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Dina Lohan`s Bizarre Interview; Lindsay Lohan Criticizes Amanda Bynes; Eastwood Speaks Out about RNC Speech; Prince Opens Up to `The View`; Top Five Breaking Stories Revealed; Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Like Snooki

Aired September 17, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


NISCHELLE TURNER, HOST: Tonight, the royals fight back against the Kate Middleton topless photo outrage. But was it all her fault?

And Kourtney Kardashian puts her baby`s birth on TV, umbilical cord and all. It`s the jaw-dropping countdown that will make you say, "What The...?"

Hello everybody. I`m Nischelle Turner in Hollywood. A.J. Hammer is off.

And tonight, we`ve got two big "SHOWBIZ Countdowns," including counting down the five big stories breaking today that had us saying, "What The...?"

Like the heart-stopping, hard-to-believe video just revealed of a father letting his 18-month-old little girl play with a 300-pound gorilla. "What The...?"

Jaws also dropped when we saw the just-revealed video of Kourtney Kardashian giving birth. And there are more stories that had us saying "What The...?" Which big reveal of which is No. 1? Coming up.

But we begin tonight with another "SHOWBIZ Countdown," the top three incredible things today uttered by celebs that had us asking, "They Said What?"

And we kick off with No. 3, Dina`s disaster on "Dr. Phil." This afternoon, the world finally got to see the bizarre interview Lindsay Lohan`s mother just did with Dr. Phil that had a lot of people, including her ex-husband Michael, suggesting she was acting drunk or at the very least loopy. Here`s how some of it played out today on Dr. Phil`s show.


DINA LOHAN, LINDSAY LOHAN`S MOTHER: Are we to camera now, we`re rolling? I`m sorry. OK. Can we cut? Oh, God. Yes.


LOHAN: Continue. Is this, like, rolling? Do we have, like -- all right. So I`ll sit closer so we`re friends. Nice shoes. I like them, by the way.

MCGRAW: Yes. Well, we`re not here to talk about my shoes.

LOHAN: Am I the toughest ever on?


LOHAN: Oh, no, OK.

Your little tie and your little shoes, you`re like, you know...

MCGRAW: I`m in my little tie and my little shoes? What the hell does that mean?

LOHAN: Do the math. It`s on video. You`ll go back to that.


TURNER: Wow. Um, OK. So you saw this for yourself. What do you think?

With me tonight in New York is Janet Hubert, who is an actress and activist, who we also loved in her iconic role with Will Smith on the classic sit-com, "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Janet will be bringing her one-woman show, "Broadway to TV and Now Back to Me" to Broadway on December 1.

And entertainment journalist Jill Dobson is also with us from New York. Guess, I`m getting kind of tongue-tied, because I can`t believe what I just saw.

This interview was so bizarre. Dina Lohan later flat-out told TMZ, though, that she was not drunk. Now, we reached out to her. She didn`t get back to us by show time.

But Janet, Dina Lohan didn`t have the best reputation before this interview. I can`t imagine she did herself any favors here.

JANET HUBERT, ACTRESS: I`m trying to figure out why she even went on a show like "Dr. Phil," when we know what Dr. Phil generally does with guests like this and be in a position that she`s in.

It`s kind of one of those "what were you thinking?" kind of moments where I question what her motive was and what his motive was, and they were like two train wrecks coming together. I felt sorry for her, I have to say.

TURNER: Really?

HUBERT: I felt very sorry for her in a way. Yes. Because I could see the nervousness. I could see the apprehension. She didn`t really know what she was doing. She didn`t know whether they were live or whether they were recordings. And she`s not...

TURNER: Well, because some people say -- some people say that`s because she was inebriated. I mean, Jill, what do you think? Jump in here.

JILL DOBSON, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: I asked the same thing. What is her purpose of going on this segment? She was quoted later as saying, "I don`t care what people think about this, I`m fine." But she must care what people think. That`s why she does this segment, to go on there to improve her image and to speak on behalf of her daughters, Lindsay and Allie.

And yet, here she is providing this negative image. And at first, I thought OK, I`m on her side a little bit. There is some talk between someone and a producer that might look silly to the viewers at home. And she probably assumed Dr. Phil would edit out some of that.

But by the end, when she made some of those comments about his ties and shoes and do the math...

TURNER: Right.

