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Hollywood's Biggest Night: The Road to Gold

Aired February 24, 2013 - 18:00   ET


PIERS MORGAN, CNN HOST: Hello, I'm live from the red carpet at the Oscars. Welcome to Hollywood's biggest night.


ANNOUNCER: Tonight, the stars.

The speeches.


ANNOUNCER: The surprises.

NATALIE PORTMAN, ACTRESS: And the Oscar goes to Jean Dujardin, "The Artist".

ANNOUNCER: And every glamorous red carpet moment. This is everything you'll be talking about.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If I'm doing a fake movie, it's going to be a fake hit.

ANNOUNCER: And it all starts now. Hollywood's biggest night, "The Road to Gold".

Here's your host, Piers Morgan.


MORGAN: It's Oscar night in Hollywood. We had to jump the gun earlier because of a few technical issues, so we decided to restart it all over again.

The stars are here, the world is watching, and I'm right in the thick of it.

I'm back on the red carpet where I have already seen some of the biggest names in show business and those names will only get bigger as they work their way to the 85th Annual Oscars.

We're covering it all -- the styles, the surprises, and the moments everyone will be talking all about tomorrow. It's all happening right here, right now, with our special Oscar pre-show.

And I'm back with my all-star team. Joining me for this spectacular night at the Roosevelt Hotel overlooking Hollywood Boulevard is Nischelle Turner, correspondent to HLN's "Showbiz Tonight", on the bridge above the red carpet, "Showbiz Tonight" host A.J. Hammer, and CNN national correspondent Alina Cho with a look at all the fashions.

And, A.J., if I can come to you first tension, excitement building, you have covered a few of these. It's really a special night, isn't it? In the show business (INAUDIBLE), this is the big one?

A.J. HAMMER, HOST, HLN'S "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT": It's as big as it gets. I mean, this is the one, we have been talking about the fact that there have been some dozen awards shows throughout the awards season. After this, nobody is paying attention to anything that may happen. That's why everybody wants to get their show done before now. But this is as big as it gets and we're about to prove it with all of the giant stars, Piers, that are about to walk your way down the red carpet.


HAMMER (voice-over): It's true life drama, Hollywood style.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Blood's been spilled to afford us this moment.

PETE HAMMOND, WRITER, DEADLINE.COM: Historical movies, you get the big sets, you get the costumes, you get the so-called truth factor. That's always appealing to the Academy.

HAMMER:'s Pete Hammond says best picture nominees and Oscar favorites "Lincoln," "Argo", "Les Miserables", "Zero Dark Thirty", and even "Django Unchained" win votes by telling stories based on real events.

HAMMOND: A lot of best pictures have been these kind of historical things or period pieces. "The King's Speech" recently was a winner. We have seen "Lawrence of Arabia". We've seen all these great history-making movies that were also about history.

HAMMER: And actors know their history. In Hollywood, a real-life role is a path to Oscar gold.

HAMMOND: This year, of course, Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln is by far a front runner for best actor for a reason like that. Playing these real-life people, you can sort of compare them to the real one, and it really enhances their performance in the voter's mind.


HAMMER: Piers, it will be amazing to see if Daniel Day-Lewis does walk away with the Oscar for best actor. Everybody is pretty much saying that from the moment he was cast in that role, the Oscar was assured. So he'll be the first man in Oscar history to win the award best actor three times. That is incredible.

MORGAN: It would be pretty spectacular. He deserves it. He's an incredible actor.

I'm joined now David Magee, a screenwriter for "The Life of Pi".

Welcome to you.

DAVID MAGEE, SCREENWRITER, "THE LIFE OF PI": Thank you very much. Glad to be here.

MORGAN: How excited are you about this? This is as good as it gets in your game, isn't it?

D. MAGEE: It's an amazing day. It's been an amazing couple months, ever since the nominations came out. This has been incredible.

MORGAN: "Life of Pi is a remarkable film. It was outlandishly hard to get it on air. Now that you have gotten there and you've had all these accolades in terms of nominations, how are you feeling about it?

D. MAGEE: Well, I'm really thrilled with the way the film came out. I'm happy to be here, and I'm looking forward to taking a good, long rest on Monday.

MORGAN: Who are you most looking forward to seeing?

D. MAGEE: I'm looking forward to seeing how my director does tonight. I hope he wins for best director. Steven Spielberg is a wonderful director, too, but I'm really rooting for, ashamedly, for Ang Lee.

MORGAN: He's brilliant -- obviously brilliant in what he does.

Yours is the highest grossing of all of the best picture nominees, I'm told.

D. MAGEE: We did amazingly well globally. We passed the half a billion mark by a long shot.

MORGAN: For a little kid on a boat.

D. MAGEE: Amazingly enough. We didn't even know if it was going to break even. So, I mean, this little boy -- I mean, he came out of nowhere. Like you auditioned thousands of people and suddenly you found the right one.

Do you know what it was about him?

D. MAGEE: It was his audition tape above all. He came in -- he didn't even intend to audition. He came in with his brother and he did such a remarkable job that he was the obvious pick. He didn't even know how to swim when we started this.

MORGAN: And what are you wearing tonight?

D. MAGEE: I am wearing Hugo Boss.

MORGAN: Good for you. Good for you.

And who have you brought with you?

D. MAGEE: I brought my lovely wife, Pamela.

MORGAN: Hello, lovely wife.

PAMELA MAGEE, DAVID'S WIFE: Hello. Nice to meet you.

MORGAN: How are you?

P. MAGEE: I'm well. Thank you. How are you?

MORGAN: I always imagine, the pressure for you is almost as bad as him. You're walking down as incredible --

P. MAGEE: I know. It's pretty overwhelming, but we're having a really great time.


MORGAN: Have you seen Ang Lee yet?

D. MAGEE: I have not -- I saw him earlier, but I haven't seen him since we arrived. So -

MORGAN: If anyone can take down Steven Spielberg, my money would be on him?

