? The reason he has 14 mistresses is because he stopped meditating?

BRITTO: I mean I don`t buy it. This is a man who walked around with his winning record on his shoulder and he let that reflect in his behavior. So the fact that he`s reaching within himself to his religion I think is noble of him but I don`t know that that is an excuse and I don`t know that that alone will stop him from -- in the future, you know, really traveling down the same road.

It has to start with him. Religion is great and it`s great that he`s really saying he`s recommitted himself. But, again, we won`t know really what Tiger really means until we see his actions. Anything he says is just words at this point.

SMITH: Marvet.

BEHAR: Go ahead, Stephen.

SMITH: Marvet, Joy, let`s just be real about this. Let`s get this out of the way please. It`s an excuse, sure. It`s not good enough, we all know that. But we all know why.

Because he can`t say what he really wants to say and what most men out here feel. It`s very, very difficult to be monogamous; it`s very, very difficult to be faithful. It`s a work in progress. It`s incredibly unfortunate. It`s no fault of the woman. It`s definitely a trifling characteristic that men have to battle every day.

Marvet more than most can speak to this because of the professional athletes that she has dealt with. She absolutely knows. I`m right here on national television and I am telling you if Tiger Woods is a sex addict, I`m a sex addict, most if not all men are sex addicts.

BEHAR: All right, Stephen --

SMITH: We are a work in progress. It is not easy. And I`m tired of men trying to act --

BEHAR: All right.

SMITH: -- like we`re scared to say the truth. It`s just the truth.

BEHAR: Stephen, let me ask you something else. He also talked about his father. He says that he had -- would have been disappointed in him. Now, there are rumors that the father cheated on his mother. So is this a case of the apple not falling far from the -- from the orchard?

BRITTO: Well, I think his father was such an influence in his life, that it was a natural question for the interviewer to ask him, what would your father say? So whether or not his father, you know, traveled down the same road and he inherited that behavior, that is -- we`ll never know.

But what we do know is that his father definitely was very influential in his life and probably would have been very disappointed in Tiger, you know, traveling down this road and really tainting his brand in such a way.

BEHAR: All right.

SMITH: And --

BRITTO: And he`s not being protected while he did it.

BEHAR: Ok. The last word and I`m going. Make it short, Stephen.

SMITH: Let`s not get -- let`s get into the habit of blaming the parents for the child`s behavior. We`re accountable, Tiger Woods is an adult. It`s not his father`s problem. His father had a tremendous influence on his life. He was of absolutely positive influence and raised a good man that just acted up in this particular situation.

Let`s leave it at Tiger and let`s not -- condemn the father.

BEHAR: Ok, all right, all right Stephen. Let`s leave the parents out of this, since they`re the ones who create these crazy children. But let`s leave them out of it. Thanks, guys.

I`ll take a look at the bitter battle over health care, next.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Coming up a little later on THE JOY BEHAR SHOW, the latest controversy over the woman in the middle of the Sandra Bullock/Jesse James breakup.

And Donald Trump talks with Joy about health reform, "Celebrity Apprentice" and much more.

Now back to Joy.

BEHAR: As Tiger spent his Sunday explaining away his escapades, Congress worked through the weekend and passed President Obama`s health care reform bill. The most sweeping social legislation in decades -- I said social, not socialist, I`m not Glenn Beck.

With me now to discuss this historic moment is Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California; Ron Reagan, political commentator and as we all know by now the son of former President Ronald Reagan; and Lizz Winstead, comedian and co-creator of the fabulous "Daily Show".

Congresswoman, how happy were you that it passed?

REP. MAXINE WATERS (D), CALIFORNIA: I was very pleased. It was truly a historic moment and I almost couldn`t believe it was happening. It was surreal that all of a sudden it all came together after a year of debate and many times thinking it would never happen. Thinking that the TEA baggers out there had influenced a lot of people and had caused them to be on the "no" side,

And when it finally happened, I thought, my God, this certainly is historic. This is a moment in history that will be remembered for a long time.

BEHAR: That`s right.

Ron, let me ask you something, did the Democrats grow their spines back and is such surgery covered under the new plan?