DOBSON: ... it doesn`t seem like it makes sense from any perspective, even if you work in the business and you know the behind-the-scenes stuff. You don`t usually hear comments like that from guests. And I kind of...

TURNER: The little ties? Go ahead, Janet.

HUBERT: I sort of question, you know, whether she suffers from some sort of chronic pain, whether she was on medication, whether something was going on there that maybe we don`t know about to make her as loopy as she was. Because she seemed to be a little out of it.

Being a chronic pain sufferer myself, sometimes you just get loopy, but the "little shoe" comment was kind of like, whoa. Girlfriend, where are you?

TURNER: If you ask me, she seemed a little more than a little out of it. I`m still kind of stunned by what we saw here. Because in this interview that we saw this afternoon, Dr. Phil asked her about Lindsay. And you have to see how hard of a time he had getting Dina to admit something that it seems like the whole world learned years ago, that Lindsay`s had a lot of trouble. Watch this.


MCGRAW: When you look at -- you look at these things in `05.

LOHAN: Maybe we could look at every...

MCGRAW: Struggles with drugs. Film company says she`s not -- crashed the Mercedes. Second rehab.

LOHAN: I know. We`re in L.A. So...

MCGRAW: All of these things go on. She spends time in jail.

LOHAN: She was living in New York that wouldn`t -- five of them would be obsolete.

MCGRAW: You`re missing the point. You think Lindsay has an addiction propensity?

LOHAN: We all do.

MCGRAW: I`m not asking all of us. Do you think she does? And do you think that the genetics of Michael have impacted that?

LOHAN: Certainly anyone`s DNA. We`re all a product of that.


HUBERT: Wow. Wow.

TURNER: All right, Janet, based on what we see here in this interview...

HUBERT: Yes. The fruit does not fall...

TURNER: ... do you think Dina still has -- right, exactly. But do you think that she still has her head in the sand about Lindsay`s troubles?

HUBERT: Yes. I think she`s in some sort of denial. I don`t know whether she was a stage mother. But the fruit is not falling far from the tree on this one.

And I kind of feel sorry for her. Because she looks like some sort of trapped kind of mom and doesn`t want to admit, you know. We have to admit our children make mistakes, as do all of us.


HUBERT: But I kind of feel for her, because she`s on camera in front of the world, and I`m questioning why in the world would you do this?

DOBSON: These are tough questions to answer.

HUBERT: They are. They definitely are. But I want to keep this train moving. Because there`s even more to this. Because she`s got some company on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown: today of these stories breaking that are making us ask this question, "They Said What?"

And at No. 2, her own daughter Lindsay. Now Lindsay has had her share of automotive adventures. I`m being nice here. She just slammed Amanda Bynes, though, who got pulled over again by the cops this weekend and cited for driving with a suspended license.

Look at what Lindsay just tweeted about Amanda. She said, "Why did I get put in jail and a Nickelodeon star has no punishment so far?" Now Lindsay cracking on somebody else`s criminal mishaps is just the classic case of the pot calling the kettle a bad driver. Right?

Now, Janet, I have to say, this takes some chutzpah. This really does, right?

HUBERT: Yes, it does. It does. And I have to say this. I think that these young women need some etiquette classes. I think this who tweeting, Twitter, screaming, yelling things out on Twitter and tweet need to stop. And our daughters need to find some graciousness again. Because this is insane.

Lindsay Lohan was busted stealing a stolen item. It wasn`t a suspended license. People are following her around like stalkers taking every kind of picture that they can. And this might have even been someone in her car or someone close to her. And I sort of felt sorry for these women, because as young women today and out in the world and the public, you don`t know who your friends really are.

DOBSON: And Janet mentioned the tweeting.

TURNER: Well, you know what we did?

DOBSON: I think we should look at the things she`s tweeting make her sound so selfish. She`s saying, "Why did I get punished more than her?" She should be saying, "I`m lucky I never killed anyone."

TURNER: Exactly. Absolutely.

DOBSON: "Amanda, so are you. Let`s be responsible and take care of ourselves and everyone else out there on the road."

HUBERT: It would have been a wonderful bonding moment for these two women to come together and make a statement for young women today. This is not the statement that they should be making. And I really believe...

TURNER: Right. It almost -- it almost seems like Lindsay still haven`t grasped the whole thing that you did do something wrong. Let`s take responsibility here for this.

DOBSON: Right.

HUBERT: Exactly.

