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The Actors Red Carpet: The 20th Annual SAG Awards

Aired January 18, 2014 - 18:30   ET


MARTIN SAVIDGE, CNN ANCHOR: As we mentioned it is a big night in Hollywood. The only night when actors honor their colleague. The "ACTORS' RED CARPET." They will be there for the Screen Actors Guild Awards. In fact we can take you there right now to watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Got to put to the right.

TURNER: Mega stars of film and TV. It's the Screen Actors' Guild Awards. The only show where the actors choose the best of the best.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ACTRESS, "AMERICAN HUSTLE": And I know it sounds crazy but I can't get enough of it.

TURNER: Catch all the fashion.

ANNE HATHAWAY, ACTRESS, "LES MISERABLES": I'm wearing Giambattista Valli.

JESSE TYLER FERGUSON, ACTOR, "MODERN FAMILY": We are having a who wore it best moment.

TURNER: And the fun. When Hollywood unites for a spectacular celebration.

The "Gravity" of the occasion is crystal clear, so get ready.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have to go. We have to go, go, go.

TURNER: For the glamour and excitement of the ACTORS RED CARPET.

And welcome to our special live coverage of the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. I'm Nischelle Turner.

A.J. HAMMER, CNN ANCHOR: And I'm A.J. Hammer. It is a spectacular day here in Southern California and it's going to be such a night here at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, just a few of the major names, Nischelle, with a huge stake in tonight's show.

TURNER: You're name-dropping, A.J., and I love every second of it. Yes, you are right. All of those names that you were talking about are going to be headed this way to talk to us from the ACTORS' RED CARPET.

I've already spouted Morena Baccarin from "Homeland" and Michelle Dockery from "Downton Abbey." The red carpet is open. But I have to tell you there's a lot that goes in to a show like this and there's no better way to kick things off than with a champagne toast. And that is just what happened. Champagne by Taittinger and a beautiful celebration tonight here on the red carpet. It's going to be a great night.

But first what we want to do is get you caught up on who's facing who and who's going to be up for the awards tonight. Take a look.


TURNER (voice-over): It's another big night where film and television actors come together.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

TURNER: Unlike any other award ceremony, this is for Hollywood's A- listers to recognize each other's work. The big names up for this year's lead actor the honors includes --

MERYL STREEP, ACTRESS, "AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY": Should pretty well have it down by now.

TURNER: Meryl Streep for "August: Osage County", "Blue Jasmine's" Cate Blanchet, Emma Thompson for "Saving Mr. Banks," and Judi Dench for "Philomena." Don't forget Sandra Bullock flying high in "Gravity."

FOREST WHITAKER, ACTOR, "THE BUTLER": I wish I could take credit for that.

TURNER: For his work in Lee Daniels' "The Butler" lead actor Forest Whitaker is in for some competition against veterans like Bruce Dern in "Nebraska."

TOM HANKS, ACTOR, "CAPTAIN PHILLIPS": It will be all right.

TURNER: Tom Hanks for "Captain Phillips," "Dallas Buyers Club's" Matthew McConaughey.

CHIWETEL EJIOFOR, ACTOR, "12 YEARS A SLAVE": I want to survive. I want to live.

TURNER: And a new name, Chiwetel Ejiofor for "12 Years a Slave."

But tonight's biggest honor? Outstanding performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. "August: Osage County" is up against "12 Years a Slave", "American Hustle", "Dallas Buyers Club" and Lee Daniel's "The Butler."

And the small screen also gets some love.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey. Great timing. Just about to get started. TURNER: TV drama's best ensembles are in it for the win as Golden Globe winner "Breaking Bad" takes on "Boardwalk Empire", "Game of Thrones", "Homeland" and "Downton Abbey."

JASON BATEMAN, ACTOR, "ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT": And people say I don't age. You know what I mean? Hey, look at that guy, he's got the hair of a teenager.

TURNER: With the return of "Arrested Development" and last year's SAG favorite "Modern Family" up against "30 Rock", "Veep" and the "Big Bang Theory."

JIM PARSON, ACTOR, "BIG BANG THEORY": A pitcher of margaritas.

TURNER: It's a question of which comedy cast will have the last laugh.


HAMMER: So much serious competition, so many great contenders tonight, and joining me to analyze tonight's biggest storylines, Dave Karger who's the chief correspondent for "Fandango."

And I think, Dave, what we will see is I believe we see every year here on the SAG red carpet is the mantra from the actors this award means so much to them because it is voted on by their peers.

DAVE KARGER, CHIEF CORRESPONDENT, FANDANGO: That's true. I mean, actors make up a large portion of the Academy Awards voting bloc, but this is the one award where everyone who votes is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. It's a much bigger group than the Academy which his only 6,000 people, so I think it is very meaningful for these actors to be recognized by people who truly know what it takes to do what they do.

HAMMER: And of course the Oscar nominations were just announced on Thursday morning I think a lot of people were very quick to notice there were quite a few discrepancies between what we saw then and what we're seeing here tonight.

KARGER: That's true. Twenty people who were nominated for individual film acting roles in the SAG Awards tonight, six of them were not nominated for the Oscar. People like Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey for "The Butler", Tom Hanks for "Captain Phillips", Emma Thompson for "Saving Mr. Banks," James Gandolfini for "Enough Said."

So there is some difference. Basically you saw movies "American Hustle" and "The Wolf of Wall Street" which didn't get many individual acting nominations if any at all. Factor in very well at the Oscars instead.

HAMMER: Why the discrepancy then?

KARGER: Well, the SAG voting took place right when "American Hustle" and "Wolf of Wall Street" were just about to come out, so I think those movies hadn't really picked up all the momentum and steam that they have now when the people were voting on the SAG nominations.

HAMMER: All right, Dave. Great to have you here. Thank you so much.

KARGER: My pleasure.

HAMMER: We're going to send it back out to Nischelle ahead of the red carpet.

TURNER: Hello, guys, I am here with my friends from "Downton Abbey." We're trying to get situated here because there's a whole lot of you.

Yes. It's a big cast.

TURNER: It's a big cast and you are up for the Best Ensemble Cast for the series and you are in the fourth season now. I'm a big fan. I want you guys to know and I've got some issues with what's going on right now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are the issues?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And nothing like that, is it?

TURNER: No, I just want Lady Edith to run and never come back because things are not going to turn out well with that fella that she's with now.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We're not going to say anything because you're a bit behind.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We're going to be giving spoilers.

TURNER: OK. Well, don't spoil it, but my DVR needs to -- needs to catch up. So you know what, I was talking with you guys, the cast last year as well and it was kind of the first time everybody was here, and it was very, very exciting. Now when you come back, you think you've got a little bit more of a handle on all of this?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, you're the only one that was not --


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I wasn't here last year. Yes.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She didn't come last year.

TURNER: So you didn't come last year. No one else came --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No. Well, we didn't expect to win it, that's why. I think.


TURNER: So now you're like, we won, we've got to be here.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: (INAUDIBLE) this year. Like, it's really cool. It's really fun.


TURNER: Yes, it is. You know, and it's funny, because when I was talking to the guys last year, they were all -- they're liked "Boardwalk Empire" and other shows. Who are you excited to meet tonight? Because I know who you guys are sitting by, by the way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, we all like "Breaking Bad." Don't we?



TURNER: Well, it's going to be a fun little corner where you are because we've got the cast of "Big Bang Theory" and you're going to be also by the cast of "Game of Thrones." So --




TURNER: Absolutely. All right. Well, good luck to you guys. Thank you for stopping by and you all have a good time tonight. OK?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you very much.

TURNER: All right. Absolutely.

OK. So I was telling you that there is a lot that goes into making of a show like this. So much that you have to do. And I want to go now to CNN's Paul Vercammen who is inside the nerve center with the executive producer and director of this show, Jeff Margolis.