RON REAGAN, POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Yes, I think under the new plan, spinal surgery is actually going to be available to all Democrats. And yes, it was good to see them finally win one. They needed to win this one badly.

President Obama absolutely had to win this one. And you know what? I think at the end of the day, the Republican Party has really jumped the shark on this one.

BEHAR: You think so?

REAGAN: They have lost credibility with anybody except the sort of people we saw spitting on Members of Congress -- literally spitting on Members of Congress yesterday. Those sort of mouth breathers will always be the core of the Republican Party. But we can win without them.

BEHAR: Maxine, do you think the Republicans have jumped the shark?

WATERS: I think the Republicans miscalculated everything. As a matter of fact, not only did they have no credible strategy, they joined in with those people who were outside doing exactly what Ron Reagan said they were doing, spitting on people. They were on the balcony waving flags and urging them on.

And I think it`s kind of shameful. They have lost face with people who are true Republicans who believe that they can join in sometimes and have a consensus about public policy. I think these guys can`t even regroup at this point. They`ve had it.


But you know, if the deal hadn`t been struck with the pro-life Democrats when Stupak changed his whole tune, would this thing have gotten passed? Do you think?

WATERS: I don`t know. That`s a good question. Because clearly, when I counted the votes, if that had not happened, we could not have had the 216 votes that we needed.


WATERS: And so I think that we were on the edge there. And so Stupak`s coming on board was extremely important and that certainly got us the numbers.

BEHAR: Yes, indeed.

Let me ask you Lizz, did you see the Joe Wilson moment? Did you hear the Joe Wilson moment?


BEHAR: Do you want to hear it, let`s just play it for a second.


REP. BART STUPAK (D), MICHIGAN: The motion to recommit does not promote life. It is the Democrats who have stood up -- it is the Democrats who have stood up.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Those who are shouting out are out of order.


STUPAK: Mr. Speaker --


BEHAR: Ok, they were out of order, weren`t they?

WINSTEAD: Yes and --

BEHAR: You know who it was, don`t you?

WINSTEAD: Yes, the representative from Texas.

BEHAR: Randy Neugebauer, GOP, Texas.


BEHAR: He apologized.


BEHAR: He didn`t say, "You`re a baby killer," he said, "It`s a baby killer." That`s his apology.

WINSTEAD: But -- but I think, if I`m not mistaken, Representative Waters, if you could clear this up. The deal cut with Stupak was basically saying don`t worry, we`re not going to add anymore to take away the rights of women, we`re just going to make sure the right of woman are -- is just as horrible as ever under the Hyde (ph) Amendment, right?

WATERS: Yes and that`s what I think we have to be clear about.

The president, with this Executive Order, which is basically doesn`t mean a lot, supposedly codifying existing law.

WINSTEAD: That`s awful to begin with.

WATERS: Yes. We`ve been fighting against Hyde. We`ve been living under Hyde, but we don`t like it.


WATERS: And we want -- we don`t want to continue to contain the ability of women to, you know, not have control over their bodies. So, ok, all right, that`s what it was. But we`re not happy about that.

BEHAR: But it seems like they always use the women`s issue -- women`s health issue as a bargaining chip.

WINSTEAD: Well, we always are the bargaining chip. And you know what I find interesting is that -- not only was passing health care reform historic, but we saw C-Span`s first reality show starring the Republican called "Desperate House Members".

BEHAR: Ok. Sit tight.

More on the passage of the health care bill when we come back with my guests.


BEHAR: Karl Rove was on ABC`s "This Week" yesterday and he got so worked up over the health care bill I thought he was going to have a stroke. But not to worry, Karl, under the new Obama care, it`s covered. Take a look.


DAVID PLOUFFE: Karl, the Republicans have zero credibility, about as much credibility as the country of Greece does to talk about this --

KARL ROVE, FORMER ADVISER TO PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: This is the CBO. These numbers are in the analysis from the CBO. For God`s sake, will you stop throwing around epithets and deal with the facts for once, David.

Are you telling me that in two years you`re going to cut overnight the doctor reimbursement and not pay it for the balance of the 8 years in this program? Deal with the facts, David.

