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Casey Anthony to Be Released July 13th

Aired July 7, 2011 - 20:00:00   ET



JUDGE BELVIN PERRY, FLORIDA DISTRICT COURT JUDGE: ... four distinct, separate lies. Just as the jury spoke loud and clear on counts one, two and three by their verdict, they also spoke loud and clear as to the remaining counts, four, five, six and seven. I will sentence you to one year in the Orange County jail, imposing a $1,000 fine, on each count, all four counts to run consecutive to each other, giving you credit for the time that you have previously served.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The defendant was given credit for 1,043 days. And at this time, her release date has been calculated as July 13th, 2011.


GRACE: Breaking news tonight. In less than one week, tot mom, Casey Anthony, is set to walk free. After the judge slaps tot mom with the max for lying to investigators, she still racks up jail credit. D-day, July 13.

Tot mom in court today with a new carefree and casual look. Hey, no need to dress like a librarian now! The public outraged at tot mom`s not guilty verdict in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, the climate so volatile, the judge orders a, quote, "cooling-off period" before juror names made public.

As lead defense attorney Jose Baez hires a talent agent, the state and police plan to charge his client, tot mom, for the half a million dollar search for Caylee, the search tot mom sent them on, all the while knowing Caylee is dead. And tonight, exclusive interview with tot mom defense attorney Cheney Mason.

Everybody, you are seeing a shot of tot mom in court now. There she is, flanked by lawyers. There`s her new carefree and casual look.

Straight out to Jean Casarez, legal correspondent, "In Session," in court today. Everybody, we are camped here outside the Orange County courthouse, bringing you the latest in the now verdict of not guilty of tot mom. Expected to walk free today, somehow the judge somehow managed to squeeze in one more week of jail time for Casey Anthony.

What happened, Jean?

JEAN CASAREZ, "IN SESSION": Well, you know, Nancy, I think everybody thought she was going to get out today. I think Casey Anthony thought she was going to get out today. When she walked into court, she had an appearance and a demeanor that today was the day. But when Judge Belvin Perry issued that sentence for her, four counts, one year per count, to run consecutively, one after the other, four years, she realized it wasn`t going to be today. But it will be next week.

And Nancy, she will not be on probation from that check fraud case because she served it while she was in jail. I spoke exclusively with Cheney Mason today, his first post-sentencing interview. And he talked a lot about Casey Anthony.


CASAREZ: Are you concerned for her safety?

CHENEY MASON, DEFENSE ATTORNEY FOR CASEY ANTHONY: Sure. Yes. Everybody around her knows you have to be concerned for her safety. There`s a lot of nuts out there that don`t believe in the Constitution of the United States, don`t believe in the jury system. And all you have to do is go downstairs on the sidewalk, and you`ll see.

CASAREZ: Are you going to do anything to ensure her safety?

MASON: Well, I couldn`t tell you what`s being done, but there are measures being taken.

CASAREZ: There has been speculation that she may go to your house.

MASON: Yes, well, see -- I don`t think that`s really going to happen.

CASAREZ: If she did say, though -- because you told me when we did our first interview that you thought of her as a granddaughter. And I see that relationship in the courtroom.


MASON: If she came to you and said that she wanted to come to your house for a while, would you allow her?

MASON: Yes, I would. Surely would, you know, for a short while, you know, not very long. But I wouldn`t have any problem with it.


CASAREZ: You know, Nancy, I was very direct with him. I had a lot of questions, and he very honestly answered them to me because there are two sides to every story. And I wanted to know about that party that they had across the street from the courthouse right after the verdict, and especially that picture that has gone on newspapers all across the country and on television sets.

Well, he explained it to me, and it`s something that nobody has ever heard about before as to why he made that gesture to someone standing outside. Listen to this.


CASAREZ: ... picture that was taken...


CASAREZ: ... by one of the press that was standing outside shows you in a...

MASON: Expressing myself...

CASAREZ: Expressing your 1st Amendment right.

MASON: ... very clearly. My 1st Amendment right.


MASON: And pointing out that particular media person`s IQ.


MASON: Let me tell you, it wasn`t to the media. They can make if (ph) they want to. There has been one of the jackals stalking us to and from the courthouse every single day of -- not just at trial, but all hearings for a long time, OK, yelling the most outrageous comments because he`s trying to provoke one or more of us to flattening him. And I was quite interested in that process. But you know, you`ve met Shirley (ph). She made me promise I wouldn`t do it.


