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Jodi Arias Murder Trial Case; Jodi Has Down And Dirty Defense; Rebuttal Between Prosecution Witness and Defense Attorney About Jodi`s Diagnosies Of Borderline Personality Disorder; Arias Could Face Death Penalty for Murdering Her Ex-Boyfriend; Arias Claims He Killed Travis In Self Defense

Aired April 17, 2013 - 19:00:00   ET



JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HLN HOST (on-camera): Tonight, is Jodi Arias calling in sick again or is she stalling, again? As the clock ticks down in the trial, Jodi`s team takes a page right out of prosecutor Juan Martinez`s Playbook and get down and dirty with the rebuttable shrink on the witness stand. Listen to this.


JENNIFER WALCOTT, JODI ARIAS` DEFENSE ATTORNEY: You don`t believe that Jodi is a battered woman, right?

DR. JANEEN DEMARTE, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: I believe there are inconsistencies in her report.

WILLMOTT: You told us yesterday -- that`s not what I asked you.

DR. DEMARTE: You are adding the word psychologist to it.

WILLMOTT: You didn`t speak to anybody else.

DR. DEMARTE: Right. That what happens all the time. That`s part of what happens in the field. I just don`t feel it necessary to pad my CV. Whatever section you are referring to, you are characterizing what I am saying.

WILLMOTT: So, basically, you are throwing it away then.

DR. DEMARTE: You are talking about journals and I`m talking about research articles. Theses are very different things.

WILLMOTT: It is not what I asked you.

DR. DEMARTE: You are changing my words.

WILLMOTT: You don`t consider yourself an expert in domestic violence, do you?


MITCHELL: Good evening, I`m Jane Velez-Mitchell. Court mysteriously and abruptly canceled. We have breaking news on that. We are going to tell you about that in a second. Everybody is wondering is Jodi playing sick, again?

The past two days, we have seen Jodi scribbling. Take a look at her there. And, joining furiously, she is coming up with another one of her art pieces? As the witness testifies that Jodi has borderline personality disorder but isn`t a battered woman. What is Jodi working on that is more important than her own death penalty trial?

Plus we have brand-new exclusive pictures of Jodi Arias as a teenager from Nancy Grace. Take a look at that. And, Jodi Arias the movie lifetime for TV movie, the Greenlight. We are going to show you the two actors cast to play Jodi and Travis. But, first, straight out to "In Session" correspondent, Jean Casarez, who has breaking news on why court was mysteriously just yanked just a couple of minutes ago.

JEAN CASAREZ, HLN CORRESPONDENT: Well, Jane, what I`m learning from a very reliable source is in fact that Jodi did say that she had a migraine headache. And, I was in the courtroom and it appears as though that they tried to allow some time for her to get better. That appears as though it didn`t happen.

And, then finally the judge brought the jury in. Jodi came back in. Judge said that there`s an issue and so the court was dismissed for the day. But, she did not look good in person in that courtroom. She didn`t look good. She seemed to get peeker and peeker as the day went on. But, that is what I am learning that she did say that she had a migraine.

MITCHELL: Thank you for that breaking news. Jean Casarez, stand by for a second. Selin Darkalstanian, you are senor producer in court all day long, every single day. What is this scribbling? Now, to me if you have a migraine, luckily I don`t get them very often, but if I had a headache, I`m not going to be there doing, you know, Picasso. I`m going to be relaxed and trying to recuperate.

That doesn`t dub tail with her scribbling and drawing. She is clearly -- I don`t know where she doing a portrait of the prosecution psychologist, JANEEN DeMarte? I have no idea. What have you noticed?

SELIN DARKALSTANIAN, HLN SENOR PRODUCER: I noticed today as she walked in before court started, Jennifer Willmott, her attorney, walked over to her. Poured her a cup of water and took out two journals out of her briefcase and handed into Jodi.

And, these are the journals that Jody is writing in or sketching in. It seems as though she is sketching because she has her pencil and eraser, and she is constantly erasing. She is holding her pencil like she`s sketching something. But, yesterday, she was really into that journal.

When JANEEN DeMarte was up there on -- When she first went up there on direct, Jody was just not looking up at her. She wasn`t even acknowledging her. And, she was just writing, writing and drawing or whatever she is doing. And, today, we sought a little bit more, but not as much. So, Lord knows, is she drawing? Is she sketching? All I know is that the first thing she does when she comes in is open that journal and start writing in it.