PLOUFFE: Let`s put the fanciful chart away, ok. This is every -- the CBO --

ROVE: It is not a fanciful chart. Deal with the charts.


BEHAR: Between Rove and Boehner, they look like they`re going to have a nervous breakdown.

Ron, what are they so pissed about? What are they really so angry about?

REAGAN: They`re angry because they lost. Listen, they`ve been saying that this would be the death knell for the Democratic Party. That if this bill passed -- that if health care reform passed, that the Democrats would be crucified come November. Well, they should be happy then that this bill passed because then they can pick up seats in November if that`s what they truly believe.

But in fact they`re very worried about this. In fact, they know they`ve lost a big one here and it`s going to hurt them.

BEHAR: Are they going to be able to repeal it.

REAGAN: They`re going to try and repeal it. But you know -- good luck with that, Jim DeMint. Good luck telling people, "You know those prescription drug prices that have gone down for seniors? Well, they`re going to go back up. Remember the insurance companies not letting you have insurance because you had a pre-existing condition? Well, that`s going to happen again." Good luck selling that to the American people after this.

BEHAR: That`s right.

WINSTEAD: And having the president sign it.

I mean here`s the deal. Any time a politician goes on television, holding up a specials menu from Applebee`s, or whatever he was holding, I don`t know. Anyone with a prop -- the books and the props -- prop comedians are bad enough.

You have prop politicians and the whole thing is a disaster. When they`re carrying any implementation, ignore, ignore, ignore.

BEHAR: All right. Now, let`s watch Boehner -- I love this stuff. Minority Leader Boehner -- I love to call him that, yes -- he was fired up last night, too. I love the last bit -- go ahead.


REP. JOHN BOEHNER (R), OHIO: Can you say it was done openly? With transparency and accountability? Without backroom deals and struck behind closed doors? Hidden from the people? Hell no, you can`t.


BEHAR: I thought he was going to go from orange and he`s gong to turn blue. Maxine --

REAGAN: I just want to ask Lizz, does Boehner`s toupee count as a prop?

WINSTEAD: I think it might. Also his can of tan spray. What I wanted to see was tears coming down his face so that you get that streaky makeup thing.

BEHAR: Yes. That would have been good.

WINSTEAD: So it looks like he`s in his own personal emotional jail.

BEHAR: Maxine, now Obama has to go around the country selling this bill, right? To sort of like prop up the Democrats. Is that going to be successful?

WATERS: Yes. I think it is. There`s a lot of explaining to do. The Republicans, in the very beginning of this, remember when we were having our town hall meetings around health care reform? They distorted the issue so profoundly, they had the elderly thinking that somehow we were going to set up death panels and determine whether they live or die or that the government is going to take over your health care insurance and you wouldn`t be able choose your own health care providers.

BEHAR: That was a lie.

WATERS: And so they distorted the issues so badly until we really do have to get out there and tell the people and the president has to tell the people what it`s all about, what we`re doing and how it will impact them and their families.

BEHAR: Thank you so much, everyone, for joining me.

REAGAN: You`re welcome.

BEHAR: And congratulations to all of us.

Up next, more dish on Sandra Bullock`s cheating husband and it involves swastikas.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Coming up a little later on "the Joy Behar show," Donald Trump talks with Joy about health reform, Sandra Bullock and the latest celebrity "Apprentice" elimination. Now back to Joy.

JOY BEHAR, HLN ANCHOR: Sandra Bullock`s husband, Jesse James may be guilty more than just cheating. TMZ reports that he has been photographed in a Nazi getup similar to the one worn by his galipta, Michelle McGee that means mistress in German. I looked it up. Joining me to discuss the whole sordid mess are Comedian Dean Obeidallah, Cat Greenleaf, host of WNBC`s talk "Stew" and star of FOX`s "Human Target" actor Mark Valley.

Okay before we go, take a look at these photos of the mistresses from TMZ and look at this.


BEHAR: Okay? She loves a Nazi thing, this girl. If the rumors are true, why would Jesse James allow himself to be photographed in Nazi garb, even as a joke? There are rumors that he also is in Nazi garb, not just her.

