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Proposed Fix for People Losing Insurance; Aftermath of Super Typhoon; OSHA Vs. Sea World

Aired November 15, 2013 - 04:00   ET


CARL AZUZ, CNN ANCHOR: Hi, I`m Carl Azuz. Welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS. We`re jumping right in today with Obamacare. One of the controversy surrounding it is about millions of Americans losing the insurance they already have because it doesn`t meet the law`s new requirements. Yesterday, the president offered a solution - a one year extension.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: So, state insurance commissioner still have the power to decide what plans can and can`t be solved in the states, but the bottom line is insurers can expand current plans that would otherwise be canceled into 2014 and Americans whose plans have been canceled can`t choose to re-enroll in the same kind of plan.


AZUZ: The president is letting insurance companies offer the extension. But he isn`t requiring them to do it. He can`t. The president`s critic say this solution won`t help.


HOUSE SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER (R ) OHIO: A promise after promise from this administration has turned out to be not true. So when it comes to this health care law, the White House doesn`t have much credibility. And let`s be clear - they only way to fully protect the American people is to scrap this law once and for all. There is no way to fix this.


AZUZ: In the Philippines, aid workers and military troops are racing to get help to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. May of the survivors need food, they need supplies, some need information about their loved ones, family member who were separated when the typhoon hit or people who live in other parts of the world and haven`t been able to reach their family members in the Philippines. Some are turning to social media for help.


PAUL NOWORYTA, FAMILY IN PHILIPPINES: No, we found a video online of the neighborhood right next to Renalyn`s mother`s home and the storm chaser actually filmed the house kind of, you know blowing away, so ....

WILLIAM TALLEY, FAMILY IN PHILIPPINES: My wife`s name is Rosa Megetta Taly (ph), my daughter`s name is Wilrose Isabelle Miguele Talley (ph). I have reviewed every story coming out if you want and looked for pictures and what not - and I found nothing for proof of life.

RENALYN ADVINCULA NOWORYTA, FAMILY IN PHILIPPINES: I`m searching for my mom, and her name is Lidia Advincula, and I`m also looking for my sister, my brother in law, my niece and my two nephews.

MICHELLE CLINGAN BERTULFO, FAMILY IN PHILIPPINES: It is my father-in-law who went overseas, he goes there every six months to visit family, to make sure everyone`s OK, and then he comes back to the states. And all of us, kids, are very much worried about him.

TALLEY: I`m really, really worried. She lives off of the place where it first hit, on an island outside of the main city. It`s called Tababa (ph).

RENALYN ADVINCULA NOWORYTA: If you have seen my mom and the rest of my family, please (inaudible) as soon as possible. I would love to hear what`s going on right now.

PAUL NOWORYTA: She`s a little bit lost for words at the moment.

CLINGAN BERTULFO: It`s very nerve racking to know that you can`t do anything, but, you know, we are very positive, we`re going to get a positive outcome out of this and hope for the best instead of the worst, because if you think for the worst, you`re only going to get that.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just the facts. OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It was established in 1970, and it`s part of the U.S. Labor Department. OSHA`s mission is to make job conditions safe and healthy for American workers. It does that by creating and enforcing safety standards and through training and education programs.

AZUZ: The work place in this next report is not your typical office. Instead of desks, there is this giant water tank. Some of the coworkers are 10,000 pound whales. It`s Sea World. OSHA says some of the park`s trainers were put in workplace situations with known hazards, so the agency came up with new guidelines to increase safety. But Sea World says those guidelines will hurt the company`s business. And now the workplace issue has become a legal one.


MARTIN SAVIDGE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The stakes are as big as this start performance at the heart of the matter. Sea World appealing to a three judge federal appellate panel asking them to overturn an OSHA ruling restricting trainers in the water with killer whales. No cameras were allowed, but there was such high interest that hearing was held at a law school auditorium.

The 2010 death of veteran Sea World trainer Don Brancheau brought an end to breathtaking performances like this. Brancheau was mauled by the killer whale she was working with. It was the third death connected to the same killer whale.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All of a sudden, the whale just latched onto her and took her under.

