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Interview with Paris Hilton

Aired June 4, 2010 - 16:49:00   ET



BECKY ANDERSON, HOST:. (voice-over):. She's a socialite and a celebrity and it seems heiress Paris Hilton is always ready to strike a pose for the paparazzi. But what's the story behind the headlines?

Much like Eloise of The Plaza, Paris spent much of her young life deliberately walled off

At 19, she signed with Donald Trump's modeling agency, taking her first big step into the spotlight. Her big break came in 2003 when she starred in the reality TV show "The Simple Life" with fellow social queen, Nicole Ritchie (ph).

Shortly after the show launched, the infamous Paris Hilton's sex video was leaked across the Internet. The scandal only seemed to boost her career.

Since then, she's taken on film roles, started her own record company and released a debut album entitled none other than "Paris."


ANDERSON:. In 2006, she was the center of much buzz for a drink driving arrest that eventually led to nearly a month in jail. But she has moved on with her life and most recently, she's teamed up with the United Services Organization's campaign, Songs for Soldiers. Its aim is to provide soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan with MP3s.

Famous for being famous, Paris Hilton is your Connector of the Day.


ANDERSON:. And I spoke to Paris while she was in New York.

And I started off by asking to tell me just a little bit more about this latest initiative, which is Songs for Soldiers, effectively.


PARIS HILTON, USO AMBASSADOR:. I think the Songs for Soldiers program is amazing, how they can bring music to these men and women who are overseas fighting for our country. And I just -- with these MP3 players, it really means a lot to them. And they can put music on it, they can put messages from different celebrities or their family; also pictures that they download. So it's really just like a memory that they can carry around, as well as music.

ANDERSON:. What is it that you're doing?

How are you getting involved, Paris?

HILTON:. I'm the celebrity ambassador for Songs for Soldiers for the USO. So it's just an honor to be a part of this. I think there's nothing more patriotic than doing something for our troops. And we had an event last night with all the troops and all the sailors and all the military guys and we had much fun and we really raised a lot of awareness for this.

ANDERSON:. good stuff.

HILTON:. And this sure is.

ANDERSON:. If they reach their goal, are you -- are you going to go out and visit them?

HILTON:. Well, our goal is to get 185,000 of these --


HILTON:. -- so we can hand deliver them to the troops. So, as soon as we reach that goal, we'll be planning a trip and I'll go out there with them to deliver them.

ANDERSON:. You will, will you?

That's a promise?


ANDERSON:. Excellent. Good stuff.

Some viewer questions, Paris.

Jim asks: (ph) "Why do you think the MP3 is a good form of charity instead of just giving the money directly to soldiers?," he says.

HILTON:. I think these MP3s are really great because with money, that's not really useful for them when they're out there. And this is more valuable than money is. It's something that they can bring with them everywhere and say things on it.

So it's really just something that they can keep with them that lets everyone know that they're thinking of them.

ANDERSON:. A quick question from Peona (ph), who does point out that there are so many problems out there. And she says, like kids dying of malaria. She said: (ph) "Why did you choose this issue to back?"

HILTON:. I work with many charities. I've been doing charity work since I'm a little girl. This is one of the charities I'm focusing on right now. But there's others I'm involved in, as well, multiple sclerosis, breast cancer, children's, and also animal charities.

ANDERSON:. Rhiannon says: (ph) "Hi, Paris. I'm a big fan." She says: (ph) "What do you do when you are bored?"

HILTON:. When I'm bored, I love to scrapbook, actually. I really love -- I love just cutting things up and gluing them together and kind of making art projects, because I'm a very creative person. So when I'm bored I like just to be creative and make art projects.

ANDERSON:. Julia says: (ph) "You've done everything from films, music, TV, modeling, designing. Is there one thing that's been your favorite? And is there anything that's left unexplored for you?"

HILTON:. So far in my career, I've done everything I've wanted to do. I want to continue building my business and my brand. But I also definitely want to get really highly involved in more charities this year. And this is -- the USO is the first one I'm doing starting right now. And then continuing to really grow with that, because philanthropy is something that's always been close to my heart.

ANDERSON:. A question from Chelsea: (ph) "Do you ever regret being famous? And what would you do if you weren't famous?," she says.

HILTON:. I feel like that everything happens in life for a reason. And I feel really blessed for everything that's happened and what I have. So I wouldn't change anything.

ANDERSON:. Good answer.

Natalie Brook: (ph) "Are you enjoying being single or do you prefer being in a relationship?"

HILTON:. I love being single, definitely.

ANDERSON:. Good stuff.

Last question. And you're doing a lot for the soldiers.

I mean do you -- I -- I know you are reticent to talk about it, but what are your thoughts about Iraq and Afghanistan?

HILTON:. I'm not really looking to make a political statement with this. This is just about showing the troops that we love and we care about them and we're thinking about them and we miss them.


ANDERSON:. Paris Hilton, your Connector of the Day.

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