GREENLEAF: Well first of all, we haven`t seen the pictures. Second of all, I don`t think Jesse James has even been built as a (UNINTELLIGIBLE) member. Right? I mean we`re talking about a gear head here, we`re not talking about somebody who --

BEHAR: We get letters from bikers saying they are just as smart as everybody else I`m just telling you.

GREENLEAF: Maybe. But he may not be.

BEHAR: He might not be one of them.


BEHAR: Yes. But remember the picture of Prince Harry? Let`s look at the picture of Prince Harry. That didn`t do him any good at all. Don`t these people learn and what is this attraction to the Nazi memorabilia?

DEAN OBEIDALLAH, COMEDIAN: It make no sense to me unless you`re in a production for the producers, singing "Springtime" for Hitler you should not be wearing a Nazi outfit. Didn`t help Prince Harry, it doesn`t help Jesse James. I mean the truth is the guy`s name is Jesse James and his ex- wife was a porn star. What part of that equation equals good guy. I mean he`s not a good guy. We know it. It is self fulfilling. It`s Jesse James.

BEHAR: I know well we can`t hold his name against him. Even if his name is Jesse James.

OBEIDALLAH: I think it`s self-fulfilling. This is psychology -



OBEIDALLAH: But actually my sister`s psychologist and she said that it is self fulfilling at some point you begin acting in accordance with that name. Seriously.

BEHAR: Oh really -

GREENLEAF: How joyful are you?

BEHAR: Well that made me think of John Boehner, for some reason, I don`t know why. We just talked about him I guess. Now Sandra Bullock is America`s sweetheart and she used to date Matthew McConaughey. It`s an interesting thing. How do you go from Matthew McConaughey to this, a Paul Newman look alike, from that to this guy that has Nazi memorabilia all over the place. I don`t understand Sandra Bullock, do you?

GREENLEAF: Well I think the real question here is -- is Sandra Bullock actually America`s sweet heart? How sweet can you be? You know Matthew McConaughey is no angel either. I think we`ve all seen him naked playing the drums and --

BEHAR: He has a foot fettish, he was molesting my feet on "The View."


BEHAR: But who could blame him? I have gorgeous feet.



BEHAR: But he`s kind of like fun. This guy is not fun, this Jesse James.

OBEIDALLAH: I think we found Sandra Bullock`s blind side here. It`s with relationships. She doesn`t obviously see a good guy, she doesn`t pick the right guy. But maybe they connect on some other level we don`t know about. We can only see this package of a guy with tattoos, it looks ridiculous. Maybe he`s a really good guy. Maybe he`s horrible.

BEHAR: Well you know, Mark, you know, were you going to say something jump in if you want?

MARK VALLEY, ACTOR: Well I think Sandra Bullock is in the category when she started that I really feel like this person has my back.


VALLEY: And you know I guess-

BEHAR: That was sad.

VALLEY: That was pretty sad.

BEHAR: But you know the mistress`s ex-husband, bombshell McGee they call this woman, he is now talking, her ex-husband. He says that Michelle said, this woman said that Jesse and Sandra`s marriage was a sham and they were in some kind of contract. Do you buy it Kat?

GREENLEAF: You know, you hear this all the time about Hollywood. But I do think if that`s the case, how awful that someone should be in a sham marriage just to keep their career going. I hope it`s not the case Joy. I hope Sandra didn`t have to do that.

BEHAR: I don`t understand why she needs to do that.

OBEIDALLAH: I agree with you 100 percent. In today`s day and age, it`s unfortunate you would have to lie about your sexuality to continue with your career. If that`s what it`s about.

GREENLEAF: Maybe for a woman, she doesn`t want to seem like a spinster. You know for a man like George Clooney, it`s like hot, you got all these young babes, but for a woman getting older --

BEHAR: Maybe she looks like a looser?


BEHAR: Let me as you Mark, who do you think is more likely to return to their husband, Elin Woods or Sandra Bullock?

VALLEY: I think it`s going to be a little easier for Tiger Woods to sort of rehab his brand.


VALLEY: I think he`s got a better public relations team working for him.

BEHAR: Really Ben Frankin.