TURNER: Be an adult and move it along.

Ladies, you know what? I love this conversation. You guys were getting real today.

HUBERT: Oh, yes. All about being real.

TURNER: Thank you very much.

HUBERT: Thank you.

TURNER: I appreciate it.

So you ask what could possibly top the Lohans in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of the top three stories breaking today? So that made us ask, "They Said What?" The big reveal of No. 1. That`s coming right up.

And later, in another "SHOWBIZ Countdown," Kourtney Kardashian shares the birth of her baby right on her family`s reality show. Is there nothing sacred?

And speaking of babies, a toddler monkeys around with a 300-pound gorilla. What on earth was the toddler`s parents thinking? Right? Kourtney`s TV delivery and the gorilla made the top five countdown of stories that made us say, "What The...?" So which story will land in the top spot.

And "American Idol" announces their new team of celebrity judges: Mariah, Nicki and Keith Urban. But come on, people, this is season 12. Do these guys have enough star power to save this show or has "American Idol" jumped the shark?



TURNER: Sticking to Chris Brown. Brand-new yellow warning labels appeared on Chris Brown`s new CD "Fortune" at HMV record stores in London. They read, "Warning, do not buy this album. This man beats women."

The sticker is talking about Chris beating Rihanna back in 2009. No word on who put the stickers on the CDs. But the anonymous sticker culprits may be anti-domestic violence activists.

Up next, No. 1 on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," "They Said What?" Can you guess who it is? I go one-on-one with the guy who tops our countdown next.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you love cutting-edge political satire? Do you like to laugh and think? Then you absolutely can`t miss Clint Eastwood. And chair. The comedy duo that rocked the Republican National Convention is taking their act on the road.

Don`t miss Clint taking it to Jimmy Carter.

BILL HADER, CAST MEMBER, NBC`S "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE": Nice work on those hostages. That turned out great.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

HADER: Just let people eat soda.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And Chris Christie.

HADER: I think we`re going to need a bigger chair.


TURNER: That`s Clint Eastwood, or Bill Hader as Clint Eastwood, reprising his Republican National Convention chair routine on "Saturday Night Live`s" season premiere this weekend.

From the moment the real Clint started talking to the chair at the RNC a couple weeks ago, you just knew "SNL" was going to have a field day with this. And you know what? "SNL" did not disappoint.

Now Clint Eastwood`s chair routine figures into our top choice in our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT countdown of the top three incredible celebrity statements today that had us asking, "They Said What?" What is No. 1? Clint Eastwood, the real Clint Eastwood, that is, speaking on TV for the very first time about the RNC chair incident right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

I sat down with Clint this weekend to talk about his new movie, "Trouble with the Curve," but the conversation turned to what was arguably the most talked-about moment of this election season. Clint got his share of criticism and praise for that impromptu conversation with an invisible chair that was meant to represent President Obama.

So I asked Clint, any regrets? And Clint, well, he wouldn`t be Clint Eastwood if he had any, right? Take a look.


CLINT EASTWOOD, ACTOR: One thing about -- one advantage of being my age is, you know, what can they do to you? You just have fun and do what you think, and you can say what you think. You don`t have to edit yourself.

TURNER: So you don`t regret it at all? And I think I heard Governor Romney say on one of the Sunday shows last week that he enjoyed it. He liked it.

EASTWOOD: He did. Yes. He`s got a much better sense of humor than people think. Because -- but he actually thought it was quite funny.

TURNER: Because you know, and it seemed like when you were doing it inside the convention hall, people really liked it. But outside you were hearing that was bizarre, that was disrespectful.

EASTWOOD: Well, you know, not being disrespectful. I mean, nobody wants to sit and insult people, which unfortunately, that`s the way politics is. People are always insulting one another that have different points of views than one another.

But I just -- you know, I was only -- had one message, and that was people, look at -- look more than -- you don`t have to idolize these people. They`re there to do a job for you. They`re there to work for you. If they`re not doing the job, you have to evaluate that in your own mind. If they are doing it, then you evaluate that in your own mind. So it`s kind of very simple.

We don`t -- we don`t have to have movie actors playing politicians or something. I just -- I just think there needs to be more work done, actual work and less talk.


TURNER: And there you have it.

