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Revenge Porn?

Aired April 23, 2012 - 21:00   ET


DR. DREW PINSKY, HOST: All right. And we are coming to you live tonight and we`ve got a lot of material to get through.

First of all, I think everyone is aware George Zimmerman is out on bail.

Another story, "E" News host Giuliana Rancic announces that she is pregnant.

And check this out. A Las Vegas invention claims it can bring people nearly back from the dead. That`s right.

These are some stories you`ve been obsessed with today. We`ve been getting a lot of actions online about these stories. We`re live tonight. We`re on call for the entire hour.

So, call me tonight at 1-855-DRDREW5. Let`s get this going. Come with your calls, whatever you want to talk about. We can talk about the topics I`ve mentioned so far or anything else. As we always say, nothing is taboo.

So I`m here to answer all questions and address Facebook.


PINSKY: As I`ve been saying, I`m here to address all your questions and Facebook comments, phone calls.

Now, first up, we`re having little bit of a technical issue. This is the great thing about live television.

This guy is the Internet`s most hated man. He shut down his revenge porn site. He sold the domain to an anti-bullying group called That`s right.

Now, he claimed the photos of underage girls he was posting was just too much drama. The Web site is called They posted photos that people submitted of their ex-partners, presumably those that they were angry at.

And we have Hunter Moore. Is Hunter available? Can anybody tell me? Is he -- he`s available. Not yet.

We`re having technical problems.

But he started the site. He`s here tonight. I`m going to have him explain what went down on the site, how it started.

You know what`s interesting, I`ve been looking at Twitter this evening. And a lot of the twitter action about Hunter is positive. And I don`t think Hunter and I have actually met, though I`m anxious to meet him here via satellite if I can get the technical elements lined up.

And people are kind of -- he`s sort of a hero of sorts. Hard to imagine that somebody that -- there you are.

Hunter, are you with us?


PINSKY: All right, Hunter. Thank you for joining us.

So tell me why you set this site up. Why you decided to take it down. And what was the drama all about?

MOORE: Well, actually I didn`t mean to set the site up. The site was just born, actually. It was just a couple of friends and, you know, we had our hearts broken by a couple of girls and we thought we would, you know, make a site and just between us and a couple people got ahold of it and it became Is Anyone Up. That`s how it started.

As far as getting to the point where I wanted to take it down was after my appearance on "Anderson Cooper" and, you know, with all the attention, we had more weirdos and more weirdos every day submitting to the site.

And we were dealing with a ton of underage, you know, pictures that were submitted every day and a lot of animal abuse and, you know, people that had been submitted and posted on the site in the past who had died within the year that the site had been up. People would find the pictures of them dead and post them along their nude pictures.

And that was the drama I was talking about when I wanted to take the site down and eventually did. So, yes.

PINSKY: And, so let me fake you back to the beginning when you put it up in the first place. Why not just, good riddance when somebody treats you poorly, just move on? Why do you have to act out with that aggression? Or why create an environment for people to act out?

Aren`t you concerned you actually hurt people?

MOORE: Of course. But when I did start the site, I was hurt, and so was my friends, and, you know, it`s 2012. I mean, you know, everybody has Facebook. Everybody has Twitter. It`s really easy to put people on blast, and, you know, I -- that`s pretty much how it started.

Of course, my main reasoning was to hurt people and hurt the girl or girls that did hurt me.

PINSKY: And just, Hunter, just so we`re clear, it`s a site where people would basically put up, like, inappropriate pictures of their exes, like sex texting and that kind of thing that somebody sent off to someone. And now they`re angry, they`re putting up their pictures for everyone to see and they don`t go away. They stay up there forever, right?

MOORE: Yes. Basically. So the site started as, you know, Dr. Drew, you would, if you sent your, you know, penis to somebody and they didn`t like you anymore, they could come to my site, submit all the pictures that you sent in a sext and along with your Facebook or your Twitter, your LinkedIn, any kind of social networking profile you had, and we would link it directly to that, so people could see these pictures that you had sent to whoever and, you know --

PINSKY: It`s so heartwarming. It`s so romantic. It`s such -- it`s such a new age. It`s like we`re, like -- a whole new chapter to it.

Let me, Hunter, hold tight. We`re taking calls.

MOORE: Go ahead.

PINSKY: I have someone on the phone who wants to talk to you. Her name is Ali Pereira. She`s on the show before. She sent topless pictures to her boyfriend. They ended up online.

She`s with us right now.

And, Ali, you have a question for Hunter?

ALLYSON PEREIRA, REGRETS TAKING TOPLESS PICS (via telephone): Yes, I wanted to know, actually Hunter re-tweeted me when I tweeted him my question. So all of his followers were tweeting me calling me a slut and saying that I deserved what I got for my pictures. So, I don`t really understand how, all of a sudden, he`s all anti-bullying and since he`s shut down the site he says the girls` pictures are gone forever. Once it`s on the Internet, it`s there forever.

PINSY: What do you think, Hunter?

MOORE: I mean, the original thing you said I think is you took pictures topless and you sent them to your boyfriend and they ended up on the Internet?

PINSKY: Right. That`s the original.

MOORE: I understand you were -- I don`t know how you can point your finger at me. You took the picture. I mean, I`ve been justifying this in my head for over a year and a half of the site, what I do and the site that I ran.