VALLEY: I think he`s able to act sincere probably a little better than Jesse James has been able to do at this point.

BEHAR: And so your theory is Elin will buy it, she`s going to buy into that?

VALLEY: I think so.

BEHAR: You do. Well so you don`t think she`s very bright, I guess?

VALLEY: Well, no, I think it`s more a testament to Tiger Woods` -- well, I`m digging a little whole for myself, aren`t I?


GREENLEAF: Perhaps. Perhaps, let`s put it this way. If Elin leaves Tiger Woods, what does she have? If Sandra Bullock leaves she`s got it all, she`s got her career -

BEHAR: What do you mean Elin - what does she have Elin - you know how much money she`ll get from him.

GREENLEAF: I guess she has a payout but that`s it. The thing is over.

BEHAR: Come on SHE`S a Swedish girl, she`ll move back to Sweden, they can all think about Burganham make a play or something.


OBEIDALLAH: How could she -- how could anyone ever forgive - like every minute, every time he goes out of the house she goes, what are you doing. Like every minutes, I`m going to play golf, sure, you`re going to play golf. Like you never would believe the guy. This is one cheating time. This is one - I`m not defending it.


OBEIDALLAH: Cheating is wrong, I`m against it. My girlfriend is watching, I don`t cheat. But if you`re going to cheat one time, it can be a one-time fluff.

BEHAR: It`s tragic for the kids. You know because he`s in a custody battle for his 6-year-old daughter with his porn star ex-wife. Okay and now that his home is a wreck, she`s going back to court to try and get the kids back.

GREENLEAF: Can you imagine being that judge, do you send the kid with the porn star, or with the guy that dresses like Hitler, pornstar, Hitler? Where do you go?

BEHAR: I know well I think to Sandra, to her credit, she was trying to sort of help the situation. But I guess she`s out of the picture now.

All right, let`s change the subject the octomom is facing foreclosure, but a porn company is willing to pay the rest of her mortgage if she`ll act in one of his films. What is she going to act as, a woman who has 50 children, that`s a stretch. Get it?

OBEIDALLAH: He wants to see her naked.

BEHAR: Okay let`s go. Economy is bad and she doesn`t have a lot of options, right?


OBEIDALLAH: It`s still not transferrable, clearly. What are you going to do with that?

GREENLEAF: She`s going to be the target.

OBEIDALLAH: But yes, what`s the name of her movie going to be, flabby, floppy? I mean what - what - they don`t want to see a movie - of her children.

VALLEY: Regardless though for her children`s sake, I think she could read the script first before she agrees to anything.

BEHAR: Right.

VALLEY: You really never know what they would do in one of those. I heard some terrible things.

BEHAR: Well she was offered a million dollars in February of 2009 for a sex tape. But if she`s going to do it, she better strike while the iron is hot, I think.

GREENLEAF: It`s better to live in a rental than to have to have that out on the internet. Where it would go, where your eight children would one day see it. I think better to just move out of the house--

VALLEY: I think she`s got to wait until her children are old enough to work. And then she could just take a percentage of that and just keep it in the house.

BEHAR: It`s going to take a lot of money to raise all those kids. She`s got a ton of them. And if someone wants to give her a million dollars - maybe she should --

GREENLEAF: You are advocating for the porn?

BEHAR: Not really but I wouldn`t have all those kids in the first place you know, I don`t even know how to answer it.

OBEIDALLAH: She wants to be famous. And we all know that, her thing with NBC just continues the fame for her, that`s - what kind of niche --

BEHAR: Would you watch it?

OBEIDALLAH: What are you kidding? I don`t watch porn, Joy because someone is watching.

BEHAR: Last week we were talking about a woman that wants to get up to 1,000 pounds.

OBEIDALLAH: Oh my god.

BEHAR: And people are constantly doing the pay per view to see her eat and get fatter. So there`s an audience for everything.

OBEIDALLAH: This is a bizarre fettish -

GREENLEAF: How about she marries Jon Gosselin them and their 14 kids living the house together. Dr. Drew comes in and does family therapy. It`s a money maker.

BEHAR: I like it.

GREENLEAF: I like it.