Well, tonight the royals are fighting back against Kate Middleton`s topless photo outrage. Tonight we`ve got someone who says it`s Kate`s fault. But is that story more outrageous than Miley`s mystery tweet that sparked the buzz that she and fiance Liam Hemsworth might be done? It`s Kate versus Miley in the "SHOWBIZ Countdown." Which story will be No. 1 of the top five stories that made us say "What The...?"




BARBARA WALTERS, CO-HOST, ABC`S "THE VIEW": We know you as a very mysterious man. You don`t do a lot of interviews. You`re very sweet, but you`re very much to yourself and shy?

PRINCE, MUSICIAN: I wouldn`t say shy.

WALTERS: I mean, when you go on stage, you`re a different person. But off stage, you`re very quiet and very mysterious. What is that all about?

PRINCE: I`m just that way around you.


TURNER: Mysterious Prince. In a rare TV appearance, Prince reveals to Barbara Walters on "The View" why the heck he`s so darn quiet. I`d say he handled all of that pretty well and with only six words.

Well, tonight, I`ll tell you the top four things we learned about Prince today.

So Prince says he`s not shy, but did the ladies of "The View" unlock the mystery of the purple one or will we have to wait another two years to gather together to hear about this thing called Prince`s life?

Joining me now from New York is Jill Dobson, who is an entertainment journalist.

Now Jill, Prince is brilliant. He`s a prodigy, and he`s stood the test of time for decades. But I still want to know more about him. Now I`m thinking, if he`s sitting down with the five women of "The View," they`re going to get something out of him. Watch what happened when they tried, though.


WALTERS: On stage it`s all out there. And privately, you`re a very modest man. Quiet.

PRINCE: I have my quiet moments.

WALTERS: This is one of them.

ELISABETH HASSELBECK, CO-HOST, ABC`S "THE VIEW": Are you on like Facebook, Twitter, social media? Nothing. None of that.


TURNER: All right. You know, some people might say, oh, my gosh, he gave a terrible interview. But I just love seeing what he looks like, if you asked me. I mean, fella had a fro, matching yellow bell bottoms and boots.

Jill, what about you? Was just seeing him enough?

DOBSON: No, it wasn`t. I`m one of those people who says it`s a terrible interview. And I think it`s disrespectful to his fans. They tune in because they want to hear from him; they want to learn more about him.

And, you know, at one point Elisabeth tries to throw him a lifeline and ask him about social media. He just -- he doesn`t even say no. He just shakes his head. It`s like come on, Prince, you understand how this works. You talk, fans get excited about you, and then they buy more of your music. It`s really only going to help him to support his fans like that.

TURNER: That`s the thing. I think he -- I think he does understand how this works and for years, that`s what he`s been like, that kind of weird, stand-offish, mysterious guy that people still love. And despite the fact that he is a quiet guy, we did get some answers to our burning questions. And you know what, Jill? I can prove it.

DOBSON: All right.

TURNER: Here are the top four things that we learned about Prince on "The View" today. Watch this with me.


HASSELBECK: Even on "America`s Got Talent," even some more mature adults are trying to get a career start in music. You don`t watch it, at all?


JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, ABC`S "THE VIEW": What do you think of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga and the new people?

PRINCE: Well, different strokes for different folks. I -- I make music. So I don`t watch it too much.

BEHAR: I see.

SHERRI SHEPARD, CO-HOST, ABC`S "THE VIEW": You have a vault of hundreds of unreleased songs. Are you ever going to release them and let us hear?

PRINCE: One day, someone will release them. I don`t know that I`ll get to release them.

One of my favorite band leaders is Bruce Springsteen. I`ve watched him many years. And I was -- I was backstage one night, and I saw him turn around and give a cue, and the band switched on a dime. I used to see James Brown do that a lot, too.



TURNER: All right. All right. Did you catch him? He doesn`t watch singing competitions, doesn`t pay attention to Gaga or Bieber. Won`t release hundreds of lost tracks. That`s just because he loves making new songs. And he loves the Boss. Who knew?

Jill, we got answers.

DOBSON: I didn`t know that he was a fan of Bruce Springsteen. I`ll take that away from this interview. That part was interesting to me.

The rest, I don`t feel like he was giving the viewers a whole lot to hang on to. And I want to say, hey, Prince, nothing compares to you when it comes to your music. But you need a little media training, buddy. So maybe we can work out a deal. He`ll teach me to sing; I`ll teach him how to talk on camera.