MITCHELL: All I`m saying is if you have a migraine headache, you are not going to be doing what she`s doing. You are going to be much more sedentary. Now, let`s debate this. Defense attorney, Jennifer Willmott took a page out of prosecutor Juan Martinez`s book and went after the clinical psychologist experienced.

And, research on Jodi basically saying this prosecution psychologist is not qualified. Sort of taking a page from Prosecutor Juan. Listen to this nasty exchange, then we`re going to debate it.


DEMARTE: They did find some inconsistencies of what she was saying.

WILLMOTT: You know what? The interesting thing is you are talking to me about inconsistencies, but that`s not what we are talking about.

DEMARTE: According to the falsified traumatic event that she was referring to.

WILLMOTT: Is falsified traumatic event that you want to keep talking about, is somebody -- when somebody is assaulted and their life is threatened by someone they know, then that is not traumatic?


MITCHELL: All right. Let`s debate it with our panel. The defense trying to discredit this witness. Is it a sign that they are desperate? That hey, "this case is coming to an end?" And, clearly, the jurors from the questions they asked the defense expert do not believe that Jodi Arias is a battered woman and they don`t believe she suffered from PTSD and this prosecution expert is saying, "You`re right, jurors. She is not a battered woman. She doesn`t suffer from PTSD." Let`s start with Jordan Rose for the prosecution.

JORDAN ROSE, PROSECUTOR ATTORNEY: This is a desperate attempt by the defense to discredit this witness because the best they can do is say, "she`s younger than our expert witness and she administered an old test, not a bad test, but an old test to Jodi." It says who do you believe? Their expert who is compassionate towards Jodi to a fault or this very, very stable on the witness stand factual witness? And, I think you go for the factual prosecution witness.

MITCHELL: Brian Silver for the Defense.

BRIAN SILVER, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Listen, you don`t bring a slingshot to a gunfight, all right? And, if you are going to challenge Alyce Laviolette, who has been doing this and Jimmy Carter was president, you don`t put someone on the stand who just got their master`s degree in 2009.

And, it has nothing to do with her age. It is about her experience. And, guess what? She doesn`t have experience when it comes to domestic violence. And, that is the essence of Alyce`s testimony and that`s the essence of this rebuttal. So, no, he does not get passing marks on this.

MITCHELL: All right. Lisa Bloom, legal analyst,

LISA BLOOM, LEGAL ANALYST: Well, the defense expert testimony is based on a lie. A lie that the -- that Jodi and Travis were the victim of intruders who assaulted them. I don`t know how much experience you need to say to a jury. You can`t do a psychiatric diagnosis based on a lie. And, that`s the testimony of the prosecution expert.

SILVER: Except the fact that she picks and chooses, OK? She`ll say -- can take the stand and tell us that Jodi is a liar. But, then when it comes to bolstering her diagnosis of borderline of personality disorder that she believes that Jodi was suicidal. So this witnesses picking and choosing the evidence that she relies on in her diagnosis. And, that`s amateur. And, guess what? Willmott is going to chew her up for it and then spit her out, because that proves she does not have credibility.

MITCHELL: But, we know Jodi is a liar. Jodi had to admit to a number of lies. She told three differen stories to the police before they finally got her to acknowledge that she was in fact the killer. Those are some pretty big lies accusing other people of what she did.

SILVER: Yes, but here is the difference. Here is the main difference. The defense version is this case is that Jodi is a person who has told lies and who has told the truth. And, it`s a question of when is she doing each?

Whereas, the prosecutor`s position is that you can`t believe anything. So, if you are going to maintain you can`t believe anything, your expert rebuttal witness cannot be a picker and a chooser. She`s got to pick a side. And, that`s why she doesn`t have credibility and that`s why the defense is going to destroy her in the end.

MITCHELL: Jordan Rose, you want to step in?

ROSE: This Laviolette though, we are going to trust a woman who spent an excessive amount of time with Jodi? I think she loves Jodi. She flew off the handle a number of times on the witness stand. Her demeanor was just not very trustful and so, so slanted towards Jodi.

SILVER: What wasn`t trustful about her demeanor?

ROSE: It is hard to believe anything she says.

MITCHELL: This is what I noticed --

ROSE: She is going after the prosecutor.