BEHAR: She was on "The View," you know, what`s her name," Suleman was on "The View. And she had the most bizarre hahah hahah. Like she was cuckoo.

GREENLEAF: It`s shocking that you would say cuckoo.

BEHAR: I know but she really sounded cuckoo but she doesn`t sound stupid. You can be crazy and not stupid, you know.


BEHAR: Why does that describe you?

GREENLEAF: I would rather be crazy than stupid I guess.

BEHAR: Okay now PETA, you know P.E.T.A. is attacking Mike Tyson for his new Animal Planet show about pigeon racing. PETA says it`s cruel and Mike Tyson says who is this PETA anyway? All right, now, if Animal Planet is on board, should PETA back off?

OBEIDALLAH: Are you kidding? First of all, poor Mike Tyson went from champion of the world to racing pigeons? There should be people to have treatment than Mike Tyson at this point.


OBEIDALLAH: No one cares if Mike Tyson -

BEHAR: Oh poor Mike Tyson.

OBEIDALLAH: You it`s not like he`s inviting the pigeons to the hotel room. He`s not doing anything bad with the pigeons. He`s just hanging out with the pigeons, letting them race.

BEHAR: Don`t you think it could be harmful to the pigeons?

VALLEY: Oh come on, pigeons are -- this is what, 25 percent underemployment in America right now. I mean my dog loves it when I take him hiking. I`m like here carry your own water and stuff. I mean.

BEHAR: How do you know he loves it, did he tell you?

VALLEY: Oh you know when dogs love it, they wag their tail.

BEHAR: Oh yes they wag their tail.

VALLEY: He tells me in dog language. He loves the pigeons need work like everybody else.

BEHAR: They need work like every other bird, yes. Okay.

GREENLEAF: PETA has been saying that one of the main problems with the show, which by the way is called "Taking Out Tyson" is that it goes against New York`s gambling laws. Now I spoke to someone in Animal Planet who says no gambling, it`s just going to talk about the sport. And we`re just going to see how the pigeons do their thing. And basically it comes down to who has the fastest bird. Now if that`s not exciting TV -

VALLEY: How do you watch a pigeon racing from here to Philadelphia? You know what I mean?

GREENLEAF: They put on a head cam.

BEHAR: I guess they`ll have to have a pigeon next to him, like in movies. Thanks, everybody. Be sure to catch Mark on "Human Target" Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. on FOX. Up next, I`ll chat with the one and only Donald Trump.



DONALD TRUMP: I can`t figure Jesse out. Hey, Joe, he marries one of the most sought after women in the world, which you know, people like us sort of say that`s pretty cool. And yet he`s such a low-key guy. If you`re with him, you say he`s a stiff. How the hell did he marry Sandra Bullock? What did she see? She`s totally - I saw her on television, she`s totally in love with this guy. I can`t believe it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He`s got to be great in bed -


BEHAR: Well, that was Donald Trump with Jesse James in last season of "Apprentice." joining me now to talk about the new season of "Celebrity Apprentice" and the significance also of the landmark health reform bill, is someone who knows a lot about business. Donald Trump himself who joins me by phone. Hey Donald, how are you?

TRUMP (on phone): Hi, Joy.

BEHAR: Isn`t it interesting how your new season of "Celebrity Apprentice" coincides with last year`s contestant James, Jesse James making headlines, was that your doing?

TRUMP: Well I wish I could say I was so smart, Joy. But it was some season we had last year and this year is equally as good. Jesse was a character. He was sullen, he was tough, he was actually very smart. I didn`t figure that out for a little while. I mean it took a few episodes to really see how smart he was. But the one thing I really smart is he loved his wife. I mean he would really, you know, every time you would mention the name his eyes would light up. And something very bad happened. Maybe nothing happened, I don`t know. Maybe I don`t, I`m not sure that anybody other than the other young women with lots and lots of tattoos was sort of say that it did happen. But I don`t think that Jesse said that it has happened.

BEHAR: Well I think he issued some kind of a statement that it did happen.


BEHAR: But you know Sandra Bullock, do you have any advice for her?

TRUMP: Well I know her well. And she`s a great person and a really lovely young woman. And I did, I would often say to Jesse, how the hell did you ever marry Sandra Bullock, what did she see in you?

