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Toronto Mayor: Fit for Office?; Video Of Justine Bieber Explodes on Internet; Founder Of Lululemon Speaks Out; Mastectomy Patient Requests Flash Mob in Hospital

Aired December 4, 2013 - 21:00:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HLN HOST (voice-over): Tonight, the crack mayor threatens to kill. It`s all caught on tape.

ROB FORD, TORONTO MAYOR: (EXPLETIVE DELETED). I need (EXPLETIVE DELETED) 10 minutes to make sure he`s dead.

PINSKY: Is it any surprise the scandal is front page news?

And Justin Bieber in bed, his most private moments made public. The pop idol exposed.

Sounds like a show for Jerry Springer, and he`s here. He`ll join the behavior bureau.

Let`s get started.



PINSKY: Good evening, everybody.

My co-host is Jenny Hutt.

Coming up -- good evening my dear. Justin Bieber caught on camera some are saying in a compromising position. We`ll get into the details.

But, first, a new crack mayor scandal, or more of the crack mayor scandal. "The Toronto Star" has explosive video of the city`s mayor in a rage appearing to threaten somebody`s life. We`re not clear exactly who it is. He`s got an awkward explanation for what went down.

Here it is.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It seems like this guy is somebody people want to have a beer with.

FORD: "The Toronto Star" just released a video that I was very, very inebriated.

REPORTER: Who were you talking to?

FORD: I --

REPORTER: Who were you talking about?

FORD: I -- it`s just -- all I can say is again, again I`ve made mistakes. I don`t know what to say. I wanted to come out and --

REPORTER: Mayor Ford, do you need help?

FORD: Again and again I apologize. When you`re in that state -- I hope none of you have ever or will ever be in that state. That was extremely, extremely inebriated.


PINSKY: Joining us to discuss: attorney at, Mark Eiglarsh; HLN`s Lynn Berry; Jason Ellis, host of the Jason Ellis show on Sirius XM Radio; and Loni Coombs, attorney and author of "You`re Perfect and Other Lies Parents Tell."

Let`s get right to the first part of the video. Now, we don`t know yet when this was shot, who he was talking to or who he`s even talking about, but a pretty good Chris Farley imitation. Take a look at this.


FORD: Because I`m going to kill (EXPLETIVE DELETED) guy. I`m telling you, it`s first degree murder.

VOICE: Mike Tyson.

FORD: But I`ll fight him. I`ll (INAUDIBLE).

VOICE: Give me the phone (INAUDIBLE)

FORD: No holds barred, brother. He dies or I die, brother. Brother, you`ve never seen me (EXPLETIVE DELETED) go. You think so, brother?

But when he`s down, I`ll rip his (EXPLETIVE DELETED) throat out. I`ll poke his eyes out.

I will (EXPLETIVE DELETED) when he`s dead. I`ll make sure that mother (EXPLETIVE DELETED) dead.


PINSKY: Now, the mayor you saw him in a few minutes ago apologizing. He`s apologized most days this week.

My question for the panel is, is it in his best interest, Mark, to stay in his job?

MARK EIGLARSH, ATTORNEY: No. No. Listen, I feel for him. I think he`s a troubled soul. He has a lot of issues he has to deal with, but I`m angered that he would stay in this position with all of the defects in character, with what I think is a serious addiction dating way back. He got a DUI here in Florida in 2009, and then he can`t be impeccable with his word at any moment. I think he needs to go.

PINSKY: And, Lynn, we heard his sister speaking out, who is herself alleges she`s a recovering addict, clearly a severe addict, so we know the family history is there. What else have we learned today?

LYNN BERRY, HLN HOST: You know, I think there are going to be a lot of people calling for him to step down. But at the end of the day, it`s going to be each day with little things are trickling out. I guarantee until there`s a big news story that comes out that put this on the back burner, this guy is going to stay in office, waiting and hoping that that happens.

I think there`s at least one of you at home, someone is saying to themselves, I`ve been that drunk, I`m glad I`m not a politician, and I`m glad nobody has caught that on camera. Maybe I wasn`t threatening to kill someone, but I think there are people at home taking that. I think it`s different than molesting a kid. It`s different than having naked pictures of yourself revealed. It`s different than killing someone.

PINSKY: Certainly, Jason, we have learned that Lynn has stuff like that, I imagine. He seems so sympathetic to the mayor.

BERRY: I said someone at home. I said someone at home.

PINSKY: But, Jason, I`m sure, I would not want video out there of things you`ve done.

JASON ELLIS, RADIO HOST: I know that everyone thinks that because of the way I look that I`m the kind of guy that has a video like that. But I`ve drank a lot before. I never got into a position where I want I wanted to pull anybody`s throat out, unless I was being funny on the radio. I don`t wish to pull things out of people.

It seems like this video is just one instance where he`s done it 1,000 times. People who do that do that all the time.

PINSKY: Jason, Jason, you`re Australian. It seems the Australian attitude about alcohol and Canadian attitude are kind of similar. Do you think there`s a cultural blindness liking at people who have severe alcoholism?

ELLIS: I think if you`re on an island of rednecks. I don`t understand how Canada gets away with it. You`re attached to America, what`s your excuse?

HUTT: Oh gosh.

ELLIS: In Australia, I had no choice. There`s nowhere else to go. We`re all criminals, we all stole your mom`s bread and went to jail for it.