Paul, what's going on in there?

PAUL VERCAMMEN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I'll tell you right now, Jeff Margolis is finally -- the calm before the storm, but it is going to ramp up in a hurry, and you've got a lot of cameras up today. Tell us about all the firepower here.

JEFF MARGOLIS, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER/DIRECTOR, SAG AWARDS: We do this show with 12 cameras, and there are four cameras out on the -- sorry, there are four cameras out on the red carpet, 12 cameras in here, and more digital equipment than you can possibly imagine for all of the playback s and graphics and everything else that we do.

VERCAMMEN: And it's not easy you. You're the executive producer, you're the director. How do you juggle both balls and keep everything running on time? MARGOLIS: I love it. The adrenaline gets going and you just figure out how to do it. When I get into the control room here three days before the show, I have to take my producer's hat off and put my director's hat on except for lunch and dinner breaks. Then the producer's hat goes back on.

But you just figure out how to juggle all the balls. I have a great, great production team, production staff, technical crew. Everybody is really the best at what they do and the way I like to produce a show is that I don't like any surprises. I like everybody to have all the information that they need to get the job done the way they want it done.

VERCAMMEN: Well, we're in here right now, so take us behind the scenes. Situation, A-list star, going on too long, you know you need to wrap them, what goes on in here?

MARGOLIS: Well, this show is unique from many other awards show. This show is all about actors honoring actors for doing good work and everybody gets treated equally. Everybody gets to make an entrance to a podium. All the nominee clips are shown on the air and this is the only show that doesn't play anybody off with music.

We send a letter out to all the nominees after the nominations are announced, and we ask them, please, to keep the acceptance speeches to 45 seconds and we say, wouldn't it be a shame if too many people went too long and the last couple of awards didn't make it to the air and your colleagues didn't get an opportunity to thank the people they wanted to thank?

VERCAMMEN: And it seems to work now. You may know this but Jeff has done the Academy Awards, the SAG Awards, beauty pageants, so truth be told, who is the more difficult to wrangle? The beauty pageant contestants or the actors?

MARGOLIS: The beauty pageant contestants, for sure. The actors are pros. You know, they're used to -- they know what we do. They're used to the entertainment industry and how it runs and all that.

The beauty pageant contestants are scared. They're nervous. They've never done it before. And they are even more worried about standing in front of the mirror as long as they can, you know, than anybody else is.

VERCAMMEN: Well, great. Thank you so much for taking timeout. Congratulations on 20 years, Jeff.


VERCAMMEN: Now back to you.

TURNER: All right. Thank you very much, Paul Vercammen.

We saw what was going on in the nerve center, so now we're back out here on the red carpet and I am a little bit in awe of who I have with me now because I'm a big fan of "Downton Abbey". I told you guys that.

And I just talked to the rest of your cast mates. You guys got separated a little bit on the red carpet.

Michelle Dockery, Phyllis Logan, thank you guys for joining us. First of all you look beautiful so please tell me who you're wearing.

MICHELLE DOCKERY, "DOWNTON ABBEY": Thank you. I'm wearing Jay Mendell.

TURNER: Jay Mendell.

PHYLLIS LOGAN, "DOWNTON ABBEY": I'm wearing Libby Lulu, which apparently is -- this is the color of the season.

TURNER: It is. Radiant.

LOGAN: Radiant orchid.

TURNER: Now I have to tell you. Just off to the side, we have the creative director of "Elle" magazine, Joe Zee, who's going to be joining us tonight.

So, mind you, ladies, he's looking at you right now. He is looking. You're like, let me stand up a little bit straighter. You know, coming to an event like this, still has to be fun. I know last year it was kind of like the first time for you all and it was kind of taking it all in. You were wide-eyed and nervous. Now is it a little bit more relaxed? You can just settle in, have a little fun tonight?

DOCKERY: Yes. It's nice to, you know, know where you are, but it's still -- it's the same feeling. It's so exciting and for so many of the cast to be here to celebrate the show, it's the best one, really. And it --

TURNER: Yes, and to be -- because you are being honored by your peers.

DOCKERY: Exactly. Yes.

TURNER: And I have said, you know, at the end of the day, we all just kind of want to feel validated, don't we?

DOCKERY: Yes. Yes.

LOGAN: Yes, we do.

DOCKERY: Yes, it's -- and that's why it's the best one really, and the ensemble category is such a lovely one to be in.

TURNER: OK. Now I want to ask if you could give Lady Mary some real- life advice and (INAUDIBLE), what would you say to her? What would you tell Lady Mary?

LOGAN: Oh, just go on with it, and marry somebody else.


TURNER: Get over it? Wow.


DOCKERY: This is the view that's quite tough with Lady Mary.

TURNER: Yes, she is.

DOCKERY: She doesn't suffer fools, and I think -- that's why they rub each other up the wrong way a little bit.

TURNER: I love it.


TURNER: Well, ladies, thank you for joining me, you both look gorgeous.

DOCKERY: Thank you.

TURNER: All right. Have a good time tonight. OK?

DOCKERY: Thank you very much.

TURNER: Thank you so much.

All right. So we are just getting started here on the ACTOR'S RED CARPET with our special live coverage. We're going to be here throughout the night so don't go away. If you're having fun, get ready because it's just getting started. We'll be right back.


HAMMER: Welcome back to our live coverage from the 20th Annual SAG Awards.

From the ACTORS RED CARPET, I'm A.J. Hammer. This of course is the beautiful Anna Gunn who of course starred as Skyler on "Breaking Bad." I'm still here mourning. I know people tell you that all the time.

ANNA GUNN, "BREAKING BAD": They do. They do.

HAMMER: First of all, you do look lovely. You have to tell everybody who you're wearing.

GUNN: I'm wearing Monique Lhuillier. And I --

HAMMER: And those accessories have to top them off.

GUNN: It does top them all. I'm carrying a one-of-a-kind Edie Parker bag and it was made just for me and I got it right before I left the house and I just think it's unbelievable so.

HAMMER: So tonight, you're here with your fourth and fifth SAG nominations. Isn't it nice to know -- you haven't won before. Isn't it nice to know you're finally going to win one?

GUNN: Well, we don't know that yet.

HAMMER: Yes, we do.


GUNN: But it is -- it is incredible to be acknowledged this way, and I think this is maybe my favorite award show because --

HAMMER: It's got a great vibe.

GUNN: It does. It has a really great vibe and it's just about your peers and other actors that I love and admire whose work that I -- that I love and watch and it's to be altogether like this is really wonderful. It's a great celebration.

HAMMER: It has been fun to watch you guys particularly last week at the Golden Globes, having a great time. And winning also. Congratulations on that.

GUNN: Thank you.

HAMMER: Any suggestions you have for people like myself who are still mourning the fact that "Breaking Bad" is no longer with us as a regular series?

GUNN: Well, you can go back to watch again because, you know, the thing about the story is that there were so many nuanced details that even in -- re-watching it myself, I see things that I didn't even know, little tiny details that I didn't even know were there, or that I missed the first time, and I think oh, there's that thing.


GUNN: So there's always the re-watching.

HAMMER: There are a lot of layers from Vince Gilligan. That is absolutely clear.

GUNN: Yes.

HAMMER: Well, have a great time. And good luck tonight.

GUNN: Thank you very much.

HAMMER: You're going to win, you know that.

GUNN: Oh, you're very nice. Thank you.

HAMMER: I'm going to send it back over to you, Nischelle.

TURNER: Well, I am here with A.J. with Nolan Gould from "Modern Family."


TURNER: You know, we are watching the monitor and we are seeing some of the fashion go by, and you just saw Ty Burrell, you said, there's my dad.

GOULD: Like there's my dad. Hey.


TURNER: So, you know, you guys, you're nominated again for Best Ensemble Cast.


