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Interview With the Kardashians

Aired August 20, 2010 - 21:00   ET


GEORGE LOPEZ, GUEST HOST: Tonight, the Kardashians are here. Kim, Kourtney, Kris, and Bruce Jenner. Set the record straight on the gossip.



LOPEZ: Rumors.


LOPEZ: The buzz about boyfriends.

K. ODOM: Are you still with Scott?


LOPEZ: Babies and bikini bodies. And there's this. All next on "LARRY KING LIVE."

Hey, I'm George Lopez and I'm sitting in for Larry King tonight. Come on. Joining us, Bruce Jenner, Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Kourtney Kardashian. They star on season five of "Keeping up with the Kardashians," which premieres on E! this Sunday, August 22nd at 10:00 p.m. Let's all take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This season on "Keeping up with the Kardashians."

KIM KARDASHIAN: Indianapolis, we love you. Oh, my gosh!

You have a better looking vagina than I thought.


KRIS JENNER: Do you get any extra tickets for playoff games?

B. JENNER: Laker tickets, baby.

KYLIE JENNER: When are you getting me my tickets?

K. ODOM: You guys are like dogs over meat. So I could teach you how to swim?

ROBERT KARDASHIAN: Yeah. It's just funny to see a 6'10" point guard that can't swim.

RYAN SEACREST: Kim, are you the only single one.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is Kim's new bodyguard.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: we have to work professionally.

BRITTNY GASTINEAU: Someone wanted to get set up with you. He plays football.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I don't want to date another football player.

K. ODOM: Who cares?


KIM KARDASHIAN: It was the best kiss ever, you guys.

K. ODOM: Are you still with Scott?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What about your sense of working on the relationship?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I need to be cautious, I don't want to just let him back in the house.

SCOTT DISICK: My wish would be to get the hell away from her family.

K. ODOM: So, Kourt, are you moving to New York?

KRIS JENNER: She's going to leave us.

KIM KARDASHIAN: If we're together, you don't text other (EXPLETIVE) whores.

KRIS JENNER: This feels really good.

B. JENNER: You're hitting on him as much as he's hitting on you.

KRIS JENNER: That's just really going way too far.

B. JENNER: I don't want my wife fooling around with some young kid.

KRIS JENNER: I just feel like everything happens for a reason.

KENDALL JENNER: We've never seen and you dad fight like that. B. JENNER: I'm just sick and tired of all of this.



LOPEZ: How much -- and that is in one family. That's enough -- I was watching episodes of the show. I felt like I'd had a meal after. Let me ask you, how do you keep up?

B. JENNER: I'm just glad -- there's no way to keep up with it. I'm just glad the world can see what I've been going through all these years.

KRIS JENNER: Oh, my God.

B. JENNER: You know, I get so much sympathy when I get out on the road. People always come up, Bruce -- how do you deal with all of that? And -- no, I'm very fortunate. I have a very loving family. We're very close. And yes, I mean, there's a lot of characters and a lot of personalities that we deal with. So you know, a lot of things are happening, but I do my best to try to keep everything calm.

LOPEZ: Can you believe it is season five?



KIM KARDASHIAN: I really can't. I mean, it seems like yesterday we, you know, Ryan Seacrest and my mom came up with the idea. And I can't even believe that it's gotten to season five.

LOPEZ: Let's go back to the beginning. How was it presented to you from Ryan, Kris?

KRIS JENNER: Well, actually it's something that I sort of created in my head. And I took to him. And he loved it. Took it to E! and within about 30 days, we were filming. It was crazy. It was all of a sudden, we were filming a show, which you know, wasn't easy, because I could have come home that day and said, hey, family, we're going to do a reality show. And somebody could have said, well, I'm not doing a reality show. But everybody was so -- you know, Kourtney was a little hesitant.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: We were forced. We were strapped down to a bed and said if you don't do this, I'm going to whip you.

KRIS JENNER: Yeah, that's it. That's the kind of control I have.

LOPEZ: But you had reservations about being -- having your life on camera?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I did. Well, especially when we first started filming and I didn't know how, like, what the show was going to be. Like, you're just filming. Every day I remember I would go home and be like, what did I say that day? Oh, my God, why did I say that? And like you know, analyze everything. But once the show started airing and we film like 12 to 18 hours a day, you really can't start editing yourself or you'll go nuts.

LOPEZ: Now people are fascinated with you. And they're fascinated with your dating situation and really everything that you do.

KIM KARDASHIAN: It's pretty crazy. I mean, you know, you can send out like a little Twitter and people will show up places. Or you can just have dinner with a friend or say hello to someone in, you know, a store and people assume that you're dating them or -- it's crazy that -- you know, I love letting people in on my life. And I really feel so connected to all my fans. But it is funny when people, you know, they do assume that they know everything about you because, you know, we live our life so publicly.

LOPEZ: Let me ask you this. Is there a certain -- when the show is on, is there a certain energy? Are you holding back emotionally because the cameras are there?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I think absolutely not.



KIM KARDASHIAN: You know, from the start, we decided as a family if we're going to do this, we're going to show everything. We're going to be 100 percent real. And I think that's what's come across to the audience. And I think that's why, you know, our show has done so well, because people really can relate to at least one of our personalities on the show.

LOPEZ: You know, there's a lot of reality shows. And people fight, and they fight, and there's anger. But there's not love. And when I see this show, and when people see this show, they fight.