MITCHELL: -- is that if you are for the prosecution as virtually all of our viewers are, you don`t like defense witnesses like this lady in the blue, Alyce Laviolette, who said, "Oh, Jodi is a victim. She is a battered woman. Took everything that Jodi said at face value.

But, if you are one of the rare individuals, who is rooting for Jodi, then -- you know, you think she did just fine, thank you. Now, what I find fascinating about this is even the experts cannot agree on what is wrong with this woman, Jodi Arias, OK?

I have heard her described as a psychopath, a sociopath, somebody who suffered from domestic violence, PTSD. And, now the prosecution psychologist, not this lady, but the prosecution psychologist who is currently on the stand is saying well Jodi actually suffers from, are you sitting down, folks? Borderline personality disorder. Borderline personality disorder. Listen to some of the classic signs of borderline personality disorder. And, then we`ll see, does she really have borderline personality disorder?


DEMARTE: Unstable interpersonal relationships, unstable emotions and an unstable sense of identity. Fear of abandonment that has tendency to overstep boundaries -- by spying on him, by being intrusive with his space.

JODI ARIAS, SUSPECT FOR MURDER CRIME: I shouldn`t have done this, but I grabbed his phone and I looked at his text messages.

DEMARTE: Have a tendency to either idealize them on one hand or devalue them and despise them.

ARIAS: Well, it`s a good thing that nobody else reads this because I write right now, but I love Travis Victor Alexander so completely that I don`t know any other way to be and he makes me happy. He makes me sad and miserable, and he makes me feel uplifted and beautiful.


MITCHELL: Dr. Robi Ludwig, Psychotherapist. Here are some of the signs of a borderline personality disorder. Unstable intense relationship --


MITCHELL: Checked. Identity disturbance. Suicidal behaviour. Idealization. In other words, you put somebody on a pedestal then you knock them off. And instability and feelings of emptiness -- ding, ding, ding, ding. All for Jodi Arias.

LUDWIG: Hey, listen, I have been saying Jodi Arias has borderline personality disorder from the beginning. She really has the classic signs. So, I`m in complete agreement with this psychologist`s assessment of her. Jodi arias is the perfect example of somebody who has borderline personality of sort.

What`s interesting is these people suffer from feeling an intensity of emotion. And, they can`t get over their emotions. So, while one person might feel angry and get over it in the next, let`s say five to ten minutes, somebody with borderline personality wouldn`t be able to get over something for like a month.

MITCHELL: Well, here is what I find fascinating. Borderline people who have very shallow identities and they are always seeking an identity. That`s why sometimes people who are mentally ill join cults. Because it gives them structure, gives them a light.

I`m not saying anything that Travis was involved in, was involved of a cult, but a religion has a lot of rules. Even an organization like PPL, prepaid lega as it was called then, has a lot of rules. She was drawn to that because she wanted structure to create a life for herself because she couldn`t figure out what her identity was from minute to minute. That`s why she converts to Mormons -- licketty split. Because, may be I`ll find her identity in that. This is a fascinating case because we can learn so much from it. More on the other side including the lifetime movie. We are going to tell you who is starring as Jodi and Travis.


TRAVIS ALEXANDER: The way you moan, it soulds like you`re this 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm -- it`s so hot --

ARIAS: Sounds like what?

ALEXANDER: A 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm. I (EXPLICIT) off every day, sometimes 2, 3 times a day.

ARIAS: Are you serious?

TRAVIS: There`s been many times when you`ve been, like miserable and I`ve like -- raping you.




ARIAS: I don`t know, but if I am -- if I go to trial for this and if I`m convicted for this, whoever did this is going to be sitting and pretty somewhere glad it wasn`t them.


MITCHELL: OK. Well, the defense was grilling the prosecution psychologist Janeen Demarte about the criteria for battered women syndrome. Remember, Jodi insisted that Travis beat her, that he physically and emotionally abused her on four separate occasions, and overall emotionally for months leading up to the killing. Listen to this.


ARIAS: How can you call me selfish, when I just sent you $700? And, when I said, he got angry and he crossed the room and he started shaking me. And, he said (EXPLICIT) I`m sick of you. And, then he is screaming really loud and his spit got in my face and -- I mean he wasn`t spitting on me, but as we he was talking. And, his body slammed me on the floor at the foot of his bed.