D. MAGEE: That's fingers crossed for all of us. That's it. That would be great.

MORGAN: Listen, best of luck.

D. MAGEE: Thank you very much.

MORGAN: Nice to see you.

Nice to meet you.

P. MAGEE: Nice to meet you.

MORGAN: Take care.

So it's all building up nicely here. Let's go to Alina again.

Alina, what I was struck by is the only person I talked to about their dress so far was the director of "Beasts of the Southern Wild", whose sister said that she was wearing, she thought, something black, which made me laugh out loud. She didn't seem to care.

CHO: I think that's great, And it was actually quite refreshing, Piers, to hear that woman say that. We're looking at Jessica Chastain arriving. We believe she's wearing Giorgio Armani tonight. A strapless beaded gown in a blush, nude color. Absolutely gorgeous. A wonderful choice.

She wore Calvin Klein to the Golden Globes. You may remember, Piers, and not all of the critics liked it. She then went for her following appearances in more form fitting gowns. You can see she chose that tonight.

We're also hearing that Sally Field is on the way, wearing Valentino couture. Donna Karan is in Los Angeles, will attend the ceremony. We are hearing dressing Barbra Streisand, the great Barbra Streisand, who will be performing, and also Kelly Rowland.

This red carpet, as I pointed out to you, Piers, is the most important in the world. You know, look back in history in 1937, and Luise Rainer when she was up for best actress for "The Great Ziegfeld," didn't think she was going to win. She got a call from Louis B. Mayer, the studio boss, and said you better get here. She showed up literally in a night gown, and accepted her award in a night gown. That was 1937, before the Oscars were televised.

Today is a much different story, and these images, and these images in print and on television will be seen around the world. And they live forever, Piers, and this is why this is fashion's most important night. Forget about Fashion Week, and just look at Jessica Chastain herself. She looks gorgeous with that long hair.

Maybe I should have gone with hair down tonight. You know, it was a debate. It was debate --


MORGAN: Looking fantastic. It's all getting very, very impossibly glamorous.

CHO: And, Piers --

MORGAN: But I've now been joined by a man in a skirt, which is very exciting. Now, introduce yourselves, please.

MARK ANDREWS, DIRECTOR, "BRAVE": I'm Mark Andrews, director of "Brave".

KATHERINE SARAFIAN, PRODUCER, "BRAVE": And I'm Katherine Sarafian, the producer of "Brave".

MORGAN: I have been told by my producer to say that you are Armenian, because he's Armenian. And he thinks that's the only plug you'll get for Armenia tonight.

SARAFIAN: We'll take any plug we can get. Yes.

MORGAN: You're in the animated category. Are you feeling optimistic? How are you feeling, Mark?

ANDREWS: Nervous, optimistic, excited, thrilled. I mean, it's a fabulous year for animation this year and there's some tough contenders up there. So it's anybody's game.

MORGAN: Are you from some weird tartan clan? Tell me about it.

ANDREWS: I am. Well, this is the DunBrock tartan, inspired by our film, designed by Tia Krator (ph), one of our artists, and we had it made and it's actually registered with the tartan authorities, so you can get your very own.

MORGAN: There will be people all over Scotland watching this, going, way to go.

ANDREWS: Way to go.

MORGAN: Man wearing a kilt to the Oscars is what it's all about.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing, so it must be about seeing amazing people?

SAFARIAN: It's pretty cool. I mean, you know, we love seeing, you know, all of the stars and all of the beautiful outfits and everything like that, but any of our colleagues in filmmaking. We loved also running into our animation peers. It was fun to see Seth MacFarlane's dad who also came in in a kilt. Did you see that?


SAFARIAN: Yes, that's already been a highlight for us. We're kilt.

MORGAN: Best of luck. Very nice to talk to you and I hope it all works out well for you.

SAFARIAN: Thank you so much. Thank you.

ANDREWS: Thank you very much.

MORGAN: Let's take a short break and be right back with all of the best live action from the 85th Oscars.


MORGAN: Back to the 85th Academy Awards.

Here, I'm live on the red carpet. You're seeing pictures of Amy Adams arriving from our special exclusive CNN live cam overlooking all the arrivals out there.

I'm joined by two I would imagine rather apprehensive people. This is Ron MacFarlane, Seth MacFarlane's dad, and Rachael MacFarlane, his sister.

Welcome to you both.

RON MACFARLANE, SETH MACFARLANE'S DAD: Thank you, Piers. Nice to see you.


MORGAN: Now how nervous are you two right now? Because you know how naughty he is -- anything could happen.

RON MACFARLANE: I'm not nervous at all.

RACHAEL MACFARLANE: I'm not, either. I'm so confident he's going to do so, absolutely -- it's going to be amazing.

MORGAN: I'm extremely excited by your son and your brother because he's one of the great talents in Hollywood, I think. And he's also just got that slight edge of danger, I think he'll take a few risks.

RON MACFARLANE: I think he probably will. He hasn't told us what the risks are, and we, of course, if we knew, we couldn't reveal them.

RACHAEL MACFARLANE: Actually, it's a great secret. I think he will. He'll push it a little bit. He has to. I mean, he has a lot of loyal fans tuning in to see Seth's brand of humor. I think he will deliver it beautifully for the Oscars.

MORGAN: And also, what people may not know so much about Seth. He's a very good singer and there'll be lots of him singing tonight.

RON MACFARLANE: He's got a fabulous voice, and so does this girl. She did the demo for the movie "10."

MORGAN: Really?


RACHAEL MACFARLANE: I did. Yes, he always tells me to do the demo track. So I sang best friend. Yes, I'm voting for best friends.

MORGAN: Now, all sisters know all the secrets of their brothers. What is the naughtiest thing about Seth that none of us know?

RACHAEL MACFARLANE: Oh my goodness. Wow. What is the naughtiest thing I know about Seth? What it could it be? He's a cat lover. That's not too naughty.

MORGAN: That's pretty damning.