TURNER: For a comedy series. It's almost becoming old hat with you all.

GOULD: A little bit. A little bit. But at the same time, kind of really amazing. Every year we're nominated, we're like, wow. Because, you know, after a while you think we're not going to be nominated and it's been five seasons, like, when are you guys going to stop liking us, but it's great.

TURNER: Are you a fan of Abigail Breslin?

GOULD: Yes, I am.

TURNER: She's behind us. Can we bring her up? Come on in, pretty. Come on in, pretty girl. How are you? You look gorgeous.


TURNER: Hello.





TURNER: Hello. Hello, Miss Martindale.

MARTINDALE: How do you do? Nice to see you.

TURNER: So we've got another full -- we've got another full house here.

MARTINDALE: Yes, it's good.

TURNER: This I think is amazing. I never get over how packed it gets and how much star power is on this red carpet.

MARTINDALE: Well, this one is very easy. Easily packed. Nice. TURNER: Yes.

MARTINDALE: It's pleasant.

TURNER: It's pleasant. Do you agree?

BRESLIN: I would agree with such a statement.

MARTINDALE: Such a statement?


TURNER: Can I just say something? Because I know that everyone at home is probably thinking the same thing I'm thinking right now. When did you grow into such a beautiful woman?

BRESLIN: Thank you.

TURNER: We remember you from "Little Miss Sunshine" but you're so grown up now.

BRESLIN: Thank you. Thanks. I guess it just happened somewhere in the past 17 years.


I have grown. I would guess.

TURNER: You're like, maybe, I'm not a little girl anymore, let's get over that.


TURNER: I know people probably say that to you all the time.

BRESLIN: I only laugh, because for the past about four years, I'd say every time I have stepped out anywhere and said, Abigail Breslin is all grown up for the past four years, but, you know, I guess, it's shocking to some people.

TURNER: Yes. Well, you're shockingly beautiful, so there you go.

BRESLIN: Thank you.

TURNER: All right.

MARTINDALE: It shocks me.

TURNER: It shocks you. She holds all the secrets and she gives the one-liners as well.

All right. Thank you, guys. Congratulations on the nomination, and let's hear one for "August Osage County."

Now like I said we're just getting started. We're trying to make sure the ladies don't trip down the platform here. Stay with us, though, because we will be right back. So much more from the ACTORS RED CARPET and our live special coverage.


HAMMER: Welcome back to our live coverage from the ACTORS RED CARPET at the 20th Annual SAG Awards. I'm A.J. Hammer. Of course this is Ty Burrell from "Modern Family."

As I've made pretty clear to you over to the break, it's my favorite show on television.

TY BURRELL, "MODERN FAMILY": That's amazing. I love to hear that. Always try to pass it on to the writers.

HAMMER: It is your eighth and ninth nominations tonight.

BURRELL: Yes. That's crazy. I didn't know that. That's -- I -- you know, I'm always kind of blown away by this one, just when your peers are involved, I'm really flattered by it.

HAMMER: Yes. It's your fellow actors.


HAMMER: They're watching you on television every week. You probably have people coming up to you who you can't even believe know your name. Give me an example. What actor has walked up to you and surprised to you saying, this is my favorite show?

BURRELL: It's the same, I think -- it is the same as everybody else because I am a huge fan of these shows, you know. I watch these shows week in and week out, other shows, so when somebody from, like, you know, Bryan Cranston from "Breaking Bad" or, you know, like somebody who you admire comes up to you and talks to you about your show, it feels like a hallucination.

You know what I mean? Because it's a person that you just sort of -- it's almost not real to you, and all of a sudden they're looking you in the eye. You know. Yes, I do a lot more gushing than other people do about me.

HAMMER: Well, go to enjoy some gushing, Ty. It's great to have you here. Have a terrific time and good luck tonight.

BURRELL: Thanks, A.J.

HAMMER: OK. And now to Nischelle in the red carpet.

EDIE FALCO, "NURSE JACKIE": I can tell you, I mean, each one of them are funny now, you know, in retrospect. At the time, you know, they're harrowing. It's awful. It's terrifying, and you're convince you will never work.

TURNER: You know, they just came to us live, Edie, they cut to us because they said, we've got Edie Falco, we need to talk to Edie Falco, and I was just asking you, if you remembered your first audition. But do you remember the audition that got you your SAG card or the job that got you your SAG card?

FALCO: Well, I did a movie called "Sweet Lorraine" right out of college. And I had to get a SAG card and I -- was convinced that well, now that I had my SAG card, that means I'm going to work all the time. And then, like, 700 years went by before -- and as I kind of looked at my little card in the wallet and make sure it was still OK.

You know, so there really is no -- there's no cut and dried way to go about this industry, but yes, I got it right out of college and didn't use it for, like, 600 years after that.

TURNER: Now I have to ask you, because James Gandolfini is nominated posthumously tonight.


TURNER: I know that probably warms your heart to see this happen?

FALCO: Yes, for sure. And I'm -- he should have been nominated anyway and would have been I'm sure, because he is one of the greats, you know, and I was so thrilled that people got to see him be a regular guy which is in fact what he was. And I -- you know, he tried to tell people, I'm not really this Tony Soprano character.

TURNER: Right.

FALCO: And I'm so glad that people got to see that he really wasn't, and that was as close to the Jim that I knew, that I have ever seen him be so.

TURNER: A big teddy bear.


TURNER: Congratulations.

FALCO: Thank you.

TURNER: Thank you for joining us. Have a good time.

FALCO: Thank you so much.

TURNER: All right? And we'll be back with more form the ACTORS RED CARPET. Stay with us.


TURNER: Welcome back to our special live coverage of the SAG Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Awards. They are 20 years old tonight and we are on the actor's red carpet.

And I am with one of my favorites in Hollywood, because she is fun and spunky and fabulous.

And you are nominated and who could that be? Are you talking about me? And we almost have the same dress on tonight.

JANE KRAKOWSKI, ACTRESS: And I can't believe that the SAG Awards are celebrating the same birthday as I am today, and that is so amazing. I had no idea.

TURNER: And by the way, Jane Krakowski and John Ricci. He is one of the writers and --

JOHN RICCI, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Executive producers, yes.

TURNER: The show is nominated tonight for best ensemble cast in a comedy. You guys have been nominated year after year after year, and we just love it, but it has to feel good, because it's coming from the people that you work with everyday and see in Hollywood.

KRAKOWSKI: Well, this is so fun and so amazing to be included at the party, but this was a real surprise to us. We -- this is the last, last, last show that we could be possibly eligible for. So, we are thrilled to come and have an unexpected reunion with everybody tonight.

TURNER: And you are like, we are hanging on for dear life and we are staying at this party, and, darn it, you're not taking us out of here.

KRAKOWSKI: The next big carpet will be on TV land when we're 80, altogether.

TURNER: Well, syndication could be good. So, let's hope for a long life in syndication.


TURNER: Absolutely. The pageantry of all this never gets old.

KRAKOWSKI: No, I find it accelerating and a little nerve wracking every time, because you see people that you admire so much, especially tonight of all these other actors, but then you see that person that you just never know was so alarmingly gorgeous in real life and they're just like, whoa, OK.

TURNER: OK. I just saw that person who is alarmingly gorgeous in real life, and he's right there, and now, he just walked away but I was just about to bring him in and I'm talking about James Marsden who said he was coming up here and then he walked away from us. That's what happens. He is talking to the folks from "Downton Abbey", talking to Lady Edith.

Yes, yes, you can't -- come in here, sir. No, he sees a pretty lady and he can't help it.

JAMES MARSDEN, ACTOR: Hello, ladies.

TURNER: Hi, James.

MARSDEN: And, John, hi.

TURNER: Ladies and John?

MARSDEN: And join the party.