HUTT: Jason --

ELLIS: He can`t run the country. He could be a musician, or he could be a reality star, but he can`t run things. He`s out of control. He`s like an alcoholic. He`s like he`s gong to fall off the toilet and have a heart attack.

PINSKY: Well, that`s actually what I`m worried about. I`m worried the guy is going to die. We sit here and talk about it, but I`m worried he`s got a deadly disease until way here.

Now, I`m going to show you more of the video, Jen, and have both you and Loni react to it. Here it is.


FORD: This (EXPLETIVE DELETED), brother. I just need to go (EXPLETIVE DELETED) by myself, in my (EXPLETIVE DELETED) underwear. I want to go with this guy.

I need 15 minutes. That`s all -- no (EXPLETIVE DELETED) interference, brother. If I win, I will (EXPLETIVE DELETED) donate.

VOICE: These kids are pros, buddy.

FORD: Yes? No problem, bro. No problem. I need 15 minutes. I need 15 minutes.

VOICE: Too much time.

FORD: No, no, no.

VOICE: Five minutes.

FORD: No, no. Not going to do it for five. No, no, no, no, no. Not doing it in five. I`m going to prepare for it. I will call it. And I will (EXPLETIVE DELETED) be in that ring.


PINSKY: Jenny, go ahead.

HUTT: OK. So I`m going to go back to what Lynn Berry was saying before. I think everyone of us has had a moment where we felt somewhat felt rageful, and we might even said things, like, I just want to kill, whatever, whomever, et cetera.

However, having caught it on videotape while extremely inebriated is what`s so problematic. It goes beyond just the rage.

PINSKY: And, Loni, I wonder --

BERRY: But it`s caught on camera by accident. It`s not like it`s caught on camera because he`s videotaping himself in a rageful pit. Somebody is saying, this is perfect, this is my chance to score 20,000 bucks with some paparazzi videographer.

So, it`s not like this guy wanted this to get out there. That`s my point.

PINSKY: Loni, I`m wondering, though, if there are serious legal problems afoot for this man?

LONI COOMBS, FORMER PROSECUTOR: Well, there could be, but let`s talk about this. This has been going on the whole time he`s been in office. This is nothing new. They`re figuring out this videotape of this rageful thing probably happened in August.

I mean, this is the way he`s been conducting his life. He`s still been able to function as a politics. Since these videos were released, his rating has gone up 5 percent, five points in the positive direction.

EIGLARSH: Oh my --

PINSKY: It has.

COOMBS: It`s true.

BERRY: I think people feel sorry for him.

PINSKY: Mark, your reaction?

EIGLARSH: You know what it is this he gives hope to every single person out there. You can be obese, you can have an addiction, you can have anger issues, you can lie, and somehow then you can lead the largest city in Canada. It`s wonderful.

HUTT: It doesn`t make it right, but you`re right.

COOMBS: And, mark, let me tell you, too, there`s more coming. Please have another videotape. There`s been wiretaps. When this other guy goes on trial, Lisi, who is his driver and friend and probably his drug supplier is what they`re thinking, more will come out in that trial.

Honestly, he seems Teflon. I mean, it doesn`t seem like, unless he chooses to go, he`s going to leave that position.

PINSKY: I`m watching all you guys. Jason, you are actually sympathetic to this guy?

ELLIS: Did he say all he needed was 15 minutes with the person --

PINSKY: In the ring, it`s not like he`s going to octagon or something.

ELLIS: I`ve had some pro fights. He ain`t last in 15 minutes doing anything.


HUTT: He`s got his beer goggles on.

PINSKY: I`m afraid that`s true.

ELLIS: He is an exaggerating kind of guy. But he is a little -- I mean, if he`s that successful at running something, he is brilliant, and I feel like when people have a lot of addiction problems, they`re either completely useless or kind of brilliant. It seems like he`s good at running stuff, but just has an addiction problem.

PINSKY: Jason, you`re right on my point exactly, is why don`t we give this guy six weeks to take care of his medical problem and come back and continue to run the city?

HUTT: He doesn`t want to.

PINSKY: But I understand he has -- six weeks to get back where you can return to works, perhaps. But listen he doesn`t want to take care of the problem. No addicts want to take care of the problem. It`s part of the disease.

ELLIS: If you can`t take care of the problem, especially when you have a serious job, then you need to lose your job because it shows you`re not trying to be responsible for what you`ve done.

PINSKY: Well, here`s where some of these maybe coming from. I`ve got some video of Ford`s mom and sister offering advice, and I think we see some enabling here. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Get yourself a driver. Then after that, you do something about your weight. And thirdly -- what was the other thing I told him?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: About the car, the --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The alcohol detector in the car?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, an alcohol detector in the car. That will prove you can`t drive your car if you`re drinking, so you`re just not going to do that.


PINSKY: So that is the mom and that is the sister. The still identifies as an addict. The mom is saying just put the trap position around you, not the consequences of your alcohol use.

Jenny, what do you think?

HUTT: First of all, the resemblance is striking with the whole family, right? Very familiar-looking family.

Listen, I think we all watch this sadly in part because it`s such a train crash and it`s very hard for us as a society to turn away. If we turned away really all of us, then maybe he would end up getting help.

ELLIS: Can I say something? Independents please.

PINSKY: Go ahead.

ELLIS: The word is -- I`m on satellite radio. Obese, the family, everybody, it`s scientifically proven if you`re obese, you`re stupid.



HUTT: What are you talking about, Jason?

ELLIS: Google it.


