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2013 Style Awards

Aired September 14, 2013 - 19:00   ET



NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: Hello, everyone. I'm Nischelle Turner. And welcome to the 2013 Style Awards in New York City -- where it is once again the epicenter of the fashion world.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What does style mean to you?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Style is a way of life.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It goes well beyond what you are wearing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How you feel on the inside.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jeans and t-shirt.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Great pair of sexy heels.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If you walk in like you own the place, you've got style.

TURNER: It wouldn't be a style award without the red carpet. Who better than to bring you all the glamour but Joe Zee, the creative director at "ELLE Magazine". And a fashion icon in her own right -- yes, our host for tonight, Nicole Richie.

JOE ZEE, ELLE MAGAZINE: Tonight we are in the most fashionable names in sports, entertainment, fashion, design, beauty and more.

NICOLE RICHIE, FASHION ICON: Whether it's swagger in Tom Ford tux or the way you strut in stilettos, style is more than just what you're wearing, it's how you wear it. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's all about how you carry yourself.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: David Beckham is my style icon.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Audrey Hepburn and Kate Moss.





UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Marlene O'Detre (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm going to have to go with my good friend, Nicole Richie.

RICHIE: It's for the best dressed night of the year, the Tenth Annual Style Awards, now.

TURNER: From Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the 2013 Style Awards.

Please welcome to the stage, your host, the star of "Candidly Nicole" and the creative director of "House of Harlow 1960," Nicole Richie.


RICHIE: Welcome to the Tenth Annual Style Awards. I'm so excited to be here recognizing the people who defined style for the past year.

Tonight, we are celebrating the 2013 honorees who are chosen by a group of industry insiders in the entertainment and fashion communities. And now, here to present the first award of the evening, long time "Vogue" editor, the one and only, Andre Leon Talley.


ANDRE LEON TALLEY, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, VOGUE: It's indeed a pleasure to be here at the style awards -- an honor to present the designer of the year award to my dear friend, Zac Posen.


TALLEY: I have known Zac since his first collection and it's been fantastic to see him develop. He's always had a tremendous dedication to craft, quality, creativity and construction. Looking at any of Zac's collection, it's obvious that he's not only a master technician, he pours his heart and soul in passion into his work and his business, which is the most honest way to express style -- always promising, forever promising, Zac Posen.

TURNER: When somebody enters a room, what do you spot immediately?

ZAC POSEN, FASHION DESIGNER: A style radiates. When you walk into a room and see somebody, you can feel that energy off them. The wonderful part of fashion is the ability to express yourself in that way. Fashion can give you that extra confident. It's not about one specific look of a woman. It's about an attitude of confidence.

I try to think how you take a line on the body for a walk and how is it going to enhance her feeling and her presence and make her body look really good? I have always been attracted to form and construction. I have always loved the theatrics of life and how I interpret that in a new way in my clothing.

Every single piece is engineered. It's not just a flat puzzle piece. It's a 3D puzzle piece. I have known from a really early age, that I'm able to connect to people. The trick is getting to the moment when I was able to do that with my work.

I used to wake up every morning and be excited. If you can make people happy, if you can make people, as a community, appreciate your work and your customers enjoy it, it's worth it. You are putting a piece of your heart and your soul out there. It's a really powerful thing.

TURNER: The 2013 Style Awards Designer of the Year is Zac Posen.

TALLEY: Please welcome to the stage, Zac Posen, the 2013 Style Award Designer of the Year.


POSEN: Thank you very much.

Andre, thank you for your lovely words.

Andre has been a dear friend and invaluable mentor from the beginning. We share a great appreciation and respect for the history and future of fashion. And to the Style Awards and to Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, thank you for this incredible honor.

I'm so humbled and proud. I would like to thank the wonderful industry and ingenious creators, to the editors, the stylists, the fellow designers and the creatives. It's been an incredible journey together.

And, of course, I have my team. I have been so fortunate to work with an extraordinary group of partners, visionaries and creators. And to them, I dedicate this award. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful evening and enjoy. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Go Zac!

POSEN: Thank you.

TURNER: Please welcome the man as much fashion forward as he is a power forward, New York Knick and six-time NBA all-star, Amar'e Stoudemire.

AMAR'E STOUDEMIRE, NY KNICKS POWER FORWARD: Victor Cruz is known for style on and off the field. I have never seen someone make a touchdown look so graceful. Let's take a look at what Victor Cruz gets his inspiration from.