But in the end of the day, it started you. You took these pictures. I don`t know how old you are. But I`m sure you`re smart and go to school.

It`s 2012. What do you expect to happen? Somebody`s going to monetize this. I mean, I was the person to do it.

As far as bullying, my main concern is with underage, anything underage. You know, I`d hate for a Columbine or, you know, Virginia Tech, even though that wasn`t underage, to ever happen again.

My main concern, you know, is online, and, you know, the kids that get beat up in school, you know, go home, get on their Facebook, and are still dealing with the same kids that are torturing them in school. That`s my main focus is to put these people --

PINSKY: Hunter, it`s pretty draconian, buddy, to say, if someone`s going to do it, I happen to be the guy that did it. Let`s go to -- I have on the line somebody that maybe you perhaps, at one time you modeled yourself after.

Tucker Max just called in.

Tucker, are you there?

TUCKER MAX, AUTHOR (via telephone): Yes, I`m here, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: Did you hear what Hunter was saying?

MAX: Yes. I heard it all.

PINSKY: What do you think?

MAX: You know, I kind of come down on both sides. On one hand I understand Hunter`s position that if you don`t want naked pics on the Internet, the best way to solve that problem not take naked pictures of yourself.

PINSKY: Well, that`s a pragmatic solution. How about being the agent that facilitates these things, going to a place that kind of ends up in a harmful situation for people?

MAX: Well, on that hand, I agree with you, too. If you`re going to be the person that kind of spreads sort of toxicity and, you know, that sort of negative behavior, then you have to deal with the consequences.

For -- I don`t know a whole lot about Hunter, to be honest. I had to look him up. I knew about his site but I didn`t know about him. It seems to me that he started to suffer a lot of consequences of leading that life and running that site. That`s kind of why he took it down -- from my understanding. I could be wrong.

PINSKY: Thank you, Tucker. By the way, I hope you get over your flu, buddy. We`ll have you back soon.

Is that about right, Hunter? Did you -- did you really have the karma as they would say, finally come around?

MOORE: No. I don`t believe in karma or magic or anything like that.

PINSKY: I`m just saying. Listen, you get yourself involved in bad stuff, bad things happen to you. That`s all I`m saying.

MOORE: No. I`m a human being, like, I don`t want to hurt people. I don`t like people suffering. And, you know, the site, you know, it got a little too crazy too fast.

But, yes, I mean, I was more concerned with the underage stuff. I mean, I don`t like looking at little kids naked and I had to do it every single day. That`s what I got myself into. And, yes, there was, like I said --

PINSKY: That`s not disgusting? All right. Let me take another caller.

MOORE: That is disgusting. Yes, that is disgusting.

PINSKY: Yes, yes. I`m just saying. You go into the belly of the beast. Just saying.

Jessica in Pennsylvania. What do you go for us?

JESSICA, CALLER FROM PENNSYLVANIA: Dr. Drew, I wanted to talk to you about children acting out sexually. I`m not sure it`s on topic with your guest right now.


JESSICA: I have a nephew who has started off on the bus, in the school building. It`s been brought to my sister`s attention.

PINSKY: How old a kid? Hold on a second. How old a kid?

JESSICA: She`s 10.

PINSKY: Ten. OK, listen, if a 10-year-old is acting out in a way that`s sexually directed, that`s not just -- a 10-year-old really shouldn`t have an understanding of what sexuality is. So if they do, more often than not it means that they were affected by an adult. An adult did something to them.

JESSICA: How can I get my sister to do something?

PINSKY: At very minimum --

JESSICA: She`s excusing it as naughty, bully behavior.

PINSKY: At very minimum, if a kid is -- if he`s exposing himself in inappropriate ways, that sort of thing, too? Jessica?

JESSICA: He most recently simulated sex with my --

PINSKY: Jessica, no more. That needs -- the school should have that immediately evaluated. You know, if he`s, whether he`s being exposed to pornography, whether an adult got his or her hands on him, that is a kid that needs by professional -- airlifted right now. You tell the school, they will help out. I promise. OK?

All right, Jessica. Thank you for your call.

JESSICA: Thank you.

PINSKY: Now, coming up, I`ve got a mother who isn`t buying that Hunter is a changed man. We`re going to stay with Hunter. He posted naked photos of her 24-year-old daughter on the site and she is still -- she`s got something to say about it. She`s going to hash that out with Hunter.

We`ll take your call. We`re taking calls all hour. Again, it`s 855- DRDREW5. That`s it. We`ll take your calls all hour, live. We`re right back.


PINSKY: All right. We are back and we are live. We are taking your calls, answering questions. Anything you have on your mind. As you saw in the last segment, we`re talking to Hunter who had a Web site where people would post pictures of people they were angry with, girls that broke their heart, guys that broke somebody`s hard, and inappropriate pictures.

This is the liability of the Internet age we live in. When somebody sext texts something or sexts something. What do you call it? Sexting. It shows up on a website. Even though he`s taken his website down, those pictures are still up.

Now, right now, a revenge porn site, that`s what I`m saying, that posted these pictures is offline. The creator Hunter Moore sold the domain to an anti-bullying site. He`s back with us.