ELLIS: The whole family needs to go on a diet, more water.


HUTT: Jason, I was obese. Jason, I was obese, I`m a lawyer, I`m a mother, I`m a fully functional individual.

ELLIS: You`re not obese.

HUTT: I was obese.

ELLIS: You`re smarter since you lost your weight.

HUTT: Now I`m smarter?

PINSKY: Jason, I know you. I know that`s just to get a rise. You have successfully done so, my friend. Let`s --

ELLIS: I`m just saying they look they`re not healthy in any way mentally, physically, anything. They don`t have a brain.

EIGLARSH: But that`s different than calling them stupid, Jason.


ELLIS: I could have said something way worse if I want to do it, just trying to get a -- sorry.

PINSKY: But I have a perfect solution to what Jason just did. I`m going to bring Jerry Springer in because he knows something about this kind of circumstances. There he is.

And later, Justin Bieber in bed. Is there privacy for anyone, for Justin?

Back after this.



REPORTER: Do you smoke crack cocaine?

FORD: Exactly. Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: First of all, this mayor is political road kill. It`s just a matter of time before he`s out of the office.

FORD: Obviously, I was extremely, extremely inebriated.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: For him to step down, not at all. What bothers me is people are coming out to kick a man when he`s done.

FORD: I you would do absolutely anything to change the past.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is not a therapist couch. It`s not rehab.

REPORTER: Mayor Ford, is it time to come out and ask for help?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What is it with mayors and issues, not wanting to resign.

FORD: Folks, I have nothing left to hide.

I`ll rip his (EXPLETIVE DELETED) throat out. I`ll poke his eyes out. I will (EXPLETIVE DELETED) when he`s dead, I`ll make sure that mother (EXPLETIVE DELETED)!

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I give it a couple weeks before he`s out.


PINSKY: Back with my co-host Jenny Hutt, and quick tweet from (INAUDIBLE). She says, "Drew, he`s an advanced alcoholic and this man is in danger."

I put this up to summarize all my feelings in one quick little statement there. And I`m worried about this guy. I think he`s a severe alcoholic, he meets every criteria that I know of. I do not need to see anything else. I`m evaluating him across the wire the way I would across a room, and he`s given us everything we need to know.

You agree, Jenny?

HUTT: Dr. Dew, what are we to do if he refuses to get help?

PINSKY: Well, he`s going to -- Emily, you just heard there that he`s probably not going to last very long his job and I`m afraid that he`ll continue to lose things. That`s what will happen.

HUTT: And then he`ll hit his bottom and get help. He can be forced.

PINSKY: And hopefully he survives it. That`s what`s scary about watching something like this.

All right. Let`s get our panel in here. I`ve got Lynn Berry, Jason Ellis, Loni Coombs, and our special guest, Jerry Springer.

Forty-eight hours ago, the crack mayor told us he has nothing else to hide, but tonight there`s new video many Rob Ford throwing an alcohol-fueled fit. Here`s a little more of it.


FORD: This (EXPLETIVE DELETED), brother. I just need to go (EXPLETIVE DELETED) by myself, in my (EXPLETIVE DELETED) underwear. I want to go with this guy.

I need 15 minutes. That`s all -- no (EXPLETIVE DELETED) interference, brother. If I win, I will (EXPLETIVE DELETED) donate.

VOICE: These kids are pros, buddy.

FORD: Yes? No problem, bro. No problem. I need 15 minutes. I need 15 minutes.

VOICE: Too much time.

FORD: No, no, no.

VOICE: Five minutes.

FORD: No, no. Not going to do it for five. No, no, no, no, no. Not doing it in five. I`m going to prepare for it. I will call it. And I will (EXPLETIVE DELETED) be in that ring.


PINSKY: All right. Jerry, I`m anxious to talk to you, because you`ve been a mayor. What is your assessment of this man and he`s -- whether he`s politically done, or is he going to last in office?

JERRY SPRINGER, THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW: Well, I think, as I understand it, the law there, they don`t have impeachment.

PINSKY: Right.

SPRINGER: So, I think the real -- unless he commits a crime and is convicted of that crime, I don`t think there`s any way he gets out of office unless some friends of his or whatever finally convince him he`s got to go. But he may continue to be in office. Whether or not he can function, I don`t know, I guess we would have to be in Toronto to know how he`s doing that.

PINSKY: Jerry, is there anything we`re missing sitting here as a peanut gallery and look at this behavior. What does it feel like to be in the job? Does that inform you in any way that we can possibly understand?

SPRINGER: I`ve got to say, that`s a great question because knowing what a mayor has to do, you`re constantly involved in negotiations, you`re constantly involved with having to have people skills. It`s not like you sit there with a paper and pen and try to add things up.

You`re constantly dealing with other groups, other people that aren`t always friendly with you, that are fighting for certain things. If you`re in that condition, I don`t see -- I don`t see how he can function. And I think at some point, something bad is going to happen to the city just because he makes a horrible decision that affects a lot of people.

PINSKY: And, Lynn, I think that was your point before, was it not? Also, this has been going on for a long time. Would you say yes?

HUTT: That`s the thing. I mean, it`s been going for a long time. It`s going on for years and years and years, and nothing has up until this point. The only thing that`s happened is that this video has surfaced.

I mean, look at Anthony Weiner. He stayed in the New York mayoral race for weeks, and every single day are new nugget that was more disturbing than the last came out, and everyday, we said this guy has got to step down, right? And he never did.