TURNER: So, when we talk about style, what does style mean to you?

VICTOR CRUZ, NEW YORK GIANTS: A lot of people think style is how you wear your clothes, how you look when you are out and about. Style is more so how you feel when you walk out of the house. It's going to the gym or going to a banquet. If you are confident and feel good when you walk out of the house, that's real style.

What up, baby.

My mom kept me in Nike and thought suspenders were cute, for some odd reason. But she just always kept me right. And I think I got it from here. She made sure I was fly all the time.

There's nothing like a man in a well tailored suit. I think over the past two years, I've been in more suits that I have to be in my entire life. It's grown on me and it's on to become something I like more than my every day clothes. It means a lot to me as a person and individual to carry myself the right way. I think it's good that I'm able to represent my team and my culture the way I do.

TURNER: The 2013 Style Awards most stylish athlete is Victor Cruz.

STOUDEMIRE: Please welcome to the stage, Victor Cruz, 2013 Most Stylish Athlete Award.


CRUZ: First, I would like to thank Amar'e for presented this award and being a fashion pioneer in sports for a number of years, and for paving the way for guys like me. Since I was a child, I was always very concerned about the way I looked. It started with my mom putting me in a bow tie for my class pictures and keeping me fresh with a pair of Nike's on my feet. Even if it was the last money she had. From baggy jeans and tailored suits, I've always tried to be as fashionable as possible.

At this moment, I like to thank IMG, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and Kate Upton for allowing me to cut the ribbon at Fashion Week two years ago, which really jumpstarted my current love for fashion. I would like to thank Ichilow (ph) and the entire Calvin Klein collection family. Thank you to Annie Lewis and Anna Wintour for shooting my fiancee and I in "Vogue". I would like to thank my stylist. I called her the godmother of fashion, Ms. Rachel Johnson.

Thank you so much for this award. And I promise to continue to be a positive contributor to the fashion community for as long as I can fit in a tailored suit. Thank you.


TURNER: Coming up, "Madmen's" Jessica Pare nd the award for costume designer of the year for television.




TURNER: Ladies and gentlemen, once again, your host, Nicole Richie.

RICHIE: Welcome back to the 2013 Style Awards.

Here to present the award for Men's Wear Designer of the Year, the star of "True Blood," Joe Manganiello.

JOE MANGANIELLO, ACTOR: John Varvatos unites rock and roll sensibility, old world craftsmanship and modern innovation in his collections. In just 13 short years, he's become one of the most well-known men's wear designers in the world.

John harnesses a creative spirit, electricity and edginess from his own personal style and from rock and roll icons like The Who, Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Hendricks. Rock and fashion can be seen as unifying theme in his designs and it's deeply engrained in every expression of his brand.

From his products to the famed 315 Bowery boutique in New York City, formerly known as the seminal underground music club, CBGB. My personal music style inspired to be right in line with John's own rock and roll. In fact, I wore John Varvatos for years before red carpets became a part of my life. Now that they are, I feel naked without him.

I'm honored to present the first ever Men's Wear Designer of the Year Award to my friend and style cultivator, John Varvatos.


JOHN VARVATOS, FASHION DESIGNER: There was always an essence of music in my brain. It wasn't so obvious but it was part of the DNA of the brand, I guess, internally. What happened early on was that musicians started coming to us wanting to wear our clothes. There was a kind of collision between, you know, looking at what artists were doing and what people were doing on the street and how it all connected.

The musical part was also how it enhanced the performance. It took it too another level. But iconic artists are part of our history. I would say that the one that came in here because I grew up in Detroit was Z. Top (ph). I was watching the show and he saw and he got up and gave me a hug. I got super emotional.

If you are not passionate about everything you do and you say, well, that's OK, let's move on to other thing -- it's not about that's OK, let's move on. It's like is it amazing? Do I love it? Is it perfect?

The lacing needs to be finer.

Raising the bar constantly and never, ever compromising your brand.

TURNER: The 2013 Style Awards Men's Wear Designer of the Year is John Varvatos.


MANGANIELLO: Please welcome to the stage, John Varvatos, the 2013 Style Awards Men's Wear Designer of the Year.


