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Prosecutor`s Closing Argument in Jodi Arias Murder Trial

Aired May 2, 2013 - 20:00   ET



JUAN MARTINEZ, PROSECUTOR: This individual, the defendant, Jodi Ann Arias, killed Travis Alexander, courted the media, has gone on national television and she has indicated that she is innocent.

JODI ARIAS, MURDER DEFENDANT: No jury is going to convict me because I`m innocent. And you can mark my words on that one, no jury will convict me.

MARTINEZ: No jury will convict her. None of you will convict her.

This is an individual who is manipulative.

No benefit (ph) to him on May 10th of 2008 to have that telephone call recorded.

If he`s such a bad Mormon, then why stay with him?

He indicates that, I am extremely afraid of the defendant because of her stalking behavior.

She was invading his privacy by coming over and peeping in the window.

Nothing more than a dildo with a heartbeat to you -- that`s what he tells her.

-- gas can. I guess that`s the price of premeditation these days, $12.96.

She sat on the witness stand (INAUDIBLE) each and every one of you in the eye and lied to you.

She may cry now, but the jury instructions have told you that sympathy is not to be considered.

If anybody is defenseless in this case, it isn`t the defendant, it`s Travis Alexander as he sits like that in that shower, with his killer standing there. Do we really need to count the number of stab wounds? Is there a requisite number to get to the total of (ph) death? No.

Even after taking his gun and shooting him in the face, she will not let him rest in peace.


NANCY GRACE, HOST: Good evening. I`m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us.

Jodi Arias slashes and shoots her lover, Travis Alexander, to death, leaving him dead in a wet shower stall. Bombshell tonight. We are live, camped out here at the Phoenix courthouse behind me. Explosive closing arguments going down. In just hours, the Jodi Arias murder one trial set to go to the jury.

The courtroom has been packed. Seats are only given out by lottery. Why? Because Martinez kicked off closing arguments with a bang. And instead of having a bunch of talking heads talking about it, let`s listen to it. Here is Martinez in an explosive closing argument.


MARTINEZ: She looked at each and every one of you, this person, and attempted to manipulate you. Well, this individual that attempted to manipulate you believes, based on what we`ve heard, that even though she may have engaged in actions, she may have done certain things, none of that, absolutely none of it is her fault. Why could it possibly be her fault?

If you look back in her history, which is the important part of it, involving her relationship with men, what do you see? Well, even when she was young, she had this personality of manipulating the facts.

Back when she was with Bobby Juarez (ph), what did she tell you? Well, this was an individual that was unfaithful to me. How could he be so unfaithful to me after I`ve done so many good things for him? I tried to buy him clothing. I bought him food, I even lived in a trailer that was so bad it was infested. Never mind that the reason I moved there was because I was skipping school.

No, that wasn`t my fault at all. No, no, no. I was doing this for Bobby, and how does he repay me, even though it wasn`t my fault? Well, you know what? He goes and he talks -- not talks, he sends letters to another woman over the Internet.

And it isn`t her fault that she found out about it. Of course not. How could it be her fault that she found out about it, if the library doesn`t have enough security attached to that particular computer to have some sort of device attached to it so that somebody can`t come along and just hit that backspace button so that whoever was using it before, maybe one or two or three or four people before that -- somebody can just come along and hit that backspace button.

It is eerily reminiscent of what she told you happened in February of 2007 after she and Mr. Alexander began dating, that she went onto his computer and began to hit that same backspace button. It`s not her fault that computers have not been improved since the `90s or the 2000s such that you can`t stop hitting that backspace button. It`s not her fault that that happened. Of course not. That`s what she told you from the witness stand. And so according to her, she hits the backspace button, and there it is, this conversation between Bobby Juarez and somebody else. But that`s not her fault.

But if you remember how aggressively she reacted to that, nobody was going to do anything to her or nobody was going to be putting her -- or slighting her or putting her in a position of feeling inferior, if you will. She immediately went to Bobby Juarez and did something about it.