CASAREZ: You know, Nancy, some other interesting things that he told me is that when he took on this case, he and his wife were in a restaurant, and someone came over and started fighting him, assaulting him in the restaurant. Police had to be called. And his wife has lost some very good girlfriends that decided they just didn`t want to talk to her anymore after he started representing Casey Anthony.

GRACE: Jean Casarez joining us, and her exclusive interview with defense attorney Cheney Mason.

You know, to Michael Christian. Michael, we all observed tot mom walking into the courtroom today, extremely -- there`s the shot that Jean is talking about, there at the champagne toast party, the dancing, the jumping up and down, the booze, everybody watching themselves on TV, and then all capped off by Cheney Mason shooting a bird at onlookers. But that`s a whole `nother can of worms.

Let`s talk about what happened in court just a couple of hours ago. Liz, give me the video of tot mom walking into the courtroom, please.

Michael, everyone noticed a completely different Casey Anthony in court today. Not only did she not have her hair pulled back like a librarian, but she had on different clothes, different makeup, different demeanor, happy, almost flirtatious with some of the male sheriffs. I guess there`s no need to dress like a librarian anymore, Michael Christian.

MICHAEL CHRISTIAN, SR. FIELD PRODUCER, "IN SESSION": You know, one of the things that I noticed that was so fascinating, Nancy, was she`s been very savvy during this trial because she knew people were just fixated on her. And so when she`s been talking to her attorneys, she`s been covering her mouth, you know, kind of making sure that we couldn`t read her lips. I mean, she learned that lesson during jury selection, and she`s covered ever since.

She was not making any effort to cover her lips today. She was talking freely with her attorneys. As you say, she was happy. It was a complete demeanor we had never seen before. I think Jean is right. I think she thought she was getting out today.

GRACE: We are taking your calls live. We are here outside the courthouse. For those of you just joining us, tot mom set to walk free today, well, Judge Belvin Perry managed to eke out one more week behind bars for tot mom.

To the lines. Jamie in Florida. Hi, Jamie. What`s your question?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, I have two, Nancy. Can Kronk and the nanny bring civil suits to tie up her income, like the Browns did to O.J.?

GRACE: That is an excellent question. Oh, what`s the rest of your question?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The other one is, last Tuesday, I believe it was, when they came back from lunch break, Casey looked like a Rottweiler with a chain on. She was baring her teeth at somebody in the courtroom, didn`t know she was on the camera. And Baez moved over in front of her and the camera and told her. And then she went right back to that stoic look. I just wondered who was the recipient of that. Do you remember that?

GRACE: You know, I`m going to -- yes. Oh, I remember it very well. I remember the whole thing. And when Baez stepped away and she realized she was on camera, the look melted and she kind of covered her face with her hand and then brought it down very calmly, and the facade came back on.

Well, the facade, the mask is off. I think we`re about to see the tot mom, Casey Anthony, that we saw in all those party pictures.

You know, let`s talk about the civil suit. Unleash the lawyers. Joining us tonight, Eleanor Odom, senior lawyer, National District Attorneys Association, death penalty-qualified, Lorna Owens, defense attorney, author of "Everyday Grace, Everyday Miracle," and Peter Odom, defense attorney, Atlanta.

What about a potential civil suit, Eleanor?

ELEANOR ODOM, NATIONAL DISTRICT ATTORNEYS ASSOC.: Well, I think there are some people lining up to do that -- certainly, Equusearch would be one of them -- and they could probably get a judgment against Casey Anthony. And you`ve got to remember, the burden of proof in a civil case is much lower than a criminal case. So they just have to prove it by a preponderance of the evidence. So easier to get that money and verdict.

GRACE: I`m hearing we`re just getting connected to two special guests joining us, Nate Lezniewicz, former roommate, and Cameron Campana, former roommate, as well. Nate and Cameron, thank you for being with us.

CAMERON CAMPANA, FORMER ROOMMATE: Hi. How`re you doing, Nancy?

GRACE: Hi. Let me go to you, Nate. Have you watched any of the trial coverage at all?

NATE LEZNIEWICZ, FORMER ROOMMATE: Yes, I`ve watched bits and pieces here and there. I didn`t sit glued to the TV every day watching it, but I did keep myself updated on the important points going on during the case.