Again, mark my words. Unless next week you have given me naked pictures of Rob Ford that I have to look at and you force me to talk about, then I think he stays in office.


PINSKY: Jason, go ahead.

ELLIS: He wouldn`t say anything anyway. It would be covered by the other stuff.

PINSKY: The panis (ph), it`s called the panis, Jason. Thank you for pointing that out.

Do you have any other take on it?

ELLIS: Look, I know Canadians are tougher and they can handle if the big guy makes some violent mistakes while he`s in office, but if he doesn`t go to rehab -- I know, I`ve had problem. One time maybe I might have smoked crack. If someone said I was going to lose my job if I didn`t suck it up, I would just suck it up.

I don`t understand. He`s a smart guy. He`s sober some of the day. Why doesn`t he go to rehab? He can just give (INAUDIBLE) there. He`s got the money.

PINSKY: And he`s put (INAUDIBLE) in treatment.


COOMBS: But, Dr. Drew, that whole video of rage, that was because he thought somebody attacked he and his brother unjustly. That`s the way he`s reacting to the attacks about his drug use. That`s what he`s acting like behind closed doors.

He`s saying, are you kidding? You`re accusing me of not taking care of my job? That I`m an alcoholic, that I`m a drug problem.

He`s fighting it. He`s going to fight back. He`s not ever going to say I`m humble, I look at myself, I need help, I`m stepping away.

PINSKY: But that`s the nature of the disorder. That`s what I think is so comical when people get angry at alcoholics when they`re lying and they`re self-absorbed.

But, Lynn, you brought up the sort of duration of all this. We have a montage of some of his missteps. Let`s take a look at that.


FORD: Eexcuse me, guys.


FORD: Holy Christ! (EXPLETIVE DELETED) ten hut!


There you go.


PINSKY: Speaking of the health issues, engineer are, when he stepped off the scale, ringing in after his diet at 310 pounds, apparently he injured his ankle just stepping off the scale.

SPRINGER: Yes. Look, we`re all trying to be rational here. I think one of the problems, and you are much more an expert than I am, but one of the problems of being an alcoholic or having an addiction is you aren`t rational, is that you don`t do the sensible thing. You are willing to risk everything just to get the next drink or the next crack, whatever it is.

And I think that`s what we`re seeing here. I don`t see him volunteering to, you know, get help.

PINSKY: That`s right. Not yet.

SPRINGER: He`s not there at all.

PINSKY: And, Jason, to sort of follow up on this, Jerry`s got a great point, which is people, normies don`t understand that when your brain gets in that state of the alcoholism or addiction, the priority is using, the priority is the relationship with the substance. All the other priorities diminish.

Would you agree?

ELLIS: Usually, but I think if I was on television every ten seconds to the point where a tattooed head guy was talking about your life, I would probably think this is -- this is the end for me. I`m either dead, or I go to rehab. It`s one or the other. Very --

PINSKY: Jenny?

HUTT: Right. That`s part of the thing, Dr. Drew, you keep saying, treat him with compassion. You feel bad for him. It`s a disease. And it is a disease.


HUTT: However, just like when a kid is misbehaving and lacks the control to self-regulate, it`s incredibly frustrating.

PINSKY: Loni, finish me up. You look stricken, Loni. Go ahead.

COOMBS: Yes, especially when he`s in a position of power and he has control over a lot of people, a lot of people depend on him.

There is some hope. One of his local politicians is trying to get some type of emergency law passed where they could force him out. That`s I think is the only way they`re going to get this guy out.

PINSKY: All right. Thank you, panel.

Next up, Jerry Springer joins the behavior bureau.

Later, did the founder of a company that makes yoga pants just insult essentially all women? We`ll tell you about that, after this.



FORD: Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine. Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately a year ago.

REPORTER: Mayor Ford, do you need help? Mayor Ford, is it time to ask for help?

REPORTER: Mayor Ford, your colleagues want you to go away. Why won`t you go away?

FORD: You know what? I just to come out and tell you that I saw a video, it`s extremely embarrassing. The whole world is going to see it, you know what? I don`t have a problem with that.


PINSKY: And welcome back. My co-host is Jenny Hutt.

And it`s time for the behavior bureau. To discuss Toronto`s mayor seen on tape threatening to kill someone, joining us, Samantha Schacher, host of "Pop Trigger" on the Young Turks Network, Danine Manette, criminal investigator, author of "Ultimate Betrayal", and Wendy Walsh, psychologist, author of "The 30-Day Love Detox", and Jerry Springer is still with us, making his debut on the behavior bureau.

Jerry, watch out. This is pretty rough -- (CHANTING)

SPRINGER: May you all never be on my show.

PINSKY: Never been more proud.

Let`s look at the video again here. Take a look, everybody.


FORD: I need (EXPLETIVE DELETED) 10 minutes to make sure he`s dead. It`ll be over in five minute, brother. If I`m done in 10 minutes --

VOICE: After you win the by-election.

FORD: It`ll be a bad scene. I`m a sick mother (EXPLETIVE DELETED), dude.

Like, no one`s going to (EXPLETIVE DELETED) around me. My brothers are, don`t tell me we`re liars, thieves, birds, it hurts.

That little (EXPLETIVE DELETED) a racist (EXPLETIVE DELETED), daddy. (INAUDIBLE) 80-year-old birds.