And also joining us on Skype is Charlotte Laws. And her daughter is one of the young women who ended up on Hunter`s web page.

Charlotte, there you are. Tell me what happened.

CHARLOTTE LAWS DAUGHTER`S NAKED PIC POSTED ON ISANYONEUP.COM: Well, my daughter ended up on the site in January, and we promptly asked Mr. Moore to remove her photograph. Now, she had taken the pictures of herself with her cell phone in her room. She never intended to show them to anyone. She had never sent them to anyone.

But in order to get them to her computer, she had sent them from cell phone to the e-mail to get them onto her computer. So, all of a sudden, she`s hacked. She`s criminally hacked. And these photos immediately appear on the Web site.

So she starts getting e-mails, she starts getting friend requests through Facebook and people telling her, you know, hey, you`re so sexy and this and that. It was really embarrassing and horrible.

And we sent notice to Mr. Moore to ask him to remove them. He basically laughed. She had several communications with Mr. Moore. She proved to him that she`d been hacked. He didn`t care. He still did not remove the photographs.

And I spent 11 days, about 12 to 14 hours a day, nonstop doing nothing but work. No work. Just dealing --

PINSKY: Charlotte, Charlotte, I get it. We`re looking at pictures of your daughter. She`s a lovely girl.

Would you like to say something to Hunter Moore? He can talk to you right now. So here`s some question you have for him, anything he can answer at this point?

LAWS: I`m just kind of amazed that he`s pretending to be this good guy and this changed guy. He liked being a life ruiner. He created great emotional distress.

And basically this is cyber rape. That`s all it is. It`s really not all that different from regular rape. Regular rape is bad in that someone is touched.

The bad thing about cyber rape, which is what Mr. Moore was doing, is that it`s public. At least with regular rape, you don`t have to tell anyone what happened if you don`t want to.

PINSKY: Hunter, it`s your chance to ring in. Let him ring in. Go ahead, Hunter. Go.

MOORE: I mean, cyber rape, that`s -- yes, that`s way worse than real rape, I guess that`s what you`re saying.

Well, let`s step back. Your daughter said she was hacked, correct? Well, I could say I was hacked, never created the site. So, you know, that`s usually the first -- you know, usually people that are embarrassed who made mistakes, you know, usually try and fall back on something else.

I`m sure she sent the pictures to a million different guys and just ended up on my site just like everybody else. Again, I`m sorry that happened to you. I`m glad my site`s taken offline.

You know, I know you think I`m pretending to be changed. You know, me taking down the site has been something I`ve wanted to do for months. You know, like I said to Dr. Drew before he went to break, I didn`t like hurting people. I didn`t want to hurt your daughter or anybody else. Really.

It was just something I created that got out of hand. It was supposed to be for friends. But, again -- you know, I`m sorry that your daughter was cyber raped. But, I mean, now she`s educated on technology and, yes, hopefully --

PINSKY: But, Hunter, let me ask you a question. Couple questions. Hunter, a couple questions I have, which is --

MOORE: Go ahead.

PINSKY: You know, first of all, you did set the site up to hurt people. People you were mad at. You wanted to hurt them.

I mean, that`s what it was set up for. Just other people got onboard with your plan and were hurting other people through the site you created, right? I mean, to be fair.

MOORE: Yes. Yes. Like, I -- yes, that`s pretty accurate, but, again, the site started for me. And, you know, as soon as people --

PINSKY: No, I get that.

MOORE: And I ran with that. And I -- I know what you`re saying, too. I ran with the site.

PINSKY: You profited financially. You profited financially. You ran with it.

Listen, there`s a lot of people on Twitter that support you. They think you`re some sort of an icon the way Tucker was. Tucker has come all the way around.

But let me just say, let me say one thing. This is where --

MOORE: Go ahead.

PINSKY: I know you don`t believe in karma. But life has a way of coming back and getting us. One day you will have a daughter, or maybe a bunch of daughters. And you`ll understand the pain that Charlotte is in which I, as a father of a daughter, really understand that it`s no fooling.

She is really -- Charlotte, I don`t want to speak on your behalf, but you must have really suffered with this.

LAWS: Yes. I mean, people -- it`s not even just my daughter, but it`s also -- I spoke to 40 victims. I contacted victims from that site and I found out that 40 percent of those people had been criminally hacked. I found out that 12 percent of those people, it was their head, their job, their Facebook shot, yet it was on somebody else`s body.

So they never even took a nude photo of themselves and their reputation was being completely ruined.

PINSKY: Charlotte, I have a quick call from Rebecca. She`s on the line from Alabama.

Rebecca, you have a comment or question?

REBECCA, CALLER FROM ALABAMA: Yes, I have a question, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: Please, go right ahead.

REBECCA: With all the pics that are going up on the Web site of all these individuals, wouldn`t Hunter need permission from each individual to allow these pictures to go up? Has anybody come after him legally? Because in this day and time, I would assume you`d have to have some type of permission.

PINSKY: OK. I got you. I got the question. We will get to the answer after the break. And, of course, we`ll keep this conversation going.

Plus, I`m getting a lot of comments about a man who really gets around, let`s say. He has fathered 87 children. He`s a donor of sorts. But he did it the old-fashioned way.