GRACE: Well, let me ask you something. Does the Caylee -- the Casey Anthony that you see in court, that you`ve been watching in court, seem like the same tot mom, Casey Anthony, that you knew as a roommate?

LEZNIEWICZ: No. I mean, obviously, it looked like her personality was quite muzzled, for lack of a better word, while she was in the courtroom. It looked like -- honestly, it looks like that they`ve spent the past three years coaching her on how to behave in the courtroom. When you all were just talking about the hands and everything, that seems like, you know, they`ve had plenty of time to coach her up on that.

GRACE: When you say not like you knew her, what was she like as compared to what we were seeing in court, Nate?

LEZNIEWICZ: You know, when I looked at her in court, she had that very defiant, stoic look on her face. There was no emotion. I think she seemed like an emotional girl. You knew when she was happy. You knew if she was sad. You know, there was nothing that you could gain by looking at her sitting there in that courtroom one way or the other.

GRACE: What about it, Cameron? Joining us, Cameron Campana. The tot mom that we all saw throughout the trial in court seems like a very different woman than the one you guys were roommates with. Describe.

CAMERON: Well, Nancy, when we lived with her, she was just, you know, a fun, outgoing girl, you know, somebody that gets along with, like, our type of friends and stuff. And I mean, there was nothing out of the ordinary that we were able to see. And you know, I mean, she was just pretty much just like one of us.

GRACE: Did she talk about Caylee very much when you guys were roommates?

CAMERON: A little bit. When we would ask her where Caylee was, she would always talk about she was with the nanny either at Universal or at Cocoa Beach. And other than that, I mean, she would just, you know, say little things, just, like, Oh -- about, like, Caylee. And I mean, that was about it.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We the jury find the defendant not guilty.



CINDY ANTHONY, CASEY`S MOTHER: It doesn`t make sense.

PERRY: (INAUDIBLE) of a search for the truth.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is a trip down the rabbit hole.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They just let a baby killer out of jail.

CINDY ANTHONY: We need to have something to go on.

CASEY ANTHONY: Mom, I don`t have anything!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: When Casey is faced with a problem, Casey Anthony lies.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know and you know that everything you told me is a lie.

PERRY: Four distinct, separate lies.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Intended to mislead law enforcement, and to send them, as Ms. Anthony indicated, on a wild goose chase.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The truth and Ms. Anthony are strangers.

CASEY ANTHONY: I haven`t said anything. Don`t worry.

PERRY: Juries speak a verdict that renders the truth.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just don`t cross the line.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Juror number three, Jennifer Ford, said it was a horrible decision to have to make, that not guilty doesn`t mean innocent.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Her release date is July 13th, 2011.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What happened here?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Justice for Caylee! Justice for Caylee!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Justice for Caylee! Justice for Caylee!

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Justice for Caylee! Justice for Caylee!

CASEY ANTHONY: In some ways, I almost feel more protected here than if I were on the...


GRACE: Welcome back. We are live outside the Orange County courthouse. Just in the last hours, tot mom back in court, expecting to be set free today. It didn`t happen. Judge Belvin Perry managed to eke out a few more days for tot mom behind bars. Tot mom enters the courtroom happy, casual, a completely new look and new demeanor. I don`t know what that`s going to morph into over the next week.

We`ve also learned that defense attorney Jose Baez has hired a talent agent. Ellie Jostad, please explain.

ELLIE JOSTAD, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Right, Nancy. Well, we had been hearing rumors that actually Baez and Casey Anthony had signed with an agency. Turns out, it`s just Jose Baez. He has signed with a talent agency at the Paradigm -- it`s the Paradigm (ph) agency. He says that Casey Anthony, however, has not signed any deal of any shape or form at this point.

GRACE: OK. What do we know about Paradigm agency?

JOSTAD: Well, Nancy, it`s a major talent agency. They represent all kinds of talent -- you know, movie stars, I think even athletes, musicians. And we`re told that what they`re doing right now is just handling Jose Baez`s media appearances, that sort of thing. We don`t know if there`s anything like a book deal, a movie deal, all of these things people have been speculating about. We have no confirmation of that at this point.

GRACE: Whoa! Wait! Wait! Wait! Oh! Oh! Ellie, you just missed the finger guns from Jose Baez. Let`s play that -- wait, let`s slo-mo it. Here we go. There -- oh! OK.