PINSKY: All right. Jerry, I`m going to toss you the ball first. You`ve been an observer of interesting human behavior for quite some time. Give me your assessment of this poor gentleman.

SPRINGER: Well, the easy answer is obviously he needs help. He`s surrounded by people that no one is stepping forward to help him, not his family and obviously not the other politicians, not the political party.

Why doesn`t the political party step in? I mean, someone mentioned -- one of you mentioned the Anthony Weiner case and there were other people within the party that said, you know, enough and kind of get him to step down or, you know, use whatever persuasive means you have.

But again, the problem in Toronto is there`s no legal way to force him out unless he commits a crime.

PINSKY: Well, smoking crack --

SPRINGER: Then they should prosecute.


WENDY WALSH, PSYCHOLOGIST: Wait a minute, though.

PINSKY: Hang on. Sam first.


PINSKY: I believe Canada has laws against smoking crack. I`m just saying.

SPRINGER: Prosecute him.

SCHACHER: First of all, I know you have a lot of empathy for this mayor, Dr. Drew, and a lot of compassion for his addiction.

I have compassion for his addiction, but isn`t the result of his behavior not only from the addiction, but his crappy character? Let`s look at his history. And I`m not talking about the DUI charge. I`m not even talking about or the crack charge.

I`m talking about his disgusting rants riddled with racial slurs and homophobic remarks and his domestic violence charge. I`m sorry. I wouldn`t want this guy as a friend, let alone as a mayor of my city. He seems like a really crappy person.

PINSKY: Well, I see, Wendy, the Canadian cringing. So, go ahead, Wendy. What are you thoughts?

WALSH: What is this, a down on Canadians night? Can`t we have a nice beer and run a city?

No. The truth is this guy does have a problem. The problem is he`s at the top of the heap. He`s in the land of no-noes. No one will say no to him, and he even runs the police force. So, he can go on national television and say, oh, yes, I committed a major crime. I smoked crack, and no one will arrest him. What`s up with that?

PINSKY: Put up the whole panel for me, if you guys would.

Jerry, I want to introduce you to Danine Manette. If you notice, I save her for last. She has a way of throwing something into the conversation that gets us all spinning.

So, go ahead, Danine.

DANINE MANETTE, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Drew, I have less concern about this guy`s personal drug addiction and the fact that he is an embarrassment to his city or to his -- you know, to the biggest city in the country of Canada.

I have more of a problem with the fact he is a threat to national security and public safety. I mean, this guy gets so blasted and he does not know where he is or who was with him.


MANETTE: And, I have a real problem with people as far as bribery and blackmail and all types of things that he is now exposing his people to --


MANETTE: -- his constituents --

PINSKY: All right. Fair enough.

MANETTE: -- because of the fact that he is he is blasted.

PINSKY: Let`s talk to a mayor. Mayor?

JERRY SPRINGER, HOST OF "THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW": Yes. I think she makes an excellent point. Look, this guy should not be the mayor. I don`t know what the argument is. How can someone say considering everything he does, and what a risk he is in his community, he should be the mayor, he should not.


SPRINGER: But, Canada -- someone in Canada has to figure out how to get him out of the office. And, you know, what -- it is bringing a lawsuit, maybe. Maybe it is a prosecution. You got to get someone able to do that, because it is a danger to the city.


SAMANTHA SCHACHER, SOCIAL COMMENTATOR: Yes. Dr. Drew, I do not get that his popularity is increasing. I mean, yes, people might say that he is relatable because he is flawed; but since when is crack cocaine relatable. I guess you could say, "OK. So, because of my drunken stupor, I have had some bad Behavior?" Well, fine! I guess I kind of relate to that, but that my behavior was more of a like of dancing on the table or --

HUTT: Naked?

SCHACHER: No. Not naked, Jenny -- or internet shopping.

PINSKY: So, hold on a second, Sam. Hold on a second, Sam --

SCHACHER: -- Not, smoking from a crack pipe.

PINSKY: -- I remember I will remind you what he learned about Lynn in the last blog.

HUTT: Yes. Right. We are looking at Samantha.

PINSKY: We are learning something about --

SCHACHER: Hey, where is the video? Better than smoking from a crack pipe.

PINSKY: Like an amatol interview.

HUTT: This is the concession of the Behavior Bureau. That is right.

PINSKY: It is going to become that I think, someday. Wendy --


SPRINGER: We should not --

PINSKY: Wait. Go ahead, Jerry.

WALSH: You know, I have --

SPRINGER: -- We should not --

PINSKY: -- Jerry first.


SPRINGER: OK. We should not be picking on Canada, because we had the Mayor of Washington, D.C. several years ago.


PINSKY: You know -- But Jerry -- Jerry, he came out yesterday. He was on Twitter and he was talking like a recovering person. He was basically saying, "You think this is the only politician that has an addiction problem?" I kind of admired the way he was tiptoeing into this yesterday. But, you are right, he also was a mayor.

SPRINGER: Yes. I just do not want to be picking on Canada, and the fact that he was then out of office and later on, the people decided to vote him back, which is fine. If the people in Canada ultimately, after all of this wanted to vote the guy back in, in the next election, that is a separate issue, but right now I do not see how he can function.

PINSKY: See, Wendy, feel better?

WALSH: Well -- OK. I feel thank you, Jerry for defending us Canadian. Hey, Dr. Drew, you were on the cover of "The Toronto Sun" today.

PINSKY: I heard that.

WALSH: I am so excited to see that.