He doesn`t, like, you know what I`m saying? He does it for real. And I want to hear more about that.

We have other good stories. We`ve got a man with a dolphin.


PINSKY: All right. Again, we are live tonight. We`re taking calls live. Of course, the phone lines are blowing up on this topic. We`ll take as many calls as we can.

The revenge porn site we`re talking about is off the web. The site`s owner, former owner, Hunter Moore, is here.

Also, I`ve got Charlotte Laws in California. She`s Skyping in. Her daughter`s picture was posted on the site.

And, Hunter, we`re going to open Rebecca`s question.


PINSKY: What about the legalities of people giving you permission to put the stuff up? How do you get around that?

MOORE: Because it`s all user-submitted content. So, the Web site owner, me in this case, is not at fault. So, what I would do is people would fill out a submission form and put all the content they want, your pictures, everything, and all I would do is press approve if they were 18.

So it all falls back on the submitter. Same thing that Facebook, Google, Tumblr, everybody`s protected.

PINSKY: Got it. Hunter, I`m sorry to interrupt. But I want to get as many, we`ve got loads of calls for you.

Steve on the line in Colorado -- what`s the question?

STEVE, CALLER FROM COLORADO: Hey. After Is Anyone Up was taken down, (INAUDIBLE), and had been posted before. And now they`re up on some other site called is anybody down? Is there anything I can do about this?

PINSKY: You hear that, Hunter?

MOORE: Yes. Basically you don`t send complaints to the Web site. You send it to the server. I mean, the people they`re renting the server space from.

So, all you have to do is who is. Type in who is, Is Anybody Down, or whatever it is, and find out their server info, and just send DMCAs to the server, and say you`re going to sue them and they have to take it down.

PINSKY: Charlotte, any luck doing that kind of intervention?

LAWS: Well, I went through a lot to try -- we finally got the photos off of my daughter. It did not work with Hunter Moore. Most Web sites were compliant.


LAWS: Took the picture, yourself, you own the copyright. You can also register them in D.C. for 35 bucks and you can put them together as a collection. That`s the first thing you do.

You send DMCA requests not only to the Web site owner but you`re going to send them to Google so you`re not indexed with the site.


MOORE: Can I say something?

PINSKY: Go ahead.

MOORE: Like I said before, it`s all user submitted content. That`s how most of the Internet works. With SOPA and ACTA is trying to stop. So, it doesn`t matter, DMCA, any copyright you have, as long as it`s user submitted content. I don`t have to do anything about it.


MOORE: So, you`re wasting your time.

LAWS: That is not true.

MOORE: That is true.

PINSKY: Charlotte, I want to get as many calls I can. I`m sorry.

Real quickly, Christina in Pennsylvania. I got about a minute. What`s your question or comment?


PINSKY: Hi, Christina.

CHRISTINA: Absolute pleasure to talk to you.

PINSKY: Thank you, ma`am.

CHRISTINA: I`ve tried to get in touch with you forever.

Hunter, I believe his name is?


CHRISTINA: He should be ashamed of himself because these girls who are however old they are, these are the type of people that post things on Facebook saying they`re jumping off the bridge because you`re capitalizing on their misery.

PINSKY: Thank you.

CHRISTINA: That has happened to one of my friends who committed suicide. So he should be ashamed of himself.

PINSKY: Hunter, are you ashamed?

MOORE: Yes. I mean, I`m not ashamed of the parts that I actually did on the site. You know, me submitting girls. I am ashamed, sorry, I rephrase that.

But I can`t take accountability for what other people have done. I mean, I created a platform for people --

PINSKY: I got to go.

MOORE: They just used it.

PINSKY: I got to go to break. It`s been an interesting conversation.

Hunter, I get your point.

Charlotte, thank you so much for joining us. Best to your daughter. My heart goes out to you as a father.

Next up, George Zimmerman is free on bond. And, of course, the Twitter account is blowing up on this.

And good news your "E" host Giuliana Rancic. She`s having a baby using a surrogate.

I got questions on anything. I`m at 855-DRDREW5. Your call --



PINSKY (voice-over): Coming up, after a long journey, reality star, Giuliana Rancic, is expecting a baby, but it`s not your typical pregnancy. I`ll explain.

And speaking of parenthood, meet the sperm donor who`s fathered 87 children, and he`s doing it the so-called natural way. That`s right.

Plus, Trayvon Martin shooter, George Zimmerman, is out of jail. The chief of police is keeping his job, for now.

And you are calling in with comments and questions.


PINSKY (on-camera): All right. Once again, we are live and we`re taking calls. Now, the man who killed Trayvon Martin is out of jail, and apparently, back in hiding. George Zimmerman walked out of jail around midnight last night. There is the footage of him. He was released on $150,000 bond and fitted with a GPS monitor.

Tina, you had a -- I`m looking at his picture. Excuse me a second. I`ll go back to look at the photo -- oh, it`s not, you`ve taken it off already, guys. All right. Well, live television is awesome. Let`s go to Tina who`s on the line in California. Tina, what`s the question?


PINSKY: Hi, Tina.