LOPEZ: And you cry, but like you said, ultimately at the base of it, the foundation of it is love.

KRIS JENNER: Right. Right. Well, and I think that there's a lot of really strong personalities in this family. And I know that Kourtney and I got in the car to come here this morning. And the minute she got in the car, it was like boom, boom, boom. And I'm like, shut up. Next time I'm getting my own car.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: She's like, tone it down this morning. It's a little too early for this.

KRIS JENNER: Yeah, so you know, and if there would have been a camera in the car with us, they would have seen by the time we got to the studio here, all was fine. You know, we went back to talking about Mason.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: That's what you think.

KRIS JENNER: Oh, okay.

LOPEZ: Well, how did that -- well, did you ride in the car with them, Bruce?


KRIS JENNER: He won't ride in the car with us.

B. JENNER: No, I won't ride in the car. I took my own car.

KRIS JENNER: He's like, I'm out of this.

B. JENNER: You know, let's do a little talk radio. It's a lot better.

KRIS JENNER: Yes, yes.

B. JENNER: Yes, it's a lot better deal. But no--

KRIS JENNER: Too many personalities.

B. JENNER: No, when we were talking about the show, when we first started doing it, it had to be about a family. I mean, that's what makes the show. And I want to deal with family issues.

KIM KARDASHIAN: But that's who we, I mean--

B. JENNER: But that's who we are. We are a very tight family.

KIM KARDASHIAN: We have so much heart. We're an extremely close family. And I think if anything, the show is like the best therapy for us. It's actually brought us a lot closer together. Just when we think like we can't get any closer, you know, 'cause we're just always together. The show has actually just taught us so much about ourselves. And it kind of forces us to deal with whatever issue that we're going through, because for us to sit there and ignore each other, you know, all day with cameras on, we also know isn't really beneficial. So it just kind of forces us to really deal with our problems.


KIM KARDASHIAN: And then sometimes we look back at things that we might not be so proud of, or arguments we had, and it like, you know, brings us back to that place where it's like, okay, we never want to get there again. We never want to go there. So it really is therapy for us.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Or we do want to get there. Like I like watching like some of the really old episodes. I'm like, remember those days when no one was obsessed with their phones, you know, everyone would just chill, go on a vacation or whatever. Like sometimes it makes you remember the older times, too.


LOPEZ: Exactly. While saying that and walking into the dressing room, Blackberry, Blackberry--


LOPEZ: --reading a tabloid, not in the room.

B. JENNER: That's exactly right.

LOPEZ: That's how you start keeping up with the Kardashians.

B. JENNER : Yes.


LOPEZ: Kim is the executive producer of the "Spin Crowd," which premieres Sunday right after "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" on E!. And we'll talk about that and answer this burning question. Who is Kim actually dating, when we come back.


TIME STAMP: 2010:16

LOPEZ: I'm George Lopez and I'm filling in for Larry King. And I'm already leaning in like Larry. I'm with the Kardashians. And we were taking in between.

B. JENNER: Where's the suspenders?

LOPEZ: This is going to be -- they don't fit over my man boobs.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I hate that.

LOPEZ: Kourtney, you are the most serious Kardashian.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I don't know, though.


KIM KARDASHIAN: She is. You are.

LOPEZ: And the angriest, I might say.


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: No, I'm very mellow.



KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I'm very calm. LOPEZ: No. Why do you think--

KIM KARDASHIAN: She's calm for sure. She doesn't--

KRIS JENNER: Tolerate.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes, she has no patience to tolerate anything, but she's very calm. Khloe tells it like it is, will say anything, but she's super sensitive and has a really good heart. Kourtney's the kind that'll just say anything to you, hoping that she gets that reaction out of you.

KRIS JENNER: You're kind of missing a sensitivity chip some days.


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Thank you. You're all so cheerful.


LOPEZ: Has it changed since she's a mom?


KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes, it has.

KRIS JENNER: Yes, it has.


KRIS JENNER: You've softened a lot, like 50 percent.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: No, like who are you people and why am I sitting next to you guys?

B. JENNER: No, yes, a good example.

LOPEZ: As a young girl, Bruce, what do you recall of her personality?

B. JENNER: Wait, oh, man. Kourtney was the toughest. I remember one morning--

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Wait, do you want to show the scars on your arms?

B. JENNER: --I came down, and I said--

KRIS JENNER: Mine, right here?

KIM KARDASHIAN: And Bruce's scars on his hands from Kourtney's nails?

B. JENNER: Yes, or yes.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Because my mom used to grab my arm like this.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Do you see these scars?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: And then I would dig my nails to get her hand off. That's a normal thing.

B. JENNER: No, I came downstairs one morning. She's getting ready for school, and I'd say good morning Kourtney. And she looks at me and goes, I hate when you talk to me that way!


And I went -- huh? Okay. Have a nice day. You know?

KIM KARDASHIAN: He was the new guy in our life, and after my parents got a divorce, so it's understandable. Every kid goes through that.

KRIS JENNER: It was Kourtney's job to be angry.

KIM KARDASHIAN: And to stick up for my dad at the time.

B. JENNER: But she's grown to love me.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: This is why I lived with my dad in high school, because all these people were so annoying like this.