There is a pattern because the same thing happened with regard to Matthew McCartney (ph), the person that she jumped to after she and Bobby Juarez started to have problems. And I do say "jump to" because when she was dating Bobby Juarez, he moved away to Oregon. And when he moved to Oregon, he started living with a guy by the name of Matthew McCartney. And when this thing soured with Bobby Juarez, she immediately went with Matthew McCartney.

And in terms of that relationship, the reason that that broke up -- it`s not her fault. Just like it wasn`t her fault with regard to Bobby, Juarez, it wasn`t her fault at all that she had these issues with Matthew McCartney. No. She can`t help it if she is a good worker. She can`t help if she`s working as a waitress, and people come by when she`s working as a waitress and try to tell her things about her boyfriend, Matthew McCartney. She can`t help that! That`s what she wants you to believe.

And again, isn`t that reminiscent of what happened involving Mr. Alexander? It seems that this is cyclical. And it seems that the story repeats itself. And it repeats itself because she`s lying. And it repeats itself because she`s trying to manipulate you through all the days that she spent talking to you from the witness stand, after she had taken an oath.

Well, she gets to the point where she moves to Palm Desert in California to be with an individual by the name of Daryl Brewer (ph). And of course, when she`s there with Daryl Brewer, it is not her fault, again, that that relationship is souring. No, not at all. It`s not her fault because, well, Mr. Brewer doesn`t want to marry her. What`s a girl to do?

It`s not her fault. She`s got to look for another guy. And it appears that he doesn`t want to have any kids and she does. And so again, it`s not her fault. How can it possibly be her fault that somebody has free will? Absolutely not her fault. That`s what she tried to tell you.


GRACE: Everybody, we are camped outside the Phoenix courthouse, bringing you the very latest, explosive closing arguments going down behind us in the courtroom. And unleash the lawyers. Dwane Cates with me, Phoenix, and high-profile lawyer Yale Galanter, former lawyer for O.J. Simpson.

Galanter, you know it`s bad when you`re sitting there as the defense lawyer and the prosecution`s giving closing statements, and people are passing a box of Kleenex around out in the well. You know that`s bad when people are starting to cry because of Martinez`s closing argument.

What about it, Galanter?

YALE GALANTER, FORMER O.J. SIMPSON ATTORNEY: Nancy, you and I are in complete agreement. I felt Juan Martinez`s argument was passionate, effectual. I thought he hit it home. I thought he brought it home for the prosecution. I don`t think he could have done a better job.

He took all the evidence. He made it make sense for these jurors. And he basically said to these jurors, Listen, you would have to believe the hundreds and hundreds of lies that Jodi Arias has told...

GRACE: Oh, yes.

GALANTER: ... to either find her...

GRACE: And you know, Yale, another...

GALANTER: ... not guilty or find her guilty of a lesser.

GRACE: ... thing...

GALANTER: He was great. He really was, Nancy. He was very good.

GRACE: Another thing that he did that I liked -- that I liked to do when I was prosecuting, is I liked to take one piece of evidence, just one piece -- let`s just say the gas cans or let`s just say the cell phone. And I would always do a visual so the jury would get a double whammy -- they could see my argument and hear it, too -- and show everything that those gas cans proved. And he did a really good job with that today.

Jean Casarez, Beth Karas joining us, Alexis Weed. Out to you, Jean. When we got to those CDS that she brought -- she kept telling the jury right to their face that she had all these pictures and CDs of Travis Alexander and her that she brought with her on her trip.

But yet her trip to see Travis was completely unplanned. So why was she dragging all of that with her if she was really going on a sight-seeing trip and to see another man, a new boyfriend? So why would you drag all those CDs with you?

JEAN CASAREZ, "IN SESSION": It`s called premeditation. And the prosecutor brought this in with all the other points of premeditation, and said that those CDs would then put Travis Alexander in a very vulnerable position.