Ellie, when one hires a talent agent, that implies there is a talent. And what would the talent be for Mr. Baez?

JOSTAD: Well, I mean, he just got an acquittal. He just saved a life, as he said.

GRACE: You know what?

JOSTAD: He saved Casey Anthony from the death penalty.

GRACE: You know what? You`re right. It`s big. You`re right. This is a huge, huge moment in Baez`s career. He pulled off an acquittal that nobody believed was possible. He did it. One way or the other, somehow, he did it.

Hey, Ellie, another question. Back to Jamie in Florida`s question. Do you recall the day when tot mom made that -- that horrible snarl, then realized that she was on camera...


GRACE: ... and quickly, quickly went back with the mask on? As I recall, she was watching as the court reporter typed. She could see what was being said at a sidebar. What exactly happened?

JOSTAD: Right, Nancy. They were in a sidebar. She was watching it. And as I recall, I think they were talking about some competency issues or something in a sidebar. She was watching that. And she seemed to try -- she was trying to desperately get one of her attorney`s attention. She was gesturing, she was making that face. And then as soon as Jose Baez turned around, her expression completely changed, and she kind of did -- you know, grabbed her collar, became very somber at that point.

GRACE: This morning, just before the thwarted sentencing and release of tot mom, police carrying gas masks, police on mounted patrol besieged the courthouse. Everything turned out to be OK. The threat was not justified. But long story short, tot mom headed back behind bars for one more week, D-day next Wednesday.



PERRY: Just as the jury spoke loud and clear on counts one, two and three...


PERRY: ... they also spoke loud and clear as to the remaining counts.

CASEY ANTHONY: Regardless of how it happened, I don`t care. I don`t care. I will lie. I will steal. I don`t care. I will do whatever I can to find my daughter. I put that in my statement, and I mean that with all of my heart.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Guilty of providing false information.

CASEY ANTHONY: I don`t care.

PERRY: Counts four...


PERRY: ... five...


PERRY: ... six...


PERRY: ... and seven.


CASEY ANTHONY: I don`t care.

DEAN ECKSTADT, ALTERNATE JUROR: She was a liar. She didn`t tell the truth most of the time. To actually kill her daughter, I don`t think so. I believe that she may have had knowledge of the situation, but to actually kill her child, I don`t believe it happened.


GRACE: You are hearing an alternate juror on NBC "Today" show explaining his view on the tot mom murder trial.

Welcome back. We`re outside the Orlando courthouse. Just a few hours ago, tot mom realized she did not get to walk out of jail today. It will be next Wednesday, likely, D-day. A lot was overheard in the courtroom, however.

Ellie Jostad (SIC), a couple of producers were sitting in front of George and Cindy Anthony today. What did they overhear?

NATISHA LANCE, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Well, Nancy, they were a part of the members of the public who got tickets to go inside. They sat in front of George and Cindy. And they said when Casey Anthony walked out with her hair down, they said, Look at her, she looks so pretty today. She`s all done up.

And they also overheard Mark Lippman say that Lee Anthony would not be coming to court today with his fiancee, Mallory, that he now possibly has new counsel, but Mark Lippman would be there to advise him with anything or any questions that he might have along the way.

And they when they found -- they were also shocked to find out that Casey Anthony could be released from jail today. They said, Today? They were shocked. Today she`s going to be released? And they also said that, when they heard that Casey Anthony would not be released today, they gave a little bit of a sigh, and that was the most of the conversation that they heard.

GRACE: Did they notice her appearance, Natisha?

LANCE: George and Cindy, they did notice her appearance. They said that her hair looked so pretty, it had gotten really long. They said that she looked all done up today. They noticed her appearance, just like everybody else noticed her appearance. It looked as if Casey Anthony was ready to walk out of that courtroom today and be a free woman.

GRACE: You know, Jean Casarez, that sounds like a loving conversation about her.

CASAREZ: You know, Nancy, I asked about Casey`s hair because it`s so long. And Cheney Mason told me that the jail has not allowed her to cut it in these three years.


PERRY: Spoke to Caylee Marie Anthony on July 15th, 2008.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Casey Anthony gets four years for that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Casey Anthony will not be going home today.