TURNER: So, I heard that you are pulling a Julia Louis-Dreyfus tonight and you're sitting with the movie folks even though you are nominated in both categories?

MARSDEN: Oh, wow, this is like, really, I'm being roasted right now.

I just go to where they e tell me to sit.

TURNER: Well, that was political answer, Mr. President. Of course, you played JFK in "The Butler". Congratulations on the movie, the nomination. Did you guys see the movie?

KRAKOWSKI: Of course.

TURNER: Of course. And what did you think? Of course, let's give James a little -- well, he was all right.

KRAKOWSKI: I wondered how much screen time you had for the awards and, like you told me last night that you were -- do you know how much the actual screen time is?

MARSDEN: Oh, like five minutes.

KRAKOWSKI: Like Academy Awards have been won with five great minutes.

MARSDEN: Well, it's going to be me and Judi Dench, right?

TURNER: I was going to say, didn't Viola Davis get nominated for having like almost no screen time in a movie?

MARSDEN: Yes, that was a couple of years ago.

TURNER: Yes, yes, it was, and let me be quiet, because I am bringing up something that I don't have all of the information up, and I'm just going to leave it there.

MARSDEN: And we can't help you with that at all.

TURNER: Exactly, exactly, and you are saying, sure, sure she was.

KRAKOWSKI: And this is an amazing nominee, because he is nominated for two things in television and film.

MARSDEN: And it is very cool.

TURNER: It's good to be a double-nominee, James.

MARSDEN: It helps when you go on with SAG and vote for yourself several times over and over again.

TURNER: Now, I have to tell you --

MARSDEN: And it works. But it worked. TURNER: And I spoke to James once. We are in Park City, Utah, at Sundance, which is going on right now, and we were doing an interview and literally we were getting pelted in the blizzard. So, how about today?

MARSDEN: And we never pulled the plug, didn't we? We just kept on going.

TURNER: No, we just kept right on going.

MARSDEN: Sometimes you have to brave the adversity.

TURNER: We were in the cold and now, we are in the sweltering heat.

MARSDEN: I'm sorry, I bring the extremities.

TURNER: What's wrong with you?

MARSDEN: I don't know.

TURNER: Well, congratulations to all of you all. Thank you for joining me today. Good luck tonight. I loved the film, love the show, thanks so much, John.

All right. Thank you, guys.

You know, I love when we have reunions on our CNN platform, A.J. It's a lot of fun.

And, James Marsden, he's easy on the eyes, easy to look at.

A.J. HAMMER, CNN HOST: Well, I think I just witnessed a reunion on the red carpet. I'm not sure what was going on. So, I'll ask Sarah Paulson, of course, who is also nominated, along with the ensemble, for "12 Years A Slave".

Congratulations on that, by the way.

SARAH PAULSON, ACTRESS: Thank you very much.

HAMMER: We just saw you and Amanda Peet having a charming moment.

PAULSON: We actually took the car together here today. We're best friends.

HAMMER: Economized.

PAULSON: Yes, we decided to take on car.

HAMMER: Terrific.

PAULSON: Two for the price of one.

HAMMER: Very well done.

First of all, talk about this, because this is going to be very well- talked about tomorrow, I'm sure. This is beautiful.

PAULSON: I hope so. I love this dress. It's a Rocher and it's cream, and it looks like a cupcake which I haven't eaten in a long time.

HAMMER: But who doesn't love a cupcake?

PAULSON: Who doesn't love a cupcake?

HAMMER: Tell me what the name of the color is of this lipstick that I'm looking at?

PAULSON: Oh, I don't know, fuchsia, hot pink, neon pink. And it is hard to look at anything else, and it is a big mouth in your face and it's bright pink. But --

HAMMER: OK. We're going to transition. I've been smiling, you've been smiling, "12 Years a Slave", obviously an incredibly difficult movie to watch. I actually have tried to put it off. I finally did sit down with it just this week, believe it or not.

Tell me your reaction the first time you sat in a theater and saw it in its entirety?

PAULSON: The first time I saw the movie was at the Toronto Film Festival, actually, and it was a very extraordinary thing to watch with that many people and to see with many people. I wish I had watched it alone for the first time, because I really wanted to go into the bathroom or in some room privately and have an ugly cry, because it was very emotional and it's hard not to have those feelings in front of a lot of people.

So -- and then they made us go out on stage and wave, and it was a little bit --

HAMMER: How'd that go?

PAULSON: Yes, that was not super successful.

HAMMER: Yes, I was thankful that I watched it alone in my hotel room and I found myself unconsciously with my head in my hands.

I understand you economized tonight, Amanda Peet, and share the car ride.

AMANDA PEET, ACTRESS: We economized.

PAULSON: We economized. Yes.

HAMMER: You went green, even though you're not wearing green, you went green.

PEET: I don't know if I can really qualify that as going green, but it certainly was -- we had a lot of fun.

HAMMER: It was one fewer car on the road. Tell me one thing that takes place in that limo that might surprise people.

PAULSON: Oh, my Lord! We are never telling that.

HAMMER: So, in another words, there is something?

PEET: Yes, entirely inappropriate for us to mention --


PAULSON: Especially not on the live television.

HAMMER: I love that I am standing here with two of the women who will get rave reviews for their outfits. I don't know much, but I know you both looked spectacular. Talk about this.

PEET: We think you're dead wrong.

PAULSON: We think you're dead wrong. We think, you're going like, what's with your weird princess dress and are you Morticia? (INAUDIBLE) like that.

HAMMER: So, you already anticipate the bad comments. OK.

Well, if my review means anything, have a great time tonight.

PAULSON: Thank you.

HAMMER: Thank you so much.


TURNER: Hey, A.J., you know, I am here with -- I just see her and I start to crack up laughing, because the June Squibb from the movie "Nebraska", you're up for best supporting actress tonight.


TURNER: But you were so foul-mouthed and funny in this movie, and gave the best one-liners -- I literally was like, what else can she say?

SQUIBB: Well, you know, people are funny, because I meet someone and they say, "You're not like that at all", and my answer is, well, shall I say some dirty words for it? I don't know what they want, but --

TURNER: Well, not your finger on the seven-second button delay, we don't know what June is going to say.

SQUIBB: Well, right.

TURNER: So, this -- you know, one of the things I love about this show, when it opens up is the actors tell their stories and we get incredible back stories. Do you remember your very first audition?

SQUIBB: I think that I remember early audition, and I remember that I got my SAG card from a CBS afternoon special. I don't think that they don't shoot those anymore.

TURNER: But I remember those. I loved those.

SQUIBB: Good. Well, that's how I got the SAG card.

My first audition probably was a singing audition when I came into New York in 1957, believe it or not.

TURNER: Well, I love it.

SQUIBB: And I was doing the musicals, so I probably went in and sang for someone.

TURNER: I love it. What's your favorite musical?

SQUIBB: Oh, "Gypsy", the one I did.

TURNER: Yes, mama, I want to sing. I love that as well.

Ms. June Squibb, thank you very much. Congratulations, and good luck to you tonight.

SQUIBB: Thank you very much.

TURNER: All right?

All right. So, we have got the A-list stars on the actor's red carpet and they are still coming because the red carpet is hopping. You have seen it all, but there is still more to come.

Stay with us.


TURNER: Welcome back to CNN's special report live from the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the actors red carpet.

Don Cheadle and I are sitting here but we're talking about football.

DON CHEADLE, ACTOR: We're talking football.

TURNER: We're talking football and you are saying you're Bronco's fan. You're worried tomorrow?

CHEADLE: I'm a little nervous. I'm a little nervous. The matchup is a little tough. They have lost a key piece in their secondary, and that's often been their Achilles' heel. So, I'm just a little on pins and needles.

TURNER: But you know what? You have got the man, the myth, the legend Peyton Manning and he can pull off just about anything.