PINSKY: But, what my friends were excited with that was that I was on there with the Iron Sheikh --

WALSH: Iron Sheikh, yes.


PINSKY: That was what really -- that is what I heard about when I woke up this morning.


WALSH: But, there is a point you brought up before, Dr. Drew. And, that is the fact that in certain countries like Canada and European countries are even worse that heavy drinking has been normalized in the population.


WALSH: When you have this population of people going, "Go, go, go! You know, go Rob Ford. We have all been there." It sort of helps to enable.

PINSKY: Yes. That is right --

WALSH: The country enables this behavior --

PINSKY: That is right.

WALSH: And, that is the danger. I mean I am afraid that he is going to going to get behind the wheel and kill someone.

PINSKY: Or he is going to get self-destructive in some ways.

HUTT: Right.

PINSKY: Or when he gets sobers up and going to kill -- who knows? Danine, what is up?

MANETTE: I just want to know whether or not there is any way that they can remove him -- release him of his powers and still keep him in that position? --

PINSKY: Well, Danine that is a great question --

MANETTE: -- like have someone else take over for him?

PINSKY: -- Now, Jerry, what if he had a stroke or something or sort of heart attack and somebody else need to step in while he had his medical problem dealt with. Why do not they approach this in the same damn way? That drives me insane.

SPRINGER: Well, I do not have the Toronto -- you know, the Canadian or Toronto ordinances in front of me --

PINSKY: You don`t? Why did you come here then?


SPRINGER: Wait, wait, I forgot, I do. I do. They are right here.

PINSKY: OK. Go ahead. OK, sorry.

SPRINGER: Yes, here it is -- No, the point is even if let`s say you want to say he is incapacitated, like had a stroke, there is probably some procedure they have to go through to testify --

PINSKY: Yes. That is right.

HUTT: Go for it.

PINSKY: Why do not they use that -- why do not they use something like that for this? Because they do not consider that a medical problem and that makes me insane.

HUTT: Right.

PINSKY: Thank you, panel. Next up, we are going to talk about -- We got a bunch of stuff. We got a line up. First, what we have is Justin Bieber sleeping. Maybe the Behavior Bureau has something to say about that, back after this. We also got Lululemmon --

HUTT: Lululemon.

PINSKY: Lululemon, I beg your pardon --

HUTT: Who is --


PINSKY: Do not laugh at me for that. The company apparently stepped on some trouble there.

HUTT: Yes.

PINSKY: We will talk about that after this.


PINSKY: Welcome back. I am here with my co-host, Jenny Hutt. And, Jenny, I got a tweet to start up.


PINSKY: This is from @JanetCox: "Drew, stop talking about Justin Bieber or Beliebers will hate you just like we hate TMZ. So, watch yourself when you talk about our man." I am duly warned. I mean no disrespect to Mr. Bieber. That is for sure, actually. I met his mom.

HUTT: He does not have immunity.

PINSKY: I am just saying. We are looking at a piece of viral video --

HUTT: Yes.

PINSKY: -- That is in the news and we are going to take look at it and no disrespect. I may express outrage at what this poor man is going through - - young man --

HUTT: Poor thing. Poor, poor baby Justin.

PINSKY: All right. Now, look at what happened while Justin was in Brazil. It shows a young woman filming Bieber as he sleeps, then she -- I think turns it back to herself -- there she is.

HUTT: He is a real sleeper.

PINSKY: She blows kisses at him. There she is before leaving. OK. So, we really do not know what is going on there. Back with our Behavior Bureau. Sam, Danine, Wendy and Jerry Springer. That video has exploded on the internet with more than 4.3 million views. Sam, fill me in on this. What are we looking at there?

SCHACHER: OK. Well, first of all, within the first 12 hours, they garnered, I think, just over 2 million views. But, this girl -- so, apparently in Rio, De Janeiro, Justin Bieber, he is touring right now all over Brazil and he went to -- afterwards to his own house, and they had a house party.

And, they invited 50 or so something people. And, apparently this girl, according to Justin Bieber`s people snuck in and took this video. Of course, other people are speculating is she a prostitute? Other people are saying she is not a prostitute.

The reason why, people initially speculated that she was a prostitute because Justin also earlier allegedly visited a brothel, and I say alleged, because he was covered in a sheet. But, you can clearly see he had the same tattoo --

PINSKY: Wait a second. Sam, he is covered in a sheet, therefore --

HUTT: So, if you are in a sheet, you cannot see where the prostitute --

SCHACHER: It is -- we have to say alleged, because you could not see it was him, but you could tell it was his wrist tattoo, which peeked out from underneath the bed sheet.

PINSKY: OK. OK, whatever.

HUTT: And, that cute face he has.

PINSKY: And, my thing is Jerry, I am actually disturbed by this. I mean this guy -- Somebody walked into his hotel room basically and starts videoing him and it goes out to millions of people. Is not that sort of a violation?

SPRINGER: Is it against the law to fall asleep?

PINSKY: Right. Right, exactly. I am your sheet what we are fighting out, to be under sheet is against the law --

SPRINGER: Yes -- to be.


SPRINGER: Yes. I honestly I want to be concerned, but I ca not. I am just really finding it difficult to get excited about this. But, I wish him the best of luck.

PINSKY: Yes. You know what? You know what, Jerry?


SPRINGER: You know --

PINSKY: I am actually with you. I am with you.

SPRINGER: I hope his career goes well.

HUTT: Me too. Right.