RON MACFARLANE: He once asked if in a trip to Florida if we could sip barf through a straw for a million dollars. But it had to be what kind of barf -- we had to go through what kind of barf, chunky barf, watery barf --

RACHAEL MACFARLANE: It's taking it back there, yes.

MORGAN: It's going to be a great night for you two. Have a lovely evening. It must be very special for the whole family.

RACHAEL MACFARLANE: Thanks, pier. Nice to meet you.

MORGAN: Take care.

We're going to go to Jay-Z (ph) now. He's been watching all this.

Joe, what are you seeing out there? UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think I have to tell you right now, Jessica Chastain is really just killing it on the red carpet. I mean, are in that Armani gown, I mean I think we saw her at the SAG Awards and in the McQueen, and it was body-hugging as Alina said, and this is really the silhouette that works for her. I mean, she's channeling someone from Rita Hayworth to Jessica Rabbit in a way.

You know, it's sexy and sophisticated but it's really giving you the drop dead glamour that you expect from a carpet tonight.

MORGAN: I am sorry for calling you Jay-Z. You are of course, Joe-Z (ph).

Now, Joe, I've got stylish men coming along. Do they get the same kind of pressure, though, as the women do you think? Or is it really all about the women's dresses tonight?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, I have to tell you, you know, men do get the short end of the stick on the red carpet. The way they have reinvented what black tie should be, you know, I have seen a tremendous amount of navy blue tuxedos, brown tuxedos, you know, different ways to wear black tie. I think, you know what? Men really should be singled out at times for really looking great on the red carpet.

MORGAN: And, Joe, how am I faring in this Dolce number do you think?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think you look great. Thumbs up to you, Piers.

MORGAN: You weren't going to say anything else, were you? Be honest.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Listen, you look great. You always look great. I think it's a perfect -- perfect.

MORGAN: You're looking at pictures of Jessica Chastain, who is one of my favorite actresses. And that is why she is not only a fantastic actress, but absolutely beautiful. Looks amazing in that dress. I think it suits her hair color really well.

I am joined by a British heartthrob here, Eddie Redmayne.

Eddie, how are you?

EDDIE REDMAYNE, ACTOR: I'm really good. How are you doing, man?

MORGAN: Now, Mr. Redmayne, you are, as I know from my goddaughter that met you yesterday and began trembling in your very wake, the number one heartthrob for a whole load of teens right now. How do you feel about this?

REDMAYNE: It's very kind of you to say. I don't know if it's true. I probably got more nervous meeting your goddaughter than she did. But it's flattering. Thank you for saying it.

MORGAN: You're performing tonight? REDMAYNE: We are. We have been rehearsing for the last couple days. It's mighty nerve-racking, but the tidbits I have seen of what Seth is doing and the other guys are doing, it's going to be a special evening.

MORGAN: How cool is it to be at the Oscars? You must have dreamed of being at this event?

REDMAYNE: You know, it's almost past the notion of dreaming. You kind of, you know, I never believed I would get to do this, and something about the Los Angeles weather and the set-up here is formidable. So, hopefully , it will be quite exciting.

MORGAN: You have been kissing some of the most famous women in Hollywood in your movies. Who is the best kisser?

REDMYANE: Oh, God, you can't ask me that.

MORGAN: I just did.

REDMAYNE: You just did. Well, I can't possibly go there. I would say it's a tie. You see, I have done very odd films.

MORGAN: Tie between who?

REDMAYNE: How about -- how about a tie between Scarlett Johansson and --

MORGAN: You only have one more.

REDMAYNE: Scarlett Johansson and probably Emma Watson.

MORGAN: Really?


MORGAN: And of those two, if you have to take to a desert island with one of them?


MORGAN: If you could take one to a desert island.

REDMAYNE: Oh, no, you can't push me. (INAUDIBLE)

MORGAN: You're actually blushing. The big heartthrob can't handle it.

REDMAYNE: Not at all.

MORGAN: Who are you most looking forward to seeing tonight?

REDMAYNE: What is lovely is, you know, "Les Mis", we finished this a year ago, and it's lovely to see them again. We have reconnected and we talked about doing this thing live, and actually, tonight, we're doing it live. So -- MORGAN: Hey, have a fantastic night. You were very gracious to my goddaughter. She's still shaking as I speak. And you (INAUDIBLE) further down on the carpet.

REDMAYNE: See you later. Nice to see you.

MORGAN: Take care.

Good British heartthrob there for you. We'll take a short break and come back with more of the big, big stars coming through, all getting very exciting.


MORGAN: Back at the 85th Academy Awards.

I'm on the red carpet with a real Hollywood legend here, John Lasseter from Pixar and his lovely wife Nancy.

Welcome to you.

JOHN LASSETER, PIXAR: Thank you very much. Good to be here, Piers.

MORGAN: John, you have been nominated six times, you won once. But are you excited? Do you still get excited by this?

LASSETER: Oh, yes, we get so excited for this. I mean, this red carpet has such energy, and I love the Academy Awards. It's really fun. We're nominated for two movies in the animation category this year with "Brave" and "Wreck-It Ralph." So, very excited.

MORGAN: How is the animated business? Is it getting ever more complex, ever more audacious in the way it does it stuff?

LASSETER: Well, you know what I love about the animation industry is that we really entertain the audiences from the youngest to the oldest. I mean, I always say if you're breathing, you're one of our, you know, audience.

And you know, it's always about the story and the characters with our films. You know, we love the technology. We love the medium of animation, but it's really about engaging the audience with a great story and great characters.

MORGAN: What is your tip to win best movie?

LASSETER: The tip is to make a really entertaining film that challenges people, but also make it really fun.

MORGAN: John, it's a real pleasure. Good luck tonight. Nice to see you.

Nancy, have a lovely night.

LASSETER: Thank you.

MORGAN: Lovely to see you.

We had Jessica Chastain. We're going to try to lure her over.

Jessica, how are you?


MORGAN: So am I.

CHASTAIN: We're at the Oscars.

MORGAN: How exciting is this?

CHASTAIN: Exciting.