BEHAR: What do you think she saw in him?

TRUMP: Probably he was good in bed.

BEHAR: You think that is it?

TRUMP: I don`t know -

BEHAR: Is that your secret?

TRUMP: I can`t, I hope so. Hey Joy that`s not a bad secret.

BEHAR: I know, it`s a pretty good one.

TRUMP: But it was an amazing kind of -- who would have known? I was saying it kiddingly and I could see he really did love her, no question.


TRUMP: She certainly loved him.


TRUMP: And what`s sad is you know she had her biggest day a week ago with the academy awards. And she was much more effusive toward her husband than most women are most of the women that went.

BEHAR: Which leads you to think she didn`t have a clue.

TRUMP: She certainly didn`t seem to have a clue then. And that was not very long ago.

BEHAR: Okay let`s talk about your show. Last night`s Apprentice, "Celebrity Apprentice". Sinbad was eliminated. Last week it was my pal Carol Lee. What do you have against comedians, Donald?

TRUMP: Well it just seems to work out that way. It was actually both cases were close. You know often times you just have to do the best you can. In both instances, and Carol, who is a friend of yours and who is a terrific woman, by the way, it was just really -- just seemed to boil down to her, frankly.


TRUMP: And you know, the hard ones are the ones that are less obvious, like them. Those are the hard ones to do. But the good news is the ratings are good and we`re happy.

BEHAR: Yes. Well Blagojevich, he was mistaken on the street for Donnie Osmond, I mean the hair, I guess. But I`m often mistaken for Britney Spears so I know how he feels.

TRUMP: That`s not bad, actually you`re very pretty - you`re very pretty in your own right. I don`t know if you want to be mistaken for --

BEHAR: What do you mean in my own right?

TRUMP: In your own right, you`re a very beautiful woman.

BEHAR: Okay let`s talk about the next "Apprentice" contestants that this is the one that is coming up in the fall, will be people of all ages who were hit hard by the economic downturn. Was that your idea?

TRUMP: Well NBC came to Mark Burnett and myself, and you know, the original "Apprentice" which was a not "celebrity Apprentice," it was just called "The Apprentice" and it was a great success, many weeks we were the number one show on television. And we went from there into "Celebrity" which I enjoy doing because you meet people you`ve been seeing and reading about. It`s sort of an adjusting thing.

But now, NBC and some others, and many, many people writing letters, wanted to go back to a regular version because of what`s gone on with the economy because of the unemployment because of lots of different things. So we`re going to be looking at people that are very, very capable people. Top educations, top everything, but they don`t have jobs or good jobs. And I think it could be -- I think it could be pretty interesting relative to what`s going on in the world, Joy.

BEHAR: Well you know what would happen to the show if these guys got a job by the time you put it on the air? It could happen.

TRUMP: Hey, Joy, then we`ll drop back and punt.

BEHAR: Okay. Let`s talk about the new health care bill. What did you think about it? Are you happy about it? Are you --

TRUMP: Well, I`m really torn, number one, as a human being, I like to see people, it`s inconceivable that you know people are sick, like you or I get sick or the kids get sick and you bring them to a doctor. Inconceivable that you know 31 million people can`t do that.

And so on one level, I think something had to be done. On another level, it`s really going to cost a lot of money in terms of competiveness with this country. You know the country is really falling behind other countries, in particular China. China is eating our lunch. What they`re doing to us is unbelievable. We`re not making anything anymore. And I have a friend as an example who runs a big company. And it`s going to cost his company over $200 million a year to do this. Now, again, you go back to the humanitarian side, Joy, but at the same time this company may not be around any longer because of the cost.


TRUMP: So it is a very, very tough situation.

BEHAR: But do you think that Obama has gotten his mojo back?

TRUMP: Well you know it is interesting, it is like deals, you can make a deal and you`re a hero, no matter how bad the deal is, whether it`s good or bad, and I see it in business all the time. Somebody totally overpays for a company and everybody says great, great, what a hero and he`s really a hero until four or five years later when everything implodes.

BEHAR: Yes. That`s true.