GRACE: Out to you, Dwane Cates. Weigh in on the closing argument. We`re about to go right back in the courtroom. What about it, Dwane?

DWANE CATES, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, you know what, Nancy? I can`t lie. It was a very good closing argument for the prosecution today. But you got to remember the defense gets their day tomorrow, and there is -- there are defenses to this case.

GRACE: What -- that`s what you`ve got to say? Juan...


GRACE: He just tore the courtroom up, and you`ve got to say, Now, hold on. The defense has something to say...


GRACE: You know what? I`ll believe it when I see it!

CATES: I`m not saying that...

GRACE: What are they going to say except...


CATES: You know what? Jodi`s a liar...

GRACE: All right, well...

CATES: ... everybody agrees that Jodi`s a liar.

GRACE: ... if they`ve got something new to show me...

CATES: The defense is going to say that Jodi`s a liar. Nobody`s going to disagree that she`s a liar, but they`re going to play it out.

GRACE: Well, then what`s the defense? You know, they`ve gotten so...


GRACE: ... they`ve got self-defense...

CATES: ... don`t steal a gun, drive a thousand miles and get in a knife fight with somebody. If you`ve got a gun and you go there to kill them, you shoot them. It`s clean. It`s quick. It`s over.

GRACE: OK, are you serious? You`re saying that...

CATES: I`m serious.

GRACE: ... she just should have shot him and not stabbed him and it would have been a lot better case. Is that what you`re saying?

CATES: Heat of passion...

GRACE: Do you think Travis Alexander cares whether he died of a gunshot or a stab?

CATES: I don`t, Nancy, and I`m not saying anything bad against Travis Alexander. I`m saying that you don`t steal a gun, travel a thousand miles to stab somebody. And that`s what the prosecution...

GRACE: Well, she did.

CATES: ... wants you to believe. Well, that`s what...

GRACE: OK, you know what...


GRACE: ... in law school a non sequitur. It doesn`t follow. It doesn`t make sense.

OK, I`m going to mull that argument you just gave me. But right now, let`s go back to the action in the courtroom, where prosecutor Martinez tore the courthouse down today. People were passing around Kleenex, boxes of Kleenex out there listening to him. And Arias -- take a look at her -- is just sitting there, writing notes like, He`s not talking about me. Like, I don`t have anything to do with this. Watch this.


MARTINEZ: She begins to be more attentive -- that`s the word. She begins to be more attentive to Mr. Alexander. Perhaps if she`s more attentive to Mr. Alexander, perhaps then he`ll want to come back and have her be the only one.

And the way that she`s attentive is the way that everybody does it normally. I mean, she goes over to his house unannounced at night, sometime in August of 2007. And this is when everybody does. And she goes over there and starts peeping in a window to see what it is that he is doing.

And he goes over there, and by the light of the television -- if you remember, there was this go-around (ph) by the light -- well, it may have been the light of the television, but now it`s the light of truth that we are looking at things, and what she was doing is she was invading his privacy by coming over and peeping in the window.

And that is stalking behavior, irrespective of what Alyce LaViolette has to say. This individual, Alyce LaViolette, who has problems with the truth when she spoke to you about how many times she had testified on behalf of men (ph), this individual who, quite frankly, misrepresented that to you when she was testifying.

But according to Alyce LaViolette, that was no big deal because that`s what a person does. She came over and started to look inside. And lo and behold, it`s not her fault that she has vision! So she starts looking in there, and lo and behold, there he is. Yes, there he is, and he`s kissing another woman.




MARTINEZ: This is an individual who wants to play victim.

ARIAS: Travis snapped. He said (EXPLETIVE DELETED)



MARTINEZ: Absolutely not her fault! That`s what she tried to tell you.

ARIAS: And I was trying to deescalate it.

MARTINEZ: Why could it possibly be her fault?

ARIAS: He lunges at me like a linebacker.