VARVATOS: Wow. You know, anytime you receive an award for something you really are passionate and really love, it's very, very special because this is what I come to work to do every single day of my life. So, I really want to thank my team at John Varvatos, who really, I would not be here, the company wouldn't be here. They're just such an integral of everything that we do around the globe. And I thank every one of them.

The Style Awards nominating committee, I love what you're doing here. Ralph Lauren, my mentor, for sure. I spent a big part of my life there and I think about the Polo University all the time that I trained in.

My family, my wife Joyce is here with me tonight. My kids, Thea, Lindsay and John who put up with my fashion and rock and roll obsession -- I thank them. And hey, I'm truly honored. Thank you, guys, so much.


TURNER: You know her as the second Mrs. Don Draper. Please welcome to the stage, Jessica Pare.

JESSICA PARE, ACTRESS: Thank you. I'm so, so happy to be here tonight presenting the award for costume designer of the year for television, to the charming and talented Janie Bryant.

As an actress, stepping into the character's world is made infinitely easier by a brilliant costume designer like Janie who brings that to life. The beautiful costumes she's created over the '60s into "Mad Men" have woven the fabric of the show's story. And as "Mad Men" has made its way to the 1950s and into the late '60s, you can see the changes coming and the subtleties of the costumes.

In lesser hands, the transitions may have felt jarring or too tangible. But Janie always works from the inside out. Her first consideration is always character. And so, it's my great honor to present this award to a woman whose warm and wonderful energy has us wrapped around her little finger, the inimitable Janie Bryant.


JANIE BRYANT, FASHION DESIGNER: This is Megan's "Zou Bisou" costume, which is amazing. My creative process really starts with the script. It's like, you know, what happens when you read an amazing novel that you are just totally obsessed with and you can imagine, you know, what those characters looked like in your mind.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's very festive.

BRYANT: To be able to have, you know, an actor come to my fitting room and then be able to see the transformation on that actor is pretty incredible.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are you doing here?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I thought I would surprise you.

TURNER: The 2013 Style Awards Costume Designer of the Year for TV is Janie Bryant.


PARE: Please welcome to the stage, Janie Bryant, the 2013 Style Award Costume Designer of the Year.


BRYANT: Who doesn't want a kiss from Jessica Pare?

Oh, God, thank you so much. I thank Jessica so much for being here tonight to present this award and also for being my muse.

These moments of recognition are what I like to refer to as the magical gifts of "Mad Men." I thank Matthew Weiner for always inspiring me.

I also have to share this award with my costume crew and believe me, it does take a village. I'd like to recognize Lee Dawson, my costume supervisor, and Tiffany White, my assistant costume designer who have been with me a very long time, all of "Mad Men."

Not only is this an incredible honor to receive this award, but tonight, I share it with my husband on our second year wedding anniversary.


I love you, Peter Yozell. You are my king. Thank you.

(APPLAUSE) TURNER: Coming up, Kate Upton and Rachel Zoe.




TURNER: Welcome back to the 2013 Style Awards. Once again, Nicole Richie.


RICHIE: Robes are very in right now. Are you guys down with my robe? I'm like totally down.

I'm honored to welcome to the stage, the man that always has it in the bag, Reed Krakoff.


REED KRAKOFF: Thanks for having me at the Style Awards.

When I heard Rachel was receiving this award, I was proud for her, as a friend. When we first met, she was a stylist and just beginning, but already had an amazing career under way. After her career in styling took off, she took on creating her own collection, multiple collections in multiple categories, and all the while, remaining the same person that I had met with humility, hard work, dedication, someone who I admire today even more than when I met her those many years ago.

TURNER: An unparallel fixture in the fashion world, Rachel Zoe was a distinguish stylish, editor and designer, renowned for her effortless take on glamour.

RACHEL ZOE, FASHION DESIGNER: '60s and '70s is obviously my favorite period in fashion. So, when I was in Paris, I was like, if I don't do '60s month story after this fashion season, it's like what kind of stylist am I?

TURNER: Having immersed herself in fashion and design for nearly two decades, Rachel has been heralded as one of the most influential forces working in fashion today, and has a roster of Hollywood A-list that includes Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Hudson. She's made herself accessible to the masses, yet desired by the A-list, which is why Rachel Zoe is the 2013 Style Awards Stylist of the Year.


KRAKOFF: My pleasure at this point to introduce to you my friend, Rachel Zoe.