MORGAN: You look amazing.

CHASTAIN: Thank you.

MORGAN: I clocked your dress and was giving it the full once over. It's my favorite dress so far.

CHASTAIN: Well, thank you very much. The dress reminded me of -- it was a happy birthday, Mr. President, kind of dress. And I love.

MORGAN: It is. It's a touch of the Marilyn's. A ginger haired Marilyn.

CHASTAIN: Not that I'm a touch of Marilyn, but the dress perhaps calls onto that, and it's an honor to wear a dress that evokes old Hollywood.

MORGAN: You're being described as the hottest actress in Hollywood, hence the world, right now. How does that make you feel?

CHASTAIN: Who is describing me as that?

MORGAN: I just did.

CHASTAIN: Well, if you -- then thank you. That makes me feel really nice.

MORGAN: Do you feel pressure now that you've become such a top dog?

CHASTAIN: No, because I'm not going to win the Oscar. Look, I don't know, I'm not going to --

MORGAN: Why not?

CHASTAIN: I don't think it's my year, which is OK.

MORGAN: That movie was brilliant, and you're brilliant in it.

CHASTAIN: Thank you for saying that. I love the character. It's based on a real woman who is currently working undercover.

I love the film. I'm so proud of it. I don't know -- I never think I'm going to win, but I don't think I'm going to win this year.

MORGAN: Have you met the woman you played?


MORGAN: Would you like to?

CHASTAIN: Yes, in a legal setting. I don't want to do anything illegal, and she's currently working undercover in the CIA.

MORGAN: And now you told me you think you're not going to win. I want to see your best loser face?

CHASTAIN: My best loser face will be just be normal. Like me expecting like mm-hmm. That's right.


MORGAN: Jessica, lovely to see you.

CHASTAIN: Thank you so much.

MORGAN: I look forward to your next movie. What is it? Do you know yet?

CHASTAIN: Yes, I'm doing "Miss Julie", directed by Liv Ullmann, opposite Colin Farrell.

MORGAN: Right. Listen, you are my number one dress right now. It may be you're still there in an hour and a half as my winner. How exciting would that be?

CHASTAIN: That would make my day. Oscar-schmoscar.

MORGAN: Lovely to see you.

CHASTAIN: Nice to see you. Thank you.

MORGAN: Bye-bye.

Jessica Chastain looking absolutely amazing tonight.

And lots of exciting people.

How are you? Good to see you.

SURAJ SHARMA, ACTOR: Good to see you.

MORGAN: How exciting is this for you?

SHARMA: This is really exciting. This is -- I mean, it's my first Oscars. And it is the Oscars. And we did get 11 nominations, so I'm a little bit fluttery. It's good.

MORGAN: Did you ever think you would be here? SHARMA: No, no, I never thought I would be in a movie. It's something I never would have imagined would happen to me. I'm just glad it did.

MORGAN: Who are you most excited to see?

SHARMA: Who am I -- honestly, I'm excited to see Ang because it's been a while since I saw him. It's been a long time. I'm used to having him around, so I'm happy to see him. Everybody, in fact, just like I'm in this room full of my heroes, so I'm excited. I'm just excited to be there.

MORGAN: Who is your acting hero?

SHARMA: Between Robert de Niro and Hugh Jackman somewhere, yes.

MORGAN: And you're making more movies, which you didn't expect to be doing, I guess. Have you got anything in the fire you can tell me about?

SHARMA: Nothing concrete yet or conclusive, but things are coming up. I'm hoping to do something. Some things are coming up, so probably something will --

MORGAN: You're big box office now, you and your brother. This is hot stuff.

SHARMA: This is pretty lucky, I have to say. As I said, we're from Delhi, not where many movies are made. We're just living some sort of a dream or something. It's pretty funny.

MORGAN: Well, get in there and have some fun. The dreams just come true for you. Good to see you.

SHARMA: Good to see you.

MORGAN: Take care.

We're going to take a short break and we'll come back with more star interviews from the red carpet at the Oscars.


MORGAN: We're looking at the live limo cam. It's overlooking the entrance to the Oscars red carpet.

And I'm joined by a mega star, Amy Adams. How are you?

AMY ADAMS, BEST ACTRESS NOMINEE: I'm well. How are you doing?

MORGAN: Four nominations in seven years. It doesn't get hotter than that.

ADAMS: Thank you.

MORGAN: No time for false modesty. Come on, how does this feel? ADAMS: It feels awesome. It's really great to be here. It really is.

MORGAN: Do you get nervous? Do you get excited? How are you feeling?

ADAMS: I was really nervous this morning. I don't know why. I'm not always nervous, but for some reason I was very nervous this morning.

MORGAN: Do you eat, do women eat before they come to a red carpet like this?

ADAMS: I think we try to. I think it's just -- we just are so nervous. I think it has more to do with nerves than anything.

MORGAN: Who is your acting heroine?

ADAMS: Meryl Streep, Sally Field, Susan Sarandon, it's all these wonderful women who paved a wonderful path for us.

MORGAN: You're wearing, and this is my fashion (INAUDIBLE) escaped me, Oscar de la Renta, right?

ADAMS: Yes. Yes, sir.

MORGAN: Very beautiful.

ADAMS: Thank you so much. Appreciate that.

MORGAN: And enough diamonds to fund a third-world country.

ADAMS: Yes, you know --


It's always fun to get to --

MORGAN: Do you know how much the collective worth of these diamonds is?

ADAMS: I'd be too nervous.

MORGAN: It must be millions?

ADAMS: I can't say -- I can't speak to that but it always makes me nervous. It's a wonderful part of this Cinderella experience.

MORGAN: You're playing Lois Lane and then Janice Joplin, your next two roles. Very diverse, but playing great characters.

ADAMS: Thank you, yes. It's going to be a lot of fun, a lot of challenges. And that's what I love about my job.

MORGAN: Are you optimistic of winning tonight?