MITCHELL: Jodi Arias on the witness stand claimed four separate instances of abuse. And, there was the infamous alleged broker finger, with prosecutor say, "that had nothing to do with Travis Alexander."

I mean here is the problem, "Yes, sometimes women who are abused hide it. But, there`s absolutely no independent cooperation. She didn`t tell a friend. She didn`t tell a pastor. She didn`t write it in her diary. She didn`t send an e-mail complaining.

And, that is where Brian Silver, this is a tough one to the defense supporter, you lose most people. If there was one tiny shred of collaboration, people might at least somebody might have a tendency to want to give her the benefit of the doubt on that one issue.

SILVER: Well, the bottom line is this, OK? Some cases of domestic violence are very private and very personal just like their sex life. Nobody in this case would have thought for one second that our Mormon pastor who is baptizing people was engaging in this bazaar very dirty sex life with this woman very privately.

And , we know that`s true because we heard it on the audio tape. So, the fact that there isn`t another person involved in this circle doesn`t prove anything against her acclaim. But, what is interesting to me is that the prosecutor`s diagnosis of this borderline personality disorder actually support`s Jodi`s position, someone who is prone to violent outbursts. That`s someone who can be in a fight with somebody and take it too far. And, that`s why this case is possibly going to go to a manslaughter conviction.

MITCHELL: Wow! OK. Well, that`s not the conventional wisdom. Lisa Bloom, you want to weigh in?

LISA BLOOM, AMERICAN CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY: Yes. I mean, look, she doesn`t even make the claim to Travis on any of the audio tapes by way of an e-mail, by text message. I can understand may be not telling your mom or telling your friends, but she never even claims to him that he`s abusive.

In fact, to the contrary, when he talks to her in kind of a nasty, dirty, demeaning way, she tells him, she likes it. So, now at trial for the first time when she`s got to defend herself for killing him, this is the first time we hear that there`s domestic violence. That makes it impossible to believe.

SILVER: Yes, but Alyce Laviolette explains that. She said someone in Jodi`s position will be a pleaser, someone who will be an accommodator. And, we understand that. There is an explanation for that. And that`s a very typical in domestic violence relationship.

MITCHELL: Well, it`s not very pleasing or accommodating to stab somebody 29 times and slit their throat.

SILVER: I agree.

MITCHELL: Do you accept that Jordan Rose?

ROSE: Yes, I admit she had a lot of cleaning to do --

BLOOM: That is even worse than that.

ROSE: -- I don`t know if she is credible though --

BLOOM: And in fact, she doesn`t even write about it in her diaries, in her private diary. This is domestic violence claim is such, what we call a red herring. It`s ridiculous. I mean it`s almost like she went into the defense attorney. They said, "Plead insanity." She said, "No way, I`m going to get off." So, they said, "Well, let`s make something off, OK? It must be domestic violence." And, then they said, "Well, there`s no evidence of physical abuse." OK, that`s fine. Well, we`ll do psychological abuse --

MITCHELL: Wait a second. Hold on a second --

BLOOM: There`s no evidence of that either.

MITCHELL: -- Your scenario -- your hypothetical scenario you just presented that would be something that would get a lawyer in trouble.

SILVER: Absolutely.

MITCHELL: Big trouble.

SILVER: And that is ridiculous.

BLOOM: I think that the lawyer has to respond to the client. And, the client absolutely is in charge of what they are going to plea. And, if she did not feel that she could plead insanity -- and I don`t know if they --

MITCHELL: But, a lawyer can`t say --

BLOOM: -- that could be an option or not --

MITCHELL: -- Lisa Bloom, the lawyer can`t say, "Well, if you don`t want to plead insanity, then lets make something up. I can`t imagine any lawyer saying that.

BLOOM: No you can`t, but --

SILVER: And, you are not going to get an expert like Alyce Laviolette --

ROSE: No. But, behind closed doors, you can ask questions at a certain way that leads to the information that you want. How did he treat you? Did he ever mistreat you? What did he do? And, you can sort of lead the client down that path without crossing any ethical lines.

MITCHELL: In other words, how did he -- come back to me for a second. Come back to me on camera. How did he treat you? Like that? Is that what you are saying? -- wink, wink?


MITCHELL: How did he treat you? Did he abuse you?

SILVER: Listen, here`s the real answer. The real answer is you put this person in front of an expert who knows how to properly question them, who has clinical, professional experience and they come back to you with an opinion. And, that`s exactly what Aliyce Laviolette was about.