ZOE: Wow. That was the coolest. I just got really emotional. Maybe the pregnancy thing, but I was definitely emotional.

Reed, I want to thank you so much. And styling is something that I started when I was about 8 years old. I didn't know that I was styling. I just thought I was helping people get dressed because I didn't like what they were wearing.

And I didn't, in any life think I could make a career out of that. And being a designer, which is my newest career challenge and an incredible one, I can't do it without the incredible team I have at Rachel Zoe Inc. and my styling studio who -- I mean, my team makes it possible to be a mom and wife and work full time and do all of these things, and I couldn't do it without them.

My family, my parents -- they are here tonight and my husband, who we just celebrated our 22nd anniversary of our first date. And he's my life. He's my best friend.


Thank you so much for this honor because I love being a stylist. I love every part of it. I feel very blessed.

So, thank you very, very much for this. This is incredible. Thank you.


TURNER: Please welcome to the stage, model, spokesperson and one of the top tennis players in the world, Maria Sharapova.


MARIA SHARAPOVA, PROFESSIONAL TENNIS PLAYER: Like fashion, each year, the hair industry top talent brings new and exciting ideas to the table. On such a competitive field that it's rare for someone to be a respected influence for over 20 years, but that is exactly what this man has done. He's elevated the craft of hair styling to an art.

Please join me on congratulating Frederic on this well-deserved award.

TURNER: For over two decades, Frederic Fekkai has helped the well- heeled set beautify their look, so they are truly glamorous from head to toe. A trip to a Fekkai salon is more than just a haircut. It's a luxury hair experience.

His hair philosophy is not about a signature cut. It's focusing on an individual and designing a style that enhances her look.

FREDERIC FEKKAI, HAIR STYLIST: Hair is the best accessory.

TURNER: For his extraordinary achievements, Frederic was awarded the Chevalier dans D'Ordre du Merite by the president of France.

Frederic Fekkai is a cut above the rest, which is why he is the 2013 Style Awards Hair Stylist of the Year.


SHARAPOVA: Please welcome to the stage, Frederic Fekkai, the 2013 Style Awards Hair Stylist of the Year.


FEKKAI: My thank you very much for presenting me this award. I'm grateful to enjoy a rewarding career. But this will stand out as a truly special moment for me.

I was very fortunate to meet the most amazing influential people in my career, starting with an agent Bryan Bantry, who presented me from my early days and allowed me to work with such amazing photographers and great talent, such as (INAUDIBLE), who's here tonight, (INAUDIBLE) Stephen Klein and many others.

I would like to dedicate this award to my incredible team and the whole team at Procter & Gamble Salons.

Finally, I want to thank my wife and children for supporting me, even when it takes me away from them.

Thank you again for this unbelievable honor. Thank you.


TURNER: Stay tuned for Kate Upton and the Victoria Secret Angels.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Here to present the award for costume designer of the year in film, the creative director at "Elle Magazine," Joe Zee.

JOE ZEE, "ELLE MAGAZINE" CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Whenever somebody asks me about my photo shoots and how I go about picking out the clothes, you know, I like to tell them, you know, actually it's not about the clothes, it's really about the woman. I'm really more interested in who is she? What is her story? So I guess, in a way, all these years as a stylist, I have been channeling great costume designers.

Costume designers do much more than dress characters, they help tell a story and create a world that those characters live in. Trish Summerville does this in her unique refined way with an edgy style that gives all her characters a strength and independence. From "The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" with Lisbeth Salander to Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games Catching Fire." Trish brought iconic amazing characters to life beyond what we can only imagine. I have long been an admirer of Trish's work for years and looking forward to many more amazing stories her characters will continue to tell.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We need to talk. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hey! Hey! Who do you think you are?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Put some clothes on.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: From movies to music to every day fashion, Trish Summerville has been described as one of the edgiest, most ambitious costume designer in the industry. Last year, Trish received the costume designers guild award for excellence in contemporary film for her work on "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't think we can hire just any one for something like this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And also designed a collection for H&M based on the movie. A genius combination of punk and every day.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We took definitely her basic kind of pieces that we used throughout the film and did a little more bit fashionable version for H&M.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Chin up, smiles on.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She's also the mastermind behind "The Hunger Games Catching Fire" costumes where she strayed from her muted tones to more intensely colorful look showing the breath of her talent.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There she is. Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She's the 2013 Style Awards Costume Designer of the Year for film, Trish Summerville.