I'm, like, no. No, but that's all right. I'm so happy to be here that it really supersedes any competition or any need for victory. I just really, really am happy to be here.

MORGAN: I got Jessica Chastain to give me her loser face. Because she was so sure she'd lose. Do you have a practice loser face?

ADAMS: No, I'm sure I'll be very --

MORGAN: Let me give you the bad news, you just lost.

ADAMS: I just what? No, I'm kidding.


Can you imagine if I actually did that on the teleprompter?

MORGAN: Yes, that's why I got you to do it. And we can replay them both. And you might be going -- lovely to see you.

ADAMS: Thank you.

MORGAN: Take care.

Joe Zee, let's go to you. That was a beautiful dress there from Amy Adams. What was your view?

JOE ZEE, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, ELLE MAGAZINE: My god. I thought it was incredible. And that is a custom designed Oscar de la Renta gown that Amy had worked specifically with him on. Personally, and I have to tell you, Oscar de la Renta this season was a very special season because he actually collaborated with John Galliano. So it was sort of comeback moment for two very sort of amazing designers.

As you know Oscar has done a lot of dressing first ladies previously, and you know, John has been a real sort of hero, had a bit of a fall, and together they've started -- really created a great collection. And I think what Amy is doing is sort of helping -- sort of herald that comeback in a way.

MORGAN: I've got to say that my favorite dress remains at the moment Jessica Chastain. I thought she had the absolutely perfect tone color to the dress for her hair.

ZEE: Yes, I have to tell you with Jessica Chastain, sometimes simple is better. And I think on this red carpet, there are times when things can just really get out of control. And I think sometimes simplicity really rules. And you could absolutely see that with Jessica.

MORGAN: I think she has a kind of throwback feel to her, to the old great Hollywood glamour days of the '50s and '60s. Such as the -- as you alluded to, a touch of the Marilyns. ZEE: Oh, my gosh, she's absolutely Marilyn. She's Rita Hayworth, she's Betty Grabal, she's all those incredible classic old Hollywood legends. I mean, these ladies are of like a time that doesn't really exist anymore, and she really just channels on the most. But in a very modern way at the same time. It doesn't feel retro.

MORGAN: I'm getting some good loser faces from them. I'm not sure they really doing that, (INAUDIBLE). I mean, looks a little bit like they don't want to be seen as losers yet. They're just still holding out there for the win.

ZEE: I know -- I'm surprised she said that. I thought she was phenomenal this year. I mean it's really her year. But you know what it is with Jessica, she has -- I mean talk about many nominations --

MORGAN: We're looking at live pictures there of Reese Witherspoon, looking -- I can't quite see the whole dress, but her hair looks amazing. Joe?

ZEE: I mean, I have to say, that's a long way from Elle Woods. I mean, Reese has really grown up and you've really seen her sort of become this sort of style icon. I mean, look at her tonight. I mean, she's always channeling that sort of very elegant, sexy, and even when she does sexy, it never feels vulgar. There's always a classiness with Reese.

MORGAN: What do you think of that dress?

ZEE: I love that dress. You know, the color is stunning on her. You know, she has that sort of very clean line, and again, very simple. She's not doing a ton of jewelry. And you know you can really go overboard with the diamonds on the red carpet.

MORGAN: We've got some more pictures, I think, coming.

Alina, let me go to you first. Just give me your overview so far on where we are with the fashion?

CHO: Well, I think that we're seeing a lot of form-fitting silhouettes. And at the end of the day, as I mentioned before, Piers, this comes at the end of a very long awards season. These actresses have been wearing gowns and getting their hair and makeup done for two straight months. They know what works for them, down to the shoe.

I spoke with a stylist named Kate Young who told me, listen, actresses will tell me, don't ever put me in that shoe again. And so it's very precise at this point in the game. And they're all going to be thrilled tomorrow when we can all eat hamburgers, myself included.

And Piers, I might add, you look fantastic in Dolce & Gabbana tonight. And I know that you told me this earlier, a dash of Prada on your feet.


MORGAN: That's absolutely right, yes. I'm feeling a little bit engulfed now by the sheer quality of tuxes coming out, but I've done my best. You know. What I can feel is a real rising sense of excitement here, Alina, because as the stars come in and they get bigger and bigger stars, you can see all the fans, they got these lucky tickets. Twenty thousand people applied, 700 got lucky. And they're all going completely posy behind me. And you can really feel that. It's a --

CHO: And Zoe Saldana --

MORGAN: It's a very exciting place to be.

CHO: Zoe Saldana just walking down the red carpet right now looking incredibly glamorous. Another sort of real style icon in her own right, right, Joe?

ZEE: I have to tell you, she's really sort of become a darling in the fashion world. Designers are really tripping over themselves to dress Zoe. And I have to say, you know, it's a little early still on the red carpet, but we're seeing a lot of strapless.

CHO: We are seeing a lot of strapless. And this is something that we see with Zoe as well.

Zoe is actually a star who takes a lot of risks on the red carpet. A couple of years ago, she wore a ruffly lavender and purple Givenchy gown. I'm sure you remember, Joe. That did not go over well with critics, but you could see that she has sort of layers of colors toward the end of her gown as well tonight.

One thing I want to talk about, though, Piers, is Quvenzhane Wallis at 9 years old. The youngest Best Actress nominee ever arriving tonight on the Red Carpet in Giorgio Armani. Can you believe that for a 9- year-old? Just incredible custom-made Giorgio Armani.

And what's great about that, Piers, I don't know if you caught it, is that she's carrying a handbag. It's made actually by this company called Puppy and Co. She was buying them, apparently, through her stylist at JC Penney, and Puppy and Co decided to send her 20 bags for awards season. And the one that you saw tonight is the one that she chose for the big night tonight. And of course, she like the rest of the Best Actress nominees, are hoping for a win.

And whoever wins Best Actress tonight, Piers, it will be a first. And so of course, these actresses want to look their best. And we're looking now at Kerry Washington, another sort of young style icon there, in a gorgeous, again, strapless gown.