TINA: Hi. I believe that when George Zimmerman`s dad did that interview in silhouette, he had two important points to make on George`s behalf. One, he claimed it was George who could be heard crying for 40 seconds for help. And two, Trayvon told George, quote, "now you`re going to die or you`re going to die tonight." and My question is, what, you know, what teenager says that to an adult that`s following him?

PINSKY: Well, you`re jumping way ahead on this story. I mean, there`s a -- look, let me flip it around on you and say there`s a shady character following you in an SUV who gets out of his car and you want to scare the crap out of him so he doesn`t come after you. You might say something incredibly violent just to get him off you.

I don`t know. We don`t know. We don`t know the facts yet. I`m just saying the only witness that really knows what happen other than George is dead. And, you know, as those of us -- where are you calling from, again? You`re from California, right?

TINA: Yes.

PINSKY: Yes. In California, you kill somebody, you`re going to have some explaining to do. It`s not like Florida. That`s the part that`s so kind of goofy here. That, you know, he was taken in and let go, and people were sort of outraged about that. I think reasonably so.

Now, people are milling through the justice system. We`re going to see what the facts are, and then, hopefully, we`ll be able to answer some of these kinds of questions that you have.

TINA: I have a quick question for you.


TINA: Do you think that -- do you think that statement, "now you`re going to die tonight" is going to not saying who said it, is going to show up on one of these tapes that are being analyzed by the FBI?

PINSKY: Oh, no. I don`t know. I don`t think so. What you got to wonder is there were some eyewitnesses, whether they heard something or what, and that`s going to be the interesting part of this. Go to Facebook -- thanks for your call, by the way.

"Justice for George. He is innocent, and this never should have made it this far. I sure hope the people who are threatening George`s life will be held accountable." That`s right. Vigilante justice is not appropriate, but, whether he`s innocent or not remains to be seen.

Debbie says on Facebook, "Don`t believe he`s a threat to anyone. Hope his way of defending himself -- he has a way of defending himself while he is out." And right, he`s going to stay out of harm`s way by staying in hiding.

And finally, I`ve got another Facebook. "The unfortunate thing is George Zimmerman may never see the inside of another cell regarding this case." Listen, you guys, how long have we been talking about this case? This has been weeks now of this. And, we don`t know the facts. We will find the facts. It`s going to take some time.

It`s in the justice system now which is what we all wanted. That`s what`s happening. What`s left behind is -- I`ve got an interview with Rodney King coming up on Wednesday. I really want you to see that. I think you will see some very interesting perspective from this man on this particular case.

And the fact is, these are remnants of the kinds of things that Rodney was about. This is still us working through the process, and let`s not forget that this is a conversation we need to have. We don`t need to hurt anybody. We don`t need to go after George. We don`t need to worry about the justice system.

We`ll let it do its thing. In the meantime, let`s take a good look at ourselves. Let`s do a little check on ourselves. That`s all I`m saying.

All right. I`m also getting a lot of comments about Giuliana Rancic. As I said, she announced that she was pregnant and she used a surrogate. Last time she was on the "Today" show, she revealed that she had breast cancer. Today, of course, she had much happier news. Let`s take a look at this.


GIULIANA RANCIC, REALITY STAR: We are finally having a baby. Finally. After years of trying.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And you`re using a -- having a baby via a gestational carrier, is that right? Rather than a surrogate, which means this baby is biologically your baby.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, it`s our embryo, and we`re using a gestational carrier to bring it to term.


PINSKY: All right. You guys have questions about this, I guess, or comments, anyway. Lee, in California, what is your question or comment?


PINSKY: Hi, Lee.

LEE: I`ve been through surrogacy.


LEE: And I have five kids and four of them have been with two different women.

PINSKY: So hold on. Hold on. I couldn`t hear you there for a second. you used surrogates with your embryos?

LEE: Yes. I did the same thing as she`s doing, gestational surrogacy with my eggs.

PINSKY: Fantastic.

LEE: And my husband`s man juice.


PINSKY: Fantastic. I love my callers. But did you have breast cancer? Is that what led to some of your fertility issues?

LEE: I was going to say, I was going to say my experience was awesome. It was stressful, it was emotional, and I was curious from you.


LEE: With all that Giuliana is going through with cancer, her show, and now, this new surrogacy relationship, I was wondering if you thought maybe she was taking on too much too fast.

PINSKY: I don`t, actually. I mean, she`s obviously a hyperachiever. And, she`s going to have to slow down once the baby comes. It`s going -- it must be a really interesting experience to use a surrogate. As you said, you referred to the relationship with the surrogate. It becomes very intense, I`m sure. And I suspect, when the baby does come along, things will slow up.

And, yes, as you know well, children change everything. And she`s been through a lot of stress and a lot of things, but children have a way of refocusing and reprioritizing everything. And I just wish her the best. I think it`s a great thing. Got Reena in New Jersey. Go ahead.

REENA, NEW JERSEY: Hi, Dr. Drew. How are you?

PINSKY: I`m good, Reena. What do you got for me?

REENA: You know, this is kind of expanding on what the previous caller just said. Giuliana takes on so much, not only with the chemo right now but --

PINSKY: So, you guys are worrying about Giuliana taking on too much. Remember, she`s on "Fashion Police," too. Don`t forget that. She does that show, also.

REENA: Exactly. Exactly.