CHEADLE: Yes. There's two of them. There's one on the other side of the line, too. So, it's a little nerve-racking.

TURNER: And he is not shabby, that Tom Brady. CHEADLE: Yes, it's a little nerve-racking.

TURNER: All right. Well, congratulations on your nomination once again for "House of Lies", in a comedy and you are known for the movie roles. You do have dramatic acting, but you have a comic flare and I told you -- I did a little reading on you, and I found out that you used to be a stand-up comic.

CHEADLE: Let's be clear, I did it three weekends. And I killed two weekends, and the third weekend, it was horrible that I vowed never to do it again. I have not returned.

TURNER: No, not at all.

So, you were nominated in the TV category, but there's so many great movies this year. Did you have some favorites?

CHEADLE: Well, I really loved the "12 Years A Slave". I thought "American Hustle" was interesting, I really liked her a lot. There's a lot of good ones this year.

TURNER: Well, speaking of "12 Years a Slave", Alfre Woodard from "12 Years A Slave" is right back here, and she's going to come on up to talk to us as well.

Is that OK?

Hello, Ms. Woodard. Hello.


TURNER: Don Cheadle just said, oh, that's my girl.



TURNER: Now, we were just talking about our favorite movies this year. I asked Don what his was and he said "12 Years A Slave."

CHEADLE: Because I saw you back there.


TURNER: You know what I've been telling people, and I saw it and it stuck with me, it stayed with me, I actually was going to write about it, and I couldn't write about it for two days afterwards, because it stayed with me that much. I think it was a very important film that was made, but so hard to see.

WOODARD: Well, I think that it was hard to see, because, because it with was is ours.

TURNER: But it's necessary.

WOODARD: Yes, it's a family story, and the family is all of America. But, I think that the thing is that Steve McQueen is such a brilliant filmmaker that he found a way to the take us in, and usually the audience watches from the distance, but because of Solomon gets stolen in, we follow down the rabbit hole, and you can't get out of it, because you relate to a man having his freedom and having taken away.

TURNER: And I had someone say to me that it's a great movie about black history, but it is a movie about American history.

WOODARD: And not just American history. It's British history. It's West African history. It's Caribbean history, and I feel like even if you just became an American five years ago, it's got to be your history if you're going to be a American.

TURNER: I hear you.

You are always getting a little knowledge from Ms. Afre Woodard. Do you know what I'm saying?

Don Cheadle, Alfre Woodard, thank you all so much. Have a great time.


TURNER: You did.

CHEADLE: And we blew it up.

TURNER: Coordinate. That's what it's all -- coordinated.

CHEADLE: Thank you, John Witherspoon.

TURNER: All right. A.J., we're going to see it down to you.

HAMMER: All right, Nischelle. You know, we need people to receive the awards. We need people to hand out the awards and that's why we have presenters.

And that's why Clark Greg is here tonight. Of course, you know him from the "Marvel" movies, as well "Agents of the Shield", which is so great to watch and so much fun. And his beautiful wife, among many other things, "Dancing with the Stars" champion Jennifer Grey.

First of all, I want you to practice with me, because you are giving out the best actor in the male TV category drama.


HAMMER: Practice with me, Bryan Cranston.

GREG: Bryan Cranston, the god of acting.

HAMMER: I mean, come on.

GREG: I don't know. I'd be surprised if it is anybody else, but it is a rich category this year.

HAMMER: It would certainly be a lot of fun to see. Do you guys enjoy this whole award show, chaos and madness? Because you have been doing this for a very long time.

JENNIFER GREY: I just enjoy seeing old friends, because the fact is that you get with the family and you don't all hang out like this, so it is a really good party.

HAMMER: It's a lot of fun. You both look spectacular, and have a terrific time tonight, and you will be handing out the award again for the actor male drama. I think I know who will win the female actress drama.

GREG: Who do you think it is?

HAMMER: Well, she is standing with Nischelle Turner right now. Let's see.

TURNER: OK. So, I am here with first of all, Joe Zee, creative director of "Elle" magazine. But we are here, and praying to -- what did you say, praying to the altar of Kerry Washington?

JOE ZEE, ELLE: The altar of Kerry Washington. Hello, come on. Look at her.


TURNER: And you look gorgeous.

WASHINGTON: Thank you.

TURNER: And you say, I have a baby bump and I'm going to show it tonight.

WASHINGTON: Well, nothing to hide here.


TURNER: You're like, the jig is up.

WASHINGTON: That's right. That's right.

TURNER: Congratulations on the nominations and the show.

WASHINGTON: Thank you.

TURNER: The gladiators are now out in full force.

WASHINGTON: It's really exciting. It's such an honor to be here. You know, the SAG awards are so special, because as actors we know and we can see through each other's magic. So, when someone in your own business and your own community acknowledges you, it's very special.

ZEE: I am a gladiator at heart, and so we are routing for you.

KERRY: Thank you, Joe.

ZEE: But I was told that you are wearing costume Prada?

KERRY: I am, I am. This is Prada, and I love it very much. The jewels are all Harry Winston and the shoes are Louis Vuitton.

TURNER: You look like a princess. Is that what you were going on were tonight?

KERRY: I was just going for comfort and a little glamour when I can get it.

TURNER: Can I ask you, because this is your first. Has it been good? Because a lot of women say, oh, you know, I don't know. Has it been OK?

KERRY: Well, you know, I'm very blessed and I don't talk about it, but it is impossible not to say that I am very, very blessed and I feel very blessed.

TURNER: It's been a wonderful year for you, and it is like all coming together, the puzzle pieces are fitting together, and we've got a pretty picture.

WASHINGTON: It's new beginnings. It's exciting.

TURNER: I love it.

ZEE: But I want to know, whose idea was it to do the mid drift, you or Mrs. Prada?

WASHINGTON: You know, we sort of we weren't sure. And we tried it on, we just went and it's fun. It's fun, you know?

And you know me, I'm not one to follow anybody else's rules.

ZEE: Oh, I love it. You're so adventurous. That's the best part. I mean --

WASHINGTON: It's fun, and I'm having fun in life right now, so let's have some fun in fashion.

ZEE: Show it off, right?

TURNER: I love that. Good luck night.

WASHINGTON: Thank you.

TURNER: We are pulling for you because we think you deserve it.

ZEE: Gladiators.

WASHINGTON: It's a category with lots of phenomenally talented women, I am very happy to be included.

TURNER: Well, have a good time.

ZEE: Congratulations. TURNER: All right. Kerry Washington, everybody. Mwah. You look so beautiful. Let me help you down.

All right. There you.

Yes, where is my -- come on in. Where is he? Hello, sir. Dapper, and I love this. Joe Zee, do you know him?

ZEE: Well, nice to see you.

TURNER: And you look wonderful.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS, ACTOR: Thank you very much. And little different once in a while.

TURNER: Well, the men, you guys, you don't have a lot of options a lot of time, so you've got to do what you can do.

DOUGLAS: I like to mix it up a little bit, you know? And I have the two best, and the comfort to open up the jacket and not worry about it, and put on a couple of pounds in all of the festivities and the weeks.

TURNER: And you can hang tonight, because this is like the actors honoring the actors. And it's like, so do you know everybody in the room?

DOUGLAS: Well, it is, and that part is really nice. And the honor is really nice, because it is from the fellow actors. And my only bummer is that, you know, Matt and I are in the same category and been there since the beginning and a little bittersweet.

TURNER: But that means that you have produced a pretty good piece of television.

DOUGLAS: Sure does. It means that, because at that point, it does not matter who is better, because you are making each other better.

TURNER: Absolutely.

Do you remember when you got the SAG card? What job that was for?

DOUGLAS: Yes. I remember, it was a CBS playhouse back in the times of 1969, 1969. It's a long time ago, huh?

TURNER: Well, not that long.

ZEE: Not that long.