CHIEF JUDGE BELVIN PERRY, CIRCUIT JUDGE, ORANGE COUNTY: Four distinct, separate lies. Just as the jury spoke loud and clear on counts one, two and three by their verdict, they also spoke loud and clear as to the remaining counts, four, five, six and seven.

I will sentence you to one year in the Orange County Jail, imposing a $1,000 fine on each count. All four counts to run consecutive to each other, giving you credit for the time that you have previously served.

KAREN LEVEY, DIRECTOR, DUE PROCESS SERVICES, ORANGE COUNTY COURT: The defendant was given credit for 1,043 days. And at this time, her release date has been calculated as July 13th, 2011.


NANCY GRACE, HOST: Welcome back. We are here live outside the Orlando, Orange County courthouse, bringing you the latest. In the last hours, tot mom back in court, expected to go home, but Judge Belvin Perry had another plan.

Now D-day set for next Wednesday. Tot mom will walk free.

We also learned from Jean Casarez that she will no longer be on any probation for the stolen checks that she used, stealing from her friends.

Why is that, Jean Casarez?

JEAN CASAREZ, LEGAL CORRESPONDENT, "IN SESSION": Well, she was sentenced to the check fraud charges, time served, and the probation followed for that year. So it was up in January.

But Nancy, I also learned the reason she`s getting out in a week is not only because of good time, but also gained time. And gained time in Florida has to do with those that are in protective custody 23 hours a day. They actually get even more time that can be used for release.

But Nancy, I was very honest with Cheney Mason and I said, look, the majority of people in this country, they would convict her in an instant. Listen to his response.


CASAREZ: You equate the hatred that is perceived toward her with that of O.J. Simpson?

CHENEY MASON, CASEY ANTHONY DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, I hope not. And I don`t know where all the facts of the actual truth is with O.J. Simpson. The jury acquitted him, as well.

The real problem with this case, you know, of course, is little Caylee. You know, a 2-year-old gorgeous child that`s -- that died somehow. So people that just exclude from their consciousness the facts, the evidence, the jury verdict, you can`t do anything about them.

That`s one of the reasons why we do have a concern for her well-being and her safety. And don`t know where she`s going to be able to go. Yes.

CASAREZ: What do you say to people that respect the jury`s verdict, but are outraged by the verdict? What do you say to them?

MASON: Well, I would like for them to study the Constitution of the United States and learn the things that the jury did. I`ve never seen a more eloquent recitation of that than from juror number three that publicly spoke yesterday. She was on the money. And people should pay attention.


CASAREZ: You know, Nancy, Cheney Mason told me that he believes that any relationship between George and Cindy and Casey is dissolved. It is no more. He believes there could be a relationship left with Lee.

GRACE: Back to the former roommates of tot mom Casey Anthony, Nate Lezniewicz and Cameron Campana.

Nate, you were there the night Cindy Anthony came there looking for Casey.


GRACE: She came looking for Casey Anthony. She wanted to see her granddaughter. What happened that night.

LEZNIEWICZ: Me and Tony were sitting there on the couch. We are waiting for the all-star game to start that evening. There was a knock at the door, Casey was sitting in the living room with us, and just around the apartment, walking around back and forth. So she stopped to grab the door.

It happened to be Amy Huizinga. Amy said that she needed to speak with Casey. So at that point, Casey went outside with Amy for approximately four or five minutes. When Casey reentered the home, Amy was with her, and at this point, Cindy Anthony was also there.

Cindy came in, she asked Casey -- or told Casey to get her stuff, that they were going. Casey`s response to her was, I will go outside and talk to you, but I am not leaving. The three of them proceeded to walk outside. And that was the last we saw Casey.

Now, Cindy did say to us on her way out the door that, "I hope you guys are rich, because she will take you for everything that you have."

GRACE: And what did you take that to mean, Nate?

LEZNIEWICZ: Well, it wasn`t until later on that evening when Lee came over that it made sense. Because when Lee came over, he talked to us for a little bit. He came over later that night to grab her clothes and things, and he came over and he talked to us for a little bit. And he`s like, "Man, you guys seem like really good guys, because I wish I would have met you beforehand, because I would have warned you about my sister, that she`s a con artist. She`s a pro at stealing money, a pro at writing bad checks."

And that was it. It never delved into her relationship with Caylee or anything. But he did, you know, tell us that she was, in fact, a thief, which is what I figured Cindy Anthony`s comments to be in reference to.