REENA: I mean, (INAUDIBLE) just taking on such a busy schedule --

PINSKY: Listen. Let`s turn it around. Let`s say, thank God that she`s such a hyperachiever, thank God she can, you know, has the fortitude to push these things through and to see this through and to use surrogacy. I will tell you what, though, one of the things we know about kids is they need quiet, connected attunement.

And that`s -- I`m a hyperachiever. I`m kind of like her a little bit. That`s a hard thing to do for people like us. And, it`s something she better learn because that`s what kids need. And that`s really the biggest liability here is to be able to slow down and be fully attuned and fully present to a kid.

I`ve got one more Facebook question. Pauline, "I thought because of her cancer treatment, it`s not advised to harvest her eggs." No, this was all set up as part of her treatment plan, I`m certain of that.

And finally, Lindsey, who says it`s amazing how they`re constantly turning negatives into positives. More people should live their lives this way." I think that`s a good place to stop this conversation, Lindsey. I think it`s a very, very good point about this.

They are -- again, I think -- I turn to Dick Clark`s, you know, having left us as something that we can look at very positively, too, that he was looking like he was working maybe too long and too hard into face of having had a stroke. Now, it looks like he was somebody who`s allowed to flourish right up until the end.

It can be now an inspiration for other people that are living with neurological injuries or any other medical conditions that prevent them from working as much or hard as they want. It`s a time when people can live to older age, can live with medical illness and really flourish.

Now, the stories coming up -- do I have any calls, guys, before I go to the next segment here? OK. So, what I want to talk about next is a brand new bus that drives along the Las Vegas strip. It can bring apparently the most -- well, they say hangover souls back to life. A lot of you messaged me about this one. I`m going to get into it.

There it is. There`s the pictures of it. I`ve got some concerns about this. People in alcohol withdrawal going to a mobile van, getting treatment, and going back out and partying again? You guys had something to say about that. We`ll be back after this.


PINSKY: And welcome back. As I`ve been saying we`re live tonight. We`ve been doing on-call for the entire hour, and here to help me out is comedian, Joe Koy. I always step on your name every time. He`s going to help us field your calls. He, of course, is a regular on "Chelsey Lately," has a brand new DVD out. It is called "Lights Out."

JOE KOY, COMEDIAN: That`s your copy.

PINSKY: It`s my copy?

KOY: Yes. That`s yours.

PINSKY: I appreciate it. Brand new -- just hot off the presses, right?

KOY: Yes. Bootleg.

PINSKY: I`m a fan. You`re always abusive to me whenever I go to --

KOY: Not at all. Look what you did with my DVD.

PINSKY: Live television, my friend. All right. Listen to this. I`m going to tell the story. We`re going to react to it. We`re getting some calls on. It`s called Hangover Heaven. This is a bus in Las Vegas. You`re already interested.

KOY: Yes. I love it. I love it.

PINSKY: All right. And if you go there, you get an IV, an IV, of what we used to call when I was in training a banana bag, and I`m sure -- in fact, I think there have been some of these medical dramas on TV sort of alleged that doctors would do this to one another like go in and give themselves an IV.

But anyway, the point of this thing seems to be so you can -- all right. I`ll slow down. If you`re severely hung over, you are in alcohol withdrawal, that`s what a severe hangover is.


PINSKY: Did you know that?

KOY: I have no idea.

PINSKY: Well, that`s what a hangover really is is alcohol withdrawal. You`re dehydrated, you`re depleted certain vitamins, and so the IV puts it back so you feel better.

KOY: Yes.

PINSKY: Apparently, so you can go back out and party again.

KOY: Yes.

PINSKY: Sounds good to you?

KOY: I love it. I love the idea.

PINSKY: I figured. All right. So, you`d be first up on this bus?

KOY: Of course.

PINSKY: All right. Let`s take some calls. This is Vicki in California. Go ahead there, Vicki. Am I hearing Vicki?

KOY: You know what I love about this bus?


KOY: It`s kind of like an ice cream truck for adults. You know what I mean? Like, they should have music playing and it`s like, oh, here comes the truck. I`m going to be sober.


KOY: We`re going to have a saline bag, and I`ll be back to drinking.

PINSKY: So, Lynda, you got a question or take on this. Go ahead.

LYNDA: I`m just listening to this and thinking this is the most ridiculous idea. I can`t imagine somebody being that drunk and then getting this IV, feeling better again, and going back and drinking more. That`s ridiculous.

PINSKY: Well, it`s ridiculous for you, but you can imagine somebody doing it, right?

LYNDA: I can imagine several people I know doing that.

KOY: Can I ask you something?

PINSKY: Yes, go ahead.

KOY: The old wise tale, whatever, is like if you`re hung over, they always say, have a bloody Mary. Drink again. So, why is this hard for her to believe? Like, wouldn`t you rather have a doctor giving you saline to make you better than a bloody Mary?

PINSKY: Listen, the bloody Mary stops the alcohol withdrawal because you`re no longer in withdrawal. You see, you`re back on the alcohol again.

KOY: Why are you so smart?

PINSKY: When you do try to stop, it gets really bad. Here`s the deal. If you get so sick from drinking that you go to the emergency room, that`s what you`re going to get. You`re going to get exactly what this mobile unit is getting, right? So, on one hand, my thinking on this is, OK, it`s sort of appropriate medical management for people that are coming in for alcohol related volume depletion, things like that.