TURNER: You`ll teach him how to talk on camera. Good deal. All right, Jill Dobson, thank you very much.

DOBSON: Thank you.

TURNER: Well, Mitt Romney faces one of the biggest decisions of campaign 2012: Snooki or Honey Boo-Boo?

Plus, a toddler monkeys around with a gorilla? Which story will stun you more? Tonight on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," I`ve got the top five most shocking stories of the day that made us say, "What The...?" That`s coming up.



TURNER: "American Idol" over? Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban join Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson at the "American Idol" judges` table. But does anyone really care? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to ask, has "American Idol" jumped the shark?



KHLOE KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: Kourtney loves pulling out her own children. She decides to pull out Nellie, as well. Go for it, sister. Do your thing.


TURNER: Right now on the "SHOWBIZ Countdown," another Kardashian is born on TV. Tonight, Kourtney Kardashian`s very interactive birth revealed on camera, making us say, "What The...?"

Plus, an eye popping video of a toddler playing with a 300-pound gorilla revealed today and sparking major outrage.

We`re counting down the top five jaw dropping stories of the day that made us say what the -- which will be number one?

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" continues right now.


NISCHELLE TURNER, HLN HOST: Welcome back to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT." I`m Nischelle Turner in Hollywood.

And now, our showbiz countdown of the top five bombshell stories breaking day that have us asking what the --

We are kicking off with number five with the stunning video just released of an 18-month-old little girl playing side by side with a 300-pound gorilla. Yes, there is no movie imagine here. You`re looking at the real deal. This incredible family footage was shot 22 years ago but has just been released by the family to bring awareness to endangered gorillas.

And just this morning, the dad appeared on "Good Morning America" with his now grownup daughter saying this was no big deal, really. Let`s watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you`re brought up with the gorillas and part of the family group, it`s not risky at all. I know some people find that hard to believe. But it just isn`t. And these animals are very, very gentle animals. And the whole point of this is that people can see that.


TURNER: Yes, sir. We do find this hard to believe. What the heck were they thinking?

With me in Hollywood tonight is Mary Murphy who is a judge on FOX`s big reality TV dance competition, "So You Think You Can Dance." And from New York, actress and activist Janet Hubert, best known as Aunt Viv from the sitcom "the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Janet will be bringing her one-woman show Broadway to TV now back to me, to Broadway on December 1st.

Well ladies, what a way to send a message, right? Bring your own child out there with the gorillas. Now, some people will say this video was touching. But it also had the makings of what could have been a seriously horrible tragedy here.

Mary, were you shocked to that as so many people, including myself, were?

MARY MURPHY, JUDGE, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE: Hey, I was absolutely shocked. I could not believe it. You know, this little girl had no rights, by the way, completely entrusted by, you know, to adults. Her parents should be taking care of her. And to put her at such great risk is just mind blowing to me. I think his last name is spin an all. It should be as an all. You know, ass as hole. Just as why for doing this to a young child. I mean, let`s face it, they`re wild. They`re wild. I don`t care if he`s been the gorillas their entire lifetime. They are wild. Hello.

TURNER: Yes. You know what, I hear you. I hear you loud and clear, Mary.

You know, Janet, I want to ask you, though. That little girl in the video is now all grown up. She`s 23. And today she told "Good Morning America" that she actually loved every minute of her time with the gorillas. Look at this for me real quick.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t remember specifically that video, but I definitely remember going in with the animals and just loving being around them. It was like playing with another brother or sister.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: So, really, this was a part of your life as a child?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. Oh, completely. And it was just completely surrounded by them. On the weekends we would go in with them and play with them. It would be a real highlight of the weekends for us.


TURNER: OK. Looking at her, we see she`s fine.


TURNER: But, some people are livid, they really are that as a child she was exposed to these gorillas.

And Janet, let me ask you real quick because you`re a mom.

HUBERT: A mom.

TURNER: And we see that she is OK. Are you OK with this?

HUBERT: I am OK with it. I mean, the only question is this. Yes, something could have happened. But I grew up with horses all my life and my son when he was a baby on a horse. There are some people that I wouldn`t trust before I would trust my child with a gorilla.

So you know, animals have a natural instinct. They have an incredible natural instinct to understand when something is a baby or someone is an infant. They know better than to not hurt that child. And so you see it right there. There is a great, great example of an animal having a real consciousness and I know some animals have more consciousness than most people I know.