LOPEZ: Did you move -- I didn't know that. Did you move out and live with Robert?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I did. I lived with my dad in high school. Kim lived there a lot with us, too.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Kourtney and I kind of, you know, were -- we were best friends growing up. So we're extremely close, a year and a half apart. So we moved in both with my dad. And--

LOPEZ: What was that like for you?

KIM KARDASHIAN: But these ones--

KRIS JENNER: Well, we had just had two more babies.

KIM KARDASHIAN: They were fine.

KRIS JENNER: So there was always -- it was like a revolving door. One in, one out. We needed the room. So just get out.

B. JENNER: Actually, to be honest with you, her -- Kris and Robert really had a very good relationship after the divorce was all over with. And there was no restrictions on kids. I never, ever, ever heard Kris one time say anything bad about Robert I think. And he didn't about her, to the kids especially.

KRIS JENNER: We were definitely best friends. B. JENNER: There were no rules of how many days can you stay at one house and how many days you can stay at the other. Whatever they wanted to do, it was actually--

KRIS JENNER: And two nights out of the week, he'd come walking in that back door to have dinner with all of us.

B. JENNER: Yes, he's have dinner with us.

KRIS JENNER: So it was really fun.

B. JENNER: It really was about as good as it can get. And we had no idea at that time how short his life would be. And we look back on that time and say, you know what? It was great that the kids got to spend a lot of time with their dad.

KRIS JENNER: Yes, really good memories.

B. JENNER: And especially Robert, because Robert was in school. And he was there for the last six months, I think.

KRIS JENNER: 18 months.

B. JENNER: 18 months he lived with his dad.

KRIS JENNER: 18 months.

LOPEZ: Speaking of little Robert, little Robert was supposed to join us this morning. Why is little Robert not here?

KRIS JENNER: Little Robert is MIA.


KIM KARDASHIAN: He is going through a phase where he just feels like, you know, being that irresponsible, 20-something-year-old sleeping in. We don't know. He's not answering his phone.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I sent him a very long e-mail about how rude. And I thought that it was and how he needs to get his life together and be more responsible.

B. JENNER: And you don't want the wrath of Kourtney on you.

LOPEZ: I don't think so.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: It was very nice put. I said I love you and I'll help you in any way I can, but you need to get it together. And living with Khloe and Lamar where you live in this beautiful home--

KIM KARDASHIAN: Play video games at all hours of the night.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Your car is washed once a week.

LOPEZ: Yes. KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: You have -- probably don't have to pay forever a meal. And I was like get a job and like get your life together.

B. JENNER: Absolutely. You grew up that way, didn't you?

LOPEZ: I totally -- I lived with Magic Johnson for six years.


B. JENNER: Yes, yes, that's what I thought.

LOPEZ: Used to wash his cars. Car wash growing up, yes.

B. JENNER: Sleep in, it was great, wasn't it?

LOPEZ: My breakfast burritos that Magic Johnson and I would have were fantastic. I was the best chef that he ever had. Let's -- before we get because this hour's going to go by like that.


LOPEZ: It's who are you seeing?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Who am I seeing? You know, I think what's so cool about season five of "Keeping Up" is for the first time you'll really see me single. You'll see me -- you know, I think I've had the same boyfriend for the whole first four seasons. So you'll really see a different side of me. And I'm dating around. You know, I'm enjoying this time just to be selfish and focus on work. And I'm having a good time.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Kim's a workaholic. So she likes to--

B. JENNER: She is.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: --work definitely more than she ever likes to date.


LOPEZ: You really are.


LOPEZ: I mean, every time I see you, you have things coming. And you are an entrepreneur, I will say.

KRIS JENNER: That's the one thing about the girls, I think, is their work ethic. You know, these are girls that get up at 4:00 in the morning. And they work until they fall down.

LOPEZ: Right.

KRIS JENNER: And then they get up the next day and they do it all over again. So they're very dedicated to what they're doing. And they give 150 percent.

LOPEZ: You know, the show is fantastic for showing that. But also when the show is not filming, you do travel, and do you enjoy your lives, which is also extremely important to have that -- if you can balance a reality show--


LOPEZ: --and real life--


LOPEZ: --you're doing quite well.

As we've said, Kim and Kourtney are huge Tweeters. Millions of followers. And they will answer some of your questions when we come back. Millions.


TIME STAMP: 2019:00


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Yeah, that would be nice. We'll be at Khloe's after.

K. ODOM: Who's that? Scott's not coming over. I'm serious. Tell him no.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: All right, I'll call you when I leave here.

K. ODOM: What? It's my house.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Why would you care if you're not going to be there? You're going to the Laker game.

K. ODOM: Because it's still my house. Do you not get it? Why would I want someone like that in my house?

I just came before the game. I wanted to say congrats on your house warming. Have fun. And Kourt, he's not coming over, so I would call him back.


LOPEZ: Kourt?


LOPEZ: What's happening with that dude, Scott?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: He's actually doing really well, but I understand where Khloe is coming from, especially at that time. And you know, Scott has to earn his trust back, I think, with the family. So Khloe is completely-- LOPEZ: And what about you?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: And with me. And you know, and he's working on himself, we're doing the best that we can. We go to therapy. He goes once a week alone. We go together once a week. And, you know, just working on things.

I think regardless, we need to have a good relationship, you know, for our son, just even if we're together or not. So going to therapy and those kind of things I think are important.

LOPEZ: Let's talk about Scott. Fan of Scott, Bruce?