ZEE: Strapless, I think we're really -- that's really become a big thing tonight. But Kerry Washington is really, I have to say, she's really the one to look out for. You know, I think this award season was the one time that every single time she's stepped out, people really paid attention.

CHO: You do. Piers, back to you.

MORGAN: We've got Gael Garcia Bernard from "No." Welcome to you, sir.

GAEL GARCIA BERNARD, ACTOR, "NO": Hello. How's it going?

MORGAN: This is a very cool gear you got on tonight.

BERNARD: Thank you very much.

MORGAN: What are you wearing?

BERNARD: I'm wearing this thing from Dior. And I never wear suits like this, so every once in a while, it feels OK.

MORGAN: Everyone talks about the excitement of being here, the nerves, and all that kind of -- have you been before?

BERNARD: Yes. I have been here like four times. But I've got to say that this time I'm actually quite nervous and happy, you know? I mean, before it used to be a much more different -- I was in a different state of mind, but now that I'm a father, I enjoy this a lot.

MORGAN: Which of all the movies would you like to see win Best Movie tonight?

BERNARD: I like "Lincoln" a lot. I think "Lincoln" is a brilliant film, very difficult one to do. And they managed to pull out something really, really incredible. And it's a -- it's a beautiful movie. And I hope they win.

MORGAN: You're going to win my best tux of the evening so far award.

BERNARD: Excellent.

MORGAN: But it's not the best award you'll get all night.

BERNARD: Thank you.

MORGAN: They may be the only one.

BERNARD: The only one.



MORGAN: Thanks, Gael. Take care.

BERNARD: Thank you very much.

MORGAN: We'll take a short break and be right back with more of the action from the 85th Academy Awards.


MORGAN: Back on the 85th Oscars red carpet. This is a big moment for me.

Quvenzhane Wallis, the youngest ever nominee for Best Actress. How the devil are you?


MORGAN: Yes? Last time I saw you, you were trying to mimic my English accent? Do you remember? Can you still do that?

WALLIS: Hello, Governor?


MORGAN: Hello, Governor. What kind of accent is that?

WALLIS: Your accent.


MORGAN: Now what are your you wearing, young lady?

WALLIS: I am wearing -- I mean -- Giorgio Armani, I think that's how you said it?

MORGAN: It was a very beautiful dress. Whatever it is. I love your handbag. Show me -- show me this.

WALLIS: It's a Puppy purse from Poochy and Co. I usually wear them since Sundance, and so I'm used to wearing them.

MORGAN: Now I'm told you may be filming with Brad Pitt next, is that right?

WALLIS: Yes, I filmed, but I didn't get to meet him because it was like -- he was like in the later part.

MORGAN: Wow. So you get to do a movie with Brad Pitt, and you don't meet him?


MORGAN: Are you hoping to meet him?


MORGAN: You know that every woman in the world would be really jealous if you met Brad Pitt?



MORGAN: Who are you more excited to see tonight?

WALLIS: It depends because everyone I want to see was at the Grammy Awards.

MORGAN: Really?


MORGAN: Everyone?


MORGAN: Nobody -- nobody left?

WALLIS: Mostly, I didn't go to the Grammy Awards, so, like, mostly everyone now that I want to see was at the Grammy Awards.

MORGAN: Now have you written your winner's speech if you win?


MORGAN: And if you don't win, what's your loser face?


You are hilarious. You know that?

Quvenzhane, I wish you all the very best tonight. I loved your handbag, and I loved your performance. Congratulations.

WALLIS: Thank you.

MORGAN: Give me one more English accent?

WALLIS: Can I have a spot of tea, darling?


MORGAN: Get out of here. That's terrible. Lovely to see you.

WALLIS: Thank you.

MORGAN: Actually, it was very good. I'm only kidding.

I'm being joined by Octavia Spencer here, of course, who won last year for "Help."

How are you?

OCTAVIA SPENCER, OSCAR WINNER, "THE HELP": How are you? You know what, I probably should do this.

MORGAN: Lovely to see you.

SPENCER: Love to see you.

MORGAN: So she is quite the character, isn't she?

SPENCER: She is a little lady, she's a princess tonight. I'm thrilled for her.

MORGAN: Mocking me for my British accent.

SPENCER: Well, you know, actually, I do that all the time. But not -- it's not a mocking We love it, we love it.

MORGAN: Let's hear yours then. Come on.

SPENCER: I just did it. You didn't like -- you didn't like it? That was my "Downton Abbey".

MORGAN: Give me a bit more "Downton Abbey."

SPENCER: Well, it was my "Downton Abbey." I'm retiring today. I don't know. You guys make everything sound so interesting. Like record, for the record.


MORGAN: But what are you wearing, Octavia?

SPENCER: I am wearing Tadashi Soji and an Eddie Barker bag and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry and Prada shoes.

MORGAN: Very glamorous, I have to say. I'm -- I'm also wearing Prada shoes.

SPENCER: Are your Prada shoes as comfortable as my Prada shoes?

MORGAN: Mine is very comfortable, but it's not as glamorous as yours.

SPENCER: Well, I don't know if glamorous is what I would describe. I opted for comfort tonight.

MORGAN: Who do you think is going to win Best Actress tonight?

SPENCER: I have no earthly idea, but I bet you it's going to be a brilliant actress like, I don't know, Jessica Chastain or Jennifer Lawrence or Emmanuelle Riva or Naomi Watts. One of those women.

MORGAN: You're a diplomat, aren't you?

SPENCER: I'm pretty much very diplomatic, I'm Switzerland.

MORGAN: Lovely to see you.

SPENCER: Thank you.

MORGAN: Thank you very much. Have a nice evening.

SPENCER: Thank you.

MORGAN: Octavia Spencer. Let's go back to Joe. You've been watching all this, Joe. What did you make there of Octavia's dress?

ZEE: I have to tell you, well, you have to remember that Tadashi also made her Oscar winning dress when she won last year. So he's been her real go-to designer, and I mean, he's really the one who was championing, you know, women wearing these more glamorous gowns, and more fuller figures on the red carpet. And he's done an incredible job.