MARTINEZ: It`s not her fault that that happened. Of course not! That`s what she told you from the witness stand.


MARTINEZ: This from a woman who pretends to be the victim, even though there was no abuse.

Would you agree that you`re the person who actually slit Mr. Alexander`s throat from ear to ear?


MARTINEZ: He says you only cry for yourself. We saw her crying on the witness stand.

Would you also agree that you`re the individual that stabbed him in the upper torso?


MARTINEZ: (INAUDIBLE) the reason she was crying is because she cries for herself.

She may cry now. But the jury instructions have told you that sympathy is not to be considered.


GRACE: We are camped outside the Phoenix courthouse, and we are taking your calls. You`ve got a lot of talking heads talking about what just went down in the courtroom, Martinez blowing it up with closing arguments, explosive in front of that jury. As I mentioned earlier, people out in the well are passing out a box of Kleenex. His closing argument was that good.

I want to go back in and hear more of Martinez. Then we`ll take your calls. Let`s go, Liz.


MARTINEZ: There is some contact between them on May 10th of 2008. And this is the infamous phone call that involved sex. And actually, that telephone call is very important because you can actually hear how she deals with him, even though he doesn`t know, based on everything that is in the recording, that he`s being recorded.

She says, No, it was being recorded pursuant to his request, don`t you know? Really? Why was it being recorded at his request? He`s not going to be -- can`t listen to it. So what possible benefit is this call going to be for him? If he`s recorded it, he`s not going to get it. There`s absolutely no benefit to him, on May 10th of 2008, to have that telephone call recorded.

Yes, he said some things on it. But this is supposed to be, from his perspective, a private conversation, never to be released to anybody between him and...


GRACE: OK, notice how Jodi Arias and her entire defense team -- they won`t even look up at the jury when Martinez -- look at them! They just are just writing notes like they don`t know all this already. They will not look the jury in the eye as Martinez is making his points. Watch.


MARTINEZ: ... on the telephone, and he says -- and he tells you the reason why. And the reason why is that he enjoys having sexual contact with her. And he gives you the reasons why and he talks about some specific features that he didn`t do before and that he does now. He talks about how she introduced him to certain things, how that was such a good thing, kind of opened his horizons with regard to that particular aspect.

And so he`s giving her credit for opening his eyes sexually. And there`s nothing wrong with that. And there`s nothing wrong with the conversation. What is wrong, or what appears to be wrong, is one of them is recording it without the knowledge of the other.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Objection. Facts not in evidence.


MARTINEZ: You`ll be able to listen -- you`ve listened to that recording. You can draw your own conclusions as to whether or not you believe he knew or believed that this was something that was being recorded. She says, Oh, no, I kept hitting the save button. I was the one that did it. And she kept it. And she kept it all the way from May 10th of 2008.




MARTINEZ: This is the last photo of Mr. Alexander. Not only is he defenseless, he does not have a gun. He does not have a knife. He doesn`t have any weapon whatsoever. Not only does he not have that, he doesn`t have any clothing. And as he sits there, he doesn`t have any dignity, either. She`s taken that away from him. And if anybody is defenseless in this case, it isn`t the defendant, it`s Travis Alexander.


GRACE: Welcome back, everybody. We are live, camped outside the courthouse.

Out to the lines. Debbie, North Carolina. Hi, Debbie. What`s your question?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hi, Nancy. How`re you doing tonight, hon?

GRACE: I`m doing great. Now, you should have seen Martinez giving it to Jodi Arias in that courtroom. He showed no mercy, Debbie. What`s is your question?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I loved it today, Nancy. I think my favorite part today was when -- you know, Jodi kept saying, I never brought a gun to Travis`s, I never brought a gun to Travis`s, you know, Travis had the gun. Well, so now, Juan Martinez wants to charge her with second degree burglary. Now what I`m wondering is will a second degree burglary charge help bolster the first degree murder conviction.