PINSKY: Yes. I am with you. Now --

SPRINGER: And, as a parent I am happy that he is getting some rest.



HUTT: I felt the same way. By the way, I totally felt like that, Jerry. I was like where is his mom?

PINSKY: His mom is in his life and is concerned with him and works with him and works with him. We have all met the mom and she is lovely.

HUTT: Yes.

PINSKY: But there have been some behaviors that have given people concerned. I think there might be a full screen of this where he has been out here -Apparently, he run-in with paparazzi. He was speeding through the neighbour in his Ferrari -- he lost his --

SCHACHER: He has Ferrari.

PINSKY: Yes, but --

HUTT: He is 19. I mean, come on!

PINSKY: Yes. Sam that is my issue. Let me get from Wendy, whether she has any real concerns? Have you ever watch this and have you real concerns about it?

WALSH: I have watched it. I do not think this girl just walked in there. Whether or not she hooked up with him is really the question. What she wants everyone to think is that she did hook up with him, so more than anything she is an opportunist.

HUTT: OK. Wendy -- Wendy. He is a Canadian. I do not know.

WALSH: I know. Canadian --

PINSKY: This is all Canada night. Just so you know. Danine, anything from your standpoint?

MANETTE: Yes. You know, I love Justin Bieber. I am going to have to admit that right now on national television. I saw his movie. I think he is great.

HUTT: I cried.

MANETTE: I just wish people would not bash him so much. I get so annoyed with a grown man beating a boy --

PINSKY: All right. So, here is the deal. Sam, I will give you the last word, but I am going to put this to rest. Sam, go ahead.

SCHACHER: OK. So, there is some questionable behavior. So, lets not dismiss that. Some people are saying he is spiralling out of control. For that, I would say that is ridiculous. I think he is representing more of behavior of someone who is entitled. He got a whole lot of money at 19. A whole lot of pain and sometimes he a little a little douche baggy.

PINSKY: OK. Well, fair enough.

SCHACHER: He is 19. Jerry, is he entitled to that? Little d-bag behaviour, is that OK with you?

SPRINGER: Is he entitled to it?


SPRINGER: Well, if he sells that many records, yes probably, you know.

PINSKY: Yes. It is OK. Fair enough.


PINSKY: All right, guys. Next up, women, if a certain brand of pants does not fit you, is it because it is your fault? You have got to hear this story. It is really disturbing. Back after this.

HUTT: Hey, what is the brand?

VINNIE POLITAN, HLN HOST OF "AFTER DARK: Coming up, top of the hour on HLN After Dark. It is the eve of closing arguments in the Martin MacNeill trial, but we have something that the jury in Utah is not going to see and that is an interview with Giselle MacNeill.

RYAN SMITH, HLN HOST OF "AFTER DARK: That is right. Giselle, one word, Giselle, to describe Martin MacNeill.


POLITAN: All right. I agree.

SMITH: How about that.

POLITAN: Giselle MacNeill is with us all hour long. We are going to be asking her questions. Our juries are going to ask questions, top of the hour, After Dark.


PINSKY: We are back with my co-host Jenny Hutt. Lululemon, did I say that right?

HUTT: You did.

PINSKY: Thank you.

HUTT: Well done!

PINSKY: Sells a lot of $90 yoga pants. Now, the founder of the company, a male --

HUTT: Of course.

PINSKY: -- is blaming women and the women`s bodies for flaws in their yoga pants --

HUTT: Duh!

PINSKY: Listen to what Chip Wilson told Bloomberg T.V.


CHIP WILSON, LULULEMON FOUNDER: Well, quite frankly, some women`s bodies just actually do not work for it and I cannot --

TRISH REGAN, BLOOMBERG T.V. HOST: They do not work for the pants?

WILSON: No. They do not work for some women`s bodies.

REGAN: So, more likely that they will be see-through in some women`s body than the other?

WILSON: No. I do not think -- because even our small size could fit in an extra-large. It is about the rubbing through the thighs, and how much pressure is there. And, in over a period of time and how much the use of it --

SHANNON WILSON, LULULEMON CO-FOUNDER: What is the use? And what`s it being up against? Are you sitting on a cement ground and --

REGAN: Yes. Interesting. Not every woman can wear a Lululemon pants?

WILSON: No. I think they can. I just think it is how you use it.


PINSKY: We have reached out to Lululemon, Chip Wilson has not responded to us, or the outrage over his comment. Lets bring the panel in. Sam, Danine, Wendy and Jason, and Jenny, you first want to go ahead.

HUTT: Yes. I say number one, I sure do hope my daughter grows up and marries a guy just like him. Let`s hope that. And, then second, look I have seen a lot of different women wear Lululemon pants and prior to the big scandal of the sheer tush, all sizes were wearing Lululemon`s pants.


HUTT: Now, I fit them. I like Hard Tail better.

PINSKY: Go ahead Wendy.

WALSH: Dr. Drew, dud you know that this is the third Canadian story of the night? My hair is rising on my back.


PINSKY: I think it is an all Canadian night. No -- disrespect for Canadians.

WALSH: Yes. Lulemon is a Canadian Compan. They have been banned in many Canadian high schools, by the way, because they ride so low and so tight and they have that see through butt --

HUTT: Yes, because the mayor can`t fit in them. So, he said --

WALSH: Exactly! But, obviously, this has nothing to do with women`s bodies.