TURNER: Thank you, and have a great time tonight.

DOUGLAS: And have fun tonight.

ZEE: Congratulations.

DOUGLAS: Thank you. TURNER: And Oprah Winfrey is coming our way right this moment. And I think that I need to compose myself for 2.6 seconds, and actually, she is saying hello to Michael Douglas right now, who just left our podium, and Oprah is coming our way.

ZEE: And wearing the color of the night.

TURNER: What is it? It's that orchid color.

ZEE: Radiant orchid, right?

TURNER: Radiant orchid, yes, she is. She is very on trend that Oprah Winfrey. Is she coming this way? Her and David? And, Lee, please, come, come over. And are you OK? We need to let --

ZEE: It is warm.

TURNER: OK. Let us check you. Come on up, David. Come on up, Lee. Come on up, everybody.

ZEE: Come on up. Dana and Lee and Jesse and hello.

Hello, Ms. Winfrey. How are you?


TURNER: You look gorgeous, and this is Joe Zee, of course, the creative director of "Elle" magazine.

ZEE: Hi.

TURNER: And he has informed me, you have on the color of the night, radiant orchid.

WINFREY: Is that what it is?

ZEE: Totally that's the color. Your --

WINFREY: I didn't know, I thought it was the color purple. I am so sorry.

TURNER: And, actually, we've got a lot of people on the stand. We've got David. We've got Lee. We've got Elijah -- I was about to say Jesse Kelly. Elijah Kelly.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And you have written me the beautiful e-mail. You're so sweet.

TURNER: Well, thank you. And, you know, I sent Lee an email. I really did on Oscar morning, because I felt like that this movie had been overlooked and I was really kind of upset by it.

WINFREY: Well, I think that the fact that we started, and I think that Harvey Weinstein said this on CNN last night on "Piers", that starting in August, we knew it was a gamble. And that's a long time to keep this movie in the minds of the Academy and certainly in the minds of the public, but what is exciting and I think that we are all so pleased about is that the movie was so well received by the public. Not just in America, but seen around the world and this movie has been well received -- which is very hard to do for a movie with all African-American cast, and predominantly African-American cast.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And even an African-American drama, but even a drama -- a drama is hard to sustain and get that kind of money, and so it is very exciting.

TURNER: Can I tell you guys you something? Because as much star power as we have up here, Elijah kind of stole this movie for me. He was so funny and had such great timing and the great one-liners and in that intense moments, he always brought some extra to it.

WINFREY: And may I tell you something that most of those one liners were his.

TURNER: Are you serious?

WINFREY: I am very serious. The whole Sidney Portier line was his line, and listen, over and over, and he did it over and over.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The B role after he says the line, she could not hold -- and he is trying to be serious, and right before she slaps David, she is about to burst into tears laughing.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And I had to cut around the performance.

WINFREY: Yes, every time he would crack us up at the table. Yes.

TURNER: Well, I have to ask you, because last night on "PIERS MORGAN LIVE", Harvey Weinstein did talk about your performance in this movie, and he said, let me be the first to raise my hand and say that Ms. Oprah Winfrey deserved an Oscar nomination. She was fabulous in this movie. I think it was a genuine overlook and omission and I will say, can I concur?

WINFREY: Well, I will say, I think every single person who was nominated, June, Juliet, Jennifer and Lopita and every one of those women deserves to be in the category, and Sally Hawkins and all of them. So, I mean, I think that the real truth is that there were so many great movies this year, and it's been a long time since August, and maybe it just, you know, in the academy sitting down and they did their vote, and I did mine at the kitchen table.

You know, my name did not come up as many times as it needed to come up, but that's really OK, because to be able to be a part of the film and to be able to have Gloria's life live on film as a piece of art forever. That is -- we don't do movies to get awards. We don't do movies to get awards. We do movies because you want to move people, and I think that that happened. And I'm really excited.

TURNER: You are Oprah Winfrey, thank you.

And you are all nominated for a Screen Actors Guild and you are nominated and being honored by the peers, and that definitely says something about the movie.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, huge, and $180 million worldwide so far.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This film should not be going anywhere near $200 million. So --

TURNER: Rest assured --


TURNER: Lee Daniels is over there, saying --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I know. But the studio felt it shouldn't that --

WINFREY: If you only knew what we did this movie for, oh, my Lord.

TURNER: All right. When we -- thank you guys. I heard you say that you almost had to pay yourself one time.

WINFREY: We did.

TURNER: Thank you, guys, so, so, much. Have a great time tonight. Thank you for stopping by and talking to us. I loved the film. I really loved the film.

All right. We'll be right back on the actor's red carpet.

Thank you.


HAMMER: We are live from the Actors' red carpet of the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. You know, they are paying me an awful lot of money to be out here but I figured why should I do my job when Morgan Freeman can do it for me. When do I have that opportunity?

Well, now, you're not going to say anything. Thank you so much.

MORGAN FREEMAN, ACTOR: Listen to me, in the history of entertainment, only a handful of stars have won the coveted EGOT. That's an Emmy, a Grammy, Oscar and a Tony award. Rita Moreno, one of my most precious friends is one of those precious few tonight. The legendary performer adds tonight, another honor to her accomplishments.

Tonight, she gets the S.A.G. Life Achievement Award, my dearest, darling friend, congratulations to you.


HAMMER (voice-over): And more than a half a century when Rita Moreno shine brightly as Anita in the 10-time Oscar winning classic "West Side Story."

RITA MORENO, ACTRESS: It was unbelievable. I was the last one to get one I think and I thought, wouldn't it be just luck of a Puerto Rican to be the one who doesn't get any Oscar.

HAMMER: Moreno's Oscar is just one of many gems in a dazzling career which has included raising temperatures with the Muppets and burning up Broadway in "The Ritz," which she won the Tony.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I mean, that the Rita Moreno is thrilled, but Rosa Dolores Alverio from (INAUDIBLE) Puerto Rico is undone!

HAMMER: But long before she was a household name and symbol for making it in America, the Puerto Rican beauty faced off with institutional racism in Hollywood.

MORENO: I can never forget being called a (INAUDIBLE).

HAMMER: As for Moreno's personal life, it too reads like a Hollywood script. She had a romance with Elvis Presley and a rocky eight-year love affair with Marlon Brando.

MORENO: These two were the kings of everything. I was very young for my age emotionally, and hmm, really, I don't know what to tell you.

HAMMER: She emerged triumphant marrying a doctor at 33 and creating what she considers to be her greatest production.

MORENO: Justin, Cameron, Fernando, my family.

HAMMER: And professionally fewer stars have shine brighter in Hollywood. In addition to her Oscar and Tony, Moreno has a Golden Globe and two Emmys under her belt and she won a Grammy for electrifying the imaginations of millions of children on TV.

MORENO: Hey, you guys!

HAMMER: In fact it's her dear friend and "Electric Company" co-star Morgan Freeman who has the honor of presenting the now 82-year-young legend with her latest prize, the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: -- have fun, too.

MORENO: I know I will.


HAMMER: And it is such an honor to be standing here with the recipient of tonight's lifetime achievement award. Lifetime achievement award?

MORENO: You know, it's beyond anything I can get around my head. It is amazing.

HAMMER: We were standing here a moment ago with your friend, the great Morgan Freeman. You guys are like a walking party coming down the red carpet.

MORENO: Well, he's an old friend from the "Electric Company" PBS Television and we've always been there for each other. And he said that I am going to present the award to Rita and I want to sit at her table. I thought, whoa! That is great. I have some amazing people at my table. Congresswoman Jackie Spear who is a friend and Ambassador Jeffrey Wiche who is ambassador to Australia. He and Obama were roommates in college.

HAMMER: That's going to be some interesting conversation, could I put a microphone there?

MORENO: Yes. No.