On the other hand, it`s making it so cozy for them -- hang on here. I`m actually hearing we have the doctor on the line, Dr. Jason Burke. He`s the founder of Hangover Heaven. Dr. Jason, thanks for calling. Please, what`s your -- my concern is, sir, is that you`re -- are you referring these people for treatment for their alcoholism? That`s really my bottom line question.

VOICE OF DR. JASON BURKE, FOUNDER, "HANGOVER HEAVEN": Well, I don`t think that the majority of the people that we take care of are technically alcoholic.

PINSKY: Hold on. How do you define alcoholism?

BURKE: That`s an issue with chronic alcohol intake.

PINSKY: That`s chronic severe alcoholism. That`s not alcoholism.

KOY: I`ve never seen a doctor battle before.

PINSKY: Well, here it is.

KOY: This is so cool.

PINSKY: Let me just tell you that American Society of Addiction Medicine looks at alcohol as ongoing use in the face of consequence and health being one of the categories for which if there is consequence and you have family history, you pretty much got it.

Now, you may not have chronic severe, you may not be heading towards liver disease, but it will progress, but don`t you think this people need a referral?

BURKE: I don`t think so. The way that the business was designed was for people that were in Las Vegas and drank too much one night and had plans the next day, and they were not going to be able to make it to their golf outing, their helicopter tour, to the stratosphere to ride roller coasters or whatever it may have been because they accidentally drank too much the night before.

And it`s easy to do that in Las Vegas. The timeframe over which people drink is much longer here than it is when people are at home. And in fact, during a dry climate, it`s a perfect setup for a hangover.

PINSKY: Well, my buddy, Joe, thinks you defended yourself perfectly. I think he wants to have -- follow the bus around the country wherever you go.

KOY: I think, doctor, I think you`re God sent and you should just serve tacos on this bus also, and it would just be a complete bus ride, just like saline and then some greasy tacos.

PINSKY: Saline and tacos. It`d be awesome. I just -- I can`t -- unless, you are a psychiatrist or unless you`re certified in addiction medicine, I`ve had extensive training in this, I don`t understand how you can have people coming in with alcohol related medical issues and not have somebody, at least, a threshold questionnaire, at least, some sort of screening instrument that you make these people fill out so at least they will contemplate -- I`m just saying. It doesn`t depend. What depends?

KOY: I`m just saying it`s Vegas. Everyone gets drunk. Even people that don`t really drink get drunk in Vegas.

PINSKY: All right. Bryan, you have a question in Kansas. What do you think? Bryan? We`re having trouble with our phone lines.

KOY: Yes.

PINSKY: But you`re right that people overindulge, and that`s what Dr. Jason was saying there. The fact is, if you`re drinking enough to need medical attention, and, again, it`s kind of weird because this isn`t an emergency room they`re going to. It`s sort of a readily available ice cream truck medicine, as you say.

KOY: Yes.

PINSKY: And so, is it the same threshold? Could it be the same issue? And I`m certain that normal people, non-alcoholics, could end up in that truck. But how about just a screening instrument just to make you think about it? How about just the cage questionnaire? Bryan in Kansas. You have a comment on this?

BRYAN, KANSAS: Yes. I mean, it all goes back to when people are drunk they want to start fights. You know, they don`t know you, you don`t know them. I mean, me, myself, personally, me having a needle to my arm when a drunk guy is staggering around me might make me kind of nervous.

I mean, I don`t know about you, guys, but I just see a lot of tension and a lot of bad things happening out of this. Is it a great idea?

PINSKY: So, Bryan is seeing drunken fighting in the bus. That`s what he`s predicting.

KOY: He just sees bags of saline flying all over the place and armed drunk men with needles.

BRYAN: People teeing off on each other a lot.

PINSKY: I hope not. I got a Facebook comment from john. He said, "Tell the truth. Did Dr. Conrad Murray think this one up?" Interesting. Interesting kind of -- let`s see.

Is this another Facebook we have coming up from Misty? "Isn`t this enabling people to be self-destructive? After all, if you don`t get hung over, they`re out of work. And why would anyone accept an IV on a bus from a random doctor? That`s weird and gross." Well, let`s ask Joe, because he said he would.

KOY: I would.


KOY: Definitely.

PINSKY: It`s not weird and gross to you?

KOY: Well, I hate taking medical advice from my drunk friends. So, I might as well go to a doctor that`s certified on a bus.

PINSKY: All right. Reasonable.

KOY: Because my friend when I`m drunk, he`s like, dude, just eat more eggs. Eat more eggs and burritos, man, you`ll be fine tomorrow. And it`s true. You know it`s true.

PINSKY: No. Because then you`ll throw up.

KOY: Your cameraman gave me that advice. He looks like the type of guy that would get on that kind of bus.

PINSKY: I wish we could turn this camera --

KOY: Oh, he could stand in front of the camera.

PINSKY: I`m just saying. Another one is Facebook from Diane -- oh, no, we`re getting calls. Let`s see. Oh, I beg your pardon. We`re going to switch topics. Are you ready for this?

KOY: Good, good, good.