B. JENNER: Put me on the spot here. No, I get along with Scott.

LOPEZ: I don't know the dude and I'm not.

B. JENNER: Yes, I get along -- I can get along with anybody. I get along with Scott. But I just have to give him a lot of credit over the last couple of months, because obviously the shows were shot a few months ago. He's really done very well. He's quit drinking.


B. JENNER: I mean, like quit. And he wasn't like a big drinker, but if he did drink he couldn't stop.

LOPEZ: Right.

B. JENNER: You know? And that was a big, a huge problem. And I like him much better when he's sober. I think he's got a good heart. And he's really doing really well.

LOPEZ: Yes, he's trying.

B. JENNER: And he's stopped the drinking . And I've got to give him credit for that. And he's doing well. We actually recently, we've tried to do more things with him and trying to, you know--

LOPEZ: Have you had those discussions man to man?

B. JENNER: Oh, yes.

LOPEZ: Have you taken him outside and?

B. JENNER: Yes, I've taken him outside.


B. JENNER: Said hey, come on, got to get your act together here.

KRIS JENNER: I think we all have.

B. JENNER: You've got a kid, yes. I mean, that's the bottom line. KRIS JENNER: Scott, you know, we finally realized as a family that, you know, Scott's got this problem. And it's a disease. And so now we have to help Scott get better. You know, Scott is part of our family forever because he's Mason's dad. You know, he's the father of our grandchild and the father of Kourtney's son. And Scott can be a really good guy when he's got it together. And so now our job is to, you know, just pull together as a family and be really supportive for Kourtney, because she loves this guy.


KRIS JENNER: And if it mean that's much to her, then we have to be there for Kourtney and stop the nonsense and just really help this family heal and get back together.

LOPEZ: Right. Kim?

KIM KARDASHIAN: And I've always, you know, gotten along with Scott. I think out of everyone, you know, Khloe, there's like really no reasoning with her. She has her opinion, she's firm on that, and we all respect it. But I think I've always been cool with Scott. Scott and I've had a different relationship that you probably haven't seen on the show.

LOPEZ: Right.

KIM KARDASHIAN: We've always hung out. And so I've always, you know, tried to be the mediator and listen to his side and Kourtney's side. And, so, yes, I've always liked Scott.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: They tend to only show the bad side of Scott, I would say, on the show.

LOPEZ: Really? But you have creative control of the show. You can show the good sides.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Yeah, but I think if we're just sitting at home playing with Mason or something, that usually gets cut out of -- when there's all this other drama going on.

LOPEZ: Right.

KIM KARDASHIAN: And I really have to, like, you know, give it up to Kourtney for being so courageous. I mean, I couldn't show that, if that was going on in my relationship. I wouldn't be able to be so strong to watch the episodes back, hear everyone blogging about it and commenting in cover of cover of tabloid on stuff that they really dealt with months ago.

LOPEZ: Right.



KIM KARDASHIAN: Kourtney doesn't care what people think, so it's cool, I mean--

LOPEZ: And therapy sessions, which are supposed to be private.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Right, and we do our private therapy sessions where I say you're absolutely not coming.


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: But you know, there's some that we've been open to shooting our first therapy session ever in Miami we shot. And I hadn't seen him in weeks. And the cameras were there, you know, with all of that. So -- and it's hard to do those moments and deal with it. But--

LOPEZ: But the baby is beautiful.


KRIS JENNER: He's so cute.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: And he's so happy. He crawled yesterday.

LOPEZ: Oh, great. Who does the baby look like?


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Robert or my dad.

KRIS JENNER: Robert Kardashian.


KRIS JENNER: Yes, I told somebody the other day, I was changing his diaper. I was changing my ex-husband's diapers. Like oh, this is so weird.

B. JENNER: That is weird, honey. You didn't tell me that.

KRIS JENNER: Like that's creepy.

LOPEZ: That--

B. JENNER: It's a little strange.

LOPEZ: That's creepy.


LOPEZ: What is off limits when it comes to cameras and the Kardashians? The answers to those questions coming up.


TIME STAMP: 2126:00

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) KRIS JENNER: I am so proud of you. Kim?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Mommy, no! Help!

KRIS JENNER: Really? You don't want to mess with me, Kim! Welcome to your new house, Kim.

Everybody, grab a broom.


LOPEZ: That's what I love. We're talking about love. That is -- that's love right there.

KRIS JENNER: I think you have to have a good sense of humor about yourself. You know, you can't take life too seriously. You know, we were talking before. And it's just -- life is short. You have to have those sweet moments.

LOPEZ: Now with the cameras and five years of it, because you were a little apprehensive in the beginning. And now you're all in.


LOPEZ: Is anything off limits?


KRIS JENNER: Not really. I mean, like Kourtney said before, we try not to -- we almost never edit ourselves, as you can see. I mean--

KIM KARDASHIAN: And we have the right to. And I think we have such a great relationship with our production company, Bunim Murray, that they've given us that power to be able to edit. But so far, we've not taken any content out because at the end of the day, I mean this is -- if a story's going to get out that we're nervous about putting it in the show, somehow it gets out to the tabloids anyway. And it's probably completely twisted. So why not be able -- this is like our way to tell our story through our own eyes.