ZEE: Please welcome to the stage, Trish Summerville, the 2013 Style Awards, costume designer of the year.

TRISH SUMMERVILLE, 2013 STYLE AWARDS COSTUME DESIGNER OF THE YEAR: First of all, good evening to everybody. I'm truly honored to be in such a room of talented creative people and with all the recipients that have won this award before me, it's truly women that I admire in all that they've done. I have to give great things to the master mind, I'd like to call David Fincher for trusting me and giving me the film "Dragon Tattoo" in creating Lisbeth Salander.

I have to also thank the leading ladies that I've worked with, Rooney Mara and Jennifer Lawrence for letting me dress them up and get them ready for battle. I would like to thank Frances Lawrence. He's truly my co-heart tribute from District 13. I would like to thank H&M and (INAUDIBLE) for letting me do a line with them that was something that was kind of a dream that I've had when I was doing a fashion line.

And I would love to thank my family and friends who support me unconditionally through the long hours that all the film people have. I would like to thank mostly my wife for keeping me sane and keeping me grounded and always being there and I have to say, this one is for my grandma, Evelyn, who taught me to sew on her vintage Singer machine. This one's for you. Thank you so much.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Now, the editor of "W" magazine. Stefano Tonchi.

STEFANO TONCHI, EDITOR "W" MAGAZINE: Good evening. There is an old saying that fashion always changes and only style lasts forever. Patrick Demarchelier however proves that this isn't always the case. Patrick's fashion for photographers has never gone out of style despite the constant changes that every new fashion season demands.

Just let me remind you that Patrick did his first American "Vogue" cover with Alexander Libermanin 1977. He then shot Anna Wintour's first American book cover in 1988. And then the 100th anniversary cover of American "Vogue" with all the supermodels of the time. Models, actresses, stylists (INAUDIBLE) will all tell you what a pleasure it is to work with Patrick and how comfortable he makes everyone feel.

In 1991, the late Princess Diana personally requested that he take her portrait making him the first ever, non-British official photographer of the royal family. Please join me in welcoming a great photographer and a truly stylish man, Patrick Demarchelier. And please, don't forget to switch your accent detector from Italian to French.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: For the past 40 years, Patrick Demarchelier has been the man behind the lens of some of the most iconic photographs in fashion, bringing out the true beauty of some entertainment and fashion's most beautiful people.

He has shot covers for nearly every major fashion magazine including American, British and Paris "Vogue," not to mention "W Magazine," "Rolling Stone," "Vanity Fair," "Glamour," "Life," "Newsweek," "Elle" and many more. A mainstay in the fashion industry since the late 1970s, Patrick has shot international advertising magazines for Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, Ralph Lauren, just to name a few. He has launched the careers of models, make up artists and hair stylists. Always one to put fashion in focus, he's the 2013 Style Award photographer of the year, Patrick Demarchelier.


TONCHI: Please welcome to the stage, Patrick Demarchelier, the 2013 Style Awards photographer of the year.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Patrick. Just one more, Patrick. We have a special video tribute for you from Anna Wintour.

ANNA WINTOUR: Patrick, I'm so delighted I have this chance to congratulate you on your well deserved Style Award. I'd tell you not to let it go to your head, but it won't. You are not the kind of photographer that needs an entourage (INAUDIBLE) except, of course, a really good lunch. It's just you, your camera and whoever is in front of you.

I remember when we first met back in Paris in the 70s. I was a really junior editor and I was totally in awe of you and your photography just as I am today. I was also to be entirely honest, not always sure of what you are saying. I've always felt really bad about this until a French editor told me, "it's OK. I'm French and I don't understand a word he says, either." Still, there's no doubt your pictures speak loud and clear. You were the very first photographer to make the connection between fashion and the street.

And the rest of us have been playing catch up with your vision, the charm and the naturalism and of course, the sunny optimism, ever since. Patrick, all my love and many, many congratulations.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Coming up, a special performance by Ariana Grande.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Please welcome to the stage, supermodel and Victoria Secret angel, Lily Aldridge.