GRACE: I don`t think so. It might help in the sense of a felony murder. But it`s really too attenuated.

Unleash the lawyers, Dwane Cates, Yale Galanter.

Do you think it would help at all, Yale, if he had thrown in a burglary charge on Arias?

GALANTER: Yes, it could have. But he`s got such strong facts here, either under the premeditated first degree or the felony murder, he`s going to get a conviction.

GRACE: Yes, see, that`s where you and I are different, Yale. You say don`t muddy the water and I say throw it all in!

Everybody, we`re camped outside the courthouse and taking your calls. We`ll go straight back in the courtroom for Martinez`s closing argument.



MARTINEZ: This is an individual who wants to play victim, even though there is no abuse, an individual that, according to her own statements in an e-mail on Valentine`s Day of 2007 to Mr. Alexander, said that she was destructive (ph). When the light of truth is shining on her, she is somebody who -- it`s just an individual that manipulates people.

She has no problem lying on the telephone when she says what? Yea, I was faking it. And you know what she said she was faking. Even though you heard her squealing like a cat -- no, no, no, that`s -- that`s just me faking it.

Remember, she said, Oh, you know, he was starting to kick me. He broke my finger. I didn`t get any medical care, but he broke my finger.

What story are you going to believe from this individual?


GRACE: Welcome back, everybody. We are live and taking your calls, camped out here outside the courthouse in Phoenix. With me right now and also taking your calls is a close friend of Travis and Arias. He has visited Arias several times behind bars. Dan Freeman is with us, an actual defense witness.

Dan, thank you for being with us.

DAN FREEMAN, FRIEND OF TRAVIS AND JODI (via telephone): Oh, it`s good to be here. Thank you, Nancy.

GRACE: Dan, you stated that you observed an argument between Arias and Travis Alexander, what happened?

FREEMAN: Well, which argument, the one over the backpack or the one - - the littler one where we were --


FREEMAN: Down in Havasupai?

GRACE: The backpack.

FREEMAN: The backpack. The -- well, I guess the short version of it is that, you know, Jodi brought down her backpack and set it on the table, we were getting ready to hike down into Havasupai, and to leave for that hike. And I picked it up just to move it off the table and in picking it up her pack probably weighed 45, 50 pounds, it was a heavy pack. And I knew there was no way she was going to carry it. And it would end up either Travis or I or both of us would split and carry it down.

So she went back upstairs to finish getting ready. I just opened the outside pockets to see what it was, and it was full of lotions, potions, make-up, things women want to make themselves look nice. And I started unloading some of the stuff that -- me, I was like there`s no way she`s going to need any of these camping and this will be doing a huge favor.

GRACE: Hey, hey, hey.

FREEMAN: And she came --

GRACE: Number one, not all women that go camping take, quote, "lotions and potions," so don`t be throwing us all in the same pot.

FREEMAN: I do know that.

GRACE: But, everybody --


FREEMAN: I was a survival instructor for a while and I can tell you there are some who take hardly anything. But the --

GRACE: This is Dan Freeman, everyone, a close friend of Travis Alexander who is taking your calls. He is a defense witness.

Go ahead, dear.

FREEMAN: She came back downstairs, and as she saw the pack, and it was opened, there`s things outside, she started to get frustrated, angry about that, and started to go, why did you take things out of my pack? And Travis said something back to her. And to me, what I saw was that the backpack wasn`t the cause of whatever went on. I mean, it started it. To me it was the straw that broke the camel`s back, and there had been something under the surface and from my perspective and everything I`d seen it was where they stood in the relationship.

Jodi wanted more, Travis didn`t want to go more. But they still hung out together. And that was to me --

GRACE: You visited her --

FREEMAN: What I saw on that counter.

GRACE: You visited her behind bars, what was her demeanor? What did she say about the death of Travis?