LOPEZ: If you had time to yourself, really, whether it's in the house or whatever, what do you like to do? Kourtney, what do you like to do when you're--

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I love to go to sleep without setting an alarm clock, is like my special treat to myself.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I don't know the last time that's happened.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I know. But that's like, for us, that's like exciting. And I mean, I love to travel. I love bringing Mason especially to new places. Kim and I brought him to Cabo with Scott. He's been to Vegas. He's been to Indianapolis and New York. I mean, he's -- it's fun to just take him and see new things with him.

LOPEZ: And when you sleep without an alarm clock, how late do you sleep?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: We sleep till 10:00.


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: If Mason will let me. He sleeps till 10:00 too.

LOPEZ: Right.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I love to make like scrapbooks and organize them. Such a neat freak, so I love everything totally organized on my free time. It's either like scrapbooking or--

LOPEZ: Wait a minute.


KRIS JENNER: She's obsessed.

LOPEZ: Are you serious?


LOPEZ: Like you go to the store and get the little decals?


LOPEZ: And those special scissors--


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: How can you do that?

KIM KARDASHIAN: you should see the one I made for my dog. It's amazing.

LOPEZ: Now next week when you're on my show on TBS, will you bring a scrapbook?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I will, if you want me too.

LOPEZ: Absolutely.


LOPEZ: I'd like to see that. I don't think I've ever imagined you scrapbooking.

KIM KARDASHIAN: A scrapbooker?

LOPEZ: You don't wear the little glasses, do you?

KRIS JENNER: Little apron?


LOPEZ: Kris, what do you like to do?

KRIS JENNER: You know what I like to do? I like to go to Mexico. I like to hang out down at, you know, Puerto Vallarta.

KIM KARDASHIAN: She likes to ditch us all--


KIM KARDASHIAN: --and have some alone time.

KRIS JENNER: Just -- and yes, that lasts about 24 hours and then the e-mails start coming through. This is an emergency!

KRIS JENNER: She likes to go to Mexico because her phone doesn't work there. So she pretends like she, you know, has no phone service.

LOPEZ: But that's nice. You can get away from your phone. I doubt that either -- could you get away from your phone completely?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I feel like because I have a baby. But if he's with me, I could ditch my phone.

It would be really hard for me. I have like separation anxiety when I'm away from my phone.

KRIS JENNER: There's not even a prayer you could give up your phone.

LOPEZ: I'm sure you're going crazy in the hour.

KIM KARDASHIAN: It's refreshing sometimes. But not too long.

LOPEZ: What do you do?

B. JENNER: Golf?

LOPEZ: Yes. Yes, baby.

Is that the --

B. JENNER: That's my getaway.

KRIS JENNER: Your peace.

B. JENNER: My peace, my getaway. Also I'm into RC helicopters. So every morning at 7:00 I'm out there in my little field and I work on all the tricks and this and that. I enjoy that. I enjoy -- I always like to learn skills. To me that's fun.

LOPEZ: So you fly remote control helicopters?

B. JENNER: Yeah. But I also fly like real airplanes. And I have my own aviation company and I fly real airplanes. But I got into this little thing with RC helicopters a couple years ago. And it's really very, very challenging.

LOPEZ: Can it be expensive?

B. JENNER: Oh, it's not expensive.

KRIS JENNER: Take my word for it. It's not expensive.

B. JENNER: You're blowing it. You're blowing it here.

KRIS JENNER: When he wants to buy a helicopter, it's literally --

B. JENNER: The new electric one, the big one, yeah. But that's a whole other story. I've been working on that.

LOPEZ: Golf you took up at 50.

B. JENNER: I did take it up at 50. I've been working on it ten years. It's getting better, but it's a tough -- you know, it's a tough sport. I mean, there's so much to it and things change, and --

LOPEZ: Do you wish you would have played when you were younger?

B. JENNER: Well, when I was younger, if I would have played, I probably would have gotten beaten up. You're on the golf team, that wasn't good.

LOPEZ: That wasn't cool.

B. JENNER: Tennis wasn't cool. Little did we know those were the guys that were going to go on and do quite well. But back in the '50s and '60s, even '70s, if you were on the golf team, God.

LOPEZ: But it does keep you sane.

B. JENNER: It does. I enjoy it. I like learning skills. Back in the old days with the Olympics and this and that, that to me is fun, to get better at something. You know? And golf is kind of my little outlet.

LOPEZ: I will say that probably even though the season runs -- when do they shoot "Keeping Up"? From what time to what time?

KIM KARDASHIAN: This time it was a long time.

KRIS JENNER: It took us a few months, 18 hours a day, seven days a week. No days off.


B. JENNER: See that? I messed up. But it's not a kid.

LOPEZ: Yeah, that's good, it's not a kid.

B. JENNER: It's not a kid.

LOPEZ: Separation anxiety from the phone.

B. JENNER: I've got a couple that are moving around. I'm the carpooler.

LOPEZ: And the young ones.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Kendall and Kylie.

LOPEZ: Yes. The 14-year-old with the pictures in the --


LOPEZ: It's risque, some people say. What do you think?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I don't think it's risque. She's in a bikini. Like what do you want her to be in, like a gown from head to toe. Like.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: You're at the beach.

KRIS JENNER: She was doing a portfolio. She signed with Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. So they asked her to have a portfolio. We signed her up for a two-day shoot. One day was in the studio, one day was at the beach. She was in a bathing suit with a cover up on. And these very fabulous pictures went out. Clyde Haygood (ph) and Rob Sheppie (ph) and Joyce Binelli (ph) did her hair and makeup. It was phenomenal. But the best photographer, Nick -- how do we say Nick's last name?