WALSH: And, if this guy is promoting eating disorders so that young girls can get the thigh gap, then he needs to close his mouth right now because the mothers and the women of world do not want to hear it. He needs to find better fabric to manufacture in China that does not ball up.


SCHACHER: Yes. Well, first of all, from a business standpoint, Dr. Drew, I am a business owner and you never blame the customer. Business customer --Customer service 101, you own up to it. And, there are actually studies that prove that you can gain more trust and more loyalty in a customer when you presented this negative situation just by being helpful and sensitive to the customers, so they completely dropped the ball --

PINSKY: All right --

SCHACHER: -- And, I am sorry. If I was going to wear $100 pair of yoga pants, and do a downward dog, you better hope that the person behind me cannot see my v-jay jay.

HUTT: That is right.

PINSKY: I am seeing Jason in a wind up here. Go ahead, Jason.

JASON ELLIS, SIRIUS XM RADIO HOST: First of all, I just want to say, what a thrill it is to be on this panel. Drew, you are not that hot, but look at the things in between us. This is awesome.


I feel like being in these pants -- if anybody is getting ripped off, it is me to fight like you because of your pants and then we go home and then you take those pants off and your butt falls off. Well, then I got ripped off.


PINSKY: With that, I am going to have to leave it, Jason. Got to be up against the clock. Back with more after this.


PINSKY: Back with my co-host Jenny Hutt and Wendy, Sam, Danine and Jason, our panel. And, now it is time for the only non-Canadian story tonight, guys. How about that? Moments before she underwent a bilateral mastectomy. It is both breast being removed to treat her breast cancer, Deborah Cohen was in the mood to dance. Take a look.


DR. DREW (voice-over): Well, she is not just a patient. She is also a physician at the hospital where she works and where she is -- in performing this in the operating room just before her surgery. She asked her friends and co-workers to organize flash dance, flash mobs outside her room at the hospital saying, quote, "I envision the transforming the solemn space of hospital into a vibrant healing ward." Danine, your thoughts?


MANETTE: I love, love, love this story. And, what makes it even better is that she was dancing to Beyonce`s song, and Beyonce took this video and put it on her Facebook page. I thought that was awesome.

HUTT: That is great.

MANETTE: So, I love this story.

PINSKY: Yes. She did. And I got to tell you. Someone who just went through a big surgery, I wish I had done more, you know, sort of pre- surgical kinds of --

HUTT: Would you have danced?

ELLIS: I do not that you should have dance.

PINSKY: You don`t think so, Jason? Maybe you and I should have done something interesting. Just the two of us on a --

ELLIS: I will slow dance with you, but I do not think you should start like twirling your arms and stuff -- You just do not have it. I can tell.

PINSKY: Thank you for that. Thank you, though. Sam, what are your thoughts?

ELLIS: But, you need some of those nurses, by the way.

SCHACHER: I think that it is a great example finally of how social media and Youtube and Facebook can be infectious and inspiring. And, this woman literally celebrated right before she was going in for a double mastectomy.

PINSKY: And, I will tell you guys. I am some relating to, you know, personally what it feels like when they are about to wheel you in to that operating room. It is intense. I mean you are not thinking about dancing. And, so, as a patient, forget as a physician, she is doing something very important, I think.

HUTT: I want her to be my doctor.

ELLIS: It is the last time you get to dance with those things on you, too.


HUTT: Oh, Jason.

ELLIS: She should have sort of moving around --

PINSKY: Hey, you know what?

ELLIS: What?

PINSKY: Let me make an important point. There are tremendous reconstructive procedures out there that can be done in such a way that when you wake up with something better than when you went to sleep with for the most part --

HUTT: What are you saying about the natural press --

JASON: Or you could still dance to say goodbye to them --

PINSKY: No. I`m just saying that people should look forward to the fact that the surgical progress has been substantial and they don`t have to feel disfigured by mastectomies anymore. And, that is a big deal. All women should be aware, if that is out there for them. And, I believe insurances are paying for that now.

HUTT: They should.

PINSKY: Thank you, panel. Last call is next


PINSKY: Time for the Last Call. We got a couple things for the Last Call. One is more about the mayor. We found during the broadcast some interesting details about the law.

HUTT: Right. So, basically, here what it is. If he is sick or incapacitated for a three-month period, he can be removed. And, under this rule, if there is any other cause of his inability to performance as mayor --

PINSKY: Other than illness.

HUTT: -- other than illness, he cannot be removed.

PINSKY: So, they have a phrase called other causes.

HUTT: Yes. Other than --

PINSKY: So, if Canadians are not convinced --

HUTT: -- other case, yes.

PINSKY: -- So, if Canadians are not convinced that this is an illness we are watching --

HUTT: Right.

PINSKY: -- that it is something else, they can still remove him --

HUTT: Right.

PINSKY: -- for infirmary basis.

HUTT: Yes, for infirmary, for inability to do his job.

PINSKY: And, let`s be clear, this man needs medical treatment.

HUTT: Right.

PINSKY: I am sorry. This is serious stuff we are reporting on it, but the realities for the human being, this is a guy that needs medical care as soon as possible. A reminder about a special HLN programming on Monday, November 11th, Veterans Day, watch stories of courage K9s for warriors at 7:00 eastern time.

It is about American servicemen and women and their service dog. Thank you so much Jenny for joining us tonight. Thank you for Jerry and Jason for joining us as well. Thank you all for watching. And, a reminder that HLN "After Dark" is up next and In fact, it starts right now.