GRACE: Everyone, joining us tonight, Cameron Campana and exclusively, Nate Lezniewicz, former roommates of tot mom, Casey Anthony.

Cameron, the whole time that you guys were living together, how often did you see Caylee?

CAMERON CAMPANA, CASEY ANTHONY`S FORMER ROOMMATE: Off the top of my head that I can remember, I had probably seen her a handful of times, like three or four. There`s the -- the last time I saw her was her and Tony were going down to the pool with Caylee. And there`s maybe three or four times I`ve seen her all together.

GRACE: In all that time.

Everyone, we are taking your calls. Out to a special guest tonight joining us, Mike Belmessieri, Scott Peterson juror, co-author of "We the Jury: Deciding the Fate of Scott Peterson."

Mike, it`s great to talk to you again. Thank you for being with us.


GRACE: I`m hanging in there, Mike. What do you make of this jury verdict?

BELMESSIERI: I was amazed. Amazed, not the verdict -- it`s their verdict, and you know, and -- you know, they -- they came up with what they came up with. But I was amazed at how fast they came up with it. I mean, you know, it just seems like -- to me -- I mean, you know, of course, you know, it`s all relative to your experience.

I`m looking at what happened with us. But we were in deliberation for more than a week. But, you know, it seems like, you know, you would -- if you were to go through all of the evidence and testimony, and then you need to revisit those things in deliberation, it would take more than 10, 11 hours.

GRACE: Yes, for the trial that lasted weeks and weeks and weeks.

BELMESSIERI: Yes. I mean --

GRACE: What do you -- what do you make of the public`s sentiment about the verdict?

BELMESSIERI: You know, the jury has spoken. And the only opinion that ever matters is that of the jury. And then the final -- the final -- you know, the bang of the gavel with the judge.

I can understand the emotions. We`ve lost a beautiful young girl. And there`s no justice, because nobody knows who did it. I mean, you know, the prime suspect -- the jury says no, that`s not it.

But, you know, there`s a few things that -- and I don`t want to beat this jury up. I`m sure they`ve gone through enough. And they`ll be going through even more, I`m sure, with the sentiments out there. But --


UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Should the names of the jurors be released?

PERRY: You realize that there are folks out there that want to do crazy things, fillet open someone, pour salt on that person, and feed their legs to a piranha.

CINDY ANTHONY, CASEY ANTHONY`S MOTHER: Give Papa a hug and kiss, Cay. Caylee, give him a kiss.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She didn`t have anymore schoolmarm look about her, and she sat there like a little princess. It was sickening.

PERRY: Four distinct, separate lies.

CASEY ANTHONY, MOTHER OF CAYLEE ANTHONY: I would lie, I would steal, I would do whatever, by any means.

PERRY: I will sentence you to one year in the Orange County Jail. $1,000 fine on each count.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Cold (INAUDIBLE), and a mother who doesn`t care.

PERRY: Law enforcement expended a great deal of time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everything you told us is a lie.

PERRY: Looking for young Caylee.

CASEY ANTHONY: Purposely --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You purposely misled us.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mislead auto enforcement, and to send them on a wild goose chase.

CINDY ANTHONY: Sitting in jail telling lies.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, my god, I`m such a good liar.

PERRY: Given credit for the time that you have previously served.

LEVEY: Her release date has been calculated as July 13th, 2011.

CASEY ANTHONY: I will lie. I mean that with all of my heart.

JOSE BAEZ, CASEY ANTHONY`S ATTORNEY: After Caylee died, Casey did what she`s been doing all of her life, living a lie.


GRACE: We are back here at the Orlando courthouse. Today tot mom in court. In the last hours, expecting to walk free today. Judge Belvin Perry had another plan. She will be behind bars for one more week before she walks free. D-day set for Wednesday.

This after a stunning jury verdict of not guilty. Tot mom Casey Anthony charged in the murder of her 2-year-old little girl. And today, a big whammy comes down. We learned that local law enforcement planning to charge tot mom for half a million dollars search.

What about it? Unleash the lawyers. Eleanor Odom, Lorna Owens, Peter Odom.

Lorna, have you ever heard of that taking place?