TURNER: I mean, I guess I hear you, Janet. You know, I grew up with horses too. But, I just think there`s a long big difference between a horse and a gorilla.

HUBERT: Yes, there is. Yes, there is. But, you know, you got to say this is what the father did for a living. And so, when you raise children around that and it is something that you do for a living every day, it does become part of your natural life. Thank God nothing did happen.

TURNER: Exactly.

Now, let`s move from one eye popping video to yet another. This takes us to number four on the countdown of the bombshell stories that have us asking, what the -- the all new video of Kourtney Kardashian helping to deliver her own baby on the season finale of keeping up with the Kardashians.

Janet, Mary, are you ready for this one? Watch this with me, guys


TURNER: She just pulled that baby right out of there.

HUBERT: I`d say that was a cliffhanger, wouldn`t you in.

TURNER: Good lord. But two years ago, she did the exact same thing with her son mason.

Now Janet, when you see that, what are you thinking, great TV or too much for me?

HUBERT: I`m thinking way too much information. Great TV, cliffhanger. Those people have got a monopoly on understanding how to market themselves and what a cliffhanger was that.

TURNER: Oh, my -- everybody was right there. You saw them, Rob, Kim, Khloe, Kris, the little sister Scott. It was packed. Talk about a tight family, Mary.


TURNER: I can`t wait to hear what you have to say. Are you loving this?

HUBERT: Are you loving this?

MURPHY: They are a lot closer than we all thought they were, that`s for sure. And my goodness, you know, of course childbirth is a beautiful and glorious occasion, but my goodness, to have the entire family watching this completely intimate moment. Well, they do have a young audience. So, you know, this could serve as birth control for the young generation and to stop the show on MTV with teen mom. So, here we go.

HUBERT: Yes. I think they`re sharing a little bit too much.

TURNER: Pushing my maternal clock back. My clock is not ticking anymore. My clock is broken after seeing that.

OK. So, some people might accuse of Kardashians of over sharing. But they`re not the only ones who do this guys.

At number three on our showbiz countdown with bombshell stories that have us asking what the -- Miley Cyrus`s sad twitter rant.

Now, as we know, Miley is engaged to "hunger games" star Liam Hemsworth. Well, Miley just had the whole twitter world buzzing breakup rumors with her strange tweet spree. Let me show you some of what she said. She said, ever feel like you want just something more, not sure what exactly, passion perhaps? Sometimes I feel like I love everyone more than they love me. Hate that feeling.

Miley and Liam insisted today that everything is fine between them, even making a point to be seen hand in hand over the weekend. But these are strange tweets.

Mary, are you buying that everything is OK or could there be trouble in paradise here?

MURPHY: I`m sure everything is OK. This is someone that, you know, is wealthy, young, has had everything she`s ever wanted and she wants it now. So I think she was just being a little bit neglected and she had to let them know and let the whole world know so it got back to them. Because by the end of the night, she said we`ve had some quality time.

HUBERT: Well, can I say something? Remember the days Mary, I don`t know. I`m probably a little bit older than you are. But, remember just getting a diary and writing your feelings out in your diary? I think these young girls have -- Go back and get the diary. Get a journal. Do something. Stop with the tweeting.

MURPHY: I hear you.


MURPHY: Call your best friend, talk to your best friend.

HUBERT: Hello. My sister. Yes.

MURPHY: What happened to that?


TURNER: We got to leave that there because I want you guys to marinate on something for a second. And that is our contender for the number one spot on the Showbiz countdown of the stories that made us all of us say what the -- including the improbable and unbelievable connection between Mitt Romney, Snooki and honey boo boo. This all revealed on live with Kelly and Michael.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE HOST: This is the most serious question of all. Honey boo boo or Snooki?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE HOST: Do you know who either of these two are?



TURNER: Wait until you hear Mitt Romney`s answer.

And the Kate Middleton topless photo outrage and the claim today, that hey, she needs to be more careful before going topless.

It`s the Showbiz countdown what the ---? But, which will be number one? The answer, next.


TURNER: It`s time now to reveal who is number one on our Showbiz countdown of the top five bombshell breaking stories that made us say what the -- ?

At number five, everyone is going bananas over the viral video just released an 18-month-old little girl playing side by side with a 300-pound gorilla and her father put her up to it.

At number four, the just revealing eye popping video of Kourtney Kardashian delivering her own baby.