BLOOM: And, you know what --

MITCHELL: All right. We have to take a short break. More down and dirty debate on the other side.



ARIAS: Travis flipped out again and he stood up and he stepped out of the shower and he picked me up. I was crouching, but he lifted me up as he was screaming that I was a stupid idiot. He brought and slammed me again on the tile.


MITCHELL: Jodi Arias is on the witness stand for 18 long days. And, she didn`t call in sick. But, now day 50 of the trial, we are nearing the end and she gets a mysterious migraine this afternoon forcing basically the jury to go home and they got to come back tomorrow. There she is coughing. What else? I saw her at one point go like this and put her hand to her temples. Let`s go out to the phone lines. Sherry, Pennsylvania, your question or thoughts. Sherri Pennsylvania

SHERRI, PENNSYLVANIA: Hi, Jane. I love your show. Thank you for having such a great program. I wanted to mention for a person that also truly has been -- truly has been in a bad situation and bad relationship. When you are trying to protect yourself, A. You don`t travel. You don`t travel to someone`s house that could harm you. B. She realize that by travelling there then she puts herself into a bad situation if she doesn`t feel comfortable with him, and number three, 29 times? You stab someone 29 times? That`s not how you protect yourself. That`s complete anger. If you had room to run and protect yourself, you run.

MITCHELL: I get your point, Sherri. And, Frankly, you should be doing the closing arguments perhaps.


SHERRI: Thank you.

MITCHELL: You are doing a very good job of it. Very good job. Please keep watching. You know, I have been reviewing the mountains of testimony as we get nearer to the judgment day. And, one thing Jean Casarez said that struck me and stood out is that she told Ryan Burns she was going to be in Utah to canoodle with him on June 4th. And, she shows up a day later because she killed Travis Alexander.

And, I have always wondered, why didn`t she build in the time so she could have a good alibis so she wouldn`t show up late. And, it occurs to me that perhaps when she got - let us show some crime scene footage by the way, so we could get into Travis Alexander`s home where she shows up on June 4th in the early morning hours.

They go to sleep. They wake up. They have sex. And, ultimately, after taking some raunchy photos and engage in sex, she kills him and it occurs to me, Jean Casarez that maybe she wanted to give him one last chance. In other words, will you take me to Cancun, OK?

She knows that he`s about to go with Mitty Hall to Cancun on this vacation. That is a prepaid legal paid convention where all of the people that she has come to know, some of them anyway might be. And, she`s going to be very shamed if he`s there with another pretty young girl. And, maybe she wanted to give him that last chance and when he said no, boom!

CASAREZ: Right. Now, will that be the prosecution`s theory? Becayse, remember, the gun was taken allegedly from the grandfather`s home in Yreka, so that would be a plan that develops far before Arizona. But, you are so right, that book 10,000 places to see before you die or 1,000 places. That is going to be critical I think Jane -- critical, because they have always gone together on these trips, always. And, guess what? Cancun was in this book. So, it`s the first trip that he was going to take from the book and she wasn`t going to be there.

MITCHELL: And, a lot of people that she wanted to impress would be there seeing him with another woman. Premeditation can happen in a blink of an eye. I`m not saying she didn`t premeditate that she didn`t stage the burglary. That she didn`t burn the gas can. I believe she did all that.

But, she had options. I think that the way the mind works when somebody is going to kill somebody is that they think about it first in fantasy. And, then they kind of fill in the blanks in their mind, always giving themselves an out. Well, maybe I won`t do this, but maybe I will. May be I`m bringing this just in case. I mean, this is an opportunity to get inside the mind of a killer because we know she did kill him. More on the other side.


JUAN MARTINEZ, PROSECUTION ATTORNEY: Ma`am, were you crying when you were shooting him? Were you crying when you were stabbing him? How about when you cut his throat, were you crying then? You were the one that did this, right?




JANEEN DEMARTE, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST: You are confusing terms again.

JENNIFER WILLMOTT, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I don`t think I`m confusing anything.

DEMARTE: That happens all the time. That`s part of what happens in the field.

WILLMOTT: You didn`t speak to anybody else?

DEMARTE: I just don`t feel it necessary to pad my CV.

That seems inaccurate.

WILLMOTT: So you`re not aware of that.

DEMARTE: Please don`t -- that doesn`t sound accurate.


JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HLN HOST: Fireworks in court today as the defense goes after and tries to tear apart the clinical psychologist for the prosecutor who said Jodi Arias was not a battered woman. Here is the victim. Travis Alexander is the victim. Travis Alexander is the one who was stabbed 29 times, whose throat was slit ear to ear who was shot in the face. Jodi is not the victim here, she is the defendant.

So, as we near the 11th hour of this trial, there is a huge tug of war over how do we diagnose Jodi Arias? Ok? The prosecution says no, she doesn`t have PTSD. No she wasn`t a battered woman. After watching and listening to Jodi during her testimony, it`s now obvious both sides agree she`s intelligent. But is she as smart as she thinks she is?

Listen to this.


JUAN MARTINEZ, PROSECUTOR: Isn`t it true that she was happy because she believed that her IQ was as high as Einstein`s. Do you know anything about that?



VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. Well, guess what? Albert Einstein`s IQ was 160. Jodi scored a 119 IQ, still above average. She also got a 136 in verbal comprehension which is in the superior range. So it`s fair to say that she is above average intelligence, but no Einstein.

Dr. Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist, I think it`s fascinating that she, according to the prosecutor, thought she was Einstein level genius. Doesn`t that fit in with borderline personality disorder where you elevate not only other people but yourself? It`s like you`re better than people, you worse than people, but you`re never just another person.

DR. ROBI LUDWIG, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: Well that could speak to her grandiosity certainly. And at least she`s comparing herself to somebody who`s really great like Einstein. But one of the things I want to point out in terms of battered women syndrome what you don`t find -- what typically happens with battered women syndrome is that the woman is threatening to leave the man and the man then threatens to kill the woman and then the woman has to retaliate and protect herself because she`s threatening to leave.

In this case, it was the total opposite. Travis was trying to get rid of Jodi. He`s like "Please leave me alone. I`m trying to get rid of you", and Jodi wouldn`t go away. That is not typical or even remotely anything like battered women`s syndrome. That`s more like stalking.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, but I have to ask the question. And I know it`s not popular to ask, why would anybody let a stalker into their home and have sex with them?

LUDWIG: Well Jodi could be very probably seductive. And people with borderline personalities can be very seductive and sexual because they fear abandonment. And that is the way they get close to the people that they want to be connected to.

So I`m sure Jodi had a very charming, ingratiating, sexual side to her and if Travis, he`s a guy, maybe I`ll just have sex with her and it will be fine, I`ll get rid of her later. He really didn`t realize the danger he was in. He didn`t realize how sick she was.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let`s go to the phone lines. Mary, Canada -- your question or thought, Mary in Canada.

MARY, CANADA (via telephone): Hi, Jane.


MARY: My question is she planned the whole (inaudible) thing. She planned the whole thing. She taped that phone call from him. He didn`t even know about it. I just wish he would have never looked at her. I feel so sorry for him and his family but she is a conniving little witch and she has shark eyes, no feeling in her eyes whatsoever.

This case is killing me what they are letting her away with. She did not have a headache today.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I think you make a lot of good points except for the shark. Let`s leave the shark out of it. He`s an innocent creature. We don`t have to compare somebody who is evil to an animal.

Lisa Bloom, I know you agree with me on that one. But let`s talk a little bit about Jodi Arias getting away with stuff. Now we are in day 50 of the trial. This is not the first time she`s called in sick. Do you think this is simply a very brazen attempt to postpone judgment day?

LISA BLOOM, ATTORNEY: Well, You know, we have to take her word for it that she`s got a migraine, right? She`s the only one who can say whether she does or not. And you can`t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. And Jane, ass you were just talking to Dr. Robi, you were showing that wonderful video of her in the interrogation room where she`s flipping back her hair and doing handstands.

And boy, talk about narcissism. I mean who is doing that kind of brat (ph) girl hair flip while they are being questioned by the police about a murder? I mean that really shows you the kind of woman that Jodi Arias is.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I have said all along, And looking at the way people do things from my understanding of human dysfunction over many years of studying cases like this, people don`t just make one decision, there`s layers of decisions.

Well, yes. Ok. I can kill him or maybe he`ll take me to Cancun. Well, I`ll say I wasn`t there but if I end up being caught, I`ll become famous or infamous in the process. People have many, many layers to their motives. They don`t do anything for one reason alone.