FREEMAN: In visiting her, I -- I didn`t talk to her a lot about that. Like we would -- she would asked how the family was, I`d asked her how it was in there. And we -- you know, I visited her the first few years that she was behind bars several times. And come to find out about the time I stopped visiting was actually about the time that she changed her plea. Which I actually didn`t know. But we just talked about how things were. And I talked to --

GRACE: OK, see, that is hard for me to take in that I know Travis is a very -- was a very dear friend of yours.

FREEMAN: Yes, he was.

GRACE: And it`s hard for me to take in that you wouldn`t say, why did you do it? Why did you kill Travis?

FREEMAN: Well, I didn`t know she did. And by the time she changed her plea I didn`t even know that really until I came to court. And when I went there -- because everything I knew in the person or at least who I knew then, I couldn`t believe that she had done it. And, you know, I didn`t follow the news, I don`t own a TV. And so everything that I saw, I just saw people who didn`t know her making accusations.

And I thought, you know, she could have done it, the crime of passion from the way that it went but I don`t know that. And if I don`t know that she did it I can`t treat her less than a friend. And I was telling -- yesterday but I realized that I probably didn`t ask because part of me maybe didn`t want to know the answer to that question. And part of me, even in asking that question showed that I already knew or that I already expected that she had done it.

GRACE: Dan, question, Arias stayed at your family`s home for a week after Travis was killed to attend the memorial. What was her demeanor at the time?

FREEMAN: She was distraught. I mean, I called her and she -- when she flew in and came in, her and I didn`t have a lot of conversations. I was helping Travis`s family with cleaning up the house and doing some other things. But she was quiet, she was withdrawn, she didn`t talk a lot. She talked to one of our friends a little bit more than me. But she just kind of (INAUDIBLE) around the house. My mother found her several times, hugger her -- you know, in a fetal position on the floor, or hugging her knees to her chest. Either laying on the floor in the house or on the floor outside on the sidewalk.

And just -- she was just distraught. And initially I thought it was because she was distraught over losing Travis. And I had no --

GRACE: Now when you first found out that Travis was killed you actually called Jodi on the telephone to let her know. What happened when you called her?

FREEMAN: She went quiet for a minute. I called, I think said something to the effect, after silence on my part for a minute, too. Said something about Travis is gone. And she -- what do you mean, he is gone? And I told her, and she was silent for a minute and started to cry. And she got emotional. And after a minute or two of me just kind of listening to her cry, I -- let her know, hey, I`m here, call me if you need anything.

But I`m going to get off and there are other people I have to call. But I`m like go heal or cry or do whatever you need to without me listening. And so she cried for a minute. And then we hung up and moved on.


GRACE: Martinez tearing up the courtroom, take a listen to closing arguments.


MARTINEZ: Kill her, back on May 19th of 2008. He indicates that. "I am extremely afraid of the defendant, because of her stalking behavior." And who would know better than him? Especially since he is the one that`s had to deal with her coming over, peeping in his window. He`s the one that had to deal with her showing up unannounced. He is the one that`s had problems or damage to his car, according to Lisa Andrews, and he is the one that has her underneath the Christmas Tree and has had ring -- a ring stolen by her.

So he would know that. And so then, what ends up happening is that some time passes. And May 26th, shows up. One of the important things about May 26th is that that is the day that they break up. And there is -- much is made by the defense that well, during these conversations, he`s mean to her. Well, why wouldn`t he be mean to her?

Yes, there are names said before are being called. That`s correct. There are not any nice names. But he is extremely afraid of her stalking behavior on May 26th, when those names are called. And there are -- there is anger that is being exchanged back and forth. And he sort of capsulizes it by saying, or using a term that`s not quite so sexual. But really capsulizes what is going on here, and how the defendant attempts to manipulate the truth.

When he says, "I am nothing more than a dildo with a heartbeat to you." That`s what he tells her, because that is how he feels, that is how she makes him feel. And yes, he uses all those other words, but he is also very derogatory about himself. He knows what`s going on. Every time that -- according to that statement, whenever she wants him the way that she manipulates him is through sex.