HAMMER: So I know you are not shy about your age, nor should you be. You're 82 years old.

MORENO: Just 82 in December.

HAMMER: Happy Birthday to you.

MORENO: Thank you.

HAMMER: What the heck are you doing? I mean you could do cartwheels up and down this red carpet. You look spectacular. It's not TV make up, it's not the fact that you got glam squad, but you are amazing.

MORENO: You know, I maybe the only woman in this room who is outside that paid for her own stuff. This is not borrowed. It does not have to go back at midnight.

HAMMER: So you don't have to plug anybody?

MORENO: No. Well, I'm happy to, because I have not worn designer things in ages, but I wanted to wear a biker chick jacket. And it turns out that my age, being 82, and it is a biker hem jacket.

HAMMER: So you did not ride the Harley here?

MORENO: No, no.

HAMMER: By the way in relation to your age and how spectacular you look and just your youthful energy, Morgan and I were speaking while the piece was running, and he said, "When I grow up, I want to be Rita Moreno."

MORENO: Did he say that?

HAMMER: He did.

MORENO: I love him. We are very close and very dear friends.

HAMMER: So in our piece, we just heard how you consider your greatest accomplishment in your life to be your family. In terms of your career, is there one thing you can place at the top for you? Certainly "West Side Story" is a very high point?

MORENO: You know, I thought it was an Oscar. But the difference between an Oscar and the Lifetime Achievement Award is this, an Oscar is an award for a specific part and a specific milieu. Now this, which is why it is so hard to find a good acceptance speech is that it is an honor, not an award, as far I'm concern, for a lifetime.

That is astonishing, and you know, the moment that something like this happens to me, I go right back to Puerto Rico, and I think of this little girl with a huge bow on her head, and playing in a creek with my little brother, and I'm thinking, good lord, how did this happen?

HAMMER: So well deserved. Congratulations on your honor. I know you're going to have a spectacular time and what a pleasure to spend some time with you today.

MORENO: I am going to have the best time of my life and I'm going to be screaming at every star that I see.

HAMMER: Bring a lozenge along, you might need it. Rita Moreno. Thank you so much. Nischelle.

NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: We will have to do this live, because we were just in with the Lifetime Achievement Award with our Rita Moreno. So we were talking to her, we got to give that lady her just deserves.

MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY, ACTOR: Absolutely. I was just kidding.

TURNER: No, but we are seeing here and talking and talking about how you really - you said that you feel like you are approaching the stride and I asked you if you were at that peak, because you really started to do this amazing work, and you said you are getting there?

MCCONAUGHEY: Well, hopefully, I hope it is about getting there. I don't want a resolution or a destination, and I sure don't see it in life or in my career. I think that they are both verbs so to speak. I mean, we grow the way I would treat it next year would be a little differently than I treated it this year or the way I treated five years ago is different than I'll treat it five years from now. So as long as I'm evolving it's always going to be in process. And so I feel like I'm on the approach, yes.

TURNER: Well, tonight, you are being honored by your peers, but Thursday morning when you got that call and you saw that you were being honored by the Academy with the best actor nomination, you were like, "All right, all right, all right."

MCCONAUGHEY: Didn't didn't say that.


MCCONAUGHEY: No I didn't. I had a nice moment with myself and a hug and kiss and a high five from my wife.

TURNER: I like that. All right. Thank you all very much. Have a wonderful night. You look gorgeous, and what are you wearing?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is a vintage Donna Karan Atelier.

TURNER: OK. That's all she needed to say and yourself, sir?

MCCONAUGHEY: This is Dolce & Gabbana.

TURNER: All right. Have a good time tonight, guys. Thank you very much. So we will be back with more of the actor's red carpet. We got to make sure the lady gets down the stairs OK. Absolutely. Stay with us guys. We got more coming up.


TURNER: Here at the Actors' Red Carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Award. We are back with you live here. I'm Nischelle Turner and we want to show you some video of a little incident that just happened. I should say, first off, everyone is OK, but when Julia Roberts got out of her car, got out of her limo here at the awards show, she went over to greet the fans. She wanted to say hello and as she went over to greet the fans and folks leaned in and the barricade collapsed.

Everyone again is OK, but it was a little mishap and the fans were so excited to see her that there was a little bit of mishap, but again, everyone is OK, and so as we bring it back out here live. We have got one of the most beautiful women on the red carpet that everybody kind of waits and holds their breath to see what you are wearing and - am I right, Josie?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have been consistently the best dressed in every awards show -

CATE BLANCHETT, ACTRESS: The barricade did not collapse when I came out.

TURNER: And first of all, Cate Blanchett, congratulations on the nomination.

BLANCHETT: Oh, it's great.

TURNER: I mean, how fun were that to play. Because she is certifiably coo-coo for cocoa puffs.

BLANCHETT: Well, I mean, we're bold on crazy things. And you know, if you don't have family, you don't have a financial security, your husband leaves you and you suffer social shame in the way she did, I mean, I think I probably have -

TURNER: Go crazy, too.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But I have to talk about the details in that movie, the Chanel jacket with the sweat stains, and it is brilliant and so on point with who that character is in every way.

BLANCHETT: I know, we have to wash them and return them at midnight. (INAUDIBLE) beg, borrowed and stolen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But it was so sharp, and so into the insight of who she was she was as well.

BLANCHETT: Well, if you have been around anyone who is suffering mental collapse, it is not just the kind of what they say or what they do, it's also has a huge physical impact on them.

TURNER: Btu when I asked like, if it was fun to play, I guess I meant that character just left everything out there and you felt that you could get everything out when you play a character?

BLANCHETT: Well, we have an expression at home that, you know, there is a park to swing your cat in, and she was. She was so extreme, and the more extreme and the further a character is, well, I guess, the more fun you can have with it.

TURNER: Well, thank you so much. By the way, who are you wearing, because we got the creative director "Elle" here today.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Gorgeous. Riccardo Tucci.

BLANCHETT: What are you wearing?

TURNER: This is actually off the rack. This is BCBG.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Don't apologize for that.

TURNER: No, no, no. I'm not. Because honey, this BCBG, I put it on and I loved it so I bought it.

BLANCHETT: Who are wearing - the guys?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Burberry. I know.

Wait, do you have any (INAUDIBLE) on your Oscar dress being talked about?

BLANCHETT: I haven't even - I'm here. I'm here right now and I'm still standing. So I'll get through this -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. Well, congratulations.

TURNER: Congratulations. Have a great time tonight, Cate. Thank you for joining us.

I love this, Joe.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I love this dress on her.

TURNER: You love that dress.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I loved that dress on her.

TURNER: Have you seen anything tonight that you just really, really loved?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, I love Cate Blanchett and I think Julia looked great. Obviously, people are falling over themselves for her. Jennifer Lawrence looks great. She's wearing Dior. I think we're looking at a lot of beautifully custom made dresses from all the actresses tonight.

TURNER: Absolutely. And we're seeing - I just saw Julia Roberts come in, and I thought at first when I saw her on that video that it is kind of red but it's a pink.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's a pink jumpsuit.

TURNER: Yes, it's a pink -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, it is a jumpsuit that I think that she dyed pink. That is the insider intel that I got.

TURNER: Oh, we will have to ask her. Hopefully, we can grab her, and definitely have - we have got Jennifer Lawrence with A.J., and so we got to go to that right now. A.J., Jennifer Lawrence.

HAMMER: You got to come to me when I have Jennifer Lawrence. This is one of the rules of the red carpet.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ACTRESS: I am enjoying watching. Oh, hi -

HAMMER: How are you?

LAWRENCE: I'm good.

HAMMER: Are you hanging in there? It is a little chaotic.

LAWRENCE: Yes, definitely.

They do a couple of franchise premiers, and you are used to screaming. You can't even hear it.