At number three, Miley Cyrus`s strange twitter spree that had a twitter burst buzzing that her relationship with fiance Liam Hemsworth is going south.

And that brings us now to number two on our Showbiz countdown. Just when we thought Kate Middleton was winning the war against the French tabloid for publishing topless photos of her. An Irish tabloid went ahead and published them on Saturday and an Italian gossip magazine did the same thing today.

Now, people are outraged over these pictures which were taken from far way while Kate and Prince William vacationed. But, you know, listen to what CNN political analyst and contributor Roland Martin just wrote in a really powerful op-ed on

Roland says as long as the paparazzi are paid for their photos, this will keep on happening. His wrote. "Call it despicable and degrading, but it also creates a situation that requires common sense, Kate, unless you know for sure that no one else`s prying eyes or camera will see you, don`t sunbathe naked.

Roland joins me tonight from Washington, D.C.

Now, let me get this straight because I want to get it right. You are basically saying here Roland that Kate needs to change her ways because where there are paparazzi, there`s really no privacy.

Now, are you saying that Kate didn`t have common sense here and was she -- because -- about go ahead.

ROLAND MARTIN, CNN POLITICAL ANALYST: What I tell you is here. In boxing, there`s a phrase called protect yourself at all times. And when you talk to celebrities, when you talk to people who are constantly the subjects of the paparazzi, you have to always protect yourself. You have to assume at the moment you walk outside of the door, eyes might be on you. It`s also, look, your mom and daddy told you, when you`re changing clothes, close the curtain because you don`t know who is looking outside.

TURNER: You`re right.

MARTIN: And so, your mom and daddy also told you, baby, don`t show your cookies to the rest of the world if you don`t want them to see it. And so, I got people tweeting me, oh, Roland, you know, you`re chauvinistic. No, I`m not.

What I`m saying is, you are one of the most photographed women in the world. These guys got lenses shooting from two, three miles away. You better protect yourself and you are the first line of defense. Not the French law.

TURNER: I hear you on that. Now, today on "the view," Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters didn`t see eye to eye on the subject at all. Watch what Barbara said about the royal family suing the French magazine that first released these topless photos. Look at this with.


BARBARA WALTERS, HOST, THE VIEW: I think almost by suing, they`ve made this more important. Everybody is talking about it. Everybody wants to show the pictures.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG, HOST, THE VIEW: No, it doesn`t actually. It does not. When you are on -- when you`re in public, you`re in public. When they go to your house, that`s not OK. They went to where she was. She was not in public on public property. She wasn`t outside. She was in the building. She was on her thing.


GOLDBERG: That means, darling. I think that being aware and having to actually live your life in a closed room is not acceptable. At some point --

WALTERS: Unfortunately, there are things you cannot do.


TURNER: You know, I tend to agree with Whoopi on this one. But, what do you think Roland? Do you agree with Barbara that by filing a lawsuit, that the royal family is making this more important than it should be?

MARTIN: I agree with both of them. And that`s the reality. It is going to get more attention because of the lawsuit. Whoopi is right, protect your privacy. But it is the reality of the world we live in because guess what, people are reading these magazines, and this is the stuff they want to see. We are a voyeuristic society. That`s the real problem here, is the people buying the magazines.

TURNER: Yes. We are going to continue to talk about this one for sure, I know. But it`s time to reveal the number one story on our showbiz countdown of the top five buzz breaking stores that make us say what the -- -? It`s Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney saying on live with Kelly and Michael that he is a fan of none other than Snooki.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE HOST: This is the most serious question of all. Honey boo boo or Snooki?

(LAUGHTER) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Do you know who either of these two people are?

ROMNEY: Yes, I do. I`m kind of a Snooki fan.



ROMNEY: Look how tiny she`s got. She`s lost weight and she is energetic. I mean, just her spark plug personality.


TURNER: Is it ever a good idea, which ever part you`re affiliated with, to answer a question like that during an election year?

MARTIN: You can answer the question. But nobody with common sense think Mitt Romney looking at Snooki.

TURNER: Roland Martin, I got to leave there. You always give good TV. Thank you very much

MARTIN: Appreciate it.

TURNER: So, Mitt Romney might be endorsing Snooki over honey boo boo, but millions of people pick the pint-sized pageant queen over the presidential candidate during the Republican national convention. More people watch here comes honey boo boo on TLC than the pomp and circumstance for the man who is trying to be the next leader of the free world.