We are going to take a short break. On the other side more analysis and debate and your calls.


WILLMOTT: Mr. Alexander portrayed himself as a virgin. Based on your information was he a priesthood holder in the church?


WILLMOTT: He`s really graphic about what he wants to do with Miss Arias, right?

LAVIOLETTE: He`s leading a double life.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Breaking news to the Boston Marathon bombings. Sources now say authorities want to question a possible suspect. The suspicious man was allegedly spotted on video tape and authorities say they have made quote, "significant progress in this case". We certainly hope so.

Our hearts go out to everyone whose lives are shattered by this horror. Authorities also reveal that at least one of the bombs was placed in a pressure cooker inside a backpack.

The third person who died has now been identified as a Boston University graduate student from China. 29-year-old Krystle Campbell and eight-year- old -- eight-year-old Martin Richard killed in this horrible terror attack. At least 180 people have been injured in these blasts. Boston area hospitals saying 103 of those victims have now been released -- that`s the good news but what a nightmare.

More on the Arias trial on the other side of the break.



TRAVIS ALEXANDER, MURDER VICTIM: The way you moan, baby, it sounds like you are a 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm. It`s so hot.


ALEXANDER: A 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm. (EXPLETIVE DELETED) this hot little girl.

ARIAS: You are bad. You make me feel so dirty.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: The prosecution`s expert witness, a clinical psychologist, says Jodi has great verbal comprehension and can think fast on her feet based on tests that she gave Jodi.

Listen to this.


MARTINEZ: What was her overall score or IQ score?

DEMARTE: She scored relatively high in the above average range -- overall IQ is 119.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Were they going after Travis? For what reason? You tell me this but you give me no reason.

ARIAS: They didn`t discuss much, they just argued.


ARIAS: About whether or not to kill me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: For what reason?

ARIAS: Because I`m a witness.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A witness of what?

ARIAS: Of him, Travis.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: We now know she was pulling that story out of thin air. And the prosecution`s clinical psychologist says she`s fast on her feet. She`s above average intelligence.

Let`s go to Veronica, a waitress who worked with Jodi Arias. What do you make of this prosecution clinical psychologist who says Jodi is not a battered woman, she doesn`t have PTSD? She`s a borderline personality disorder with an above average IQ.

VERONICA, FORMER WORKMATE OF JODI ARIAS: That`s right. She`s hit the nail on the head. This girl is a sharp whipper snapper and she knows what she`s talking about. And it`s so good to get her. It`s like a breath of fresh air, someone calling it like it is and not afraid.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I was struck the last time you called, Veronica, when you told me about how obsessed Jodi was with Travis because she has kind of tried to make it seem like well we both realized we weren`t marriage material for each other. Do you think though that she really did want to marry him and that was devastated that he planned to take another woman with him to this prepaid legal convention in Cancun that was so prestigious.

VERONICA: She was so devastated she premeditated this murder. She planned it out starting with stealing that gun. She had it down, ok? You know, this gal, you know, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time, Jane. And this little girl thinks she`s going to get away with murder. No, she`s not.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: When you worked with her, you would tell us that if Travis called she would immediately drop everything, plates presumably and run outside and take his call. And that if he said come on down, like it was across the street, she would get in her car and drive. You guys were in California, near Palm Springs, she would drive all the way what -- I don`t know how long but a thousand miles to Mesa?

VERONICA: Five to six hours. Five to six hours. And certainly, Jane, he was not asking her to come on down. She was forcing herself on him. She would not come into work until she had him on the phone to know what he was doing, where he was, everything. If she couldn`t get him on the phone, she wasn`t going into work. She would stay out in her car until she got him on the phone.

I mean this little girl would tell me that she was -- she was going to be driving to his house right after work. I`d say wait a minute. We get out of work at 11:00 at night and you`re driving six hours. Don`t you work tomorrow night? Not to worry, I`ll be back by then. You`re kidding me. Who drives a 10, 11-hour round trip just to see someone for a few hours? That`s crazy.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, somebody who is obsessed with that person.

VERONICA: That`s right.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Somebody who is obsessed with that person. And I`ll tell you more about the obsession that became clearer and clearer as I was studying all the testimony that when she met Travis Alexander in the fall of 2006 at a prepaid legal convention in Las Vegas, she immediately comes home and breaks up with her boyfriend.