LILY ALDRIDGE, VICTORIA'S SECRET ANGEL: For almost every model in the industry, it is a dream to be a Victoria Secret angel. My dream came true. With my friends and fellow angels, we are all pleased that Victoria Secret has won this award. It is my pleasure to introduce Monica Mitro who helped create Victoria Secret image. I'm proud to present the award for the most visible brand of the year to Victoria Secret.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Last night's Victoria's Secret fashion show on CBS had the best ratings ever.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: From catalog to runway and everything in between, Victoria's Secret is the 2013 Style Awards most visible brand.


ALDRIDGE: Please welcome to the stage, Monica Mitro and Lindsey Ellingson accepting the award for Victoria's Secret, the 2013 Style Awards most visible brand.

MONICA MITRO, VICTORIA'S SECRET: I would like to thank Lily for giving us the award and thank you to the Style Awards for this incredible honor. Our chairman Les Wexner, our chairman and founder had the vision to turn Victoria's Secret into one of the most powerful brands in the world. He brought fantasy, innovation, beauty and sexiness to what used to be called underwear.

LINDSEY ELLINGSON: I'm honored to be here representing the Victoria's Secret angels. Our annual fashion show, online videos, and the international media event has made Victoria's Secret one of the most visible and recognized brands throughout the world.

MITRO: Thank you to the Style Awards for this great honor.

ELLINGSON: Thank you.

NICOLE RICHIE, HOST: John, I would love it if you would do the honor of introducing our musical guest.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, Nicole. I'm thrilled to bring to the stage, your musical guest, Ariana Grande.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You don't want to miss the award for model of the year. Coming up next.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And now, to present your final award of the evening, please welcome supermodel, Christie Brinkley.

CHRISTIE BRINKLEY, SUPERMODEL: Thank you. Well, there are simply not enough superlatives for our next honoree. Honestly, not a day goes by that I don't hear her called the most gorgeous, hottest, sexiest model of all time. And that's just from my son. But he's not alone.

It seems like the entire world is raving about Kate Upton and boy, has she ever set the fashion world on fire. You see her and her skin glowing and he's got a gorgeous smile. It's optimistic. It's about a girl who's enjoying herself. Well, she has plenty of reasons to celebrate tonight because she is the Style Award's model of the year, Kate Upton.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What about the cover?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We have these two.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I love that one. I love the sparkle, her attitude. It's just very "Elle."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In just the past three year, Kate Upton has skyrocketed to the top of the fashion world. She's landed back-to- back covers of the "Sports Illustrated" swim suit issue, joining a select group of supermodels to have the coveted cover twice.

KATE UPTON, SUPERMODEL: They gave me a coat which at the time I thought was a miracle. Put my hood up and who would have known that would be the cover.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And in June of this year, the 21-year-old garnered the coveted cover of American "Vogue" who proclaimed her as the American dream girl. With an incredible physique and vivacious personality, it's no surprise Kate has become the face of David Yurman, Mercedes Benz, Sam Edelman, Guess, and many more. She's been crowned this generation's bombshell and there's no sign of her slowing down. She parlayed her talents into movies and graces "Elle's" almighty September cover and she's the 2013 Style Award's model of the year. Kate Upton.


UPTON: I had to run up to come get this award before they take it away.

I really want to thank Christie, seriously, for giving me this award. It means so much more especially because she's a part of the "Sports Illustrated" family. I'm so thrilled to be honored, thank you, Style Awards. Model of the year. I can't believe it.

It's the best job in the world. I'm only 21 years old and I've been to all seven continents, unbelievable, in a bikini. All seven. I've been able to work with the most amazing people that I have now the honor to call my friends. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my incredible family and my mom's here with me tonight. They gave me the foundation and the support so I could chase after my dreams, so thank you, everybody, I'm so grateful to be up here.

RICHIE: As we've seen tonight, Style continuing to be the fabric that brings all of these industries together and these are the best and boldest who define what it is to be stylish. That closes the curtain on the 10h annual Style Awards. Good night, everybody.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Style, i think it's like standing out in a crowd. Doing something different.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Am I Joan, am I Peggy, am I Betty or am I Megan?

UPTON: I told my mom I wanted to model, she's like, you know what? You could because you kind of resemble Christie Brinkley. It was so cool to meet her tonight. She's presenting me my award.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Who would you channel? In body?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: All right. I like it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Pajama glamour.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Pajama glamour on the street is really good like a slouchy pants, a strong shoulder and that every thing (INAUDIBLE).



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Nicole Richie just video bombed us.