TRUMP: And the company goes down. And then he gets thrown out of the company. I mean I`ve seen it a hundred different times where somebody buys a deal, everyone says it`s too expensive but he`s like this great genius, gets salary increases and everything else. And then three years later it implodes.


TRUMP: And the company goes out of business.

BEHAR: Right.

TRUMP: It`s a pretty tough thing but yes, right now he`s certainly looking like a hero.

BEHAR: He`s looking good right now and so are you. So thanks, Donald, very much for coming on.

TRUMP: Thanks a lot Joy you have a great show.

BEHAR: Thank you. Catch Donald Trump on the "Celebrity Apprentice" Sundays at 9:00 p.m. on NBC

Up next I`ll speak to a White House insider about President Obama`s next steps.



PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, UNITED STATES: This legislation will not fix everything that ails our health care system, but it moves us decisively in the right direction. This is what change looks like.

BEHAR: President Obama promised health care reform during his campaign and last night he delivered on that promise. Joining me now is someone instrumental in that process. Linda Douglass, the White House communications director for health reform. Linda, congratulations to all of us, but especially to you and your people over there. Okay.

LINDA DOUGLASS, WHITE HOUSE COMM.DIR., FOR HEALTH REFORM: Well thank you, first of all. Thank you very much and thank you for having me on. I want to say congratulations to the American people who are going to start seeing these benefits right away this year.

BEHAR: That`s right. At one point health reform was considered dead. How did you guys turn it around?

DOUGLASS: well, you know, we never considered it to be dead. I mean, the President has absolutely never wavered in his resolve to lower cost for Americans, to make sure they have the power, not the insurance companies, to lower prescription drug costs for seniors, to make sure children with pre-existing conditions and adults with pre-existing conditions can get insurance coverage. He`s never waived in his resolve.

And even though you know certainly there were some political analysis after the Massachusetts election, the President never let up, and you know, you see that with a perseverance I think that everyone had, not only the President, but certainly the Congress, we were able to make this historic achievement.


DOUGLASS: This is something we`ve been talking about doing in this country for a century. So this is a tremendous achievement for the country.

BEHAR: I know, Teddy Roosevelt tried to do it and he couldn`t do it.

DOUGLASS: Exactly.

BEHAR: And not one Republican voted for it. Does that dampen or increase the celebration?

DOUGLASS: Well you know, that`s unfortunate, though. I will say this bill is filled with Republican proposals, Republican ideas, all throughout the bill. The President and his staff spent months meeting with, talking people with, negotiating with various Republicans, seeking their ideas, incorporating them into the legislation. You saw, you know, we had the big summit here for seven hours on live television and he incorporated some of those ideas. It`s unfortunate that they chose not to vote for this legislation, but that doesn`t mean we`re not going to continue to try to seek common ground.

BEHAR: They have so many of their own proposals. Why would they -- they`re talking about repealing it. Why?

DOUGLASS: Well you know, I think it`s going to be very difficult to run on a platform of telling that mother whose child can now, with a pre- existing condition, can now get health insurance that guess what, I`m going to take that away from you, or tell that senior, guess what, your prescription drug costs were going down, but I`m going to make them go up again. Or say to that small business guess what, I`m taking your tax credit away. I think the repeal effort is going to fizzle quickly.

BEHAR: Uh huh you know the political discourse has been - was hijacked by racists and homophobes, how do you combat that as communications director?

DOUGLASS: Well you know, just the lack of civility that we`ve seen throughout this process has been obviously very disappointing. It`s something you never want to see in this country. We believe in a civil discourse, and you know, individuals here and there got angry and, you know, said unfortunate things.

BEHAR: Very nasty stuff.

DOUGLASS: But we hope that will end.

BEHAR: Very nasty stuff.

DOUGLASS: Well certainly, it`s very disappointing. There`s no question about it.

BEHAR: And they get a lot of media coverage for it. It`s really outrageous. They`re not going to benefit from health care reform.

DOUGLASS: Well, you know, that`s absolutely right. You are absolutely right. Joy. Every American will benefit from this.

BEHAR: Okay thanks very much for joining me, Linda. Thank you all for watching. Good night, everybody.