PINSKY: All right. This is going to be a guy that had sex with women to help them conceive. Yes. This is something you can look into, Joe. Maybe, you can take his job. He`s fathered 87 children, five more are on the way. Now, he initially donated a sperm bank and then bank, so to speak, reached his limit. So, he went out and sort of went --

KOY: Offered his services.

PINSKY: Yes. What would you call that? Rogue?


PINSKY: Rogue bank. Whatever. Got Stacey on the line with a comment on this. Stacey, what`s your reaction?

STACEY: Hi, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: Hi, Stacey.

STACEY: I am a teacher and a mother of two young daughters who`s terrified of the world that our daughters are being raised --

PINSKY: I got to take a break. I`m sorry, my dear. I got to take a quick break. We will be right back.


PINSKY: Welcome back. I`m with comedian, Joe Koy. His new DVD, "Lights Out" just out, and we`re addressing some of your questions. We left Stacey hanging with her question. Stacey, I`m sorry I had to cut you off like that. We ran out of time. What was it you`re concerned with?

STACEY: No problem. No problem. I wanted to ask you, as a medical doctor with like your work in mental health --


STACEY: What kind of implications do you think this kind of thing has on society in the way that we are viewing sex now?

PINSKY: No, you`re asking a really interesting question. I read some things about this guy. He was saying these are people that you wouldn`t look forward to being with necessarily. He`s felt like he was doing sort of a public service.

KOY: Yes, he goes in and actually --

PINSKY: Does it.

KOY: Does it.

PINSKY: Does his thing. Yes. And that he sort of felt like he was being of service. But let me tell you the weirder part is that I wonder about with all of these -- use of sperm banks and surrogates like this -- should we call this surrogate?

KOY: Yes.

PINSKY: Or prostitute? Surrogate --

KOY: Creepy.

PINSKY: Creepy. You`re going to have people out there who really don`t know what their genetic heritage is, and you may have -- my staff asked me this. Are we going to have to get blood tests before we date somebody to make sure you`re not dating your half sister or half brother or something, right? I mean, it`s a very strange thing to think about. And by the way, having certain genes so present in the population, are we going to -- is that going to affect our health in some way, too?

KOY: Oh, yeah. Just become a British royalty again.

PINSKY: No, right. In fact, you`re sort of a mutt, right?

KOY: I`m a mutt.

PINSKY: Yes. And that`s healthier.

KOY: Yes.

PINSKY: Genetic diversity creates health quite literally.

KOY: Thank you. For a second there, when you said mutt --


KOY: Do I have to punch Dr. Drew live?

PINSKY: Not hair, but health. I`m just saying. So, thank you for that call. Diane on Facebook, "What is the matter with these women that they would sleep with him at all? Ewww."

KOY: He is creepy. Did you see the picture?

PINSKY: I saw the picture. Yes, yes, yes.

KOY: This guy has actually sold his service. Like, you know what, take her out to dinner, when you get home, I`ll have sex --

PINSKY: There he is. He`s behind -- look at him.

KOY: Look at this guy. That`s his profile pic.

PINSKY: Yes. I see that.

KOY: Here`s my face up against the wall.

PINSKY: Should we go, stay with this topic? I want to go to the secret service story real quick.

KOY: Let`s do it.

PINSKY: Do we have time for that? Somebody set that up for me here? OK. All right. The secret service scandal, agents in Cartagena, you know, in Colombia, they party with prostitutes before the president`s arrival there. Six secret service employees have already lost their jobs. Others, they are suspended.

Diana on Facebook says, "Should have just paid the hooker what they told her they were going to pay her." The pragmatistic ringing in tonight. What do you think about this one?

KOY: They shouldn`t have got fired. They just do --

PINSKY: They shouldn`t have gotten fired?

KOY: No, they shouldn`t have. He`s still protecting the president. He`s just using -- I`m going to do the same thing with you. When I leave, they`re going to be like, I know Drew. Do you want to come eat dinner with me?


KOY: I was just on the show.

PINSKY: But I`m just saying, they broke -- I assume it`s illegal there. Is it not?

KOY: Is it?

PINSKY: That`s a good question.

KOY: What they do on their own time is -- yes --


PINSKY: But even if it`s legal, I remember now, I did read something about maybe it`s not so illegal or whatever, but the point is you`re representing the country. They` really are. They`re representatives of our country.

KOY: When you clock in, though.

PINSKY: I`m just saying.

KOY: Once you take the earpiece out and the suit off, you`re just some dude that works for the president. I`m off right now.

PINSKY: So, you`re saying there`s no way they should have been identified with the secret service or the country, but they were all together. I don`t know. I`ve got concerns about it. Here`s a quick Facebook.

Leyna says, "They can do what they want on their own time, but if they were there to work, then it`s unacceptable."

KOY: Oh, wait. Was it during work?

PINSKY: They were there to work.

KOY: Oh, I didn`t get that. I`m sorry. (INAUDIBLE) should be fired.

PINSKY: Guys, I think I`m running out of time. I`ve got to go. Joe, thank you very much for joining us. Surrogate`s been awesome. We appreciate you guys calling in with all of your calls. Again, we`ll be here every night taking calls. That`s 1-855-DrDrew5. And, we`ll see you next time.