HAMMER: Are you getting used to the screaming although you're still sort of getting used to the award season, judging by last week at the Golden Globes, and why the face?

LAWRENCE: Well, I don't know.

HAMMER: When you watch it back, because people inevitably showed it to you, and I'm sure you involuntarily do that, are you sitting there saying, oh, why?

LAWRENCE: I didn't watch it. I don't want to. All I have is the memory of me feeling completely out of control and hating myself.

HAMMER: And why do you think? Because you did say, "I don't know why I am so nervous" when you gave the acceptance speech for winning, and you are very used to the crowds, you're very used to accolade.

LAWRENCE: Well, maybe it is just really shocking. I really just didn't - you know, I was just genuinely being shocked. I personally don't think it is fair to make somebody talk after a moment like that, and they're like the most shocking moment of your life, and then I think I like really - I don't know and they put a microphone in your face and they're like, talk, ugh.

HAMMER: And you do understand that we are at home or in the audience watching and just thinking it is delightfully charming and refreshing.

LAWRENCE: Well, thank you. My fear is now it is getting annoying. I wish that I had and on/off switch, but I am afraid I will go, wah!

HAMMER: Well, please don't change a thing, before I let you go, please talk about this, because it is gorgeous.

LAWRENCE: Oh, thank you. This is Dior Couture and it is squeezing my breath into my armpits. So I hope that doesn't offend anyone.

HAMMER: Well, we appreciate your candor about that. Have a terrific time tonight.

LAWRENCE: Thank you. You too.

HAMMER: We're going to go back out to the red carpet and Nischelle.

SANDRA BULLOCK, ACTRESS: No, we actually started working out because we knew the rigs we had to be in but I wanted the character to look a certain way because she experienced a lost. So I was like instead of her body being female and soft and feminine, I wanted her to remove everything that reminded her of being what she was which was a mom.

TURNER: And by the way, we are live on CNN right now, and first of all, we have Sandra Bullock (INAUDIBLE), and you are look fantastic. We are talking about the technology of this film, and how just innovative it was and how innovative Alfonzo Carlin was in making it.

BULLOCK: Well, he is a mad genius, and he made it all up to tell an emotional story. And it's not going to be something that's carried off into other films and it will become the norm but he - we were able to experience it for the first time of everyone else, and work out the kinks, hopefully, and it was a proud moment for me, and I think everybody else who worked in the film.

TURNER: Well, it's a 90 minute ride. I know you said it was harrowing both physically and mentally for you. So are you ready for a good comedy?

BULLOCK: Yes, I am always ready . I mean, life isn't comedy enough. No, I'm always ready for a good time. But you need the balance. I need the balance of both. Good times.

TURNER: All right. Well, thank you very much. Have a good time tonight.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You look gorgeous.

BULLOCK: Thank you. Thank you. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Always.

BULLOCK: We know that.


TURNER: She does look gorgeous.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is like gorgeous gift wrapping, right?

TURNER: Absolutely. She does (INAUDIBLE) well.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She does (INAUDIBLE) wore to the Critics' Choice Awards as well. So it's been sort of her designer of choice, I think.

TURNER: Well, we will be back with more. We just had Sandra Bullock. We saw Julia Roberts coming. We will be back with more from the Actors' Red Carpet in just a moment.


HAMMER: -- actress category.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, the other three acting races seem to have clear front-runners, but supporting actress is kind up for grabs because Jennifer Lawrence is obviously a strong contender. You were just talking to her for "American Hustle" but also Lupita Nyong'O from "12 Years of Slave" who just won the Critics Choice Award and that's often a good predictor of the Oscars.

Julia Roberts is also in that category and Oprah Winfrey for "The Butler." And if she wins, Oprah, she'll be the first person ever to win a SAG award without also getting an Oscar nomination.

HAMMER: Right.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Which could very well happen. The other acting races - I think Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto and Cate Blanchett are really clearly out in front.

HAMMER: I think so too.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But supporting actress is tough.

HAMMER: A big part of the excitement at the SAG Awards tonight. And right now on the red carpet with a special guest, my colleague, Nishelle.

TURNER: Guys, we are talking about fashion, of course, because we have seen the ladies and the fellas for that matter, really giving us some good stuff here on the red carpet. Joe, come on here with me. Joe is the fashion director of "Elle" magazine. Now you just had a moment with Julia Roberts.

ZEE: I did.

TURNER: On a pant suit.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- and so all of the elements are there and you're feeling it on the day and you're feeling those going well and you're hoping that's all going to come together, and then you know, you finish the film, it goes away, it comes back, you know, eight months later, a year later, or whatever, you watch it and most of the time you're just hoping that it matches some of your expectation of where it could have got to. But in this case, with Steve McQueen, you know, he completely surpassed any expectation I had, any thought, any thing I'd imagine. You know, I thought he did an incredible job with the film.

TURNER: Well, you know, you really are a part of the CNN family. Your sister, Zane, working for us.


TURNER: And I don't know if you saw any of her reaction on -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I did, of course.

TURNER: She couldn't even contain herself.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, it was very, very sweet. She's wonderful. She's wonderful.

TURNER: But she also said you weren't a normal kid.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She did say that.

I was a little perturbed by that going out there. Giving away all of the history.

TURNER: But who does that as a child, walk around quoting Othello, you knew from "Jump Street" that this is what -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, I was always so caught with it, with Shakespeare, with the classics, basically. With acting as an art form, as a way of self-expression. It always caught my spirit. So even from a young age, I can't deny it, I was that guy.

TURNER: What's next for you?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm going to do - you know, well, there's various things afoot, and so I'll let you know as it rolls out, but it's going to be fun.

TURNER: That means, I've got options.

All right, sir, congratulations, and congratulations on the Oscar nomination.


TURNER: It's just good to be Chiwetel right now. Have a good time tonight.


HAMMER: Nischelle, as you know it's something to be nominated for participation in just one film - to be nominated for your participation in two films, that's huge. Benedict Cumberbatch has that honor and he's going to be with us when our red carpet live continues in just a moment.


HAMMER: Welcome back to our live coverage of "The Actors Red Carpet." You know, (INAUDIBLE) Benedict Cumberbatch, of course, is nominated here at the SAG Awards with the ensemble "August: Osage County" as well as "12 Years A Slave.". But let's talk about how you're star gazing just like everybody else.

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH, ACTOR: I really am. Every time I hear a scream, it's an impossible situation to have a normal conversation with anyway. But when you know, I don't know, that Oprah Winfrey or Sandra Bullock, Matthew McConaughey or any one of the "Friends" (INAUDIBLE) behind you, all you want to do is turn around and look.

HAMMER: Tell everybody what you just said to me, while we're on break about Matthew McConaughey.

CUMBERBATCH: He's a dude. You know, he's sort of effortlessly cool. I saw him far afar at the Golden Globes and I just think the work he's turning at the moment is kind of extraordinary. Of course, my loyalties are with Chiwetel, I want him to win, but I think what Matthew's doing across the board, all of his work in the last couple of years has been extraordinary.

HAMMER: And maybe you can catch him if you hurry up. It's great to see you. Best of luck tonight (INAUDIBLE).


HAMMER: All right. Appreciate you being with us, and thank you for being with us for our special live coverage of "The Actors Red Carpet" here at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles." I'm A.J. Hammer.

TURNER: Hey, A.J.. You know, thank you very much and by the way, Benedict Cumberbatch will be sitting with the cast of "12 Years A Slave" when he is in for the awards tonight, not the cast of "August: Osage County." He's nominated for both.


TURNER: I know. So Joe Zee, quickly, can you tell who love in the red carpet tonight, fashion wise?

ZEE: Well, I always love Lupita Nyong'O. I mean she killed it. I have to think Claire Danes and Cate Blanchett look really great tonight.

TURNER: And that's the last word. Thank you for joining us. Have a good evening.