MORGAN: We're looking, I think, at pictures here of Jennifer Lawrence. There she is. All in white. Looking breath taking as she has at almost every one of these huge great kind of gown type thing.

Alina, your first reaction?

CHO: Yes. I think it's absolutely stunning, and again, continuing with the theme tonight, Piers, a strapless gown. Jennifer Lawrence is one of the few people we knew ahead of time what she would be wearing. She has a contract with Dior, and she is one of the faces of Dior, and so she is wearing Dior tonight. And I must say, I think she absolutely looks stunning.

She was at the Independent Spirit Awards wearing a very sexy, very revealing dress by Lanvin yesterday.

ZEE: Very.

CHO: Which made the cover of the "New York Post." And she is all Hollywood glamour tonight.

One thing about Octavia Spencer that -- who you just spoke to, Piers, I might add, she said something really interesting to me a couple of nights ago. She said she is more nervous presenting Best Supporting Actor tonight than she was receiving her award last year. And she also talked a lot about fashion. And the reason why she's wearing Tadashi Shoji tonight is because that designer works for her body.

She said it's easy to work with perfection, not so easy to work with imperfection, but I still want to look great on that red carpet. And boy, does she look spectacular tonight -- Piers.

MORGAN: I got Kerry Washington, I think, coming any moment now, of course from "Django Unchained," and there is other my favorite TV/movie, "Scandal," stuff like. But she's being held up by one of my rivals.

In the old British way, we just barge him out the way and grab them, but you can't apparently do that at the Oscars. It's considered non- etiquette.

But getting very exciting. And Jennifer Lawrence didn't do much of the red carpet. She's just waltzed through like the star of the show, which of course she may well turned out to be. But she looked pretty resplendid, I thought, in that fabulous white dress. You're seeing live pictures.

Again, like Jessica Chastain, I think a real kind of throwback to great old fashion Hollywood glamour. And I really like to see that on the red carpet this year. I think for a while, you lost that sense of the magical allure of Hollywood. And I think through Jennifer and Jessica and the others, they're really making an effort now to get back to the days of Marilyn and Co in the '50s and '60s, which is an interesting move I think.


MORGAN: Let me go back to Alina Cho.

Alina, I think we're seeing Amanda Siegfried there. What are your thoughts on that?

CHO: She looks --

MORGAN: That's quite a -- I would argue quite a daring number.

CHO: It is a very number and a halter gown. Of course, you're talking to the woman in the halter gown tonight and so I might be partial to that. I think she looks absolutely stunning in that body- hugging gown.


CHO: She tends to wear her hair down, but she's wearing her hair up tonight. To me, that looks a bit like it could be Elie Saab, maybe Reem Acra. We'll have to wait to see. She looks stunning tonight.

One thing to keep in mind, Piers, is that designers are made on the red carpet. In 1951, when Marlene Dietrich wore a very revealing thigh-high slit as we look at Sally Field there coming out on the red carpet in her Valentino gown, designers are made. Marlene Dietrich wore Dior in 1951. Dior became a red carpet staple. In 1954, when Audrey Hepburn wore a yellow lace Givenchy, Givenchy became a red carpet staple.

Back to you, Piers, on the carpet.

MORGAN: I'm here with Kerry Washington. Kerry, who has just saved her dress from being completely punctured by somebody's stiletto.

I saw that happening. How are you?


MORGAN: Nearly, your dress went down there.

WASHINGTON: I could have been naked before you.


MORGAN: That would have been a great ratings boost for CNN.


WASHINGTON: Anything for you, Piers.

MORGAN: How are you? WASHINGTON: I'm really well. I'm very excited to be here. It's my first time at the Oscars.

MORGAN: You're a TV star, you're a movie star. There's no end to your talent.

WASHINGTON: I just love what I do. I love to act and I'm grateful that anybody anywhere will let me do it.

MORGAN: I've been getting a few of your actress colleagues to give me their loser face, their best loser face. That moment when your crushed dream has happened.

WASHINGTON: I'm -- you know, tonight I have the thrill of being here just for fun. I'm presenting. I don't have to be stressed out or worried about anything that happens.

MORGAN: Do you sit at home sometimes and practice when you get nominated for things?

WASHINGTON: No, I don't do that. I practice in my brain a lot, you know, what next role I might play or since I've gotten a job on "Scandal" all I do is practice my lines.

MORGAN: I love "Scandal," by the way.

WASHINGTON: Thank you. You mean, in real life or our TV show.

MORGAN: I like it in real life, I like it on TV. I like you in it. I really like it with you and me in real life.

WASHINGTON: Whoa. Breaking news.


MORGAN: That is great debut. How is President Obama getting on? You're a big fan of his. I haven't discussed politics here. And we are CNN.

WASHINGTON: Well, I think he's doing an amazing job. I think it's a tough time right now and there couldn't be a better man in the office. I'm also thrilled to be serving in the administration so.

MORGAN: What do you most want to see him do in his second term?

WASHINGTON: I think I want to see him continue to finish the job, continue to improve the economy, to improve education, to -- I'm excited to see a lot of the healthcare initiatives coming to play. I think he's doing a great job. I think he needs -- just needs to continue doing what he does and our Congress needs to allow him to do that.

MORGAN: What are you wearing tonight?

WASHINGTON: I'm wearing Muumuu.

MORGAN: Muumuu?

WASHINGTON: Yes. Muumuu and Prada.

MORGAN: It's a really daring little number. I like it.

WASHINGTON: Well, thank you.

MORGAN: How long did you take to choose it?

WASHINGTON: A few weeks. Yes, I mean, I looked at lots of sketches and drawings and pictures but once I tried this on, I was done.

MORGAN: I can see why. It's a fabulous dress. Give me a quick thing about Quentin Tarantino. Nightmare to work with or a great guy.