LORNA OWENS, DEFENSE ATTORNEY, ADJUNCT PROF. OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE AT FIU, AUTHOR OF "EVERYDAY GRACE": Thanks for having me, Nancy. Yes, we -- I have heard about it. It`s unusual, but usually, it`s extraordinary circumstances like this where she has taken them on such a wild goose chase all over town, all of the time knowing that her daughter was no longer with us.

So if it is provided for, they can do it. We just want to be sure that people don`t think it`s revenge. But yet it happens. It happens a lot sometimes in this federal system where you have to take extraordinary measures.

GRACE: What about it, Peter Odom?

PETER ODOM, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Yes, Nancy. Some states actually have statutes that say that -- you know, people that lie to the police are liable for the resources that are expended in trying to chase that lie. And certainly no matter what else you believe about Casey Anthony, she led the police on a months` long goose chase that cost many millions of dollars. And she should be held liable for that. At least that`s what I think.

GRACE: You know, Eleanor, we understand today that the climate is so volatile the judge is ordering a cooling-off period before the jurors` names are released. Response?

ELEANOR ODOM, FELONY PROSECUTOR, DEATH PENALTY QUALIFIED: Well, I think that`s a good idea. He`s a really wise judge. And, of course, the jurors can make the decision themselves to go forward in the media, which we have already seen a couple of them do. So he`s giving them the option.

GRACE: To Dr. Bethany Marshall, psychoanalyst, author of "Dealbreakers."

Bethany, we see a completely new look for tot mom Casey Anthony. Even her parents noticed it, and were overheard commenting on it in court today.

What do you think, Bethany?

BETHANY MARSHALL, PSYCHOANALYST, AUTHOR OF "DEALBREAKERS": Well, I think Cindy is so relieved that her daughter has been acquitted. But you know what, Nancy? I am really -- I`m really aggravated by this snarly face. If that`s the face that Casey makes in a court of law when people could potentially see her, how did she look at her little daughter Caylee when no one was looking?

Is this the last look that little Caylee saw before she died? What does this tell us about how tot mom treated her little girl? And I am so pleased that the roommates are on the show tonight letting us know that Cindy, Lee and George all knew that their family member was a parasite.

That flies in the face of what Jose Baez told the jury. He seduced the jury into believing that if you have a dysfunctional family member, it means the entire family is dysfunctional, and that is so against what we know about sociopathy. We know when there is a sociopathic family member, sometimes it overwhelms everybody`s ability to cope.

And I think that`s what happened. I think as Casey got older, she had more power over her parents, because she had this darling little girl. It completely overwhelmed their ability to cope, and that is what made them look dysfunctional. They are not primarily a dysfunctional family. They have a daughter with a criminal mind, and a criminal brain. And that is what we have seen throughout this entire court proceeding, a sociopath.

GRACE: Natisha Lance, is there a rift in the Anthony family? We understand that Lee Anthony is breaking away from his parents, hiring his own lawyer? He was not there at the acquittal, he was not there today when tot mom potentially would have been released. What`s going on?

NATISHA LANCE, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: You know, Nancy, it sounds like Lee Anthony is trying to move forward with his life. I think it`s interesting that Jean pointed out that even though Casey Anthony will not mend the relationship between George and Cindy, that she will possibly mend that relationship with Lee Anthony.

But, you know, it`s anyone`s guess as to what`s going to happen with this family. We`ve always been trying to speculate what could happen if Casey Anthony were to go back home. So I guess we`ll have to wait and see.

GRACE: To Nate Lezniewicz, roommate of tot mom Casey Anthony. How has this whole thing ended up affecting you?

LEZNIEWICZ: Well, the phone hasn`t stopped ringing, for one. Day and night, obviously, the phone is going to ring nonstop. But you know it`s a real -- I have two very young nephews. I have a very young niece. And to think of my family being put in a situation like this, or something, I mean, I can`t imagine what Cindy and George have gone through for the last three years.

I know it`s been tough for us back when it first started. We had, you know, the people following us to campus, following us to classroom, camping outside of the apartment all the time. Since we all don`t live in the area anymore, it`s been -- you know, obviously, we don`t get a lot of attention anymore.

But when we were here it was tough just to carry on everyday life constantly with people there.

GRACE: To Cameron Campana, also roommate of tot mom Casey Anthony. How has the whole thing ended up affecting you?