SAVIDGE: OSHA ultimately fined Sea World $12,000. But more important, it banned close contact between humans and killer whales during performances. Sea World argued that interaction is the crucial part of its business.

SAVIDGE (on camera): Is that a legitimate argument?

BENJAMIN BRIGGS, LABOR & EMPLOYMENT ATTORNEY: I think it is a legitimate argument. Again, they are taking the position that this isn`t just a way that we do work, it`s what - it`s our product.

SAVIDGE (voice over): Benjamin Briggs has argued corporate appeals to OSHA rulings. And says what the government agency has on its side, is history.

BRIGGS: There is a long and well-documented track record of these types of animals behaving aggressively towards humans to the points that they`ve caused a number of fatalities. Not - not only at Sea World, but at other places.

SAVIDGE: Eugene Scalia, son of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, argued in the hearing that OSHA has no more right to impose restrictions on Sea World than it does to regulate tackling in the NFL or speed limits in NASCAR. The judges took note, but didn`t give any indication of which way they may rule.

In this argument appealing the OSHA ruling, Sea World many times referred to that connection between the NFL and NASCAR saying that there are some businesses that just inherently have some risk. To that, a judge piped in and said well, maybe. But for NASCAR, we`ve added seatbelts, and for the NFL they`ve added helmets. In other words, there are ways to add safety protocols that don`t really damage the business. Martin Savidge, CNN, Washington.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s time for "The Shoutout." Which war saw the first battle between ironclad ships? If you think you know it, then shout it out! Was it the War of 1812, Spanish-American War, Civil War or World War I? You`ve got three seconds, go!

The first faceoff between Naval warships with iron plating (ph) happened in 1862 during the Civil War. That`s your answer and that`s your shoutout.

AZUZ: This isn`t all that`s left of the SCC Georgia, but it is the first time this part of the Confederate ship has surfaced since the Civil War. It`s been moldering at the bottom of the Savannah River since 1864.


STEPHEN JAMES, ARCHEOLOGIST: When Sherman`s army took the city, she was scuttled just before the city was taken and abandoned.


AZUZ: The confederacy didn`t want General Sherman`s Union Forces to get the ship with the city, so they intentionally sank her. Before that, the Georgia didn`t` see a lot of action.


JAMES: She was underpowered, so she just basically sat out opposite Fort Jackson as a gun battery.


AZUZ: Not a lot is known about the Georgia, but she shared at least one important characteristic with other ironclad ships of her day: she was clad with iron. In the mid-19th century, shipbuilders started reinforcing hulls of ships with heavy metal. They protected the wood and the ship`s heavy guns from cannonballs, among other things. But with a lot of strength came a lot of weight, and the first battle between two ironclads, the Monitor and the Merrimack ended in the stalemate. There are plans to hole up the rest of the Georgia, but not just to preserve history. It`s so the Savannah River Port can be deepened allowing more modern Marine marvels to navigate this historic waters.

Today`s "Roll Call" gets an A even though it`s filled with Bs. Bs for belief, the motto at Blesses Sacrament Catholic School in Savannah, city sounds familiar. We have some actual bees - the honeybees from the Woollen Bee Homeschool Academy in Naples, New York. B for Basalt in Colorado, the city and the school, Basalt High, home of the Longhorns. And B for the Braves from the Somis School in Somis, California. Ms. Preston, we`re sure your students will so miss you after next week.

We usually close with some kind of kicker video, but this one`s kind of tricky - this punner (ph) just nails the field goal without a snap or a hole. We`ll show you again in slow mo. He`s figured out some sort of fancy footwork that gets the ball upright and spinning in place, then he just lines up the kick and lets it fly. It`s probably not something you could ever use during a game, but when you`re goofing around during practice, your teammates might get a real kick out of it. That`s the only pun for today, but hey, we did just feature a pan-ther. When you can`t think of a lot of puns, sometimes you just got to pawn. I`m Carl Azuz. Have a great weekend.