GRACE: With me right now, Susan Constantine, body language expert, and psychoanalyst and author Bethany Marshall.

Susan, I have been watching the defendant very carefully. What do you make of her body language?

SUSAN CONSTANTINE, BODY LANGUAGE EXPERT: Well, when I was watching her body language from the very beginning, I saw a flood of different emotions. I saw her being very coy. I saw her getting almost frustrated. You can see her in contempt. And then I saw that where she was even using a little bit of slight intimidation in her facial expressions.

And then although she shifts and then of course she was crying, which I really think that the jury is really buying that because they`ve seen her do that before. So when she`s crying, you don`t see any pain or sorrow on her forehead. You only see it in the lower region of her mouth which to me looks more like pity and you know relinquishing kind of the things that she`s gone through, really as it relates to herself.

GRACE: And out to you, Dr. Bethany Marshall, weigh in.

BETHANY MARSHALL, PSYCHOANALYST, AUTHOR OF "DEALBREAKERS": You know, Nancy, the way she`s scribbling notes, scratching her face, you know, the way the she`s holding her hand up there, it`s -- it`s as if she`s the secretary taking notes for the meeting, as if she is in charge of the proceedings somehow. It is her attempt to gain superiority over Juan Martinez, like she`s already writing her rebuttal instead of her defense attorney making up the rebuttal.

Do you what Juan Martinez did that was brilliant, Nancy? Not only does he go through all the lies, lie after lie after lie, but he explains to the jury how she lies, and the psychology of her lying. She lies by being dishonest about the break-ups. She lies by saying, I can`t keep track of things because you`re scrambling my ability to think. At the end she pulls out the big guns with the jury and he says, you know what, jury, she is lying to you.

And I thought that was brilliant. This is going to avert a Casey Anthony verdict where the jury gets confused.

GRACE: Jean Casarez, Beth Karas, camped out beside the courthouse with me.

Beth Karas, how is the jury responding to Martinez?

BETH KARAS, LEGAL CORRESPONDENT, IN SESSION: The jurors have sat up straight all day, very attentively and stoically watching Juan Martinez. He made eye contact with them. He wasn`t looking down at his notes or reading his notes. He knows his case inside and out. And so he held their attention by being so well prepared. I guess, and at ease, and in front of the jury as he made his argument.

GRACE: He`s also very charismatic. He`s extremely charismatic, Jean Casarez.


JEAN CASAREZ, LEGAL CORRESPONDENT, "IN SESSION": His body language is commanding. His body language has that charisma as he walks around the courtroom, he owns the courtroom. And he was so basic.


GRACE: Well, I will --

CASAREZ: I mean, it`s just story-telling. Huh?

GRACE: I would absolutely say he struts. And you know what? It is because he knows what he is talking about. And I mean, it`s confidence. He`s got confidence in what he is saying. He knows it like the back of his hand. And when I look -- and he believes it, he believes his case. He believes he is telling the truth. And when I look over at the defense lawyers, they`re all sitting there like this. I mean, to me that speaks volumes, Jean.

CASAREZ: It does, and his themes were that she was manipulative. She was a liar. And she is lying to you, and she was a stalker through her whole life. He showed patterns from when she was a youngster.

GRACE: Let me hear more of closing arguments, everyone. We are live at the Phoenix courthouse taking your calls. Let`s hear more of Martinez tearing up the courtroom.

FREEMAN: On that prophetic day, he also tells her something else, in Exhibit 450. She is apologizing to him. Again, she is manipulating him. She does something and she apologizes, and everything is supposed to be OK. But by this time, he has had enough. And he says, I don`t want your apology. I want you to understand what I think of you. That`s what he`s telling her.

He is telling her he wants her to understand what it is that he thinks of her. He says, I want you to understand how evil I think you are. At that point, when he is writing that, he is extremely afraid of her because of her stalking behavior. And he does think she is evil. And how prophetic.