LOPEZ: But controversial a little bit, Kim, right? A little.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I posted the pictures on my blog. I thought she looked beautiful. I think for her being 14, 5'10", she's gorgeous. But I don't think people expected her, you know, to be modeling in swimsuits. But that was a requirement from the modeling agency and she was -- you didn't even see anything. So I don't think it was risque at all.

KRIS JENNER: But it's also the age that young girls start their modeling career, if that's the path you're going to take.

LOPEZ: I have a 14-year-old daughter. Father, would you like to speak up?

B. JENNER: Make a comment here?


B. JENNER: Yes. I dropped her off at the beach that morning, and then I left. But I probably should have stayed. No, you know, it was pretty funny, because -- I think the shots were fine. They were fashion model shots and that's -- Kendall has a passion for that. She wants to do that. But we did the shots accident. A couple days later, Kendal and Kylie and I, we always go to this Moosehead ranch up in Wyoming that my sister's family owns, and we go riding horses for a week. It's the most beautiful place in the world, and there's no TVs or nothing.

I come home, and I say, Kris, how's everything going and this and that. She goes, oh, my god, the drama.

KRIS JENNER: The Kendall controversy.

B. JENNER: What controversy? We've been riding horses all week.

KIM KARDASHIAN: She had no idea that


KIM KARDASHIAN: I think she looks beautiful, and she loves modeling. She loves it.


B. JENNER: She got another gig Monday. She's got to be in Wisconsin.

LOPEZ: You knew about it. It wasn't something they hid from you.

B. JENNER: No, I didn't see the pictures.


B. JENNER: I didn't see the pictures, but I knew she was taking the photos.

LOPEZ: You half hid.

We've got more sneak peeks of season five of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" when LARRY KING LIVE returns.



KIM KARDASHIAN: What's going on here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jesse drafted you to our team. All you have to do is throw that ball into any cup you want.


Sorry, fellows. Here we go!


LOPEZ: Beer pong?

KRIS JENNER: Well, the boys were teaching me how to play beer pong, my son's friends. I had no idea even what it was. So --


What is your drink of choice, Kris?

KRIS JENNER: Well, I switch it up. I like white wine, and then I like a little --

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Anything that's available at 5:00 p.m. every day.

KRIS JENNER: I don't know, vodka. I'm into vodka these days.

B. JENNER: Whatever's in the house.

KRIS JENNER: That's right. Whatever you've got.

KRIS JENNER: They're kidding.

LOPEZ: Yes. Bruce?

B. JENNER: One beer is my limit. I don't really drink.

KRIS JENNER: I've been married to him for 20 years and I don't think I've ever seen you buzzed, ever.

B. JENNER: What a great word, buzz.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: What a great new episode.

LOPEZ: Being a mother, has it changed your desire for alcohol?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I'm still breastfeeding, so that solve that's.

LOPEZ: Which is a lovely visual, by the way.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Thanks. You're so sick.

B. JENNER: Not when she's got the pump going.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I was pumping back stage.

LOPEZ: I was pumping backstage.

KRIS JENNER: You missed it, George.

LOPEZ: They try to make it look cool, but it looks --

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: It's kind of Lady Gaga cool. It's freaky.

LOPEZ: Do you favor one more than the other?

KRIS JENNER: It works at the same time, just like a cow.

B. JENNER: Dual ones, yeah.

KRIS JENNER: Hands free.

LOPEZ: That's like the Bluetooth of milking yourself.


LOPEZ: You can do things while you're connected.

KRIS JENNER: While you're Twittering.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I do. I'm going to Twitter you while I'm doing it later.

LOPEZ: It's totally Lady Gaga because it covers and then it's got like a strap.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: How do you know this?

KRIS JENNER: Were you peaking in the dressing room?

LOPEZ: We all have our things.

B. JENNER: Is there a camera in the dressing room?

LOPEZ: Are you new to the alcohol intake --

KIM KARDASHIAN: Yeah, I said I've always been really uptight, I'm not a drinker at all. I never have. So I made a promise to myself. I was just going to have a drink every once in a while when I turn 30. But I think the single life came a little bit before that. So I turned 30 this year, and I just -- I only have one White Russian, and I'll just get a little bit of a buzz and then I get really tired and fall asleep.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I think in Mexico, you'll receive have more than one.

KIM KARDASHIAN: It's the only drink that I can have. I love a White Russian.

LOPEZ: Why do you love White Russians?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Because it has a little bit of vodka. That's the only like real alcohol I can have. And the Kaluha tastes like chocolate milk. I can have one, you know, loosen up a little bit and then that's it. I still am not the biggest drinker, so I would never --

LOPEZ: And we know that you're a huge fan of chocolate. You love chocolate? Are you a chocolate lover as well?

KIM KARDASHIAN: See that's a misconception. I love all candy.


LOPEZ: You love Oreos?


LOPEZ: Double stuffed.


LOPEZ: So when you're dating, you don't see -- you go for who you like? You don't particularly see --

KIM KARDASHIAN: absolutely. But what's so funny is I could stand -- I could literally be like full on making out with a white guy in the middle of the street and no one would even care, take a picture. And I could stand next to, you know, someone else and they would automatically take a picture. Soy think people -- you know, on "Keeping Up" season five, you'll definitely see all my dates and the different -- I'll mix it up a little bit.