Now that`s a person who instantly has become obsessed with somebody else, ok. You don`t just drive home and break up with your boyfriend after meeting somebody that you just met, but she did. And that is a sign of her obsession with this man.

VERONICA: Personality disorder.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes and obsession. And this is something we can learn about.

Veronica, thank you. If you want to hang on, we would love to hear more from you. We are going to take a short break.


ARIAS: Travis offered me -- offered to pay me to clean his house. He was going to pay me $200 extra a month to come over twice a week. He wanted me to wear one of those French maid outfits.



VELEZ-MITCHELL: Time for Pet of the Day. Send your pet pics to Gio -- stunning, absolutely stunning. And Sarge with mom and dad, they are a pack and they`re loving every second of it. And we love you. And Willie says I just hang out and my tongue hangs out too. And I like it that way. Oh, look at Wilson. Wilson is regal. He`s a regal beagle. We love you, Wilson.



ARIAS: When I finally came to, I saw that there was blood on my hands.

MARTINEZ: And you enjoyed the tootsie pops and the pop rocks, correct. You think that the braids are hot -- don`t you?

ARIAS: I think cute is more appropriate.

ALEXANDER: I love the braids.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: It was only a matter of time before this was going to happen. Today we got word that casting for the Lifetime movie, "Dirty Little Secret: the Jodi Arias Story" is now underway. Reports are that Tonya Ramon is in final negotiations. You know her from the hit series "Lost".


TONYA RAMON, ACTRESS: Oh my God. What happened?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I found myself encountering someone that had a bit of a temper.

RAMON: What? Why would someone want to hurt you? You`re like the nicest guy ever.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. And she`s got braids, just for good measure. Tonya reportedly going to play Jodi Arias, and we`ve just confirmed through Lifetime that Jesse Lee Stofer (ph) has been cast as Travis Alexander.

Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist, this case has all the elements. All of the elements --

LUDWIG: Absolutely.


LUDWIG: Yes. It`s got the love, the sex, the obsession. It`s like a mini soap opera, a not so mini soap opera. What I find really fascinating, though, is that the clinical psychologist who is speaking on behalf of the prosecution almost looks like she could be Jodi Arias` sister. . It`s almost like seeing what an honest Jodi Arias would be like. Somebody if they were honest and objective, what would they say about themselves? I wonder how that will register with the jury.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You know, it`s so fascinating that you mention that because I said that to my staff. My eyesight is not good when I don`t have my contacts on. I did a double take. I said who is that on the stand? Is that her. And they`re like, no, but there is something if you`re walking past -- yes, she has the dark hair and olive skin and she`s youthful and attractive. It`s bizarre.

LUDWIG: And I think it makes it even more powerful that this clinical psychologist who is the voice of reason looks so much like Jodi Arias. It is really like if Jodi Arias were honest and normal and could, you know, describe herself accurately, this is what she would sound like.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, if this was a soap opera, you`d have the same actor playing both parts, right. Of course.

LUDWIG: That`s right. That`s right.

Let`s go to Canada, Doug. This case big in Canada, Doug? Doug? Well, maybe Canada`s a little far away. I want to go to Selin Darkalstanian because you are in Hollywood. Even though right now you`re in Arizona, you know the Hollywood way things are tonight with Lifetime. We`ve had Drew Peterson, the renegade rogue cop. We`ve had Scott Peterson, the handsome sociopath who killed his wife, Laci. You had Casey Anthony. I mean this fits in that classic Lifetime genre.

SELIN DARKALSTANIAN, HLN SENIOR PRODUCER: That`s right, Jane. Before this trial started and our show, our producers, we were all in meetings. We would talk about how this trial, it sounds like a Lifetime movie. That`s what we would keep telling ourselves while we were in meetings gearing up for this trial. And now Lifetime has caught on and they`re making a movie out of it like they should be.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Indeed. It is. But tragically it`s not a movie. Tragically, somebody lost his life in a horrific fashion.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: So what`s going to happen tomorrow? We don`t know. We did learn through reliable sources the reason that court was mysteriously and abruptly canceled today like this afternoon is because Jodi Arias had a migraine. She`s had migraines in the past, she`s claimed. And she is on medication for migraine medication.

The question is, could she call in sick tomorrow -- delaying the trial. Is this a genuine migraine or an attempt to delay judgment day? We don`t know. We`ll have to see.

Join us tomorrow. Nancy next.