Look at it, the next words, how absolutely prophetic. No one can dispute that that is the truest -- those are the truest words that are spoken in this case, and they`re spoken by Mr. Alexander even though he is not here through his writings.

"You," Jodi Arias, "are the worst thing that ever happened to me."

Any doubt that that is the truth? Do we need to look at the pictures of his gashed throat? Do we need to look at the sort of frog-like state that she left him in? All crumbled up in that shower? Or, do we need to look at his face where she put that bullet in his right temple, to know that what he says then is true?

"You are the worst thing that ever happened to me." He is telling her enough is enough. And yes, he is angry. Absolutely angry after everything that she has done to him. And you have seen the manipulation as she has tried to manipulate you with what she has told you. And the prime example is these gas cans. No one can argue that she lied to you.

GRACE: Oh, oh, she`s trying to cry. You know, just -- just pinch her, she is trying.


MARTINEZ: What`s interesting about these acts --

GRACE: Take a listen to this. The first time we hear that Arias told another shrink that didn`t testify there were 20 incidents of domestic abuse at the hands of the victim.

MARTINEZ: But, if you`re not telling the truth, if you`re trying or attempting to manipulate, you do have a lot to remember. She forgot that there is a psychologist by the name of Cheryl Carp that has previously been involved in this case and had conducted an evaluation of the defendant. And during that evaluation with the defendant, she gave many, not four, many, 10, 15, 20 incidents of physical violence, because at that point, physical violence was being used as the predicate, if you will, the seminal act for post-traumatic stress disorder.

That`s what she was looking at that time. And of course, let`s have a lot of acts of domestic violence. And so you now have this lots of acts of domestic violence that she doesn`t tell you from the witness stand. Compared to four that she does tell you.

Which one is true? The only evidence that you have in the case is that none of it is true. Because she can`t keep it straight. And she`s attempting to manipulate the evidence to fit the goal that she has at that particular time.

With regard to Cheryl Carp at that time, according to Janine Demarte, one of the things that was going is was that Cheryl Carp found that post- traumatic stress disorder of the defendant involved these acts of domestic violence, these many, many acts of domestic violence, not just four.

And so now when they want to talk about this in a different vein or a little bit differently, it`s not just all these acts, it`s only four. And that`s the problem with her presentation and her attempt to manipulate you. It`s actually not even an attempt to manipulate you. They`re lies. That`s what they are.


GRACE: We remember American hero, Army Sergeant Matthew Hennigan, 20, Las Vegas, Nevada. Purple Heart, Army Achievement Medal, parents Suzanne and Joe, grandmother Barbara, stepfather Mark, brothers Joey, Jimmy, Eddie.

Matthew Hennigan, American hero.

And now straight back into the courtroom for closing arguments.

MARTINEZ: And then he says, in this Exhibit 450, "You are a sociopath." No, he does not have a psychology degree. But that certainly expresses a feeling about what she says, what she does and how she deals with him, how she always is manipulating him. It teases this anger out of him and tries to mix in the sex. And he says, you only cry for yourself. Well, you saw her cry on the witness stand.

Did anybody debate the reason she`s crying was because she cries for herself? After all, she never intended to be caught. She said that so herself. With -- after she lied to the police. Oh, no, I was saying that because I did not want to be caught. And so you only cry for yourself.

And then he says, you have never cared about me -- supposedly that could be for. And you have betrayed me worse than any example I could conjure.

She has betrayed him. For whatever reason he believes that she has done something that is -- that is absolutely horrific. And he`s telling her, I`ve had it. I`m done with you. And again, this is May 26th. He`s done with her. You are sick and you have scammed me. Again, she has scammed him.

Are you going to allow her to scam you, is really the question from this. Are you going to buy her lies? Are you going to believe what she tells you?

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We`ll be right back here tomorrow night, taking your calls live at the courthouse. Dr. Drew up next. Until tomorrow night, goodnight, friend.