LOPEZ: What is that like to date after so much time?

KIM KARDASHIAN: It's weird. Dating is just really awkward. I'm a relationship kind of girl. If I can just meet someone and fall right in love and be in a relationship, I would love to do that. But I think everything happens for a reason, and I think that right now I need to focus on work. And that's what I'm doing. You know?

B. JENNER: If you were a young guy and everything.

LOPEZ: Yeah, so you lost me already.

B. JENNER: And you're going out, could you handle Kim?

LOPEZ: I don't believe so.

B. JENNER: I don't think I could.


B. JENNER: I would be scared to death.

I don't know if I could handle it.

LOPEZ: I'd be afraid. I would be afraid.

B. JENNER: Strong, beautiful, intelligent, we're in trouble.

LOPEZ: When we played Three Card Monty with the Kardashian sisters, who did you think was going to have the baby first?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I thought me for sure.

B. JENNER: Oh, I thought Kim first. I would say Kim first.

KRIS JENNER: Never Kourtney.


LOPEZ: And who would have -- did you see yourself married first? KRIS JENNER: She was married first.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Absolutely. I was married first. I was married when I was a teenager and --

KRIS JENNER: For five minutes.

KIM KARDASHIAN: No, it was like three years. It was three years. At 19 I got married. I was married for like three years. I loved the whole idea of marriage. I love being in a long-term relationship. I love having that best friend that, you know -- but so I've learned a lot. But I definitely want to get married. I thought I'd get married before them again.

LOPEZ: But does it matter to you, a time? Does it matter, like I have to be married by this or --

KIM KARDASHIAN: No, I used to think that a few years ago, but I never thought --

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Now she's turning 30, she had to push it back.

KIM KARDASHIAN: No, no, no, I just thought -- I'm doing a lot of things now that I never thought I would be doing. So it's a trade out.

LOPEZ: The things you're doing now, do you think you could do if you had someone close in your life? Or would they be resistant to --

KIM KARDASHIAN: That's why I need to find the right person that accepts it all. Because then you can do -- if anything, if you have a strong partner with you, then it motivates you to be even better. So absolutely. I think that you can excel even more if you have someone that believes in you 100 percent.

B. JENNER: That's why her mom does so well. We both have our lives and --

KRIS JENNER: I love you.

LOPEZ: You do love each other.

B. JENNER: Yeah.

LOPEZ: Kim and Justin Bieber. Wait a minute. We'll ask about that. That's next. The Bieb. Do you have Bieber fever?


LOPEZ: I'm back with the Kardashians, and we're going to take a Twitter question for Kourtney. How do you deal with the emotional roller coaster of your family and accepting and not accepting Scott?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I think I just have to be really strong and believe in my decisions and know that I'm doing what's best for me and my family. I mean, it's hard. And obviously I spend so much time with my family, and I want to keep everyone together. But there's definitely times when I've had to live like two separate lives, one with my family and one with Scott.

LOPEZ: It's interesting because they weigh in on everything. There's no sensor. You say as you feel.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: There's no boundaries here.

LOPEZ: At what point was Scott -- you say, OK, you can be in Mason's life, but we're not going to be together as a couple. At what point?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Like, what's too much for me?


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: For where I would have it that way?


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I think if just I thought it wasn't a good environment for Mason, you know? I think I take him into consideration.

KIM KARDASHIAN: In Miami, for sure.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I definitely hit that in Miami, and that's where I said, the party's over. Like I'm going to be with Mason, you can work on yourself if you want to. And he has. And so now, you know, we're working on it together. But if it ever got to that place again, I would absolutely, you know, move forward.

LOPEZ: So this is a country of change, do you believe that change can happen with Scott?

KRIS JENNER: Absolutely. But I think that Kourtney's really good at setting her boundaries and saying this is not acceptable. But at the end of the day, her heart's in it, she loves him. I think anybody can change, especially if they feel that they have the support of a lot of people around them. And I think that's the key.

LOPEZ: Speaking of change, in the commercial, I first -- first of all, I didn't know you were married, but you also kept it from your family for three months. How did they find out?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Kourtney found out by looking on the Internet, and finding my marriage license and e-mailing it to my mom. My mom gave me 24 hours to tell my dad. So I did.

KRIS JENNER: It was ugly.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I was young, so, you know, if anything, you have to take a lesson learned from every situation and, while all my friends were in college and drinking and getting wasted and partying, I was at home being a wife and cooking and -- KRIS JENNER: A teenage wife.

LOPEZ: At 19.

KRIS JENNER: She was a teenager.

KIM KARDASHIAN: But I learned so much from that experience that it totally shaped me to who I am today.

B. JENNER: What did I tell you?

KIM KARDASHIAN: What did you tell me?

B. JENNER: You repeated it to me. I told her, I said, OK, there's some good news here. We just found out. I said the good news is it's good that you get the first one out of the way when you're young, because you're going to learn so much through this experience. This will be better than a college education.

KIM KARDASHIAN: And it was. It really made me who I am today.

B. JENNER: Yeah. And it made her -- yeah. She came out of it a lot better person at the en. She's going to take the next one so much more seriously.

LOPEZ: You're not that person anymore.


B. JENNER: And she didn't get terribly hurt. It was bad, but you didn't get hurt.

KIM KARDASHIAN: No. It was -- you know, I was just young. That's all it was. So, you live and you learn and you move on.