WASHINGTON: He's a thrilling man to work with. It is an adventure because he's a visionary and so it's really thrilling and very rewarding.

MORGAN: Great. Howard (INAUDIBLE), paying me a compliment. We can't let that go unmentioned. Great Sony legend.

Howard, how are you? I found somebody better looking than you. So if you don't mind, I'm going to carry on with Kerry. No disrespect.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I get deleted a lot. Don't worry.


MORGAN: Nice to see you, sir.

WASHINGTON: Thank you very much. Good to see you.

MORGAN: I'd much rather talk to you than Howard. You realized that.


I have to give him the bad news. Who are you most excited to see tonight?

WASHINGTON: Well, I'm presenting with my movie husband Jamie Foxx so I'm thrilled.

MORGAN: Who is a great guy.


MORGAN: I love Jamie Foxx.

WASHINGTON: He is. He's great. I'm a lucky girl.

MORGAN: You were great together.

WASHINGTON: We were. This is our second time. Three is a charm.

MORGAN: Well, I've seen you itching to get down that carpet. Go get them, girl.

WASHINGTON: Thank you. Good to see you.

MORGAN: Lovely to see you. I mean, now we're going to be joined by the great legend Shirley Bassey. This is very exciting.

Shirley Bassey, how are you? Lovely to see you.


MORGAN: They finally lured you to the Oscars.


MORGAN: Why did you succumb?

BASSEY: Well, I had to. Fifty years of Bond, I'm Bond, part of Bond. Three songs.

MORGAN: Which one are you going to sing?

BASSEY: "Gold Finger."

MORGAN: You know I knew you were going to sing that. I'm so excited.

BASSEY: Me, too. It's my -- it's a dream come true for me.

MORGAN: What do the Oscars mean to you?

BASSEY: I think it's so exciting. I mean, Oscars -- I'm not a film star, you know. I think it means an awful lot to them. That they're recognized by their peers, you know. And it's a great thing to get an Oscar.

MORGAN: And Adele is here singing "Skyfall."

BASSEY: Yes. I saw her last night.

MORGAN: Are you a fan?

BASSEY: Yes, I am. I love "Skyfall." And I saw her last night and wished her every success for the song.

MORGAN: Does even a legend like you get nervous performing at an event this big?

BASSEY: I think -- I don't (INAUDIBLE). It's the biggest event with all these stars. I'm going to be jelly.

MORGAN: Is this the biggest moment of your career?


MORGAN: Really?

BASSEY: Yes. Because I had a chance to do this like -- was it years ago? And it's come around full circle. And finally --

MORGAN: You and Barbra Streisand on the same night. What a billing, huh?



MORGAN: Have you talked to Barbra?

BASSEY: No, I haven't seen her yet.

MORGAN: And if I could -- if I could take you to a desert island with one of the James Bonds, who would you take?

BASSEY: Sean, of course.

MORGAN: Sean Connery?


MORGAN: For how long?

BASSEY: As long as --


As we possibly can.

MORGAN: Shirley, it's a perfect answer. Have a fabulous time. I can't wait to see you performing.

BASSEY: Thank you.

MORGAN: The great Shirley Bassey.

We'll take a short break and be back with more from the red carpet.


MORGAN: Back to the Oscars red carpet. I've been joined by not one, not two, but three superstars from "Silver Linings Playbook."

Welcome, Chris Tucker, Jennifer Lawrence and Jacki.

How are you all?



MORGAN: Who is the most excited?

TUCKER: I think it's me.

LAWRENCE: Yes. Definitely Chris.

MORGAN: I think you look -- you know you're about to overheat.

TUCKER: No. I'm feeling good. I'm feeling good.

MORGAN: You're looking good. What are you wearing?

TUCKER: Tom Ford.



LAWRENCE: Dior couture.

MORGAN: I love this dress.

LAWRENCE: Thank you.

MORGAN: It's getting a lot of traction --

LAWRENCE: I love your suit.

MORGAN: I was hoping you'd say that. It's a little Dolce number.

LAWRENCE: How did you decide on this?

MORGAN: I spent months. I had everyone coming around trying to sell me their wares. In the end Dolce persuaded me. I would be their front man.


MORGAN: Jacki, do you like my suit as much as Jennifer does?

JACKI WEAVER, "SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK": You look so hot, Piers, I'm getting a little bit --

MORGAN: Jacki, this is why you're one of my favorite actresses.

LAWRENCE: I can see you're starting to sweat.


MORGAN: Seriously. We're all overheating here.

Now, look, this, Jennifer, is a big night for you. You're being described as the great movie star of our times.


MORGAN: How do you respond to that allegation?

LAWRENCE: Are you sure that's not just my mom? That's very wonderful.

MORGAN: People have been saying they think you are the great rising star of Hollywood.

LAWRENCE: Why aren't more people saying that's my face?

MORGAN: I've just done it.

LAWRENCE: I've seem --


TUCKER: Well, she is. She looks great. She is great.

MORGAN: How good is she?

TUCKER: She's so good. She's natural. She's natural. I've seen him in action. This is great. She's a great actress and a great person, too.

MORGAN: Jacki, what was it like "Silver Linings Playbook" had so the many stars in it, great movie, really got some traction.

WEAVER: I'm so glad you didn't ask me about Jennifer. I was going to show you --


MORGAN: What were you going to say?

WEAVER: What a ratbag she is.


MORGAN: Now. Cut the previous question. Forget the movie. I have already had a sense of what a ratbag she can be. She nearly ruined my show when she came on.

WEAVER: I adore her. And she -- she's fabulous.

LAWRENCE: One of Jacki's personalities adores me.


MORGAN: What is the next big project for you, Jennifer?

LAWRENCE: "X-Men." I was about to say "X-Men First Class." We're making it all over again.



MORGAN: And you guys, and you've been to a few of these things now, but who do you get most excited about seeing?

WEAVER: I get excited about the all-time stars. You know, like --

MORGAN: Yes, I really want to see Jack Nicholson. I want to see him. I want to hold her, want to hug him.