CAMPANA: Nancy, just like Nate said. It`s just been really tough. It`s been a roller coaster ride. Now you can just keep trying to go each day, putting one foot in front of the next. And I mean, I feel horrible for what the Anthony family has -- had to gone through. And to think -- I have friends that have little kids, too. And to think that if anything like that happened to them, it just tears me apart.

GRACE: And what are you doing with your life now?

CAMPANA: Right now I am a club promoter in Cleveland, Ohio. I am also trying to find new jobs and such within the music industry.

GRACE: What about it, Nate? What are you doing now?

LEZNIEWICZ: I`m actually playing in a new band called Kaya Vibe from Vero Beach. We`re actually a pretty good up-and-coming band. You can check us out on Facebook or you can check us out at Reverb Nation. We have a new album coming out --

GRACE: What`s the name of your band?

LEZNIEWICZ: Kaya Vibe. That`s K-A-Y-A-V-I-B, as in boy, E. We have an album coming out -- due out here in a couple of months. So that`s been keeping me busy, along with trying to keep an eye on the case here.

GRACE: You know what? Good for you. Good for you.

Everybody, we are taking your calls. Very quickly, Nancy in Virginia. What`s your question?

Betty in Pennsylvania, hi, Betty. What`s your question?

BETTY, CALLER FROM PENNSYLVANIA: Hi. I want to know how they could not find neglect. That the only truth that came out of Casey`s mouth throughout this whole thing was that she did not know where her child was for 31 days.

How could that not be neglect?

GRACE: Good question, Eleanor Odom. I`ve been wondering the same thing.

E. ODOM: Well, it is neglect. But that`s not what she was found guilty of. They found her not guilty on the manslaughter and also on the murder charge. So that didn`t count.

GRACE: Well, bottom line, my understanding is the jury couldn`t decide who was supposed to be taking care of her. Cindy or tot mom. And therefore they said it was so unclear they couldn`t put the burden of taking care of her on her mother.



CINDY ANTHONY: No. I wouldn`t need to look up the word shovel. They could quit publicizing that stuff. I started looking at chlorophyll. I wanted to be on your side. I told you that from day one. And then that prompted me to look up chloroform. I know what she is for a mother.

BAEZ: I don`t understand how you get those two mixed up.


CINDY ANTHONY: The first time I see Caylee or Casey in a week. I have a bruise. Am I abused? There`s no bruises on that child. I smelled human decomposition. This is beyond that. There`s something wrong. I found my daughter`s car today.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Can you at least talk about the fact of evidence?

CINDY ANTHONY: Back away from the car. There`s no story, guys. I can`t find my granddaughter. No, I don`t know what your involvement is, sweetheart.

G. ANTHONY: Listen, get off my property. You`re on my property. Get off my property.

CINDY ANTHONY: You`re not telling me where she`s at.

CASEY ANTHONY: Because I don`t (EXPLETIVE DELETED) know where she`s at. Are you kidding me?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m not on your property.

G. ANTHONY: You`re on my property. The person who`s in the back of my granddaughter`s car is not my granddaughter.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why is he upset?

CINDY ANTHONY: This is why he`s upset. Just leave before I lose my husband right now.

G. ANTHONY: I feel sorry for all of you.

CINDY ANTHONY: Why go through all of this? Why put us through all of that? Doesn`t make sense. This is Caylee`s room. This is very hard to come in now.


GRACE: Let`s stop and remember Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Holland, 43, San Antonio, Texas, killed Iraq. From a family of military vets, awarded Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart, four Meritorious Service medals. A 21-year army vet, served in Bosnia, Germany, Honduras, and Haiti.

Lost his life on a humanitarian mission to help rebuild Iraq. A veterinarian also with a degree of public health. Loved teaching. The youngest of 10. Favorite goodbye joke to friends and family, glad you got to see me.

Leaves behind father Herbert, a retired army colonel, brothers Robert, Mark, David, Josh, sisters Patricia, Mary, Claire, Catherine, Elizabeth.

Daniel Holland, American hero.

Thanks to our guests but especially to you for being with us.

And a special thank you to Florida friend Patricia Sullivan Boyle. After asking on our show for help to raise funds for Wesley Glen, home for the handicapped, she goes into her Social Security check to help the handicapped.

Thank you, Patricia.

Everyone, I`ll see you tomorrow night at the Orlando courthouse where we in our own way will be seeking justice for Caylee.

See you tomorrow night 8:00 sharp Eastern. And until then, good night, friend.