LOPEZ: I think I know the answer to this question, but I call you the Source when I see you at the Lakers' games, the Source. Which one of the girls is most like you?

KRIS JENNER: This one.

LOPEZ: Really?

KRIS JENNER: Definitely.

KIM KARDASHIAN: No brainer, yeah.

KRIS JENNER: We're like twins.


KRIS JENNER: We think alike. We do business alike.


KRIS JENNER: It's wild. KIM KARDASHIAN: That's why it works, because she can, you know, make a decision or she would do the same kind of business deal the same way I would. So we just think alike. We -- from everything. We just have the same ideas and it just works.

LOPEZ: You work together as a family. Now, did you want to do that, get involved in business and products and things, Kourtney?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Yeah. I think more about things. If they want like an immediate answer, like we need to know this second, what do we want to do? I'm more like a thinker and a little bit more logical.

KIM KARDASHIAN: I think my mom and I have the same ideas. We set out and we have these goals and we do these goal sheets and we make it all happen. Khloe loves it. She works really hard. She'll take the deals that my mom kind of --

KRIS JENNER: She'll defer to us to make those decisions.

KIM KARDASHIAN: And then Kourtney could care less. She's just along for the ride and she's the -- has to analyze everything. But I don't think -- Kourtney would be just as happy, you know, being a school teacher or whatever else she wanted to do.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Or stay-at-home mom.

LOPEZ: Do you want to be a stay-at-home mom?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: Yeah. I kind of am.

KIM KARDASHIAN: No. You work really hard.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I work really hard, but he gets to be there with me as I'm working.

LOPEZ: Right.

B. JENNER: These are very good business women. They're extremely -- you think of it, they're celebrities, this, that. No, they're business women. And I always tell everybody, because Kris has really been handling me, as my manager forever. Actually, we're coming up on 20 years of marriage.

KRIS JENNER: Isn't that great?

B. JENNER: Yeah.

I always used to talk to somebody about something and I would say really to get this done, you would have to talk to my manager and that happens to be my wife. And good luck.

KRIS JENNER: Somebody has to take control.

B. JENNER: She's the head of all of this. LOPEZ: But you're beautiful and tough. I doubt that you could get really anything by any of you guys. You can see that stuff coming, right?

KIM KARDASHIAN: If you try with one of us, there's always another one right there to see what we don't see.


LOPEZ: We're almost out of time. But when we come back, we're going to still get to Kim and Justin Bieber. You got married at 19. Would you date somebody in their teens? And they'll tell us about their book coming up next.


LOPEZ: Welcome back. George Lopez, filling in for Larry King. It has been a dream of mine. So, -- I had two accomplished dreams, to sit with them and to do this. Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian frolicking in the surf. It's big news. How do you frolic with the Bieb? How does that happen?

KIM KARDASHIAN: Well, how do I frolic with the Bieb? It was tough to get his hair wet. That part was challenging. No, he's the cutest, most adorable kid and he's just a good person. That was a lot of fun that shoot.

LOPEZ: Let's talk about this. You said the kid has swagger. To be a champion, you have to have swagger.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Justin Bieber has this swag to him. I'm serious. He has this -- he's charming. He has this swag. I can't explain it.

KRIS JENNER: Do you have a crush? You have a crush.

LOPEZ: If you were 18 --

KIM KARDASHIAN: it's illegal.

LOPEZ: -- Would you date Justin Bieber?

KIM KARDASHIAN: If he were 18, I don't know. I don't know. That sounds really creepy.

KRIS JENNER: Thirteen Years difference.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: My parents were 12 years apart.

LOPEZ: If you did date him when he was 18, you would have clothes that Mason could use. You could rock the same out fits.

KIM KARDASHIAN: He would have to be legal. Let's just say that.

LOPEZ: Of course he would have to be legal. Season five is going to be -- the show has always been great. Do you have a favorite season?

KRIS JENNER: We are so excited.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Season four. Season five? Actually, season five is. I think you see me in a whole different way that I'm excited.

KRIS JENNER: You see more of Kim. Kim is present in this season. I think the season that we're working on is always my favorite. This one is so exciting. And a lot of people won't expect a lot of stuff.

LOPEZ: I started to watch the show. I'm going to watch this season because I've known you a little bit. Then we started to talk. You and I have been cool. But I find you the most fascinating.


KARDASHIAN: Yes. I know Khloe from Lamar and the Laker games, but you're more interesting. I see a lot of thought.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Because it's mysterious, right?

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I'm going to keep it that way then.

LOPEZ: You really are. Don't you agree?

B. JENNER: I agree.

KRIS JENNER: Yeah. She's a very complex little girl that sort of peels open one season at a time.

LOPEZ: And you were apparently like that as a young girl.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I was very complex.

B. JENNER: Lot of personalities in this family. Lots of personalities.

KIM KARDASHIAN: Kourtney used to brutalize me as a kid.

LOPEZ: Not one the same.


LOPEZ: My favorite Kardashian, who there was always Kougar Kardashian.

KRIS JENNER: We don't talk about her that much.


KRIS JENNER: She's very camera shy.

B. JENNER: Camera shy?


LOPEZ: There is Kougar, rocking those fantastic legs. No spray tan required. Larry King, thank you so much, man, for letting me sit in for you. Now it's time for "AC 360."