Did you see this? Honey boo bo and her mom had advice for both presidential candidates. Well, their alter egos did. This is a gut busting skit on Saturday night live. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE HOST: So if you could give advice to either candidate, what would you tell them?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I would tell them to drink your go go juice, move what you got honey boo boo and always be telling of no one in particular.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would tell the candidates to try hard. But if you lose the run for presidency, don`t worry now. All you got to do is join a where Wolf family or fill your house with cat skeletons and TLC will just hook you up.



TURNER: I can`t. I cannot. It is so funny.

But now it`s official. Now that she`s been immortalized on SNL, honey boo boo is here to stay.

OK. The new "American idol" judges lineup is finally, finally set. Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban join Mariah Carey and Randy Jackson. It is on, or is it? Does anyone really cares?

"SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" dares to ask, has "American idol" jumped the shark?



TURNER: The new "American idol" judges` lineup is finally in place. You`ve got Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson all smiles with Ryan Seacrest standing behind them.

But today, TMZ is reporting that Mariah and Nicki just don`t like each other. If I had a dime for every story about the idol judges clashing, I`d be a rich woman.

But here`s my question. Has "American idol" jumped the shark? Are people just over it?

With me now in New York, entertainment journalist Jill Dobson.

Now, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" was there at the press conference to introduce idol`s new judges. The big question, Jill, are Mariah and Nicki already butting heads? Watch what Mariah had to say.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: There are rumors talking about you all feuding or not getting along. How you all getting along?

MARIAH CAREY, SINGER: We`re going to feud in two days. The feud takes a little longer to --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It will be fun, dude.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A good time. Been a lot of laughs.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s singing, it`s laughter.


TURNER: Jill, what do you think? In order to stay alive, idol almost needs a showdown between Mariah and Nicki to stay relevant.

JILL DOBSON, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: The "Idol" produce are like, please say yes. Please say yes when you ask that question. But Mariah said no this time. But, the producers are certainly hoping that people will tune in to see these different judges and then, stay tuned for the contestants. Whether that will happen or not remains to be seen.

TURNER: I`m not sure what I think about this. But what do you think? Do you think this new judges` panel will keep the show alive or have viewers already jumped the shark?

DOBSON: You know, when Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler joined, ratings went and stayed up for the entire first season they were on. So, I think that there is something to it. And I know. I tuned in to see Britney on "X Factor." People might be doing that with this show as well. Saying we`ve got a big name. I`ve always loved their music. Let`s see them in this kind of situation.

TURNER: Jill Dobson, I will be tuning in for Mariah and Nicki together. Thank you very much, appreciate it.

DOBSON: Thank you.

TURNER: Hayden`s health horror. Tonight, Hayden Panettiere reveals how a single word in a tabloid magazine sent her into a tailspin for most of her teen years. Hayden`s powerful revelation, next.


TURNER: J. J.`s revolution. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" goes one-on-one with Hollywood`s super producer about the new show that`s about to revolutionize TV.

Plus, Hayden Panettiere`s heroic confession. Tonight, how a tabloid headline destroyed her teen years. The details are in the buzz today.


TURNER: Hayden`s body struggle. In a brand new interview with women`s health magazine, Hayden Panettiere makes a shocking revelation. Panettiere is revealing for the first time she struggled with severe body image issues as a teenager after a tabloid magazine published a photo of her back side with the word cellulite plastered across the image. The 23-year-old actress tells women`s health, I was mortified it gave me body dysmorphia for so long. But I remember reminding myself that beauty is an opinion, not a fact.

J.J.`s revolution. It`s now lights out every Monday as J.J. Abrams` new TV series revolution debuts. Revolution tells the story of what would happen if the world lost all its electricity with no way of getting it back. In a brand new interview with "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT," Abrams tells us that losing all power is a possible idea.

J.J. ABRAMS, PRODUCER, REVOLUTION: We rely on technology for essentially everything, to survive, communicate, travel. When you`re creating a story, you want to do research and get sort of answers that promote what you`re trying do. So this guy came in and basically pitched out how this could be feasible.

TURNER: Abrams new show revel illusion airs Mondays on NBC.


TURNER: I am all over that. Well, tonight, TV personality Jillian Barberie Reynolds shows details about being molested as a child. How was is affected all of her relationship? Doctor Drew gets answers right now.